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Another Victim to Whisky.
HAMDEN, O., April 1, 1874.
f aW Aaa a aW HaaM atoareV
We have beiore us another
good temperance Uciure Id tbe
way of, a drunken man killed
boat 12 o'clock last night.
While the pay train wai re
turning from Fort8moutb,when
near Jacksou, the train ran
or a man lying on the tracs,
catting him all to pieces. They
topped the train and found
him.- U had bottle ol whit.
ky.whlQb was broken, of courie.
The man was drunk at the time
or be would not have been lay.
Jog on tbe track at 12 o'clock,
on etih.a 'night, lie is sup
posed to be one ol the section
men, who, alter petting his pay,
go drunk in Jackson, and wan
on hia way borne, and fell
Where bo was killed. This in
one more case for tbe Adair
With all due respect for the
Corresponding Secretary of the
Lades Temperance League,
we published no such slale
tnent she attributes to us
In the Enquirer of this week,
therefore so far as we are con
cerned , the denial which fol
lows, does not apply II ow
tver tbft statement as publish
ed by' us as true, if the Com
mercial did happen to make
trifling mistake in its ac
count of the same affair. Now,
we again suggest that a com
mittee of ladies wait on Bowen
lor prayer, and if he stands up
to the scratch, we will record
that fact. We don't see why
he Is entitled to any different
treatment than that accorded
OKeefe, if he do)8 cloak his
liquor transactions .under a
'religious newspaper." No fa
voritism; serve them all alike.
Since t lie above was in type
the Cor. Sec. of the League ha
stated that the communication
lit appeared in the Enquirer
was not published as she had
written it, but was altered with
out her knowledge or consent.
Thi statement in tbe Enquir
er ibis week about the finan
cial condition ol our village is
false in every particular. The
corporation is not in debt to
the amount of one cut, and
lina ut.r.nl ftinn 111 Ilia TV ,. c -
tfio nu"u i yivv in me iiraruij,
The. present council has done
the'teoj)le excellent work in
that'repeol Three years ago
on beinie' elected they found, a
debt ol $500 led by the "mixed''
or "indepeiideiii" councij they
displaced. That yevr they lev
led no .corporation lux at all.
1 he 'year lOHowfrrc " mid ' Jasl
year Ihey levied a tax of half a
mill, or: one twentieth . on e
cent, on ' the dollar, and' 'with
thai levy they have paid fl tbe
debt bequeathed llitm by the
"mixed" .council, p ud current
tTCpenses and have a balance of
$100 in the treasury. That is
the.manageini nt which the En
ouirer characterizes asextrav
agant, und asks for another
' mixed ' council in (he mime ol
the whisky ring. Welnvefre
uenily "eriiieisetf the pfespiit
council as we believed I lie tn
teres is of the public demanded,
uut.we have always acord.d
tbeniv he credit ihey denerved,
for a most carelul, economical
use of ihe people's monev.v In
fact their 'financial mannce-
mnt has been such thiil the
taxes are to day one-half mill
on i he dollar lens in the town
than they are in. the lrin
tached to McArtliurSi-honI Dis
trict,'1 so that taxes are thai
mount Ies in the) ton than
they are in the suburbs. We
pay go 33 on thej'hundred for
all purposes in the town, while
the , part ; attached to ;he
Bq hool, , jMptricjt " pays , 26.63.
Pprsona fthVj vhh to .verily
these fiirures can do so by c'ii
eirfting the po.unty Treasurer's
public notice to tax payers
which they. wlll'find polled on
bis office door as is required by
law. ".
. J. F. TOWi.LL, Purtxuiouib, Ohio,
effers to the Merchant nod Furnace
Mof Vinton oounty, a superior ttpek
of." Dry Goods, and Xotiuna, on terms
the most favorable. ' ' Iveptiy
ItKSlDEftT DliW ilST,
lttcArthiir, Ohio.
Particular attention given to the treatment
oflhoaatyral loath. .
Notice to Teachers.
