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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, August 27, 1874, Image 1

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1 111 "'mm
r, JSU,ltor aud Proprietor.
OrriOE . . Corner of Main and
Logan 8ti., Ooposito Court House. ,
V.i f AJ8TREi,T.f , f
. . jMcARTUUR, , 0UiO.:
'oMo OnedoorweatofPao. WillBra.
more. ' - v ...... .
laT30jl , t , . . , , ,
, 1 1 t; Ofllee AleArthur, UUlo. , . ,
Will attend promptlyto.il DatiDea entrusted
la hi eare. uovll
u s. claypcolb;
.AT;r law,
'. , PKjt.cUTir.a InohMJf j ' -'
i'WiU atactic. 11 Vioto'n end adjoining roan
it.' BueieeeiriiUd lo liwuare piompt
It attrixiert to. Office in Court Hou.e.
C, I (jARTWRIQJIT.i Proprietor.
Livery Slab let Attached.
The Home hu iunt beta . refurnished
throughout, .Koaro cla and comforlahl.,
tha table .npplled with the t( lb market
artonla, and no pain, .pared to accomodate
Cueete.i i , niar VW lr
j. c. coLEiii ax, n.u.
fin permanently locajjedtut
or the practloe or
to which he will defo'e hi entire attention.
OKKK'K in lii.' HuiliiiDjl up atairi". ojio
it Vutto County Bank.
DavifSiuart.' bamiiel W Kiltert, Jr.
.V J . Eatabliah.d 1862.1
Wholesale Grocers
Prompt Attention given to tlie
'' Iransler of P1U IKON and
other Property from and toL
Itailroiid anu uanai.
Water Street.between Faint and Wajnut
v-mar.ll iKuVlv
Law, Medical, Tbrologiori., School,
and JiibCtLANtuta Uuoks,
. 65 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
ru lalngun fumilie) gratuilouxly on
. api licHtiun nod any book wut by inxil, ioi
: aepaid uw rn'tipt oi iubliheii riu. ,
and dealer io all kind of
'"'I'L'b u iiii,""
tc'V ' t f U ' -tv!,.
i 3 '
eirelnllT dune, and tne .maile.1 picture
enlarged to nj .lie, and
Finished in Oil,
i . r
er i , :
' eraayotbef.tyl that tnay bedeortd, attbe
jj i f. . '
'La.rae ad toely laiahecl PhataaTmpk.
Cms be atade firaaa eld mad foiled, er
acrarfeaedl aictarea.
Tietkriflt 'tttT kind, framed to
.; 0rder, t.; '..
' anil ilr'irork warranted to giTe aatiaftetaoB.
lmay UTk - - -
The Best - and Chearest
rj i-r 3 hi rl 3 a fc ji ', -
? -. a ir'.T f i r
.'- MAJtDACTORT o,,UVE)lT ft
VOL. 25- NO. 24.
WHOLE NO. 1.272
United States Internal Revenue.
Portsmouth, Aug. 17th, 1874.
The attention of persona
holding unBtamnedDeeds.Mort
gages, Notei, &o, Issued prior
to Oct. lstn 1872, and subject
to stamp du'y is called to the
act of Congress approved
June 23d, 1874. Stamps can
be bad at tliis office.
