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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 12, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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TlIUKHDAYt NuV. 12. 1874
a aad aUi Bandar May 2. 1174. until fur
41 IDUH. irala mil mats follow,: No ,
I, , ud t will mi daily ; all ether train daily,
a ep a
V . i 001N0 EAST.
( -4 ' PJo.t So. 3
No (
hhui Mall. Fast Lin
8t L K.
ii 0m
ailUte. ...i" an
Hm.Ib4 l r..ll U -
hvir II 41
MeAeTI.t.lt 4 "
TiatM ..-1 Kpm
tJ.ai....14 14
op ruma...li U "
1 2pm
t ftl
1 H "
2 6S '
I SO "
l nui
to -t
a 4
a mi '
a 4o
a ti
6 so
Parbra . a
No. 4.
Cm. Ex
9 VM'in
la VfLm
H 34
14 4t "
la i
1 01 "
1 U "
1 14
I oo
N. J No. 4
Waal Una. Mill.
rarksnkirl I xtata 1U Otero
Hup ruraac.. 10 U "
&lai...... U M -
iWa U U "
MMinn... 11 "
BamJal II 10 "
KieMand -ar...U 44 "
hiUitotkaM..U 46pA
?l....u A 40
1 lum
1 t
1 41
i 19
a a
t u -
V. will etp l 0 a. Junction, Love
laad,lrDHld,Chllllootne, Hamden. Athens
wad aaott'a Landing only. No. will (top at
sett Uadlng, Nw England, Athena, Ham
, ebiUraoth. Greenfield, Vienna, Blan
choatar, Lvelnd. Madiara, Madionville,
Hkly aad Camaiinsvilie, only. No. 46
wlU t al 0. t 8. Jnnoliun, Madisoonlle,
aeveltad, Qraenteld, Chllneothe, Hamdrn.
Athta sod Boon's Landing only. Not. 1 4
WU1 sake ail tbsttopt.
'ha Uiiki freight going east. leaves Chil-
. . . . - . . - u 1 1 IA, Rlnti.
!ewin, wi j - --
ad furnace, i Bemden, arrive 10 u
part 1 to; McArthur.arrive 10 67; depart
11 U; Vinton. arrlvall 67 depart H HO p. m.
talaalu, 10. Going wat, leave Zaleskl at
iota m.i Yioton Furnace. 1 ; McArthur,
1 Ml Hsmdea, 4 ; Richland Furnace, 4 66;
xUyavilla, 4 SO: Chill'ooth. T 10.
liiQ aa mu rurtionuuui uin"vM
Will leaf Bawidta at7 Ua. m. and J 16 p.m.,
: . I. . . . lk.. Ill U. M .nil U
raving at roramuma av m. -a.
aa. Retarreiagtrslna will leav Poreuvmith
1(00 a. in and 1 66 p. m., arriving Httn
eteaat U 00 a. ra.anda 06 p. m.
Train connH at Lof aland for all point on
tfc Little Miami Railroad, and at the Indian
apolis and Ciaolnnati Kailiand Juncnoii for
li . . . . .1. -.. . U ,L. n. .m
II POIOH Went, IH AWIBII, Willi ll- VI", mm, -
baa aad Bookini Talley Railroad. at Parkere-
& . l ... rii. k. ..Li. i) . : i a
our a Wlia ni aaiuuierv m m iwmi"i.
W. W. PSAHilLiV,
General Buperiuiemlent.
Wilkeirille. Hamden 4 Middlepor.
IWlLLrna a tack from Wilkeanlleto Ham
deaoa Mondara. Wednendaya aod Fridays
Mtnraiaa oa the me dare.
I will alao ran a return hack to Middleport
a Taeedaya, Thuradaya and I aturdiv. rei-
HirniBf on m aara jt. luutimsiw
I WILL run a hack from WilkeaTille to
Hamden and return every Tueriy,'l hnr
atay, aad Saturday for the aruommodation
r paaeeagere, matting cioae oionv:wun w...
aha mail Train on the M. A 0. H. R. I will
alao arry ezpreaa paokagea shipprd to or
area paiate dj io auania r.ir wo.
Tbk Turks u Montenegro
continue their outrages on the
Christians. They have killed
eight Montenegrins and some
Saxon residents in the neigh
borhood ot Fodgoriza, and
burned a villlage. 'lhe Chrix
tians were compelled to flee
to the mountains.
Air American has been ar
rested, in Constantinople loi
perpetrating a heavy fraud on
the Imperial Ottoman Bank. Ii
is rumored that swindler hav
ing forged passports are opera
ting in thai and other Turkish
cities. ,
Samples ot new Ualifornii
raisins have made their ap
pearance in San Francisco.
The total yield ot the Stat
this year will probably be four
hundred tons, worth nearlj
No laws are to be studied to
learn human rights; they (.re
, written on the brow and in the
heart of every man as he
comes lrom the hands of hi
A FEW da s ago a solid gold
nugget, weighing five pounds
was taken out ol Boulder
creek, a tributary of Spring
creek, which empties into Sac
ramenlw river, California.
A poos sewing girl at Indi
anapolis has fallen heir to
f83f,00d, and the man for whom
she made shirts at twenty
cents each wants to make her
bis darling.
Tail this is a white man's
country, that no nero shall be
taught, that slavery is tho
proper station of the negro,
are. the propositions unearthed
from the ante warperiod.
