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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, August 06, 1874, Image 4

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irtRSDAY. AUG. 0, 1874.
Os aad aftei Bunda May IS, 1874, until fur
ther notice, traloa will run as follow.: Nm. 4,
a, , and t will rua cUil ; U oihsr (nun daily,
except Sunday:. , .
, . .
6O1N0 tASr.
. No. I No. I No. 5
Nations. MhII.' FtLin Bt L.Kx.
Oinclnsn.... i Man fmm B SOpoi
l)hlllwutri.....l'i 0 1 tupia 1 Usui
, Richland rur..ll W tU- 1 U "
' rlsindr II 41 16"
MoA.Ty ...11 ISA"
Vinton -.14 Oftpm 1 4 - i M
' Entewhi-..- Wll t4', s4u"
Hod. Purc...l IM W 47 "
rarkersbura 60 SO ' IW
Stations! No. J No. 4 No.S.
F.Ht Lin. Mail. Cia. Ex.
Farberb9rg .. 25 m 10 OOsro 45pm
Hun FuMi.'.- 10 64 1 Slpm IK 4um
lalesai 11 UA 1 83 " W S4
flown 11 1 1 4i ' 1 4-1 -
MeAa-rsus. 11 21 ' 1 M " lx 6i f
Msnvlen ....-.-.11 SO 03 " 1 1 "
M hl.ol Pur... 11 4S x 19 1 1 "
ehilbcothe W 4"ipra I s ' M "
UiorinoMI. . 4 40 I 14 " 00 '
No. t W'H 'P "to 6. Junction, Love
land, Greenfield, Chlllicotne, lUinilcn, Athena
and Beoll'a Landing only. No. t will slop l
acott' Landing, Aiew Enitland, Athens, Hum
. den, Chillicolha, Greenfield, Virnns, Blan-,-,
cheater, Loveland, Madiera, Mndisonvilla,
Oakley and Cummiaaville, ouly. No. 66
will top al O. 8. Junction, Mdionville,
l,otelnd, Greenfield, Cbillicoth, Hnmden.
Athena and Bcott'e Landing onijr. No. 1 it 4
will make all the stops.
Thi Zaleskl Freight gnug east. leaves Chll
lieothe, at 7 00 a m. ttayavi'le, S 4A; Rii-h-land
Furnace, 9 2S Hnmden, arrive 10 OA
depart 10 xo; MeArthur, arrive 10 67; deparl
II ii; Vmton.srrivell 67 depart l'J 30 p.m.!
Knleskl, 1 00. (ioing west, leaves Znletki at
I 00 u ni.; Vinton Fiirnnce.it SK", MoArthnr,
1 66; Hrmden, 4 : Rirhland Furnace, 4 M;
' Rsysville, 4 ; Chillicothe, T 10.
will leave Ham.l. n t7 86a. m. ends 16 p.m..
arriving at Portsmouth at lo go a. m. and 2 15
. m. Keturningirnins will leave Portsmouth
atSU0a.iu and 1 64 p. m srhving at Uam
den at 11 to a. m. and 5 04 p. m.
Triuns connect at Loveland tor all points on
the Little Mi. mi Railroad, nd at the Indian
apolis and Cincinnati Kailioad Junction for
all poiats West; at Athens, with the Colum
bus and Hocking Valley Railroad, at Parkers
tura wilk the baltimere Ohio Railroad.
General Mnperinlradent.
Break, Broke, Broken.
"I begio to understand your
language better'said my French
friend, Mr. Arcourt, to me; ,lbut
your verbs trouble me still; you
mix them so with your preposi
tions." ''1 am sorry to find them so
troublesome" was all 1 could say.
"I saw our friend, Mrs. James,
just now" he continued. "She
cays that she intends to break
down housekeeping.' Am I right
"Break up bouse housekeep
ing she must hare said'
'0h, yes, I remember. Bresk
up housekeeping," x
Vhfcdoea hei do'that? I
asked. A . r .
"Because her beaUni so bro
ken into." , 1
Brokendown you should say."
"Broken down oh, yes ! And
indeed, since the '.small pox has
broken up in our city M
"Broken out '
"She thinks she will leave it
for a few weeks."
"Will the leave her . bouse
'No. She is afraid it will be
broken broken. How do I say
Broken into."
"Certainly that is whatl ment
"Isber son to be married
soon?'' - -
"No the engagement is broken
broken broken " '
' "Broken off."
"Ah, I had not beard that."
'bhe is very sorry abbut it.
Her son only . broke the news
- down to her last week. Am 1
right? I am so anxious to get
the English well. . L 7 ,'
"lie merely broke the news.
No perpoaition thi time." - -"It
t is hard to'' understand.
That younjg man' is a nas' fellow.
A breaker I think." ; '.
"Btokef a4fi3 a telry fine fellow.
