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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 10, 1874, Image 1

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. Editor aud Proprietor.
m -
OrriOE W. Corner of Main and
Logan, ta.i OopoaitB (Joint Bouse.
rci -i ! i . -i ' . '
fj j lOMEU 0.. JONES,
lOrr icrt-Ont doar wat of Das Will Bros.
k4or.- ' - .. j :
Df30jt( ,
ill Uhd prampl.; to all traraM ntr6"ia
to hit CUD.
,t i i :'..
Attorney at law,
-.Will praetlMlft vinton and adjoining coun
. ItW jiyxii.O'ifilirtltfteii to hi. care pi unapt
Ij attended to. Ottiu ill Court ilou.e.
JDul;i!ly !
""opposite r. r. pepot.
cAIvAvfilGHT, Proprlutor.
Livery Stable Attached.
Thrf;Hoe'h. ' jiixt been, reftirnii'hed
throughout. Ilooma clenn n4" cnmfortaliie,
thetmile atippllaii with lh lt the market
at.or.la, and do pains .pared to accomodate
rpuMttj j . , ; ', .; :.
J . C. LEM A N , ill . D.
X Has permanently located in
or tne practice or-
4o which he will Havo'e hil entire ntlention.
OKH'K'Kin liavin' Hiiiiiiiiiy up alairx, o)io
siIh Vmmn Cuuniy Uuuk.
iJati i Mnurt.l '. i .-, Samuel W lulvert, Jr.
Eatablialicd ViVl.
Wholesale Grocers
Prompt Attention riven to the
.TraitslX-r of iUJ IKON and
other Property iVonj and to
Itailroud.tnd Canal.
Water Street.betioeen Paint and Walnut
mar II liiiiU Iv ,
fuuLiiiicita Vhol:bl a.u IIktah
Dook.alit ra, , Stationers. . Printers,
And .
, . , emura in
I ! I I - I .
Law, Medical, Tuiiui.ncic'iti.,
Ull(l illbCKLAMiuL'8 liuOKS,
65 -West fourth Street, Cincinnati.
rcatalnxups furni'lio I firntuiloiii-ly on
api'liCHtiou iiud hiiv book Pful by inaib pcM
ye paid ri tipt ui puUihu priue.
' anddealrrm all kinds of
fe. MIES,
aLellly-laV4el iu6 th amallesl moMlres
. olarged to any m. and
:a .
ihighed in Oil,
, i
1' T l'A 'I N K
t. any other atyle tnarmay be desired, at the
tJKrtfiriu? flaly' flnlnheJ Fhetacraphai
mawbsaiatilaMrraih eld and fadvaVor
aeratched picture..
Pictures of all kinds framed
. Order. .
nd all work- Warranted to give lalisfaction
iWivM.;!' -.; it
The Bst and Clieaiest
fS '- i ' ' : V- i 5
tx j ATI..- i.-'. iI'i r-T"
...... C
VOL. 25 -NO. 26.
WHOLE NO.. 1,274
Tabo (Mo.) letter to the St Lou's Republican.
A Mathematical Marvel-An
Unlettered Youth Performing
the Work of Ten
We have qoite atnartrel of a
man in oar community a nat-
ural Qialbematician: iia name
is Reuben Fields. tlaviiigrev
quently heard of him'lLrorjgh
farmers and others, who 'get;
him to do their counting, I-de-
termined a short lime ago4o
make a visit and ascertain tor
myselt if the remarkable sto
ries told of him were really
true. . '
, Proceeding to FayettevUle,
the umall village in which he
lives, I inquired for?Re ub," aud'
was'lold that he'vras in town,
and was shown his residence,
iqward which I made my way.
When nearly there I met a
young man; appareiitly"about
tweftfyfivei years of ige who
seemed to be .leisurely and va
cantly gzing about, and ac
costed him with, "Does Renbeu
Fields live in 'that . house yon:
"Yes, sir."
"Well, I've heard that Reti!.
was a great calculator, and I
must go aud see hiai," and 1
started forward, when he stop
ped me with, 'I'm him."
"VVflll, Reub," said 1, "have a
lew quejiions I would like to
have ; you " answer, and ' will
make it worth' your while to
do so." ...!.; . :
Uazing around he answered:
'lbai'a all riht," aod remark
ed I hat ,he could "count'' any-
(.thing lhal he could understand.
