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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, July 09, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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JUUY,t. J874
aad after auadav Hey . eimi Mr-
lh Belie, ITHIM will run aa Billwa: nos. I,
a. 4, aad 4 will ru dellr; alltb traikidail:
ii aaiiy,
tatiaae.'" v' Unit. Til Liu
81 L.Kr.
, jpm
1 tam
t V j
Ciae1eil.. 4 Um t 6"m
l'htllicothe..ln 30 -ftwhiaad
f ur..Il Si f
HanvWe .. ..! I 41 "
UoAeruca .il in
Vimoa opm
Zlta...M U "
Mom Paraee....: 21 "
rartetaaaug 1 W "
1 Unto
. 9 14
a si
1 4
t W
i 03 "
1 15
t 2t
S 4'' "
S 47
J 39
SfaltonJi No. I No.
Fit Lin. Mail.
Cio. Ex.
Par,nlra'--.. 1 16am. 10 Oueni
It am
Hop run- 10 &S
tUleajri ....11 Ui -
risun 11 It "
Metnrece, 11 (1
Bendta .....II
"tcniatd fur....! 4i
Chlllioatr.e14 Him
1 tlpm
l ai
1 42 '
t w
It 94
It 41 "
1 01 "
I 1 "
a st "
t 04 '
CiKtiHH -" - S P.
land, dreenaelcf, Chltlieotae, HerKden, A then
aadaalt'a foadinc eolv. No. 1 wilt etna tl
rolt'a Undieg.iw Knglaad.Atbena, Hern
dea. Cnillieotke, rnJi-l.l.' Vienna, Klaei
chater.- Levetaad.l Madiera! Jlndieoaill.
Oakley tad Uneninarilie, only. .loe.S4
will ((ok at C a. Junotloa, Madlaon-nie,
I.a.al.nd. Greeniald. Chtlurothe.' HtmdeB,
Athena and tlcsu'a Landing only. Xos. 14
wlj auk ail lha stops,
Tee laleaki freight going e. leaves Clin'.'
urath. at 7 40 a m l Mayevtua.s Si; man.
had furnace, 45; flamdea, arnve 10 OS-
depart. 10 Ui JaoArthqr. arrive 10 47; depart
II i Vmloa. arrive II T depnrtlt Bp. n.;
Ealeakt. I 00. Goiai weet, Irnvee Ealrakt at
a 00 p a. Vtataa furaaea,! X MoArthof,
1 44: H.milan. 4 10: Bichland Furaaos, 4 55;
JUr.tina, 4 SO: Ohlllieolhe, tjo.
fraia. ea lha POKrSMOCTff BIUSCH
will I ear Bsrndrl T .Tit: a- !
aniTiaa at PorUrnonlh at 10 to a. m. aad I 16
p. aa. lUUitaiaairaiaa aiU leata Portaiomh
I 4 Ma.aa'vBdl 44 p. m., arri log at UatO'
at w oo a.iq.aaaa o p. m.
it u ooa.o
TrMa oaoaai at LnTtlaad Mir atl poInU oa
tha Littla Mtami Railroad, and at tha Indiao-
aaalia and Ciaotaraafii Bailloa Jaoeliao for
eiipoie Waal; at- Athma, tlh lh (Wuna
fcaa aad docking Valla Railroad, at Parkara-
ua m unio naitroaq.
General Superintendent.
Yi jTERDay mOrnlDg ; ?oy
laontered up to a yard on
Kiftb street, where a womafl
was acratobios the bosom of
the earth with a rake, and.lean
lot oa the fence said? MAre you
goinc round the back yard al
ter a while!" ThfA.wpman'faid
she didn't know; maybe she
would; why! wBecause-tbe
boy said,"I Just law the cisterp
lid drop onj the ,baby'e lead.
minute ago, and thought if you
went -round yotPrhfght liliit
off". Jt is .currently reported
ABout eleven - o'clock - one
night a policeman met a, ne
gro carryinir a runK along tbe
atreet, and thinking be bad dial
covered an item, he collared
thVoegro aodlold hlna to drop
thanronk' od eiplila.'rin
duit sab,1, as lie pat) dWn the
trunk.' JIHamil what 'was
feoarding me has been ailn idtf
money, -and as fley (waa gwioe
out to-night I thought 1 would
get intO;ldtad family! i that re
spected do panio." Oe as al
lowed tpgon: -
1 - fc a - -
Tub other day an -aged
oousfeBryye into'Indiana City,
lnd just as an undertaking
firm 'faf moving' into an oldr
churc,- wbich hadf been-prjr1
chased for a shop. The old
fcenileinin' (tood ?up 'ii'llie
wsgon, bis'mt)dth and eyes dis'
tended, aa the men silently
carried ceffio arier coffin, into
the church.' At last be turned
to bis' awe-stricken Jhaif . and
gasped: 'Sary, by golly, it's
cholera!" Let's gitr
"Mr dear ( boy t"n said a lond
aunt to a very .fast livipg neph
ew, (don't you ' know"-that in
a . i
leading this irregalar;life .yuj
are aioi-tening' jonr dayi! ' ''It's
quit possible-that I-mayb
hortenbg my days, but (hen
look, how I lengthen my
nights waa th feply.
I- - -
BliOBAMrousa 6aid re.cently;
Ihajve nothing bfirfiOwr; it
isall the Lord's and when the
Lord wants it b -ean -Jrate it?
Bofthe prophet1" 'himself ' U to
be lha sole judge as to when
theTLord needsit:i:'e,r"ife
JBi bis left a voiAihatcao
cot easily be filled, as" the
btatB director tpchingiv re
marad of the aosconding cash
V... miT "il " Tff'
Wfttir deaf and dumb lovera
Wjtkarried tf Ovmembers of
tha iame party are sure to be
be unspeakably; happy.
