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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 03, 1874, Image 4

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 3, 1874.
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Mail Vast Lid Bl.L K
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t bt Lin. Mail.
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w m .ll ...... . I- A k .1nn.tlon. I-OVA-
u m m win wp - - ..7.
lAnd.Ureeoneld.ChilllcolUe, llaniiu-n. Allien
li eoif Landing only. No. 8 "H ',P '
Seett's AQiiin, few Eim'sad. Athens, llain
, Olullieelne, GwnlttW, Vienna, BUn-ehe-tsr,
Leveland, lladisra, aUdisonulle.
akley l Cumminsvilte, only. No, old
Jill atop UC.I 1. Junction, Madisonvillc.
evelsad, Oreenneld, Chllncollw, Hum.lcn
Athena end Scott'a Landing odIj. f'o. 14 4
fill mak all the Hop.
' Tialaleskl Freight eolngeatt. leaTetHill
(teethe, all Wl ni.l rutysviila, 44; Riuh
itod Kurasce, 85; Hamdes, arnv 10 oi
depart 1 6; MeArthur.srrive 1 7; depart
li 4, Yiatoe. arrive 11 47 depart 1. 30 p. to.;
ilnleski, 1 Going west, leaves Zaleski l
t b.i Yiatoe Fitruace.l ; Mu Arthur.
44; Heorien, 4 ; Bii-lilwiid Kurnac. 4 M;
TitiII. 4 Hi Ohill'colhr, T 10.
rill Intra Hamdia all U . m. aod 1 ISn.m .
arrifini al forlamoutbal lu 20a. m. and S IS
. m. tuturoiDClralnnaUl Iran roriiuoiith
JtlOOa. m aud 1 64 P. m.,arrilnai Uam
oo at II U a. m.ands 04 p. m.
Trail oonQarkat l.oreland for all point on
j Utile Miami Railroad, aid at tha Indian
polia and Cioulnnati Hailioad Junction for
ail poiaM Want) at Athena, wan tho dlum
iua and Hocking Valley Kailroail.at Parkara
Itrg with th Baltimora Ohia Railroad,
General buperintendeot.
Mother at Home.
Fathers' Attention.
What ought, what can a moth
r do, when a good, pleasant,
cartlega husband thwarts all her
forts to teach or govern the
children, and yet can not be
mads to see or feel what ho i
doing !
Let QS illustrate and .Vetch
from memory, not imagination :
wMamms, give me a piece of
"No, darling, on piece is
"Haifa piece,please,mamma?"
"No, Freddie, no more."
( "A very little piece, mamma,
"No, Freddie, no."
"Do give the child a little
piece, I'll risk its hurting Lim."
.And the mother gave it. J
"Mamma, may 1 go out to
"It's Tery chilly, and you
tave a cold; I don't think it best."
"Bundle me up warm, mamma,
nd I won't take cold."
"I fear you will; you must
play in-dodrs to-day."
"Just a little while, please,
"No, Freddie, you mast not
go out to-day."
"Do let the child go out.
What a girl you are making of
Vim. Women never were fitted
to bring up boys. Dreds him up
warm and let him run; It will do
him good."
And Freddie went out,
"May I have my blocks in tie
yarlor, mamma?"
"No, Willie, make your block
louse in the dining-room. Mi'bs
L. is an invalid, and I want the
parlor, very quiet."
"I'll be very quiet."
"You will, intend to be, but
you can not help nuking Rome
oise, and as Miss L. very rare
ly goes anywhere, 1 fear she
will be very tired at best; bo be
very good little boy and play
fa the dining-room .this after
oon," , "I won't make a bit of noise
or tire her one speck
"Ton must play in the dining-
foom, Willie, and not say any
'more about it"
"Nonsense; it will do her
good to see a happy little face;
it will give her something be
ides her own pains and aches
to think of. Let him bring hrs
blocks in the 'parlor."
And be brought them in.
'What a torment that boy has
got to be)" It's teaze, teaze
from morning till night. It's
enough to wear the patience out
ot Job; lr yon don t whip him 1
Query Who ought to be
Tat iron of tne Atlantic and
Lake Erie Railroad Las been
received .at New Lexington.
Iron enough has been shipped
to Jay the track as far as Moz
'TBI New 'York dailies 're
eetYnear.j nine million! for
drerUsing . ' ' M
Dr. J. Walker's fuliloriiia
Ylnegar Bitters nre a purely Veg
etable preparation, nindo chlofly from
tbo native herla fmiml on tlio lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tbo medieiual
'properties of wbich aio extracted
tnoroirooi wuuounuo use ui iiicuiiui.
