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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, October 08, 1874, Image 2

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m'ca Kill UK, OHIO,
" i i ' ' ; ' - '
TlIVltspAY, tJUT. 8, J8T4
'Tb Vinton Record newtpn'rer f ii)
job oo it fur tale at a bargain to
n&l) feujar.- .apply to. or adJreaav -
r ' 40UN T, RAPEU, MoArlhur, 0.
.vt For Secretary of -State,
For 'Judge of th Supreme Court.
. (Full Term,) !
' , LUTHEE DAY. ' '
For Judge of (lie Supreme' Court (to
, fill vacancy,) : i , . :.,
For Clerk of the Supreme Court,
For CoruniisMoner of Comiiiou School
For Member of the Board" of .Public
, v( i .. Works, .
ForTSepreseivtiitlve In Cmiress, 11th
. t'oiigressloual Dietrich ,-'
.! " ' For Sheriff, " ''
' - For Treasurer,
! '
For Recorder, ,
For Commissioner,
,, For Coroner. ; .
Forluflrmary Director, for 3 years,
For Inflniiary Director, for 2 years,
For Infirmary Director, for 1 year,
It is said that a few of the
Vinton county Republican
politicians assembled some
where in towsflastWednesda"
and nominated part of a coun ty
ticket. George - Kaler was
put on ior Sheriff; U. S. Barn
bill for Treasurer; John VV.
Brown (or Commissioner; C. B.
Taylor, (white,) tor Recorder;
G. E. .Atkinson for Coroner;
and lor the other, officers, , it
was decided that the Democ
racy had filled the places With
The above is decidedly witty,
we regard it as one of Bowen's
best jokes. The substunce ol
tbe matter is that the Repub
lican Convention nominated, a
full ticket,' except Infirmary
Directors." As to this board,
the Convention said that the
oil board of Infirmary Direc
tor?, Diiwd, Magee and Swaini
had showed a disposition to do
the fair, honorable, honest
thing in taking care of the
people's money, and the Con
vention farther said, that in
Jocalmatlers, and local offices,
and iu the matter of the ex
pendilure of public nionev,
we preferred honesty, intelli
gence, and inirity to parti
anism, and. (hey t.eing'i
aoch rare virtues in Vintot.
county officials, that we pro
posed to retain thid board, or a
majority of them, in power it
we could, at least until we 6aw
some cause, other than mere
politics, ior removing them: A.
Swaim was induced to be
lieva that the ring Convention
intended some lairness, and hit-
name- was presented ' to the
Convention," but that atigusi
body treated him with otter
contempt; ha didn't get votes
enough to let him down decent
ly. i In fact' tbe whole, board
wai insultingly snubbed; un
ceremoniously and contempt
uously kicked out of the treat'
y: ring gathering, . Whj!
Simply because they had 6how
ed manlinesi and fairness;
because they bad: refused to
help swindle tbe taxpayers in
tbe interests of . party,. .pets
and favoniee; be'c.use they re
futed to do the bidding. ol. a
corOpt ,nng - of ' bange'rWii
mho' live oil ol the, county
Treasury; because they were
above the low dirty trickery bi
(be wirn-workers, ho , get up
what is railed Democratic pol
itics. The and like reasons
weighed on lhe:xnindoi that
iiiil.i.int assemblage 'hat un
derlook to tell Hie votgrsol
Vinton county j JQ )e
should vote. -, . jj.Hj sfi
Au honest1 bin it iir. ti.aVoi
semblnge. was hs h 'jewel In a
hog's snout," at tj;-st;Vnd it was
reallv, u ;eftiC to MleIl'''
and waimiriiirttTej'rtnre T.rf
tiominaled by such U fro" -h-.
The Republican Ct.m'iivkn
did nut nominate till alio place
but asked . the: people : regard
legs of party to. vote, for Magee,
Strong and.Dowd. ii ' ,-,vf
JNow whatw. the resuliMhe
ring., about,; , McArlbur-A the
wire workers, i have ; suddenly
Uncovered ! thai unfitness of
these men. i llow' strange!
How the yelping and howling
is heard from, the treasury ken i i
nel, Vstiok to the ticket," fcdonV
scratch." t We are aware that
if these gentlemen are elected
the (majority of the board will
be Democratic; for this we care
nothing, lor we are also aware
that it will be capable,- hooebt:
and laijhul to Its trust, 'ifot
which we ... care' much.i And
we believej.tbP (Jayi.basL gonel
by lten tcrj.p porty cnhi
crowd,, jnut v good , men,' aud:
crowd merp, tools ot partisan
rings and cliques,,..: .Wi believe
he peoj'lo. oi Yin ton cqunt.v
are ,awako to -their iiileresir..
and while a lew, at Jieadquurt
e's may howl about the party,
the great mass of, the laxpayr
erg preler purity to corruption
and .honest ability and ,econ.
omy to pirlisan rascality stu
pidity and extravagance.
