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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, October 29, 1874, Image 1

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lOIlN T. RAPElt.
Sewing Machine.
Thcrriiet rroducnop
thje World i:fr liucw.
OUR olim(i foTTW operiority of
the Eliaa Howe Machine can nn
ef it' ifyatlaV' iTMf sporti tovmWo"
reputation kiip obeifcedBj iu'ftvo
teeriu.lt V doreaf tlAswt offer
our naehittifB dollar, or
oa the lonitesl lioe of eredit that mm bo
tbUined Ij baying 4W el of taa.
hint. But do !! wo have tho
Wo tro waallng agent to tell oar
tcbW InTJibaa i"ak4 fl'M.
oeaiHiet, t wbwh propo to pay
more wagon if anjgont will dm od
n.h thm fur the baatarto. Wo in
tend IhwA i c4rvwMifl
for thin reason we want good, lira men
to run the thiug.'JtTia ttputatioaot
Altni.O, o. A,se, W.poth,
ready W nuiBioicvnr hijvwt -.
W. C. MvLAUGrtLlH,9ku
Spirit 'Agent.'1
MAIN 8TREfc'.'
a vMcAUTliUll, OHIO.
Of nc:-0n door Vrfeat of Dn Will Bron.
Will attend prornitljoIHiuieiotriiMa
t. hi uorti.
. .1;. '- '). y 1
Wilt practice 1 1 Vmion uumljoinin(coun
ly attcnUeil to. Office ill Uourl Uouaa.
brFooiTK if. a. vkror.
C, F. C.VRTWR1GI1T. Proprietor
Livery Stable$ iltocd.l
Th. Hou h. u been remrn -nwi
th. 3i , ...pplieU with th. It !.. ni.rh.1
.nordi. and uo lin ltel t .:como.liil
mar4 lvov ly
-! I ' 1 ' " 1 ' 1
11. . .... . 'I . ,
'' Haa permanently located to . .
. ,. I I , .. til : til
or the practice or
ail Vinton County Bank.
eamu.1 W Kilrh ar,
EnUbiiahtd 1S6S.1
felflAItT & KILVEHT,
a'lhi'H" '
Whoiesale ; Grocers ;
Prompt Attention given to the
1 'iwiVafor tif PIG IKON ttld
. other ,
i ttttilro
lauand C
. OhIiuI.
WuUr Slreet&etiietnrdMtM Walnut
Ctf ILLICQTHEt ; ;.PniO.
,mrn.iKii, , , . -
pAT.LAUK &C0..
Puitusaat Waowaat ttt ", .
lnf AxKHc"- 'Htatiner. Printers,
W."Ml6At,,tBBOL00Hmfc, Sobool,
. j t. ... kunca ' ' '
6&' JFiii Four Ik ir'eit? Gn'cinnati.
-w mrnKinl rratuitoaily on
ti.ltcaoo .ddht1)eo.rt bj tfl
5 pajdee retool paMianeajwe .
rm. . T) aniS (TYlHATIAat
. tan. - 14
ban.1 -in
:1 T 'W'H
tJiAUfAQT0at Uo.; US.WsaT UiVa."
1, cmSS
' i BiiiftlmrMhiMawMMBiaSMi'iiiii aMiiaMMMiiiil ill mm immmm M Mr- t-t .-. - -jwBBtaj i, -
mitf Mto l.
VOL. 2o-V-.NO. 33.
R,'rOttl0.fv OCTOBER. 29, 1874, -
i WHOLE NO. l,28t
Dr. J. G. Holland, in Scribner's for November.
Mr. Tyndall' Address.
I MrTyodall fits delivered a
rotable (jdre8i bolore the
BptiBb i Aagocui ion not able
jtyMta brilliant pauoatnit; prfe8'
Bentatiqn pt the yarious pljilos
opines and ' speculations. coi-J.-'erDlog
tjfod , an'df fJaiure, pj
lor his own personal conlession.
lius, Plalo, AriBtotle, Coperni-cuh-iiodaiTi(
Uasseodi, Bishop Builler, Dar
win, Herbert Spencer.and John
B-ifwt'Alill JaHj passed fif
teve'wthelV VespSctVe Is1
Coteries, '- speeulationt and
ppinions .presented ancora;
meniea-trpwujaf at
woula I) hard to find, in equal
t orn pass, ao valuable a mass ol
iirtormatioiT on The Wbjecf dfs
Cussed. and (oilhjiha UW
tentVeidirftc "tublioUwhf be
life. V rise from the perusal
pt lijsyladdrass j?jib CLoiCniew
Huh ot jhe great problems be
present. The existence of
raattlriiaV mystVyj'th"e VHgin
jsndM. perpet u atipa , jMe aje
m.vatenesf- aod' JjCtoi?