B. F. COATES, Collector.
An Actio priYdelbf the itainplng ol no
lamped ioalrumeota, tiooumenta 01 paper'
Beit enacted ly the Senate
and House of Representative
of the United States of Ameri
ca in Congress assembled, That
all instruments, documents,
and " papers -teretoiore made,
signed, or issued, and subject
to a stamp duty'or tax under
any law heretofore existing
aud remaining undamped may
be stamped by any person hav
ing an interest therein, or
where the original is lost, a
copy thereof, at any time prior
to the 1st ot January eighreen
hundred and seventy-six. And
Kaid instruments, documents
and papers, and any record
thereof shall be as valid to all
intents and purpose as if
lamped when made, signed or
issued, but no right acquired
in good lailliTliall in any man
ner be effected by such stamp
mg as aioresaid; .Provided
Tout, tp render such stamping
valid, tDe person desiring to
slump the same shall appear
wiilTUie instrument, document,
or papef, or copy thereof, be
lore soum judge or clerk of a
court of recoid, and before
hnu, fiX'the proper stamp; and
the , said judge or clerk shall
indorse on eucb writing, or
copy a certificate, under liU
liniid, when madefy said judge,
anJ under bid hand and seal,
Wfen mailt, by said clerk, set
ting lorth the 'date at which
and the place, w bpje the stamp
was thus uffixed, the name' o
person presenting said writing
or copy, the lact that it was
thus affixed, and that The stamp
was duly cancelled in lis prea
Sec. 2. That all laws in con
flict with the above are hereby
B. F. COATES, Collector. Approved June 23, 1874.
Cheer Him.
a a cih,
while the upper stories of a
lolly building were wrapped in
smoke, and the lower atones
aitlow with ill me, a piercing
Rhriek told the startled firemen
thai there was some one still
in the bunding in ; peril A
ladder was quickly reared Un
til iVtouched the hqated walls,
aud driving through' the fltmes
and smoke a brave young fire
man; rushed up t fie rounds on
his errand: of mercy'.. Stifled
by. the smoke, he stopped, and
seemed about to descend. The
crowd was in agouy, as a li e
seemed lost, for every 'moment
ol hesitation seemed an age.
While this 6hi vering fear seized
every beholder, a voice Jroni
the crowd cried out 'cheer
himl cheer .himl'' and a wild
"hurrali burst Irom the excited
spectators. As the cheer
reached the fireman, he started
upward through the culling
smoke, and in a tew moments
was seen coming down (be lad
der with a child in his arms.
That cbeer did (be work, flow
much can we do to help the
brave ones ho are struggling
with temptation, or almost
tainting in their efforts to do
good tOcOtheis. Don't find
fault with your brother in bis
iriaV but cheer bim- Give
him a word that shail urge niin
on i he way, and if you can't
help bim in any other way,
give. bim a rbeer.
Bisa BfflQ official "If yon
bare any trade, prisoner, state
it, am1 we wul put you to work
at it" Prisoner (just entered)
"Well, boas, 1 waa brung up
a bar -tender, and I d like to go
Gallileo's Telescope.
.In the year 1609, Galileo re
lates, he first heard from
friend in Flanders that an in
strument bad been invented by
which distant objects were
brought near, and the powers
of vision extended. Ileresolr
ed at ones .to imitate and sur
pass it. By jhia singular me
chanical dexterity, bis knowl
edge of optics, and his. highly
pbl.ished glasses, he was soon
able to produce a telescope be
fore which the Dutrl instru
ment sank into neglect and
was forgotten. : If. was.nsver
more heard pr; but a thrill of
wonder passed over Italy and
urope when it -was known
that the famous Pad u an pro
lessor had preptred an optic
glass that enlarged tin bound
of vision and endowed mankind
with new power. The charm
ot surpassing novelty covered
the wonderlul invention with
an unprecedented renown.
Galileo carried his telescope to
Venice, and from the tallest
bell-towers Senators and no
bles 'saw through the magic
glass great argosies sailing far
out 'at sea . and the distant
shores brought near and made
visible. All the value of the
new instrument broke at once
upon their minds; it must di
minish the perils of navigation.
Magistrates, Senators and citi
zens covered the fortunate in
ventor with applause. With
discreet co'irtesy Uelileo pre
sented, bis telescope' to the
Doge at a friendly audience,
and the Venetians at once rais
ed his salary to a thousand flo
rins. Covered with honors and
emoluments he returned to Pa
dua, halt conscious of the sur
passing discoveries that yet
awaited him in the silent beav
ens, or of the pains and woes
he was destined to.. bear in bis
later years Irom the heretical
revelations ot too tiulhlul and
iatal telescope.
