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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 19, 1874, Image 1

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CE I, V. Corner of Vais and
t fiUOooofit Court asms
i I A t minLVi-
. rs - 7
Sewing Machine.
iKlliui l,.Tf-rt-ri ,t-rlM:
TbeOrritetf Produri ton
the World Ewhmcw.
:J"lUE e1aiaeloi the priority of
"the Blia How Maobine eaa ?
bw'd'wpnled Tfcii Boat fiU
wpVtktlori hat been obtained by it ow
-fceriW' 'TVe do not'elaial thatw offer
r BMuhinei fiiv Ibe'feweet dollar, or
th longest lin of eredit that eaa be
wOUined by buying other claw ol
.Bat we da lam we bar the
. W ere wanting agente to eel) onr
ii2a U1 Vinton and Hooking
;Tjnwtwt. fur whioh we propoe to fj
jUiUrlo'ioQfurnub thre or
Bora wagon if an agent will n and
.pub than for. the builine. W in
ga spiriting on aa entira new bi
for thi reason we want good, live men
to roa th thing. The reputation ol
ft? Qowa Is' well known throughout
' VintoaVai Hooking couutie well aa
;pvr tbi entire world. You will find
Jl tba UULBKttT UOlWE, Mo
AUTUU, 0 mj thi month,
nvlj lo dminLtertojiiur want.
Special Agent.
.....MoAiailUtt, OHIO.
Ortie!-Ondoor M.fDB WillBro.
TJO'i'" '
OUico ilt'ArtUur. OUio,
Will MDd proroUj to .11 buiiowi !ntruM(d
t7 S. tAYPCtll,
J i;0TU:8 AT lOhKET,)
. v . j c ARTHUR, .
Will prMtio. I t Vmloo nod .djomiDR un
tlM. Butli-MI.DlruaMUUI Ultra iiuiu
It .((.DllWt to.
C F. CAttTWRlGHT. Proprietor
r. 'Sidhlna Attached
vv f
MBAL kkadt
iu-t bwo refuiuiMhwl
in. ii"u.. w i - i
.L. ..nnnia i-lfU D(1 rUllllurt.ll.i
- IMfe. tl ItUM
M. WIM iipplioJ ' "'V
liord.. .d o id .Huroo f "I'.'"1
JjllMM. ulr
1 J.C. COLLTIA , 1!1 l.
( Bm pannurDtly iocM4 in
'' '.r tb. prctii'. of
M whuh h. wiU.do'. hi ntir. .iiention.
OlfK in li' Hutl'iio- up tuiir.uipo
nl. Vmloa OounlJ BdH.
1.T)1 siur. BAoiuet W Kil'urt,
-1 ;...'J- (tnUbiiih.il 16 1
V7iiolosalo Grocera
Ml t ...,,! .. . . .... ...-.- ' "
iiri)' ooitiAissioii iiejiohasts.
. . :o: -,: '."
Prompt Attoullou given to the
"' ATi8ier m r f-vjt ai.ispi
,' other Pruperty from and
llrtMdtaud Oaual.
JTt bmeUUiw taint and Walnut
" feOfil. CLAKK &CO..
riti"fii Wmaui a Bar.a
Beoliellert, 1 8tatlomr. Frluten,
jTj Bludera,
'l-1 ''Uri..
'tlW. MnM)At, TLOtJ!0L, Sobool,
tMrtatofPM farmMfeei gntail.fi.ly
tttlMoa pit r MkMMb, al,
.pMio. rMMioiabiiAi .i
,19 '.iZ ?J ,11 ytii .V." .i!
Th9 Jtert , tod Cheapevt,
; ,jppnort
I.I ,f(..HMh)'i
-....I . ( . r rti"l
Ckcndani Bant ..".I'ree.
VOL. 25-NO. 36.
f v ' ' , . .r . "v
I i
The Trent Affair in the Cabinet
From Warden'! Lite of
Ohase!' we take the' following
intaireitlog account of. Mr.
Ch,aie' tlewi, ai expreued in
meeting of the Cabinet held
to eontider this lamooi qaei-
tjon :
Thtt Secretary aaid that,' in
in hi judgment, the caie itood
preciaeiy thus : In taking the
rebel envoy and their secre
taries Irom Trenl, without In-
Tukmg'nr proposlne to invoke
thi aanetion ot anv judicial tri
bunal, Captain Wilkei clearly
violated the law or nations, and
in that very principle Which
the United 8 a"e have ever
most anxiously niaintainod.
