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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, April 09, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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MoAitTiFuR, omo,
THURSDAY. APlUL. 9. 1874
Oaautl after 1urtj, Nnf, I, 1173. trama
Will rim a lollow: No. . 4, 6 n.l
rua daily; U ellv.r Iran daily, Sus lays ex
oepted. '
- " jorta - IAT.
No. I. ho. Ho.i.
Stations. Mail. Cio.Eg ft. I.. Kg
, Cicaiamui. guaro W aosm ( 4ouu,
t'hillteulhe.....ll W-.ra 1 :t3om 1 a am
ftwulaao) fur-... I uiiu 1 13)n I alum
aiamdea. ..U iila. I Wpm s 4im
Bteetace...l !Mn I tnpra om
Viniua i, I, ' acn &M'n I 7aut
alaaki I lm I otpra I Wni
Iom Furnace.... 1 Mpra 4 llpra Mam
t'ergerbm ,... 4 5rm T Wom fc'utn
No. I. he. 4. Kb.
Station! Hull. et.l. Ex. Cln Et
fultneun- 1 l"am 1 JtOam I" P"
Mnpa iirDJC...lu 3uin I ldotn I lmn
tle -...-.WWim 1 ipra 1 Win.
ftploa 1" 3m 1 :Wno 1 .n.
WoAmtMCB II irttm 1 4lpm 1 41am
aHm-la II ISm t W,ra I Aon,
Micaiend Fur..-11 iSm t Irtpm 1 Ofisni
hilheoih ...! 4Spm 1 oVm wmih
lD0inu.. -.. 84pm ToOpra 0 Wrn
MO. AND 4 "II slop - 8- Junction.
In.ul.iil. iIihiiMiI. Chillicoihe, Hm en
Athens, ead borate Landing only. N09. 6
AND w.ll Mop irt 0. A . Junction, Madiaoo
villa Lovelsnd. Greenfield, hilliruthe, II.. m
d.a tthenl andSonit's Lending ouly. NOS.
1 AND t mil mage nil slops-
The laleaki Freight going east
hillieolhe u I Sun. in i Raveville T 16; Rich
land Furnace, T Mi Haiiulen, arrive v
dapart I 44; Mi-Arthur, I Vinton, In M;
aVjaaki 11 M. liomg vMt-ZHlei. imp in i
' Vtntoa I MrHith'ir 1 S-ij llainden, arm.
u depart S His Richland Furnace, 4 lu;
Itavaville, 4 U; Chilllcoth. S i".
Toe 'A8r STOCK, wi h regular pa aetger
aar attached, Irate Athena ( i;it M . e n
aactinK wiiii tbaH. V K H , Hoi a a 22. Zi
iMiki 4 4, VinUin 4 , McArihur 4 61. Ham
dm It, Highland 6 60, t hi luotlie 7 60.
Trama oa ina fuKIXMoUTH HKAM'H
ill laara Handan at T tS a.m. and I 46 p ni
arriving at Purtamoulh at 10 ill a m. anil n 46p.
n. Kaluroingtraina ill Icara Porlxinnnlli ai
I 00 a m, and I wi p. m , airiringal llam
aaa at 11 U) a. m. and 6 W p. m.
Tramacnnnwl a: l.oreland for all point nn
4 ta Liltla Miami Railroad, and at I he Indianap
II and Ciwinnll Kailrnad liimll n fur all
aolnta Wanti at Alhn, with Ihe Cnliimbu.
tU.V.tL It.. 'I PxrkerH.ura. wiib tha b.
O. R. R. W. W. PElHiibY.
firnrral Miipcrinteodent.
IWIL'j rua a hvk from Wilkntillv to
H amdra and rlnrn rjr M ondnjr, Ini
ar. Friday and NaiuMay r ihe iin nn,
dalioa af nannxara. makinii fff i-onm-rloa
wilh tha mail trama on til" M. C. H V
I will ali narry aapn-aa package" n ,ra
Rooted sorrow A u uchiug
A creat liarUsliip An iron
A LANCAoTKa benziniat lira
truck his colors to the women.
WuT nhnuld urtisls ririik
paint? Because it suits llnir
Tuk Ualilornia Seinfe lia?
passed a compulsory education
' ,
Tus temperaifce crucaae
spreading through Michigan.'
Tm census of Japan chows
tba population to le 331, ICO,
000. Thi Marietta chair factory
which recently burned down,
is now being rebuilt.
Thi whisky war in Ohio i
damaging the wbirky trade o'
Cincinnati about $20,000 per
Tub works of the Plants Man
ufac'uring company, in South
ington, Cunn., were burned yes
terday morning. Loss about
A, company bas bfen formed
on Bear river, California, for (hp
purpose of manufacturing butter
from the fat of thu seal and sea
A MtMPUis paper says that
the aferago lawjer of thtrt city
can't maka money enough ai
bis 'prolessVon to keep him in
whisky anJ collars. T
The Noble Uouoty KepubU
ean says as low as tobacco wasi
told - last fall a Beaver town
ship grower made $12750 pr
acre on bis crop.
