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EmOE .w. Ooratf of Vklsud
m SttfOtrnosite Oourt Homse.
GeWir Machine!
Theft rrateet Produriien
the.lVorld Erejr lncw.
OUB-elalait for the superiority of
tbe Kik Howe Machines eta nriv
r be disputed, Th'w most enviable
reoatation bu been obtained hy its own
teerlts. 1 We do oot claim that we offer
onr maubinet for tbe feweet dullars, or,
on the loosest line of credit that can 6e
obtained by ba'y.iag' other elaWof ni
xbhea. lint wedp yteim we have the
)&)r&V&ptinjgentI to 'eeU our
Viaobinee in Tinton ' and IIoc.kiDg
eopqties, fur which we propose to pay
a liberalcowailuioa; .furnish three be
more wagons if an agent will uan and
paah.tbem (or the business. -We in
tend operating on an entire new basis
for this reason we want good, lire men
to run tbe thing. The reputation ot
the HtwhjIJ well1 known throughout
Vinton and Hocking counties ae well as
over , the, entire world. , , You will find
me"1 if W UULBEUT 110DSE, nto
AUTUIJK, a,' any .time thisj month,
ready to administer to your wants. ,
w. c. Mclaughlin,
Special Agent.
lOMplim ':'-
OrnoR-On door watt of Dun WiltaBroa.
Ontce-A10ArUiur. uMo. ; ,
Will utMid promptly to all bniiocM
lo hi. aero.
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it. Bullpen eniriiiile.4 lo liu en piumpt
Ij .UraJed to. OWct la Court Hou.e.
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C, F. CARTWEICUIJ'. Proprietor.
Livery Stable UftacAedV 1
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thrnn.hollt. lloomi cleM. and eomtortalil..
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tat Viotoo Count) Bank.
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Wholesale Grocers'
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rompt Attention given to the
Translef or IttON and
othef FroiMjrty iroiu aud to
'Tatet StrMMtmm Paint and Walnut
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ROBEliT CLARK & 00.,
Bookififler;' ttwiorieif:,' jrlnten,
. BluUrs,. '-
BLANK BOOlf ifiti'i'itTUKERS
Trtfr -IT Ti
Law, Midioal, TBsiiiodicat, 8chool,
, . and yusofcuMBOca Hoott, . .,.
H Wiii Foirth Strut, Cincinnati.
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- TWUct J and CfieajjeiV
VOL. 25 NO. 27.
' ' ' l! '' , ' ' ' '" t- ' ' ' ' ' 11 ' ,r7''1 ''' ' '' L '
SEPTEMBER 17, 1871.'
WHOLE NO. 1,275
Cabinet Discussion of the
Emancipation Proclamation.
rnrrt1WlW? Hi ermwe wbicli rftftl
I Few passages in bUt6ry will
be read with a keener test than
Ihe following graphic account,
by one of the actors in the
great drams, of the reading ot
the famous Emancipation Proc
lamation in the CabinSt, It
is from "Warden's Life- of
"Mohdat, Sent emher, 22, 1862.
: "lo department about 9.
State Dt-partuient messenger
came with notice lo beads of
departments to meet at 12
Rcived sundry callers. Went
to While Oouae. All th moia
bers oi lh Oobinet were in
attendance. ; There , was some
general .talk; and J he . Presi
dent jnentloned that Ariemus
Warj haj lent hihhiV book.
Proppsed to read fa chapter
which he 'thought Very' funny'.
Read it, and seemed to enjoy it
very much; the heads also (ex
oep (SUntoo,) ol course. Tlie
chHpter was 'High-handed Out.
rHge at Utlca.l . ' . . "
1 "The President then took a
grayer tone and said;
; 'fJentlerhen: I have, as you
are aware, thought a great deal
about the relation of ihti war
to slavery; and you all remem
ber that, eeveral weeks ago, I
read to you an order I bad pre
pared on this sitlject, which'
on account of objections made
b Rome of you, was not losoed
Ever; since" then' my tut nd Tins
been niiich nrropied with this
niiljec, hnd I have thought; all
alonir, that the t'me for act in ir
6n it. might , probably enme. I
think the iim has enme now. I
wish it wag a be' te-time. I
wish that we were in a better
condition. The action of the
rmy againt the rebels has not
been-quite what I should have
hat:' liked. - But thev have
hpen driven out of .Maryland,
aod Pennsylvania is no loneer
in dancer of invasion. When
the rebel army was at Freder
ick I determined as soon as it
Should be driven out of Mary
land, to isue a proclamation
of emancipation, such as 1
thought most likely to be use
(ul. I said nothing to any one.
but made the promise to my.
self and hesitating a little to
my Maker. The rebel army is
now driven out, and I am go.
ing to fulfil thai promise. I
have cot you together to bear
what I have written down.'. 1
do not wish your advice about
the main' mailer, for that 1
. llormin1 mvaolf
ve apiprminpa raj eii.
