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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, October 29, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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e and aflst Sunday May It,
7 .",
NAtiaA. (ralna will run as WllluWS: AO. 1.
will :
I, hud 1 will ra dnil);sliolnu trail daily,
aneeelSaiday: .
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Mll "ssthine
, t Man I Cam
1 lSam
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hlllieoiha. ..Hi 10 '.
fbehlsnd Far...ll Hi -Bamden
.....,U 41. ' .
MsAitbvb ...! 1 If
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Xopi Kurnae..,18 it -Ferkmbar
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1 14
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j i 6. h'o.
Fil Lint. KM.
Cin. Ex
9 45pm
rarirrW'jr. I Siaie 10 oo.iin
oaa r'ureac.. 10 "
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Bam-fen -I I BJ
Niehlaid 'art. .11 f ,r
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111" 1141"
I ix U H
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1 1 T IV"
I ST I 04 "
I It " 6 00 "
4V a will stnn at O A . Junction, Lov.
Uadtjiweafleld. ehillicoin, llamdrn, Athens
aaddeoirs Landing onl. No. 8 will slop at
sett's Landing, iw EliJ'sna. amens, nm
dsa, Chillieolhsv SfSennrl I, Vienna, Blso
4nstr, Lovelaadt Uadiara, Msdiaonvule,
A.kl.u and I'nmminlVllle. OIlW. Ni. 6 A ti
will sten at C. A B. Junction, Madlsonville.
Iierslsnd, ernnM, Chilm-olha, Hamden.
Athshs and akwu'a Landing only. Joa. 114
wlmakaAilth stops.
tXhKBut FflEICUT. ,
3Tha EnfaaMl Trflghl going rasl.lMVpanill
jji.tha, T 00 a ni.; Kaji-vi la. a 45; Kt'-lf
KndKur,3 HnmJen..arnTji 10 (14
4auar 10 ti; MoArthtir.arrne ID 87; dopnrl
ft M; ViBoi,rrlU M-dppart 11 : a. ni.l
lalaalu.1 0 Colna west, Z.iImIii i
o am; Tinton bruico.l 3; Merthnr.
I M; Hriadon, 4 20; KirhUml Kurnaca, 4 54;
BayatUla, Chill-noihe, 7 111. .
will lra Hnnidt 4 a 7 14 . m. anil f 15 p. m .
' aj-nnat M fortamoath at 10 20 a. m. n! 2 IS
a. m. 4tauniiiniin a ill Ivata nr'iiiiln
Il04a.ni and 1 f Pm.,rrWilinm Uam
anafll0. i,WB. m. l- ;J -
TrMnaeqnnatat Lovcland for all pom' on
Ika LUlla Miami Railroad, find at tha Indmn
apotii and Cioolnnati Hailioad Junclion for
II poi4 Waat;atAthfn, iwh lha C"lum
ataa4 Hotking VnHajr Rilroa.l,nt Parkera
r lla th Baltimora Ohio Kailrpad
General BuporinMndent.
I WILL rua haok from Wilkaanllolo Hum
dm on Mondavi, Wedoeadayi and Fridaya,
raKirnmaoo Ilia aame daya. . .
I mil alto rua a return liaclc to Mid dleport
Thuradaya ami tatiirdi.y. re
tnrning on tlie same dayt. .lOHN LLV13
TW1L'- run haclc from WilkeaVille to
u.mH.n and return evarv Turariav, 'I'hura
dar. and 8alurday for ilia acc-ommoilntion
of paaaenier. making close connection with
tha mail trains on Ilia H. C. R- K. 1 will
alan awrr cioreaa wacknEea chippect to or
(root ueiol by Oia Adams Kxr uo.
,aaD7 ln u aill-ijr,t
Al ibis is the seaaclti Sf the
yeat when toothache abuun Is,
we give the followin? cure.
irom on exebangfi, on the prin
ciple of "no cure, no pay
If any of ycur readers suffer
from toothache, or neuralgic
affections arising from teeth in
any etage of decay, they may
experience relief, instantane
ous and permanent, by Biturat
ing a small bit ol clean cotton
or wool with a strong solution
of amtn5nfo, ind apply it imme-
fliatelv to the affected tooth.
The pleasant -contrast instane
ously . produced; ' sometimes
canses a Qt f laughter, al
thofuh a moment before ex
tre'me suffering and anguish
prevailed, I have used the
remedy for over one year, aud
Lave obtained sufficient proot
lo warrant publication.''
'JH8 AustrLan Tolar Expedi
tion which has returned to Vi
enna, express the belief that
there exists no open Folar sea,
and' (hat no public advantage
can be gained, by further ad
venture into'- frigid; region
where nothing can be seen but
snow and ice, and 'nothing
achieved except , deprivation
nd! death.' "
Tub memorial statue of Abra
ham Lincoln at Springfield, Illi
nois, was unveiled on tha 15th
in St., in the presence of over SO,
000 people. 'Among the many
i8tihgaished persons present,
was President Grant, who deliv
ered n address of greater length,
perhape", than any he has 'ever
' before been known to make. . f
EiBLYa to bed, and early to
Wilt be all in vain, it yon
don't advertise..:
So says the Newspaper Re
porter. 7 ; ,: -'
A Huron county farmer F.
H. Schuyler, raised fifteen hun-
dwd bushels of onions this year
on three acres of ground. He
made one sale of five hundred
bojhels to Toledo parties at 00
cents.' '
. Ihe coal of JscksoQ county hits
been proven upon actual test to
parr 13 88 per cent better heat
tag powei than thV Yuebio
gheny.T snd j.othw Pennsylvania
- - r - - .-, r,
?tiit OAaaojt;Didy.a ever
secTtbe Oat skill Mountain?"