Greut Britain therefore had a
right; k trnm us 4 disavow
al of the act. and the restnra-
. - i i- . . ,
lion ol the persona to.the con
dit!nn In which they were ta
ken; and, it thi right was in
sisted on, it was our duty, how
ever disagreeable, to do what
was asked. -
"He considered, ontbe'bther
hand, that the circurnRtances
under which the act of Captain
iVilkes was done, not only re-
peuea inp imputation ol ag
gressive n1 friendly intent, but
entitled him to commendation
for the motives by which his
conduct was governed, and re.
duced the seizure and removal
from the .'Trent' of the rebel
commiKsioners, to a mere tech
nlcal violation ol the neutral
rights oi England. Mou and
Blidell were commissioners
bearing dixpatches from the
rebel government to Europe,
ana their character and charge
were known to the commander
of Hip 'Trent.' At the lime of
the seizure, therefore, the
'Trent' was knowinglv employ
ed in violttion of English law,
ol the royal proclamation, and
of her duty to the Uui!ed
States as a friendly - nation.
Conscious of the lad, the com
mander refused when request
ed, to exhibit his jtassenger lis.
The capture was, ot cour8e,war
runted, and Cuplain Wilkes, iu
muking it, perlormed only bin
plain duty lo his gov- rnment.
tie had a right to break up the
voyage, aud send the steamer
as a prize into a port for trial
a nd condemnation, but the
steamer was employed in lue
conveyance ol mails and pas
HengerH; and tJ-ijMtun vviiKes
wan desirous lo avoid the pub
lie iitjtuy ol delaying the trans
illusion oi the lormt-r, and the
private tiaid hip likely in re
null irom interrupting the voy
sue ol the latter.
i -
"Governed mainly by these
motives, he obeyed what seem
ed to hi in dictates oi humanilj
aud friendly consideration for
Irieiidiy nation, by removing
the comrabund persons from
he r nt' with the leant possi
ble inconvenience to all concerned,
and suffering the vessel,
with her other passengers
and mans, to proceed to her
destination. . In dot g this h
surrendered a . prize which
might have tempted cupidity,
without a thought that, by the
sell same act, be was depriving
liimsoll' of the only means
justifying the capture, either
persons or vessel, through a Ju
dirlal decision.
Mr. Chase thought it cer
tainly was not too much to ex
pect of a friendly nation, and
especially of a nation of the
same blood, religion and char
acteristic civilization as 'our
own, that in consideration
the great rights, , she would
overlook the little wrong; nor
could he thetf persuade himself
thatjWere all the circumstances
known, to the English govern
ment at to' ours, the surrender
of tlie . rebel Vomm'ssioners
would be Insisted upon.
TMThe Secretary, asserted that
rha lnnhnma.1 rinht waa UD
I iiK,:rdi:f .hh inland.
ernment, the pretended xoai
missioners' would have been
safe on a jieotral ship. It was
only in tHelr character as en
voys that they were subject to
arrst as jsoctrabindy - They
ould not rightfully be taken
from the ship until after the ju
dicial condemnation ol the ship
itself, for receiving and carry
ing them. , However excused
or even . jaitified by motives,
the aof ot reniovinie; them as
prisbiiers from the 'Trent,' with
out resort lo any' judicial cog-
nizaure, was in itself inlefenei-
ble. Wr cnuld not deny thi
without , .denying, our history.
Were the circumstances re
e ted, our Kovernmeol would,
Mr' Chase thought,' accept the
explanation,' and let England
keep her rebels; and he could
not divest bimbell of the betiel
that, were the case tairly tin
deratood, the B itish govern-
ment would do likewise. '
v 'But,' continued SecreUry
Chase, 'we can not afford de
lays. ' While the matter hanus
in uncertainty the public mind
will remain dicquieted, pur
commerce will suffer ierioua
harm, our actinu against the
rebels must be greatly hinder
ed, and the restoration ot our
prjisperitylargply identified
with thai of all nations muft
be delayed. Better, then to
make now the sacrifice of leel
ing involved in the surrender
ol these rebel., than even avoid
it by the delays . which vxpla
nations must occasion. 1 give
my adhesion, therelore to the
conclusibu at which the Secre
tary of State has arrived.