I say without intending' anv
thing bu respvet for anv one of
you. But 1 alreadv know 'he
Viws oi each on'lhia question
...M Mi 'J
They have been herelo'ope ex
pressed, and I have considered
Jhem as tborouirhlv snd care,
fu'llv as t cftti i What I have
w ritten i that whleh mr reflec-
. 1
lion's bv determined me 'o
aav." If there la anvthlne in
the exneasions T Oae1. or in nv
m'nor matter, which hv of von
hin.fcs had heat f ehansred. 1
ahall be Had toreflve snecea
Hoij vOno)' o'hr observation
I Will make. ... I know verv well
thaf manv other mibt in tHa
matter, as iri others, do better
than Iran; and if T wea aisfid
thar th rinrlie onnfience was
roOre fuHv possessed h?
hpn'thr ,hy ,me, and kx
anv Qf
new of
anv . eor.atitnttonal , wav i.Jn
which tie 'rnnld' be"rtrjf tn mv
plao.c,W'H shonTd ''nave' 'it. ' I
wonM'"itdrv" yield' It to" him
fntlMhonrh".! nelteve that '
have not so mtjrji of the eonfl
rnee of, the nnn? aaI. had
apinetliirn ince. I do riot know
that, alt 'thinVonelrleeed. an
other" pefon haa more; and
however hl m be. there Js
tjnwav in Whieh t can have anv
other mVpn where 1 'rri .1 rri
b'ere. ' I mnt do the be J can
aM-kr the reanonsihilitv. of.
r...ir - r . - .- - . r .. . a
The President then proceed
ed to 'read his" Emancipation
roclamation, making remarks
on thrVeeveral parts as be went
on, and showing that he had
lolly considered tbe whole sub
feet, in alf the lights under
which it had been presented
to him.
"After he bad closed, Gov-
ernor Sward said: 'The gen
era) question having been de
cided, nothing can be said tar
her about that. Would it not
however, make the Proclama
tion more clear and decided to
eave oot all reference to the
gr.t Wito 9uotluotf UUIIUK tlio
Incumbency of ' the ' present
President and not merely say
that the government 'recog
nires,' but that it will -main
tain, tbe Ireedomlt proclaims!'
; tonowea saying: ?wdsi
ypu havo said Mr, President,
ully satisfies me that you have
given to every proposition
which has been made, a kind
and candid cohsderation.' And
you have now expressed the
conclusion to which you have
arrived, clearly and distinctly.
liu it wa'k your right, and no
ler your oath of office, your
duty, to do., ,The Proclamation
does not, indeed niark out ei
actly the course I would, my
sejt preler. But I am. ready to
take it just as It is written, and
0 81 and by it with all my heuri.
I think, howerer, the sugges-
ions ol Governor Seward very
judicious,' and shall be glad to
have them adopted. 1 i j, ' )
t.Tlie Prefcident 'then asked
us severally our opinions as to
the , modifications proposed,
saying that 'lie dm not care
much about the phrases he had
used. Every one favored tbe
modification, and it was adopt
ed. Governor Sfward then
proposed (bat in the passage
relating to colonization some
aimuage should be introduced
to show that tbe colonization
prosposed. was to be only with
tbe ' consent of tho coloriistx
and the consent of tbe States
in which colonies might be at
templed Thia, ton, was agreed
lo; and no other modification
was proposed. Mr. Blair thev
said that; the question having
been decided, he would make
no objection to issuing ' tbe
Pr iclaination; but' he would
auk to have his paper, present
ed iom davo since', against
the policy, filed with the Proc-
aination., The President con
neuted to Ibis readily.; And
then Mr Blair went on to say
that he was. alrald ol the in
fluence oi the Proclamation qii
ihe Border States and on the
a. my, and stated, at some
length, the grounds of his ap
prehensions, 1 Ue ' disclaimed
most ex, ressly.' however, all
objection to emancipation per
$e saying he had always been
personally in' lav'or' 6f ' it al
ways ready' for' immediate
emancipation 10 the midst nt
slave- citates, rather than 'sub
mit to the perpetuation ol the
CoBBESPoBDaKci between the
British "Government, and ila
representatives' at Madrid con
ceruing the Virginius outrage
is publiihed. Mr. McDonald
Briiisb Charge d'Afiaire writes
Lord Derby July 9, that the
Spanish Governmen t appeals to
England to defer pressing a set
tlement of her claims on ac
count of negotiations pending
with the United States. - $patn
will te hampered in ' dealing
with the. latter power'H 'the1
Ame,ncari Government is able
to cjte.a preaedjent Jor pa men
nf indemnity to Entrland. Lord
Ueroy replies ou iuiy 14, qe
maiding thar a' fttWment'i
made by a fixed' and not too
diBtant date.
