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THURSDAY. AUG. 20. 1874.
Tfc YikUm E coord wrpper tad
JukeSetlk tut mit atabargaiato ft.
caafcbajcc. iba thtreaideMt oftb
dilor, ti eorwr of Sooth and Lo
Mt streets. Appl to or address
k JOHN T. RAPER, MArthr, 0.
The New Constitution.
' Tho retnrns are not all in
jet, bat enough it known as we
go to press, that the New Con
stitution is Sefefcted by a Iar&e
msjontj. Several causes con
tributed to tbis result, chief
anions which was, the fact that
the anti-license portion of the
Toter?, cast their votes against
it in order to get two chances to
Amfamt 1i Jnaa fni if litfAnA
carried, and the Constitution
was defeated, then the proposi
tion became nail and void.
There were other causes, but it
is nseless to waste time and
spacej in summing them op.
There was no good reasorcior
its deleau It was one ot the
most carefully prepared and
best instruments in the State's
history. It would have pre
vented an untold amount of
corruption, simplified our laws
and brought order out of chaos
into our Courts. We believe
the people will come to a re
alization of these facts in the
The New Constitution. Chillicothe Gazette.
11 oh. II. S. Bcsdt and Don.
Ea!ph Leete were in town
Monday. Mr. Bundy is looking
welL We suppose he will be
sent back to Congress without
opposition, and bis course nan
given entire satisfaction to his
constituents, of all parties.
C3idma.Bnlaaa Catsa.
Mr. Bundy is one of the
ablest men in the State. lie
made his mark during his first
Congressional term, eliciting
ihe commendation of the
ripest and most adroit states
men for his wise and judicious
eourse-e?pecially for his efforts
in behalf of a good discriminat
ing jadicious protective tariff.
In the present Congress he
has been no less useful and
distinguished. Air. Bundy is
a self taught man; as we have
before remarked, "of the peo
ple, with the people and lor
the people." He stands entire
ly clear and above any partici
pation in or imputation of job
bery or ringism. lie has been
frequently mentioned in con
nection with the Gubernatori
al chair ol Ohio; but he is fit
ted for any station; and, being
yet young and vigorous in
the very prime of life we
hope to see him filling a seat in
the "upper house" ot our Na
tional Legislature." ,
We publish the above as
specimens of the opinions of Mr.
Bandy outside of this district.
"A prophet is not without
glory save in his own country"
ays the Good Book, but Mr.
Baada. eminent services in
public Ufa have been acknowl
edged at home aswell as abroadi
while in his character as a pri
vate citizen he is universally
esteemed and beloved. We
think by sending him back to
Congress from this district, we
. i.'d put the right man in the
im ifjrfnr" fiflbUAr man
can, at present fill the place as
From the Ohio State Journab.
DzjiociACT now-a-days is
variable article. In Maine it is
free trade and hard money, in
Indiana it is free whisky and
ahinplastera, in Alabama it is re
pudiation and a white man's
party, and in Ohio, well, no
body knows what it is in Ohio.
Wx are importing about six
KilUon dollars less this year
than last year, the decrease be--ing
for the past ten months
ever cdxty milllions for the
who! country. On the other
hand as might be expected, our
exports have increased by
about thirty millions for the
period stated.
Tkcu art $,000 Catholic In
dians in Washington Territory,
f TTiTSTVin nittea thia air2
n. Scant difference hetweea Eog
hsb. and Americin journalism, in
one of his letters trom London :
Sunday last, Dean-' Stanley
prci bed a very carefully pre
pared sermon." It was a magni
ficent appeal to the Nation ' on
beWf or lh ChurcK:IJalfl
dest-n members of tie rojal fam
ily were present. If the sermon
had teen delivered, in the United
States it would Lava been gener
ally published, and it is not an
likely that it would have been
mutilated . throughout the land
by telegraph. 1 have not seen
any notice of the sermon in the
English papers. .
Tbe license clause has car
ried by a large majority, and
will donblles be resubmitted
to the people by the Legisla
ture and thus become a part of
the old constitution. Those
person f, therefore, who voted
against the proposed constitu
tion for the 6c!e purpose of
killing license will fiod they
hive made a grave mistake.