Tbo question Is almost daily asked,
" Wbat ia tbo cause of tbo unpar
alleled suecess of VixEGA.it Hit
ters t" Our answer is, that tbey
Tomore tbo causo of disease, and
the patient recovers hirf health. Thoy
are tho great blood puritior and a
life-giving priuciplo, a perfect Keno
Tator aud Invigurator cf tho system.
Never loforo iu tho history of the world
baa a medicine been compouaded pos
aessiug tha remarkable rjualities of Vu
BOAB DiTTSiM iu healing tho sick of
every dioivo tnaa I Loir to. Tbey are
a ceiitle Vargativo as well as a 'Junto,
roQeviug Coiii4lion or Inllaiuniution of
the Liver aud YiutenU, Organs, iu Uibom
The propcrtios of Dr. Waik-
Ba'a Vinboar tliTTKits Are Aperient, Dia
phoretio, Cannintive, Niitritiom, Laxa
tive, J)iuroti, Sedative, Oountor-Irritaut,
SuilorihV. "-','-'. n'vl ,iti-HiHiw.
Grateful Thousand!) proclaim
Vinegar Bitters the most wonder
'ful Inrigorant tbatever austained
the sinking system. ' :l
No Person cun take theso Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided tbelr
bones are not destroyed by mineral
poison or other moans, and vital or
gans wasted bovond repair.
Bilious, Remittent, and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent In the valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
'Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly bo during seasons of unusual
heat and dryness, are Invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
meDa of tho stomach aud liver, and
other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgatiro, exerting a
powerful Inlluonco upon theso vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary.
There is no cathartic for the purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they will speedily remove
the dork-colored viscid matter with wbich
the bowels are loaded, at the earns time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring be healthy fuiio
tions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Viseoab iiiTTERb. No.epideuiio can
take hold of a system thus fore-armed,
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Head
ache, Yum in the Shoulders. Conghs,
Tightness of the Cheat, Diztinox.i, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of the Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings'of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarautoo of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipolos, Swelled
Keck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Korcuriul affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, eto. In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walkrr's Vim
ioabBitters have chown thoir great cur
ative powers iu the most obstinate and
Intractable caes.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused bv Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
w? C i l ,;i l
Aimers, as mey auvauce in 1110, are bud
lect to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of Walker's
YfKEOAB Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Kheum, Blotches, Spots, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-bead, Sore Eyes, Lrysipo
las. Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of tho Skin of
whatover name or nature, are literally
dng up and carried out of the system in a
abort time by the use of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the system of so many thou
sands, are elTectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
ForFemaleComnlaints, inyoang
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, these Ton
ic Bitters display so decided an influence
tnat improvement is soon perceptible.
. Cleanse the Vitiated Blood
whenever you find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores : cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul; your feelings will tell
yon when. Keep the blood pure, and the
oeaitn oi tne system win lui low.
. R. H. McDOftll.D As CO.
Droa-gltta Gen. Afrta., San Franciioo, Califor
nia, cor. oi iv uninmon ana nnriton su., n . X.
ota r U uraigglau and Dealers.
-importer op-
Diamonds. "Watches and Fancy Goods.
CH1LLWCWE, 01110
TTTOULU re'pectluIlT aay to the cltliens of
Tf vmionwo mat ne naeeniarupa hi. slock
-taking one of the largiat in thettlate, Onr
l..S!DM haa mcrvaaed erery Tear up lo the
present time and we feel than kful to the pun
lie for paal faTora.aod are deiermined lo Keep
a barge toe It ol ever thing unial'r found in
a S nt-o.ai"i Jewelry Store, and will keep the
Boem mock of gold and aolid ailter. alao the
best Plated tioods, M low a any house in tha
We keep all the different hrande of Ameri
can Watches Howard. I'rjitM states, Elgin.
Waltham and Bpringfield Manufactures, both
Id gold and silver caee. Also a large line of
GOLI) iiirOBltD WlllllF.S
from l lo 1300.00, alao silver from 111 to
l 40. We have a vn reliable lull Jeaeled
Silver watch from listolzo.
A full line of all goods id our line, or made
to order by experienced workmen, kepoir
lag will receive prompt attention
Plea drop la aaa too us. he tronMe to
kow gooaa. Sirul
Ilarneaa, Saddlei,' . .
Urldl'-H, II nil en,
Ivlilpa, pura Tt-uce
Chains. Barnes, and all
Other Articles of Saddlery.
Ml tnen'da and the pnolie genera: It areinvil.
pi to rail and diamine my stock aid pn
-ea I make cnoil hone.t work, u th
it stock, aod sll aj tha viry lowest prices
an. nuinafkctunng Bone to order, and'all
Work (Varrante as Eepreiented.
Foreign ) -. aiid- American
Watch Materials,
v Watch Makers'
Old Watcfc Cases and aid GoIJ and Silver
' OR DE'R8"0LICff Jib!