Thi Geghau bill to amend
thfl Adair law was twice vo'ed
down In the Llouse of lleyre '
sentativea last week. Ibal
much good, at least, the wii'
tnan'a movement lias- aiccuip-
Itiv; Fatuer Walker, of
Delaware, O., takes mont posi
tive grounds in favor of the tetn
peranoe movement, nifi'ond of
the mo(t active workers in the
Pziiuons to the Constitution
al Ojnveution in relation to the
temperance question are thus fr
as follows: For prohioitiou, 103,
with 27,627 namee; for liceuae
45, with 20,902 names..
TaiCucyrus Mayor aVclined
to interfere with a brawler who
followed the crusader and inter
rupted them with bIapheu)oua
barangaes, but baa directed the
potiee to stop the women: from
eiogingaud praying on the side-alU
it. 4. vialaer'8 California
Vinegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiefly from
tbo native lierbs found on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, the medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
tlicrofrom without tho use of Alcohol.
The quostion is almost daily asked,
' What Is tho causo of tho unpar
alleled 8UCCC3S Of VlXEOAR BIT
TEiist" Our answer is, that thoy
rcmovo tho causo of disease, and
the patient recovers bis hcailh. Thuy
aro the great blood parilicr and a
life-giving principle, a perfect Keno
Tator and lnvigorator uf the pystcra.
Never beforo in tho history of tho world
bo.4 a luvdieiuo Leon compounded pos
aoiisiiig tho remarkable quulititM of Vix-
EOAB BlTTEBS ill hulllillg tho flick of
ever; disca.se man U heir to. They are
centlo Purgative as well ai a Tonio,
roUeving CongeHtion or lulldmiuation of
the Liver aad Visceral Orgaaj, m Iiilioua
. The properties of Dr. Waik-
BR VinboaR BlTTBRsaru Aperient, Dia
phorotic, Carminative, Nutritious Laxa
tive, Oiuretio, Sedative, CouiitHr-Irritant,
Pn'.-"'- n- I nfl-U'lion'.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vinegar Bitters tho most wonder
ful Invigorant that ever sustained
tho sinking system.
No I'ersou can take tbeso Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main loug unwell, provided their
bones nro not Jjatvoj ud by mineral
poison or other ni -ans, and vital or
gans wasted Levond repujr. - s
. Bilious, llemittent, and In
termittent Fevers, which are bo
prevalent in tho valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially thoso' of tho Mississippi,
Onto, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
'Cumberland, Arkansas, Ked, Colo
rado, Biazoa, Rio ' Grande, Pearl,
Alabama. Mobile Savannah. Ko-
' inoke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country! during tho
Summer nnd Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons" of unusual
heat nnd dryness, are invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
men a of tho stomach and liver, and
othor abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgatiro, exerting a
powerful influence upon those vari
ous organs, is essontially necossary.
Thoro is no cathartic for tho purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
LilTTKiui, h tlicy will speedily remove
tho dark-colored vUcid matter with which
the boweU are loaded, at tbo nume time
stimulating the .lucre tioiif the- liver,
and generally restoxjug thfxfti'altliy fuue
Uuih of the digestive organ.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with ,
tal;o bold of a KysKMii thiM lorc-arincd. '
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Head
ache, l'uiu la the Shoulder, Coughs,
Tighflic. of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Dad Taste
iu the ilnuth. liilioin Attack, l'a'pita
tion of the Heart, Inflaiiimatiiin til tho
Lungs Pain in the region of the Kidney,
and a hundred other painful rymptonm,
are the odVpringsiif Dy.-pcpsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guurnutee of its
merits than a luigtby ailvertitcniuut.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Whito
Swellings Ulecrs, Erysipelas Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations
Indolent Inflammations MercMiiul affec
tions Old Sores Eruption of thu Skin,
Sore Kj w, etc. In tliete, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, TValkkk's Vis-
E3AR liiTTERS have shown their great cur
ative powers iu the most oustiuate aud
intractable cases.
For luHamniatory nnd Chronic
Rlieniii:itisni,Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent nnd Interniittenl i'evers l)i-eao.t
of the Mood, Liver, Kidneys aud Bladder,
those Hitters hare no eitial. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. rersons
engaged iu Paiuts and iliuerals such as
PluiuUerM, Type-tetters Uold-bcaters aud
Atiuera. as thev advance in life, are sub
joct to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
Hgniust luis, iuku a uuso ui jLi&eus
Vinkoar Bitters occasionally.
