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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, May 28, 1874, Image 4

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thY vmf tWEcbttp,
Mo A Rl'UUUf OUI O, , r
Til U ItHDA Y. M A Y 28, 1 874.
Four to ,
Tierce's Ool Jen ledical Discov-
- , . . . . .,. ' ,- - f
oy are' warranted to care tilt
'rheum' or teter: and the worst
kind of pimples oa the Face.
Two to four bottles are warrant
ed to clear the system of boils,
carbuucles and sores. Four to
six bottles are warranted to cure
the worst kind of erysipelas ami
blotphes among the hair. Six to
ten bottles are warranted to cure
running of the ears and corrupt
or running ulcers. Einlit (o ten
bottles are warranted to cure
crbfulous 'sores and .pwcllirgs.
Two o six bottles ars warranted
to cure liver complaint. . ; j 1
TaSKTows. Delaware Co., 0..
March 20, 1873. vt. R. V
Pierce: Your Discovery naeds
only a fair trial and it will do all
you recommend it to do ami
more too.1 When. I was fifteen 1
caught cold and for twen(y-eirh
years ' I" lnve"betri"a per foe1
wreck ot disease, and all the med
icines and doctors' .bills have run
up at times to two and three hun
dred dollars, and never any bet
ter but worse, when 1 gave up
all hope last spring of livipg the
summer through I received one
'of yur account books and told
my husband after reading it that
it was too late to try further, but
he said it was never too late.
lie went and bought two bottles
and I found it was helping me
Tory much. '.ince 1811 I4 was
troubled with" catarrh and sore
throat, and was almost entirely
deaf in one ear and my voice was
as dull as could be. There was
constant pain in my bead. Now
my head li as sound -as a dollar,
my voice is clear, and 1 have
need ten bottles ot your Discov
ery. It has cured me of catarrh,
sore throat, heartdisense, spine
affection' and' torpid fiver.' ' Aly
liver was .very bad.. : My .skin
was rough. 'When I put my hand
oa my body it was like fih
scales. Now it is as smooth as a
child's. .TliTconclusion I will say
I have been- well for three
months. I am a wonder to my
self and friends. This is but an
imperfect statement, half Las pot
been told. f ". ' . :
Yours with respect,
HESTER LACKEY. The Correspondents of the Cincinnati Gazette.
A Cure for Intemperance.
I came across the following
iu a paperuie other day, and I
request you to republish it in
your1 valuable paper: j
There is a curious prescript
lion in England for the core of
drunkenness, by winch fliou
ands are said to have teen as
sisted in recovering t them-
The recipe came info noto
riety through' the efforl? - of
Jolin Vine Hall, father of the
Eev. Newmaij UaIJ'and"Captl
Vine llallt flomnwmder of Jhe
ureal iHBierji sieainfinp. Ue-
liad. fallen mto-sach' habitual
drunkenness that iis .qtjnosl
efforts to repaiqliiraself proved
unavailing. But at length
songht the advice pf aniini-
nent physician, who gaveliim
a prescription which ho follow
ed faithlully Jor several
months, and at the eud'6f thai
time.: he had lost' all desVre for
liquors, although hehad been
for many years iSd- capliviiby
a taoet debasing appetite. The
recipe, which he: .afterward
published, and by which so
many have been assisted to re
form, is as follows: ,L: ' ; :
."SaJphate of iron, five grains;
mpgnesa, ten grains; pepper,
nint water, eleven grains;
pint of natmegonei'drachiri;
trxbeJaken twice a day."
This preparation : acta as a
tonlo and stimulant, and so
partly supplies the place of the
accastomed liqupr, and pre
vents that absolute physical
andraoral prostrtjon ihat fol,,
iowa a sudden breaking . off
from the use of stiuiulaiing
drinks. ,? . i i. 'i
Wi will furnish the Record and the
CInoionati Gaietta to aubscribari at
150 par year - - -
heTmtcrrt frbm worms like these Bitt
torFenwIeConiplalnte, fa
Dr. J. Walker's California
Vinegar Bitters arc n purely Veg
etable proparntipn, mndo cbioty from
the natlvo herbs fouml on tho, lower
rauges of tUo Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tho medicinal
properties .of which nro extracted
therefrom without tho use of Atonhol.
Tho question is almost daily nsked,
" What Is tlio canso of tho nnpar
allelcd success of Vixehar 1$it
TBRsf"; Our r answer that they
rcmovoi tlio aiise -of .disease, (and
tho putieut rdcovcM hi. lu'iiItU. .. TLoy
hrt - tlio peat iin1 . purifier and a
lift-giving .nrineiple, 'ft; BiTl'totiKono
vatur and-luvifjumtor Ji tbu sjstom.
Kerer Infliro. in tho history of tin world
hiw a mi'ilitlilo been cuiiiponndod pos-6c.-iing
thft rciimrkulde quulitiM of Vis
koak JtiTTKiw iu houl'm; tho Hitk of
ovcry disea-o mau U heir to. . Tliey are
a pontlo PurpuUvp an well ns a Touia,
rolieviiiK C'onisMtion or Inflammation of
tho Liver and Visceral Organs, iu Uilious
lJiseasci. 'U : ' '. "' '
Tho properties of Dr..' Walk
er's Vinkuar liiTTKUs uru Aperiutit. Dia
phureliu, t'uruiiuative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretic, Suilatiyo, Ctiuiitiir-Irritaut,
Suilorf" ''"-" n'll S'lti-tliljnni.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vixegau Bitters the most wonder
.' ful Invioraut that evei sustained
tho siukiug system. ,
No Tersou can take these Bit
ters according to directions, nud ro
mairt long unwell, provided their
bones are not Jistvoyed by mineral
poison or. other niwans, tiud vital or
gans wasted bevoud repair,
Uilious, Iteinittcnt, nud In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent In tbo valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri. Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, Urazos, Rio Grando, Pearl,
Alabama,-, Mobile,- Savannah,-Ro-inoke,
James, and , mnny others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Sunyuor nnd Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
boat ar.d dryness, are invariably ac
companied by 'extensive derange
ment of tho stomach nnd liver, and
other abdumiual viscera.. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influence upon these vari
ous organs, is easontially. nocossary.
