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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 14, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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THURSDAY. MAY 14.1874.
Ok u4 ftr Sueday, Not. t, 187. tram.
III ru aa (ollow.: Mot. S, , and
ran datli; U other tram dailj,9un.laysi-epted.
.. ., v - Ko.l. fco i. Vo..
Stations. Mail. Cin.E Bt.l..Kx
Ciacmoil SOeni ' 4"M"
Uhlllteuthe 11 06.IQ 1 MpiB 1 S7am
ftithUarf Far 11 06B1O I 3pm
I slam
I Mam
S OTam
1 16am
8 Ham
I xuam
aterodea . xlpat pra
Moiiian li Mpm I 4bpm
Viato ..m-W oOpra I Mpm
Saleski... . I UUpn 4 Mpm
op. Furnace.... 1 Kpm 4 11pm
10 30pm
1 Nam
op furnace
f inlOS....-
,. T IVam
,.10 sum
..10 iUm
..10 6&m
10 noain
1 14pm
1 fcipm
1 Sipin
1 4lpm
1 6upm
t ojpm
1 23am
1 3U m
1 4Um
1 Mam
t O Vitn
3 Bum
( tliam
Banvlao U "nt
KKhland Fur.... n sm
htllicolha-...l tpro
aioctonaw... . topro
3 10pm
T oupin
NO.' AND 4 will atop at C. 8. Junction
fcOVeiaaa, UTtJBUIU, vni"v"l
Athene, and baou'a Landing only, ml, o
AND 6 'H top at 0. o. Junction, Madison-
fill t,oiana.ijrDu!iu, iiiiii"".
den Athenl andSaott'a Landiag only. SOS,
1 AND wilt man all atop-
eaat leaves
Th taleaki Freight
Ohillieoth at S Jo, m.i Rav.nlle T IS; Rich
u4 PurnaM. T 6s; Hamden, arrive a
depart 4 McArtbor, 9 15; Vintoa, It ;
tales ki II xo. Going weet-Zaleaai, 1 00 p.m.;
Vision t a, McAtlh'ir 1 6S; Hamdeu, hiik
t 10 depart . 3 S; Richland Furnace, 4 10;
gayaville, 4 4Sv Chilllcotha, 6 2.
Tne KA8r8T0CX, wiih regular pa eenger
ear attached, leavee Alliens at i.ior. n.enn.
aeoting wlm the H. V. R R.. Hop 3 21, Z
leakl 4 01, Vinton 4 29, McArlhur 4 64, Ham
dra 19, Richland 6 60, Chtlliooth7 60.
vtll leave Hamdea- at t 26 a.m. and 44 pm.
rrlln at Pnrtamaulh at 10 20a m. and 6 4&D.
raj. Bsiuraingtraina ill leaf Portamouth at
a 00 a. m, ana- a w P' arriTiogai uam
aVaa t II 00 a. ra. and 6 06 p. m. .
Trama eonnaot at Ijonland for all poinU on
th Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indianap
olia and Cincinnati Railroad Juncti n for all
point Wsat at Athena, with the Columbus
A H. V". R. R., at P.rlier-burg, with th 11. A
fianaral Superintendent.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
ia very strongly recommended by
the Medical Faculty and is large
ly ..prescribed . amoDg their fe
male patients. - It is worthy of
all confidence as mey be seen
from the . following testimonial!
Atlanta, III., July lith, 1873.
Ds. E.;V. Pwrcb, Buffalo, N.Y.
, Dear 9if I have not words
to express my gratitude to you
for your advice and assistance in
my ease. There is not one who
has used your medicines 6ince
they have bem brought here but
that can say with me they have
been greatly beuefited. Since
I have been so helped by its use
six or seven around me left off
all doctors and other medicines,
and now use it 'in their families,
after being cured of the same dis
ease as mine. You do not know
what a, wonder it created in our
city, by its restoring my sister I
wrote you about, for she had been
under the care of three of our
best doctors but could not Bit up
but for a few minutes at one time.
1 begged of her to try your" med
icines, and before she had used
half of the bottles she could go
all around the yard, and has now
just come home from' a visit five
miles away.
Mrs. Thos McFARLAND.
