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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 05, 1874, Image 1

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OnidE'Sr. W. Corner of Main and
2 A YEAR, ,11 JVPV WE-
i. w O.
Sewing Machine.
Imal Tfn f,'K I .'!
TMtfrr Aleut ProdHCllri
the World tiver'Kiicw.
TJU clslm for the superiority of
' Wdu fcnt claim that w OUer
our maubineif ftr" thu few W dtfllare, or
on the longest line of credit that can be
obtained by buying olhef olaaa of nia-
Wtbe Elias Ho we Mnohine can n
r b 41dVPbU: "Hds iniA' eovlT,r.
wputlBoli'nal Wen ?.6tiiifed ft lie.rWn
a ltoeraixouiniitiimMiui'"'"j
mora wagon if an agent will os- and
,W in-
for tbia re-won we wanted, lire men
to run. tli? thing, the reputation ol
tJ,aS0ia)lOll feK'iM
Vinton and Bucking p(.nVW well as
ores h mira wutld. . ,Yju will find
eaVUa tfdbBttT iinuY
AU I'UUhy O.'.iinyV lime .(UA on!l'.
ready to adiuiaixter ttiy.mr wuntf,
w. c.M.LAUGrti;; ;
Special' Agent.'' '
MAIN d'1'REfc.T.
bMcARTllUU, ouio.
Ornci:-0n door wel of Dun Will Bm.
toi.t I t to
,a JtJTl
uuice iic a riii m oil io., i v,'
Will Kttemi roinly tunll Uu'fcinws ditnifiwi
ahir. " "ov"
rj a.
'!. , ; l
Will practice I v mloii kuu HrtjoininK oun-
tits. DILI.-" enirnwtcu ip wwi i-
jj ti.u.le.l to. Ultite in Court liotieo.
jpiiiM7il - r , .
-. r OPeoolTh. H. K. liEl'Ul.,. r ,.r .
F. pUTWHlGUT proprietor,
'Livery 'b tali It' Attached. f
mh-k RKiUY VoR ' ALL TBAIS8,
Tilt Hue li iut beru .refurMlhf.i
hrouihoil.' oom vina d.I -ninhiria"!.
thiie .upiilieil illi Hi" '' '" "
.flor.li. .ad uo paiu "'c.'n"'1l;U
ff.,n .,. '.'"V'il.
4 't " ' tf (. ,
I,!, Hm perni.nentljr located in .
'oTtn. prai'tiiie'or
, whithlt. will do' Jm iitirtit.
OKU' Kin lvi' HuitiiinjT nj. Btmri-. p0
ii Vim1)" County Hank.
U.Homrt- - Samuel W KilVi-ri, jr.
Etablihd Uoi
! , i .- oft I , :: " ' -h
( i . (.
.' ; i .
.Wholesale . Grocers
Prompt Attention tftven to tbe
Traualer. ot, Ui lUO aud
ether Property troiu aud to
teUrNMlud Caiial.
Water fitree(.ween Pafntoad rfalnal
EOliX. CLAliK &CO.;,;
tDIUill WmoimaM Al Birit t,,; ,
. iiluuera,
Tmod BoaMieuiia ow"if' 1-
M'- (.1 -J "i i ' liifcJ'P O 1''
65 WtifFiurth Street, Cincinnati
a-MMiaoi r!riiit.uiiuuiif- f-
.Vj'JU'J .'A JH1J11..V .
M Irt'MI' '.'I T I ' i
i.. upitoF
' Cjirca-SjBttin'.rle.
iMdrdroa'iio? u wkhT mm'
r li o ILTV fffv.
in I I I . I VI i 11 1 I mm W
Mm I III 1 ui , 1111 mm
,S I,.!
!.") VV, "I I ,.Ut ..1 i
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1W e) ifl
WHOLiB NO, 1,282
Houdin's Tricks—More Wonderful
than Spiritual Manifestations.
New York Herald.
I Oneol (he tnoet adroit jug
aWs of (he present; age was
Hubert Unudin. a Frenchman,
who tor many yean gate fash
ionable entertainments in Par
is ti n ndin .wrot e bis autobi
ography,' and related, many cu
rl. is leat perlortued by hiiri ijrt
lis profession i)VcaVeer. On
one occasion he was invited to
liijJlHy'inVart1 Wore'. Klifg
Louk Phillippe, and his court,
Ut the .thsw au of Si.1 Clpud.