Ba noble minded! Oar own
heart, and not other men's
opinions of us, forms our true
8A5TA Fa, next to Sun An
gfls'tine, Florida, is ' said to be
the oldest town in the United
Mw, Habrib, who served as a
none through the war, his
been made Consul at Venice as
a retool for her patriotism.
Wom Bundy down in Vapee!
"What, a fall was there,' my
' "How fearful I and how dizzy 'tin
Te bars to look so low."
lr. J. Walker's California
Vinegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, niiule chiefly from
tho native herbs fouinl on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tho medicinal
properties of which aro extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.'
Tho question Is almost dally asked,
" What is tho causo of tho unpar
alleled 8UCCeSS Of VIXE04.B HIT
TEES V Our nnswer is, that they
remove the causo of disease, and
the patient recovers his health. They
are the great Hood purifier and a,
life-giving principle, a perfect Reno
vator aud Invigorator of tho system.
Never beforo in tho history of tho world
has a medicine been compounded pus
tessing tho rumn.rkd'ble qualities of VIS
eqab BlTTEits ia hi'itliug the sick of
every diseaso man is heir to. They are
a gentle Purgativo us well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or lullauimntion of
the Liver and Viscerul Organs, iu Bilious
The properties of Dr. Walk-
Hr's Vin koar iIitters are Apnrient, Dia-
phoretio, Carmiuutive, Xntritiims, Laxa
tive, Diureliti,Seilativ,OouDtor-Irritaut,
gudnrifl- n1 t Vi-Hm''"'
Grateful Thousands proclaim
Vinegar Bitters the most wonder-
ful Invlgorant that ever sustained
the sinking system.
Ko I'ersou can take these Bit
ters according to flirections, apd re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not Jistroyed by mineral
poison or other iu ans, and vital or
gans wasteu uovoua repair.
Bilious, llemittcnt, and In
terinittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent In the valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially those of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tcuucssee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, lied, Colo
rado, Brazos, Kio Unuido, fearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
moke, James, aud many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat ard dryness, aro Invariably ac
complied by extensive derange
mer of the stomach and liver, aud
other abdominal viscera. In tboir
trcatmeut, a purgative, exerting a
powenui lnuuunco upon tueso vari
ous organs, Is essontially necessary.
There is no cathartic for tho purposo
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they wilt speedily removo
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at tho same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all Its fluids with
Vixeqar BlTTEHb. No cpitlcuiio eon
take bold of a system thus lure-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, l'uiu in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Cheat, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Dad Taste
ia the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation ot the
Lungs, Pain in tho region of the Kidneys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarantee of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement. .
Scrofula, or King's Evil. Whits
Swellings, Ulcors, Erysipelas, Swelled
Aeck, Ooitre, bcrotulous Jiitluimnatmns,
Indolout Inflammations, Mercurial all'ec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, walkers v
boa a Bitters have phown their ereat cur
ative powers in tho most obstinate and
intractable caes.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
lineaniatism. Gout, Bilious, Kcmit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver. Kiduevsand Bladder.
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged iu Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Typo-setters, Gold-heaters aud
juiuers, as iney auvuueu m me, are buo
Ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To jruard
against this, tuke a dose of Walker's
vjneoab bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
letter, sai t-itueum, uiotcnu8,bpois, n tu
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dug up and carried out of the system in
short time by the use of these Bitters. -
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
larking ia the system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. Ko system of medicino, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free tho
system from worms like these Bitters,
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanaoou, or me turn 01 me, tnese i on
ic Bitters display so decided aa inflaence
that improvement is soon perceptfCle.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood
whenever you find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish ia the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul ; your feelings will tell
Jou when. Keep the blood pu.e, and the
ealth of the system will follow.
R. II. Mr DUN tl.O & CO.,
Srnpgltta & Gen. Agta., San Francisco. Califor
nia. 4t cor. of Washington and Charlton St N.7.
bold by all lru;gUU amil Dealer.
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
CniLLlCCWL, 01110
WOULD respectfully aay to the cllliene or
Vinton Co lhal be benlHrfrd huatorfc
ilne one of the laro. at in th MiMf ai
bainea, naa increaaed every year .up to the
wreaanl lime and w lel Ibankfullo the nun
lie for past favor , aod are determined to keep
a large lock ol every ihinjt ummI'v found In
a nrei-a,a Jraelrv Store, and will keep the
hucifuivk i kuhj (, aniiQ anver, aibo ine
oyi riatea uooda a low a any house in the
Wekeeoalltba different hranria nf m.
can Watche Howard. United Htatee, Klitin.
"ni,i,"" -'prini.iiem nnDuiHruire, both
io ROM aod Hv-r cm-h. AUo Urice line ot
GOLD lUroitltl) WjifDB,
from iu Ia tflnn on .i.a m ... a.. .
auu. W.I..... i..,.i- ...ii J.rl
Silver Watch from f iitol(.
full line o all good in our line, or made
to order hy expeneo'ed workmeo. Hepair-
uAw.i. acui r p, viii in nuruMOD
haw good. j,)Ui
i . .
liar neis, guddlea,
Uridles, II a II era,
W nlp, pura. Truce
Chains, Barnes, and all .
Other Articles of Saddlery.
