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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 12, 1874, Image 2

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MoA RTIi U K, 01110.
... i- -
TlIlTltSDAY. NOV. 12. 1874.
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts
add their
Weight to Ohio
and Indiana.
Now thai lha mat ter it ever
we breath easier. The Con
gressional Houte of Represent
atives is Democratic by a
atrong majority, and the coun
try has an opportunity of see
ing what it will do. There" will
be bat little change financially,
for,'the fight ou the question ol
more currency or less, has not
been at any time a party, but
rather a local' battle, tbe
great East' favoring return to
specie; the great West crying
for more currency. And as the
Eastern Democrats bold the
tame views on finance that
Eastern Hepublicans hold, and
the" same fact existing-in tbe
West, We can not see that any
great change is to he suddenly
wrought. On tariff, &c, there
may be some change, but there
is but. little' danger of serious
changes here; the great trouble
will be in the increased uncer
tainty as to what will be dune.
In this uncertainty, tins turn
pering with and talking abmn.
these great questions which in
fluence trade and commerce,
lies the trouble. The crisis was
not the effect of legislation, and
legislation can not permanent
ly relieve against it. Business
trade-commerce must coun
teract it. v The crisis is not. so
much a scarcity of money as it
is a scarcity of coi.fiJenco in
the future, and this confidence
is founded in part on the con
fidence the business men ol the
nation have in the permanency
of any given policy of ihe govj
eminent. It is not the amount
of money, but its distribution
that afiects us. If it were fixed
that government could not con
tractor expand the , currency,
then the rate of interest, East
and West would be fixed by
the law of supply aad demand.
We would have just enough
money, none too much. Trade
enterprise, and commerce
would be fixed, and the energy
of the people would put forth
such efforts as would soon re
store a financial equilibrium in
the country. The producer
could estimate with some de
gree of accuracy what the de
mand would be, and the con
Burners could estimate with
some accuracy what would be
the supply.
Until we have some propo;
eitions settled, some policy fix
fid business must remain un
settled and "times" coutiuue
If the Democratic Congress
attempts to pay for the slaves
freed by the rebellion or to
widen the door of the Court ot
Claims to allow rebels pay for
damages done by Federal
troops or to pension the wid
ows, orphans and cripples ol
the rebel army, ihen we may
expect to see a .condition ol
things that will compel the is
tuning of a flood of paper money
veil as an increase in the
national - debt. Ii may. be
thfongkt that this" latter propo.
sition V a va6ue oae, yet there
is no doubt but the South will
demand it. aa their reward lor
faithtul . anil efficient service
performed fox' the party and il
the tide that a wept (he country
this fall increas-es in power till
1876 weTfexjpVcft to see, .the
claims fpr slaves, damages and.
pensions bqldly urged . upon
Congress, if ixot allowed. It is
the ultimate... destiny, of the
Dem.ocratio .-party. , It sympa
thized: ith. -rebellion aud Las
acted . ioT harmony . with the
South its,' conscience would
say to it: '"If you can not pay
the war debt '.'f the Uonledera
cy you can, at Jeast, make
whole the individuals who suf
fered beneath the trfd of the
federal troop that crushed the
Soatb. ,You .acknowledge the
valor of lh& South and the jus
Ijceof their cause as against
Lincoln's troops; if ,1011 can
not strike northern pensioners
irom me run, j ou ih
put our widows,orphan njl
wounded veterans oa- luAMisj;
and the great Democratic par
ty will respond to iharajfpeah
Il may Dbtp6mini8tA,loiViv
is coining, soonerw lalerTsT.s
coming. -Tbe shadow fi afresh!
car. '"Coming vetit8 vcas
their shadows before".- if
The Vinton Record editor is
now engaged "in writinghlm
self down as a base liar and 'a
grand ass.' 'In "Lis" howl about
the action of the Board ol In
firmary birectorys in Ihe-ap
poinlment ol 'John' T. Rbbb' to
the position of 'Superintend
ent ol the infirmary,' he says:
: "To ovVrlooks such' men1 as
Frick,: Green; S?eel, Hhrrtei)
and Manky, each ohe'of ' wtiom'
has the reputation of being
sober." ': ' " ' ' - l
Fredrick Frick aulhorizei ns
to say that whoever'says be
was a candidate lor the posi
lion of Superintendent js -a
Democratic Enquirer.
