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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 05, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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1 McAKyyjK. .QUI P..
TIIUKnAYuV. fl. 1874.
and after Sunt ay May 3S, Wi, nulil Air
taer Botiee. trains will run aa follow; Nos I
I, 4, and will nta daily ; all eiber trains daily,
except Suaaay:
BOiNO Kisr.
T I Ho. I
V Ho. I
llatioas, i, ; M-H . Pa.-i 1 ju BtL.Ex
Ooclnruul.......... t AOaiii I "am t Anprn
Chlllicolbe. ...lo I xspm 1 lmn
Aa-bland tur-.U ii " H " IB
H.tndeo . ........It II" ,! 14 "
lnuo ' oupro I 42 I "
lJedkl. ......1. 14 I4" t4U
lens FuniM...l II " ' t M "
I'.-Ucrt)nrg 40 I 90 " AW"
JfattOsTSi , - J cto.t Nnt Ne..
F Line. Mail. Cin. fcx
fukmlrtrf 4 Mem 10 IXHin ASpm
Ium Furnace.. 10 44 " 1 Slum I'aViMani
Tinloo.... 11 li - 44 H 41
BSAsraca.. .11 - 1 4J - ' 14 IJ
ttamfen ..,.11 " 1 1 " W "
Mtekland rr...H 41 t 1 ll''"
f blUi.wtha..il 4!vnv- IM IM"
Ciac.DMI . 4 40 III" !"
Ka S will elep t n S. Junction, Lot
liiul QreenAald. Chlllientnr, Hninden. Aiken-
aad Boon's Leading only. No- 9 will Hop ai
Baett a Landing, new ting'sna, "iini, nu
a. r.hilliraihit. Gravnfl.lt. Yienna, Wan-
cheater, LevHaBd, Madiera. Madiaonrtlle.
Oaklev and Cumminsvilie, only No. 4 8
Till etep at O. a. Junction. Madleonville,
j.Tl fireenfleld. Chiilienlh.. Hamden
Athene and tssou'a Landing only. Noa. 1 4
illl make ail iba atop .
Zaleakl Frelghlgnlng eae. leaves rhll
rjrethv, aT 00 a nij tiavavi la. 46; Bl'-h
fc"p'fi,,,iVSS; Vftrtn Sri iirifeJlo 67; depar.
11 li; Vtntoo.nrrivell 67 depart li .10 p.m.;
faleskl.1 oo Going we-t. leave Zalceki ai
otp m ,'Ytnton Knrnioe. S , McArihttr.
I 44; Hemden, 4 J"; Hi-hUnd Furnace, 4 to;
lUyavilto, 1 J0; ijhill'cothe, T 10
fratna on lha puKMMOOrH SRtNCH
VI II leaf Hamd.B all IS a. m and t 14 pen.
arrinnf at Poriantnulh at 10 to a. m. asi 1
f.m. KatornJniirntnawill Irava Pitranmnth
lliwa. m and I Mp. m.,-airilna4 Ham
dan at ft m.nd lMp.ffl. w -
Traina co"ni lal Ln'eland for all point on
lha Llnln Miami Railrnail, ind at tha Indtan
apolia and Cinnlnnall Railioad Junriinn for
all porati Woab ai Athene, with ih C lum-
tat and Hocking Valf Railroad, at Parkfra
arg with UM Uallimera Ohio Hailrnad.
- ' V- " PZAHiiDV,
flanf ml Snparinte ndcnt.
Wilkeirilltt, Hamdan & Middlepnr
I WILL ran a hack from WilkraTillalo Ham
dan on HoadaTa. Wodne-dail aod Pridaya,
rawning oo tha mm dava.
1 will alao run a rtiiirn liwk to Mirtrfttpr,rt
a Tuadaya, Thuradaya and ttimlNa. re
raraing on tlia aama laf. iOHN LEVld
IWlLti ma a hvk from Wilbmillc to
Haradca and return evary Tuesday, 'I hnr
day. and HaluMay lor the aavommodatioD
ml paaaengara, making eloaa conniloo wit:
ha mail traina on the M. C. K. K. I will
alao carry axprraa package ahipped to ni
torn point by lha Adams KipmuCo.
mxS HA-OMIl.!,ER
Danger From Eating Nuts.
As t'uis id the beuH'iu lot
driuking cider and eating nut
it may not be amiss to give
tint which may be unetul.
Medical men advise thnt
aSt should betaken with huIb.
etpecially when they are eater
at night. Ouo time, says a
writter, while enjoying a visit
from an Englishman, hickorx
nuts were rerved in the eve
nipg7 wTie'n my" English friend
called for Malt, stating that, h
kneVot a case of a woman
eating heartily of nuts in t he
4-vening who -was takirg vio
lently ill. The celebiated Dr
Abern'cthy was' sent (or, bat i"
ras altr he bad bee me too
toul.of Iiis cup, and he wac
not in condition to go. He
muttered, 'Salt! Sail!" ol
which' no notice was taken.
Kelt morning he went to dis
place and she was a corpse.
lie ftid had they given li r
salt "it .would have relievid
her, it they would allow bin
to make 'an ezxminatiun, he
would convince them. On oprn
ing the stomach the nuts wee
found in a mass. He sprink
led salt oo this and it immedi
ately dissolved. I have known
ot a sadden doMth mysel.
which appeared to have been
from the same cause. I gpn
erally eat salt with not, ai d
I consider that it improve
Probably the most religiou
wedding of the day was the
Fitch-Sherman." Among the
souvenirs, was a genuine bless
ing, from the Pope himselt.
The partie fasted, on the.
wedding mornini, until 1 P
M.; and, on the bridal trip, ihp
first thing their aid- in New
York was to wait on Father
T n, and receive the com:
inunion. According to -the
newspapers, there BaVv been
nothing so strictly religious
since the crusades of the
twelfth cjintoryl ' . .
There begins to be no dou' t
among . newspaper "readers.
11...' ' T . .....
iu. uiQiFDini.niicii, u. S.
