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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 19, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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lea-. Ore. el eld. ChllltoatrM. Htmden. Athene
M soett's Leadlag ssly. Ms. t mil stop
M l UHIH, ew m uin-,i i
iM, OaiUteota, etwealeli, fteaoe, Blaa.
beatery Uveseed, Masters, Meesavills,
OekJey sad CaarnseiHs. aly. Nie. 1 1 6
ill etsp at 0. A I. Jneetl.., Madlaoavlhe,
lesteaA, ereeeAeld, CbUarotkx, Hamden
Kmm h4 dwu'i UmKii m); Mm. 14
U1 mtk Ml tha Mop.
n Freight r"-nT"nr
Ueettae, MINI raj Bayed 1, I Mi 0
'' M Pai-aee, t tJ Bemdea, rm 10 oa
MM letotMsABr.BrrifBWBTtdepsri
ii fek Vmloa. ernes it 7 aeparaiv . -t
Iiflsnhl. I . less UlMrfll l
Hi Tlntoa raraM. , Mo4rtar,
i W fl.oHUa, to; Rti-hlaad faraaM, 4 Hi
ViU ! B T M a. at. tad a.m..
arrtfMC ai Porte iaia at 10 10 a. is. aW 1 15
r. au aWaarata: Iralaa all! laara Porimoaih
ttWa. ai aid J U a. ., arrttinn at Ham
ajaaatll ua.aa aall M p. at.
Traiaa aaxaarial Loaalaad for all aalaU oa
Mm Uula Mlaail Kailroxi, ud at tha ladiaa
aaaha aad Ciaaiaaati Railioad Jaaaitoo tor
all aoaaia Waat; at Alaaas with tha CMara
kaa im oI)aiTalla Railroad, at Pirktra
baxl wita MM) Balaaara a Ohio Railroad.
Oaaaral Haparlataadtat
tailtm aTnaak from Wilkaaaltlalo Hani
Jdoaoa Moadava. Wadaaadajrl aad frldajt,
Mtaraiaf aa tha aania daya.
1 will alaa raa a ratura back to Hlddlaport
ta Taaadajra, Taoradaya aad ralurdava. ra
aaraiac oa tna auaa oara. ivan uiu
I .WILL raa a hack from Wilkaanlla to
aaadaa aad ratura afary Tnaxdayrhorx
taf , aajl Baaorda tor tha atwommodatioD
a4 aaaaaagara, anaciag eloaa oooneruoa wiir
tha aual Iraiaa oa tha M. A 0. H. R. I "HI
atad narry axpraaa paekafaa ahiapad 10 or
naj aowta ay im aaama Bjzvraaa uo.
T aapf M0 MILLER
' Ium iqairreli ia tbe wenlern
part of Fairfield county are
miraUng by thousands. One
farmer laid be aaw a drove
eootaimof at least two thoui
ad of the little animals.
.AX a meeting of tbe Conn
ell, at Toronto, Oct. 27th. Mrs.
Beherman wan elected City
Treaiorer by a majority of five
70 U.
Uillt a Pituburg woman
wasn't aad when Donaldson,
the balloonist, dropped a bag
f sand into her kettle of ap
ii batter.
T&i Websterian is tbe name
of new paper issued by tbe
Websterian Literary Society ot
Portsmouth, .
1 .
JliDCio is wanted in Genra,
Missouri. The last one is now
'Jianging to a cottonwood tree
tail wants to get down.
Tl vintage tbu year in Cal-
iforfiia is placed at 4O.00U.000
gaOQQ'i against 3,000,000 in
1873, and 2,000,000 in 1872.
As orchard planted by Dan
Sal Webster, at Marsbfield,
ylelda this year 1.80J bushels
Tie proposal to convert tbe
tomb of Augustus at Home in
to t modern theatre it sa
likely soon to be carried out
ftVS hundred dollars were
itoaodcoLoealed on tbe perso
f)i maa in Salem, Mass., wio
Da3 boa a takana tw Jail fUl OcUU
TBI last novelty in sewing
xCX&hlnes is one that will M
the thread ' of an arga
Vlil. .
To great painting ot St
,44.40 7 Mofillo, hat been
toleii fhm the) Cathedral la
Srrlll, SpatiLr . -
Loinao around tbe thrown'
Standing (dJy by where i
,iaaa hat fallen from bit bone
TBI Archbishop -of New
. Xrk, presetted the Pope with
- 3,000 recently.
' Tw,. Pope bat not stepped
Outside of the Vatican grounds
Vj ,IVU j villi
i last time Massachusetts
gjl "k Demooratle majority,
Jui&i"i year, waa in 1839.
C, "JU4 and .. another
Ci: , .,jsg serape, nobody
Dr. J. Walkei'B California
Vinegar Bitters are a purely Veg
etable preparation, made chiefly from
the native herba found on the lower
ranges of the Sierra Nmda moun
tains of California, the medicinal
properties of which are extracted
therefrom without the use of Alcohol.
The question is almost dally asked,
" What is tho causa of the unpar
alleled success of YisioAa Bit
ibss t Our answer Is, that they
remove the cause of disease, ana
tbe Mtlent neurers hit health. Thty
art the great blood purifier tad a
Mfe-eivhig prinolple, a perfect Eeao
Tator and InTicnfttor ot the lyiwm.