Good day." . -
. So much for the verb "to
1 S II i ssanafaajSsajwpsss I mm
TBV-Irusteea oi tha -Louisville
Medical College hare de
termined to grant a Beneficiary
'Scholarship to tny joijng man.
who, sufficiently educated to
study medicine and. -of good
character, is unable to pay for
his - education. Application,
with a full statement of r the
facts, should be made to Dr. E.
8. Qaxljard, Dean.'oiivflliv'
Tu acme has been reached
- 1Q thu. pathoe of Utler by i
masio publiher,'who ban pro
doced a touching piece of mewr
sick under the pathetic name
oi "Mother, Bring My . Little
XitteoJ? We propose getting
oat a a companion piece,
DstddJ Have ytfa-DroWhAl
A nneopiated person onot
decHlred . a plate of macaroni
oopvrila the remark thafe ibajr-
?couiuoa palm ia an Duea
. pipflfejni oa him."
- I rAinDiTn
; fJn-Mj
Dr. J. Walker'8 California
TInegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chictiy from
tho native herbs found on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, the medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
thcrofrora without tho use of Alcohol.
Tho question is almost tlaily asked,
" What is. tho causo of the uupar
alleled success of Vixeoab Bit
ters I" Our answer Is, that they
romovo tho cause of disoase, and
the patient recovers his health. They
are the great blood puritior and a
lifo-giving principlo,' a. perfect Reno
vator and Inrigorator of the system.
Never before in the history of the world
has a medicine been compounded pos
sessing tho remarkable auulitioa of VIK
soar Bitters' iu healing the sick of
every disease man is heir to. They are
a gentle Porgativo as well as a Tonio,
relieving Cuu portion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Visceral Organs, iu Bilious
The properties of Dn. Waj.!-
Br's Viskoar UITT8R8 aro Aperient, Dia
phoretic Canuiuative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretio, Sedative, Couftter-Irritaut,
Sudorific, Altt'v, and Anti-Biliouj.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vinegar Bitters the most wonder
nil Invigorant that ever sustained
the sinking system.
No Person can take these Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not tlestroyed by mineral
poison or other moans, and vital or
gans wasted beyond repair.
Bilious, Remittent, and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
nrevalent in the valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Bed, Colo
rado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Bo
noko, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly bo during seasons of unusual
heat ar.d dryness, are Invariably ac
comp;iuied by extensive derange
ments of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influence upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary.
There is no cathartic for the purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Viheoar
Bitters, "as they will speedily remove
the dark -colored viscid matter with which
. the bowoU are! loaded, at the feauie time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
' and gonjpruUj restoring the healthy func
tions oftba digestive organs.' ' -
.Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vixbqar Bitters. No epidemio can
take hold of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Fain in the Shoulders, Conghs,
Tightness-of the Chest, Dimness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of the Kidneys,
aud a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarantor of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial affec
tions, Ola Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, eto. In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walker's Yiir
BoabBittirs have shown their great cur
ative powers in the most obstinate and
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitten have no equal Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of WAlUR't.
YfrBOAB Bitters occasionally.. .,
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Bhenm, Blotches, Spots, Pim-
pies, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-'
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Jtch, .Scurfs, . Discolorations of tn
Skin, Humors andDiseasei of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dug up and carried out of the system in a
short time by tot use of thefle Bitten. ". f
Pin, Tape, and other Worms-
lurking in toe system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. ' No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no aqhelminitics will free the
avstotn from worms like these Bitters. ,
ForFemaleCompIaints, in young
or old. married or tingle, at the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, these Ton
io Bitten display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the "Vitiated Blood
whoever you find its impurities bursting
.thfough, the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Bores; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleaaef
it when it is fauU your feelinirs will tell
yon, when. ' Kee the blood pure, and thsr
neaitn ot tne system win ioiiow.
R. H. HcDOif tLO CO.,
Droggiste it Gen. Agta Sao Frsnoiaoo, CaHft
aia, Ic ear. ef Wsshinjrton and Charlton StsVX
Sold hr sUl)mg(UU atad Ielrfe- '
Diamonds. Watches andlanoy Goods.
rtTOCLD raapeetfnllv J u the el ti sens of
ft viniosuo inai am oss emergen nia moci
-inf on of tne largest in toe Mate
k jam bat lacreesed every vear up to the
urea sot lime and we tee! thankful lo the pub-
lie for past favors, and are determined to ki
a terge stock et every thing asual'y (bond ie
a orst-caM jewelry Bwre, ana win leepine
tnees stock-of cold and solid silver, lao tba
best Plated ttooda, a low aa any house lntael
-, We keep ail toe different brands ol Ameri
cas Watches Uow.rd. Vailmd Hutes, Eliiu
WaUhsw sad Sprhaxnold Manufitcturee. both
im gold aad silver eaa. AUo a large line of
From t25 1 S3 00 00. also stiver from SIS to
lSO. We have veiy reliable lull Jeweled1,
nil ver Watch from via to SxU.
i . A.iH line mt alt floods ia oor line, or made
i , .i. rWprompt eu
1' M
auenuos -
0 UeiWe,'
S Fwl jcraivser;
llarnefcs. Saddles,
Bridles, II all era, '
Mb I pit, ftpura, Trare
Chains, Hamei, and all .