Houdin invented a trick epe'.
ciallv for Una royal and noble
assemblage,' and. received ,un
bomideU HDnlause fur his1 sue
c'etf?Cla Wn.we'd S IromViM
Kia.fi ,sul xpuriiers Vvs.,batui,
KercbieU. Much lie made laid
I ben al his request .-differ nl
person ' wrote i on cards ' the
ieame ql ijie place whither thjj
desifed ilietr hindkerclileftf ,ta
be in visibly. lrantporieu. Wlmti
ii8 vvus done iietbetiged the
K ng to lalie three ol the card,
itt liHjird, airl cIhmis Iroin
ifin Hie place he migbi coo
ler the '.niOfilsblialrle.'Ler
ine, ieeV' , 1 Loui liilllp,
"Mul this ime tiHts, ,I . leoir
llie hHiidkercliieis io'btt' liiunii
Oeiiea It one of lliecnrnlelal.ru
on the th' uiHiiielpieci'.' AH
Itat in too easy fur a aorceiei,
Ciir'; 'The imntlUerrhielo are to
he irrtnort' to the diirhJoT
he Invalitles.' That would
nun us, liui it is much too lai
not !tr r llie'hrt ndkerIiielH, but
lor uV AIi ' al.r i be king i
led, as he looked at ' the laal
card. "I Hm afraid, Monsier
Robert Uoudinj I am -about to
einUurraaa vo, .1) you miow
what ilii? card propose T' ilou
dm, with a retpciiul bow, de
e i a r 'ctS n a r h'Ju i d no tT W 1 1 '
recpoir.le'J 1 1 is . Wje,st '.'it is
ileniretViha1! you hei U i Ke finnd
kiVchiefs lo'a spot' beneath the
roof, ol Ahejb;8i-oraiiaetreen
the1 right of rhi VvenlH oV St.
Clouds 'llou.liil affeo et ' thV
iiuihb' n nchdlei ce, "Onl.v
liai,irf ,", bel smiiI. I "Df-igii ll
order, and I W 1,1,1 obey." , The
hinir gave certain dirt t'iiona in
h 1 .,..!', If. ., .J',: I..'.
h :ow vi-ice, hhu iiiiaetiiaieiy h
number of bin ailelidaiiig hur
ried off to i he or rnge tree to
watch it. He then said, I se.
ieel the orange tree.' llon
tiio a first business w as to teud
he handkerchiefs on their tray
els. So he placet! them be-
ileath a bell ot on; que glaSK,
and lakiug. his 4wnii.J ordered
i hem to fly lo ili'e8pot IbeKing
hid choxen , tie raised I U bell,
the little pin-el was no longer
Hiere, and a white turtle fluve
had taken it s plare. The King
ilien walked qiflCkly to the
door,' whence he look'fd in the
lirec'ifni of t lie, 6rihge iree to
asHii're himself I hat (he guards
Were there, -apd wheiuhis wax
done be began toramile and
shrugs his shouhlT'i."'' Abi
MonVieor iibert Ilimtlin," h
8nid ironically, "I lear much lor
the virtue ol .your magic st ft.
Then he added.'iia he returned
to Ihe end ol the room whore
Several serranlS were i audio
Teil William to' dig im'medu
ately be'6W ihe last tree at the
betid of the' aveniie and brinii
ma carefully what- ho , fiodit
there 11 he does i find any
tiling.' ' The attenelantr pro
. - .it HI !. .A li-f 1.4 u.
cjt eded to the orange free, l he
earth at the side- oi the tree
was care('ully, 'remoyed,-''8nd
down1' among " the roots,' after
much, eJ.9Pj,n,?y e,ma ?r,on
bore' ey eVy ' a rjfpe aran cejid fcay;
bmLheen-in Ibe grduitd "many
jears. This curirtna "-find ' wax
Lbrougbt in placed Jy Ihe side
nl rwbu kiniu iTbe KrearB ex;
cilVirwal) aBU-iypWleboe'ptw
vailed on all fides. Houdin
rjrouirbJntftched..ou Jiis.fijJltft
'ihMliTB' iQl ttlJiDi,.
