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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, August 27, 1874, Image 2

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THURSDAY. AUG. 27, 18T4.
The Vinton Record newspaper and
job office is Tor sale eta bargain to a
cash boyer. .Applj to or address
JOHN T. KAPKR, MoArthur, 0.
The Ohio State Fair.
The State Fair will begin at
Columbus on Monday, the 7th
ot September, and continue un
til the lllh. This is the twenty-fifth
annual State Fair, and
during that number of years
the State Board of Agricultur
al hare kept moving from pil
lar to post, exhausting their re
sources in the cost of erecting
new ' building;, transporting
portable material, etc. We are
glad to know that this will no
longer be the case, and that it
is now so located that it will
pay to erect proper buildings,
expend the necessary money
to put the grounds in proper
condition, etc. Already the
change in policy has made it
self felt in the construction of
new halls, which in beauty and
capacity have never before
been witnessed on an Ohio
State Fair Grounds.
. The citizens of Columbus
have interested themselves
greatly in the matter, and have
promised to furnish the best
display of industrial products
this fall ever exhibited tt a
Stale Fair.
The usual terms have been
made with the railroads. Tak
ing it altogether, we teel justi
fied in the assertion that the
exhibition at the coming Fair
will surpass any ever before
known in Ohio.
' The Enquirer has the assur
ance to attribute the defeat of
the Constitution in this county
to its opposition.. If the En-
quirer ever offered any argu
ment against the adoption, oi
the Constitution it must have
been in an eddition that was
not distributed in Vinton coun
ty. It did manage to say,
which, however was false, that
the expenses of the State would
be increased $75,000 per an
num by Its adoption. What
was the matter with tbe Con
stitution was that it was born
dead. The convention sat on
it until it squeezed the last
spark of life out ot it. Saltpe
tcr wouldn't have saved it.
The Standard says two men
representing themselves to be
irom Viuton county stole
whip irom a livery stable in
Jackson. That's a base slan
der. It would never take two
Vinton county men to steal
one whip. Tlie men were evi
ilently a couple of half starved
Vinton Record.
We did not mean you, Uro.
Raper. We know you are sharp
enough to steal a whip, or
find where Both well's wine is
kept iat editorial conventions.
But all the Vintonian? are not
Ferhap?, Brother Mackley,
and it might be added -with
more certainty that it took
venerable apostle of temper
ance and accomplished wood;
1 chopper of the Standard to find
Gov, Allen's bottle of choice
Old Bourbon Whisky. "Set
'em up on the other alley."
Ed. Record: In refering to
a copy of the New York Tri
bune, ot 1854, 1 noticed the fol
lowing book notice, headed as
Great Men In Trouble The Tidea In the Bay
of Fundr The Tide of Public Indignation
Dr. Urville Dewey'. Predicament; by tbe
Her. Henry Ward Beecher.
Wonder if somebody couldn't
write a book on ' Great Men in
Trouble," "II. W. B.'s predica
ment to say nothing of "Tbe
Tide of Public indignation."
Tue latest telegram Etates
that Mexico is at peace. Tbe
despatch was dated at nine
o'clock A. M. Considerable
anxiety is manifested to know
tbe condition of affairs at bait-
Brooklyn Argus.
It is now-estimated that
about $6,000,000 worth of su
gai was lost during the flood in
i Loaisana.'--'' ' ; :
From Zaleski.
To iXt Hilar of tin Fiafee Bmrd:
In your issue of the 20th,
"Scribe" devotes a lengthy par
agraph to the Methodists of Za
leeki and their dcinga, which is
noteworthy simply on account
of its inaccuracies. The Meth
odius did not oiu't services in
their church a few Sabbaths
"lor fear the building would fall
down," but because an alarm
ist, who thought he had found
mare's nest, succeeded in
scaring the community by
gross misrepresentation. The
story that "a large piece of
plastering fell while the jani
tor was ringing the bell and
broke a hole through the floor,"
is a perversion of 'fact. A
piece of the ceiling loosened
by a leak in the root was knock
ed down, the fall damaging the
floor. No "committee" has ev
er been "appointed to look into
the matter." The trustees met
to examine the building; they
did not find that tlie "waIIs had
sprung outward three inches,"
thht since its erection that they
had "sprung outward" at ail;
that they pronounced the
"building dangerous" is Bimply
untrue. The undersigned came
to Zaleski just as the building
whs approaching completion
and can testify that there has
not been any spring in the
walls since that time and the
internal condition of the build
ing will fully corroborate the
statement. The building is not,
Chairman of Trustees.