Sever before in tot history of the world
hat a medicine been compounded pot
eMiog the remarkable qualities of VIR
ton BiTTsia in healiuc tbe tick of
" riavue tnaa U heir to. They tre
gentle Puriatiyo m wea m a itjuio,
ralievin ConreHlion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Vuceral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of Da. Wali-
n's VisaoAl Bittku are Aperient, Dia
yboretio, Canuinttive, Katritioat, litxa
tre, Dinretio, Sedative. Counter-Irriunt,
Badnrl"" " "l-i'l-""
Grateful Thousands proclaim
VrxKQAi Bittj R3 the most wonder
ful Invifrorant that ever sustained
tbe sinking system. -
No Person can tale these Bit
ters according to directions, and re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not dostroyed by mineral
poison or other maua, and vital or
gtnt wasted beyond repair.
Bilious, Remittent, and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, Brazos, Kio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobile, Savannah', Ro
anoke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during the
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so duriug seasons of unusual
boat" and dryness, are invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
ments of tbe stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscera. Iu their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influence upon these vari
ous organs, is essentially necessary.
There is no cathartic for tbe purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walkib's Vineqa
Bittim, m they will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowelt are loaded, at the tame time
ttimalatinfr thje secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the difrostive organs.
'Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
ViKiOAa DiTTiRa. Ko epidemio can
take hold of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Head
ache, Tarn in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dininess, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of tbe Heart, Inflammation of the
Longs, Pain in the region of the Kidney t,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a bettor gunrantoo of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swelling, ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous inflammations,
Indolent Inflammation, Mercnrial affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, at in all other
constitutional Diseases, 'WALKRt't Via
MABBrmtshave shown their great cur
ative powers in tho moat obstinate and
intractable cues.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitten have no eaual. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Mineral, such aa
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowel. To guard
against this, take a done of W alms's
VftiOAR Bittiis occasionally.
For SUn Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Sal t-Kbenm, Blotches, Bpou, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbanclet,. Ring
worms, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scarf, Discoloration! of the
6kin, Humors and Diseases of the 6kin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dng np and carried out of the system in a
abort time by the nse of these Bitten.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
larking in the system of to many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. Ko system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no antheimiuitict will free tbe
system -from worms like these Bitten.
ForFemaleComplaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or tht turn of life, these Ton
ie Bitten display to decided an influence
that improvement 'V-""? 1Vr w1" a
cieauso ine Vitiated Blood
whenever yon find its imparities bursting
through the skin in Pimplee, Eruptions,
or Sores ; cleanxe it when yon find it ob
structed and xluggiah in the vein; cleanse
it wben it it foal ; your feelings will tell
Jon when. Keep the blood pu.-e, and the
ealth of the system will follow.
. R. II. jTlrDONtl.D it CO.,
Drag-girt A Gm. Art., Baa Franolaeo, Califor
nia, eor. of Waihinrrton and Charlton 6ta,K.7.
Mold br all UrngaUU aad DaaUers.
Diamonds. Watches and Fanoy Ooods.
TTTOULU raptrullT aay to tba slUaaaa of
- f Tiaioa vn ioai oa BaaaDiarKMiuaatoca
fiaj oaa of tba lar.at la tha Huu. Our
aaiaaaa baa laeraaaad ery vaar op to the
araaaat lima aad wa latl thankful 10 tba pah
lie lor aaat StTora, aad are dacarminad lo keep
a hrga atoek ot ar thing oraal'y found ia
a Srat-aiaaa Jualrr Hlora, aod wilf kaap tha
aaaet alook of gold and solid ailtar, Uo tha
boat Platad Uooda, aa low aa any hooaa in tba
We kaap all lha dlnVrenl branda of Annri
aaa Wab-hea Howard. Oniiad Htataa, KUIn
Waltham and Hphnnld Manufarturea, both
ia cold aad allt r eauae. Alio a larga lino ol
from its ta t00jo.lo rlltar from 111 to
SIM. Wa haa a ai rrhalls lull Jawalad
SUaar Watah from SltloSic. "'
a fuU Ima of all gooda id our ltaa.or made
t order by axparianred workmaaT aWaiiJ
bmwiIi raooifa prompt attaanoa
Plaaaadronta aaiaaau. KoUaaUatal
thaw good. sty,
H AMDlsr. o.
Darneae, Ia4dlee,
Urldles, II all ere,
Ublps, tpart. Trace
Chains, Hemes, and all
Other Articles of 8addlery.
My Irtntis tod lha pmha-ganaraMy ara rat it
kI to rail aad axamina Diy atockaad. pn.
ca. 1 aiak toad haoa.t work, oaa tha
beat stock, aad sell tt tha vary loaaat prtcra.
aanteAaianaa; Coaa to ardar, aodaO
Work KTarranted as Bepresented.
I i ll,
Foreign and American
Watch Materials,
Watch Makers'
ToolSjEtc. .
OM Watch Caaas aad old QaU aaJ Mlvar
tsaprtRTS .
