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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, October 08, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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MoAKIWUK, 01110,""
THURSDAY. ' CT 8"187
and rti Sunday May tt. tITt. nufil Air
er noli, mini will run tolluwa; No I,
S, A, tod will raw daily; all ether trams dally.
- No. I No. I Ho t
Hail. Fast Lin 8( 1. fx.
Maia I tm f 8pm
Rihlad Fur
80 '
I rm
14 "
1 i
a u
S 4i '
I 4 '
1 M
A SU -
1 Hnm
.11 M
Alarndea II 41 '
kjsAavsl 1 1 84 "
Tinwo I4 U0u
Ialki.. IH I
a) opt r.irna...lx M
arkrra . 8 W '
t Si "
t o "
t 47
JW '
ttOIMi) WKiT.
Iltlwii No. I f'.4
fast Lin. Hail.
Itrkriirg I .Aura 10 0Hm
Cm. Ex
I 45pm
IH i ill
18 34 "
18 41
U 81
1 01 '
1 10 "
t 14 "
( 00
1 tlpin
i.lMll II M -
7inu0 .11 1 "
tisArras. 11 H H
asnvten 11 ' "
"ichland nr...ll 44 -Chilhoolh
..1'4 4pt
alocruuaii . 4 40 '
1 U -1
48 "
1 H "
t ru
1 18 "
I 16
K t will tp l 0 S. Junction, l ot
tend, Greenfield. Chillieotne, Hamden, Athen-
d kkioll'e Landing only. No. S will slop at
celt' Landing. Nw England, Athens, Ham
do. ChilliH)lh, Green. Id, Viena, Blan
easier. Loveland, Hsd.sra. Idsdiaonville.
akley nd Omminivilie, only. Nop. S O
Will stop t 0. 4 8. Junction. Madlaoiiville.
Leveland, Greenfield, Chiiticolhe,. Hamden
Athena oJ Boon's Landing only. Noi. 14
will mak il lh atop.
Th Zaleekt Freight going east, hw Ohll
lissthe, 17 W in ; Ksyavil. 8 45; Rich
land Fdrnace, t 85; Hum Jen, arrive 10 OS
depart la 6j McArthur, arrive 10 57s depan
B 11; Vinto.nrrivlt 7 depart H 80 p. m.;
Salsakl, 1 0 Going wt, leaves Zxlrski Ml
I Hi m.; Tin ton Furnace. 3 so; McArthur,
M; Hsiaiten, 4 ; Richland Furuaue, 4 &;
.ayaville, I 80: iJhill.coihe, T 10.
Train on In PtlKrsMOUrH BRANCH
will lv Hsmd.a tt 84. m and 8 15p.m..
arriving at Portsmouth at III 20. m. ai 1 IA
r. m Keturninn I rains will lea Por'rtnonih
ilOUa.ii n.l I M p. m , arriving at Uam
4 an at II IN . m. nd OS p. m.
Tram co"ne"la Lfland for all point on
Mi Litils Miami Railroad, ml at the Indian-
polia and Oinulnnati Hail load Junclion for
ll poiati Waal; at Athena, with IheOlmn
u Md Hocking Val'er Railroad, at Parkeri-
General Superintendent.
Wilkeavillo, Hamden & Middleport
1W1LL run a hack from Wwlkeanllelo Ham
den on Monday, Wedneadaya and Fridays,
returning on the ame days.
I will also run return hack to Middleport
n Tuimdaya, Thuradaya and taturdaya. re.
turning on th tain lay. OUN LEVIS
IW1L! run a hack from Wilkeanlle to
Hamden and return eery Tuenday.'l'hura
day, and Hat unlay for th accommodation
Wl paaaengvrv, liinaiUK viijbv eviiw;,iwu w,i-
Iha mail train on the M. C. K. R. I will
alao carry eiprea paokagea ahippcd to or
erom point or in Auama bipreaa uo.
Robinson Crusoe's Island.
Crusoe's island is today
little paradise. Lord planted
there, on one of his voyages,
apples, peaches, grapes, plums,
strawberries, and several kinds
of vegetables. The number of
the latter was increased by a
Scotchman, David Pouglae,
who landed on the island in
Do was not a little astonish
ed to find a hermit there, who
had been on the island five
years. On the second day he
was not a little surprised ta
see a man suddenly emerge
from a clump of bushes and
approach him. He looked up
on himself as Crusoe's sue
eeseor, although he did not
occupy the historical cave.
haying built himself a hut of
tones and sods, roofing it with
the straw of wild oats. As
cooking utenwls, he posses
sed only a a single iron pot,
the bottom of which, one un
Jortunate day, had fallen out.
This Qhrnage he had, however,
had the mgenilty to repair
wit a wooden bottom; tat now
he was compelled to place his
pot in the ground and build a
fire around it.
This man's name was Wm.
Clark, and-he came from Lon
don. De had a few books,
and among them there was a
eopy pf Robinson Crusoe's ad
ventures and of Cowper's
poems., Be, called Douglas'
attention jefpecially to the
well-known poem beelning: .
'I md monarch of all I surrey.
