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4 .
II r. Earns returned from Cir
oleville yesterday, and reports
(bat : the transfer of 165,000
stock of the Farmers & Miners'
R. R. to the Circleville & Mc-
' Arthur R.R. had been promis
ed this committee. .
A meeting of the incorpora
tors was held at Circleville yes
terday afternoon, and r Treat
Lang ley telegraphed John P.
Dqnkle that $20,000 had been
subscribed as the result of the
meeting. Good for Circleville.
lAll that is needed to secure
enough ' subscription at that
point, is tQ put a committee at
; fork that, will push matters.
i Tab Boecher-Tiltoa scandal
' i bat ' completely eclipsed the
.comet in ' the daily papers.
f Learned astronomical articles
hate given place' to tit-bits of
scandal. Poor Comet! Poor
M. Beecher! They are both under
- cloud. " ' ' '
t ... Thi State Journal has a class
filed list of the standing of all
the papers in the State ou the
adoption of the new Conslitu
tion, It has the Rkcord classed
as non committal. We have
, heretofore stated our approval
of the proposed . constitution
and the reasons for the same
We are for the new Conslitu
tion, for license, for railroad
aid, and for minority represen
tation. We have laid ihfi
document before our readers
and thay can individually make
up their minds for themselves.
We have not tnoueht fit to in
ist on its adoption by long
winded arguments; we don't
consider it perfect by any
means, but a decided improve
ment on the present Conslitu
Br an act of Congress passed
just before the adjournment
newspapers are carried iree
through mails in the couuty in
which they are published. The
ct took effect July 1st, 1874
Jfersona -in -li county who
have paid postage on the Rec
cbd for the current quarter will
be entitled to have the amount
returned on application to the
Poet master.
. Alter the first of January,
1875, we will be required to
prepaj the postage on all pa
pers seut to subscribers outside
of the county. This will com
pel us to demand subscriptions
from all that class of subscrib
ers promptly in advance.
The Beecher-Tilton scandal
has been revived by Mr. Tilton
Writing a public letter in which
he charges Beecher with adultery
with his (Tiltoa'e) wife. This
letter is accompanied by letters
and documents from Beecher
which leave scarcely a doubt of
his guilt in the minds of the pub
lic Beecher has made a counter-statement
of denial, as has
Mrs. Tilton also. The matter is
being investigated by a commit
tee fruio Plymouth Church. Its
latest plait? is the arrest of Til
ton for libel. 'lie arrest is sup
posed to have been An the inter
rest of Tilton, to take tb mattir
oat of the hands of the eommitee
and get it in the Courts, where
the attendance ot witnesses my
be compelled and an impartial
trial be had.
Of course the whole country is
shocked at the developments as
they now appear, and there is
much twaddle in the papers and
in private about what a blow Mr.
Beecner's conviction would be to
the Christian church. It would
be a much greater blow if the
Christian church should attempt
to shield . Mr. Beecher if he is
euilty. The stability of the
Christian religion reals npon no
uch uncertain foundation as Mr.
Beecher or Plymouth Church.
Jo fact the "orthodoxy" of both
have been questioned before to
.day. The -eminence be has at
tained by bis eloquence will give
scoffers at religion a deliciotu
morsel to roll unaer their tongues,
hat it is silly to talk of. the ex
posure of a hypocrite, no matter
what emineuce he may have at
tained, being a blow to Carutian-
The County Convention Favoring
The County Convention Favoring no License, or Free Trade
in Whisky—Dissette on the
Home Stretch.
[Reported for the Record by one who was
The 231 of July came and
went; so did Rev. Diskette a
forni.il meelirg held at the
Church "organized the county.
Dissette called it 'organization.'
A cut and dry proceeding fur
Dished by Diselte was enter
tained by the meeting an Dis
sette was apparently, happy,
after assessing each township
$4.00 for expenses. A resolu
tion was passed by fifteen or
twenty people after the meet
ing was well nigh thinned out
and gone, and Dissette made a
abort speech, tie said, he did
not like to speak .there, as he
had to speak at night and they
might not want to hear him
twice (a correct idea),, and in
timated that in the evening all
would be said that could
be said on the subject of and
license. Evening came;: the
Court Rouse bell sent forth its
bronze tones on the evening
air, and the people came forth
by the Bcore to hear Dissette.
