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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 28, 1874, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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t-ift o mrtKp , .
OFriOE;-1fF,'PoMirt'ofaiu and
main s'trevt.
OrnoK On door waft of Dan Will A Broa,
WIN fi. liAHMIllLiL,
Office Ale Arthur. Uliio.
will Kttend prorapM? tbafj kiuineia Vdrrtfafca
mi ura. uorll
,booiRTHUR, .
, 'Will rMltel f.J lttdnd adjoining coud.
ilea. naaua.aooiruntad to hincar pionipl
- trdndyi ftuiesk In Court Hou.a.
.)billTE MKT.' '
C, F. CAIffWRIGnT. Proprietor
ti jifn! &&i .45f , i s
Th Hou bU' oHlbM reftn-nihd
throughout. Ilooma oUnn nod comlbrtalile,
ha tl anppUed, with the tot ihe market
affords, and bo' punt pared to Ancomnilate
gueaw. mart tam.jy
a; c. coiiOi aim, m.d.
Oi5LK. ltUJrC, U
to which ha will deo hni ntir attention.
,Urri K it jwir rwiinii upaiainvoupo-
aim vidiod vountj
in vinion
Eatabliahad 1861.
nnr . .1
8UCCB8SOU8rd pYvin 8M ART1
11.3 "I . Ml I (1 ' '
Prompt Attention iriveii to tht
Traiwler'ot IMCTlltON mid
other lrowirty tnnu and to
Ituilrottd aud Cuual.
nittir StmtMtve'een Paint anlt Wdl'nui
mr Ilium lv
JOHN M. gcehneh;
m 'dealer in'
Italian and Vermont Marble
' ' " ALL KKibVoK
. tUtli kad' promptW iiif iHeV. '
Mnlberrj StMbet'n' Bocofld' .& atei
CuillicotiW. Ohio. '
1 MpSfMnid all fly Mm work ii
t Ircite nil 111 flnr ilfaign". "f th ln)
mtrll, mill ean mt h unrfrinold, ri-rconn
wi.hin iny work In mj in r invited lo
z4him work, ttnek ahirnni'e, tfore nik.
nlriHri ','!'' . '
I tMrxniallt njwrintnd the sr,tul retting
ap r io
b r lo. nod tin
I monumntf bought m ui)
Mt tMiyinc at thia "hop yon will sate from It
to r eirt, jmd to nta. '. 2iH)r73 ,
. .!!! I'l.l.
$1Q, 09LY m A m OP,TEB,TH.
and with
br (be of
Km alway a ne mnni at mj oincs
Dr. 8. T. BtX.tMia. jMra, Ohio.
IjaalSTA "U.
fftf$fa$iuijui ' Bsti. .ii!
Borttrg FUtloners.' "Prluter&T
iU I JlBuXrA ,
lit !. irt fc f -S ,b.. 'iii
rawi.iT .ni'fcrrl1 ' A "
.rlrtt. n o-. n v- '-
h. iidJJilSc'aAHB.uLS liOUKS, ,'. : ,
ait'i'r.v -r,.-: .r -.tI l-i' I fui. 'aiT-i .
' k - -i .r.io""iJ l 1 ! "A -,t -i'. ..i
B9Mimtk UrtiVi1 rgnrttiuni-ty 'on
. apWBMoai and b bowk amt by autrl, pU
aa BMI H'nnfvn pimivnew lire.
AUandw aad fatura atary .1 fcewlnj, 'I bora
1iiait Uaiar4ay,ar. tbo'ttwadibittriauoa
of paai icgTO, pykias .nloal eoot:Uua wiia
AIM ami iriiaa oa tha Mi C H..M, 4 aril
lo tmm axirra BaekaBaitBiaMti lMt
from potBk, dclka i4iUki' liire.'U.
T.!.' - i v, iiu.;i m,fsf
I , i, 0 .l ! I
ii-Jl ( .r J"
r 's'M.iiiiVi.i.iA ..!
1.., v.. . . .
111 111 M li iu 1...-VS1II II In IU.UU Hii; .liH" VW U flX.l B ,dIM I I H - I H IH
laiKBi i ii if IBM .'iBfl BinTia-u i i v i r a i i m iu i ai i ri
ILI I J. I II 111 i El x"- 1 'J lit i 111 111 k III IH III IM . JCli tl i. J !l M I SI I N I U
S'.XT' 1-1 v.1 . ! ' ' ri 1:1 I 1' irHlLSH V'iUI '! I'-ii'.:- ;cb ti it;. J II .v-.;jj W. .li.'.
" ' '- . .. i . i i tin'.' i 'i jiMiiin .i.;. 1 i 1 i 1 . -i
T. W. Higginson in Scribners' for Jane.
T. W. Higginson in Scribners' for Jane. DECORATION.
..oiiJo.d.,.iim.ptrau- -
MliJ tle flowery rohHiMl VtBl)e IijUdiI
BpurlnUiHifs In my iml'
CArtlhAlPtl fit l-liai poldfrrrrave"
Sleeps the bravest of the brave f
I It he who wink to rpst
With lil colors muni! his trenftf ,
KrlendshlD makes his tomb I shrine:
Garlands veil It: ask nut mine.