And we believe that, on.next
Tuesday the -honest ;ynttrs;of
Vinton coanty will shake off
the 8hackles,ql party rule and
dictation, and prove their man
hood by casting their voles for
the be&V men , for, tbe -.several,
places,; regardless of.; party
pressure.! . .
To the Editor of the Vinton Record.
Does tbe law. permit an' Au '
ditof to bold .office more thin
two terms, or is it the isme as
to that office as it is on Sheriff
and Treasurer? Some of us
are , curious ' to know-on ac
count of the activity of -a cer
tain office seeker of your .town
in trolling around Mr, Uustoti,
We think he is bidding ior
shoes. : "Yo'ur 1
J. K. L.
The Auditor can hold fis 'of
ten as be can:! secure an ele'c
tion. The party we 'sufipose
vou refer to is blading high' so
that he caff raise Belford ' out
ot his sf.oetl' That 'individual
understands his prnesVion; h
is a professional ( ffice-seeke'r.
.. :
Vote forBarnliili, the honet-t
induKlrinus fnrmer. '
iinii mom bnaii(ilU bvok puhlinhsdi -f ,
A LIBRARY of tlie ohoicKt "lwlinn frorr
nil the rlel POKW In dw ?ninmi. pr
fwely illuilralcd b iht manrp ( re
nnwneil imirtW-rn. ' I'otitirtlg lh kxmt yrivl
inrt moU titwi.4 hook of ih ''ID'I. Huniii-cHf
of wlnm mD! fd orf.oonnd liber)
F. A. Hi'junwii vw.f u.v.ijbiii i, u
S1.000 P2H WEEK
Cui t md hT liny .:! m w.bf .P
hi hunn to rimi-f ir.
n, HrthokFn. N. J. I .f . f
ITKTINEIIf tut V en. I P- "
Knwii.l o.. 41 Prk How. N. T.. '
(heir Kukiffagt PmpV4. .(InwiliR COitof C)
WARREN PWKTMNn of Firilnln Clly in
Mon4nu Trntorr mioT Xtlit iitlfcn1 of
MinnMpolion tho Hime of Minn-, will
mk notWh'CJohn Dnuhrtof Itiironnii
of Vinton, in Ihepti te of o,in,.lrf. tn ih27'h
Hy of Aiifiiat. 1. P TWT4, (lie hi tilion1h
the Court ofOommon Pl wiihin nd for th
'ounti ol Tintoni In ooi't 8tiif Ohio, ctnl
ntii Wnrrrn HwinnH, n.iH Rilna fwrtlinH oiiri
InH G HwMland, hHn t t-of lol Bwt
lHn1i dMHd. nnd AnvPlino Hwt)nnd ft.
Mlrinv of-ioH HwftlnnH, rlrrftph n&tt?
iminitrtril nl hi Mto. nd rl.C Jon-.
ilKVmioitw. noiUni tortb Hvit Hm oditt Jorl Hi
Swetlnnrt. Apen'A, while in f.li litr. end'th
Mid Aogalin BretlontJ keins Ihfn hi, wile
ito ft morlinB to the emd John P-iine,-lT
onw-lota 272 (73 and VH, in 4he.,jjlla of
ileirtriur, TintonconnlT,thlo;lo,on d Ine
und nemiiph ol! of lheojiti etHeoin-lol
171 an will eorrenon(l with the ftonth rlrte o'
the (TrmeTurd. hi about J of m4 Uifili.hr
the earn more or tew, Min lot heint known
aa Bwetland'a Stable IV-" e"re the
eat-meat ef 1176 wrlH t per cent?- lotereet, jm .