' aMBBaMaaaafaaaaaa
Batxbo Tatlok has secured
the) private ' correspondence
that, passed between Joseph
and Potipbar's wile.-, Sly . boy
Btjsdat SohoolUscEerV;
iHeat Sundaj well bare tbe
rjaai of Moses..Overjt ypd
pbpil -MTben he did die at last.
- ' i f It M
.iwatawssawta fcaasrtiS at fair prieaa.,
Dr. J. Walker's Califprnla
TIue?ar Litters arc a purelj Yeg
stable preparation, mauo cuiollT Irom
the native herta found on the lowcr
ranecsof tUo Sierra Nevada moun
tains of . California, tbo me'jnnl
properties ot whicli are- extracted
tborcfiom without the uso of AlPohol.
.The question U almost daily fl3fi.ed,
" wuat U tuc causo or tuo jiipar
alleled success of Viseoab Bit
TRfsf Oar answeiY-b, that tbey
ramovti '.tlib. causo' or Slisonao; and
tho pitient-jccorors hit heniUu they
tt , tot g. eat luiki . puwfor I ana a
me-fdvim; ' Brincitiltv fi aSrlftd Reno-
Tutor 4ad-luvienitl d'itbnimtcm,
3vor bofor J iuitbd biatiirr ot tie world
oat a mcUidne leea Cdmobdndcd pot
tofflln the remarkable oualitica of Vift
(Ua.BiTTSafraa'.beaJing.tlie rick of
erary dweate; man u fioit to. r:xaw,M
a coQtla Pureative at yell at a. Tonifi,
roLerlne t'oneostion or Unflammutiori of
.the Liver and Visceral prgani. la Bllioaa
. The properties of, Da. Walk-
It's ViiKiua UiTTias are Aperient, Dil
nharotio; Canuioativa. Nutruioui. Lax'
iita, IUaraUu,BeiaUre..Coai)tet-Irrltaflt,
Sadonuf, Ai'",,",T'o, ana Anti-riiiion. j
Oratefal Thousand prooTrila
jvszoxr mTTEES toe most tfonl(.
'M InvlKorant that ever suB'.ai:;ed
ihosinkinisysmi iz -'( j
" No 1'erabn tan take the Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long iimvell, provided their
bones are not tlistroyed by mineral
poison or QiuermnB; ana "vital Qt
gana waited JwroAd repair V
Bilious, Remittent, and In
terniittent fevors, which are so
provalentlu the valleys of ouf great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
tvuio; Missouri. Illinois, lennessee,
Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, urazoa, kio urande, fearl,
Alabama:': Mobile, -SaTannahr.Jlo-
inskoi - Jagies.T and mWiothers, n
with their vast tributaries, through-'
out our entire country during the
Stnnmer and Autumn, and remarka
blv so during reasons of unusual
belt and dryness Jire invariably at-1
coaip.uiiea oytensive aorange
menu of tbo stomach and liver, and
.fltber abdgmiaalviscara.! In their
are;rcmen, a purgative; "esertmg-a
powenui inuueoce unon these vari-
oas organs, is essentially necessary. '
Tbero is no catbartia for tbe DurnosA
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vineoak
liimas, as. Uey will tpeedilr remore
ftdarlc-ellard Viscid fiaatter with whicb :
e bowels' are loaded, at the'iiine time
(timnlatinc tbe secretions of. tbe liver.
aad eertorajiv restoriog theidatthy func
tiouf of tbe' iirestl ve organs.
Fortifv the hodv lLTnlnst tU.
fasa tju'u'fjibg ail lta. fluids with
vixxoar uiTTKaa. So epidomio can
Mice tiord-of tTstetnt thflg foresnnear'" !
CnSIa Or IndiirestlOfii Head
ache, i CaiJ 111 (he Shoulders. CoHfbt,
Tijbtaaxs b( thalt'beat. Diztinem. iSotir
Erlcfldbl H rtii Qtomacb,fBftt Talte
ia the-4footb, Bilfotls Attaclfir.' PaToita. ;
lion pf tbe Heart, Inflammation of the'
Long, Pniu in tbe region of tbe Kidneys,
a miaurca omer pmpun' stmptoius,
tbe otfcptiiiesrf DocbsIa.' Out bbt-
Ua wilL prove a better euarantoe of its
tbaa a leogtair adiertiseineBt.-. r .
Bcroruia."ori Jtlng's K?iii jvwfo
Rwellinr -Ulcerey 'ErysipelBa,' dwelled
yeck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,;
ludotent luflsmmattoni; itvrcnrial afr
tioutf'OlJ 8oVi,niptiotia oRaieSkiS,
Sore Eyes, etc. I a theBe, aa in all other
constitutional Qisoasos, lyALKia'a lu
boar bimis hvohown theirgireatjnr
atire powers iu (he siost obatuiate and
fttr&ctable taies. ,
Bhenniatism, fcoirt, Bilious1, Remit
tent and intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver. Kidners and Bladder.
ibcte lilttert nt no equal, fenth Dis
r kwea ae .caSftedv by Vitiated Uooi ;
ueenanicfti UiseastuJ-Peredns
ogagod la-Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowel. To guard
g&iust this, tube a dose of Walkbr'I
VitoAR Dittoes ooeasionallyvr ,iws
' For 8kiur Diseases,! Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-ltbenm, Illotcfaas, 8puu, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, EerirfK, Disoolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of tbe Skin of
whatever- name or nature, are literally
dog no and carded oat of tbe arttem in a
abort tjme by tbe ate )( tbesf bitters. ,
fin, rape, anu otner norms,
larking in toe system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
urifagevncairtherminiUca will tWihe
aystem from worms like these Bitteraj
For FemaleComplaints, m young
or old. married or single, at tba dawq! of
womanhood, or the turn of life, thexeTon
io Bitten display to decided aa tnftaeboe
that improvement ia soon DeroeDflbleS
jCleanse.the Titiated Blood
whenever yetifihoT its impnritiee bunting
ursagn u Kin-in nmpiee, crqpuons,
or Sores; eleanne it when yon flna.it.ob
atructed and sluKKish in the veint-.tsleauaa
JnrftearfctaTuoi; roar feelings wlir tell
yo4 wherM- SeepHne blood pure, knd the
neaitn ot tne system wiu loiiow. tv
R. H. HCDOH4LO it CO, w.
Brifflil 4. Gmv 4 irta., Saa rranolawi Cilifor
k oar. at WuMogton and Charlton SmJSt.'t.
