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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, August 13, 1874, Image 1

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JOlllf T. RAPEIt,
OFFIOS I. W. Pornr of Kiln and
logaa St-,0-poH Court Rout.
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hl ,ptttcdMc Arthur, Ohio,
WinatUiid pra-ipUjtoJlbatioMntraiid
t km -r. , mo-H
c; a clap cole,
j u-1 M. uOc hi Court Bona.
Mf iuHL -rrrnrtl M
Cft CAETWRIOBTJ Proprietor.
' I,cr Stable Attacked.
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rrtKodi h,-'u vbi- rtfcr-ii'hwj
Piroof honi. iMonm fltM Mt? om(brtM,
halsM supplied with lh lt ih mark-l
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whlcb h wh 4io' tin cDlira tt-otioa.
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.oYlfcUMI Oo-aiy But
mni mn. haniiMl W Kilferl, jr.
. (E-oWiihtd 1IM.1
Wholesale Grocers
Prompt Attention fflven to tli
TraiiHler of PIG IKON and
other . Property from and to
ITar tret.2Wi0 PafntandlFalnut
r-uiuui Vuuiiii Bf a
Boektalierti ' Btationen. Printer-,
v.-m: ': ' .rUa :cc f
:.( '.l.tH1'..?
Law,' Midio'L, TaBLooioBtM School,
65 Ifkui Fourth Strut, Cincinnati
VUstelAjCue- furoi-hel gratuiloiiNly on
lrta-iua t4 t tmok Mot by niwl poM
j paid mipt oi iiuMirlusI privo. '
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. aaddalria all kinds of
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earamrii dnoo, aad tM anuilaat DtoiurM
Finished in Oil.
, itijliM Aetirid, at ilia
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lara a4 eljr flabbed PaMo-nraplui
aad all work jrarraadad to era aslUhctioa.
I II.III.rl'1
!-' 187
The But and Cheapest
,?GPI.0 i REUS;,
. . 1 - f T 7 1 . .a-
VOL. 23---NO. 22.
j UJ j i(tti ii m - w I I tit j - ' 1 1 1 i i i I i ) - tk x '' ii i i i ai - r- l - r n ii i n i i i i i . i ""-r-. l""'v
MCARTHUH, 6ni0, AUGUST 13, 1874.
AXvyjj-i l4Vy. 1,1 U I
Mr Job n i on nayi ha doei
not know what - in hh sermon
led me to make the4 charge
gainst blm that he would
have the scriptures read diflef
ently on the wine question if
heconld. I think that those
who took the trouble to "read
my article did get my meaning,
47 Mr. J. did not. He says, "I
see however, why he makes
the charge against Mr. Biggs
II is because he went off into
th- Greek In explaining a plnin
text," etc. Here Mr. Johnson
mistook my meaning ' entirely.
I only mentioned that he went
to tliq tJreek to xpiain a text
that needed no belter explana
tion, than the Jiteral meaning
as ii stin'da In iheible nd
appla! to thoje who heard nitn,
if liey got any clearer vies
ol its meaning from his Greek
rendering than without it. TI
gave my nhdert landing of. the
it-xt in English. It it is- not
correct nliy did not Mr. John,
son correct it. .If he or Mr,
Bigga can make h mean any
thing more or less, or anything
different I wish they would do
so. I thought' it was only an
ostentatious method of letting
the people know he wasa
Greek, scholaY noihint more.