Lo! the poor Indian! the Pi
ute Indian, has no notion ol
parsing away irom the face ol
ihn earth. This tribe are in
habitants of Nevada, and it is
said oi them that "they are a
remarkably healthy people;
i hey are seldom Bick,and there
appear lo be about one hun
dred births to one death. Hard
ly a squaw that is over sixteen
and under sixty years of age
can be seen who has not a pap
pnose slung on her back. What
shah be done with these peo
pie will one of these days be
a question that must be a ques-
Unit- that must 'be answered in
some way, as there seems to
he no likelihood to their dying
'iff Among the Piutes, to
work is considered no disgrace,
and their biggest brave is not
ashamed to be seen handling
an ax or saw. The women are
quite industrious, and the men
are always readv to work when
coin is shown them. Their
greatest vice and their ruling
patsion is gambling. They
play among themselves, and
when they have money cards'
are never out of their hands."
The average amount paid, in
the last five years in the United
Stales tor advertising was
about $15 000,000 per annum.
In 1867 New York city paid
$80,000 tuxeson advertismeuts;
Philadelphia, $30,000; Boston,
$23,000; Cincinnati, $16,000;
Chicago, 15.000, and St. Louis
over $13,000. , The wealth of
the 'merchants in those cities,
and the extension of their busi
ness over the whole country, ax
well as. the flourishing condi
tion ol tbe cities, themselves,
show what advertising may ac
complish. It is . a common re
mark among observing .busi
ness men that the enterprise ot
a city may be judged from tbe
appearance of advertising col
umos of Us newepapers.
, .Mas. ..TixxvB is said 10;, Be
Clioeml, " "" ,
Railway up the Volcano of
plats the line which
is to ascend Mount Yesdvtis
are now complete. The route
will be 161 miles In lengths
Tbe grades are 20 and 85 jer
hundred, and the roadatermin
ates at a few feet fr&njihe
crater. There will be one sta
tion, protected by sort of
break lava, which will direrl
the. flow, in case of eruption,
away Irom tbe bondings snd
rails? The road is so laid' out
as to be naturally sheltered at
every point, excepthot 8 dis
tanceujf 60eeL .
Thb Mobammetla missiona
ries1 :ad "Wlikiii gft4t progress
in Central Africa, sndl?hen
they come 'in conflict j with
Christianity, employ a 'novel
and strong argument in favor
of their faith. They declare
that while Christ was deoend
ed from Abraham, through 8a
rah, a white woman, Moham
med was the descendant of
Abraham, through Uagar, a
lilack woman. The latter.
therefore, they contend, is the
prophet for the black race. It
would be strange if such an ar
gument were to bave only a
small effect. ,
A man living about sixty
miles from Parsons,. Konshs,
stole a horse. A tb went to
his house as they supposed, at
night, snd finding that the oc
cupant 'was in bed, they told
his wife that they wanted to
see' hi oi a minute, 'So he cpe
out. They hung him to a tree
and then shot twenty' bullets
into him and left him.;;. 'The
next momma- they "Tound that
they had got the wrong man,
ibis one being a bard-working
laborer, with three children,
and that, the right man- lived
Chicago Tribune.
It was only a lew years that
horticulturists were brought
to admit that Nectarine was
only a variety, oi; thp peach.
M. Carriere, editor ol the Re
vue Llorticole, bad already
suggested that the Almond was
also a variety of the : peach,
and he now states that there
are specimens at the Parij Mu
seum which proves this to be
the fact.
"Wuat brought yo'd. to, 'pris
on, my colored friend?" said a
Yankee to a negro. "Two con
stables-sab." ' Yes, but I mean
had intemperance anything to
do with , ill" Yes; Mfcfr, dey
was bof .o()Vn) druiik."