nordins to certain note referred to in ei'1
morrt-ftce, Ind that lre lhefiirt-col eairf
nnorttae the mid Joel . wel'nil Mae rte
parted thie hie; tnt the1 Mid Anker.ee "wet
laod i. iidmintpiralpi o ihe aald Joel O Pwet
lend, rtee eeed, end that the eeld Wren"
wetland, tilae rtwetland, and Joel i Pwet
iinH are heir ft. law of the mid Joef Pwet
lnt. deeeed. and that the mid Homer'"
' Jooeerktlm to nWt ft InterraH Mie neeti-
iee d e"rihei in eld r-etttion hy e eertnie
mnrtnire dee4 oner-lo Infewierteete ef V'-
'ilt, and crayini that the iVinrt ma Snd Ih
imI ne the pleintft.n4 il the mate fee
not paid with in a ehert de lo he named h
ihe CoitrL ibatewd premiee may he oM to
Myth erme. anfl marine eeic Momeri
Jnea I ordered tn eet forth hie.ekt mnrl
at'lim.ihetth mrf mar determine f
nnerit of leina ft. the heerkif Iherenl; W
Ihe eftirf Werrea wwetland end il Pwetlenrf
ti notified ihat Iher are. regnlred to pner
and anewer eMetiiienoB or nemre tne in-r-tmdiT
alter ihe W-layof-ttolier., I1T4
Jttted 8e.ienbr w. i7.- -
. . . 'OHN pvrOHERTT
B H. W. CoiT''r. nlk AttorWey '
ef '-"1X7'' ClTWR will fhrnfrl ft W'dt-
,VT 1 e Oham eafh In f
beMVmJMotement.SiAtV WlereJjU'i
moat. Hear Mr case. a.7 per oft axlia
I es .il.erce-e
t;ii i "1 ' -r" .b''
Fresh Drags, Pnlnt, Oli9,"Vnni .sK'es,
Dy3 Stuffs, and ?ure Uuore tor Me
dklnal purposes. 1 1 r( ....t'j.n.p'
Perfumerj-i Fine TQllet,9oapvHalr
OiU, Peqiade, Hair, Nai1, TaotJ), Fltsh
nnd tlothes Brushes, Cerjibs.
I;' .. 11 , I I, 1 l ' I Will
School Books, Limit Books,' Copy
Books, Perts.'Iiik, Paper and Pencils,
Envelopes, States. t -
I '(! l:i;: : i-! 'I MhV.- In
Flue Cut, Plug. t liewl.Dg.and.Sn.oK-
liiSf Tobacco,, CJar, Pipes. : ( ;
Lanterns, LampChlmuers, Shades,
coal Oil. .
I',, i. ! : ! 'i:. i'
A full line of Gold.Coral, Jet, Topnz.
Amethyati Agate Garnet'tSeis, Bruce
lets, Finger aird Ear Jtlrifes, Nectlnies'
StVtve Butt ju. iv!!il ti'- f H'--
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. " ' ' ' "
i , . I .,,r
Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Vlo"lin and Guitar Strinjr.' '' ' 1 "
v ; hit". ,!(!,;::.- l''f,;'
iClpcks,,Wtf lies and Keys. , 0(M1
Toilet and VTdrV Boxes, and an end
less variety ol Toys-v .: . . il .''
! ' ,' 1 " " .1 .' rl if- ill i v i ' I '
1 am also , agent for all the Mnga'-
zlnes, Periodicals, Literary nnd Dally
PuptTsv which I nirnlsh front three
days to a week; In advance of- those
furnished by mail, .j ( l,i.,vv,
All oi: ' tte, Afeve, ' aiid! a
; inQusanautner.ATU:,
cles, to be had.at )-,?
tvt 1.. .''va'.'i r i"
i, , M41S JS'AKTIHB,, .
' I '-M '
17. i
I. T.' i'-t
. , ,i-tlll!1i
'f , ' I I
VKhY OKATLY 1MPUOVKU in .fiirm o
ihe claws, and llie'ninre enmplrle ahii-ld
ngoC III irlfc niliie-t to ;ear, by.niewi
l-atea. ma'dng them wrnr Jtct imnatlvug. and
le the won. 'Hater ano eaaier tnun any pinci
linaker. Mmle of the ven bext hII leather
in imir Miaea. rmht and lelt handed Naimtlftf
ent prepaid on rrt-eiptof pru-e HlfGI"e,
II. i; rim (.linen, iti per pair, i.ioera
diM-onntin qunntitiea Ark rouf men hiint
or ail-ire-a OALL EU&K1KO OLOVE. CO.
Cnlco. ! ' - ' ' ''
'd H(r)Apr dav at hornri. Term a fc-ee:
r uAddreB tjKO. .Btiasoil Co..
1'itrtlanil. Ma.'t,
H WEltK ytitirnnleeJ to-nmle
and temaie auentain tneirioc
ity -CiHta &(THrNI to try
Pnrtirtilara tree. P. O VIC
trtY A OO , AiitnistB, Me. '.
X How either aex mar faai-naie and gain
the line: ejid atlei-tion vf wny rann4he
ohonae, inntmitly Tine Simple menial a
qillremout all can ponHeea, (l by mall lor S
..enla; touellier with a Marniwe '-uide.Enypt-ninTm-le,
d realms hinta to Indieet A onei
hook Ili0,ll0 cold Ailitre T WILLIAM .
rM Publiahra. Philadriphift. a . - ,
l .