Mr. MacDonellefegrapba to
Lord Derby, Augum 7, that Be
nor Dlvii.the' Spanigh ministej
ol Kreien Anarrn,' agrees that
It ..xZ.XZAlHtfAt tii'!
.i i iBiuinir..uBiriuDl VD.biiaii turn
f med.utelyjflnfle
A Newly Discovered Nation.
Chicago Tribune.
of nnnrai
lb9 campaigl
w" s
Orook against Ihe Apaches
last year opened! to research a
tract of . land,' two huadred
miles squre,'whth is rich in
relioa af our 'ountrt'a on-
nown past, it oontalni a
chain of ancient citiesln fains,
ud a coterie of. anciett towns
atill InhabitAt k r whit-
bnM. nt-ii tiiVt,- v.
.. . . . -
dian, aud Mexican, and Amerl
evaivta. we I1UUI
.' ,''' J, .
Irom the ancient inhibitants
of itif country, and miiotains
rellitiOa and a government
both ol wnlca.are) pecu'liar-w
It salf. - Wf are indebted to
Captain W. 0. Maouitig, Vf the
regular army, lor the tacts' in
our possession concerning the
newly discovered ' race.; OSfh
tain Manning, ; who' w4a with
General Crook durink the
w boW. cimpai inYt irjis
omended lor promotion, by. tbe
alter on account of gallantry
in (he field, explored in the in
tervalsoi fighting, tie fished
; inhibit etl 1 twqa1 talked
wun tneir ruiersf ana iniormed
ilmself concerning their cus-
torn s.
The'largest settlemeht is in
r r
a rr i
ear Mexico, about,, thirty
miles aoutn ot tbe border line
i a
type ol the rest A
rong wall surrounds it. 'Willi
-r r
are- houses lor about four
thousand people. The popnla
- A.
tion bias dw'indled, however, to
about eighteen
. i, I A . tv.
place was . mentioned by , a
a i.u t.:.:i :.i.' t.r.it.ij
upu.a .uu wno puoii.neu,
n 1K9.A a iloaorfntlnn nChi.
wanderings in America.1 About
awva aw -vn va a a-aa vu ana mo
535 another: Jesuit wrote . i
minute account of, it. This ao
Cfiunt is true, in nearly e.very
detail, , to-day. The laogage
resembles the Ghlneei. Scran
ardent archeS'dogisC who vis
t.ei the city a year ago, lays:
ome of the minor customs
correspond to those of Ihe Chi
TheVomen are of the
Celestial tyne almond
eyes, protuberant bodies,' little
feet, etc. They dress their hair
and ' themselvea ' In Chiriest'
fa-hion. r-Tlipir raiitlnn i bar
birously magnificent. Monte
zurba is' their deity. : Uis com
i if la looked tor at alinrian
each day I Jimortality is part
of their creed. The oriests
have heavilv embroidered rob
which have been used for -un-
numbered years. The ceretno-
ies of worship are formal , and
pompous. The morality of this
strange people,' as far at. least
a foreigners are concerned, is
irrepfdaohable. , Ii is probable
that: they, keep" record - ot
evenii'by1 meana; oH
culiar knots' in long-cords.
