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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, November 26, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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.twxWutsaW Bowday J- Jf lS.viTt oufll fur
tr aotir. mini will run follow: No. I,
1, ft, and Kill nidil)i ro. 1 daily except
attturdare.lv Adoily except Monday ;J
Station. Tin. Ki. l.lm. Tx
9t L Ki
ll 10ym
S tMiiu
1 "
4 11"
4 n
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4 sr
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i jo " .
Aasiaiml....... U9un 4 'pm
tfhllluotb 1 topn
I on
fuetiiaad Far.... I o
( J
- IB
9 -.3
31 '
n jj u
fsUaki 2 s:
Ion Furnace... 3 V?
'ikrburg . 4 xJ
Station: No. 2 No t o. C.
Fat Line. I.im.KS. '.'in.Kx
f uiml:t tu " 45pm
bl..p Kuruac... U 2v ' 1 Jlprn 11 4)
ClotKI 11 " 8 " " M
licAi'a.7.T.T..12 Wmn iW 111-.-'
Bamdea.... n ' I vo "'.
M,(hlpJ ror... :3 " " M "
, CDIllicolh.... 1 4 J 40 1 SJ
Uo. twill not "top between Cincinnati and
Lovet-ind, will atop at II stations rout rxcjpi
V , Clinton Valley. Farmer', Huwt'n, Birr.
f Maoofille, Inghm'nd King'g No. 3iH
top ai Loveland, Cliilllooitie, Athena and
i Helpra only. No. 5 will np Cummin
, , ili. Rcmd Ulll, Norwood, tiiikley, Madieon
m,u" Vllle, Mdir, Loveland, Greenfield. Clulli
, . r-othe, Umda, Allien and Bclpr. Kn.
f Will (lop at ll elation (inept king'. Ing
' ' liam'a Moonvill, Byer'a Harper' fanners
' ndCliotoB Vallev. No. 4 will topat Rcipre,
C. k H. V. Junction, llmndrn, Chlllicfthr
mod Loftland only. No. 0 will Hop M II. I
pi, Altieov Htmdn, Chlllirothr, Urrrnllrld
nod Uni-Und. Aerommud.itioa iralna will
mskomll thattop.
Th A A C. Accom. goinn pKilitmrnCliil
. Mcolhi'. t 1 1 wi.; kti.6, 1" 42; Rm Ii-
1mb4 Pirntte, 10 W; Hum.len, 11 12; MoAr
thnr, 11 24; Vmtoo. II 34; Zulmki, rri,
II 4 depart, 11 48; it Athn. 12 if p. m.
will Imt Hmdn t 10. in. and! 34 p.m.,
min t PortamoulB at II 10 a. m. aad 6 IS
B. tn. HeturniDf train will leava I'or'amoiith
t I 4 a. m and I 4U p. m., arnt inn At Uain-
fea at U W a. m.andiJ 4U t. in.
Train ooma't at Loveland for all point on
ht LiUlo Miami Kailroa.l, md at th Indian
apolia aod Cinolnnati Railioad Junction for
all poinM Went; at Athens with I ho Olum
boa and Hocking Valley Railroad, at Parkeri-
, burc wit 111 Baltimore limn naiimaa.
General Superintendent.
Wilkesville, Hamdea & Middlepor',
I WILL run t hack from WilkeiTillelo Hm
den on Monday. Wednesday! aud Friday,
returnms on the imi dar.
- I will lo run b return hack to Mlddleport
n Tueadaya, Thunday and t'atnrdav. re.
turnmg on the tarn day. lOHN LEVld
t 4nuj(i74tf
viikesville'and hamben
IW1L! run s hvk from Wilkill to
Hsnideo and return every Tuwdayl hari.
day, and Saturday for the accommodation
of paaaengeri, making close connection will
th mail train on the M. C. K. R. 1 will
lo carry rxpreaa package, chipped to or
trom point) by the Adam Kpreae Co.
wnT . . H'C MILLER
General Superintendent. Use of Buckwheat.
rr jht Inaipe buckwheat is de
rivpd from (lie german "Bach
weizen," (Beechwbeat) Jrom
the resemblance of (he seeds (n
Leech roast. It belongs to the
family of knot woods, of which
there are several specie', viz.:
common buckwheat, Polygon
um Fagojpyrum; Tartarian
iookwheat, P. Tartaricum and
totchsppded buckwheat, P.