21aprlH73 -
Dick's Enoyclopehia op Practical Rk
,'Sipts 4nd Paocsnsta. CoDlaDingn,42S prai.
neat receipt, written in a plain aim pnpniiti
inai'ner, aud illuatrated wiih explanatorx
ood-cata. Reing a coniprehenaive hooko1
reference lor the merchant, manufacturer.ar
iid, amateur and houaekeeper, incluHioi:
meilicine, pharmacy and domestiv fee no my
I'neacopw of this work ia entirely dinVren
rom any other hook 01 the Jtind. Hesloe
'teinra complete and nlinrst indifpensibl
br ok of reference for the thousand and on
ecei pin nnd articles needed in every hoiii,
hold .farm, garden, etc., it includes vicar ami
-aaily uii'lentood directions for the applies
linn ofnianv of ihe arta unuallyavquiredimli
hy lung experlem-e, and so .livemed of lei.h
mchaliliea, or the tetOinicalihes of terms ue.
o lully explained as to brintf Ihe entire sub
jn'l wilhin Ihe coniprehenaion ofany perm
"i ordinary inieingcnce. i ronninent inoiik
ihe immenae maas of subjects Ireuletl of n;
:he book are the pillowing:
The Art ol Dyeing, Hard Bolt and Toilei
onp, Tnuuing, luMillation, Imiistiou Li
Dura, Winn, OnrilniN BO. I Hittera, Older.
Hrewing, Perurmery.Flavoring Eaence, etp.
omeiifH, Hair Dyea anil Wuihea, Pomudr.
md I'erliiHied ml, Tooth Powders, etc., Ky
ups Alcohol and Alcoholmetry, Peiiolcun
ind Kerosene. Bleaching and Cleaning, Vin
iar, Sauces, Catn pa and Pickels, Kcceipih
'r the (Jur.tcn, To H enin to Mams, Hpnta.flc
Hyrnlechny and Kxpleslvaa. Cements, etc.
Vnterpronrlng, Artilfcial, Gems, luks am'
iVriting Fluiiis, Aniliae Colors, Paipls am
Pigment, laintingand Paper-hanging, Ka'
nmiiie and Whitewash, Varnishing and Pol
-h ng, Lubrica ors, Japanning and Lacquer
rg, Hoot and HnrnTn Blacking, Photogiaphv
Melnla and Alln,s, Gliding, Silvering, etc
Klectrotyping, ElertriMsling, etc.. Paten
Medicines, Medical Receipts, Weights mr
Meaaiires. 607 pages, rcyal octavo, clnlli
Price S.N - t.mar
IICI a FlTZGEBALI'rullDi-bern, N. V
Worth andSeaijty.
Having control of the magniflcent til chro
ino, Yo Semite, we are able to otter a combm
itior. of literary and aruxtic worn of genuine
worth, and at prices unprecedented.
This flue copy of a piece of Nature's grand
st work, is not presented in the usual lim
led style, it dimensions, 14x20, making e
picture ot very desirable ite in it'elf.
iraced by it- presence.
Hut a lew copies of this beautiful I hromn
will be allowed to go to tha retail stores, and
moss win oe som at tneir
Actual Retail Price, tO.OO.
which if ordered in connection with our Mag
line, both will be lurd'ahed lor
As a premium the picture ipay be obtained
ny senuing utwo auoscripuona lor the Mag
sine at one dodai each, or bv subacrhinii r
ihe Mngniine two tears in advance, at one
loiiar per annum. Ainress,
Newbuigh,.v Y.
S.E.SHiTES), Publisher. 4-ept
fto. 110 THIRD ST.,
Odd Telaows Block,
Publisher of
Ana otner
Standard Religious . Works,
Canvassing Acenta wanurf in
in the Unite Stales.
. Formerly ot Hamden.l
, NMPCNCE8 to bit friends id Vinton end
kadjoinini counties that he haa hen.hi tmm
Hotel Pormerlj Kept bj Chas. Smith
Three doors west cf Madison, oa -
Be baa refitted it throughout, andis pretard
to entartaiaLha Uaveling publie at reasonable
orth-sast corner of Msin and Jacatoa strseu
GEO. W. BEUXTON,. Troprletoi
Carriages, jtuyuies. zi.retta, ttt
ilso, wieoas tub all xisua or wasob woas
tone to order oa abort nottca.
Paliitlng and Trlmmlnfj
olail kinds axeuuted id tha neatest and most
tr'iHtiu style. . .
BEPA1H1NQ of all kinds in my lis wiU be
promptly ami neatl, done. ; .
Work dona at this esiabliahmcot ks war.'
ou'cd in tba most workmanlike manner, hot
v re nacvuea id an j respect ov any otaar as
laohsbmeotin tbeootntrr. ,
, Manufacturer of , ,
. -aniJ- '! ' '
Ml" . I ! , ...