In fact we heard an old citizen
remark that it as the largest
audience in proportion to the
size of the speech that was
ever in the Court Rouse. ." ,
' Alter a few sensible remarks
by Prof. Mills, of Marietta,
Dissette set in. lie talked
and talked and continued to
talk. Minutes ran into quar
ters, and quarters into hours,
and still DisBette talked. We
went out about the end of the
first hour to get fresh air, came
in, and still the disconnected
jargon of Dissette flowed. We
wearied, fell asleep, and dream
ed a great dream, and awoke
to hear Dissette mumbling on.
We went into, the entry, and
listened to a friend tell a few
. . . . ,
stories to revive us, and went
back into the room to uaze up
on the weary audience and
hear Diisette'still talking. No
cheer, no mark of enthusiasm
elirred the weary crowd. The
evening wore away, patience
wore away, but there was no
wpar away to the immortal
Dissette. The "wee sma' Lours"
fto6 o w, twelve ready 1
to steal upon us, and still Dis
sette lingeredstill talked-
still told in dull ami wearv
style some threadbare anec
dote as if to try to amuse lntu
self. . We thought of Train
George Francis Train and
then we thought of Tennyson
and his little story of the brook.
nod how smoothlyit announced
uilen may corae and men may go
But I go on tor ever hiiiI ever,
I go on lor ever "
And we were certain, almost
certain, that Tennyson had
beard D ssettte speak. But
after Dissette had battled with
words, and felt around in the
air for ideas which he seemed
clutching at but never catch
ing, until his legs wearied
with prancing about, be sat
down. A deep sigh of relief
escaped the audience, the ak
ing portion aroused the slum
bering portion and then we
went away from three to five
hours older, but no wiser, than
when we went to hear Dissette.
Two or three startling proposi
tions we remmernber. One
was that lager beer was intro
duced as the result of the no
license clause in the prespnt
Constitution. We wondered
wht.tneT drink would follow
the IJt?0H0n Ol the no license
clause in the. pending Consti
tution. Ano.'her was that no
law could be .enforced that
tended to restrain Jhe traffic in
intoxicating liquors And if li
cense tended to restrain more
than did the presnt law, then
it would lack more ot being
enforced. This we regarded as
a settler the end of the chap
terand we supposed that
with it he would close, but no
he rattled away making a se
ries of bold and reckless
statements about officers ot
the law, Judge", Court rfficers,
etc.. One . particular case be
gave of a Judge, who fined a
poor fellow very severely for
telling liquor and then let off
a rich lei low on seven indict
ments at 10 each, and said, I
do this because this man ia my
friend." We heard a gentle
man remark that be would
wager fifty dollars that the
thing never happened. There
was not a person there who
was fool enough to think any
Judge would make auy such
remark. Blackguards and
blatherskites can rail . out
against Judgos, Court officers,
grand juries and petit juries,
but a man is tolerably low. in
morals himself who supposes
that in drawing from a box fif-.
teen names which are placedt
there by .sworn men, generally
snpposed to be the better men
in each ipwnBhip of a county,,
that you draw out men, who
for a .trilling consideration will
commit wilful and corrupt per
jury' ' . -It
is an insult to the mass ot
the citizens of Ohio., Our
grand iuries and petit juries are
almost' invariable substantial
farmers who are regarded as
the bes men in their several
townships, and it is' simply
. lander lor a man to stand up
and call them perjurers and
villains. Dissette says, a man
who will drink, whisky will
commit perjury, if not in those
words he did so in substance.
If drinking whisky and lying
go together Dissette must be a
great sot.
No single proposition was
enunciated, no statistics given,
nothing but a wilderness of
wordB intersected by weak il
lustrations running .here and
there, pointing as much in one
direction as another. . Honest
people anxious to vote right
upon a great question, anxious
to learn something, to have a
few facts, a little logic, or a bit
of reason, on which to found
an Opinion, went and waited,
and a great many went home
idisappointed and disgusted,
. .. , .?
u aoauillD'j iua'. lliu tvui'
for the license clause, repealed
all the law in force including
the Adair law, when every
pprson ot intelligence knew it
did no such thing. He as
sumed that voting for the li
cense' clause was granting li
cense to sell liquor without in.
ii.,inK loKtstaiiuu, when ev
ery intelligent person knows it
does not. In short he assumed
that our people did not know
much, and that any kind of
"clatter" wou'd do for a speech
in this billy countrv and he
clattered awav bv quantity.
there.] Yours SMITH AND BROWN.
