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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, July 16, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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ihu4 ftt iuar Ky . rri. apm Mr-
thf aou . mlH will run fclig;:Noe t,
a, , u4 will rua delly;ell oib
Ira IP daily.
' PtalieBl
I." v Mbit. TltlD
Itwli Unit Fur,
RauvWa .
...1 Ju --.11
I is pin
3 U
1 85
1 41
.11 onpm
lal.! .IJ 14 "
Hops F.rnej...12 21
Partitiaaau 3 JO '
' 1 Ham
1 IS
t 2(
. "
fl M
2 47 '
i 59
SfstionSi No. I No. No. 4.
. . Fiat Lint. Mall. Cio. Ex.
f rAarsUurg-. I zSoui 15 ooam 45pm
Hop Furna--. 10 M - I llpm It Stain
K-J- .-11 oi - 1 M 34 "
fin .U H ' 141" 11 41"
MeArraca. 11 II 141" MM Jf
Btaii.....U H 01 '
MtchlaCd Fur.. .11 44 - 1" IW"
ChlUMthll 4H l" "
Cf -( . , m - .. W , A 9" 'J.
N: S will toi 4 0 4 S.' Junction, to
Uod.awBBeldfOilllKJoin.HeriideB, Albs
BdBV!ott'r.adingily. No. t wiU stop at
Volt' Undin(iw eniiod.Athn, rirn
dew. Ckilltootb. CreenaVIJ,? Vlenn. M
.k.. . I jt mmimA Madiera! Miidi(ollla
Oakley lid Con inseilk. only. , .
will stob at C .' Jiitwlltnl.-Mllioatille,
t ... ..,! A.M.aM. chliiirolh.- namden,
Athena aad Scon's Landing only, Jio. 14
wU auk ail In etpi,
Tk Esleski Freight into eart. ItCIi rl
lirth, at? i -jVyatilU.S I4f Blah,
read Fareac. 1 15: Hamdo, arnt 10 U4--
a Mm i
Mi Ha)do, 4 30; Rlihland Furaaoa, 4 M;
will laara BaftidtB ttT BHlf"?
writing al Pprlamoulb at 10 10 a. m. aad 1 16
all Hi.aa 1 Mb. m.,arrnlo(alUam-
4aa at M oo a.q. aad o a. n.
Traiaa Mniw-t al LoTld Ibr all poInU ea
tha LttiU Miami Railroad, ond .1 lha ladiao
iMIii and aiaoiwMflt; Railtocd Joooiioo for
til boibm Watts a iihma. with tha (Warn-
baa aad HockiDf VaMay Railroad, at Parkara.
10 Ui MaArtrmr.arrna i bi: apr
lTito.rrtill T-dpnrtll ?p.m.!
. 1 go. Goiaa wt, IravM ZMki at
General Superintendent.
lanntered op to yard on
Kijth street, where a wornaft
was icratobing the bosom ol
the earth with a rake; andy can
ing on the fence laid? rtAre you
join j round Ike back yard al
ter white!" lThfi-wpman'fa.Id
be didn't know; maybe she
would; whyt MBecanse7-tiie
boy Mid,I Juit taw the cisterp
lid drop on) the jbaby'a bead,' a
minute ago, and thought if yoa
went -round :job'rnfght lilt" it
ott". M ii-.carrently reported
AbouIc eleteri - o'olocli 3 one
sight a polfceman met ja.oe
gro carrying a ("runK along (tie
atreet, and ihiiikfng he had diai
covered an item, he collared
thVnegro anuf told hlni fo drop
that ironl. od explain.1, tin
doit lab, aiie potj diiWn the
tro'nk:JDi Jamil whaWas
boarding me has beenaxtn t'dr
money, andVi fley,waiTgwitie
out to-night I thoughtl would
get into;idtae JaniUjf vlhat re
pected de panic." He' was al-
lowed tp jo
J. t
Tub other day an aged
eourjle'Bryye Intf Indiana (Jijy,
Ind just as an undertaking
firm waf mptlng" into; an oJdr
chdrctf: wnidVnad'beeV-prfr
chased for a shoo, h.e fod
kentlemln'. (tdod iup lti itie
wagon, his tnrjtjth and eyes dis
tended, at the meneilently
carried ceffir after coffin into
the church. At last be turned
to bis1, awe-stricken Jhaif l and
gaped; uSary, by golly, it's
cboleral" Let's giti"
MMr (ear ( boy,", said a lond
aunt to a very .fast JiVVng neph
W) .doa't' too knoV- that m
leading this irregqlarif .y 99.
are abortening y onr day.! ' 'ItV
qoiU fvoaaible-that I-maybe
ehorteniag my days, but then
look, bow I bsnglhen my
Bights, was the sreply. ,T. J.
BtiQBAMrousojaijJ recently;
Ihave nothing of jrfylftwa-U
iill the Lord's and when the
Lqrd wants it be -eantek.
Bacthe prophetL blmself ' is to
belie sole judge. as U when
UeTord needs it. 'r fc
"Hi bu left a voifllhat.cao
colTvasily be filled,"' as" the
banlfi director touchingiy. r
marked of the aoscodding cash
leivH "
Witty deaf and dumb lovers
arJiaarried tf a members of
tbbiame party are sure to be
bo unspeakably bappy. ' ;
1 "i 1
Batabb Tatiok haa aeenred
the private ' correapondence
that, passed between Joseph
and Potiphar's wile.-, Sly boy
Bwdat 8chool,:reacheirTi
iple.it Sunday well have the
daatji of 'Moses.,,.P.v.erjtyed
pupil -"Then he did die at last.
I at fair pricaa
Br. J. "Walker's Califljrnla
Tiuegar Bitters are a purelj Veg.
ctable ijrepflratlqn, mado cblofly worn
the native herbs found oa thojowcr
rangoa of tUo Sierra Nevada ffloun-
talua ot California, tlio medicjnar
. properties oC which aro extraiitod
therefrom without the uso of Alcohol.