Scioto Gazette.
The Zaleski Car Shops.
The periodical agitation of
the newspapers, aloug tbe line
of the M. & 0. R. R. on the re
tnoval of the railroad car shops
from Zaleski is again upon us.
Like previous agitations it will
end with what the newspapers
have t'o'say about it. " .
We are assured by those who
should know that tbe M. & C.
Company have nor and never
had, any intention ot such re
moval, and when all tbe cir
cumstances are known o -the
public we think they will ap
preciate the improbability ol
any such measure. In the first
place the Zaleski Company is
a very wealthy corporation,
which has contributed Urgely
to the fund which built the M.
& 0. R. R., one of the condi
tions of such contribution be
ing that the shops were to be
maintained at Zileski lorever
The Zaleski Company holds the
written guarantee oi the rail
road company to that effect
In addition thereto, the man
agement of the Zileski com
puny wrote to Fres'l King, ol
the M. & 0. R. R., and fres'l
Garrett, of the B. & 0. R. R,
during the former agitation,
and' received assurance irom
-them that they had never cod
templated any such removal.
It should be remembered too
that the Zileski Company has
a pretty strong voice jn the
management oi tbe railroad
company, holding as they do,
a large amount of the bonds.
They have also been found
usetul among European4 capi
talists in placing .former Joans
of the company. It is not like
ly then thU the railroad com.
pany will ever find it to its in
terest to violate this written
contract which has cost tbe
Zaleski company over a million
of dollars, or to break faith in
any way with so wealthy and
influential a corporation.
Pres't . King, however, has
said that the growing Business
of the M. & C. road would
probably soon compel the com
pany to build additional shops
When that - lime comes Chilli
cothe should put forth sueh in
ducemenU as will secure their
location in this city.
, . ,
The Society of the Army
the Cumberland meets at Co
lumbus, September 16th and
17tb. The invitation is open
to all ex-soldiers to join witb
them. .
Tbe majority against tbe
constitution may reach 75,000.
It will probably require tbe
official count to determine how
the license clause bas tared.
According to .the report of
the Cincinnati Enquirer Gov.
William Allen rose up at
Washington Court Douse the
other day and in attempting to
address the assembled veterans,
went largely into tbe history
and glory of tbe Mexican war.
Not that the old Governor is
trying to play Rip Van Winkle,
and pretending that he bas
just awakened from bis slum
ber not that Allen hasn't a
clear recollection of the late
struggle, bat then the Mexican
war was a Demociatio war and
the old Governor bas no sym
pathy.with any thing not found
ed in the Democratic party.
Now tbe question naturally
arises why veterans should take
pains to give prominence to a
man whose entire' sympathies
are - against them. Allen as
Governor has nothing to do
with tbe veterans. Allen as a
man cares nothing ior tbe Vet
erans. Allen as a politician
seeks only to use them, while
as a Southern sympathiser he
despises them; so that in any
view of the case, It is mere
toadyism to be tailing around
alter him, putting him up in
public places to Insult them by
publicly ignoring them and
VET. Vol., CO. Q.
Ah extraordinary marriage
took place at Jevington, Eng.
and, the other day, the cere
mony being performed by tbe
Very Rev; Archdeacon Phil
pott, in the poesence of a large
congregation. The married
couple both belong to tbe par
ish of Jevington, but. tbe sing
ular part is tbe fact that tbe
bride has no arms, and tbe ring
had to be placed on the third
toe of her left toot. At tbe con
clusion ol the marriage cere
mony, she signed the register,
holding tbe pen with her toes,
in a very decent "hand.'1 '
Circleville Herald.
Mas. Vaailtta, of
township, (daughter oi George
Reitsel,) on Saturday last, met
with a feartul accident. She
was seized with vertigo, and
fell near the fire, so that her
clothes caught fire. The burn
ing aroused her, and she caught
up her baby and ran into the
field where ber husband was
at work. One of bet limbs
was burned to a crisp. We are
indebted to Or. Thompson lor
an account of tbe painlul al
In consequeuce of a rise in
the Mississippi river, caused by
tbe recent beary rams, tbe log
boom of the St. Anthony Boom
company, above ot. auinony?