Road Notice.
N OTICE ia hereby gived that petition will
he prenenttd lo the Commiaiiionarenf Vin
ton County, Ohio, at their next regular aee
ainn lo be held on the flrnt Mondav nt Septem
ber A. I 1174, nrat ina; tnr the e-tahliahm nt
ofa county road alonit ihe followicKdeaeriiied
route in iiant nr.ontv, to witt Beginning at a
f mint in the center of the county rnad lead
nr t eat lonaihan Wiolr' dwelling h "le,
at'Oit thirteen rode weet of and house,
iti Klk townHhtp, of V mton ociimv, I'lno,
ihmxe mining a noith esterlv direction,
the nearest anil best ro'lte, through Ihe I 'nils
of -aid Jonathan Winier. and M rv Rich
mond to a point at nr near the nnrth-west
comer of E l. Wnlt'n ganlen. thence in an
easterh direction throuch th lamls of aid
F. i Wnlfand nilman. Ward A t'o., south of
the 'Water Mill" of said oilmsn. Ward al'o.,
and a'nnv the eolith line nt hindananed by
beirieitaWilenn and interaeoti ig the Jxcknn
and Mntrth'ir road at a ixiini about M4 feet
eolith ol the south line of Ihe corporate limits
of Ihe lown of McArthur, in exid Elk town
ship, of Vioton county, Ohio, and there to
wiLL.it r r ci, i "n.
Principal Petitioner.
July 30th, 1874.
Road Notice.
VfOTIt'E ia hereby riven that a petition will
i i be presented to the uommisainnera nr vi
ton ennnty, at their next aesaion lo be hrtld
on Ihe flrl Monday nt rtenmbnr, A I) IK74.
praying for the establishment of a county
roaii along the following described route in
said count) of. Vinton, to wit. Heginnin g at a
point in Ihe county road leading from Vinton
btalion to Zaleski. id aaid cnuntv, at a point
where sa .1 rnad Inlersecle the south line of
Isaac Hhry'e land, in the e. w. quarter of sea
No. 1.1 of Elk tp. the same being the point
hete the township road called the Hnggine
road intersects sajd countv mad: then.'e run
ning eat about ten rods to Ihe western boun
dary of 'he M. A 0. R R land, thence in a
north eas tcily direction about parallel with
the Marietta A Cincinnati Railroad until aaid
line Intersect an old roadbed in the landa of
: i . 1 1 . . . i j;
Jlinn to the aout . -east corner of the landa ft
Holden Tripp, thence in a north-easterly di
rection through Ihe landa ol John Haya lo a
Eoint nenr the center of the north enst n .iar
irol theoorth-weitq laner ofeection No. 18,
rnwnh'D No 1,, ranua No. 17. in th- land of
Ell Gill, thence in a northerly direction
through ihe landa or fNn Will nn Ihe na e-t
and best ro la to Inters, et the cute road
leading from He trthnr J o ZaleeKi, Ohio, ata
p int near ihe hooae whe,e John Uerroid
uow residue, snd there to end.
HULDKN TKlfP, petitioner.
July tfi, 1874. 6w
Splendid Michigan Lands
The Ormi Baptit aad Iniiu Balrd haa bee
dm shed you milee lung, and ila entire land
(rant earned!
Ia Famine Laala Aetwal Retilera, far
Jauliv.daala er C lea lee,
special bargains for ttn.
100,1X0 acree have lapes aold already. The
landa are well timber!, making the beat
kind of (arms Strong soils ol great produc
ing power Easily reached by rail nt water.
Cosd MmrhM. Railroad runa Ihinnvh the
grant Michigan is oneol Ihe Jeeal Meted and
n net proaperona Htatea in tha Weat Ite
adkeatt ere aimsui'fot He flnarx-tal vtarding
No I. No difficulty In transportation. Peace
and prosperity are lo its border Lands front
H tot peraere.' Time enltl.-ient. Interact
I per cent. WW. A. HOWARD,
Land Oimmieetoner 'irind kM.,e, Mich.
P. a PIEKCK, Hoc' I and liepartment.
A PVEBTISEBS send JS eta.- lo Rio.
i iowaL A , 41 Park Bow, N. T , for
their pay. FtmfkH. abowiiif ooat of ad
vertitng. ..... ..