The sources of the force that
bnitdsi. tnd' hotds, tnd wheels
lhe'wor!d, endows every par
tide oi matter with ..might.
which it never lor a moment
relinquishes wi ita mvriad com
huiHt ion e,--v ital a i & xiemLc 1 1,
-adapts organisms, and weaves
all into copmical harmony, are
brooded Dver 'by cioudi which
science can never pierre.
Tliere. are, limits to,, thou
if. ' - ... i t -( S.I
and mine
4 it
tinu tin i
TyndaM ' ca'rrilot-VfiTifLand,' is
there, thcrerore, no God? He
say p: (Either let u,npen our
doors freely to the conception
of creative acts, or, abandon
iug' r them, let' us radically
cliange our notions ot nUef
In other worils. be would 6av
to 'us that there is a God wfm
cretHed all things, and endowed
them. with the principle of lite,
or matter has an innate power
to evolve life in organic forms.
The alternative is as inevita
ble ' as Lit is- simple, and ;our
scientific teacher does not he
ilate tAlav thai1 he finds'-' to
mauer the promise and po
lency.of.everv Ibrrn and quali
ty ol life1." Vlns. declafa'tion
he.endeavors. to soften by in
limationa that v matter ( itsel
may posaibly have no ex hI
HPce, 8avein DuroonsctiuHnesa
and '' that W w !rV(iw" of i i
that our penees have, been net-
ed upon by powers and quali
ties wh.ch we attribute to it.
The existence ol matter' there
lore is not n .established lact,
but an mlerence,,,, The .logic
his doctrine.,, leads, ,nf" course
'o What, in common language!
is called "annihilation,"
lile is evolved by 't fie potency
ol matter, it depends for its
continual existence on the po
lency of matter. When anv
vita organism dissolves, that
is the end of u.Its matter passes
injo.' new lorms,; and evolves
new li el . , thought is a pro
duct ;ol .matter.,. Love, joy,
aorrdw. : berojqi, wpf ship,, are
produda' of matter. ; All , this
Mr. Tyndall' sees and 'accents.
1 " Wrili,1 who knows bhl G6d"is
a product hbf'.r mat terf Mr
Tyndall ' ixm&V a. i.j pretty
bf illiatit and po wfri( product-
matter: who koowa - bt that,
by the' infinite -'evolntiont ;
this etetnaX f.ttfattet, a feeing
Has b'eep; ; prpd.atsed .no pover,
fill ti Mt.beiJ h ,J been' able t
taliii 'the reins of ahe tJuiT'erep,
and tQi have, j eyery tfipg
WrUuTpWdJSIeJ afcMiSl
hie, that builda enormous cit
ies, thlt threadVrhe world with
rroaJ nifliMh arianlUt taanhAA.
blesj-yrritrj books,--TJiea8gT8
ins neavensjmijqnis jonrpow.
et to dower! It it ant more ra-
or create a God, who, going
of us? Matter was Just as likely
to poMe-sa" the po-wer to evolve
have a Qod aiter.alll
,1. .1
We sympathize with Mr.
.! v :,.. -l I - ;.T
tynaaii nearly, it ws enmtry
been treated in various'age's 6t
ibe woria peaerves niucn oi
charitable consideration.1 Men"
that ceriaii
they, tbouirl
what theyta;U hauesty .uav
lieved to be the revealed word
ol O. d'were 'co'ritVoirerre'd' by
koiep-jQ,, 'men. A.'it Tey. , have
clung to their-BiLle because
they supposed that, with their
viewa ol "the Uible,"lhefr reh
glua and their own pernonul
I'll' 1 ' . 1 " n t
salvation wera identified.. ;i Let
us be charitable to .such:"' Not
much can be expected o" men
w'ho'are evolved liom the Wat'
terrTbere!mot be a -great
choice." in Walter when the pro-
ductiou of men Is concerned,
ant) rpiiymijer is uomg ei-
tcrilian it did. VVlten Mr.Tyn
j.',lt' .slH l).L.