"Nojab; but I've eeen jrn till
W09.n '
t w in t
Dr. J. Valkei' California
Vinegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, inarte cbielly from
thQ nniivo.liv' fouu'l o Uie.lnww
rauge3 of tho Siena Nevada hiddn
tains of California, , tho medicinal
properties of which are extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question Is almost daily asked,
" What Js tho Oause" of! the unpar
alleled success of VlEbiR Brr
TEits V' Our answor i ithafr t,hoy
rontoTO tho cause" of disease, and
tho patient recuven bis health. .They
Are . the great blood iHirilkr and ft
lifa-giviug principle, a.. perfect Reno
vator and luvigorator of . tho system.
Never lieforo iu the history of tho world
has a medicine been compounded pos
scusiug the roinarKabld qiulittcs of Vis
ka rtrriiBa. iu lifoliog tfle BicK ur
evey diseiwo man is heir to. They are
a ftentlo Purgative- as well as a Ionic,
relieving Congestion or Inllnnmiation of
the Liver nnd Visceral Organs, iu lliUous
The properties "of Dn. Wait
er's vinegar Hitters are Apuriout, Dia
phoretic. Carminative NntniioiM, Laxa
tive, Dlurotic, Sedatifti, Oountor-lnitant,
s Oratefal Th6nsanus proclaim
"Vinegar BrrrEftstho most wonder
ful luvigoraut that ever sustained
the slukiug system.
) r Np l'erspn cmrtake thee Bit
1 tersf according to directions, and re
main 16ng unwell, provided th'elr
bones are not Jstroyed by .mineral
yoison or other moaWf ana.. Vital or
" garia wasted boVoud'repair. "
Bilious, Kciuitient, nnd. In
ter niittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the 'Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tenuesseo,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Keu, Colo
rado, Brazos, Rio .Graudo, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savannah,.. Eo-
uuuo, tauiua, auu uiaiijr vuioia,
With their1 vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat and dryness, ore invariably ac-
compauied by- extensive derange
monts of the stomach aud liv.er, and
other abdominal viscera. In their
.treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influence Upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary!
There is no cathartio for tho purpose
equal to Dn. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bittehs, as thoy will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring tho healthy func
tions of the digestive organs. '
'Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vineoar Bitters, li'o enidouiio can
take bold-of a system thug lore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, ncad-
ache, Tarn in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Tain in tho region of the Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove better guarantee of aU
merits tbnn a lengthy advertisement, ' .
Scrofula, or Kind's Evil, "White
Swellings, lilcers, Erfsipulas, (8 Mile,
JJeck, Goitre, Scrofiilouk JullAniniatlous;
Indolent Inflamniatluns, Mercurial alTeo
tions, Old Soros, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, etb. In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walkru's Vin
. BOABBlTTERSbave shown their great cur
ative powers in the most obstinate and
intractable cues.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rhenmntism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys aud Bladdor,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
. Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Faints and Minerals, sack as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To 4?uard
against this, take a dose of Waxkih's
yj'BEOAB Bitters occasionally; r
For Skin Dlseases,rEnrptions,
Tetter, Salt-Kheum, Blotches.Spots, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, 8ore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of tho Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dng np and carried out of tho system in a
short time by the use of these 'Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
larking in the system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and' re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
ForFemaleComplaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn- of
womanhood, ortha turn of life, these Ton
io Bitten display to decided an Influence
that improvement is toon perceptible. '.
, Cleanse the Vitiated Blood
whenever j on find its impurities bursting
tbjough,the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when' it is foul; your feelings will tell
you when. 1 eep the blood pu.-e, and the
health of the system will follow."
- , it. if. Mcdonald & co.,
DWffitts Gen. Afrua, Saa Francisco, Califor
nia, k. eor. ofWaxaiufftan ami CbaxltoivSit.,N.T.
bold by all lru j(glata aud DeaUera.
C F. T)UFJ tr,
biamoads. Watohei andf anor Goods.
cmlLiccihi; oiiia
a - -
TTTOULU respecthillr say to the cltlsena
ff viaton vn tnsi nenaseoisrgea nissiocg
mking one of the largest in the Bute. Our
b-sines baa iacreed every ear ua le the
present lima and we lesl thankful to the pan
Uo for past faTors.sDd are determined lo keep
a large stock ol etery thing ntaal'y round in
a areea JeweJfy trtore, aod will keep tb
finest siook of gold and solid allies, also the
best Plated Oooda, as low As an bona id tha
Wext - --'..-...'.....-..
, We keep all Ike different brands of Ameri
can WlrheyHoward. ITrrited Ktatea, Elgin.
WaJthamandliringneld Manufnctures, both
ia gold aid silver cases. Also a large line of
CULU ": JMFJLJlumyY JltllFS.
From H Id fcoc.'oo, also silver from til to
Ws bus s lety reliable lull Jeweled
r Wati:h from i6toito.
A full line or ell .: in nor line, or
to enter by experienced iri. uieo. Hep
kkwiIi recone prompt aiteotir n
uraii i ana 1. no tronme t
tfJW good.
Harness, Suddles,'..
lirldlft, II a II tj ri,
Uhlpa, bpurs, True
Chains, Barnes, end all ,
OtherArdcles of Saddlery. .
Mr tnaodaanit tha aaolift amra;iT ar in'it
fdlo rail and tzanuoe mj slock aod mi
f.. 1 nwk goon. hotehV wok. Han Tha
test slock, and sell atltia rr lo,wel pricta.
in j.mflQurncturiD dona o qrder,aqd
yfork' ff'airantoq as' Ber'e.ented.
8 tJthVXLilWV, X.Y.
ff , Any vmk in
LU il
i i ' f ti , !,r- lit..