bald ajr all Uragglata aaut OaaOara
- C3
WOOLt) reeetnillv aay ta tha etUsens of
Vintoa po- that ha hae enlargad hie stock
lng oaelef thlatget la th8tte.- Uor
4aieeaa haaiacreeaed erery year Op lo tha
preaeot timo aad wa tael than kful lo Hie pub.
for past favors, sad ara determined la seep
large atoek ot erery thing aroal'y footd ia
Srat-caaa Jaalry otor. and will kee tha
neat atoek af gold aad solid eriter, i the
beat Plated ttoode, aa low aa any honetrfa tba
Waal ..-.t.'elM!
We keep all lha different brands oT Amen!
oaa Watclma Jioward. United HtateaiKigin
waitnam ana nprmgnei
gold and eilrereaaee.
gfleld Maaubietiirea, both
Also a larga Bbe of
Krom 2lo $3'i0 00, alo silver rremfls ta
I60. We hare a eiy reliable lulk-Jaaelad
bifyar Watch from S4to2t. ') ,
A fuiriine'orill gooda in ourllnetoUiade
order by axperieareo wnramenyal'
will receaeaunpmpt aitentK-n
Pleaa drop ia aad aaa aa. Wa
how goads.
Hawkeye. People who take the Times
Hawkeye. People who take the Times get the Worth of their
linairaati aspuiar flly nw4Mrfrrv?Ia
liibuaaf ahuai taf iat nparMiqta (ai4i4(i
"'i"' wurn orai jear or ua ublica l
iob. Tnlqoaa who, ara jot por.u)l, .,
quainlniit4ralAa.4tnrtiil b aaid:
: u dSWIlr pi riMta torrfrfbjtiirnr
staDair; Ila aawa varlrd, aad Irom rr
liianrr or Ina iloj; It acrwullural davaiK
aaotlUllof iraotia) lafcrmattoat wbliaO
tniin, lifa akatohaa, . and a lacallaar aia
daplad to both taint; kad old: and IU ra
qrtinithf markta.p(ll,T alock.araiD.aro .
Tblae ortna-Tzadoti Sf h rirTirll
t'ui. iu iu iiiipii i mraa ua uim onirata
oiit.tlo baWured byihatrf, ahd Siu Tcol
nna tha mora uaponaal dOioaa of Ibc
"Grtngaa." tf
W can't dd althuut lha Tlmaa aftor banoa
rrad 14 ciRhl et. trnl II lo 111 ai.pfc
'on Mraet Lot Pll, Mai. L. A. Folios. -
Wahara doublad our llt of lsi- yaar.raol '
lo without tha Tlmaa, although I am an old
DrmocnU.-it. 0. Hnu, Monlrnina,U.r
1 do not know of an Der tl,at in daAt1
mall til Intrrpttt of the humaa familjr, aa
nuoh aa tha Times. IA T. 'l aaaitia. band
Ht, Pa. i 'r--
Tne Timea Is rjr popalarhera, for one
retain, nd thai i )-onr oatKpokea (Wuraa
I hare been a ioaf an t raarlar ir lha tpa.
V iinie,aior.inreeyareas4 4aia'tfta.avall
nnoui It bow. w. f. MAIwail, BayBprinn,
rnef OldTiMM; thia mlfa'av,ai l.r
rar thai I hare taken Tour icallenr
" murai rraii It law nevai 1 Ilia II.
laI EtaaaoT, MMrouo'ta Cirjrt rj
I think It i the bet p4er laTt be world. I
ma war too una in reamra to the cna
treaainual fiauila; and I alaa hka
iiauna: ann I a aa naa vnuraua.
nrt of tha Patrone of Iodualrj
Valley Junction, Iowa.
Valley Junction, Iowa. Every Patron of the Weekly Times is presented
with a copy of the
md miacellineoua artirlea, ilueirated with
uearly 1u0 oft tb Saeat-enctarHxrai If alen
JouUiuaa-diaw a4ha ye-l;4 InAalua
'04 aitnu!iiFnaa il is auperlor lo any
Erm elub atent la eomnenaated for hia
ferrieea, mihfu-4ih extra paper, examine
leairame prwraaina. f ak i jnit
ThHMBi 8inlenhaenber, per year, St ""I
no oi nre euoaeriDera. aer Tear. earn. I To
Hub kf ran ami uuaricer,ar. ai li. I 40
raSeuil fot Jat of iremiuaia. ete i to
Cincinnati, Ohio.
, i,;, i . ill. i- ...i.