dall cair'BuyiWliat Imj aaysand
uo wuai tieaoes, wunout nina
ranee .and
til 'du ngeon
if matter had done a good dtal
lo deserve bis gratitude and
ours. Alter all, intolerance
and bigotry were in matter to
begiu ,w.U., - They ,huyq simply
beeu evolved. The promise ol
them and the potency to pro-.
duce them were in them at the
mart., In view of the material
ism. cl Mr Tyndall, what he
sayg concerning the religioua
element in lite h about as lee-
1 1 , .
ble nonsense as thai in which
Mr.' Matthew. Arnold indulges
'Literature.and dogma." Willi
Mr. Arnold religion is morality
;,,.(-. . . I
warmed and heightened b,v
emotion. Mr. Tyndall speaks
of the "immovable basis of th
religious sentiment iri the emo
tional nature ot man.'.'" What
duea he nieitn ? Doen ho mean
that iherVlts the possibility ot
religious 'sentiment iu a man
who does not believe in the ex-
lbience ot God as his creator,
preserver, benelai-lor, lather.
governor the source and aum
ot all moral perieclions? il he
doeN.'then the less he talks
about religion the better, for
he ran only do so to inauilest
his cbiUlit-h lack ot comprehen
sioabt the eul.ject.,' Ii man is
ia evolved by 'lha'potehcy oi
mattefii there '-''.is no soul
within him that bears ". a filial
reiaiioi lo the greatisoul of the
universe, and ' Will texist when
.,.tt .t A. A''w.j.-.
its materia dwelling goes back
lo dust ; f 'Vhere'iV'uobrdaih
mg iutetliueuce, ' behind all
moral law; it I Here is no mb
jecliOf worship; or lailh,!
tru8t,v'6f love", or revereiie
be- appreheuded by the;hear
. , , - ... ... .
what a mockery is il to talk
;bo'ut the Velieious' sentimeni
-r) ' a...i",!t I
ah thathe region premotion
13. .tbe .proDer sphere, of .eli-
nn rTh'ft ttAmnl ' kh'hwa
how shallow his appreh'
" '
9 W V::)
leUgion which touches neither
motives, cbaraoler or onduc,t
may well pssa for little -with
8 Wfty-Mr.-TjhdaM hould
eTeTVehaciehce' 'canbe
i JiSridl 0ilkett6plrthnii8.
ffom mtghtita rnigbt-odxlor-s'k
td'glory, through jnfinHt JM,-
snou u nave . someioi: 2 10 sav
,a . . i - . r
uuui mi. xjuunii auu 'lie iobi
)V,lD','v , I ,
of U Universe as 'to
10 oigqiry anu ecciesiaaucai
db'mIhaiion1L,'iiVt'1' ihe Jhtpler j
ance.rwilh wbicji science. i?s
wueo n 'iDvaues w ickiou'vi
read out or our belielsj
b!a malerjaiistiodv eW
hi mn ; Aiin
1 i fl'y "'.T. fco ,IUI
i q
von, aaunew mamnf to ex
nor iste'nce'and' experie'uce , ' , ot
' flebririga .ui'out' ol
ipr ail our.sjjrroaii an places
usto 'walk ,1 wltb
brute" life ' only 'ouriieads be.
"I "TTT"
TTiA nnoalinn nntiirulltr'
Occur to manv taindi, whether
mr. iynaan. jives us anjtntog
worthy ,io take the-place of
that which be undert ikes to
. . - 1 1 .111
area and strengthen the
uioliTe. which" bind ut ,io vir-
tue: give us comtort in aflho
ie Ltintr
tuaiieri ue givea .us.uaca. 10
. T DT .. 7 1
matter. He make a na lndf btd
-.i ii .'.l--.-...t;v 14 V-. a . ..Jl
10 matter tor all our Jpys and
o l 3vj .11 Ui O III ( U f . . I- . .
iug above it .That is "'all', and
be must notbe qissDpt'inlea to
see the Ohrisijap. wururning.