Dicx't Enctolopbi'Ia or Pbaotioal Rt
oairraaaa Paocansin. ContainiDln.t2S Drae.
tical rroetpla, wntton in a plain and popular
mauaar. aod illualratpd with azplanatorv
woodyiata. Heiaa; a i-omprehanaifa hook of
r ajreaee r u.a marenaoi, manuMeturar, ar
liaa, amalaor aod hDUnakaapar, Including
madicine, pharmacy and domvatie economy
Tha mo pa of Ihia work la entirely difn-real
from any other book 04 Ibo kiad, Befloaa
beinra complete antl alimat iodirpenaible
b ok of reference for the thouranil anu ona
rrreiptH and artiolea needed id aiarv buoae'
hold , farm, garden, ale., it incliiriea ulnar and
eaailj nndantood riireetlona for the apiilica
tino of many of ihe arte uauallyai'quirrdnniy
hy long eiiiarieaea, aod o ilnened of texh
nichalniea, or tha techniraliliei of terma ue.l
o lull v explmued a to bnun ihe entire aub-
eel within the ooinprehennion ofani araon
of ordinary intelligence. I'roinlinent amoug
the inimenae mui of aubiecls Irealed of in
the hook are the fijllowine: . '
Tha Art ot Lijeinu, Hard Bolt and Toilet
Mop, lanning, iiiiiiiauon, imitatiou Liq
uor. Winea, Oonlnlj and Hitter. Older.
brewing, rrufmer,Fleonnu Eiaencai-,ele.,
i oxmetioe, tiir Dyes ami wahee, fomadna
and I'erfuaied (IiIk. Tooth Powder, elo.. t)v.
opa, Alcohol and Alcoholmelry, Pelioleum
and Keroaene. Hleaching and Cleaning, Via.
ear, baucea, Cataupa and Pickela, Heceipta
lor the Garden, To aemifer-tMina,Hpot,eM.,
Pfrotechny and Kiplei?e. Cementa, ale ,
WMterprooting. Arlifirial, Gems, luks and
Writing Kluina, Aniline Colors, Paints and
figment", tainting and I'aper-lmnging, Ka.
-pmmeanii wnitewan, varnnningand fol.
ih ng, Lubrica ors. Jaaannins and Lai-auer
rg, Hoot and Harnesa bla-kiog, Photogiaphv,
Melal and Alloy", tiilding, BiUeriog, eto .
Klecirotyping, Eleetn:pliitiag, ale., Patent
Medicine", Medical Heceiptn, Weights and
qeanure. out pagaa, rcyai octavo, c:tn
Price li.ftil tmir'
UlUh A FITZGERALI'.rutln.her., N. T.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control of the magnlflcen? ail rhm
mo, Vo Hemite, wa are able to otter a eomhin
iliot of literary and aruntio. worK of genuine
worm, ana at pncea anpiei eaenteu
Thin floe copy of a piece of Nature's irand
eat work, la not presented in the usual lim
ited style, itr dimeneiooa, Wi20, makiof a
picture ol very desirable ise in it.-elf.
graced hy lt presence.
Hutaleweopiea of this beautiful I hromo
will be allowed 10 go to tha retail atoree, and
those will be aold at their
Actaal Kelai Price, SO.OO.
wnich if oideeeu in connection with our Mag
axine, both will ba furo'ehed for
S1.50. ,
As s premium the picture may ba obtained
by aeuding ud two suW nptioos for tba Mag
si us at our dollar each, or by eubeorbtnej to
the Magas ne two years in advance, at ous
dollar per annum. Addreae,
Newbuigb,3 Y.1
B.F..SH Tr, Publisher. 4 pt
5" "
2 if,
Aw IZ f
o. 110 TUIBD6T., ;
Odd FeiautfsV Block,
FublUkeri qf
Aad oust r
Standard Bellglona i Worki,
; "- r ' i
Caawaaatae Aeenta u i. ' '
m e VmuS Sutas. ZZ jant
John bUSel;
ft f?rrrtU
' . Formerly of aada,r
AWPJOTJNCEa W Bis friend -ik Vlatoa sad
adjoiniag eouatiea that a tit bonght tba
Hotoiromerly5eptj;bpBM. Bmiti
Tbra doorg waal cMadiaoa,oa . rj
8ahaaatlad illhMaHiu
aaaartatl the Uateiug PlhtM tt WSJsaabat
. ) !) -i.l I
M o A HI Jbd U'H -?4
Nortk-aaat roraar of M ant aad Jackass aaiaall
- ktaBTBDB. OHIO ,!
QI0.' TT.' BETOtok'Proprietoi
?! ' I I I I ' ill'
, ..Maaaraetora., 7,.,
ConUfh JWKttt. JA&rmu, tc
iLse, Waaaaa aaa au tikd n WAaaa woaa
doas la order oa short KbUoe, " " 1 "
Pa'lntiha ir.d ; Trlmitiinii 1
ol alt kinds sawuw ta tha aaa teal aad meat
arttetHi style.
KBrAIRJIte Man kinds la ray liad win ha
promptly earl aaatl. dona.
. am.n'ai aona aiima aaiaooinmeai ia war.
anted to ha aubatantial. nnl no solid and aia.
ao'adla tha anoat workmanlits manaer, ao
a oaazeaiiaa in any raa pool ay aay other aa
uhHshmantis thaaotatry.
j. rouzer;
Maaufactorer of
: .... .';.'