THE BOARD of School Examio.i
for Vinton County will meet at the
Union School Mouse, in SIcArthor.on
the lit and 3rd Saturdays of Hardh,
April, May, September, October and
November; and tbe lt Saturday in
January, February, June, July, Au
gust and December In each year. Ex
aminatioDi to commence at ten o'clock,
A. M. Satiafactory evidence of good
storel character will be required in all
eases. ..A fee of oO-eenta is required
bylaw from each applicant. .
M. R. BARlxEd Ch'n f. Hoard of
J. & HUliN. r , Ijsobool IJa
L. 0. PEKDUE, Cl'k, ) amioen. . J
Offiolal Organ of Vinton County.
hCKbCANT to notice the Re
publicans of Elk township and
McArthur met at the Court
House last Saturday afternoon
lo place in nomination town
ship and corporation ticket.
Tbe convention was the largest
ever held in the township
larger in numbers than many
county conventions we have at
tended and as 5 consequence
an unexceptional ticket was
nominated. Although Ihe tick
et was nominated as a Repub
lican ticket uialUrshave since
transpired which ' entirely
change its partisan character
so lar as the corporation is con
cerned and make the issue a
plain question of free nhisky
and open violation ol the law,or
sobriety and enforcement ol the
law. The issue was pretty fair
Iy joined in the convention and
ihe partisans of Iree whisky, be
ing dissatisfied with the result;
have bolted and joined wiih ihe
whisky wing of the Democra
cy and put in nomination a
mixed ticket in the interests of
iree whisky. This leaves the
temperate w'ng of the, Democ
racy with no alterative but to
vote our ticket or to place in
the field a new ticKet, and
we invite them to adopt the
former method, as the Utter
woulJ only divide the tuniper
ance vote and lead to a certain
victory for the free whisky par
ty. We the more readily ask
the temperance Democrats to
adept tliis method as there is
and can he, no political signifi
cance or importance attach to
this election except as it affects
the question of temperance.
Below we liive the ticket :
. TrvtieetUeo Waxier, Jas.
M Deiiiuson eiid Uarvey Kpb.
bins. : :
' Treaivrer Pari? Morion.
Clerk Anthony W.lAebury.
; Attmor Joseph KVj'er.
CotitlallttL. D. bainea and
James Mers.
. rJttiticf.. ;Of Ad . Pc-rRob
ert Sage. ""
Mayor 1'nris Llorion.
Jlanhil Jam s Mven. -litcordef-Morris
S'Ucitor Wm J. Rannells
TteaturerJ.A Felton.
Street (hmmiationerVLoVl.
Sage. " '
CowicimenFrancis Strong,
JatneB W. 'Delay and Leander
Mprague. ' i :
At the last examination-of
teachers, the following named
percons received certificates
tor 18 tnohlhs. ; LorenioRay
lor 12 month. Cbarlotle
Dowd, Jennie Curry, Adelhi
Shriner, Anna Lin i and Nancy
Crow. !
For 6 mcv thi Mary F pen
ny, Susan Levis, James Doug
las, Li'vina Slater, Mellie
Uughes, Lettie Ansoland Wm-
M;urook8. " , :':" -
L. O. PERDUF, Clerk.
Tins is the ticket nonrinaled
by the whlsky-Qaucus; . ., ,,, ,
j For' M'nyor.K. Burdhlll.
Reeorder.3. V'Kaler (Mr.
E.:ler ihiorms us that lie dbeftj
not accept the nomination and
will hoi. be a Candid Ue) - -
1 Solicitor ti. A Braiton. ;; '1
- JStreel Commmioner.OKiis
Uirom.''" '
Cotttiritmen.T. B. n.Davasj
Chas. Baruett 'and 0. W.' Uil-
tnan. - ... , . . .-,
It ii cnod neither to eat flesh, nor to
drink wine, nor any thing wherebv
thy omther stnmbiato, or ia otrended, 1
J L. I Al '
or ia uauo Tteui. nuiiai, xiv; 21.