Thi Government has demand
ed of the delinquent Pacific
railroads, the amount of taxes
due under acts of Congress. It
appears the 5 per cent, agreed
to be paid has never been met
by any of the roads. Farther
delinquency is to be followed
up by judicial proceedings.
J. P. Dckklk has remodeled
his store front and repainted it
so that it looks like an inviting
place now, especially with the
smiling face of Geo. Will be.
bind it, who is always exuber
ant with wit and wisdom.
"A Fbiknd" should sign be,
name if she wished any alten
tion paid to her communica
tions. We want items, but we
must have names, not for pub
lic use, but as a guarantee of
good faith.
1. 1
Tub Prince oi Wales has five
children and privst debts
amounting to $3,500,000 gold.
The patient British public are
expected to provide for the one
and pay off the other. It costs
something to maintain royalty
Thebb will be. a cmeeting of
the members of the McArthur
Building and Loan Association,
at -the Court House, Saturday
evening. A constitution' will be
adopted, and officers'' elected.
Let all attend.
There will be a meeting of
theLadie's Temperance League
at Mrs. Doctor Rahnells on
Saturday, August 22d, at 2
o'clock P. M., for the purpose
of nominating officers for the
coming term. "
Tax - full amount of stock,
($100,000) of the McArthur
Building and Loan Association
has been taken. . Tbesubscrip
tion books were closed last
Tuesday evening.
We see from exchanges that
mad dogs are becoming quite
numerous; as this is the ' time
of year lor them, the canine
tribe should be looked after
and muzzled. '
Ah Iowa widower last week
telegraphed an offer of mar
riage to Susan B. Antboo,?;
She telegraphed back that sbe
waa on the retired jist. , -
R-5nm,isY"s horse; Rad'clifi,
of Zaleski, beat Campbell's Little
Rifle, of Circlevilie, at the
races, at Chillicot he, last Satur
day. ' - -;; .v:': .
. As English brewer ; in Ohio
wants to know what effect lo
cal bop tion would have upon
the price ot 'ops.; ; i :.n
Jobs' BiaLTb thoroughbred
English boll-dog, Billy died
yesterday afternoon by poison-
, . .. ..i . i ' a j
A Salem, (Mass.) woman afe
n rose and died. It is supposed
the leaves covered a poisonous
insect. ,
. ' Mabehal Bazaibi has escap
ed from prison, by the assist
ance ot bis wife. .!- - -
; Pbof. 'W, W. Gist, of TVil
loughby : College, is at ' Home
visiting friends and; relatives.
aaarte4-a fair vriem.
Brutal Exhibition.
A A prixe fight came offon the
Ohio river, below , Pittsburgh,
between" Sam Collyer and Billy
Edward, lasweek-. v j-
Edwards came (up slowly,
Colljer very weak,' but up to
time. .Ed ward's. lepeondi'fterp I
censed- by-Nwel'BlDg,
ointment on, Edward's hands,
and were asked what was on
them., lie said nothing but
water. Aaron then said ; "Let
the fight go on." Newell said
he could see that Edwards had
grossit, ! a preparation .which,
among sporting men Is likely to
blind an opponent. The; .ref
eree said nothing, but told the
mea to fight on. Collyer'sseo
oads refused to allow him to
proceed. Just then a terrible
uproar occurred,: which bad
been brewing In the last mo
ment or two..- Strange men
broke into, the ring. Cpllyer's
second appealed to the referee.
Edward's seconds insisted that
time. had been called, and that
the stakes be given over to Ed
wards or the fight proceed. Ihe
referee finally announced that
he had called time tor them to
Jght. Uollyer's jecoqds then
refused to fight any - further,
and left the question to the de
ciaion of the referee. The im
pression prevails among sport
ing men that the stakes will be
given to Edwards and th fight
to Collyer. The fight lasted
twentv-five minutes. .
The largest, and most imme
diate return upon capital era'
ployed by the man of business
is that realized from the
amount judiciously expended
n advertising. No investment
be makes returns him Such a
handsome income as advertis
ing. ' Go into the establish
ment of the man who advertis
es liberally and with judgment,
and no matter how dull the
trade season of the year may
be,: prosperity is always appar
ent in bis place: Step ! into
the business place of the man
who does not advertise, and
although the general business
be ever so prosperous, melan
choly, depression and dejec
tion are everywhere vitible in
that establishment.
