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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 19, 1874, Image 2

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J H E -V 1 HT Q f h n E C 0 R D.
klVi 'Sxi lO. 1814.
At il-ii-i!.', - iiM
tih.'Jlia'liiUori 'Krfcofi hcvrrar'' and
wk.bSi?; kl fm. t bargain to
'cAAtnjcr. ''jk'-pp'Tj'tqf or sddrtii ".
-5iIdUi4 ItAPKK; MoArthor, 0.
We See by Hiy Knquirer that
'Y!nV papers qije o Ignorant p
eovernm our public
-Itititiotions as to attribute the
appointment of Dr Janner as
,! permtendent of the Soldiers'
Orjihuns llome, to Gov. Allen.
U her writers of as little sense,1
state (hat members of Ihe Leg.
Mature are responsible f.r ,jja
JVe'lejCt ioti. PortmoutiK Timft.
Tho 8rea'ier porl.tia 'of. the
'citizens of Ohio. -undera'and
. Jlus maiter. While Gov. Allen
jor the Legislature did not em
'jpLo Jenner -they are recpon
Uible for the change, of Super,
jntendent. Brother Newman.
fesip$4 t0 ,eSi8,ale thq ..old
Board of Mnnager3. out ot
place and Governor Allen ,ap
"pointed a new Board giving
Jfh4 Democracy majority on
Hfial' BoirdV' The new Board
Sharged ' Dr. Uriswold 'and
Viip!o3ei' ;J'enner." Why the
Wge?Vhatbad Dr. Gns
'WoM done.' or the old Board
ldl required tbeir removal
Tket,whole"truth Is Jenner was
u laborer in, the. party vine!
,yWd aftd hd to -hate his re-Wa'rd--aiid
the Legislature did
561 Hesitate to jeopardize-that
'.tiStftution to ' fix a' place lor
lett'ner.' Then they let him re
Jigix11 tinder charges, thus. es;
eap'itip a lull investigation into
nis Tricked' and trutal conduct
It'comeswfth a bid grace from
oliticiao who never "rises
lgve par(y, to tempt now
iii.i,ti.i9 responsibility
jl turning opt a. good man, be
jause (he 7as KepubJican,
tad; jjutUDg in a i villain .be
ause Jie;jwas a Democrat.
Jjo one cjaims that J winter, wait
appointed because he was a
jff8llTul D9-was appoint
ed beoaase he was a Democrat
-regardless of his "being a
fagcal. " We expect to learn ol
other pets ol thelateLegisJatute
"turning bur equally bud when
1heychave time to develop
""riotWwever, all in the same
aa' aid the iruniortalJen-
The Reform School Incendiary
Q'.' rary t.tht expectations
y.Coiumissi.iner i.Llnwe, the
.Ijfpruijichool . Incendiar.v his
ojirpven atx inmate of the infti
tAu.tjon, .lie. was suspected ami
Avrt .TiiurdJay night arrested.
nud made a full cnnlession.
Ho t5 sixteen 'years of age,
fto Cincinnati,' and has been
"HtMlfe farm for two' years. Uis
hl'atn'o : is Kelley. and his plan
5$ 'tfesJroy the farm buildings
bWi't51firerwdly' concocted and
was successfully excuted to the
srtenl,. the Urg' shoe 'and
tbrsblilactoryvand tlra sttfdl
tbaihpewtailiig a loss of -abou
6i8jQD(X- vLas(Hight'hj intend-
adHtQo lire" oue of the family
buildings, but his little gam
was opportunely nipped in the
A Much Married Congressman.
Ih the notice oi contest lor a
feaVio CongreB8..as delegate
'from' Utah. K,
V. Baokius
cburgea O. Q.
Cannon with
,h act ,ol -UpngretM ;ol 1862
( regarding pol gamy, .that he
Jias jparned Elizt Youug, Mar
tha feella, Eua UwagJand nd
Sarah -JaH-Ying, and tu'vt he
has married ODe woman siuct
TheVassage of that' act'' !'
wply Gannon aiates that
iV tha' lec'llbn; lie' received
6om24,0OO votes to 4,000 cast
for btnrpptiiiSlit; andjhat.be
niti Vei"'nainra)'iied lie de
"nieg tnal ty being af'M'oimou
of otherwise he has en tered id
i&impivpii refaiioni.; i1 ' ;
Fbeo.-fccniLLi a wm appoint
cd' adiniliIirtor' fil Lis" niur
ifered brother, Llertiian.' T
ropfcrty Is eitiiuuied al 12,000
ia' personalty. ' 'J's " " ;
-? ilut , ipura-! oii by General
Anthony Wayne are iff pbwes
icut'of fady'iti'iliiii city.
Court of Common Pleas.
Court adjourned Jest Satur
day, after a two weeks' ad
jnunied seson. j : v.'i t
Muny cases were cnnUnaed.