Boweu takes great pains to '
call us a liar' in the-rustler-of
Frick bein? ah applicant.' It
appears I'rohi the 'quotation!
that we only Mid he had "the
reputation ot being ; a' 'sober
nun. But suppose ' We had
said he : waS: an applicant, it
was no very grave oflehse 1 to
be an applicant. The point is
Bowen flourishes his trumpets
over nothing. We claimed
Robb's appointment' wts a
mere "reward of merit" ' ftr
purty work. r. That ' he was pot
discharged from Egle on ; ac
count ol working for Vance
and Huston, but tor lurmshing
the men with whisky on-the
Imnace ground and for' other
reason? That the board of In
Grmary Directors were nsinjr
their tflice hot to advance' tbe
interests the people ot the
county, but to grease the party
machinery all of which was
so plain on the face of the
case so well understood that
Bowen attempts to dodge' the
issue made by .blowing about
Fred. Frick not being an ap
plicant, thus leaving pur arti
cle 'in reference' to the ' parli
sanism'ot the board standing
in all its force.
'The narrow minded soulless
individual who has been edit
ing the Vinton Record since
the ren.O'al ot carpet-bagger
Raper to Chillicothe, has' ihe
pity of this community. ' The
poor' wretch is surely a burden
to himself and all who have
Enquirer, Oct 28.
Ve hate carelully avoided
saying anything personal about
Jerome W Bowen of the En
quirer. We know him. o'ntj; an
a dirlv,, low-bred, blackguard,
and have tried to keep as far
Irom him as possible., lie has
had a schooling' in the lowest
phases of . life, lower than, w,e
ever hope to g t. lie keeps il
belore the people that the edi
tor of the Record came fr- m
Ross county when be came
here to start tbe Record. Ini
is true, but when he did so, be
leit in Rnss a good name and
hosts ol Iriends' When'Bowei)
Came here to start lus filth-
flinger, he dragged his loiten-
uesa out of Jackson, w here be.
left' a name that was lnlaraoui'
and. a community, who were
glad Jo see him leave. When
"Carpet Bagger, Riper," (as he
is pleased , to. call Jbim) "goes
back to Chillicothe, he; i.i re
soected; Bowen, ..tailed on hi
return to Jackson to command
I ho respeclof even twelve ju
rors.: . , Wheu be brought Jhai cele
bra ted" suit of ( his, thai only a
.brutal degraded maplost to all.
sha'iue- would '.,b,ave .brought;
ana aijer ue paraueu hib.to
leuueBS au-d-disgrace betore
ihem.arrJ they.Cohiemptuously
kicked hir, case out' of Court,
a decent public that lad beeh
outraged by his aocleanlioess
rendered- tbe popular verdict,
'Served tbe poor, corrupt raga.
bond right .' . ?af
Be talks about people; being
burdens to tbe eommuhilyV He,
that sits ia-bis' slme lik sonle-
toad or creeping thing in the
darkneisand spits bin venom
onj tha ; paserby7 He comes
out otj his? hole, - Bis hang dog
'pount,eijace looking like a
sneak-thiel watching . lor Ihe
policef Birfiever looks an hon
est man in tbsi iaea. His po
liticalbrethrenderpisehlm and
if ever.be b ft s beeh invited in-,
to respectable)' society 'in :thU
lown we' don't know it, and if
he will ' luruiih any ' one in
stance." we' will publish it to his
creditt'lret this Is the deprav
ed huuan!ty,.'the social blister,
the literary (' pestilence, Jcnaye
and 'fool " )hat " publishes the
Cl.rretlan Wiln ess and degrades
the editorial prntesMon to the
level bl!: a' common brawler.
Sweet scented rosebud, he
to talk of people being narrow
minded and soulless.
And nowf Mr. Bwen,if you
will publish that petition you
Hieii 'n Jackson Common fleas
and the answer thereto lor the
information of your numerous
readers, with a synopsis ol the
proof and 'he verdict ol the ju
ry, we. will pay -the typo lor
wetting it up and give you a
$16 ( note,-and if th re isn't
enounli ligh reading" in it to
do your readers lor six months,
we will permit you to fill your
colunins, wiih personal Plane
about us for the rest ol the hall
year.. Now.do tine, or else at
tend to yonr own busineso, let-
lng the "mortal who edi's the
Vinton Record, sjnee the re
moval of carpet-bagger Raper"
atone. . If you can't retrain Irom
personal insulta and abuse un
calld for.r nd unprovoked, we
wi) feej compelled in tale some
paint loitn you, co the commo
nity at large , will know whar
heir greai mural political
teacher and ciirisiian publisher
is we will not go to Jackson
or over half of il either. Until
you accept ;thi 'air proportion,
you will be coaipqUed to nbMe
in the. position. Walter 0. Hood
once assigned to a man of more
brains than you dare claim, and
ftr mora principle, that of "a
fistula in annus of journalism."
Brutal Murder.
: A most brutal, revolting and
mysterious ' murder was com
milled at the tannery of Hen
ry 'Freyhulg,1 tin"; Livingston
street, Cincinnati, on Nov. T'h,
at night, between ten o'clock
and daylight in the mornine.