inis subject peyona tlie rest ol
us. lie offer
ill li i, I J..-r .
rs ua a material
Universe iharnad'e ''itself;
slaWp1 e'd' With' 'la wYtfaaV ' xhad
themselve''arid iu'loViued wit
ilte prmniso a
md the potency of
'Mie.l:Thii is il
all'MUrnib5 ol
specu't'aiioti, au'd ' it ;is worth
just at- much aftlie apple wb-
man's on the corner, and no
nii,re. He offers it to those
whb beliJve" that' nothing was
ever' made without' amaker;
that nothing was ever designed
without a 'detigfter ''ihat no
naw was ever given1 wjuioui a
law giver in sliorrj tlbat power
.. : ... ..!... -
Hnd Intelligence ' beceb'sarl'ly
urevede all results of power
ihe mind. Wedo not see how1
Ins conlession can do more -ban
.rove how utterly incompetent
Hie pure scientist 18 10 appre
bend"1 religion ' and'ftsionda
mental truth. '
American Wonders.
The Scotsman, speaking oi the
American wonders'says:' The
great ent cataract in the world is
tbe f alls ot Wiagira. inegreat
est cave "in the "world is' th(
Man'imo'.li Cave of Kenlucky
the greatest river in the world is
the Miasiaiippi. 4100 miles long.
The largest valley in the world
is the valley of the Mississippi
The largest lake in the world is
t .1.' is ' ' v;.ti r. -r.
jjaae ojpenur, nu'tu ia uuij u
inland sea, being 430 miles long
and 1,000. feet deep. The long
eat' tain-bad in thd world is the
Union Pacific railroad, which la
over 3.000 u.iler in length. .The
greaieet natural- bridge-48'Over
Cedar Creek iti Virginia. The
greatest m i89. of aulid iron in the
world is ! tbe gretit" I' on Moan
tain., in Missouri. ,Tift largest
deposit of anthracite coal in the
world is in Pennsylvania., ; ,.
$ a- e-ffioiwl ""toteef-- ftsa
ecuDty. sttndi Hs fdkkwa il Fn
Secretary rd Stae rJeltt a,2UJ
miSMOi er Oinart, o,z)i: uar
. . . t ffr mm.
vey; 2.ZSI1 :For . Juigi H Ss
nreuie Luurt. full term--Jiil
more. :3aT2..ay,;. SU9.7rr to
Judge, of Mtpreiu? -Uourl, va-j
c'Ht.cy,RexV; 3,203; 'Jahniohi
,Voo.; 7xor woia 01 viooi
iireiiier.Uwurtjr ureen, -n qum
BojM, of PuVj'Ciotkchd
dor. 1237: llnsmer. 5S,0rj... J)
Cot.Krr8Naal3,I60 Ubr.loq
WWil PirM'wttt,ug-W,
aiavo. democrat, 4,00.
Sheriff'r Mace; ,r luiepem
3.212 : Hoi oway. jJeaiocrat
2:5f9.v.'For ' I ountv "i. Couimis
I . y. . v r,. J...
Ooeatv rCqtamiasioMry aheri
,lm?! JioeB.'lReb 130;' At
bertL JJemJ. , 2,4t)0 aubrmary
V.'recwr, joaepa.pfui p;
"p-" "r;EE
the ' Odd -Fellows'., building
I - a.
to W th. of aa wdiii!
The Grasshopper.
W. Taylor; Eiq.;i United
Stalps Ponsol at Winnipeg has
contfibutedia .paper upon: the
grsShopper. to tbe Manltoban
which is full -of interesting in.
formation as to the ravages of
this pest and the methods ol
prs venting and destroying' iti
As Ibis fively insect Is now at
work throughout nearly the en-
ire West, ; and is ! slowly but
sorsly1 working its way Esst, a
brief statement of MrTsylor's
piper may suggest some timely
binjts to the sufferers' ; bj ita de
predaliods.-' J Tbel grasshopper
is ancient enemy -of the crops
nrj vegetation: tiitriy roenlian
a made of him in the records ol
he Jesuit misaions of !Oalifor
nia. ).The yeur.1722 waaa very
disastrous .one.. 1 It:; next: ap
peared inllA riid afterwards
m 1753. and 1765; continuing
thrtiei jsajs,'jThe periods' .ol
grqal, destrupUqn ioj.thts cen
tury in Calior,oia have been in
828, 1838, 1846 and 1856.,,.. In.
