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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 07, 1874, Image 1

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rn0 VifjitdELilEddAD.
.1 Ctlitoraud Proprietor,
inCn". W, Cornr f Haiti aad
lie ARTHUR, onio.,-
Om-0M door wait of Dra W iM A Bron.
Ivi0il ,i ,: ,.
Airsr public,
Office UcArthur, Ohio,
"Will attend piornDtli to ill batman antra
oaiaaarS - dot II
- rrvWCAHTliU Rtf-O'-
Will praetUajl Vinton and adjojninjreoon
1 (IM. BiMii.oa!mMi.o niacare aaompt
battoDiM t,', Offlceln-tJourt Hoo.
, domnmiii d 'H nKPOT. - - .M f '
, IV CARTWRIGI1T.' Proprietor
'itvwfktabtei Attached.' ' ' '
MIAlS Miiy; f OB; ALL j' TBAOIS.
Tha Houm bat fait been ' rtfanuhd
MhroMhoiih- Kooma clean and eoroforlalilo,
lh labia anpplied with th lt ih market
Jorda, and no paint, aparod. to nccomoilalo
i MU, man ioi it
Main Streot, Opposite Court Homo
Wc Arthur, Ohio,
r i
In a t it laara poM.ion oi ma anew nuwit
ranoratcd and partlv n-fnrnifhad it, and
wil. bo glad to arrte the old cuatcmrra ol ihc
Hooking Valley who ma; ha vlaliing Ihia
point fnatatii win lurnir-nra wun me
Sbaattha markrt aflorda,and rare taken to
winka nue-Ia oomlorUMa Good atalihr.g at-
Umar UT1 i 1 ' :
OiTiimar. Hamuel W Kilrl,Jr.
'Eatabllahad 18&S 1
Wholesale Grocers
1" !
Prompt Attention given to tlie
Tranarer or Flfcr IKON and
-other Property from and to
Wattr StreeUbetieeen Paint aiidlValnut
Italian und Vermont Marble
V A lUli
a i
Neatly and proaiptlr derated.
HiiIberr7Stbet'n Second &atei
Vulllicothe, Ohio.
1 rapanntonil all my own work In nrrann.
1 xoUte all lb fln,r riraiaoi. ! tn lwt
mtrial, and eon iot ha umieifold. Pc ron
wuhio. any work in my lino ara invited to
imina wnrt, etock and price, he fore mak
I0( enntraeta.
1 paraoaally tnpei intend the cardial aeiting
p of atnni and monument bought at mj
Hr buyjei atthia ahop yon will aava from 11
a10pemit,vid to aff-nle. ' 94air73
tf 10 OltT f 03 A BET 01 TEETH.
Zeettj'lIxtrMtea: Without; Pain
aad with
Can alwayt be found t niy office.
' Pr. 8. T. BOOaiUS, Jackson, Ohio.
IjanUTi 1,, .
ImmfSMKk Co,,
,1.11.. . .
l hiyaMU Vaouaau a Brraii i
y..- u'
Dook8ellrs, Btattonera. Printer,
CLiaO BliiiHii I : J J. Zt
' ' ' ''.awri hi -
la,1' MHrtDit,5 THWwiof, School,
.adtiiioxiMBoviiooSB, -
HI ..I" I T ' ! 'IT I' Hi , .. , "
e5 fTifArM fitreefCynctmitiA
aWOataktiruaa. ftirauba i kratuitbarty on
p cricatroo aad any bobfc jwnt by niail, pon
aa paid OB receipt ol puUiabod price. -
i " . '
, MO, $3075AND $100.
Good. Duratrfe ind Cho.
J ,' Ma'nulWtuaalhy -u
li .
awuaM Ibr i oataio or. tet
VOL. 2o---NO. 8.
" - '
n 4 1 m y AY'TIVvVi iN ly rrf'f Y
; i . . i. il r . r i j-r r I ' - - - p - -
MCAUTHUR, , OHIO, .MAY. 71874.
WHOLE NO. 1,256
A wnmin'i love 4s like tlie itmm
Inci in wlntr' Ice end mow ,
Wulch by the iua' warm vernal
la marie Impetuously to flow.