Dick's Enovclohi,'! of PsWiosL Ita-
uiirre 4MB Paotsta.' ContaiinnaS.tn rirarl.
tical recti pt, written in a plain and popular
mat-ner. aoa iiiiutrateal -ill eaa anatan
woodoU. J Beiaa) eampaeheaite tMMk (
n ierrnne air tne mercnani, manumcturer. ar
liaan, amaleor and haaaeka?ier,iinrtiidiBg'
meaicme,' pnnrmacy ann uomritic economy
The acopa of Ihia work ia entirel dinVrani
irora any other book at lha kind.-; baalnea
neint a complete and almrat indippenaible
or ok of refereaaa toe ths tnotwaari and on
rrreipla and articles needed in eterr bullae
hold , farm, garden, etc., it includes clear and
eamry nndentood direrlione for the applica
lion oi manr ot me art omially ai'qu.lreU only
by long exierieoi'e, and e div anted f ti.-
niehaliiiea, or the techairaliiiea'otterttia atl
ho lully explained aa 4o bru- IhweeKia tub-
ject within lha compreherwied of aaj person
or ordinary intelligeDx. i romiiot iiitoap:
the immeaee raaa af eubieole treated-ofin
the book ara Ina lullowlng: -
' The Art at . Dyeing, Hard (8olt and Toilet
loape, Tanning, IiiatilUUoo, Jmilalioa Lq
uorer Wtaee, Oordwla and .Hillara, Older.
Brewing, ferurmtre.riaeorina EMeneea.etc.
lametira. Hair Urea and Waihea. Pomadca
aad Perfumed tlilx, Tooib Pnwdera, ale.. 8y.
i up, Aloohol and Alcoholmetry, Peliolt-um
aad Keroaena. Hleaahipg and CIaniog, Via
ear, Haur-ea, Cataupe aad Piekela, Reeeipt
lor the (Jardea. To H eraora Mains, Hpotateln.,
rvrnteenny ana a,xi,ieeiTea,iieineow..ie ,
Waterpronitag, Artihnw4, Gemt, luka aiul
Writing fluiua. Aniline Colore, Painla and
Pigment. I tinting and Paper-hanging. Ka1
.omineand Wmtewaxb, Varnishing and Pol.
ill i4 bubrioa ort, Japanning and Laoquer
irg, Hoot and Hnrneaa Bin-king, Photogiaphv,
newia ana aiioti milling, oinenng,' eto .
Eleotrotyping, Klectrnplating, etc., Putent
Vlediuinea, Medical Beceipta, Weight and
Vaaaurfria. . AtlT naivaa. vcvul n.1... lu, u
Price ivoo' , , j , knur
iiUhi riTZtiEBALI'.Publnabton N. T.
Worth and Beauty.
" J ARDTBll fcHROMl)
Haring eontrol oflhe magniScent atl chrn-
mo Vo Semite, wa are able to otter a eomhim '
Htiot of literary aad anintic work of geuuioo
wnnndm a pnoea unrtrecaneniaa i..
Thia Una copy of a aiaoa of Natura'a arand
eat work, not Preaenlvd in lha umal lim
ited etjrle, iu dimeneiom, 14x110, making a
jivu i ti-ij neairaoie aiae in iiaeii. ,
graced h It. preaeoce. .'
But a few roiiiea af this beautiful I hromo
will be allowed to go to tha retail More, ami
luuae win oe aoitl t ineir
( T . : ActaaJ HetaU PTlee, tfl 0t ; J T
which if ordered in connection with our If aw.
aiioe, boll) will be furn'abed for . , n"
At a pretnlum the -picture may h obtained
nraeuding u two auWrtptiona for the Mag.
sine at one dollat each, or by nbwrbing lb
ihaxMagasma two Tear in advance, at One
dollar per annum.' Addreaa, '
' .... Kewburgh.N T."
S. E.8H1 TES, Publiaher, J 4ept
ti at
ft ft
iail b.M "iiu v) ,n ,' 4i ja'
V ") It ty.a, va ,, 4m f
.w I tn anarrnit4ait ...tuHnrlr , 1
tal M tami t.- t l J a i4 th f
t.t,arflWA4T..0A .,1, H aa !
.-irt h, I - lotlttt ki w,v h,. . t-rlt '
lo r'll 11 f fit-
;L-,iAaotaar ,,,, .
V l
Standard KeHgloua Worlu,
vanTaaaing agent Waotad Ul ST SIT SOD
n tba Umtad Slaiias.w . '.l,t ifj : .... jaal
n : :
i i i
n lo 'rtiiiftiri ii i 1 .aw.Mii.inf a
STOCK ad Ore S,iaee,M, good aa new. for
alaa t BhaVwat Jabb a.e-iav . i v-il a. . . . .
t .,Nn Jw trW-f n.
Itn. a. A
"ftTtt'l 'I I .V.-- ifl 4tfli n f.H .1)
.1 .'X.I , L .lj-..ll ola
Caoisuuj'Gtett to subscribers at
Cincinnati, Ohio. NOTICE.
i fart anlitr ofaowf fti'riU biadi
...i.kuk . u.a .mil.i,.l. a...
narr aaa
Wi allnwwd Weomd tip; whrtH wa'atvro,
put aanar ruuiraiwc, aad ara. parpared, V
rn ib ainne oi nny pxwiny
1 ju-aiiljr acre earn, upon
nhoa ai'Dlintt'nn at out
aaiinaeior lerma
-Viato Mroaca,
Jrh mUt baautlI Ipa la. JaMrtaa,
aavuuu vawuu, r - : r
Xl ntaia sirinpler;;'; :
;.' ,? f aiaters firnth. ;
- v !. ! ! Plks's tPsak OolnmblnS,
K . .'. i , cn.9 1 '. 1 -:i.jiu.:i i..a
9 TJiir' Vti4a!' Bjtaltaa "
-Far deawlplUa rUk(roa and price Hal el
I I . K, iien,eflwimwaj,,tv flj ,
, j tf ' V - ,- ' 1 1 ! f K
Special Bsim to A'amryiaaad Dailani,
UK? 'Il.'l
Tfefisr' Flcwertt1 'Bulbs!
Ii:i Mo - H .1 r : Ui l.'iin
urnrr d lints t
lei .t"r-.;.- T7" ". Ti lit
KarsetT StockIIrttlt4Fl6wer Platea
!AdcWa F. K.' PHOENIX,
i t)i I r 'in I 1 ti ' 1 'i I' i jt-'l
tlMWAia .
