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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, September 17, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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m- 1 rf-vi
aad ftr Sunday May , 1171, until tar
aaer ton, trail ill run e follow: No. $,
t, , and 4 will ran daily; all slharlraia dally,
I SOpin
1 IfUm
t 14 "
i it "
1 14 "
if) 14
t 4T '
4 lu
fttsUanr. MaiL Ftxt Lid
CiixlimaO.... toare t 4'in
ftblaad ur..ll U
wwln-..ll 41 -Ko
Alt -..-.. 11 M "
VlBM uiipn
V.la.i ..la 1 '
opt Furo...l$ U
1 gUpin
1 1
i M "
1 4
t 64
M " .
No.l No. 4
Fut Lin. liil.
Cm. Kx.
in Vm
Psriirrbvi I 6ra 10 oom
rkrVsrg .
.nwrurnac.. Id 4
Li.u.......n 06 .
7u. 11 li "
9at.m: ii i h
.m lei...-.ll ' "
n.ehlaed Par.. .11 4 H
hllhclh4.-.l 41pra
tHwciBoali . t 40 V ,
1 Jlpm
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t sv
t 16 -
12 34
14 4-1
11 41
1 l
1 11
1 04 "
I mi u
wa win itan IO t t. Junction, Lova-
land.Ureenneld. Chlllleollie, Hamdea. Athena
ad aeett' Landing only, no. ini''p
Stt' Leading. Mew Euglind,Athn,rlrn
4m, Ckillieolh. Greeon.U, Vienna, blHH
btr, LoveKod, Hadiera, Madiaonvill.
aklay and Ciniaivilie, onljr. Noa. 0 a 6
fill tp at 0. . Junction, Madiaonvill,
Lav-Lad, ttreenneld, Chilncotlw, Hamden,
Ath.h. aad Hcott't Landing only. Noa. 14
oakil tb Hop.
Th Freight going east, leaves -Ulb,
all HO a m.i Kayaviila.S 45; Rich
ad Furaara, tij Hamden, rnv 10 04
Japart 10 Vt; MoArthur, arriT 10 57; depart
J'lLj'f oi upianu iw p. in..
). m.i Tlntoa Kh ranee, ai MoArthur,
1 44; Haraden, Ki.-hland Furnau, 4 64;
yavill, l; Uhillicoih, T 10.
ill lewv Harad.eatT Ma. m. and 16 n.
arriving at Portsmouth at 10 no a. m. and a 16
!. at. Slurningirin aill leav Por'iinouih
tlli0a.ro and I M p. m., arriving, at Uatn
a at 11 oo a. n. and 8 04 p. m.
Two. Conner at Lnveland for all point on
kka Lilila Miami Kailroad. vid at tha Indian
apoli ami tknulnnati Kaihoad Jiinciion for
all poiat Waal; at Athens with the Colum
ella and Hocking VaMer RHilrpad.at Parkera-
ajra wita wo Baltimore unio Kaiiroaa.
General Superintendent.
Wilkeirille, Hamden & Middleport
TWILL ma a hack from Wilkravillalo Ham
J den on Mondara, WednemJayi and Friday,
returning oo th nmi day.
I will also run a return liitck to Middleport
oa Tueadajrs, Thuraday and f aturdnv- re
turning on me aania uaya. lutin u&vis
I WILL run hck from Wilkeatille to
Hamden and return every Tuesday, Thorn
day, and Saturday for th accommodation
or paaaengera. making clou connection with
th mail train on the M. A C. K. K. 1 will
lao carry exprea packagen ahipped to or
worn poiqia ny in auama cxprena uo.
pT-, '- - ISA 0 N4 1 l.t.Krt
Tux Milwaukee Sentinel re
lates that while a prominent
preacher cf that city was re
cently making a pastoral visit
the lady brought out a number
of engravings she had just
purchased. The cautious pas
tor flew through the front door,
and sent his boy around iot bis
bat afterward. :
Becausb the authorities or
Cedar Rapids, in' Iowa, won't
sprinkle the streets, the Cedar
Rapids Times has got its back
tip and refuses to publish any
thing abou the Beecher busi
B6(8. c Nothing- like independ
nt journalism for . bringing
people to their senses.
A small sheet of iron three
laches wide by five inches long
was (urned'out by the Iron and
Steel Company, Ironton, a lew
days .since, weighing only 19
Sat no more about Earope.
She is taking care ot Joaquin
Miller. Josie' Mansfield, Qenni,
and two American base-ball
clubs. ." :
A darkeys instructions for
patting on a coat were, "First
de right arm, den de left, and
den give one general conwul-on-
Onx gooo; trait in Brooklyn
young ladies is, that they doji't
dare to 'sass" their ."parents
much before the : age of thir
teen or fourteen years.
ThiS is sad. A Louiaana
minister says he won't change
his shirt till this Beecher bnsi
nesa Is settled. . ; ' i
At Jewell's U art ford recer
won ibe uorse unards were ap
propnaieiy preceeaea ty uolt's
Tut Boston Transcript speaks
about "aerial filth." That's
nothing to the Brooklyn varie-
77 7
Tauoso of oarsmen. John
Panlgaa it's a great thing
nowadaya to be Ma gentleman
and a-acul!er."
Ckcaoo has sixty banks, but
tome of 'em do their business
'after aanset.
A Vxatheb reporter A clap
f thnder.