Her love la like a stock of roae.
Which In cold winter aremiaa dead;
Yet with the summer' breath It
And then sweet flowers crow a its
Tier love is like the evening tar;
Though lone; on earth in vain it
Yet wait in It cold world afar,
Till loving eyes observe Its gleam,
Her love la like the nightingale.
Which In Its cage, though wounded.
1 I Shiga; i r
Its heart and soul breathe In its wall,
When It laments imprisoned wings.
Hook My Frock.
A day or two agi Justice
Jeeho of St. Louis, received
a-jE.aU from n young man tind
a young woman, 'each ol whom
was l he bearer of a portly car
pet sack. ...
'Be you Jha . aquiref asked
the young man . with . an atr of
diffidence. - i i . ."'! ...
'I be. Do you want to get
( "Ye, sir.: We want, it dor e
right away, don't we; MollUf"
"Yea, 'Squire," said Mollie,
"but haint you got a dressing
room, where lean put on rnv
bridal drees and - titivate a lit
lit-!" - -
I am sorry to say ray bridal
chamber ia crammed lull ol
horses, toys, trinkets, and sluff
seized by the constable Irom 9
fancy store. However, there
it ia, if you think Miere is room
for you to Jre6s." '
Th bride looked into the
room adjoining the tffice, and
declared that she could make
out to slip on her dress iri it.
With carpet sack in her hand
the entered the lumber room
and cloned the door. The
bridegroom afktd lor another
room saying he had his wed
ding fixings in his valise; and
would like to put them on He
ws tola there was no other
room vtoant, and that he would
have, to take' a seat, and wait
until the bride had enrobed
herself, and then he could take
his turn.
The young .man eat dow'n
iih an air ol impatience, hold
ing the carpet sack between
his knees, and twirlinc- his
thumbs. Constable McGeary
whose appearance is that
a Dtm-Jnan of the most kill
ing type (although in reality
he is. the chastest man that
ever chased a juryman or re
plevined a widow'a parlor lur
niiurf). hd -been writing at
his dfBk when the bridal party
entered, and 'now aroe and
passed into the pass-tge way
leading dwn stairs. The young
man .with the carpet sack
turned red in the face as he
saw the door close upon the
consta'Je. He evide illy tho'l
McGeary', had gone into , the
store tooin where the bride was
making her toilet. He became
nervous, threw his carpet sack
into the crner,arose. sat down
in another chair, 'una was ex
tremely fidgetty. The more
he tried to conceal his emotion
the. redder, his hce grew., Ai
leogib, unable longer to! en
dure the agony- ol doubt and
mistrust he run to Hie door 61
ihe-store room and entered. -i-
A scream was heard, and then
the youog man returned look
ing very sheepish. -
This rash act of the bride
groom came near breaking nfl
the match, but, the J uelice ex
plained to the bride thai lit was
all a mistake.- ' -
"Are' Vyou a married " "man,
"Squire?" asked the bride, put-
tmg Lor lac. to a crack in the
door. v'i m-.-,' ' ' !' '
"Yes, I have
been married
ateov an lai "
Well then, I Wfsbyou woufd
just qome in bereand hookrmy
The Justice cojiplied withl
the jnodeat. request Kaqd in. a
moment the bride came ouV in
gorgequa attire' ;-l her bnd
groom; (hen entered the rt.m
aid made' his toilet, aad vhen
he returned the ceremony was
perlormed without further d.
lay., Then the bride re-entered
the store room ' and changed
her dress, and the- happy
couple matched out with their
carpet sack, hiehly "elated. :
Gallipolis Journal.
Gallipolis Journal. Liberty vs. Licentiousness.