Some on leave to amend pled
inp. Quite a' number of cases
were'dlji'ed of. I r 5 i
..John Banner' vs. Il.'J. narn"
ilton. Continued on lorrer or,
ler -.of. referenre. 1'tiU case
stands referred to the Masier
Commissioner. ' ' -'
E. IV Winters vs. George
Brup.to,. On errtff. Judg-
nen; affirmed. ' '
Felton vs. Nunnemaker. Set
tled and dfsmissed.
' John R. Mills et al vs Matilda-'
J. Lnn. Rule on plaintiff
for security ol dost g by Nov. 16,
otherwise non-tuit. '
! O. 8 Clements vs. 11. J. Sum
mers. Rule on plaintiff lor cod
uithin 39 days, leave to amend
within 30 days. ' Continued.
B. M. L't-rk vs. K irns. Re
Hpprauemeut of real estate or
dered. ' '
Kennedy 4 Co; vs. Samuel
Reeves. Demurrer to answer
overruled, leave to reply." Con
tinucd. ' ' 1 ' '
Trustees of original surveyed
Tp. No97fcc., ex "parte. . Re
port of Coiumissioueri certified
to Auditor.
Siepbenspn vs. M & C. R K
Co.. Ssc. Leave to file petition
in 30 days. Contiuued,
Nroes Kardon & Son vs. El
len O. RdUiy. Continued lor
service.; . .
Josiali Gregory ys. Ellen C.
Jvemy. Coutinued lor. ser
vice. .., , ;.
. Josiah Gregory vs. II. Millc.
Rule on plain 1 ifX for 'Security
lor costs 30 days.
J. M. Dili. Matter of insolv
ency. Leave to file petition
refused. Proceedings dismiss-
. John Humphrey vs. M. & C.
K. R. Co,, as .re-organized.
Leave to Gle petition in 30Jays.
G;- McA. & C. R R. Co. vs
B. Aiken. Trial by jury. Ver
dict lor plaintiff Motion for
nw mal sustained. '
T. B Davis v-., M irk and Ab
bot. S ilt confirmed.
R. Leonliart vs. Bmcroft et
a I. Rule on plaintiff, security
tor costs and leave to answer.
Continued.' , ',
Nelson Richmond vs. M. &
C. R. Co., &o. Settled, No
record. ... !
Portsmouth 'Agricultural
Works vs Thomas J. Brew-r.
Judgmeut by delaulf, $134 26.
Amzi Morgan vs. McWhor-
ter.' Trial by Jury. Verdict
lor plaint ifl, $10 '
Margaret Uainsworih vs
Isaac lUinworih. Evidence
heard on petition and cross pe
tition. Cause dismissed -as to
petition and cross petition ' '
J. P. Dunkle vs. John Lr
Judguient by default, $528.36
Judgment expended with leave
to answer. Continued.
' Stale vs. Warren. Reeves.
VerdicUnot guilty.' . v
, Amo& p.iKeiil vs. M. & O R.
R, Co., &c. . Settled and costs
paid. ,-,Np reci.rd. ,: ; j
i Uarvey ; Wello ys.hVinton
Purdy. Trial by Court; Judg
ment for plaintiff. $105.
J iio3. Lnvell vsi T. A. MaVfin
k Son. Demurrer' to petition
unstained,' leave to amend pe
iition in' 3l days.'Cbhliiiued
' Paris Uorlon vs. Henry HvR
h.'nes. Jury'trial.'; Verdicllor
plaintiff.' ;' 1 1
Urbsyenor vs. Lockhard.
Motion lor new trial overruled.
- Nelson' Richmond fct al vc.
Cincinnati Furnace Co; 'Con
tlnued at plaintifiV cost. 1 ';
Ephraim Hunter vs. Rebec
ca'jfjunter, adminiatratrtx of A.
L. Uun.'er, deceased.' Jury tri
kL , Verdi.ct fur defendaut.
v. John . Danjherly;.V8 J. G
Swetlaod et.al. Decree, for
$298 26V Order ef awle of prem
isea. . Cuntinued aa iU an We
el U. U. .Jvne8.-t.Questii.il oi
priority of'.li'eut and costs re'
aerved. ",-'. ' .' .
. jfjhar. F. Dulae.vs, Santnel
8. Price.; Decree n dtlalt
420740.i . -
- .'iienfy Gillman vs. Cornelian
Kriis. : Juduani by. dtUulr,
130jj civsle v'nO .,ae iil
lielTettA Slonner ri. iopb
Kaftret1 alJudgranr lor
plaintiff. ." ' '
Etixa Bay r vel Mary P. Ool
land et al. On demurrer to pe
lition'taken anderftdrisement
bv Court. " ' ' f
Saiu vs. Mary J.D.l!ght: . De
murer to answer taftenunder
advieen eut- .-.ir --
Singer Manufacl uring Cp. ys
J. P. Dunkle, ' ' Demurrer to pe.
tidion ' sustained; - Ieave-) to'
aetfid. A Continued. ' " ' (
Thomas 'Foley' V& Wdk J
Gold. On error: '' Judgment
affirmed. ' ;' -' r; ' ''
Ve have not a full reporj
this week; Will try to com.
plete the report next week.' 1
n 1 :
Hideous Murder.