Rev. J. B. Johnson preached
a fine sermon from' the above'
t ext, : last Sgh day','' w hick ' we
will publish next week. We
Have received several' ordeis.
lor extra copies, and others
who desire copies should hand
in iheir orders by Saturday or
Monday so we , may know how
large an edition to print. : " - v
' mm i i
Our Zaleski readers will find
new Block ol Spring goods
at Will dr Co'bt just teceivt'd;
and prices down to the very
lowest botch."
i t
A uiTLi caucus of from ten
to fllteen personV Republicans
and Democrats, met at the law
office ol saloon keeper's Attor
ney last Monday evening. The
meeting was called without
any publio notice, and only
few of tbe elect were invited
This caucus then arid there pro
ceeded to nominate- mixed
ticket in the interests of free
whisky, and they are now in
viting tbe public and trying to
force the Democrats to vote it
We hope no man will be de
ceived as to the object of this
caucus, or allow himself to be
coerced into endorsing it by
the presentation of any side
insues. 1 The whisky ring, in ad
dition to the poverty and mi
ery, it has heaped upon individ
uals and families,' baa sought,
and to great degree has sue
ceeded, in corrupting the poll
ties of the county. VYe but re
peat what ev-ry well informed
citizen knows when we6ay the
influence of the whisky ring i
tor sale every Fall to the high
est bidder.and politicians stand
in terror at their power The
people now have an oppor
tunity to rebuke and break
down their influence in McAr
thur. It is a square fixht be
tween whisky and temperance
Shall we return to the filth and
mire from which the good wo
mn havejust lilted our village
Thin is the question to be set
tied next Monday.
: Wilkesvillk has been favor
ed with a revival in both the
Presbytt rian and Methodist
churches. It- began the week
of prayer. The Rev.'s W. Tay
lor and his son Charles who
is also Principal ol Wilkesville
Academv, conducted the meet
ingMn the Preabyterian con
gregation, with what Ruc'cess ic
told in the addition ol fi ty-lour
members to the church "Th
Rev. ' A. Cartlich had charge
of the Methodist , church and
fiiteen united with the church
in town and. gs; many more in
the country. . . ,
-TBI. house ol Mr Thacker
about a mile w'etst 'or.Wilke
ville,"- turned down1 ' FritfaA
night, ,the 20ih just, , while h
and bis wife were from home
Three children in bed narrowly
escaped. The .oldest, a tad oi
ten years, bad courage enough
to pull out tbe oilier children.
Nothing haved and no iiibur
' Rifv. W Taylor, ol Wilkes
ville, who by reason ol. hia age
reveranily spoken of an
' Father Taylor," preached, dur
ing' the recent revival in
Wilkesville, eighty times in as
many ! successive days. Lli
"youih was' renewed like the
eagle's and the inner nian day
by day.n;, . ' ; .
Township Trustees.
We would tuggest that cili
rens ; throughout" the' counfy
look weir to' whoni" they vote
for fof Trustees. The Triist'eeV
tumish the names of f er'soW
Irnra whrttri -lher ' jiirfhien',are
selectfd and it is impott ant that
hey selertirelinble 'Aifn-i-iTwii
wha' jarA not .'collogued ;lwith
crimj IhA lit di :.!.:. ',.
Temperance Prayer Meeting.
- of the Tem'pefahce
League will hold a special pratyer
mellng '16lif' Mbtlday ''mornirtg;'
April 6th, at 9 'o'clock, a. m.'-
All interested in ttitftemprahie
cause, men and women,sof-'thn
town nd country are in-vited to
be present. i;i -.
1 Bioaiss ds UtlNLtlN' present
their car41othTpublio( in an
other column.. They ate clever
genUerfleni; ' fbjrktoeii,
nil we hope ihe citizens of the
countL Who';; niyi' ikeed; ;anj
thing in tLeir. line may favor
them with their orders;,' l
mi Hi i.) 1 ' ' ' ' .'.Hi i r.
! Dan. Will eY Broa., t thr
Original Cash Store, are" in rr
ceipt of ' new and elegahi
etock or.gocida for the Spring;
t'ade,: which i they .are. offeri.nj
at the very Id west price. CaW
in 'and tor VDhraoltrna' I '."
f K
, A hah named Cuoninghan
wai kilted by ' the cars at Vii,
ton FuVnWe laBSuftday,'';' '
Transfers of Estate.