- ).. ...
Uflalest, most faahionable and elegant eljtes,
. i
. Second St., Near Wulberry,
I make it a point to ao all my work of the
nest material, and stand second to none in
'liialuy of Baisb or durability. 1 employ no
inferior workmen, there are no appientice
lovs abdat my ertablishment, and I can ant
'ail to please any person who wants the best
nirfiout vnaile in the country. I refer wnh
ride to nrTtvatomera throuihont Houti.crn
ihio as to Ihe eharacier of woilc coming
-rom my factory, and gnaraaleo all my cus
tomers perlect satishtclion.
All kinds of Tnraonts finished and
ready for sale, or made to Order.
Call and examine my Stock.
Rftpalrlug,llepalntlns; . Etc.
Will receive prompt attention.
I have constantly a stock of
Carriages, Baggies and Expresses,
left with me for sale, repaired and almost a
good as new, some of them
10jul 1873
American Institute,
Embroidering and Hating Maohines
"I: is ingenious and will meet Ihe wants oi
every matron in Ihe land.'1
Exhibition of 18T2. , . ,
lohn E. Gavit, Rec. Seo'y; F A. Barnard.
I'res j Samuel I). Tilmno, Correspondlug
ieo'y. "
New York, November 20, 1872
This simple and Ing-ntoi s machine is ai
useful as the sewing machine, a.irt u fat be
coming popular with ladies, in the place n
'xpi-nive ntedle work, iIh work being much
mure handsome, requiring much Ires lime
and not nne-tenlh part li e expense. No la
r ,v i.i. aiuivu, i. a uiHcnin.
with illustrated circular and lull instruction
lent on receipt ol 12 or dumbed iu silver plate
lor 12 73. "
Address, The OIcKee Alnnufartorlnf Co.,
3ofi broauway. ew York.
Two American Magazines.
The excellence of American Magn.inas has
become to well rerognned abroad, that one
of the leading English papirs, the London
Weekly Register, in a recent iseue, thus
xpeaka of Hcnhner's Monthly:
" It's art contained to ovrn that HCRlBSEH't
M STHLY eurria oj iht jtriit ayiimM all wrthU
ling monthly agnail Jir bnllumcy of UlnHnlumi and
mrifyo eonleult. ll itnmply a tmomlerful isilup.'
worth Hoiking e m 6 more charming than tht i hU.
nil a fon t and rigor; the light and W rs bus
ugrd wuli a trull, artittk powr. Out of iu out md
twrsf, original article: sm rsaH, do not tenon which
lo ckoote oa int. or each and all are excellent."
Rot onlvls it irue thatHcril,ner Monthly
excels the English Magmines, but it is 7 At
Beet of tho American mtmtklin.
In the extent, variety and artistic excel
lence of its illu-tration of American themes,
it haa n verbren even approached, niu. h
less excell'd It has a larger psge ami gites
b greater variety in it8ron'ent than any oth
er ofthe Standard American Monthlies
In literary character, and in the brillmnrv
and ability ol its Editorial uepartmems, it en
joys an equal pre-eminence
n cMiii'icKirs smneu witn tne definite atm
of making it IhelieMmagatiniintlie world, of which
thev have never for a moment b it sight, and
theytioint with pride and pleasure lo the
Miy and June nmnberr, lecenily issued, and
ak for them a candid examination "mi scare
till comparison of their merits with those nl
other magaiines; and they renew their pledge
... pu.iiiu, u, sinva ior stui nigner excel
lence in Ihe future.
A considerable demsnd has recently arisen
in England for Ht Micho'aa, ocribner'e New
Mngsineror Roys and Oilla, tne publiaher
desiring lo secure an edition of three thou,
sand orftrat bou..d volume (when completed,)
with his imprint.
The success in th countrv ofBt. Nicholas
has been even more remnrknhle than ih.t ni
crnbner's Monthly. It l pronounced to 1
oh tdeallf perfect magatlne or children," and, as is
mr esse wiin an tne oes' nteniliire lor chll
ilren, it has been f .und to possess surpassing
interest for grown-up readers, as well.
I he influence of the periodicals of the Has
csn scarcely he estimated, especislly upon
ihe rising generation.' Parents snd teachers
csnnotannrd to be inrtitferenl to this uiflu
ence, or csreles in relation to the character
oi the literature furnished to the childten
outside of their school lessons. In 8t. Nmh.
o as not unlv are history, natural philosophy,
I'teralure, fine arts, and manufactures pre
senteri man attractive way to young readers,
but the children are stimulated lo seek in'or
mation foi thensaelvia
The publishers will eend to any address a
specimen r,iimtr or t. Nichnlsa, postage
prepaid on recMni nfln
of paper and printing. The msgannes are
sold by all UrsN-lasa booksellers and news.
iniiers, everywhere.-. . .