,The question U almost daily asked,
rWhat Istho causo of tho Cipar!
alleled success of Vixeoae Bit-
r tms ft Onr ftuswerjfa.athntj they
f rtuiort Ubb . eausd' of iiaonso . and
tho paticnUfccurors bu bofUlH. Tboy
rara . tb great Aloqd . ufi(f i and a
iliri dviiit irinij)leJ MrfM Keno-,
tftit.i? iiiil. iDviAinitii'l id I thiWivstnm.
$ivk Mori nM bijtiit jof tie world
DOS a uicuiuue uueu i;uuiiiuiiui;u
acwslng the remarkable (jualitiod of viif
fOAi .UlTTtW in; httiingiXko kk of
eyary di aaw man la hoir to. ...Tbay.are
eoutU Purgative a yell M, a t9plc,
rouevtng t'ungostloa or Taflamraiitiod nf
the Liver aad Tiaceral tDrgdn.. in Bllloas
iDiaflaiasi''1' i . u i 1 uj in
i; The properties of. Ds- WjitK-
ta'a TiKaoiaUiTTiaanra Aperient, Dia
Dhorotio: CanuiDative. NutriLiouJ, Lain
BauoriQc, ai'',""to, ana Aiin-riiMna.
sj Grntefal Tholsamfo proolilni
Kftl Invlgornt teat ever auataiued.
,1)10 sinking fcystprhi L " J
" 1M0 rerson Can take these Bit-:
tera according to directions, and re
main long iinwell, provided their;
bones are not Octroyed by mineral
. polaoft or ptUerluiinB,' and vltal 0.N
gana. waited beyaW repairi -J. 4
Bilious, Ilemitient, and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent iu the. valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
yUUlo; Aiissoun. Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland; Arkansas, Red, Colo-;
rano, Brazos, Kio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama;1; Mobtlo, fiavannaltJto
tnakoi "JamcsKr andA niaiif others,
witu their vast tnoutanes, turougu
out our entire country during the
Smntuer and Autumn, and remarka-'
1 so during-aeasons of unusual
cat am drvncsBire invanaoir ac-
cbaip.uilod Vy Intensive dejange-;
men'j of tho stomach and liver, and '
. fltber aVdQmioaU.viscQfa.-, la their
tiiftment, & pnrgativo,"exertlria;
powerful influence upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary. ;
There is no catbartia for the purpose '.
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vineoasv
liiTTEHS, as. they will ipeedily remore
the dark-eolored risoid batter with which :
the Ixit-eU are loaded) at the same time
stimnlatinir the secretioqe of the liver,
and iirferaJIy mtaritigtheJioiitthy func-'
tiouf or the difregtl ve organs.
'Fortify the body against dis
eisa ty 'pli'rffJiDt all ita. fluids with :
Vixkoar Hitters. No CDidomio can:
uv o botdTif ystr?ia thag fow-gnnBdr" 1
1) jspppMa at ladigesttoni Heod-
acho, iPmi hi he Shoaldera.f Ootigha,
Tijpitnf ff ttifXhest, DiMiiiexi,i8r
Ertcfefliftit tbt Oil gtomach,fBe4 fafte
iu the-Womh; Bilionn AttacK PaTptta
Uou of the. Heart, Inflammation of the'
Lung, Poiu in the region of the Kidneys,
and a liunJrel btie pflitdit' strfiptoinB,
ire the otlbprioirauf fcrricps!a,r Ou4 bat-
la viU. pruve a better guarantee of its
JlierUa tbaaaleugUur adrerti8eiiwpt-. r
i Scrofula on Wng Kvilj Ttho
BVelllmrs, -Hjlceraj 'Ery8ipeiafl,"-6Welled :
'cck, Goitte, Scrofuluna lnflaintnations, !
Iudoltnt laflsmmatiuoHC Mvrctyiai sOtn
tiout014 SorH, i;niptiotj oRbeBkii,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, as in all other
constitutional Discanos, Valkrb'i Iix
roar jJimis bvojhbwn their great bar
' ative power iu the most obshuate and
fctractable cues. ;
a Foe IqD AiOrtilitoi'y jfotf Chronic
uhenniatisni, feou't, Biliourf, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
tbcte llfttera kave no equal. EuehOis
kcnei are cafsed by Vitiated Blood)
Mechanical Disea9e8.--Persto8
toRaKiid-ia-Paints and Minerals, inch aa
Miners; as they advance to life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
agaiuit thia, take a dose of Walur's
Vieoar Bittbrs oocaiionally. 'u-j
For Skinr Diseases,' EroptloBs,
Tetter, Salt-Khenm, Blntcbaa, Spou, Pim
ples, Pustule, Boils, Carbuncle, Ring
worms. Scald-jiead, 8ore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, gearfis Bisoolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever- name or nature, an literally
dag np and carried out of the system in a
short tjme hy the nto-of tbesi Bitters.
fin, Tape, anu otner norms.
larking in toe system of so many thou
'sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver-TmfaFv-rtbormioitica
will tVoa-ihe
srstem from worms like these Bitaerti
fForFemaleComplaints, inyonng :
aroiu. mamea or Bingio, bi uu uawa oi
womanhood, or the turn of life, these Jon
io Bitters display so decided an taftoetoo
that improvement ia soon peroepflUHS
Cleanse. the Vitiated Blepd
wnanever joa spa iu impanuea naming
threagb tXs tkitt-in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; eleanne it when yoa Una. it. ob
structed and sluggish in the veins jileauae
ttrlieort.lai'oniy your feelings will" tell
? f On whew- KeepHhe blood pure, kud'tbe
health of the system will follow. W U
, R. H. McDOMALO Of CO-..