It reminded me' of the fable l
the mountain that labored and
tirougbt forth a mouse. Per
haps there are ome passaged
i or criipinre ;hich it may be
neceBSsry to go to the original
to get at the true meaning. In
that cast 1 wish a roan to man
ifest a little honesty in quoting
the English version belore I am
willing to litke hi rendering ol
i lie Greek. Mr. Johnson winces
under the charge that I brought
against him and Mr. Bigg)' for
purposely miqu6iing'"a pas--age
of scHptiire in Uabakuk,
and for quoting ajjaintl him
ipxI in Revelations, and says
he is grossly insulted, but cops
on to explain, and apologize
for both himself and Mr. Bigg"
fir having left out an impor
taut clause in the' text. He
denies that they left the clause
out lor he purpose of ehang
ing its meaning as I had charg
fd, but lor another purpose, U
wit; "out ot feeling of deli
cacy in the presence of a mix
d audien." ,.. I consider tbii
aDoloicv , a aufficieut plea' ol
guilty to ibo charge. He ad
iuits having left out the clause
in question, but says jt was for
ano her pui pose than the nnt
I bad ; irojjuied to ;them. nln
heir pie ol guilty tney pu
in a plea ot justification by in
timaling that they considered
the cNuiie lO'lelicate, and not
tit 10 be read in public. If the
clause) in question was not es-
st-ntiaj to the meanirig,hisit
ihi ef lit it possible that the
prophet . of Goa would add . a
clause that is unfit to be heard
by ears polite, when it waa not
essential to the meaning of in
text, ; Shame on such a pitiful
apology. Others may think as
they please or the matter, Dui
1 am.Btill of'l he opinion- h
the clauae wasomiited because
they wished ''the, scripture to
read; differently on the wine
question," and jn doing so they
took the hazard of presuming
upon the ignorance of .the au
dience. My advice to those
gefittinien is that II they can
not, or dare, not quote the
whole of any text they may
wish to use In their argument
they bad better ' not attack
such text: at all. Ii beg the
gentleman's pardon if he is1 in
suited, lor I meant no insult.
It was pot I, bui God, who said
inReveIationaIf any man shal
take, away from the word
the book of this propbecy.God
shall lake away his part ont ol
the book of fife, and from oat
of the holy city nd irom the
things wbiib are wntied '
this book." Mr. Johnson cer
tainly misapprehended my lan
guage, if h construes what I
aid about Noah'a sons as hav-
ing any cbn'nectioa or roffer
euceto the text in .Habakuk,
do ot say it -has not, but I
did not so put it I closed up
what I had to , say in regard to
the text in Uabakuk by refer
ing to the shamelul conduct of
Lot's daughters, Gen. 19:31 to
85. without quoting it, which I
think is a case that comes lair
within the literal meaning
ot (be text In Uabakuk. ., What
said about Noah and bin son
waa in reply to what Mr. Biggs
saidoD'lhat subject, and I com
menced ' that paragraph by
quoting from Mr Biggs.
,. jur. . J oiinuort, jn usi ; n aye . a
strange notion of mi Actuation,
(ir in realihg te fiille he 'can
yke'a periddl where there is
no pause ai an, ana men in a
newspaper article, he can read
over a period thajf closes ;'up
one 'paragraph, right on .' into
another paragraph, upon. a dii
ferenti topic, and never know
the difference But, I suppos
t it bad been written in Greek
he would understand it' better
"O! wad some power the gift gle us.
To He on racl vts ad other ave u,
It wad Ira many a blunder, free us,.
And foollali notion."
. Mr.. Johnson is greatly exer
cised because I hHVe(-marshaled
an array of cripigre" by which
to relute some ol the lalse as
sertions and affirmations in his
and Mr. Bigg's sermons.' lie
Says, in his chafing, that "it is
remarKsoie wDai Koowiepge oi
scripture the business of maki
ng and selling wine, beer and
whisky has developed, etc.