The Waterloo, Monroe coun
ty, Illinois, Timet, ha? .an ac
count of the arrest and pre
liminary examination of Bar-
11 ey McMalibn, lormerly living
three miles troiq . cunKsv.'lle,
Monroe county, (or the murder
of hia wi e on tie 9 U ot A'l
gust, and the subsequent burn
ing' ot her body. It appears
that McMahon and hU wife
lived uuhappily, frequent qur
reia occurring uetween tnetn,
and his children by a former
wife' treated her very badly.
Mrs McMalion bad left home
several times under harsh
treatment, but was always per
suaded to come' back . bv her
husband. Ou the 8 h of Au
gust McMalion sent, bis chil
dren to visit Iriends: on ilieir
return next day said their
mother had stalled for B.irks
ville, since which she had not
been Feen or heard of. On the
day oi the alleged disappear:
anced the' woman: McMalion
fired a log heap i6ine distance
imm tlie houe and kept it
burning two weeks. It emit
ted a terrible stench, and when
asked tlie: cause, AlcMahorj
xaid he was burning chickens
that had died of, cholera. nSus
piclon having . recently ..been
aroused that M18. MeMahon
had been foully dealt with,
Samuel Piotine. an independ
ent detective 01 St. L uia, was
employed to work up the cafte
Proline and Piosecuting. At:
torney Jleiser arrived here to
day, and the Evening Dispatch
icives quite a lengthy account
of the tiff. ir as derived from
Alter McMahon's log heap
burned . jdown the ground
wua plowe.1 over, but on fxam-
ination by Proline a lew days
aj:o several hair pine,' buttons
and bones, which looked like
finger bones, and part ' ot an
upper jaw bone attached, were
tound. Thia led to the arrest
ol M Malion, and the evidence
adduced at the preliminary ex
amination, and the improbable
and contradictory statements
made by. McMalion- and hi
children led to his being held
in. $1000 bond charged with
manslaughter. Th re ia great
excitement in 't he vicinity .
McMalion is we ij .advanced in
life and has grown chlidjen.,,, ,
; Now '"las' the "wlniligig'Hi
1'ime brbbglit na all of our re
venues ' 01V last 'purtimer'a fiie
aiKfrnosquitoep! The buzzers
and biters' are benumbed with
age ! and 'cool bre ze have
nhorn them'1 of ' their '-power
and 'they are perishing of help.
tessness7 and itianiiion, while
their victims ol July and Au
gust sweetly sl'imber the sleep
of' the just" uider pairs bl
blankela. 1 ' 1 ' !
Jh D. Lee, now 1 in' prison
at Beater, charged with being
connected with the Mountain
Meadow-:. massacre of ill 857
lien .120 mirant9r.; where
murdered, it ia said will give a
true history ol the whole affair.
tory ol the whol& affair,
namea 61 IhV partiei
ant! the
7st Aruerionn Jipre8s. Com'
pinjfV neinfer on the IV
ruutu Branch i'ol the XJreat
WtjkUrn:: Railway, was fobbed
t : Toronto, .iNoveraber 13,
about B o'cioi-k.b)- five maski-d
roLoerV. 1 The amount ol mon
ey lost it supposed to be J12,'
000 or 815,000 i .'i . Vol
- NiL84'Jtvou Lat a miUtarjr
revive the
Datton hat about 350
loons. '!
Xk 4on i will .winter two
Thk New" York World iTval
ued at one million dollars.-'
" TnTGayiord' rolling mill at
Portsmouth. :has ." closed for
want of orders, -; . .: ; : ()
. James Emuitt's Waverly dis
tillery how mashes 6S0 bushels
ol corn per day. - '' '-':v
1 A Dattos hotel' chamberi
maid' captured a burglar ' the
other day. ' e 3 a v :,
Thk mullon-bead ol the Mc
Anhur Enquirer, ppells jt
soupe. Logan Republican. t
An exchange offers a reward
lor any two Democrats who
airree on finance
1 i
. v. TO
1019 im pmr:r tor 109
rrHK (.AZETTR 11 Oi
ctI iffiniw of
ry.knnan and ra rttntadf
Thonimnil l rnx ihul finT rotnbui
to IU KrwiillDMl ' Jiln.o unnmllr.
A- vomnip'il paprr it KUBiUrita-
ll K" H the Bw f ibt dtj.
Hots tie fellowiDg Club Bates 1
40 ... 1 ts
m (M IM
Terms of tls Semi-WeeUy for 1875.
PiBttp', HKln.li fiwtUc. Man
Cm'. inan4 leop'i m.-i. r4yh s t$
iiutotiai o'tt " in
. 50 MOEfl'OSTAGE.