85flj ,U-dij rout;h injury.,, in
T'Xas and, Hnsaa.; Since the
settlement pt. Minnesota there
iave been. fivf grasshopper
years; 1856, 1857, 1865. 1873
and 1874.,.! In : tbe lied tiyer
settlement it, first appeared in
1812, ; then- in 181 9 and '.not
again until 1857. A ter thai it
appeared in : 1864, 1867, 1869
and 1S72, and now iu j 1874,
with a probability tbaitheova
wi(l threaten the crppsof 1875.
, The remedies which Mr. Tay
or enumerates are , of , three
kinds :, 1. Kmedie8 provided
by nature. 2 Expedients by
man against tbe lull, grown
grasshopper.,,., 3. . Devices' 4or
destroying ihe.eggs.1lbe rem
edies which , nature baa . po
vided are the bright iunlight,
which gives Ibeui an insiiuct
to move on, ; insects, such as
the Tacliina, which deposits its
destructive, larvae on the grass
hopper, tbe , ichneumon j and
ahori-winged ichneumop; birds
such as Ihe starfing, blackbird,
ark, jackdaw, and domestic
fowls ; , and, (he driving pf 1 erds
qt animals oyer the, spots in
fested, by . them. .'The htjpan
agenciesjigainst the ftll grown
injects,, which, have thu. far
been used with effect, as fo(
lows;., 1. .Smudges, producpg
a, dense, stifling .smoke, .which
should be kindled an, hour be'
fore sunrise, and, kept ffltnigat
ing so long as jtheinsects are
on the wing. , 2. Roping them
i ff the grain tojhe, ground and
continuing the "opejation, until
they fly.; ,3-.Netjing .Ihem.'.in
huge .bags made, pl.sli.eeta, and
then plMUgiiiff , them, 1 in i
watpr. 4. 'Turning .in t. cattle
liogn, and.ppullry IQ teed upon
them. 'The ..most jraporryiH
question i how .to deroy the
larvce (r , the just-hat chedi In
sect next spring. One plan sug
gested 1, is deep plowing. :
Taa planter iVfrole, in 1867,
to lle Department. of Agricul
ture M'lollOWS.S.-.-.- !' I' ti .'
'. As soon as the grasshopper
has laid its eggs 1 the planters
plow their fields and turd the
soil i verso tbat-the eggs iwill
be buried iiijder a.'IayirJol
earth, -which wiH crush them
and 'thus destroy" the spring
crop VI gra's8bopper9.j This
perinient 'has been" made
smalf spos 'of gionhd where
myriads of vggSTWere derps
ited. and not. a efassbopper
parae' irom'under 'the fayer'pf
6fs&fi ihaVcovered 'the" eggj
The 4siai traveler, Locher,
alao fays ,,, Fi yr
...VpPiPlftwin.wth, a yjeir
frjisfi:thet eggj.nier ,t h,
peifchtj pf jhe jjjrtjed .VP0?
them,. ndpuhipajy ,reconj';
rofndable,,hile piapdpqnl;;
try allwea-U-roamover
nlbWd field : would 'freely
iBHti Ibe exteVmfnafion
ibM IbcVsts n'eiblryo.'i'v,
Frairie fires, se,t as much
sible iliirca.'.b thVi ibe'
ifV",,5Ja' l''l
' jounf laiec A ' can WbV esiape'
through the ring 01 fire, m The
Menupniies collect the eggs in
the (all and destroy, them, and
in ; tbe' sprln'g roil the ground
with! heavy' rbflers." in addi
tion to this, they ' employ the
smudge very frequently. "On
the island oi Lemmos, the peo
ple are required by law to fur
nish a certain measure of tbe
eggs annually to tbe authori
ties. In China, also, the peol
pie are obliged to assemble in
spring and, eflept. t,be destruo
tion ofjthe larvae. In, prance,.