Siiangiiae, May 4. A serious
not occurred in the French
settlement of this place. A
mob of Chinese made an at
tack upon the residents of that
quarter, and sacked and burned
several of their buildings. The
police fired on the rioters, kill
ing several. The Chinese as
sign as a reason for the attack
that the french were construct
ing .a road .which : interfered
With their cemetery. '
The Mayor of New Orleans
has telegraphed the Mayors of
the prjpcipal cities. jNortb, askJ
ing aid for the sufierers by the
overflow from crevassea on the
Ldwer Mississippi. " -
..Tax . Cincinnati Exposition
will be open to the public from
September 2d to October: 3d,
and jo r the receiption Of goods
from August 3d to-September
second. 11 acres under roof.
hobkets nest, four feet one
way by threa and a half anoth
er, is the lastesfc addition to
the armory museum at Spring
fleWiMass. . .
-.-.JTpHouT having special ref
erence to Susan B., we should
like-to know .What is home
without a motherP
iiwepoet is sure that spring
is oming because she is to
hr4 eircus Aphl.2Q. ...
SrarucKT has a - paper Mde
voed to the interests, of its
Jhx a lady faints ,what.fig
ore does she need?'" Yob must
bring her 2,
v liAzr husbands are known
oat; "West u stove watcJiers.
Dr. J. Walker's talitornia
Tinogar Bitters rtre a purely Veg
etable preparation, nmdo cliloiiy from
tho natlvo herbs found on the lower
ranges of tho Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, the medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
The question Is almost daily asked,
" What 18 tho cauoo of tho unpar
alleled 8UCCeS3 of VlSEG.VR HIT
TERS t" Our.miswer is, that they
romovo tho - causo of disease, and
the patiout recovers his boulth. TUey
are tho great blood purifier and a
life-giving principlo, a perfect Keno
fator aud Invigorator of the system.
Never before in tho history of tho world
has a medicine been compounded pos
aossingtha remarkable rjunlities of Vis
boar Bitters iu healing tho sick of
every disease man is heir to.- They are
a gentle Purgative a well an a Tonic,
relieving Cougostion or'Inflainmation of
the Liver and Vivcerul Organs, iu Bilious
Diseases. , . '
The properties of Du. Walk
er's Viskoar Hittbrs are Aperient, Dia
pborotio, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretio.Sodiitive.CouDter-Irritant,
Surlorifto. A t,.-itivi, aud Anti-Hilioni.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vinegar Bitters the most wonder
ful Invigorant that ever sustained
the sinking system.
' No Person can take these Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not J&troyed by mineral
poison or other mans, and vital or
gans wasted bevond repair.
Bilious, ilemittent, and In
iermittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red,: Colo
rado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Itc
tnoke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of nnusual
boat and dryness, are invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
ments of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscoro. In their
treatment, a purgative, 'exerting a
powerful influence- upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary.
There is no cathartic for the purpose
equal to Dr.' J. Walker's Vinegar
Bittbhs, as they will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels ore loaded, at the Bame time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the digedtive organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vinkoar Bitters. No epidemio can
take bold of a system thus iore-anned.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Tata in the Shoulders. Coughs,
Tightness of the Chost, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in tho region of the Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are tho otfcpriugsof Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarantee -of its
.merits thau a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Whlto
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipolos, Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial affec
tions. Old Sores, Eruption of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. In theso, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walkkr's Vix
boarBitters have shown their great cur
ative powers in the most obstinate and
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent -and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by itiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of Walkbr'i
VfNEQAR Bittbrs occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Kheum, Blotches, Spots, Pim
ples, Pnstulos, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las Itch, Scurfs, Discolorationa of the
Skjn, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever came or nature, are literally
Aug up and carried out of the system in
short time by the use of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the system Of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn
womanhood, or the turn of life, these Ton
io Bitters display bo decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse. the Titiated Blood
whenever yon find its impurities bunting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when yon find it ob
structed and sluggish in the reins; cleanse
it when it is foul; yonr feelings will tell
yon when. - Keep the blood pure, and the
health of the system will follow. - -
, R. h. Mcdonald & coH
Druggist A Gen. Agta., San Franoiaco, Califor
nia, cor. of Washington and Charlton StaK.T.
Mold tjr U UrugglsU and Dealer.
. C. IP. "OUFEU,
Diamonds Watches and Fancy Goods.
tTTOULD respectfhllT ay o the cltlxen
yy vinton uo mat nenss enlarged bis stock
making one of the larg.st in the Btate. Our
bustoea haa increased every year an loth
f iresent time and we leel thankful to the bub
le Tor pat favora, and are determined to keep
n large nock ol every thing usual'y found
a Brat-Cias Jewelry Utore, and will keep the
Inest stock of gold and solid silver, MsO the
beat Plated Uooda,aa low aa any houaeia the
Wst . ,r .
We keep all th different brands of Ameri
can Watch Howard. United Htte,lgin.