The Congressional Republi
can, address is well written,'?
makes many sharp, pungent
and telling points in regard to
the political status of the coun
try.. Take the following para
graph for instance: . , .
."There are those bold eooogb
to , assert, that the country is
now governed worse instead ot
better than , loj merly. , Some
may be found weak enough to
believe such assertions .But
it require, a great deal of . dec
lamation to prove that the day
is cold ; when , the' mercury
stands at 69 in the shade. The
mercury iWon't lie. Men, nn
happily sometimes do. And it
requires a great deal of rhetor
ic to persuade this country that
)t is being mined by a goverii,-
ment which,, in thirteen years
basadvanced its credit through
out the money markets of the
world, fully 33 per cent., ,and
has nearly trebled .its, . surplus
productions.", , . , , .
' 'We desire a return to. 'specie
Advertising. Gov. Hendricks.
We never want to' see spe
The above is a very fair est i
mate of the average Democrat
ic mind on the financial ques
tion, llits is the way they ex
pect to carry the entire vote of
the country.' Democracy still
acts ,apon t,be presumption
that the people are, fools.
Portsmouth Republican.
' Av Obk correspondent says
the following copy for a job
was ' taken td a - neighboring
printing' otece, by a minister:
j,.wThe, yquse ot .tobacka is
stricktly ' lorbidon i in); tins
gnreb." ,i; J i '-
The,i: views of the reverend
gentleman on the license, ques
tion, are, not given. ' ', y , . V
fax Dr. Tiffanny wbp
perlornu'df the marriage cere
roey tor Mr. Bartons and Nel
lie Grant, got' 500 fo'rUe jtb.
Chicago, not to be behind a
a second class place, likf Brook
lyn, Is getting up a clerical
scandal; The. parties are a weal
thy Tady parishoner and a 'lead
ing pastor. 'No well regula
ted first class city can afford to
be1 without thenti,, ;
Legal Notice.
MRS. 8. and Willuim 1.
Sag, hat hatband, ah reside-in Boa
county, Ohio, Jamea H . P. Plvlsy, landing n
n UrllDftma aaaaaa, Willi. tt. mm, ml
nor, oiar foQitea year of at rmdinjin
mvmm w.jr " .p. Mvmww I . opw.,
miner over fourteen yean of age, reaid.ng in
Xnoxvllle. Tenne,aed Nal.ua R.h round,
of Vinton etinuiv, Ohio, will lain notice that
Htnrf 0. PMey, ariniaialialor of I h. fatal,
of John F. PlylT. dwawl, on lh U:h av
oi Angust. A, l. 1 874 fll.d hi pcUUon in tbt
Prohal Court, at Vintop Oouni jf, Ohio, allot;
in. that th arouU tatala f Mi dtdad.nt
I. ToulBcin t pay bin o.bt and ehara of
dminirtrin( hi .law; lha ha dwd ariud
la f xmpta of th following draenned ml
Mat, Mluai la-Mid roun'n to wit; Uw
tontn aou or in mm nail oi in .ouin vm
quarter of .action l.en,(ll) towovhip nina,
(9) range Miun Uty containing fifty nerei.
AUo I ho eaat half oftMtion fltim, (II) tn
hip Din. () rani nixlere, (III) rooiaming
Uira hundred nod eighty right (Ma) acre, all
in Vinton townirhi, in aai4 count. Aim an
undifided one half lolereat in the following
dpviibt raJ ', .it.ial in Harnwntown
hip, kok eountt, Ohio, and dPKnbrd aa fol
low av the eaat hall of Ihe aorthMM'lquarter,
the eaat half of theaouth-weat iur1ar, and the
weet half ol Ihe aoufa-eaat qaartar of .notion
oi aeelioa eight, () lownfhip Ian, (lu) rang
Bineteo,(l)ountBinlBgiltaree .
Th prayer of aald pauuoa i fur a aal al
aid prooiiaea, ill th payment of dtbteaod
charge, aioreaud,
eaid peiitwn will he for hearing on ihe lith
day of ektabi, l74; or a woo thereafter
aa leave eaa oe oMaioed.