It wi'l h nHiTTd frrtm th h lht w
hT mH hrj rwtntinn in n.ir rtoh pri-
f. n-i mm. "hit r"t. hK'h h hrt
tor lwn t ih nKihr. if rnt pr
nnam on lh Wwtilr. no I 4 wot pr
niim on tt.r Hmt-wrekly, will lie priid tj
AHdilinn mT t tnnrir toftiihunt unr limn
rinrinir lh Tnr. t thrlnn pwe. th iiiib
riiptinn.rinlnnmt full mtn"ffl Hit lime
the iH innn. hl h Nn mudfl.
HpiiimCo'iiMnTmi,' 4
Bador tmu It IikuM
l9noTlS74 w
Central House.
WOBKMAN &HULTCK, Proprietors,
N. Hign Et bt'n SD'-ing & Chestnut
TERMS, fl 50 r-BR DA?.
Th Avr honiw m nw hnmlanmoiy nir
nNhd, oenlrnllv inot.d. ionfnint n tho
dfpat, nud lh tile iiinilid with lh of
lh mrkt iiUnvt'. Th prnnrieforn lnit
ihirfrionds Id Vinton county to thpm a
cull. lnov!874
The Wllton Coal and Iron Compnjr har
iIh, iilpii to "tier two hundred Iota lor ale at
WelMon ' Th' wle will commence oo the
n orplna qf j , , j ,:t j; (. ! .
NOVEMBER 18th 1874
. Wetaton wai laid ont In th Spring of tha
prrai-nt jfenr, nd nl ' prondaa of beconilna
one of the moat tlirlvlnic and iiaporiaot town
In Southern Ohl". The t wit ' l located on th
P.irtumi.o'h Dancl'K th M. AC R R . al.mt
elf-ht mile North of Jvkan O. II. and In tha
hart ol th. mal and Irun htlt nf that eecllnn,
E'uhl month, a to thk bwi wm fl'at laid on,
now. the ax nnl t-aaimer, and every tiwd of ron
l Heard. andVlniiidrrd octnplrtl -dwelling, 'telj
whal eight ihori mnntha can brln forth where
Hi HMiirn of thing irnlre lh bn Wing Ufa,
ton Ie haa now a rMii.aUtton of Mrentl luui.
' dred lnkaliitwlti, two (., a larval and
nuitona mitai, a pitming end law mm. One
lait tnrete mj.t'pr.atlnn. an two' iher thai
will go Into blaat In Wi daja ft cm thl da'e, m.d
welt Pnmnier taomore are exireteS II I
mrnred. Here a tlioneand labor. ni can And rm
pli'tnenn and nilllton of dollar! can he 'Julio
ionalji and frontably ijTrated. Laboilng nun,
m loTitwl to tpend day er two, and com..'o
Welleton and are for tliemarlrer, and tor all
nth ho wirii . to etcnr a hntbe . and -locate at
Dill p Int, we can aa; that the mm liberal
inilncrmaiiie , will be . gaaranieed to
tn.m, for there ta and wl II he a t-onntant d.
m lid for labor of all kind..t liheralanri Dat
ing wagea. llou.ee are in great demand, and
capital net" run mi l .ia ana tuim nweillnaa,
inst rent- win Tieto a nan.i.nnie late otin
tereel. henHlpe the hemS" Ihey will aeenre to
lhnnel(i hr the increase In th Talne or tha
real catate. It ia rare thi.l etnTi en on or
tunil for nrnfltnble linenment in real e.lata
hna been ottered to the people of i "hio. 'here
in no neen in go w pi tor eupn an npnortuni
ly, tor In Welleton ynn hea a man laid mil
aan eianeo iinoer ancpn-ea wnu n inanrea
.1,nm inhahitun'a in S rara from the day it
waa pianei. rnree iriant .rnrnnoea in -the
town, and 10 or 12 within rariina f I m'lea
BertwaiCalen.lling mill and fonndnea, be.
Idee tfteiewili tieaneT,rlnorreeinii Jeielnn
itienl nf the'faei'itiea.for mmin and arnnMan
the wonderful hloek eoal nndrrlying the tn
nd the biad nC that eeotinn. wIik-Ii will add
eonlinued importance to thia town and inenra
tin rapid growth, - Tonngainwa, with a nre
ent ponnlaiinn of n,non inhahifanta. in year
ao il id not hare half the natnraf and neoeaa
airy adeantagee now poeaeaeed hy Wellelon.
Take the ear lo Hamdea, an:he It CP
R.,and their, change In foitemr nth Hram a
Pale to-be conducted by J. 8. 1'oater and T,
V. McElwain'. ,
By oilier of Ihe Board hi lireetor. -
.. . np. Welleto OmI and Iron Cov
' T. Sr. OCLK, o-retry. .
. otaBibM Uih, l7. . ,r ,. . .
Cheap farma . page pamph.el free Oouo
;(i-ceat, ,
UCBA, Kaiten.Ud.
Wmaeiw Of THREE H IS H Eft BED
AU and DlfLOHA UE HOAttet. al
Vienrn. 17. ano -ne, to7' uo oiler th
riSlHT ASKOKTBE.Nf 01 the BlhT
ABIALT UltUAJtl ao the WO.p,
lociuuiDa new el. uh recent impiove
ni rata , urhm rtly,r uA. e ferreertt, hut
E&THv h nni favorable evi otfrred.
i l.EaC Or lKCUAt,l.. almt
' pan ot ih, oounirf. Kirai pa meat 9.tK or
.upward ' .
