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'I i Kdltorand Proprietor.
W, Corner of Main and
"liOgaH Btt., 0opo8itei Uuurt Hones.
t .-..1 .... L. .
rciAUOMEli c. joKls.
. -i-J
ipffiffiiT LAW,
dotfr vast of Din 'Wilt t Bran.
'I. A
Olllce McArtbur. Ohio, , .t
Will attend promptly to til butineea entrusted
o hit care. tr . ... . i . uoll
ATTO R N i Y ' AT ! ii A W ,
proskcut;io atturnet,)
.rt;-?9.ARTHURf'.. .
"Will practice i Vmloa abl adjoining conn
tiea Biiiu-entti)iHlo limcur. piompt
;ijr attemiml lo. Olhce la Court Uouaa, ...
'y.yim7ny.,d l,.,
H'AifliEN "'OHIO.
C, F. 'CAKTWRIGflT. Proprietor.
' tyl'TVl Stably Attached.
Tho Hoii b uet bwn reiumiithed
throughout, iloomt elean and comfortable,
theiahle iipplil with the tent the market
Itonli, Hud do paiua pared to accomodate
f iteita. . .. ..-j mart 119 ly
J. C. COLIl A., JI.D.
Hat permanently located in , ,
. : .' tj ii . . . . I - i . .
for ilie practice of
to which, he will deto'e hn entire attention.
OKKI' K in l'Hvia' Huildinji up autirn. oppo
rte. Vinton County Bank. -
' Rit-itmci
. 1 'i
DarH Smart. Samuel W kilveri, Jr.
r. Wholesale Grocers
Prompt Attention given to tTie
XrunsRT oi i'iu ii(0 una
other Property from and to
Ituilroadaml (Jamil.
Water 8tree.beiutee.i Paint and Walnut
chilLicothe, OHIO..
Buy n.ma ii .. . ,
Italian and Vermont Marble
.i .. . . . .
Neatly ami promptly eieruled. .
.: j ..'.i . ' " . "
Mulberry St.,bet'n Second h Wate)
Cnillicotlie, Ohio. ,
J hfiyi?tead All "my own work' In pron.
I itafoU tlie finer iteitnK, ne the lievt
malorial, ami can lot he tindeioold. Pt reona
whin any work In my line are invitrd to
Cantine work, atnek and (vrioee, tiefore mak
tntnnniracie. " ''
1 personally .upeilntendrtie rnrcOn Killing
tip of .inn and monumen bought at 111
Mr hiiymn at thiaehop you will sarefrom IS
to in per cent, paid to ait nla. 24npr73 .
Tteth Extracted 1 Without Fain
l : an with .
CaaaJitajabeWurrtat my oSa. ' t L
Dr. H. T. UOtiUKSd, Jnokion, Ohio.
Cooiidlers, 'I
i "I .' r 1 l'. ' '
oncra.- Plntera,
iv. ;). r AM( r V a
ii .v.T .o-r1 -ejilcrt 'in pi ''''V'
la r.t 111 .ft: '7 : ; '"'I ,
Ll'feiiibAtfl (TpaitoeicRr.,', School,
ointVod liiaOKLAIIKUUt iioOSS, ' '
ti ' Wtsf Fntlh !Sieet, ' Cincinnati. ',
MCetatnjriir 'Wrni"tl 'grRtUl,ol''r'',
pptlcation and any book eett by majl, poet
ae paid oo receipt oi published prwa. , ,
IWIU'J mn'i1 tAett frow WilkejWlle to
Hamden and return every' Tueeoey, 'I horn
4id KiMy' fer the awommortatlon
e.iun.w. mawittft -tna entinmlioa with
th:oAil;Uja-oilw.-M; C. H R I Wilt
alao narry aipreea padkagnui' ehippted 16 or
??! W WiaWiu!eb"''1
VOL. 25 -NO. 12.
.'V k '
, 4r 1874. i
WHOLE NO. 1,260
THE WINE QUESTION. To this Editor of the Vinton Record
I bave justread "concluded
on the wine question by your
CbrreBpondentj'and would like
to notice some points made.
The elemer ts of Alcohol are
contained in fruit and grains
that God has made, and the
use of the fruit and 'grain, and
ilieir products in all the possi-
bilvies or their, chemical man
ipulation is right so far as lhy
tire the best tood : for the body
in healih '.ind the "best medi
cine when sictc. ..