My Inenrfnand the puolin generally are tn'it
i4 to rail and t-xaniiii my alockaud pn
. I niakv aood bone I work, ) the
icvt ttoi'k.aud tll al I he ery luwekt price.
i a jnaBtifkc turiD dune to order , and all
Work ffarrantei1 as Represented,
i a mn
8 il)ll L ft.Y.
Foreign and American
Watch Materials,
Watch Makers'
Old Watch Caw a and aid Cold and Silver
Dice's Encyclopedia of Practical Rk
kii-th ami PaoraioiH. Containiniin.422 rac
Ileal recdptc, written in a plain ai d pnpulur
inni iier, and illiivtrHted villi exiilnnntory
tood-cun. Knn a eompreheiinive hookuf
r lerence Mr the merchant, mHnurncturer. r
ln, amaleur and h'uaekeeer, im-ludinii
medicine, phurmecy and dnmeetic ecnnnmy
I'he ooi of thia work Ib entirely dirl'renl
rom any oihT book oi Ihe kind, benine
win? a comi'lele and alrrn at indinpentible
In ok of reference fur th lhouranl end on
vcoipU and article needed in every huiiii
nom, larm, xxruen, eic n inciunea i-iear tina
hiI undemtoud directionn for lh ainhi a
mm of many of iho rt unnallyai-quirFdiiuiy
y long exiierlem-e, and o itivented nf lei h.
iii'hli i it , or the technicnliliea ol term uved
-o lull V exulained aa to bmiK Ihe entire ub-
ect within the comprehrnmon ofanjr peraon
"I ordinary intelligence. I'roiniinent ainoux
he immenae mm or aiihiecls treated of in
i he book are the Mlowlna:
The Art ol Dyeinv, Hard Bolt and Toilet
ion, lanninK, IXMHIHUnn, Imilatiou l.iq
ilora. Wine,, t.ordiul, and Hitler". Oider.
Hrewing, Perurmery.Flavonnii Ei-nence. etc.,
' onieii', niur uyeaemi wanea, riimiidn
ind i'erliinied Oil", Tooih Pnwdera, etc, Sv
Mii, Alcohol and Alcoholtnetry, Pelioifiini
ind Keroaene. Hleachini and Clanini. Vin-
(jar, t)nu , Caiaiipa and Pickela, hcceipl
'nr the Ounlrn, To h eninve Mains, Spntn,etn ,
Myrolechny aud Ki ieaivea. CcmenU, eic ,
Vaterprooltiift, ArlinciHl, Gcma, luka ami
-VriiniK Klui'ia, Aniline Cclnm, Painls and
I'mmeiiK, I ainlinuand I'aper-hnniiinK, KV
online and Whitewaah, Varnisbinii and Pol
.'h nit, l.ubnca ora, Jaannina and Lacquer
ru,Hootand HarniMM Hla-khiK, PhoiiKuiphv,
detain and Allnya, (iililing, hiUerinti, etc .
Klectrotypins:, ElectrnplatinK, etc., Putrni
Medicines, Medical Receipt", Weighla and
ieaurca. op i pages, rcyai ociavo, ciotn
I'riceivnti i.mar
bl Ch a FITZtiERALI', Publnfher, N. Y
Worth and Beauty,
Hnvlng control of the magniBcent oil chrn.
ino, ro Hunile, are are able to otter comhin
aunt, of literary and arrlntm wnr.t otgeouiDe
worm, ana i price unpiei'enpnieu
This Bnecopy of a niece of fcature'e srand
at work, la not ureaenied in the usual lim-
led alyle, itr dimension, 14x20, making a
inciurn ui vcij iicairaoie "IBB in ll"eil.
traced hv it- nreaence.
Hut a lew copies of this beautiful t hromo
will be allowed lo go to the retail alorea, and
inoae win oe aom ai ineir
Actual Retail Price, SO.OO,
which if oide'eu in connection with our Mae
,....1. ill I... r. .--j .
iuue, uw.ii win ur luru'aueu lur .
A a premium the picture may beohlained
ny aeuaing ua two auoacnption IDr Ihe Mae
lineal one iloilai each, nr bv aubaurbinn fo
ine MagHtine two eara in advance, at one
lonar perauuum. Auiree,
Newbuigh, Y.
S.E.SHi TEH, Publiaber. t-.t
N. DRUCKER & C s .
AO. 110 THIRD ST.,
ji nci;n n atkj
Vi GAETSO, &C0,,
Odd Fel ; ws Block,
Pulllahert of
' And otner '
Standard Beligions Wotks,
i - -n
CaXnTaaiailnaT A aiaa a...aAj t-
Formerly ot Bsmden.l'
artjoinioa counties that he baa bought I
and i
Asfr St . AmA
Hotel Pormerlj Tept by Chas. Bmltl
Three doors weit cf Uadisoa.og
r FEON X i ST,
DniJM'oaiTTrnTa .T;-Jb
rllK 1 SMOTJTttn
a -saw J , atav
H ha rawflttAtl it IhmnahAHi .
Jackson coonty. It is the best
anil cheipeit gate ever desined
or Arm' 'co,ti,,? Per c,Dt'
ibaB b old fasbior,. gate1
TariJ l. nn lh,.M- a 'It .
