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JOI1N T.' ItAPElt,
Editor and Proprietor.
OmOEl'. W. Corner of Main and
login 8ts., Ooposita Oonrt Houio.
. ,; ; : L
UOMEIt C. JONES, ; , . ,-,
I J llll BT1RV.T.
Orrtoa: On door weal of Dm Will A Bra.
Mai.' I ' , I - .. - . t
tfy ; y . -: r '
f'.'t Oljlce McArthur.Utilo,. , , ,
Wliraatead promptly to all buainaat antra.K
to hli eare. uofll
a. s. clayp oolu,
, MeAnTHUR, ;-
' Wlllarai'tleeM Vmtoa and adjelnine; aeon-
Ilea. Sui.etrrt1 lo lilor piompt
I nkdd to
OtSc la Court Hou.e.
"""'oPPOSl'l'lt il.' li. DBiPOTY
C, Y' i'ABTWBIGnT proprietor
Livery Stables Attached.
UYir l gtinr TOH ALL TBAIN8,
Th--' Houh has . luat been rftirnihl
ikrJiBViiiit: unnmi elMn and" eomfortaMe,
th. laMe enpplled with I ha tat I ha market
florda, and ao paina .pared to atcomo.lale
Hat permanently located m
McAR.TktTB. Oat
or the pracuea of ' '
to which ha will dero'e hia entire attention.
OKKfH la lie' Hulltioa up alairK. oiio
aita Vinton County Bank.
RaVikaMa' . '
Uani smart. , r aamuelW Kilert,Jr.
Eatabllahtd 1862.
..I.J , . -
Wholesale Grocers
Prompt Attention tflveu to the
Transfer of P1U IKON and
other Property from and to
a..al....l .t aiiul
UUlllvnu aim i
Witter (re(.6e(nenia(N(aN(l IV'ofiiut
Puau.maa WxoLiaua akb EtTtt
Uookiullers. Htationers.. Printers,
And .
. eaicra m , . ,
Law, Medical, TumiLooicRt., S'cuool,
add JilHCbLAHKUUa UuoKs,
65 Wett Fourth Strett Cincinnati.
VCaUlnsuca furai.hel ratuiloiiHly on
api lieatioo aud anf book arnl by miul.ipoM.
ajapaiauD rvcvifui puittiruru pim.
' and dealer is all kinde of
? A L B U M S ", ' i
; T v i
ak a
hfll -tinxJkd- m 'amaiiaarSidtaru
ged to any aita, and
. any otbaratyle that'may be deaired, at tha
r.vi-tHJt) vJ i'A
.1 -V -V
atauwp mtH aMla- Xwl.hed raxagiajiaa
aaua m aaaata &m il a Ml Ziulad. -m
men aeaiaal.ptefgxl. :
Tietyre af r aJl , Jtna ,Pm&
Orjsrja r 1 1'. AoT-
ty r y 1 1 m lT ' 1
- The Best and Cheapest
VOL. 25NO. 21.
WHOLE NO, 1,260
- ,--
: ilR. Editor: Iq Mr. Johnsob,i
reply to what be Ik, pleasedftq
call my criticistojOD hh nd
Mr. Biggs' sermons. Qecem
mences by calling your atten
tion to the fact that bo had
objected at first to having his
sermon on temperance printed,
for the reason that it was writ
ten in haste and onworihy or
print. I will rot take Issue
with him on this point, as I
consider bis objection to the
printing kas well taken.. He
says that be is sorry that it his
brought upon Uiri the necesei
ty of a controversy with' a
neighbor, whioh is unpleasant,
and out of bfs fine,' I will say
neither it it in my line, but it
is certarnfy. f bltf caaee indeed
that raajnQt be dfscusHd tair
)y.,an(j fireelonj biitlij sides qp
00 its merits, without suppress-
ng or .excluding all evidence
and argument on one side of
the' question! lie adds "vet 1
have the instinct of self per,
Bervalion,'ffhd when lam at
tacked must deiend myself
fiiis sounds very innocent, in
deed, but if I understand the
case they were the attacking
parties as I will endeavor to
how lelore I am done. For,
be it known that during ' the
crusade last winter 1 received
hree several notes at sundry
limep, written by the hand ol
Mr. Johnson requesting me to
meet tlie 'Temperance League
lor lite purpose.ni an interview.