He says4,many other enormous
evils have taken shelter under
the Bible. . There is no book
with which the Devil is more
lamiliar." "The Devil qnoied
scripture to the'Siivior etc,
Bui he says "this thing of quo-
ling scripture tu juatily great
xbudea and and great wrongs,
has been tried too many times;'
that "the cloven hool is too
prominent " with a lot more
stuff that J do not caretq re-
peat. . Uow does all Ibis liradt
against 'the Bible, and against
all who may thave quoted" the
scripture to establish a princi
pie, sound, coming from a pro
fessed follower of the Savior,
one who professes to haze been
divinely called to preach the
ionpel, one 'who hua been or
darned and set apart to that
calling, by the laying on ot
handr; we might : conclude
irom bis communication, in the
absence of other information,
that the Bible was an obscene
book, with which the Dvil
was particularly lamiliar; that
it waa a dangerous element in
aoeiety, being in league with
hell and a compact -with the
Devil; that it evinced Jow
breeding, and great d-pravity
for any one id be acquainted
with such a boos, Is Mr.1 John
son ashamed, of the gospel
Christ , Most1, be in his mod
edsty.,ln dispehsingthe word
discard and reject a part-there
of because it is obscene, and
an other part because in .his
judgment, justifies great abuse
nd great wronga. Why be
would makes us believe, that
the Bible is out of dale; thai
no body but old fogies would
go to the Bible to prove what
r , , , , . , . .- . - t i
Is right or wrong. If the Dev
il did quote 'scripture ,to the
Savior be, was hot, rebhked, for
doing; . bo that oa ,.tbe other
jiand. Ihe Savior .refnt'ed. his
argument '.by ouotipg other
scripture. Bo" theri,ifUr.
ran not relate my argument
quoting rebutting senpfure
ebows . that bit position is not
scriptural. This is a, Jurther
proof thattbey would have i the
scriptures , read differently
the wine question if they could
He admits that my quotations
are correct; be admits also that
thesd . passages indicate , that
wine was uaed 'witfi ihe laftc
m At r-.f
lion of tfod 'by 'the 'lsraentas,
both as a beverage and an of
K 1 ! -
fering to God." Bat he argues
that "either it was one of those
things which God - permitted
and even commanded by'reason
ol their ignorance d the
hardness of theJr.bflrU; or
else that theciroumstances
were different, and that what
s wrong now was not wrong
then." ! He saya, "the ; same
yils are - not tolerates by the
same God in anage such an
this." Then lie worms around
and says,"! do not say nor have
any where said that God ever
commanded a ainlul act." "I
arn pertectly eonsiilenl now in
saying; that there; 'is nothing
sinful; in the ,mer act or tail
ing a glass lol Wtn J; : tot to
mo, knowledge do the, scrip,
tures anywhere mention, 'any
sin of the kind.". These' latter
questions are inconsistent with
the first, and with the gentle
man'-" whole" agutuent; ,; '.V
Afcaln he Tsays Ihatvrhe ques
tion is not so rauohj what Jesus
did 1800 years 820, but1 what
would Jesus do-to da!" I do
not know that Mr. J. has a right
to 88K that quel
ion,, much
es to answer n, bui
as he does
ask the quesnou
will reply.'
apreheuded that he would do
much an he did l800)ears ago,
to wit; lake a scourge of cords
and clean out the sanctuary. -
llBy what authority; and jfor
what, purpose, does Mr. John
sou intimate -that I am in the
business, of making and selling
wine, beer and whisk.-1 when
he, koowd that I never made nor
sold any liquor other' th
wine made o the pure juice of
the grape without adulteration,
I . . ,T
when be knows that I never
aold even pore wine by the
drink in my life; when he
knows or should know that 1
never drank a gill of 'distilled
liquor a a beverage ininy Iiftt
Id not this fling meant for the
purpose of manufacturing a lit
tie Odium in order, to prejudice
the public mind again.) me and
in bis favor! is it not an al
lempt to throw dirt? But be
should know that- those who
throw . warm pitch generally
get their fingers marred. Why
is it that Mr. Johnson in quot
ng irom my communication,
persists in substituting the
words "intoxicating liquors" in
place of the words fermented
wine lor instance he says, "Lei
us consider for a moment Mr.
B' h well's assertion that Christ
and bis dixciples used inioxica
ting liquor$ ai a beverage."
