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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 12, 1874, Image 1

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the vTntW Record!
, 1. Jill tot RndPrpprietor.
OIHCTE Tf. W. Corner of Main and
Lo(rur.8a'.,'ODpoite Qqurt House.!
Sewing Machine.
Islliur r . ....
TheOreatest Production
the World Ever Knew.
OUR elaims for tbYWperiority of
the Eliat How Maehloea oaa w
r bl 'dle'pVted, Thle sort enviable
repoUUion hal been obtained hj Ita owg
sterile. Wa dYnot eleiai that we offer
tonr machines for the fewee dollara, or
ton tha longest line of credit that ca.i ba
yt)taiDtd by tuj'iDg other otaee ol ma
"cbinaa, Uut we do alaim, wo bava tha
' Wa are wanting amenta to aell our
MaobiQ lb Vioton and ? Hooting
counties, of which w propose to pay
Ubatttt JoaaUaioo; furnish thxot pr
mora wagons if an agent will oa and
path 1brj for, the- luaipese, Wa io
Uod operating on an entire ?ew besle
for tbi reaeoft wa wantguod, lira men
to ran the tbiug. Tba reputation ot
tha lowji; jil k.MV thwtfumt
Vinton and Uotkingoountiey aa. well aa
over lha entire world,. .You will find
ma aYtte UULM2KT HOUSE, two
AUl'UUK. O.,:oj time this month,
ready to administer toy uur wanU. ,
Special Agent.
Waaptim J
OrricE-One door weal of Daa Will Bra,
atoie. I ..(..
Olttco AAcArtuur, Otuo. . . ,
Will attend promptly to all tmnBitrutai
to bm ear.
CfsT LA'S IC11I,
p bKCUTirO ATlOHJiltY,)
Will'praetie 1 1 Viqiod uu adjoining -oun
ti... Bui..eaiiinileito tiicr piouipt
ly alteudtxl lo. utlivr in liuurt hou...
oeeusl l a. R. K. 1KH0T.
C, F. CAHTWttlGQT. Fropiletor
Liveri Stalk Attached.
Tho lluuae Iw ut beo rfurnihMl
lhrouitho.it. i.oonn ! nl oni(orul.le.
.u...T., ...... ,i.i nh the lHt ill niarhel
ltnr.la. J iio xuua apareU to uomoliit
mart lDtfV ly
,'. lias permanently located in ,
or the practice of
to which 'tie avila do'e hia entira attention.
UKH'Kiii HuiiuiDr iipauiiri'.opi'O-
aim Vuxon County Uauk.
Uafi 1 auiart.
eamuel W Kilv.rwJr.
EUb)ih.d at
m t i -
Wholesale Grocers
I'roinot Attention given to tlie
Trauaier ol flG 1UON and
Other iroiMsrty ironi uud to
r . - 0 ' 1 ' '
IFater S(rt.6twa Pofntand Walnut
KUliX. CLAKK &U0..
Fvatuaaaa WaoLaatu ami Reran
i5ooksttlirai Stutlonera. . Frluteis,
-- aait v ' '
eatore ta "
Law) aliDiCAL, THioaoeKRL, 8caoot,
and JiieCKUKSoDe Boots, .
65 JFm Fourth Strut, dnftnati.
arCaaalocAM turaiahel frataUonaly
p,.ieViioa and .ay book wot by wail. pom.
a;i paid oa receipt ol puUi.bod price.
Circulars Bant Free.
itlrtjitfroBT ito. us wt ita
VOL. 25--NO. 35.
- -
t 1 I. I V J
. , I ; ' i : ' . ,' r. : !'' '' ) i Mliryr "".
! I LHT riVA fTl AkVCf M
,.'r' ' ' TT , ' , ,' L
WHOLE iTO, 1,283
How the War Loans Were
For this valuable bit of "in
ner history,?, oar . readers are
indebted to that exceedingly
Interesting volume, "Warden's
Life of Chase:"
"I wis indebted tor my suc
cess, in great part, to the con
fidence and support, most gen
erously given me, of a number
of diBiinicuishedcitirenB having
large influence in financial cir
clet, and I endeavored to merit
what Ihey gave by frankness,
fairnees and firmnesf.