My right there is none to dis
pute," etc
Nevertheless, he did not seem
to be very happy. There was
one wish, his greatest, that he
could not gratify he could
get no roast beef.
At present, this Island is in
the possession of a colony of
Germans. 8ixty or seventy
under the leadership of an en
gineer named Robert Wehr
hahn, settled there in 1863
They describe- the island as
being in the highest degree
lalabriou and fruitful. On
their arrival they found large
flock a 'of goats, about thirty
fcalf-wild horses, and some six
ty ' asses, ( The brought with
them cows, hogs, fowls, farming
utensils, small boats, and fish-
Appletons' Journal.
ovKBiffiBMKrra labor while
yertiser sleeps.
Dr. J. Walker's Culiforni
YinPgar Bitters aro a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiefly from
the n:itivo herbs found ou the lower
ranges of the Slorra Nevada moun
tains of California, the mediciual
properties of which are extracted
thcrofrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tbo question Is almost daily asked,
" What Is tbo cause of the unpar
alleled Buccoss of Vinegar Bit
ters V Our answer is, that thoy
romovo tho cause of disoaso, and
the pntiont rocovor hu honlth. They
ro the great blood pnrifior and a
lifo-givin(? principle, a perfect Eeno
Tator and lnriroratnr of the system.
Never before In tho history of the world
has a mcdicino boon compounded pos
sessing tho renwkutilo qualities of Vix
eoaii Bitters in healing tbo sick of
erory disoase man is heir to. Tbey are
a gentle Purpiuivo as well as a Tonie,
relieving Congo.tion or Influuiiimtinn of
tho Liver and Viacoral Organs, in Uilious
The properties of Dr. Walk
id's YiKBQAii UITTSH8 nro Aperient, Dia
phorotio, Caruiinativo, Xiitxilious, Laza
bve, Oiurotio, Sedative, Counter-irritant,
SudoriHr. ..!'", n-i'l Aitl-Hilkma.
Gratefnl Thousands proclaim
VrNEGAR Bitters the most wouder
ful Invigorant that ever sustained
tho sinking system.
' No Terson cud take these Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, ' provided their
boues are not udstroyed by mineral
poison or other moans, and vital or
gans wasted berond repair.
Bilious, Remittent, and In
terniittcnt Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valloys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, Brazos, Bio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during the
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat ar.d dryness, are invariably ao
complied by extensive dorange
ineu',8 of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influence upon these vari
ous organs, is essontially necessary.
There is no cathartic for the purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they wilt speedily remove
tho dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and gonerally restoring the healthy func
tions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vi.neoar Bitters. No enideinio caa
take bold of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Fain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Diziines, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the llouth, 'Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of the Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a bettor guarantee of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.'
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swelling Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Keck, Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations,
Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of tbo Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, M in all other
constitutional Diseases, TValkh0s Vik
BoARBrrrfKsbaveabown their great cur
ative powers in the most obstinate and
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladdor,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
jeainst this, take a dose of Walui'S
VftBdAR Bitters occasionally.
For Skia Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Kheum, Blotches, Spots, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, 8ore Eyes, Erysipe
las. Itch. Scurfs. Discoloraiions of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the S!dn of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dng tip and carried out of the system in a
snort time uy we nse or tnese uuter.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the Bystem of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womannood, or me turn ot me, tnese ran.
to Bitten display to decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the Titiated Blood
whenever yon find its imparities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores ; cleanse it when yon find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul ; your feelings will tell
yon when. Keep tie blood pure, and th
Health or tne system win kiiiow.
t R. h. McDonald h co
Drnggiata Gea. Afrt., San Franoiaco, Cajlfor.
Sla, fcoor. 01 waaningtoaana unaritos btaM.r.
Vgld. bjr all DraggUU aavd OcaUwr.
. - a - - .
-importer or-
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
IirOULO rsapectrully say to th eitliena of
V vinton uo inai ne na raiara-ea rut ilock
-wkinf one of th large! I the Beat. Oar
biineaa ha increased Tery Tear up to th
Dreamt time and w leel thankful to th nub
lie (or at ta tor, and r determined to teen.
a larie aioca Of eerj ming uiuai'T round in
a nrei-eaaa jrweirr sure, ano win Keep ine
floeei ilock of gold and aalld all Tar, ak lh
beat Plated Uoeda , a low ex an bouew id lb
Weal. '
W keep all the different brand of Ameri
can Watehe Howard, United Htate, Elgin.
Walthara: and Springfield Manufacture, both
in gold and ailver eaaer. - Alao a large line ol
From 126 (o S300.00, alao ellrer from lis to
Si 60, W. hT a rei reliable full Jwled
Uter Watch from tlatotm
A full lin of all good in oar Una, or mad I
ta order bj experienced workmaa. 8air
dkwiii receive prompi RKroaoa
Pla drop ia and u. lie IronM t
W good. afol
Uarness, Saddles,
Urldlei, II all r a,
HhlpH, ftpure. Tract)
Chains, Barnes, and all
. Other Ar'iiclet of Saddlery.