The repeal of the Sunday
Ordinances in ' certain ' cine
suggests the thoughts 'that the
tendency of, the times is to
ward a contest between Jaw
and order, qa the one side, and
on the "other licentiousness,
under the plea ol personal lib
erty. . This seems to be the
contest ' that- is rapidly ap
proa'chlpg.'It ia tol be" a con
test between light-and darkness-a
contest' bit ween He-
publicaniam or- true Demoo-
. ...,..,.
racy, and Communism, or the
rule of the mob. It men's ap
petites and passions, instead of
law, are to become the govern
ing principle of action, then in
deed have we fallen on evil
limes, and may well despair of
republican institutions. 'Tho'
this conflict seems 1 likely to
urine; though the mob rule of
appetite ' and passion, under
the specious pleading, of per
sonal liberty, seettB disposed
to precipitate the battle, still
we apprehend lor law and or
der a decisive and permanent
victory. We are too near the
days of "our Nation's birth to
have forgotten the iessions of
those perilous times, when.
true liberty under the name o
law, was inaugurated. Every
man having in bin soul a spark
of the fire of those patriotic
times will rally on the side of
biw aud order, and deal such
deathly blows to this new idea
of liberty an idea which had
its hirth in ancient days, when
power made right as lo send
it back to tbe darkness from
which it sprang. The mob ol
the cities the godless throng
uhich seeks pleasure only
through theapp lite may and
probably "will rally under the
new banner of licentiousness,
but they will be but as-the
leather in the whirlwind con
pared wuh the hosts that the
pure lite ol the cunlry will
marshal-in behalf of law and
order.' This U a land 0) law
liberty, not one of Ucentiout
liberiv -a land where men's
appetites and passions, 'to the
extent that the public good
may require, must be governed
and r controlled - by law fend
j j - ... . . . ...
then the contest comes it will
result, as the late .0! vil'war dirt,
111 favor of law -and order in
Ikvor or that liberty whkh. is
the corner s'toiie ol our institutions
liberty governed Ry law.
A Granger's Dream.
i The , Lanark Gazette, a
staunch 'Granger, paper, "pub
lishes the-' following which 'is
too good to be lost.) , ; p
1 A granger dreamed that 'he
died; he went ' straight to the
spirit world; he knocked at the
gate of the new Jerusalem aud
it was opened unto him.' The
books 1 were opened;! he, was
aaked, ."did, you ever belong to
any secret 8ocietieR!";tq which
he replied, "1 did. To the Gran
gers." - 'Theu, sirj youj can not
be'atimiftea, 'depart." j He then
went to the d.oorot tbe bottom
less pit, where the lame ques
tions '. were ssked , him by the
Devil, and again he was told to
depart, A.n.er.he ,ha4 gone a
little way1 Off" he was accosted
by the homely ruler ol the pit,
when the . lolluwing ! proposi
tions, w era Vuiade; "". Stranger
said' Ntck,fr will ot admit
vou here; ihey ido tiotiwant
you in Heaven but ' I will well
vpu two ' hundred barrels of
rjirimstohe lor caih. ten per cenU
offit anci you -can; start a little
lielj; of, y6Ur,owp,' with 'no
agents tor middle men.".
"Ypna money or yoor booker'
remaikb a high wavmafl atthoi
Vut.t)i- UQine,
A Magnificent Offer to Our
A Magnificent Offer to Our Readers.
Air. Ajewis 01 iue western
Rural and Yoang Foils' Ruryf,
makes the following tempting
offer to all who choose to take
advantage of it. To every per
son who will sendhiru only
1 1.50 (berore May 1st) he will
in return send the following: 1st
r-The Young Folks Rural for
one year the-egufar price of
of the paper being $2 50;) 2d
Vick'a Floral Floral Guide for
one year (price S5 1 cents;) 3d
an order on MMVick for 6ne
dollars' worth of vegetable or
flower seedsi to bdj se;ut post
paid; 4 h two lovely land
scape chronipfsi by 8,
entitled uMorning(n tbe Mis
sissippi" and sunset on ilie"Si'-:
eras' mounted and postpaid.
This is' a'- truly " splendid offer,
as the paperWelf: is worth all
that is asked for it, and should
be in the bauds ofall young
people. : Inclose - the moaey
(only 81.50) to U.K. F. Le'wii,
Publisher, ( Chicago, and say
you saw this ofler!' You oian
have the, paper and chromos
addressd I j your' boy or girl,
and the seed order and Guide
to you, as you may wish. A
sample paper will be sent post
paid for 10 cents, i '
A Case in Court Managed Successfully
by a Lady Lawyer.