Admioi.trator of lb Batata of John P. Pit-
ley, deceased. ' - Saug4w
La a I dearly lot. Bong and cho Stewart,! So
No lidma bom over the aea. bong a oka .
Stewart 50
Alabama Blonaomi,. Bong and dano
Stewart '
Temperance Ortuader. Book and cho
Btewnrt ' ' ' 30
Write in me, Willie. Son and flhoSlewart 80
W hea t'harli play, th dram. Bong cho
btewart, . , r, 1 , i. f 54
orllatr, I ata lonely now. Bong and oho
Kin. me, darlina, ere we part. Book acho
ui...,t . (0
Bwi up, or bar yon heard th newt
Stewart 80
There I aomethlng I'm dying to lay
WalninA oa th ahady iida. Song and cho
Btewart j , ' SO
Paiewell, Annie Darling. Bong and aha
SOewart , ,,.
Do not weep to, Sister Darling. Bongauho
Btewart SO
Beautilnl form of my dream. Song acao
Btewart . 4 SO
Meet me. Bei,inlhdell. Songandcho
Btewart . ' . 3
Hick to the old home. Bona echo. 8leart 3u
Close the atiuttera, Willie deiul. B ewarl SO
Aakinaa blea.ingfroni Mother. 8on((rbo
Btewart ft , . , . , aw
Ha kiaaed me soodbr at the cat, flea art 30
Tenderly think, of the dead. Benirand cho
Btewart SO
Oire my lore (o til at home. Song andcho
Npaih the ware, her mlrlt wander. Bona
Btewart 30
Think of me.ometimee, Mle..BIwart 3"
My dear old Mother, sons; a cho. Slewa.t 30
And Other Songs by J. E. Stewart.
want to see the dar old home. Stewart f
UTalernaml wine at. t A. II. Bona. Btewart .10
Knmblina through the town. Bong. Htewart ;
Stolen kie are the aweetent. Bona. 8teart.15
HiasAKin,.weei.ilverieiis Bont. Stewart a
J.nnie, the dower of Klldare. Song. Btewartto
Mailed, poat-paid,on receipt of the marked
By J. L. PETER3, 6M broadwar. New York.
th TBaai' citorr, imtaaar ohlt a pik en.
Send for 'The Pioneer,"
A hanilaome ill lie tra ted paper, rontaining
the H nmtxtend Law. A new number jnt
published. Mailed tree to ail parts of the
world. Adareaa , .
0. V. DAVIS,
Land Commitatoner U. P. R. R.
Omahai Neb.
are th moat beautiful In etyle and perlect in
tvne ever. made. ne -concerto .toe w ine
beat ever placed in any otiian. It la produc
ed by an extra let f reerie, peculiarly .meed.
he etiwioi in cn i momcnarminii ann aoui
tirnnar; while t imitation nf the human
voice i nuperb. reima iiBerm.
WATERS' Philharmonic,
Vesper at Orchestral
.. ... ORGANS. ,
la uniqne French caaea, are amonK the bent
made, ana eomoine parity oi voicing witn
rent volume of tone. Builable for parlor,
enurcQ or muaio auui. - v il , ,,.
WATERS'. New Scale PI-
have ateat power and a Sneaininng (one, wtlh
all modern imDrotementa. ana are the beat
piano made. Theee organ- and piano are
warranted fore years, Price extremely low
for eaun, er parteaah and balance in monthly
or quarterly payment. Becond-hand inetru
meoia uken in exchnoge. -aenta wanted in
in ererv county In the U. 8. end Canada.
linerall i diaconnt to teaehers. minietera.
chu-chea, erhoolg, lodge. Ac. lllualrated
talouf mailed.
7 Horace waters a on,
4B1 Broadway, N(W York, P. O Box S68T.
Scribner's 1 Montllly,
Another Great Literary Sensation,
I The ofJern Anoint onCrusoe
. With 150 Beautiful Illustrations.