Italy,- Hungary arid Spain, re
wards are paid for the'eggs
After Bummintf up all the rem
edies, Conaul 1 ay lor recom
mends the. people ol Manitoba
to plow not - only : all the fields
down. deep this" fall, but all. the
highroads and lanes, as these
bare1 sfiriaVes" are the cbiet
breeding grounds. Then, : if
necessary, barrow 'the ground
audjrolj the surface.'i ::lle also
suggests the planting qf the
field pea, which is unpatstable
to the grasshopper, on the mar
gin df'eVe'ry krain'leldaa ' lt
may divert the ins'eot' before1 it
has become winged Irom pass-:
ing . the barrier and syste.
matic prairie born jug in cir
cles, and the frequent use.ot
the smudge, whatever is to
be done lor the protection ot
bext year s crops must be prin
cipally done' this tall,- and for
this reabon Mr. -Taylor's sug
gestions are both, timely and
Chicago Tribune.
Chief Justice Chase on "Reconstruction."
- As of especial interest at this
time, we commend to our read
ers the following extract frbm
"Warden's Lile'ot Chase:""
' "ks to the 'Chief Justice be
ing the ally of Mr. Johhs'onlt
is a flat absurdity. : Since bis
proclamation oS a provisional
gqvernmept, or North Oarb.liqa.,
in brder id Reconstruction 011
on tbe White basis,-1 halve been
opposed to his plans'. And I
have1 been just as' steady 'a
friend to the congressional pol
icy of reconstruction; bo far us
it contemplated equji,. Rights
for all, secured .by, equaj cotjstitutions
and laws. Hut, 1 do
not believe in' military domin
ation any more'1 than'-1 db' in
slaveholding oligarchy; nor do
1 believe that.- -ariyihing has
been av-compliahed by. niiiary
suprem -cy in the rebel States
that could not have been as'
well, if not better,' acboiifpllsh'
ed by 'civil fiuprema'tiy,' author
ized arid regulated by Congress,
lib . Jmilitbry . subordination.
Buj. I, prefer .e.vea a military
domination lor a time, with an
hones', reference to restoration
of ihe Staies to full parli'cipa-
ftion in the govefnth'enf,"'witli
suffrage secured to all who will
not seen to.witbholq it 'rum
olh.ersj to any each plan as tbat
proposed by.tbe l5i;esident;
While I have condecboed
the President's attempt to irn
pQ.se on the. colored population
ol the outh, the rule of the en
robe" population pid his bos
lility to general reconstruction,
I have, hot thought it necessary
to'revile him. .1 doJubt quar
ret' w it h J people about matters
Iri' whifc'h I differ from" them.'
like ujanly' and frank dealing
i. . -.-.'J' L Ji'.L"
even Between exiremest pouu
cal op'fibnents. 1 have, there-
fb'rtr, c'alled oifl thb President
when official propriety- has re
djiired fc'n'd 'three1 or four
tbese'oc'caslbhs'fiave hbed
his reqtresf,1 others have" btteh
6n ' bublib' lbbcaaiobsl 'Ooce.
. . .. . ... A . - .!
and bnly once bate I Cal fee
sefvei frrcburdbiaMrleqa
whbhad dune' faithful Service
In thewafV lOn seve'ril "beca
siW'iMill -I hve' btetUhe
Pt'eai'dgtiT,' public raatfefs hive
beeft tire Ibeore 61 cdlivers'atkm
and I "belieVe-I have never fail
ed iWhat i thought !tndutj
ort sbdh iiccasioos.l urged hi
by 'every arganishi that I cob
iliXL Ot -tojabaJtdotr IU
One square, i,..-i..,i...v.li(14'7
Each addition Mt Ion ... C(
CartJg, per year.; .rT.v ; lO. Ml
Local notltt-;erllne,. tn
'Yearly Advertisements' AlOO C(r
column, and at proportionate rate pt i
tesppace. reyeuie in aavanoaJ
tTbs Eeoord belng'tbo offlcix.r
PWf of tho town. anit,havttf.'th .
largest clrcnlntion Ofany paper 01 tt J
county, oners superlot In3ucetoti-ii
to advertipera. , ,
tion J iiipngretsibnil '' recon
struction, and to universal sul
tth:' At the lasj'of xkemk)
complained of gheridan and
6t anion, arid intimated his ur'
pose to remove (bsm 1 xA&
hirn plainly what 1 tboughl
it, and what the jpeojrfe woyl
think of it.'and warned him? 0
the) 'danger of tfte; avalanche?