in one' 0 wlncn notes, tiierp
was an intiniMtion that unless I
complied with . said request
there might be an interview
sought by: apublic deinonstra"
tion, to which notes 1' gave
heed, and three several times
a pledge was presented, to me
to sign, wnich in effect would
have bound me to neither selT
nor give away any wine ' to be
used in McArthur, except lor
strictly medicinal ' purposes,
'which pledge I refused to sign.
On the third Occasion alter be
ing pressed with ' much impbr
.(unity by the League, to 'sign
said pledge, being always read.t
to give a reason for the laith
- 4
that is in me, I arose to explain.
1 told the members of ibe
League that I did not keep a
saloon, nor a tippling house;
that 1 did not sell wine by the
drink at all; that 1 .had never
sold any one a drink of wine in
my life; that ray wine was pure
grape juice of -my own make;
that I soid it by the barrel, keg
or bottle to suit ilie conveni
eiicwot 'customer?. "I stated al-
ibd7' iiretimefl 'drank'a
glasB' 'Of wne; that' I "thou'tht'
it -no more ti arm than to drink
V kvift pf ' coffee;, (hat 1 , wished
Jtotreservtj the xlght to do so ai
Kriy ' option and 1 also Ilie richt
to treat a Irieud .0 wine when
kriw' that ;,he enlerlained
.a-. 1 1 .1. .1 . . .. .1 .. . .t
! the same views . of the iu Inject
that I did.'ihat 1 cUimed'to be
tempeiate; that, 1 -never, 'was
intoxidk)Ved In my lifej'that art
w,'ine, tn at I 'used would not
injirrertyie'1' or any ofre 'erse.1'!
also added that the scriptures
spoke ol 'ihe ' - 'tlssing,
iia tnat the 'Oavicr usea, wine
'al a beverage and made and
gave it' to others, and. that by
the authority of bhi example.
1 had'a righVtO:do'ibetamet
and all the pledge 'thai I could
give 'V' was my" recbrd;what.'
j had dobe in the past I exoect
Vd to do'in the lut'ure.' Ou the
second night, jalterOiui inter
jjiw Mr. Biggs wai; procured
to preach Ifiaft -notable sermon
the wine question- relerred
tp, which was -Qirectea at: me
I - .. - . . . V ' "1
as personally asi 11 possioiy
jLuld be without tueniionliig
ly nama?na i thinkhVaudi
bee will bear, me bullnVthis
i a l m e n t " Th u i I w as a t l ac k-
d 'and beeieifed' almo'st unto
pemcummrwhhoutn oprri
--ik . Aaiun.Y mw.
eu uUluMr.JohnBonaserwoa
was published, when I em.
braced the .opportunity of an
swering them. , "
Mr. Biees in some instances
Looted the very, words 'that I
used when being interviewed
by theTeagpfl. .Instance this
remrk'in bis 'sermon, bSome
of those wine men plad for tn
is'e lor their business that
the Savior made. and used wine,
and that ' they .have a right to
follow his example; but he add
ed that the Savior never made
nor used fermented wine; that
fermented wine was a production-
of the devil, that it was
blasphemy to say the Savior
made or used fermented wine,
or words to that effect. But
I happened to know that in
time past, that on more than
one Occasion, ReVTMff' Biggs
bad used fermented ,wine to
represent ; the blood of Jeebs
I . . j..S i 1 J. a 1 , !.i : i
in.'aaminiatennc". me ojora
supper to the society to which
he was then preaching, as the
wine bad been obtained from
me for that purpose. Uere is
Mr, Biggs in preaching, vs. Mr
Biggs in practice. But this
was not the first time that the
works of the Savior were at
mbutedto Belzebub. , So it
occurred to my mind that it
must be quite refreshing to
the communicants of that soci
ty to be inlormed that be bad
used a production ot the devi
at the Lord's table, when ad
ministering their splritua
wants. Davihg made the above
statement, I. will leave it Co
the reader to decide who )s the
at lack ing; party. J.: felt '.that
was attacked, and to use Mr
Johiidon's words, '-Ii.have the
nstinct 1 of self preservation
and when I am attacked' must
defend myself." Nothing si ort
of this principle ot self preser
vation would have induced me.