'It is gt.ll and wormwood to
me. Rather than consent to the
liberation of these men, I would
sacrifice everything I possess.
But I am consoled by the re
flection tbt, while nothing but
severest retribution is due to
them, the surrender, under ex
liling circumstances, is but
simply doing riht simply
proving fanblut to, our own
ideas aud traditions under
strong temotaiions to violate
them; simply giving to Eug
land and the world the moat
signal prool that the American
nation will not, under any cir
cumHiaiices, lor the sake olio
flictingjust punishment on reb
els, commit .even a technic
Arong Hgainst neutrals."
Tub important phase of thi"
election consists in its hearing
upon ihe political complexion
n the in xl Congress. The
members elect in Ohio are as
ioIIows: 'i
rehee; Teuth Cliarlel Eoiirr;
Fifteenth, N U. Van Vorhen
Sixteenth, Lorenzo ; Danioni
Seventeeth, L.T U. VVu'ndwwrili;
Eighteenth,- JameB Monroe
Nineteenth, Jaa. A. Oarfleid.
First Dia'rict, Milton Savior,
Second, U. B. Banning; Third,
J. ti 6av.gi Fi hrtli, A.tsi1,
Mahoii; Fifth; A. V.Rio; Sixth,
F. LI. Uurd; Seventh, . L
Neal; Niulh, E. F Poppleion;
Eleventh, J.L Vance; Tweljth,
A T. Waliing; Thirl eenth, M.
S. Suuthard; Fourteenth, J.
Cowan Twentieth, U. "B.
Fayne. j.v : , v :
SevenRepublicans thirteen
Democrats' an exact reversal
of the relative strength, oh the
trar ies id the present Congress.
At TsbrkBuNSI Parish, Lou,
isiana, last week. Amos Simms,
negro Sheriff-elected on the
compromise ticket, was attack
.. .C.i.iv- . .... ;j..
ed by seven negroes, in Uouma,
Simms ran from the party three
turned upon them and. fired,
killing one and wounding an
ottier Simms immediately iur
rendered himself and .wai tent
to jail, which y as f vsrdodi
ing the night by a quad ol 01U
Kens.' 1 Repeated: rtrwele
made to lay thi'tdwn itfasHes
Burlington, Iowa Hawkeye.
Bureau Can You Spell It.
Ou the wharfboat, yesterday,
was a Urge and anxious orbwd,
eagerly gathered round a lot of
household trspa which ware
waiting shipment, and betting
fast tand furiously on the spell
ing of the word bureau.
, In f he party was a furniture
man, anu 10 nra was awaraea
the double' honor of holding
the stakes and deciding, the
bets. ' ' The word had been
spelled b-a e-r-b, L-e r u-at b-u.
L,el5iLilSi'. w - e u f--u
b-u-e-r-u-e,Ab-a u o t- wb-o-u-
r o-u,b-u-r o e.b-u-r-o-o.b e-r u-r-n-o,
bi r u-o,:and every oth
er way jn whioti the word could
poisibj1 hgoJ at. And now
bey all bad their money up on
their way of spelling,' and were
anxiously 6 wailing) ih'el dsci
eicn ol thn tormture man, who,
having occasiri" t'oT use" .ihe
word every dy was, of course,
competent authority,
"Gentlemen. said he, (be
bet. are off The . word about
who you' are disputing, com
plex as it mny seem, orthp-
graphically I considered, is, in
reality, one of the most simple
ol the many words which, be it
In the channels of business, in
estate circles or around the do
(nestle fireside, are of daily re
currence and which every one
iu this enlightened age shonld
know how to tpeit, and spell
correctly. : Gentlemen, you
overlook the proounciation.and
here is where your error arises;
werA you to pause for a moment
and consider how simple the
word w, you could not possibly
make such egregious blunders
It giye me pleasure to decide
the question at once, and re
turn you each his. respective
money, without further dispute.
You were air of you in the
wroug, aud hereafter it is to be
hoped you will not attempt to
stake your money concerning
which you show so lamentable
a degree ot ignorauce. , The
correct orthography, as UBed by
me , during the last twenty
years, is, ,b-n-bu-r-o-w row
AndTthen that crowd took
each man bis respective money
and w,a(ked thougbtlully away
Diore'llui) ever, convinced
unexplaiuable intricacies
the English language.
the Pope and the Freemasons.