I - lllwtraied' Catnlogne and rlrculaix, with
i rni parMOaia, Di two oa rtqt.eec.. Ad
.drew-, i , ..... i ., - r;.
jMtib,Iww jork.aiiCbJctjto.; J
C. 1 -: tll.i . In, .!
.! t
?1-V Vj-'J if !' '.(7 ,
AlwaysKeeps a Full Line of
i '.at .3,1 v!! . .Uii J in i .) ;
Jresb rrugs, Pafnta. Oils Varid8hi
Dye Stuffs, and Pure liquors for Me
dicltiiil purpoiVa.1 ' ' " ' iJ !tvl '! '
" ' - 1 V : 1
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soaps. Hair
Oil". Pomade. Hair. Wall; Tooth. Flesh
and Clothes finishes, Crbs,'V9 v j
School Boftti blank 'Bookie Copy
Books, Pens,' Ink, Paper and Pencil
Envelopes, Slates. ... - oJ ; ,
! ' Fine Cut. Phi jr. i newltijra'iiff Smdk
lng Tobacco; Clar Pipes." . -' ii
' ' Lanterns, LaiiipaXliltiiiiejs, Shailes,
Coal Oil. ;! i f!v' t ; bMl .-.( ,'.'
A full line orGold.Coral. Jet, Topaz,
Amethyst. Agte,Garn'tt Sets, BiHce
leia. Finger and Eur Itiiiga, Necklaces
Sleeve Buitjiis.
Mil 1 ,
' Needles for all kinds of S injr ila
Wn.:. ! ;; .-.!,!: .
Musical Instruments, Tuulng Forks
Violin and Uuitar Strings.
Clocks, Witches and Keys. ' '
Toilet and Work Boxes, ond an eud
lesa Tarii'ty ot Toys.
... 1 . . . . I . :.t
lamal?o ajrent (or all the Mn:a'
li net, P riiKllcultt, Literary and Daily
Papers which I luml-h from three
day to a week in advance o( those
funiUhtil by niaiL
All of the Above,' and a
Thousand Other Arti-" :
cles, to be had at'' '
' MA1X ' STS'ABIli TB, O., ' ' '
vi. '. . ' -r . , : .
V UI ICR lln rel.y given that a petition ill
i he preaented lo lh Cnnmileaionera' of
Vininn County, tihin m their iirxt regulxr
eexaion, lo be' held on, the firtt Mnndny of
liei-emoer, A l. I874i pinj'.ni; lor ihe ectnli
lihmtnt of a "fount y Koau" along the fid
loninn dewrllied route in friiid.-niintr, to wit:
tieginmngai the north end nf Hi ri.T li,kt
in the town of tcAltli ir, In mud i-nniity rf
Vinton, and Mate of. Ohio, and wliii h rapl
point ia on the qtmrter eectlnn line of ertton
number taeuty-nnp, (No. 21) townyhiu num
ber eleven, Mo. 1 1 Hint of ranire nitinlic'rtpv
enUrti. (No. 17) and about eeven mid tnirly
eight humlretha (7.M)1 rhniiia wrf nf the
qunrli-r etrtioo eoruer on lh cast aide ofeni.i
eet-'ion, and rnnnn g Ihetn'eceaai. on t r near
said qt niter eei-tinn l.ne, acnia Hie lanria ol
-Hiram Hulbert tntwiri eeclion Imr.iind ththvo
cuntinuing eai-t on or near the qiiHNemfctiou
line ut eei-Pon nnmlr tenty.twn,:(.No tin)
loHimliip and ranee aloreennl, l-t ten the
landa ol Clie-tr Krenoh and .1 f. Iiixini o4 :i he
eolith, and the ininl lamia of .Mra. amiinlh v
Ward and Arinin.n Caldwell on he north, to
a point al or ne.ir the ennth eat vnrner oi the
o.ilti-et q inrter of the iiunh.v.eei quarter
ol HKld neotinn nuinlor twei.tv-tuo, (Ml
lOWIlehlll. nillnher. anil rumia alVir.VMl.l:
llieni'e in a HouilwHUeilv uiren on on ihe
lauile ot kikI J. F. lhjcun lo a point upon
tve bntiK at Ihe head nf n email ravine, di
tant about two and niuotv hundretha U u")
I'liaiue; thence inn iiiureeiiMorly direutioii
along aaid ban to a point about thre an.
twenty hiiudieth ()') chain ai(iiut;
them-ein a n'trlh-etfaierly diiej-tion along ihe
iirow of eald lntik, bai k to. raid quarter aeo
tion line; thence enet, on or nexr to, earl qimr
ter eerlion liov, to a point at or near, hei
he i-reeK approHciiea near to eeiil qurter
if lion' line; tlienco in a north eaeterl) direo-
(inn along uie UHn. oi aalii creeK, tne nerc.i
and beai route, lo a, point in Ihe ceuterol the
road, at or near the g.te, and in fiont bl Wil.