One of the workmer went to
tbe tannery id the morning, and
looking into the boiler furnace,
observed upon the half consum
ed luel, the body of a man
The arms and It gs were burned
off. . Herman Schilling, a work
man at the. tannery who slept
there at 'nigh't,'was missing.
The body was u ricaled and
tUentifiid as that of Schilling
In the stable were signs ot a
deoperale encouuter. A bloody
pitchfork lay On the ground,
"and blood stains lortned a trail
to the luruace in the tannery
Wuhiirtbe euclosure m which
the . stable was located three
.fierce mastiflV were running
louse.' From . thin and other
circumstances it waa infened
that the .murderers . must, be
perfectly .familiar with the
premises, as well as with,, the
niurdf red. man. u :
' Suspicion ' has; i settled on
thr'; hieiv Andrew 1 Egner,
Fred , Eoer, his on, an I Geo.
Knler, a rti Ah rged employee-fjersonr-testjiVli'g
to threa's ol
StjhillinifA-'jHte, irom all three
ol il-es&' Rwfer was discharged
yesterday ind was f , familiar
with: the premises. . ; r
EgnerTnd'sAn kept'a Jt t
saloon f and . jooper shop, and
were, often in, and out of the
latter placaiV Early last Au
it uj'a I iediictd daughter ol
Egnerdigd iij'jchiid birth at
li helfhfwpl'ta,!, , Egner and son
cBargeH-octiiiiing with her se
doctip'n and went iototbe tan
ner and beat him severely
with cooper ataves. , For this
they were fined heavily in the
police court and bound over
to keep ihe peace for. one year
: ' Ruler, the tadner discharged
fast night, war ah employee of
Egnera'lMt AnguRL He. de
nies enmity against Sobilljag,
bnt. says his son threatened
Schilling's lile, and that sever
al of the coopers working lor
Egner had said Schilling ought
to be hung and burned. Traces
of blood have not been iound
on clothing except Rufer'a
shoes. The supposition is
that these men entered tbe
stable while Schilling was
asleep, beat him with clubs,
and attempted to burn him.
The excitement is very great.
CmcAQo. Nov. 8. The Tri
bune has official returns irom
seventy-two counties in Illi
nois not including Cook coun
ty, which show tbe following
vote for Stale Treasurer: Run
way, Republican, 106 601; Car
roll, Democrat. 60,378; (J ore.
Independent, or Uruiers' can
didate, 56,848.
buperiiilendent ' of Public
Instructor, Powell, Republi
can, 108,681; Elter, Democrat
and Independent, 120.760 0
the tbir'y counties to bear
Irom officially, twenty-three
htsidea Cook gave opposition
m jnr'ti'8.
iMUufto , riiotOftrHjjher. i'liilliootlie
gives oareful atienliun to making cp
iet of other pioiures. Picture may be
mndeaslunte life from tbe tiniest
li-cket picture, and made in eprv way
Mtisfartury by carelul and judicium
Odlni-intf. PhutofcrMplis from nature or
I'riiia other pictured coiced in the hent
ctj'les in oil, wuter folnri, w'M'in, pas
tel or iuk, at rute to auit all ciroiim
The Wllton Coul npcl Iron Compn h
ilr. Irir.l to oltrr l bnnlrrd Id- Inr ni.lrni
WelMon Tha Mtl mil cummtoc od Ihf
a oruli'K of
Wfliloa u lil Ml la Ih Sprint of ih
rtri-t ml, i BH (I 'M pmrnliw of becri'ln
nn of the !" IhriTlnf ai d iinpnni K'n
t S"nihin Oh Th t n It locntwl on lh
p.fl.m.'tl'h B mln IhrU.tr, K H . m'"Ni
rliht .lira Kotlh of Jvkn O. II. . and In
hr ol tli-rml prit Inn Irllof thai arrilm.
Iiglil m.nih sffltbii t'Wi w inn told on ,
b..w. lh aic' kaiiir, aii'l rirry t'"! "f Ton
ti.mrrl and a liopdrwl nccnpM rtwrlllnc Ml
wlm otfht th-T' avwthi ii lrlii !! wwn
Iho Damn of thinta tronlrm tha hn Minn "f 0
lorn, l haa oow a piaUtkri of artml lum
drro Inlial'Hanta. I wo ! rf -. a l.rja anl cm.