Now Hie mildeot thing that I
can say in reply to (his is, that
l is purely a gratuity on the
part of Mr, Johnson, for 'I nev
er said any such words.1 The
most that , I did say in that di
rection, was to nt nlradict Mr,
Biggs' assertion that, fermented
ine was a production ot the
devil and his assertion that the
tJavior -never made nor used
fermented wine, aiid 1 quoted
some passages of scriptuie to
refute' 'Mi. Biggs . statements.
Hw Mr. Johnsorr can torture
anvlhing that I saidlnto the Ian
guagetnat he Used in the above
la wore thati' I' can' U
has repeatedly, and almost in-
varUbly, sahstitaed the word
ntoxipating in the place of the
wora iermenieu in quoting me
If he considers those ' words
synoymous ..why .make .,the
change; il they are not synony
mous then he purpoeely,;taIa-
quoted me, and thereby places
roe In a false light; I claim
thaV those words are not synon
ymous, for the terms intoxicat
ing . liquors embraces wbiiky
and all other diatllled and
highly intoxioating . liquors,
while the term fermented wine
excludes, all diftilled and other
-, . , -1 : ' r . .i . i,
poisonous liquors, and embrao
es pore wine alone. ;
. Mr. Johnson savs 'The most
that 1 shall shy on this point Is,
' that lie baidea of prbol liel
. , .fi
upon those who appeal to ihe
Bible to coonteBancethe nie
of: intoiicating drinks at -the
present day." Here again Mr.
J. uses ' the term intoxicating
drinks so as to log; in 'all dis
tilled liquors. I want it dis
tinctly understood that In this
dikcussiooj I defend 'only pure
grape wine fermented by the
peration of God's own law,
which 1 claim to be the crea-
Uie of God. '
Now, let ;ns examine the
question as ta who has the bur
en of proof devolving' upon
them. Who has the affirma
tive? , Who .first) appealed to
the Bible to establish their po
jltion. Did not Mr. Biggs pro
(ess to. preach, that sermon-on
the wine question fom a Bible
standpoin t u o preaching said
sermon did he no,t. affirm that
the wine which, the Bible japr
proved was unfermented aod
would not, jntoiicalef . Did he
not affirm that , fermented wiue
was a production ol the Devil,
and that it was a curse? Did be
not kffirra that tbeSavior never
made nor used fermented, wine,
and those who said that he did
were guilty ol blasphemy!
Did nod Mr. Johnsoq. endorse
Mr. Biggs in all these, afflrma-
iionsi , liie ; quasttpo then is
not whether the wine the Bible
ftrtt a. .
sanctions is , identical with the
intoxicating drinks of the pres.,
eut day, a Inch embraces all Jhe
bad whisky and other distilled
iquors, as well as all he Imi
tation wines and other poisoned
drinks, as Mr. Johnson fias said,
but Ihe question is whether fer
mentsd wine made of the pure
juice of the grape in the natur
al way,, without any additions
of poisonous drugs . or liquors,
of any kind is a production ol
the devil U it pronounced a
curie by the authority of the
B.ble! Did the Savior never
make nor use any such, fer
mented wine,' and is it bias
phemyto say that he did ?, ...
luese are the questions on
er discussion, these are i the
sweeping delarations which Mr.
Biggs made wlen he appealed
o the Bible to . prove those
affirmations.' Why has Mr.
Johnson studiously evaded
those points! why in the whole
ol his long article did he1 not
dare to repeat one of these
affirmations, . but has all th
time been backing at side is
sues, keeping up a constant
skirmish out in the brush, and
trying to diyert attention from
he main question by crying,
intoxicating liquor, ibtoxicat
ino UQDoRl lie reminds me of
a boy playing1 at building a
statue of .snow, lor Ihe fun of
pelting it down again with
snow-balls, lor he has been all
the time ' building imaginary
statues representing the Sa
vior and his disciples drinking
intoxicating liquors, and then
with Wonderful gusto, sets to
work to batter the Image down
again wit h , bombastic " arga
menu. Why all this dodging the
qaesiion! - The answer is plain
enough ' The ground ' that'Mr.