; Watch Makers it
: yu : IVUIB.JLLU.;
Old Watek pose and old Gld nd AflTer
24.iirlSTJ ; t
: fit i
Dick's Encyclopedia or Practioal Rr
utiprs ani I'BOi'iHsia. CoolRininitii,422 urao
ticiil receipta, wnttrn in a plain and populxr
mai'ner, aud illustrated Willi rxplnnatorjr
vqoI-cuIii, Being a eomprehrnaive book uf
rxferrnee Mr it t men nitnii mHouixciuror.ar
limn, nmnlour nnd houaekeeper, inoludinj
nixlicine, -harnmi-y and domrslic rcononiy
I'he scope of this work lniiirly ditlrrtint
romnnv oihr book 01 ine kind, lies!
oinfR complcle an alm at ludn-pentiUa
nrokof reference for the thousand anil one
ccpiplx and articles needed in every hua-
hold, farm, garden, etc., il includes vlrur nnd
Hiljf undvrvtood direction for the applied
unn of many of the arts uniiully acquired unly
'iv lonx experience, and t-0 diraaied of teuh
iiclialitiea, or the teuhnicalities ol terras used
io lully explained as to briux lh entire stiu-
ert within the couipreheniun ofany person
if ordinary mlelliKence. I'ruiniinent amouK
ihe inimen.e mana of subjeota Iraatad ofain
he book are the pillowing:
Tha Art ol Dyeinv, Hard. 8olt and TcMlel
toaps. I alining, UMilluilon, Imilatiou l.m
lors, Wintx, Cordial and Hitter, Older,
Brewing, Herufmery.Klaronns Enaences etc.,
OHmeiica, Hair Uvea and Waihes, Pumndc
nd Perfumed oil, Toolh Powders, etc., tij.
hps. Alcohol and Alcoholmetry, Peiioii-uin
ind Kerosene. Blenching and Cleaning, Vin
ar, Bailee. Calaupa aud Pickels, Krceipl
ir me uarucn, in remote mams, ppnui,ct!
I'yrolechny nnd Kii lealvea, Cements, etc
Vnterproiing, Artificial, Ciema, Inks and
Writing Fluius, Aniline Colors, Paint and
Pigments, I Hinting nnd rnper-hanging, Ku1
online and Whitewaxh, Varnishing and Pol.
h nir. Lllhi-ica.ora. J-innnninff anil I.acnupr.
rg, Hoot and Narnesa Blinking Phoiogiaph,
iieuiiM ana Aiioya, t.nuing, envering, eio
Kleclrotyning, Kleotrciilalmg. etc., Putrn
vledicines,. Medirnl Beceipta, Wrighta and
fii'SHurea. ouf lacs, rcyui oriavo, c;nin.
Price U nn umar
UlUh ' FITZGERALI', Publnshers, N. T
Worth and Beauty.
' Baring control of the magnificent oil chro
mo, Yo hemile, we are able lo otters comhin
tinr, of literary and arustic wotk olgenuin
wnnn, ana ai pnoes unpracenenieu
'i'hia Hue copy of a piece of Nature's grand
eat worn, is not presented in wie usual urn
ted slyle, lie dimenelona, I4X2U, ranking
picture ol veiy rteairahle ise in it-ell.
graced hy it preaenu.
Hut a lew copies of this beautiful hromn
will be allowed to go to the retail atorea, ami
inose win oe aom a. meir . ' '
Actual RetaU Price, SO.OO,
which if orde-eii In connection with our Mag
uiiue, uuiu wip ov luro'enea lor
As a premium the picture may be obtained
nj- sending as two suoscnpiiona tor the sing,
line at one doilai each, or by aubsorbinK lb
the Maganne two fears in adtance, at on
dollar per annum, a duress,
Newbuigh,.N Y,
8. K.8H i TES, Publisher. 4 -pi
a, s
3 ' ZZZ
J 5 .
-ilo. 110 TUIRDsT.;
Odd Fehuwfl' BlocY, r i
v..., blithers o""
, Ana otner " -
Standard EeligiQua Woiks,
-" CantMsing Agents wanted In ifiTy
in tbe UoiteS Butei. y -.."J
I " 1 ' rortnerlT ft Rsmden'Nso'
AtvffOCNCRS to tit friends ik.-Vlnlnn and
adjoining counues that le ksaiouuhi ih.
Hotel Pormerl..jJkeJtfcy'Olks. Smith
- ?TirMdoors,wel f yafluot.on
to enteftaiot
"-',,w' wi ii ureuaiea
iLaUt.iii. ,,i,ki,..l.....n.
w a mm
.r aBrig- v vnn w
I I 1 '", U ill J l't f,!!!
Korth-ats' rnrnar of Mala tad Jackaoa street
dn. i i:
W. BItUNTON,! ; PropHetor
,1 ! 1 '.i I'll 1lilUi
T anufanturaa
,- i m j t, iv n.:. !.'
jouygiei. Xzfrenu, etc
i .:') '.'.I . i.l i t'j. !1
' .1 !
' i ..t t, ii
tuo, vtaoss aii sisus or wiaeg woa
. . . . i . k . . -
done to order ol short notice.. . i. ...
Painting and-Trlmmlna.
ol s!l kinds exbcited to ths neateel and most
aritstie stile. ,
EEPAlitINf) ol all kinds la
nromPtlv and naatl. done.-
atV ill! Will t
H.nori aons aunts esiaoiisnmcai wn
nu-d to bs auhslantial. outun solid sjsd sae
cu'edln tha most workipanliia maaaer.-tMl
o oe excelled in any res pool y otMT ea
laoiisomeniin tnecomiry.
ilh .
Manufsotursr of
i.l ...
(It "j.i.