SmglataavGanrAgta.. Gaa rranoiaoa CiUfoe
la, it oor. of Waarangton and Chariton SaVb'.X.
bold bjr all Uragglata aul OaaOwa.
faif jojes andFanoCTdeds
!6vVh reapeetftliy say to tho etUseni of
Vintoa Co- that a nas entargeo nia sioca
ie aae&r (bar lautst is tha gut.- Oar
wng one
inline haatwerntsad Tery year (16 lo th
praaaot Una aad wa ti loanitui to tnepao
lie for past fetors, end ere determined to keep
a large etoek ot otery thing aaual't round ia
ttrat-casa Jewelry Store, and will kaof the
finest slock of gold aad solid ariter, tf th
beat Plated Uooda , as low aa any booe- tbe
Wat .-.t.''aT o .
We keep all tha different branda oLAmeril
eaa WatclM (Uoaaird. United HtatierKlgin.
Waitham and npringAeld M anufaetiirea, both
la gold aad atlter eaaes. Alao a largo Hbe of
Krom I'iS to $311.00, also allter rramlls to
tlAO. We hat a teiy relmbl lulkjeeeled
e J far Watt h from 1 1 to S2. f'S i
A full hiie of all goods in our linetorjhad
to order ny ozporienreo ajoramenyoarair-
in will rcasaerpmp! attnti. n Vl i
rieaai urop in aaq www ue. etiruwu'f ia
how goods.
Hawkeye. People who take the Times
Hawkeye. People who take the Times get the Worth of their
'IThTiBMt aapulir flimllT r.wlpV,'f
niermt tha thirty tral tear of ita ublica-l
mi. To looar hq ar jiot poruuallt ..
'luaimmwifififiwiaajtanraraiiif oa aaio:
ilDit; Ita awa tarird, aad trom tart
liianrr nf tna ilul; Ita atnoullural dopaiK
naatftill of iraaUral InfcrauUloai wbliaiia
tniira, lira ikwhei, , ani, a laeallaay aia
daptd to both taaai aad old) and Ita ra
Ortantb markfta.pfUTa atock.jrraip.gra
' rvfO-'. J1T .!
md mptl rtliabla.
Thu Rrw rialillr ar Cifrif4wll
Md,. la ib 'piarai a rtiridrfua Ihm oajrau
fiiiKUb w w fmuroi vj iiiftil, aim iu ita vni
imna ih mora imponaat dflmgi of tha
"Granga." f
ffa can 'I dd without lha Tlrrai aftrr bating
rand IV eight yeaia. Mrnd It to 111 Appli
'on ilml Lot all, M L. A. Kolwh.
W hata dnublrd our lllo(lnt year-rnn't
lo trithout tha Tlmaa, illhoiidh I am an old
Prmonrnt. S. O. Hliia, tlonlrwima, O.' f
I rk not know of dt papar tlint ia daotd
10 all fnir rat of tha humaa lamilr, a
mirth ai Ilia Tiniea.-H T, iitiiti, tliod
4". Pa. v a j, 'A
Tna Tlmas la iny popular nera, for oat
rMin,mi. that i your .oatrokq eeuraa
i)!mat the-aalvr Jlf ala -jyiiA. & ,
.iIoo,Tpqd. v
. I bat hato a 5olflnt'lder of lha Wafk
j Timta tor. ihraa yaarad 1 ii'l b aall
without it sow. W. P. Mnwatl, Bay Springa,
iaa. . , . m
" rnadf aid TiWri: Thia makaa ilvi'it Iwaary
rara that I hata takaa yaiirvicallcnl'papar,
.iad lha mora 4 rmd it Ik heitot I Ilka it.
I.rl It.rDT. Mflmuo'laCim 111. , ,
I think ft ia tha bt ptparlri'ib world. " I
Ik lha war von talk in rnrd to the Coa
irainual fiaiiila; and I ala Ilk Jt.uraup-
Valley Junction, Iowa.
Every Patron of the Weekly Times is presented
with a copy of the
,laMantia ptintod' trdiiraAirwerUilfli
ind miacallinMU artiiiea, lllualiated with
tiaarla lup oft tby aaatamfiira Ij'ilan
JoolaiaaavifcaaWaW4h yea 174 IrrArilu
altraetitf oara Itia au parlor to any prfa
Etart elub asant la eompenaatad for hia
y artica a, mihaa tifli aatra papet, lute
leairaniv praaBiiiiB. 1 j a ..(
TbKMbi Simile anhaenber, par year, IS ';
Inn of flt autweribara, per year, each, I To;
ilub hf rnnd n.aarderar. oaeb4l 60.
.bend fol iki oi 4remiukis, at j to
Cincinnati, Ohio.
olirra ind PaociMaia. ' Contaimngtl.til prac
tical reoeipta, written in a plain and popular
mai oer. aua illiutrated -wilb- oanlaoatort
odaU. I Berna oeampaehenait hodli r
r.freo(! air the n erchant, manufacturer. ar -
tiaan, amalaar and hOBekeer,iiDciiidio
mediolue, hurinacy and domritic aoonoray
I'h acone of thia work ia entirely ditWent
irora any other book at tho kinof.: Uaairiea
nainaa oompieio anil aimrat inoiapemiDlr
or ok of refreee) foa th tMooaaad and one
rereipla dnd articlea nefded in etart bullae
hold , farm, garden, etc.. It includes clear and
anally nndantoorl rilree tlone for the apnlica
lion of many ofiho arts qsiiallyai'quJreUojii)
by long euierieoi-, and aa ditaated ot tf
niohaluiea, or the lechairaliliealof.tarnia sd
to lully aiplained a lo bru tM enHit lub
Ject within lb coinprehnBiedofij Setaon
nf ordinary intelligence. I ronilineot iiitolir
thalmmeaao raa ef 'lubiaota treated- in
tha book ar tha Mlowing:
i The. Art ol liyeina, Hard f8olt and Toilet
Hoapa, Tanniog, I'latillation, JmitatioaLiq
uorsr Winaa, Oordiola and Hittera, Older,
Brewing, Perufmrt,ratorin Eaaenoaa,ete.,
iamaiira, Hair pjeeend Waihas, fomadna
aad Perfumed tlile, Tooth Pnwdera, ale.. By.