MConitre3 assembled on the
4ih or July, 1861, and soon af
terward pasred, an, act J? (
ihnrize a &'atona1 Jpflk,mt fr
oiher purposes. .. Under this
act, atid acts amending it, I
taok meanulres to secure the
funds necessary lo carry on the
war.-' 1 '. -
"Our conferences were lull
and unreserved. 1 explained
to them '.he situation ol the
count rt; the large, inevitable
expenditure lor the suppres
sion of the rebellion; my hopes
of vigorous prosecution of all
measures necessary to tint
great end; ray wishes lor econ'
om; tny views of the inexpe
diency ol high rales of interest,
ahich might suggest a luturu
possibility of inability to pay
it. Tliey, on their side, ex
plained l lie position ol the
banks; their disposition Insus
tain the government, and their
in tbiliiy to take more bonds
than tneir disposable capital
allowed, without prospect of an
early snle and dis'rjbutinn.
They thought my ideas as to
interest rather: too stringent;
aud, on some other points, they
thought me rather illiberal
not sufficiently considerate,
perhaps, ot the interests they
represented.,J.w hs pty iged t o
be very Orm, and to say, 'Uen-
lietnen, I am sure you wish to
lo all ou c:n. 1 It-pe thai
voo will find that you can lake
the loans required on tt-rma
which can be admitted. I not.
I must go back to Wasltluion
and HMie notes for circulation;
lor, gentlemen, the war muni
go on until this rebellion lo pni
down, il e hive to put out pa
per until it takes a thousand
di liar to buy a breakfast.'
The result of I lie conlerence
wa an agreement by tlie hanka
ot hree cities to unite as aspit
ci)tes and advance to the gov-
eroineni fifty millions at once.
or as wauled, on the secret a
ry'a drain in tvor ol the as
sislanl treasurers; In ensid-r
ation ol w'-ich, 1, n my pari
agreed to appeal to Ihe people
fir sul'Bciipiii'iH to a ttalional
lo tn.on three yeira' notes bear
ini 730 per cent, interest, and
convertible into twentv year
bonda bearing six per cent
and '0 pay over the pru-eed
ol the subscription lo the
banks, in satialaction of their
advances, so lar aa tiiei would
go, and to deliver to ihein 7 30
i.ntes lor any deficiency.
, 'This arporeiit fulfilled.
I opened books of cubsenption
to the national loan in all parts
of: the loyal Slates, and the peo
ple responui'd with alacrity.
About for. v. five millions Were
thut subscribed and i aul iof(he
ba.iks, and the remainder was
made good by the delivery
the promised 7.30s. '
This operation enabled tbe
banks to make a second ad
v dice of fifty millioiis on near
ly the same terras., ll liad .Le
cotne evident that tha popular
subscription would hot contin
ue as large and prompt as
firs',' and tbe inconvenience
it management by the depart'
mens bad proved to be , very-
great." The account "of, , the
snbscription agents were there-
lore closed, and the otesvfor
the seoond loan were deftvered
directly to" the - bankers' who
dumbutud tnem as bestruitea
themselves. This 'simplified
the' ftatisacUott to Haeire8ury,
and the arrangement' though
not quite so advantageous to
tbe bank as at first, was every
way morA copvenient. - -:
'By these two loans I ob
tained one hundred millions of
dollars, paying under the im
mediate agency a rate ol inter
est only one and three tenths
per cent, higher than the ordi
nary rate of sU per cent, and
that only for three years. . , The
suroi needed .beyond the
amounts. bua obtained were
supplied by tho negotiation of
notes at two years and, sixty
days, trnd by issuing ,' TJnitd
Stales notes aa circulation.
"The banks declined to make
another loin ot fifty millions for
7 SO notes, and I was obliged.
by i he absolute necessi y of
providing means fnr'miliiary
and naval- disbursement, to of
fer another description ol s'e
cirities. - The act auihoiizmg
a national lonn provided lor the
dispoial ol six per cent bonds
with such deductions from
heir lace value as would make
them equivalent to seven per
cent buuds, redeemthle afler
twenty years,disposed of at par.