Mjr tnaedi and th puonn genera: It areuint
edto rail and exainm my aloe cod pu
ce. 1 mate good bon work, ua lh
beat stovk,ad at th very loweal price.
ndJoiBnemeiunnn do at to ordf r, and nil
Work tVarrantod as Beprssented,
1 1 Iffi
8 !T1A1D !N.Y.
Foreign and American
Watch Materials.
Watch Makers "
Tools, Etc.
Old Watch Case and IdGald aadrtlTr
r bought.
flaprlHW , -
Dice's Encyclopkmia or Practical R
oairr and Haocaaaia. Contaimngii.tZS pran
Heal receipt, written in plain and popular
manner, and illnntrated wilh explanatory
woodxiuta. Betas coniprehenai hookuf
reference hr the merchant, manufacturer, ar
tian, amateur and houaekeeper, including
meilieine, pharmacy and domntic economy
I'he acop of thia work iseniirely dirlnrent
from any othar book 01 the kind. Ben-lea
neinr complete and almret Indiapenaikle
be ok of reference for the thouaanil and one
receipta and articlea needed in every huua
hold , farm, garden, etc., it includea clear and
eaaily nnderitoud directiona for the applica
tion of many of the art usually acquired only
hy long exiierien,', and co lineaied of tf h
nichaliliea, or the techairalihea of term uael
.0 lully explained aa to bring the enure aub
Ject within the coinprehrnaiun of any praon
of ordinary inlelligence. I'romiinent ainoug
the immenae maaa of aiibieoti Irealad of in
lh booker the Pillowing: ,
The Art ol Dyemv, Hard Soli' and Toilet
Hoapa, Tanning, iaiillatun, imilatioii l.ii
ilora, Winea, Cnrdiala and Hillerv Jiiier,
Brewing, Herurmery.Flarorinii Ei-amcea, etc.,
i omeuce, Hair Dyea and Waihea, Fomadt-a
and I'ertumed (Ml',Tooih Powilera, etc., Hy.
tups, Alcohol and Alcohutmetry, Feiiolrum
and Keroaene. Bleaching' and Cleaning. Vin.
fr, Bailees, Cntaupa and fickel, HrceiH
tor the Gurilen, To v'emee rtain,Xpnta,etn.,
Pyrntechny and Kipleaivea. Omenta, eio ,
waterproofing, Artificial, ' Oema, luka and
Writing Clui.ia, Aniline Colon. Paint and
Pismenta, I aiming and Paper-hangtn-, Ka'.
omineand Whitewaah, Varnithing and Pol.
i-h ng, Luhrioa ora, Japanning and Lacquer
r a. Hoot and Hnrneaa H!a-kiog, Phoiogiaphv,
Melala and Alloya, (iilding, Siltering. etc .
Klectrotyping, Klectroplating. ete., Pati-nl
Mediuinea, Medical Receipta, Weigfit and
Meaaurea. 6u7 page, rcyal urlaro, cinili.
Price ivmi i ..nixr
1)10 h A FITZGRRALI', Publnihera, N. Y.
Worth and Beauty.
Raring control of the magnificent oil chroa
inn, Yo Hemite, we are able to otter comnm
tiot. of literary and amatin wnra of genuine
worth, and nt price unprecedented
Tbiaflnecopy of a piece of Nature' grand
eat work, la not preaeuted in the uaiial Inn
tied atyle, Ua dimension, I4i20, making a
picture ol rery deairable iae in itelf.
graced hy it- preaenc.
Hut a lew eopiee of thia beautiful ( hromn
will he allowed to go to the retail aloree, and
those will be aold at their
Aetaal Batall Price, SO. 00.
which if ordereii in connection with our Mag
aain, both will be funpaned for .
As a premium the picture may be obtained
by sending ua two subsunpliona for lh Mag
na at one no'lai each, or by subacrbing fu
the Magnsine two years in advance, al on
dollar per annum. Address,
Newbuigh, Y.
S. E. 8 R 1 TES, Publisher. 4-npt
n w a.
t .'-!-
IS J 35
at 0 r.t r n
U L V k.
5 m
7 '
AO. 110 THIRD ST.,
, Odd reUws' Block, :.;
Tullisheri 0, ".
And tnr
Standard Religions Work
u."" formerly t gTsoidaa.t & 3
adjoiniBg eouatie that be has bought tb
Hotel Pormerly Kept by Olas. Srolth
inr aoors wi ci nsdjsaa.oav,
R ba retttod it throoghowt. Bid is prapar4
to eoUrtaia la taayabaxj pnbiM afaoaabl
N orth-al eoraar of Mala and Jacaaoa trts
1 i McARTflUR, OHIO- . . 1
GEO. W; BEt'NTON, rroprletot
. .;. . . .1
i I . ....(-;''
Carriagttt nvygtts. zjretnt, tU
tua, wAMia tit aim ii tihi woal
doa l ordar oa short aotic. .
Painting and Trimming '1
ol all kinds exvuuted la Ik aeaUal aad nl
art' t 10 slvle.
BbPAlklNU l 11 kinds iamrliatwillU
promptly aad aeatl. don.
vnuri aonaatinia aioiianmni 1 war
otvd to he tubetantial. nut no solid and txa.
u'edin lh moat worku-anlik manner, not
o ne exceuea in airy reancet OT any other
labliahmutia theootntry.