X477, aad Mis Minnie Sher
inaa ' were, legally., somnly.
civilly and religiorwly married
To treatgrub or foot-rot in
beep take i box slxeeu feet
Joag and three lest wide; put
in dryrrwh slacked lime, and
ran' the sheep throogh k every
Ptner if to two weksor
unil jar.e i eflectei." It is
i W i
Dr. J. Walker's , California
Yinegar Bitters arc n purely Veg
etable preparation, made- chiefly from
tho native herbs found ou the lower
raugci of tho Siorra Nevada moun
tains of California, tho modicinal
properties of which aro extracted
therefrom without tho uso of LlcohoL
Tho question is almost daily asked,
"What is tho causo of "tho unpar
alleled success of VisEOAU llrr
Tsnst" Our answer Is, that they
remove tho causo of disease, and
the patient recovers hi bcnllh. Tucjr
aro tho great uIikk puridor tnil .a
life-giving principlo, a pi-rfect Keno
rutiir nnJ Inviifiirntor of tho BVStem.
Never beruro iu tho history of tho world
has a medicine been compounded poa
sensing the romrkablo qualitied uf VIK
io a a Bitters is hualing the tick
every dimiase man li heir to. They are
a pentlo Pnrpntivo well ai a Tonic,
reiptviog; uui(eiiion ur liiuauimutinu
the Liver and Visceral Organs, iu Bilious
Thff properties ofDit.- 7aibt-
BR's Vinboab HlTThanare Aporient, Dia
' phorotio, Carniinntive,'Kntritvn,-Liaa-tive,
gj . - . l ; ..fi.ryii.,
Gratcfal Thotmandsf proclaim
- VtxegAR B itt ma the most wonder
ful Inviuorant that ever sustained
tho sinking system.
No t'ersou can take these Bit
tern according to directions, and ro
main long unwell,' provided their
bones are not Jdstroyed by mineral
poison or other tU'-ans, and vital or
gans wasted bevnud repair.'
Bilious, Bemittent, and In
termittent Fevers, which are
prevalent In the valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, ltrazos, Rio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
tnoko, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through-
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
beat and dryness, are invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
ruer .8 of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscora. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting
powerful influence upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary!
Thero is no cathartic for the purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vixeqar
liiTTERS, a they will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against 41
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vi.MiaAii UiTTKRa. Ko cpideiuio can
take bold of a system thus foreanned.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, Tula in the Shoulders. Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Diiziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
In tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Ueart, Inflammation of the
Langs, Pain in the region of the Kidneys:
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are tbe offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarantee of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
- Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swelling, Ulcers, Erysinp'aa, Swelled
Xeck, (Joitre, Scrofulous Iniluinmatious,
Indolent Inflammations, Uercuial affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of tho Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. in these, as In all other
constitutional Diseases, Walkkk'i Vi.f
bqarBitters have shown their great cur
ative powers in the must obstiuate and
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
i(neamatism,Gout, ismous, Komit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of tbe Blood, Liver, Kidneys ami Bladder.
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
llechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in i'aiuts and Minerals, such
Plumbers, Type-setters, (iold-lieatcrs and
aimers, as tney auvaure in me, are sui
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To gtiarr!
against this, take a dose of Walker's
i)boarBittkrs occasionally. - .
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Saltltheum, Blotches, Spots, Pim
ples. Pustules, Boils, CarbuncitM.'King'-
- worms, Soatd-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las. itcn. beans. Discoloration ol tbe
Skin, II u mors and Diseases of the Skin
whatever name or nature, are literally
dng up and carried ont of tbesrstem in
abort time by the use of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
larking ia the system of so many thou
sands, are etlectually destroyed and re
moved. Ko system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintic will free the
system from worm like these Bitters.
For Female Comnlaints. invoun?
or old, married or single, at the dawn
womannood, ortoe tarn or lire, t bene Ton
ic Bitters display so decided an inflqepc
that Improvement is coon perceptible
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood
whenever von find its imparities bursting
throueh tbe skin in Pimnles. Ernotionsi
or Sores ; cleanse it when you tint! it ob
structed and sluggish in the veias : cleanse
it when it is foni ; your feeling will tell
you when. ' Keep the blood uq.-eaand tha
health of tbe system will foliirw -
.. . IU II. NrDOX I.D 4i COH
DrnggUta a GenAgta! Baa Franoiaoa Callfo.
Bla, cor. ol waalilagton ami Charlton nu., N.
aoU Vy U iirugUU aaul Uwslara.
r - - -IMrMRTKBor-
rjamondj. Watches anJFjncvfii
WOULI respectfully aay to tha elllsena
Vinton Co I hm bahaa enlarged biaatort.
"ringoieof tha larirvat la lh ttuta. . Onr
baioeaa naa invrvaitea ery year up 10 tlie
firarntilme and e le-l thankful to theunh
lelbrpaatfHTora.aBdara daiermined to ki.
a larga .lock ol erj thaf omal'y lound
a am cui jvwairyoiora, anaaiu aaep the
flneat atock of gold and alid -liver, U(i t
bra Plated uoode.a low as any baeaata the
We. ......
We keep all lh different hraade ol A men
ean Walshes Howard. United ftatea, Kljiln
Walfliam and tprtngHeld Manufoeture, lith
in gold and ailver eaea. Alao a large line
CULI) lill'DKItU WAIl'Ofts,
Fmra-IMIo SIOOK), alao ill fas Irons tit to
SIM. W haa a reliable lull Jeweled
Bilrer Watoh from tl6tofi.
A full line ol all good ia onr line, or made
to erdr by eipenewH workmen. Repair
liwwili reooiTe prompt attention
Plaane drop ia aaa aee oa. He trewMe
ahiw good., t4fo
3.1 WO.it AMER
Ilarnesi, Saddles,
Urldlea, II alt en, - ,
ntilps, kpurs, Truce .
Chains. Barnes, and all'
. Other Articles of Baddlery. '
M T fnendu and tha pnalw) general iy. arein'iU
ello rail and ezanmieniy stock and nti
ia. I good hnnat work, um lha
heal stock, aadatll at tha Ttry loweal pricaa.
ai a roanuiw luring dona to order , sod an
Work Warranted as Eepreiented.
8 ".DEiis4IE,!V.lf;
-"'. ANl DaAI.ERIS
Foreign r; and : American
M -
Watch Materials.