1 was extremely reluctant to
avail mysell of this power, bu
the emergency was great, ami
there waa.no oilier resource,
and I submitted. Fiity millions
in six per cent bonds were
equal to $43 795 478 43 in seven
per ceni.'bonda. redeemable at
ter twenty .years, and accord
initly I gave the btnks fifty
millions in six per cent, bond
lor $45,795 478.4S in coin.
"TIih banks had constantly
urged me to forego the further
issue of United Smtes notes,
and draw directly upon them
for the 6UH18 subscribed and
placed on their books to the
credit of the government. 'In
what iunds will my drafts' be
paid? I asked 'We, in JNew
York are entirely willing lo
pay in coin,' was the reply
-But how will it be in Boston?
how. in rhiladelplii"? how if
vou in New York give the drait
holder a check on Cincinnati
or Si. L'iois, will the check De
paid?' In whutever funds ihe
holder of the draft or check is
willing to receive.' "That g to
say, I answered, in coin, iMh"
holder insists on coin, and the
bunk is able and willing t
pav; hut in bank notes ll he
will consent to receive bank
notes. I can not consent lo
this, gentlemen. You ask m
to borrow the credit ot local
banks in the form ol rircula
tioti. 1 prefer to put the credit
of the people ' into ' notes and
use them as money If you can
lend nie all Ihe onm required
or show me where 1 can bor
row it at lairra'es. I will with
draw everv no'e already issued,
and pledso nlvelf never to if
sue another; bot if you pan nof
voii mtist let me stick trt Uni'
fd Slate notes,- and increase,
ih-(sstn of therrj1 jiist as far as
as lBe'.:defMenev of coin fmav
' w . ' , " : .
require. Thl reolntlori", seen
to be unalterable, was followed
tv important consequences.
Tlie negotiation of the seven
pr cent, loan f f r such it fel
Iv was) took place on tit 16'
of November. . .The bankers
could not pay fheir subscrip
lion in coin .unless they cou'd
And a market' for their bondr,
atid prices declined instead
advancing.- 'It 'soon 'became
plain that the bank note circti
latfort could not be strstained
at the par of coin, unless made
receivable by-the governaieht,
and that it could not be made
so receivable without risk
ien6iisy a'r,)eVWp8TJrferte-
able financial embarrassment
sod disorder.. In other words,
It became plain; thit su'spen
sion became inevitable, except
bv sacuSctjs. which .the banks
wonidn'o' mate aTuer'VnR's
of Nw Ytrk suspended on
,30. h of December, 1881, and
their 'eiAmple' .wa lollowed
throughout : the country. This
sospehsion i made : it 1 certain
that -the govornment could no
longer obtam coiu on loans in
any adequate amounts; some
of the banks, indeed, which had
subscribed to the seyeo per
cent. loan, declined to, Day
their subscriptions in coin, and
even asked to be. relieved from
payment in notes of the United
Slates. Under them cirrum
stsnces I hid no choice bql to
suspend f-pavment, o . these
notes in coin and lake rafls
nrea'tn provide a currency in
which' loans could he ncgotiat
ed and the transactions of Ihe
....... ... . :jtf
srovernment carried on I
wished to avoid the neoemitv
of making notes n Teeat 'tVder,
and proposed several mod of
dnlne it To none could! the
Unanimous consent. ,; of the
bank bo obtained. Somf of
thm mantfted n disposition
to dfarrpdif the nahohal rlrcu
lton whollv, whether Issued
in notes bearini'ln'eres'or is
sued In note hearins hnnjnter
es, 'and, if pofiilde, (orcf tipon
thecounirv the circulation of
the Suspended hanks.
Sudden Death.
uausrhterof M.J j. Uri'ifrthe
well .know . Engineer 6( the
well known Engineer 'ol the
Gavlord Rilling Mill fell dead.
nl heart disease, last Saturday
evenii'g.. She. was. pi al visit
'o her parents, at whose- resi
dence she died. She had' been
called lo ' supper, 'and instead
of goinat once, she. sent her
little child dowtt,'und remain
ed, to , read a letter from her
husband who was in Covington,
tier continued absence excited
Iter mother who went.Xjp the
stairs to find her lying'on the
floor lite extinct; The Coroner
etnpatirieled a jury whiblWeii.
d"i'red a verdict in accordance
wilh tho lads cited above.