William Graves to Joseph
Graves,' 80 acres, agle tovn
hip, W50. ". ' ' i
L. S. Paine to Mary E. Spen
cer, in-fot 53, Painera addition
to Uamden, tllO.- i .
' James Kirk pat rick to II. P.
Atkinson, 178 acres, fugle tp.,
S600 ; "i - T. v .,
', Louisa Calhoun, et al to John
Moses, quit claim to 40 acres,
Uarriaoujp., $20.
S. R. Darby to Charles A.
Uutt, .17 10-100 acres, Rich
land tp., $225. ,
Wm. Allen, Qovn to Noah
Stout, 80 acres.Vinton tp.,$180.
Thos. A. Murray - to, Paris
llorton, njorth half of in-lot 34,
McArthur. f400.M ,;.
Paris Uorton to T. A. Murray,
in-lot 6. M. Arthor, Zl 000
' Wm. F. Mapea to.Chas. Hun
ter, east bait of. in-lot 92, Mc
Arthur, $300. . , i ,
Humphrey Lynch toU. McA.
& C. R. R, Co., right of, wayi
Minerva Robbina to G McA
O R. R.Co. 4 18-100 acres,
right of way, 1156.50.',
S W: Sherwood to O. McA.
& C.'R R. Co., part of out-lot
23. McArthur, 1 63-J00 acres,
$150. .. ,
George T, Could to Matbew
Ash acres, Brown tp.,
$166 60. ...
.Martin Westlall. to Phebe
Hill, 3 acres, Vinton tp., $100.
Save Money by Buying your
Save Money by Buying your Goods at the Cheap Cash
Store of J. A. Felton.
New arrival of spring goods.
AH ihe new and desirable styles
of ladies dress goods, notions,
fitney 'goods, : boots,' shoes, hats
and capH, ready mado clothing,
groceries, etc., etc. Call and ex
amine prices. Positively cheap
er than 'any other house in the
Thi term waa suddenly clos
ed at the Academy In 'Wilkes
ville, the 24th ult.; two weeks
sooner than expected, by the
illness of ..the Principal, Iev.
Chas. Taylors , M .
1;'7 , ::
Tueri may be temperate
men on the whisky ticket; but
wl at does'inat 'signify'if they
are ready'lo do the bidding of
tCJ:Lk !'.-t. i -- " ':'. '
iue wuisKy ring!
Thi PreBbyttfrian congrega
tion at 'VVilkesville are cnnHult
ing upon the erection of a new
church edifice. ,,. .
COL. W. (J. ltRRKLL. Of CoV
ing on, corirfpondenl." of the
Cincinnati A Commercial, shot
an i killed Hon. Harvrfy .Myers,
in Covingt n, K.v., Saturday
noon. Both were very , prom
inent men in Kentucky poli
tics. The shoo'ing was the re
sult, of a long standing grudge,
growi.ng out ot. a suit for di
vorce by Terrell's wife, ( Myers
being her attori ey. Col. Ter
rell was a man of considerable
ability, but has broken him
self down tiiroiifch dinsfi aM(n.
'Noah RUtter1 and Elizabeth 'Barn'
Tiart. aJ.hi'l '. v ' !!' 'j- i i
JV;UUji,- Stepe fateHarden, ..
, Alonzo Cooper, and Mjarj Shirk.
Perry A lien tier aud evInaMvlng-
Near Mo Vrthur. March M. to.Mr.
aim aire, tiurvejr jnuuuium muau(iiier.
iwo 1.!1 ir.l l -Ml
1 . f tl Ti .L LI . t I
BIRTHS. McArthur Market.
Flbqr. per aaeK 10O
. am.. Ua.1 lui. K...V. An
jPotntoea ...r. ....... ...... . ,75
Drll':A0rW.'!ft'. ?i V. tl. k. I AO
Drlpd Peaches i,..,,. .1 3,')0
Timothy Seed per busH..;. 4.00
Clover .1 ;?'. t?t;j tt 1.V. 9 -Si -t.lt
Onions . ..." . u .75
Way'W oh: "V ' ; . . 1. .- 13.0QalS.OO
Hama, country-. Ji4
1 sngar cured. ....... .13
Smoked fldeaJ. .uU......i.?; ir'j .10
Shoulders 84310
Ploklett Pork.'V:..1.. !. ; 8.iff
"'Kg .!.' : ; W
Butter.,..;...,,,.... J ' 25
Uerset ............