' v. '
Watch Makefa.:);
OU WaUalUakMa BB4 old OaU ai MWer
kaagkt. .
tlaprisn . J , '
; :
Dice's Eni yclopkhia op I'bactical Rk
airra i' Pmilwu. Coniaining,4'i prai.
i al receipts, wnltcn in a p:am and n.unr
iisi ner. and illn-lrali-d nh eiiilanatnn
. iinclvuio. HeiDg a coniprrheiiaiira honknf
- lerewf 4r tra men nam, mDiit,curer,r
ia, amaieor and h"Mekeeier, ini-ludinii
neilicina, pharmacy anil dnmalH' economy
he coM.of this work ia entirely dirk-reni
roin any other hook 01 lha Hind, Halne.
eiuea cont.eia anil alimat Indi.peniiU.
-v ok of reference for lh" ihouean l anil ooi
peipt aud article needed in etery huue-
'lold .farm, Harden, en-., it include lear and
nily niidar-tnint direi'tiona for theaiilk'a
nun of manv of'h art UMmllya,'quirrlinl
iy l'n((lirien , and roiiieaied nf tei h
iichaliiie, or ihe leclinicaliliea ol terma ueei
a lully eiplsiued a to brniK the enure ul
i l within Ihe onmiirf hrn-ion ofany pariHii
I ordinary iulelhiien'a. I'roiniinenl anions
he immen-a niaaa nf anhjecls Irealed of u
he hook aro the hillowing:
Tha An ol liyeina-, Hard Soft -and Toilei
gapa, Tiinninc, lirlillalinn, ImilMtion I in,
lura. Win a, iTor li l ami Hittera 'i'lei.
trewinx, Herufmerv.F'laviirini! Ei.enee, em
o-meiH', Hair I'vea and Wn-hfi, Pnniadr,
nd I'erftiaied Ml', '1'onih I'nwdera. etc., Hy
ti, Ah'ohuland Alcnholinelry. Peiiol.un
.nd Kemarne. Hleai'hinc anl Cleaning. Vol
jar, rHtm-es, Calupe aud Pica el a, Hei-tipi,
r Ihe Hnrlen. To I e e Slnifi,fpota,elc
trniechny and K leaivea. Ceiurnla, aic
'alerpro'illiia;. .trlinVial, flun., Inka an
.'riling Klui'ia, Aplline Oclnra, Pair I a an
'amenta. I aintinii and I'aper.hnniiinit, K
mine and WMtewai.li, Vamisiiinn and Po'
h OK. I.ilbrica ora, J 'panning and Lai qnni
' u. Moot and Harneaa H'a-kinK. PlioinKiapht
leial- and Alloys, (.tiding, Mltenim. etc
;lectrntypiiig, Klertr, plullog. ale, Palei
ledicinea, Medical Receipt-, Weighle am
leaKiirea. fruT age, rcyul octavo, vlml
'rice t).oi i-mar
1'lOn a F1TZGERALI , rutlni-hera, N.
Worth and Beauty
Rating onntrol nf the magnltcent sil-chm
io, Vo Kemite, a are able to oltera comhin
tint, of liierary and ann-tic wnr . nfgeniiiui
ronh. and at pncea nnineceitented
Thia flnecopy of a piece of Kaiure'a gran
t work, ia not prei-enied in the uanal Inn
ed elyle, iu riimenrioiia, 141, making
ictur ol very rieairable iae in it. elf.
raced hyit- presence.
Hut a Tew copier of this beautiful hromi
ill 'le allowed lo gn 10 lha retail elorea, am.
uoaa will he sold at lh-ir
AUaal Retail Price, 10. OO,
nich il oidaeu in connection with our Ms
Due, both will he iurnrhed lor
Aa a premikin the picture may be ohlaine
! aeudntg ur two auWruiiiou. for I lie M
na at one nodal each, or bv aubacrbtnii kr'
e Magaiiite two eara in advauce, al cue
onar prrauniim. AO'irraa, ,
Wool's i.OfbfclKiLI' M tGAZINr.,
8. lt.8H.Tr, Puhliahcr. ... .
; MlMlFaCTUKERdOK c-: -
.1-44. 110 THIRD VT., ,,
Odd Pel.w8l Block"," :.i
w . TublUhtrt pf " 'C
" ioa oiiir"
Standard Eeligionji'tljorki,
n ihe UautW blaiea. ., , .
rormerlyoi'Haaidsn'.l ' Lj
A ""WHOM to hiV'friendi i. VrnloB and
aljo.otaf eounttea Jbal he baa bou. hi th.
Hotel rormerlj Kept hj Cbas; Bmith
ntV 'P0 -' ataBl. 4a
Jb rf ttaal it IhrtMbnveaecfrfla
vv AiurtJiiO
fjfj fc ' I
i olfl A.':'
Mo A ltHfclU'M-II
. :iii i .T
Northut reraar of WnUj aal jaclapB reaV
'4 McARTBDRiOtHO1'''5'
G EO. W. 1 BKUiCTON', " ipropretoi
Manufactures i r
1U0, VA44B8 inn AU 4t -wiioa WOBS
dosp tf order oa abort BOticov
Painting and ' Trlmmlna '
ol all kinds executed ia lh aeateal ana anest
artiatnt atvle. 1
BKPAIK1N0 ef all kinds Id my bne wiU
promptly and nend. dona.
m. vvora aoua aunia ei'antianmcni n wart
anu d to he aubaianlial, but tin aolid and axe-
ou'edin Ihe moat workiranltka manner, not
o ne exnrned ia any reancct 0 any older aa
labliahmaotia Ibacoiutry.,
i 1 ,
: i Munufaeturer of ' ,J ' '
i i . ,,. .' ; .iND-i i . i -i :'
. - - t, ' .
Of latest, moat ftuhlonable and eleguil atylea.
: , -; j- ! i 1 . 1.i i :' I
Second St., Near Mulberry,
'I .1. . Wi ; r !.:';tl .'! ir.
I maka it a point to no all mi work of Ihe
heUmaifrial, aad .aland recoad lo none
liiahiy "f flninh pr durbililj . I employ n
tnfenor workmen, there are no appMithce
nova about my ettabliahment, and I can not
tad le please any perann a ho wanta the beat
turnout made in Ihe country. I refe' Willi
nrtde-tothv eutmire'thrnuhOut Koiilneri
uhio aa to lha character of woik coming
rom my ou-rnry, Wad anaraniee all my cu
lomera parleot aattafnclpin.