Ouicago, April 27. An im
portunt decision was rendere(
in the United Staiee District
Court to-jay. by Jiidge Blod
gelt, in a case involving the
right ol the wite oj daughter of
a bankrupt to hold against his
assignee ji.he personal property
giveu them by the said bank
rupt in paymfeut of services
rendered ai bis clerk or agent
in this case the assignee ol
Joimhan Hay a dt aler in mu
steal iustrutueius and sewing
machines, at -Freeport, III,
who, having absconded, was
thrown into bankruptcy, 'seiz
ed upon a piano belonging to
Hay's daugnter and several
sewing machines in the posses
sion ol Mrs. Hay, which they
claimed were turned over to
them by the hunband and fath
er in payment of their services
in big store.
Judge Hlodgett to dcy de-
cidtd that the plaintiffs were
legally entitled to the goods
in question, and ordered the
assignee to . return them lo
their possession.
The case possesses addition
al iaierest truui the lacl that il
has beeu conducted through
out on the part of the plainliiTd
by Mis Alia M. Hu!eit, the
lady lawyer ol this city.
Light Without Matches.
To obtain light iiistaully
without the use 01 matches and
without danger offsetting
thing on fire, take an oblong
phial of the whitest and deaf-
estglass, put into it a piece ol
phosphorus about the size of a
pea, upon. .which pour eooie ol
ive oil. heated to the boiling
point, filling, the phial about
one-third lull, and then seal the
hia! hermetically. To use it
remove the cork and allow the
air to enter the phial and theu
rt cork it. The whole . empty
space in the bottle will then
become luminous, aud the light
obtained will be equal to that
of a - lamp. As soon as the
light rows .weaker, its power
can be increased by opening
the phial and allowing fresh
supply of air to enter, lu
wiutei 'it la sometimes 'neees
sary to heat the phial between
the hands to increase the fluid'
ity ;'of the oil! ; Thus prepared,
the phial may be used lor i six
months. iis coutrivance 'is
now used by the watchmen of
Paris in all mgaKint8 ; where
explosive or inflammable ma
terials are stored.- Omi ?
1 j It is a , sure sign of an early
spring to aeea cat '.intently
watching.a imall hole In " the
How Long to Sleep.
f The fact is. that as life be
cornel tOTicebtrated, : tod Its
pursuits mere eager, VhoA
sleep becomes impossible. We
take more sleep than oar an
cestors, and we take more be
cause we want more.' Six'boura
sleep will io very well for a
mason or bricklayer, or any
other man who has no exhaust
ion but that produced by man
ual labor; the sooner he takes
it after his labor is over, he
belter. But for the man whose
labor ' is 'mental, the stress 'ol
work is on his brain and ner
vous system, and for him . who
it tired in the evening with a
day . of menial ' application,
neither earty to bed nor early
to' rif e" . is wholesome'. He
needs. letting down to lb let
elW repos-e? .; ,
1 The longer the interval be
tween - the active use of the
or'aiifj and his'retiremeni, to
bed, he better' bis chance for
sleep and refreshment. To
him m hour alter, midnight is
probably as good as two hours
before it, and even , then' bis
sleep will not so completely
and quickly restore him as it
will .bis neighbor who is phya
icalljr tired. He must not only
go to bed later but he louger.
His best sleep probably lies in
the early morning hours, when
all the nervous excitement has
passed away, and he is in ab
solute rest.
Do You Hear That?
-A New Orleans paper tells ns
of, a printer who, when his fellow-workmen
went ; out, to drink
beer, put in the bank' the exact
amount he would have spent if
he had gone with them to drink.
lie did this tor five years. ' '.'
He then looked at his bank
account, and found that he had
laid up five hundred and twenty
one dollars and eighty-six 'cents
In five years he had not lost a
day because it sickness. Three
out of five of his fellow-workmen
bad become drunkards
The water-drinker then bought
out the printing office; and in
twenty years from the time he
began to pat by hia money'h
had laid aside good many thou
sands ot dollars. The story
teaches a lesson which every lit
tle boy should lay to heart.
Youth's Companion.
Ironton Register.
Some people dob't know all
the influences growing out of the
woman's temperance, movement.