cohered a lii tie rusty keyj At j
the denire of the.coiijiirer
unioonedlt and openettthejabotit.i
box. The first object that met
htHsy;f ,V time discolored
. , I J .TU-U-L t.J i u ui,..iij
piece ofparchmenf.onon which
he readj "This day, ihe 6th of
June, 186, Ibis iron bor con
taining six handkerchiefs; was
nla'ced'intnjDjf't'oe roors"of;.'arl
orange tree by, re, paleamo,
Con at, of Cagljoatrn, to sarye in,
per(nrminK an, a-'t of magic,
which will be execnled oq Ihe
same day six'v vears hence,
he fore Lnui',.Phi'lipyel',oi). Or
leans and his famllv.j 'There
is' certainly witchcraft abpui
I hi cried , the king, and then
he looked again and. found in
. ' .
the tnttntn olthe box a parcel:
sealed with a well known seal
Jof the, fatnouji CaglioBljo. ,; He
broke it and opened the parcel,
kerrhiefa which, but ;five mlnr
utes before wpre lvinp on the
conjuror's ta'ble." 'aa nil this
as remarkable as the producing
of ''KaHe Kmg': .from a dark
eabineil '
' ti.iudini wa.. employed - by
he Frehch government to go
(o Algiers on a. novel mlasirttf.
The Marahont priests exercised
ereat: influence'' ftyei'" the na
tivec,' because Mhev were nWe
to perform certain feits ofjog
leryt-which they kpreteud,ed
prny j itejr1 .djv.le(s .powejj
bene Muraboutg were enemiea
o thprFrerich aiid eneo'uraeed
nrbulenre among the Arabs.
Th'e govern rnent 'lhodifhf that
it'mlitht be a good stroke ol
policy to "end Flnudin throuah
be cnlonv performing his mir
arles Hnd demonmraiingto the
natives that a French sorcerer
was greater than .an Arab anr-
cerer. Aecornioiriy uniMln
appeared before laree audi en'
res, beginninr in the citv o
Algeria. At tbe first of these
performances he introduced a
... ,. . .-.
tiox ' which ' became heavy or
i glit .at hia prder. This' box
was brought ny mm to tne toot
gp's. iiud while holding it in
his hands lie. declaied to hl
hearerx that he possessed the
p.iwer to deprive , the most
niwerful man of bis Btreiutb
and restore it al will He in
vited any one who thought
tiimnell strong enonafi to come
onthes'age. An Ar b nu I
lie height, but well built rnd
muscular, came to bis side with
creat assurance. ,. "Are ' you
atrnngr asked lloulin, mens
uring hini "from heal 16 foot
Oh, yes." h replied carelessly.
Are you sure ihat von .will al
ways rem tin air -Qiiite sure.'"
fcYou are mistaken," aaid tloiw
din,'C!Jor, .an-iinatjntfjwill rob.
ou ol your strength and von
shall hernme as 'a little child.''
The Arab amrtejf dlsdainlullyi!
HoudlfS Tbld hiin to liltlheiox:
He stooped and lifted it wilr
outsmv tt rt
IIV4 0'M "l'fi'
ail inipo
ing- gesture Uou'iNn"6A!erBiilv
i l M
pronounced the words, "Behold
vou are weaker than a wiimm;
ow Hit Ihe- boxv jlh Hercu
les grabbed the box quite eon
fldetitly. 'but to hia sfonish
iientit,wouM no), budge.
attached it vigorously over an
men sat looking: on tin silent
wonder, but it resisted. He
strength' whieb "wouhJithave
raised an enormous weight, nn
litottiletigth, panting exhauaj..
led his.fatje m hW.bflrno.Uf at)(
retired from inli'tage. Hon
of fbwMrfge-fneb-by which
lie made boilie heavy or ligb
touching them, but it was a fa
vonte oi ...a onen x'-1
eirteliitf lasbfotfaUw
Ai ihe " same' Vihibitfiiri W
7 .
AJelrttf1 -Which we, hfs
Uu3in invited one
of the naudieoa to coma on
lie!ahe,ratige. A toung Moor,
ttdntyiiyeara of ;. age,
taJiwejl.dbuiH;!. and richly
drsqd, flyaqcea:i There waf
j ., . . i . . ...