I ina)1; here remark : that hj
can not read or write a letter
or figure; he says l'l he 'could he
Bhould lose his gift. ' fie has a
numeration table away on ,'be
beyoud tlio books" lie re
marked: "You commence at the
bottom and work up I com-
iMuufu ,ul tl a lop ,dnd . vwrlt
down; -it is t, a'siel falling qu oi
a Iree'liian climbing one." lie
trt quently observe'.'1: I could
read and write, I shouldn't
know any more than jouuo.'
lti said he never makes mis
takes. Of all the questions 1
gave him he mad.- but one, aud
he corrected that on. recount
ing. The following are some
ol the questions asked linn:
II to the time ppst noon there
be "added it's i, and 2 5 t he
sum will be equal to 1 6 ol ihe
tune 10 iiiiduigiit, what is the
Divide $11 50 between two
persons so lhal one shall have
75 ceurs more than the other.
A iree 136 feet long tell and
was broken itUo1 two piectii;jf
ol' iI)e'longer"piece' equal's i f
the length ol the shonei.
What is the length of, Ihe
piece . ; ,' i - .:i.,t:
., Wliat is ihel interest of 1 one
cent lor one day at fl per cent,
per annum.
What is the exact length 61
one tide ol a square acre?'
'lhese questions werji'all cor
rectly unsnen d, his answer to
the last being, It' can't 'be
told." ,' ''"'.'; ''.'v.
r it.n i i.o ...u t: u...
ihat you' can tell what day oi
the. week any given date was, Or
Will ht-; ' is that ' so? ' ' '-Yes,
sir." ' "What was July 1, 1868?"
"Wednesday ' 'correct.'. ' What
was the22d day ol Manuary,
1848?" "Sunday. ; "What day.
will the Fourth ot July Come
on this yeai?" ,VOii Saturday.'
Kew-':..Yeai?'f M"bu ;Friday."
"All right. t' have also beard,
Heub, that you cao tell the
hour at any time of Mie day or
ulgbij. - is ttat boI'I ' Ye-, eir"
"What time Is it no?1' "it is
seventeen minutes past two o
clock, railroad lime; cuu time
is tbirteerj: minutes slower.!
Wo .walked arouiid. awiijrtipd
he gave me the hourbeveral
limed; correctly ."each 'time
within two: or. ihree miuutes.
Several tunes he called on' i
in.tld ni ihie nlatl'm(ntlt hlrh
citizens of the place told me lie
Jijd riedfieub on the time
question on' both clear and
clondy days and also on dark
nights, and he always gave the
correct ,time. Reuben ..asked
Hie gentleman we were talk
ingwith to write dowfj a col
umn ot figures, which he did:
were then read to him,
wofigures' in each number
arid he at once gave their suji,
and then could repeat (he num
bers in the order in which they
were written, either forward or
Ihe tax collector got Reub to
look over liis work last fall, and
Reuben said that he could re
member the numbers in the
column and the sum yet. Conn
,ty clerks have sent from. Kan
sas fur.tiiiu yogbelp straighten
their Dopks i: wholesale firm
in Knsai Cjty" heard dr him.
"and" senr"f6r"hiiri ' to do some
Invoicing. lie told them he
coud do he work of ten clerks
in making computations. They
told him if he could he should
have the pay ol-ten men. lie
mounted a high stool with the
clerks around him,, and he kept
them busy giving the numbtr
of articles, price ol each,' aud
taking down his answers. They
gaye him forty-five dollars lor
his day's work. A firm in Fa
yetleville1 selling out took an
invoice of their goods. Reub
was sick at the time, but ihey
made it out and submitted r to
him; he found a mistake of
ilireo hundred dollars'. ; ' v
.'ometims a? wilt.v: person
will Hy and make a little lun
at Reub s expense. One asked
him what he would do if the
d.ictora should catch him and
take out his brains to nee. jn
what respect they varied from
other. "Oo around without
any brains like you go"''was the
readfrepfy.'V J i
Doing a Dun.
'I have a tinal) bill against
you," said a pernicious looking
collector as he entered the
store of one who had'acquired
the . character ojf a hari . cus
tomer. ' ; 1 ' 1
, Yes, sir, a very fine day, in
deed,'' was -the reply. - . -
'1 am not eppaking ol
ihe weather, but vour bill," re
plied the collecter in a loud
ley. .: , r , . ..
""It would be better if we
had 4 little rain" .