Foi Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, SaltKheum, Blotches, Spots, Pim
ples, l'ustulc-s Boils, Carbuucles, liiug
worms 8cald-bcad, Sort Eyeay Erysipe
las Itch, Scurfs Discoloration of the
Skin, Humors. Apd Diseases of tho Ekla ofi'
whatever nauio or nature, are literally
dug np and carried out of the srtem in a ,
lujori unit) vy tuu usu 111 iuchu iiiiturs.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the vvstein of so many thou-
I- - ! .....II.. 1 ,
iBunus are eiieciiiun uusirojeu uuu ru-
moved. No nystem of medicine, no ver
mifuges no anthelmintics will frea the
aystuin from worms like these Bitters.
For FenialeComplaints, iu young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or tho turn of life, theso Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is aoon perceptible.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood
wheuovuT yon lind its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples Eruptions
or Sores; clean-e it when you Unci It ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
when it is foul ; your fueliugs will tell
won when. .. Keep the blissl pure, aud the
heulth of the nystem will follow.
It. II Plt-IJIF.V i$U ta V1F.,
Smggiita A Gen. Agfa., Son FrancUco. Califor
nia. aoor.afWaatSngton andt'harllun Sta,',)T.
bold by all lruggiat anditoaltn.
C. F.,')TJFKa,'
diamonds.. Watches and Fancy Goods.
CI11LL1C01UE, omo
TTfULIrapelfiillr y 10 lha plllsenof
IT Vinton Cn lhat he hae enlstg. d hiaMoi-k
making on of I ha larg. el in iherlM linr
liiiamen haa iniTaeil "er jr year un te'th
i.re-ant lime and wa tel ihankful 10 he imh
lie for paal fatnra.and arf delern ineo to keep
a lrge -io'k at ei) lhni uruel'v loumMn
n Srat-Haea J. elr Mnra. ai d will keep tha
ta-n nock of gold ai d aulid iler. mi Ilia
Iih.1 Placed uuoda , a low a anj houea in iKa
We4 .
We keen all lh d iff-rent lir.nl" of Arn-rt
B1-Watia' HoW-rd fniled elulee, K Itfia.
Waitham and HpringAeld Variut.i lnree, both
ia gild aud eiberm-ee. Alei a Urge lii.eof
GlILl) MBPDiilLI) Wlft'UFs
mm !6 la Hkioo, aleo allrer from lit M
i6o. I'M ei n liable lull Jewaiad
bitter th from SlMoSio. '
A full line of all aoria lu nor Una. or mada
to order h experieiKed aotkn.en. Keiair
lag will reccie prompt aitrction ,
Plae drop ib. aria e ua. 0 IromVt tq.
aw aaa.
7TU n,o., pop,,,.
L'tOpM nao lake I lie Times
or id of in ir
r r
lar family newananar. of a
national i'haiai'er and ri pnlallon. ia ahont
-oiermg the thirty oral .year or its ublica
.lon. To move who ate not pereonalljr a.-,
qumnled with lla merit, it need only I sold:
IU edilorud are epirited; ita eorreepondew
alenaifei ila news yaried, and trom every
quarter of Ina glut; lla agricultural rieiialU
mentfullof praettT-al lururmation; while He
'mi in, life keti'lipH, an-l n lecellany aie
idapled lo both eung and old; and ita re-
orta of the markets, ol liye stui k, grain, gro
eneaaud dry gnoda, ara always Ilia laieal
Bd isotl rt'liaUa.
. - . i . '
Thianiw organiisllon of tha fhrmera will
Ind In the Times a friend lo (he ohjet-ta
ought lo ha aerurttd by ihnm, and in its col
iinna the mora important doingt of the
Wa can't do wtthuut lha Times alter haying
read it einhl .teaia bend it to US Ap li
on street Lnt ell, Maa-' L. A. Folsom.
We hare doubled our ll"t of last year. Can't
io without the Time, although 1 am an old
'emnerat. ri. O HiLte, Monlcsiima, U
I do not know of any pnper that la devoted
o an i lie miereaia 01 me numnn lamii
m y. i
iiui'h aa the Tiroes. U. T. Iimvi, band
in. Pa,
The Timea Is yery popular here, for one
eiann and that is your ontxpoken course
giin.t the aalary atealera. W. A. W i,
I have been a wnatant reader of tha Week
ly Times fur hree yaara, and I ran'! do well
iithout it now. W. P Mil will, Bay Uprinjja.
I 'far lud Times: This makea about twenty
r thai I havi- taken yo.,r eivellenl psner,
ml Hie more I read it the bettei 1 like it.
it i KiNMnr, Mftrono'i-Ciiv. III.
I think il i the lie.t I'aper in 'he world. I
ike the way you talk in regard to the Ton
ie8iinHi riaiula; and I also like youranp
ri nf the Pnlinna of luduatry J. U. Lioa
V.ill.y Junction, Iowa.