OTlAtast, most fgahioaable and eleguit style,
Second St., Near Mulberry,
I make it 1 noiat to 00 all my work of the'
oest material, son eianu secona 10 none la
ualily "I Onwl) or dursbidtji. I Employ o)
tenor woiKmeu, there are do appieutice
boys about my a.Ublishmsot. Add I ca not
kill lo pleaae say person who wants the best
turnout made in the ton 11 try, I refer wnn
pride to nir cuitnmers throushoul Kouli.vrn
lihio. as 10 the character of noilc coining
from my factory, and guarantee all my uu
tomsrs perlect samitclion.. .
). ....'. tt. 1 . ' . ' '.'
All; kinds of Tnrnoats finished1 and
ready for sale, or mads to Order.'
Call and examine my Stock.
Rf.paiilng-, Repainting- etc.
Will receive piompt attentioa.
I have constantly stock of '
Carriages, Bodies and Exprtsiei,
sft with me for sale, repaired and almost as
gooa aa new, some or inera
lOjiil 1873
AWilDIDiy TMI 1 1
American Institute.
to j. w. mckee;
MIR -fc, i ,..
Embroidering and Phtine; Machines
"It ts Ingenious and will meet the want ol
overy matron in the land.''
Exhibition of 1878.
John E. Gnrit, Rc aec'r; T A. Barnsrd.
Pres j Haniuel 11. Tilmio, Corresponding
New Tork. Noieml.er 80. t71
rhia simple nnd ing-nioi a machine la as
useful as the sewing inuchine. ajd Mfaai be
coming pi.pular with ladiva, 10 the place of
expensive nteaie worK. its work being much
more nsnusoiiie, requiruig much lee time
and nut une-tenlh part tt.e exnease. Ko la
riy's loilet is complete without it A machine
with illustrated circular and lull instructions
sent on receipt ol 12 or finished lusilrer plate
or i it.
Address, The McKee Alannfactarlna Oe
. .. , . Jug Droauasy. w,iU.
Two American Magazines.
The excellence of American Mairaslnea haa
becnms.o well recognised abroad, that one
oi the leaning rogimn pnpir", the London
weeaiy negieier, in a recent issue, thus
soetiksof fenhner'e Monihlv:
We art rosrfnu'ard to mem that S'tttpSEH'8
M'KHILI eurriet og Mem-lac naiUdl Mrw
lis; monthly sn-iult ynr liriMunicy of itliatratimt a4
sarisry oj anuesr,. u u tisipif a uvsdersl lAiHisea'
worth AorAts; m 04 sure chmndng Imn (Ar rse.
J'li "Jjon sun twor; fas tigiu and nuuti are
aged with a truly artittic power. OtU of iu mum sad
iawg erigisai arfielst. tf nsady do mot know tseicA
to caoosi its ben, fur each osd atlart tmtttemt.
Not on I v is ii irue that Hcrihner'f Monlhli
excels the Kcglish MsgmiDea, but rt le li
Bern oj tn American aowqiiss.
In the extent, variety and artistic excel.
lence of its illustration of American llv-mee
it has n-rer been eren approached, much
lesa excell sd II ha larger page and git
a greater variety In itaenn'ents than any oth
er oi me nwtniinru iineni-an moninnen
In literary character, and in the brillianc
and ability ol its Editorial i.epartmenta, it en-
oys an equal pre-eminence . "'
Its conductors atnrtmi with the definite aim
of makingfttAefiSNSMeaifeufatMiaord.nl'which
thev hae neter fcr a moment li st siaht. and
they pnint with pride and ) lessure In the
n iy aim junanumnerr, lecenny issued, and
sk ior inein a canine examination nnacare
lul comparison of their merits with those o
other magHltnes; and they renew their pledge
in inepuoiM,'. u siriy ror sun niguer excel
lence In the future,
' A cnnsnleralil demand haa recently arisen
IB England for Ht Nicholas. ScnbneiV New
MagKiinefor Hoys and Oil la, ne publisher
urmiiiix ii, riire an eaiiinn 01 inree inoil
sand 01 oral bou..d fOlUTie (when completed,
with his imprint.
Thesuocess in th I country olBt. Kh halas
has been eieu more remarkable than that
M'ribner's Monthly. It is pronounced la
'aa ideally perfect magatut for cAilrfrsa," snd, as
the case milt all the he literature lor chll
Iren, it has been f und to pose surpassing
inierem ior grosn-up rsnera, a well.
'I he influence of the periodical of th ttsy
rsn scarcity be esnmaled. espei-iall) upon
the rising generalioQ-. Parrntaand tsm heya
can not annrd lo be lhdiftcient to this ii.flu
ence, or careless in relation to the aharauter
01 the literature furnished to the children
outside ol Iheir si'honl lessonsk in Pt Ns-h
p aa ocl only sra history, natural philosophy
I'terslure, line art, aud man Unci 11 res nr
senlediDaB Urae4tsa-aas.la f estaa reader.
out ins cnu iren are stiuiuiatea lo seek in'or
matio foi Ihemaelyta
The publishers will send to-any Address
spe- imen number of ht, NN-holaa.1 iolsee
prepaid on receipt often cents, the hare coal
of paper ml printing. The magsxines are
sold hy all Srat-clasa bookeellsrs and news.
dealers, everywhere. ....
CHi BNEH'8 MONTHLV, llsyar;3o.no
0.1 . riiauLiAO, - - a xoe.
SO BIB NEB k C0.,ti54 Broadw'y.H.I
Trees! Flowers! .. Bulbs
ITnjBerT Stock! PnutiPlower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX,
00 aerm: (3d yean 11 greennousei.