TUTS, Now Haven. Cods -fortieth veer.
Preparatory to eolltg, th wlenlifl" schools
or bueioeee,- ith avalemetio end thnrnug n
pnjslcaj training bv military drillinc vm
Buttic, rsa-ir c, as. 0tln2n Mat oa a p.
pllcauoa. . WM.H.KUSSEU,frioipl.
Til IUU1 CiUTT, 1BTBUM 01.1 I pt HIT.
Send for "The Pioneer," ,
A handsom illustrated 1 paper, eontainini
tho Homestead Law. A oa Dumber jnt
published. Mailed tree to ail parts of the
world. Addres ; . , .
. Land Coamissionsr U. P. B. R.
Omaha, Neb
TheTianscontinental Brand
MaVJaVJ ACNT: savjBavaav
Tha Staadard Oil Co
Jha AUetaa oV Co A. Hayward,
CUlCMJy. N KRAfiClbU).
Ales MrDowld Ic ,
UrgeotlT rmmniradnl to gao.ral uaa b tha
N. Y. Fire ComniialoDra Fire loaaraomj
Vo.'f Vmmon oal oil la not ialh endrr all
eircumitancea orcarleaa naa loo'a Bril.
Hint Oil la aafe noder any eirfiimataWes or
cae-Ured In mora tliao 1i',0(i homaa and
Mloriea for the lataiiyem wlihnntao e
oidrot o Are The floret illuminator in the
world -doea notamoke nor aiPfll oorrrn't
the wk-k Will hnra to the laat diop In the
lamp without reflllina; Bum in the ordinary
coal oil I ampa The ran" in which the oil it
pot op far (amilv ue ahonld baaeen to be
appreciatrd 8mdar etrmlar r ooU at aioea.
are the moat beautital In end perleot I
tvne ever made. The Conrto atop in the
beat erer plaoed In an j oticao. H i produn
ed bjr an extra aet of reeda, peculiarly Mioed,
the ettwt of which le moRt eharminn and eoul
alirrin, while it imiUiioo of tho human
voice iiauperb- Teima liberU.
WATERS' Philharmonic,
Vesper & Orchestral
la ornqne Frenohcaaea. are amon ihe best
made, and combine purity of toicinc; with
treat volume of tone, builable for parlor,
church or muaio hall.
WATERS' New Scale Ph
hare (treat power and a fine ilniing (one, with
all modern improvement., ana are the best
planoa mnde. Theae orianii and pianoa are
warranted for 8 yearn. Hiiuea ealromi-ly low
for caah, or part nanh and balance id monthly
or quarterly pay memo, tfeoond-hand inalru
men's taken in exchange. cenla wanted in
in every county In the U. 8. end Canada. A
lineral dix-ount to teavhera, minietera,
chunihea, anhnola, lodeat Ac, llluatiated
eatalovuee mailed.
481 Broadway, New York, P. O Box 3667.
Coo-tr, ohiii,
Juiy iO, H7 1 I
To 0 QualiJUl Kofcn qf Kiatoa Cvaalf, (Ml
WHEKEAd, by the lawi of Ohio regulating
elect ious. it ia reo iired of the elierilt of
hi. county to give notivo Iwiure the lime of
holdinaao elec tion by n:oclinatiun through
out the county of ihe time ua ahlcliauub
eleotion .hall be holden:
In iitirauHiiue of such requlaitlon. I,
OKukue, K tLEK.Uhertrl of Viutuo Uuunly.
Ohio, do hereby proclaim anil make known
i out tne
. (UtiXa JHBitokljArurijAlDHOtiTU,)
la by the Constitution anil laws of nhm. .
pniDted the da ou which the qiialilied elect
or. ol Vinton I'ounty are notineu u in
their re.,iuilve uiii-hiia, at Iheir uanafur
proper place. holding election., betaveo
the hour of o cluck in Ihe fureoion ami 8
o'clock in the ilicrnoorMJl naid dny, a I then
and there to vot. by bailo, upon tlieadnpliun
or lejeciiou oi a
new constitution
for the Stale of Ohio, adopted in Convention
n UiiiciniiHU: Uhio, on slay 14, Ii74, and also
to vute lur tue aioptiun or reection of the
following propositions .ought to be inoorpo
rated luto wild Constitution, to t it : .