Kyerjr pation of the Weekly Timeala pr
rented with a copy of the
iLXUSTR.iTKH rniEs hand-book,
vn elegsntly printed yoliime of lAOai-ientiflf
mil miweliiueous artiilea, illuaiiated with
.eatly H'0 of the finest engravings, it alxo
ouiaiiia a diary for the year 174. In value
nd aitraetiveneia it is auperior to any ores
nt ever betore otk red by neaspa) er publish
ra. Kv.n rluh agent Is oompenanted for hia
erv.oea, either with an extra paper, or some
iexiraHe iremiuin
TbH.MM Hini.leuhsoriber, eryear. 12 lai;
Inn of live aubsiRribera, per yer. fai-h, I TA;
mh of ten ami upaard.per year, each, I 60.
Mend for dat of j reiiiiuiiin, etu , to
Cini'iniia i, Ohio.
OirK's En'.yci.oi'ki'Ia of I'kactical Kb-
mki ni Paot aesia. (.'oniainiugu,4l prnc
i hI rece ipt, wriiien in a plain ami io.n.r
iiiuuei, and illu-trHted a oh explamitory
rtudvula. Heing a eoinpreheiiaive bonk uf
lereni'e for li e men-ham, muiiurxclurer, nr
mkii, ainaleur and houxekeeper, ini'luding
iediciie, ph innary anil doini'siie econoiMy
heaunpe of tlua work is ennrely dirlreni
rout any other book oi the kind. Hen o en
einga com Oi and slim at iiidiepenatMe
ok ol reference for thi- thoiisnn I and one
M"ipt and articles needed in everv huiiae
'mid , farm, garden, etc., it ini-ludea i-lear and
- -! 1 iiiidantood ilirn tinna lor the Niilii a
fon of many of h arts usually aiquirrd only
y I nig exnerieii. e, and eo Hiveated of In h
iicnslitieM, or the tei-hiucrildiea ol terms uxed
a lully explained as to bring the eunre euh-i-t
within III comprehension olanjr person
d ordinary uitelligeut'e. t'roiniiiipiii among
he iminenxe imts of aiibieets treated of in
h hook are in following:
The Art ol lijeing, Hard 8nlt and Toilet
-oapa, Tunning, I'lMlllntlon, Imitation l.iq
lo-., Wities,'iTordiiN and Hit'era, Oider,
Irewitig, Fernfmery, Flavoring Eisence,etc.,
-o-meiie-, Hair ijeaiul WunV, Piunadra
nd I'erliinied nil-. I'ooih I'owdera, etc., tty.
nips, Mi oliol and ' Ali'oholmetry. I'eiiui. tun
id Kemaene. Hleai-hing and Cleaning, Vm
jar. Hancea. Caliiia aud Pickets, heceipta
:.r the liurden. T r emnve "liuus.fpiita.eU!.,
i-vroieciiny auu r. leaives. ueinenia, eic ,
Vnterpruo'liiig. ArtiHi'iiil, ((ems, luka and
Vriling Klui'is. Aniline ttlnra, Paints and
'igiuenia. I aiatjng and Paper-himgiog, Ka1
oininemid Wnri'Wiish, Viirilis'iing mid Pol--h
ng, l.ubni'ii ore, Jupanning ami Lacquer
ig.Mootaud liarnesa HU-king. Photogigphv,
lend and Allovn, wilding, MilVcnng. etu.
,.'.,le"tretyjiig, Klcctrrplating. etu., Patent
ipfiicinex, menicni neeeipi-, neignia and
deaurea. 6o7 Sijes, rcyal octavo, cloth,
'nceivno imar
KlOr. FJTZIiEKALI', TublDshera, N. V.
VYorth and Beauty,
AM) Til (C Oil KOMI I
Having control of the magnificent oil chro
mo, Vo Semite, are are able to oilers combin
Inn. of literary and ar.o-ttc wor . ot geuuine
arnnh.and at price unpio edeuled
Tina Hue-copy of a pece of Nature's grand
r'xt work, if not pro-fiiled in the usual lnn
led slyle, it dimeuxona, I4xai, makiuj a
picture ol teiy desiraMe aixe mil-ell.
irnced hy it presence.
butalew copiea of this beautiful I hromn
till S allowed lo go to the retail stores, ami
hose wit' be ol l si iheir
Aetanl ltetnll Price, 0.OO,
ivhich itonie-ed in coniieuiinn with our Mag
.sine, bulb will be lurovhed lor
Asa premium, the pn-luie may be obtnined
'yaenoing ua two aubsi-riptiona for Hi Mg
sine at one duilai each, or by suba-.-rbiog lo
ne )lagiisi:ie two enr in advance, ai one
lolliir per annum. Addreaa,
- Newbuigh, .N Y.
8. E.8i TEtS Publisher. - 4sept
The Most Desirable Ees-
denoe in MoArttur.
(OFFER lor tale my residtnce on ortll
"treel. Il conails of n splendid dwelling
lioii-e, well din-hcu, un-me am: out, wnti
eiglii roo'iiaaud a good cellar. A gonu oflice
laiilding, stable, wood and coal houaeand oth
er nee-nary ont-biiildinga ',e prlni.ea
uoniSitil iicre;in. liltling 1 sen oliinetard,
lllliriliv waring viues; there are alao tinny
waring ap - ueea beet varxty ol gralii-d
mil. tweniy-Hie healing peachlreea-beet
'ud'lad.lriut, rlu-rnea, quiucee. H"" ,and a
rarietv of i-in ill iron Kor lurihtr particular
nquire at I lie olhce of this paper, or at the
..renin-.. I onus easy.
d:3iiri 8. 8. DOLLIPON.