Out in ' Wisconsin a
-..-. .a,.
kicked and killed a book
lately,' whereupon v tie citizens
made a donation party . for the
horse, snd he now has" bats
enough to last him a full '.horse
lifetime. ' '
..l . ' il . I. 1
It is too bad (bat the Mayor
of JJrassCity; Kansas, is dead,
lor the local paper says. that
rt he hadn't but onejtAojfij 6f
tobacco, he'd., divide it, wh a,
?1 order to keep a blredC );irl
iu Colorado it . is . nejCesBnrv. to
proride a horse and buggy, lor.
her to attend grange, meetings
with, and a piauo for recrea
ttfaU Vjni2Wi 3HT
' No animal hhould be required
to drink water which the owner
himself .would , refuse, and , es
pecially, so if that animal is
i he cow from which you hope
to make good butler.' . ',' .'
Ad pray. ir, ,hat do you
intend to settle on my daugh
teit and bb'wvdO you expect, to
liver, "I intend, sir, to; settle
mysell on your daughter, and
live on joul " Jfmeh. ; ws '(
. A Detroit j paper, .noticing
the.fact that a man (atelyjdrop
ped dead while combing his
hair, says, "And yet; there, Jar'e
people who will persist. jn this
dangerous babit "
ABorjx women ilett.;''
A Louisville bank some
time ago placed in tbe hands
of the Adams Express Compa
ny a package containing $10-
000, to be carried ' to some
point in .Louisiana. A bridge
on the Louisville and Nashville
Railroad, over which tbe train
carrying the money was pass
ng, broke down and tbe mon
ey was burned up in a fire that
followed the disaster. , The
Express Company was sued by
the bank for the recovery o
the money, and the United
States District Court at Louis
ville has decided that the Ex
press Company is not respons
ible for accidents on railroads.
If anybody will take the trou
ble to read the receipt of an
Express Company he will see
that the Companies hold them
selves to but little accontabili-
ty, Tbe., Company, jgeuerally
bars itself against every class
ot accidents krown, to the era
on which we. live, and, then
throws in the "visitations of
God" ur good measure.
Boy, is that a" Jicensed, dog!"
ai-ked a Detroit policeman.
o," said the , youngster: "no's
ta rat terrier dog, and I'm talu
ingjhim down to have his teeth
filed.", "
,(On, Alphonsel Alphonsel
what a soul you; have for art;
you 1 were meant for a ' great
painter!' Her' fafher, unex
pectedly " cldse behind,1 added,
"arid glazierl""'3' 1 -; 11
WiiEir' any one out West re
lates a'cfrcumstance hat takes
more than two men, to believe,
they interrupt him by asking
u : if ill ' "' '..'''..'
ti:ru h tie nasa. pnoiogran oi
the occurrence. ' ,J' '
,ttWinc,are you, -so precise in
your sutemenU;. ae you afraid
pf telljng an untruth' asked
an attorney of a female witness
in a... police court .''No, sir,'
was tha. prompt reply. ;
"1 want to know, whether we
are going' to keep house or
board betore going' into this
thing. said a young lady at
the alter in San -Francisco.
Commendable foresight. -
'. . - : , i:
A new York merchant ab-
pent mindedly copied a love
letter to his "hearts idol" in the
letter book of the firm ' before
sending it. '. . . .! .-: .i
A - gentlemen iii ' Pottsville,
Penn., has tamed his dog Pen
ny, because it was boe cent to
him and haS'had dennllls with
the'ea't"70 ,',,)" : ' ! '
eps. "i Bay, don't ypu have to
iui-yjc, ri'i. ;.i.y?.r. i ,.i:t.
ia.ve .your .pantaloopns cut
,wtth, a circular saw?'' , ,' . !