The deceased was buried lion
day afternoon, Rev. C. M. Be
ihauser "ol Ihe Sixth street M.
E. Church, conducting Ihe fu
neral services She leaves ohe
child who is now with its
Ports. Times
How It Works.
cam hi rem the father land, to Cm
ciii.naiit with $10,000 to invest
On the advice ot. his bankers
lid purchased some Govern
ment biiuds. lie has drawn
his interest ou llu ni regularly,
and waa pleased wii-li this in
Vestment. , L-ist" Wedi esday
he called ou his bankers to di
rect the bonds to be sold.
'What is L the trouble?'' was
asked "'Why do you sell them?"
The reply cane quickly:
on't like t liese Democratic
viciories.1 I am alraidof ihem.
Thev talk too much repudia
tion." , ihe bonds were sold.
Wilh the proceeds a.drall was
bought, ou Hamburg, and the
money 'is on its ' way back to
the old country. Tliis is one
91 the fruits 1 of the Democrat
ic uctory ' over which the
World is cackling 1 wilh tbe
sense of an old hen . 11
Albekt Gruln, brother ol
the late Judite Green, of Ma1
rietta, and Warner Green, ol
Wi.liamsfown, and a primer
well known in almost every
ffice in the United Slates, mul
with a horrible death at Altoo
- . a . . A.I.
na, rennsyivania, 011 me oiu
ol September, lie was pre
cipitated Jhrough1;. fhe'lrapV
door of amoving railroad car
part tally loaded with iroii'ore.
Ue fell head first on the track,
with the'ore on top t of him.
Ue'was'ins'antly killed, having
his neck broken, and his head,
faice and; shoulders badly, man
gled., aL was ; a man of bril
liant1, talents,' but Jell, tinder
the Influence ,,of the . great
mg AIcohoV whose .: abject
The deceased was known
in Mc Arthur
among printers
'. u .1
A Cool Robber—The Very
Alps of Impudence.
Policeman Badger, , of the
tenth Station, had a biUf.ex;
perieiice the. other night whlcb
be is not fond of tslking about
It was past midnt, as ne was
leisorely . poshia. tU btti
through Jessop' street and at
he came opposiie to Drayton
& Fogg's jewelry store he ob
served gleams ol light thioogh
the chinks of the shutters, and
rapped at the doof, . ' . ,
"Is that you, , policeman!"
ssked a voice witdilru'
"Yes." answered badger '
"Well-It's' only fii'e-lt's all
right; kind o chilly out Isn't
it?" '' ' ' ; ' ' ; "!
"Thought so. Iwasjastflx
'nz the fire good night '
Badger 'said "Good night,"
arid purs'ied his way.
An honr afieiward Badgei
passed through Jejsop street
again, and ' again he saw the
Llight'in the jewely store. Il
didn't look right, and he bane;
ed at the door loudly. ' '
l,"lIallor cried the voice wilh
In. "la It you, pollcemanf'
uYes." '
"All right.'' Wont voii come
in and warm youf It won't
hurt' anything for you to slip
from your beat a minute" ' '''
The door opened and Police
man Badger entered, and be
found the inmate to be a very
gentlemanly looking man In a
mien duster. " ' -;
"Come right up to the stove,
policeman. Excuse me for a
moment1? " ' ' ' 11 ' ' '
The man took the ash pan
from the bottom ot the ' stove
and carried it down into : tbe
cellar and emptied it and when
he had returned and wiped his
hands he said, with a smile:
"Chilly night, isn't 111" '
Chilly outside, and dull In
side. (Another smile.) New
goods for the spring trade, and
have to keep your, eyes open.
Lonesome workthia watching
all night but I manage to find
a bit of comfort at 'Jus Won't
you join me in a tip? You will
find it the pure thing.": , .
And the man produced i
black bottle aud a tumbler.
