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a. uariati
Editor and Proprietor.
prnOBI.'W. Coras? of Mala aaj
Logan Its., Oopouts Court Horn, j
. i n2IcARTHUR, OHIO. .
! Oment One door weal of Dan Will A Bros.
- Office McArthur. Ohio,
Will attend promptly to til boaiaeea entrant!
ie hii er. ' , dot It
- McarthUr.
WiUpraetioe ij Viaton aadadjotoinfteenn
tlna. 8aeti.eneotruetedtobuieare piompi
4j attended to. OOoe la Vout House.
UanauMMlr ' t
' 1 - OPPOSITE B. R. BEPOT. j -: '
$ - F. CAETVVRIGQT.' Proprietor.
Xrfcwjf ' Stable Attached-"" '
The Houm hu ju.t bern reftimivhed
lhronhout. Kooni clean nd eomfortaMe.
Ihe table enpplled with the t ine market
efforde, and no paiaa apared to accomodate
gneeta. mart lHtw 1
J, C. COLEMAN 111. II.
' flat perrnaaenUjr located in .
. v& .. .
or the practice of
- . r -
to which he will deoe hit entire attention.
OFFICIO in lie' Huiiriiny up atair. ojipo
tit Violon County Bank. . '
RMDt!C '
baft Smart. Samuel W Kilrert, Jr.
,."' . fEtabllhd U61.1 V .
'i r ,.,.- - .,: . -
Wholesale Grocers
Prompt Attention grlven to the
Transfer of PIO IKON and
other Property from and to
ttailroad and Canal.
Water StreeUbetween Paint and Walnut
nvllMli ..
Italian and Vermont Marble
Neatly and prompllr ezeroted.
Mulberry St.tot'n Second & Watei
1 tnpentitond all my own work in perron
I aieout. all the liner Hin. iim the liml
m.Uirlal, and can -lot he nniiolri. Prrmna
within any work in my line are invilrd to
' zomnie work, ttoek and price, before mak
lperaonally tupei intend the earoflil aettinc
mp of aloe. and monumenu bought at mj
Br buTintt at thia ahop yon will aiefrom is
w m per cent, paid to a nta.
Teeth 'Extracted Without Pain
' and with '' - ' '
', byAeeaf '' .
Can ataraye be fcaixt at my olBcw.
tr.. T. UQUUES, Jackaon, Obio.
JanWt . . S '
,- it
... PcaLuatat WaotaiaU aan Baraik -
JJookselkra, " Stationers.:.' Printers,
Wilder, ; , -
I .
eaiei ia
LA,r Wrbiott, TaaotooioRt, '8obool,
aod Mucklambooi Booxa, '..
65 Wat Fwtk Strut, Cincinnati.-'
aWtalogaet raraiaTMl'gratnttoaai oa
pplieation and any book tent by whuI, poatt
je paid no receipt tpnUiabed price. -
If-! ' ' -
HACK imm
IWlLt. ran a nek frornf WilkeatilleiA.
Haiqdaa and returw eTery Tuewiay, Thorn
aT, na nmriaT nr m. wrwainionaHOBV
f paaaaagtre. mekieg eloaexonoeccion withJ
ana omii traina on.tne at. u. tax. iwiii,:
too narry expreM.aackagaf)ahiip4 to of '
001 poiaielrrtM AOtua Eaprwvo. -
0m$ t
VOL. 25 NO. H.
18, 1874.
WHOLE NO.' 1,2G2
If Lazarns had lived to-day ot down
In tome tuan'a door
An' that mitn'a dor had coma along',
and licked ol.I I jtz'a afM.
I'm satisfied, with all tlie Chrlstiaa
n,d sutloii-bouen poor Las and
lie we nog ror uacim' Ltn.
The Initiation Isites Revealed.