. .When the bodyneeds fond it Is
our du tJ o supply U with thai
subsiance" best adapted to its
present want., Wben it needs
I iniuj a t i n g ,i t v elio u 14 'h j vb
Such a stimulant as the best in
termed authority at command
may prescribe. Qotf supplies-
the raw. material' and gives his
creatures Instinct and. reason
to direct them, in their prepar
ation, their choice and quantity,
and has lef. them without ppe
cific jaws .In regard ;to them,
ljut with ample general laws.
The theory of your corres
pondent that God intended
that lermented wine should be
used by his children is true to
this extent, viz : if it in the best
thing known at the time fur a
egilimale use But that he
ave it as a command to be
obe.ved is not shown by the
lexis quoted. Where wine
was demanded as an offering
it whs not because--the Lord
wanted oxen, or wine, or cheep,
l)i)t because he Wanted a snc
rifice of "whatever their soul
lusted alter," that which whs
yaluable to them in their own
estimation, and therelore wine
and strong drink were diMiiiind
ed As lo whether tood is
cooked - or- oncookert, raw or
roaflled.jwfi.hr .Wiiiajis;, ler
m en ted -j or y yn Ifinre n t e d,-; t i 1 1
r:plrkliiig! ligh 'heavy fir
dry is not I lie question. The
question , is what dues
ihe sysiteiii need - at the
time and how much? The
claim that , alcohol is
pv'ison to the sys em is not
periinent. The system ut limes
needs iliut which at other tunes
would be a poison and if al
cohol is llio best one known at
the tune it should be taken.
When its use is perverted your
correspondent says it becomes
a curse. It is alwayt pervert
ed whett) it is not needed; by
the system. It contains, when
lermented, no loud; it can
iht-'refore be needed only as a
siimulant. Tlie extent to which
it needed aa a 8'imulant let
those who do not use it an
Kwer., Arer they not as healthy
as those who do?
What your correspondent
hays about Ihe process of mxk
ing wine in lite s'omach is be
yond my chemistry, but I sup
pose it differs Iroin making in
ihe cask, as 1 have not seen
persona drunk Irom renting
grapes. lie says that the Mc
ArihuPDutchman who' drnk
sweet cider till he died of chol-
era, migh (have drank ihe same
amount blj 'ieriiientd' cider,
wine or beer,' and it Would not
have hur bini at all." lie had
his choice tb be a dead man or
a drunk man, and inasmuch
as no drinkard shall inherit
ihe jvingdom of God and some
cholera patients do, did not he
choose, wisei j f . Ii ia true there
was that other-choice, viz.' to
have ..gbstaiiied, tut,-then, he
would havw been an" extremist 1
a tf etolaller, a fanatic, and the
German would- choose ' the
cholera. or be drunkandBhe
ine- mrchartt-Wduld "rulLoi
'he would.-) r. ' -v I 'V
, It lermented wine is so much
more bealihiul antj;. the: juice
so daiigerouBwliy is iC WofeH
.ManlaH InrtfiOL ItPilfiai KPTt It -I
occurs t6 me now, that this
Tl .
wtiold iriVolve" hooping" tbeta
or tanning the-skin !
lour corretpoiiaeni wax-is
Haw-'-i ndCculea-he'ddea 6tt
"some of the sanguine ultra
doctors, with more; zeal' than
experiencecry ". let tie have
prohibitory' law, etc.,' el c
"Jure the -.dog; frcm. killing
sheep by .keeping no 'sheep,
stop bim Irom eucklng eggs by
keeping no hen3 to lay eggs."
I confer I must have mistaken
the doctors;! thought-they
rmposed to kill th9 dog
Your correspondeniThen with
some pith and much propriety
goes on (o diraw 'compurisnns
from horse stealing .and Sab
bath breaking. ' He save why
not on Ihe same principle stop
men from stealing horses ' py
ha ving'no horses j to ,teali
Triu misapjifehed thelrtct6r8.
m. - - . i- - .
inev pntpoae lo 8op.-t,he man
ufacture . of 'horsi? thieves by
prohibiting the sale of ferment
ed liquors. He 's'ays Vhy not
stop tirtlibatlv ! breaking' by
having C no SabGalhl",. That is
just what the wine' and ; beer
doctor i are now trying m Oin
ciunau. -i
i "The theory that- the de
mand creHtdS.ihefupply isonly
partially - true. Te demand
lor fermented liquors is created
rrninly vby those, who , supply.
It conies (thu: A Qne Hall is
furnished with "expensive"1 bil
Hard tablesames are indulged
in, agreeable, compHnmns ar?
it: vited; there innocent wines,'?