Thero is no cathartic for the purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as tbey will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with, which
the bowel j are loaded, at tha same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and gonerally restoring the healthy func
tions of tbe digestive organs. 1 .
Tortify the body against dis
; ease by purifying all Its fluids with
VlKRQAIt ItlTTHRS. Ko Cpidouiio CUU
take hold of a system thua ore-ormcd. .
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Head
ache, l'aiu iu tbe Shoulder Coughs;
Tightness of the Chest, Dizzinoss, Soar
Eructations ef the Stomach, Bad Taste
in tbe Mouth, Uilious Attacks, palpita
tion of tho Heart, Inflammation or the
Lungs, Pain in tbe region of tbe Kidneys,
and a hundred other paiuful symptoms,
are tbe offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle' will 'prove a hotter gmirantoe of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofnbn)t lung's Etil, "White"
8wellings, ylcersErysfpelaS, ,8welle4
Keck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent lutlammatious, ilicnriul affec
tions, Old. Sores, Eruptions of tiro Skio,
Sore Eyes; etc. ' In these, as iu all other
constitutional Diseases, Walker's Vik
boarUittkbs hare shown their great enr
ativo iwwors iu the most obstinate and
intractable cases.
' For Inllauiniaforyaud Chronic
Cheuinntisiu, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent nnd Intcruiittent Fevers, Diseases
' of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no eiiaal Such Dis
caes are caused Tty Vitwtod Blood.
ji Mechanical Diseases. Parsons
engaged iu Paints and Aliuorsls, such as
l'luiiibcrs, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
iliuers, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to puralysis of tho Bowels. To guard
ngaiust tbi, tuko a dose of Waxkeu'i
ViXeoab Bitters occa.4ionallv.
For Skla' Diseases, Eruptions,.
Toiler, baii-iuicum, jiioicuus,bpuu, f mi
plos, Pustules,' Boils, Carbuncfes, Ring-'
' worms, Staid-head, 8oro Eyes, Eiysipo-
loo, lion, bcon, jiiscoiorauons oi tne
6km, lfumors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever tname or nature, are literally
dng up1 an!! earned out of the system in a
thort-tune br the nsrof these ISitters.
-Pin, Tape, ftrtd ethefr Worrts,
mrKing m tne system oi so many inou
souds, are etTectually destroyed and re
mor'ed. Ko system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
Blttor. '
or old, married ot single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or the turn of lifo, these Ton
ic Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible. '
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood
wheuuver yqn find its impurities bursting
through tbe akin d Pimples, Eruptions,
br Sdres; cllduxeMt when you tiud it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul : rour I'eelimrs will tell
TVoU fc-heft.' tEeep the blood pure, aou the
Wienrth of the system will follow. '
II. II. MrDU.V M.D i CO., V J
Dnjpp;ln Gen. Agti., Sun Frnnoitco. Califor
nia, & cor. ot Wuhington and Charlton Stt., N.I.
- sokl hf U ltraggltu ndDcaUra.
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
l CltiLUCOlIlZ, oulo '
WOV LI) re'pMirullr J to lh clllient of
Vntn Cn thai hehanrnlar!P(lliiiock
making onr or the larg.at In flats, unr
Inwinps has inorr J rrjr ynr uploth
rnnt lime and weieM tliankful lo the ntih
lie rurtiaal (nnra,nt,rv determinrri I keep
a taraa ivk of eer Ihiny aul' luuntf in
a nrl-eaa Jneelry store, nnd will keep the
fluent etoek of gold Mid lolid llvrr, MhO Die
bft Plated Uooda , a low a atij bout la the
Wet 1. m
, We keerIMh 4iffrent hranda of Amen
" WvtciiM" Hoaxrd. United Mle,1CI!in.
Wnltham and Springtirld (Haniifni liirca.ijoth
in RftM and iHUer CMe. Alau a large n ol
gulii mm WAitiirs,
KromSiSlo $.110.00, alo ellier tVom III In
I ISO. Wliaft eiT reliable lull Jeweled
Ullrer WaU-h rrom llttufO.
A full line of t good in our line, or made
in ordrr by experienced wurkmea. Hejiyr
in will reocire prompt attention ' . v
pleate drop u aad aa. Mo uonWe to
kenode. 4 taeaf
People Trht taketb- Imes
get the Worth f iktlrr :
Money. - I
t j ur l.. j
Tt(:orsouwiTi ymix Tims
The moat popular family newnnaper. of a
national ehaiarter and reputation, Is ahaut
enterms tne tnirvr nrt year or its ublica
linn.' Tn Ihoae who are not pereonall y a
qnarntedwilh ita meriia.lt need only be and:
I la edflnrialk are pi riled; Ita eorreepondeoe
etenite; ita new varied, and from eer
quarter nf Ine glele ita airricultiiml depaiu
menlfultof practieal information: while ita
kxtea, life eketchea, ani n ieellnr aie
porta nf the market, of life Stock, grain, grof
wnwinu or, k"uui, era inilll r.B latvll
and moat reliable. .