An Ohio Reporter givea the
following "expose" of toe inili
atioa ceremoniei of the Oraug
u0n being brought into the
ante-room ol the lodge I was
told that I had been balloted
for and accepted. ,
My informant, who was se
curely masked by what 1 after
ward learned waa a large bur
dock leaf perforated with holes
for the eyes, told me if 1 valued
my life it would be necessary
for me to. strip. As 1 did con
eider tuy life of considerable
worth to me, and as he italicls
ed bis wishes by carelessly
playing with a seven shooter, I
wiibdrejr irom my garments
wiih eagern en.' My masked
friend then furnished me with
the regalia ol ibe first decree
called "The Fedtive Plow Boj"
which : consisted merely of
one large cabbage leaf attach
ed to a waist band of potato
vines. In this airy costume I
was conducted to the door.
where . my companion , gave
three. distinct raps. I was se
curely blindfolded by binding
a slice of rutabaga over each
eve. A sepulchral voice Irom
within asked: "Who 'comes?''
My guide answered: 'A
youthful agriculturist, who da
sires to become a Granger."
, Sepulchral Voice Have you
looked him carelully over?.
r Ouide I have, "noble gate
keeper. "
8. V. Do you find any agri
cultural marks about bis per
son? ; ' '
Guide I do.
S. V. What are they?
Tut cundidaie baa carrotty
hair, reddish whiskers and a
turnip nose. '
S. V.-T18 well. Why do
you desire to become a Uran-
Guide (answering for can.
didate) That 1 may be (here
by belter enabled to harrow up
the feelings ot rascally politi
S. V. You will bring in the
candidate My wonhy strip
ling, as y u ran not see, I will
cause you In leel that -you are
received at ihe door on the
three points of the pilchfor,
piercing 1 he repinn ot the stom
ach, which is to teach the three
great vir'ues faith, hope and
chant : F.uth is yourself, hope
lor cheaper far-n ; machinery,
and charity for the lightning
rod peddler. You will now be
harnessed, and, in representa
tion of the horse Pegassus wi 1
be tested as to endurance aod
wind. - - ; . -,
The candidate is here attach
ed to a small imitation plow, by
means ot a hempen harness. A
dried, pumpkin vine is put in
his mouth lor a bit and bridle
he is made to 'get down on
all fours, the gnide "seii'8 the,
bridle, and, urged on by the
Granger armed with' a Canada ;
thistle, whiih be vigorously ap
plies, the candidal, is galloped,
three times around the, room.
While making the circuit1 the
members trlse and aingt' "
Get np and dust, you bully boy ;
Who wouldn't be a Granger f
If the tlilatle'a itlng don't eauae yoo
To leellug you are eatraDged, ar 1 1
"After this "violent eiercibe
be is. robbed dry with cord cobs,
beeBWaled where thistleu ind
brought standing np before the
great chief the Most Worship
lul Pumpkin Hetd. '
I M. 'W, P. -U.- Why - do' you
desiie to be a Granger? -
i Candidate Una wering for
himseli) That I- ttray learn tq
i .
sewing macoxne
, nna
; M. w. r. 11 Have your
hand been hardened with toil
. Candidate Not exactly, but
then 1 am not running for office
M.W.P U.Tis well, for our
lodge contains several who are
supposed to be ready to sacri
fice themselves for their con
stituents. Do you leel pretty
smart this evening?.
Candidate Yes, where the
thistles struck.
M. W P. U. (savagely)
Give me a chaw of tobacker?
Candidate searches himfe
thoroughly, but as there is' no
place about bim to stick
pocket tries to explain, but the
Most Worshipful , Pumpkin
Uead interrupts him with:
"Never mind, my dear young
friend I am well aware that in
your present condition you can
no more furnish your Iriend
with the weed than Adam
could be comfortable in a ping
hat and light boots. It is mere
ly ' to teach yoo the great les
son of economy doing to oth
era as vou'd like to have them
do unto you. You will be con
d'icied to the Most Eminent
Squash Producer, who will tell
you the grand bailing sign of
distress. The sign, my worthy
brother, will insure you against
many of Ihe ill of the agricul
turist among others againl
drouths and being bit by the
ferocious grasshopper.