nndli'M holal, r'anim ard aaar nil. Ono
bluil Inn aw li ofriallfR ami two nhrtha
will ao Into blaal In ait da?a ncm lhl da'f.nl
ai FnmirtFr two wior an xrctMl f l nwt
oienrvd. Hrr a thonviiid lahonra can And ra
ll"airnt. and aillllnaa of dollan can Iw jndie
ionaly and amfltaMy l ivnted. LahntlnK trin
it" niir4 to arwnd a da or tn, and rami .0
Wr'laton and 'aro (or tiir.narlraa, and d rall
inch aho whh to arrnra a hnrtia and lucataai
thla p Inl.wa can aa; tbal lha mna literal
Indncemenla will ha fnarantaad to
Ih.'m. fi'r thare la and wl II ha a rnnataot da
maud for labor nf all kind. at lirwraland py
ln wga. Hou.aa ar in praat damand, and
rapitalliatapan hu lota and latilrl dwrlllnua,
ao thai rfi will iMd a hanHnmaiati.nfin-
taran, hpaidi lha hfn.S inT will aaeura to
thrmala h thr incraaaa In tha value of tha
real "lata. Vf ta rarW th-t auch an op or
lunitjt for prnfliablr Inraatmant in raal ita
baa bran oltarad In tha panpla of "hm. "hra
la no naed to tto Waat for anp'i an oppnrtnnt
ly, tor in Wfllaton yon haaa rown laid out
and atartad linger anapirra which tnanraa
V1 inhahitan'a In S Tara (rom the d It
waa plaltad. . Thraa hlant fnmaora in lha
town, and 10 ir I within a rartiua af nulaa
naooraitntai roHni mi Ha and fonndnaa, ha
ildaa thera wfli ha an eerl normal n ileralnn
mnl of tha rhri'iiiaa for mining and hipping
tha wnndarful hlnoli eonl nndarlyipf lha lnn
nd tha land of that aap'lon, wlnoh will ari l"
onlinuad impnrtanoa ta thia town and Inxire
Ita rapid growth. Tonnvaown, with a praa
ant popiilaiinn nf 1A.MIO inhahitanta. in tn
tto did not hara half lha natural ' d
ry adTantacri-a now poi.aaaaad hy Wall.lnn.
Taka lhaoara 10 Hamdrn. on fha M r R
R..and Iharr rhanae 10 Hnrtxmnnth Kr.no
Hala to ha rondue'ed by J. 8. Foater and T.
I. MrElwain. .
By onier of lha Board ot "iror
npl. Wall, 1. .11 c..nl and Iron Oo.
T. M. OGLE, Koratary.
Noinnbfr I'ith, IS74.
TOI'ICK iahirhy giren that a petition
I he pri-a.oted lo the t'onimieNioneri of
Vinton County, Ohio at their nrit regular
eeaaiun. lo be held on the fftvt Mnndky of
I'eretuner, A l. 1874. pray.ng ir Iheextih
liehmnt of a "l oimly Hoau" aliin the fol
lowinjt ilcacrlhed route in aaidt-nuntv, to wit:
lieginiiinuai the mirth end of iM'T-k'it ilukt
mlheuianuf icAitliir, in aaid county of
Vinton, and iaie of Ohio, and which aid
point ia no Ihe quarter .erlioo line of eviion
numlier taeiity-mie, (.No. HI) tnwnahii, num
ber eleren, No. 1 1 J Hint of range nuinher .
rnlrii. (No. 17) and about aeren and tniriy-t-ivht
hunuretliM (7.a) chniux wrt of the
quarter enitlon corner no th - eaat aide nf hi i
eu'ioo, and runini. llieuve, eaat, on r near
aid qi alter section I ge, ai ro-a the landa ol
Bimin Hulbert loaliiotioii line, mil Hmice
vuiilinuinu eal on or near ll.eqiarieraeciion
line nl eei'lion UMiulier iwenty-twn, (o i )
tuwhahi .au.t ihiiko aloreeani, beiaeen n
land ol Chepteir Kre im-Ii and i f. Ihlou un 'he
auulh aud Hi p. lot lamia of Mra. -Hnixl.lli ,
Ward aud triimi'.a Caluweli en he north, Ui
a (m.iuI ai or ne.r Ihe eoiitli ea-i comer u llic
ao.nii.aext 4 larfcr ot the unriliweei quar er
ol aaid eecliiio uutnir tei.l)-to, (iii
lou.hi nuiula-r aud rauue alunaaid;
thence in a auih-aetily uirec on on tlie
lamia of aaid J. K. tix.io lo a ,iuint Ui on
t'r b.iOK at the bead nl a unall rHfiue,'uie
Inut alxiul tv anil niuety buudrctha'ii Uuj
cliai.ia; llienue iu a luurn eorierly iiiri-ction
alonv aahi Imu Ui a poiul aboul lhr e and
twenty huudieihe (4 ) clia.n dii-tnntj
theucem a nnh.eaaierl ilirci non along the
brow ol eaiu larnk, ba. k to aaid qnattei aeo
tlun hue; llieut eeart,on or Deal to, aaid quar
ler eecliou hue, to a point at or near, litre
hecreea appruMuhee near lo nhiu qUNrter
ie tion lioe; ttiruce ia a north eaeierl) dirro
lion along tne ban ol aaid cieek, the ueareal
aud urai roam, lo a point I., the cenler ol Ilia
rua'i.at ur near the gile, aud in l.unt of Vii.