Oflalaal, most ouhionabla aad slegaat stylas,
Second St., Near Mulberry,
I make it a point to do all my work of the
bast material, aod aland aaooad to aona la
quality of tnish or durability. I employ ao
inferior workman, ihera are ao eppieoute
boya about my aatablishmant, and I ran not
lail as please any person a ho wanta the beat
turnout mads is tha country. I refer with
pride to my eaalnmet throughout Houtuera
Ohio as to ihe ohsraetsr of woik earning
from my factory, and anarantee all my eua
lomara partaot saharaottoa.
All kinds of Turnouts finished and
ready for sale, or mads to Order.
Call and examine my Stock.
Repairing, Repainting Etc.
tVIII rscslvs prompt attention.
I bar constantly a slock ef
t: i ;.i f . :;.
Carriages, Bnggitt and Expresses.
left with mo lor sale, repaired and almost as
good as new , soma of them
lujul 1873 - .
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting If aohines
I; is Ingenious and will meet the wants of
very matron in lha land.''
Exhlbltlaaaf 18T8.
John E. Gavit, Rec. Beo'yi r A. Barnard,
Prea.j Samuel 1). Tllmaa, Oorreapondlng
New Tark. November SO, IS71 '
This ainiple and ingenioi machine ia sa
useful aa Ihe rowing machine, add ufaat be
coming popular with ladiea, in tha place M
t xpenaive ntedle work, its work being much
more handsome, requiring much lea time
ami not one-irain part li.e expense. . fo la
dy's toilet Is complete without it A machine
with illustrated cimular. and lull instructions
aent on receipt of S3 or Soiahed iu silver plate
IUI V. 1.
Address, Tha HcKew Maaafactarlac Ca,
3u broaaway. New Vork.
Two American Magazines,
The excelleooe of American Mega sines has
become kO well recognised abroad, that oaa
of lha leading Knglieh papers, lha London
Weekly Kegialer, in a recent issue, thus
speaks of Hen oner's Mnnihly:
We art enuamW to earn aaf 8BIBStW8
Mi-KTHLr tmrrim oj thawrim aavtaav rJJ eeraUl
hag wumtUf mink tor enUuacs if Uhmrmtiomm4
aarMVye oMeatt. It atsawpfir a aUrJ aadhaaa'
worth Notkma c-m ht nor, chmrminm lmm Aa rmlt.
, aunorua aatvsr,-iae a,araM aaada anai
I aesd wv!A a aula arriarie jNMaar. (tot f (It M4
rnmot arietaal tnoM. tea taUf da wot taoaf wAie
to eaoose 6eaf, far eacA aad all era aresUaal."
Not only ia a irue that Hcrinner's Monthly
excela the Kngliah. Magasinea, but it ia lit
am oj CM Awunaui atoaMnes.
In the extent, variety and artistic aicel
lence of Ita illustration of American them.a.
it haa ai ver bean even approached, much
lees excell d It has s larger page and gitea
greater variety in its eon'eota than any eth
er oi me ntanuani amencan nouinileo
In literary enaraoter. aqd ia the brilliancy
aud ainiiij oi ita caimnai uepartmanta.iten
iova an eaual Dre.eukinence. . -
Its conduct ire started with tha definite aim
oT making it sVaMatnyaaMhtwioW aarAf. ol which
thev have never for a moment at sight, and
tliey Mint with pride and pleasure to tht
My and Juaa numhere, laeeatly waa a J, aad
ask for them a candid examination and acara
lul compel laoa of their merit with those of
oilier maaHatnea; and they renew their pledge
lence in lha future.
A considerable demand has recently ariaea
in England lor "t Nichoisa. ecn bner ' New
Magasine for Boya and Gills, roe publisher
desiring to aerure an dilion of three thou,
send of arat boad v oiamaawaea aompteaad,)
with bia imprint.
Theeocceeeln tha ooontrv of Bt. Kvholaa
baa been even mors remarkable than that ot
fcnbner'a Monthlt. It ia pmnounced to Ie
aa aaaaBy aareaf aiaoasfaser dUdraa," and, as ia
the eaae wim all the bee- Itteraiurs lor chil
dren, it haa been f und to iioaaeas aurpaasing
iBieie.1 air gross up raners, aa wen.
Ihemflneoceol ihaperioiiirala of tha day
can H-aicely be eenmated, rsi ax'iali) upon
lbs rising gem ration. Parents and teachers
eeanoteflord to be indiflerenl tothiSmtu.
encs, or csrela- ia relation to the character
oi ine literature rurnisbed to tha rhildtei
outside of their school lessons, fa M Nich.
sented loan attraet've way to young readers,
uu r .-pii-jrea em nimuaiea to seek in'or
Bastion fni tha.adtla&a . .
The publishers will send to any addriua a
specimen number of ft. Nk-holaa. noataee
prepaio on rooeiot of tea cento, ihe hare coat
0,,f"Lper."1? PnnMn:-. me magasinea are
sold by all flrat-claaa booksellers aod aawa.
oraiera, everywoers. .