:l BHERip,A'OPr'lCE,') r
Heptemlier 17, l7i I
fe IA QtiJUi Voltn of VMo Ceariiti, Qhioi, ,
tT7HRK;AS,br the lawa of Ohio regiiUtiaa
V efelinn; it la req'iiml of the Sheriff-M
ti is a-ountr to sire notice before the time
'oldinuao eem-linii by proolam.tkin thronajhi
on t the county or tne nine on anicaauoi
-lection haB be holdeot - " t -i a .
In purauance of auch requiaition, I
JEOHa.b rt.l,ER, Sheriff (if. Vinton Cety
hin, do hereby proclaim and make knovi
hat the 1 ; ' '-i i! i 'i 1 v s'ni
Second Tuesday in 'OetobeTr-1874
(jmfi tHtMDA7,6rSAlD'v0STB,j
la by the Coaah'tutinh andTa'wa Aflflh'of ap"
anioied the dat on which the qualiBtd elect
ira ol -Vthton County ftrel .ftiitlliW lolnleetli
vlieir reapac'lre townahipa, at their uaual o.
umlSeT' plAC" Holdiitr eletililila. taHweei.
ha. hniin. of B o'clock ip the forenoon an;l i
"tdock in thi ftrtiootiior taid A aed thVV
nd ttiere to rott. j lHol for the lolloeint
otfltier., town: ' : til" 1 p
"81 ATE dFrfCISR-'.'
d ( r ' .' !f: r' : I ( '! !T !' i .
Ine fltcretary of State,
ine Clerk of Mm H ipiema Court, ') c-
Two Judge, 'if Ihe Mupie'me ' Court, one fdr
long term and one lor ahort term. ,.. t et
ine Melhher of the Board o' Ptibhn Worka,
One Conimii-atoner of CpinrqoD ricboqia, o
the Ktiita of alhin. ' '. ' 3 ' ' ' ' 1
tne ewie ot umo. . -
i id ReAreaeetatite lo' fMhgreafr to r trie fller-
tntn uonareaaiopal tairicicompo'eoti tr.
countieeof .Vioton, Hooking Jackaon, Gal
','na.' v
OnafhefiiT.' T
On Treaauref,
oof Keoord.r, :
Una Commi.aionef.
ai vaamerr,. - , . . I - , - 'Trjjr
Three Infrrmary Director.; one tor ne year
ne Conner,
one a-T ito year., one tor inree yeait.ior
Vintoa cohdty; " ' '-' ' '.'
The truaieea of the eereral lownahio-
n epid rra.tyhtre 'heitalrr.iiniifle.1 thai the
idjowinif number ol juror, .reapportiooe'
10 their lewftahj pat reap, lively, (uieiliat thl
are req u ed to aeiea-i the .a'
d ni-mber am
make reiu-a t a areei iiae
I'letu, loitether with ine ixi
Kiic.!aiw7. J..r.;!at-swift a. rn
Lu..la R a-MltitAit in
ej . ij
'WlrkeeVVlI'-'' "11 Tilli-'nri' r'K
n warvTilit:. .. . iv ! "
K lltj J, Jaatl.o.jB JJM.K8PI1 ..--Jif.ll
Iliciiinnu. ...... id jaanuiMiii , . . i
liatl rlsotl 1 . . . IV. tf BrOH U-!.'.' V. j . . P.
WlTJEflS, ml hand, al. my offlce. in Me-
Jlrinuraaniawa. m-w o, neieariaar. ire,
i a I
ir.il Oha.ruW VaiUeaAaOt.-yl, I
BepUmber 17, 174. w
6Y(,nl' 'f ''"ne ."irong ,yoitn ol gr.ftt prodne.
,napAt" kalT' rhaMty'nrtl 01 water1
Hjrt... Railroad rrtana , tb.aitnf. a ih ..
To Julia Ann Ilobo:
A A .eV. .F L V A
YOTJ lift hy inthaT U trf WpteiM
r fttei i IS j mitl ol it Coitniicaioaeia l
Vinton oMintei-linta, Wilkam J. feiMft aitf
othere file uiiit pewtuwipre uniy
loiiowaW . k pWurit the oenterwrf tftef
coi-nn rMd leading pM JennWfiM wwiier .
dwelling hnuae abwut IB roda wen 01 earn
hnnaa. in Kin lo.nshin of Vinton rounty,
.'h, .lienee ruhnine eonh-ly dieeo.
tion (he near, at nd lal route Oiruugh the
ii JVJ.,I neeV.iMe notdi-eiei-i 4-ttr of J
T) W olfa .arteo, (hem-e in an eierly direv- I
toTTrnroiinR lana. aora orfTUWatd T "J
U Woir and o owupieq ..y nun. eon . ..