"a, plain table ;pn( the stage (the
pace between tne -top and the
liortefngunmistakably open)
which' 'Houdid' asked him to
tnubnt., When' be did lo, Hou
din tovereJ bitt' With as enor
dious cloThi cu'ne,' aPd initantly
reirtovin'g 'it, l jbe Jiulnr was
otie; IiThisUriek' prodiced a
p-inra in the audience.; Scieara-
ngJ'-U is HifelEvil-Oiiir they
clarubfied over the benches ih
wild terror and .ruabeduuC the
door in I o the ftrset,.ytkeriin
the pu!ICv Btjeftt, rubbing hia
.vf.8; lu nupelssupri laptlsQn.
dering how he got there, ttjey
found the-younirMoor.,- '
WlJiWii.Uue1iiA5ri.yt Bouditf'
gave 'art rjp'eri'air leihibftinn ' i'o
he WilJ 'sons1 of 'the . tfeiert,-1
Uff pretended" th'a he was in '
u I liefable 'krid offeredloat a
MarabouT slioot ii bind "There
wi.s a cV'Ywd. anil a 'viiitliefive-
O'ifting telloW cariie'iiut from
: and' climed'lo huve the
onor 6l :;Kiiiiht "thri haied
rrehlhniaff'.'' Tlie pistsfs were
bunded to Uou'liii, who Called
:ieiiii)u o , tlie fact bat the
tjenia, were, clear, .The, Mara
bout put, jii a(fair cbargd of
powder -,arij .drove, the .wait
orue. Aiuong . , the jbullet
irodueed lioudipi olipte . One
pitoi? ana it waalsoTaiiimeu
own. , By the , same1 process
he second pistol was loaded.
Everybody watched with the
most i prolound ; solemnity.
Jouditt posted hiniuell fifteen
paces from the Marabout with
out evincing the slightest emo-
tn n ,. The Maralout immedi
ately tized one of the pistols,
-nd ,,tui UoudiuY giving rhe
igual, tiiok a deliberate aim
4t him- ,Tlie pistol went off,
rnd the. bajl appeared between
the magician's -reetb More
angry than ever, the Marabout
rietl to se'ze the othef pistol.
Tou 'coul(t:'"nol 'injure' hie,'
axid Uondin; but you shall see
hal nn aim is more danger
nu i nan yours.,,. Lmk at the
wall.'' He pulled,"i'iie trigger,
and on ttie iiewly whitewashed
wall ' appeard a ' laiged patch
it,)joua;eiacny at., tne . spot
where " be almed.',"'The Mara-
oul went' up to it, dipped his
u in ins moui ii, convinced mm
self -pi j he reality. C!'?6 5
acquired Jhis ceriainty .jhis
rma fell and bis head, bowed
on his chesf, as it .he were an
nilitlated. It was evident ,lh4t
or the' niouieiit he doubted
evefythiiig,'eyen'n Jbe, prophet
rhis seeiningly inebniprebensi
ble feat ; Houdin performed by
prepared, balls. YVi'h a bul
lei-mould and a bit ' of wax
mixed with ' lampblack he bad
luaiiuiactured a very fair imi-
Ftaiion bullet. Another pullet
f the same material he had
filled wiih -blood ..',.01. course,
t was by sleight of hand that
he changed the bullets forced
uppii Iuiii' b the Maraboutl and
aubstltuied This own. . An . old
trick enabled' him to get the
real bullet, bet ween his teeth
wliie ihe waieiu one was shat
tered to pieces. So with ih
. .1 , . . I A I i '. I
riecoridaUU 'yrtt shattered
slpoi of blood was produced.
bit.B6iidfu I'sfl "lioUexprarnedf
rhis part it would be quite as
f onderfuf to7"fno8r' J jptupW1 as
theMWna of iSpintuilirni
anoT cSUtoT haifebfen passed m
as i good-1 eviaencs j oi spirit
ga.nflv. a . i t ii .