Falls, broke last Monday night
and a million and a quarter
teet of logs went over the talis
Loss about $12,000. Tbe river
at that point is now full of logs,
and it is now interred that an
other Streak ' bas occurred.
Considerabe damage to. (Jams
at the falhi bas been done by
escaped togs.
, at ;.j
A q. ma mountain has been
discovered in Lynn county, Ne
vada. "The sides of the h are
covered witb blocks ol-the ore,
and veins seam it in all direc
tions. Tneveinf srefrom three
to five feet in width, and are a
solid mass 7 of ore without any
mixture of quartz or otber rock
Assays of this ore show that it
is 45 per cent, copper and
this npOn the surface of-the
Ohio Democratic Reform Pyramid.
: ttmia. . ' " i
' DARKE, $37,000.
WAYNE, $22,000
, . II OLMES,. $30,000 .
UENRr,-$100,000 00.
BUTLER, $150,000 00
FAIRFIELD, $100,000 OQ
' and returns not all In yet.
!- i .awn i iuli it
The Jackson Standard the
organ of Gov. Allen's old. bour
bon whisky is rejoicing at tbe
failure of tbe people to give
tbe Legislature absolute oon
trol of the whisky question.
It whoops and hurrahs over tbe
prospect of twenty more years
of free whisky. ( fj
Dietiicr Court convenes In
Mc Arthur, Tuesday, Sept. 7 tb.
. log tad Loan Aeoeialioa aia seiiR.4 to
pay their weekly duea on or bemre ma otn
day ot Heptember, 1874. at the office ot J. M.
McGillivray, Secretary of tha Association, or
atlherecularmoctiDCoraaidateociMion. By
oraer or
J. A. FF.IION, ") Executive
. ' 0. P. WARl, VciBiniiiua
0. W. HOLLAND, I B'd of lir a.
Legal Notice.
MRS. JENKIB B. GAGE and William A.
Hare, her ho.hand, who reaide In Bona
county, Ohio, Jamea H . P. Plyley, reading in
BurlinRam kanaaa, Willi. B. Bpence, a mi
or, over foui teen year, of age, redding in
(loss county, o, and Kovieo P. Bpence, a
mnnr over Iburteen year, of age, re.id.ng 10
Kiox.llle, Tanname.aod Nelaon Richmond,
ol Vinton county, Ohio, will lake nonce that
HinryO. PlTley.adrolniatiator of Ihe estate
ofjoba I. plyley. deceased, on the 13th nay
oiAugust, A. 0. 1874 ftlrd hia petition in the
f pbat. Court, of Vinton County, Ohio, alien-
tD UUfcHne pereonaj eaiai" vi mo apueucut
le Ta.ufflciont to pay hia debt and charge ol
admiaiilenaa hieeatate; tha. he died aeiwd
In fee .ieiple of the following described real
eaiatw, eiiuate in .aid county, to wii; the
aontn end of ihe east hall of the south wr.t
quarter of aeclion eteven.iii) lownamp nine,
(It) range aixteen (16) containing fifty acre.,
Ala. theea.t half of aeclion eleven, (II) town
.hi. nine, () range aixteen, (18) containing
Mine hundred aad eighty eight (340) aorea .11
in Vinton township, in Mid county. Alao an
undivided one half Intereat in the following
dtetiibed real estate, it-iate in Harrison town
ahip Hose count, Ohio, and described aa fi.1
lowti the ea.l hull of Ihe north-west quarter,
the nut half of the south-west quarter, and the
weathalfol the Mtith-eaat quarter of taction
ot eeolion eight, (8) township ten, (10) range
nineteen, (1) containing xiu aorea
The prayer of Mid petition i. for a aale ot
uid eremi.ee. lor the payment of debt, and
charge, elorewaid;
day ef'ttepteiatfet, 1874; oraa noon thereafter
as leaYC oan oe obtained. ..