Apple, l.ucio 1 yr., 1x6; 1 7. iy. 4,y fJ
a caiaiogurs, xu ceou.
airjn nn n I ntr flTTrv
. , 914.W iiAtu nxiXiJBx :
wanted esery a her. Business strict
ly legitimaie. i-articular tree. Addres
WORTH, Si IUI. Mt- - 1 WesptlT
. I'ahmhks sh mid not fail 1 1 el
mine the patent farm gate, for
which Ueorge-W. Brantdn' Mff
Arthur, is" th sflftit in this and
JnckBon county. It. is the best
and. chenpfst gate ever designed
for a farm, Coitiiie fifty per cent
. leaa than ha old fnabioneii ctlk.
anJie more .leritble, far it ean
.sni rsu osnuiinv . wuviii.J.UB
.T... . . - v
exo iaMcAnnur.
I .l.r.4l.lW..l
E ft iiaal sslaCtsaii, ho. fnce, SOn,
i voaiaius i-a uie ra, ran-sr iie, i.j
Kohe; The Breast nf 'fray, Urie, by
; Ardittt La Ballerina, Polka by Liehneri
When the Swallows Uemi wsfd Kly, by
i zwzxtr mi:.
HSZZC H E A Pfafc-.
l oiiiains ti e Ivlloa.pg niuaio; . 60c.
MouaiariMrcam, Caprice, by SWnitti .
k-ouni on ataoalop, by Jacony; ursa-
I Leases, ln-t., hy Mattel' May BreeT
ess, Bouwuee, by Tbalberg ianeiiig 51:
I 4aM .. hy Mage. I a si
ri 1 iik pAj.
fi la
wssm u s
in ntusio.' ouo.
Chuot rla Riroust f ranwrlptloa, by 1.
Ketterlr; Thine Own, Melodie, by' '
Lange.i 4 oteses fur, ... 4 60s.
PelerVVta M II prtMi ilea 1
Manlhtym AILLUn a.. 8 O ,
j uwidii the luliowing aiusw, pnee, too.
I .Two songs by Hsis, two hy tMnka,,-oo 1
1 h wlaaWfthil' k Maei.rf' OLa.tet hv-
, Thomas, e Poyrhsrld Piett Quick- ,
. aien. an et March.' add beautiful' '
rsnlasie, by kinkel. Ilplaosefor 80s.
kentaini Ihi following mnsic, price; ' ' ' SOe.
Two nw songs by Hay. one by Pratt, . .
ene Hy Stewart, k trio lor female forces,
by AbU t Sacred Quartette by I'snks, .
two Polkas, a pret.y Walla, and a Maun. 1
11 pieces for 1 SOo.
Andreas J 1.. PfTRBSj r. IK. Boi.S4xt. 1
Al t BrK,Jwsy,New York, opposite Mstropt
olliun Hoi(;l. rli. -u:.. I'-:.1
?:'-. ft, V ':: 1
, NO. 43 VESEtBEfl
P.. (X. Bos. 1287. , New York.
, .4WBERT WELLS, President.
1 n t
: PBlHE Llit OP TEAS;' !' j V
OO 1.0 N O. vj ,r
BlacV,'40Vi 60e CO, beslj 70 cts. .iperjb
Green and Bla-jk. 40, 60, GO. beat 70cts
" .ta pa n1.
UnCoired. CO. 7ft!'60. 00,'- Sest $1.00.
Green, 60. TO. t'O'. 00. best f 1.10 per lbi
1TC ) I ' f Cf -H.YBO N
Green, 60, 60. 70, 8a 00. l.OOect f U5
Green, $110 bet$1.30 per lb.
h nnrlih Broakfast
BlAck. tib, 70, Hi. 90, best $1.00;.per lb
M. H.- W hare soecisliti of Garden
Orrrwlh roiINO HYSON snd IMPERIAL, at
tl to, snd OdUiNii, Extra choice, 1 1.00.
Our Teas aieputup in one' pound pack
ages, with the kind n I price printed on each
AEN It WANTKU lo get apidulw to
sell our less lo lsiinl.cn, hotels, bourding
houses 1 and other. In writing (or terms Or
sending orders, be perticuhr to addles the
I'reeiuen! of the ronipmy, thus: ;
-:.!i Ne. 41 Vesey St., New York
Wcnre ccmpellrd lo rrqnent his, a other
put-net hare imitated out mm name. "
' 3. T. BABBITT'S'
' : ' r, 1 l
Pure Concentrated Potash,
Of double tht itreigth of any other
' ' '. i!' , :.. I.'-
' I hare recently perfected new method
pecking my fu'sah or Lye. and am now pack
ing it only in halls, th costing of huh will
rsuonilv, aud doea not injure the soap. It i
packed in boxes containing 24 and 48 one 'b
lulls, and in no other any.. Inrections in
English and Permsn for making hard and
sottsnsp with litis folnsli nccompnni eaci
pacHsge II. T. BABBITT,
64 to 84 V asblngton 8r N. Y.
lnpris7 U
Insurrance Department
Coacasvi, February 11th, 174.
i ' .' i . . ,
WHEREAS the item England Mutual Life
Insuntnne Company located at Boston, li
he Htate ol Masacbuactt, has Blsd in this
oAV e a sworn sb.temrnt by Ih proper off)
rare inereoi, snowing lis cunaitlon snd lutsi
Bess and baa con plied in all other reapecla
with the Ikwa of this Htate, relating to Lite In
suranc Companies, orinnised bv aei of Cou
grew, or by or under the law of any other
Slat o th United Mtates.