Other Articles of Saddlery.
My tnendsand the punlin genera: ly aremviu
it rail and exsmiue my stock and
I make food
hone.l work, use
tt stock, and sll at the very lowest nrict.
and manuracturtof done to order, and all
Work Warranted as Represented.
Foreign and American
Watch Materials.
Watch Makers'
Tools. Etc.
Old Watch Caaee and sMO.U aad SUvtr
Dick's Encyclopehu or Practical Rb-
,,'Sirrs ixs Paoccasu. ConlsioiDg,4i prat;,
tical reoeipta, whiten in a plain and popular
maimer, and illustrated with explanatory
aroodcuts. Being a comprehensive bookut
rrfereoce r the merchant, manufacturer, ar
tiaan, amateur and housekeeper, including
medicine, phnrniacy and domestic economy
I'he scope of this work is entirely different
from any other book oi the kind.. Bsaide.
oeinia complete and almrst indi.penaiblr
be ok of reference for the thousand and one
rereipta and articles needed in every house
hold, farm, garden, etc., it includes clear and
easily understood directions for the applies
lion of many of ihe arts usually acquired onlt
hy long experience, and so divested of lech
nichalttiea, or the technicalities of terms use
io lulljr explained as to bring the entire sub
ject within the comprehension ofsny peraoi
nf ordinary intelligence. I'romiinent anioui
the immense maas of aiibiecla treated of in
he book are the following:
The Art of Dye ins, Hard Bolt and Toilet
Soaps, Tanning, Instillation, Imitation l.iq
uors. Wines, Cordials and Hittera,' Jider,
Brewing, Herurmery.Flavorim Baaenceartc.
oametica, Hair Dyes and Washes, PomsoY.
md Perfumed ml", Tooth Powders, etc.,1 8y
tups. Alcohol and Alcoholmefry Petioii-un
tnd Kerosene, bleaching and Cleaning, Vin
iaf, Sauces, Catsups and Pickels, Keciiplr
tor the Garden, To HemovHUim,HpoUtc
Pyrotechny and K lesives, Cermeota ele
Waterprooliog, Arlilicial, Oehit, lulte am'
Writing Fluids, Aniline Colors,' PainU an
Pigment., I aiming and Paner-hringinglt'
-omlneand Whitewash, Varnishing and Po!)
i-h Dg, Lubncaiors, Japanning and iacrinW
irg, Hoot and Harness Blacking, Phiiogiaphv.
Metals and Alloys, Oikling, Oitvermtf, eto
Electrotyping, Kleotrriplaungl t:, Palm
Medicines, Medical Receipt Weighu snt
Measures. SOT page!, royal ortavoc!nth
Pricel5.no r s atnar
11CK 4 FlTZOEBALl'.Poblnshers, N. Y
. 4 I if
Worth and Beauty.
Having control of the oiagniHceni oil chro
mo, Vo Hemite, we are able to oltera eombtn
itiot of literary and anistie work of genuine
worm, ana at prices unprecedented.
This fluecopy of a piece of Nature's grand
est work, is not presented in thensual hnr
ited atvle. its dimensions. I4x20i makine a
picture oi very nesiraoie iie in itseu.
Braced hy it oresence.
Hut a tew copies of ihis beautiral thromo
will be allowed to go lo the retail stores, anil
those will be sold at their
AetasJ Retail Price, 18.00,
which if ordered ia connection with oar Msg-
suae, ooin win oe luro'snea lor
As a premium the picture may be obtained
ny senuing us two euoeunpiions tor me Msg
sine at one dollar each, or by subeurbing lb
the Magasino two yearn in advance, at on
dollar per annum. Address,
Mewburgh.N T.
8, E.Brit TE9, Publisher. 4ept
a ..
. 3 ogJi
3 H e
f r
j .r. pi ipiDFAOTUBERS.OF x
i ntxrnor tuird it'.,'
Wm. GAEE5TS0ff, & CO.,
; Odd reLowa' Block ' !
coLUMBUSj ' (imo.
-" - j r - : -
rAnotni; -k " X
Siandard Eeligloua Worki,
unvassmg Agents wanted tatrsTTeosn
a tho Uaitod Btasea.. j a.
1 1 ; r
Forelrt Hamdea.1
A NlfOTTrfCESCo hit frtewda iw Vlatot aad
xVadJoutiM eoaatie that he ha bowght the
Hotel Formerly Xept by Cima." Smith
Thre door wat cf Maduoa.aa
?0R'0SM&UTH,. 0!
nenas rraitetrit orewgBool.'sad Htjmearesti
toeauurtaia Uie Uaveiug pub aAreso.iM.LaJ.i.
era. av - . jOLr
... , 4. . -.- -.J vi
North-east roraer of Main and Jackson slreeU
McARTUUR.OHld ' ' "
GEO. W. BliUNTON, rroprletoi
Uanuhctures :
Carriagt$t nMgaiu. Kxirettti, etc
also, Wiooss au, aisus or wiooa woas
don to order oa abort notice.