The candidate is now con
ducted to the Most Eminent
RniiHsh Producer., who thus
says: "My worthy brother, I
will now invest you with the
order of the Festive Plowboy.
which you have well won by
ynur heroic achievement while
hsrnessed. May you wear it
with pleasure, and mav it be a
means oW terror to your ene
mies." . -
The M. E. S P. then proceed
to invest the candidate wim
ihe regalia of the Festive
Plowboy, which consists of a
long tomato necklace The
gnnd hailing sign of distress is
made by gently closing the left
eye, laying the right forefinger
alongside the nose, and violent
y wagging the ears. It re
quires practice, and the advan
tagen are intense. It Iihs also
an important signification.
which you will do well to beed.
The closing of the eye signifies
hat you are to have an eye to
business.. Laying tne.nnger
alongside the nose is emblem
atical of wisdom and places you
at om-e among the knowing
ones. This Is extremely bandy
in the prognosticating'of' new
weather,, and saves the wear
and tear of almanacs. Wag
ging ihe ears signifies sublimi
iy ot purpose, and is thought to
be emblematical of childhood's J
appy hours. It is also snp-
posed by some prolound schol-j
ars to have a distinct reference
to apple dumplings, but this
fact is snmewhat obscured by
he dust ot age-. In token
that you are one of us, you will
now be branded.
This ceremony is qncomonly
repressive and consists of two
brands. They are both applied
"while the iron is hot," and con
suls if one letter of the alpha
bet each. The fin t is a larce
etter 6 n which yon will
please sit while the other lat
er is applied to the stomach.
.The letter 8 my worthy chick
en signifies. scooped, and refers
to railroad . monopolies. It is
alsos supposed to indicate the
seat 'bf learning -the "spot
where the ' old June teacher
bunted for brains With Ihe fer
ruler The second" Ie tt er Is C,
and is applied as I said before,
to the stomach. : It has a doci
ble meaning. First, the appli-
canon, is 'an agncoiturai one,
"corn'cnb," "and has reference
to the1 stomach as being) 'the
great receptacle for Bourbon
whisky. , But, Brother do tiot
be diligent in fi nding' a home
market ioryout cora. The see
ond application of the letter C,
my distracted infant is, got hold
of as follows: When a Granger
desires to know Mdr sure" if
there is another in the room, he
raises 'himself genily by the
slack of bis of his onmention
ables, scratches bis oil thigh by
his near hoof, and remarks in a
voioeof thunder: ."Are there
any Granger aboulP , The an
swer Is "Jeese Wax." The in-
1 t
qairer then sajs.Het ns," (let
ter C,) and the ether party
must immediately disclose the
brand. ' ' -T.'.
The brands are applied in
such a manner that I am ena.
bled to assure you that they
will wash.
I was here interrupted, Mr
Editor by a volltfy fir'ad into tba
open window, evidently intend
ed for me. Fortunately I es
caped without a scratch, and,
what is ot more consequence,
succeeded in bringing oil, my
precious -manusotipt. Ibis is
about all there is in the cere
mony of any importance.
must leave the country at once
armed men are at my heels
they know I am writing to
expose. them. You may hear
from me again (by mail, if I
should deem it best to expose
the other degrees. Until then
A Colorado Editor Interviws
A Chinamen.
We asked him if he didn't
want some advertising done.
Ue slopped work long enough
to say that he charged a dol
lar a dozen, without ironing.
We explained that it wasn't
washing we wanted, but adver
tising. We told him bow much
his business would be increas
ed, how he'd be richer than
the king of the-Sandwich Is
lands in six months it he'd
only advertise. This seemed
to be clear to him, and bis face
brightened up as he said: "Bus-
ness belly slow; nobody got
no money." We calmly looK
out a paper at that. We care
ally explained to him all
about fi teen cents a line one
of these thing clear acrots
here every time the paper was
printed. The people, we told
bim, would read this and then
come to him for washing. Ue
look a deep interest in , the
whole story, a. id paid marked
attention to our few remarks.