with my small ability, and lim
ited opportunity, to presume
to contend with the great and
learned Revs Biggs and John
1, wno nave naa such rare
opportunities, and by life long
study, have acquired such vast
knowledge of theology and
classic lore; that others thouah
great, beneath their argument
seemed, struggling, while they
Irom above descending stoop
to touch the loftiest thought
with the Hebrews, and Greeks
an olq acquaintance; free to
jest at will with their ancient
bards, and learned scribes
thus equipped,with pick ax and
spade ot antiquity, they free
ly delve at will down into the
depths of the smouldering
tombs of ; ancient literature,
and from thence unearth, '.and
bring forth to ligftt the do'sly
arrolls of olden iimereadrinl
erpret, atnd dispehse'lheisame
to Ibe common Jierd of men.
ISo' doubi they are the people
huh wiKuom win uie wun inem.
Surely I mut have been en-
dfo w led wi I If an i w m eh' & e: amount
of! assiiTagcetVctllpeT jwjfti!
such powerful engines.. It is
enough to remind one of the
story of "the little, bull'that' it
(empted to butt the locomotive
off the track more -courasre
than discretion. . But then 1
remembered thatUoliah. ,lhe
great PhaUrsfine warrior1 was
.. p .1 . . 1 -i . . ).
slain by a stripling shepherd
boy. So' I1 taketouyage;1: fof
the racela npttlways to ibe
swift,' nor the tbatUe to the
strong. , ,1 1 1! nio.i
Li Mr. Johnson complains' thai
my 'critfeisbi ; was directed
side ' isu'ea and' did riot 'tobch
the mainpoint ot his sermon,
and its' main argbment tb wit;
the ddctrfoe bt'tbtaf abstinence,
and he seems to feel badly be
cause I did not take issue' with
him on that point.' I think that
I stated in ih ouUet that both
hei and 1 Mr; Biggs said ';.odj
gVveihemdiI onjji pre,
tended to" answer thai pari
tbfir tearatki',tbIil,ch r.took
.t.nlrtn- hai it MprJ.,hnnn
- .' wibbeTOnowmy'W
tal abstinence,' I will say 'that
t is a very good thing in most
esses with healthy persons; at
east I consider it sale, and
with some persons It may be
the only safeguard agiinst In-1
ebrla'tesYet In all cases where I
iha tabpIv la - rt mnttA rA I
each individual most be allow-
ed to decide that question for
himself. "Let not bira that eat-
eth displse. him that eateth
not; and let not him which eat-
eth not, judge1 him that eateth;
et every man befullypersnaded
n his own mind." - There's!
n6thirig unclean of iJ self1, but I
10 Dim inaiesteemein aoyining 1
to be unclean to him ii is
clean; "Let no man therefore I
judge you in meat or in drink
But when Paul says it is good
neither to eat flesh nor- driok
wine, he does ' not put the doc-1
trine ot total abstinence in the
form of a mandate to be ob
. 1
served by all men throughout
all time, but, for certain indi
viduals, undnr peculiar circum
stances, as a matter ot expedi
ency, to be practiced at the
discretion of the individual.