. , ; i'l 4 ! 'J '
All ' kinds of Turnouts finished anf
ready, for. tale, or made to Order.
Call and examine my Stock
Rr palling, lUpalntlnt; Etc.
Will racalr piompt attention, l; ,
1 have conatantly a atock of
Carriages, Bnggics and Ezpresies.
. i 1
left with me for safe, repaired and nlmoat a
good aa new, minir o( ibem :
io,ui isra ' ! . ..... )
American Institute,
fO J. W. McKEE,
Embroidering and Hating Machintt
"I: ia ingeninua and will meet lha wamvi
every maiion in the land.''
Exhibitioner 1873.
ohn E. Cavil, H.c rc'; F A. Parnsr
rea baruuel I). Tlllnau, Correapon.lii.
New York. Novrmt erKO, U?i .
Thia (intple and itig-ntni a machine la .-i-cftil
aa i lie aewing machine, a.i'l I.- ftti b.
i.ming popular nh ladiea, in Ihe l.u-i- .
'ln-tv ntettle woik. ila work lieing in in
tiKire hanilaoiue. n quiring much lee tin
ml not nne-leitlh i ail li e expeoe. Nt, I
V'a toilet l. complete without it A mtfhu
lh illui.tralerti ir. ulHi and lull inaiiudioi
on recen t ol S2 r Bnithcd iu Hirer iila'
irt2 7.V . . . ,
.dtiresa, The MeKee Maanfactarlns Ce.
oroauKa). ew Vwtk.
Two American Mi.gafine8
The excellence of American Vagaiinea hie
.ecoinein ei recogimed abroad, that on
f lite lending Inglinh papt'ra, Ihe Lnnrt -VeeMly
HegiKler, in a recent lue, tht
penka of enhner'a Monthly:
We art amyroif Id mem DxU 8 'BIBSMt
V STHLYeirrm tf Iktyrut u&iimMaU varta,
ay aioal, atriolt or briUnnq of fffaaVnioai a
""l O'aa-Wt. II Uumylf a iemfrftj iMillug
rwtk A'ofAtaffflta 4 atora eknrmimg t .aa tac cm,
all . t ad rigor; Ike ligkl ml aAaaa mrt wu..
yni wiA a trait ortiWic pater 01 o 11$ um aa
wnrfy trifimd article., we tall) do aof know uki.
cAoom iu Ixtt.Jur wi A aad all are excellent."
Hot null ia ii rue Unit -i riLncr'a Month
vcel the K gltah Magi t.nea, but It la li
leet pf Ike American moeikliee.
In tl.e steal, ' anety and art I .lie ex.-ei-
nee of It- tlln-lralinn of Amertcau them,
ha- verbreti even approached, mn.-?
-aexcelll It has a l-irgi r p.ge and gic
greater variety in ilerou'enN ihaniinj nli
roflhe Stan lard Amern-aii Mmiililiea
Iu literary ch.ntctcr. ami in ihe lirillian
tnlal'ilit.t ol He Kilil'irinloepaitmeni'sil
ya an ennui preeminence i . . u.
Ii.c md.ici .ra t-rlJ wuh Ihe deflnltea i
( making if AeleMmfuiueUIke wewkl.nl h
hev hate never (ol a inoineiii I, at a glit. hi
ey point with irule and (eaaiire in II
: d ) and June number! , ic cnity iued, a
ik for Ihetti a CBiintd examination andac,,,.
il ivuiiiiariaon ol their Vnrii- with llio-e
ttier niavi.xlneai and ll y renew their ie.'i
hepoMui, io ainv- for .till higher excil
ence in the future.'
t crinanleralile demand has r. enlly aire
a Kiiglaudmr Ht Nnho'a-, rcnl.net' N.
ag i tie for Hova and Hills, me puMiai
ita.nog lowenre an edition or three tho.
ml ni Arm bou. d volinie (when cotiii.l. tei.
nth hta iiiiprml. .... . , ...
The rucceee in lh a cout trv olHt, Nw h i
.iaa been even more remarkable IhAn thai
cvbner'a M.-.nlhlt. It ia pronounced lo i
aa llf perfect meantime for cktldren,' and.aai'
ne caae Bill, alt Ui.bd lilentiuM Mil cl.U-J
Ten, ii naa neen r tind to noaaeaa uip.n:
ntereal lor grn.n lip r-aflera. as aril .
I he influence l ihe perioilimla of the da
an e.aicilvl en Dialed. ei- eciall) lip..,
he riilig generation, farente and taach.
o not n..rd lo tie indifteteni to Una n gu
ence, or mrele-a m relation lo the chamcie
h the 'literalare .rumlehed te the rhildte'i
'utaide of their school le.aona. In fit. Nwh
'tM ? "r- -,,,r3rvnlur',l philoaoph
i." ,..,.,, niao'ino'iiirea ir.
e-M wat allra..fvwarinuBf Tasenr
iUI Ihe hil lren arertiuiuUtcd to trek laol
nation foi Iheaiaelvta
The pubhberK -will aend tn Bnyaridreaa
pe'imrB r.umber of M.i Kichojaa. po.iag.
reaii.t on leoeim often eenla, 'be latreeo.
"I lati er and nriniinir I h.
old by all Hi.l clo-a bookeellere and nea.
'eaicre, vreryanere
CKi BSEh'8 MM HLV, $4 a year; n
6 MUHnLAM, - - - t ' ana,
Trees! Flowers! .. Bulbs
Horserr Btoci! rrnltinower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX
B L 0 0 M I H 0 T( N KTJE.-EeV
1 (OOaetea; tin veer. IS areennnu-ea.
Apple, l.oou yr.. IHA: t vr. 6: y t4,r SMI
$72.00 EAOH WEII." ,
Agents wanted every ahere 'ttaeiaeaa attict.
ty legitimate, t-artk-uutra free. .
w'tKlrJ.oi lam ia. No
Kjli mek8 sb mid not fail rV ex
amine the patent. "farm gati for
which Ueorge W. Bran ton', 'Me'
Arthur, is the aeent in thia' ami
Jackson countj It ia the best
ana Gtienprst gate ferdsritiel
for a farm, cirstinii fifty ber ceaL
1 .1. ur .I-'..