"light wines,' "home produc
tion," "such as are 'drank at
every meal in countries where
Neul Dow. says ,.N there U no
drurikenne88;,'.j so ; the simple
young man. drinks with the
Judge or the Colonel or Ihe at
lorney and bus fallen. Ills
tnntht rYiltnoniiinns come lo
him, and arouse his conscience,
bui the pUuedhhj men that fur
nl.h respectability and wine or.
beer lor ' this aud two
or three oilier establish
ments, men who are too
tiordfd to have generous , im
pulses when among tReir lei
lows, who love money better
than comrades, jovial coin pan
ions .or ' hilarity, who never
yield to the temptation to
spend five cents or get on a
spree these men say in his
hearing, ''George is getting
loose from bis mm Iter's lead
ing 8triutr; he'll make a dash
ing fellow; no danger of him
going loo far; he has a will ol
his own." George swells up
with his own importance, but
presently his conscience whis
pers; but one of these respect
able producers that has stolen
an overcoat out of the
livery of heav9ii says ir.
his hearing, -Ok,these lanat csl
Did not Christ make wine, and
the Lorddem mded wine as an
off -ring to 11 1 in?' The work is
accomplished, a demand is
treated. Mr. Respectable and
Mr, Plausiblrt' know it will on
ly be a few mom hs till ho will
be beyond light wines and beer
and demand a whisRy supply,
so they proceed to beguile oth
ers into their net. -
Now, Mr. Elitor, is it . not
wonderful that the crusaders
lrj to lead such "men to Christ
afier '.reading of - Ely mas the
Sorcerer. It is true there was
the thief on the cross, but then
there was another-thiet? Al
exander r Snrttk; Q'ulj' .ea,v,.,a
thousand years from now when
iheir two souls are damned
t hey 'IT sit beside the slygian
pool and read their acts by the
red light of belLT: .
Tho pious indignation oi
your correspondent . rises al
must to mral grandeur when
be 'says, 'Indeed, I havn quii e
lost patience wiih ' this false
preachinjf, ibis daubing with
unt.einpered.3 m6rta?.7 ; h e
pleaching; - for the last ix
months has tried the pitleace
of wine and beer men, but it
t-. - , . . .i .- . - -. -a .
has been the gospel -of conso
le.) ion lo many a heart broken,
wife and. m t her, ol peace to
many a distracted .family, and,
of plenty toUiooaad.o.fo-.i..bil.
iahin children. . As (o the
other, there will be time for
patience to have her perfect
work; for mortar I tempered
with, wine', beer and whisky
will deub the walls bf Zinn no
How he Looked.
A person In - Maryland, who
' '. x .aa.:'-' ' . ill.. . " - ' - -
was auuic.ea io,urunKenness,
bearing a considerable uproar
in his . kitchen one, night, bad
the curiosity to sfep with ut
noise to the door to know what
waa the matter, when he lound
his ' servants indulging in the
ffio-Hn., Aifrridecrroars , ; Oi
laughter at: a couple of negro
boys who were tniinicking bim
self fu hisi ! drohften : fits--f as!
h:iw he reeled and, alaggered,
ho.w. , he, j looetL'apd,1' nodiled,
ana hiccoughed; tad tumbled
.The pictures which Ihesvlit
tie darkies drew '6l him, and
which had; filled the rest 'with
such inexhaiistable merriment,
6trucs . bim with sq salutary a
disgust that from that night. he
became a perlectlyi sober man,
to- the joy of his wife and chll
dreh. It s a pitv some other
men could njl see themselves
imitated in a like manner. . :.
Man's Destiny.
It can uot'be ihtt tbe earth
is man's , on ly abiding place.
biae why id it the hip h and glo
riou aepirallon6 - which Jeap
like augela Irom the temples of
our hearts," are forever wander
ing about unsatisfied? Why is
it. that the rainbow and the
cloud come over us, with a
beauty thai is not of earth, and
then pass oil and leave us lo
muse upou Hhetr laded 'loveh
nts?? Why' is It that the stars
which '-hold their festival
around the midnight throne,"
are set above limited faculties.
ft !
lorever mocking u with their
unapnroacliable glorj?. . And
finally, why is it that bright
tonus of ;r human beauty i aie
presented to our view, and then
taken Irom us, leaving' the
thousand streams of our aflec
tion to flow back in Alpme tor
rents Irom our hearts? tVea're
born for a higher destiny-than,
that ol earth; ; There is a realm
where the rainbow never fades
where, the . stars; will, be
spread out before ua like tho
islands that slumber on tbe
nceau, and where tho beautiful
beings, which here pass befote
us like shadows, will stay iu our
jire ence forever.