It is good ground for 41 vftrce
in St. Louis -tf a wife finds one
hOndred'Wild th'Irtden lbve let
ters i'frBh? af red-headed woman
itf!fcer jiosbindV jJOc'k'et; ' ' ' .
lO f'ii) )" ill. i-.'i lr-' i !
n A little, Cne, after undergo
ing ,the disagjeeble , operation.
of j yacciuatiouj ex9iaimed,
;Now.I won't. hve.t9.rb.e bap-
yd,wi.Ujr, ,,... :m ;
J An AMoRoVd" swain declares'
he is so (ouit ot his girl' that he
has - rubbed the Jskia from i his
nose by kissing her sbaddow
on the wall.-- c
j Mm l I I. ,! H T . ;;; I '
Tub St. Ltmis Globe speaks
of a 'certain iongtwinded Mis
souri orator as a man who ulias
a sleeping car k'ttacWd to bis
train of' thought ; -i !'
. OsTK3TATii.pi8J undertaker
baylpg charge of an aristocrat
ic luneral iLadies and gen
tlemdrj 'will please4 keep' their
seats till the corpse basses out."
A PhilapelphV mant;dis!o
cated,;his Jaw, the. other day
laughing aVsomethjng he saw
in a. newspaper. n But it wasn't
a PhUade ihi t paper . , .Vj
What was' '!l.e ' use of nest
hiding nlei;EluabeUi: kept
..iherfHenneryl l k- ,!. ! .?.
An Oswego psper describes
a fire by raying that "the red
flames danced in tbe heavens
and flung their fiery arms about
like a black funeral pall until
Sam Jones got on the roof and
doused them out with a pail of
The Toledo Commercial says
that the grspe crop at the Is
lands will be larger this year
than ever known. It oounts on
5,000 tons.
A new coal and iron compa
ny, with a capital of $200,000,
has been organized in Jack
son county.
What is the difierence be
tween an overcoat and a babvf
One is what you wear and the
other is what you was.
A Maine husband wanted to
bet his wife that she could
whip a panther; bat she saw
the joke and refused to try.
The reason whytha Uavanese
have selected for a penal set
tlement the Isle of Pines is
doubtless because it's fir away.
An exchange say: "A cen
tury usually produces precisely
one great man." Which of us
is it this time?
There are few faults that are
not more excusable than the
means we take to conceal
i We confess our little faults,
only, to persuade others that
wa have no great ones.
. . -r 1 sts -
Tomatoes should be . tied up
to stakes' or trellises and the
ground around them well
' ' ii i'. i.
, ,.Rey. Charles C, Cox, of, By
ington, Pike county, has been
.adjudged iusne and taken ta
A.thens asylum.
''Tisart ill wind that blows
nobody good. That gale is
truly diseased which puffeth
benefaction to nonentity.
"A stitch in time saves nine."
The first impression of a needle
upon a rent obvialeth a nine-
told introduction.
' A Yankee editor has recent
ly got tip - a remedy for hurd
times. It consists ot ten hours'
labor, well worked in.
The Western women have in
a great degree stopped praying
in' publid and are making up
their summer clothes. .
: V.Thb least said, the soonest
mended." The minimum of an
pfTens.ve. remark jis cobbled
with . the greatest promitude.
"Looking two ways for Sun
day'." Scrutinizing in duple
directions lor the Christian
Sab'bath. - " :': '!
V.' . . I, I I
s .A; II ob .ken , editor, being
challenged, sent word in reply:
wnen i wsnt to aie l can
.shoqt.myself." , , . , ,.
' "lis handled his gun care
lessly, and put on his angel
plumage," is the latest West
erii obituary notice.
! . ! . ' , in, .
An experienced pld gentle
man says that all that Is neces
sary in. the enjoyment of love
or sausage is confidence. :,
Suggests the ' Travelers' Rec
ord: Mtlow to shorten ocean
voyages Lengthen the ships.'
. Tailob, mea-uring ; tat cus
tomer. 'Would you hold the
end, sir, while I go roundl"
1 Wht are clergymen like rail
way porter? Because they
do a good deal of coupling.
. Cure for a telon-Take it to
the penitentiary.-
A fa milt of original crema-
tionists Burn 'ems.