I.am Oulu'a Ulackaii.tili b. op and Uirre to
u. - MaM 1-flll iiNtrw.'
MnAnbor, Noveniuei Sin, A It lni.
A l TO UA El Al LAW,
; Dana BnildingsUp Stairs,
Winneia otTHIEE UlttUKSiT HE la.
A LAI and UIFLtrflA OF UVAVM, al
Vieuiai. 1X14. hoi rani, la. 7. now urkr tha
:AB1SLT UAbH in the WOaUt,
tnciudina new rttlea nh recent ininoe
menu, n arlvu fir auk, aa torinerlyi hut
HEKTS, ihe nuial larmahle ever ottered.
LEGE Of ri'UCHASK, to almoatany
pan ol latoouoiry. Klrai uiy roeot st.DO or
llliatrated ratalownea and circular, with
hill particular, lent free OB reqi.eat. Ad
dreea . .
' Atoaion, htm York, or Chicago. . . .. .
AlwaysKeeps aFullLineof
Frenh Drugs. Faints. Otis Varnishes,
pye Stuffs, and Pure Liquors tor H
illciiml purpotei.
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soaps, ITalr
011k. Pomade, llalr. Kail. Tooth. Flesh
anil Clothes Brushes, Combs. -
School Books. Blank Bonks. Copy
Books. Pens. Ink, Paper and 1'euclls,
Envelopes, Slates. , .
Fine Cut. Plug. ( hewing ami Sqiok
lng Tobacco, Clears, Pipes.
Lanterns, Lanips,C'himueys, Shades,
Coal Oil.
A lull line of Gold.Cnrnl. Jet, Topaz.
Amethyst. Agate, Qamett Sets, Brace
lets, Finger and Eur Kings, Necklaces
Sleeve Buttons.
Needles for all kinds of Sew lng Ma
chines. Musical Instruments. Tuning Forks
Violin and Uuliar Strings.
' Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
lesi variety ol Toys.
1 lira nlso agent for nil the Magn
zlni'S, Pt-rindluiilri, Literary and Dully
l'aycrH, which I lurni-h tnini time
days to a week in advance of those
furnished by mail.
All of the Above, and a
Thousand Other Arti
cles, to be had at
BA1S fcUl'AMIHR, O.,
tTTARREN PWETLAN" of Virginia City in
Montana Territory nnd wlla nwetlanil nf
Minneapolia in lha iste of Mtnnea. la, will
lae noiire hat John flmi.herty nf theeoiiniy
of Vmton, in the-t te of ihn, did. tn theS7ih
day nf Auuilid, A. I 1H74, die hi petition in
the Court of Common Pleva within and for tha
.county oi Vinton, in aaid Siateof hin,ai.-ainf.t
laid Warren Sweilnnd.a.id Silaa Swell md and
Joel 0. bwetland . h-ir at law of Joel O. 8we.
land, decenaed, and Anxeline Hwetland aa
Plow nl Joel ). Hwetlnnd, rieceaaen. nnd aa
admiiilatratrix nf ma eatale. and n. C. .lone",
deienrtaiite. aftling lorth lha'. tha aaid 'oel fi.
8wetann, deceaeed, while in foil lite, and Ihe
aid Angelina Hwelland being then hia wife
care a mnrliraae tn the id John hai'irhe ly
on in'otH 21 i 273 and 271, in the village of
Mo Arthur, Vinton county, "hio; also, no n lot
27Aand aa much oft of th aniilh aide n i n-lot
'76 aa will enrreapond with th aon'.h line of
the graveyard neing annul y. or m lot .7.na
the.aame "ninre nrlea. aaio Tola being known
aa "Hwetland'a Klahle l.ota," to eeO' re th
payment of 1276 with 8 per rent iiitereat. ac
eordinii lo a certain note reerrad to In aaid
mortgage, and thai aince thegtvi got aid
mnrtvage,, the aaid Jnel 0. "weHand haa de
Parted thia life: that Ihe aaid Anuel.ne wet
land !adminiatraipi nl ihe aaiil Joel f rtwet-
lnd dec aaed, and tht Ihe aaid Wnrreo
Swetland, Milaa Mwetland, and Joel Q Swat.
land are lieira al In nl tha add Jnrl , Hwet
land, dei-ewed. and that the aant Homer".