Now, therefore, In pursuance ol law.'
nnnsai r. i.nun n, euperiutenuenmi insur
ance ol the Hei of Ohio, do serehy oeniu
that said I'ompany ,s authorised lo transact
K aiipropnale busiasa. of Hie insunim e in
Una sp.te In cor dunce wit h law. n ring thi
current year. Th condition and nusiuess
.Hid company at the date of such statement
. 'ex-en. ber lilt, 173,) la shown. folio l:
Segregate amount of admitted as
eel, including ihe sum OIlAitiO, ;
tt M in preinium note and
loans held by th company on
policies in fnrce, ' 13,070,119
Aggrsgaiesmniiut of liabilities, in
cluding III. Iui.ei9 uu for re in- : '' '
surajii e r earns , 11,328,799
Anmunl nrin-ome for the pieced
ing y ar in cth .3,481,87 9
Amount of premium no' of in-
come for the preceding year 800,313
Amount of expenditure! for the.
preceding year in cash, ' 1,607,607
Amount of premium not xpen
ditures for th preceding year, 387 110
(.u i?.) In witnesa whereof, I hay herettn
to ubacribi d m name, and caused the seal
of my efflce la be affixed the cay and year
boy written. WM. CHURCH.
. Superintendent.
woum i , narsa, agent at sioartDiir, u. -
TEA Af'ENT. wanted id towa and country
sell TBA.nr get up club order, for the lar
gest Tea Company in America,1 Importers'
prices and inducements to aaents. r-end
rin-ulsr.- Address, ,. BOBEH I WELXd.
r -.j. kl t, ll ' , 11 , n. I .
.rr",., i.. i r. w pox ispi
TAs Christian Jsioa, fienry Ward Beecher,
Editor, ol Out Satn last, says: Partis a Wish
log to get ur clubs, and ail who can vet or
ders for tea, should arite him for a circular
Ts A sw York Weekly Tnt-ss. ol Dei 3d, say:
"All Mirsnges' ahould write Robl. Wells
cinul-.r "
1 the Bche, offtepi. lajl'iRobl. Wells
loorougniy rename." ,upr
Cottage Color Paints,
Vt: li .O0ei0perOaila.
Uaevn Oit,
- 60s ner gal,
t "nil : T.I i
Fraa Paooi .rt - - - Slit per gal,
Work to all Paula a Boiled Unseed, only
ovj. per gai.
in i
II i l-r l't '; i .-,. ll ,
ENOUsbOIL. '- f-- '- .' i' ' '
MB wr earf mt colors and eirculara.
V & rt'r :,'!: c. Hole Agents)
tit maiden lanx, hkw yvbk.
'''tUprtSTt' .;i.,li,i2,uO
niiin v ii i 7.rA ,fn?: a'-ifimii
tT-Vi I1)Hc' ,i-J -it
Doha;' Neatly aud iTomptli
aJ JUnoOai X7Tj-lUktJ
at this eiritvi,
y -.r'oAAiViij
J ,
Ui'l'l'A .1 I:
j las ni'T"''I'T' " ''7 "'r
I i.l Kt5U7i:JLiJ'8 JLi i1 i -' t
J .:
.a I'
! o.vi jr.,-" J-vri r y.i
ear- aW tTWrm
-ill In :t..;.l,'.
T.1 .Mil Vi: r-T .
Sfi'ti r Mir,'::' I .iQ
I Yo'tr ;
i want a iinKiimt. -
W mil a acrvmit BTirL i ...
I ; Waht to fll a'plano,' 'l '
, Want to ell a CHrrlHjje, , v,
; Want to bnjrorsellH farm.'
1 Want a boitrflliitr place, , ,
i i' Wuiu to 4tell town property, j
Wwit to sell grocerk-a or clru8,, .
' Want to sell' household furniture,
1 Wank tn tll dr atootlaior earpets.
Want to And ctMtoinurs for anything.
i, r . it. i. .1.-. . i , ' '
Advertlsin'slVni jfaln new ciiRtomers,
Advertising will keep old cuBtomtrs,
1 AdVcrtleltiK llberiiljy always pays,
AdvertlBlnfr. multes euccesg etisy,
, Adtertlslnjt bctrets conftdence,
j iAdvert8i4ig,!V0WM energy y
Aaveriisins shows pluck,
' ' A JnAaltnliiA1 raaanbiKll'i '
ftUICl HOIIIg Uioniin uiu,
- "Adverifse tor '"bdst,' 'v
Advertise . long,
A d t e r t is e ,,;
Even mei-chahi' manufaclurel
or- business mak tOlM ftai become
prominently richy, has'made hi
r , 1 . . J' J !.-
joriune oy juqiciou aaverutiity
yo exception to. tail rule can be
cited! StetoarL the Prince of
Merchants, when lipbdr man, was
driven lo advertising,' as d last
resort, to get his stuck turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it was
good for htm in adversity, h
,5 r. , l -ij .
couia matce biiu oeuer m pruts
pertly, hi became 'a persistent ad
verlisef, and thus gained his oo
lussal foytune, i , '
Some merolinnts i:iv it is not worth
while to advertise; for no person rends
advertisements) yot every moroltnntin
tins county will read tlun advertise
ment. and if he law wine he will prod
by iu BUifKestion, il .he lias anything ti
utter w..rtti advertiHini; now much
more then' will those rend them xvh
are not so largely supplied w th reml-
in matter, are at leisure n the even;
inp, ami must depend on their paper for
their local news, the must important
item ff wlnoh is where they can nn.i
hint what thev want when they ootno ti
town to tuukr) their purohases. If join
stock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd nut ol
style that it ia worthiest), or it' it is run
iluwn so thai yuu have notbing leit thai
people would w.nt, it is not worth
while for toU toadvertiae. But If It is
new. freBh and sparklins, up to th
tmies, and such as the people' want
itun't hide them, but puhlish to the
world thiit you have them, and wan
to aell theui at a fair price.