Tallow f . .... y J
Olilckeng, Hts. ....... 154.25
docking ialt per bbl :. . 140
acks . . h.-a ..,.v'..;.:.' tsau
Vlnpgriclder.,....-.f... -o
Mackerel L'.n.; i.t.v . . . U
fea:;';t.lU. .vVfi'A
:ofi'ee Sunr..r..........i.. VA
reUow C .' ' . . ...... . . . . . 11
iew Orleans Molaaeei. ..-80al.OO
-tar handles, per 'lb:.;'. . I ; ' .35
callow i , .',, .......... m e 45a20
oapk country per lb... 5a6
-'eatuers. .. :.. -.'I. :.lf. es75
i ; mmm ..."
AW t I I T.
AlwaysKeeps aFullIineof
frwh nigs, Palnta, flls, Varnishes,
Dye Btoffh, and Pure Liquors for He
fllclnal purpotes.
Perfumsry, Fine Toilet Soaps, Hlr
Olla, Pomid. Hair, Nail, Tooth. Flesh
and Clothes Brushes, Camb.
School Books. Blank Books, Copy
Books, Pent, Ink, Pajxr aod Pencils,
EiiTfloptt, Slates.
Fine Cut, Plug. ( hewing and Smok
ing Tobacco, Cigar, Pipes.
: Lanterns, Lampa,ChlniQeys, Shades,
Coal Oil.
A full line of Gold.Coral, Jet, Topas,
Amethyst, Agate, Oarnett Sets, Brace
let, Finger aud Ear Rings, Necklaces
Sleeve Buttjui,
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Viol lu aud Guitar Strlugs.
Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
less variety ol Toys.
1 am also agent for all the Maga
tines, Periodicals, Literary and bally
Papert, which I furnish from three
days to a week In advancs of those
furnished by mall.
All of the Above, and a
lnousaLd Utner Arti-
cles, to be had at
HAfSr 9Tm ; B'ABTUtBt O.'
MCArthur, Tlnton Ca, 0
,' REAL. ESTATE': v'
Bought, Sold and Exchanged
great bargains 15 lands,
a rareWanoe to but a home
'HK following lundK will b told low on
X rt uoiwbU lrm tapvmrn(t :
lOAAREt ol Saa timbur lond, dfir the
lZvM AC. B. R. Tha HiuWr will mora
Ihun pay for lb Innd II put uu id thr ninrkrt,
rule per feci. For full UeKripunn call upon
orwitelo J fl.C, JuE..
. X71TfllN X mila ft Ihf M. A C. R.
1 1 it
'I'ha lrm cooUid kUM-rr
kiriy hiw elearcil. r.ir Improva
nifiH.. a uoa ounl hunk oi.onl
working., feel bed cool. , Fur ehtp.
120 Acres In Harrison Townsb'p,
GOOD timber Innd, Wall wtred tad near
lha railroad. ' " '
I itla paiia-.
Will ba aol'l low. . . UMao
B. o. loi na.
.I ' - i
Tha moat baaullful traa ia Amarica,
Sound Oactns,
Mountain Sunflower, -
.Painter's Bruaji, C:
.t r ,j i . Kk,,"?Teak Colttmtirfc
i i r a -' t "i
,' . . Rocky Mountain , Specialties, ,'
For deBcrijfcMte aa'liloga and prlca Hit ol
-, uu,'s; -.1..
. lanOissV'foqan, ::'
t r- .if.
' , Piia.CoioaWJ
Daijy Meat Market
I HATE open
ed a daily
I 'irienl 'market la
-inc. opwnte
1 jail, and aill
i. ,arp evaerajiny
ranftiea and Ihe
A4ta.ai abJiei (
xiiind la tha
BjatkH" ? V
fait price, ana .