, Seneca V. Ely, in his paper
the Coviugtou, (O.tio) Gazelle,
sas. .....
vVe have had occasion. lo re
iterate our opinion that Hon.
rJ.JS'.'Bun'dy, of Ohi'ois'bne 'oi
the soundest and wisest states
men in Congress. For , thirty
years, or- more, he has been a
practical farmer, iron master,
legislator and observer, Irom
ihe people, of the people, and
with the people. tVhile the
discussion on the since vetoed
currency bill was' progressing,
to wit: on the 9th day of April
ultimo, while'-fineen-minutes
speeches were in order, Mr
Bundy mode one of the neat
est aud most ' conclusive1 ad
dresses In tavor of- the bill (bat
Was offered on' the eul ject.
A few days ago a hungry
partyt satj dowu at . the .welH
spread supper table of .a Souud
sieamer;'upon which' 1 one oi
the dishes contained a trout of
moderate-size. :A serious-look
ing individual! drew. I hie dish
owaid him, saying, apologet
callyj "Thw is fail "'Say' with
ilia next ueigbb
or. an
Irish gentleman,', imajedialelj
inserted bis lork into the fish
arid transferred it to his own
pfale, remarking, uSirk do you
suppose nobody baa a aowl- to
he saved bat j ourseli I ' v '
If a man dreams Ihe. devil if
aftef klrnit ii a'gn he'had
beter qeule .bia. lubacriplioa
A Home of One's Own.
Human existence implies the
necessity of food, raiment and
shelter. A habitation is scarce
ly less Important to life than
(be question u bat shall ye eat
and wherewithal shall ye be
clothed!" Happiness, in civil
ized countries, largely depends
upon the comforts and conve
niences with which - a - home
roayJbe invested. IV.
Every man in this country,
especially if he has a family,
should' possess a home of his
own:, $qd generally, this may
be secured in a few yeara by
industry, frugality and pru
dence. In p large - towns and
cities., the money expended
for rent oy persons in ordinary
avocations will, in a few years,
purchaee a modest home. "To
be dependent upon - landlords
years after years for habitation
is. often inconvenient and un
pleasant, besides being very
poor economy. There are
many vexations and anoyances
which lew rents escape, alend
ing their experience as tenants
of other people's houses and
tenements, while 'the burdens
of taxation for mdnicipal pur
poses roll mainly upon the ten
ante: as landlords charge the
taxation imposed for public im
provements bh them to the rent
roll, and it therefore comes out
of the pockets of (heir tenants.
In a hoi8ev.P.( hlao-arnj dO
feels not only that' he" is less
dependent than hen occupy
ing a tenement belonging to
another, but there is an incen
live to improve and beautify a
home, (o make it attractive and
thus add lo its value a motive
not often present when a mau
lives in a rented tenement.-'
.' From every'point in viewlt
is advisable lor a mn ol family,
when he 'has found a perman
ent place ol residence to pro
vide a home lor those depend
ent upon him. Whether in
town or the country, l his is ad,
visable, and the reasons for ii
are so obvious that it is scarce
Iy(nec68sary to refer to theni
Come to,. Meinour where
you can buy a lot cheap and
bv human industry can soon
have a home of your own.
NoNfof the Creamationist 8
have yet quoted that striking
passage in Lord Lytton's 1 Com
ing Race," which so clearly
foreshadows the present move
ment. We print it again ,for
their bentfii.- 'While these
i wo were talking my attention
was drawn to a dark tuetalic
cubstance at tbe further end of
Ihe room.. It was about t wen-
ty- feet in length," narrow in
proportion, And all closed round
save near the roof,, there were
some , . small ; . holes . through
which might be seen a red
light. From the interior eman
ated a rich, aweet perfume.