So, 110 THIRD AT., '
Cdd,reUwB' Block', .....
COLUMBUS, 01110.
Fubliher$ of
And other
Standard Eeligious Works).
ranvnsamg gen is wanted In every ccuo
in ihe I niWn bUiea.t jank
MALI H I a. It
STOCK aan Oie beale aa good a new, for
"aie at yam low price Call oa
, U V. JoMb "iioroey..
Done. 5i eatJ j pa Promptly,
iConiintiei fnmfirH Jy '
coaling paupers dependent up
on llie Stale lor bread, 60.000
filling the insane asylums, 40
000 becoming idiots, four hun
dred taking their own lives,
three hundred taking the lives
ot others every year; and see
ing that this army is recruited
Iroin all rants in society, the
rich and the poor, the learned
-nd the ignorant, the high-born
and the low-born, I leave
it to you, is it not a
chiisli in duty, as well as a
rood and noble thing to do, to
abstain from wine, the fearful
scourge, the cause of offense,
of dreadful stu.nbling, ot des
perate weakness to our broth
ers? A single pla68 of wine
may be to your brother on the
brink of hell, the stumbling
Mock that will send him head
long into thu Ciirk gulf of des
pair. For none of you is it safe,
on your own account, to take
an occasional glass. You may
Bay I am strong enough to
stand alone. You may laugh
at the lears of Irienda. You
may be insulted at the intima
tion that ycu might become a
tlrunkard. But you know not
the insidious foe which you
take fo your bosom. The rep
tile may be torpid and harm
less now, but alter awhile he
will wake from his torpor; he
will be warmed into life and
he will strike his lans into
your vital", the poison will flow
hroiigh the s.vHttm.and for
the w.rmth you gave him, the
cold chill ol death will creep
over jou.
But suppose that you could
drink wilh impunity, for the
sake ot the brother who can
not drink without a certain
lull, lor the sake ol your com
panion, for the sake of your
child, drink no wiie wlile thv
world lasts lest it oflend thm,
lest it cmU8b them to stumble,
lest it be the occasion to their
weakness to give iw iy entirely
and plunge into noting am
drunkenness. Let the wi'e and
mother be carelul not to put a
stumbling block in her pantry,
or in her pies and cakes. Let
the ybung lady be very careful
not io put a cause of i il nse in
the shape of a glass ol wine
before her compHny, her suit
or, or her betrothed. "Woe
unto him i lint giveth his neigh
bo r drink, lhat puttest thy bot
tle to him and makest him
drunken," was not written lor
the whisky dealer and the wine
seller alone. The responsihil
iiy and the woe will be upon
him who offvnds. "Woe unto
him through whom oiTenses
come.'' s tys Christ,' it were bei
ter lor him that a mill sione
were hanged about his neck
and he cast into the sea, ih.in
that - he flu uld offend one ol
these little ones." I am not
able to express my condemn
tion ol that- man who oilers
wine or any other iuti xicating
liquors to a man, or to other
iii the preseiice'of "a man who
he knows has l-eeii In 'he hub
it of drinking, but who has
signed 'the pledge, and is eu
deavoring to ieiiriii his life.
. . i
lliu cause ol temperance
and ol total abstinence rests
upon this Bible rule and grand
Christian prlnciie or sell-siac
nfice for the good of others. I"
is a principle not only impera
live up o the pnilVsiet Clms
tiiiil.but upon evervtiue and.nc
hie man, wh' think mure of the
welfare ol his lelm-nit'ti than
he does ot his. own teVporarv
grtificar.ii n. lie aavs, "I will
not take this glass because i'
will be an evil exati ple to i.tn
ers; some brother weaker than
1 will sayhe took a glass why
couldn't- I?"' Let-the strong
support the. weak, and not
make him weak.
In conclusion, remember the
afi robation o' the Savior upon
a sin. pie act of pure unselfish
love: "And whosoever shall
Live onto one of these little
ones a cup ol cold waier'only
in the name of a disciple,
verily I say unto yn i, he ; shall
in ( nowise lose., his reward;"
nd in contrast. with it,, recal
the denunciation of the Spirit
ot God r through, tho prophet
tlabokku'k lipon 'ihe fJendish
temptation of a neighbor to
ruin, "Woe unto "him that
giveth bis neighbor drink, that
puttest thy bottle to him and
makest' him drunken." For
the latter, in the diy of Judg
ment, "woe! woil" For the
former rewards and blessings.
"Inasmuch as ye have done it
unto one of the least of these
ye have done it unto me."