Manufacturer of ,
: . : '' i ' ; '
Of latest, most fashionable and eleguit styles,
Second St., Near IVlulberiry,
I make it a point to do all my work ef th
beat material, and stand second1 to none in
quality of finish or durability. I employ no
inferior workmen, there ar do appianlic
bora about my eMablishmenl, and I ran not
Sill to pleas any person who wanta the best
turnout made in th country. I refe with
pride to my eualomer throu shout foutuern
Ohio as to the character of woik coming
from my fiwtorr, aad guaranl all my cus
tomer psrlect satisraotion.
All kinds of Turnouts finished" and
read! for sale, or made to Order.
Call and examine my Stock.
R palling-, Repainting- Etc.
Will rciT prompt attaotloa. '
I hare constantly a stock of
Carriages, Buggies and Expresses.
left with m for sale, repaired and almost as
good ss new, some of them
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting Maohines
"I: is Ingenious and will meet lh wsnlaol
erert matron in the land.''
ExblblUoaaf 1873.
John fi. Garit, Hc. Beo'y; F A. Barnsrrt
Prea j Samuel D. lllmsn, Corresponding
New Yerk. Noremher JO, 173
This simple and iug nioi a machine ta a.
uaefnlaa the sewing machine, s.id i.fa b ,
coming pupular with ladiea, in lh place 11.
exprnaite ntedl work, Ha work being much
more handsome, requiring much le.s time
and not nnelrnih part ti expense. No la
dy'a toilet i complete without it A machine
with illiiatrated circular ami lull inatructior..
sent nn receipt of 12 or finiahed iu silf er piste
lor S3 7. '
Address, Th lUeKee Maanfactarlng Co.,
3oJ broauway. hew lurk.
Two American Magazines.
The excellence of American Msgaainea his
become lo well recognised abroad, that one
pf the leading English pap.ra, the London
Weekly Kegiater, in a recent Issue, thus
apeak of ecribner'e Monthly:
"Ho are waaVaiaed It owe Aal 8' RIBSEH'f
M' HTHLY curru rj IhtmriM afaia.1 ail w il
ling mmlhlf wrisb Jnr eriUmsr, o Majn-aiiVms mi
earayya aaM. it Ultmylp a awaderai lAiUia'
mrrtk Nothing t'tn ee ators charming l.aa tAs rnut
all nffoni and tiger j tht light mnit ihadt ars mat
ftd with trult trlulic pewer Oat Kims aan
tmJt original mrticltt. wa .sail, de not kno tckxh
to csooH bj Inf.ar eacA aad aI ore acttltnl."
Not only ia it irue that Hcritmer's Monthly
excels the K"ghrh Msgniinea, but it I tit
Bat of lh Antriaa montklim.
In the i-xieal, tnriety and artiatin excel
lence of its illtl.tratio of American themes,
it has n-rer been even approached, mui n
less excellsd It han a larger page and giiea
a greater variety in its eon'enta than any oth
er of the Standard A merican Monthlies
In literary character, and in the brilliancy
and anility ol iu Editorial uepartmenta, it en
joys an equal pre-eminence
Ita conductors started with the definite aim
of making itthtbttt magaxinthitht word. of which
the have never for moment li st sight, and
they point with pride and pleasure to the
May and June numbers, tecenlly isaued, and
ask for them a candid examination -nd a care
lul comparison of their merits with those of
oiner magaitnes; and they renew their pledge
,1, .up pu'Miu, w em, lur sun nigner xci
lence in the future.
A considerable demand ha recently arisen
in England for HI NVhnina, Bcnbner'e New
Mngiainefor Roy and Oh la, cne publisher
desiiing to secure an edition of three thou,
sand of first boud volume (whenoompleted,)
with hi imprint.
The success in th s countrT nISl. KVhnla
has been even more remarkable than that ol
ncribner's Monthly. It is pronounced to le
aa idnllf ptred mmgasint for cAtlaVes," and.aa is
the case with all the he. literature lor rhll
Iren, it has been f .nnd to poaaess surpassing
inirrri ,or grown-up r-eners, as well.
l heinfiueoi'e of the periodicals of the riav
esn scarcely be estimated, especislly upjn
the rising generation. Harems and teacher
CSD410I arlord to be rndiflerent to this mflu
tnce, or carelea in relsimo to the character
ot the literature riirnisnen- to (he childien
outside of their school leeoe. In HI. Nrh-
o as net only sre history, nature) philosophy,
menu tire, on aris, and mantign'iiire pra
senled insn attract' re way In young reau'era,
h me rnuiren are sumoiate ip seek in or
mstioa foi lhesiselvs
. The publisher will send to ny addrea a
specimen r.nmher of St. Nicholas, noeiae
prepaid on receipt of len cents, tbe hare coal
of paper and printing. The magaainea are
sold by all flr.t claa boo k sellers and new.
tieaiera, every wner. ' . - ,
81. NICHOLAS, . - - - S goo,
SCSIEBEEtCO.,654 Broadw'jXY
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
... , I : I
Hurserr 8tookIFrnitotFlowsrFlates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
''. - i
SOO Ti tSd tmr IS arnaeisas.