, " 1. I '' 1 -u
. , a Patrons of tfcsuirRT.1.
1 This new organlialloa nf the fi mere will
Sad ia (be Timee a friend to- the ehjecta
aoiishl to be aenurad by them, and In ita col.
nmna the more important doings of the
"Urnngee." ' '
We can't do without the Times after harms
read it eight year.' Send it to US A pU -ton
atrept Lot ell, Ma' L. A. Fonoa.
' We hate dotihled oar llt of last year. Can't
do willinut the Time, although t am an old
Oemoornt. rt. C H uih, Moulfinmn,, 0. '
1 do not know of any paper that i devoted
to all the inlereat nf the humnn fumily, an
miioh aa the Timet. it- T. Taaatvs, band
Cm, Pa. ' " ' '
- Tne Time It rery popular here, for on
retaon.and 'that i your nnlxnoken coorae
ngiin't the aalary atoalers. W. A..W aa,
bnitfna.TnAa. i ,1 .vt.llli
I have been a iontnt trader of Ihe Week
ly Timea for ihree yeara, and I can't do well
without it dow. W. t. MJwii,i, Bay Springs,
Iienr Old Time: Thia makes about twenty
yearn llmt I hue taken jeur eicelleql pHnqr,
and tha more I read it tha bettel I like it.r
Ltrt Ki:.m!ckot, Metrotio'l City. III.
1 think it i the heit nnner in Hie world. I
like the way vu talk in regard in Ihe Con.
KrvHKioHi jiauiwj ami i aieo, uae your atip
purt of the Patron of Industry J. C. I.TO
vitticy junction, iowa.
Every ptitinn of Ihe Weekly Times it pre.
tented with a copy of (lie
atUSTRATBU Tf MfS i'H A'N ft. BOOK ,
Anelegiintfy prinleifvoluirie of1 ISO anieniifla
and niiaoell inenua article. Illustr ated with
nearly UK) of the finest engrat ir,ga. II alno
contnint a diary fur they year l"7t. Jnjrabia
iinu aivrnaiitriiBe it initupengr 10 npy pree.
ent tvr belore otttred iiyaef npnfcer publish
ers. Everv club agent ia compensated for lilt
aervicea, either with an extra paper, or aome
deiralile premium.
TbHMirt Hinule uhorlber, per year, ,12 l;
cIiid nf Ave aubsoribera, pr yerr, ewli, I 7A;
viun ni ten ami uparn,ier ear. each, I Ml,
Bend for ilat of jireminma, eta , to
CinoinDai, Ohio.
Dick's Enoyci.opbi'Is or Practiosl Itn
ctirTt iNi PaociH Containinttii.l'janniO'
Mail reoeipte, writtes in a plain tad prfpnUr
maener, and illitstrntfd .with vxnlnnatorv
wood-cut. Heing a voinpreheimive.honkHif
T-ierenre for ir.e inemnant, niHsmsctnrar, ar
lian, amateur and houaekeeper; Including
medicine, pharmacy and domestic economy
The acop of this work a eotirefy .dillernnt
from any -othaa book ot Ihe kind, i Ut4ieH
being a ooinplele anil almiat indiKpentiljle
brok of reference,. .for the Ihoumrul and one
Tei'eipirau jmioieajieeaea in every DtftiiMf.
nold.larm, gHrden, etc.. It inclitnea ulear and
easily nndsritood direction, for the aimiicS
tion of many of tha art iiniiirjly acqulicdonly
hy lung experience, and to ilivemed uf to. h
nichalities, or the teuhnicaliliea nl termb used
ao Hilly explamad at irrbriug Ihe entire sub
ject within Hie r,niapreliejioe nns person
ni ertinary intelligencer rromiment among
tne immense mu.a ot atiuiects treated of in
the book are Ihe fallowing:
.'Tho Srt .ol lijertiui HBrd Soft. pp4 Toilet
Soaps, running, I'lHiillaiion,. Imttatiow Liij
uora, Wines, linrdhil, nnd Hitters, Older,
drawing, Herufruer.v.Klavorirl J S"ences etc.,
vonnmucs, nrtir uyea an waam r, l-iimaura
and. Perfumed nils, Tonih Powdera, etc, tij.
t lips, lco4ol arid . Sleoholinet ry i feitole rfi
nnd KeroMwie. Hleai-hinraniK'feahing, Vm.
ar, Sniicee. Clup and Piekela, heceiplt
l.ir the Unr.lcn, To Mmnva(-tBins,Spota(v,
ryroiecnnj nmj r.ai'iernvts.eaieoia. eta;
Wsterproortng, Arlincial, Gem, luka and
Writing Fluiua, Aniline Oclorn, Painlt and
Pigrfrent,"! aintingand PapSr.himging, Ka1
ominsand Whitewash,' Varaishing and Pol.
i"h ng, l.tibrica ora, Jnpnnning and Lacquer
lEg.Hootant Harneas Ilia-king. Photogiaplvy.
Meinlfand Alloys, flililing, ailvering. e'tc'
Elecfjtityping, Eleotmplaling. etc., Pulent
Medicine, Medical Receipts, Weight and
Measures. 401 pages, royal octave. e!ih.