Tub mere pleasure of drink
ng in company, is all that
keeps np tho saloons. The
mere pleasure of drinking in
this congenial company is all
that many moderate drinkers
will bave to give up. and this
certainly is. little when put side
by . side with the misery pro
duced by drunkenness. The la
dies in asking these moderate
drinkers to desist is similar to
asking a man to step outs de
'he powder magazine if he will
Ports. Republican.
Logan Republican.
Church Burned.
The Pleasant Valley, M. E.
Church, two miles from Mount
I'leasant, Flocking couiTty,
burned to the ground last Sun
day. Iu the morning a fire was
built in the church aa usual
some of the shavings used iu
kindling the fire blew out ol
the chimney, and fell on die
root. There being no ladders
near the church long enough
to reach the roof, nothing
could be done to save it.. Tlie
Icea. is aboul $1,000 No in
"Housekeepers" of Health.
Tue livtr being the grea
depurating or blood cleansing
organ ol the syslem set this
great "housekeeper of our
health" at work, and the foul
corruptions' which gender in
the blood, and rot out, as il
were, the machinery oi life,
are gradually txpelled, from
the eastern. For this' purpose
Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical
t)icovery with very small
daily doses 'Of. Dr. Pierce'i
Pleasant Purgative Pellen are
pre eroineully the1 articles
needed. Tney cure everv kind
of humor from t lie worst scrof
ula to ' the common (imph,
blotch or eruption. Great e
log ulcers kindly heal under
their mighty curative influ
ence. Virulent blood poisons
hat lurk in the s.vsiem are by
them robbed ot their terrors,
and by their persevering aim
some what protracted use the
most tainted systems may be
completely renovated ami
built up anew. Enlarged glands
minora and swellings dwindle
away and disappear under the
influence ol these great resolv-cuts.
Dr Pierce: tVhcn I was 12
or 15 years of agt I Un k what
is called King' Evil, and b)
constant doctoiing it -would
heal in oe place and break
out in another. It also biokt
out in my lelt ear. 1 first lound
your name in the Cbriatain Ad
voc'ate, and beul 10 units tor
the first buttle, which did me
more !"0'l than all other medi
cines I ever used. 1 am 23
yearsjyld and doctored wilh
five doctors, ami uot, one ol
them helped me , so much ab
your bottle ol Discovery. 1
have got well and able to do a
40'oU day's wiirk ..
ExfbriKncb will ten eh any man that
it ie dtiiUt;eotia. U putrotiiae tboei
who advertise. in newtiptipera" - '
AdTertiaewieata Inserted1 at fair price.
PikiosD's, Photographer. Chillicutbe
giea careful attention to making cop
ies of other pio.ures. v Fioturea muy be
made as lurge as life from the tiniest
locket picture, and made' In every way
atialaotory by' cartiul and judieioile
coloring. Fbotograplia from nature or
Irotrj other pictures ooiced in the beat
etylee in oil, water colors, bfiin, pas
tel or iuk, at rates to suit all circumstances.
Fa'.'Mekb sb mid not fail ti ex
amine the patent farm gati lor
which Ueorge YV. Brunton, Mo
Arthnf, is the agent in this and
Jackson county. It is the best
sod cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, Costing fif ty per cent,
less than the old fashioned gate,
nd is more, durable, for it .can
not sag'. ' Examine it wbdn joa
axe ia McArthur.
r - r ( i
iuti ;.- s :-t ' i k
If You
Want a situation.
Want to sell a plmio,
Wunt to sell a canlne,
Want a boarding plnce.
Want to sell town property.
Want to soil groceries or drujrs.
Want to sell lionselioltl furniture.
Want to anil dry goods or carpets.
Want to Hud customers for anything.
Advertising w ill gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertlsliijr 1 1 he rally always pays.
Advertising nmkes success easy,
Advertising bejreta confidence,
; Advertising shows energy,
Adveiiising rhows pluck,
Advertising means'biz
Advertfse or "bust,"
Advertise long,
Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
or busmen man who hat become
prominently rich, has made hit
fortune by judicious advertising
No exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, h
could make it still better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants s.iy it is not worth
while to advortise; for no person reads
advertisements; vet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will proQi
by its suggestion, if be has anything to
offer w-.rtli advertising How much
mt re then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w th read
ing matter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the must in pnrtant
item i'f which ia where they can find
just what they want when they cmo to
town to make their purchases. If yuui
sinck is so old, rusty, dusty' and out of
style thut it is wihless, or if it ir run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w nt, it is not worih
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such ns the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world that you have thrn, and want
to sell thorn at a fuir pric
An odvortisement published for a. am
ple day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
nunent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in hia locality.