HmwHQs on a bar Rap
P. brinks.
6buibb sweetness Kiss-Uirogha.yal,
1 AfW ime Our neih-
KOrl yonn one. ,fi..,i
Dr. J. Walker's California
TInegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiefly from
the native herbs found on tho lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tbe medicinal
properties of which nro extracted
therefrom without the uso of Alcohol.
Tbe question is almost daily asked,
m What is the cause of the unpar
allolod success of Viseoae Bit
TBKst"' Our answer is, that they
romovo the cause of diseasoj and.
tha patient recovers bis health. . They
irs tho great blood parUier snu a
life-giyiug principle, perfect Eeno
wotnr ami 1 nvk'urator of tho sritem.
Never before iu tlie history of the world
has a medicine boon coinpounuoa tm-
tha rnmarkiible ouilitiej of VIH-
boas Bittsbs iu lieoliug the gick-of
every discao man U bcit vo. , iuey are
mtln Vnrufttivn a.4 well as a Touio,
relieving Congostion or Inflammfttion of
the Liver and Visceral Organs, in, BilioM
'. "tIi properties ot Da. Walk-
ik'i Vinbuah HiTTBitsare Apprieut, Dia
pboratio, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxa
tive, Diurotiu, Sedative, Counter-1 rritapt,
Bu(ln,, '-'. v I't-itiiiooi,
Grateful Thousands proclaim
vinegar hitters tne most wonaor
ful Invigorant that ever sustained
tbe Binkmir eystom.
No Person can take these Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided their
boues are not Jistroyed by mineral
poison or otner mans, ana vital or
gans wastdd beyond repair.
Bilious, ltemittcnt. and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valleys or our great
rivers throuRbout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, urazos, kio uranue, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah,' Bo.
moke, James, and many others.
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during the
Sutnmor and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
beat ar.d drvnoss, are invariably ao
compelled by extensive derange
ments o tho'stomacb and liver, and
other abdominal viscera... In tboir
troatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful lnuuouce upon tucso yari
otis organs, is essentially nocossary.
There is no cathartic fur tho purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vineoab
Bitters, as they will speedily renov
the dark-colorod viscid matter with whicJa
the bowels are loaded, at the 'same time
etimulatiug the secretions of tho liver,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions if tbe digestive organs.
'Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vineoar UiTTERb. No epidomio can
take hold of a system thus foro-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head-
ncuo, Turn in tbe Shoulders, Conghg,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Bad Taut
in tbo Month, Bilions Attacks, Palpita
tion of (he Heart, Inflammation of tbe
Lungs, Pain in tho region of tho Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarantee of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.-
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swelling, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Keck, Uoitro, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations; Uorctrrial affec
tions, Old Sores, Eniptious of tbe Skin,'
Soro Eyes, etc. In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walrus's Vis
boar Bitters have ahown their great cur
ative powers in tho most obstinate and
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases'. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub-.
Ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against (.bis, take a dose of WAlKto't
Viheoas Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, -Eruptions,
Tetter, Sal t-Khenm, Blotch os, Spots, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, ScurCi, Discolorations of tbe
Skin, Bomors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever same or nature, are literally
dog up and carried out of the system in a.
short time by the use of these Bitters. :
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,"
lurking in the system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
ystem from worms like these Bitters. -
ForFemaleComplaints, in young
or old, married Or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, these Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible
Cleanse the Titiated Blood
whenever yon find its imparities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when yon find it ob
structed and sluggish in tbe veins; cleause
it when it is font ; your feelings will tell
yon when; Keep the blood pure, and the
health of the system will follow.
. R. M. MeDOWtLO ii COM
Drareiata Own. Afrta, San Franoiaco, Califor
nia, or. ot Washington and Charlton Su,N.I.
Hold wjr miX Drwgg lata and Oealara.
Diamonda, Watches and Fanor Goods.
rifOTJLD ra.pMthillT aa) to tha elllaeni of
Ii iDioni,o mat nanaa enlarged niaatoca
-atinf ona of tba larxcel io tha Biata. Onr
biinaaa naa incrrad atery year up to th
firaaent lima and w leal thankful to tha nub
io for pant fa rora. and ara determined lokaan
a largaitock ol thing umal'y found in
a InMM Jewelry Nlorw, and will keep the
Sneat atock of gold and solid ailaer, vlaoth
beat Plated Uooda , aa low a any houa in tha
wen . ,
We keeoall tha SiftVrenl branda of Amefi-
aaa Vfatcha Howard. United Htatea, Elgin.
Waltham and Springfield ManuCacture. both
in gold and aiWar eaaea. Alao a large linaof
Krom 125 to $300.00, alio all wr rrom $11 in
$140. We hate a Tety reliable luU Jeweled
brtaer Va4ah from Si toliu. .
A full line ef all good in onr Una. or wiada-f
to oraer oy axperieivea workmen. Jtepafiy
log will receua pinpAUenUva ' -.i
rieaae aroo is and oa aa. uoom ta
Bow gaedk.
sf: Cramer1
- .-.'.
Ilarnem, Saddles, ' . k ! ' ' ;
Uriaiea, 11 all en,
Wlilpa, puri. Truce
Chains. . Hames, and all -'
Other Articles of Saddlery.
It rncnitaand tha auolio (ranarailTaramrit
fto rail and uamine my aloe k aad (ill
aa. I maka aood hoaai-l work, una tha
t totk,and tell at lb itr Jowaal prlea.
and manahe tunnj don to ordar, aad all
Work Warrantee' as Eepresented.