Iiam oold'a liUickeh.ith Wl o,. and there to
end.' MAM I'KTIT I'Nfcrts.
HnArthur, O., November Sth, A. p. 1M'.
.it! '
A r TO i:lv AX LAW,
i t t..V ut 7 .'.1 VI ttt
M i.Daiia BniJDg'P. Stairs,.,
, Paint and Segond Streets."
' ' ''it a t
cniLLicoTim, o. "
Haa recei ved at CojA fricn a full f lortmeut
i. .1 , ' ! .:.' .i;;i i
Somestio Gotton and Woolen Goods
k. r 1 : j I i r-i ! J jj r ! . 2 1 u 0 7 0 j
Or all kind,
' i i 7 vl .T.. A C--i ti.Tj.'it;. ji
Flanu 'elt.' BlaKktti, 8hawls
Jean, , Cummere, . jfa-
1 terproof tulha. '
' Superior iualilie of
Black Silks1 Xljacca's and Mohairs.
lii M tlO i..-:V.C5 H2
1,000 Pieces of Oro Q--aiaEU)Lons,
all Silk at' to 25 cehU per'
: 'ii!.: i;i ,?'ioTard."vc-i Z i.o
'.:.( fi- I-, r,-: vti;';i.;
i. u. ; 1. .t ;..m..
:vj iJ d SZUl -Jilt j..i
MeN m jow, a, la; ;aiv er Kuktt.
Vi. '
State oAOfilo. Vinton Count
,11 'iS. B.'pa.ll'r.Pl.intll!.
y L.t lleafld. til.
, dchadintf .
Tin ton County Court of Common
- Fuat- An jtrdtr c(J. vr
nm iti1 Anm lle Courl nl (?( fnnmti
Menu nrrmtT)irctirtT,rtainfltfcttir
felwrilt ofiMhl t'ounlv. I will offer foi ! Oi
i nooftl ihf U4rr SiaM.la lh,toif o of kA
inur, vuilod i;ounir, 01110. od
) ') !. t i.-.l-i'. ' 'i
Satuiday, the 2t, Day of Hyem
; berj'A. D. 1874. ' . '
at th hnnr of 1 oVIrwk, P M. ofMiri ity, th
folM.wiCfr. dwk'fitvd binit tad irnmiii. Mt
uta in tur cAudivoI Vin'on nd8iloi Ohio,
mid in th liwn-hi f XitrrlMB od uad
ti nd ilPntrd Inllnw', to wit: Th
ouUj tI qiwrMr ( w jitf tq. (M
Bt, lnwDihip It A. (i mnr. raiig Ns. (ivi
niurlHB, eonlKinins (122lHi.HO) on liUDtrrd
tnd tm-ntjr twoanifna- l' orM, arcordiog
UDHMVPUiei-urf. nnr or i. j
ppriea i onf nmin-tM aoiir, ii.wi
nd nmitt br-iix two-thirdn ot ths.t unil ,1
' To bo i ld- Ihf inyfVT r B M n
Arid, ft ill, In mtitijr n ordrr nl unit. iutd
fmm4he Conn al -Common Pleat id Attor oT
Henry B. Mndlry ..... i ' '
TEKM8 OF bAI.Ei CnhiBhunion thuj
Of !?!. ...
iii Ir illlW , OrOKGE KALEn,
cliund Vintou Loupiy.
.Ocfobr-d,l74.. : i 1 ' '.. 6 :
th clawn', nd tlir mi.ru aompki fhlrld
I ft of tl purt. n.hjM t to wenr, hr mrml
twtoii. mnking lh.'m wenr jU trmt aj long. tnii
do Ui work 'axtrr nd mior than other
hunker Md of fhf tetf hfi.t fall lthr,
in Imir aitnt. fifth! nd Mt hxnded vamul
MitfrH'Hidon rfelirt nf prn- Hlf(l"M
11.2; Knll (il'iTfp. li Mi per pair Libera
.diM-ount In Dumntiti -k vour men-hi nt
or a.i.lre- rl ALL EUtKO (,LUVK CO,
Chicago, III. : . i ,ii I u. i
Will giv Innerj luh-rnher. wheilier amKln
or in a i tub. who pai in aHiance for 876,
and renniK direct in ilm cfln-e, a ropy . t.f
"Th Kexpiie,' the Imndaumeat clirotnd eer
ottrra I bv a mill i-her.
'.Termajj ) r niiin.:; toreireiilHreontain
ing inrma for plulw, eiu addrna L A. UO
IHY.I'hila.lelnhH, f,
Sell Your Old Earrels.
OI.D' HiHHCLtt ItOt'tillT Wlllgirn
II au to SI An rai li l.i i- all it,I irnD'hound oil
h-ren doliverfd at thean t orka to ha paid
for in oil. I'nrhniiHnd hih ieC bliruliiK uil-,
lubnraiint ia will be aoH Ht ih toaest mnr
kvl pri"e.. .