'Oonlound the rain," contin'
ited ihe collector; and. raising
lih 'voice added: "LJiive you
ilje money to pay this hit!?" '. ,
"Beg your ' pardon. I'm hard
of hearing. I've made it a
rule no( to lend my funds lo
Grangers, and . 1 really don't
recognize you. -
"I'm collector for the Daily
Exiineutsher - newspaper," sir1,
and I hnve bill against yon,",
persisted the collector at IhV
top of his voice, producing the
bill, and tiriifiiisrit" in the
face of hi debtor. . . . .. ,
"I've, detetminpd to lndorso
bills, inr no one; von mnv. put
ihflbilf bsck into vour porkt
boofrj I resllv cin't indorBJir
"flontnnnd nnr indorsement!
Will tnnpw itr
"Ynn'il pav it, tin dnnbt, Jr,
hut there's a'vra"S a risk about
these matter, vou. . knowY So
I mnst decline it."; , , , .
."The' money must be mine
to dar,"' " ; :
' "Oh, ves, nintv dsvs.' but 1
wnnld not indorse 'a Kill for
von at a wpilt: .o ft not nf
mv store. " Tt Is spldnm that I
m pressed npoti fp,r m indorse
ment, even bv a friend; or the
prtloliiR'lrnfigrfrtr. t.'is- ii.
explicable... Do . not force m
to put you out; leave the prem
. ; .r' ( i i u . .i . . t . -. . I
: Th bill was retnrned ro th
Ex'incuisher office, indorsed:
So:, YreadiunV'-'deat1 Hat 'he
couldn't understand.
"Stppiho dov u -and out He
. i
From the Mufreesboro (Tenn,) News, June 25
From the Mufreesboro (Tenn,) News, June 25 A Young Girl Carries a Snake
In Her Stomach Four Years.
1 For many months past it has
been reported that a young la
dy living near Christian, ir
this county, was afflicted In a
very singular manner, and a
great many said she was: pos
sessed either of a ; devil nr a'
reptile 'of ; some. 'character,
which was located In her stom
ach. .Many had , been the re
marks thereabout, some affirm
ing its possibility, while ijthers
"hooted" at, the bare mention
of such a thing.' The interest
hsd . continued to. increase in
regard to it till at diiTont
times most, all the ; physicians
in that end of the counly had
vipited the ' afflicted. yourig. la-1
dy, and we might say, without
exaggeration, two thirds of the
people of the ..same section.
The grand culmination, I how
ever, was reached 1 on t'ridny
night last, 26h of June, by
the extraction from the stom
ach tif the girl, by Dr. J. AJ.
Burger, of the ; heretofore
mooted "thing," which' was
nothing more nor less than a
live snake twenty-three inches
long and two-thirds ot n' inch
in diameter. " ' 1 ' .
; The girl's name, is Thankful
Taylor. 'Her lather is dead, and
her mother line since mnrriel
her present husband, William
Carroll. Her age is. twenty,
two years, and since her infan
cy has been mote or fesd deli
cate at times, t$he was. first
troubled. with the enake about
four years ago, and since that
time it. hai continued to grow
wore, till for the past two
years her life has been almost
continually one of pain and
trouble. When she felt the
motions ol the snake in her
stomach they were frequently
percepitiblo across the room,
with an ordinary bed 'quill-over
her, and were generally upon
one tr the other side of her
stomach. ..She would suffer
great pain, and frequently so
severe that it would produce
convul8i'onF; slie would lose
her mind, and remain some
times in a death. l.Ue state for
t wenty-four or thirty-6ix hours.
At limes her coffering was so
great that her skin would bplit
open and the flesh upon her
head split so much it became
necessary' to cut1 her hair oil
very short, in which condition
it, Is now, and the scars are
percep'ibte to all.