The Savior did not practice to
tal abstinence. Why does not
Mr. J. preach total abstinence
regard to eating flesh also?
for surely flesh and wine both
stand in the same connection
in the text. The one Is pro
hibited as much as the other,
Whydoes he insist upon the text
being, binding as regards the
wine, but of nOn-efT-ctas re
gards the mealf With- what
fiohsistehcy can' he-by the ail
ihority of that text impope to
tal abstinence upon me. in re-
gardto wine; while he indul
gee, in flesh eating1; with Impo-
Pity! l eant see tbe jlogio of
such; 'argument, especially
when swihe flesh laveaten.
against which there te a direct
command.' "And the 'swine,
though he divide the hoof, and
be cloven footed, yet be chew-
eth not his cud; he is unclean
uno you. ( Of his flesh shall
ye not eat, and their carcass
shall you not loach; they-are
unclean unto you." Lev. xi, 7, 8.
How much would Mr. Johnson
or Biggs give if they could
find as .strong a text as., this
against the use of wine in the
Bible?.- How men, will 'strain
at a griat and swallow a camel,
vea, worse; swallow' a swine."
Why does not Mr. Johnson on
the same principle preach also
against ' matrimony as well, for
in the seventh chapter of first
Corinthians, Paul teaches the
doctrine that.it is good not to
marry. But does he mean by
that, thai '.slf meu and, women
too, must live in $ state pf eel
ibacv? I trow, not. ,:It is good
no dolibt In some cases to ab
stain from the use of wine, but
in other parses It ; is belter to
use tt, as Paul advised Timothy
to, do. Wht I contend for is
personal liberty in the matter.
I hyd that' Mr1: J: has ho more
right to incite public opinion
against me because i choose to
take a gfaJsTOf tbaQ"l
ave agafriBt' him because he
does' not take a glass.'
a ow ipi urTeven once more
mi . 1 -
to thefeil."a is fcoodeiln
er to 'eat iesfr'-'nor drihkKwine
nor -any thing - whereby' thy
brother slurabUtV, c.bWhai
la the . meaning of .the. clause
"nor any thing? ' io the text?--
May it not embrace any act or
1 j - 'j
i sVtn 'V 1
bringHo bear upon ! another,
iiann. that Ana noronn m 10
such as persecution for opnloh
sake? May we not cause., our
brother -to offend, within' the
meaning ' of the' text, by ' at
tempting' to' bring a pressure
to' bearuppn him' with "a view
to force him to adopt our Opin
ions or; poUons;;pr custums, or
io abandon his own, whether
the ve'.cumpaUble'Vith'1 his
judgrept br couscieccebr n'otl
Is it aot possible to be intetn-
perae .' In tiying to promote
tthe aoaa t.f teiunerancei Fur
tthe cause of temperance!' '"For
authority m that church, sit
in ting in the capacity of a judge
a member of a certain church J
was expelled irom' communion
for making and selling wire,
the effect of . which ' resulted
practically in the exclusion of
his whole family. Thus, in their
seal to forward what J'they
fl AAfTI tn Ka m. nrri aonnii
they caused some to stumble.
to become weak, and to offend
strange to tell, that same soci
ety bad been in the habit (or
y ears ol using the wine of said
member's make erery quarter,
for sacramental purposes. Only
ten days after the expulsion of
aid member, jlhat church pro
iruw uim aoino oiuru l;oi
same Wine which be fur
uished ; them without t money
nd without price, which wine
they osed in celebrating the
Lord's supper, while the donor
looked wistfully -on but dare
not partake.- Verily they
"muzzled the muuth of the ox
that treadetir out the' corn."