North -at corner of kl,iaM Xackaoa aire
r i i i m. -ft h . A. h
GEO. W. EEUKTON, .Proprietor
Uaauraclarea 1 , . I' :.-
Carriages, ' ; jutxts. ' SxpreitHj, tie
. , I i If'
uo, wiooa ia iu atav or waaoa woa
i i - i i . i i '
dona to 6rder on Ihorl notice. '
Painting and Trimming .
olail kind executed ia tb aeatetl aod nod
rtmtiu atyle. . - r
KtPAlitlNO ol an klndi in my liaewillbe
nroinvtlv and neatl done.
a Yf ora uone aiinnreaiawiBnmeai i war-
anu-u vo he autwwnti!. out ud miiq aou eie-
ou'edln the niovt workiranlike manner, not
o oe excelled in any reiwct bv any other aa-
laDiikomeotio toe oointrr
Manalkclurer of
Of latent, most fawhioubU tod lgint ilylei.
Second St., Near Mulberry,
I make it a point to do all mr work of the
neat material, ana nana second to none I
uualitv of finish or durability. I employ n
inferior workmen, there are no appienlic
hoya annul my aatablisbinent, and I can not
tail to plraie any person ho wanta Ihe best
turnout made in the enuuiry. I refer with
pride to n.v cualnmers throuihout Houtuern
Ohio aa to the eharacier of woik coming
imm niy taciorr, ami guarantee an my cu
tomora perlect aatiahHitiuo. .
All kinds of Turnouts finished and
ready for sale, or mads to Orderi
Call and examine my Stock.
Re palling, Repainting Etc.
'Will receive prompt atteotloa.
I have constantly a stock of. '
Carriages, Baggies and Expresses,
Islt with ma for sale, repaired and almost aa
gooa as new , some ot mem
lo,ul 1ST ,' t .
American Institute,
TO J. W. McKEE, 1
,( KM- i 4 ' r :
Embroidering and Plating Machines
"Is is Ingenious and will meet the want ol
every matioo id tne una. ' .
Exblbltloaof 187S.
John E. Gavil. Krc See'vt ' V A. Barnard
Pre Samuel I). Tilman, ' Corresponding
cro y.
New Yerk. Novamhar 20. IS79
Thr simple and insi-nioi a machine ia a
uaeful a Hie sewing nim-bina, god fast be
coming popular wiih lailira, in the plaice 01
expn-ie otedle work, it work beinuaiiich
more hapilsonie. requiring much leas lime
ua not nne-ienin srt II. e expense. to la
dy's toilet la eouiplele wlthoui it A machine
with illustrated ovular and lull inatructinna
aent nn receipt of U or Bniahediu silver plate
inr ,a tit.
Address, The McKee Maaaractarlnf C
3oS broauaay. New Vork.
Two American Magazines
Tha excellence of American Magaiines hat
become i o well recngniied abroad, that one
nf the leading Fngllah paprs, the London
Weekly Kegiater, in a recent issue, thus
aneakaof r-enhner's Mnnihlv:
' We art oomW to ova Aol BRIBSEK'S
M' NTHLY ourriet oj Ikt prim naviiaa! all ear Ml
liaj mmlhly teriaU Jar eriUuiars if iUtutralioHt ami
nrmy q column, ji a nmpiy a awadarM lauiiaev
worlK A'oAiae eia 6a mors eaiirwl'ffff tiaa IA rate,
full nffon aad vioer; la, M aad aAaii ar, aw
aged Kith a truly ariulic power Oul of iu out awl
iwwr srifiaui anictei. a 'eany de not knout wAka
it ehooH at or, fur aucA aad all ar, txetllnl."
Km onlv ia it irue thut Hcrilmrr's Monlhlv
xcelathe K"gliah Magminea, but it is TU
am oj ia, iinunoaa SKHVAIiei, ,
In the exient. vnrietv and artlxtic vrl
lence of lt illustration of American thxmea.
it has m ver been even approached, mm-h
leaa excell 91I It has a larger pge and gi, ea
1 greater vaneiy 10 iiaeoirenia man any oth
r of the Hiandard American Momliliea
In literary character, and in Ihe hrillianVv
mill aliilily ol its Eililnrial neparlnieDta, it eu
loya an equal pre-eminence '
ItaonndncPira alj.rlwl with thertegnlU aim
f makiogaAaliai(awaiuia,a(AesarW.orwhich
they have never for a moment Ii tt sight, and
they point with pride and lea.ure lo the
q iy ann .nine numnerr, tecenily issued, aud
aa mr mem a canuio examination annacare
I11I cninparison of their merits with those nl
other niaifHStnes; and tliey renew their pledge
-ii puuu, w eirivi lor ami nigner excel'
lence In the future.
A considerable demand has recently arisen
n England for fit Nicholas. Sen oner New
tlagMine for Hoys and Oil la, 1 ne publisher
irminiK m -i-i,re an eauioa 01 inree moil,
-end of Brat bou..d volune (when completed,
with his Imprint.
Theauceees in h I eountrv ol8t. Nichnlaa
has been even more remarkable than that ol
-cnbner's M.inihlv. It hi pronounced 10 le
' kfaofy parart maoifa, or fAiWraa,1' and.asls
the ease ann ll the be-' literuure' for cnif.
Oren, it has been f und to noaeeaa aurpaaeiug
uierrat ror gruwa-np r-aners. saaeil.