W3RI BNEK'8 HOS7B LT, S4 a year; Wc.a aa
at' MOUOLAS, ... ' SoT "
S0SIBIES & 00..664 Broadw'jJJ
Trees! Flowers) Bulbs I
t. ' Ki.li
Hnrserr Stookirrait&Flower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
' " ' i
" ' LUIIOIS, ' ' ;.' ' ,
.. . .. . II'aTr.1
jfWI SatWaMM 90A MK 19 I
Apple. lJOU 1 yr.. ittt I J. ; ty,ti6,-4y tSt
i catalogues, HO eenle. Sljuliot
$72.00 EACH VE1X - -
Areata wanted vsryabsrsx: Doajness strteW
it irgiiimata, rsriicuiara trss. , aiorasa 4
ru. St Louts, M
Farmers sh mid not fail ez
amine the patent farm gate for
which (ieorge W. BruntoD? , Afc
Arthur, ia the eeent ia this and
Jackson county. It is the best
aad cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, coating fifty per cent.
less than he old fashioned te,
aad ia more ddrable. , for it, cm
sot sag. Examine it wh,ett jet I
art ia MeAxtkar.
mn ii i,. .1 : 1 1 ii''. r.i i
CraaaAaW Ciiaaa. Ho. A. Inee, aoq.
I Oaatalu ita the' baa, rtarcariilie, by
Konat Tba Break. of Pay, Reverie, by
- ardtti U. Baltanaa, PtiaaaLMihaar. i
Wpaa the Swallowa Boom ward Kir, by
', Oaaieai Kapngleriaa, Capnoa by Kga '-i
bard. apiaeeaA'r tOa.
. Contain ti t kdloaiag ojuaioi ',. ' aOh,
Mooataia btraam, Capnoa, by 8. Brails)
, Conn aa Vt (relop), by Jacabyi 6raal , ,
aa, Kama ie, by Thalberg; I'aaeiog
Laavaa, loet, tee Mallet. May Bmsea, .
Id.. hy fringe' n pieces for toe.
rri u o I csv1: :
, ( oaiaiw the foliostDK nn.HV too.
Ckaat da Blvooe, Traoecrlptloa, by '
Katurart Thiaa Owa Meiodia. by
tatnga. tpteeve r SOs,
rstarr-f qAII -r M a a I a 1
MeatfctylwJ AILCUn . O ,
ataiaa the lollowmg niuaa, price, , toe.
Two eooge by Ways, two by Danka. oas ii
by Ma)wood. a Baoied Qka'teits by
I nomas, a Fonroand Flaea a Quick
atap, aa eaav March, aad a beautiful
PaoUsle,byKlaarl.: IS places for SO.
contains the following mnsle, prtea, to.
Two sew Songs by Havs.oae by Prait,
as by Htewart, a tno tor female voices,
hf Abt;a eaered Qaartettw by Ianks, I'
two Polkaa, a prwtty Walt, aad a March.
II pieces far 1 , 1, ,.,i -i: San.
AHdreas J I,. F KTKR8, P. O Box. U7.
Hroadwaj. New lork, apsoslta Metros.
Illlaa Hotel.
. Teas.! Teas!!
i() ! " "
P.aBoi, 1287. - Hew York
' ROBERT WELLS, President.
OO 10 NO. 1
Black, 40. 60. 60. best 70 cU. . per lb
Green sntl Black. 40. 00. 60. best 70cts
.1., JAPAN. ,
Uncolpred..6a 70.80. &a best fl JOO.
Green, 60. 7a 80. 9a best 11.10 per lb.
Green, 50. 60, 70. 8a 90. 1.00 bent 11 .10
Green, $1 10 best 1130 per lb.
Black. 60. 70, 80, 90, best 11.00 , per lb
N. B.-We have a epecialily of Garden
SI HO, and (M)l.oNii, Extra choice, ll.oo.
Our Teas aie sut ud la ona bound Dack.
gee. with the kind and price printed on each
ASSENTS. WAMTCaw to get up clubs to
sell our tree to lamlliea. hotels, boanlion
houses and others. Iu writing for terms or
sending orders, be) particular to address tha
President of the t'omptoy, thus:
, , : po. 41 Vesey St., New York
' We art Compelled to reqneat his, as other
part ica have imitated our film name. ;
Pure 1 Concentrated Potash,
Of douMa tbe strasgth of any other '
t have recently perfected a new method of
packing my Potash or Lye. and am now neck
ing it oaly in belle. ihe coating of whi.'h will
eaponlty, aad doee not injure the soap. Il is
packed in boxeo containing S4 and 4 one !b
balls, and in no other way. birectione in
Knglieh asd (Jermsn for making hard and
aoft soap with this Potash acenmoant eaol
packsga B. T. BABBITT.
64 ta 84 Waaaiagtaa 8t N. Y.
Insurance Department
Coaoasrjs, Fsbrusry ltth, 1174.
WBKRKfk the New England Mntual Life
loauraneet'oiiipaoy located at boMoo.in,
.he State ol Maaaacnuaetts has Sled in this
ofBt e a sworn sti.temrnl by tbe proper Offl
fsre thereof, showing its condilino sod huai
nees ami haa oon. plied in all other respects,
with lha lawa of this state, retail ng to Lite In
suranoe Companies, orgHuiaed by act of Con
green, or by or under tha lawa af anv other
Mats ol ihe t'nlted nUtea.
Now. Iharefore. in iiuranance nf law. 1.