Waltham and Springfield Manufactures, both
la gold and silver case. Also a litre liae
GOLD dJJl'UliltD im
Krom f 25 to SSUO.OO, also silver from t2 to
II6U. Wshaiea vety reliable lull Jeweled
Bilver Watc,h from fit to lid. .
- A full tin of all M'oda in onr line, or mmA
to order hv rxpeneo'ed workmen. ' Keoair.
ing will receive pionipi alleation
Pl.ai drop m add tia. Jfe tnouM t
s.y BVVSS, g
People who take the Times
Kilie Worth or Ihilr-
. . i Money.' . ' . .
The mo.i popular fcmily aawapaper, of a
national thaia-trr and reputation, la about
raianna the Ihitiv Aral )r or it uUiua
lion, 'in lunar who are uot evrooually a'.
quintil ailhita mrrila. it nreil only be aaid:
lu fciilori.l" are rpmteil; tti-orrc'onclrne
eitenai; it nawa varird. and Irom rrerv
qnanrr of tne gift!;- it" avmullural depait
loenliulioi practical iwufuiaiiuoi wnuviia
atniira. hf akrlHhea, an t ti iullny . aie
atlapled to. both tviing and old; and It re
nnrta of lh markrtH. of lure .lock, arain, aro
orrira aud dr Kooda, are always be latest
aud moat reliable. ;
Thie nrw oriranlulloa of the farmer will
flnl in the Time a friend to the object
eought to be seouifd by than), and In it eo.
nmus the more important doings of the
We can't do without the Time after during
read it right year. Send it to 113 Apil
ton street Lo all, Max" L. A. Kolws.
Wa hate doubled ourllatoflai-iyear. Can't
do without the Timea, although I am an old
l)emocmt.-8 0 Hum, Monlraiim. O.
1 do uot know of any paper that I drroted
to all the lolrrraW of the tiumse family, aa
much as the Tlmee. U. T. laassvi, band
Cut, Pa.
Tne Times is very popular here, for one
retann, and that i your outKpoken course
agxintt ilia aalary etealers. W, A. W aa,
I have hern a jonatnnt reader of the Week
ly Times for ihrre years, and i i an'1 do well
without it now. W. P. AUxwili, Bay Springe,
Pear Old Timea: This makee about twenty
years that I have take your excellent paper,
and the more I read it the beitei 1 like it.
Liti Ksnmdt, Metropoha Cny, III.
I Ihink it i the brt paper in 'he world. I
like the wnv you talk in regard to the Con
nreainnal fiuiida; and I also like your sup
port of the Palrooa of Industry J. C. Lroa
Valley Junction, Iowa. ,
pattnn of the Weekly Times ia pre
sented witn a copy oi in
An elegantly printed volume oflSOsoientifla
and mix'ell uiraua artidea, illuanated with
nearly UK) of the finest enirasir.ga. It also
containaadiary for the year 17. In falne
and attraciivenea it is superior to any pres
ent ever Deiore ode red by oewspnper publish
ers. Every club agent I enmpenaated for hi
xervice'a, either with so extra paper, or some
desirable premium
TbH MSi Simile eubsenber, per year, 13 no;
elno of ttve subscribers, per yexr. eai h, I TA;
ulub of ten and upaard, per year, each, I M.
Bend for tint of premiums, eta , to
Ctneiuna I, Ohio.
Dicc'a Enovci.opriha of Practical Rr-
ciipt aao Pbocmbxs. Conlaininiru,422 prne
tiaal receipts, written in a plain and popular
innuner, and illustrated wilh explanatory
wood-ruts. Being a comprehensive hookuf
reference mr Ire inercnant, munulitcturer, sr.
tian, amaleur and houeekreper, including
medicine, plmrmacy and domestic economy
Theauope of this work ia entirely dirt-rent
from any other book oi the kind. Beliie
beinra complete and alm'St indispenatble
brok of-reference for the Ihoueand and on
receipt and article needed in every house
hold, farm, garden, etc., it includes clear and
ex!iy un'ieruoon directions ror the applica
tion of mnnv oflhe art Usually acquired only
ny long eiiienen.-e, ana eo invested or tet h
nichiilines, or ihe technicalities ol term used
so lully explained aa to bring Ihe enlire sub
ject within the comprehension ofany ierson
or ordinary intelligence. I romiinent among
tne immeniB man or anniecta treated ol in
the book are tne hillowing: '
The Art ol liyeinu, Hard Solt and Toilet
Soaps, tunning, iMelillation, Imitation Liq
uors, Wine, Oordiiili and Hitters, Jirier.