You see, Mr. Uong Lee," we
said, thinking be was getting
along first rate in English,'
"this is a paper Ibis here"
(putting a finger on it). "When
people read they rush off fran
tically and buy ot everybody
whose name they 6ee in the
paper. Do you understand!
Ue said he did, and wanted to
know how many pieces we had
whether they, were big or
little. We felt discoaraged.
We hart worked hard for halt
an hour already, and he all. the
time thinking that we were
talking about washing) With
an imprecation on the whole
race we went over the whole
story again, even going so. far
as to figure out 10 bim how
many papers we primed and
how many we expected tu
print,' He was li attention as
belore, but' when we stopped
for breath he spirted water on
a batch of clothes through - his
teeth, and. then; said, as coolly
as a mummy, that if we bro't
the clothes .on ' Mondays he
would have them
nesday. i: -
done. Wed-
Ih the manipulation of the
telegraph nuder Government
control in England tfaejro i el
readf- i Weekly deficit of 't5.
000 and It is increasing." This,
too,' in the face Of tbeiaet that
every possible' manipulation,
luuh as charging to the gener
al 1 post tffice accoant much
that la property chargeable to
the telegraph,', take place to
make tbisBowingfaf oxable to
The Inebriates' Home.
The Inebriates' Home. New York Sun.
The Asylum for Inebriates
00 Ward's Island Is practically
a commodious hotel, with no
restrictions npbn Its boarders
except that they can not use
intoxicating beverages anlecs
by medical order..' There are
three m rates 1 of board, 414 a
week, 18, and S3, the $3 board
er haying ample but plain fare
and plainly furnished rooms;
both far more comfortable than
can be bad n New York for $3
a week; and the 114 . boarders
enjoying a table : tit for men
who' are accustomed to sump
tuous fare, the $8 boarders
having all the luxuries of the
$14 except the table. There
are a' billiard room, smoking
rooms, a reading room, and
library; and spacious higher
priced apartments to.be had
for more money. The Asylum
nearly sustains itself; constant
ly improving its grounds, and
aiming to be in every way a
comfortable, pleasant, and sal
utary home. It was opened
f ix years ago next July, There
were at first no restrictions, it
being taken for granted that
escli boarder desired to reform.
Dui appeal to sentiments of
honor was unavailing, and the
regulations afore mentioned
were therfore established. It
was alike for men and women.
For the last two years and a
half women have not been re
ceived, except as house ser
vants, from the BlackwelPa
Island Workhouse, all the la
bor in doors and out being per
tormed by persons ol this class
persons arrested on short
sentences for drunkenness or
disorder. The asylum has on
the average a hundred servants
of both sexes.
Toe officers of the asylum
are few, as its management if
simple and systematic. Dr.
William L Hardy, formerly of
the Park Hospital and of the
school ship on a trio to the
North and South Pacific, has
be entire superintendence,
There are a clerk, engineer,
matron, JaunCress, dec, and
about forty boarders. Some
are permantly' . miintained
there by. their despairing
friends. Ofiener the inebriate
voluntarily seeks the refuge of,
this quiet home, feeling the ne
cessity of an altered life, and
glad to avail himself of the ad
vantages hero provided.
The medical treatment is
confined to relieving the at
tack ot 'accute alcoholism
which most patients are suffer
ing at the time of admission;
and r-ubsequently to repairing
the ravages of dissipation. De
llrura tremens and convulsions
are familiar aspects of human
life here; and incipient deliri
um tremens. V . -.Total
abstinence is enforced
except in cases where it is nec
essary to bridge over thr de
bility; and then only 111 the
form of nutriment, as egg nogg;
not one patient , in twenty
needing the nourishment. . ..;
. The . printed reports show
that in the first four years
there were about 600 paying
boarders; in the first year, 51 in
the second," 147; in the third,
165; and in the fonrth, 233. Of
these 600, about 120 ran away.