. J Ue Jrope has just ben ex
pelled from the Order of Free
hijapoiiBjCy. ,r jf decree, pfj ihe
(jrand Lodge ol.the Orient
FulmerO. , This decree, which
i published in the official pa
per of. th'e Order ol Free ma
sons at. Cologu'e, Is. dated
M'rcli 27b, and runs as fol
T6ti ! A: man named Maslai
Firreiti, ' w'lip received the
baptism of Freemasonry and
solemnly 'pledged his love
and lellowship, and who after
wards was crowned Pope aud
King ' under the titl ol Pio
Nono, has now cursed bis lorm-
er brethren, and . excommunl.
cated Aft "members oi the Or
der, of Freemasons Therefore,
said M'astai Ferretti is here
with, by decree ot the Grand
Lm'tse of tho Orient, Palmero,
expelled from the order
perjury. The charges against
lh Pope were first preferred
in bis' lodge at Palmero,
1865, and notification and copy
ihereoi sent to Rome, with
request to attend the lodge
the purpose of his vindication,
To this (he t Pope made no Te
ply; and lor divers r.e.afipns the
charges were not pressed un
UI th Pope nrged the clergy
of Brazil to , aggressive meas
urea -agains the-Freemasons
of that' oountrf," Then ;
I charges weret pressed, and
dcoud and tDiru nounoatmn
sent, and aiter, a ormal trial
decree j.ql. eJcpulson, was.,n
tered and caused to wpuqiisb
ed. The decree .bears the vie
nature,! of. Victor .Emmanuel,
King, ot JiUy,GMnd(JiI
bl ine Orient ol Italy.
Dramatic Confession of an Indiana
On the 29th , of October Jo
seph Bobbins, a bridge watch
man at Kaskaskia : River, on
the Vandalia Raljr.oad,iq Illm-
oi s, was murdered. Nathan
Burger, a neighbor of Robbing,
was arrested by the offioiala of
Fayette county, and the evi
dence against- him was so
strong1 that he has made the
following confession in open
Court : "I knew' the Vandalia
pay car had passed that after
noon, and had paid . ivibbins
his month's wages. 1 got that
shotgun,' and went to the
bridge. At I approached the
watch. house, . I saw,, through
the window Rohbins iitting'io
lue, Li is thouidert and head
only could be ' seen. . T raised
the cun and fired.1. '1 then bet-
italed a few' minutes to see if
the. report of the gnui had
aroused any one. '. I then went
up to the watch house door, aud
fouud Ronbius.on his knees
praying. I plainly beard him
ay, 'U. M"d,. have meroy on
the one who did. this.' Snare
him for Jesus take.' ,
UI was' horrified and turned
and ran, I did. not know where.
j i . i . . .
I did not enter the house nor
touch the door.. His . words
haunt me still.". , .
The turn of monpy for which
Rubbins was murdered was
only thirty-one dollars aud fif
teen cents. There is great ex
citement iu Fayette Co. and
hreats of lynching Burges9.
Thi Marshal bt the village
of 'Oak Hill was-on trial lasy
week for assault and battery.
A number ol youjig1 men were
sitting in front ot the Post Of
fice, late at night, and were
making some noise.' The Mar,
shal, Thomas Griffiths, came to
them and tela them they must
not be 30 noisy . One Moses
Roberts got up and swore he
was not alraid of the Marshal,
and that no d d. white man
could arrest him. He then
started across the street, when
Griffiths pursued him land at
tempted to arrest him. Rob
erts, being drunk, ' resisted,
when' Griffiths knocked him
down, splitting his lip. The
Court lound Griffi is not guilty.