PriCeU.nO - - -. " Mr
. MUK FITZtiERALI-.rubluthera., Y.
mi i.ii,, i . r. ,y, j !'
Worth and Beauty.
wooD'S Household magazine
,t av Tim cBHOMi i i
Having control vif tht thtfgnihohf "sil ehro
mo, Yo Memite, we are able tn ofleri'comhm
iliot of literary andarnstic work of genuine
worth, and at prices Unprecedented. f r
. This fine copy of a piee of Ifatnra'a grands
est work, ir not presented in Ihe uannl lim.
lied ttyle, tu dimensions, 14x30, making a
piuturn ui ,rr j iirniraDir viae in liseil.
graced hy itpreaeacer , rr-r PT-r'
, Hilt a rear copiee or irfle beatitiM f Hrbme
will be allowed lo go lb the tefairalorea, and
inoae win oe aoin i insir
Actual Retail Price, 0.00.
which iforde-nrjneoaneatinn witlLcnf Mag.
mine, both will be furn'.ued ibr . -l
v,S1.50'jci' no i
At a premium the pictuie may be obtained
ny aeneing as two auumjipcirm (or IbS otg
una at one, doilab eauh. entiy aubSurktiig fo
tne Maganne two yesra in advance, at one
doUarperannnra. AsMreta, s ft
a WilOf a UgUBnJlOLIi JiA2lIIE I
V s I - - - - Newbdigh.-tv T.
tm wm n f . aaan 11. . 1 I . t w .
o. p.oiJV ruoi(sne. , , vpl
. . .1 t !, r-a.
. An i!ti
2 . . i
4 T'3B?Tf!l
5 SEfcTlgSei.
' fa
10 T11IRO ST. J
Ofld reLows' Block,, .. ;
. I , , ' -a ,
T -I.
f A. J. J.'.t.JL il..
And other
Canvassing AgeBHUantef 'tg ayert eoun
to the United SJetevt- -f ...i
Osale at
' TOOK and. Ore Sue lea ear good a new, for
vwry wi pre-e. uui oai- i a
H.aJOKiitt Aitoraey.
Ooue sVeiatly' ud 'i'Wniptlj,
Ty hsvs k larieqtualitybfloodfcrrlf bud
.' ' oa which a aerond growth of umber has
beth, allotted to coma iits Whieb wa wish Iq
put under cuitlvntiot,
and a
re prepared lo
rent id farms qi filly or Sixty acres each, upon
, upon
at our
salislactory terms
nirMo applicSti
vruue.; .
... ..!.';
. lian vatur 1 a
Vinton Furnai
P- The moat biautlrul free In Itmsne'!, '"'
Ebund'daos,'1'1 11
.'vvlfountain ButfloWS?,1' '!' ''
. , ) Painter's ;?rnsh, 1 . n
, . . . Pike's Peak Colunjbii
:')"! .:!ji. i
it'i-J 'JM ! ,'"'
,i; aocxt mouDtain .tipeoiaiueB,..tj
. SJ S,S
5 or. deacriptlva enlalogue apd jirlcs list ot
J. ui.! i 'seed, addrete, . : 'j-'J.
M'SV'.'.) ,) ijN i) ' psa-ysa; CeVoaaup'
tyetxir Ratal te A'aaterjitaaa aad lMrrej r -' : "
TriBes!" Flowers! Bulbs!
.fiv.in i. .!'!. iv
Nursery' fetooif Prnitiribwer Plates
.i'i -1 - -
Address F, K PHOENIX.
BL 0 0 M I 3 0 Tf IT' KTJKEEY,
COOacteen Kd year) 1J greevihbuV." raf-
appio, i,(v I r.. ia; a y. too, ay. ii',-v iiu
t calaloguea,. 20 cents.' '-. ' aijuiini
Manufacturer of ,f ' ' ' '
i .t'l. ' i" ' . "
AND .,
.ti'.l. .' .).. ' t I
, v : .! !
Oflalo?t, moat fanhionaUe and elegmt atyles,
Second St., Near Mulberry','
I h
j i
' I rnnke it point to do' HU my work of the
best material, autl aland eenoud lo none in
quality ol' finish or dnr.bility. I employ nn
inferior workmen, there nre no appieulice
bova about my e'tnhlistlhient, and I can not
tail lo please any person a ho wants the best
turnout made in the country. I refee with
pride lo niy customers throughout Houlnern
uliio as to Ihe qlmracier of work enqung
from my faftorv,'ssd gyaraotes all 1y cua
tomera perlect aatialuition.
'.. i i '. ,. ' i i i ,i i j ' ' i 'in
All kinds of Turnouts finished and
, ready for sale, or made to Older..
Cajl and examine my Stocki
Repairing, Repainting-, Etc.
, Will receive prompt attention. ;
V (i I bar conttantly a stock of ' '
Carriages, Baggies anfl Expresses,
left with ma for tale, repaired and almost ss
good as new.eotne of thera i , '
-I((,ul i873 , . ; ..,
, ' . ' i"- .lit;'"). '
American Institute, '
TO J. W. McKEE, :
Embroidering and Hating Machines.