Then' the corpse, covered by a
long cerement, was tenderly
lilted by six of the nearest
kinsfolk and borne toward tbe
dark; thing I bad described. I
pressed .. forward to see what
bad happened. T A sliding' door
rpaunel at one end was lifted
up the body deposited wiib.-
in, on a- sheJf tpe door re
closed a-sprang attlie side.
tpuched a sudden whiahiug,j
sighing sound heard from with
in, arid lot at ihe other end of
.1.1 u i . '
the machine tbe lid fell down,
and a small hand'ul of smol
dering dust dropped j into: a
Liairia uiaucu' tu revetve : it. ,
V . . . . .1, . - -
Ihe son look up tbe patera and
BaidBenold,;howgreat ja Ilie
Maier.1 io; inis lime arsi
gayiiornl aLlileand 8oul.-4
it needs pot this little du.-t lor
Uim to renew -of ra and life and
soul to the . beloved one we
shall soon sne again. 0n tbe
ID of; the patera! waa engrif
lle name, of : the. deceased and
tie&e words, 'Lent lo os' (here
Ilie naie oi rxrinj; 'Kfcaiiea
irom- us' there Uie date, oi
- T . 7 :. .,:.:: i
(,: . J i. l-i -
Thk causes of dandruff are
various. Sometimes ' it is al
lowed lo remain until jt is very
difficult to remove, arid the Ore
ol a fine comb will aa often ag
gravate as mitigate the disease.
If a fine comb is used at all it
should be passed lightly
through the hair, Ihe comb just
touching the 'scalp, 'sulphur
water will remove dandruff
Put a thimbleful ot it in a little
water, and wash the head with
it. ' Alterward use clear wafer.
Wipe dry and apply a little cas
tor oil and brandy; enough of
the latter lo thin the oil "
. C h . 1 m - : l L -
A blkx horse is understood
to be an animal which.when bar
nessed, refuses to start. Vari
ous expedients, many of thein
ciuel, are resorted loin order
to overcome such 'obstinacy,
and it may, therefore, be well
enough to please note the Cali
fornia method. It ia to put a
rope unCer the . horse's body,
behind bis fore legs, and to let
two men, one at . each, end,
draw tbi rope, backward and
forward, 98 if .'sawing'' at the
legs. It must not be .done too
roughly, but still with 'jiorce
sufficient.' The. animal, to es
cape something he does not u'n'
derstaud, wi.( soon move a few
steps, and, after a lengthened
but quiet application of such
a "persuasive" process, will
not fail to move. on. Repeated
applications will work a thor
ough cure. ' ' 1 '' t-'lf
Directions ; were given ; by
ibe Uuiied States Senate the;
other day to have a spot,, de
signated in the Capitol Grounds
lor tbe equestrian statue ol
General Greene, ,4in conformi
ty with the resolution of the
Continental Cpncress, passed
in 1786." .There was no.occa
ion to hurry , about it.'; It' is
not a hundred years since the
reseloiion was passed, and who
cares , a continental what the
Continental Congress resolved,
anyhow?: ; ; ;r. t,.,-;,
Thb' Mississippi Legislature
has passed a law providing that
no person should be licensed
to sell liquor without firsl (se
curing the signatures ol more
than one lmlf of the. men over
Iwenty one . years of age, and
of women over eighteen years
of age, in the townchip'or mu
nicipal corporation where be
pnlposes to open his bar, re
questing that such license be
granted. " '' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' "'
A man in the Fhiladelpka
insane asylum immagihes him
self a woman. Qe 'dressses
himself in female attire and
prls hi hair in the middle.
During the day he associates
with ,thei females "nd does eew
ing, aud. embroidery of .tbe
finest Kind. . Qe has been re
served for Ibe Centennial. ,
A MiLWAUkKB' boy has swal
lowed half a dozen steel but'
tons and his mother dosen't
have to scream 'for him .when
he Is out on the street playing
with those Clockerson boys.-
bhe just firings a maginet to the
door, arid be 'ics to it like a
needle' to tlie 'pole.1' " ""J,',:
.. ,, - i .u. : i1 -.-o.t
,. A JPB0FESS0B who stated that
one.can. noaste ip .theidark,
as riatare intends lis to pee our
food, was.,. nearly floored by! a
pupil who asked, ,u How: about
a blind man's, dinner?'! But be
recovered himselLby-fanswer-ing;
;N at ure, sirv has provided
ia) with -eye-feet h.?t.; l I n
, -'A 1 GENTLEMKir !6f LonistiUe
has a bbg-Ta pdintefj ' The dfog
ran up 'thA' sVepS of WnoUiei
and ' Vefus'ed fo1 -coffa'e1 down'.-;,1
Bid toaSfelollowed and found
j-A'.'WlrWge"5'- in; the; .fcdooir
plate. This illustrate, - the
force of inaUnctT .