I heinfluem-eol the periodicals of the da
-an ecau-tfybe estimated. ei- :ially upon
he rising gemratinn. I'srent end' tuacbi re
an nol atlord to he indiltcrenl to thia mi.
enca, or carele" in relation lo he character,
'. mr niriniuir luuiiaiien w ine cnuuien
oiiiame 01 ineir s-hoil leason. In Ht Nn-h.
as net only are history, natural philosophy
I'leratuns. first arm and mannrnrtiirc Vri
"ented in an tttraet'ye way lo young rssdeis,
" "it uii'jren ere aumuiaiea to sees in'or
matioil fni themaelvi
The publisberk will send to anyaJdreas
pe-imcn r.unioer 01 st. Nichnlas, olsge
repaiu on icceiiit often eenu, ihe tre cost
f paierand printing The msgsainea are
old by all Snt-cUs booksellers and news.
ucaiera, everyanere.
CRi BNEK'H MONTHLY, SI a year; S8c.a no
dl Nl 'J Hi (LAB, - - - a " 26n. ,
SOEIEHEE & CO.,654 Broad w'j.H.1
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs
ITarserr Stock! Pruitiriower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
aoOaorea: S2d veari'ia ereamnntiaaa.
A DDI. 1.0UII 1 r.. BVA: S v. 1A. tta uAh.tw
4 AataUiaiia. 40 a.nla ' Aim
Agent wanted syeryahera Bnsineaa atrlci-
ly legitimate, farticulari trea. Addreaa 1
VY'IUTU, 81 Louia. Mo SSeeuUT
FiiiMBKSsh jiild not fail tt ex.'
amino tha natent farm (rati for
r c
which ienrtr W. Brnntoh." M n.
. : t o- r
"'"VIV ow .p , Vl4f
..a ... TJ 1 J 1
w m MeArthuK
1-a Cnaa j lei CMasas-N. 4i ' rnet. AOa.
Uutilaiua l'a the eea, bn-an lie, l.y
Konej Tha Hreak nf I lay, Hrveri, by
a rain; ia tMiimna, roma by Lioiioeri
V Pea ib Swallow Uoim ward Klv, by
Oeeleo: Ksoealerie. Caorica bv Eair
r Liuliner:
V pea ib Swell na Uoim ward Kly, by I
l oy t-WT"
hard, a piece" r r n ' . : Wo.
(.soiaina ii. e loiina'iig music; aoe.
Mouataia Mreain, (J, prate, by S.'8mila;
Count on at Oslop, by Jacoi.y! Gii.il
Bsa, Eomtuce, by Thslberg; liasanog ,
Leave. Inat.. rtv MaU.1 Mn rlresaea. ' '
lnl . by I nee 'i piece for VC
LaC'resneMM II n I fit la
t re .! I U U I afSo. tt
4 oniin the lollualnx uiUaai.' 60o.
Cbsnt riu Huouc, 1 roacrlptiua,: by
ksllereri This Own. atelodia. b "
.jjige. A pieces fhr . 1 50o.
Oatkl MAILEDJ'zrVo,
aieiiw inr n.ii.iwiiig inuaH-, prioe. ouu.
Two songs by Hsys, Iwo bv lanka, on
Jiy. alayiuod. a Bscied QLaitetta by. '
1 nomas, a Kourliand Piena a Quick
step, an e March, aod a beuUUful
Pantaste. bv kinkal. 10 nleoes for SOo.
contains ihe following music, price, 30c.
Two new song by Hava.nn hy Pratt,
on hy btvwart, a trio lor fi-male voices,
hy Abt; a banred Quartette by inka,
two Polkas, aprgUy Walta.anda llaich.
11 piece for 30u.
Address J. 1 P FTKK8, P. O Box. 142.
Ma ItroaHwav. Naw York, onaoait. Matron.
allium Hotel.
Teas t! Teas!!
. JV0.43 VESEr S1BEE1,1
P. 0. Boi, 1287, New York
... i .
HUBERT WELLS, Presideot.
Blnck, 40. 60. 60. beat 70 eta. , per lb
Green ami Black 40. 60. 60. beat 70cts
Uncolort-d. CO, 70. 80. 00, best $1.00.
Green, 60. 70. 80. 90. best ll.JO per lb.
YOlr'G HY80N
Green, 60, 60, 70. 80. 00. 1.Q0 best 11 IS
Green, $1.10 best $130. J... .. per lb.
hnclish Hrnkfast
Black. 60. 70, 80, 90, beat $1.00. per lb
N. B.-W haye a speuialit) or Uarden
Growth Vol) NO HYSON and IMPKKIAL.at
II i", and IIULoNi,, Extra choice. 1 1. CO.
llur 'IVaa aieputup in one pound pack
agea. with the kind an I price printed on each
AGKMH WANTED to ad up dubs to
sell our leaa in laimliea, hotel", boiirding
hollars and others. In writing lor terms cr
sending orders, be psrticulnr to addresa the
PrasiUent of tb I'oiupmy, ihua:
! Vo. 41 Vatcy St.. New York
Wear compelled io request hit, aa other
panics nave iiuusieu out mm nsiue.
Pure' Concentrated Potash,
, Ofdoutle thtttresgth of toy other ,
I hava recently perfected a ne method of
packing my Potash, nr Lte.ai d am now pack
ing it only in bell", Ihe coaling nl ln.-h will
ssponiu, and does nol injure (he aomi. It la
packed in boxes containing 34 and 4s one Ib
balla, and in no oilier any. Inreitinn in
cingllsh and German for making hunt and
sou snap with this pnissh i-ernmnam eaci
pacasg B.T. HitBBlTT,
64 la 84 WaahiuKton St., N. V.