,du ofisanjeaV Ward JtlCoU-elS of ke
Wiiler v ill of iJ Oilman. Wit :o.,a(ui
aleur the Amh line ot land oetre by Henri
eila Wilannaadmtre-uni the Jaokaon, an.1
MoawktrVoa.i at ft jioinl aboftl'l 1eoofl.
of the ftoutn line ol hesrporH.le llmile ol the
lowe Moirthiir. i ald Elk:tiieDipM'
Vinton eouniy, Ohio, end there lo nn. .
: Thai iewertaud tirteorwererp1',r'
ti bjf paid cominiioner end thai paid
wiToorer;anirt at e iqirl
point ot aa'd road uetitiooed for, On the WM h
d4nWlrn t' ftlf PecK, A,M-.
lo enter on thedisohareof theii dutiea.
A)e.tett;,l17th dair .-f SeptemhirJ fU,m
4!'. r .iHirinoPllPliner..
1 1 ' i n-. I ' t -t - '1 '.'ltd
i i.
... ,
' i - tal'dwier In i of' h:
it'. li iliiiil' 'i' 9l Ot VI
! 1
, U ; 1 1 , i I - . ij ........
a I r n HI O
1 fpic;jcrn E-coi.ii j
. "xiiiif .i.iio '- ' i- "' "
: 'liw i'"i ; i . Hi '-' '
carelnllt .done, and the amalleat Bioturea
enlarged to any ii ana ' - '"
;-,WATR-i CONORS, .;
...ttr.:i lv!--: .'''!i ;
i- IXDIA ..I'N..K-,i!
any ether style that may bedeitred, at tbe
lowest'.'.V. rates.'
' Large and 'flnely irilxhed Photoraph'
can un made Iroia.old and tailed, or
aCT-atcUed pictures.
' - C,.f ii! 't -d Mi -.(. .; '
Picture j(io. allkinds framed, ,. to
in-. 1 1
i i
and all wnrh vrarranted
d ujriTe jtU6iction.
State o4 'bhto, Pinion bounty
r- i-ii "!!' i; ii 'I i t -i
W. N. Hartley and wt le, flaintlfls
, !t I AMUM. I.-) lit . ;
Jolule 0. Botfc.et al Defendanta.
. 'i . ' ' ii-' i :.
In Vinton County Court of Common
Pleat" Pint Order-of Sale "in Par-
; aeton.-'-- ' : -:' ''
PURSUANT to Ihe command of an Orderof
Hale iamied Irom the, Coa rt of tjommiin
I'lena uf Vinton Count), nnd to me directed
as thunltof eaid roilnty, will utkir foi aolo at
the ilimrol Ihe Court llouae. in .lie town of
Mi Arlliur, Vuiloa Coudiv( Oillo. ou , i,
Thuisday, the 17th Say of Septem
A?. 1874, . ,,,(
at the hour of I o'clock, P. M,of nid day, the
toUmilnjden-rihed lurida atttiake in the conn
IV of Vinion aqd8,Hteoi Ohio: The weat hHlf
of ili ftoitiheaal o,i- .liter, and theeAat-hult'or
the aotiih-weat qiiHtOe . of aevtton tweniy-aev.
en, '7 townahip ten, lfi range D'oei.eil.fiUI
containing lia) acrea more or lewa. and the
weal ha I of the orth-eav qawter ml ihe
eiiat half of the northwM. quarter of aei-tion
ihirty .four, 4)loalnhipB-ii. (in) range nine,
teen, I ItlJ containing lot) rcrea, mole or leaa;
t-owainiug io all3i ea, nioreor h-aa; ".
VpnrniKed at aix ,i n n i - red and forty dol
lara. llau and mwat tiring twortnieda o(Hi(.
h um.
TERMS OJT SALE: H In hand, helaofe. ra
one And twb year eeuured by n ortgnge on
i ne premiaes vl J
. bhentt Viniou iunlf
E. A. Batto et At. Attorneyalor I'lainnna.
AuguslU, A. l. It7a). . , . pw.
SEPTEMBER 14, 1874.
i , -...' i 1 . -1 -.
, . -f' i tntll ui: - .i I' ''. ".'
! 1 alil'i f:1! v'J .; I, '!'! o: '.
XassUasxes. Batinttts Jeans,
. Watex,-lroAlClith"8,,Cary.oii
! fiatuilsl Wol Fla'iieir, '
ill t.nii; t-j'f v i! ' '"
) lVev Calicoes, Blck Al- ; ,
t' packs, 'Blkctt'SilkB.""11
'f l 'i! llll hlH .'.'1 ' '
ni,3 i''i .- n U a i.itti
I) .iiflt.C.1 Iti "a! it .lii!-i-l -n
C(t! tt Vi.f.fcJ J'V.
Ruching Leather Belts,
. ,v a- i '
: v." a -T tZS i i
OrTered.. t, ,e.oyi, .Cash, fjripss,
af - e -.