. il
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day doea duty beyond that dav
and its effect eontinuea in a greater
ratio than most men imagine. Jn the
end it will mnke a man's mime a per
manent matter, a piece nf real proper
ty liuilt up in the ruinrlg of mun unti
it becomes more vaiuaoie than any
enrner lot in bis locality. '
Jp you lose a watch.. a dig or a child
or if you. .denire, people not to trust
your wife, you rush U. your local pa
per, knowing that every one will rend
the advertisement But you will plod
along in nusiness year alter year, with
nut caloulnlin&huw aiuch you "re Ins
ing, by not advertising it litporter
If those persons who' profess to b-
lieve ' that- newspaper advertiaementH
are not, real by (he publto wish to he
convinced ot their error, just let then
k'ive publicity to sumo matter thev
would not care to divulge to the world
even in the roost obscure corner of h
country paper, and seer what notoriety
they would, soon attain. Advertuer .
Gazette '
AovKHWifO. is apt to give ua that
i;e n tie jogol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday, or that we promise'd our wife
a new dress as soon aa the hay was in
Perhaps itwoold be a good plan' for
Madame to mark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say that adver
tising will notyetoivilixe tbe world!
Ex, . ,
WgT do people read advertisements?
To see who ia enterprising and to lenrn
what la going on. ' To see ff there is
sny.hinif new, or anything that they
want. To aee if tbe season's styles
have come in, and to find out' who Iihs
them. iTo know if any one i selling
off at reduced rates, or to wu'tch tbe
chance of An auction. For amusement.
To. satisfy , curiosty, ) Becaose they
have, read all .the stories, marriages,
births, tieatlis, locals' and accidents.
Because; tbe want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio Slate Journal
Tbb power of print it well known
but not well understood. A printed
sentence haa a wonderful advwataee
over one that is written or spoken. -r
This ia one of tbe many reasons which
gives en importance to advertising. But
Advertisers, even those, or expenenee,
do not comprehend as well . as they
might tbe capacity tp inflnence1, to per
sUade; to eonvinoe, wbica lira in print
ed matter.r; Spoken wurda reauire.the
graces, of elocution and the force
eloquence, yetevea thet fade away in
to nothingness if not 'caosht in their
flight a ad printed But? there fat aom
thing in the, sijent language,, tbe quiet
assertion ana tne sense ot permanence
about printed matter which' gives it
marvelooe fordVatid influence; -Busi
fees ve should never permit them
selves, to' loose eight of what In ay be
accomplished by a pereeverior use
! the printing presses Learn te adver
. twe. -and' then' Urn 'hirw, when, and
j where" of it, and- yoo wiU bsMB
Mileig wtrU kkTUf.
LrtTS Akib'LXrJDS.
eor,.IiiMl.ZaleslX..;71,i lu
THt Baieeki Company,wlh"a"laa1
ki. losritaeriaupersty,
add UiU Jippnlmioa ud waalttar w
orlerilg to aciusleetueis. town mis ana ar
laqd st pw trices r jBdoa) llbraJ fam J
persons desiring to examine th properly
aod to bur tails' ruitssai.scill appliat tha
"ompny' omce to . '
. i It, .i7nw, ataiagsi.
Saleskl, Ohio, Hay 11.1871,., . . ,
an Tin: -n'i I, j '. ti l tl.li."il 3ilr
e 1 JBUT ONLY TH , BNUlflB ii I tol
.. iiiitn.- !,' ...,: t.,,.,-1. -, . ,VJ
Goodrich tuck-wabker.-,
i: . - ' , l.i.- ' ' i i ,' l jA
, , Which adept te ' , ,
rlOTICP, parllcdlsrly the lar h t '
GOOHBICH, Chicago. Ilia., wuh tie psUeU.
tampi. 11. C. 4.00DRICH, '
Office. and salesroom1 Sua fcuie sWf'k"-sge,(
Ills. . Jsug
If jou are buffering frsm iif
Broken Ddwx ConsUtBtieiii1
-' Or require a Remedy to " i . ti
rnrlfy and Enrich the) Blexxl,
Yon will find Dr. Crook's Compansidayr.
tip of Poke Haot to jseesese grrmten (aerw
it, cura you more aputfdllyh and do yo
more good Ihau any and rl ouier reme
dies combined. Tbitt Pnle,.' YellaWa
h rkly-looklngfiblit Is cliunged to one
of Ixeshuewft. U health. Those Hnestei
of tlie (skin, riinplee, - Fiialnlw
Klotrlie and Eruption are rwiioyoo.
Hrrofula. Kerolulistia Ulaeaaea of the
l yea, Hhl.e asrelUsiB, I loera Old
dure pr, atiy .Und . otHdmpt; rupldll
windleiiml disappear under iiHinnuence&
H la
"it hit Id It
nature)' own restorer I
A soluble, ogyM ol irorktolitlnsd.W Uh the
meciiuioai prope-tiesorroKa itootuivesieis
ol all tllKreeiible qualltleiK It will cure
any vtsrass wiiosa real or otrect cuuse ia
Bait ltleMMl.. ltlienniallaiii, Iatna la
l.iinba irAIonei.,'ojilllitloni,sie
iliws by AliTuuilul or oilier potsori,, are
ail cured by IU For (typhllia, or Nyphb
llllc tBlnl, there is notlilng eiiual tolt,. Jh)
trial will prove It. btildTb ,
tiEOlttiE W. SISSOV, ItlcArthpis Okie
THE WBEf LY HJN is too widely kaewa
to rennire any extended recommendation;
lint lire reasons which bsie slissiiy gnea II
any' thousand subscriber, and ahlch willr
we hope, give it mst.y thousand men, ar
bileflvsalnllows i
It ia nrtrate n' wpper. All theawf
the dny will be found in it. condensed wksn
unimportant, at full length when f memea.'
una n'Mtny presented iu a clear, inlaJligihJe.
nnd intelesting manner. ' i '
Ii is a flrsi-rnte fumily. paper, full of enlfr
aining nnd instruct ve reading of trery kind,
l.utconlainlng hcthing that can Stlertil
must delsiete sad acsupnloiia-4itel I id h
It is a tirsi-rate story paper. Tlie bsl Islsa
ind, romances of current literature ar!
fully selected nnd rg'bly prinifd ir i's psgs.