Foreign and . American
Watch Materials,
.Watch Makers' '
Old Watch Case and eld Gel J mJ Mirer
. . . aeagat. - -
Stnrft-ISTJ . ..
Dick a Enoyci.opkiu oi Practical Rk
i'kipt arii Paocaxaxa. Contiimngs,2i prau
tieal receipts, wntlrn in a plain and nnnului
manner, and illuntraled wiih explanalor;
woMi-nu - nifiaa a vomprrneiiaiia oookm
r. rprenre air the merchant, iriKnufjtcturf r.nr
iioan, amateur and hnuaekeeuer, iwludim
medioipe, phurniaey and doniotH. aennnntf
I he acop of thia work la entirely dinVreq
irom any other hook oi the kind, Heine
'eing a oomi lela anil almrat lmliaen(ib.
brok of relerenpa for the Ihouaand ana om
rernpta and article needed in every houa-'
hold, farm, garden, etc.. It inclnrtea clear ani
HMiljr iin'lsntoiiit direetlona for the applira
lion of many of iho art ueiiallya'quirelonl
ny long exiierleoi-e, and to diieaied of le, h
nichalitlea, or the leiihnipaliliee ol lerma uee,'
,.o lully explained aa to bring the enlir uh
Tt within the comprehension ofany perar,,
nforiiinnry inlelligeni'e. I'romilnenl union,
the immenna m of enbiecK Ireated of ii.
(he book are the following:
The Art ol Iyemg, HbhI Bolt ant Toilei
toHpa, Tanning, iMMlllmion, Imiiation l.i
uora, Winee, Uoniiil. and HiMr, xJJilrr.
Hrenlng, Perufmery.Flaiorinii Eeeneee,ite.
o-molH', Hair Dyes and W-hf, pomadr.
mil Perfumed ttilx, Tooih Powdere, etc.,. Sy
nipa. Alcohol and Alunholinetry, Pelioleuii
ind Kerosene. Bleaching nnd Cleaning, 'in
t-UHt, tJaupea, Cat'iipe and Pifkriet Keoeipi
ir the Uiirden, To femote Maine, HpoU.eU'
Pyrniechny and Kii leaivee. Cement aic
Vnterpronring, Arlincml, Oema, inks an
V riling Fluiiia, Aniline Color. Painla. aai
Pigmenta, tainting and Papenhaagmg, Kn'l
omlne aod Whitewaeh, Varniihlng and Po"
"h-ng, Lubncaiora, Japanning and Lerqnei
rg, Hoot and Harnes Hlking, Vhatogiapht
XeleU and Alloy, Gilding, hilterina, etc
Kleclrntyping, Electroplatings ti., Patrii
tlediuinea, Medical Receipta, Weight an
vteaaiire. 07 page, rcyal ortaio, cintli
Price $VIKI . mar
Worth and Beauty.
Having onntrol nfth tnagniflcent v ehm
mo, Yo Semite, r are able to oiler eomhii,
itior. of lilerary and arntm worn ofgeouim
worth, and at pricp unprecedented
Thie flnecopy of a ptece of Nature! gran,,
eat work, I not preaenle4 in the UMial lint 1
ited atyle, it dimenionn, Ux'Al, making
picture ol very deairalile iae in Itself.
graced hy lt preaenc.'
But a leti copie of thl beautiful (.hroro
will ba allowed to go to tha retail etoroa, am
ilione will beold at their
' , Aetaal Botall Priee, tOMO,
which if ordered in connection wlih our Hag
asine, both will be furn'xiied for
A a premium the iiiclur may be obtain'
hy aending ua two ub:riptiona for Ilia Mag
sine at one doilat each, or by aabaerkang l
the Manual ne two year id adianct, at out
dollar per annum. Address,
Newbuigh.N T.
8, E.SHi TE-H, Publmher. , , ., laept
31 e. ftf
. o. 110 .THIRD ST., l)
ci in oris isr ATJ.g
Wm, GAHRETSOti, & CO.,
Odd TehowV Block, ' i
'' . TvhlMCeiri of '
I :- .
And. otatr, . . ,
Standard Religioiu Worka,
CanTaaerne A apnea aanUrf in
in lb United Stale. 4 ( '
Formerly of Ham den. t
ANffOTmcEStotif flienda ia Vinton and
adjoining count ibat he baa bought th
Hotel Pormerlr lept by Ohas. Smita
, Tlvtnrs wt cl Maduon.aa
ne naa rennaouainnngnooLaMianiwnarad1
?S 4. .
VT,nr ' ir i
' arllJ Vvmi TTT i jjlil
Kortn-aaat eoraar f Mate
, , , . , i . V Ti ci o.
atoABTBUB.flIO . , . ,
Q.W. BB,yNTON, Proprietor
' V '. .'MaanlaetUM i ' 1
Corrtdff, r jnwoiu. rrirt, etc
auo, waaaa ami in bibk or waooa Woaa
i ' i . if
dona to ordar oa abort doIis.
PalnitlnA and ' Trlrnmirifl .
ol all kiad aiwiulad it tb aMiaal and moat
srUatio tljrl. ,
KarAlKlHG ol an klndi m mj naawiuo
proinvtlT aad aaatl. don. -
a ora aoa aainw tinaniirocM, -anid
to h aubaiantial. nut ip aolid aadx
au'adia tb moat workmanta manner, not
o m aiccllad in any rcipoot bt any otoar
tasliabmantia tnacoiurr.