W. t. CoTl Elt, i'Muih-ior,
i. Krewlmn. neuve,-Co., Pa.,
PiSliF, F!AVLMi,S Gml lK!
On SInnhooil, Won atibnod and tbelr
Muluui let i iiluiiniii 1 1 iv , 1 ir 1 it,
Hewer, rtV. Avmte nr. m Urn inn. 14 lo
Kjropliell nay keni lot epleiniell I Hgea
anil term a In euciiie nud see h H "file hot I
cr lli:in nny other book ildre- .NtTinSAL
I rn.i.niMi Co , t In l.itit lt liln, Fa., Chicago,
111 , or -t. I.ullle, Mo.
; .1 . ' . ,
nd denier m all kind of
I I C T U II E -C O It D , ,
. i . -
uarelt II, it. ne, and tho mlleat mcturea
enlarged tonnj .ize, and
Finished in OH,
India i n'k:
o any other atyle that may bedemred, al the
I.nre nnd finely flnlahcd Photonrnpha
con bo untile Iroui old and luuciL, or
BCrnlcbed pictnie. '
:,('.':: 'l.i ; - . .
Pictures of all kinds framed to
i .- . Order, i -
and air work warranted to give utlaCictton.
linay IR7I. , ,
TltiicN for llolrtlnp; l nuf lif In
the feet Mitli Judicial
.j,.. :; District. !';''. 'if" '
I..'' ; lii.i TTT. ) i. ,1 !
TrrtSUANT to aiitliurlty cf law. It l herebV
I old. red th I the aevenil tei'maid rliV.u I of
Co-Miiinii I'leHj an; the liiinrn-i t'oiirt within and
f 't tin 8nren h 'Judtrlal DhUriai fir itw year
187-i, ahall he held lu 111 reapectiva couutle
IhereotM follow J , 1 .-ii.i i ii-u ! !' '
Dlitrldt Coart.
t Wain Ingtnni Aril 8;'Mckr. April 12- O MIni
April to; Liiwrem. Ap il 19; Si lolo, April :i;
Hk't April va; Tarry, Jnniurj 4, 1 Aiinut SKI;
Kulifl. In. Aiiicunt 2i; llnckiiur. January II, Aim
ul 3dj Aihetia, Ja niiry 18, Seplrnilier 2;, ip
i.iu,eapiuiiieroi wacanun, oepi. mir v.
...... ! ,;.
CdortorConnea Pleu. '
' tiBiT luaniTiaieg. J , ';l
i "Perry--Jannary 9A; My 3; feptemher Tf. '
. MiiL'kliiK Kviirnary 16. M-yW, K.lol r 18,
'' f airfleld May a) Juii7; kirrrinbarS. '
: ! ! . IT. 0 axolab aViBiviatoR, I
. Lawajnce Jabuary M; Ma 4 Siplembar SI
Clotu- sian n .1; may 1; Mciitjr 18.
, Jarkai a-rrhinary XI; Hay IA. U.1obr 13
Pike War. h 3n; J me xi; Movrniber 16
. , Vii ton fal.ruary ; May S, SepMubaf
I, GalMf rebrndry T; April 20) Seplrmbe U,
' Slelga 'bruary x2; May II, liciolwi 4 I
v,aniu-i n reuruaij ii aiay uj incunr J,
Aihfn Match ID; Jm.e 14; Noien.ber III '
And it I turn er vnleml Ibatdu reward and
iotilicalfc'O ol4B ttovtu 1 1 iad aocvnling W
law- ,
tt iUkVaaoarbuid Ihl totb day of aVpUa.br
A. 1). 174. .
;:il ,(i'ILAf H. .lvBhll1T,K 1 IjH
. ' J'.U.N 1 llAKrtB, I . 1
Ml! 10 Ti-A. VLAM. ; 7 , 1 JodM )
viiati!m a nntnoTv 1
STATtBrSitlO, "H'.v-'" 1
ju'WJf'" !VTla j ;) , t iij
I,G. W. Iliiiluud, fork of Ihatonrl nf (.
xaoa i-weat.!. ut b ltvurtdt Ur(.witk4a',-a4
Sr aaid ernniy and buia, d beieby ruiy th
trepg u a u oupiet lb etainal uCnar
ar buii.iiig 1 unrirnuw oaDii
tnvd 11a UidwanwiV.if id
' es"Vtrrtii
xaa "lor Hai
I. f.-!.'rtti nil .tfrWil'MP':
Ociebr S. 1874-Sw.r
ll ',7 .
:.l r ' . tl
)!) 1 :tlu.
1 ir uy alBo.aatal
ti.rt.., (.,,., ,
nd .ki rh. .al of lb.,
.vivn i.,.i .iJ . .