up, Aloohol and Alcoholmetry, PeiioUuni
sad Keroeeo. BleaahiDf and Cleaning, Via
r, Haufea, Cataupa aad Pickets, Receipt
Inr inn Warden. To keniota blmue.Hpote.ein.,
Pyrotechuy and Kii.leaitea.Cementa. eie,
waterpronltug, ArliBmal, Game,' iukaaml
Writina- Fluids, Aniline Colon. Paints and
PiBmanta, I aintinitand Paper. hanging, Ka1
ommeanu wnuewaao, varniiiiiDganafoi.
i'h nn, LUbricat'Orf, Japanning and LaHuer
ir g.Hoot and H urneaa Hla-klng, Photogiapht,
Veiale and Alloyai Wilding, ilenn. eto .
Bleotrotypiog, Kleotn. plating, eto.', ralrnl
Vledloinea, Medical Beceipta, Weights and
MaaureaMftOT pages, royal ortato, cloth.
PrieSVOO . i , it roar
,. ilUr a FITZtiEBALI), Publnahewi N. T-
Worth and Beauty.
i ! :..i:-.-i - ;0. i
" ' " AHDTHajfcHROMO 1
Hating control of lha magnificent ailchro
mo, Y8emile, w are able to oiler a comhia
Htioi of literary and amatie work of genuine
wnrtn. anu ai pnoea unprot'onentea -it..-Thin
finecopy of piee of Nature's grand
eat work, ia not presented in llw uanal lim'
ited eltla, ita dimenaioiui. ItxSO, tnakina a
.pivure oi ttry neeiraoie aiie in men. , .,
graced htit preaeoc. " ','
But a few coin of this beautiful bromo
will bo allowed to go to the retail atoren, and
those will be sold a.t thair "
( t . ' AetaaJ BataJl Price, ae.00, 3 1
which if ordered In connection with our Mag-
anno, uuio wui oeruro'anaa lor ' . , i
i ,i
As a premium the 'picture may be obtained
by sending us two subscription for the Mag
tine at one dollHi each, or by anbenrblng fo
thevMagaiin two tears in adtancw, at too
dollar per annum.' Address, '
' WVO " HVirofcHOLli MAGAZINE, -''
. Ntwbujgh.H V.-'
'8. E.BHi TE. Publisher. T 4ept
.-: aea JUO TUiao ST.,
i-:ii it ' ii e, ..njn i" 'in .'Ml 44
mini U;.t .ui '?.ty ti iaitv ,.frt-ji t9r
IT frl .aM, ,a ,aitnji: t na-jaj :
w m v w aw, j, a P4ir wr a
tnaiil M aiorij.'Lfr. t, I 'vjl S .nj Hit
M a
f .irl al ir, Dm
ria. tdl
jiin;la'-''v mi . to tint r;i la vn.".Vo ti a.
-ano. jI :- 9 not- -J " .i- .v. vi. tT- .) t
. ....And otner . ..'
. . r. . . : .J 'I.,.,-,..
Standard Eeligloua Workj,
4 i -.-.t..!
Canvassing Agent wanted la try eoui
ia the Unit) a(iSS-iM . ,-.. ,! ifj.,,.: jail
' li-a.f
QTOCK nd Or Slerai good aa new. for
O.'ale at ..wars' Jow prtco-r ;l
I art: .i, taH..iA(lJIIt.a.iMtay?
iti I . iflw a.Hfll.w nl f.H.,)
forfiisV the eotoTraJ''tha'
trtBoiaBauj-Gett to subscribers at
n 'J etui
... fa !..' i. .ttS "
. '1 T.' : a
i ff
Cincinnati, Ohio. NOTICE.
n ui r'i b Miia'iJiJ
TsVat a Uri qnsntitt'eoMl arm Mad
uVwhirh a. secaodl (nwthfsinbr ka
Bllowed oeorjidnp;wbn1k'w,Wiidi1n
put sndrr ruilHataor., and are, psenaxed W
.y ScWISipob!
pipiintinn at ouiti
m in arm oi nny araa7
sati.taoiory larma tifma pi
traola Aaoenoa.
I I a l 1
EonaaCaotus,'r' -,- -
. ' Fainteri Brcih. . .
v. I' t ' !: ; 'i Pike's i flak Columbine,
i ttj , (V. ) , c 4 1 '. i - ., .iiuaa ;jti.
;.'H,fl6t. 5"".' ,"-.
.I'm deeatlnllta ealkloeoe and. Arlro Ukt
A.J AT , K,-d . Wt'frM, ,,1.7
j . w o; o w i9 m,rf v.y MS i
Ayecial ATaiai to Asrarryatmaad Jjaalars,
TWsr ' JkvikttV "Bulbs!
r : : r i . . ,
Hnnetr Stock! IrultAnoyrer Plates
V'l!i li ar-le ."1 T-..1m 'i jt-i
QOO seres; ltd yeanr is greenhouaes. I raf
A pple, 1.U00 i-jr., tiA; t y. Sao; y. H".ty S-to
4 caatloguea. So eAla SljuiSm
- : ff it.t
''i": !liikotSV.,r1of',';Vii
t ii r: x f.i l.:Nb-t !i v-
;' -.ft "ajl.." F - fax t
Orialast, most faahlonabli and1 elegui styles,
' i,l h
t I
Second St., Near Mulberry,!