S3R1 BNER'8 MONTHLY, S4 a year; 3c.a no
81. NICHOLAS, - - - 8 ' 86o. ".
SOBIEKEB k C0..654 Broadw'y.g.Y
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
Kurserr Stock! Iniit&Hower Plates
Address F. K, PHOENIX.
1UISOI8, '
600 seres; Kd years IS greennoues. rat
Apple, 1,000 1 yr.. 126; g y. fai; St. 4n,-4T S0
4 catalogues, 20 cents. SliuISm
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agents wanted everywhere. Business strict
ly legitimate. Particulars free. Address J
WORTH , Bt Lome. Mo SseptlT
Fahmek8 8b mid not fail fi ex
amine the patent farm gate for
which Ueorge W. Bronton, Mo
Arthur, is the agent in thin and
Jackson coontj. It is the best
and cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, costing fifty per cent,
lees tban ; be old iashinneri gate,
and it more dorable, for it can
oot sag. Examine it when jor.
t9 in UcArtaun
.r jit..,,.
la Crease 4 la Crease. Nn, 4 , t rwe,(0n.
C4.Mluiiaa in Ihe bea, ban sr -lie, l.y
Kuhe; Ibe Preak At lsy, Hevr1e, by
Arditi; La Hsllenoa, Polka by Lwkoeri
tA hrn the Hwallow. Hnmiward Kly.by
Oesiea; Eep egleries, Cspriae by Kkt
nrn o piere i- r we.
ULl1,mtr mm wm. , ja ng, tm.
tresss.V I t C A Ns.ft.
fonisins ii e h.llne ug niuskT i' . 60s.
Mountain t-treain, Hapriee. bv 8. "milfi:
I Count on haOslop, by Jarobyi i)tm '
osa, Komanee, bv Thslberg; I'aneing '
I.ea.ea. Irh-t by Mattel. May Kretaea,
In.t . fiy I nge pieces rnr 600.
i on lam- Hi. lolkiwihM diunoj - Oe.
Chant du Rltoue, TransrrlptioD, by .
Kelterer; Ihine Owa, .Melodie, by
ljinge. pieces r 1 1 floo.
plhtiiM the- bdlxwing nipsic. price. .Soe.
Two song by Ha. two rev banks,-one
by Mawooil. a fiscied Qua'tnte by '
Thomas, a Pourhait'l Pieee a Qni'lc
ntep, an easv March, aod a beautiful
rantsaie, by Klnael. lOpleeesror - .Wo.
eontaina the following mnsio, price, ao.
Twe new songs by Hay, one by Pratt,
on by hLewart, a trio lor female voices,
bv AW; a Eaered Quartet le by fahkM,
two Polkas, a pretij Walls, and a March.
11 pieces fair .ii .-. 1 , SOo,
AddreaaJ I,, PFTKR8. P. O Box. 6. ,
'.' Broadway, New Yorlr, opposite Hetren.
ollitan Hotel.
Teas i! Teas!!
: !.. ' . i-
the dmciriAL
0. 43 VESEY ,SWEE1
P. 0. Box, J287. . New York
; HUBERT WELLS, President. (
' ' 001:0 v q;-
Black, 40", SO. 60. best 70 eta i i. per lb
Green ami Black, 40. SO. 60, best 70c ts
T At A 1ST.
Uncolored.' 00, 70. 80. 00. best $1.00.
Green. 60. 70. 80. 00. best $1.10 per lb.
Green, 50. 60, 70. 80. 90. 1.00 best $1X5
Green. $1.10 best $130 pt rlb.
knglish Breakfast
Black. 60. 70, 80, 90. best $1.00. . per lb
N. B.-We hive a speciality of Harden
SI to, and OOLoNi., Extra choice, f 1 .00.
llur Teas aie put up in one pound packs
ages, with the kind an I price printed on each
AGEXT WANTED to get up clubs to
sell our teas to lannlies, hotels, boarding
houses and others. In writing lor terms or
sending orders, be psrticular to address the
President of the Comp my, thus:
RoHEK T W El 1,3.
No. 43 Vt-sey HI., New York
We are compelled 10 request his, as other
parties have imitated out film name.
Pure Concentrated Potash,
Of double the streagth of any other .
1 -- . . . I
(hare recenllT perfected a new method of
packing my Potash nr l.ie.rtnd am now hack-
nig 11 only in rjsiis.the coaling 01 ni.li will
raponllt, nsd driea not injure ihe sonp, ll is
packed in boxes' containing 24 and ts one lb
balls, and in nn other way. Dircctiot s in
English and Permun for making hard and
soil soap with this potash accnmr-HnVeiuu
paOKagn ' B.T. BAnrtlTT,
04 to 84 Washington St., N. V.