I3aprl74 , ( . . 1 .
Insuirance Department
Coauaivs, February 10th, 1874.
VITHERErS the New Eneltnd Miitiul Life
TT Insurance t'oippsny located si Hoaton.iu
.neotaie oi massacnusetl", has Itleil in tins
offkes swoin al. lcm. nl by the proper offi
cer thereof, showing its condition and busi
ness snu naa con plied in all other respects,
with the law 6f this htste, relating to Lite In
surance I'on-.peuic". nruHiiiaed uv set of Con
gress, or by ur under the laws -f any other
?iaie ni ine united xtAtr.
Now, iherelore, In purr banco ol law, I,
mn. am r. unurcn, superintendent nl insur
ance ol the rile.ie of Ohio, do hereby ceniiv.
that said company is sutbnriied to tiansact
Ita.aiipropriHte buaiaes of lite insurance iu
Iniastitein a'cordanoa with law. uilnna the
current year. The ennditmn and niiaiues of
said company at the date of such statement
t 'ecemberslst, 1873,) is shown aa follow:
Aggregate amount of admitted a,
sets.iiitluding Ihe sum of,2a9,.
Ih!3 3b in uramium colea sod
loans held bv ihe company on
puliciee in forne, 12,670,11( 81
AVKiesaie anion 111 01 uaoi uiiea, in
eluding fll.lol.ttis uu for re in-
aurauce reserve 11,328,799 16
Amount of im ome for tb pieced
tog y ar in cash 2,481,875 82
Amount of premium no'e of In-
eome for the preceding year 800,218 62
Amount of expenditures lor lhs
preceding year in cash, l,G07,6nT 38
Amount of premium note expen-
di lures for the preceding year. 37.810 18
u. --.j in witness wnereor, i nave hereun
to eutmcrtb. d mv nsme, aud caused the seal
of my office to be affixed the -'ay and year
iw. nirnna, nn. unuticil.
. rtuperiniendent.
- auaa i. narsa, agent at MOArtliur, O.
I Et AtiENT wanted in town and eountrv to
sell TEt.nr get up club orders, for the lar
geet Tea Company iu An. eric Ininorterii'
prices aud indiicemeuls to agents, rsnd for
circular. Addresa, KnHKRI WELLS, 4
..Veseym., N. V P. U box 1287 '
TasCArfaaua risa, hemv Ward Beeober,
Editor, ol Dot 2Ath last, jm. "Partus wish
ing lo gel up clubs, eu" who can get or
ders for tea, should write him for a cin-ular "
. rs A'eai Tork H wy Tnbmn. . ol Sep" . 3d, ys:
"All itratiges' should writa Kobt. tlell lor
ejrcui -r "
. !' Sc,'W, ofHept.20., ssjs: "Robt. Wells it
inorougni) rename. - xupr
Cottage Color Paints,
i ; tl.OOlaSlJWpcrfJaJloa. .
. i i i ... . . ii . .
CJtotf II Oil, - '-- . I ' SOo per gal.
Pibb Fauoa - ...... 11.25 per gal,
' i- ' ' ' ' va '
Works in all Paint a Boiled LlDteed, only
'(S0.. par gal. j i ...
! ' t i; I .MTV 1 'i !;:i f. ,-,' l
ENGINE OIL, ... - ; ... ,it
riLTERKii RofJir f.rBRlDATlNnnif.. ad
rtend for card of colbrs anil circular. -I '1 ! i:
Hoi Aeenta.
'M f na maiden Lane, hew iorkJ
. A--c--t ti vti;'i.
Oont Neatly, aivd - Promptly,
i Tis jvnvw,
-ajaa a -a sssa as w jr a a as -k
.fin. 33 fit If!;.' 'i jf." ,(
If Yob
Want a sitnattrm.
Want to fell a piano,
Want to aell a carriage,
Want to bify oraell a farm.
Want a boarding- pluoe, , .
Want to sell town propt-rty,
Want to sell jtrocerlea or driijrs.
Want to sell household furniture,
Want to aell dry jjooda or carpet.
Want to rind customers for anything.
Advertising will (rain new customers,
AdvertMiip; will keep old customers,
AdvertlninK liberally Slway pays,
Advertising nuike success easy,
Advertislnjr bejfetS confidence-) 1
. Advertising; shows energy, ,
A.I,.A.. (lotlin ulw.n'a nlli..ll k
Allicinoilig riuiaspiuiSf
Advertising means'biz,'
. Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise long,
AflverMse well,
IsTOW. 1
Every merchant, manufacturer
or businett man who has become
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by. judicious advertising
So except ion to this rule can be
cited! Stewart, the Piince of
Merchants, when a poor man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resortfio get his stuck turned into
money so as to meet a note. Ar
guing frovy this that' if, it was
good for him in adversity, h
could make it sua better m pros
per it y, he became a persistent ad
vertiser, and thus gained his co
lussal fortune. . ' "
Some merchants any it ia not worth
while to advertise; for no person reads
advertisements; yet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he ia wise ho will prnGi
by its suggestion, it hc7 has anything ti
offer w..rth ' advertising ' How much'
uK.ro then will tlfose rend them who
are not so largely supplied w th rend
ing mutter,' are at leisure ;n the even
ing, aud uiuut depend on their paper for
their local news, the, .must in porlnnt
item i'f which is where they can fin J
just what they want when they cmue to
town to tuitke their purchases. If yom
stock is so old, rusty, dusty und nut ol
style that it is worthless, or' it' it it run
tlnwn so that you have nothing le Tt thai
people would w nt, it is not worth
while Tor you to advertise.. But if it is
new, fresh and sparkling, ,up to the
tunes, and such ns the people want,
diio't hide, them, hue publish to the
world thut ynu have them, a&d want
to sell tliciu at a lair price.