Painting and Trimming.
JrJstlo' y"Sf B0Utd W tb BeU".t tn" mo,i
KKPA1KIMO of all kind in my line will be
promptly and neatl done. u",'""wlun
ML, Work don at this eeisblishmcnUs wsr
anted to he substantial, put up solid and exe.
ou'din the moat workmanlike manner, not
ooe excelled in aoy res pool bv any other s
iSMishmentin thecoiniry. -
Manufacturer of ' .
AND. . . ,
Oflatest, most fashionable and elegant styles,
Second St. Near Mulberry,
I make it a point to do all my work f the
best msterial, and aland second to none in
quality of anish or durability. I employ ao
inferior workmen, there are no appi entice
hoys about my eetablistiment, and I ean not
laii lo please any person who wanta the best
turnout made ia lh country. 1 refer uh
pride lo my customers throughout Bouluern
Ohio as to the character of woik corqing
from my factory, and guarantee all my cus
tomers perfect salisfeclioe. , . , ,
All kinds of Tarnonta finished 'and
ready for sale, or made to Order.
Gall and elamine my Stock.
Repairing, Repainting, Etc.
' Will receive prompt attentloa.
1 hav constantly a stock of
Carriage!, Baggies and Expresses,
left with m for sale, repaired and almost as
good a new, some of mem
lujul 1873
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting Machines
"I: is Ingenious snd will meet the waits ol
every matron in the land.''
Exhibltlenof 18721' ' -
John E. 0it, Kec. Bec'y; F A. Barnard.
fres Samuel I). Tilman, Corresponding
New York, November 20, 1T3
This aim Die and inspnioi a machine ia aa
useful as the sewing machine, s.id u fast be
coming populsr with ladies, in the place oi
expenai.e n.edle work, its work being much
more nanusome,. .requiring much less time
and not one-tenth pert ti.e expense. No la
ily'e toilet is complete without it A mschin
with illustrated oi miller and lull instrut'tior,.
sent on receipt of f 2 or fluiahed in silver plate
for i 7S.
Address, The McKee Bfaawraetwriwg C
broaaway. hew York.
Two American . Magazines.
The excellence of American Mairasines has
become to well recognised abroad, that one
of the leading English papers, the London
meeaiy negi.ier, in a recent issue, thus
speaks of Scribner'a Monthly:
"We sr. cmnenrtMd f asm Utal BTBtBSEIFf
MONTHLY mrrim ct la. ariu twuiul mil cmrAil
linf monthly Kriak far briUtemcf of illtratiimi end
sorMrys aauraM. It M nmpty a uileisl rtiHia,'
wort Holkmj m be mart ckarmtmg IKmM Ikt rata
all on aad siasr; (As fafci sad aksds sn turn
ttd with a STt artutui power. Out slaoss rnmi
Mf sriaiul article, w natty do not hum mktek
to esoosi oa art, for sack aa mil art cteaUsaf."
Not only is ft true that Hcritmcr's Monthlv
excels the English Magatine, but 14-is lie
am oj iss ifitwnooa momhitm.
In the extent, variety and artistic excel
lence of its illustration of American themes,
it has never been eves approached, much
less exceii xi it has a larger page and gii ev
a greater variety in tie con'enia insn sny oin
er of the Standard American Monthlies
In literary character, and in the brillianrv
and alilily ot it Editorial uepartmenia.iC en
ovs an equal pre-eminence.
Itaernditnrs started with the definite aim
of making UlmebmUmagotimtmthe world, of which
they have never for a moment U tt sight, and
they point with pride and plesawr lo the
May and June numbers, recently issued, and
ask for them a candid examination and scare
nil comparison of their Merita with those nf
otner mala tines; and they renew their pledge
in ,ne pontic, to sinvi lor Mill Digner excel
lene in the future.
A considerable demand ha racenfly arisen
ia England for Ht Nicholas. Ben boer'r New
Magasiaefbr Roys and Gills, cne publish
desiring to secure aa edition of Ibree thou,
sand of flrst boowd solum (whea completed,)
with hi imprint, - '
' The success io th eoontr olBt. Kichnlas
baa been even more remarkable than that oi
genbner' Monthly. It is provonneed lo'
aa immitiifmrjoet wejiw. for otuldmm, and, Is
ths esa with all the heac. Ii tent lure -lor ehll.
dren, it haa been f .and to posaews urpssmg
interest tor grown up r-sners, as well.