. Mesar' ' Benbner A Co., have ec tired for
serial publication in BCKIfln fcK. MUMTU
IiV( M. Jules Verne'i latest story, .
in which, not eonlent with the old stones
"Robinson Crusoe" end the "Ewim f amily
Robioaon." the writer undertakes t show
how a party of nea eaat upon a mysterious
and deaert island may live ov ineir scientinc
reeource alone, wiihoak the aid of any wreck
to draw upon for the materials of life and
OPiniork. i; (.',. : ' I '
The party are Americans who set out from
Richmond. Ta.,aansg lhsiea,ir ab.lloon.
M . Julea Verne unite wi a sn accurate sciea
tifle knowledge: aa exuberance of -inveative
genius tost oaa
mi- ;) : : , ;:
The (heme of the present alory aford Ihe
author the Aieat oporionity for the display
of hi peculiar gill. The ttory will be pro
lueeiy ilovtraid, an isbeguf u) ihe. April
; Por sale Jv all Wewa la4ert er Booksell
ers. Price M IW a year, 36 cents a number.
SOW BStH A CO.. 64, BnoaalwayM. Yv
' Sbmaf l7 . .
IWlL!. run a nsok from ' Wirkeavtll to
Hamden and return every Tun-day, Thar
day. and 8aur.ty fer the1 avcoinmodation
of oaaaenger. making clo.e connection with
the mail tnuna en the M. C.;K- B. I will
also narrv xorea packaireK shipped to or
from point hv tba Adasns Eapreas Cov .
- , a
WE are now offering; our entire atock or Summer Gooda conaietln In
part or rarajMils. Fana, Sunimi r Hata. Ac, at teas than the wholesale
prices, In order to doae oat belora September 1st.
! T'1 ' 1 f ' 1 1 .
Taiis worth
I "'
tt U
it; i 'x . r
Parasols worth 83.75
r 3.25
I ,i:
2.75 at 2.25
2.00 at 1.25
1.00 at .65
.75 at .50
u r t
(I '
, j Now Is the time to buy a we are determlued to sell regardless of cost.
R. S. & J. W. WILCOX,
Ilamdcn, O.
Dii. W. C. CLINE &S0N.
Vilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio.
HAVE Gtted op tbeir uow and eommodious tf.re-room in auperb style spar
neither (ime or money to render it equal in architectural style to any
room in Southern Ohio, and have replenished their former stock of Drugs.
Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Patent and Family Medicines to repletion, to
which they have ad led i full and complete line of Yankee Notions, Tobacco
and Jewelry which tlioy will sell at lowest possible prices for cash.
will be conducted in the establishment
per discounted.
In connection with the Medical
(or the better treatinenf of all chronio
Medical and Sural
under a corps or directors who will employ nothing but nrstcliiss medical tal
ent at operatives in the Institute.
Patients can bo accommodated after the first of October with boarding,
lodging and nursing at rates fur below
tutions in the cities, and as good medical
at $L00
L25. 44 75
. e ' i
at $3.00
at 2.75
as heretofore.' Monies loaned and pa
Department will be established a
and suical disea.es and deformities
what can be aQorJed at similar insti
attendants as can be procured any
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Martha Ilawk, deceased.
THK nnderaigtied ha. been anpomUd and
qualified administrator of theeelatenf
Martha Unwk, late ol Vinton oouuly,dceaiied.
Administrator of Ihe Estate of Martha Hak,
. July 2:1, 1873.
H. W.HORTpN, Leader,
HATING Inlely pnrchaaed a new and hand",
wme band a!in, and are prepared to
lurnmh xoort muaio on application, to all
points in t In) or adjoining counties. Address,
as above.1''' - Ijunttn
Manhood: How Lost, Bow Restored
jimt onMifapii. a newedi-
ton f Dr. Cnlverwell'a
Celekrated Kesay on the
rod mil car. I il limit me.iU
Cine) of -pasUTOBii".A, or nominal Ve'ak.
ana. Involuntarv Ueminal Lonneii, lauoTtacv,
Menial and Hlivsieal Inuapacitv, Impedimenl
to Murrmxe, et., also, Uhnsumption, teiLie
sv, and Hie, Jn;liiced bj sell-iudulaeoce or sua
UhI extravaKiince.
r'ric in sealed envelope, only S cent.