If you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire, people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your looal pa
per, knowing thut every one will read
(he advertisement Utit you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how tnuoh you ore Ins
ing by not advertising HRrporttr
If those rersons who nrofeas tti be
lieve that , newspaper advertisements
are not real hy the publio wish to he
convinced of their error, just let them
uivo puhliuiiy to somu matter thev j
would not ore to divulge to the world,
even in the must obscure corner of ;
country pnper, and see what notoriett
thev would soon attain. Advertisir't'
Gazette , t . , ' i i
. AuvPBTisiKo iaa.pt to give us that
t'entle ji'gol- oonspienc'rj'whioh tolls us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised out; Wife
a new dress as soon ns the hay' Wits in
Perhaps ir Would be a good plan, for
Madame to mark this passage nnd lay
the paper upon her husband's break
last plute. Who will ray that, adver
tising will nut yet civilize the world!
w hy do people read advertisement
To see who ia enterprising and to lenrn
what is going on. To seo if there-is
snything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the SeaaJiii'H Styles
bave come in, and to find out who has
them. .To know if any pot is . selling
nff at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance nf an auction. 'For amusement
Tu satisfy eoriosty. Because they
have rend all the st .ries. marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents
lieoausdi they want tri. , Uenansa they
can't help it Ohio State Journal
Tbb power of print is well known,
but not well understood, A printed
aentence has a wonderful advt..itace
over one that is written or spoken.
This ia pne of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well aa they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
ernees of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even thet fade away io
to nothingness if not caugbt in their
flight and printed Rut there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
asaertion and the sense nf permanence
about printed matter .which gives il a
marvelous force and influernce. Busi
nesa men should never permit .th "i
selvea to. loose sight of what tr I ,)e
aoonmplished by a persevering t of
the printing- presses.' Learn ft ' y
tie,. and then .tha. "how, r . n.i.ltd
where" ol it, and you w ,. ij
knowledge worta taving. ' "
' In Zaleski. , , ,
THR Ealeaki Company, with a view to lha
development of Ilia local Intareataof alea
i'j ,-'ur " parraaoentpioeperHy.-aad IB
add lo iu population, and wealth, ara bow
ottering to actual -euleia, town lots and hrm
laode al low pnoea, and on liberal terms.
Persons desiring lo examine lha proper!
and to buy cheap hoaaea will apply at tha
Company' offices to
., ... K I'HOMP-ON, Manager.
talaaH, Ohio, May IS, gn. .
Which is adapted to
All Sawing Machines, '
NOTICP!' particularly Ihe afai p of B.C.
GOODRICH, Chicago. Ilia, won five patent
atampi. ll.-O. t.OODRK'11.
Ottli-e sod aalearoom 804 btate al.. hicago,
Ilia. tsaug4t
If you are Suffering from an
Broken Down Constitution,
Or require a Remedy to
Purify aud Enrich tbe IVood,
You will find rr.Crook's'fimponndlyr
np r 4 ok Hnnl la joa--. yrmtrr anr
it, curs you mora apoctllly, and do yon
more good thau any and nil oiuer rerae
dies eomhlned. That Pnle, Yeliaw,
at rkly-louklng-Ntilii la changed to on
of liediuesani d health. Those l-lneuae
of the H'n, Plmplcfl, Paalulea,
Iilotchea ami Krnpilvn are removed.
Strroruln. KrroluloiiB llaeiae of tho
Y.yem, W hi m MreIUna;a, 1 1 cent. Old
Stores or any kind of Humor rapidly
d wl mile and disappear under lis Influence.
Vhntlalir It la nature's own restorer I
A aolub e oxytlof Iron combined with the
medicinal pi ope. H ea of Poke ltoot divested
ol tall cllsagreenble qualities. It will cur
any al ,. whose lealorillres t causa la
llnrt Ulood. HlienmaiMam, 1'aslns Ira
l.tinba-ir line-,4'oaiaiUntlona bruheai
down by Mercuilal or other polaona, are
all cured by IU Kor Hypbllla, or Hypht
litlc twin t,toert.H notli lug eoual to Ik A
trial will prove IU boldbjf
UEOUtiE W. KI8SON, MeAilbur, Ohle.
THE WKEKLY-ON ia too widely known
to require any extended recommend! en
but ihe reaaona which have alieariy given it
Utty thntiaand suhia-rilier. and which Will,
w hpe, give it many thousands more, are
bileflvaa fnllowa I
11 11 a flrrt-rai-" n w-paper. all the news of
Ihe day will be found in tt. condetiaed when
unimportant, al full length when of moment,
ami a'waya pre-emed in a clear, intelligible,
and intei'eating manner.
It la a flrt-rste family paner, full of enter
laining and inatruct.ve rending nf every kind,
hut containing nothing that can ottend tie
moat delicate and scrupulous In'le.
It is a Hrat-rnle story paper. The best tales
and romancea n' current literature nre care
fully aelected and eg'bly printed Ir la pagea,
Itia a flr-t-rnt aMinlluril raper. The
mnstire-h and inalruciiye articles on agrl
ctilnir l topics regularly apt ear in thi de
partment. It ia an Independent politienl paper, belong
ing to no parly and wenrg no collar i Sghla ,
for principle and the election nf Ihe beat men
lot rtlce It eapetiiilly devotes ita energies to
'he expoxiir nf Ihe. great nnrruptiona that
now weaken and tin-grace nut com ity, and
threaten in undermine republican iiieiitunotia
aitogt iher. . It haa nolear ol UKtvee, and asks
110 f.ivora of their aii'iporiers.