Will ain F. t hun b. snperiuteniient of Insur
ance ol the Mate of Ohm, do l erehy ceriiiy.
that aaid fomiHuiy ,a siiihoriaen 10 lianaact
Ita snpropriate burners of HI Insuraa. e in
Inia at.te In a-oordanoo wi h law, mi ring Ihe
currant yes- The Qoa lltna and ou.inesa n
said company at the date ol eui'h atatement
1 1 -even Der diet, 173.) la shown aa follows:
Aggregate amount of a,ln.lHed sa.
aeiajn.luilln-gihaaumoftJ,i9e )
a ii in nremiuiii nolea and
loans held bv tha company on
policies in force,' 12,670,110 II
Aggregate amount 01 naoi llllea, to
eluding 111 ti,BI9 00 for re In-
surane reserve t II. 328 ,T It IS
amount nrio' ome for the pieced
ing y ar in cash . a.481,675 M
Amount nf premium note of in-
coma for the preceding year S06.JIS 61
Amount of ekpendllures lor tlie
preceding year in cash, -. l,07,ttiT St
A moan! of premium dote axnes- . ' .
dilurea for the preceding year. 8STI10II
V". c. in wivness waereoi, 1 nave hereun
to aubacnb d my name, and caused the aeal
eioiyomceto ta, affixed the. ay and year
score written. WM. CHURCH.
'! I. (i 1 f;r j hupenuteodent
-oaa t. Hirxa, agent at MoArtbur, U.
TEA AOENTj wanted in Iowa and eouatrr to
sell TEA, or get up club orders, for tha lar
gest Tea Oompaap ta Anierm. Iniponsara'
prices and iui'emanls to agents, rend fQf
circular . Addiwaw, ausnsi rsljlf, U
veaeyHi., N. T P. O Bog 1SMT
rs ClH.dsw- Psdesi Veny Ward Beedtver,
ciinor, 01 uoi zatn laai, s ys: "fartisa wian,
inartsket up ctuhe. -and a,, ahs ms Set or.
dera for tea, "hmild write him for a circular "
Taa Aaw Feet sTasah IHsaoe. of Sep . Sd, eaysl
"All tiranges' should writs Rout. Wells lor
las jtU, orRept.SO.'.aajs; RobC Wells is
tborougnJy reliable." . , . , SXtPV
Cottage Color Paints,
-' tl.OO tailed Far Callsa.
nil, i '.ii ! .! iii - i 1 1 . 7 '1 . 1: .
Vasfjxi rx Oil, - r - ' 60s par gaL
t : . J : i. ,.t ' I: ,
Fiss Faoos -.--- 11.18 per gal,
.i.'.i.n. r.' 'i '"iii 1 . . .
'i.'i.;, l'j- a-,Ci. ;i.u
Works ta all Pars a) as Boiled Llasead, onlj
ao.i. pargai.' 1
If, II .U t,s:K H yft
EN4JIjOIL, - f 1- J e. Tl
Bead for earis of colors aad arealaraiu . 1 1
, , DUJtJ AgffJDtswe
SSapr1S74 .,(,,'
De'a 2feiatlf and raiiiBtiT
AT TB18 OlflCX.
Ber:r':.. j
I n t t ' ? 'J i
li".-,.i 1 .'t :
A J. I i
If Too
Want a situation, .
IV ant a servant Eirl,
' Want to tell a piano,
Wunt t tell a carrla
, Wgut tobujrorseUafgrm.
Want a boarding (ilare.
Want to apll town propi-rty.
Want to avll irrocerlctor druim,
' Want to self household furniture;.
Want to f ell dry flood or carpets.
Want to Hud eustouiera for anythlna;.
Advertising- will Rain new customers.
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays.
Advertising mukes success eaty,
AdvertUing begets confidence,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising shows plm'k,
. Advertising means'biz
.Advertise or "bust,"
Advertise l.o n g, ;
Atlver'ise well,
A d v e r t i js e .
Every merchant, manufacturer
or buune$$ man who hat become
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judiciout adoerlitina
So exception to (hit rule can be
cited! Meicart, the Piince of
Merchantt, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertitingi at a last
retort, to get hit ttuck turned into
money to at to meet a note. Ar
guing from thit that if it wat
good for him in adversity, h
could make it ttUl better in prot
perity, he became a periitlent ad
vertiter, and (hut gained hit co
lottal fortune.
Snm merchants tity it la not worth
while to advertise; for nn person read
advertisements; yet every meroha.nl in
this county will read this, advertise
ment, and if he U wist he will profit
by its suggestion, if he has anyth ing t"
offer W'.ryi advertising How much
mure then will those read them whit
are not to largely supplied w th reud
ing matter, are at leisure !n the liven
ing, and must depend on their paper fur
their local news, the mt itrpurtani
item i'f which Is where they can find
just what tbey wunt when they come tn
town to make their purohaset. I f yotu
stock is so old, rusty, dusty und nut of
style that it is worthless, or if it it run
down to that ynu have nothing left that
people would Wint, it is not worth
white for you to advertise. But if il is
new, fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, and such us the people wunt,
don't hide them, but publish tu tbe
world that ynu have them, and want
to tell them at a fuir price.
An advertisement published for a tin
gle day does duty beyond that day.
and its effect continues in a greater
ratio than moat men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's name a per
inanent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in the mint's nf men unli
it beoomes mnre valuable tuan any
corner lot in hit locality.