! i Whert. Wilhim 'U.' Seward
m4de ifrpflhd iU world
iHluiSrn Mortri:
he0 ,iwii,nessttd,i some 1 perform
adces-tot' jnteri in Irtdi;)iha
. I m . U
were yqui?e iw'Kv.Hy
saw a ..man.! eutou umo uw
sixty eet bigh slsn'ding in the
open air, and when he reached
the top he mysteriously disap
peared., After a while, his feet
re-appflared, then bis legs and
body, and he came dotfn., He
claimed no supernatural pow
ers. How did be do itt There
vas,t an, Indian juggler
who bad a little den on the
Bowery, this city, a few years
aito. He Was a ( dirty fellow,
sod respectable persons were
qoi much disposed to' venture
intp his' place a gentleman
told the writer that, moved by
curiosity once, be went in
The uggler made htm sit oh
the' floor.' ' In si moment two
figures, apparently human,
rose out of the floor in obedt
enco to the wand of Ihe
jur6n':lThejf crew io tUei ordi
nary height' of a human being
The yirttoi1 made a motion' to
nseJ when Ihe"' fig'u'res ' sank
"tiirough tiie fl ior instantly. An
examination of the place be
irayea no visioie solution to
the iiigenlods performance.
How the War might have been
The suljoined account, by
Mr; Chase, of the action of the
convention ' which nominated
fierce for tlie presidency is
iront "Warden's JJie ot (Jhase."
Mliiitnediately alter the eleo
lion, ihe' northern Democracy
which bad supported General
Cass, claiming that undet the
dwciritifs maintained by him,
iarery' though not prohibited
by law, could find no inicress
n(e the Territories, passed by
an easy transition into the pro
fession' of the dirtrines' enter
tained by the Independent be
raocracy which had s'uppcjfed
yh Buren. ' Everywhere mdi
cations became visible of a die
position to unite upon the plat
form of ! slavery i prohibit loh
Resolutions . were, adopted in
many ol the Slates, boib by the
old line and Independent Deni
ocrat9 uniting the two orgahi
rations 'and in others, where
actual union did not! take
i . . . i
place, there was more or lerfa
concert of action; " In Ohiti,!
was elecled to the Senate by
he1 united votes of the old line
and 'independent ' Democrats'
and i biik thy Seat in that body
in' i March,1' 1849.' 'I wag not,'
lOweVer, satisfied ' that tlie
union between the two organi-
zaiions couiu of uenowi ur,r
. . i i . . ; i . tin
manetit uutil, in a national
convention, the old line De
mocracy' of "the free States
should either succeed in ob
taining the adoption of a na
ai umiioruu. ueviaiinK tuo
party independent oi elayehold
iiig ( dictation' or W breaking
the boud.ot adhesion to tne
i . i . . 'I :. ill.: ;
slaveholdmg interest by, open
-l J : . I I. 1( 7 1
sep-tration. . , . .
Ml therefore declined to go
or itt-., . - ' -
Into jtbe Democrat 10 caucus pi
the Senate, or commit my sell
to the organization otherwise
than by supporting its caudi
dates in Ohio so. long s the
party in ; tiat Stale . should
maintain an anti-slavery post
tion. The event, jusiinea my
apprejieusii ns.. : It sonn.', be
came evident that the leaders
of the Democratic party were
not prepared to Burreiidtr ibe
supposed advantages of their
suveholding alliance. In 1850
the compromise : measures, in
cluding the rugitive slave' act,
were jppprieoj, ,j ailii ott the
nlrefl party, vi'm Cpngres,
(hough opposed (by a: majority
ot 1 the Ohio ' Represent atives
they Wee almost (6niterillj
denountJed by the Democratic
pteis iniObioapd for it hmfjjt
seemed: possible ; that : ;they
might j be ' repudiated by 'the
norther'bemoMady; ' ' i
"When' the11 conv'entfotf' rfel
at Baltimore, howeyer, it soon
beoame appafeht thaVnp such
hepe was to be realized: : tlei
olUtiiins were "adopted approve
i ng-1 lie com prtimise ' mp ttfe
$nd4coieiiit K f itaiton
U llaVery utisujJBy' w ttcb
ai understood all resistance
to Ibe pretensions of itavehold
ers. USneral Picfce'wss hom
inaied for President.'' and' Mr.