Brewing, Herufmerv.Flavorinii Essences etc.,
i o-meitay, natr nyes ami wa.nea, romsars
and I'ertiimed ml-, Tooth Powders, etc, Sr.
nips, Alcohol and Alcnholmetry, Pelioleum
and Kerosene. Bleaching and Cleaning, Vin-
ear, Bailees, Cataupa and fickrls, Kecelpt
lor the Garden, To V emnve Minna, Mpnta.eto.,
Pyrotechny and fcxplesivea. Cements, etc,
walerprooiliig, Artificial, Oems, Ink and
Writing Kluiiis, Aniline Colors, Painta and
Pigments, I ainting and Paper. hanging, Ka1
somine and WMtewash, Varnishing and Pol.
lull ng, Lubricator, Japanning and Lacquer
irg, Hoot and Harness Blacking, Phologtnphv,
MeUili and Alloys, Oilding, tiilvering, eto .
Electrotrning, Electroplating, eto., Patent
Medicines, Medical Receipt, Weighla and
Measures. 607 pages, rcyal octavo, cloth.
Price i'j.nn i.mar
IjICK a FlTZtiERALI1, Publnthera, M. Y.
Worth and Beauty,
Raving control of the magnificent sil chro
mo, Vo Semite, we are able to ottera comhin
atior. of literary and ariixtic worK ofgenuin
worm, ana at prices unprecedented.
This fine copy of a piece of Nature's grand
est work, is not presented in the usual lim
ited etyle, its dimensions, 14x20, making a
picture oi very neairante iie in lisetf.
graced hy It- presence.
But a few copies of this beautiful C hromo
will be allowed lo go i the retail atorea, and
most win oe soni at tneir
Actual Retail Price, S0.00.
which if ordereu in connection with our Hag'
axine, both will be furo'shed for
As a premium the picture may be obtained
ny senuing us iwo auoacnpiiona air ihe Mag
sine at one dollar each, orhv eubacrbins fo
the Magasine two years in advance, at on
uonar per annum, annreaa,
. Newbuigh.N Y.
8, E.SHtTES, Publisher. Isept
Ths Most DesirablsEes-
tmii.itJ deuce in MoArthnr.
FOB ' S.X.E.
I OFFER for kale my residence on North
street. It consist of a splendid dwelling
house, well finished, InrfiUe and out, with
eight rooms and a good cellar. A gooa office
building, stable, wood and coal houseandotli
er neerary ont-biiildlnga. Th premises
contain il4 acres, including I acre of vineyard,
an tunny Hearing vines; mere are also thirty
bearing apple trees best varistv of grafted
fruit, twrni.y(lv hearing peach trees best
ouci'ien rruit, cnerrtea, quinces, plums, and a
variety of small fruit For further particulars
inquire at the ofhee of thia paper, or at the
premises, lerma eaey.
dec30iiii 8. 8. DOLLISOH
' ' ' ' ik . i
' mo. 110 THIRD ST., '
. Odd Fehows' Block, .
Publishers oj
-And other
Standard Religious .Works,
Canvassing Agent wanted ia aywy eoun
in th United Btate. ,janA
QTOCK and Ore Suales a good aa aew, for
Osale M very low price. Call on
M M.C.JOMitli Attorney,
Pqiie Neatly and WonipUi,
AT TBI oiriiih
: ' . . 1 1 .v- . il i
Paint and Second Street;
J,cniLLicp rim y
70UIJ) respectmllT infilaj III attentloa
11 oi Duyers to ms sioca
Offered at wholesale
in any other market. . .
Tinea at low a any
Have on Bale full line of .
flrown iVIlleached Muslins,
Caiicoes,Cbeck, Stilpes,
' ' Glngtianis, ?nnjoD Fliu
t " ; i i
nets atid Jeans.
saaaawaaaFaaV . 1 ,
Whlto and Gray Blankets
Rla hcllitisa for business are unequalled,
enabling him tq offer induceraenU lo the
trad equal lo any oi ner nous. issep
Manufacturer f . ' ' ,
.i . .
, AMD ,
Orietest,' most fashionabl and elegant styles,
Second St., Near Mulberry,
I make tt a point to do alt my work of Ihe
beat material, and siand second lo none In
quality of finish or durability. I employ no
inferior workmen, there are no apptentioe
boya about my establishment, and l ran not
tail to pleevte any person who wante the best
turnout made in the country. I refer with
pride lo niT customers throughout Houtnern
Ohio as to Ihe character or wotk coming
Irom my factory, and guarantee nil my cue
lomers perleut satisriciioo,
AH kinds of Turnouts finiahed and
ready for sale, or made to Order.