. If you lose a wnti-h. a dog nr a child,
or if you desire people not to truM
your wife, you rush tt, your looul pa
per, knowing that every one will rem!
the advertisement Hut you will jlm
along in business year after year, with
out calculating how much ynu 1 re. log
ing hy not advertising iUfporter
If those persons who profesa to b
lieve that newspaper dvertigiment
are nut. real by ihe public wish to he
convinced of their error, just let, tbeui
cive publicity tt snmo matter thev
would nnl care tu divulge to the world,
even in the most obscure corner of n
country paper, and see what notoriety
they would soon attain. Advertiser' t
GatttU , .
I AovaaTieiNe it apt to give at thai
gentle jog ol conscience which tells us
thai we want a new suit of clothe for
Sunday, or, that we promised nur wife
a tew dreaa at soon at the hay wet in
Perhaps - it would be a good plan for
Madame to mark thit passage and lay
the paper upon her husband's break
nisi piate. Who will aay that adver
tising will not yet civilise ihe World!
Wet do people read advertisements
To tee who it enterprising and to learn
what ie going on. To tee if there is
sny thing new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. ' To know if any qne selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement
To satisfy curiosty. - Beoao.se they
have read all the stories, marriages,
birtba, deaths, locals and aobidenu.
Becauae they want to. Because they
can't help it Ohio State Journal
' Tie power of print It well known.
bat not well understood. A printed
sentence has - wonderful adv.otaga
over one that Is written or! spoken.
This la one of tbe many reasons wbiob
gives iinportanoe to advertisinar. Bui
Mvanuers, tvea inoeeer.esperienee,
do not comprehend m well .aa . thaw
ight the capacitv to influence, to ner.
auade, to convince, which lie ia print
ed matter. .Spoken words reooira tha
graces Pf, elocution and the ..force of
eloquence, vet even tbec fade awav ia
to nothingneet if not eaaght 1 ia their
flight and printed ' But there Is tome,
thing in. the silent language, the aoiet
assertion and the tense of permanenoe
about printed. natter wbloh give it a
marvelous force and influence. Bus!
new men ibonld never permit tbeni
telvet to loose sight of what ma ha,
accomplished by a perteveriBr nse off
ius printing presses, iearo It aevevo
use. and -thea Mm bow. wkaa serf "1
waer-OT lt'M-ya wilt mM a
kaowWdgt wortn laving.
town-loth and uujm5
. T r7a.1--V4.vr1 4lil
' ' 111 aBiODtti ti
. ,., M J V.l e.-iJ-Ht'-l
rrHI Ralaski cofnpaay.wisa a 13
1 Tpie.1 of loiai iat.rs.te e l't
ertenag to actual . as, to j
Mode at low prices, sad aa liberal f J
Persons dsaiaag Id. saamitf; frssfr 1
aad to bay cheap hogeee wUl applv St IM j
csmoany g .aesa atim, agr U
leJasft, Ohio, May IS. int.. ' ' L
w A TiilTT IT 7-j
W atom vartawarenww . j
'All Sewing ' Macliineil
muv. a
' NitTiriR p inteolarly thl atai a af
OOHflRlca. Ub'cajo. Ilia, will) veJraaV I
a lam pa.
. II. . tBCVXK O, '
as learoom 800 HUM at.. "'a'V-C,
tlUV-e and
Ilia. .
,.. 1 (.-,. .. Twsw.
It you ar e Suffering fro fa 4tv,
Broken Down ConaUtntUaV
O r require a Btmsjdyt , 'Jvl
rurlfy : and Enrlcli tbe BU )1
Tnu will fl nd Dr. Crook's Caaspas
wpwrra kastwostoyieearesgi-ewrer j
U, cur J ou mora speedily, and daf x
tor gtw ai than any anal all auser i f A TA
dies OOP ibtned. That rata. Tel t r
I rhlv-'.aokiDm-Hkiw la eliangval 6K ' R 1
of trah laaas.d health. TUoas si bar t V
of tli Hhlai, risaplea, Piuslwlsv.,.,
Blair h aa and Kranilseva are IMsnove
Acrofw ,av, fcrarafuloMS lilawaaeM uf XU i
Krsa, VA bl
Wleavava, w
bore . or" Stir
dwlnd te and dli
or" any kind of Humor rapw
lsappsnr nnder Ha laaaeav-'
V bar 1 la lit It Ls naUira a awa.nsstoM
A aol ab a oxydT of irnaeomblftcdt withl
Biedl dual proeei tlaaof PokKootdlvaai -t
ai I 'dlHSgrsbl qualities. II will a.