This Was the proper finding If
every drunken ruffian i to be
permitted to resist the 'officers
of the law, and it is assault and
battery to overcome such when
attempting to make arrests
then every man must arm him
self and general anarchy, will
—Jackson Standard.
ard, -.. . 1
Tus Germans of "this city
have organized a club soiiie
time ago, known' as the Schil
ler club.' , Their; otject was to
purchase ; during-, the week,
what beer they wanted to drink
Suudav, .as is the custom in
the old country. The plan is to
sell tickets, each picket repre
sents so much beer, and upon
the presentation of tbe ticket
Ihe beer is forthcoming, but
none sold for the money. Mr
Kleffner, the Superintendent of
(he tlul has been arrested on
a charge of violating the Sun
day ordinance, and hi is going
to test the matter in the court si
If he loses, the Schiller - club
will haVe t6 do without their
Sunday beer, or take it home
—Portsmouth Times.
i j i.
of McArthur, is in the city vis
iting1 her niece, Mis Sarah
Pierson.MrsvB. came to this
State in 1814, and is now eigh:
ty-seven years old, and hat
lived to see her grand child's
grand child, forty1 five 'great
grand children. 6be is a lady
alike for strength ot mind and
body, and., baa within the i last
tayf months published a book
of personal reminiscences,
and selected, .a, a memento to
keb'namerons ndesesndaats.
Chillicothe Gazette.
A pax which had been set by
Mr. W a j mire on hit farm in
Butler township, near Dayton.
Ohio, Thursday. morning week,
to burn stumps and brush ex
tended to ;.j tbe surrounding
fields, via. the zigzag fencing,
and by noon of that day spread
over two farms, destroying .ev
cry thing in its way. - The next
day it had become formidable,
and ell day Friday aud Satur
day the people for miles aronud
were fighting the fire; and by
tearing down fencing, plowing
and using .water abundantly,
the flitnes were hedged in, and
were finslly extinguished,: A
great deal of fencing, timber,
cord-wood, com, eto, waa,1de
stroyed, and. the Joss it consld
erable. .. Nothing but ihe, most
indomitable, energy ; and bard
work prevented a general and
disastrous conflagration.
i r C ' -
' 'a sioosd fii'u occurred at the
State Retorm School,' at Lan
caster, On Nov. lOifi, being the
work of an incendiary.' ' The
cattle barn in the orchard Was
entirely destroyed, along with
five head of' cattle, and a large
quantity of grain and hay.
Commissioner Howe firmly be
lieyes in the ' fuuooeuce of the
boys, declaring that they were
all accouuted lor at ihe time
the fire broke out. Pre para
tlons for burning the new barn
had also been made; kindling
and shavings were found piled
against the barn, aud the vil
lains were evidently frightened
irom the accomplishment ol
their design by some children
playing near the barn. '
' M I. i ii
. Pathick , LiiNEY lelt in , his
will the following important
passage;''! have now disposed
of all of my property to my
family; there is one thing more
I wish I could, give them, and
that is Ihe Christian religion
If they had that, and I bad not
given them one. shilling, they
would bench; and if they had
not that, and I had given them
all' the world, they would be
poor. f
'RlU tor Kansas! One of, the,
scattering crumbs of comloft
lies in the fact thai Kansas has
this ear given a Republican
majority of 12 000 against 3.000
last year. She has elected
Republican Governor, an ' en
tire Republican Congressions
delegation and a Legislature
wbjcu is two-thirds Repubh
can. . ...
Alwayb acknoweidge ' all
coutesies In a kindly spirit.
Throw a" boquet and a card of
thanks to a' serenading party.
if not prepared to Invite then
in. If you haven't a' boquet 'or
1 r. . 'I. (I , V
a cara at - nanu, tnrow a coot
jack, or a brick or anything o
that sort, just to show your ap
preciation ot the' kindness in
tended.5 11 '
ii' " i i t.Vi
. Oh Tuesday night of .last
week,J(hn H. Pufnam, Gov.
Allen's private secre'ary, while
suffering from temporay ill
ness, attempted to lake a dose
of paregoric, but instead, got
hold of the wrong bottle, and
look an immense dose of Fow
ler's , soluiion of arsenic. 1A
stomach-pump ; soon, relieved
him, ang he ii attending to
business to day., , i
' Thz following are the leading
points of the Democtktio plat
form in New York i 1 . i i .J
hL ' Gold and f ilter the only
legal Under, ho oarrwwy inbon
vertible with eoin.ij
a Stiady tteft towards spe
eU payments, no tep laehoardt
8. , Rojtttt payment of the
public debtin coinf taeredprei
ervation of the public faith. t , -
Tbi first attempt of the
Prussian OoretnnJene to have
priests elected by congrega
tio'na has taken place at Sands
Lberg, b and resulted. ins utter
' faiinte. Onlyelevett peraoxa
I offered to vottv : 'A i ; , i I
One qaaf,... (1 Cfl
tehddrttoUk.;eJtlo ... t
Cut! pery i --f-i. lO s
Loeei aotlpt m Bna,7T.".T. ""th
Tearly adrrtlaementa flCD tJ
aofaoB,and at proportionate rats pet
teiitpace. Payabie la advsne.