It rsp'nrtath-fiahiorrsfor Iheladlef and (he
market for ihe menr speriallv Ihr cattle
market, to a hifh .t iviya parin-ulai atienlion.
Kinslly, it is the chi'apet-t paper published. .
tlnednliitra year will net. re it for any aith-acinar.-
Ii la'iint neceaaarv 10 ge' 11 p a etu b
in order In h ive I'll E W KKKLl e)I'N at 0la
rule.' Anvnewhn eenls a single dollar wfH
gel Ihe pper for a year
THE WEEKLY Si'Jf.-Eight pages,
fifty six column-. 1 nly (1 a )ear. Nooia-
COtrnta rron, r.,,
-is aa the 'aily Sun. 2 00sfr A rita
coii'it nf 20 i't cent. In club of IO or over.
THE 1AILY SU.. A larg. lour page
newspaper of tweni niht enli mna. Italy
circulation over 120,000. 1 .1 the news tor
2 cent, fubacriptiiin 1 m t fiO 1 nt month,
or S6 a year 'in clubs ot 10 '.r over, die
poind i f 20 "r ent.
Addrcaa "THE 8 UN," New l ark City.
yjfe ajaaja ft CO'L" rdvauCaaaatlaruike
1- 1 mm v llaiarrf .a lht.br.l-legkal
CllQ.Q Jieri..i.SrilatlM,Mt
v we tbMiu.l.ytMt aluihe
HlMI dlH.v.Ha lu rtvSaelnf atiS ir.t.Uug B.yrlBg,
ko la prawrv. Iht c.aiil-iiloB. ke.
Thlil aa laur.Uaf .rk I lea kaa4reS aa4 ility
atgcwlth aum.rut .nfrafioa. auS cuulalu. .laabl
Inforatillna tur tbM. who ar. aiarrUd.wMt,trai pl.t. aiar
ri.f. BtUllll.a hook Ui.touihtub. k..iua4wMk
aaakey, aud aotl.14 ..nloMlj alaial ihabuuM.
Iteaaulai Iht .ip.rl.atal aaS advlc .1 a phvilelaa
vrhM. ropuuuloa I. varld-aM. and ihAaal h. ia lb. rt
ytu drawer .1 ...r atal. and r.aal. tbrourhoaiib.Mlir
(lob.. H.mbra....r5lbl.f a. th. outjeft.rib.B
railn .atBt thai I. worth kB.aiBg,aad amcbU.l la
stniuanf n nVt..ru.) hrriftrCnii
a.i puBtiaara ib .bt wta.r w.ri.
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
Bofttr appl;ta U th. aatorioa. qaaekl wh. advarlU. In
pnbll. pai.r,or tiiit au quack remedial Htrua. br.
fe..lil wwrk im mattar wbal;arSlM.Mia, ar haa deploy,
abl. y.ar 0dUIa. u' ; i.
Pr. Bulil tccublri a Inabl. ko.M f lw.Blv.MrM ,
riBiitl .Indorard b; Miaiaf lb. aioie.lvbratd BMdl i
t.ror.iirloriab)Cuolrf .ad kataaa. aaS eaa b. cm
utud perMBilly r by BiaU, oa lhidl.aii mantlMid ia
hli work.. Olbea ajid. parlor., m. It N. Xlbtb) imaB "
.taHakark.l.adCkiuul, uuLmU, II.. L .
. .. j a.- i J ... j.m .
Notice the Stockholders of
the Ga olis McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
. . . .
AM, parties having strbeenred to lb cap1
ltd toek oi th ti.. McA. C. B R. ara''
hereby reqtil ed to make pal a eft to lhe-ec-relaryot
ihe IVnipary, t hie office on the
Hultiit! Siuare, in UhIiii olia, Ohio, ni ii more
convenient, lo l aniel Will, i'resid nt ol the
Vinton I'flnnty Itaak, at Mosrthttr, I 'bin, ntV
an installment of Hve du lar on each fhare
-o aubwribed, within lea d)ol thi dale.
Augu.tlu. 1871.
WM."HOrtH.Pee,y " i.
U alcA.AC,B. B.to.
dec 1871.
lJftMrV,',,r'TM' rt" ffencit-irey
ryiUfltlci et k ontHle.t steh.giiv end
nil pai Oculars KkF.E. B. M. epsaTtarKT
Hannover hi , Hnetan. - ' ' -' v
AT -
f V -a.
' aaaaa.waFajaaafBWMBaaiaaaBvaaau. ,
.ADTrTsiNO reminds feaple of
"things they had been . wanting J1 , .
ilong, bat had forgotten all about, " ; "

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