I ubu no um laeujnDflit ffaie.'
1 ..I ..
k ia mure uuriuie. lor It can
. . . . . J . x
ar. U UeArthur,
-. rt rr t
xl! rVaeiaitNp. 4, -Myje, flOf
in- ' n the U m, bur, lip lie, I y
e,v n.Ev A rff.. .
wiua vi J k,ii. nv uiiiiidi l ' i 'ci
Mountain ttream, Caprice, by 8. Frnit-i; ,
1 Count en.MaaJalopr try Jacolf '.lOraaj : A
oaa, nornaiioe, oy inatoerg; iiaocing
! leLWmm. It n. . km UMUu link JlrAaa ;f L'
tuaiata- ifie tqiiowki oiur'cv 'o,
Chant du Rivous, Ir'aoacrlptinn, riy
nUltia Iu. ii.l. .Mmu uiu. . hrlce . Ituu.
Two aonga by Have, two ny llanka, one
by Uaywood. a 8apirl (ji,a. tetter by
Thoihaa,a Pourhand Piecet a Q itek- ' '
aten. an eaav March., and a beuuliful
rantaaie, by Klnkel. "lnprecea for ' Mo.
eontaina the following tntiain. price,. . . Sue,
Two newaonga by llava, one by Pratt,'. 1
one by Stewart, a Ino.loi fcniala vnicea,
hy Abtikracred Quartet e hy lanka,
two Polkaa, a pret.y WaPs, and a Mao h.
' .llpleeeefor J ' ''- 'JOn.
A''draJ I.. P KT".'I8, P. O Box I2.
Me Hroadway.Naw York, opeosite Metrop.
ollilan Hotel.
H ..Il il illi III I I, i i II .1
I in! w - ii
T 'I 1 .1 II Itl 1
''i': ! ESTABLlSHED'lMO."1 '
"tob. 43 VSSST BIB ESI,' f '
f . o: rbV,!l287.'1 "'' ''''NewTork1
, ! '"''"KoBERT WrLLS.'prabl'rtenti l'in'
, I...B VI il .11 M li.'I 'M ,' 'I',
Black'. 40. '60. 60. fest 70 eta. " per io
Green atiil Black 40t!SOV60.'bet 70ci
' .i'lT-AP A NV:i i
..Uncolow), (50, 7"r 80-i W.l besfi ftfiO.,
Orerii. 60. 70. 80. 90. ht-at tUO per lb
Green. 60. 60. 70. 80. SO. l.o6 hUt $1 (.5
Green, ft 10 bet tl 30' , '. . pfr la
nglish' J Hrnltfrtst
Ulncc,60. 70. 80. Jp.beft $1.00 ptT,M
N. B.-We have a epeciahtv of Oirdc
itowlh VOUNO II Va N and IMfKltlAUii.
il xti, and (ilil.iiNii, Kxlra clioice. tl.fO.
tiurTeaa ate put up in one pound ipack.
gea. with the kind nn I (irice prnilcd on eaclt
AOST WANTElr to gd uim-lutM t
e,l uur leu lo tatuil ea, botcb., bonriiti
1 oteei( add athera. Id writing lor b-rut-
tiding order, be perlionlnr le addreaa tin
Praeiutulul Ihe fflinpiny, lima: . .;,
KilllKirr WKi'IA "
i, i . , i No-f'.Veai y r.., New Vork :i
Wear ci.ni)eld to riqnerl hia, aaothV
iniea have in,. t.eo out tun. mui. ,'. ,
5ure Concentrated Potash
. - .. I r- ...... I ! I
lifdouMe the treitili ol an other '
iroMrviG si cvrixc i;
I have recently rerfeotcd a new method
hi king my Potaeh or Lie hi d m now one
ug it only 'in hnl If, ihe eonling ol In h I'
l onllv, end dora mil iuipre the .onp. It i
ickcd in Imxea containing 24 and 4H on t
II-, and in no oilier way Inrectiona I,
nullah and (Jpinian for making harn am
il aoap a ilh Ihia i taah cwMoptirtt em
!ag ' B.T. B AI1BITT,
64 Is 84 Waahiniion Hi., N. V.
p-rl7 . ( i . . ,
.' nsurrance Department
r I-
CoHONSv9,:Faliruary. 10th, 1874
( . -
tTTH KrtKS the New Kngl' hrl MtitiHl'l.W
IT Ipaunitve i'ouiny liM-ieJnt ho.ion.t.
ie Slate nt Ma-a nuaett-, h ta tiled in una
tfliea aanrti (. teni. nl b) the proper Jrl
cr therenf,.howing ila condition and lutai
eaa an . baa con idled in all mh, r leaped.
th Ihe wa of ilu Plate, relnti.g to Lite In
, 'trance I'on.paniea, oigmiiied b in; I ort'nn
, or by Or under Ihe Ua a of any olli
aie nl ihe I nitetl -t. iten.
i Now, therelore, in pursuance ol law.f ,
Vlli am F. bun n. aiiieriii'teiiiieiit of ln.u
nee o IheMeiKof Olun.Oo t erehy ceriii.
I a4aid 'ompatiV ,a aiilhontec lo tianaac
. a aoproprimle buamea. of tile itiaiiriui c I
oa M tie in A'cordaiiue w. h lnw, iltiring lb
li rent year. The condition 'iml nu.i iea i
oil company at the. dute or am n .internet,!
eco ber .lM. 1HT3.) ie ahown aa foilpvtu:
itiregate kntniinl uf adnjilteil aa 1 1 "
: el,HH.IIldlllg Ihealllll 01 ttf.S9
W3 AA m preiiiiiim nniea and . ' a ll
. .ana h' Id b the ooiiipuny on ,
,-olio.e in furne, i- ' 12,r,70,II 81
; uuregaiennioiiol nf Imbililiea, in.