Itis a flp-t-rnte sMrictilluril paper. 'I he
moat Ireh snd mstrnctivs article en sgrl.
.-ulinrl topic regularly appesr ia Ihi 4i
It Is an independent politienl pspr.heleng
ing to no party and wenrirg no cnllsr It fighis
fur principle snd the elei-iinn of the bst man.
inrrhce It especially devole il snsrgiss te
tho exposure nf the gcest corruptions that
now weaken and disgrace nut rounlry.aad
ihreuten io undermine republican institutions
iiltngeiher. It him nolenr ot knar, sad sk
no favors nf their siciporters.
It reports 'tin Cushion for the ladies ssd Ika
murkets for the men. especially the ssltls
markets, to which it nuya particular altentiea
finally, It Is the cheapest pspsr puhhshad
ilnednlisra year will si ou re it for any sabs
-oiiber. Il is'doi necessary lo get up tub
n, orler to hiire TH E W fcEKV VN ft IhlJ
rate. Xnv ne who'senda a ioglidllsr will
gel the paper for a year
t ''1
THE WEEKLY Bl'X.-Eih pg, .
rtHy-six coluniii-. uly tla )ar. i
,-oiinN fruni thi rnte. '' , ,
-iie as the liaily Hun. MOUii Jer. , A die
(limit of 20 pei eenl. to clubs or 10 or ever,'
THE DAILY SUK.-A large li.ur psaa
nesspaper of tweui einht soli mas 1-aily
circu.slion over 180,OO0. ') the asws rr
Scents, biiliecriniiuu price 60 cents a month,
r BO a yewf-c.Toclube ol IO"' over. dia,
oiint i.f 80 ner lent.
Addreaa "THE SUN," New Yerk CJty.
. - , I , ;
marrr eo the phfai. u.laafl
mjaterirsBud revalatleaaef
IBeaxn-aialawaAAaBi aslsks ks
UUit dlMttrtriti In prodatrlDi anS priitbiiog tiikrtag.
ktw to preserve ibi eonpkx., 4e.
Thlsi a tattrtiUiig work f two hied reel aid elia
fiaget, wltb uaiepauB afravlacB. ftud contain Talaaal
Breraatlnn fur tbaea who ar arritd.arMbicaiBlaiaBaan
riaie. Btlll It I a took that ah t u bt kept aadar taed.
and key. and aotlald eartlteal; tbeut ibe keuH.
Haoaulaa tbt aipcrittw aad a4W r akvaUfti
Vboe reputallem ta wor1dwfrH, and Bheaid aa Lai ika pH
tt drawer ot tery malt and fern tie thraof bant tbe aaiira
iob. Ittmbraceitvervibiof aa the eubittariat ta
fratWeavitrai iht U front. koeaLoc.ua asuak -a at, Ltv
ot published In n ethw work. - '
DeDiioanw ont irrta arpaataga) far Fin CeaU,
Addrea Ur. Jiatta' lispAijaarja. la . Blaktaj
IU luUt iaa u - v a . v. ; a . i .
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
Berara-appljlai to the aatarioas aaaektwba fufvbrtiea t
pdblta pa .ere, or ueitif anj quack reinediaa peruse Dr.
H-tia' vork nainattar vkai jer dUeaaaa la. orkemtiiai
bleyeur aoudiiloa. j . . , t
reena ; I 1 ndoreed by tome; e t tbe aaoet aelebrais
asr. Dim iFeciiuirv ar aoavrr twaw -ar "Tvarv.sayytl
talrofiaoreorUilscouoAr and Kurona.aod eaa ha eatn
lad aaai
oiled peraonallj ar bj taail, on tbe diseases nentlanad ia
his work i, otltat and parlors, Ne. 11 N. Klhth flrcaaV
wwswvwm naiMtii, VAaauf. m. LsOtleB. M9i ' j. i '
W - - i . J . W 4J
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Gallipolis McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
. . u .. jiz ; ;! o
ALT. partis haling subscribed totb n
iUI stoek ol th G.. MoA. A C. B. R. ar
hereby requi.ad to make payment to these.,
retary ofihet Comjiany, at hlsofflc on lib
Publin4uare, in Giilllnoli, Ohio, ol rf riot
eoni enfeaf, (o lianiel Wrll. PTeslrtenrnfrA
Vinton County Bank, at MoArlhnr, Uhln,
an installment ol flye dollars en -esfch hr
.o subscribed, wilhin ten daya of this dste
'. Angu.H0, 1871. . . ( j v-inii'
WM.HHOBKR.eee'a n.
6 McA.AC. R. R.Cd.
dec mi,, , 1
CTOCK and Ore Scslea a good as new, fy
O'ale at . very low price. Csll on
: H.C.JONE8 ttomey.
( -.t-r
L : "' !-x l'"irr:i' ( t-yi f, fy- yrsr nr
.J-i nyy -1(1.,
A V.i- -M'tin tii.ia j .v .--.'- nn. Mant.
I.W4J t,.iil
- ' ' ....-. .ill .:
' v .. .
.b. .i,r
.- -: b...s .u-w
' .V

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