--,HH..( I '(!' c,1,;,, ,, 1
I mk it a point to ao all my work of th
beat material, and stand second 10 son ia
quality of floiah or durability. I employ bo
inferior Workmen, ;tbr iro ao sppituUc
hots about mv attsblishment, and I can not
Ml to pleas any person wh want th beat
turnout maue in in uouniry. I reie' witn
pride to my eualnmer throughout Houtnorn
Ohio as to the ohsracter of woik coming
from aiy nwtory, aad gnarant. 1 fij cul
loraars psrlecl saUsNcUon.
All kinds of Turneats finished and
Call and examine my Stock-
' "i.'Sf, 'J '! " ''' H,i' ' Iff !
Repairing;, Repaintlag, Etc
' ' "' -Still Monle nramnt'Attantloai" "
! ll ('i'.P
i Jb.-i i I bate constantly a stock of .u K i
Carriages, 'jBnjfjfies and Expresses.
laft with ma. for sal, repaired and almost as
'. good aa new, soma of them ' '
V E RY1 C H E A f I N D E E D.
-Wind ""-,J '
, ?' i, , , AWAaoiosT Tna ,- u u
r American Institute,
:l'.... ". ' pIR ' L. ! 1 i .tt)l
Embroidering and Fluting MaoMnes-
"It is Ingenious Snd will meet th want ol
atart roatroa id ilh land.1. : v J. v-it
i . aUBlbtUow of ISTt I
John E. Gatil, Rrc. 8rc'y iBarasrd,
Pre ,8smuJ l. Tilmsn, Corr'spondlDg
V , Hew Tork. No'rember SO, ISTt f
...Thia simple and iogepioi aiaehiqe ia aa
useful as the aewini niavhih. aad ufsat be
coming pupttlaf wilb ladies, lh th place al
expraaitontedl work, it work being qiuoh
mora handsom, requimig much leas lime
and not one-tenth part II. e expense, ho fa
dy'v toilet IxeoRlBlet without it 'i A machine
With illustrated rdreolar and lull instructions
sent oa receipt of J or floifhed in nlerplt
forSIIS. ; ' - " " t
Address, Thai MeKe UlaaafaetBrlaa C.i
HM ttroaaway. new lorn
North-salt crnr of Mala and jrekaottstrU
is, - ..' M?A"TllUB,l)a .! i .I,
GEO. W., BHUHTOK, , ?roprletoi
... :T,-.?r f''r :;:X
Carriaga, jmyuitt. JSxprfttu, eti
. t , r. . .. . .. .'r .,. ' .
auo, w.soss ias tu iiui or waooa woai
) 1
uon w order oo short ootic,, . . ,
Paintina and Trimmlnn
of ill krads Vxwuted 'ia the neiiteit ana moat
BcrAiKUto ol all kinds ia my lto will
roiiiptly aad bah. akaav.;. v 1 a m 1.
nor a aousatthiaes.abllsbmcDtia we
IBlkallMUMIial WrtuM .IU ..i..
wujHv a .iaeMieMincDI IB
besutMiaotisi, pmnp aold and
ou'edia tba most workmanlike manntryoot
-. w-wM.a,, uu.au pui.u .IU AI
Formerly ot Hamdan.l
-A VNOTTNCEStb bis friend ia Vintoa aid
ludjoinint counties fbat he haa bought th
ioWjora vly Kep't by .'Chu.'finiitk
Vj,' j: Three doon wast et ladi.oj, if
Betas reflttad it throoghoot. and at inaseJ
W entertain lh liateling ptlhlw at,raaaonM(i
at. -- ' Iaa
"IS 9
Batabllsbed iS61.sf,S9,Sl and aaWeet Frpotat
Foot of suspension Bridge, CIBClNNAllUa
OiAa. Beniaa OiPropneUir.- Dilyue
tioBaod pritat sale o leal JjAMBosi4
Beaa strijtly commMitttraK,ihraM
ad oa eonaignrsoot. -;Jii
$72.oo each ity;;
ranted ateryahere.' ' Busiboh etrlo.
Agents' wanted
y legitimate.
rariKoiar ire, 'anarees j
TKa irat bealitl
I i
- wo
iAhMfcafi ;Sh olri no fail to ti
amine the patent farto gate ;'fof
which lieorgrWi'fir&nxpn)'liM,f4
Arthnr, is jhe agent in thia .ftn.fi
Jackson oounty i Itthe'Beil
)f a farm, Ci'stiiig.nfty pgbsnll
less tban- heoM fasbmrjeti gf
aiil is ni.oeyifprable1ar
not g.-gmeoe i -it-when yoa
lea of other p:oturea. Piptorea may be
mm tttv aviifl OoW in. UniM
aatlsfactonr b careful aiif in.li At nil a
oWin!l rttotgrfl'afUrh"'ftahfrt1'o
AP eSHjPif'ur? - M Me.leet
stylei ip oil, water colors, fc-Mn, raa-
W 'likVarMea owuilWW
; isin.i eiij
l i-(!qcoaf1o aiof) L:i.J-owi)
nj? Va' ' A," "a'
Heating School Hoaaei,
i ,iaCerS
lUonace Sand ii
n3 v Public J llalls,(
bn !. v" xiuwii-
Ilia cleanly, It is economical! It is health,
ful. It keeao up perfect ciroulatiOB of ai a
warming ail parts m tli room alike. It took
th fir premium tr all eompetitnrs at ih
Vienna exposition. Cireula-sand pamphlet!
ponlamiog engrntings aad full pajtli ulars ful
Pished On application, or' on at th stotel
may b seen m operation at my store. tYou
ar invited to call, and ae for yoirelt.
01 J
liJ I) 1,1
ji. ,11 a, -lisi i
I . I ! ,1,
a 1.