Theinflnem- of the periodicals nf the dav
eaw scarcely he. estimated, especially ape
Ihe rising generation. Parents snd teachers
.can not afjord lobe indinerenl tothts inlo-
ence, er careie-a in relanoa to the character
01 the literature furnished to th ehildiea
oawtae of their school lessotis. . In fit. Nteh
o ss sot only are history, natural phileeopfcj
iitenuure, nne arts, ana xnaenaicture pre
aented in ae attractive way to young reader.
o. me rntiira ar sumaiaiea to seek lafor
matioa tot theaiselv.a
J- The publisher will send to say addrwaaj a
pnrimea Komaer or st. ntcnoia, poelg
prepaid, oa receipt ef tew eeet. the bar cost
of paper and prtnlinc. . The Bisgxstu sr
sold by; all lit-elaa booksellers and aewa.
oeaiers, every wnere.
HCBIBNER'8 MONTHLY, S4 a year; SSca ao,
a , . jMynvuAn. - - t xoe.
S0SIB5EB h CO.,654 Broad w'J.I
Treesl Flowers! Bulbs
Innerr Stockl rruituvFlower Platea
. .!! ' .
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
B 10 0 M I If ;0 TPjTS mUZiZSY,
08 acres; IM vear U Kreeeaeaass. ei
Apple, 10 1 yr-, 136; S j. taAiSj. t0,-J V
t cwaioguee, au ceata, , sijuaai
A gee Is wasted erywberev. Boa
ly legitimate. Particulars free.
sees striet-A-tdrea
;. , Fibmihs aJijnld not fail t ex
amine the patent farm rate for
wlchicOTg'W:-Drlun. Mff-r
Artnnr, is tn agent In thU tod
Jacksoa nmtj. Ir l tke teat
and cfcearpegte eet tiViigBod
for a farm, eotisg fifty per cent.
Ieps1 tban" Be;oI(l fJt.bjriaed gate,
aiei rt more dnrablc.' for it ean
, i i .. . , j ji t-. ..
natan- Etsmtn it sjhssn - wms
E Criie deUV3rnKo: I "rW. 4W.
Contaioa wo-the ;e, Barrsr lle, hy -
- Kune; 'I he Break ni lay, Keverie, by
Arditi) La Ballenna, Polka by Ltchaer;
W nen the Swallows Uonu ward Hy, by
Oeslen; Kspieglerios, Caprice by kgg-
hard. A pieces ar Vkj.
Contains li e h,llnw:ng mu.ic; AOs,
Mountain btream. Caprice, by 8. Smit.1; .
. Count on at (xlnp, hy Jscohy; Orsat- '
oaa, Romance, by Thalberg; Itsetng
' Leaves, Inst., by Mattel - May Breeaee,
lnl . hy l.ange H pleee fbr Mo.
1 Create pal l O I 1
tresae.Stfl U VI I JN:
Chant du Hi.ouc, f ranacrlptloa, by
Ketterer; Thin Own, Melodi, by
ianKe. n rieces ror
nlaina the lollowing iiiubhi, price,
Two songs hy Hsys, two h
if Hanks, on
Qua-ten. by
by Usywoo
a Bsoieri
Thomas, a Fournand Piece, a Quick-
step, aa easy March, and a buautifnl
tanlasie, by Kinkel. 1 piece for SOo.
oontains the following mnslo, price, 90c.
Two new songs by Hays, one by Pratt,
one by Stewart, a trio lor female voice, ,
hy Aht; a Sacred Quartette by ranks,
two Polkas, a pretty Walla, and a March.
11 pieces for SOo.
Address J. I,. PFTER8, P. U Box. M.
Broadway, New York, opposite Metrop
olian Hotel. , ,
Teas j! Teas!!
P. 0. Box, 1287. New York.
KOOERT WELLS, President.
: OOI -OnG.
Black, 40, 60. 60, best 70 eta. . . . per lb
Green anil Black. 40, 50, 60, bent 70cts
Uncolored, 00,70.80. 90, beat $1.00.
Green, 60, 7a 80, 00. best $1.10 per lb.
Green, 60, 60, 70. 80. 00. 1.00 best $1X6
Green, $1.10 best $1.30 per lb.
H nfrlish Breakfast
Black. 60, 70, 80, 90, bent $1.00. per lb
N. B. We hue ai speciality of Garden
tl -to, snd yoLONH, Extra choice, II. CHI.
Our Teas aie put up in one pound packs
ages, with Ihe kind an I price printed on each
AOENTH WANTED to get up flubs to
sell our leas to Ismiiiea, hotels, boarding
bouses and others. In writing for terms cr
sending orders, be particular lo addrea th
president of tne lompiny, thus:
' No. 41 Vraey St., New York
Wear comreMfd to request, his, aa other
parties have initiated out Dim name.
Pure Concentrated Potash.