OOOserea; tM ycr;rS ajreenhouae. 4eat
Apple, Ijmo t- jr., tli t jr. St; y. 140,-ty W
a cawMoguea, av rami, . aijuixm
l ) I; t IT .T
' 1 J; ROUZER,
tttlfi V U.iANb-1 !l ," l.t
n. .it ,.. ' r in t'i..-i
Of latent, most nuhloaabla and elegant styles,
" t,l k '. " v. l : I l"'-fiynr-
Second St., Near Mulberry,
,Hl- : ( i ' 1 ''I t 01" .'1 ,'.:
I make it a point lo do all my work of tha
beat material, and aland second to acne In
quality of Bniah or durability. I employ no
inferior workmen, there ara ao appieuUe
boya about my or tabiiahment, aud I caa not
tail lo preaae aajl peraoa aha wants tha beat
turnout made lo tne country. I rerer with
pride lo my euUimera throughout Houliwrn
Ohio aa to lha eharwrter of woik coming
irom wiy wiorT, aaQ guarantea au pij vua
tOmera perlect aauehetioa. -
All kinds of laments finished and
rjej4yri lej or pais to Order;
Callund examine my Stock-
:1 I T.k-
Rflpalrlnr, Restaintlsis;, Etc
' '' Will receive prompt alUntioi " '
aawaaaaaaWaaSBt jj (,, ,
i I-.. . aa constantly a stock of . u i
Carriages, Baggies and Expresses'.
If A with maLlbraale, repaired and almost aa
. gnoa aa new, tome oi mera
t ;. -i ' ' ; .
'-tea. vtfi " : '
I' I Awasesn ST TBS -
American Institute, V
: TO J,W. McKEE,
Embroidering and Flnting Machines.
"Is ia ingenioua and will meet the wants of
STen matron in the land. t : J. ::i
. . aUWMtleai aa ISTSt it
John E. Gait, Rve. Brc'y; t-M.: Barnard,
Preaj 8amueJ i. Tilman, .Corjeapondlng
Hew Tark. No'remher M, r
This simple and ingenioia maehine la aw
naeful aa the aeaius machine, add u faat be
coming popular witb ladies, ra the plaoe ai
exp-Bienedle work, iu work being niuoh
more hanitaoma, rrquintig mu h leaa lime
and not one-tenth part H e eipenaP. hn la
dy'e tolleli complete without it a machine
with illustrated rirular and lull inairui'tione
aent oa receiptor fl or fioiahed in ailrerplate
TorStTS. - .'.. Z.j
Addreaa, Tbe! SleKae Maaafactarlag Cam
au nroaoway. new tutu
Korth-aatt earner of Male and Jaeksoa straelt
: ... ,MoAKTJiUB,vaiO j-,!t.
GEO., W.( BKUHTON, , Proprletoi
... .. Manufactures r ...l'"'''
Carriogu, jivvtilt. xpw$e, en
'",- i r ...... - 'f ,,
tuo, wiaosa aaa m guva or waeoa woa
done w order oe short notica,.
Paintina and Tplmminn '
oi tfl kmda axaeuttd Ih the tteatetl an Inosl
KKFilKlNO ol all kinda in m line will ha
proiHptly and aeaajdoua.'; 1 m I.
Work Hah. BtVhiM . .vji..i . '
tu be euUtadtial, pu up aolid and exa
su'adia the moat workmanlike manner oat
w"" """" HWwWSjg.HI,
formerly ot Hamden.t
nnuTjHCKStohis friends is Vinton aad
LaJjQinjpt counties fbat ha haa bought th
tXtvmAi'jAVX bj.CajkS."s3mita
I f Tbrea doors wsatef tytf;,
He baa reBtted it throushont. and ia aAeaiAJ
loenlertain tba tiareliag patlfaaaos.l4e
POtll-t ire
Oats..BoP)ua, n.'fl1i
I .... a-iit
?ataoitabed 141. 47,W,61 and WlWeat F
oot of buapaoafoai Bridge, CiHCbbA
oaisi Hoaai 1 1 oii Proprietor. liiy t
oaa aad nrirate ealea of leaf UbaVojlki
eaa atrutly fwmmlravej Jbgachwaaaa
$72.00 EACH WTO"i7Vw
AgenU aalad aretyaher. ' Buinees etrloa-
it legitimate. rarttcntara Bee. 'aidreea J
WOBTH, 8t Unia. Mo e aUeaittlt T
faJ'l.'' ' '
irTAhiiBBa Sh o!cl no fail to ex
amine the patent faroTgatc ifof
which Ueorge" W' firnnton Afri
Artbitr, is ' the szent in this .and
JacRson oonnty i .'is,!tbe'
aat eheppst ; gaj? mMw
Bieai larru, eoatwg.nfty pctiiOBnll
leas tbavn -beold fasbioneu ilfcl
Tpd is ftflre; durable .iutjijp
not sag. Ega'uMie it when too
fP."l?, )nt e?p-i
wfabj 'rw
ASS rA Til I tknf ItlHtAIVaaa.
tnUfin PtiotnaViinlia lUthUi btrk'nt
' .a a. '
JWoywr.PtfWrga et)iv,eMiPlitio.beai
etviea in on, water colors, v-vop, pas
tor dr IAk; atrntea to'aSiitn'ttfroW
rri. 47() .3tjj u'.d t;vl
ta i -..;raaf)1o at ji a i.:i l-ov 0
ncaUpv 'Ichook notifies,
i enl in-sl Ti A i.;aa a:i
b HO&XSpltoJfM Jl'nt (.
i ia Court UOBSCaV Bd jV
"n5 v'puiiii'c-iiaii
1 01
f I -i . f : , , , I i I
his cletnly, it is acnnnmical; II is health.