Inauzrance Department
CoBVusps, February 10th, 1874.
WHEREAS the New England Mutinl Life
liiaunine Company located at liasion, in
.hetiliite ot Massacnusett-, has tiled in this
offltea sworn si, lenient by the proper offl
era 1 hereof, showing its condition and busi
ness and has con plied in all ol her respects.
ith Ihe laws of this rMnte, relating to Lite In
surance Companies, nigiiuixed by net of Con
gress, or bv or under Ihe laws of any other
tale ol the linited "lutes.
Now, therefore, in pursuance of law. I,
Will. urn F. I'hunh, superintendent of Incur
nee ol the Wle.ie of Ohio, do hereby reriitv.
'hat said company ,s aulhnrixeii to 1 1 ansae!
l's aopropriate business of lite insurance 111
Una sl-'te In a-cordanca wli h law, during .the
current year. The condition ami nnsiness of
id company at Ihe date of aucn sintement
O'ecen.beraist, IS73,) Is shown as follows:
Aggregate amount of admitted ss
ets.including tha sum ol t A21K,
W. 36 in premium notes and
loans held bv Ihe company on '
policies in force, ' 12,670,119 81
Aggregate amount of liabilities, in
cluding f 11.101,619 uu for re in
surance reserve 11,328,799,16
Amount of in, oine for the pieced
ing y ejr in cash '2,481,875 92
Amount of premium note of In
come for the preceding year 806,213 62
Amount of expenditures lor the
preceding year in cash, 1,007,667 38
Amount of premium note eioen.
ditures for the preceding vear. 387.810 15
- u. r-.j in witness wnereor, 1 nsvi hereun
to subscrib. d my name, and caused the seal
of my office to be affiled Ihe nay and year
above written. WM. CHURCH.
. (superintendent.
Josx T. R.rRR, agent at MoArthur, O.
TEA AOENTt wanted id town and countrv lo
sell TEA, nr get up club orders, for the lar
gest Tea Company in America. Importers'
prices and inducements to scents, r-end for
circular. Addresa, ROBERT WELLS, 13
VeseyHu, N. Y P. O Box 12S7
TheChritrian Vaum, Henry Ward Beecher,
cuiior. 01 uci. zotn last, says; -.fartifs wisn
ingto get up clutsv, and ail who can get or
ders for tea, should write him for a circular."
The New York Wceklf Tribune, of Hei . 3d, eayst
"All '(.ranges' should write Robt. Wells for
circular "
The Scth, ofPept.20., eajf; "Robt. Wells 11
morougmy rensixe." SiMpr
Cottage Color. Paints,
ai.O0teai.SO per Gallon, ,
yaooao ia Oil,
60s per gal,
Fiib Paooi -' - - - - - 11.25 per gal.
Works ia 'all ' faints aa Boiled Linseed, only
too, per gal.
ENftlflEOIL, s 75
Send for cards of colors and circulars.
' Bole Agents, :
Done Neatly snd .Promptly
: ,rn , m
! i.tt- -rfiT .
. I .;n , t .'-..! I it. ' -lJ
s s.
E ' ' E
' TP 1 OH'-' "
Want a situation. , , i
Want a servant Kirl,
Want to sell a piano, ... 1
Wnut to sell a cariltifie,
Want tobujorsellnfarni.
Want a boardfnj: place,
; Want to sell town property,
AVant to sell tfrocerlos or drills.
Want to sell household furniture,
Want to sell dry goods or-car nets.
Want to find customers for anything.
Advertising will ealn new customers,
Advertising w4il keep old customers,
Advertising-libemlly always pays,
Advertlslnjr nntkes success easy, ,
Advertlslnir becrets confidence, ;
Advertising allows energy,
Advertising shows plucky
, Advertising means'tiz,' -Advertise
or '.'bust," :
Advertise" '.bng,
; Artverlise- w e"l I ,
; A d v e r-1 i s e 1
iii..' . . j 1
Every merchant, manufacturer
or buines man who has become
prominently rich, . has made his
fortune by judicious advertising
No exception to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for him in adversity, he
could make it shll better in pros
perity, he became a persistent ad
verhser, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants s:iy it is not worth
while co advertise; for nn person reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will pro til
tV its suggestion, if he lias any th inn to
offer w..rth advertising How much
mure then will those read thorn who
are not so largely supplied w til rend
ing matter, ore ot leisure 'n tne even
in j;, and mustdepend on their paper for
their local news, the most iu portnnt
item ff which is where they tan Ond
just what thoy want when they onpti to
town to make their, purchases. I T yum
stock is so old. rustv.'tiustv and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it is run
down so that you have nothing left that
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while for you to advortise. But if it is
new, fresh and spitrkling, up to the
times, nnd such as the people want,
don't hide them, but' publish to the
world that you have thorn, and want
to sell thou at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does duty beyond that day,
und its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece, of real proper
ty hnilt up in ths minds of men until
it becomes more ' valuable than any
corner lot in his locality.