Apple, 1,000 1 r.. IW: S T. S-4: St. SiA.-tv SAO
a cawiogusa, mi ciiK. .. . , 1 1 n aijuixa,
S72.0O EACH "WTEr.
A genu wanted Trytier. Busmeea strict
ly legilimal. Pariiealata lree, Address J
WORTM.8lLonia.Mo Ueaptly
Kihmkhr ah mid not fail ri ix.
wbicbjUeorga, Yff 3raoton, Mo
Arthur, is the Airent in thia and
r tw - T ap
JaebsoD 3ootj. a It is. tbo best
a "
ina cDetpen gtteeTer aewgned
Int si farm - aA.Atins fiffv !(.
less tead itve 14 bsbinneovgwie,
aid w Bars- durable, $01 itea o
Bt sag. ltcakiteW4t 4rhj.'ei
mt is UtAribnr.
lUa Cress de sa Cresa-!lo. A.. Preset Oo
Cunlaiua i n th bea, banan lle, by
Kuhe;,Th Break nr. Iyf R'reri, by ,1 ;
A rditi;' La ballerina. Polka by Lichner;
W hen the 8 wallow. Homtwsrd Hy, by v
' Oesleat Espieglerles, Cspric by Egg' '
hard. S pieces Ar Oo.
. Contains u.e hdloaing music: 60c.
Mntiatai btreain, Caprice, by 8. Pmitn; J ,
Conat oa fceOalop, by Jacohy 6rasJ , '
oss, Roman, by Thalberg; (ancing ,
. Leayea, Jo., by Mallei. May Bmse. ' -'
lnat.. by l.ange piece (or ,
P I oniaiD. th follawing truaiet AOs.
Cksnt du Hiyouc, Transcrlptlop, by
Ketlereri Thiae Own, i Mtaodia, lr ' 1
Ijtnge. A pieces for
MathlylSMIIsabtaN . 8 U
Bfc-lBa ine hill-'Wiug III U.HI, I
Two songa by Haya, two hy
nfc-iaa the hili-'Wiug iiiu.K), unoe, ' U Wo
Two soma by Haya. two hv Danka, on
bt Maywood. a Sacted Oua-tett br
Thomaa, a Pourhand Piece a Quick
step, an eaav March, and a bauiful
ranlasie, by Kinkel. 1 pieces for ' Me.
contain,, th following mntio, price. . JOc
Two Dew ongs bj H ays, one hy Pratt,
one by Sic wart, a trt toi female voices, ,
hy Abt; feacrcd Quartet e by Isnka,
two Polkas, apretlj Walla, and March.
11 piece for 80c.
Address J. L. P FTRR8, ,P. O. Box. MM.
' All Hrodwy,New Vork, opposite Metrop
Ollitan Hotel.
Teas,! Teas!!
: NO, 43 VESEY S1BEE1, " i ;
P. 0. Box, 1287. New York
ROBERT WELLS, President, ' v
pisck, 40 (0. 60, best 70 t-. . per lb
, MIXED. : :
Green and Black. 40, 60. 60, best 70cts
Uncolorerl. 60. 70. 80. 90. best $1.00.
Green. 60. 70. 80. 00. best 91.10 per lb.
Green, 50, 60, 70. 80. 00. 1.00 best I1.C5
Green. $110 best $130 per lb.
Knpflish Bronkfast
Black. 60. 70, 80, 90. beat $1.00. .per lb
N. H.-We hsve spe-ialitt of Garden
1 UK and iMII.oNii, P.xtra choice, $1.00.
i I'ur Teaa aie put up in one pound packa
agea. with the kind anl itiice printed on each
JtUENT WANTED to get up clubs to
sell our teas u lamiliea, hotela, boarding
honses and others. In writing lor terms tr
sending orders, be particular to address the
President of th t'omptny, ihuaj
RiirlGKT WEi.LS,
No, ' Vesey ot., New York ;
Wear compeilid 10 ri quest his, a other
parties have imitated our Dim nam.
Pure Concontrated Potash,
Of double the atretgth of any other
I liar recently rerfecled a new method of
packing my Potash or Lye and am now pack
lug it only in belli,, th coating ol rln.'h Kill
aaponilv, nnd dues not iniiire the aoap. It li
(lacked in laixca containing ti and 4k one lb
mil-, and m nn other way. Inrectione in
Kngllsh and German for making hard and
soft soup with this Pntnah i-ecoinoant eat: )
packag- Il.T. B AftlllTT,
64 to 84 Washington St., N. Y.
Insurrance Department
Coauasus, FeLnry loth, 1174.
WHfiRE8 th New Knulind Mutual Life
lnurao"e Company located at Uoi.lori.lu
iha Htate ol MaKsacnuaett", has filed in tins
olB e a sworn at. temml by the proper ofli
rers thereof, showing its coudition and busi
neas and has con plied in sll oilier respect
with the laws of tins Mate, relating to Lile In
surance I'ompariiea, organised by act of Cnn
greaa, or bv or under (lie law of anyothn
tale ol the (Inlted r-tates.