.f .-
Ii n
I eTl-:P'
The Cread Maetafi aval aWaoeal Bmihmi hae Vee
Jlai.hed Sun mileal long, aoal ill entire land
nf an
granA na'oedl , .0 . th.Ii o,;-
la Famine IaaJa te Artaal "aettlera, far
TiMi IaaiMUraieftilej, lill I"
ion jvr .crew hare heap aaJd already. Jl
lw are Veil Jrmhere; maklna lh"aSeal
' ot maieroiie Htelea. in, tle , Weat Jre
aeftana. inaMieA'ra. tiai 'neaw iai Maeeiili
r'n I. No d'ffli-nttr ln,lrn.portetln. Pea.
'nd Balrweaanttwrwlniie haeriefe jind.rrfM
m a per acre, r'ane eiim-eni. inrereai
7 peneeptt.il -ail! WfttVA. II8WA H D, ' 1 '
l-and ammmmoner 'rind HapH.., aiiJh.
4 to SH per acre. Tune anflt.-ient. Iniereai
lit, t ,;,(,:!,:, ' ; Miiij. !
j .(..( j to a . i 'i i ii
Dy (Roods
Fi-es lv for the Spring Trade
- - TTJ
1 1
i T T?flW nu,
t. L t'"'i i'' a I to;. 01
f otort utouna fit uu.
It ..- I t ti.illt ' 1 -V
j Also full line ol''t:iH 1i-''
I'.ii-.ijI' rn ; i ii u o I i'
- i Stiitionrrr. ,
' ay "
it ii
Ml i .11'; . 1
Everything at iht very Lowest Vf-
lumiir inia
flfUM-'O ;I.0Pl' '" I- 1
. ! l-ll! J ,. !' '.",:i ' I 'ill ''
: t',lW (Kcw.ttjlen.of.j,,,. ..
' ., i. ..I a 'I ill
Jute Ilraids,
,11 t. M
,'riniiulngs,; ' .
,,1(t , Laces. .- ! ...t
s tnu-ii Gloves, -i.i I" '
...i 'M, F'cjr Goods
' Jewelry,
ii M
;i a
-,i i ii' t
Corsets,, Etc.
.'i(!'l ! .1 , a. a . "J-
Also a large asgortmcnt'of :
Oen(;riior ! JI'cckttcM.
t. Ih ' '
. i ...
Bleachicgr, Tressirg. Ifmcdeirg.
ana au tunas - or iaiiiinery
Work dona to Order, on :
tb it Kotice,
-.till n'li lu 1 1 1 .. j -- a i
Give us a cull. We will el' Jower
tbun ever.'
J. P. av C. A. DUXKI. y
Main et MoArtlm O.
t. . ''! (: ' I '
At hi ne I'liico of hulueav
,, , HOUSE. . M.
7 fM.'t HASTUB- -.if
Choicest retook
, 'Hi: ,1-ai'. ' iaOF :i
1 1
Spring and Summer Clothing
1 . , i I i-i 1 1, 1 . -i . H all .
TVER breught to thia market, embracing
Alanll the liiteat and meal ktahiodaMe alylea,
rn' in accordance with Ihe lateat 'a-hiinui
When you want a'uohny auitdou t wu to call
on r'rauk. He alae CUTa and ,
( flit .'!.!:. '
Makes Garments , to Qbdei
. and haa a full lid. f , . , .
M-" a I-
Cents' Ur.derwear
AllVtofhliit marked down to the LOW.
EaST JTIOI'MJi. GUBBteftCAllaom wil
warrani .Auaiaci.iua
itiiwir , , , , ., , FRANK HEM.MAN,
Maahoooilow Lost, low Eestored
Juat DUhhakeit, nmredi
tion 1 1 Dr. ColTcrwell'e
Celebrated Kaaar on Ihr
rtdioul emrt laiihout' riieanl.
eioe) or -rtaToani , or eemioal weaa
nana larolontarr Seminal bdeeea, laperaacY,
Mental aud Physical Incapacity, Impedimenta
a Marriage, ete.,.eio, uoNscHPrioH, nriLie
ar, and hi., induced by ftell-iudulgence or ec-i
ual eitravftfanre. ; la, , , ; I
AVAri'rice in a aealed enrelbpe, only 6 reute.