. Maaufaatrr of 1
( 1 -Alp- '
Of lateet, xo'oat faahionala tad tlegxnt (lylai,
. Second St., Near Mulberry,
.... ' . ,
chillicothe, ; 0.
. ' I . Ii
I make it a point to do III my work of tho
heat material, and aland aecond to pone In
tinality f finiih or dur.Hlity. I employ" no
wfennr workmen, there-ara no atuientice
hoy about my .lblihnent, and ( ran on
lall to pleaie any person ho went the beat
turnout mane in me voaiiry. 1 rarer with
rid to my customer Ihnuthout piootnern
iKaio to the charaeir of woik coming
mm my ne'iorr, ana luranii an my cua
lomar parlaol aattalviti'm ..
; u '
All kinds of. TnraotU finished and
ready fort sale, oreads to Order!
Call and examim my Stock.
Repairing;, Repsiatlnr tic.
j Will receir prompt attenUoa.
IhareoonaUnilya, stock of
Jarriages, Baggies and Expresses,
rt with me for aale, repaired and alraoet a
good a nw,ome oritiem
1 ..... t .
Americarf Institute,'
t : : r'l'B 1: ! - t
Imbroiderinf: and riatinir Machines
"Ilia Ingeoioua aod will meet tha wanlaol
n matron, m in land.'' ' .
Exhlblilaaar 18TS.
iohn B, Gant, Re. 8o'l F A. Barntivt
r. Samuel D. Tilmao, Correapondlng
euy. -i 1 : ,1 .
New York. No rem her SO, 1171
Thia ainiple and lugnion machine ib
meiuj aa in aewin, macnine, ao'i Kiam c.
nming popular with ladiea, in the pleor 0
xm-n.ne atedla work.ila work hwm niuch
more handaome, requiring much leas time
nd not onlenin part H.a expenae. nn in
' toilet 1. complete without it A machin
ith Illustrated circular and lull Inaiructmr,.
Vnt "n receipt of i orfluiehed in iler plat
tddre, The MeKee ManafaetDrlnc Ca.,
v troauy. new tor.
AO EN '18 WAN'i'KD.
Two American Magazines
The excellence of American Magatinea ha
eenmeio wen rerognned ahroad, that one
r me leaning Fngliah papire, the London
Veekly Kegi.ier, in a recent urue, Ihur
. peHK 01 eenriner Miminiy! "
- We an eoarfraiMl It txem tital BTRIBSEH'
t'-STHLY tarrim atnrla oaaiiui M oar tkU
monlklf mriak far tnUfnVf of Utnttrtaioni aaa1
-'intfy or txmtrttu. it it mmplp wmderjtl thtuvig
north . .AotAaia art . mart ckormimo Aa Pnai.
fU nfon aad rigor,' l figAI tmd tMatlt trt mm
Vrf wiM a -W arrwic power J HVkaiiJ
awry ertftaor mrtuntt. m tmt a of new waicA
n Aoom f orm, or turn aaa mJI oro mmtlni.' '1
ftoi only i 11 im that Mcribnpr'f Monthly
xcel the Engliph, Magnamei, but it I lit
Htm ts tot American auaafMa.
. In th extent, inriety aad .rtletio excel
enc of it illu-traiioo of . American theme
t ha npier been eien approached. mu
eaaaxcelltd . It ha a liu-gpr -paire and giip
1 greater variety in lie pnn'enm man any otn
r of the Standard American Mom hi lea . .
In literary chamber, and in tha brilliancy
nn "tinv 01 ii nunnnai urpnnmnnia, 11 B'
na n equal pre-eiolnenc
It anoduobir ftaKed with tha definite aim
f making it lAchutauoaalaalaiAa awM,of which
hev have never -(or a moninit Irat itahtl and
hey point with pride and plpaaur to the
"rJ y and inna nomberr, receniry leaned; and
4k for them a candid (lamination ndacar
ml companion of their- merit" with thoae ol
ther magaalnee; and they renew their pledge
10 ne punuo to airii lor aim nign r axra
ence in Ibe future.
, . A eon.idembl dcmtniffiai rerenlly arlaen
n Knuland for Rt Nirhoiaa. Ben bner'p New
MagTaine for Poya and Oiila, tne publiaher
letirtng ta pcar aa edition of three thoo.
.d of "rat bou,.d lolutje (wbra oomplrtedj
vim m imprint.
-r The encceaa in th country ol St. KVhnla
im been avert more remarkabl thAn. that ol
cbner Monthly. It l pronounced 10 It
a tdtollf frftd auaaM for tkiUrtm," nd, a la
lie due with all the bea lltenitnra: lor nblU
'res. it haa been f nd to iiowe aurpaaaing
niereai tor grown. up rner. a well.
1 ha inflnpnea of th perioilicahr of tha day
-en ararcMy De eaiiaiaiea. eppeeialHr lipni
ha rielng generating, tMrent and tcheaa
, aol coord to be Indittereal tothi inlu
once, 'or crela la relation to the ohrncur
'it me nieralure ajnnphed io the rhlldirn
outalda or their arnoel laeaone. la M. Nich
'1 a aot only are hielOry, natural philoaophy
I'tenuure, nne ari..nd man'iUH'tur or
aented hi n attraeV
1 way to young reader.