The deaths have been very
few. ;
The inebriate's only means
of encaging boaid is by appli
cation to Superintendent K1
loggs, Eleventh street and Third
avenue. . Si. . ., ., ... .,
' One half of the bnildina is
used as an asylum for disabled
soldiers. ' ..'.')'"
. These is a sly fellow np town
who has laughed in his sleeve
0 ranch that it has become
threadbare.' "' '
: , Wait ia the ..key-note of
good breeding? B natural.-.' ,'
I QtL9 a. big 1 knave and little
hofteat men will;worslu blia
The Fastest Railroad
The newspaper train on the
Pennsylvatia rulroad nor car
ries a passenger coach. Ii
stsrts from Jersey City at 4:10
A. M. aod arrives at West Phil
adelphia at 6:57. The section
between New Brunswick and
Trenton is run at the rate of a
mile a minute. The train has
been in operation about a year
and has met with but one ao
cident,' when it struch a car
riage,; .HIPf two persons.
When the train was first pat
on it was manned by , an, en
gineer, flrema'n, and two men
to handle the papers. They
were volunteers, and signed a
paper releasing ihe company
from all responsibility in esse
of ace'dent. Upon no pretence
or plea was any person allowed
to ride. Tbo company, finding
that the train as as, safa as
any other, and that an addition
al car would add to its safety
by giving more ballast to the
locomotive, have added a pas
senger car thereto and opened
the line to the public
The Country Press of Ohio.
Cincinnati Times.
In looking over each week
the immense number of our
weekly exchanges from every
part of the United States, we
always leel a particular jiride
in the weeklies in our own
State. While many welt edit
ed, handsome weeklies are re
ceived from other States, some
jew perhaps larger and more
pretentious than any of ours,
yet upon the whole in point of
ability, variety, enterprise, me
chanical appearance, and every
thing which goes to make up
the first class country weekly,
Ohio is in our opinion fair
ahead of any other State. This
Bpeaha well lor the general die
trlbution of intelligence and
education over the State, and
shows that newspaper in flu
ence is not confined in Ohio to
the large journals of its larger
cities simply, as in many other
States, and that the rural press
has a voice of its own aside
irom the influence of the met
ropolitan press. ' -
H. B. Smith furnishes the fol
lowing item to the Meigs County
As a matter of interest to
dairy men; and others in this
vicinity 1 desire to state that
during the last weelt, and wlieu
her calf was 13 weeks old, I test
ed the butter making and milk
ing capacity of my . Alderney
heifer (with first calf) with the
following result: Weight of milk
for seven . days, 220 pounds,
average 31 pounds-per day
yield of butter, 12116 pounds
per , week and 18 pounds of
milk to 1 pound of butter. Ex
perience justifies the belief that
this result , will be largely in
creased by age.
Pbks't Thompson, 01 thePenn
sylvatian Central R. R., has
left the bulk of his fortune
$2,000,000 for the education
and maintenance of female or
phans of railroad employees
whose fathers may have been
killed in discharge ot duty. '
Thi lower bouse of Congress
has passed, a bill reducing the
rank and file of the army Irom
30,000 to 25,000.. t he bill dis
peuses with a large number of
supernumiary officers, It Is in
the', line of retrenchment and
economy, as its total saving is
estimated at $6,000,000,' '
A LADf from '-the South baa
enjoyed an interrieVwith Emer
son, and writes to the Memphis
Avalanche that she was delight
ed with 4the flating'eud frilling
of 'hit involuted words.' The
Detroit Post ii Surprised to hear
this, as only' last jear the phil
osobher had hit words -cot bias
ing, - but ' with'.'' ' plain borders,
tastefultj folded back; aadiecur-
edwithl'bWtlbbon?:!9' :'
' rWrfeaaaSBS tliataWwaaMawal
w a 1 .1
Cosogisa adjoaxni inne $23.
One square,... jl OO
Each addition. -Asertiorv. .j- 6
Cards, per yea. . ,.,10 Oil
Local notiftt fti line, h
Yearly adr.rtlaetuenu $100 0(
column, and at proportionate rate ftej
leaMpaee. Payable In advance. .