Call and examine my Stock-
Repairing;, Repainting Etc
Will receive prompt attentloa. ,
' 1 have constantly a atoek of
Carriages, Buggies and Expresses,
lilt with ma for sale, repaired and almost as
good as new, some oi intm
TlOjul 187J
American Institute,
Embroidering and Plntine Maohines
"It is Ingenious and will meet the wants of
every matroo in tne land.''
Exhibition of 1872.
John E. Gavit, Rec. Sec'y; F A. Barnard,
Free.; Samuel D. Tilman, Corresponding
neo y.
New Tnrk. November 20, 1173
Thia simple and ingrniota machine ia as
nsefnl as the sewing machine, a.iH is fast be
coming popular with, ladiea, in Ihe place ol
expensive medle work, its work being much
more handsome, requiring much Irri time
and not one-tenth pert tl.e expense. No la
dy'a toilet ie complete without it A mschine
with illustrated circular and lull Instructions
sent on receipt of 12 or finished iu silver plate
Address, The BIcKee Manofactnrln- Co.,
3US broauway. new lork
North-east corner of Main and Jackson street
GEO. W, BliUNTON, Proprietor
. Manufacture
Carriages, vuiitfes." Expresses, etc
auo, wsioas i ait, aiavi or wieoa woai
don to order oa ahorit notica. '.'
v Paintlna and Trlmmlna
ol sll kind executed in the neatest and most
arttstxj style. ' , . . :
' KtPAlKlf(,G ol all kinds in my line U1 be
piuuifvij nuu unw none.
' . Work dona at'thiH ecabllshmcnt n war,
antd to be substantial, put up solid and exe
cu'ed in the most arorku aoliVe manner, not
o oe exceiieo in any respect be any other ea-
(Mwiiaiiiiiou.iu tuv ovboirr.
Formerly ot Hsmden.1 .
ANNOCNCtS to his friends in Vinton and
adjoining counties I bat he hat bought the
Hotel formerly Kept bj Ohai. Smith
Three doora west cf Madison, oa
Be ha refitted it throughout, and ia preparer)
v ,.w, M,u mo uaveiing puoiic a reaaoDapte
Can. Bonstiai. . ':'H'fl.'B. Bbrraiia.
BsUbllshed mi. 67,69,81 and SSWest Fronts!
Foot of suspension Bridge, CClNNATl,
. Bnosua t o.i Propnetora, Daily auc
Hon and private .ale of leaf tobacco. Bun
see atrutly commiswoa. Liberal advaaee
made on consignment. . . ,., i )
$72,00 EACH WEEK. . , 'i
J gent wanted everywhere. -Btisine strlcv
irgiiimaie. rarticuiar ire.. Atoreaa
11, 8t Ixiuia, Mn
FA11MEK8 B&jUld DOt fail f) ti
Amine' the patent farm gate fc1'
which Ueorge W.- Branton,' 1.
Arthur, is the sgent ia this
Jaokson ooantv.- It is the
-and chehpest gate ever .desjno
lor a lartu, costing 6Ity per ceiii'
less than .be old fasbioneit gal
and is more' durable,' for it el,
nua aag. . xdcamine H Vtnen Tt
u,ii.i..l. I.-.-,,,,, -
v lil McAribui.
. Ji.l t.:.: iiy.i
HmoHD'a. FbotoeraDher. Chillioibha
gives careful' attention to making bop
ies of other pielurea.- Piotofta may b
made aajarsa ; aa Hie irom tba, times)
li-cket Cloture, and made in ever wa
satisfactory by ea'relul ad jod'oioo
eoloring. , Photograpba from nature or
irom other pioturea coiced in the best
tylea in oil, water colore; ,,'HV'ih. pas
tel , or, ink, a) rates to euiji all oiroum
" . : n i, .o .
IN TtlK -
; iv i - ' . . ; -. . .
Healing; , School , Uoiiaes,
Churches, Lod; e Rooms, . I
Court' Houses and
'Public Halls,
' ; ,l-." . ... .'
Iiiaclesnlv. It it economical: it li heollh-
Mil. Jtkeena up a perfect circulation of air.
warming all part ol the mom alike. It took
in nrst premium over an competitors at in
Vienna Exposition. Otrcula-eand pamphlet
tontaining engraytnga and full particular fur
nisnea on appiicsiion, or one oi me siuvaa
may be een in operation at my store. You
are invited to call, and see for joi'rselvei.