I do not deny .thait aympaj hy
with tim had saffletbing tp d'A
with my action, I remembereX
his loyalty aVthe outset of ihS!
war;1 ttid ' : hfi,:)a(rioUsm,,'ilJt
through the war, and"! ufglir
hirn to retrareM -'-f--'
I could da nothing.; .Ii)elle5vet
hq wever t hat he r,.sa' jhat fnjf ,
purpose, was an honest purpbei
and noi actuated .by personal.
hostility,14 and ' (herefbre'JelC tf
c'prtain degree of respectJ'alraV
perhaps, regaid, for me.- ItWas'C
not enopehTfor.himtf td 6hafe5
my. friends from (re.mora,tHri
It led hrq douhttess to pay me
fhe'cbmihienf fjf ndiCndluf?
that rVceptibn'o? mine 18 whfctf
thAftofrespbrtden't refers'.'' v'"0
1 VNowj.lbatis all.of my'Inte
cqprse with , the Presidept. . ti
tell vou for your own eatiafac-',
tiin and informat ion. , Let it grf
no farther, t will not defend
mvseif against calumny exeflpf'
by rhy acts. ' ' ,Jl'
; "And: in the present Heated':
temper of the public inind, J,
can not hope! to escape a greaf.
deal of honest censure. My
dnfieii'are jndiciai. ' rVhai ' '
honestly belleva- the Od'nstfto
tmn and - laws' tot sanctibril 6r
condemn. . I am of no JVtj, QUi
the benrb. If I believo an ac
or port of an act, of a PepuDli '
can Oonere'ss to rJe'uncotn6fIfu,,
tinnal. ( mnst say So'.' 'If' a rna'l?'
whom Republicans would glad 0
lv see condemned' has. rights j'
and I must judge,, the rigb(V.
hail he respected. . And so 01
the" Dembcrafs. I eipect' uf
olease neither at all -trme"1
Bntt God helping mei i will 6
my duty, sorry only that Jirai(-
d powers do not allow ma tc.
rfo it'tettef. ' , .
Good byef' 1 Sincerely yonr
"S. P. CHASE."
1 i..
Thb defeat of none of the later
candidates for79 Congress - fia
eaused m'ore: expre'siions 6f re
gret or has been- .more 4 mattCif
of surprise in th,ia lqcahty thai
that of Hon; 11, S., Bundy, id :
Eleventh District. Honest; co-;
pable',' trustworthy a 'niari,'"bf
ibe pbople "in sytopathy' -whtf
the pedpfri-thefe wHj hb Wurf
for a ohairgefy but .most exeeillentr
reaspus whs he ehjuld bav.e'beei
retaiijed , it wiU bejtpbsf
itive gain to Mr. Bundy. that.Lc
may now oevote bis whole, time
to his private business) hiifwfth-
Irawal from public life Will Wit
lb?4-to the people nt the distfic'f
which his.suesaor has hbft.ite'.
ability nor influeuce ti) Bupplyj
r Chbbsb cbo'ked a young mat
named jjlarke, nejr Toledo.; lie
had eaten heartily of .cracker;
aud cheese. In gbttlng bbt of
awagon- be fell with his Tie a $
Idt'fer than his body) TheTrias!
f fcra'ckerj" and! cieeBeis
thrown up several inches ihitf
lbs esophagu-w.here tt lfedftedj
ap. Clarke perished of stracj
galatioh: '
.jjMKaorjRi, , pembtrati;., Lnowj
boast that they have hever hecU
otit' of the party'i bec'aiisB theVr .
participation In the rehblRoh was1
a Mfobr years' fight Tof the De
tuocracy Their .argurient 0 i
corfeot, ,,,( :,4:(f,t,;.in)- tj 0J
-::A Ross county rarmeiCJif-
ford Thboip8,ott,, has,, bver 50(J
acrei of "broom corn,' whlca'uo'
had nearly finished fcuttioghiTi
ing; had. t about jlO(K., han emi
ployed for that purpose for Bomff
weekJpasC1'li'Uu"g ftt-,Ji4i
htive 'been" r'anning-'p'ihe holirip
."lliOherlsV nfa re
duction bf some thirty harrd a
torn i m ti'
- -.fOIiy,

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