I will- awn
or nur aeaiina;
- ho ia taerit .
ha poblie pat-.i
. WJaa
i . r
ISUSi.. t52 J ?JZI2 wVm--!
ana .una. , A . -u .j. . g
Trees! Flowers!
luieen EtQokf FruitUli
ower Plates
Address) F. K. PHOENIX.
Bj 0 Q JU.H.'O. trafi latJEEaTi
-i.:.l.w'-J.. 'itlbroisj :-
eflOaetaai 1M jaan IS riwihoiia. I ral-
if .
Jfac Bro a.
Fiho. r1atQrial Uood In F.lanufacturc.
i A hifrhar raeoHimendatian of thcia
aeairea wan ids nanieruua teatimoniaia irtim uioaa who uare waeq wn an
gio thera tbfl MTereat trial. Nothing can be euprior to tkair liK'atvdaUoal, i
loach, while tha quality it nnUenallT admired. Brery Valley 0m ia set wol
wwarrsiBled lor five yean but ia tuarat ! fir Ur
atlalactlva or to be retnroed at our expraM.
- beod fur illustrated catalogue with musio.
ioo wxa9i jcuuiiinoi.. tiii,uiiiimii,u,a
A rent for Vinton rnly-,
Hulbert Houee.koArthur Ol
AT '
' Will keep on hand throughout tha present tar large sad well aeaert!
etock of
fine! groceries,
- . i And a thousand other
Articles of Comfort Utility and Ornament,
which I will sell lower than can be obtained
elsewhere in Vinton County. ..
i Examine my ttook and prices before buying.
M, .;.),.!... ;r.-lKlEBEST,'; -': ' '
Oii all ty left Tor Catht
A 190orjran for..
. '200. : " "
. 220 " M .
. J.iO " '.
H 400 piano '
fttiO M
. , 600 rt u
Mlalaterat Caarckra ail Baaaalfc
1 ;. . .
iahaala raraWac4 at wkalcaaJe rm(ca
kgti( I
.1) i
Uh S.lwe daoM waa of ifarat,
hi . ' ':
. ilSdert
. M
ii,- l. ' ii-
tieallant iattrananta eoald 6 it).
D. H. BALDWIN & CO., '
Dealers in Pianos and Orgaiiv
. 150
. 170
. 1M
. 800
. 450
Rf.-ifjj J:',lf-l T-i-f .
i-roB-r- P. . . - r- -.-He
all as; 8cbol Uoaaea,
Coiirt' Homes Jana r
' ' Pabilc Ualir,
j- . . . j.
Itla daial7. Itu aeoaamiealt H la haalth
hil. llkapaopaprfcclraalatieof air.
warm i oi all partaol tha room allka. Utoak
tha Aral prtaiioqi o?ar all com.lioM at lha
VitDoa Expoaliloa. Cireulaaaad pamvhlata
' aparalioa at m aton. - To
No. 9, Main St,
ChiUicothe, Ohio,
'-I' ,i I J- .It .' ;!( I!
oT arrat Ibr Tmtoa anJ Ro oontiW. aa4
tpalvr ib aH hk toe af praii Conkioe atal
laatiag Sietta. HiBi-o fat ahm( Goo la,
aa4 ana a ofarlarar ol all kiai-a al Tie, 8rt
traa abd Coi-arr Vara.. UrikM Iniin iha
enontr for apoauaa, loSai. .to., will a.
waia nci inBatliataatkraiioa.
- '
Ja iCCVafMaUOlIe
alu i in? vita .-vi
OptfeiU the iSataia lloiiiaV; : '
SlirecSvjetfeaatt'i Old ftaflrf,
ttaWriotvan Aib buii ik:i'l
Fmo 'Gcild sTewolty-
ieDla hi
ajaj a wnaaai .. awta watte 7.1,1
Waltaaat "
Swia ; .
Kacliaa '
flata Cbaiae
:i .
v - . aviwrama , ,1
" - ' Fma a4 BM.ta t
1 t CaCBwMaae,- -f
niiiawa - -
. S.IB T
' WtaVal
Slpnr Warw . . .
ta VwlUi
, l hi
A Vale , fir ,
ilABre & f ODD'S GOLD 5.t
a rvtL unb orsooDs bOitabli roil
; . EOUPAT, 'tv.
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