Many a poor drunkard in this
town has been inc'ted to try
again to save himself, and if it
were not for. the saloomst's
temptations on every square,
much substantial good could be
guaranteed. The other day a
man spoke at the morning pray
er meeting, said be had been a
drinking man, , had signed the
pledge tbree weeks ago, and was
trying to keep it. He said that
while he drank, he earaed ten or
twelve dollars a week but hardly
ever more than two Or three dol
tars of that went to bis family.
Since he signed the pledge, how
ever, ba ; earnings went, to bis
family, and if he, could only save
himself from tho saloons, his
family would live, well and him
self be a better man. He asked
the ladies to remember' him in
their prayfcrs. J? 1
Plutarch says the eyes of the
hog are so formed and disposed
ol in. the bead, that it . ta always,
looking upon.', thelowest ob
jects -and .1 can in no manner
contemplate, things - elevated
and lofty.1 iKan'not look ep
ward unless' thrown .back with
its., feet ;; upward- ''' Although
this animal ja! addicted to the
most discordant squealing and
grunting; yet as soon as il it
laid on itt back it ie immedi
ately silent so 'great ie its as
tonishment at the heavens, to
the sight of which it is uaac
customed'. and which cansea
such fear that it is; nnabie lQ
I. M
SxitE nr Warnifo. The best
writer: is he 'who can convey
the clearest thoughts in the
shorten space.- Some writers
so hide their thoughts in use
less words that it becomes a
task after you have read a col
umn to comprehend its mean
ig. Orname-nt in stjle is
good when it' beautifies the
thoughts advanced ; it is inex
cusable when it covers from
sight. A4, writer, before' he
touches a pen, should first get
a clear idea of the subject hd
is to handle; thu well under
stood, bis next effort should be
to say what he has to say in
the fewest words possible. We
would ' not have a single
thought dwarfed by a atlngy
use of . lan'gliage ; but even
this Would be better" than to
see it choked' out'Oi existence
by a superabundance of words.
Write to the point, and whnn
yon have reached it, stop. It
requires severe mental training
to acquire' that simplicity of
expression which tonvsyt to
us the grandest thoughts in the
fewest words, yet it is within
the province ofaH to approach
if not to equal it. It has been
said that it is more difficult to
abridge an ' article than to
write one, that it requires more
time to write asboit article
well than to present the same
thoughts in double the space.
iVhen Queeo Anne told Dr.
South that his sermon had only
one lault that; of being:, too
8borlhe replied that he should
have made it shorter if he bad
had more time. Let our wri
ters especrally those ot the
press boil down .their efforts
before: they present them to
the public. In this fast age
the man who cn say the best
things in the shortest space ia
not far removed from a public
Minnesota Grangers have
made an arrangement for tbe
pursuit and capture of horse
thieves on the co-operative
plan. Hereafter each grange
is to have "five riders," who
are, on a robbery ot stock be
ing reported, to mount and fol
low tbe culprits. To this end
ibe grange is to furnish them
with funds, tiot less lhan $25
ant) on giving the hailing sign
of the Patron, all other gran
ges will entertain them tree of
cost, turn out to aid them, or
lend tbem fresh horses. . ,
Thb Constitutional ( Converr
tion has reconsidered the ju
dicial article,' and amended it
so as to include the proposition
of Judge Hoadly to elect Su
preme Judges the first time on
the proportional plan, no voter
being allowed to vote for more
than . three candidates: . also.
Mr. Vorhes's amendment to
vacate the' office of any judge
found drunk on the bench dur
ing a term of the court.
In a letter to a London pa
per, Mark Twain says:
The present crusade will
doubtless do but little work
against intemperance that will
be really permanent, but it
will do what is as much, or
even more, to the purpose, I
think. I think it will suggest
to more than one man that if
women could vote, thoy would
vole on the side of morality.
Thb respectable drinkers
who have hauled off, to a ood
extent, since the crusade be
gau, were the chief tupport ol
the saloons; hence 'the dull
times with saloon net) &oe-
Let this state Of affairs contin
ue. If there must be respect
able drinking-,' we trulvU will
be done in a more respectable
manner , than by austaining
doggeries.--M at ietti' Rtgitdn.