luL . It keepn up a perlect ciroulatiea of ai a
warming all parts the room alike. It took
the flr premium ror all tomaetitnra at lha
Viehns Etposuion. Circular and pamphlets
containing engraringeand full pailieulara fun
nnhed Oa applinalion, or' one ot tht stnreS
may be aeen in opera lion at my store rVou
ara Inrited lo call, and saa for yopraelraa. -
-T flllvb JV-.id . Tll i'ltaf L.-',l
t 'il ri ' 'K
Sole n( forTinloK snj ttoaa coOntfeat and
dealer in all Hie meat apprared Conking-and
Heating btorea,'-tlauae Fiirnirhina UnO'la,
and man ulariurer of all kinna r Tu. HtiMt
iroaand Copper Ware. Urdira Irom the
country ior Kpouuag, roonng, ete4 will al
ways rerewe iametluttaatteunon.
ji at ? . -. '- '
8 iriAii,r LATvfr
ll lis ol a rti'i i.'M'i7f;i vj
Foreign iindfAmericaui
Watch Materials.
Tools; Etc.
.1. t I'M la
Old Watch Caaes aad aid Gald and SlUer
i..i . , . . oaugnta - '
'Slaprtan 4 "I'D - ; h.Mi .-, t
Uarnear, Saddles, u; '
Sirldlea, lliillvra, ,
nhlpa, pura. Tritce
'' Chainii Hames,"' ant all
I i ptber Articles of Saddleiy.;
to '1 1
My Inenrf. and the pnolii genera! hr aremnl.
en to van and examine tny atoek and pn
I mis less ffitnrt
work, uaa Ih
btt tlovkgtodftell l the very loweut prtcvu.
ssdmsnuclunng dons ta order .snd all ,
ork Farrante' as epresented
a I . .
iM ,.tu 1 art' iU.A 4
! I h'.I ( ''I i. 1 Vi'- t,
aad dealer in all kinds of
i-A h 'i U k
0 V .
obi .A' LiB'U-M w(f 1"
i -o il r-IVi I i - !. .t ,
T !
1 riCTURE-CO.kl),
i!f- f'i'A and"
"Kwft'.j'i i i' 1 y ' 1
if - ' t i . ' 1 i '
earefht! done,
and tne smaiieat piccares
Finished In Oil,
a- - 'Ukf JD
il i'.Ui'l 91;1) B ':sfi IX 'Tl-i'i III. i
EidtmesIofl aU lands caniefj jta
it7Tl'ft'' lt. o' Iriiif ria f gj ;
aad sit worV arrantad to gira sall.facbon.
blrTrlri?!) etqonsa oTT 4a
0?T t l'f" ,
linru a em cum uor ois.l oi
. uoseof
v i.3Mi moil t,i'iun.a euki vt
: CQLDi v PEflS i
Tbxr;inrrdt i3Jo vii
f . A.T0LLEY.
w I
A - - l
. ; )i T i . K J 7. ! ) I I
I - J
LholI Jul
no hitl kTT
iuj arirlii
iLV jbs
ti 'to uohi i
nO .".'f JL .TI ' nicLft vt'j
y ii.V;i )i:i vt Lsii'
r.fi J.nn virf. c
.'x-V'i .'"-U I nn V1f:f (I Jwf;
(row ..t-'t.TJl .sr- i J
a iai"i' i' i T8 7i . eia
Want a situation.
I '.ihi; Wants MrVnntkirU
Want to sell a piano, .
TfI'l Witnt to aerl a carriage.
Want to bujr orsell afarm,
Want a boardliijr' place, J
' Waul toi-sell town . property?!
. Want to sell groceries or drujta, ,
Want to sell household furniture; '
Want o sell dry good or carpet.
Want to flud castomers. for anything,
f t t a ' 1 ; 1 1 'ii :i!, I ii i ,
Advertlslti g will grain new cntouief,
Advertlliifr wil keep old custonitrst
AavcrtiKinir liberally a wave dhvs.
'Advertising mulw access easyiu
AovertixiiiK peseta connaenoe, . ,
4 ,llt,lnJ II .l.nnl. "M
aMicmtoiii ouun o viicijT'
mi Advertising slip vrs plank, nu
:; -.Advertising meana',;
Aaverti8e ion
;iA.lver.iSe,iWe'lir, r""
' " A';d i'v'i i e i:u''
I Every mercfant manufacturer
or buunest man who has lecume
prominently rich, has made his
fortune by judicious advertising
i!W exceptidn 'to thii' rule can be
cited! Stewart, ther ' Piinci of
Merchants, when a poor man; was
driven to advertising, , a (t tosl
resort to get his stock turned tno
money so as 16 meet d note!" Ar
gulng from this that it'll wdi
good for him in adversity hi
eould make.it siill belter in pros
perily, he became a persistent ,ad.
verliser, and thus , gained' his. co
los'sal fortune. ' - 1
: fcSorae merchants say It is not worth
while to advertise; for no person reads
advertisements; vet everv merchant in
this county Iwilf read ihiit adertie
mena, and if he is wise be ,wil prnQt
by Its tuirgestion, if he Lat anything tu
nffer w .rth aJvertiHing Hoaj muca
more then will those jrend them whu
are not so largely supplied w th renil
ing matter, ure at leisure n the evsni
Ing, and must depend oq their paper fur
their luoal news, the ovist iu portanf
Item cf which ia where they ean flnJ
just what they want when they oonie to
town to tuake their purchases. Ifyoui
stock is so old, rusty, dusty end out of
try le that it is, worth less, or if it is run
down so thut you have nnthins left that
pewfihv would yr n t, ' it is not worth
wtiije tor you to Adverhee: Out if it, is
hew, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such as the people1 want,
don't hide them, but publish-, to the
world thut ynu have them, and want
to sell tbeut at a fair price. ' , (
m i
jSaTC-2l S'td M'J: III
' S J
; rj;-'.t ..'i -ii n t i .-. i
An advertjisement published for a sin
gle' day dnea dut iieyond ' that day.