Hit UtPhiHrenrlimtilati
maiiea foi Uaeaaaelvi
d to leek io'or
, Tha publiaher will lend to any arfdraxe
"l'imrn admher of Mt. Nlchoiai, postage
tirenaarf nn imwiiiI aIah mhh i k a h.M u...
fit paper and Drlnliof. The Diamine are
foM by g.ll drat-clap bookeUr nd newi.
ipiep, everywhere. ,' : , i
80M3m & CO.,654:Broadw,y.H.I
Trees! . FlowersI Bulbal
; i''-HEDGE PtANTs'f Vi:'
' I i ..... '
VtrssrT Stock! FroitiVFloirsrrUtM''
HI '
Address F. K. PHOENIX.)
I r I
na wtm, ooa bu. .iiniii
Appl. 100 1 yr., $24 f t. $36; j. $,-4y $io
t oalawguca, $0 otot.
(72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agent wanted varyaher.
Bust nee trlci
leiiiimaie. ran
icnlar fires. Addreee J
oata.siLoni, Mo
lfAMiEKa shjnld uo fail t ex - j
amine tbe patent' farm gate; forr
1 1. d . aa . I
wDicQueorge ny urnnion, Mo
Arthur, is the sgent in this arid
T 1. ' " T i- .1 a '.
Jaxksou count j. , ,It (s tba best
and cnespesi gsie ever .designed
for tv farm, eostlag. fifty per cent
Laaa K rr ' K . !.U 'A JH1H kit .m
Tint Knm na tahi
aea jo
are ia UeAxtkar.
i ' " ,ni'. :"T t!'CT
Lai Crwaxo dale Ciraaa-rto.,4, , . Pno. 0a.
Cobuum f. lha Banri lle.' l.y , ,
unw, ,u, pi it, arvrnv, r
ArdiU; La Ballprtn. Polka bi Liohneri
Whea the Barallowa Homaward gin hi'
Oaateoi Eapilerl( Capnu by VW
brd.i !.'" .t i;1.. SOs.
I'OBiaia m fuimwiagiBiMiei' " w,
Mnuaiei btraam. Caprice, by 8. Smitnl ,
Coapton M(ialbpr by Jaaafny; ( '
oaa, Bomaiio. bt Thalberg; liancmg
Uawa, Jaac., by Malta) M ay Bnci, ' '
Inot,, bi lj.ne,. Hslerea foe 1, i SO.
LaCVeatep, at k "o I !a
I Pk.ni tin Bimu. 1 MB.M,lti,.M-. htfi .
Kelleran Thin, Own, Maodi,.,by
laa. A aWb Sip -i 3 " 600.
nli iBK to ktllowiug muair, ane.! V
" I
Two eong hy Hats two by IMnk, on
I aonga by
Ma? wood.
f Maiwood. a aaered Gia-teite If
noma, a Pourhand Piaca Quick- I
tap, eiv March! and a bmullfal
Pantiuie. bv klnktJ. lObleoealbp . Ms.
ontin lha following mnaic price, ' jMo.
iwo wewaong by nave, on oy rrati,
ona by ftewart, a trio lot female vote,: ,
hy Abrf t tarred Quartette by Iank, ,
two Polkas, a pretty W alia, and a March. '
11 niece for SOs.
Andrea J L P PTKR8. P. U Box. H7.
H- Hrnadway, New York, apaoilt Metrop.
Olliten I
Hotel, . . , :
Teas',!: Teas'! I
: no. 45 vssey' sitisin, '
.-I,' i
0, Bos, 1287. , .KewYork
.. KOBERT Wr-LL8, Prealrlpot.1
OOI O r O,-
Black, 4Q. 50, 60. bct 7Q ctt. ,
per lb
M1XRI).. i
Green and Black 40, 60. 60. bet70ots
Uncolored. 60. 70. 80. 9Q, best $1J)0.
Green. 60. 70. 80. 90. best $140 per lb.
Green,' 60. 60,70. 8a 90. 1.00 best $1.05
Green. $110 bejt$130 ...... ptrlb.
hncrlish Breakfast
Black. 60. 70, 80, 90. best $1.00. .per lb
: N. H.-We have a enecialltl . of Harden
Growth VOUNd HTS'IN and IMPRRIAL, at
$1 n, and tKH.ONi,, Extra choice, $1.00, i
Our I'ea aie aut up in nne pound pack
kgea, with the kind an I price printed onfui'h
' AttKPJ TO) WANTED to get np cMna to
ell our lca to lamiliev, hotrl, boanltng
hounea and others. In Writing lor term cr
priding order, be particular If addrei the
Prenuepl of lha Compiny, thua: : I i
' ni- . i.043VerySI., ewYork:';
Wear rqmpeMed to rrqiirnt hi", other
panie nav imitatea sur Bin
3.- T. BABBITT'S '
Ofdoutl thO ilreagtli of any other'
i ; i M .' t i .
I have recently perfected a new method of
packing my Putaah nr Lye.andamnow Mack
ing it only in belli., th coating of tfhi.'h will
pxponlh, a iid doe not Injore the poap. It l
pnckHl io buxe containing 24 and i one b
hIN, and in no other way. Direction in
k:ngllb and Permn for making hard and
poll pnap with thl rotanh penmnant enci
pacKag . b.t. B.HBl'rr,
64 ta 84 Waaklogtoa Ht N. V.