This, jt true, seenis '''to WtA-LM
Usu some kinHliip ; between
and 'ine Aztecs:1 Their
government it a cunaervaiiye
RAuiintl of thtflnnii nucmnua
Six'ol thWe selected VAT
i alii "monuva rronuratlri Ahnoan
tbtttj'- -T' i'
not be indrdioately fong. : The
remaiutng wye ,- eieciea
.ruiu vmv w uiuwa vu
tnem la .ha executive. Anoth-
is ursort of x Vice PresldedLl
There is a War Chiek a Chiel
ol Policvetc Abesa seven
caciques, are . usually young
men. v They- aerve bat a lew
months. Suffrage is nmvertaL
It is scarcely necessary to eup
plement these lads with the
aiatement that these dwellera
iia rawaia ava nntm ntafiAafi
V1V11IAMUUU. - uu suia 1IU1UI, vu.
lacl speak volumes.'. Woman
ia uot a beast of burden among
ihum, as lhe ia with all ludiah
. , ..... . . . ' . . .-I '
UiDs. .one is. oeia in nign re
apeou . ;Her tasks ' 'are confined
to those ot housekeeping.
' The . written records whicli
we' bave mentioned show thai
ibia isolated" eommunityj
maintained its 'traditions un
broken for
, Y..i
at leaft.lhiep'al
nrio. ' It
"uu i
balf centurie. Itf
carefully studied, may prove' a
C'B to n P'ublem of the ab
original .Americans. ine
mound builders of the North
and tbe city builders of the
Sooth may be represented in
. 1 .a. twtal
the town dweller ot New Mex
ico and Arizona.
rune dcbi.. root me loremos.
I . . ",u
James E. Murdoch, tbe actor,
commonly accepted as one of
r , " V aP 'a
1 bui ds his theory on the tollow
Y. - . -. r.r
ing: The larynx is an olian
harp, I tbe vocal cho?3$ 'the
Itduga -R lowering tKhin
upon the breast the strings be
come relaxed, and deep chest
notes, are produced.' liaise the
bead, the chords become tight
ened,, and the notes are bharp
i i m . t
- " vym"
WW . W
importance the lungs and the
muscles of the chest and itbdo
men. Without ,the8et the harp
would be useless; they drive
the air with more or less force
over its' brings; thus the im
portance ol, their, development
becomes evident. If one wish
es to speak 'Wltfibot fatigOe, he
must not attempt to articulate
with his throat alone, but must
call into play. tbe muscles of
'...11 l j- J j-.- . iT..'
his chest and .abdomen
If the
pupil while strengthening and
harmonizing the action ol the
other muscles, also, by 'con
atari' practice eiretiglljen the
L " . '.'-'" -.-t. --v--:-
vnoai morns, no in An anionisn
"Min-l fhorl time gains a com
.u.-'j'lJ'V hl: Vol;
w '
fo A .,.. - i,orAnpu hHa
' X... ,., . r. ,i . . r. . . .
perfected a system wonderful
in its 'results ao,d.never tires
in its explanation and teaching.
Transfusion of Lamb's Blood.
w" u"1, prctu iu au
ttiem rPP- In .this nn try it' wis
There- ar0 some interesting
experiments in progress now
In Cincinnati in the transfusion
of lambs blood Into human
blood, particularly in cases of
chronic anemia.' Dr. Settle,
ander direction of Dr. Dawson,
Oood Samaritan Hospital. He
al made . use of .tho expo-
aieniouuwe. in one instance
be transferred,- eight ounces
of blood. Irom a living lamb to
a -, man.: The connection is
made between the lamb's neck
aud the' paiient's irni; and the
Plooa 01 iamo
U"tb sbort tubea-glass in
V16 u.m.D.n-(i .8,.,Ter .,B. e Pa
Meni connected by a rubber
:UDe' Shortly alter the blood
reaches the patient say thirty
niinutes it manifests its pre
ence in tbe circulation by
causing a severe chill. Then,
-he new blood acts upon the
PP.'"?, there .cpraes'ttyer
nearly three 'centuries since
n!eVr Praet,l0ediunlil lhiTear
I nail Ifailu l.til n ttihinh unma
takes qp posiUoli Undef th
hiatnwJkAr vi';,rt:'1 !.i!'w5.7f Mi
I 1 -oV. m M':' '
! '
E). aM.says: Athus we aee
li)at lhe tota, freight8 todtlCed
Ly ag?,CnUfj;e and;. m-fch'afcV
dise together ire 8 250,00d tons,
ol ,hB' mine. ;.r
Q 417 ion8. Yhu. the mines
-A r.Li' :.: .-I
...V; tbe bo. sted agricul-
Lnr,' n . "m.WtiiW iinar
ness of the State,' Four-fifths
of this great .mining 'business
ia the growth .of the; last ten
years; on tbeie lacts, find on
mmwa e.aweR. Arteawfra tinn 'A ' at tttt
I 1
factoring busIn'ehS of Ohio will
in the' next ten years Jbe, the
great ' and profitable business
in theState." . .i . u
Obi - reason ' why Wisconsin
hired girls- get (our .dollars per
week, m because they have to
go'down stairs at midnight to
investigafte J' stitange noises;
while ; the' tnav of , th '.poose
Reported New Cancer Cure.