Admni.trator of the Katate oi John P. Ply
le. daeeaied. - IWaugiw
La e 1 dearly lore. Bong and cho. Stewart,! So
No tiding fiom oyer lb aea. Bong a oho
Alabama Bloaomi. Bong and dance
-r .nnA. r.n..d.ra. Hone and cho
WnuTtom, Willie. 8ong and nho8lewart 30
When Charlie playa.tne arum, ooog.uuw
Darllog, 1 arn lonely now. Bong and cho
Ki.a me, darling, ere we part. 8ong actio
Blewart . .
Brace up, or hare yon heard the new
There ia aomethlng I'm dying to nay
Walling on the thadr aide. Bong and cho
Stewart .
Farewell, Annie Darling. Bong and cho
Do not w'eep o, Bi.ter Darling. Bo'ngacho
Beanlilul fortof mj dreama. Bong cho
Btewart . .. . .
Meet me. Seed, in the dell. Bong and cho
Rick to the old home. Bong echo. 8teart .30
:lo the thutteni.willie 'lend, o.ewan
..bin., hiuanii from Mother. Bongacho
tttewar '
" " on
Re kl.aed me good bye at the gate, f-teaart 30
Tenderly thing ol me aeaa. oong nu uhw
Gie my lor to all at home. Bong andpho
Nrfi ihj, him her anlril wander. Bong
Hbiai.rt ' 30
Think of me (ometimea, Maggie. HUwrt S"
Mr d.ar old Mother. Bongecno. ntewait ou
And Other Songs by J. E. Stewart
f want to Me Ihe d-r old home. Stewart 30
Oyatera and win at 1 A. M. Bong. Htewart 30
KamDiing inrougn me vowu. noin.o-wi-Uinii.ii.in..wrHL
.ilvertielln Bonn. Btew.rt !U
fltolnki..ea are the wwtet. Hong. Btewari.TA
Jennie, the flower ofklldare. Bong. Btewarl40
Hailed, poet-paid, on receipt of Ihe marked
By I. L. PETERS, oS9 Broadway, New York.
fix iiiu' oatniT, iMTiaarr oklt t pia cant.
Send for "The Pioneer,"
A handaome illti.traled paper, containing
tbe Homeateail Law. A new number jut
publtahed. Mailed tree to ail parte of Ihe
world. Adareaa
u. r. ua y t,
Land Commiaaioner V. P. R. R.
Omaha, Neb.
re the moat beautiful In "trie and perfect In
tone ever made. The concerto aiop ik me
heat ever placed In an J oiuan. Hia produc
ed by an extra set of reeda, peculiarly fniced,
Ihe ertm-tof which i monteharminK and aoul
Btirnnif, while ita imitatiou of the human
voice ia auperD. Term, tiaerai. '
WATERS . Philharmonic,
vesper & urcnesirai ;
in npiqoe French Caee., are amonff the be.t
maoe, anu ronain. pef'j vunjma; wi.u
real Toluma of tone. Uuitable for parlor,
church or. musio hall. , ..,
WATERS' New Scale PI
hare (treat power anrta (lneMnirtnglona(wilh
all modern impro.ementa, and
are Ihe be.t
Dlanoa made.
Theae orsana and.pianoa are
foreaan, or part caah and balance id monthly
warranted for ( Tiara.
Fncea extremely low
or quarterly payment., eeconu-nana inxiru-
mente leaen in exenaofce. w.iimih
lneeryoounty in the U.S. and Canada.
lineral " dtneount to feavhera, miniater.,
ehutthea. achoola, lodflea. Ac. Illuatntled
catalo(uea mailed.
4S1 Broadway, New York, P, O Box a6C7.
Scribner's' Monthly,
Another Great Literary Sensation,
The Modern. Robin; onCrusoe
With 150 Beautiful Illustrations.
Mea.ra Heribner A Co., hate eecured foe
aertal pnblieation ia 8CHldNKK'8 MOXTU
LT, M. Julr. Verne", late.1 .lory,
in wbx-h, not eontent with the old .tone,
"Kobtoaon Cruaoe ana me-owin ramiiy
Robioaon." the writer undrrtakea t .how
how a iHtrty ol men eaat upon a my.tenona
and aeaen laiana may "" o. uio-r Kirnuuo
reanureea alone, wiihonk the aid of any wreck
to draw noon for the material, of life and
eemfort. ."