But that is not all; that ex
eluded member, in' the mean
time took an appeal from the
decision referred to, and had a
hetring. on the day following
the event alluded to.' when it
was decided by those' high m
in the case, that the defendant
should not be permitted to ap
peal to the Bible in bis defense
to justify the act of making
and telling wine. That he was
not being tried by the Bible
but by the laws of that church
while at the same time one of
the' articles of religion pf that
church says that' "whatsoever
19 fno1 read , V' ,tre UoV :8Crl
lures nor may be proved there
bX. noto be, required of any
man " Why this, ruling out o
the BiP,e in thelrial ol thla
particular case, when it is , ap
pealed to, in the trial of al
other .classes of eases! Why
this going back on the article
of religion quoted above? si m
ply because the Bible did hot
read as : they would have it to
on the" wine question.1
judge in his zeal adopted the
maxim that the end would jus
tify the means. He further de
cided that fermented wine was
an intoxicating liquor, after
having used it 'the day before
for sacrament; that it was a vi'
olalion of the laws of that
church to sell or drink 'such
wine, and that the decision ol
the court below must be sua
tained. It must needs be that
the church bavd wine to repre
sent the blood or the bleeding
Savior.' but woe to! hiin'bv
whom it is produced. It was
tersely remarked about 'that
time by one who comprehended
the situation that said mem
ber's wine was in better repu te
in that cbuth .tha'aA was
himself: as thev took bis wine
in(0 ,he cLorch and iu -ea fiJm'
out; both at the' same meeting,
"It wasVritten the leal of thy
house bain eateu me up." May
we- not - reasonably conclude
that such efforts at reformation,
will prove abortive, .fnd
that snch inconsistent dealing
may cause some to stumble, to
become weak and to offend.1
, Again, I know another party
who a lew months ago was al
most , persuaded .to apply lor
membership In another society
-of professed Christians, but it
turned out that before the par
ttt rfiiil an .at aooa nmnl.i'maft
irom the potpi of thaV church
- v.,.. J,, ... . VnrttL
J - I - , '
tUM -M V aaaja)- flSHV f fS)V t W"
', v.. j . . l iin . .
ducilon of the deviL ete. The
party did not believe it and did
not loin. ' Abl that clatise.it is
good riot jo do anylhlog where
by thy'brother sliimbleib has a
world of meaning, . t Who can
say that he baa observed it at
all times. Influence is
two-edged lastrument ;;;wbtch
should ,h," be "'. handled.; ,e,tt:
tioalf ,'T's We'!,shouid t, nyet l
tempt to Qse-. it forcibly, "else
I reacuoa aaaj uerw wrnnw
My theory is, look well to our
motives, follow the example ol
Christ and his word so far as
we can understand It,' and "fret
not thyself on account of . evil
doers,' and let the influence
take care of itself. A good in
fluence is a spontaneous pro
duction, not governed by pub'
io opinion; it is nomanufac
tured article gotten up to order,
in the interest of some pre
tended reformation In the form
of a crusade or persecution for
opinion's sake. ' Such excite
ments are like a sudden freshet
that will swell ' a river Ont bf
banks, which will catch a large
amount t)f driftwood, and carry
lots of scum upon its surface!
while the pare gold, if there be
any, will lie quietly at Che bot"
torn unmoved. When the Sa.
vior taught bis disciples to let
their light shine he did not
mean that they shootd Hg'ht
their -candle at both ends a't
once, but Tather that tney
should not put-it out. He did
not say, mafo your 'light shine
ether,- but it shihe,' He
did not mean tor his followers
to flo anything merely 1or 'ef
fect; he was not a sensational
ist, hence be Jaugbt them when
they gavealma.jiot5to sound a
trompet before them as the by
pocrites did, but to bide ihe
aot from 'men, and trust their
Father In secret for their re
ward. n' ' " '' '
( Also, in regard to prayer "be
not as. the hypocrites for , tkey
love, , to : pray standing in the
synagogue and in the. corners
of the streets .to beu seep, ol
raen." Also, in, regard , to. fast
ifig, f was. to be done secretly)
His. pwn example t?ught the
same principle, x Almost. Inva
riably when be wrought a cure,
he enjoined upon them that'
were healed Toot to tell a man of
it. The idea of reforming socie
ty or individuals permanently
by means of an artificially man,,
ufactured, influence is not in ac
cordance with the gospel plan,
hence those, who attempt to
make their light shine, instead
of being content to let it shine
often commit blunders that re
sult in lasting damage to many,
which the efforts of a. lifetime
may not repair. Mucn - ial
without . experimental knowl
edge is a dangerous element,
instance Saul of Tarsus, who
was a 'man 'of great learning
and power, with wonderful zeal.