She frequently remarked on
the 26ih that it was coming up
soon, and ' just after dark on
that evening, as the . family
were seated abouf Jhe', door,
and 6omebf Iberr on the out
side, ehe arose from her pallet
on the floor, rushed1 out o; the
west door of the cabin, and lii'
strangling manner.' ,ran , pome;
fifteen or twenty steps and fell
upon her Ifnees. ; The family,
supposing her lii 8pa8m,'ran
.sfter her, and her 'little broth
eri' r e a ch i n g' h er ' fi r s f , " c a 1 1 ed
back to his mother that ' "that
thing was in'sis' mouth." Her
step-brother- caught' and helJ
her from behind, she .all the
while nuking desperate efforts
to get loose, and appeared
strangling to death Llcr moth
er 'finding hthe thing' In 'her
mouth, as though it had come
up head foremost, and in going
back the . same way bad
doubled itself,' making a loop,
In which ebo put her finger and
held it. till the doctor came,
who had been sent lor instant
ly, an4 . arrived in a fewmin
ute8 irnm his home, some fonr
hundred yards off, the way be
had to come. .', ,r-
-'The mother, remembering
the1 doctor's injunctions,, held
fast, and as it tried to worm it
self back Into (he stomach she
called upon t her.' daughter , to
close her teelh upon, ity which
the daughter 8 ay a she did, and
there : is' cerin!y upon '' the
inaKe, us. wuere m wouigit
have taken ' hold, unrhisktaka
ble signs ot marks that might
bave been made by teeth. So
!oon as the doclor arrived She
ook faofd of it and drew it out,
it making eiDforts lo got down,
but comj.ng up' with Jhe use of
but little strength.. .
n ; Dr. J, M. Burger, ' practic
ing - physician in said county
and statement upon his profes
sional honor:, w '' '.'.';
Mf'That iust after dark on the
mght! of flhe 2d ill 1 bf June,
1874, 1 was sent' for in a great
hurry to attendn;Th'ftnkful Tay
lor, and In company with Miss
Johnnie iBatop, I at once pro
ceeded, to her. home, -a short
'distance off, ana! found her up
on a the ground and her step
fAiher'j holding her, and her
mother holding to something
in her mouth. :I at once took
hold of it aud extracted it,
which 'proved to be a living
snake twenty-three ' inches
long and two thirds of an inch
in diamter. ' The girl, , when I
reached her, was in a strang
ling condition, but was in
sianlly relieved 1 upon its ex
traction. Ic appeared, ' from
the positjoi' in', which I found
the shake,' that it came' up head
fofemost.'apd in attempting to
go back wareaught with its
head down the oesophagus,' I
should think six o eight inch
es.. Hie reptile lived four - or
five minutes, and Was covered
with , a , light ,mucuous sub
stance. I am satisfied that the
6nake came from Ihie stomach
of the girl, and waj 1 sa'ljsfied
iiomllie beginning 'ot my
treatment ol her, In' January
last, tli.il she was afflicted with
a reptile of soma character m
her stomach; ' She now seems
perlecily lecoved, and Is able
to walk about, go to church, or
ahy where, waiclr'she has not
beeu able to do before since I
begau to treat her.
From Circleville Herald.
A Sad Case of Death.
r ado.h&s' been made In
the city dailies concerning the
dissolution of Good Hope
Orange, iii Illinois. We had
not though I the matter to be
ol sufficient, interest, . to our
Patrons i u Picka way to require
an explanation, until the ap.
pearance of a selection on this
subject Irom the Western Ru
ral, in the last issue of (he
Uircleville (Democrat. The
lacts are these: Good Hope
Grange never disbanded. Four-
teen members who. deserve
the burlesque of .being called
Granger'' did get together
in ' a special meeting known"
only 10 themselves, and passed
a mjlulion ' to,,, dinband." . o
Graoge can-be disbanded by
V.oi e, txcejt ,a't'a regular meet-
ingi all'er lair Police' of tte pro-
posed action -hav'ng been givr
en to the entire membership.
The Master of ihe Si'ate .Orange
ol Illidoispublibhes a statement
in which he says that Good
Hope Orange holds its regular
meetings;' that'll cohJpmes
f i i . J l ,'W.;I
more 'hun one hundred mem
ber6;tht it owns a valuable hall
aud o'her necessary property;
and lhat it is one of the strong
est and most Intiueulfaj Grang
es in Illinois.1 There is no such
thing as a "dead" Grange. Ol
the twenty thousand Granges
organized In this country with
in the past two years, not one
ha yet been disbanded. " . 1 .
Washington Capital
Thurman's Opinion of It.
"Well, beiiat'or, what do you
think of the Beecher case?''
asked a gentleman of Judge
Thurmaniu the cars yesterday.