Jonea claim to hare an Inlero-l in Ihe premise-
deacrhed in and neiition by a certain
ninrtvage deed prior to the mortgage nf ijun
lift, and prayi.ig Ihii tlii'onrt m And the
aniniul due the plain. n, and il Ihe f am" he
not naid within a hert dar to- lie named h
the ronrl. thai eanl premiaea may he ai.pl to
lay me arnie, ami iiihi n. mi.; Homer u
Jo'nea 1 oplered In aet forth hi" aaid mort,
gage i Inim. lhat Ih- Curl may determine the
prinrilt nf leina at the hem tig Iherenl; and
the noi Warrcr, -aeiiHiirl and mi Hwelland
are un'ifled ihnt they are rHqulreH to apoear
and tnMrer ail elilicn on or he ore the th'rd
eatmdiv aller ihei-i .Inynf ilctolier. A I 1874
I Hied Se; tember Iff, 1874
'OIIN hAf'ftHERn
B H W. CnrtTiAP, hia Attorney 6w
Cheanfarma W page pumph. el free Conn
ynap.SO cent-. J. K. M tNCHA, Kaston.Md.
Bry Goods
Puint and Second Streets. '
Haa recelredat Coal Price) a full ae aortinent 0
' ''
Domestic- GoUon and Woolen Goods
Of all ktndf, ,
Flnttnelg. Blankets, Shtitclt,
Jean Cuntimeren. . If Vs
terproof t tothu.
Superior ualiliea of
Black Silks Alpaccss snd Kohalrs.
1.000 Pieces of On G ain Ribbons,
ail Silk at 2" 'M cents per ,
Yard. V
' ; ; " -at- ' ' : "
A sew (oe of Carpeting. ' '
- . . i .i i'i! . . i i
Prtee m low aa ia aay etker Market,.
; Boytra ar OT(U4 (a aaonna, I ; ,
nnnm n oMAnm
mini n ,MHn i
State ot Ohio, tymon Count
. ; ' bbI Dddlav, PlaiotIB,
i 'ttllliit
' ' L. & MamSeUI,t al, deftadanla.
In Vinton County Court of Common
. riea An Ordtr of Sat.-
-! I ' 1 ' ft
PURSUANT to lha wnmm of ao Ordr M
Sale itaued, from Ilia Court of Commpn
Plaaa of Vinlon County, and tomadiracaad aa
bhenrt of iwid'counly, I will offer foi aalaal lha
door of tha Court Houte.m Ihe town of MeAr
thur, Vinton County, utno.oa
Satuiday, tie 21st Day of Jforem'
. ber, A. D. 1874,, O
at thebooroflo'olooa, P. If.'ofaatd day, tha
fiillnwioida-rilied landaand trnamanla, ait
uate lo tha couulT ot Vinion andttlaM 01 1'Kio,
and in tha t.ia-hip of Harrlaon and bound
ed and riaonbed aa follnwa. lo will Tha
aouln wl quarter (a w J) of aectmn No. (M
Ave, tnwnhip No. (l nine, raufte No.
ninataen, contaiining kU-lnO) one hundred
and twrnly twoaarfwt-.U'acirra.araordini to.
United Htaienray. BioreOrla. "
tppraiaed al one hutin-rad dollara, (!00)
and nuial hnng Iwn-thirda of thalium. -
To be auld at the proierty. of L. E M'n
Sal. I. et al, In awiiaCy an order nf aale.-iaaiied
from the Court ol Common Pleaa in la for of
Hr-nry B1 Mnrtlef ...
TEKMS UP KALE: Cah 10 band on the uay
ofsale.. " I i '
' I bbvna V iuiou cauniy.
Oct obrrKd, 1874. 6w
ihe nlawa, and tha nuira ann.plwe ahield
of Ihe rt- aohjei't In wear, hymnal
palea. mnkinu lh-rn wearaa hmn a feaf. and
do ihe work 'ai-ler and earner thn any other
buaker Mada nf the er heat rail leather,
in lonraiiea. tiKht and Mt handed mi.lna
lent prepaid on well. I of prire Half 01 'tea
12"S Full HloTra, IJ Ml per pair ' l-irn-m
diH'Oiini in qunntitieo -ft vonr mer.-h- nt
or aihlnKa HALli HUSKI50 ULuVE CO.
CtllcHBO, III., I , . . f
Mill (live torrfry a ib-rilber. ahether aiimle
orina'diih. who aa ia ailvawe for S16,
and reinili. nirei't to iliia oltire, a eopy of
"The Keaeue,'. Up liaudaiimeal olirome f r
oHere I bv a piii'li-hnr. '
Term-13 era. .num. lnroireulr'ontain'
Inx lerrn for eliitw, et.', addina L. A. 00
i?V. r'hilHdelnhi i. rn . .
Sell Your Old Parrels.
tl M to S & lu ll lr all gi'i il iron' Imunil oil
li rrela rleliyered at the orka In ha aid
for in nila. ChiUiii and lnj(h lei-l hiirniiiK od ,
lulnipauiiii oil will beaollatlh loaeal mar.,
ket i.ri"a.