The party an American! who et out Irom
Kienmono. a.,aunii me n-ar, u umiuuu,
M JnlM Verne unite, wt h an accurate auien
tide knnwledse. an exuberance of in.eqtire
genm. that ba . . . i
.1.1. vmi i (i ol till ;! . ;
. The theme of the preaent atory afforda
anthor the fteet opportunity for the display
ef hi. peculiar iltta. Tbe atory will be rro
fueelyillo.tnued, and itbenun in the 'April
For aaie by all New. lwaiera or Bookaell
era. Pnea 14 (a) year, 84 oenU number.
SORl BNk,K CO.. tot, Broadway, M. T.
-r SI I T. ma a
I n.mriaa and return everv Tuesday. Thnra
haek from Wilkeaeille
dav. and Satardae for the accommodation
f aaaaenaera. making close connection with
th. rn.il train, oa the M. A C. B. B. I
alao carry expreaa package .hipped to
worn point! by the Adam upres. yo.
MOT W lorn
are now cfTi rlrif our entire
f f part or 1 iirafiiis runs, nuuinnr imns n " -
prict'8, lit order to close out bt'loro September 1st.
Fans worth
Parasols worth $3.75
3.25 at 2.75
2.75 at 2.25
2.00 at 1.25
1.00 at .65
.75 at .50
Now is the tlmo to buy tw we are determined to aell regardless of coat,
R. S. i& J. W. WILCOX,
llamdeii, O.
Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio.
HAVE fitted up their new and oommodinim store-room in guperb styl spar
neither time or money to remler it equal in arohitecturat style to any,
mom in Southern Ohio, and havo replenished their former a took of Drug,
Paints, Ollfl, Dye StuiTs.Tatent and Family Medicinns to repljtion, to
vhinh thnv have ad led a full and complete line of Yankeootions, Tobacco
and Jewelry which they will soil at lowest
will be conducted in -the establishmant as hcrotofore. Monies loaned and pa
per discounted. , yi
In connection witb the Medical Department will be established a
Mu and Sgcal Ui
for the better treatment of all ' chronic and ethical disenacs and deformities
under a corps of directors who will empltly nothing but Qrstclass medical tal
ent asoperativerf in tlie Institute. . '
Patients can be accommodated after the first of October with boarding,
lodging and nursing at ratos fur below what can be ifflionled nt pimilariurfi
tutions in the cities, and as good medical attendants as can be procuredje
atnVk or Summer Goodg consisting In
81.50 at $1.00
.75 1
at $3,00
possible prices for cash. Jx
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Martha Hawk; deceased.
THE nndemiRiied haa been appointed and
qnnlirteil aa aiminintralor of thechlutenf
Martha Hawk, Intent Vinton couulj'.dwBiied.
Adminulrnlor of the Estate ofMarlhn llavtk,
July 23, 1873.
H. W. HORTON. i.eader,
HAVING lately purcliaaed a new nnd hand-.
ome rmnd won, and are prepared to
furnish jiood niiiMio on application, to all
point, in tins or adjoining counliea. Aditresa.
aa above. 4jun4m
Manhood: How Lost, How Restored
juHt Diihlt.aeci. a newcli
tinn i f Dr. t nlvcrwcll'a
Celebrated Eaany on the
raditut am (wilhout medi
cine) of pxnM ATPeKHMEA, ar seminal Weak
nexa, Involuntary Seminal LoaeeB, lapoTENcr,
Mental nud fliyairal Incapacity, Impedimenta
to SlHrnnife. eic. alao, mimiianioiii r-riiir-ar,
and tita, induced by acll-iuduliience or.cx
Ortt extrav.anooa. i"
a4ri'ric in a aenled envelope, only 6 ceil ta.
'The oelebratedautlior In thia admiraUaiea.
aav cleurlv demnnntratea from a thirly'yeiira1
aurceaitfiil piSwtme, thht the RlHrromit wt"s-
quence. oi.ell-nnune may oe rauicai j ur
without the rtHQiertjiln uae of internal medi-
cine ur the application of the knife; pointing
out mode of cure ft vneeatmple, oerlaiu and
erlectual, by menna of which every mnVrer,
no matter what Inn, condition nmy oe,;may
cure himaelf cheaply, privately, and radically
no mailer what inn, condition nmy be,;may
iimH.ll pneaniv. nrivaifiv. anu rautmnu.
i hi l.aHtnre ulioulil be' in the hand, of
every youth and every man in the land.
add.-eaa, jmtpoM on receipt ol aix cents, or
ini. tinuer seal, in a iiimn vnvriuiiu. w "j
two pout .tampa. . ' . '
Al.o Dr. Culverwell's "Marnnfre Guide,"
price 80 centa. , ....