Biggs 'obk on all those' p4nU
is nntenable, and well does Mr.
Johnson know it, He Knows
that.those assertions are false
and neither he nor Mr.1 Biggs
dre repeat them,' much less
try to prove them. :
tience lor mm o iry to
squirm out. of the real question
at. issue like an eel out or a net
where he bis the 'affirmative
and to try to raise another
dues' ion that is, not an issue
and then Claim the, negative, 18
a little loo thin.
But. this U only.sr backward
jaovemenl which indicates that
tbey .would gladly tei ire from
the contest, if they eould do
in good order, without display
ing the white flag. '.No doubt
they wish themselves well but
of the scrape, with all their
boasted learning. Bat I opine
that they will trail their colors
la lae dost baiore they get
fairly off the field,. Though the
burden of proof devolves, opon
them, yet have , .pi , fairlj
irom ine , jwoie' that
i-nuiouvou , .wiub. was ..uvea oy
a beve age and a.n ofler Dg
u ..cnucea, W0IC0 Mf. John
son has been compelled to ad
mit. " Have I not also proven
tairly by the Bible to the satis
faction ot every dhbiased per
son who has read'my argument
with care that the Savior and
bis disciples also used ferment-
- j - sL :nii j t V- . .
eu winer uave i not lurther
lL.1 il. .il.-L
" "ruuT Blw"y
used lermented wine to rnre
. within
the last 1 lew year. " beeu-per?
n mI'. -
.v uj.no a usn uojJBriuro, aau
to change the 'appointed ele
ment of wine, and to substitute
canned juice, or raisin steep.
anA k-' r '
-uu iuuib u.iv uus mill am
to Bubititute teaj and even wa
ter in ihn rlara -fdrint (n t.t
,-- 1 - -
purpose. But . those who Will
take ii upon themselves to call
that nn-inn hih th 1,A
. . . .
ised, and remore the
larks, and supplant
inted ordinances of
ham; cleansed,
old landmarks,
thn annni
.rr "1 w.i.vw -
. . ... ... .
uoo oy euDsuiuunffsomeininffi
i oy Buosinuiingsomeining
in its stead, merely for-the
pose of making -a show; of
jistancy by. , thus making
their practice conform to their
false preaching, may have the)
benefit of the reward of their
doings. I crave none ot such
reward. Have! Ii not further
ahown from the Bihle that it i-
only the halil of using wine! to
exem that: Is condemned and
nM ihft wm-iiAiff , ,
Excesses of every kind, are
condemetL Gluttony ' is as
strongly condemned as drunk
ennss.' - ! f ' ' -'j-.'i
.......( ....... ,1 ...
After raising the question as
to whether the ; wine, th4 the
scripture sanctioned was fer
mented Mr, J. iavi , learned
men honestly differ1 on that
point.', If they, .4ft. 'then r.py
what aothoritjr does Mr.Bigg'e
amrra that those - who say that
I h e Say 1 or u'sed f erm en te'l ,wl n e
kre gujlty of blasphemy! Mr.
J. say's that the authority of
Jewmh Rabbi shonld be con-
sldered good. He then glVe.
Ihe Btalemeht of. the Rabtt
Lewey to the effect .'hat he
.aid a convention of ifi'oORab-'
bies bad decided against- fet-
mented wine; ib at thW made
wine for. feasts by pouring wa
ter upon chopped , raisins and
P.ttlnir it .land . rl.tr n, nt
sent the. blood of JVsub at ihe
iiii'd Kir '"-it""
son dare not-deny, n6twifh
Btabd'ing I feW spcle'tie, of pro!
. , ... , .! -.
that Ihosa Rabbles
this was tha kind of Wine
Christ made al Cana, and was
used in the sacrament Now let
as examine the, character of
tLia. testimnnv and . then . -
will take it at what U Is worth.