Vi . h U II 1 1 It. 1 1. ii. i.. i.
' . freediim. Heare.- Co , Pa.
On Blanhoaili Wo t atihood. and ' thi Ir
Aliilum lot in Iktlm. liv ( italt.wi,
Power, etc.. -nat nle nrt , m-.iiih Iii.ii. IA lo
. opt. . a liny eiio lor eiei'iinen i egea
and lerma to amenta and re hy II aflla Im-1
er than any other liook Aiidiee Natural
Puhli-uihu Co , rhiladelj.hia, ' '., Chicago,
111 , or .-I. Loula, Mo.
tnddbAlrrtb all kinds of
' A L B U;M S , t '
1 pictcke-(:oi:d;
aud ,
carelnlh done, and tne btnalleat oicturea
eniargid to any aiu, and
Finished in Oil,
o uy other style that may be desired, at Ihe
Lame and flnely Onlahed Fhotorrailia
cau be aiaile Irom old aud laded, or
acratched picture. , , , .
Pictures of all kinds framed t-
Order, :
and all work jrarrauted to give jatiafaction.
lmay lli- '
TlnicM Tor Ilolrtlnft out In in
the tievenlli Judicial .
PURSUANT toanlhori'ycf law. It in hereh
oid-n-d ih I III" ai'Vvml lerma id tha ! t ol
Co'miooii t'leajau the Oinli'ct I'.'iirt whhlii and
f..r ihe H.frn h Judicial Dlatnct for the ear
I87A, aliall i eild in the rraptctire cuumic
thereof aa follows
District Court. , (
Washington, A rll 8; Muhte. April 12- O.lllii,
April id; l.awieiice, Ap il It): SHoirA April ii;
Pike. April i Perry, Juiiir 4, A.inli3;
laliA-lili AugiHt iit, lloclcins:. Junnary II. An
Host i; Allien, J miry 18, Sepienilier S; Vlu
toll, .-plniirUf Jarkaonl Sep t-nilier 9
Cei-rtofCeariniea fleaa. "i.,
nKartviDiriaipa. ' ii i- 1 ;
. ;Perry-Jannry SA; Mi.ySj KepteutWr 27 ; .I'I
llotking Kxoruary 16. JI y 'U; lkiuir 18
taiittcid Uay.H; Juu"; koreiubetS,
Lawrence Juaiiar; id; Mat 4; Septrmher 21.
Sid.-tu llanh I; .Way I; Ocioiwr IS
. JackMiii f. h.iiary lay4.0 lulier 13
' ' Pike Mar.h J'lile Xi; November IS.
VI. tuli-Jol.rn.iry Hi M ij a, September 14.
)' i" ' - ' '
Taiat) svamvuioii. ,
Oal'lr Fehrunrr Ii Awil 20; ta.liDiber 13.
Mela- .el.ruiry til MmJ il, iisiuImi 4 ,-
Haabhigi n Febiuaiy t; at.,; l7iiciolHir 'I
Aihrti.r-Wiuoli IS) Jme 14: fioveaiber. Ill -
And II ion er . r.le .d lint due leand and
publiuaii of Ike fu.r(vl..( be uiaue eceeidiag I"
M iinesinnrliiuds ihia lutb day vf sVptea.br
A. il. I74. r '
hll.AM II. WBIl.HT,
' J .UN J HAHi'kB,
Jodgts, .
. i " fcXASTUh A 0DTHR1E,
T ruitri.tt uwiAUrt Ar.
STATfOKUillO, - I ",
TikToa I wit; as I i .
W. Iloiiaud, ! kra of thaConrl of Con
mm Pitaaaud uf bs Diatrict O nit. within and
fir Skidcaiii) aad Male, briaby e rtily lha
airrgou.f lo m a li He copj vt tne I is iimI orrtar
Sir koi..inK i iairia no oa lie Ir my vfflue.asea
Ian d oa the Jul ran la of aaid oourla.
w ITU l. m) oai.a and tn, aeal or tha.
f ) Cos
i u a I mis
Urion ui l ua.ai..n rteaa at MrAnhur
L - & V llis Mtli day ol Uuiujer, A. D. ISf4
U. W. UUlibANIJ,
Uo.oW .f-17SJiw
And all other artlrlee required by aapilf.Jaal ,
3V7Ch "2AIJ3 2KT
Plain, Fancy, mna Initial
fapcr and siaVclopea for. ; i;
, , . .Corrtsi-n4ece. v
I pa-fil Panrr and Rlanka
' of nil Drxrriptioirsa,, ,v
" ' Full aiiiiiiIv nud.