and ita effect continues in: a greater
ratio than must men imagine. In the
end it will make a rhan'a name a per
.1- i ti -r.,
manent niatter.'a pieoe of real proper
ty litiilt up in tha rains of mun unij
it becomes more valuable than any
onrner lot in his locality; i ;-.n :
,Ir yoolnsea watvh.Adoaoraohild,
or jf ynu desire people not to trust
your wife, yno. ruslr1 tt. your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement But you will pln
along In business year after year, with
out Calculating- how. much ynu ..re Ina
ing by not advertising MRrporter
If those persons who profess to be
neve. mat newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publto; wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
clvo publicity1 to enmo matter they
would poteare to divulge to the world,
even id the most oheonre corner of a
coantry paper, and eee what notoriety
they would soon attain, dprf4r .
Advk.etibino is apt to give na thai
gentle jug ol conscience whioh tells u
that we want a new suit of oluthea for
Sunday; or that we promised our wife
aew dress M eoon M the hay wet in
Perhaps it would beg good plao
Madame to mark thia passage and lay
tha paper ,npon bar husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that, ad ver
fining will hotyetoivllite the world!
... 1 .Ii ; j li.Ti.'v- !.. - j-
f Why do people read advertisementa'T
To aee wljeia enterprising and to Jesrn
what is going on. To aee ir there ia
nythinif new, or anything that ' they
wantj To ae if the-season's etyles
have come in, and tb find pot who baa
then'! Totnow If stay one is selling
f riw&uped ,ratoa, gr to ratch. , 4be
chance of an auction. Fur amusement.
Td ' 'eatiarv' eafiofltai.i Because : the
J j . wv..nn tllOT
have read al I tba. abrria. ,m.a.i...:
. ..' . l.i. in. r . -
4 WFT7rW.?ftot?r'r1H
fiTarn nndrap AT nrlut ta t.1l v-
ljH0tFLMeBtood.aA printed
aehWndo hai ' worlderfiil vkifAge
W We Wt.is aVritted icw iDokah.w
Thia ".one of themanj re asona whioh
gtvessh imr&nci'to'adverrls'ihg. 'fiat
SdTftrtisersJeteh thatf V.ximitneB,
do .not, coniprehetid m wplj gg thrj
might the chpaolty to InnSienoS.'tO per4
ao,ijfwHnoiVwhieb lieainrnb
eloquraca. y pg eTea iket fader away fan
if! "Mli.njfnwa if jnot eaujrht in theii
flig-Ht inoTprinled1 But tbefe k akei
biifisB taaiaiflentlancnaKa. tba aaiei
rinTrjoJoiisi!htt'e!and irjflueirttej' Bnsi
; ,
nu.f. l.tu tm D vl lo
i Company.VHh tfriawtolh
it of the local mtereala of Zalea
ki, to secure it. peinahtnt pioaptrity. aad n
add JM4 iu DopdiXikia tu Weatth. a rnaa
ortenag q waaualulWk.'takin MeaMd-mrB
ntadaat lowrprtrea. aHadihml4rana
PTaooe-deaititig to ittoin-4ti4 property
, k. TrrrrMr'nw,
'Eaisapi.utiioi'Bfta.lK 1471.
iA U i!'i;i. ajiaoa stir
!ra,:J 1 teipied"
n v. i.-.ca 11 aid ins pnJ3vj'.l
L AA11 Sewing" Maiihincs;'1
t'd tj ti is njHtiluirjeU baa fJ
NOTIC ftnieularty the af'p .61 Uit).
OOUriRICU. Chicago. Ilia , w.ih fit
atarnpe.' t "i. 14. C (44lSIC
vm,:e ana taie.rvoro sos Jitala. j rpK-s
inr. - r " injfiB'iiyi
t , . t
aa y
t '5 .
BroktSn tioif CorisiltaiiwaV,
r'i h, pfeaufret ftamed tot ', M.
Pnrlfy aud Iorkh the K)od
Ton will And lr.i6tii'k CdnapadaiaMyv.
yi4f 4olaiKoi4, 10 pot' wreeiler arnw
it, curd you mor spoedlly," and do ott
taore gnod than 4trrvaal all OUier reaanx
dlpa. tiomblned. r Ttutt , lal,
rltly-lookinirKliln la oliunged lo one
f Irashneiis and IntiUhv Tltoas- aeae)
Sf. 'i1?' t..anlav reiatwiew,
Illlrliea and Ernpiiona ara rouiortd.
Hrrofuln. Keroluloua DiaeaaCB'of 'h
"rts or any Iklndt f Hrtinet- raft jr
V hat la lit il, la, nature's own xaatorerl
A aoluhA dgydef on cob(Ardwttli the
Ot-uil dlKSgraeiibla qtialtUaa, Itwllleurt)
any ttlaeaait whoae real ordlract fnna la
Jln'l.lllotMl.' eiheamtlm. I .. , l
'l.liiiba.trlione,t'aiiB(tntioia l ruia.w
doW.i liy M.'rcuilKl itrothrT-poKone, ara
all enred by it. Fur HtptUt, ortjpbU
litfe tilnt,theTiiinoflilneituatolC A
trial will prava 14. bold b , -7j'a"
GEORUB W. 8J880N,,MArfcf..0W.
Cincinnati, Ohio. NOTICE. THE SUN.