Why, l. lell y9a"he truth
he replied,"! am in .the condi
tion of. the' associate Judge
who,, charging" ihe jury, in a
larceny .aereaid there was a
monstrous improbable possibit
iiy ol innocence, and the jury
must gi'e the deleodant lije
benefit of the doubt", , , ,., ,a
Uoldsmlth Maid's Early Career
A writer in ; the ;Evn8ville
Journal gives some particulars
concerning, , Goldsmith Maid,
who has just distinguished her
self by the remarkable time ol
2:14:, ';The Maid was a way
ward child. ;From the. date )ol
her birth, on the farm of John
B. Decker, in,, Wantage town
ship, Sussex. crnnty. N. Y- in
the spring of 1857, to the igeol
sit years she distinguished her
elf In many ways, but never as
a trotter She was undersized,
nervous and 'ratful, and utterly
refused arin work .jMr. Deck-
er her owner, Bays he never got
any work out of her but twice
one half day in. plpwingcorn
and one half day in drawing
stones. Once she was hUrhA
tn a r,oA t,,, . .v. ' .
to a harrow, but after a short
,u0anA-"oi,: Li U..L
distance she reared backward
and entangled both her hind
leps in the cross-piece of1, the
harrow, and so iujured those
members that when, she goes
out lor her morning walks it is
said Bhe still shows signs ol
stilTiiess behind, caused by this
fall 'in' early " life.... From," the
ume Bhe was. six months old
until Mr.. Decker sold her she
was used as a race-horse though
without her owner's knowledge,
The hoys on fhe farm, of course,
as uoys do, were. anxious to
know which was the speediest
horse, and at an early day 'they
found it was the Maid. ':And
alter they'd man' had gone
to bed they 'would take her out
of the pasture or stable, when
ever a race could be made-up,
and ran her W' the road after
night. She' beat" everything
that could be brought to rub
with her, so that- finally none
but the uninformed from'a dis
tance .could! be found to bet
against her. tlese races were
made. up at the country storea
and : lounging places m the
evening after-farm "work was
over, and the race run the same
night alter the 'old man' had
gone to bed. No training, rio
grooms, no jockeys,' no weight
for age just a man or a boy in
his bare' feet, mounted bare
back, with his toes hugging Ihe
mare's belly like a leech, was
the style; ' and the Maid no!
donbt, enjoyed it more than
she has some of her late1 races
in the trotting ring. 1 One day
in the summer of 1863 two men
were out buying horses for the
army, and stopped all, night
at 'Mr. Decker's, and 'in the
rriornirig bought the Maid of
him for $260, and started for
home, leaving the. mare behind
thpm. On their way they met
n Mr.' Tompkins, who. knew the
little mare and' bought her of
them for $3C0.! The' tw.i men
also 't new ''hpr and believed
that.:ihe' couVdbe made 8 ,troti
fer, but 'wpre wiljin'g to' make
$iOO by 'their morning's rjapl
gain; the nekt day1 Tompkins
sold her to Allen Goldsmith, an
excellent judge of horsp -fleshi
of Blooming1' Grove, Oranee
County, New York lot $600,
Irom him she took the hame of
Goldsmith Maid. He kept her
under a pretty steady training
under William Bodihe,lo whom,
more than . any other living
roan, should be awarded the
credit. of first bringing the mare
out. : The renowned Budd Do.
ble, who now.; drives her so
handsomely, had. not-then .ei
ther seen; or ' heard of ber.
While in training for the trot
ting coarse she .was so fretful
and irritable, so determined to
run at every opportunity, in
stead oi : trailing, ' so .hard ', to
o.cau wi. iiixi.;iMp, ;tf .uaru .lU
U., ..... 1 1.2
lhat trait that Mr i lnU,M. k
many times deiertnined to give
up the training and 'sell ffer at
any price, but 'his pa'tieni'dri-
er maintained 'bis 1 abiding -
' i
pioypr ibat'sKe was the rastestie
animal on 1 hia' 1 premises and
would'COtoe but tlt'lait' great
trbtterf nrl i finallyVj,ria84edlflcient
s - i
AilvkUTIHIlSin TPIlMli;
On aanAra.: .. ' ' all (in
(Each additions, nget;on . , fco
Cards per yes 7- v i . ID rt)0
Lorn nonrtr per line,.-.. ij
Tfarlj adwrtlgcrarnu 9100 DO
colmiui.a'il ?t proportlonste ist Jel
legMpn. Tsyable in advance. , ta
tlTTho Record being ttie cfflclaia)
nanpr nf tliA tnti-rt'l anil l,ol'n J A
largest circulation of any paprrTnlitf
jomny, oners suponoi injuccniOli
to advertisers. , . ... .
bi'm lo keep '4ier, which it
until her driver ,s6 brought but
hVr'pointt IbaVMr".' Goidsttitlii
in November. 1868, sold her 'jo
B. Jac k m an a nd,; IJudd Doblb
lor 20 ftfWV. " Thai.' oonllaW.l.
a Hjvvvra u V W a, V II 1 1 V Ui wil
sold her to Mr." 0, N. SraUaTfyr
the sum of $37,000. ..Mr. poble
still drive's Vr,V She; made l'er
first appparane'e' In" public fa
august, leeay
Jackson Standard.