Of double Ihe strength of any olbr
f have recently perfected new method of
packing my Pu'ssh or Lie. and am now pack
ing it only in Mil., tne coating 01 iiun win
eeponiiv, aaa noes noi mittre tne soap, if is
nocked in boxes containing 'J4 snd 4S one lb.
ball., and in no oilier way. Directions in
Knallsh and t'etman for making hard and
soil aos p with this pntssh an-nmrant eaol
package. B. T. BA nil ITT,
tj let a wasBisfiss otn is. x.
Insturance Department
Conostos, February 19th, 1S74.
WBRRRA9 Ihe New Enaknd Muttml Life
Inanranee Company located at Hoeton. I
ne state ot Maaaarnuseu-, nas men in mis
oHkea sworn sthtemenl by the proper offi
cers thereof, showing: its condition sud busi
ness snd has complied in all utner respect.
with the law of this mate, relsilni to LH In.
stiranc Companies, organised by act of Coo
greas, or bv or under the laws ci any otner
ntat ol lh United State.
now, therefore, in pursuance of law, I,
will. am f. Church, superintendent of Insur
ance ol the Stale of Ohio, do hereby certify,
that said company is authorised to nan sect
I appropriate bo.ines. of III tn.u rsn-e
me etie in a-coruam; wit n law. euring the
current year. The condition snd ooanies of
aio eompany at tne date oi suca statement
(ecen.oer lint, isjs.) la snowa as ioiiow:
Aggregate amount of admitted
eeu.includiog the sum off ,'.
5t3 36 in premium notes and
losns held hi lb company oa
policies in force, 12,470,11 SI
. eluding 111 Jol.619 no (or r in-
uraoee reeerv 1 ' II J2J,T9 14
Amount ot in. ome lor tae pieced
ing y ar in cash 1,4817 tl
Amount of premium aole of In- -
eom for. th preceding . year 104,213 M
a aa oo nt of expenditure lor Ida
preceding year la cash, ftnjUSl M
Amount ol premium note expea
. diture lot this precediagitear. MTJW 1(
(L. s.) la wimeaa whereof, I have hereun
to subernb. d my sum, aad caused the seal
of my omre to be affixed tne any and year
abov written. " ' WM.CHUrU:H.
Jos T. sUrta, ageal at MeArthnr, O. .
TEA AGEBTc wanted ia towa snd country to
sell TEA. or get na elob sHm. lor the lav-
arest Tea Com naoy la Aavene. Importer'
prices aad tmiucementa to agent, read (or
circular. Addrswa. ROBERT WELL. 41
VeserMiM.T P.O Box IxHT. - '
1 TAs OkrWiaw CWaas, Beary Ward Beeeher,
Ciller-ot Ues. tola kaati says: "Partis wish
ing to get ar elnfa. aad nil who eaa get or
der, tor lea. should write Aim lor a etreBlar."
rW If me Tm-k Wntlt Trmmme. of Sep Id, say:
AU Hi range' sbuukt writ Befat, WeU so
rirrul r -
, Tmt Semt, ofgept. M., ys: "Bobt. Wells ia
tooroogaiy rruaote." - xupr
Cottage , Color. Faints.
, . ai-OOte tlawr GmTlesv.
(asm ta Oaa,': -. - u - tee per gal
Fas Paooa bus per gaL
Works hi all tWaa aa Boiled lfss.it, ly
. . ..... .; I
- -i . r i . . . . "
m.o. Ksurra patiht 8pim oiuus
riLTiaau xoct lcbbtcatwo oil, a
Scad fcr ejsrd ef color and ealara.
lne 3atlT and
, . , . .
' 'AT-TninO4L4t.;
bOi!"Lj - .'"i
r,v, , . i. . ' : i ' ' a
If YoD
Want a situation.
Want a servant srirl,
Want to sell a piano,
Want to sell a carriage.
Want to bur or sell a farm.
W'ant a boardlrijr place,
Want to sell town property,'
Want to sell groceries or drugs,
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to sell dry goods or carpets,
Want to find customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays.
Advertising makea success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
al .'T , t
Aaverusing loowspiaca.
Advertising means'biz
Advertise or .bust,"
Advertise long, ,
Advertise well,. ,
3STOW. , :
Every merchant, manufacturer
or busineg$ man who hat become
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judiciout advertising
So exception to thit rule can be
cited! Stewart, the : Prince of
Merchant-, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertiting, at a latl
retort, to get hit slock turned into
money to at to meet a note. Ar
m m, . s . a .
guxng Jrom thit tnal. it tt wat
good for htm tn adversity, h
could make tt mil belter tn prot
perity, he became a pertittent ad
verliter, and thut gained hit co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants sav it la not worth
while to advertise; for nn person read
advertisement; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he ia wise he will profit
by it, suggestion, if he ha anything to
oner' w..rth advertising How much
more then will those read 'iibenr who
are not ao largely supplied with read'
Ing matter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their local news, tne moat important
item 'f which is where they can find
just what they want when they come hi
town to make their purchases. Ifyout
slock is ao old, rusty, duaty and out ol
style that it ia worthless, or if it it run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w.nt. it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it ia
new, fresh and sparkling, op to the
time, and such aa the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world that you have them, and want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement publiahed for a sin
gle day dnea duty beyond that day,
and ita effect continue io s greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man' a name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the minds of men until
it becomes more valuable tbaa any
corner lot in nia locality.