Lioense to Sell Intoxicating Liquors,
Aa provided form Sm. 10 of the Mudult to laid
proposed Uonsliiutioo.
t said el, ctiou tue Ullota ahall be in the
following lorm:
"New Lonttiltttion Ticket.
Eras that part of tacb vote which
you; do not favor.
Firtt Vote.
For the New Constitution.
Against the New Constitution
Second Vote.
Fur Minority Representation.
Against Minority Representation.
Third ToU.
For Railroad Aid.
Against Rdilruud Aid.
Fourth Vote.
For License.
Against License.
If one clause be etaeed, the other ahall be
couaUtd. If both clauses be erased, or neith
er clause be erased, the vole upon tbat aab
joct ibail not be counted.
W1TN B83, my hand, al my office, In Mc
Arthur, thia tuth day of lulv, 1874
eheritt of Vinton Couuty.
July 80th, 1874. iw
Scribner's Monthly,
Another Great Literary Sensation,
The Modern RobinionCrusce
With 150 Beautiful Illastrations.
Meear Hcribner A Co., have secured for
ml pnhlication in HCRIilftbK'd MONTH
LY, M. Jule Verne'i laleat alory,
i n wtawh, not content wllh tne old atone of
"Robinson Crusoe" end ihe"bwira family
kflbtuvn," the writer nndvriak a t shuw
how a party ol men cast upon a my.tenous
and denert ialand may live or ihe'r acientino
resourcaa alone, wnhout Ihe aid of any wreck
to draw npon for th maunala or life and
con. fort
The perty are Americana who ret out from
Richmond Va.,ouniig the airge.tt a bdlonn.
M Jnlea Verne unite wi n an accurate arlen
tiftc knowledge an exuberauc of inventiv
geniu that fia
The theme of the preeent dory aPnrda the
anthor the flieet opiKrninity fnr the diaplay
of hie peculiar gilia. The nory will be pro
Inaely ilutntteJ, and ia begun ia tba April
for aala by all New Lealer or Bookeell
er. Pnce M ia a year. So cent, a number.
8CRIBNB.K ACO..HM, Broadway, . Y.
SoniarlaTi - .
ia lBett4 at fair prloa
ran oct mi
WE are now ofTerlnar our entire' stoclc of eiimmfr Goods consisting In
part of Parasols. Fans. Snniim r Hats. 4c, at lees than the wholesale
prices, lit order to close out belore September 1st.
Fans worth
44 "
'' : " !"
Parasols worth 03.75
V 3.25
u a
u u
u t
, u
2.75 at 2.25
2.00 at 1.25
1.00:at .65
.75 at .50
Now is the tlmo to tuy a we are determined to sell regardless of- cost.
R. S. & J. W. WILCOX,
Ilamdcn, O.
i ! . '
Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio,
' . -I' ' : ' :
UAVE fitted np their new and commodious store-room in superb style spar
neither time or money to render it equal in arohiteotural style to any
mom in Southern Ohio, and have repleniahed their, former stock of Drugs,
Paints, Oils), Dye Stuffs, Patent and Family Medicines to repletion, to
which they have ad led a full and complete line of Yankee Notions, Tobacco
and Jewelry which they will sell at lowest possible prioes for cash.
will be conducted in the establishment aa heretofore. Monies loaned and pa
per discounted.
In connection with the Medical Department will be established a
Medical and Siical isite
(or the better treatment of all ohronio and suegioa) diseases and deformities
under a corps of directors who will employ nothing but firet'cluss medical tal
ent ss operatives in the Institute.
Patients can be accommodated after the first of October with boarding,
lodging and nursing; at rates far below what can be afforded nt similar insti
tutions, in the oitiea, and as good medical attendants as can be procured any
wheie. - ..
$1.50 at 81.00
X,i6U WW
1.00 "
- .75
at $3.00
at 2.75
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Marihit Hawk, deceased.
THR nnilerciiriieil haa been annoinUH anil
J q,uailel e. administrator of theeai.lenf
Hi anna llawk,lateol Vinton cuuuty.rieceaaed.
PM4M naw it,
Admlniatraloroflh Estate ofMartha Hawk,
July 23, 1873.
H.W.HORTON, reader.