, i'i--';
k (! imCQUlJBAUillO,.
Sole if'tai for TifitoS an J Roas countfeat and
dealer o all the meet sppreted IJookjina and
Healing btotea, 4tua 1-uroi.hing (ioods,
and majiulacturerof all kinoe nf Tin, Sheet
I roa. sod Copper Ware. Ordtra from lha
count H for Mpouting, looflng. alo, will al
ways rarest iiatnatlialsMteuiiorj, . u . . ,
11,I.I873 ...
' ' ,''?.-" t . I ' ) - I j
8 ITl ilDK L tlvfc
'.'tJ li Ol Si) lt.il ,i.yTS'i7r t
Foreign i5nd - 'Imericsi
Watch Materials,
, Watch' jjlaliers'
Tools; Etc.
Old Watch Csute aad old Gold and Wlvcr
. . buht. j . .
ttaprlSTS ( "'it
S; fr'i CRAfVIER,
Uarnar, Saddles, '
j lrldlf,tMalt'S, ,
' HnlpM, kpuri, Trace
,! 'Chainai Hames,1 and all
, ii
twiner Articles o; oaaaieiy.
My tninrts and the pnolin genera: ly ar intiU
ed to Vail nd examine my Block and pn
e 1 make auorl hone-t work, uso th
best stock, and7 tell al the tery lowest pries.
aad manu
don to order, and
:' ...,..- l. , J
all ,
Vfork Vaant, as Bepreiented
vl .I.tL't a t iU'i: .;-ii!t i
li ; h'.u.'i'.'r ' r.
and dcier in all kind of
'I .
hVlA rf H ! i tl
oat iA-'LiB O M a vli ,;'
ft H
! .oL ,. .' ii V M fttj.5
s m.'ft'.E'
.n t . : iii t a i-1
dnne,"and thJ0smallesi plettirei
Firiichod in Oil,
H J fjfJIip '.. iZT:ji
.jaayotnaratyU tt mij paaajrad, at the
R8t5hP7 la-Hit 1 J.ia
Eietnres?afiAU tuhth lraiaite
rlu'af t0AVjfiiul bi oIJa
tortv,atisniction.U '
iirit B UI ttl'la OOf 9'S.i Ol
. li O1E-0F
atr.'.v i,3HO rui ii iuti,a oiihi rr
0. c!Tni Alt' IiiaJ .ofnaa
i CQLDi v PEna n
-bxh-lTJT'tri! liio vm
fi5 PleaCTOrjiiBjjiut WEfeyisnQt-
fl033fl HOTKIV 31XT
J aolnit 1 sisO I
.eiJ ityiiiM beioyiii a.iT
ta'sst-.s iewla.nl 'jior.U
si.I -r. ioJ arM'Jjl tO uohi-j
-n )L4 i:io tfit. thl'i ,'ii jn.i
a)lQ ';' IJiftl I f :i "i L9T DVjl'fi
vO; ..-a i.n
L)i:o.v s:. --i,lil .nr. 1 U
rM a f ir r I'J-sveiev. frM
I '.IhLil Want servant kirl,
Wgritto sella piano,.
Wtiit to rt a carriage, " "'
Want to buy or sell a farm.., : ., .
Want a boarding' place.
! -?Watis tosell towrr .property
Want to sell groceries or drugs, ,
Want to sell liouselioid furniture;
Want to sll dry gooda qr carpets.;'
Want to flud castouiers for anything.
I , .t r. ii " i ,ii". ! i "t . 'i I ll I .
Advertising wilt grain new cNistortiers,
Advertl-liig wll keep old cuntoniers.
AdvcrtlKlng liberally always pays,
'Advertising mskes vaeoeis easy, i
AHlvertlxIng. begets coiifldeuoe. , .
1 Advertising " shows energy',-
n ii Advertising shows plunk, uu
..A'lverlieing Jeans'h;,
;).( ,, Advert fse pr.j-fbu?tt' (Jl
Advertise long,
Ail tot l.io n til.
A d v-e rn-i i
.i.,ivd !;:: - Mi'j
Every merohanix manufacturer
or businesi man who hat become
prominently rich, ha 'mae hit
fortune by judiciout adoertiting
"S.T.I .... I '.l.'j' ....? ' L .
tvo' exception io mit ruie can vz
cited! Stewart,' thf, Piinc4of
Merchants, iphen a poor man; wat
driven to adver thing, , ai fl tatl
retort to gel hit tlock turned nta
mok 'ey to at 16 meet dnole" Ar1
guing from ihi that' ifJil tddt
good for him in advertilyl hi
could make,, it tlill better m pw
perily, he became a pertittent tad
vertiter, and ihut gained his. co
lotial fortune. ' ' " " ' " " " u
: Bume merohants any it Is not wortH
while to advertise; for nu person reads
advertisement; yet every merchant In
thia county I will read thin, advertise
ment, end if hell wie be wijl proi
by its suggestion, if he fia anything t
offer W'.rth advertiHing' How muoa
more then will those renJ tbent whi
are not so largely aupplierf w th read
ing matter,' are at leisure 'n the evin
lug, aud muse depend on their paper for
their looal new, the mst iu portani
Item ff which is where they ean find
just what they want when they otrnie V
town to make their purchase. Ifyotn
stock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is, worthies, or if it ir run
down so that you have nothing left that
perfple' would w nt,'it is not Worth
wbie for you to advertise; But if it, is
hew, fresh and sparkling, up to'thf
tiroes, and suoh oa the -people want,
don't hide them, but publish-, U the
world thut ynti have them, ana want
to sell tbem at a fair price. ' ' -(l
al 'Tl
- I 1 - -
; ! : i.H V M .-A
An advertisement published, for a sin
gle' day dnei duty beyond that day.
and ita effect continue!, ini' a greater
ratio than moat men. imagine. , In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, 'a pieoe nf real proper
ty built up in ths roins of men unil
it becomes more valuable than any
turner jot in his locality;.! ; )
,Ir yoa lose a watch, Adog or a child,
or Jf you deire people not to trust
yo'or wife, ynu rusli tt. your local pa-J
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement , But you will plod
along rn business year after year, with'
out calculating; hnw. much. yon .re los
ing by not advertising it Rtporter
If .those persons who profess to be
lieve'. that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publio wish to be
convinced of their ern.r, just let them
give publicity1 to -somo matter they
would not cue to divulge to the world,
even id tbe most ohsoure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain, A d ver titer .