Oil law uravrJvnrt trvkHiith
Pears no rones, wrars no wreath ;
Yet no heart more high and warm -. i
Ever d-ired the battle-storm,
Nit e'r gleaned a p&uder eye oiL -J
In the front of victory.
Never foot h4 tinner Jtiend s
Ou the fluid wherV hoie lay Qea J,
Thnh Vr KW wltbW tfilrf thni1' '
" lu'Wthe unteiuled era'sea bloomy
'MrA v stone' Wliere'lelifned UlsUesi
typcka Uiftcred JoueJiiieja.u r,,ni..,
Youth and beauty, dauntless will.
Dreams that If le eoairi n er man,
Here lie burred: herein ueaee
Wrouits'utid woes have fouud release.
Turning frmw myrcotnradei'eyM, "j
ivni'eii lie ueru a wuuiau lien,
J strew miles on the iriave
01 the bravt-st of the bravev -1 '
., 7
All hall the power of sparkling wine,
t li lemperauce prostrate tan.
torui a raiilaut
And crowu It Lord of all.
ylti' V o . r. '
Crown It, each blearyd. red-nosed
SOt, Klr:"
Foremost In every brawl.
Ex.dt the power ot sparkling wine,
Aim crowu it urq 01 an,
Ye chosen seed of Satnn'e race.
A remimiit stronz thouifh sninll. . ,
Set sleonjr wlno In the blithest placei
Ana crown it Lora oral .
,:. l-;i ! ... ' 'II.
Ye 'wirlowc. orplinns. wretched wives,
V'hose mtsertfs anpal. ... ... ....
G weep away vmir weary lives,
rotig wiuo is ioru 01 an. '
Lo! Murder. Treason, Theft delight ..
- On spai klinjr. wine tueaJJ; ., k
And critiieie lf every jtrade uliltfi
lovcrowu it Lord tr all.
Ye urrti'ikiinlso every line.'
Xe greedy draiiucllers fall
Beinre a glass of sparkling wine, , '
Anil 'riiivi. It 1 iirri i.f ull '" ':
All lioil tiie, rebel drunken race, i '
No lower ca ii it full:
Nanjilit can niiinkliid then-disgrace.
it uvii wmt ih i.grii pi anw
. i ; ! . it
The folTowino; wl.Ich was composed
by a Philadelphia lady, who wa the
vlctiln of tin', intemperate lather, baa
iippeareil in this pnper before. ; A
1 1 e ii i rcqiu sts i:sto pupllsh it again,
tor Hip benefit .of, the temperance
(huso. Henee we reprint It. ;
Go f'el "hat I hare felt; '; . : !..
Go. near wlinr- I havebnrne: '
SlnV twatli the blow a lather dealt :
And Mk 'l'l. proud world s scorn :
'.i Thus strogyle on from year to
' ' year. ".
Tiiy sVtle relief the aculdlng tear. ,
Go weep as I have wept, - i
O'er a loved father's fall: v ' !t
See every cherished bromise AW'ept-
Youth's sweetnes tnriird to gall ;
Hope's faded , dowers strewed a'.l
the way '
That led.tne up to. woman's day.
GoUkJ hnfcuert, 0 ci3j ! -'
linploiv. beweeh ano prart
I Tlie jhyiTiiiH.toiinietosriay-j..1
Rcast with bitter pure alde
I : . Thy praters burkeqtied tby
Go, stand where I have stood. - (
' And seA the stronir mini bow;
With ifiisntiiiig teeth, lips .batlted in
And eold and livid brow; ' '
! Catch his wandering glance and
' There mifored' hisddr WiWry.
Go. hear wiiat: I have hi ard t i i
; Tliesol84f sad despair ..i.i J i -As
memory.1 eellngs fiunthatb.stlr-
ri'd,, Hiil tci .r. ;.". l. I.'l i
' 'And lHreyenlinr1tAeeflOY
' 'Uiiv-toin fiilnSrmVW riilghf
''tfaVf been. ,
Etau h file dtTirikaroTs- fate fore
j i seen.
ho trt thr mother's side.
' A nd.liiO'-iJ'UstafJ'Si.lrit fTeW,i C 7
TliiirvrWieepMgiifsh nlde-''
Wine from her cheek the ti-an r
Jl ark her tllmmed eye her fur-1
rowed brow
; jThe'ftray that streaks her. dark
; . . ,.i hair now -i v
Her ' tolWworn frame--her trem
. 1 1 ". bllog limb-'. '' '," ".'