. Haprl74 .
Insuirance Department
ii '. . : i, ' '
'j CoatiBiva, February 10th, 187.
ttrHF.REp8 the New England Mutual Life
II Inaurane Company locatpd at bopton, lu
.namata ol HMcniiaell' ba nied in tni
offkea ewdrn plutemrnt by the proper offl.
'era inereoi, allowing in eunauion and otiai
aeaa and ha con plied in ll olhnr reapecte
wun ine lawa ol miaripie, reianug to lu in
umnce Corr.iianipp. ormniaed bv act of Con
gree, or by or under the law of any olhrr,
lata ol the United Htate. '
Ham, therefore, in purenance ol law,
vfill.am F. Uhuivn. upertntenderilor Ineor
noe ot th Hlele of Ohio, do hereby cermv
that paid t omnany i authorised to tranaact
Ii appropriate buaiaes. of life inaurn-w in
Inn aula im a nordHnoel wli h law, au ring th
current year. J ne condition and oii.iiiee ol
aid company at the dt of acn statement
('ecen.berslat, 1D73,) ia ihown a follow:
Aggregate amount of admitted .' i
. pcia, including 'he aum of$A289,..
tt3. 3t 'in i premium -Bote and,.';.1 'ii
, loana held bv the company on ,
puliciea ib force, . 1 il . h1-. ,11,470,11$ $1
gggregaicanioniiioi iiaDintip, in
eluding $11,101,61$ oo for re la-
luranoe reaerre 11,328,79 IH
Amount of in, ome for the preeed
igy arinoph 1,411,87b W
Amount of premium nole of in-
com for, Ih4';ppced,irui yer Bofl,H$, M
nmouni oa axpenuiiurei lor in
precenung year iac,, j ,OT,o7 oa
Amount orpremiuh
note expen-
ditur forth nraretling year! .W.alO IA
(L.f .) is wiinea whereof, I have hi
to aubacribi d my name, and caupodthe eal
ofmyonVeto b affixed the n
imrr to be amxed me nay
and year
uu. ..
: JoagT, Rrii, KntatMoArt)iir,0,
. i 1 - L ' 1 - ' '
TEA AOEtiTt wanted
in town and country
sell TEA, or gel up elob Order,
geat Tea Company in Ameriea.
ror I
the (er
oricea and InfiiH'jdnenla In aoenla. HmiuI tnr
circular. ' Addrea,' tiUBKRT WELLtt,
veyHt.,.y . r. u BoglWT,, ... .
1 TWCAriooa .Paio, Henry Ward 'Beacher,
Editor.M.Oct S4tnlat, uya; "Partiri malt
ing to gt tip. club, and ail who can get or
dew for tea, ahniild write him for a circular."
TA AftM Tort Wmtkj TvaW. of Hp' . 1,1. eevi:
"All Urangea' should write Root. Well lor
1reotr:n( y !.! j-' i.i, i. .'::
TASera, ofSept. $0., aaji: "Root, Weill I
inorougplj rf InbleVVi . j a.j IBapr
Cottage ColoirlPaiiits,1
t.OO t tlM) sag GaJlaa.
-, VSiU il - r- ";.fu'ii. I, im ":
.-,in.:-ii1'r: M-!..i.j-!).ti : .
Viatra ut Oil j( sm, :;. Wc-per ti.
ma raoos w... '-: - . $1.15 per gal.
Work fa all Pat'
irttfi aa Boiled Llnaeed.ODly
$04. par galf ,
-. .!;; jt :--.- ",,.!; ;hii .'
BNefrtBOIt, ". '. - . 78
- Nw YORK plTY OIL 66l,
i i: .!.i; (j soieAgenw,
l. ai alit astaB VtMM nan an win
send fbr card of color and nrcnh)r, ;
,1 V;
Done Neatly and.JVrowiitlf
r: t n
,i: 1
I r
! 1 " .
! ? Want a situation. .
' - , ,' "Want a servant girl, -i
; Want to aell a plHno,
Want to $ell a carrlHge, . , .
' Want to bnj or sella fttrtp
' ' Want a boardlhjr plaee,
Want to sell town propi'rtjr, "
Want to sell jtrocerlea or i.rj(i i
Want to aell household furniture,
Wantto$pll dry jrooda or carpeta.'
Want to ttud customer, for anything.
Advertising will train new customers,
AdvertipitiK will kepp old custoiwrs,
Atlvertlrilnjr liberully always pays,
' Advertlslujr ninkea succeed easyi 1
i AdvertMnK.be)r,et$ confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Alivcrilbing pniinopiuun,
Advertising means'biz,' . .
" Advertise or boar",' "
Advertise long,'
Advertise well, 1 '
, kow:; ;!'
Every merchant, manufacturer
or butinett man who hat become
prominently rick; hat made hit
fortune ou maiciout aaveriising
yo exception to (hit rule can be
cited! ' tStewart', the. Prince of
iferchantt, men' it poor man, teat
driven to advertising, at, a. last
resort, to get hit ttock turned into
money to at to meet a ndte. Ar
guing' from thit thai if it wat
gooa Tor mm in auvenuy, n
could make tl sUU belter in prot
verity, he became a persistent ad
verttser, a.na inut gamea nit co
lostal fortune.