King,' ol Alahsms, for Vice
President. The Whig Conten
tion , nomiriated Gcnefsil Scott
for President, and. Mr Graham.
of Nortb Caroline, for Vice
President Its platform wss si
most' identical in spirit and
snbstsnce with thm of the
Democratic Convention.' ' Af-
t , , ; . . ... ft
ter these nominations' and dec
IaratIons; t did1 hoi ' hesitate
what, conrse to take. 1 ad
dretsed, at mice, it letter lo Mr.
Butler, ol New Yorlr, declaring
ra.y.'fiwrr defermlnillon id ad.
here 'to , principles ' snnouncel
at Buflalo, and. to act with the
only party tiithful; to them;
i hat is toliar, willV' the lnde.
pendent Deirtncraey1 which
i ad fn'ainta m ei i ft t brga n iz
tion, iitidfhiid 'jeal1ei'r conyen
tion to meet atv Pittsburg. I
earnestly urged '"rtirri arid the
Democrats who Had acted with
him at BiifTalS,"to maintain ttis
ground Ihey had taken.
'i shall evef lament that this
appeal Was not 1 heeded. The
party" ol freedofti had given
while unorganized, in 1940. one
vote' In' every 850 'ot all the
votes cast in the United Siaies,
lor its candidates In ( 1844 If
bad given one vote in ten, and
almost one tit nine. This, r
must be remembered, was' the
proportion in Ihe free States of
the whole vote in the United
States: The proportion in the'
free States eoniiered by them
selves ' triuat 61 course been
much largerj It can not be
doubted,! think that had 'the
New York Democracy adhered
to the principles stowed ml848,
and refused tri support the Bl
limore 'nortifnafioni ttpon a
pUtlorm fepugrtsht lo the sen '
timents 1 and convictions of a
large majority ol the Northern
people. a Vote would have betin
given for the hn'minees of the
Independent bemocracvjwhlch.
if hot 8uiScient'tn'elecl its can
didatesjwotiil have insured the
flection Pf 'General Scott, and
consequently the union ' oi
nearly the 'whbU Democratic
party. In the c'Purse of 1 tlie fob
loing'yVhr; upbii the princi
ples bf thV Independent De
mocVaoy.'' The Democracy ot
the'Untoh, 'United o'pon these
principles', would have been in
vincibleJand slaVery, excluded
from 'the1 national Tetrltories',
would' have been ameliorated,
diminished, ahd, finally abol
isheil la the States by State ac
ion.' Tne', rebellion;1 in : all
prbbabilitywbuld' have been
avoided, end tlie Union would
have 1 been preserved unbro
ken, and preserved not for slrf
veity, but for freedom Ttrtok
great pains to explain the-e
views to many,, and a good deal
of apprehension was manifested
by pertain islave State senators
lest I hey should be adopted. I r.
j f Kfhe.J!tew( , York Democrats,
however,' saw. the matter other
wise , than L They iwent over
almost unanimously to the snp
port of Mr Pierce, wbrt waa, of
rnurse, elected. Their defec.
linn; and that of those ioflu
enced by their example, in nth
er8tates, reduced the vote
the Independent ' D-rhnraev
from 291 678 in 1848, to 157.296
In 1852j The whole number
givin Wss l5T.296 and the In
dependent ; Democratic y votf
Was one it twehlyj Near three
fourths ol the defection was in
NewTorki ti,ii r..: i
; The IgreementfeetWeeti the
to'old'prtie; upon irabstsa
tlally lhe Same, platform, and
the' lcthw of General Fierce,
devolted ttnon the Dehihcratie
priy the: whole' fesponsibilitv
of that laformJ f The reorlti
liatioh iof i partteg became, in
evitable,! atfdv is Mii lalfoim
of t he' ttylttytfnoVns lleroocl-flB.v
alnne represented ! shtsrunlsm
to the comjwWM:Daniwra6y
One 4ur,
r.v t i.uijuuiu tikUItSi ,
Clvl. A4IVM
.JO Wf
Loo notlrt erlfat, 1l,
t Yearly advrtiapaieiita $100 (Ht -1
column, and al proportionate rata ft
lesMpace. PayabU Id advanoe.
tJTThe Record being the offlcUl
paparof the tows, aSd baylnf tie
largest circulation of any paper tri
county, often saperlot InJacenieuM
to mlrertlRera. . r i i n - ;
"urv J" ..ri....