If you lose a watch, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
the advertisement Hut you will plod
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much you ore los
ing by not advertising it Rrporter
If those persona who profess to be
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
tlve publicity to somo matter they
wouia not care to divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser ,
Advertising is apt to give as that
gentle jog ol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
a new dress as soon as the hny was in
Perhaps it would be s good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband' break
fast plate. Wbo will say that adver
tising will not jet civilize the world!
Wht do people read advertisements?
To see whoia enterprising and to learn
what is going on. To see if there is
snythinir new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. To know if any one ia selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
ohanoe of an auction. For amusement
To satisfy curiosty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio Slate Journal
Thb power of print is well known,
bat not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advadtage
over one that is written or . spoken.
This is one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well aa they
might the capacity to influence, to per
suade, to convince, whioh lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even thee fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed But there is some
thing in the silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter whioh gives it a
marvelous force and inflaernee. Busi
ness men should never permit them
selves to loose sight of what mav be
accomplished by a parseverbr nse of
ins priming presses. Aiearn toayer-.
tine, and then , the "bow.' when ' and
jbr'vol it, and, yo , wilUau a
uowledge worth baving.
1 In Zaleski'-
THE ialeski Company, with a flew to tba
development of the local Interests of ia!ee
ki, to sauure its parmaaeolpiosperily, sad to
add to it aopuleileej sad wealth, are aow
oitenag to actual eeltleie, toss lota end (arm
land at low arkM. and oa liberal terma.
Persona desiring to examine Jhs property
and to bay cheap houses will applv at tha
Comisiny's offices to
' - THOMPSON, Maaager.
laleskl, Ohio, Mar IS, 1871. af
, ,..,,,-.'. .1 .1 1 a
,. ! V ,i ,-vir-ll :. -.i : J
-.1 .- ' ' "' ..' ' , :'v
Waioh i adapted tad- V
' All Sejving Machines,.'
. t-j . ot . .. : j ti.i.'i
NOTICPl particularly the star p at BT, O.
GOODRICH. Chiragol, Ilia., w.ih SJ paen
stamps. It. C UOODRK II,
OhVeand salesroom SO State St., Chicago,
III. . . . ' tSaugtt
?f 1 iVt A ii j j t i? 1 1 y i- 4 I T
If you are Suffering frdm any
Broken Down Constitution
Or require 4 Remedy to '" '
rurlfy aud Enrich the Blood,
Vou.wlll find nr.Croolt'it'amponadlNyrio
tip ofFoke Knot to poenree greater tnrrw
it, cure you niura speedily; and do yoia
mora good Umu any and all otiier rerne
dies combined. That Pale. Tel law,
R efcly-looklngajklrt is changed to On
of IreahnesH ai.U boalth. Tliose Idaeaaesj
of the Kkln, flinples, Paataleae
Itlotrhea and Eruption are rumored.
Brrofula, Serofntons) Dlarae of the)
fcyes, Vibli Swelling, tlleers), Old
tivrea or .any kind of Humor, rupldlj
dwlndleand dlsnppenr tinder Its In due nee.
V hat i tr It la nature's own restorer I
A solo.b e oxyd of Iron cninhtiicil with til
medluliial properties of Poke Hoot divested
ot all dlsagrcenble qOnllllea. It will our
any wlxeaan whose real or direct cause la
Haul Hlood. Itlieomatlain, Pain ia
Liiiibs.rHnne,4'ontlt nitons brokess
down by Mercurial or other poisons, era
all cured by It, For Syphllla, or Rypht
lltlc tiilnt, there la nothing equal to lb A
trial will prove it. bold bj
CaEOBU E W. 8IS8ON, KIcArthar, Okie
THE WEEKLY fON is too widely knowa
to reipnre any extended recomtnenHafen;
hut Ihe rea-nna which have already given it
fifty thousand subscribers, anil which will,
we hope, five it many thuiisanda more, arw
biiefly sa Inllowa 1 ,
It Is a firtrate newspaper. All the news el
the dny will he found in it. condensed whsa
unimportant, si full length when of moment,
snu always presented in a clear, intelligible,
and interesting manner.
It is a flrai-rste family paper, (nil of enter
taining nn l instruct. ve rending of every kind,
hut containing nothing that can oltead tne
most delicate snd scrupulous, ts.te.
1 1 Is a Ural rate slory paper. The bast tale
snd romances of current literature areear
fully selected and eg'hly printed ir i's pstes.