, . , Low ri'icea. , , , ,
!.' i'i iv, V,
Corner of Maia and Market EtmU.L
I. '4 !
aW, '
f , , rtvaw a I ) ICS VI ''i i ! .. ..! i
Jute Ilinlda, ; "
, ltii I. '-.J f.'! ,'J , -,V
.J'l.: :
Ldglnga, .... ,
, i 1 rlmuiingi, , J4.: t ,i;
."i;: .F'cj Goads
. ' CorSllS, CtCe "
til , J s
' Also a lnrpe tsauttioVTit'of yr
Genlltmtn's Jltcktlea.
Blenchirj Preifirt .rfnifdfirf,
and nil--kincs Vtf MmuaertJ Vx
i; Work done t ' Order on
u .... stxt hotice,.,-.. ,,. ,..,., ,
Give us a.orill. r We will eel1 lower
than ever,- J - -' '. . v
I J. P & C. A. DUNKIi ,
, , Main L MoArtbu 0... ,.
At hli ne rliwe of buMlni -.
,, , HAS THE
Chokest Stock
or-" '
Spring end Summer Clothing
1VE lirauiihl to this market, embracing '
j;ili Ihe luteal and moat fiiahionahle aliea,
. n in aecordiince will, the lateat la-hions.
Il k.. Vn.. U'UI M ....l.hu d..tl ft.. I u
in Prank. He alae C'UTe and
Makes Uaumbnts-'.to : 0dek,,-
' ' and has a full line of
... ;o
Cents' Underwear: -
HATS AIMDt A V, &tV. .
il pi itnim mamen rtown to the LOW.
KST f lOlKKS. Ginemeao llamllail
warr..iii aatialHutiun
2nir FRANK H F.I.I. MAN. .
Manhoodi How Lost, How Restored !
.ii' at uni.l'.aei a new edi ''
I nn f Dr. CaWerwdll'a'
Celebrated Eesay on lha
ruituMi air. iwiiLoi.t n.e..i
"ine) ol fkhm itiim .il s , or -"euiinal Weak
ness, Involuntary Seminal Loaaea, IMioibic((
v. nial ai.d rnyau si lui iaoiiy. Imprdui enia
to MarriaKe. elo., also. O-'Nauaerioa. t ntsr--t.hii'I
Hi', mil need hy aelliuuuliiencaorBvg.
uhI exteavagunee r-- -; ,
aVaTTnoe in a sealed envelope, orsy S eeuta
The celelirateil aiimnr in thia admirable ee--aj
elenrlv demnni-traietefrulu a thirl ye. rs'
iKves-f .l prutii-a, tbal Ihe alaioini r.e" .
inenuei nl.ell al.Hse my 'e radical i ured ''
aitliAl.l'tlie da,iveriie as, nf internal aiediai I
e.ne mt thMaiiplirHrion of Ire- kinle; i"iiouna
.mt a mode of cure at oiaeeiiui Ir.reriHin and ,'
tle luul, hj menna nl ahieh en r aiith-rer,' 1
.iy mailer what liia-ronri,inn may he, may
i-Mre h mef i'hvl ly. pnvatel,, an. I eadwally. ,
asy-i hia I.e. tore ehotilil lie in ihe hanus of
rery voulh an'I erery li as) in the isnd.i ; )
-eiit.tind. r aeal. in a lain envelope, fn any
idil.'eee, pmi)ml. u rei eit.tol nii-sU, or
ao iot,iHinpe I ' , I , ; (
. tln' Ur 1'iilrerweH'i Marrissw -OmAt'jr.
..r.ee AOuenia
j'M ddreauhe pnhllahera, .01 .
' riiA J 1 Kl.lNK t rn
117 Howery, Kiw Voik, pit uffl. s Boi,4,IM
D ATR re.npened my et.al bank, and am
prepareii In till order, lor eon I si qnaatiliee' .i i
to aim piirehaeera. I wi, sell si-heap ae
i'ohI ol the same quality nun be obi uned eiee-
wnere. . tnuDI. V) IO I CM.
,4iuiil87l rnu ' ' . . .i
H.W.HORTCN, Leader,
A TINA iate'lT MKhs'aea a new aaolCJiwiaV
.me band watfon. and are Dteiiared lo
lornish kon-i muaie nn applieaiion, to all
peli.ts ih this or adjoining counties Ado
as above t .7 j j. -jan
a -a, 1 .t
sB t"tOnn'r ,,v homo. Terras tree.
rw - a'-' Addraaj.-Wio
Si-iawa eok tea..
I nrtlena.'lle i. i
WEEK aiiaranteea to malet
1 CainaiA aaenULlH lhair tnal. r"
ite Coals MuTHINiJto' try il.
ve- W W wr-xw iiMiuiiivw I IT 1 we
' Ud)ilgllArisS ie.'?f J)
Wg will isend the . Heqkf and tkl
Cincinnnti (Jaiewa lo subiioiibsr tat "
f oar lor 4X21 I y.J .; v ; , . O
1. I

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