No; 9,'Main' St.,
CKillicothe, Ohio,
8ole agent for Vinton and Ross eountiea, and
dealer in all the most approved Hooking and
Heating btovea, Honse Furnishing Goo le,
and man ulacmrer of all kinoa of Tin, Sheet
Iron and Copper Ware. Ordira Irom Ihe
country lor tipoutiog, roofing, etc., will al
ways reie immediate attention.
i i mm
Foreign and ' American
Watch Materials,
, . r - 'I- . ;
Watch Makers'
Old Watch Caeca and old Gold and Silver
. OR ! ' ; . .
Harness, Saddles,
Jtrldlea, Halters,
, Whip, Spurs, Trace x
, Chains, , Barnes, and all
1 Other Articles of Saddlery.
M y friends and the puolin genera: ly are invit
ed to call and examine my stock aod pu
ces. 1 make, good honei-t work, pse the
best stock, aod aell at the very loweat pncis.
and mnnufhcturmg done to order, and all
Work Warrantei as Represented.
I and dealer in all ktads of !
' A L B U M'S
t -M .i t i ;t .if- i.: ; i
- riCTLRE-COKD, : i
i-1, iif,B'd- : -I"
carefully 'done, and Ihe amailest picture
enlarged to any sue, and . ' ,
Finished in Oil.
, ;,.or" .
'.'i k;rii;A,!,;i;iX.';
e any ther etyle that may be desired, at the
LAr and ttnrlr flalaked PhttAplM
east be made from aid and faded, or
aera.tefc.ad plctaur.' . ,.
Pictures bf all ' lands 1 framed ' to
,, . , Order,
and all work Warranted to jna aallsfcetion.
rmay J7 , i
i-i U i ' a l.-'.'fi y.l i'
' T't j i. i: ;i )'. 1 . ni a m
.,, The Best; and Chearest i
iU: ;0!i:-.i:.f 1 11 M!') 'J
t.i.'i'i.' .1.: if-'wii i ;i-.r..-,.J
J. 'J O JKNiN. A-Ti,
. ) fl.tJ .' 10 rt;,lO l''xi
! 4 wP- , ''T? -l-tt.'i
-awxwaat aaJlW
JL "J-''
i . You
Want a situation.
Want aserTantifirl, ; 1
Want to aell a piano,
' Wnnt to aell a carrlHge,
WanttobnjorBellafarm, ...
' Want a boardlnjr place, '
1 Wane to aell town, property,', ,
Want td still irrocerlea 0r drtijra,
Want to sail-' hoflsehold furniture, .
Want to sell dry (roods or carpets.
Want to &nd customers for anything.
Advertising will pain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising; ninkea fucce easy,
, Advertising begets confldencct
Advertising shows energy,
' AdveriiBing hows pluck, '
. Advertising means'biz,' .
Advertise or "bust,";
. Advertise, long,
:'i Advertise- w e 1 1 , i ,:
. , , , A d v e r t I b e
Every merchant, manufacturer
or business man who has leevme
prominently rich, .has made its
fortune hy judiciom advertising
So exception lo this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, io gel his stock turned into
mor,en to as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it wag
good for him in adversity, he
could make it elm better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
verliser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants say it is not worth
while to advertise; for no person reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this, county will read thin 'advertise
ment, and if be ia wise he will proflt
by its suggestion, if he has anything to
offer W'.rth, advertising How much
more then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w th read
ing matter, are at leisure in the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, the must important
item rf which is where they can find
just what they want when they come to
town to make their purchases. If youi
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it i run
down st) that you have nothing left that
people would Wint, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the. people want,
don't hide them, but publish t the
world that you have them, and want
to aell thorn at a fair price. i
An Ailrarf li.mttnl miHIiahnf? Pne Bin.
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect oontinues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
rnnnsnt mnttAr a nlena nf raiil nriinap.
.-- r
ty built up in the minds of. men until
it uncuuics uiura vuiuuuiu tuna any
corner lot in his locality. - - ' '
Ip you lose a watch, adng or a child,
nr if vml HaiilrA rtaonlA not In triiwt
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
tne advertisement - uui you win pino
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much ytiu n re Ins
ing by not advertising it Reporter
If those persons who profess trV bn
ljeve that newspaper advertisement
are not read by the publto wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
givo publicity .to sumo matter they
would not care to divulge to the World
even in the' most obscure corner of n
country paper, and tee what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser'
Gatette. v . h ' ' i-
Advrbtisino is apt to give us that
geotle jt'gol conscience which tells
that we want a new suit of clothes, fur
Hunday, or that we promised our wife
a sew dress as soon as the bay was in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to nark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say chut adver
tising will not yet oiviliie the world!