The ealebratcal auipor'io tha admirable
My clearly demnnatrate Irom ft tnirty year a
aucceaieful practice, thai the alarming onoaa
quencea oi aii-aruae may ne rauicai y curea
withuulllie danaemn e of. imereal m ei th
en or the application or Ihe ltfti(; pointim
oiha mpae ulttireat pnaeaunpie,reruiin .no
ettei-tiM, bymeana of which etrrj enftVrer.
ne mailer wnat naa codcj.iod .may oe, may
t-ure niirraeai cnenpir. pnmi.ni anu wawi,,
tftArThie Lei ture ahould be, In.the haida ol
efer -loBih and erery man inthe landt'
ent. unda r aeaJ. in ft idain enralone. to nf
idd.-eoa; pttuml on .fereipl of .UHiente, or
two poat a lamp.
: AU-e Dr; cnlerrell' "Mrrig ObUe,"
bfi-eSUcenta. , .
, Aditreeetbe poWlifheM,' "
r.uia.i n Kt.rNR A CO..
127 Bowery,' New Yort. Poet Offlca Boi, 4,0
( BAVET reKepeneit Uijlcoal banti.ati'l ant
I prepared to fall ordera tor coal in uuantitie.
to fculi parcihftMertJ I 'ill aell aiheap ft
eoai olthe ftftma ouattty can oaoDiainea else
wheraJtl V i ; -)HuB1 WIMTJCBB.
1 K0unl874 Sn ... , .
t, i m ri-i i 1 1 1 I ai a aa ii ;
'fi AtHriOfbrielf.ppKihaaed en.; an4ind.
Llaome band wagnn. and are prepared lo
'-arna.h gnonypquaadwrf araphoiippi, u .H
iTeabora .iinaj... 1 ifnu.ll ;jun4fi
'.'.,. MA
V6 eell the nr of MAM'FACTCRlSO
AIR. I 0Mi8 anaa LAillrO UAlH
DHI.HlU-ia.lh oO lllaatlallaaa, ,.n.
I ia.-Aixi twiafll ftiF fSera.tVi-afe
I "ri" r "Tinr mjj.n ej r ajfV- faf -
t( Wholeaele dealer end lnKiri.j.l lieaaaa
J ' Hair, s ftnd 41 ia)ifbtjpaJ!, HyrM
' "
idavaea prrlii referfnoae. nJEIfKTtVOrTIIV
IXf Ul I til k
VJy ii Mpilr
A World's!1 Fair on,; Wheels Coming ;
OVER 900 "M EN,, . & HORSES';
I r-'.!t V' i'''Vl;, a.-'-i.,' .-...i.l-.
To Tranft. ort It from
i .. , . . . . .... ..RYiuurrfeinV -V ' .i'lii.ifT JUT
1 ... i...... .. 1 ... 1 ,
! ' win; jsxHiftrr At " "' ' '
MoARTHU llf I itiDAY, Oct. 23
,:,;. It'. iltlT I't'l - - I, ;J I ' I I l.h 1 "' '' "'!: .; I -lit lit. t:: fill i fl'
ZbOI.OtilCA 1
I J .. lilll I
It. lit
I IU. L .11: 1
Wor'U'siCoiigrcM of Touapm nnd GIG A TIC CIRCUS.
12 TENTS, 900 MEN A1TD H0RSB5 !
1 at .yij-H,
a. - iiU
' Nl.-V"4"l'l
Molirrrf rjEsir" woNMiV.RKiT'i.liitroslTtTi v.K n Movkfe'v",'riRE8r '
OK HI II US, TKttKl 'II.K Hl.l',i-l.l-; 11 I .N'a II h" I II.H.M, : 11 M I Mi s-M-JK l' I r.f,
Tfilitlfc-iTHlAI. TERli'tl!-', M I'll I Ii' U'S U'. i.MiKIW. A S H TH K (ill KIT I (1(1 HI, K
; CIKCI'H Vi'MI'As1' Vi H I1 cc'-IINO. I.IK 14 AJt All - V WII'H 11 1 N M-'.llb,
MILEOK t.AVI-l1! i-XI'EMilTllUK. M Villi I iS UK WiiNHliKH, ALL jX' "'
, , lfTlSt r"UH tlSw-l'ItlCBUK AHMlailUX. i i'
i! t !