Now, iherelorr, In purruanee ol law, I,
Will.am r. Chjm h, anperintenuent of Insur
ance ol the Male of Ohio, do I'erehy ceniiy
that said I'ompany ta authorised to transact
ha anpropriata buatnesa of III Insurance in
Una state in accordance wlih law, during th
current year. The condition and nusinesa ol
said company at tlte date of sucn statement
(oecembersiat, l73,)la shown aa follow,:
aggregate anioiint ol summed ss-.aets,iucludingthumorti,x99.-
1 .'
A in premium notes and
.' loans held by the oompsny on
policies in force, 12,670,119 SI
Aggregate amoiiiitnr liabtliliea. In
cluding til. lol.Die uu for re in-
surance reserve 11,321,799 16
a mount ot in, ome for the pieced
ingy arm cash 1,481,87192
Amount- of premium nn!e of in
com for the preaeding year 806,213 62
amount oi expenditure, lor the
preceding year in cash, 1,607,667 38
amount oi premium note expen
diture for the preceding year. 387.810 18
lb. r.) In witness whereof. I have hereon
to aubscrita A my name, and caused the seal
of my office to be affixed the nay and year
eou.e wriuen. wm. vn DHt;tl
-os i . narit, agent al McArthur, o.
TEA AGENT: wanted in (own and country to
ell TEA, or get up club orders, for the lar
gest Tea Company in America. Importers'
prices and inducements to sgenta. bend for
circular. AddresV, KoHKKT WELLS, 48
Veseym., N. Y P. 0 Box IIW7.
rAsCArsykt Fa low, Henry Ward Beecher,
editor, ot uot xotti last, says; "fartif s wisn
ins 10 gel ur club, and ad who can net or
ders for tea, ahoiild write him for a circular."
Tht Nn) IV Wttill Trio. ofBep . 3d, sys:
"All tirangea' should write itopt. "ensior
circui r " 1
Tht Settht, ofBept. 20., says; Root. Welts IS
tnorougnty rename.--.. xaapr
Cottage ColorJ Paints,
f 1,00 1 fst-AO per (alJa.
Vteos Oil,
: 60e per gal.
Tint Paoea ' -'. u - (1.28 per gal.
...-.,'. , ...
Work hi all Painui a Boiled Linseed, only
) two. per gal.
.,...'(. ..
ENOIoBOIL.. -i - -i- - - j a 16
Send for cards of olornd circular. ' 11 '
jtaprt87A-... u ., , , - ,
, il i ') !'i..ivj!!-,i ;j mill
Done Neatly and. promptly
AT TBI 8 Olfll'JL
t : ! ; . i 1 1 1 tit! i ii 1 V .1 it i
Tnuo'j n 5'fi..' !iii".;aO XjL
,: ' -i
.i) tfi.:;." .II. I :.'..-!
V I '
) vT-.m..?' . ;i T' fi ,v
r ' 1 . ' Want a sitnatloni
Want a servant eirl,
" 'Wantto sella piano, '
, , : Want t cell a carriage,
Want to bur or sell a farm.
- Want a ' boardiuir place,' ,
Want to nell town property,
Want to seirtrrocerlt'sordrujrg, '
Want to sell household furniture, t
IV..., a sol I ,1 wi ffiuul. ne earnetL
Want to And customers for anything.
Advertising will ealn new customers,
Advertising will Keep out cuHiumrrs,
Advertlslng-llberally always pays,
Advertising nmkes success easy,
:" Advertising begets' conrldencc,
.! Advertising . shows , energy,
Advertising. shows pluck,
' , , Advertising" raeans'biz,'
,: Adverlise or; "bust,"
Advertise long,'
I. . '. 'Advertise well,
Every merchant, manufacturer
ar buine man who hat oecome
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judicwut advertmng
Vo exception to thit rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertising, ai a ' last
resort, to get his stock turned into
money so as to meet a note, Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, h
could make it still belter in pros
verity, he became a persistent ad
veruscr, ant tntti yumcu ma vv-
lossal fortune.
Some merchants any it is not worth
while to advertise; for nn person rend a
uuvcriisemenie; yet every mercnanun
tlii euuntv will read thia Advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will profit
. ... It L I .
"V ua luggeatitin, n lie una tiiiyiiiing m
tiTur Worth advertisinif Mow muuh
mi re then will those read them who
ure not so largely supplied w th rend
in ii mutter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and must depend uo their paper for
nieir local news, t lie must important
item t'f which ia wher thnv can fin:l
jiiat what they want when they einiie to
tnwn to make their Ditrehasea. If vnnt
arock is so old, rusty, dusty and out of
style that it is worthless, or if it it run
down so thnt you have nothing left that
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to tbe
rimes, and such as the people want,
don't hide them, but publish to the
world Unit ynu have them, and want
to sell thorn at a lair price. , ,
An advertisement published lor a sin-
. .. ...... L
tele day does duly beyond that day,
tnd its effect continues in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. In the
nnd it will make a man's name a per
tnnnent matter, a pieoe of real proper
ty bunt op in tti 9 minrfH nl men until
it becomes more valuable than any
I... ! L !- I II.
corner lot in ine luuumj.