. Wht do people read advertisements?
To see who ia enterprising and to lenrn
what Is going on. To see if there IS
anything new, or anything that they
want. ' To aee if the season's styles
have come In, arid to find out who hug
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. 1 For amusement.
To satisfy curioaty. m Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, looals and accidents.
Because ; they want to.. Because they
can't help It 0Aio State Journal
Thi power of prlut is well known,
bol not well 'Understood. A printed
sentence bos wonderful advantage
over one that ia written or apoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. : But
advertisers, even those pf experience,
do not comprehend as well as' they
might the capacity to jhflUenoe, to per
suade, to convinoe, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces 'of elooutioocand the. force
eloquence, yet even thee fade away in
to nntbingnesa if Cot caught in their
flight and printed But there is aome
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion knd the sense of permanenoe
about printed matter , which gives it
marvelous force and influernce. Busi
ness men should never permit' tF' i
Velaeis to. Janeei airht rif -what' nr
accotppsed , bj a perseverjnf r ,
the bftntinit presses. Learn f t 1 '
um, ma tnei ma ."rMivr,r ;iii i )d
whera" ol It and m.. .11 t-
- - - - -,.,"m, tw..t
iwwltdgeerh'at?itrg. :nj
TOWrJ LdfTArJb tX'N'bi,
THE taleaki Company, wtlh a view to Ike)
developmeat of Ihe leeal inter eaUofaal re
al, to serur iu perraaaenl pioeperity, Mat
add to it opuunioa, and wealth, r aosr
orteitng to actual eettleie, town let' and fkrt
land at lo price, and oa liberal terwia. 1
Persona deeihng to examine tb propertf
aod to buy cheap holla. vUIappi at the)
Company' offices to
,K. TH0tfP0N, Manager. ,
, talesM, Ohio, May l(, 1871 tf, ,
ILAD5 H iH S ,
-i . ! o .... . -, . ,Ur- .
, Which is adapted to "
All Sewing Machines ;
HOTICR Tisrtlcnlsrly lh taip f H. .
GOUIiRlcn. Ohicago, Ills., with rive pateal
stampa. ' H. C. I.OOUR11H, "
Office and lroom S06 but it., rbicag.
amna. u rt . tnenan se. .-
I lis, laiugit
tt sii.r)ijit.
If you are Suffering from aar
Broken Down Conatltutlaal
Or requlr a Hemedy to . , ;
Parity and Enrich the Blood
Tou will And Dr.OookCotnf)B"iriyr
WB of f oke Koot to ora grruter wwei
it, cure you more speedily, and do yoa
more good thau any and all other retu
dies combined. That Pale, Yellawr,
8 rhly-looklngRkln la changed to one
or Irealinewt ai.U health. Those l)la)efl
of the Hklss, Pimple, Fsjstajle
Blatchea and Ernptloaia are removed.
Hrrofulat, Kerofnlona Uliraaei of th
:ya, Hbli dwelling, lleen, OI4
piurea or any kind of Humor rnpldlf
dwindle and disappear nnder its Influeoo.
M bat i It? It la aatur own, restorer I
A aolub, a oxyrl of iron combined with the
medicinal probi ties of Poke Ilootdiveated
ot nil dlaagreeiible quallliea.. It will cure
any lllarsutn whose real or direct enuae la
Bud BIo.mI. Itliranialim. ralsta la,
Lianba or Bon-, ronil taUon, broke)
oou by Mercurial or other poisons, are
II cured by IU For Sypbllla, or HypbS.
title tHlnt.tlierclHnotlilngeiiual toli A
trial will prove lh bold bf ,
GEORUB W. 6I880N, QleArtkar, OUe.
THE WEEtf LT "UN la too widely know
to require any extended rcommeodatioi .
hut Ihe reason, which hsv already given ltL
Slty thousand aithscribera, anil which will,
we hope, giv it many thonaand mor, are
bi iefly a follow : ,, ,
It l a Ar-trnte newspaper... pll the news si.
the diiy will he found in it. condensed when'
unimportant, at full length when of moment,
anu a ways presented in a clear, intelligible,
and tnteteattng manner. j i f I
It is a flrat-mte family paper, fnlfof enter
laming and instructive reading of every kind,
but-containing nothing that ean otlend tn
moat delicate and scrupulous tafle-' ' '
It I a firm-rate atory paper. Thebesf tales'
and romnncea of current literature are care
fully selected and eg'hly printed in Ua page.