TT AV1NG lately purchased a new and hand-
illume nana wuin, ana are prepared to
furnish ooi mueic on application, to all
points in this or aojointng counuea. Adiireea
a above fjuntm
Manhood: How Lost, Bow Eeatoied
Just niiMi'aeit, a new edi
on f Dr. t'alverwell'
Celebrated fcaaav tin III
radical car. (Wllhulit tlienl-
einelof -HaaAToa.il,. .. or ellltnal Weak-
n -as, Involuntary Seminal Lnaeea, laporiacr,
Mental aud Hliynical Incapacity, Imiiedimenla
lo Marrtaie, eu- atao, UoNauamoa, r.riuar
av,ami tin, inducedliy Kll-iudulueoceoracx
ual ealravaganoe.
avr-l'rire in a aealed envelope, only ( rents.
The celebrated author in thia admirable e
av clearly dprnonstnites from a thirti e.ir
aiKveaxfuf practu-e, thai the alarming cme-
quencea 01 aeu-anuae may be radical y cured
without Die dangeroua ua. of internal medi
cine or the application of the knile; pointing
out mode ofiure at once eimple, certain and
etteolual, by meana of which every eiiflerar,
no mauer wnai nia conaiiton may oe, may
cure himself cheaply, privalelt, and tiicaUn
aaVJ hia Lerture ehould be in Ihe hand of
every vouth and every n.an in the land.
'enl, und, r seal, lo a i lain envelooe. to anv
add.ea., potHwdl on receipt ol ail cenla, or
two post sump.
Airo Dr. tlulrerwell's "Marnane Guide,"
price nu centa.
addreuiihe publishers.
ItT Bowery, Hew York, Peet OIBve Box, Mot
Stale of Ohio, tHnlonCo., ,
Bennett M. Clark, plaintiff,
Cornelius Earns, etal, defendants.
In Vintim County Cowt of Common
PUat. An Order of Sale.
"PURSUANT to the command of an Order
A oi oh ie ihanen nom tn i;oun 01 com
mon riea oi vinion county, ana to me di
rected aa HhentT and 8pectal Mater Coin-
m i..inn.r nt y.i J ni.nn w 1 will . i . In
at ihe door of the Couti Hone,in the lown of
acanaur, vinion oounir. unio. on
Monday, the 10th Day of August,
at Ihe hour of 1 o'clock P. M of (aid day, Ihe
following described lands and tenement, ait
Date in Vinion ounty, Ohio, and bnuoded
and deM-nbed a tollow. to witt The north
half of the eouih-eaet quarter and tbeuoilh
eaat quarter of the -omh-weat QiiaiUr of aeo-
tionihir,v-inreIS3j townahip twelve, (13) of
rail. r.eniea (ii) containing one nunnred
and twenty (liti) acre more or lea and lying
and being in the dietrict of land subject lo
sale at Chillicoihe. Ohio.
Appraised at tourthcuaand and eight hun
dred uollara ift.iwo) a d niu.1 bnug two
third ol that sum.
To be void a tha property of Cornelia.
Earn, toaahsly an order of .ale.iaaued I rum
the t'onrt of Common Picas In lavor ol Ben
net M I'lark.
CheriBor Vraion County and bpecial Mas
ter lommiraioner.
J. M. Mi-t'iLLituT, Attorney for plaintiff.
July , 174. 6w
hi roe, mala or tr.,le, fcttJa week war
anted Mo capital required. Particular
aent Ire. Aildreu with Se retara auma. a.
UUOB, Willlam.burgh, D. T. P
$5 H $20',,. dT hon1- Terras free.
Portland, 11 , '
State of Ohio, Vinton County..
Will & Co., plaintiffs,
Jnmis Kennedy & wife defendants.
In Vinton Lounty Court of Common
na$. An Orde of Salt '
PrtRStJANr tolrie -nmrnand of an Order
(if hale n-siied from Ihe Court of Commit
fleaa of Vinton county and to me d-rvcted
at shenflof aanl conn y, I will urlertireale
at Ihe door of the Court Huiiae, in Ihe lown
ol Mo utliur, Vinton couuty, uhio, on
Saturday, the 15th Day of An east
el 'he hour of o'clock, P. M. of aaid day the
loll wing lands mid tenement, to wu: Ihe
north wet quarter of the nortn-eaet quarter
of section taeiityfoiir, (24) loo-hip en (U'l
range sixteen, (in) Ohio Company's purchase,
conam'ng 'Oily (fi) acre more or less and
being and Iving in V nlnn county, Ohio.