IT The Record being the official
paper of the town, aoT Laving tie
lanrfatnlMMilutlnn nr.i.. . .t. .
o - - w vi .uj 1 ' j'tri .,1 i .
douncysj Offfen mperloi InJuecmentt
CALirnsu has two million,
acres ot land town, to wheat
this season, and ber statiiH1-
cians have been so delighed by
the spring rain falls, which ire
necessary to Insure A grain
crop, that they have . already
counted the yield for 1874. the
amount to be exported and the
cost of shipment. 'According
- o
to their estimates, the 'State
will produce' not less than for
ty million bushels - of wheaf,
which it nearly three times
the yield accredited to it m
1850. ' . :: ' ' : 1
Thk dry weather,'. Is having:
an unfavorable, influence oa
the crops. The hay will cer.
tainly be sboit; ' Oats a.lao are
unpromising. The. wheat ' H
not filling well; the straw; frill
b6 short and the grain' .mall.
Corn planting 1a not as' tbor
oughly done as usuaf this sea
son, and the corn fs very, slow
in appearing above the' sur
face. Pasturage is drying epi
gradaalfy.1' The prospect tot
fruit is excel lent ' ; r "
Dr.' Mohoan Dix, . who Was
married Wednesday week, qee
wrote a book advocating the
celibacy of the clergy. He
probably still believes -it Is an
excellent thing for. other min
isters, though he prefers j lit
tleWoolsey for himseK Hu
man nature is strong in wme
men, ato& in some clergymen,
too, notwithstanding their the
oretic asceticism. . , ......
: A Mkxicak named El Gotlh,
who a few days since ; robbed
and. attempted to - murder
Turner and his wife; near Lea
Angelos, Cal., was wounded
and: captured Ue confessed
his guilt, and showed Where bi
money, was buried. He Wsi
then taken from the officers bt
a. party of armed men, an!
hanged to a tree. ' :
" 1 '
i i
TUB retiring editor -of- .
Southern paper, boasts that k
has never been ."'horse-whipped,
revolvered, knifed, kicked, liokei,
bricked, pummeled, or cu88ed Ut
any thing I have said, wril&b,
done or left undone, a-s an edj.
tor, and in ceasing to be one, 1
am filled with a melancholy sadness."
Fim-rivs years ago five
humble men in Baltimore inaug
urated the first lodge of the In
dependent rder of Odd Fellows
in this country. It now numbars
440.000 members and relieves'
7,000 widows. ' Its veatlv to
come is $8,509,000, of ' whitxh
$2,000,000 per annum is now ex
pended for relief :i
Th Grand Jury tf DwtonJ
with an abundance ot Willing
witnesses, failed to find atftin-
diotments against the ealobn
keepers. An immense citkens
meeting has been held whichi
very strongly , intimates that th
aforesaid jury art a lot ef pnja
jured villians. y:r
- . a ; 1
lit Lynn, Mass., on 'eatnrdirr''
night, ! Oharles U.' Car's wellj
without apparent 'pVo vocation"
stabbed his brother in' h
breast with a;diTk, knife and5,
fled'but was Bu'osequentry ar-'J
rested. The wound is dainger'
ous. The assassin wira partial
ly intoxicated. v; ; . c .-! I
! TBk Wa shington CofahVy Jair
this tall,' to be held September !
23d, ,24th,' 5 ancl 25th, ; will be-,
open to six counties, ti Ath-!
ens, Morgan, Noble, and Wash
ingion or omoand fleasant
and .Wood ; coofhttes fif "West
Virginia.:!;? is g-.i-tl -ia
! ; ' . m. Ut f.'-vfl
! .Thi Itgialature of, ArTtansav.
by a large majotity, .fire, to one-,
have charged their Senators ft
Congress' with' having; SflcmU
their i election by '' brfbery. andi'
corropdonr, and requested thent'
to resign. i.nu -,.Uni
4 at 1

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