! : Ai Iowa UritncH Links that
ihere ia toomueh lawyer io our
politics, aad t half at. a nation we
have gfadnajly given tap to the
iaw jer be'a.awjD i(
I -.lit yiii u
.111 mi iii u iimi "w
One square;... ,,, jjj tO
Eacriaaditlon. mertlon ' nit
Cards, peryea . ......w.ld lift
icaJ not lot,- ftt, llne,..i. .
YeaJ-lir Adv.rtImHiita BlfWi flV 1
column, and at proportionate rate iti
lesapace. Payable ia advance.
iv ine necora Demr tt tmci
paper of the town, and bvli tl
larireslnlmillarlnn nfanv iiiiwi In tl
3ounty, orTr. supcrloi inJuccuvLta ,
w fu VC1 tIP-raVa , "
A'6PotT8MAS bat beea'
Victim -of his own credalityoa
Ue has a gon that scatterea'
shot badly, o that it is not -uf )
much account. , Ue saw an tti- r
vertisement in a papet offeritVr J
to send information wberefej -lu
such icattering of ahot conlfll i
be effuctually. prevented..!iil i
sent the. money, and In jdtlM
time was informed that toprr!i
vent, his gon from "scatterroTJi
he should put in only one s'hHf j
Logan Sentinel.
Puiis Uiypkh haa .sold iat.t
coal mines at UaydeuvilU:'.t( s
his son William Qayden-. Vis
ter llayden was a member, of
the coal operator! union tagui
as such was unier.bcndi titty
$10,000, so we are informedytu
conduct business according tjvi
the rulenuof the Unions. Ifo
are not ad viied as . 16 whether
bis obligation attaches to ltia -purchaser.
, : ,di .': i sdt
, Sita the Columbus correspb'. "
dent of the "Cincinnati Times? " 1
; . ' Some 'One" ia the Cle vetted'' '
Plain uealer Bald that Mf'.Stdh'ej
of Gallia, is such ' an intense"1
Granger that it he found thfen '
men together he would wahl "to '
abolish the middle man. Bhis:
that is nothing .to the,' to'tensa'
Grangerism of Milt. McCpy.-
He is' going to introduce a till R '
abolish mid wivCs. " ''"'' ,!':'"it':
i. : . ft", I'-J
Ironton Journal.
A littlb aon of an Iroutoo;
gentlemau, just old enough1' 16 7
go to school, was asked br hi 1
teacher, while he w'ab'sayiii
hia Iflssnn. tn unpM bnAr.' t'f'v.i
. , r.. .
sigued the pledge; rcaiiiV
spell it now," laid he.'I dotW'
want anything more to'do wll'ia'
it." il
It seems that the womanV i
movement has iuterlered witH ;
tbe regular session of the Ohl?
Valley Editorial Union tt W9
to have' been at Chillicotb'.'
but we don't - believe the'risi'
cient metropolis cad get ap a."
Bqua're meal without "sutbtfl tol 1
Ironton Register.
. . i . . . 11 ... -.i
, One of tbe two rerA'alniniz
saloonists of HiHsbnro is bein .
prosecuted by Mrs. Ferusoit i
under the Adair law fOr eaus
ing the death of her husband .
a day or two after ebe. Uau.
warned the seller against let,
ting biraliave liquorr , . "
A meeting or commeYeitn! ''
travelers on the lCih, at MaJ"
sillon, adopted resolution fnw
dorsing the woman's tempBri '
ance movement,' and forswear. "
Ing the use of iutoxicathc 1
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forgiven for having been aaubt. .
scriber to the Timet lor rrfaeiw .
teen years. , .. .
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London. (i It is a hot sand batiLja
Ibis makes 7,384 remedieiva U
all infallible. . I.-j-.-sasio ji.U
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the KeW Uaveu Journal io i. at
'Moso 'toiatP is 'the 1 ttim 8
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isn't rtba J kind of "a poei 'iijg'!f?
aenda pieoea to the papeVt e1
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bid hoop1 Ikirtr aie;- annual
tbrotn Su(o ttt M i Claw'.,
land'',;,i:i'i ' '' ''' ' fii4.1;a iow
esa and the TemperaaM
- - . -'ftallliilfjiil
the eatira world WQW
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