Policemau Badger partook,
and having wiped h.s lips and
given hia fingers a 'hew warm
ing, he left, the store and ! re
sumed his beat, satisfied that
all was right at Drayton dr
Foggs.', ;.:.
But the morning brougnt a
new .revelation, Dra'yton- &
Foggs' store .bad been robbed
during the night of $8000
worth of watches and jewelry,
and although polictfffian Bad
ger carries in his mind a com
plete daguerreotype ot the
robber, the adroit meal has
New Haven
Wb were humanelv Inclined
in believe that the yellow fe
ver was a "sent visitation on
S'ireveport, bot really "even
that ought in these" days be
pleasnrahle relief trom' ibe
constant strain' or political ex
citement which prevails in the
town. We now find the ShfevrJ
port merchants banding togeth
er in league, swon io refuse
employment to any one who
votes the Kepublicatf 1 ticket.
Brief colloquy in Texas be
tween a tourist an1! nsljve:
"My .friend thjr ti ft
body in this country , tbinks
travel arou
e a good
time and hot want a weapon
but wuen you uo want apiato
iu this country yea , want
. : . III tiMf'i . ..J. li "I . '
paa. -; , ;
Ij 1 ' : -x- ' :
! Wtz bate 'serious - dQubU
whether'- an' exchange is'- oori
rect In RtaUng tbata train raa
1 over ai'cowanaV- flot
necessary to can-y one or two
revolver?' . Well tfanger,w
said tbe'jeian?
I long
Register. The Balloon Wedding
u 1 Thf following is an account
of j thr marriage ceremony
which waa - performed - In the
balloon P. T. Barnum which
ascended from Baraum's ibow-
tent, In OlnclonaU a short time
''"I -r VI! iSL J r :.,
Ai poon) as the balloon start
ed and took Jia sooth east
course. Prof Donaldson urged
the minister to begin at dnre,
lest he might Ipse his jnrisdic
lion of the, ceremony by being
carried out of Ohm, lie be
gan at once, making tho fol
lowing ,
, "Marriage is of love, which
impacts to the realties of life
all the charms of romance
The Creator has, in Bis wisdom
so constituted Immunity 4hat
tbe soul hungers and thirsts for
love-seeki affinity ot soul
and when that is found the two
blend their identity, lose their
individuality, and become one
in thought, purpose and afiVo
tion. For the sanctifying of
this union of Inula and to e'e
ment these . ties Ood ordained
and instituted, marriage, de
daring that "it was not good for
man to be alone," wherefore
lie provided an help meet for
him 4 Male and female created
he them" 'sent them . forth
single pair, one husband, one
wile, dedicating each wholly to
Ibe . other together to enjoy
tbe bliss ot Eden, together to
sufler the woes ot expulsion
to share the joy of holiness or
tbe miseries of sin.", , ,, ; ,
Then followed the shorter
form need by the Swedenbor
gian Church. As the benedic
tion was pronounced, Prof
Donaldson made ready a para
chute with a ballast, to keep it
upright, . and with the . word
"Amen be cast it ofl; to indi
cate the close ot tbe ceremony,
This occurred after tne balloon
had veered to the north-east
The parachute must have land
ed not far from Ernst Station
After the return to the city,
Mr. Jeffries gave to the bride a
beautiful marriage certificate
bound in a dainty white book
certifying that, on the, 1 9 1 h of
October, 1874. he had married
Miss Mary E. Welsh and Mr.
Thoiflas M. Col ton, one mile
above Cincinnati, in tho bal
loon, P. T. Barnum.
This would seem to be quite
eriough, but to satisfy all scru
ples, and especially to meet t he
Vie wof the bride, ' who is of
the' Roman Catholio faith, the
party. drove to the Cathedral,
where Father Quinn ratified
the mid-air wedding according
to tbe roles of this church '
, In the eveninsr the bride held
a reception at the Crawford
; The bride and gfonm wer
both performers in Barnum's
uippouruiuo. , ,
Determined Thief.