I a you lose a watuh, a dog or a child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wile, you rush U. your local pa
per, knowing - that every one will read
the advertisement Rut you will plod
along in business year alter year, with
out calculating how much you ore los
ing Tby not advertising it Rrporter.
If those persons who profess to bo
lieve that newspaper advertisements
are not real by the publio wish to be
convinced of their eror, just let them
, i- -
nivo puuuoiiy to somo matter they
would not care to divulge to the world.
even in the roost obscure corner of a
country psper, and see what notoriet
they would soon attain. Advertuer h
Gazette. , ,
Advertising is apt to give ns that
irentle jogol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or. that we promised our wife
a ae,w dress as soon as tbe hay wss in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
i Bourne to vara mis- passage and lay
me finpcr uuou ner nusoana s break
last plate. Who will sav that advpr.
tiatng will notyetoivilixe the Worldl
V ht do people read advertisemen
To see who ia enterprising and to leu
what is point? on.1- Tn ana if ih...
anything new, or anything that they
want. Tn BAM if the isiunn'i .tl.
have dome in, and to find out who has
them.; To know if anyone is selling
ou at renucea races, or to watch tbe
chance of an auction. For amusement.
Tn aatiufw eneloatv . Ram,,., .l
have read all the stories, marriages,
ki-.i... j..,i.. i i- ... 6 '
uirtiiB, uciiiii, .ucai ana acoiaents.
Beeausfl ihev want in Ramn.. ,k.
- - r - ,u,r
van uoiji is. vnw oiaic journal.
' .-.
, Thb power of print is well known
bat not well' nnderatnod A
sentence ha a wonderful adkjtac
over one mat ia written , or spokea
This is one of the mini eeasnna t,;i.
liveean imDortance to ad vert la inn it,,.
advertisers, even tboae. of experience,
ui, uut ouuiprenoDa as wen as they
mieht the eanaoitv tn
aonrln in enneinna -,t,i.k It.. T- .
u lUBiwr. poian woros require
(races of elocution' and tha fo...
eloauence. wet even, than fad.
to nothingness if not caught in their
flightand printed. But there is some,
thing iq th silent language, the quiet
assertion and tha aenaanf
. " uiatncupw
about pnatd matter whiob gives it a
marvelous force and inflaernee. Busi
Deaa man ahnulfl nH.
Mlvestw i loose sight ef wbat bay be
aecomnlisbed by a pergeverinf use of
tbe printing presses. ' Learn to adveN
lise, and then . (be- "how. h.. ..
wbers" ol it, and you will have a I
knowledge worth having.
FOE;' ' "tsttlifi.
tovVn lotTand lands
V ,i -hi
In Zaleski : ,
TBE Ksleski Company, with avIawMflfw
development ef tb local ilreetefiiea
ki, to car rt ssransni aiosparlty, ad M :
sd.l, to i la populaikmj and aeaita, r aevr
ortenng to actual aettlets, sown lots Aadatraa
lands al low. srrcee, and aa libaral ssraifci
Persons deainng to examin in arprvy
sod to buy cheap hen -will appiv al Ik
Company' offlces to ....
i i B. THOMPOH, Manager.
talMkl, Ohio, May 18, 171. .. af
' BUT ONLT.THB OI5U1NB i ' r. l
,., . ,..!-; ..
,., Which I adapted to , , ,
All Sewing Machines, '
NOTICPi psrileulsrly lh stat'-'p of 111 tJ.
GOOHRICH. Chicago. III., w.th Ave tl
stamps. H. C. GOODRICH.
OHlc snd salesroom. 20 but si., rkg
: III. , tSangwt
If 70a ar Suffering from anf
Broken Down Constltutl,
Or rcqnlra Remedy to "
rnrify and Enrich the Bio!
ton will Unci f)r. Crook's C'omponndlMjrsa,
tip of Pole) ItnnA to pwrma grrmttr m r
il, cure you mora speedily, and do yowl
mora good than any and all oilier rem
die combined. That rale. Yell,
t) rltly.lnoUlna;lklti Is changed to on
of (jreshnasani.d health. Tliote liiaeaaal
of the MUlit, rimplea, Paalailaa
niotchea and Rrnntlona are removed,
atrrorulst, kcrvf ulaua Dlaeawaa of tha
V.jr, ttbli Swellinga, i leasts, 11
horea or any kind of Hamor rapidly
dwindle and ulsnppear nnrtcr lis Influence.
VhnllaltT It is niiture'a own restorer!
A aolttb.a oxyd of iron combined with tha
medicinal propeitlesof Poke Rootdlvtee3
ol fcll diangreetible qunllties. Itwllleniw
any Ulaeami wlioae real or direct eaos la
Biael Hlnexl. Itheamatiam, (ils !