Some merchants 'stty it is riot worth
while to' advertise; for no peraon readn
advertisements; vet every merchant in
ibis county will read thia advertise-
merit, and if he is wise' he will profit
hy it suggestion, il he has anything tt
iifler, w ,rih advertising: How much
mure then will those read them who
are not so largely supplied w th read
ing matter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and muse dSpend on their paper for
'heir local news, the mst iu portant
item tT which is where they can find
I tint what thev wnnt when they ooma t
town to runks their purohases. 1 f yom
slock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it Is worthless, or if it is run
li.vvq so that you have nothing left that
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling,, up to the
times, and such' as the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world (hut ynu have them, and want
to sell tneui at a lair prioa.
O - ( ' '
I '
An ad vertisenient published for a sin
gle day does; duty beyond that day.
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. Jn the
end it will make a man's name a per
manent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built ap id tha minds of. men until
1,1 , becomes more valuable than any
corner lot in bis locality. - j
I? you lose a watch, a dog or a child
or if you desire people not to . trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per, knowing that every one will read
me advertisement. But you will plod
,long in business year alter year, with
nut calculating how muoh you re Ina
ing by not advertising it Reporter
' If those persona who profess to be
lieVe that newspaper advertisements
are bot read by the publio wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
tive publicity to somo' matter . thev
would not Sire to divulge io the world,
even, in the lnost obscure corner of a
country paper, and sea what notoriety
l. n. ,M. 1 ,1 mrii attain' t HU.J.'.U'.
Gazette -
A dvkstisii40 ia apt , to give) 'as that
gentle jngol conscience which tells us
that'we'waftt a hew suit of clothes for
funday.-or fhat we promised, out wife
a aew dress as soon as tbe hay was in
'it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon, her husband's break-,
last plate. ' Who will say that adver
tising will not yet oiviliie the world!
' o .;:'. i .; :. : i .
'' Wht do people read advertisemenuf
To see who ia enterprising and to learn
what is going on. - To see if there i$
anything new, or anything" that they
want.., To see if the season's style
have come In, knd to find out who bst
thenu To know if any one Is selling
off at reduced rates, or p wnteh, tb
ohanoe of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy eurlottyj' Because they
have, reaq all the stories, marriageij
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Kecaoie they want to.' Because tbey
can't help it OAio State Journal; '.
i Tbi power of print Is well loowri,
but not .well understood. A printed
sentence hn a wonderful advantage
oyer one that is written -or spoken.
This is one of tbe many reasons whiob
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers even' those of experience,
do not oo nj prebend as well as they
might the capacity to influence, to per
auadetc-tonvinoe, which lies in print
ed matter.. Spoken words require lb
graces, of elocution and the force of
eloquence, yet even then fade away in
to nothingrress if not cangbt in their
flight and printed. But there it some
thing in tb silent laegnage.'tb'e aoiet
assertion and tbe sense of permaoenos
about printed matter wbioh gives it a
marvelous force and infltiernce. Bust
neas pjen, hoold Tpeer petmj tbora
felves to loose afght of. what 'tna h
mecemprwlrwl by'a perseveTinr-nse-f
inn pf intiBU; prpysos., utlfi WPM
tie, aod then the "how. whnn and4
where" of it, and yotr' oH lraTl if
tawledge worth fcayinj.
,, v Ja , Zaleskia; r. -
TH Elekl Company, with a view tali
development of lha Moat intreetaf Aalea
kl, to Monro iu permaaeat aiprlty. aad Id
add to it opulaie d wii, r mom
ortpnng to actual eattlai, town lota aad ,
rand m low pneaa, ana e-noerw man
Peraon deeiringj to axarnma lb arpry
aod to boy cheap ban wtfl aplr at tha
Company' office to -
1 1 . i n. innar-ue, a . .
Ealeiki, Ohio, Buy It, l7U - af " '
1L.A0 D'E S, ,
. . : i t.,i m .tit
Wliioh isadipUd id , , ,
All Sewing Marchinei
! i
NOTtCW canleularlv th iter d' af E.'fi
OOOIIRIca. Chicago. III., vruh Ave palaat '
temp. It. . tiOODglt'Ui.
Om'nd laroom toe Stat at., Ch"-aga
Us. : saangia
If you are Sufffirliigfromnf
Broken Down ConstltaUosBg
Drrcaulre a Remedy td
PnrifjHnd Enrich the BVooold
ton will find r. Crook's rmpiKyrw
h af ! ltooS to poomemo rrmtor mt i'et
it, cure you inure spucdlly, ami do jrowpii
mora good than any and all oilier rem-,
die eointilncd. That Pale, TcllW.
m rsiijr.iMiiina;eiiin is eiiangna "
Ol iresnniDui ai.u iit'Hiin. xuuae vawwaaww
of the MUln, Fl in plea, Faalal. '
Hlotche and Eraptlan are removad.-1
srroiuia, ptrromioita iMsva oi me
i:yea, Whli welling, I'lcwra, 4t4 ?
Stare) r auF.klud of Honaor. rapidly ,i
dwIndleundUlsappenr nnder Ii Influence,
Hhatlsltr Jt la naturs'aown rvjatorarf
A aolub a osyrl of iron combined with the
medicinal Dror' tlemf Pokeliootdlveatea
el all dlHagreenble qnnlltles. It will ar
any iPiaeaan iviioao real or oireci waoaa la .
tliirt ationn. Knnmii'iiim, s-auaa iai
l.tmhw.ir Hnnea.. 'ealltNllaa aratiaaS
dew by Mercurial oroiher poison.1 are "
all cured by It. Kor Hyptillla, or mymmf '
line mini, mere leniitiiiiigciiuu 10 tb m
trial will prava Ii. boldb .