A green grocer Une
4 iakw oi iBiereaw-inei
dinner table.
All , red beaded . women ari
One square, 7 $l CO
fccb addition. .asertlpn ... 6(
Cards, per ye-. lO VO
Local notice per line...... . 1.
Yearly advertisement ftlOo .
column, and at proportionate rate pci
Ina ..- II -..-11 1 I
icwipucB, i ayauic in AUVArjCC.
The Eecord being the cffleltil
paper of the towni nd having tie
largest circulation of any paper irt tltf
county, offers lupcrloi inducement
to advertiser.
In the nortnwesterri' corner
of the Territory of Wyoming is
located onS of tbe most beauli
ful lakes on this continelit, if
not in tho world. Adjacent to
it are the sources of four majes
tic rivers, the Yellowstone,
flowing into ths) '.Missouri at a
distance of 1,000 miles the
Missobri itself, which finds Its
way to the Gulf through the
Father ot Waters; the Colum
bia which leads to the Pacific
ahd'the Colorado, which pass
ing through the most remarka
ble canyon in the World, dis
cbarges its waters into the Guli
of Calilornia. Cropped around
this lake and in tbe midst of
this water-shed, is perhaps the
grandest display ot cataracts,
hot springs, geysers, mod vol
canoes, and natural architectu
ral beauties to be found on the
face of the globe.
A pAFEft containing -many,
gne p0ihts-a paper of needles.
) Child's play starting new
1 daily PP Baiunoro. I
J ones', - his "wifs's maiden
name was Eliza, confided to his
destined biographer the act
that he once and but once af
ter wedlock, indulged himself
in an allusion to the devil as
the "lather of lize." Since- that
he has found it more conducive
to mutual confidence to call
people by their right names.
An Illinois woman,' when
they first began to have Con
gressmen at-large ' out ; there,
hearing the fact alluded toy
straightway' rushed into the
kitchen, exclaiming,1 "Sarah
Jane, don't leave lhe clothes
out to night, for therq's a Con
gressman at large." 6 ;
rTuE following advertisement
appeared recently1 in an' Eng
lish papert "St. James' Church
On Sunday next the after
noon serVice will to ill trie nee at
half-past three and continue'
until lurther notice." ' 1 J
i ' ' . i
Impehtinent dandy (a stran
ger). uMay I bave the hpnor
to accompany you miss?" Cool
young lady. "Certainly buc
keep behind in jour proper
place. I discharged my, last
footman for impertinence." ;.
It occurred to a Danbnry
scholar, while writing a compo
sition, last week, to make th
remarkable statement that ''an
ox does hot taste as good as an
oystef, but il can run faster"
Tub Westminister Revie
says: "We once heard a gf?
cer say he liked the Saturday
Review best of all newspapers
because a page of t held ex
actly a pound oi sugar.''
The new "La Belle KellogfT'
shoe has quarters of patent
leather, "With 'sandal, fronts of
black kid, inlaid whhWdsof
blue teilk. " ' , '
The indications with' regnfj
to the' coming Ohio State FaUr
are. that it Will, decidedly
eclipse any of its predecessor.
'The premonitory.' "sympfons
indicate the largest and cheap
est peach crop tins season thaw
Ohio has seen for several year.
Already ' there i are maty
winter bonnets imported. .Thev
are cheifly of vefvet and hvy
satin. ' ' :
. Game, feathers, short and
pretty shaded, are among tJi
new bonnet trimmmgsv Few
ostrich tips are seen. -
a. L '
BiSHor Whitehotise died iiK
Chicago on the morning of iho
10th, at the age of Tl years
mil -i.
. Frank II. Hurd, is toe Dem
ocratic nominee for Congress'
in the Toledo district ,.,
; The two colors which re in
discernible are invisible greeu
and blindman's buff j , ' . ,
It is a strange fait that wiser
men learn more1 from foe!
than fools do frStn wise' saen.

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