' ?'And(trace the rnh back to him
I i Whose pliichted i faith, im-early
1 ' U.,rl.;.- .VOlllh. '' " ": ' '" I'1''' '
i ?Trorhfsed rtemal love and truth ;'
1 ho. forsworn, hatb yielded
' i i . up; " ' .';'' "oi'
! -This promise to the deadly cup; 1
1 :Au4 fed her down from love and
' . llizllt , i : t;. ii -
; From all that made her pathway
''.;" bright. ' 1 - ":
"Ami chained her there, mid want
I ana strue. r. .. ;
, That lowlv thing -a drunkard's
, An BtaTuped "-Tirr cMldhoorTs
bnw t Blild, 7-l -.a- -. 1 l'
; Tliat wlth'rlng bllght-a drunk
- I irdiLyd x VJJl
Go. hear and seftind fee! and know,
All that my sonl bath lelt or known;
Tnoii-. -JoOft - .wlthjpr. tbcj , wlneip'a
, vJglow " v
. Bee it Its brightness ean aione: v.
m , Think, it its flavor vm wonlcj try.
;-' If ill prochilmed,' tl drtuk aud
'"1 1 fl.i:rr?-iUl.t: Uti d n-fli
Tell me I hate the bowl-r-.r ; .! 3 i
' Hale is a ieeble iord1 " ' , ' '
loathe abhor my Tff.r lonl ' V;r.
V.BJ' "trong disgust U stirred, .t
i Wlieiie er 1 see. or hear, or toll..!;
i- i Of the dark beverage that lures to
'.li Ihdl P : ci t; u
- A 1 bra'ck of burglars , re-ent ly
a'peiii. half,! he, eight satsKjper
Cilv. 111., m blowing opn an.
bid'uhUsed ,aie.Ih4. .Wa8 jaa4irity.
DRINK. Ciroleville Harold.
DRINK. Ciroleville Harold. A Long Pull! A Strong Pull!!
DRINK. Ciroleville Harold. A Long Pull! A Strong Pull!! Pull Altogether!!
I Lflt, J Wt3nel Jav I IrHilOr,
Bld iBat bd afipthetjjhato.
6everat gentlemen were here
thex Piokawayv'UotiaV-iwhererBues.
Ihey met by agreement to start
the- iiext!. morning', down the
Railroad, notice of which was
ir(Ia8l'we;eR Iletald.i Iveyjl
influential genllemen compos-;
e party, amrinit-whpai;
VerlVyj Jac-lM
Geo. A. Hill Oolumbpa-.,
Auey esiimaiw mui a uairnw i
) .u '; v- ' '. 'i '
guage roau can put in nut;
ceB8fti 1- f ir ki ng f r;d n i r oJ I i p m
ibcVVndUlrythlrfgUaty Mr
business. vfrom .Columbirs to
f flmenyViisForl9tnpnihi and
Gallipolio, whh a- double track
frotrt ie(et) i))mjbi8i for
$2 000,000 or m - average
$11,000' p&niii? Thoy "con.
tend ihesame amount of power
caiV bV broofBtTnta'iSse'rin'-'tMe
narrovjr guaee wifh. onjybat
halt the weight vf dead Ireight
i ... . ........ . , ...1 VHill "i-f li
in roiling stock; the samerpeexl
can be made as on a broad
cuare:''8nd' about, as much
r . . , ., , I- I". -1 ; ; 111. . .
Ireight -can be carried at less
thp luTf ihe! stoii of .construe''
tion and wear. It makes a
purely local road, ifie enrs can
oniy be used so far as ihe road
exfendsHiid sves in the. Hem
ol cars' alone,' a treat aiiinunt oi
dead capita.. A narrow gunge
rortd can! also ; be Operated 'mi
u tuer auvauiage in a uiiiy
countrv 4han a 4road;guai.'a ai
nas npi n Memoiinjratu in- soma
parts ,ol levy England, ' ma.ny
ravines .being, lapped that a
broad. tiae culd not iouoh
Thre are many plausible
una netiine proppecis ol m
. ..... , ., i.
skwpe- n wtyntitlry'bcsr'To'Tfrh '
rider n eli jits . ieaaibjlity- ii 4 Jie
iiiennlfnief arVvr-yiert f nvftt tj nr"
ies would not be out of 'placet
and It' might be. asked il two
roads can be built '.through our
country at. one I line, both to
the miiiii'g regiooa, iie up and
do w n t h e Sciol o V a 1 fey a n d l h e
ot her I hrmig ll --Aill plil' to' Me
Arthur and the Ohio riv r? Il
ftock can '.only be, raised to
build one, would it not be ad
visable to pu-b .one and abau-.j
douche. other?-".1 ,v l
i AV 'have men bere.",we, kucw.
bo are Working ', heart and
i . ; t- i L i ?, t t ' ' 'i ' u'
soul, to i a r o ad , p4XmJC u g 9 rt
come here theorizing and in
corporating; hov,do We know
these strangers areyiotjtxyyii
lo ore vent ilia coiioelil'raliftold
euri necessary 10 puy Tp1
ject tlirotiifli? . it' eieriiV terf
straoge, that, as , Bonn, as ,oq.