GEORtlE W. MSSON, BICArthar, Okie "
THE WKEfLV-tN is ton alrefy kSswdi . ,
to require any extended racommendat'aaji ,
hut Ihe reason which have already give tt,,:,
Arty thnuasnd snbrriliers, and hih ailtp
we hope, give it many thooiand mora, aff , ,
biieftvaa follow t ,
1 1 i a flr t-ratp ncWi-paper. All lh ni t .'
Iho dey will ha found in il. eondeneed ha
r in J will ll,,U,l,,U II, .-wuMunw., wwm
rnrorlont.at full length When ef memeal.
1 a'wayp preaemrd ina clear, lalalliaikla )
ana 1
and Intetpatinir mnnnpr.
It I a RrHl-rHte family paper, fnll ef alr
taming and inatrnct.ve reading offvesy ftuiaV. m
hut containing nnthing that can aflead ta
moit delicate and acrupulob tpt. ' "
III ttraurate etnry paper. Thebeal talass
and romance o' current literature rty J
fully selected and .eg'My primed Ir ta wages.
Itia a flr-t-rate Arirullurl ppr. 1h
moat Ire.h ead inelruollt artil n g ri v
tilinr-1 topic regularly appear ia tkia da
It U an Independent polities! pnr,hleg- T
ing to no parry end weBrirg no cenar 11 ngnia .
for piinciple and the He, Hon or me upi man
10 rlHce It eaperinlly devntei II energies I ,
hn eipoiire of the great corruptions that '' -now
weaken and rilpgrace oui country, aad
ihrenten to umlermin repiibliran inalilulioaa
nimgeiher. It hn notenr ol knave, Bd aka
uo favor of their eiriportere. . ,
II reports ihafcahion for tlieladiasaBd lha
market for ehe mpn.'ppecilrv the-1tla
mnrketp. to which it imya particular attentina
finally, it I the encapeet paper published
OnpdnlUra year will pt cure it for any anb
pciibor. Ii 1 not necesiary 10 got upaeluw'
in order to have TUB W KEK H HUN at thl a f
rate. Any "ne who aend'i a eingl dollar will
get the paper for a year
Bliy-aii column-, only el a year, ftoaia..
coiintp from this rale.
ie aa the Umly Hun. $2 00jpr. A di
cniint nf 20 per cent, to clulu 01 lOor tr.
TSIEAILTBVDa large Hiuriaf -.
nepier of tweni -eight tolimai. Inly ,
circulation over ISOiOOOp til the aewt ferJ '
oent. Htihacription price SO rente a mm tb,
or SO year To club ol 10 ur oyr, a im f
count cf 20 ncr lent.
Addresa "THE 8VN, New Yark City.
A B00K.FOItTIIEMlXf4Olf t f'
- w.tj w mw taM. ,
tarrr m at aarri.MaM4 J
Biiurinul rttalailuarf
hlMI 4Mprtraa la yretacta, aa fravMiata iHtia,' ,:
.ft'.. BUM. "" iO ' UapnaaaiwaV
It NUPM Wi. aiMriMaa aa lirirt .fa .Jil :
WbpajK.auUaala W.TM..I,. a.kpal4 al. tk,.. (
, " erTm,u aD r.a.i, itraitkaaiia ndrs
nop, 11 inMm ttrrlbl .a III aahlm
rnlTtn.ua ih.i la a.na tMai... aai
it vnmatt avtrrlblBf aa Ik aahim ar . f.a-
1 publltkal I. ... .ikpr wart.
aalpaa.M(na.a(a..ul.)fcr1. Caau. . a
uitiSS, li. P""!. 13 . IIkrwV ?
Kotles to th Afflicted mi VahrivaxU. 1 1
- Bttprt applrlap u tk. MtariaM uti.t.
i . T r-t'-,-' i ..oa nanm apntM
akiLl "tSr"" "saiy-arAlatM.!,, pr . a,,
a., ne.
ift warkt
DIM UnA 1. M
Harttlu CmmuKu'k".
V ) I'
General Superintendent. Notice to the Stockholders of
the Galapolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
, A Lf, parties having inhsertbed tolbei lap
i.tUI atoek ol th O.. McA. A C. B. A. ar
hereby reaui, d to make payment to thakea- r
retaryofihe Company,! hip office oa.rb ,
Public Square, in Gallii, old, Ohio, or if mora. ,
ennveqient, to laniel Will, Preaidnt of Ik ?
Vinton County Bank, at MoArthur, t'hio, a
an Inntallment ot fly dollar on each share
po aubanribed , wiihis tan day of tbi del, i
Augu.110. 1871. ' . . , .) . i
WK.PHOBKR.See'y i i ...
' . 8 McA. AO. R. B.C. '
dee I UTI. . :! ... :
StALl'S:, FUR 84AtE
I Ore Scale a good a aew, ret
O-ale m
novll i;
varv lnjr ttrint f?B.ll aast
H.C.JONE8 Aitonoy. CC1
! I ;'0A
i j ' K . A ii J I I i
ll'j )
Hi. I

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