, . ludiiig til lul.ttlK oo nr re in-
' -urauce reecrve - II 328,7 1 li
i iiiiiit f m oine for the pieced
ingy annci-h - t,4Dl,87S9'
oount ot premium no e of in
tt.ine for the preoeduig yenr 8n,tl3 irY
. uniitit ol exiemlilitrei lor tbe -liiecrdirigyeannci-li,
l.nOT.WT Ss
no unt of premium note ex pen. '
diiurea for the preceding veiir. ;:iS7lh h
' Uo'4.) In witneaa whereof, I have here tin
i eulwribtd m name, an I rallied Ihe.acal
rmyofflieto be affixed Hie ay and year
ive written. .tn.lV.H'OHURim, ,
JoaaT, Rra,axeotat Hirtliitr,o. .1
AO N 1 S WAN'I F.D.,
EA AOENT, wanted in town and country In
-ell TE,ni get up club oplera. for Ihe lat.
.:el Teal'ompauy in Americi. Importer"'
oncekand Inditcemtuta to Hger.la. r-mi foi
'n-ular. Addreea, KOHKR I vYf.LL,
eaeyaii., w. y f. li Box l7 A . .
rAeCArMea Vwwm, Hemr Ward Reecher,
Kiiitor. ol jl Mm hul.l ya ,'Paiiawiah.
ng to gl up cluU, ilOi. who can get or-.er-
for tea, hult arltf him fo. a ciri'iilar !'
' rWArw l"or Wteklf Tribute tirnt 3.,aMyat
MU 1. range,' ehuukl write Robl. Uallaluf
irvui r "
lv',ofeil.20 .ja; f RobL Wellali
. ou,uiioi rriiaoie. X3ipr
Cottage Color Paints,
l il ai.OOieaiOirertJanoB. ,i
kOC iVoiL,' -''i' .'' too per gal.
I A'H.io,,
; i LIQUID 8LATE 2001 PAIS! 4
rM.r4w:r h, -(1t.tJiitr,iil.
I PATEfJ PETItpLEim, ,ltljEEIl)L, (.
Wofhw'lioi all rtmUaaBoHtey Unaead.bBli
' tp-u par gal. r
l,. JO, lit l" 1 !'li i-t-t f
ENOIalltOIU - . . '-'.' . yg
piltkreh rock lc b b icatiNox) i l; 40,
" ff r oi-goio,, Md rircula)r h.tJ
Sola Agent.
Wf ol v.i.q.ti.J ,i
! If
Dcua 'SeaftlT and
Aromotly '
- -IW ,
4Jkx . . . . . . - -LX-.
I w w
Inn f5n'.'lTl cT-i:i KOTAt t Ji'T
- s ol niii;'.J '"Ni 1 11
I esoif tin 1 1 v ,i ; .-tnluS
.0 ,-iuii'iA-ji.: i.;i ii-i.
riv tut ;
; ; I iA ni: I I. il Hi; r.l 1 1
'j ii f;.l -iTt-i.l I il .vT' T:i'J
' I ' .iiiij. '.ri.fi".vl rJ
If You
Want a filiation.
. WantatcrvHiitKiil, , , .,
' '.' 1 Want to si piano, ' ' '
WiiuttseUa earrlajte, ,
1 1 Want to buy erMI a form.
. Wgnt a bohrdHiK , place,
! Wain to sell towie-propfftf i '
i, Wmit.to st'll jfrocerlosor druifft,
i Want to sell liotiseholil furniture.
Wanttosi'll flry fcontla or catpetfi.
Want to Mud cuatonivr lor anything.
AdvertlRlno; will gain new customers,
Atlvertllii(i will keep old ciistotiiffs
Advi-rtUliiK llbenlfy ah ays paya.
AdvfrtUlnjt'niatjM'.simoi'sft easy,
. .AdvprtlriliiJT bejteta couflilenoji
. ; Aifvcrtiilii"" shows'' energy t
; Adveiiising thtitts pluck,'
;i A'lverjisrugTryeHna'bi?,
i "AiHWrtftie or'hdsl '' i()
t j 'Advertise '. 'I'on g1 'u
j AIverMe w-fcA I ,iiii.
A-A e r i s
i t.i irvtiVr iv".". t.i
Every merchant, manufaeluxit
or bum'net man-tvho hat becume
prominently' rich, hniJ made his
fortune by judicioiit advertising
So eqeepfipn , to this, rule can be
cited.' , 7 Stewart, uthe P-iiice of
Merchant8x'when d'poor man, wits
driver to, .advertising, as, a Idit
resorf, to yet hit stock turned into
motley s'o'as'to meet a note.' Ar
ijuing' from this thai if 'it was
ionii for him in adversity. , h
'nguld make it still better in ffos
peril 'y. he bec&ihe a persistent ad
vertiser'. and hu0 gained his eo
I ssal fortune, i .. ; r: .... i
.Si mie in tiro 1 1 unto s:iy it is not wnrij,
.vliilc to advert. ac; for no porttim fD'iid
"Ivertiseiiirnta; yet evcrv iiicrolinnt
Itiii couutv Will read liiiA gdvertiaa.
. ui'iif, Hnd if In ia wine he will jirdi
v iu au).'gi'siiin, il In- das anything t.
ffcr'w rOt adverti-ino;' How nincl.
' ii. ro then will (hose rt'l ' them wli
.re not so luridly supplied w lh reil
ni! mutter, ii ri' ut leisiirft mi the even
fj, nml in use depend on their pitpcr foi
vr local news, the m at in purtnni
tern i f wliich is where they can fin:i
uat wluit they vr .nit when they come
i.wn to iiihIia their purchases If yoiu
-'nek is so old, rusty, dimly nd nut
ty le that it is wnrthieNS, or if it il run
lovrn so lhut you have notlvtiig left tlm
leople would w nt, it ia not worth
vhile for you to advertise. But if It
ew, fresh and ftparklint;. up to tip
. me, and Miuh 'as the 11 people want,
loo t hide them, hur. pulilish.' to the
vorld lhut you have them, and wain
ii sell tlioin at a fair price. .' i
An advertisement published for a sin
zle day does duty 1 beyond thnt day
ind jla effect continue in a greater
vittio than iiioat men iinngine. In tiie
nd it will iinike a man's n irae a per
iHnent matter, a pietje of real pr-.per-
V hniltnp in ths minds f.f rui-n u nti
I hecomeg more .valttahle . tiian, ani
virner lot in his locality. '
TV you lose a watch, a doc or'a child,
or if you deni re people not to trum
vmir wife, y., n rush t. your loeul pa
per. knowing thnt every una will rem:
ne advertisement; Butou vyill plm)
along in hiirtiness year. niter year, with
out calculating how tnn.rh yiu 're lug.
inir, bj not, advertising it Ittporter
If thone persons who profess to b'
lieve that newspaper sdjerlisi-inentl.
ire1 not real. by tho publo wish to
.unvinced nf their em.r. just let them
, ive pu'ilioily to sonm 'mutter thev
would not care to divulge to the world
even in the most obscure corner of
country paper; and sow- whnt rnit.riety
rhey would soon attain. Advertitcr1
Gazette . .