"Ili mgehioua nd Will meet the Wants of
even matron in the land.1'
John K . Gavit, Reo Sec'y, ; F A. Barnard,
Free.; Samuel 1. Tilinau, Corresponding
i t j. -k- Tnrlr. em
ew York. ffSremlier JO, If 71
This lnple aud.iugvuiois machine i as
useflll Ss the sewlnt hiachine, fc,id Mfast be
coming popular with iadiea, in Ihe I'luce nl
eioen-ive ntadle work. Its vork' being much
more handsome, requiring much lest time
and nnt inetenin part l.e ei Dense, ra in1
dy's toilet Is comnlete without it A machine
with illustrated circular and lull Innructior.k
aenl on receipt of IJ pr finished iu ailver plate
rnr2Ta: . i ( ii. !.' ij I-... .j '
Address, The RIcKce IHnnafactwrlna; Co.,
(i ul'l itwproauaay.Kew lorai
?: .-'.( i i i.: t -.;''. n i
North-east corner of Mi In and Jscksqo streets
.'! ! , 'irIcARlHUB,OBIO, ', '!
GEO!'- W.-' BliljlON 'ri'oprietoi
icso.araSeasan sU'aisua o' wa.o's wb
dPie.io orderoa'sherl'iKjlice.-'1 '
-Palntlnfl Snd1 'trMmfnfj'
ui ii uu vtMiuMHt.ft U.S BH(wi aud uiot'
W AldUili ol ill kinds in tny line will be
pron.ptly anu neatl done.
Wora doua attht ee sblishnicnt it.wtr.
suk u iv ire suosisuliul, put up solid and eze
cu etlin lb .most worknjanliaeilmaauet, not
. , .; nguu! u, u, oiner ea1
i.sbijBhineotjttiheeoi.uirr.ei i fi trs
.rormery ol Htniden.l f
A WWUDnCES to hit fnenrls in vtnin..rf
XXSilJonupKCountiea that KehaalMUght the
awiei x ormerlj Jtept by' Obas. Briuth
Three doort west cl lladuon, oa
He has refltted it throughout, and it prepared
to entertain the lierelmj publie al reasonaUe
Cass. Bunausa.
il. HHorraua.
t.,,i .
t'Jl'll- rJ.i
usiasnsnea iboi 07,w,bi snd a3Wet Fn ntsV.
Foot of suspension bridge, OINOlNNAI I, O
Csis. Bi,ds ( o., Propnelora. Dailysiuoi
lion and private sales of leaf tobaceo. baaj.
Bess atrutly commission. Liberal adtaacea
made on eoBaiwomenta.
.t , a $72.00 EACH WEIK;
i .1'itll
Agents wanted everywhere. Bnsineae strict
ly legitimate. Particulars rree. "Addreea J
wvn in,
8t liuis, Mn
MePl I
j ;'Ai'.iiK8 sh mid not tt''ji-:
pniiiie me psiPni mrtfl gate lor
which Ueorge V.. Brunton, bit-'
Arthur, is the agent iti.thjHflnd
Jscksod coontv..., It is the 'beat
and cheapest gsttf'ever designed
for a'ftriD, costing fifty per . cni.
less bsn .he old fushionea gate,
and is more durable; itir it 'can
not sag. Exsmine it heu 'joa
D :SiPP'. otogragherL'hillia,
fives careful attention to making oor
te oft44erjp:ojuj9j Pictpret may be
tnsde as lares as life frorfl tha tiaiesi
li-cket pictlire, shd made In ev'ery Was
Vatiefsetoryiby OHreriltnmJ jtltliiioai
coloring,,: phptognipis,ffom rtaturB Ol
fretn other pictures colced in Ihe best
istyles in ilr ter oolars, j-Yow. pas
tql. qr iuk. I, rates to suit all eiroum
ln6e", ' ' ' ' -1 ' , -
-L :
duMtlu.Cn.TT-TTli .ia U i
nci'itHirj tri iioi'ii ,'l .fit J
ii.i'U". . ii f.,:ri ,,.;.-;;
.(i.'-'in il i I Ij )hU 1 1
IlcaUor Scbel.; Uoniies,
Clmrchcs, Lodge lYooms' 1
fcoiirt lioiisei Jan'a ,J
i'i'.'i ,im . 1 1 ii : - yi in . 'ii.i i.i, it
Public ' Halls,
vwii'J J.i i.i jr. iu. i "J t:.
a 'iir.M u. i It ni. .lit .'y ,-.Jf.I
.It Is cleanly, It is economical; It It health
litl. 'It keeia up a perlect circulation of ai r.
warming all part qi the mom alike, litook
the first premium ovei all rompetitur at Ihe
Vienna Ixposrion. Circula eand mihlels
loniamiiig engrayitigkand full paiticulara tar
nished on application, or one ol the suivee
may.be aeen 11 opeMlioa at my atore You
are invited to call, and tee for yourselves,.
I . . . ' ' ;
NOsr Maiii St,, V '
, ChilUcothe, Ohio,
' I'. : XWi ..-'U ' '-
Sole agent for Vinton and Rosa counties, and
denies n all ll.e mot approved (kmkiog and
Healing btoves, House Kutoishing Ioo1a,
and nmn ulaclnier ol all kinca of Tin, Sheet
Iron and Copper Ware. Urdira Irom lite
country kr fpouli9g, foofin, to., will al
ways receiv immediate attention.
.Ude,d78 ' . M il !'
I i. 1
. . . ...t.AMD OXAU$RIM ,J ; .
Foreign and American
! '1
Watch' Materials,
.vJoolSjEtCS: :
" .'i i :
Old Watcb Caaea and eld Gold and.Sllrer
i . 1 boaght. . . ,i, -i : t
SlaprlfilS j ,
I. I I'l 1 '
... , ..