The celebrated author in this admirable e.
sav clearly demnntdrales from a thirty yexra'
aucceseful pnictice, that the alarming conse
quences oiseii'SDnee may oe rauicai j cureu
without Ihe dangerous use of internal medi
cine r the application of the knife; pmntini
out mode of cure at onreaimple, certain and
etteclanl, by means of which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, may
ire himeeirchennlv. nrivaielv. and eadteaU
'l his Lerture should be In Ihe hands of
very youth and every man in Ihe land.
Meal, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, mcjmM on receipt ot six cents, or
two post stamps.
-Also Dr. :ulterwell's "Marriage Guide,"
price HO cents.
Addreasthe publishers,
127 Bowery, New York, Post Office Box, 4
Road Notice.
("OTIOE is hereby eiven Ih.t a petition will
. 4.1 be presented to ine uommissioners ot Vin
ton county, at their ne xi session to be hld
on ihe flrtt Monday of Hepmber, A. I IH74,
prayina! for the entah liahment of a county
road along the following described route in
said count) of Vinton, to wit. Beginning at a
poiat in the county rotd leading from Vinton
elation to Zaleski, in sa Id enuntv, al a point
here sa d road intersects the south line of
lease bhrv s land, in the s. w. o, usiterof sen.
No. 13 of tilt tp. the same being ihe point
heiethe tew itship road railed the Huggtns
road interaeuiaaaid eounlv road: them e run
ning east about ten rods to Ihe western boun
dary of ihe M. 0. B R land, thence in a
nortH-easteily direction about parallel with
the Marietta a Cincinnati Railroad until said
It ne intersect au eld roadbed in the laud el
said Isaac Hhrv, thence in a oortherlv direo
tioo i th aoat i -eaat corner of Ihe faods of
Holilen Tii pp. thence in a north-easterly di
rectum tfm.tuh.lhe landsoi John Hays toa
point near the center of the north east q aar
ter ot the northswestquarter of secttoa tlo. IS.
township No. 1, range No. 17, in the lands of
nn uiu, ineece . in a nortneriy direetion
throuiih the lends ol ln. Will on the neareot
and beet route to Intersect Ihe elate road
leading from McArthur to ZalesKi, Ohio, at a
point near toe souse wnere Jonn Herroul
now reside, and there to end. '
. , UOUlJiN TKiPP, petitioner.
July So, t8T4- ow
WilkeBTillei Hamden Si Middlepor!
I WILL ran shack Irom Wilkeeville to Ham
1 den on Mondays. Wednesdays and. Fridays,
reluming on ne wme aays.' - - '
. I will also run a return hack to Mid dleport
ea i tiesuays, i nuraoays ana raiunisv-n
turning on the same iays. iOHN LEVIS
'. 6alntf ' ' " - -
J home, meie ofa-.sle. tJUa week war
i an ted No eapiiat required. Particularf
sent tree. 'Address with 9c return stamp, 0.
KOJia, WlUiam.burgh, A. I. - f .
R et9iSr at horn. Terms free,
9J . fU.ddns bio. Briswa A Ce
PorUana. Mw.
l UTB, New Haven. Conn Fortieth tear.
Preparatory to college, the ecienlift- schools
or mip-iuess, mill syalematle anil thorough
pnyeiral training bv military drilling, gym
nuMics, rowir.g, o Cstslogne sent oa is,
nlmlinn HI U U ItlluL'L'l . ti-: r
r ' " u. iiuocllij, rriDcipai,
TheTianscontiuental Brand
The Standard Oil fa
Joke Allataa oV Cast A. Hay ward,
l.r.v i.uou.
lOMiiu. nan r kaauuhxi.
Alex .virDeaald dc 1
Urgently re-ommenled to general us. by the
N. V. Kire Cominiasinneraand Fire Inanranee
Co.'s rommon coal nil is not safe rndi-r all
cirr-iimptxni-ee or earrless nse fievoe's Hril.
lisnl il is safe nnder any eirrnmstanrea or
use -Used In more than i,ntai homes and
Iselnrie for the lat six yr wiihnnt an ae
oident o" a fire I he Anest illuminator in Ihe
world -does not smoke nor sirell norernt
the wick Will burn to Ihe Inst diop in the
lamp without refilling Burns in the ordinary
coal oil I am ia The ran in which the nil is
put up for lamilv ne should he seen to be
appreciated (K-or dntjar sr mil as afar.