A Chicago correspondent of
the New York World says: At
the : regular meeting of the
Homeopathic Society last bight
Dr. Duncan read a letter from
Dr. J & Braon. dated Mu
nicb, Bavaria, July 30, in
hich it was reported that a
Dr. Grauvogle had discovered
ne,w cancer cure. He had
noticed that cancer patients on
drinking the mineral waters of
the Tyrol became much worse
On etamtuation ' he found that
the ! mountains whence the
streams flowed were principal
lf.ompofled of gneiss, and
minute particles of that rock
were also- found in the water.
On the homeopathic principle
that the cause is likewise the
cure, be tried the. experiment
of tritnratiug the gneiss,' and
applied it as a dressing, he re
snits being eminently satis
lactory, as of his pafients'sorae
seven or eight had completely
recovered, while all Ihe others
had noticeably improved.
.'.! ' .' i' ii ' i -i
' Ax High .Falls, New, York
the other day, a young lady
L 1 1 - . .
wuue crossing , a neid; was
knocked down by a ram, arid
.tl ... '. .
iner. .next lime tbe damaged
dam.se saw her lover she in
formed that, astonished : yout
that he might go about bis
business" as she was disgusted
With the sex. , .
A BMAih hoy approached the
great snowman, tsarnum, at
Monlpelier, the other day, and
asked' him whai. he would give
for a cherry colored cat. ' Ten
dollars," replied fiarnum, 1 if
really is cherry colored." Soon
the boy returned to tbe hcte
and unloaded a black cat Bar
nam's feet. The showman saw
the point, and paid the young
ster ten dollars,, with; the re
mark, "Boy, ypu have stolen
my trade."
Thr annual reanion of Sher
man's Brigade,1' consisting
the 64th and 65th Ohio Veler.;
an Volunteers, 61st Indiana
Volunteers, Bradley's Battery
of Artillery and McLaughlin's
Cavalry, together with the fol
lowing' regiments associated
with this Brigade) during the
war, viz.:- 1st, 3d7tb, 15tb,
26-th, 31st, 33d, 49th, 61st, 96!h
and 121st Ohio Volunfeers,will
be held at Mt. Gifead, Septem
ber 10.
i.i. m
Tbe eruption of Etna shows
no sign of abatement.- The in
habitants are fleeing1 from the
villages1 at the loot, 'of the
mountain; but it is thought no
harm will be done. The direc
tion taken by the lava streams
is remote .from the cultivated
parts of the mountain.
- - - mi- ' ' -
, Ilia said ol Katie King, the
Philadelphia" ghost, 'that' on
I'-.l ' ! : 1 ' I . .. . l II -i.
one occasion a young man at
tempted, tq clasp Katie in his
arms. i: She seemed greatly dis
tressed ' and slipped from his
embrace like a shadow and did
not appear' again that evening
Thas right,, Katie.
. i "What do you know of the
character, ot this man!" was
asked of a witness at a police
court the other day." "What
do 1 know of his character?
know it to , be unbleachable,
your honor," he replied
much emphasis. , .! .' . '
- van . . . 7
i WaiBf.'..they v tried to ..force
Mias ,Gay, of Independence,
Missouri . into u a . marriage
against her will, she kicked
minister's hat' off, knocked
young man down, and rode
on a mule, with: one loot
each side of him.:.; . m -b "V
.-r- : 1
Thr : expedition . trom
tjnited Statea to observe
transit of Venius,; arrived
Cape Town' on' the 5th oi' Au-
' ..:').' H-ii! ( .- I
: A fASHlolTAfiLB'lady sayBher
husband ia, the latest thin,
'UlS --A--A
One leaare... ,.; 91 OO
Eicb additional Aoae ion ... . 6u
Cards, perja IO 04
Local nonce; per line, if
Yearly adnrtisemenu - S10O t0
column, and at proportionate rati pet
less space, rarauie in advance.--. .
tJfTThe Record being tbe offirlai
Dioer of the town, and bavins' the
largest circulation of any paper in U
county, oners superiot mavcettmts
to advertisers. .....