ria.d;; assumes.:, anytliitig v like
d1. finite shape, jvio , br three
rnmpaniek of al rangers imme'.
diately1 'see aTbighway Ifr 'inv
tuense weaitn ' inroucu, our J
couniytoi bf'a difff-ifentroutea
It is well understood that thr
opponent thai has Tl)een;figlitr3
iug our-Milnnd therbardeat, in
lie BKing5:Vaile Rallroadl
wbb h.ia tjealoiislv; waTcblti1
inylbing Which look itkefrjH
vnlrv wiih-tbem ioxoi iftfefti
,.. w,aw
v i i vi u t a u m v isa a ovf
parenK-Uivre i4 amifket for nil
that boilr cijnipanieS 'can up-
pjy andtWrij wyfildt 'be-jjigT
need Jpf jnj Yivafrr. exi"
ifnt in ruTfetlo rniif fnlrpRlfirl
,i,t nnkonWTV-iuutvVf
seem to Inik! diiereii.ai,3ha8
pavj eined meJn::t?eipoWiini,cti,
i. --.i c-i. tit i.-"'
eur runu: miu uuvr nw sviuhwi
ihesenfrleVsr ar "not iinl
ui....T CT n jr:J....'LW0Uld
V r .. iv
wt n-v a.
aroaannwj j-v i
!A unf lednncentrjited ff;rt
mil si Le"niaden enn road and
fih'fie. is mtSaUon 6oi thamiaa
CirclevHIe, MArtl.ar
polis is ill on needed td""bring
prosperUTi to Aur (Jaunty
rheeNuid 1TbertJotT!oSlttm.
"tbsloTrTe drraCfedXvi'tjiSj
a--ry pTi eitiohadjbertde
ndih Vnip(1riHin'oiifcfc7rttH.
peiple of omp tfWniCopiitatd'.
not ihTXuiTdJntirrrairread.
7fl(j ifThewfcrd3or1doBft:to
Ui roadJd'OWEfeeMlt
y . v, n i-
Ifodghfrrre rati road alllie ooOs.
said onfy totirer 3ay,H'nJhe
rsenjiioMlirite?, tjialiit
the quesjorraotlieeiv foiVllie
fioJntv trl MiiMlOOOOOtA. a
uroadbe-wouj bifte'T&d
es U J Ji CTtt)
ji$D rJaTjj to -mrhf&i'e
inona w w k.
Hocking Sentinel
Hocking Sentinel What about the Railroad from
McArthur to Logan.
comehen Jf:we:iemairi
nd lhe VT(?C""
tsoeak ofiei under way all the
oiuerwise maienauy as
is isoouitifny "ive people
tM Logan fwettr JTrJTerestiDi
Ihernselres The 'Jrojaoted
tad Irtrrh Be Arthur tr 1 tiys
jitate. ereDlorJ tMnJjIr.
cumstTiice8,hot newsaJo
discuss in lluuconneofToiJitte
'genbitje totrefftjTir fWinactafe
upon thlC erptrprkeIlbjvVv
r it dp8 seAnriwif thextUfij
al mompts biuldiian
a, iOngerdelaj 0Q)urpari dud
mififferffrffce Jn 5herfaH;4l
(fiose muiuaOf irTr'ere)e 8 'Jli
us in iw- pryctwdrttroy
ailrf OHuieuapSr afa'fa(j'
conneci urn twr9n-4JJisHoin.
and McXriht. 'p.
1 WitliirjjliasJtA.mntbi
'an iiicrmrKiraiVn ;of Q-allfiftd
companywakalorrledJSIi lii
view touildiiig rnaVirow
Kar'.es'Xi 1hto;0JunYv ih
CirclevlHe and jLnJ UvUr
ban a. J&e 3tfv.a; pjftle?, lti
ihis enlStpriie are cSij'itisr
irntn uirxievue voeeljlie
necessirJ-'Xif KavinV 'arr 'Itido
poinleftT road to the coal and
i r o i r JMd s " a n d. ; t h e a d r n ra g3'
would be, Jor . (lie ,growUi,.ioi
iriatiufaciunhg interests In that'
,,,.' .1 I ' ' ' I'' .l-.-'j-l! '( .'.I'.
own. ' "! i- i
: ",1'U'e hint, was given to Logan
ihatif1. the did not; cooperate
with Oiiiiipoiis and 'McArihiir
in exieiiilinx (lie lin of .tiieir
road ioL ""an, thia incurpur-
. i 1 1 1. . ... j..
lion would u mie wilii lh (Jir '
cleville Company - and build
l he road ' jhrongh b that city'
leaving Logan out'ti . the eold'
We-bad looked to CJf U;; yv
R; It. in i e r e t f t o' K w, a t q li, 'llii.