Addreaathe pflbliahera, ' '
: CHAS. J. O KLINE 4 00.,
127 Bowery', New York, Post Office Box, 4,506
Road Notice.
VfOTICB la hereby eiven that a petition will
4,1 beprenenleil to the uomtniMionera oi vin
ton counlv. at thir ne xt acaaina to be lidb
on Ihe Ant Monday ol Hen-ember, A. I). IB74,
prayinK for the eatab liahment of a rouniy
loa.l.lonu the follnwina; described route in
aaid count) of Vinton, to wit. Hegimiinii nt a
point in Ilia county road lending from Vinton
hLilion to Znleaki. in aa in count. .1 a I'Oiot
where aa d road interaecla the south line of.
No. 13 of Elk tp. the same tpng ihe point
eheie itie township road cnlled the HuxKina
Isaac hhrv's land. In-1 he a. w. Quarter ot sec.
road intersect, said county road: thence run
nine east about ten roria to the western noun'
daryof ihe M. AC. K K land, them-eina
north-eaeteily direction about parallel with
the Marietta A Cincinnati Railroad until said
li ne internecti an old roadbed in Ihe lauds ol
lion to the aoul i-east corner ef the fumla of
aaid Isaac 8hrv. thence in northerly dirnc
Holden Tnpp, thence in a north-easterly di
reotion Uiroah Lhe lawin oi John Hay. to
point near the center of the not th east qjar
terot theaorthiweitquartar of aeotion No. 13,
township No. It, ranae No. 17. in the landa of
Kit tiill. thence- in a northerlv direction
through Ihe landa ol Ihtn. Will on the nearest
and beat -route to Intersect the Hbtte road
leading from McArthnr to ZaleaKi, Uhio, at
point, near tbe louse where John llerroid
now resides, and tnere to enn.
, -. . H OLDEN TBIPP, petitioner.
July 30, 1874- ow
Wilkesville, Hamden & Middlepor
t WILL run a hack from Wilkeavllleto Ha-n
1 den on Mondaya. Wedneadaja and Fridays,
returnina-on the same dava.
1 will alao run a return hack to Hid dleport
ou Tuesdays, Thursday) and I aturdays. re.
turning on tue name uay.. .tuna licyio
i i
. J ho me. male or iea.ale. 130 a week war
tented. No capital required. . Partioulara
aent free. Address with 6c return atanp,
Huea, wiuimourgn, i. i , er;( i,,
c Hfetnper day at home. Tana. free.
o '"Addreaa uto. Brio a co,
Portland, He. '
TUTB.New Haven. Conn Kortieth er.
rrpnnratnry to oolleo, the cienlin cl
-pnrntnry to coIIpk, the cienlin achoola
liiii-ineMa, uilli avNtemntlo anil thnrnush
pnjalonl ttaininft bv military ririllinn, gym-
iiKtic, rowirir. Ac. Cntiilniruaa Kent on p
plication. W Jl. H. KU.SSELL, Principal.
TheTianscontinental Brand
Ai.i:T-: waaawauoaal
Tbe Htnndnrd Oil Co.,
John Allstou 6V Co., A. Ilnywnrd,
Alex iiIcDonnld ct Co
Urgently reinininended lo gen-rnl use by Ihe
N. Y. Kiro Cnmmiasinnersand Fire Insuranca
Co.'s Common coal oil is not aula t nder all
oirciimstsncea or cnrcle.n use lievoe'a Hril
linnt Oil is safe under any circumstances or
use -Used in mora than lim.noo homes and
lacinries for the last six years wilhout an no
cident o" a fire The finest illuminator in the
world -does not smoke nor smell nor crnt
ihe wick Will burn to the last diop in the
lamp without refilling Burns in the ordinary
coal mi tamps The cans in which the oil, ia
sfiprfciati'd Send or rimdur or oall a. about.
nut up rnrHnmilv use should ho seen to lie
Is another evidence of the ndvnnce-
ment of man's ingenuity Although it
is, a simple cooking utenail it is the
woman's' 'household treasure'.' It can
be used in any cooking stove 'and is
adapted to all the purposes of Caking
Browning, Stewing, Droilinz, Koaating,
Frying, eto, It is air-tight, and there
fore retains all the steam and flavor
raised hj tbe beat, making food more
heiiltliful and more nutritious.- It re
quires no water, basting or attention
whatever during tbe cooking process.