He joraedibe crjiBade of his
timef, and persecuted the dibU
plea, .irora city to; city jand
Jhought'he. was idotfig Qods
service- He; ieven beld .the
clothes ! of those who.' stoned
Stephen to "death, and ibe.Lnrd
hid . to. rwprk- a 1 miracle in bis
caqe before be could 1 be tioo
.viaced of his error. But as the.
days 01 miracles, arrf.overl have
bot -little, hope for.some ofihe
lanalrcs ot. jne Jpresen.tt flay.
a! ' . a m .
Some of them utile knpw.hqw
much mischief. in. aome, cases
tnejr have , wrought,j wlihbat
any pparent good resnlts-, .OJ
if some of them, bot know-how
many jaldiogears.faiivejbeeq
sbed, how manj wakefalhouca,
that should have been toent in
quie,, sieej, now manj. oaij
htve "been made,' gray,' bow
how taany prayers havejbeen
omitted,' how manyfeet, have
ceased to tread the conrts of
the sanctuary, all of which aubf
tL -J. '.. t ?i ii--i-31.!l!ll
more, t)eing the result ot mis
guided effort - at ' refVr'matfbn
which' wm prbsecuted p with
moreekl tbati'VobwIedgel" If
. '.Si ' 3 llu
mey oniy xneww mey wouia
tremble M thei ruia they hT
wroeghUniilay ,tbe( IroM ,for?
give ;i their ibUndftaapd ;Siye
them wisdom aqd grace, so. fta)
in time, to come.thej foX D0,as
wife ,ia ; serpents odajei'hiirfiii-,
leaa as -doves. 1
I A train. 1-hftld -that if wa bv
r n iii,.vi,i'i1.,iw j ; w ..itiiit'
enoe enaearor-o tite'tvoy
mauy germs or inSdeTity bav'e
beeri''fjfan;d, how many songs
olpraisehave been Buppressed,
Adverilsihq terms.' 1
One qumr, 91 C)(
Etcliidditlocuu .asertloa ... - CO
Card, per ye .-..,-....,. IO VO
iaxm noxict per mw, ' 1 if t
Yearly ad?rtiMiMuU filOO OO 3
column, and at proportionate rate pel
KS8pae., rmyaoie in advance ; 1
The ttecord belnx the offlcinl
of the to wtit and bavin tier
largest circulation of auy paper in tr .
souittf, oners superwt iMJucemeci .
to advertisers. . , ,
or'custom dishonorable, which
actor" custom has-the prece-
dent of the Savior'f exam pie, In
j ast so far as we succeed la that
effort, we bring dishonor npbn
bis .na'ine,'aod bring bi cause "
ato disrepute. ' To be re ex- c I
plklt, I mean -to say that tbe'i
Savior when' on earth' was ac- 1 -
customed Id dnnfc winsacoord- 1
iag tj bis ow n word, aad if it
was right then for him; to- nee i
wine, it is not wrong now for,'1
his follow srs to use it, as he did, -i
in moderation, ant -he who by If
hisi teaobiug'or'infaexto) tries i
to xaake it dishonorable in that' J
degreo he reflects dishonor up-'
oa the character of Christ. It" J
wiUot do to argue Chat the !.
wine in those times Was oafer- a
men ted, for there is.'uo levi- )
dencent all, by which tojpwve
sucji a statement, 'but there is w
abundance 1 of : testimony : to t
prove :the contrary. No ma an 1
can plead 'Phrist'B example for b
using wine,tocexoeps. .He was T
a model of temperance. Heace I
no man an,plead hia;; example .1
for being either a glutton -or a'l
drunkard. ., ..v. . : v.: I
; I believe he knew the-: od
from the beginning. 1 He: knew r
that some men . woald indilge' j"
in; excesses' because iof tho J
wickednesfl-, of : . their c hearts, a
Sorpa(men are ;intsm.perate inn
drinking, some in;eaUDg, -some .)