Embrace" the,,artmt' nuniVT of Mvtnjr wild lintmals cycr aeeh lit one iirltec ' '
tlnn. and 1 mi eiiltonic of 'nil the' bi-niity. 'owi-'r. iniiji'sty. plnnl;ir lm'fiil''
Slv( nepn, docility. 'rriAwvpiiens nnd. pavtiyiMiisS'iif 'tlie wild Vt.fc!iiiliim:
and rrinny Burh are, to hi' foivid In no oilier trivi-nn? liWiMirinit." Kv'ery'
land Wli'ert etiirtlliir s(triicMoii8 feould ') found lias been ' explored. The,
oatid ilr.ertaof Arnbiiia the wild lon-Hta if Mrli-n. tin k-e tii-lilnnf the. North f
fhenwanipn. Rlouiflm anil junsrli'a of Inditu tlip yC pluim nf o.-th Am'Tlco
the cbiipert ol-'JIexIrit, and tho palace liens of Kgypt, liiive airuQiitributcd, .i
(heir natural treasures,
i: 1 rl . a
mi (imii -,-ii ,, .I.THB, , atatTj-eBtrik'1'1''1
ta replele with rare eprini-iliee wonder pf h nirand aea. human monalroaitiea, reptilea
atrange apocieaof the ttnny iribf, ana.iuiriutn of linij. marine mopatera, nnd triumphs at,;;
autotnata-, i.i- n: i.'i. ;.nt. :.V li.'-til ... i
- -.-;i-.:i TIITa 'ItOYL COMar.lDI
I '.'I t. ;! 1 lilt,-- ! iffi.',('
Repreaenl. the aporia, gn'mea and paatimea Ofdld Rome, an In the day. of the anrlept gladp f ,
atora, wheft Rorne eat on her eerain ll'llt and Irom her throne of beauty ruled the world. In- "
reHn..ino trnuna. tom file Brent nations of the earth, the Royal Perpan Troupe, yr ill Haah
Hairm' Arala., gieal.Krench Ariala. Rin-ian Ulilt. an I the wonderful EgvpUak Ju-'lera,
Ihe wo'rld'. ciinir'e-fchr'wonderheriakrat planed upon exhjh'ti'in the worKfc ol prtgirs ,
Igecur chftriota. lAplenu i-ara, and Ih. wondortiil oprhniflon or fttm ear of th muaes, lhe"l
only aneceeahtl aiAAminnimeAlaMaef lnyener nod la entirely aiRerent. and InBoilely tape
tupirifrto U other ateara muaioal in'atrumenw.
h j THE GREAT, D0UBl.il' 'ClltCUS CfiMPAiVt:
'' :n-rt .-I. f..-:i .,. I "'"l '' ......! ,-..,.u
Tonai'ta of orer one hnno'red anne'rHr artialai, the (Ineal rldr r, leapera. eintriennee, aernl "i
haala.'urnnaeta.and al ea-taltyerti'tf in Ixith hernia .herea. In addition to all the above, wilt
be introduced WILLIS COhrTS TRCil'PKF -
.-' ! .'Ja.-j-at -!'i')l'.. -.t!t ...III Tei J I'.lljn'IVrV. aOTlTinW
Whoae humanliki jnlerligence la Ihe rery pirfettion of Rule i7afnihir W"MI""
,., . '.a: hll-l ..-Il I .1;. ,;!, l.i ,,. ,., i
Will take place alio A M each dav.ind ia worth UviUjftiaaala)it.c4irfo(,1XtOL
itpfeenlaneltig Prof Lonia ,-ttf (V-HV"t1Mle flfenidier Hind, drove of camel and 'rome.
danea, nuge elephan). aelaMblekin-ar n'ora. hearing ontajuionpit a bejiulilul fprnale,
repreinUntraeUdat-a oLihertv iftliat hfrnet loo.e .If niKetaajeH. hat J Bfi.a rraff.
ger. .The open perlormmg alen, co tainina tour aiTave KiflfV 1Mn.,,whiltVai:fll r mwTr
midet boaraf lifthd are! hmh ilh -f"ti ro)H.. will he ihe arrest Mooiaa-fiarthe kmgof
,'beaal eonqnerora. the mii-ical marvel i f the ae, lhwomf"rf"l 4s foa-rnn yr'JI eriiit the rx
mn.tTav1airfttrmii',.lworrneeolirrtit' irn liiniteajtflans vjklT ml ionftVXvJaWa&iajiJ
he line, liiipulian noniea. gi eavliefa and cnnrtlv damea, aie featnrea of ihia vranii holi
JHWTn. Vfr.'Wr f.li'l Ije'iinoy golit "l'JjJVlV fJ.Tf)
' AD5IS!i si fyilCO CUi. - Cli?ldron mtder Nine, 23 CtsV
i n , . - '. ir.'ii ''.ij'.na
A ,ua afJWO.tBKPMANCK ATi2 A N 118 1. 3jL
! V ! ,!,v 1 AVTr 1 ' If
Ui jvfDoO;ttS;jiRBN ONJbJUOUlt KAKl.'.ER. t ?f .
,il l'i.)! j V.IIOI
) lKIy'l li'. no'Hivi
1 ""VMLTT-s
.Stand taj tMauat. 1
1 1 1 ; .
M k JtJt iBi'a..-aat af """! Z F A
' J i r ?., aal '
; S v
, . J.M ' a a- -ai a-
... .. . -
f AT jeke" aaw rtk ' Baa
I ;.'0- v mi a
I! ,.i '.
i , n

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