Harness, Saddles, -
It rid lea, 41 alien, ,
Uk tVlilpH, cpurs, Truce "
Chains, Hames, j and all '
QLherAr.iclejof Saddlety, ;;
My friend and the pnolm generally are invit
edto callend t-xamine my etnokand pit
cea. make good honest work, use the
t'.s,t etock.aod atll tl the rery lowest priees.
nizp Firing
1 snd manufacturing done to order, snd stl
I . I. i.-ii i . V .1 1 .
Work Warrante" as Bepresented
j :'J ' '' and dealer'inll kints of ' J " '
);,n hi 4 i'i aii" " i'
i , . i i i : i I! ' :. .'j . in'
A L B.V il
f '
, -;.,'.i.n'' 'Ml" C. ri I'.l.l I
1 . and
i".." r-.i,ti I , : i. eHttiy
c refiill;
illy done, and ihe smallest Diet urea
esisrgeatotjny tnessas i- i u
Fliiished in'Oil
. . s -4 I I a at,. I . , f . Ill . J . 1
I WA'TpB; C O I 0 R St.
any other ttyle that mtybe desirsd, at tha
I Large and dnely aBieleo Paetear'apva
a t wimoe . ireaa oia ana faded, ar
cjraxcaeapteiaTe.i i' i . .
PiCtWs of '"Tundi' framed 'to'
I m vxuer, j ,
aad all work Warranted to rrs satrsateaoa.
! lmay M7ir1 1 . ! . t ii?e . 7Z . .
.The jJBci' ini 'pheapeatv
' .r.,..' tu llrt Jl' .?-.
. -nor.: ol ' " .'.i ;ii-a!Til
Cixculaxs,, Sentf. Free.
1 niww0"? "? m k. iv. .
.UiiJJJ.'i iiUlllis1
oO ai.:t:is' rtj"'i twi:1
wt . J
ill no !iil I Lr.'Vj' "TT
nt.MtY si''ii.l Vl ""iJ
!J 1.
,!j9tiillil S.tCM,lT3
in it'iw ft ill I Is i
,;i f!i.i
,.r ii'nui'tv.rni) :fTn I', ,lba ;
if-jiJi.t.iJ v; JL.i.;l 1 JL !svr:t':
i'lliia JV1:!I full JSil fif.il .
!J full
fiu.nl ii.VaJ; ; H
lii 'jIrH rr. Jll.
;Al:i -Jfl ) II! It
1 ;iinti c lo i.ii
.tlUl'1 I ' v 1 l"J'!
1 ii;OJJt. I44.'i.t0la to'
f)TJ I ifl,'rlnn ' !
Vnt t:stttiatlnn.
Want to sell a piano, .
wnt to sell carriAjrsV
, . i i Wsnttobuy ptsellsfarrp. .
I- W r, W' WnJwtlr.W nil AO
-.ails m Wr,u.,,K inuiv,
!,,ti waosit. sen, town, propmy;.) I
Want to sell irroceries or driijrs, ,
WaiifwVsell liousehoKl fttrnlture1 .
Want to sell dry .goods or carpets,
Want to find customers for anything.
Advertising will gain now customers',
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
r Advertising muKes fucoess e,ay,(
AdvcrtlKtng begeta , confidence,
' i Advertising shows energy, o
, Advertising ,J)0W8pluek,;li
Advertising rueani'biz," (
' Arl ri.llaA rim tkKnat v'
' i'i--. t j...,:.; -i
ah ci viae
I " Adveriise
e 1 1 ,
i s a
.... now,, ,
i, Every merahbnl, tnanu,facturr
or. buiinett man who hat Jeerme
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune ty judiciout advertising
y exception to (hit rkle can be
eite,d! f htewwL the u Prince, of
Merchq.nlf, when a ppor man, ipa
driveri to advertieingXt at a Zai
mor, 4o 'get hit ttock turned into
money to' at io meet a note.' Ar;
guing from thit that if il'wa't
good for , him in. advertily ht
could, .make it ttift b filer jn prot
ferity he became a pertitltnl ad
tie'rtuer,' arid Ihiit'1 gained hit co
lot'tat fortune; ur - . Ju,t 1 ';
'Some merchants -sax it is Hot Worth
while to advertise; for no person read,
advertisements; vet every merchant in
this, county will read - this advertine
menr, 'and if he is wise he will profit
hy its suggestion, if he has any thing to
offer . W'.rth adrertixing : -' llow much
mure then will those read them, .who
are 'not so largely'eopplied w th read
ing matter, are at leisure in thai even!
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local, news, the nrnst lirpoftant
item uf . which is where they can find
just what they want when they come to,
town to make their purchases.. Ifyoni
stock is ao old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it is run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w. nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new1, fresh snd sparkling, up to the
times, and, such as the, people want,
don't hide, them, but publish to the
world tht yod have them, and want
to sell thorn at.a fair pric6 t, ,;,,...,
. ..i-i- . v . 7
An advertisement nublished for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
and its effect continues in a-greater
ratio than most men imagine; ,ln the
end it. will make a man's nijme a per
manent matter, a pieoe nf real proper
ty built up in the minds ,of men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner lot ia his locality. ' ' ' 1 :
Ir you lose a watch; a dog or a child,
or if you , desire people not ta trust
your wife! yiiu rush K- your local' pa
per, knowinai that every one will read
the advertisement But you will plud
along in business year after year) witb
oat csJcultttina- how anuoh vua are loai
ing by not advertising -RfporUr.
i If ti.1i: ' --' 11' l J'.. i
i itinse cersons wno nroiesa in nrt
neve that nt-wspaper
?J ft"'
are, not, real by the publta
convinced or their error, j
vi'iivinuvja mi suvii vi sirs J IUCUI I
pvV publloity lo aome ' matter W J
would not care tu divulge to the.worldn
1 I- L a. I at
even in the most obeqyre corner of a
country paper, and see what notnriatv
they Would soon attain. Advertite
Qcuttta. fi t ).' n: ?jir ii-. i i -1
AovkRTismo is apt, to give na tht
gentle jug bl conscience which tells us
that we want ti new ealt f clothes for
eunday, or that ws promised our wife
a aew dress as soon as the bay wag in.