line Jrpm here ' 16 , McAfJhur,
belieyiiis1 it wuld .be ..sd 'im '.
porta.it k'lribuiary to ouf Voit'd
and lo Columbus that ihe m
it?fH6fs'would' n'of'4et'' iC'liei'.
verted.. 1 :Tlie fliiod of Vast Julv,
the Pirike'tlinl and local disseiix
8108'''i .the Board have crijN
We V.,U.-.;V.U -..tt.-Uiai
tuiVWyorriiioti aow dwaaoT
.'secnistVaa "lo be 11 ia eoiidiiion
'o '.?$?F "iM6?
tf.il.ttJa'M4inSla tMM M tl Mill III
B u ,v.;"u,."vu l" "".v1:1
or controf the building of any
mre roadsi
iIiMhe meapn,Me;partie(i.Cori
"'', !!! V, K.
urspired by its tormer. anu proa
pectire eucee;se haveorgam
pr'ject,.propo8ing to build a
tbn counties.
1 These-enlerpnses wd ipeaK
of are antagonisiio to Logan
and ihe t & U. V.' K '.R.iV
I It Beems to; uthaQanne
"P11?1; fl?enc?,::birb
- .
.t.sis1in brintintf ihe road here.
Kill - be Jnet itt .our 'enter pfi
. -.
j, . - ; -" : 1
g0r.y-! s" 7-;
decided" Vliat-no orie ma be
anajxlods ot his larmior nis income
:Tui' Indian' 6rte 'Grange
Uiot depend more pon the pf'h
McArthur to Logan. Goshen Reservoir Disaster.
Atwen(vWQur iuch niDrf irL.ih
darp-orlbe 'great 'Ashfield1 res
fTQirfVi ibotei LWlllj'ajnsbuVg,
aaajcbuBettii hadi'obee'n itaii
i"g fQr, veaksj and lojne ppple
,bad b1ie Ahei beads and sail
ibat hp idsnv mustsbe jxi ehd
eUQiPrjit migbt breakA Itdid
reak.y sstarday; mprnini (The
masonry around theoutUtgave
?Vi Pttben, all Jo a ralnute.
as if .a. piece bad .,beeb bnten
out ottb.e ia.nt. a: greallvralt of
watereeraed to spring up into
the a,ir and leap out. into, a unit
M?.'. iill'ha ,8,taBilingr joke of
Mill, iyec galley, .vLok: outi
the dam ia broken,!' proved no
joke atla Jhe torrent was
,J'PJPoVY'I!i.aniBbftrg J0).160 in
Wf8iSP.4i 8.ept itftpray aboye
tw.M. .)y; . feet :bighv .,
crunohed ote house like paper(
and killed a woman and her
two cHiaren.'Then 'another
andnotljrj jwept the wool
en mills, and rushed, on at the
the raien of . twenty . miles ao
hour. .As it came raging down
the yal.ley it jur up houses and
s wallowed. them, jn an jnslant,
leavjng no, trare. ;iTre .byiis
and great 'stones came down,
with the flood, The mountain
o water ronring like a thundif
storm, of liail,'fe'aciled Skinner;
v'ilie and' lilted' the 'silk' mills
upon its shoulders before shred
;ding llierii into' bits. ,,' At Hay-
! u f j, J it- 1 'I, ' -
nenviiie it swept me wctoryrj,
a'tDomeniir ', . . '
I. , . .. . , '.,!. , ( l.-; ' ii! : I
AlLeedsJt came down a vrall
' j j -1. ft I . ' - 1 1 i :7..
of water faced by'an apatti ol
Umbers, trees aod iron boilers,
which struck the village lti lull
front. .Jl ,.i i! ;! i-v ivf sv
a There was an hbor an4 'a ball?
ol, floo(T, and then an ebb; and
at(npqt) those who bad escaped
came .back in, crowds loee i he
ruin. It is an awful . sighQ
ftonsestrrn-itrislod k, aruui
pled11 papViV'l'reer'sripp'etl 'o.
lheirJ Wrkfrtrid'lin'ibH, Vven,'
w h en t h eif rdo t i Ii a y e c u n g i a
t.v .-.frin'c.i i.ri':'..- .' i'..; '''
uc Bui i. mm ueauuiui vanev
ii a wfJib'bl' muij' and mu.idlv
water, laden wilbjiislo'rte arid
tl.range stupes., Ji bvijfrs
lave beencajried bqnd.redaq
i ards, ud lejft r riiBlied ioei her,
and buried. A niijti was jicked'(
up irmu treeuipon wlwcli he
had Tiddenrplx rriies' tni he'tor
real, .thee'ring' iiid-"wavfrig''lli(i '
jcoat. The p"or lellhw's miiid
was gone" No'Tess llian eight
,r,?.ii.ll.a5eOB! ttl't
iiiifrieiM.8 byllhis lerri-
Hlives an
hle-'i c'atatnfl v.' Affd lir'ee 'wte
pommiited' to 'lie ayluin' hi
NuriIlampidnJ 'Kerhifig Wii
ground fine. When ihe-'flood
bnckKteaistanes nearly be!