EST The Ecord beta the eSelaJ
paper of th to, and bavlsg tie
iargait ef reatetioa of any paper ut tr
oounty, offers superior UJaatmexta
to advertttera:
Decidedly Cool.
Oarl rjchurz denouncing eaf
pet-baggers... If there ! to t
found a more snoceufal car
pet-bagger than Oarl 8chcr -.
Barnom sbould secure hla at
once. He would be a corlo.
Taz loss sustained by the
fire at the Stte Reform fSchobt
last 'Saturday night, Is some .
where in the neighborhood hi
f 15,000, No 'Jssurauct,' Tho
building was 120 by 400 feet,
and contained the shoe ahT&y,
chair factory, and brush and ,
broom ' factories Five boo
dred pairs of shoe! wi Ci
Ul aoBfl, the orgaft of 11
RussUnVGovernmejBaajf tka)t:",
the . .' Mon'teoegran,' mass acres
can Aot7b .pvejlopkedf. . Tor
Key most mete oat speedy jof
uca to me perpetrators, ana
make ' , re'paration lor . their
orimesr The great powers havo
aavisea tne rone to ttxe iaw
course. , .
, Tju 6:S0.AM; railway tralf.
bearing Coupt Jqn , Bradsm-
burg, minister of Germany at
Lisbon, who was 9n his way
home, was stopped by brig,
ahds near Oiudad Real,, la
Spain, a short lime ago and tho
minister robbed of 1400. la
cash, his watch,' and .all the
aluables'he had on his person.
' A f ABatBK in ah adjoining
township: complains- that' a
hook and lader company ; has
been organised in his neigl-
borhood. ' He states that : the
ladder is used after might fa
ohmbing' Into ' his chlckt'a
house, after which the hook.
Hocking Sentinel.
Tbb Third Assistant Poit.
master-General, in his annual
report, estimate that tho pro
portion of washed stamps, used
again in payment of postage,
is five pet cent, of tba value
of all the stamps sold eaob.
year, causing an annual loss of
$1,000,000 , to the revenue ot
the department. ; '..II
LO. VasPblt "the wicted
est , man in Ohio" Is proving
his right to the reputation giv.
en him. He has returned to
hit former occupation and ha
opened a whisky shop in Wil
mington. : : ,
Tub co-opetative coal com
pany reports more orders than
they can fill immediately. Thi
is at present, we believe an ex
n A tract. of magnificently
Umbered and very fertile land
covering about half o million
acres, has lately been discov
ered, in the . middle . of New
foundland. ,; i J ((. . .;, ;u
' OltiCKM arrested Angela
Antonio, at New York, Oct. 85,
oh 1 a ohargo of murdoring
Goiseppe AbigUand and savea
others, in; San Sunesne, Italy,
in the jnear 1867. ' '
" : Ir yon ' are ' going to MonU
na; put a fow apples hi your
coat-tail v pockets. They 5 will
sell for forty cents-'1 arises
when yoa get there; :
ii.: n:
, Tbb Pr.nce Imperial has Jott
been left a legacy ot 50,000
frsnci , by, ,Mr. Charles. lUaa
topr who. was. formerly pilvato
chaplatQ. to Napnle.qo HI. .
.Tbb Denjocratip papers pt&
itkind'ness,'' when it bemo
cratio Supenntendent pats Lit;
tle orphan glrU (jf seyenteea.
to front of their Jbacka. 11
n: r; ' 1 " ' y '" '" "-uia'-I
, MOtaHi. anybody to eat, ap
ple ' eoreel . inquires , si ( eX
ohango.'"And ourrepJf li ef
course not. . ,:, ;
: fsfVt LntD has been ippoint
ed on the) pforessloflal atlffia
tho .RheniV.ttig Cshdol.ef
Mtulo, Xtte&- . ' . vv.'

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