An advertisement published fpr a sin
gle day tinea duty beyond that day.
and its effect continues in a f renter
ratio thun most men itnngine: In the
end it will make a man's nutne a per
manent rnattor, a pieoe of real proper
ty built up in tb 9 minds of men tint!
it becomes more valuable tliun any
corner lot in his locality.
Ip you lose a watch, ados or o child,
or if. you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush tt. your loeal pa
per, knowing that every one will rein!
(he advertisement But you will plod,
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how muah ynu ore los
ing by not advertising it Reporter
If those persons who profess to b
lieve that newspaper advertisement,
are not real by the puhho wish to he
convinced nf their error, jtisi let them
tive publicity to sumo mutter thet
would not care In divulge to the world
even in the most obscure corner of h
country paper, and see whnt nntnrieM
they would soon attain. A dvtrtuer't
Gazette ...
Advkbtisino is apt to give ua that
lientle jugol cunscieuce, which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothes. .for
Sunday, or thut we promised our wife
a aew dress as soon as the hay whs in
Perhaps, it would be a good plan for
adatne to mark thia passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break'
hist plate.:' Who will say (hut adver
tising will not yet civilize the world!
Ex. ' ' " :
Why do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising und to leurn
v. hut is going on. -To see if there is
enythinif new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who litis
them. To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to wiiteh the
uhanoe nf ah auction. For amusement
To satisfy curiosty. lieeauae they
have read all the stories, marriages,
biuhs, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio State Journal i .
, Tea power of nriut is well known.
but not well understood. A crinted
sentence has a wonderful advuatace
over one that it written or spoken.-
This ia one of the many reasons which
gives en importance to advertising., ,But
advertisers, even inose Ol experience,
do not comprehend as well as' they
Might tha capacity to influence, to ner
suade, to convince, which lie in print
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces; of elocution and the t fores of
eloquence, yet even thet fade away in
to nothingness if not caugnt' in "their
flight and printed - But there it some.
thing in the silent lnngosge. the quiet
assertion and the sense nf permanence
about printed 'matter which give it a
marvlnui force and influernce. Bnsi
ness'isen should never permit them.
selves to; loose sight of what may be
accomplished by a nerseverinf .use of
the printine presses- Learh to adver
tise, and then tbe i'-'how; when -and
where" ol it, and yon will have a
VowUdge worth, fcaTin..
' In Zalf3ski.
THE Zaleaki Company, with a vlewU Iks
deveiopeneat of lha i oual laUraataofaie .
ki, to secure it permanent niosperity. aad te
dd to its population, and wealth, ar aw
orteriag o actual eettlai a, town lot aad bubj .' "i
lauds at low price, and on liberal terms.
Person desiring to exaaiins. lha areparty
aod lo buy cheap houaea will apply al Iks
Company'p offices to
K. THOMPSON, Manager. . , .
ZaJeskl, Ohio, May Is. mil. f
ILAnD ll IE ,
.'. .. 1 1 . .
Winch it adpla to ''
: . ..:. , ; ,.
All Sewing Machines, -
NOTICR particularly tha elai p af H . '
QOODRICH. Chicago. Ills., with S nataat '
stamp. .11. C. COtlDIKU,
Ottlce and tnlearooui 205 Htata l.. rkicsg,
III. tlaugtt
If you are Suffering from 'iiif
BroLteu Down onsiltuUoii .,
Or require a Remedy to
Purify aud Enrich tbe Blood,-
Ynu will And r)r.0rook'-)mpaai4lyV 1
lip of I'OHaltiiiit to pottrmtgrruler m ri
U, curs you mora apct-dlly. and do your
mora good thnu any aud a 'I otuer remW
dies combined. Thai PhIw, YellaWj .
h i-kly-loiiklarrllilii is ciiunged to on
of IieshuessR. d health. Tlione l.laewvew
of tlia NUlii, Piinplea, Paalalaa,
Molehea and Crupilwna ara removed,
ficrolnla. sieroraluna Itaeaa uf th ,
Kjres, Ubl asvellinira, l leera, Old) -bore
or any kind of Humor rapidly'
dwindle unl disappear tinrlvr l.k Influonoa,
Vbntlalir JI 1 Dittura'sown raatorerl
A sol it be oxyil of Iron combined with tha
medicinal propei tlesirPokKooldlvt4
ot sill dlsagrveiibla qualllica. II will cure
any 8laeMae wlioat) leal or direct causa is
Uiiil Hlooil. Mlieainallam, afaiaa Im
l.niibaor lloneH.,4'uuiltntJoabrukai . .
down by Merctnlnl uroiher poiaona. era
all ciire.1 by iu For Styptailla, or Kypb
llliei iHlnt.tlieruisnotliliiireiiuallolk A
trial will prove it. ciuluTby
CEOBdE W. M880N, McArthar, Okl
THE WEEKLY UN is too widely knewrr
lo re.puie any extended recommendat'aa,
but the ret-nns which have aliesrty gives II '
Illy thousand subscribe, and which will,
w h"pe, vivo It maiy thousnnda nior, ar
bi lefty k Inllowa s
It l a flnt-rate m- Wapaper. All !hawif
Ihe ily will he found in it. condebed whs
unimportant, at full length when of memeel.
nnii a'wnyt preeniru iu a clear, intelligible, , (
und inteieating manner. . .