Snow-Storm in Wyoming.
GtBKtr Rivbr, W. T., SepterJ-
ber 2. The western bound pat
seuger train due here at 7 A -
M , was detained ten hotiri font
miles west of Rock Springs, by
the sinking of a bridge fccroeV
Bitter Breek, arriving here It
P. M. - The '.heaviest storm
known in this 'country pasltfd
over 'here last night. Snow
fell here this morning about-fcn'
inch deep.
f . ",ll
Thr State Republican Coil
vention last week resolved that
kthe brfeiture Of public ttUsV
for intoxication-it deinandeft
by the qoral and material wel-
lure" of society and' the State
And to 'show its faith' by fta
works it nominated a tickeV
composed, of total abstinence
men all through. :"Bm his re'8"
olulion is rough on Jodge Yt '
J, Gilmo're, nominated 'for Sir'
pretbe' Judge by the' Democ"-'
racy. ' 1 '; -
The Butier6ounty Tolegrap'hJ
says of Gilmore; ' 1
The nomination 'ot JudgV
Qillmore to the SuprcmeBench
was ah outrageous thing for tiro 1
Democratic State Convebtloh
to do. It would be bard to fitfd -iu
all Oliio a lawyer or 'judgb':
less qualified in every wa'ybr'
so'reBponsible a position.-, 4le
is unlettered, ignorant eveh In -bis
chosen profession, and the '
slave of his appetite. The Bat '
ler Court has been compelled '
to adjourn court irom da'y 'to 1
day while 'Judge Gilmore was '
indulging in one of his 'fre-1
quent and protracted spre'es.1'
The. Butler County Bar, 'ii'dV'
long since, sent him a '
tition asking him to exdhabge; 1
and so let another Judge bold '
court in Butler: Only k short
time ago he was arraigned be- '
fore tho Mayor oi his own'vll
lage and fined or drunken
ness." '
A candidate for Supreme '
J udge fined for drunkenness by
tbe Mayor ot his own "Village!
Think of it! ' '
Thk wants of a great city.
New York requires annually
600,000 head of cattle, 800,000.
aheepi 1,000,000 bogs, 2,D00,0(Hk
barrels of flour, and 800,000V
barrels ot corn and rye, with-',
milk, fish, fruit vegetables and
groceries to correspond.
A young man in Hillsboro'
named Doggett, shot and killed-1
Burt Heller, a desperate char' '
acter, who was at the time :
beating Doggiett's father.
Ydung Doggett had an exam' '
inalion and was discharged.1
'Look 'ere now, Salnsha,1!
yelled a Clay county, Missonrf .
woman , to me oldest . girt ..
don't bend-oven that wellBd
fur. ' tou'll tail, in there som'd
ot these days, and then we'll
have to1 carry, water." '
! Wbih they, told an Indiana ;t
woman that ber ' husband hi.il
been sliced np by a reaper, aWe (
impatiently replied: "Well
take the pfecea to the barnV. J'
oan't : leave . the gooseberry
sauce just now." ( ;
Plymouth church bas stt)od,;
by its pastor -'through tiick
and t'hip.'" The thick ; wae-'1
.Moulton's evidence atvd: tbe-
thtn was Beecber's defence. '
N. Y. Herald.
Brigham Yorjsd claims that;
his only lawful wife . Is Mary ,
Ann Angel, whom he biarriedr
at Kirtland, Ohio, In 1834. e AUr
his other . marriages are "celes-. j
tjaL". ,.,.-i .!,; 'Milu! oo
: j Thb Cooslitutioaal Cony en-
tion now in . session mt : Little'
Rock,- Arkansas, last week re.o)
fused by a rote oi 58 to 22, to!
repudiate a debt ofkbbnt fib I
000,000. 1 '--' ' j ijr-noa
Tax Germans have &ound iii
i aecret place M Jbe.aj
i'-et ol ,manat;
ol Eastern. Yi .... Lin.

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