-TH a W ESf ht Vtfit ina widely know
lo- require any azttaded reooromeodattani
hut the reaaana wha n hare already gi tea II
Sdy thousand aubai'riliera, and ahl.h.wili,
we hnpe, give it, many thouaanda note, ara
tMiaSyae 4iUawa4' i . , (. ..w.i in
1 1 Us " Morale a-wpaper , All tb sawa si
ne any win betouno in it. eondenaet wn.a
unimportant, ai full Jenglh when of moment
ana a'waya presented In a clear, iplalligibla
clear, inllligibe,
IS ujttieatipgAwaBnerX t t J
Il fa a Aral-rat family paper. Inn of eBfar-
taining and inatrartive rending of every kind,
hut ewitniaarn,"hiB: -that fan 4a gfaw
i"(t OiIkwiW. a4d.arhBH)om.l i Y 1 1
Ilia a Aral-rate alorv paper. Thebsaltaiaa
and rnraanxtra af surweBt; trteratwnii paacya
fully artecieil and' eg'Sly printed III Ila Bale.
Itia a llrt-re,tfl. aUrsjatmsal nailer, lha
mnH'ra-b aad ynelfiioiiva erUcle agal
culhwd toicairegirtHy ipptarJS Valla.
. It ia an lndenandent nolltieal naaar.heloBa.
ing to no parly and wenring ao collar It fights
for prinuiple and the elet'iina of Ihe beat OK'a
to offlca Iteapecially devotes lis energiea If
the expuaure of the great corruption. bat
now weaken and dlagrace nut country, and
ihrenlen lounilerrrline fentiMh an inatilutiona
aitiigeiher. j it has no I ear at kveit, aad asks
uo ravora ortheir ati'ipnrter.
It report lha faariinns Ibr the la (He anil tha
ntarketa for-ihf imrni aaperiallv4hwaMla.
market., to which ilpiiya particular atlenlion.
PinallV. it ia tha rhuii.a.t n.,... nKlukrf
One dollar a year will a.oureit for any ub
loiiber. 4t is not naneesary to earan-telirb
r 4rder lo have Tb I W kEK S f allsl at tMa
rata AnvW'Sewha aVadS sinTgaIdollaT wf II
gel tha paper ibr a yeas-
Tlit WF.iili.T .r)ir.-t7.'i,(X,2.
Ally-ait ColnnihJT "ntv ill lur'tn Sif.
.Oilnti -rom thii fJT:a,w'-D"'
THE NtMI.WEr.KLY.SUir.a-itma
isaalh4lyeun. 'ea0Ver.-Aia.
of CO per cent, to clul,a of tOoraear.
THE DAILY BIIN.-4 largi- lour oa.a
neaapaper of tweui miht end mns. iHidy
MWIhalmirOVer tSO.tVWt. A.h Ik. aaa
t oi-nrti. 4uhaorii'ii.ii,a.MS4f 4niaa njunlht
or a ei t ielnba of 10 V over, S-a)ts'
coiiMt f go per nt.
AddreaayTilE UN.nJ.w.Ttrlir.
JJTm V4 ft All 4 1 arljsu. Dneaelatt. 4
ia aihrak kwtfal
kt ta pnanti ta. irCllra.St.
- TbUUa laltnuiu v.rk at twa kaa4MaaJ.i
hr.rull.a h, Uom ak. rt airirt,ii,,rS2:
aaJk .M UIW4 auataal, .baaa la4Mw. P
II aoaula. k aiewMM. aa4 unndt ahrrttlai
("K Jltr .( iT.n la tnd toil. .
Xk: ""ri'iM!r. tZ2!
oliir.l.itoaita.l ai Mna --rl'ra la- '
t pubn.t.1 1. . kw -- " av
Sent la .av an. il,HtiH..Hi im. r.
auU.'SaVa..""' UU","'-13 i. tlikUirUMl
Cincinnati, Ohio. NOTICE. THE SUN. WEEKLY, SEMI-WEEKLY AND DAILY. A BOOK FOR THE MILLION! Notice to the Affliced and Unfortunate.
Vtfar. .aeKla. I lb alarU. -h.
KIH rwi,H4Hi ... rtwaatn.wr.ia Btvr
tlaranruelliWa. -rn '
Or. Bill. attaatM a irtlr .M .
mLLirL?"' ' ii1". i.iw 3C .
ipawtraMija4 SW IMatMsatrv gBajaS KatreVBai - -
.....a a.fMM, , ZTiEZXZ
Notice to the Stockholders of
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
-- - :unr bna'aw JJST
AM, parties havin aahtenbed to'ttie' eiif
Itol atoek or the 0.; we At A t. IT. ft. are
vi.,..i,.,. o " :- ."w
nereny reoui.ed to make payment to tl
Public qdara, ih al)fi.a, OMo, cj if more
coaTpnian,. in lianiMl Will Z...I.Kt -I
'' 0 J
dan. ami
oaO; 7lji tj, wg,ay,,t
l li Ii - 1..I.UI ,:l' . M .'J an Via I
.-.jt-i .,!i a. ,, ,i I t a B.H,
B'wn I- -i rfotn.aa IIli .Mtia) .1:
f-' "" . J ... alHlnw i
lull paiticul.r
iculars KREE.' S. M. Bptecaa . TiT
II I . . ' j Y . ' 1
IH"' '.' .-y 'if .'I 't -
tv0 -,-I .,Tg3"
iia .4. L.ue )Ut .boTTn
WOalaa. MftrW
S Hi:at J.u.j aVX!li4? i
.ir .-lJl,:-), Y,l'- !ill JO'.-JS
t'Of ol rj m-uti i-Hriani rtt
'! antnud t!uht ktnoi),
a ml s-jiul4a;.j 'jdl lan aiif,-iti)
amJui'j di trfeii riiH.."
Ul ol Callal tau muhJ
"V,M , u Ll IV
fc-.Mit in .oa., r.T r . . ' '
n.i ni

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