I. 'i a'i .mi 1 1 auT
i DoBBi thinks HbatiiTtstfaol
giving credit. jtbeffB credit is
due,-tbp(.cafihi had.-beUeri te
7" . i, 1
One square,..., 1 0
Lachadtllttoc. as ertlon , : ; " AO
Cards, per yt rr ....... ..10 fO
Local notice' fa Watt, A HlJh
- Yearly advrtiaemnt f 100 Ort
column, tnd t proportionate rate Pei
kaaapa. Payable In advaac.
taTThe Record beinr the offlclsl
paper of tfie town, andJiaTlnr i
iHrtreer lrrii tstlnn nfuMuT. .1 .
counry. offert' luperroi InJucemeu
TaBQbio StatB , Journal jj.
speaking of .the late , legiila-
turesays: We do-ioot aee any
reason for going- further than
the . fact that it was; a Deinc
cratio legislature, to find; wbr
it was a . failure. ,1 came into
power by what billiard player
call a 'scratch;" it!mada.:'a
grab for all , (he offices within
its reach; added , salaries to as
many ol them as it dared; sajt
as long as it could;, arid,., fheu
adjourned i to the relief ( of
erybody. ', izV. -
' To see" hbw eagerly a'humau
being'will- catch at" a' 'tint,
It' is not necessary to'VitlesVi
drowhrnfii. - 'The-'SbenorfllrliwI
la now ; mahifbst chiefly ;hla
saloons, wherVbhe en'dc:b 1&4
straw is imrnflr8ed1in!4ffum.
bier. ? A ja '-05 t:oiliu:.n
,iii. .'.iuoma
A Neyada' married woman.of
fifty recently elpped with a, boy
of fifteen. If Nevada has nq
laws to protect the trundle-bed
trash of the State we ', woold
advise all parenLs to eoll .put
and leave.. ,'..
' ' -i
Medical studehtsf are -warned
not' to ask a certain Wesieri
minister1 to preach lor tham!
He baa his text iready: -"Tu'hi'i
diseases Asa1 Bought no t' to "tho1
Lord, bii't 'to the ' physicians'!
And Asa slept with' his fatto.
A new" method of saying pa,
per has teen- invented out
West by editorti."-They 'writo
ilieir articles' with stolen thl
on the soles of their booti. and
go barefooted i while1 the'Mc6p
ia 'being set up. - tov.i.i
.. . : t r"1" !'.:! i -It
(, A youxa married, f womair
named Maggie. Foreback, copi-
initied suicide in Terra JiauU,
uj lanuig .morpiune (jiaaa.jj
alterVioon." l-e crueUofjhfp
husband" was'tuV cause,
in '
. Charles LaMb, In peakinir
of one of his rides on horst -back,
remarked that. alj , r
once the horse stopped, buti
.nfi;n. r;;
,,Tijb : proposition ) to : IntrAL
doce , ladies i asi yailrbad Jcoi -ductors
is virownjediimpon :jii
view, of the iact that Itheir
Iraina aie .alwayB behind.10 1 -ii
" Jddqe FftrifiE,' of Cincinnali1.
was married triliss Franci
D. Horton,, daughter .of, Hon.
V. B. Horton, at Pomerpy last
! : f
Judge Uareek " at dronton.
fast week, asseseed ,,$716 fine
lor violations of the liquor law,
three parties. ere sent to jail
each lor 20 dajB. 1 ; -1
"An overflowed widow mh
three childrenladvettisea i .
the New Orleans rPiQATtrsB for
her lost cow that disappeared
wajh the -flood.!: ; .u 4Un -i9llo
; Stephen i GAlaj head,; was
never -more level tiian when b
remarked that "constant, aD'I
persistent advertising ia a euro
prelude to wealth." '.A .uYf
A Maine woman: has hajrjev-
en feet and iflfe ince .ofT-rj
too long to be available l"or ace
in butter. r;i Ct'-t-a.-i.imil .ozb
Judge Pxaht's.' at. tomerbVa
DnetT a sa.oo'nisf ibO.'and' nut
him to jaiLnniilBeJtUerieQu
sow,1 w1irie;'eamaireS8eV sSl
tTtT-'-'- '' e n.a
The Worcooier, MasivCruia.
ders lave slbrmed) pHntiU?
office Jb Nobody kil leuV a a a: 1 ii
airs uree. wuo iook a leconcl
husband the other darevi.-
dentin wpte4t.osrjsatexuT
Farmkm8 gather what they.
bow, while Beamsuesses. iec
what they gatbtrr. .
' . AIJAia-oti drawex8.T-Ai;8pani
of truck horses. .uivTi J

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