Perhaps' it would 'he a good plso Mr
Viadarne tq mark this paaaage and jay;
the paper' upon her husband's break
fast plate; Who will aa that adveK
tismg will not vetomljia (be world!
Ez, ' '
i ( t!t, -- H !. It ft.
' Wht do people read advertisements?
To rte who is enterprising arid to learn
what is , going on. .,3 aea if jh.e-e, h
Knythinn new, or anything that they
wan K Tee see if the-' senaon'r 'styles'
have come in, and to find out. w he- bag
them. To know if ajiy one is selling
off at reduced r tea, or to .watch the
ohanceof anahction. For amusement
To Mtiefv curioaty.J' : Because they
have read all .the stories, marriages,
hiftha, deaths, locals and accidents.
Beeauaa they want tv Beeaose they
can't help it. (Mto Stoff: JtirnaL r
' Tbb power.. pr prut Is.e!llkn6wat
but not well understood. A, printed
sentence hai; ' worrBerfu! ' advantage
ver ene that is written or,' spahtn.
n'k:. !j Ai.1 i.i.t.
ma ja ung oi ion many reasona wnien
gives rn iinportarJce to advertising. 'But
aaverttsara. eved tboea t expefteaee,
do not comprehend as well as thev
might the eapacityto inBdenoe; to per
snade, to eonvinee, wbioh liea in print
ed matter. Spokenworde require the
graces .of elocution"n3 the, force of
eloqtferlce,' jet evetf thet fade'kway In
to aotbingness if not eaaicbt'inv their
Biifht and nrintad. But there Is soma.
thing In' the silent language, the quiet
assertion ana tne-sense or. permanence
about printed matter which gives ila
marvelous foree' ifid itifluernce. " Bast
hs ratrj should I never perntit. at( ii-'
seises to loose eight or what rrr
aocomplished by a persevering r oT
the nrintinS1 nrMla 1 Vosn t, -
line,, and thee WtS 'boW.1''- ti
wnere" ol it, n4 oo fc
Uowledge ' ortVia?ig. '
,i"V''. vm W ii'f c. t i tvsil f jjuii sil
liiv .,Tt si" , jti-i 1
ta bodiiIs
oasitng to aciaalaauletattowa lota aad airta
uiaoa u low pncea, nt on 'liberal ieroisa
Psraona desiring to examine the pro party
eed tn buy eSeap hooaea Bratt ! apple at.Ua
Coaipany'a efflce to . . , ' - TlJ
1 ; ii, I ,. -i i .1 i ,. ti am i I i,n ml at.
i.i !i) ,i0T.Wl.TTHIOEirorfH t
..nil 1 t. b - J i -.! -ii. sHi ) sii'V,
-.wi t .i ,ii.ii:o' ha s'r,0 ?ll 1
,,, Which tssdaplsd to, , , ,
:tTr,r, rliaAerli tfaJtaM
GOODRICH, tbicago, Ilia., with Ave paleat
stamps. II, lift) 001ltI4-U,
Orflce snd saletrooos SO State at., t'bioage, '
;, J Has. i i )rtr i,i q., n in ills til SsaagSS
rpHBEaleeW norhpSny,wHasVttalM
A Sevelopenal t the local lata resUofaW'
ai, to, secure its permanent pioaperity, as) f
sdd to its Bonulaiton ana wealth, are ko
i'r, ,4-
'ii if i
If 70U .H9 Suffericg from unr
Broken Dowu CoeTJaUlaUtuij
it i..: 'Or require Sr RsUedX ! I s I sit
rjnrlfy ant nrlcta tb DIsm3
You Will find f)r.Crook'sC'iitneisisteIllrrs
p r fwl Unas lopM'r 'ar wisui
it, curs you more arwedlly. and do yots
mora gnotl thnu any and all otlienr retns
dies combined. -That Paihi, Telleiw,
B kiy-lee)klngSikli lk chanted to oa
f Ire-shaesaai.a bvalta.. Tae sslaestsvea
of tlie Mkin, Pimple1, PlI,
Ulotrhe and XrnaUewia Strsi reawrad.
Strrofulat. Kerolalona UlaeeaeMt uf th
Ky3,. Whlie StwelUaaa, Ultttrav SM4
Stm or any kind of Homor rapidly
TJwlndlenri(l disappear nnderlra lnflueaee,
i hat la IsT It la nature's ow restororl
A solub.a oxyd of iron combined with tha
med lot ual proiertleauf foks iteoi d Ideated
ot all dlKai;raeiibla qaalltles. H will ear
any srfoeawe whom real or direct eauaa la
Baxl Blexxl.l llktitaa)latia,-iPwlB)a las
I.tuiba or ItaneHs, 4'onatitwUena krokaei
ttowti by Mercuiial or other polaona, ara
li cured by IU 'os stysklllal or SrH
ISSIn tailnt, tliereUrtoUilna equal to it A
txlalwUlprovaJt, ,.jlJby ,..