I yea lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you deai re people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement But you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating now much you are bas
ing by not advertising it Rrporlcr
If.thnM persons who profess to be.
lieve that newspaper advertisement
are not .read by the public wish to be
convinced of their, error, just let them
cive publicity to tome matter they
would not care tp, divulge to theworld,
even in the moat onecure corner ot a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. AdverUtrr t
"Abvibtisiwo lAapl1 to give os that
geatle jtigol ermseienee which tells os
that we want a new suit of elothea
Monday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon aa the hay wss in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to wark thia passage and lay
the paper upon her buaband's break
East plate. Who will amy ihat. adver
tising will not yet civilian the world!
Ex. : " ;
' yVuT do people read advertisement?
To see who ia enterprising and to learn
hatie going on,. To sum if them, is
anything: new, or anything that they
want; To sen if the aeaaon'a style
have come ia, aad to And oat who haa
therm. To know if any one ia selling
off mt reduced rmtea, or ' to watch the
chance of an auetioav. For amuaeaent.
To satiafy eurioaty. 'Because they
have read all the siorfem, marriages,
binha, deaths, !ocmla .and meeJdantm.-.
Because they rant to. Bee use they
eaa't help it 0 Aio Slate Jottrnal .'
.Thi power of print is weQ known,
but not well 'Baderslood. A erioted
sentene has m wonderful mdvaatrnge
over on that t written or spoken.
This It oaa of the atmtnr reason which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertise ra, eve tboae ol expenenee,
do mot eowprefcead aa well as they
might tho eapaeity to influenee, to per
wade, to eon vi nee, which lie in print
ed matter, rpokea words" require the
graces of ekicutioa and the force of
eloquenc). yet even that Cade away in
tn aohinfMi if not emught ia their
flight and printed. But there ia some
thing in th silent tanruare, the oniet
assertion and the eensa of permtajtenc
about onated mutter which give it a
atarraloaa torrxt amt jaflmaraoa. i Bmi
Beam men abonld, mover permit tbems
whem to Vooea sight of what may b
aeenanpliamed ..by m parsevrrinf Boa. of
tftarjriBXpTieaem lBrm tm SfV
wscrs s ta. sn jmm i
lVxaMkda wnrta kmvinir. -e
In Zaleski
THE BauMki Company, with a vlw I lbs
development of Ihe local taureeleof isie
ki, 4o secur it permanent yio, pertly, aad.1
add to it populaiio and wealth, ar aw
orlenng t acusdatis, lew lot aad At rat
land al low prioe. aad en liberal term.
Persons ds.inag le riamias the properly
and lo bay cheap houses will apalv al ths
Company' oMcet to '
. THxrUN, Manager.
laJeskl, Ohio, May IS, ISTI. sf
' Which at adaptad to
All Sewing Machines, ''
NOTICK, Bsrlienlsrl the atai-si mt W.el-
OOODRICH. Chicsgo. Ills., with fl.e pat sal
stamp. H. C. OOODBirH.
Utflc sod Mlcaroom too Dut St.. rha sgo,
- HI. tasngtt
l?t a -li
lt 7 on are Suffering from ar
Broken Down CvtuUtaUsMa, ' ;
Or require a Remedy to .' '
Ptirlfy aaa JCnrich the BltMsm.
Tou will find Dr. Crook' Tens : sl My pa
mp mt sehe Heat to pmtmrmt ereatev waerw
it, cure you more speedily, and do yow
mora gnod than any and all other rente .
die combined. That Pal, Yellow ;
ehlv-leeklng mitlw Is changed to on
of Iresbnes aiut health. Those tlsewseO
of the AJhln. Ilwlea, Pnaiale.
Hletehe and Ersiptiei. are removed.
Merefaln, tterofsilea Ileaae of tho
f.ytw, Hhtie Bwelllsta;, Uleera, 441
here or any kind of Humor rapid 1 '
dwindle and disappear nndcr lielnflusace,-. tl
Mba4iltT 11 1 nature's own restorer!
A otub.o oxyd of Iron combined with the
medlclual prortleofPoUllooidl vested
ot oil dlaagreeiible qunlltle. It Will cur)
any ileM whiwa real or direct cause ka
BVaisl Hlswxl. Mheame1l.m. ratssa 1st
Links'iir Hnwes, 4'wwall tatle hrSie
bw ,ir Bnaes, 4'wwall tsllsat rSie
si by Mercurial or other poisons, aro
i red by It, or Bysskllla. or My okS
4Mlni,tlierelaniitlilnteiiui tost. t
I will pre. It. ktoldb
own oy
all cured I
title taint
GEOBUB W. SI8SON, McArthar, Ohio
TUE2 '-SUN;:
THE WEEKLY XU! is too widely known
to require any extended recommendations
hot ihe reasons which list already gives II
Sfty thoueand subscribers, and which will,
we hop, giv II many thoussnds nor, r
btiellys Mlow I
II la s fln urate acw.psper. Alllhsaawaet
Ihe day will he found in it. condensed when
unimportant, at full length whea of moment,
ana a'wsys preenied in a clssr, Intellictble,
and inteiesling msnner. . 1
II is Brat-rate family paper, frill of refer-. '
laining and instruclive reading of very kid,
but containing nothing that csn pSead In ,
most delicate aad scrupiilona test.