8.OH0QL V STAiOffifilT,
Aidan ad iriif
ITJid 0riaf a
3VCh 3Hf
Main, Fanfjr ad laltlal
itl'ttiickavtj a;atvltt
Ti:iii;T'jBS i.
tw'a'i 51'Jl
I fjval riprrnd II I a pi (4s
orii .uciirrjptioitji,
.JCull. ni.piy jina
! inti U I- Vi - Vl i!t AO
Corner of Main and Maris. Straits,
mi 1 SEiiY
-t tan ii.t
; .1 ..);( .1. J , ,!i nM 11111 is
H ATs'.Bb N N ET S,p
' ' "IK Ar.L'NEW tiUATDic),'!i''.
i Cdgliiga. ' tr ittet
'Irlmmlit,: .iLa
GjoCS, ...
.OlfJ'.i ,U j vt Good-
, :;.Jwelryi.
AlaVR'liit-pgaatirtmeBl ot J.
Centhmcn'M. .AecktUt. .
BleachiDgrPrM p livat&thg,
and sit Hiinn of 'Millinery
Wort done'-to '; Order 'on
.. sli xt otioo,i 1. .M.j H0
-j .i m
f5ie i4is.it e tlk
yi ilk
V will e Jvwtr
tlilt 11 "fever
.VtHirt V to.pthnj jt)
-'.. qtifW
- - 'n ' ' '
" -i . '.:.. l
llltMi IIELIvMAK, Vgeat,
.-tt.ri iA:;i,;riA .
At hie ne plnue of nualnraa.
diiLLicQTiiE,' Vo.
tj. 1IA8TIH
if -. t.
OF -
Spring and $umer Qlothfl
JVEK bruuht to thia market, emhrai-lDg
j.i!l the lutel and moat lueliionable alyle,
in. in necbedaiice with th Inleet la-hion.
Vt'hen you wnnla unhhy llll duu'l fail lo oall
00 r rank, lie ali-o CU I.- and
and, ho a fn)l lie of
Odnts'- Underwear
lA t; a n u i 'a p, & v:
; ""Itj.. (,., .111 f :
II cl ilhlntr marked down to. Ih LOW
ENT FIVIEH. ivme-e llaoo-lwii
warraMI aalielaetlua o ... 'tir'J
i'"',,r ; t 1 rfFPAK HEM.MAlf.
iooa: How Lost, Bow Bestoied I
ton f Dr. ralrerwell'
('elehrateit Eaaay on lb
radical eerv IHHhu,,r nie,
cine) nf raTua .11 a , or feinmal Weak,
nes lnvolvntar Hentil Loaa, laffertacT,
r. nTaf (n.l! rtiVicl rncuparhyi tmpciilt em
In Marriage, etc., man. C-'Kevaerioa, Kruar
ay, and Ht-. induiv(tbyeli.iuiiulgencnraci.
altftmtws nOl'-.'.li i.v 1 (il h
Mrrrice in a aealed envelope, only I rni.
The celehrated author id ih.e adnnrable e
eay clearlv riemonelniie Imm a thirt) r'
uecevPd pr U,ai:lhealaiaiii.g
qiincil aia4e nitjye radicat eprd
without the .dangeri.ua.ua, of, 4nlenel n.e.ll
4ne or the aj-pln-aUnn of the knit; pointtna
out mode nttitrevirueveMniplvaMrMia and
erlei lual, hy meaue( which ever) euhVrer,
no matter what hie eonduhnn may be, may
ritre h.maeifr ehap prevaii-lt V eeA MM.
MT lhie l.ei tin-alHMuM e Jn.ik kaad or
every ydtftn an every M.Miiti thv-laadV
ent, limb reeat. in a plain envelop 'olny
iiu.'e, jk'.i, en. re;ii iol, ixi-hti or
lyta poet atHiirli 1 i.vi J . J. tJLVtl
Aleo lir I'ulverweH' 'Marntga Coide,"
-1: ll Oh) A J Jl'KI.IKH a "Orf
127 Bowery, New Vor.jPiMt (Jffli Box. 4,llc
-m . . - .
I BATE ranpene4 -my cl hmK 1
prepay it to bit nriler hr cnalia mi
to elnl pnn-ha.erxr f IH" etl v rf4le aa
coal ol the aam quality nan be obt lined eia
Mna . t . ,.iAaitW3ttaV
xDnlS74 am
lie v...'.:, i. . onf. m 1 e 1 . m
H. W. HORTC N, Leader
furn eh moa-i miimft fpplimiioii, lo All
at Jmm x lnaj
l oillnn . tl
43yv''WK'F'K iieia.
m)rW rJ and frmaie agent fn Ihiiit local
fuJW: 9 ,itv- '. frvrHJNIAt if v. 1.
UCtfi I A.T'artical.reJ.'liaV.I OiTJCt.
ART CO.,uguitaatl'. -
Wi aend the Kednrd aWa
Cinot rtnati (tateUt ta uturtL49a OH
! I -
jji mi y
I w - - ' E.itl r,l 1
I 1V1 n rA it 1 IH I J ht OHIO.
Tl . , . . ,. T. . 7731-71 T il 1 1 t . i.'7
4 I ' "IT- unuu was m rraaarWaVBM rw uipuauni wv

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