'.Aowiitisino is apt to give na that
u'entle jogot conscience whioh tells
tlnifr we wtint A new suit of clothes
Sundav.inr f hat, we promiied ourwifH
a new dress as soon as the hay whs in
Perlmp it wooloj ! he a good plan' ibr
! (idaiYe to 'uark thin passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
'nst plate. ' Who will aay that adver
tising will nut yet civilize (be worldl
ier.. r! tan! .". !;. ii '! vt
rt ht do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprieing tlnd to learn
v bHt is , going on To see if there
anything new, 'or anything that they
want. ! To see if the seHsonV tatylea
have come in, ant b find not who has
them To ImoW i T a n jr' one is selling
off at reduced. rates, or lo watuh: the
chance f an auction. For.amuseinent
Ti satiefy ' curiosty. Kecauae they
have read', all the stories, marriages,
births, deathsi locals and acoideotar
Becauae tbeyXnt lo. Because they
caa't helpiW6Ato Stats' Jowriidl'
i ThbV" Vrlut1 iJ well known,
but not weU .understood. AvPr'"tai
Bentenee!l naa 1 a ' 'wonderful ' advw jtage
or:oie Ibat 1s written 'or apoken.--This
is ono of b rngny essnns whiob
gives ap iuipirtanoe to'advertising. But
advert'sers, eyen 'tTifise of eVperle'ne,
do not ooaiprebendaa well ss I hey.
might (he eapaoity to inflaence. to pem
euridMo convince, which lies In print
od ibatter.,:: Spoken witrdg reqoe ilia
grace of elocution. nd the ,(!,
ouajucDco. jci even met tsue away In
to, SHitWognesa if -aof taught iiri Itheir
flighi apd printed But there U some
tMriV itl the silent inngdage the (juiet
aaaertum'and thri aemenf permanence
abmt prjnfcd .qistter whioh gives it
marvelous toroeand nfl'uerhce.'uBUsV
neaa. raeo ahonld ihekr rmitntt itiimaa.
eri,vcinii hi
'' Li,
'.Illi. is.,n,!l... .sk. , . . .1 .1.1 ,
tj-a. m0i tbaa th 'WwhB gad
'tilwfMr..- t4i4,-lBr'i-iaV.V2J
knowledge vertk harsW
w or
' .:i'In:i Zaleski. : rti :.
1 VI ..III.' I '(.1, li : '- 111 nil
THK'Zaleaki Company, with eflew44l
developmeptof Ihe ipcIlntereata,of Jale
ki, to aetiureita parmsnent nioeperity, aad ta
Sdd let iter nopriWnoT'anrf' wealta.nreaaw
artenng V actual -atiiav a, town lata aid tariawi
landa-al law prteewt and n liberaMartnaj
i Peraona doWnag o exaaiioa the aflpartf
and to buy cheap houaea win apply al Ike
Company's offices to
'' " ' K iTH)MPuf)lf,' Hattger.' '
Ealaakl, Ohio, May lS.jSTt. '' Sf " "
j BtJTyNLTTfladEStjiNil'"' v'
t: i ,..l l."l.:ii ,14 ,.-tlu!j H.-lltl1! tHItllJ
i JO 1 ., , ') ,1m ',;,'.; , al. ,illi
n't Whtcb wadaptedM. oli.t "
it. ,rt"' '..'I ..'-.tii.iAtt.
particularly lha atat p of It ,f. ,
, Chicago.
. ina , win nve ratae.4 "
alamiu. ,: II. O I.OODRII
Olflt'eand talearoom S0A fiute al.. kn-aga,
HI . .1 -.t - II I ' 0. 1,, lA,g, 7
If you are dufferln'g fre'in injr
Broken Down 4naUtatiav
., pr require a Itemedy lo'1'' " " ' ''
rurlly und Enrich t,ae B'tMsi;
You will And Dr.Crooti'a i'emrearal Sty far
up of Paae Hoot to pakowarmleeawk
41, euro you inore spoeillly, and d4 ye'
more good Ihnu gny and a'l otuer jemee,
die eoinhlticd. That PhIo, Ycllvrr
H ehly-looliliitNkln is cliungert to um'
of Irtxdiufta a .U b. nllh. TUoae I'laenaaal (
Of the N'.ilii, Fimplea, Paialvileav
Dlolrhea and Erapiluna are ratnoveaa'
Hcrorulav Kcrol'iiloiia llaeiv uf tha
Kyea, WUI Hrwrlllnua, UleeM. 411
tiurcB'or uny-kUid of 'Hnaeal Taplaigrl
dwindle end UlsnppesT imdarsl.a inflManee,
V IihI la lit It Jmvitture's own restoreri
A aoitiba ox yd orlrineoinminU with tbe
medicinal pio., tleairpiikalluotdlveaie4
ol oil dlagioibls qualities. It will on re
alty Ucna i wIhiko ieal or direct rnuae tt
11. il UhMitl; Itlicnniiv'lani. lmlnaj lay
l.iulba ir llone,4'iiiMlitntlonabrkea)
tlow.i liy Mcrcuiliil or other poinona; art '
II curnil by iu For Kyphllla.or ayvakiW
lillc Inlni, Mere, ia nothing ciuoi to lt A
lriailw.ll prove it. bold by
(JEOltliE W. MSSOJi, McArtlian Oklw
THE WEEKLY '0M ia Inn widely knawn
lo re,inre any extended recommendat'ea; ,
l.iil the ren-nn'x l u h Late alitni y givaa II '.