Gazette ' , , . .
' Advkrtibino Is apt to give ns thai
gentle jug oi conscience which tells u
that we want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday; or that we promised our wife
aew dress as soon ai the hay whs in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper , upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that- adver
tiding will not yetcivilire the world!
! '' I ,i'Jj !i.'U':v !..i,i-irs
f ' Wbt do people read advertisements'?
To see whe ia enterprising and toj.eprn
what is giiirig on. To see if there is
anything- new, or anything that '.they
wan Jo sef tifi the leaitmy styles
have enme in,' and" to find out who bsi
thetn," Tbknow if a1 ft one is 'selling
off areduced toa,gr tojwatelx.rtbe
chance of an auction. ' For amuaement.
ra'-ajatiafy- eorioity.' 43eeauae; tbe
have read, alinthe'atiaeaniHrriages,
uirtua, ueaniB. .ucbi anu aopiaeni.
BeoiisW 4beyUitto..tU.o4ia; tbey
. av !. a i.
.uTaapotir ijfj priul is 7tell:keowp,
but not, well understood.-A printed
sehtenie ' hw' ' wo'rtderrul adfi.itC6
evee ova Cbt. is jilted en 4ppkebri
This is.one of the fnany reasoryi whioh
gWeS 'ih imrKtrrancfc W adrerrliiihg. 'Bat
Idjfirtiiersjeteh.' tfao4ef 'bf. experieoeB,
dii. pot, wmprebed as wel..s ,thei
might the capacity to inlnibnce'.'tO per3
attade, entinoa,whieh lies inwinb
od matter. Spoken worda reaoire'tbe
graces' of Hdcutiotf and th' We of
eloqurac. elevewthet fade' away fp
tn nntliingneaa ifinqt caught, in theit
flight ariit prlnfed1 fiut there ie s.'.ttii
tbiagsa tBiiaHent langoiga. the qaiet
mwrfejiwajfinrfetarid iqfluerntej- iiusi
akherrpliahed;hf' a rjeraeveftpretiaf
waereg? rxtUit, hrJByoulpsft IpyoJa
knowledge worth having.
amit a.i ,ii.. 1. im I U !
THE lslMkt Compay,'wHb;atiwolbj .
detelopmenl of the I ocal inlereal of isle
ki, to secure its pe;mahDl uioaperity, aad t
add is its popnifiiltiei So wh. ara now
dCTTBl to aieure,-rlaMj-rarBi ..
bad at ovtKV Bad tdlWnin
aerotiadeiritik to fiSrotee-at! ereparly
sad tn pi Ikwtp ajoiu BflW at th
Comprfnyi'afflTeS fc71 T7S..
t ,K. TrTrrMP-ON. srer.
cralsekl Ohlol'atly.ia, ISTt
'-' ''
Which idptedto '
n -i -!r,-vt isl en) fctt piftMil
'AUwinff'Mafthmeff,1 (
ti iiv J n;,loirjeU bam j
KOTlfir, tinlcalHy lha - al iO.
OtKlfiBIOU. Chicago, (lis , w.ih f)e palsnl
-" h. e exvairi
Offl!nd salearoora SMJiWt al.. rioaga,
Broli tin ttofrtt ConailtotWii
nt)lr . , Orrjnrra'A.uuBe47.ti
lnrlfy aud Enrich USllloeid.
Tna will Hnd rw.CrWk'AtrodBiaKys'.
mm or fok Koolto pot?' grewtsf aaww
it, cure you more speedily." and do yoa
tnora good thau rry and all gmer Taaa.
dle. ooml)neaV r- Thai eltfur,
li rkly-loolilngRItln 1 changed to on
of lrnnei kj d Irt-nllh. Tliose- fceac)
of tlui ll,riwtplea. rsiatfil,
lilolrhes biiU Ernpilwo ar ruuioted. -ttrrwfuln.
Sierolnlona Dlaeae'of -th
bl i. Bwellju.. Vlcera. OIl
hurt ,or any aindi f Hnmor rAp' rlv
Vballallt li la.nHturc'a owaatorarl
A solubi dtytlif Bon C0blneJ'WUh th
medlclDkl 1pri.penfes4rttilt lloofdlreoted
Ot.il dlsagreeiiblo quallUaa. It will ear
any Nen whose real or direct e-ns la
IIhiI.IIIochI.' ltheamatlAiM. I ,.,. 1st
l.liub tr iloitea, f'onatltntioaiB t-ri
do. i by M-rcuiil or oilier poisons, ar
11 cnrfil by It. or yphlll, oraj6ht
litle taint, there la nothing eiiual tr iC A
trial will prwv Is. bold by T-
Cincinnati, Ohio. NOTICE. THE SUN.
. THE WEEKLY Vtf w too widely knoa
to r'inre any xtadd roomrndatini
but Ibe reaeena whw-b hat already gle It
nrty Ihouaand auiwribera, anil hihiWili.
we hope, give it maar Ihouaaads.aioi, r
bti(yasS.iaw. i - , I .-. ! ii i
llll Brt-fte -wpspr... , All lb w 4
th day will be found in it. rondenead whan
taininiran l initrnctite reading of etery kind.
but eowtaiaHiar-iinthiBg -thai -tan "t)efc fnm
BJ"tt d li')W-sdd.acrBpi)otlA.t.i f - J
1 1 io a nrai-raie aiory paper, -ineoeai aeiea
and remain- of eorfeof. Irleriitiire-wcecsir
full v avlecieii and' ea'Slt rrlnted II) Pa'palea.