It i flrst-rsl story esper.' The best fail
snd romance of current literature sr est
fully selected and eg'hly primed I Ks page-. '
Iti a flp-t-rale s'ieultaril piper., 1h
mnstlre-h and instructive articles on sgri
fultnrsl topic regularly Apyear in Ibis s)i
It ia an independent politieal paper, belong
ing to no party and wearing no collar' It Sglil '
for principle aad the elect inn of ihe best msa
lo offlce It especinlly devotes it energies I ""
the expu.nr nf lh great eorruptionw that -'
now weaken and disgrace out country, ad
ihreaien lo undermine reptiMiraa inshtaMoae
altogether. II ho nolear ol kaaves, aad k
ao fcf or of their .tniMirtera.
It reports the fashions for Ihe ladles aad the -market
for the mea. eapeeiallv lbs eltle; .
market, to which it pays particular sllentio.
Kinallv, it is the cheapet paper published
One dollar a year will sect: re it for any sab
sciiber. II is not necessary to get up aeluh , ,
in order to has TH E WhEKLv elN at this ,
rat. Aav one who. send a single delta! will , ,
get lh paper for year
TUB WEEKLY (trW.-Elght pagss,
flay-six eoluniB-. oaly Bt s yesr. How
eoi.'nla from thta rate.
aiseas the ItailyHua. SS OOstear. A dis
coil"! of CO per cent, to clubs ef 10 or over.
THE UAILYBCM.-A large toar peae
aeaspsper of twetu Mht enh mas. Iiy"
eircuialioa over ISOeOOO. A4 the ew for
B cent. Suhsorij'Uon price SO eeets rnosth,
or BO year- To clubs of 10 or over, a die
count i.f BO oer eent. - , '.
Address "TUB 8 UN," New Terlt CMy.
IsSsM SI In tm snesehf sa arsteaUaa esterta.
kw s mt m , . ta. mmrnt, ..
VMsIs sa wsMUf wwt srta kasdrel ae sine
am. silk Mamii nraria(, as HaMtaa umm
sasaee mt Usm. vas mre mmrrmjm mm waplaM aMe-
nasa. adSkl.s knk aaMplSN IWuMInt . '
SM try. . B ka. mrwUmtj -w-t tt,. ...... -
It nam. Mm saewtoM aa aSrlee a f a ilritilin
w H,.irt,w. Mteieiwi., rt-v ',
w. liertntMnerabf Mikfi.hw.,rue '
rnnuTt myrnrm tea. Is w taasiaa. sa BM asat as
. e..a. Is aa. mmm eat .
SralMaareeafftw.r .1111) VlBy CsMs.
STlViLT, Vj;""" 1 a Xi,.. mrmt f rr
jToues) to ths 2Uc-j4 aal CnMsoatav 1 If
aWU wn.H aaa aa. latl ,Si. ana S-.
-u li.a,uik;mtlMaU,l S.ilee ..
.ras listlil,.. ,i - ' - a
r. Bshs awassis easMs ksaae mt twsatyma
isl kyeMM.ru.. B-ee.knw mU,,r
sal, ftmm,,t mmt eesaie. sa San.M mmmm." - -saM.
.inmtl, ar mj mmil. mm a. Saw, Hi.,1 la
kls werta. OOM ssS sarlm, Ss. It S. SifSlk MCM
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galoplis McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
. -
ALT, parties nana g so been bed loth eap
ital aioek ot the li- Pre. C, B. B. are
hereby renal. ed to atake payaet le th Sec
retary of Ihe Company, at hie eSJee, 4h T
Pnblie 8aor. I Gsllinolis. Obi, et if sore i
eenveaieal. lo l)iel Will. President ef -tbe ,
Vi low coaety naag. Menrtbnr. Objiav Oi:
sa installment ol Ave dollar oa each aharo
so subeenbed, within to. day f thi dale.
.Angatt,.lS7U.. ; f e-
. ,i .'WM.aBOBW.B.eee '-t
t .' MeA.aC. B.B.6.!
dee S 171. j . i ...,-' I
OTOCK aad Ore Scales as good as new, is , R
Oaal tl vary low price. Call e
: IK ,
,t i I
'US' A.S fm
jAiiwm mum
.:- . .1 d
; . 1
f 11

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