Itia a tir-t-rata a,rirulluril paper. Th
mnatlreh uid inslruclive articles on afri
cultiir l topic regularly appear in this d
It ia an Independent polities! paper, belong
ing to no party and wearing no collar It rights
for principle and the election of the best me,
to r.rfloe It espectnlly devotes Hi energies to
the expunure of Ihe great corruptions that
now weaken and disgrace oui country, and'
threoten lo undermine republican institution
altogether. It has nolear ol knaves, and aak
no favora of their aii'ii'nrlora.
It reports 'he fashions for thelsdieaand th
marketa for the men. especially the eslll
marketn. to which it pays pnrticular attention.
Kinallv, it ia the cheapei-t paper published.
One dollar a year will secure it for any sub
set ilier. It i uot neceaaary 10 gat up aolub
in order to have THE W hK LV BUN at thia
rat. Any "ne who sends a.smgl dollar will
get the paper for a year .
THE WEEKLY NI7jf.-Eihl pagaai
firty-a.1 column-, tinly SI a jsar. No dts
counts from this rate. - "
alio as the daily Sun. S.OOayrtir. A dis
count of 20 per cent, to uluoa or 10 or over.
TIIEUAILYKUN.-A large lour-pag
newspaper of twent eirht olt mm.i Willy
circulation over 120,000. il the aews-fer
8 cents. 8uhicription price 60 cents a month,
or to a year- To club ot 10 or over. di
count i.f 80 err cent. - -
Addrea 'TUE 8 UN," New Yark City.
TJT tt jaij4 e a!
i srtTstsCM.wMr(la
Hvria r Uims atui
siurv m lkaali,.UIulMl
l7t.rii .ut rf .UiJaaMt
Tklili sa l.t.r.iUsf w.rt sits kaaSrsi aaS Mev,
, wlik asa.raas DpaTlsf . .a m.lkIm ruia
' ni'arai.iloa Ut Umm who srs asrrlw,raswaip.u -t-n(.
SUIIIllsa koak Iku mat l m ks lap! aaesc UaX
aadtsy. saeaollaidsanUuly sksattkskasa..
. It walalas lbs np.rl.HM tit u.lct it akytMsa.
km rapsitlloa Is warld-vldt, as ikrtla kt I a let pH
vtu srawtr .1 rr.rr aitlt sad r.tatla tbr.iik.at it. mr'
flobt. IttBkrseMSvtrvlbUliulkatsbjM.rUixn.l
tratlratitwai ikl It trtrib katwlaa,aaa auk It a I la
sublbb.d ia tar wtrt. ' "
Statu toy tbtlfrtttrpttuit) Sir rtftyCM. ,: ' '
:At,n!"H- ""' lspsassiy,a. ia.SI(klktwtt'
Notice U the Affile! t&l TJnlbrttinAU. '
ttr spstrlai la tks atttrlMinaakstrk. aAvtrUMSk
M1. tri,tr lf uy ut.i rtBtdlt atrmaav
i it!? wrtwk"rtstMls,srkwdrka.
I .1,1 a.
vr. aattt twti
kit vtrkt. OS aad parltrt, St. UK. XUblt HrMa.
krteMsrUlu4CkliitJ,evUtlSt. t-i
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Ga lpolis. McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
A I.I, parties having subscribed lolhe eapt
ital atoek ot the Q.. McA. A C. B. E. r
hereby renui.ed to make payment to IhePcc
retaryofihe Company, at biv offlce nu Jq
Public Square, in Oallipolia, Ohio, ot if mor
convenient, to I'aniel Will, President of th
Vinton County Bank, at MoArthnr, Ohio, f
an msiallmrnt ol Ave dollar oa each shae
so aubsnribed, within tea day or this data.
Augu.tlO. 1871, .. i
do t 1871..- A
a:: i
MflKIF V''tiv with rW Ami
lYlUisCf Check oiufits. Catalogues and
fjt ' -i w
lull patticulars FREE.
B. H. epikcsa, 117
Hannover Ut., Boston. -,
". " ' ''' 1 '" : no t.rA
. . " ' '-..- .Mil, -..J
hj-j'l itl .iiioil
' :- : ! jii ; iti.,1 t
; m1""!"?!' ,w!" f "7 BftD that
it is adyantageoua to' patrpniie "tbote
ItditdTfrtiie inatwfrpsperr, ' '- ' 'i
I AT) WTf iT7
jud vvua

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