' 1 1 '
..The Paris police - are again
searchihg the bodset . of prom-
ineut Bonapartist. and. leiaieg
. ,
ujuuiuouin ..a r.
Advices from Brussels report
at the SpahUh.delegatei to
that the Spahlsh delegat
tbe international. Congress
have', been instructed froth
Madrid not .to participate in
the deliberations, because the
Government is yet unrecognis
ed by the European' powers-
"Do you understand the Eo
glish langoager'Wda McLean
oi'uni-lima uo wiutw unj, u
dreeing a lightning-rod ffj-efeU
"150," replied the agent. 'Then
rn . be if I want any
your rods. The.' lightning
mant somewhat fcleetrifled,
drove onA . .-'-v -y i
on.T' : 'V . .sv i AO
4-,-Lh -.' ., '..:) J.
W find the lollowing item
in an Illinois paper: "Mr.
who has been in retirement for
a, few weeks after, marrying
and burying three sisters, came
..1: .w. !-.; .-..ia
up smiling to" the altar again
vesterdav. having began on
new family. ' ;-: ';'-.'
SpMNdniLD is to have a ttt
Gertaaa paper shortljr V-
LaViJig thd
sounty, offers superloi lnJuc(taentl
to laT-rtioem. - i . i
- 1
Hints for the Girls.
til ?l "Vf- T7t.
ij as if yod werd ashamed of him . " fi
-. ukl .AM 1111 "f- I, '
liT , ,V V
. When voalan&h'Iau-h hsartf: "
; An. old stager, who
through the mUf' Ogives 'tis f t
lo.lnt - - rirhur 'ik V, ,
Igfrlsj : . '
your mother doU. walhin
; n; ,i t- X " ...
nice ihuo oecKiies ior mo nettu-
eri,- but donV keq'uire'thai mystjj
art f6 "Cook 'pork' and' beans' '.'v
Go to boarding school, aha ,
ihd German,', lot'' hegfe'ei your
gooi old'.mdtherlEng,Ih':kJVl''J
flatly deny the 16ft impea'ch-
tneht'that "n:Ikri UVtiM .
Ui. - - i .iHL$ J j w , -:
. ,,. inLii tmau Lf:ii!l
'. J-K"' VT '
,i!'Ol 93'
'' HeiUhe'pwple' whorVbss'te.J
rid: coniequeriliy Vaot c letteri
1 v-iwv - 1 wta aiv vdtHVii 1 UlUUvGCIi j
last or next' Butaraer. 'vou'Torffe
.-. . . r. .,:-
Which. "They'll believe ICVJ
I "u!l'u
,(,;- 1 ; v.si li'-iii.i iiii- i
m 1. A '.:. Jt. h',11 -ir'.
. uS"-jr
r'Tat n( ;toeM dop,f gb1)ori
"Oct sbealt 'dieparagirigfy of M1
ln - - - ! 4J... .L.ri.It-'.llL-: ?
QVaoW But entirely oVerwol
yaf rg--W., n"rl
' Bf 'all 'means tnotVni',nit!i?
. - lt
1iffT(4 lrt't-'aft-f tfm, rM JtiJtffcMM
, . . , v". " j V,I
TJ6'9 " cnanc8. of t&fm,
taken-ior some one elie, Wnife iT
speaks Wames -tor itiifloj-jf -Ai
" r "v' Vl .uwomcb 1
Wajlk' fauf abreast 'awf Mbi)
tbe center of th 'sidewalV,1 ttbV
06 wTor tnomehf allow yotir1-
eelf to be diaconeert; ftafiowil
obslderatldn' fof ItW1 hapttiera
of oters.! ' 1 ol t;.!Sn.;
--'TV qait being girfsJ- Ky
ma-Ty-tg old duffer;' witli
lots of Hin,,'- and' rdtMessIf'
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