'n sleeping.r some iaMalkihg,!'
some in working, some jnpleaF. i
ure seehing sdrne jn .dressing,, .J
some, jn,f tudying, some in monii
ey(! eling, , some in; iiflfleaesr I
ibme in; indulging the grosses.!!
pasiion8r Iheirqa meaning trf
tremes.j Ij,jjs he 'jjidicioui,
dmqderate pse pUl thaioi,
has giyen us; it'tJoeBoejn.ii
total .absUnence -in aijcr jptpral 1
sense, nor in commontgnse ei --f
ther. Jli is j ast; as ijjtacjperale ,
and just as sinful for fawn ttf
kiirhrmseV'iby eatipg aattis tp.iT
kill himself by drinkini; andit? f
iff just as onreasonabla ,le say( (
that ttapwhw'-ifuiB jtotal , 3
ab&pence iu'iesjrd (.q. .drink 7 ,
Ingaa it is' to 'say' that it is
quires tbal abstln.ence'ht . re:6 j
gard tp eating, sleeping, Vorli;n 1
Ing, talking' dressing "or any
utuer 11 suit. ioiai aosimencfl ,m
j 1 ..... i-j
is an extreme afnd is not temf
perance.0 ; tem.pVa1nce'4s mod ' ,
eratiori, which is ?the ;ab)danctt : '
of extremes." - - ' ! ' r
Does 'Mr". JbhrifioSi1 arf11
idea' that he1 ! hf 'his ' brother's'"' 1
keeper in'HiieHbnie. or ei6g.ot
bfs gnardianfif 'te does! lor,;
one wiBV'fo fhave the iideh'"
tures 'ef: obligation 'disVeiVed.0 ,
and haVeimre-netell Trora
any' respohsi'ditify "M a?0
co,tniVa f-liiVe had aISfful,"r
experience ' witlf 'befnf iW h
lUepfng bfhretfin'art diV
a ; narm a rn-at tnrrsnmnT
a-'-'l-. t SF -.it
t 7 - " .-ufMUWU .
IWenetcHke;firBt';niutderr V'A
to dd'wlthiMr J.'s'-hr iby4fWoU
3aci)i' iln tlta ni sai afliio-jr
1 llr Johasow tbysiibttellung
a jorttakinriT raa8t'beSllridlf',
fhe.door.?'.'i haie-llid W 'f -"a
perftfcoe'wltn thaiatfror'-i ni
fakmg a ri8i; Baring eVel?"
fired 4n3MaroV"6r nsachV1'
setts; tR" ,b hn'i ekperlenc'e tr r
thatiibi'Vl hope1 he win giwP3
as thbeneflC'ott';'i-I mi?a
judg :itrom -Vjb.efion, dn(v''?
might onoTud5 'that the ne.wr"
and populiArjaethbaf lemperv0'''
aooe refAm.'aayjbive h tend cl
encg i4 Jeaimeh1ia.4jriak.beU-a
bind the door, n well as itf thta'
fcoentyvJal lddife,t6iu 3ia Vf
" H imuT 4C1; 9 (SCI
J !rr ..11 ,
. fAHa ptjiifg post ,raceTaiTgj'n,1j
tj abatsiTr.onij Jwinelotpliccp-Jg
sen , wflj beetollj absteiaiBgsfciia
wheaihej leajto Uieir bontojSjuAoj
tintertpga.the-grander battles; ejf a
Ufe.7 The. oonflic with $a,!th.ft
i uant tip yhwtohup eeeajJ i

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