It Is a Brst-rnta family paper, lull of enter
taining arid inatruct.ve reading of very kinaT, 1 '
but containing nothing that cart eflrld- laeJa
mntt dcliiinte and tcrupulout teste.
JI is sttrat-rslealory tiaper. Th besl talat J
and romances o' current literature areear
fully selected and eg'bly printed in i'a page.
Itia a Hr-t-rate ariculiuril paper.. Iks ' ',
most Ire-h s'nd instructive articles en sgrf
cultiir'.l topics regularly appear in Ibis da
It ia an Independent polities! psper, belong
ing to no party and wen ring no collar ll lights
for principle and the election of the beat men
infffice It especially devotes lit energies la
he exposure nf the great corruptions lhal
now aenkenand disgrace out country, and
ihreaten io undermine republican institution
altogether. It has notear ol li navel, and aeka
no fHvnrs of their suniiorters.
1 1 report 'ha fashions for the ladles tad Ik
markets for the men. especially the esltl
market-, to which ,t pny particular alleniioa
Finally, it is tha ch"Bpesl paper published ..
One dollar a .war will atoure it for any sab- .,
-ciilier. . U is not nei'easnry in get up taluk i
ll order to hnve I'HE W hEKLI btIN at this
raie. Any "ne who seudt a tingl dollar will .,
get the paper or a year
THE WEEKLY MTX.-Eight tgi,
tiny six uolunui-. unly SI a )ar. N ait.
.'Oimfa 'rem this ruts.
-its as the liaily Hun. tSOOatesr. A Sis
coin.t or 80 pei cent, to clut.a of 10 or ever.
TIIE1AILYBI'N.-A large lour pag
neaspaper of Iweni einht enli mn. I.f
circu.Btion over 120,000. il Ihe new far
2 cnts. Hiibscrii'liou pru t- SO cents a month, '
or SO a year To club ol 10 .,r over, a Si
-Olinl i f gO ner enl. . -
Addreaa "THE gCN. New Yark City,
1S, . J J m I "serf tk, r-liJU. W,U.I
WlVllCLO "'"r,"ai1'MlilloMf
..u., a....ri.. i. piJt'U?;;;
lis u praaarr, lb. c.plr,li, a,. ' ""
Thl.l a an laurmlai work aflaa k.alraS ,)..
SW.a.w ik suairaa, .n,r.,l., ,ug wui.JJK
lofarawlloo f..r Hum wkaar, s..rrlra.arLwZal.i..r.
. rl.,, SOU III.. Soo, ttataugbl . kacTsa&tl
suit aay. Ss4 aoil.ld moiI.hI; alaj.ub.kTaWr . . ,)
1 1 xioialn. lb. aiparliac, aod adln l a skviMaa
vhaw repuiall.a I. aorld sM.. ,b..ld k, la lb. 7m?.
otaiUaiaaa,alkarwrk. " U
IVf'"!'.' " " Hf) e ny Ca.U. ' ,
Sit liata, ui. UU' ""r-s-'J"- IS i. kltbikamt
Notice to the Afflicted and Unfortunate.
S.rar, seelrlsa la ik, aalarUu.aaaabivka aa.i...
pauis rlr..ar udu, ,oy ,..ck raaiaau. aaru. Dr.
Ur. Sun. accuuir, a doubt kaaia af Ivaalr.aaaa.
ra.si.il .l.d.r..d by S....I lb,""l".bil 23C
,.ror,,M,,rlb.c,uui7 d Kr.pa...d ..k, ,?..
. Ird pensaaNy ar by t,.i(, ib.dlaia. nnUaLd 1 "w
ora gsrb.laad Ckuaui a. i...i. "'""" awas
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Ga lpolis McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
A Mi parties having aunacnted to Ihe tana
iUI toek ot th fi.. McA. 1 C. E. R, ara .
hereby reoui.edto make pavnienl to ihsKSoV J
retiiry onhe Company, at. his nflca ou ihj I
Public Square, in Usllfi nli. Ohio, oi if mora
convenient, to lianiel Will. President of Ik .
Vinion t:onnty Hank. a MoArthur, ubio, o"
an installment ol Hve dollar on each stiar
-o subwribed, within ten day of thitdat. . '
i Augu.tlO. 1171. ' '" '
it McA.AC. R.B.Co;
dee 1ST1.
A ! "R tTa K 'S
STOCK and Ore Scale at good aa newT fo
sale at vry low price. (;ll on
i D0n H C.JONK8 sitorney.
.1. ....-! t)
I I"
I -asaaraaa vw I kUra ' y.
l., W':..-j.,.. ... a K r: c,;,ul.
.-. i -..u.,ii jj :., ,.tt.n j,- euvit (at,
Hi- li.-i ; v. :-...ti-..,ii.".',-., a, if,,,.....
' - i- .ut
; alle'biw' L2 , I i. I t,

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