Anpraiaed at three hundred and fifty dollar
(SSNi) aud mual bnng two thinta of that eum
To be -old aa lb" prop, rty nfjnmea Kenne
dy and wde ta al fyannrlernf e, is-ued
Irom the Court of Common Plras in favor ol
Will 4 Co.
TEKMd OF8Af,E-f.i.h.
Bhertti o Vinton County.
H. T. JnNts, Alt'y for plaiiilirt.
July 16th, IS74. ' Sa
Is another evidence of the advance
ment of man's invenuity Although it
is a simple conking utensil it is the
woman's household treasure. It oan
be used in any conking stove and is
adapted to all the purpoaes of Baking
Browning, Stewing, Broilinif, Koaating,
Pryinif, etc, h is air-tight, and there
fore retains all the steam and flavor
mined by the heat, making food more
healthful and mora nutritious. It re
quire no water, basting or attention
whatever during the oooking proceaa.
The Model Baker is for snle ty
Preston " Vandervtirt, llulbert House,
MoArthur Perrons wiahing to test it
will call as above. 1 will sell single
Bakers or will dispose uf ihe right lor
Vinton county.
The following persons have te-tted
the Model Baker and I refer to them
lor evidence that it will do all that ia
claimed fur it:
T. B. Davis and wife, Ceoree Lann
and wife, M K. Karnes and wile. E. P.
Bothwell, Alex. Pearceand wife. John
Jones and wife, J. S Will and wife, K.
A Bratton and wife, L. O Perdue and
ife, J. 8 Huhn and wife. Q. W.
Brunton and wife, Hiram H allien, also
the boarder at the llulbert House. 11.
C. Jonea and wife, D V. Kannella and
fHAVE re-opened my coal bank, and 'am
I prepared lo nil order for coal m quenlitiee
to knit nnn.htuM I mi1i a.lt ...7. .
: . . ." . - - " " ",-nrap aa
coal olthe sain quality can be obtained eiae-
noiunint tm : .
Wanted- A Partner.
AflLBHT or ctlve partner to Invest 50O
in aa established bu. aea in McArthur
Blieineae imi. hut .,ii,u
thn I am able to command. Address rART
ABB or make personal application at thia
onio. j
Wi will furnish the Record and inn
Cincinnati Oatetta to anbaorihara at
$3.60 per year " v. -
Fresh fof the Spring Trade
Colort Ground In Oil.
Paint and Tarnish Brushei,
, . also full linear- : - I
Dye Stiifls, , t
."' IXdtioniEic
Evervthina at int very Lowett PrU
19m r IH74
Kcvf! fcyli of
Jnte Braldi,
. Edging. i
Lace . i
F'cy Goo4
Corsets, Etc.
Also a large aeenrtinentfnf
CenlUmen'$ Jl'ecktlei,
Bleaching:, Pre sir g-. Ffmrdefrr,
and an kindi of Millinery.
Work done to Order on
htrt Notice,
Give ns a call. We will el' lower
than ever.
J. P. C. A. DUNKI. ',
Main t MoArthu O.
. . i
Al his na I'luce of hunineaa.
Choicest Stock
OK- , .
Spring and Summer Clothing
IVRR hr.ulil to thia market, emhrarimr.
Uiill the luteal and moat ruafiionaM atjlea,
i-ii in aefor.lance with the lateal In-hiDD..
When you aauta noliliy auit ilou't fall to nil.
on Krauk. He ale CUTe and i
Makes Oarsjknts to Order
and haa full line of
CentsV Underwear
ll rlolhintr marked down lo the LOW
ENT ViouHUt. Giv me a e-.ll anu I ait
warrnni aiilialuutiun
JDfry Goods
tgx to invite attention to hi larare and al
. tractive stock, ottered at lowtrt V;
. ' large apply.. i ) '
of til kind.!, h' . ,", '
Dlack and Colored Silks
JVohalra and dlpaccat,
Black Color dGrenadlnea j
" '; i Urge atMk of "iC- ' '
Brussels and vranjijr,
Mattifigs &Window Shades
a the Siiphate In (ha earns do, whllattart
mrmm It, I mora palutaol and maea w
Ben-1 w lecrirMr Ctrtmlar wrta TNnMl, 1
JksietM from mi parti of u, eoanttrT

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