coma boldtrt,ian'di flefe and
thefe t'orpse,"cir:'al,pie,c of a
corpse. vAbout 150 lives, were
,08f- .!l
I U4te--itwri i ti yw vf),g-Tir4
ley iwell" filreii: Willi, f lie debris'
a terrible picture of.waste and
death in thetiifdst Or the most
beauti'iui'. viailey ia' ilasiacbu
SOUS.. . j .rv'.ol J '
McArthur to Logan. Goshen Reservoir Disaster. New Cure for Small-pox.
worid, quinih KadJfe-
great effict in cases ol smsll-rox.
fGer'minhy sicians 'rjlaira to' have
used it . sucoawfally ' for - several
yera.pi8t-against Hbat fearful
disease: itimnstbe aominis'er.
ed, however at an early stage of
too disease, and in very larce
.Ml,..-1 ..V.,i.l.,,li-l-i a. - i ?
doses, to counteract the effect of
. , -..., ! ! n n i 'i ,';'.' '
the small-pox poison. It most
. . - -! e ' . '-,''
also be very pure; and the eom
plaint is getting more and moia
general . that very little of " the
ouitiitie sold in the 1 market is
? Mi - " ' ' '
'i 1 .-in'' i I
. a i.l. 'i '' '' ',ini
! A 8. Partloci ino,tlv thfeW
a jiaii.'bpe' hu'idred ahd 'eiglili'
ty 1e,e;hioUgh a 'fressle'-W'xk
y.ridge.;; rfd'v didri'I' bur t" Thim,
wMcn'18 another rc6mmenda.
tion lor Wesiem riimle..i i. .
; r.n f ". - '-7'
.. if ,ii ....-i.aii.
aV4rUaaiata Unrtad at fair Fflesaf
McArthur to Logan. Goshen Reservoir Disaster. New Cure for Small-pox. Death of the Chimpanzee.
fn n,..M ..i..-. lm .,.'.
tonor ojf H separjiie upattnifnl
In j,t, he flipn key house at; the
annivgiical Gardens;
.tepep'tly ;dia. alfprc abfrbt Ivro
!flJ.'!'8Ml!fles.v ilO.f ,i all . Hie
members of,;tbe cape.;tribe ibb
chirrjpapzTejs the rriost-tract a
t)Je, and pJ; all the chimpanzees
if.0?. VP6-1'-8?8 the beat teirt
pf'red felluvr .tpat. sver ejistedi
the rea'diness he always ejhibj
id to earn any -jiew flickihe
ingenuity of bjskiSeper-could
devise. wa.s Mrptiiarkable;', and
the goojl empefhe alayj dis
played, when asked to pe'r.lorra
timrd lor theenet, ot visitors
emulated Ihe aoliievemenUol
Bionllin' and Leotard ! with
;.o ' i i.i ''..( i" i ..
etjual success, ttncj teemed, es
pecially proud of himgeit hen
L e w as. ord e r d d to, g o , tji ro u g h
a s'en'es of gymnastic, elercises
which' embraced- the f?als thai
have made the names bl those
men known all over ihe world.
U a nut were presentejd; to
Mm' he would, not crack it m
the usual wayf but' would place
it'umier the donor's footfc and
asajst' the progress by jadminis
lering a sharp blcwwith, hi'
fist on t ha toes of bis unsiis,
pecthig ' visitor, lie..: always,
seemed devotedly attached to
', . 1 . i . .' li , V t .-. 1 V!,l
his keeper, and when shut up
:.fc '. . i-';1'' ' . 'J- '
close in. hid room would sum?
mon him by repeated knocks
:; -I? ' i i 1 i ."' (
at the .door.' In the evening,
when the lima for bidding huu
'tornl ..inglit1 approached, lie
,-, M :;, .f'.ii n.l.v! 'i
usedfreq'ieiitlv to go into Liuiie
a Iretizy of gri.e,!, ijBaring his
air, rolling on the floor, and
scieiiuiing out like u bad-tempered'1
baby with extra "iitronk
liins. Nevertheless,' he was
really cood-tempered,1 and "was"
n'evtf known td fnicioui'ly W'
ituipt'lo bjirt any-oi'i"
'lie would !li6w his'Trs'Uoi,8
to the do&r Willi' the utmost'
polhene6:,; tdriiii) 'the'lilndle'
and opening (lie door williduY
yns(dtalice,ai)'d 'sli'-ik'iiig" Unda
wiib bi3.idep,trling'gUest. 'joe
bad' rine.:aui7 U'mlghl'liVvJ
laugin iickpoeVtia; aiessliti'fa
i lie, pi I fen n g ; 1 i ner 1 dp' b tUi ri Jet
'vt hk-h w iu I d h a v e 3 b ii r n'e ' d a r '
g'eroua fruit itr' ALuftdiVn cf'dwJ.