I,iinh.ir llnsiea.f'anBlltniioawbrokeat
down by Mercurial or other poison, ar)
all cured by lb For Nypbllla, or ayatlsAa
line iMint, mere laniiiiiing eiutu to lb A
trial wtll rov It. bolit by
CEOBtlE W. SI880N, MeAHkar OkU
THE WEEKLY HUN i too widely knowa
lo require any extended recommendalieai
hut the reasons which have already give it
fifty thousand snhsrrihrrs. anil which will,
we h"ie, give it msr.f thousands aior, ar
biieflra fhllow :
It i a flnt-rste newspaper. All the wsf
the day will he found in it. condensed whea
unimportant, at full length when of memast.
snd a'way preaenied in s clear, intf Hicki,
and inletesriag manner. '
It Is flrat-rnle family paper, fnll of enter,
lainingend instructive resding of every kind,
hut containing nothing thai can td Hi
mot delicate snd scrnpulon test.
It is flralrt story psper. The best vsls
snd rnmances o' curei literature reer
fully selected and egibiy printed ir lis psge.
Itis a Hr-t-rate sncnhnril paper. 'Ik
mnstlrei-h And instructive articles on sgri
ciiliur.l topic regularly appear ia thi A
It is an independent political papsr.helosa.
ing to no party snd wearing no collar II fight
for prinoiple and the eleciinn of the lies! wiea
loorhoe It especially devote lis energies ta
the expoaure of the great corruptions that
now weaken and disgrace nut country, aid
ihreiiten 10 undermine republican instiratieaa
aitoiciher. It hnk nolear ol knaves, aad ask
00 favor of their aii-innrtera.
n It report hefnshinn for llielsdi aad Mt
markets for the men. apeiallv the tll
mnrkela. to which it pays particular alteniiea
finally, it is the cheapest paper published
One dollar a year will secure it for any
sciilier. It is um necessary to get up welua
in order to have I'HE WtEKLi 1 BUN althra
rale. Any "lie who aeuds a single dolls t Will
get (he paper for a year
THE WEEKLY BPN.-Elght page,
filly six column-. uly 81 jsar. Nai
coiinta from Hub rate.
iic aa the liaily Sun. 2 OO a year. A '
count of go per cent, to uiuti of 10 or '.
THE DAILY SCN.-A large lour
nesspaper of tweut eiht enli mas. iwilf
circulation over 120,000. l the sews hf
2 cents. Huliscriptinu pi ice. SO cents moi tk,
or SO a year- To club of 10r evsr.s Ssa
count ofiiO ier ent.
Addres. THE 8UN, Nw Tark CHy.
--t 1 -r
WVUVaOl ('rasSn,siH,Mf
I.I..I Al.nrl.,7l. ntiT'l?'"'?'"'
k I ynwrvs lVssw7kM. "H
. " '' - , , . SSSSrM aai at.M
l.Ita.wllh saiamua aaira.lB.. .IT
bl.rsuli.a tor Ikaa wa, ars rHl,.,Zlli.II
ri... ami k ik v . .1 .TT"wSis.aat
ss4,y. .nd aoll.ld uryl.wl; ahsal las ki
11 waulaa lb, ,isI,sm SS4 atln I a - -vrms
repuiatlos I, w.rM-wM.. not ,b.,ld WlWiuTS
vsu 4ra..r.r try nil, aa4 .!. ikrasslntia, KS
(lob,. Il ,abnm ,t.rriblD( .s U, i.kjm.r tkaaaa!
sr.ll.s T.l.ni ibst U v.na. Sswtal.sa4 asskbaasss
a,l publi.h.d Is tsy slbtv wart.
..... ... um .! pauin rsrnny casta.
Bkuabliu. """"ri" laa.Aik
Notice to tie Afflle:el and Vnfortuita.
Ptlrs spplytsf ts tha ssUrlasa qaaata wks Mysrtk hs
nbllo p.i.r,,.r aalu, tnf ,aek rmaiaa aaraa, Br.
Mi.';.:;,1v.,!r ""r4"".
'i i"" Iwaiy-ssrea
rsaiiia i I a I aoor4 tj soaia s I Iks a,., I aalabraisi nt.
! ,!?''""" M' asastry ss tor.o,, ss Ma M Ha.
alu-4 pe'MSall, ,r by waif, ss Iks 41...... ,ilna la
tla eorha. times and parlara.ks. II . Ilfblh alrss
kalssaa kwkal ss Vkllssl, tt. Uau, Al. gj 7
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Oa Ipolis. McAnh'ur
& Coumbus Ealroad Co."
A LI, psrties having tubtenbed to tk a
ital stock ol th G McA. A C. B. R. ar
hereby requi.ed to make payment to iksHsw.
retary of 1 he Company, at bis office u tk
PulaiC Af,lia. in fiallf...,i- al:. ..w
. -I t .u umiiFuiii, unio, oi u as n t a
convenient, to daoiel Will. Piesidentof tk
y,7 Dana., ar MOAIIBur, Ohio,
an installment ol Ave dollar oa each ska
WM . XHOBKR, Pse'y '
K and Ore Scales a good aa new, I
kjtale at
yrv low pnee. uau oa , . .
11 B.C. JONES Aitoroj4
t .i
r . c . ,
l: '1 .71 M .
st" i . .
1 .;'uw.,,,.
?: '','--;i'-C;r--'":8.?;r''
; ''V t i'' ri
J0B0 E

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