, J.ihn Dunh, who was releas
ed from ihe Penitentiary, Sat
tfrday morning and got inio the
station house for drcnkenness',
("jatfird'ay uight, was releised
yesterday riiofalnit;'' on cohdi
tion that be would leave the
city,' Instead of doing tbat,' be
did four imail jobs of stealing,
yesterday and last nlfcht, and
waa "caught' fa the attempt
fob a grocery in the 5forth End
about 1
at eleven ociock,last nfghi.
Ba says that be woti't steal
enoogo to sena mm to tne ren
Itehtiafy f gain, but that be in
tends to live off. this town this
; A tWACHMXJrf ol U. & Infant
ry, in command of Oapt Page,
arrived at Franklin,-Louisiana,
last nontlu'iTbo eitixeni pro.,
(eiied much anrpnse. : Tba Par
ish of St Mary'a was never more
quiet than at present, and.
beljef tod more ffiepdli feel
ing rxUu anioDg the two ncei
Onesqeare,.,. .....
aci aduiUdUa. 4ag Ion . i . .
Card, per yea . id
LocaT notlct. Jer line, ...in
Taarljr advartiaeiueuU AlOu UO .
column, and at proportlonata rate pi -
leeeipaeo. raraiue in aavaace.. . i
taTThe Record belnar tha offlblil
paper of tha tovs, and havififr-1 4 '
largewtolroulatlonofauypape'r intra!
Mktnty. offer bprtO lnjlitctuattl
to arlvmlaerai. . . . r"t I
Democratic Financial Platform.
: MfJ i. nun
ree trade, bard, money:
New York Democrat.
We demand au immedialJ , ,
increase of greenback current
Democracy of Cincinnati.
We demand the immediate"
resumption o( a-metallio cor-. ....
Democracy of Maine.
The true remedy il modei' .. ;
ately to increase the greeti-' '
back currency at once, and let
Ewing's Columbus Speech
You send these not hi biit lo .. ,
to the world ".stamped withiir-.
redeemability; you put oil ' .
them tbe mark ofCaifij ahd. '
like Cain, they will go forth tJ '
the vagabonds and fugitives till
the earth.-,fnc"Zf0rt oh Greek !'.'.
Greenback currency th
best tlie world .ever ' ie'en
Dan Voorhees of Indiana.
. .
We demand the repeal of th
legal tender act, to taite efrac
no later than July 4, 1878 and; : (
Ind i ip'tfciej basis and free'
banks with secured currency
Michigan Democratic Platform.
. ... .... , ... ...
V e ,
Ve ate ih fa vbf of such i'
increase in the circulating Ine .
dium (greenbacks) as that
business iuterests oi the coun- ...
try may from'time to time" re. "'
e'l I
Ohio Democratic Platform.
, Speedy resumption of Ipeclef .
payments is alike demanded by ,
honor and recomended. by ail ,
civilized nation of the world1. '
as tie only sound aad healthy"'
Democratic Platform.
Bells and Dogs.
A farmer Of Broome county;
New Yprkj writes iff the Nevf
York Times: "I pat belli bit
sheep to ' keep ' the 1 $6gJ
oft I have" tried it jT'
thirty yeart-,-and never lob?1
one. 1 My neighbors all arounJ.
ole have lost sheep frequently :
They did hot use bells. ' I uso 1 '
a.- t 4... i ; ''U-i
one neu lor ten sneep. 1 naytf
so much faith in bells' that , i
think the law should not pay V
man for bis sheep if he bad n
belli on them." This is correct
Belli Od a Tew wethers wilt
keep ' off the ' dogs, and eveir
wild animals.' (
The in uie spinners in tbiV ,
In the Baltio Mills, belonging H
to the Sprague estate have to ' l
(used to accede to tbe proposed
reduction of wages ten beF 4
cent running on full time
add struck. The tbill cohle ,
quentiy sbdt down, ahd unlesP
the spinners accede 1 to the rd;
duction in a short time new ?i
help will be employed apd-. 1
work reiumed , . . .(,;,
Al Galllpdlis, last Thursday-' 5
evenihg Mrs. Wade shot aV
white woman, the wife of it -fcolored
man named Day, lor u
alleged criminal intimacy wilr :;
her husband, Albert Wade.--f-
The ball passed throogh he,r
arm auaiioagea in oer- ieu;
lung. She is hot expected to?
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