Buy thousand mlwrilura, anil ahioh Will, ,
e hope, give it mai. thoiiaanda mora, are' .
Inieflt ka lolmwa I i ,
It I-s Artrat n wi-paper. Alllhaaawaal
the di.y will he found in i4condeb-ed when
iiiiinii'iirlani.al full length when of momeat.
inn Htwe.va pre-eiiteit in a. clear, tplilligitle,
nd uiteic-ling n'nnner. -
Il las flrl-nite liiniily paner, lull of enter'.'
lam ftg and inatrnm ve rending of every kino,
nii.capiaipliig n. . thing jliai can, cfl.rnd .
most rh Fiinfe and actiip,.lotia lehle.
II ia a firalWetoainry neper i Tbe beat tales'
,n.l r.'niitncea n current literature art rare
fully -. l pied and i g My t i'med ir W pages.
Ilia a Hf t-inle , aiiliuril parer. Ihe,
itioHtire-h ,ui,l tnairiiiiiivtf articlee on egriJ 1
tiliitr I lopica regtilnrly npi ear in Itiie da
nrltoeiit. , , ,, ,
It I- an Inilcpe mlenl polilieitl paper, heleng-1
"igtoiioiwili and we nrg nn 1 1 ll(.r li JlghM '
or principle lino tl e elri'iii rl of Ihe hirt men
I i ttice II eaie. lnlli d voice lis energiea le '
'he exposure of the g eat corruption thai
inw ae.iUen uutl illegtHce um counli v, aad
hrmlen in undermine republican inatiiuiieua
nilogeiher. It h'nii nOlesr ol knaves, aadaslrt
io favora of their ait'iiortera. ' ., '
It reportahf;iHhiona for thelaifiee aad Ike '
tn.irkeia for the men. eapeciallv the aattls
marked, to which timy- uiriUMilar attentiaa
H'mally. it la the clu'lipc-l paper publiahed
neriolinra year will ncr.rell for any aaka-i
Clilier. It la not neceaaary to gv unaolak'
n nrdef Iu havif I'HR WKEKLv hl'N ankle I
rate Anv "tie who vends a singl a dollar will
cl ihe pnperfora year i, , v(
THE WEEKLY srif.-Right sagae
riliy aix column-. nl) SI a jaar. We dls- '
i-oonf- 'roin lb1-r-te,
THE SE.ni.WEF.KI.Y Bfjir.--avae'
'I" He the tally 8iiu. 3 OO I ver.r. A dia
on t ,.f go ne, cent. ! duos or 10 or eterj
THE lAILYH('K.-A larg. li ar aaa '
espHier of tneni eiht oli nma. l aly '
rcii.htion over 120,000. il Hi' new fkr '
2 ci nta. uliecrii.iioo pile, 4)0 mtea munik,.
ir to a yenr 'i oclulia ni IO or over, a die
oiioi . I go .er 'ent.
Addreas TIE gUN," New Terk illy
JTfi J g ecatl..Arrl'.ai.Cawl.rii'aa'
BWnaatAJa ie Attg W TIrrl.a tr lb... .M.i tm
( Illfii,tl,iilni4iilnal
. . r -.
hum aiMararln 1 1 iroAncint eat amaaUag aliarlaa.
kawpnjHrttlhaci.urhluo,A. ,
I.. , . '"",,ui aiaqraa aaa
lasef.wlili aiimereut iDirailai.. au4 coaulaa t alaavfa
afnraiition f..r iIiom who art BiBrrtcd.arMbwailai.aiw.
rinca Sillllllia book lh.l..,hl uee k.i.l .. tut
aaa kef. aait al Iai4 aaroUMlf iboal iba koan. .fi
ll eiauloa Ibo uiKrlimca aad dW a l a akaMoa I
Wbiuo rooutalloa U orld-Mf , ind abil4 aala tbo ad.
vato draw.r of atarj mala aiid haiala tbr.irb.iit ikaaeara
l"b. lltBioracaaoirarribluiaBtlioaulijMiarUiaB.a.
trailrerr.tam'that la worth tovwlux,aa4 saaah thai at "
, Senlloanrm(frMotHMlaa) farFlrtr toala. , - ,
Bu'lil" 'ir.l""u' nrttaar,a. Ifli. aJshlkihraat
laai ill aiuiiaaii!liiaewaaaMwaaaMal
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
B.rora annPlai ta tha uatarlaaa qoaoka wha ad.artl.. .
fuWip. .r..or aatat aj qaark reaMlaa aaraoe Bet i
gutia Work ua matter wbatvaardletaaala. ar haw dawlae. '
kblejeue eaaaMibn. j w . - .-'7... TT v
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Notice to the Stockholders of
the Ga lpolis McArthur
the Ga lpolis McArthur & C umbus Ralroad Co.
ALL parties having subscribed lothei aapw
iUI tnck oi the McA. I C. B R. are'
heretiy reqtti. ed to makaxps vn.enl lo ihayeaH
retaryollhe Company,! hi. ornc e eal thai
Public square , in (iidifi oils. (ih4ool rfreaVaj
convenient, lo I'aniel Will. Preeid-ntof Ike'
VinionOoiinty hank. a MoArlbnr, t'hin, r
an loatallment ol Ave duilara on each ebaf'tT
-o ,ubsoribed, within Aee days of this dele, i
Augu.lio. 1871. . ,",,, ,.
CTOCK and Ore Scalea aa good aa sew, far1
Oaale at i very low price. Call oa t .
: aovii
H ii. JitNRM aiteraey..!
... I,
i II . ay .t'tjiil r 1
.i'sabfl.t,! ,
t m t j
.vc ppj
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' li'-l IMi:'l l VI.I, V fW rtm
o.oui l tan ara-v.o life)" jg tat:v
t y.(unra o-m, ail ,;M fc,,i:.
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rt I)
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r-J.1'.".' 11 a..eicM,-i- e,.i ami, .tiW.
it ViftWItnt f DTI' Vw
1 utarHaiiuir f UHE
' OaCUMttitiysxciA
" "a.' J-' ' ' -1 . 'tii
r T i- J.i-. i.,. Hi

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