Ilia a Brt-Mtef. BaVftahUial paber. Ih
most lr-b sd 4Htuollva rlielJH ai
vuliiird .topicSireguUny iptxArik UilAaA-
. ItisanindepandeBl politlial psper.betong
ing to no pxrly and wearing 10 collar It flghi
for prinuiple and the elei-tloD of the beat pits
to offlc It aapecially df totes its energiea I
the exposure nf the great oorruptioos (bat
now weaken and disgrace out country, and
ihraiiten lo umlerrrilna tsptiblican institution
altogether, j It has nplear ol ka.va(, aid ask
un tutors oftheir aii'iportera.
' l reporo. 'ha fitshmns for tlie I (He anN Itfa
raarkeia tbr-iheinen parillt'lhttaetl
market", to which ,t paya particular attention.
Finally, it Is the cheapest paper published
nnedolUra year will stoure it for any sub
aqiiber. 4t rannt naxMissary to seewpaelirb
m Order to have Tb W aKKbtsUSi at thia
rat; AavWawhe send siagtdollaT Will
get th papar for yoss-
unimportant,! run Mogul wnsnoi mnmni.
anu always pre-enied io a cltsr, intlliiibl,
niiatie,tipgeVsnnr , kt ! t J f,
It Is a flrat-rHt family paper, fiill of eBtir-
TSB VtEilLTr!i.-Erght5Me5,
-iafuihetiinlydun. 00 teMr.-A-dis
i-oimt nf CO per cent, to clul'S of 10 or oter.
THE DAILY BUN. 4 iarg lour pass
neaspaper of tweni right enlt mns. I'a ly
MMiMatiourOver tSOrOOOa- l.k the ewarfe?
S ot-nl. uhaori)-litii ,k rtSr i-fnta rOnrMhj
or iHrese t Torluos or 10 o im, l-wi'
count i f SO ner em.
Marriage f-.
t-llxfl fl- l;lH.auSr.,UllMf
B u araatrra U wekiUe.Ae. "
. TSUiaa lauraulag wart at la ateM.a Wilr
t a.. BMfc.ro. afr.hiff, ia 4 awislaa taJamMa.
nfcrsullx Sir ikeM ara an aarrUS,araaamalleHar.
riata. SUIIIII.a book Uutaial M at UpiaaiaajMk
snlkatl a4 sailaM aaealaaal, abael Siii7T7P
llaoaulaa tka sipanaaM aa aetlaa a t a SBtaklaB
kua npaialka la rU-Ma, aa .baaU aalaiM arT
(tn Oiw,r ti a.arx aal an4 fcsula UuMiaeal tka raitra
H t-araaaa ry Was as Ita nliai, a I Mt gaa
railra.r.laaatkat k wen SiaBlao sen ' W
a.l pubir.knl ia aar Mker . "
, SatuanraoatrMarafciaf)larriRrCali.
Sit ula" 'ia BUl""''i-13 'ltUl ttr.lt
A BOOK FOR THE MILLION! Notice to the Affliced and Unfortunate.
ea,ra apprrlag u tba alarleai ka aSTtrllaa la
(Mia rlre,ar al aaf aab maSn. ttrws lw
an w.rkirj.a4M:uaaal,aea3aa
Pr. li. Ht.pM -Wenirlaaat af Iwaait-am
S!'IiL,i"iiT iaa lltiaM aatU .
..ll.S r-.rMa.llr ar by aoll.aa UaSiMait. aniln,
ll.warka. Ollea aniparl.ra.Sa. M . Uaklk -irm i
tw kartat sad CAaaasi, k. Ua ki. ' ' .Ti
Notice to the Stockholders of
Notice to the Stockholders of the Galpolis. McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
ii-.' '" :u hMt-a JJ.1
A Mi pirtie bseinf subscribe d lclhe" eir-
" u.
hereby req
relart of II
Public Suda
contenifnt.lo Paniei Will, President of lb
Vinton County Rank at MoArthut. UhiOeo
an inHtsilment of Ate dullara oo each hr
as o. .no u pica: m v. it. n, are
ui.ed to make payment th thaVeo-
ll ODTnnint.al hia nfllA. am U .
r. lh eaUfnailai flhln ml
.00 S 1471(1 ,,,' mil -4 S a ia-.'.,
91.1! I, i.l. l ,l I' .aj M .J K.'Jltl
',1 .,11 B. U il 1 . ,.,) u,,i,
o -un t. ir--.i.ri4eB Iki 1-t .Kl1-( !: r
.r.A..i , ) elnlna 11
lliilt psttieulan I PaBE.' fl. 'M. iplScia.;!!!
Hanrmr8i Bostoa."1'1 ?': TT i",
ll-.,l,.l.l. A ,.;',,, .B-b-J
"""i ii"l l- '-.-Ki . .j..iv
iij iiiri ii
id.. a uj. Lj;) iTi .baTTiar
rrr.r-?k 4
lwl;l ,a.lj Is
. a. u. V
-VQala, Hi fl
.na1..t a. a
attiu;ai-jiu)' at Ti"idi?.l
T .iriii:iAi i'j jiij .iu-.Ja
antinurj tt noiUK
fja-1 s-iTjJiji adl lma u?-!.tfcij
aaiJi.oij ail ?dv bMj
A.1 Ildisui i
)rjriJi ii9-J Ma.i si'.eiiaol zV-.
ial ol batiat Lciu nun.J coii
', jIW.JrfWtf tn.'fter'dWr'ifi.1

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