His a flr-t-rate nctilturl paper. 'Ihe
mnstlrosh Ani instructive articles on agri
cultural topics regularly appear in this
It is an independent polltienl paper, heloag.
ing to no party and wearing no cellar' ll rights
for principle and the election of Ihe best men
10 cities It especially devotes its energies to
rhej exposure of Ihe grest corruptions that
now e;iken and disgrace out rountty.and
illicit,. n 10 undermine republican instilulioDa
altogether. It hits nolearbl knaves, and asks
110 fsvors of their sii'iporlers.
It reprtslhfnshiona for tlieladlea,ann the
nnHtet8-for-!he men. especiallv the Cattle-,
markets, to which ,t pnys particular atlenlina.
Finally, it Is the cheupest paper published
One dollar a year will stcure it for any sub
soiiber. ll is not necessary 10 gt up aclub.
n order to have TbB W r.EK LVBUN at ihi
ntte: Anv one who sends a single dollar will
got the paper for a year
THE WEEK LT grW.-JEIght pages,
fifty-six column-. 'nly 11 a jear. Nouis
comils from 1 In rate.
-lie as the Hatty Sun. SliOOayesr. A Sis.
cooi. I nf 80 pei- cent, to clul.s of 10 or over.
. THE UAILYMVN.-A large lour page
newspaper of tweut eight coll runs. Inly
ciroiiiatinn over 180,000.. Ail thsaewsfor
8 cents, biibscrti'iioii pi ice fiO cents a monlb,
r au yenr To clubs ol 10 r over, a dia
cotlnfc.f 80 per ?enl.
Address 'TUB SUN," New York City.
mWTn sn4 a tya' rl'uiCs..l.rutlie
. a.. J J jasrrr satksli7sk.lslsst
LlilCLQ. 1 M'ri".odrulil.LMl
.T7 , unasisls7sua,likika
IsUit 4lMtrli la srll. mat srsf saUss sftprlaa,
bowUprtHrTlafsasi(il.sis.A. .
Tklsis is l.ur.nlm w.rt slis-s kssdrtl ssSlltl
psff... with suMersos toravtia, sna Motalsa ..Isssls
lDr.rstin ror ikoM wsssrs Bi.rrM..rMi,lBplal.Biar
rlais. Sllll ll lis sosk Uat.a.atMbs .,lsirlMk
and ktr, snd sollsld ttrlMl7 abost Ihs koaM.
luoaulss Ihs tsssrl.sM asd sdrics t s skvtMaa
whMs rsp.isllos Is wsrld-id, ssd ihssld h.s ih.srl
Tsusnasrsr tr sisU ssd Sjsi.l.thn.iS.Mlih..atlr
gl.b. . Ii ssibrsc.1 STtrrtblsi s tht .abject r tb. eta
r.il,. itiusi ib.i Is sonh ksaslas.sad asiklksi Is
a.l p.bliihnl Is .07 slhtv wsrk.
Stnl u 1117 ssi (tree .1 ss.Uf.1 jr Vm C.SU.
Addr Or. g.iu' LUs.BMr;,ks. lag. AlfliUinrMt
at, Lotas, as.
Kotica to tie Affllc.ei an! Traibrtnnato.
.nrs sppljl., u lb. astsrlsii aasski h. sdnrtln la
1.1)11. si-r,,.r a.ls .07 tvul nnedlas straH Dr.
all.' . .. si.lur vhii jsardlHsstls, sr has dsplsr.
Or, Baiu socaplfS a dsabla loin f Imu sni
rsasil:! ilsdsrsid bj Mat s I lb. bmi nl.brsiad SMdl-
Salprr..Mri.rih IHIIIr aaa Kurnna ana...
sslud jxrt.11.ll7 r br B.I I. .. tht dlnaats aU.s I
bs rsa
bit .rtl. Olles ssd Mrlsri. ks. II K. Xi.kik am.
swtwMBMuksisBdCktiBsi,Si.UsU,ll. m
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galpolis. McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
ALT. parties having subscribed to the eap
iUI sioek 01 the MeA. C. R. R. ar
hereby requi ed to make payment to lhet-ec-retaryofihe
Company, st his ofTlce on the
Publio Square, in Osllinnlis, Ohio, 01 if more
convenient. 10 lianlel Will, President of the
Vinton Connly Bank, ai McArthur, t'bio, o
sn installment ol Ave dollars 00 esch share
o subscribed, within lea days of this dsle.
Augu.tlO. 1871
Q McA.AC. R. R.Co.
dee S 1871.
scalFs FOR SAL
fA 1 "RtTa n k h
QTOCK and Ore Scales aa good aa new, for
Osale at very low price. Call on
dotII . B.C. JONEa Aitoroey:
' i. . .1 ; (I.-,.
. '-t . -
1 ., i
-.1 . i

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