J he Model baker is lor sale by
Preston Vandervort, Hulbert House,
McArthur ' Tenons wiahins to test it
will call as above. 1 will sell single
linkers or will dispose of ihe right for
Vinton county. ' . '
ihe following persons have tested
the Model Baker and 1 refer to them
for evidence that it will do all that is
claimed for it: ...
T. H. Davis and wifo, Georje Lanti
and wife, M H: Karnes and wile, K. f.
Hothwell, Alex, reorceand wife, John
Jones and wife. J. s Will and wife. B
A Bratton and wife, L. O.' Perdue and
wife. J s. liuhn and wife. U. . W,
Brunton and wife, Uiram Hulbert, also
the boarders, at tlie Hulbert' House, U
C. Jones and wife, D. V. Kannells and
fHAVE re-opened nit coal bank, and am
prepared lo bll order, for coal in quantities
te suit porchaaera. I will aell sa.heap
coil ol the same quality can be obtained eiae
enerei r . nu9i:. iiiiatu).
H0unl87t 3m
. i' .i-..'t.
A Partner.
A 8ILENT or active partner to Inveat I5O0
Bu.ine.s.paya, but roquirea more can ,lfti
l 1 . 1 I ' L - I . . . . ..
than I ani able to command. Address l-ABT
NER or make pniaonal application at thi
Wg will furnish the Heoord and the
Cincinnati Gazette to Bubscribert
$3.50 per year J J ; A t j a oi
Fresh for the Spring Trade
Colon Ground in Oil.
Paint and Varnish Orasbes,
, Alto a full line ol '
Dye Stuir,
i Notions. Etc
Everything at tht very Luwut Pri
Mm ar IHT4
AlL NEW 8UADEd, .".
F'c Godf
Jewelry, . ( ( ( -Corsets,
Also a large Rssnrtmcntof
Gentlemen's Ji'ecklitB.
Bleachin g, Pre i sis g, P f m'c it he,
ana an Kinai oi ,. Jiuuiner.
Work done to Order ' on
.sh' it Notice,
Give us' a'oitll. W will el' lower
thnn ever. . .
' i p t n i nnviri.
Main sL MoArtha 0.
C : I .1 V I ' t4 I fxl I
i .
At hia ne place of ha.lneas,
Choicest Stock
O K -
Spring and Summer Clothing
ITVER braiixlil to thin market, embracing
jail the latt-at and moat lanhiouaVlej .tylea,
When you want a nohby .nit dou't fail lo call
in in nccor-linice with the Inteal lnhion..
cor-linice wnn me iniesi tasnion..
on Frfuk. He also CUT and '
Makes (Jakmkms to Okder
and has a full line of
Cents' Underwear
II clolhins marked down lo the LOW
EST FICil'KKH. Give me a cull and I wil
wurraul autistacliun
Mmj Goods
Begs to invite attention to'' hia (aige and at-.
x tracuve aiooa, onerea uiowtw ,
, In large iipp.y. yj , k j
. ct allkinda. "i
-1 . "iuj' t-.
Black and CoIorcdSilts
JtfohatrM and vllpacta$,
Plack & Color dGrcnadlnes
?m ; 'j .Vi' i J AXM.iM
Mattings Windfjw Shaxles
i a effectual a remedy
A trtt i BI71B?I f- Aflllt
a. the Salrjhate Is the aante aVea. whOe ttaeeaav
rwiat w aw. a mtm ava'wi-av mm .
tht Aeod .M,l.rispauUailaandaHMAcaeaper.
Bend tot descriptive areolar vrtta. Tsawa.atiM
FhvrtciiMM from all pattt ef tae reentry,
. . aaampMnaeUfaiint
Prepared, by BILUNOB, Cl
arlaf Caark, Boetoo, Maav

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