it was also evident that the (
principles of thst party musi A
form a basis of opposition .tel ..
the sdmimsf rstiop, whch mail ,
inevitably be driven inta ney . r
conceaiohs to the slave powsf ,
"It was not long before thU '
logie of events eahibitei iU.
natural consequences, jh ,tb
introdoctiofi of , the Nsbrask r
bill into the Sen's'e, ltb M ,
clauses repealing the Missouri;;
prohibition. At rst thefe Mj
great uncertsi'nty among Whig)
Senators rnd RepreseotshteJ,,
as to the course which ought tij ,
T pnrsned.-,The entire body,
of Southern Whigs in CongfSsi
"cninvertn Ik, dministratioil .
upon this question, ami ter
few DemoCrafsj either North of'
Sonth, tenliired lo, oppose tnsl ,
r,epf(al of the pf'ohibitidij "A"
few of the Independent Demo" '.
crats conferred togethefj
reVofved fo drew up an applai
to fhe people fo be sijrpedlpy'
all thne Apposed fo the rep'osl
Aft' appeal was',,' acoor'dihglf)
drawii np by me Ihe sanest
which was afterward pMfitedl
Snd; wldefy cfi'culaled but h
was found impossibld to pV6 '
cure the signatures desired)'
Almost all seemed to "dread '
... .
cnuimittinir themoelves ttainst 2
slavery. It was then proposed 1
to issue the appeal with the
signatures of the Ohio Senators' '
and ' Representatives alonei
Some Were ready to sign fff:'
hut others were unwilling So '
finding unanimity, everi fti '
Olii6, finafiainable, ' the papef 1
was Mgned by Ihe lndepend-r
enl. Democratic Sehafora' arid 5
Kepreseiitatives alone and r
sent forth as ibeir sppeal to the 1
pfople igainst toe meditated'
Something Important to
Young Gentlemen who Go
Chestnuting About this
Somebody! ,whQ jprobaljlyi
knows, says: In South Ameri-t
ca even, the weakest msy ,bo
not. uncommonly seen pluck- ,
ng the fruit at the very; tre ,
' . . ' A
top; It the bark is so smootu ,
and slippery that tbey can nof, ,
climb, they use oiher meahsi
They rjiake a hoop of0wiid
vines, and putting , their fecit -Inside
.they use it as a support,
in climbing. The negro of the
west coast ot Africa makes a ,
arge boop around the trees,
and getB inside f of it and jerki (
it, up the trunk with his bands '
a little at a time, drawing bit
legs tip after him The Tahit
lap boys lip their feet together,
four or five inches apart, with'
piece of palm bark, and with
ihe aid ot this fetter go up the
ocoa palms to gather hnts.-
The native women in Australia"
climb the gum trees after bp
. . . -i
possums. r w here tne oars ia
rough theyr chop holes with s -hatchet
then one throws aoPtit1''
the tree, a, rope twice as
ks will , go round it, puts her
hatchet, pr r ler cropped heauj
and placing her. feet agairisV
tlie tree. and grasping" the rope '
.' J . l!'i. . f . . . . -v'
wiili her bands, sue nitcnes is
up by er'si and ' pulls herself
up tbe enprmons treeH althoil
as fast as ' a man tin enmb 'la' ?
'.II v
Ohio Patents.
VTliiV following patents. re I
potted tiy XJuxT & Cox; Were iaaa
sued io Ohl6 inveptori dortngCl
the ; week eliding 'tSeptemter')
Boxto' TranipoHfhg Bofc '
i'er-liw. D.' Vjulbett; D. 3b
chetier, E.' Moor, 'Bobtlf ' f)U i
j Paer Boxes A. It'Ttrttthil
Upper "8anduskyi;r' !J,l 't
; Lath1 Sawing MachinelfiJ. -
C.! Webei'jPatersori.e'''
I'Sdtng1 Mabehlriei-iJi 7.
vVincnell, Sprfri'gfl eld:'s- Vnw')
I 'r.'.'.i nail ill nl
-; '"i cull :
A bAUauiEtiof .GenVBher-i
man was rtftrrted iolTHos'. V.
Fclu y ihe Kn&Vneer, corps,
the Uyto.i ;i0.3 t;i

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