! Iiti.' '. ii.-. ii- l.i';'. I i; :'TI"!fV
l 1 II
i'o' -lol'lotv nig' ex'l f a'rfinade
by the' 8l.',; LotiT;i lepuMic'a'ri
rorii' Vle manilVshV of an p5pe,:
riecedfl d,ver(i?'er:1 ar'e peftln-1;
k-nl.' i Otir1 busiess'iWh sloGfd1
be; set '0JfVwti''i(s &"VruHx R'a
wh'eil ft bouse' hi?a n-ltiifig 'ffl
Is aShHihed':o!'o'nr?f'oV ftlile'Tt1
will' besifafe" to dvVr'4ft-,,!a1n((l
c-il 'Aioh i ion lb7 'iV. -1 ut-here1
arVHe'p'o'th'ts": 11 '
! ''Newspnper Jdrerfiing1 'U'
how- rerjoghfeed;' ! by1 blislfi'es's'
meA having 't-Jrith 'm fheiV'own'
w'arW. 'atf 'tfr'e4 ' mosV
m 6a ri ''of ; Eefc'nr? tig1 1 for ' ( heir
goods - 'a' wid 'recognition "of
ihetir'merifs. '' '.lAtti
Newspaper adertIs'tnrMm-!'j
pels to inquiry;' mid w'hph'fhe
article differed is 'rjP!go'od qJA1-:
i i y, iind at h lair price, the're,:
sult.will;bltiCfeaaer sales? !l
NeWspnperadverrisiilg is'a
permanent odditlib tt llie Vepi'
ijtatioitofr the'goods'adfdrtised'.'
because it' 'is a Ipeffrtaiieni in
flafitice always at work in their
interebt,'it'v ij;,,J ba '''.'d a.
Newspaper advertlsing'h'tb'e
rnos'r1 ehergelio arid 'VrgfilanVbf
8al?8men' '' ' addressi rl! ' I bou
sarids each' day, always in Hhe
advertiser Interesf.'aWl e'easb'
lessly Wt wbf k keekihg cusrevm
era from all rlasies.1 1f ' 1 i;
J j NeWspsper'adteTilsing pro-11
rii(6ies ' trade,' ' bV elren In the
dullest! time - adverOsers se
cjirii by tar -ihe largest share ot
"wbatisbemgdor.0;' e-"-!l u
;i .(iu ! ri-',;V'f-V ;iSl tl 1 1
i r
1 I Im.I! .ri.rl H.'Ulil '( AUJ1
; CalifobIjA. expmpti eav.orj,
jfroi". ).irjr dp'ty jiJuokjng, i.jiey
irv viflite i
2nVq.u"' - fi to
Kacjiiu;ditJov e0AJ.''. IICA
Local noMeCt perhne..;. -. - - J;,'
Yearly 4dyirtliduldiAI$100 00
couiiin, s,ud upropdrtiojiatf rta pei
lesspace. rayaTile: tn kdvance. . .
. WThe Beoord. being the-cfflolsl
pojier of the.town, and havlna tto
largsstelrt-iilatjoB of anvphiVrTrr ttU
;ouiity;(offers uitcriofc' l4ucH)e,Ey
to advertisers. .
'li " ' i T
From the Pike County Republican.
The First Crop of Corn on
Scioto Bottoms.
Will so. of ' otir' Jfiescl
'he'.early r'JyogiveJ-'bs3 hVoM
J'glit". about: JhiitrlirjtAJrlopAf
orn raistd s.Lti.aiViyel n?,:,
i.('je iab(a yarhgrapb irii
tdipped, Jlttim theiPofigmqaiU
Repubjian 'some' time) iu Hoi
venjber pr, Depeinbef.'lasU.-ji!-?
, The ,oc,casl9n. iwhifib brought
'''(his inquiry ,vias,if; we ai
n?e.n?rVe.r'rit!h)ly, $ oytrpversyj
ji thejPprUmouttipjpera cou,
ceriiirig. , tie ea,rjy ttlem'en.ti .
ol, Scioto.founty (T,bei';timea
had acoqefpondenthp was.
i?.a?JIPE..K .UMOKe'JO paeri
and we sent that paper a ve.tyj
wtell')autbepticaltedj s'taterdjnt
oj fcn ,oi,dj gen Uem an , who- k ne v
whereof; hejtestifje, JJu sJ.be
editor of themea took;np 09
VK:?JA.1 ti .:.:i.h7
That, p?rs9o was , the late
johPj ., Alfj, .o ,.pVtopreeI
'"irPT i.ficou'n.tvwbc,
was born in. Pennsylvania, Jaa.t
9, i h, 1 7 86. U is fat her. .11 eze kiah,
'Merrill,' canie' to Miuchesttr;
Ohio, in the year 1710; nnd af-
terwards brouc!.1' bis faii.'..'v to
me uoitoms on ii.. i-ioioi.y-er,
near .where Lucab;,'. pow,
stande'j.and landed tliere'C.l 'he
fvV".''':. ''1 i T'1 ''I'iii J
24ili of December ot tha l.wt
1 L.'J . .'KTrt-'V if;
omru , ear, tlliJj ) air. JOnn
M'efre'tt was ih'.e'n1 within'a Few'
days ottia y'ears ofaoout'e
old 'enough' ever ' aUerwarUM't?