U0IMB.V8IiiSON, lUc ArUar, Oale.
THE WKBWLT KUaVta too widely
to ferinra any f aieadew recowtmeiM
lint.iki raraiiWr.M h havealrttdf sHtk it
tfty tnonssnd suhwribers. and whieh will,,
we h"pe, Jive It man I thesaands sners, are
btieAyasralkmtaas.' si iVll
1 1 1 a flrtrat n-wnpSper. All th aews sf
the dxywiH be found in ikeoadensed whea
mimportant, alfall lenrth when of a-inmenl
ana a1 ware praMe1 In a clear, iBtalllsiMe,
andiateieetina meaner. fH. n ,r 'r.
- Ii I a Srstsarite family paper, fnll of -eaSaaM
laininf and instrnetive. reading of every Siad,"
but eonuinlaf BOthlne; that can oBend Sa
most delicate and acrupulous vast, t soi,
Hit a flrat-raleauiry paper. Th beat tale
snd mmaneea of current literature areeara
fully selected aad,.erbly primed lei's Peassw
9 f ta a.rr-rate kvfrrullkrrtSeiA .Ih
mmt rre-h s'bd Itiarrnclive- articles ok fri-cultnr-l
topic: regularly appear ia this was. '
partment. ,. ( ..... r r 1...-1 J
. It ia ao Independent political paper, hrieafx
Ing lo ao party and wearing bo cellar ll aghfca
for principle and the election af th beet aaea r
to i floe It eeuenally devolet ila energtea !
th exposure nf tha great enrruplioaa lhaSi
now weaken and dlsgreoa oui rountry,aad
threaten io undermine republiran tniituisa
altogether. It has aolear ol kaaeea, aad aaka '
no fctoreaf their 'erter. 1 . , ,.t
It report thefsshiena for the Iadiea aad tha '
marketa. for the men. espeoiallT the cattle.-.
marseis. to wnicn it pay partirularatlentiaa.
Finally, it la the chea! paper published.
One dollar a yoar will seour it for to? u-.
tctibef. It la not Seeetaary, tn tSaalab,
IB order to have THE W r.feK LV xlIN alihfa
rale. .ny ne who tends a single dollar trl B
e,rprrYM v . -j V 11
I -.. . M I-s 1 4 i w si I Si
THE WEEKLY BriT.-Elght pages,
Bfty-sij ooliimas. naly at S jeerv Hoaht.
tounts from this r'e ...
site at the l-ailyiiua. aOOS vsr, A .
eoom vf-tO percent, to ciulrt of lbrerTer.-7
TIIEltAILTBUN.-A large four p.se
aaatpaper of tweni -nahl eolimaaj Ilrf
eireu.aUoo ever ieMMN. Sd trseaew. for'
8 cent. Subaorii'iioBi.rweSOeeateamoBih, i
or M a yr Tn cluba ol 10 or ever, adit .1
eottiii of 80 net' sent. . i
! Addreee "TUB BUW. New Terk Clly.
' I li 'TH 1 i
,, J J h"rrv..lskrrt.tofta.,
Ssv u rMr i frsiu. aT. f ,T " STf
TSUI aa laursillse wsrt 1 1 SsWrsS mS slur
..., .Ilk s.sur... setnrlats. ssS M.ulM ,STli
rise. eMiiiHii t ut nu asTrVsT 221 TOF
II ssatslal tks sistrlssc sb ss.Ua f ft afcTrfy.
SstesbluikcSissBTsiksrwsrt. """l
wmtm orkwsr sr sv.ry wsi sa ikrsaf ki tkasaars
f" r"tsissBws sss
, steal !
la sal taBSMssisL.a.
A Ti,JiaUa2?i
M "
ft. . .
J!!: .'y.'LSa'g. Jr?
SM t..M. sf I.Rtl.H
Mlrs.IMssr.ef usweiasfrr as
Ik sri tm h,u J
7 sat
aslf. n i
sat tares. Is4 ttmi.
Iliwtrks. oam iJ ! . . 77 'JT .
na. ones psrlsra, Ks. II X, - -
NOTICE. Notice to the Stockholders of
NOTICE. Notice to the Stockholders of the Galpolis. McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
1.1. partiet having suhaenned lethe ep
v r- . swei.. i
MAmAm A l Ik. -
h", lT"l 1 K mskertayment to lhfje J ',
wary or rrr Comjany.at his office oa tha
. huiiu rsfusrs, IP UNIIUran
eHa. Ohln. at if e.M
conveoienl. to laniel Will, President of the
siniovonniy aaaa, at MoAnhor.Ohlp, af-v
"iV.1"!!"' dusrs,oa essVsUial
.. .unuru, -r,nio iea oaysot mil data.
August 10. 1171.
I T A. HdeitWiiesS
'dBlll71 Gac.av.u
' . fasiis 9lr.t tet'ti'l a-sltir. tC
MUHCIOiseckiMfll,. Ott.SDfww.ea
full paiticulart FREK. 8. M. Spsacsa, m
1 ' 1 ri I'I ',1 I M
lati ul t l
'I 1.117
.ual iiii-t t
y a
il :tl t 41
,:i io si; jHTfi
.mm 1 1 1 H
I ,: I ... I fll.rf I
t' 111! ''4 a ..
a i r- toiiti .0 itel .In..! ';n l i.imr'V
Wa will, sebd the. Kaoord and. tha.i ii
Il t

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