, JtVERsiuqe JimUal
from jail..Wmt.F. Owens has
bcet'i 'on. his track. .rLast jreBk
bt got near Vnorign'tosend A
loadot ahotinto him, and then
sent to Jackson for ald. Dep
uty Sheriff Jofin il! E wing, au&
Marshal Thomas 'Ea'sterlini?
went, and pursuing him north.
captured nimJ near flew UOI-i
J. . . . . , v ,
land, m Pickaway codnty. He
. a I ' , L ' h-a ' I an
had been air the t ime near Bv-
ers' Staliontin this coonty; arli
it was ifl that Tfcfuity that
Owens I'shot him. : Hall wkl
brought to - this plact 'oA
Wednesday afternoon ' on' tip1
mail train-, and put Into a 'cell
in jail. . -'' i
00 bit back' and gun sleei
grdn 0VdiVofciSnf w
job.. nicuoNKKLL, says
Ihe Chillicothe Reciater. brort
ba'ck with him from the WeVt
a wonderful grasshODo'er sto
ry- He, wai ''reliably info'rni-
d" that they bad
in omrauo a section . oi coun
try 300 miles' wide and
j'ortg. At Denver a raanjWeb
iuto his garden, to drive then!
off of his veg'e tabes, wWh t"h
tiopper8 turned on him an
the ehirt 'oft of his back befor
he could get out" of'the-yar.
This is simply a sample, fa((di
hot a good one at tba,f, .., ,j
1 , ; ; ,
; Tub Democracy have hefll
a State Convention arid nomin
ated the following ticket': ' '
. Judge 'W.'J.- Gilinoref!if
Peble county, for Judge 'o'fT
Supreme Court;' William Tleil,
ol Licking county for Secretary
of State; O.S. Smart, of Picka
way, for School Commissioner;
Arnold Green of Cuvaho'ffa. ith
a "i
Clerk ol.; the Supreme CoutI,
and Martin Schilder of Kosi.fbr
Member 01 Ihe Board of I'utlio
Works. . i- -!; - " ''
,' : . i
I j .. . . .
Is his reply to the petition,
of his nineteenth wife for, di
vorce Brigham Young declares '
that all his property does not
exceed in value' the sum ol
$600,000, arid ' that his;,income,
does j not exceed I600O ' pV'
month; that he has aiargefam
ily,i now' consisting of siity
three persons all of whom are1
dependent upon blm lor sup
port, and prays that her bill be
dismissed.. ; : . . '-'" i- - '
" The official vote on the new
Constitution was publjslved jp.
the papers last' Saturday.' ' Th
majority against the. several
propositions is, as .follows ',-
Constitution... a.... J.. ..'.'.14,7,28
Minority Repr.esen'tiopl85,8p4
Railroad Aid........ .,,...251,242.
License .'..'.V. .. ".'...'.V.V.. 7.280"
Fifty lour counties gave mi-
jonties against , license, ''ana
iU 'The cities' all Went for")iV
Southern California enjoys a,
climate of rare-oomfort ar) d.
uniforrnityV F6r the week eftd
io ' August' !13, the aveirl ge
temperature at ' Santa lJaro ar'
was 70.91 ' degrees1,' while ljber
was but five degrees 'faria-'
lion in the daily average. :A
Los Angelos for 'the week end-A
irie July 30.' the average wa
69i degrees, and the range 'ia3
uauy average o aegrees.; -,-A
,. ,,. .. ; ut, Jj.T
"iiTTin rnn i..M T
V.rak na . tn a . rlf lalnfo" 'in rvon -v
ter, 'been ..there, td build- ite
ark, we 'should 'noi bave, fidk,
the flood ye't."'.;.' ) "'"
: . . .- -,. ., .j
Whks a ChlCagQ- ma can'tf
without dreading of;hismot!ia
er-in-law, U:isfc6Ji'B!(!yrei'a11

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