remember u'll iheHi te circum
iHtaVcerf atlietld'ing,' tllia't sellle-
iiicui. un iiiiuiiik'u us inau
lifl' Wilier 'immedlaty Jio7
cede'd-trj Jfjo.iStrb'ct ''rf'tenVdor-1
ary Bhel let .orfs Yuyaml'
aire r w ti fd' 'creeled? 1 li'VabTn1' ior
liinfs&rf, We uVJ've d.riilreD
He"al0d 'Ihlofn.d'uV'i'U
laVnefWisedV?i'op'lof cou"
.thWoason h,lii1g.Y9,'4uoty,-'Mrt'MeA-i'ts
itatedMiViA; fo bs itf lebrdaryy
iSTfJ, ' at which' lime VB' W6tV
liittt "for hlsl'firmfon;,'ardf
pHrtte'd lirilneTirte' CrJunty !te 1
jliiiblicrtiVv.ri"fne,3,d 6? th3 fol'
'lowlWgflUscb:, na'me'lV:,'i'1 aff
t frM;y li IreSr' tri tilled l-8arhp?
and ihefiYtxVir'pring'fer'ecl a'
log cabiil.lIdip-Uilh Beffrfraf
cre!:6f a1 oiip'l? lr)rrlvfiich he
nad tol'go to LTniesTotie: ('15'
Uaryyfviilr) UivH Ife'-eVedi" Mr'
liioUierlMai-'i gbd "gaidehcr;;
mid 7.turi I'anii'lj'liifea ''BSftbr'
'iliau.irio'Btof the'ehvly:ieltIesV
oiiilliisTaccuiinUM -'J , :''n -d-jn; )
, Mr.'MoiHttilik) eaiu' '
J s vl iclaimfthat; m$ latlierV'
iheilitvit vi ii'le nnfii vho Vetfle1:!1
m!the'. Soioto IrlveifWd7
jhole length." ''O'l isin mi q!t? i
; oVe;liUiw how lft9t8ry VtA
irglu,'J and tfs ftlid'eBifor'-oi'fh1
Iliui iii ntay a Lh'4 ve: do vr'ro'ok r1J
iunarll'cle,e a'gaiillreSpe'c'ti0
liiily talHii'BriaiteWtWQHoTf:'
' n H1...H Ol vwfll liilJ 11! ) mi
I y.ofljf.j.Q FflBJwjiji isiliQ iSait
H'J l," r ?,C(f lo i A -1 j J eara : ' a 4
his presence there -would JiaVo.
receptioiiflHbtr oTit-lii
bow be receives lonly a pas'stng t
j'Pl'p Mt Albe-jMQtotieiI belhadJ
tfi'!-Hi .lu oPA?t 1je,q
bad created lor himstlt ha.Ve
beerF(i(Wept.'ay;'a I'Stiyf
the exploreii if ""nie 'Tloky15
Mount aitULwalka-the streets of
Oaliforija's yliief.,ivy, foniaf
bremnf was Tn Wran- I.
aafreslc'd, dartd 9jdpf 1
(,nii-j"vi i li K Uiu ii Uil in-i
Mem)hi3nd, bl IasordTc' R.
boods by,iAJi'ejrpte8ehtaciooi;l
and . . se " tqpeed . . iq ! c'tnipriatttt-iH
ineiil fof a tf-r oj yearflU-iUafi
junsJiciioit,) Q;,tUi6.b Frenoh"!
coqnsand fameftp i.tue ynHed
Siaies.' His1 ' .trot ne'f-in-la'gr.
Bcron B.ifld',1 WW tried , J
uudert' lliff imfe fcfiftrVd
.1?P. fprmuate- atid'OB JhOw;'
serving the leroi of bil jmprJari;)
oiunen t. J3jroirleAu'avrife,
ailatigbler orjbotrTvisIBerrt "
ton, lat'e'iy died abro'aiL undqr
Vary pritif.il Vlicnnist?nj'e8.
Uer Bister, Mr frenrmifi aj
wqrimnjot are jttlaUimeriisjaadT K
Ktef, M!yt,ipn; JUrlAOuaa i
haye wii.hereil; and she heboid. . .
herhtisbitH'd, wlib! once almost
Uiairnjuiitrjioj fMfipjjire a
lelon by a lriendly republic.

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