Is another evidence of the advance
ment of man's inyenuitj Although it
is a simple cooking utensil it is the
woman's household treasure. It can
be used in any cooking stove and it
adapted to all the purposes of Baking
browning, Stewing, Broilin:!, Koaating,
Frying, etc. It is air-tight, and there
fore retains all the steam and flavor
ntiited by tbe beat, making food more
healthful and more nutritious. It re
quires no Water, basting or attention
whatever during the 'cooking process.
The Model Baker is for aale by
Preston Vandervort, Hulbert House,
McArthur t'ereons wiabing to teat it
will call as above. 1 will sell single
Bakers or will dispose of ihe right for
Vinton county, ! f .. ,
The following persona bare tested
the Model Baker and I refer to them
for evidence that it will do all that .is
claimed for it . ,
T. It . Davis and wife, George Lants
and wife, M K. Barnes and wile, K. P.
Both well, Alex. Pearce aud wife, John
Jones and wife. J. S Will and wife. B.
A Bratton and wife, U O. Perdue artd-
wile, J. S. Hubn and wifa, Q. W.
Brunton and wife, Hiram Hulbert, also
tbe boarders at the Hulbert House; It
C. Jonea and wife, D. V.. Kannalls and
- ' i
COAL. ;..-
(HAVE re-one tied myeoal bask, and srs
A prepared to bit order lor coal a quantities
to suit purchaser. I will rll ae cheap aa
coal of tbe aui quality can be obtained else
where. - li , ,.jSSoUT. WUiTJUlo.
4uol87! am
Wanted- A Partuer
ARILBNT or aetlve partner te rnveat tun
in aa established bue.nrea in McArthur
Buine pavs, but require more e-iul
than I am able to command. Adrlress I-ART
KB or mak personal applloalioa al thi
oflioe. . .i t , , j I tw
: Wi will farniBh the Rewid and the
Cincinnati Gaaette to aubecribera'at
Fresh for theSprngTraila
Boms ai d baw on.
Cmttyri Crmimd lis' Oa. (
Pa I at mu Tarnlsta Orwske,
Also a ftill Da of - --.
Dje Stnflsi,
a " ' J .i't U
' 2 I.t long, "Ef
Eteryiking at ti 'try Ltneett Pri
tt. , . . w . , . .a ;
Brmar 174
AND . ! .
new sijiea !
Jute Braids,
Edgings,- ,.;;, j
r'cy Goods.
Jewelry, -Corsets,
' ' Also a large assortmentyf - ,
Gentltmcn,w JtfHktUt.
Bleachinf, Pre mug, Brmcdcirf,
and ail kinds of Millinery
Work dona to Order on
ihrt Notice,
. Give ns a call We will ael lower
than ever.
J. P.4C,A. DUXKI.-, , ,
Main el MoArthu ' 0.
At his new pise of huslneas,
: HOUSE. . ... ;
Choicest Stock ,
OF -
Spring and Summer Clothing
EVER breuiht to thi market, eanbranac
II the kilest nnd must bshiosabl sivle.
i-ui in ticeor.iaiu-e with the latest wmdiobs.
Whsn you want a noWiy suit ilua't bii to call
on Vrana. He slue CUTi aad
, . .- . ... JL
Makes Uarmkkts to Okdir
and has a fall line of
Cents' Underwear
.11 rlnlhina marked down to the LOW
Uivw me oill and I wit
warrant eaUslactien - -
.Siaur . . FRANK BEIXMAH. .
Se'gi to innte ailention to liu'larie'sLl as!
actov wockonered ailevtat
j -; .in targe ajpplv. ( " ' r ( -
' . of all kieda. , .i ,
Black aud Colored Silk
JVohatr $mi milpm4xmt
Black Color dGrosmdlaiotr
; c cn laiteatoek r..r t ;i' I
Brussels tut tA'anjtur
' ' ' Ua effectual a rtmtdr
th8lphasli tkeiasii sviis,VJafl.ojf-a
(A Jseaal aa,l more palatabi and smcA ekaewjan
Seed Sir deserlpMr Ctrenlar with T illai
rhomiMmnt torn all part mt ta ewaaary.
Sampl parkac Ihr tHal, JB reata.

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