any lilaeaM wlioe real or d tract saaa ,
llnoti Ulaod, liliesimavlsan, Salava 4 1
Liu lbs. r lion-, Csnalitwtlaisbrh' ,
by WcrupMal or 01 her poisons, if
all mired by it, ror lyasiUls. or ys C
lit ie llnt,tiiereuinoililiigeiul telt it i
tw lal will prwveli. bold b , ; A
' OB()B W. SIRSON, aieArthar. OM )
B I U tPJ wLi 11
1 1
a a 1
THE WEEKLY ON is tna wMaly Kaeshjt I
10 railllir any eaieaaew wroiieiiaii;-. - j
but Ihe reasons wba h lata tliaady gi'taV i,e'-,.Vl
Sfty thousand eubacribera, ami ahteh watlf )J
shops. le M maav tboaaanda glefa, art J r
bilenviaHillowa 1 . . , .. '. '
it u a Hrtt.rau, a. w-oaner. u the saws J
th day will bs found in il eoedenead whaif ,j
iiBimportant.al full length wbaasf-msmswf J
una a' way a preaenird in a f ksar, jatalkjktUrf ,
and isteiesting rpsnner. r ,
nn invieaiing ncaonrr. j , ,
It re a flrat-rale fsmily'paner, fnll f sat
Main g and isatruci ve raadhsf of weary tiad ' ,
ul co staining syHhlns that Aaa. oBfad. Mir
most ri elicate and acruDiilona last
Ilia a Ural-rale story oaner. Th
beat lal' )
e Are far, V
ind roi nam es o' current htatraturs
fully ae lecieit and eg'hly prialedir I's pages
Uia flra-rale aneultiaval naoaff. .Ik
moat Irs h and snatruciivs. arlielea aa sgkt
he expo, tre of Ihe great corruptions tBat
now weak, '0 and diegrac 0411 aoastry.saa)
mreateotoi indermin raputilKiaa inautntioat
alhigether. It has nolear ol kaavss, sad askt
110 ravora rt ir ea'iportera.
It reporta'l le fashions for tlielsdie Sad the
mirkets for the mea. aepecatlly tht aallea-
markets, ton hich ,t pays particular aUenie
rinallv.itii ithe cheanaal oauar ouuaihaai
i uliurl topics regularly api aar ia this da- . , ,
nartmeL t. 1. t - A) J
It is an indepsndent polltisal paper, Belosg. w . '
ing to no .anrty aod staring ao cellar IlwghU J 1
for prioui vie and the eleciloe of the beet mar
10 r Wee tt especially devotee lUansrgias
one dollar a lear will secars it fcrjaar arva 1 y
oilber. Ilia ant necessary to gt BpsjJi(s 'VT
norlertotia e THB w r.tH by enm ftiMh
rats. Anv n I who sends a single dollar wi
gei ma paper 1 vr a year
THE WEE KLT irW.-Elght casaa
nlty-aixcoknin a. "nl) 1 a )aar. Maasaa
I'Oi.'nts from ihi- irate.
ise aa the !ail y dun. IS OO a year. A die
.mini ortOo- r cent, to cluna or 10 or ever.
TnEUAl L'VlfJN.-A large to or raa
neat paper of twem ei-hl soli bibs isily
mrcii.atinn on -r 120,000. il the aaws for
S cents. Huuo -ipuiiii pric AO centa a month.
'reOayear To rlulis ol 10 r over.sdis
oui't f80 il "eni.
Addraa "Tit C 8t7N, New Trk City.
-A poor rc n me mi,Lioir i
lalarrifii eotfert
x Guldo ' i fe-srv
tlHft p, aarii
tseMlnsOTsUise'i BrksiM,a. . " ".
Ttieii laua-Mdag werk r i a .aaaial ,.i T
CM. arttb ihhihi aa(ra,la,. sag 17
iMaaUoa Sir UHta 1' u.r. awrla.MMZuIr
rkn sau Ul.. a A u,u w k. IwUtZuZ
sa4aay. sa4ellall ,elrta eUwaaaw
It Mulas aa. as aaMmeia aartat - - t , i i
"""'lata 1. wnM eta. sa4Wa-lk.liu. ,H:
vauara.ar.r.TKT auUasaiwBaKUlrMaaMiarl:i-
s""Tr m aiaa.auatnuaMarowsea-
-.nirnaaa . wane savias,saa aMaaiSakiA
aat saHUa la sa, sttw !. ISM U
T!;?",nK.'',V,t,Waieaaai- ,
tu kis,,ir;.M' BJTr"jl&-"
rot!c8 to tia I VffilTsI sal Ta&rtuzgi'-,
- - - w
Sr. i.lu aansVs a SaaMs lease sf r.a.,1 1 1
.auil.la4.4 STS,uT,iiiTlT3aiu
as rralMa.r.arUu.aMai J sa X.-e.. aJTJ
itlua rineaallse, ky aw lf.ee altouZmZ2E,
klaaarti, Ullst aaSyar tars, ti.l 1MI.- atrtirauUT
- h
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Gallipolis. McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
AM, parties having Msnscnbedte the aB.
ital -lock 01 lha G. MoA. A C. R. R.
hereby requi.cd to task e pavmeet to ikwKa.
ZrZi? "-owpaoy, at tie olPe on -tglv
PublM.tto.unrs, lGsllfiHMIaeOhl.arc.BTi,;
convenient, to Daniel Wi'll. President of IH.
Vinton County Baak. ai MearlhoT. tikieiV
aa laalallmenl ol Svsado liars so sack taJfrV
aubscribed, within l days of this date.
Aagu.tiu. mi.
McA.AC. R. R.C
a . t 1 .1
V ' ana ure acaies as good as sew. fan
sl M 'try low price. Call :
I C r
- -.. X.)
...1 l.:
r,;:.r' ..'y.-ct,
t tews- f
-ii ot i-a ai..Miul 4'.
Jt ii'. m .(inivniajs. '
'til! a t.,-, iiii.ciuu-'
t iw ; lie-, 1...
1 l iVu..' T: :ir ' .
tail- iaa . m i.
W t A I Li- & rWJnt-v
k . 1 a-Av.
. ' " ' . ",Kj

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