Emarginatum. Th 8rst is cal
ti fated ehiefly in America, the
leoood in Italy and the third in
There is a close resemblance
: inthetnmpOpition of buckwhent
juid rje. la the grain of buck
wheat there is twentv. seven
)-4;ent. of huBk. The pvpn
ty.three per cent, of flour close
lyr resembles that of rve in
culor and properties and the
amount and composition of
the" ash of boh plants are
nearly identical when they are
grown in similar Boil. The dry
grain ol rye contains 2.4 per
cent; of ash, that of buckwhea'
per' dent.' of do. .
Buckwheat is extensively
u?ed as, fund for man and live
Btock, and is decidedly nuiri
tiouo. In the States of New
York .and Pennsylvania, it i
considered the best fattening
food for sheep. The nngronnd
grain and fresh straw produce
4 singular effact upon swine
causing cutaneous eruption o'
the skin, and dizziness which
sometimes ends in death. In
soma ; places buckwheat if
plowed in as green manure for
the wheat crop.
Although buckwheat floor
is seldom used in the United
States except for making hot
cakes in Winter, it is employed
in a variety of ways in Europe.
In Italy and Holland crumpets
art fflade of it which are eaten
with butter or sugar. It is alpo
ose3 in rthese countries with
water or' milk for Waking hasty
pudding. In almost any part
of Ueiaaany it is used with the
flour ol rye or wheat for mak
ing bread. In Saxooy und Si
leaia, buckwheat cakes or pud
ding form- a gre.it part of the
three daily meals of peasantry.
Virion' preparations of buck-
wheat flour appear prominent
, Jy 6n the tables of the rich in
Holland, Germany and Russia,
and by all : classes iu . these
jpoaD(nM L it ia ..considered
'"-wholeiojoe and nutritious.
! : t " ;
. , . v - ' .
Dr. J. Walker's t'alit'oruii
incsar Bitters are a purely Voi
dable prepni ntt.m, nmitc cbifily from
the nativo hurtia t'ounil on the lower
rangC3 of ibo SicriM N'evuJn lllOln
tahi3 of California, tbo medicinal
properties of which ara extracted
therefrom vithout the use of Alcohol.
Tbo question 1 ; almost daily asked,
" What Is tbo canso of tbo unpar
alleled SUCCCSd of VlN-EGAR BlT
TKUrit'' Our aiiHwcr Is, tlmt they
romovo tho cauw of disoase, and
tlie putiont vecuveM bis benltb. They
nro tbu great blood piirilior nnd a
lifo-givinj; principle, a perfect Rcno
Tator and Invijtortttor df the system.
Nevor Ijcfora iu tho history of tho world
has a mediuino been compounded pos
aoiniiig tho ruui'irkulilo tjuaiilioi of Vix
euar Hitters in healing tho sick of
overr diaeivio mnii is bcir to. They art)
a pontlo I'urpntivo a well a-t a Tome,
relieving Controstiou or InflauiuiatioH of
tho Liver and Yisceml Orgaua, in Bilious
Tho properties of Dn. Walk-
Btt's Vineoaii lliTTEit nr Aperieut, Dia
phoretic, Cariuiuiitivo, Xutritious, Laxa
tive, Diuretiu.SodatiVB.Couutflr-ln-itaut,
guHon- ic.-.,;pn pn. Anti-Pil'',n. '
Grateful Thousands proclaim
VrsEGAR Bitters the most wonder
ful Invljjoraut that cvor sustained
tho sinking system.
No Person can take theso Bit
ters according to directions, nnd re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not Jastroyod by mineral
poison or other m ans, and vital or
gan, wasted boynud repair.
Bilious, itcmitteut, and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Bed, Colo
rado, Brazos, . Rio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savannah, Ro
moke, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire- country during tbo
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
beat and dryness, aro invariably ac
comp;tdled by extensive derange
ment of tho stomach aud liver, aud
other abdoraiu.il viscera. Iu their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a
powerful influence upon those vari
ous organs', is essontially necossary.
There is no cathartic fjr the purposo
equal to De. J. Wilkeu's Vinegar
Bitters, as they will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring thbcaltby func
tions of the dipostive organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all Its fluids with
Vinegar Bitters. No epidemic can
take bold of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head-
nclie, Turn in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Dad TaKto
in tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Ueart, Inflammation of tbo
Lungs, Pain in the region of thuRiduoys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
aro tbe offsprings of Dyspepsia, Oue bot
tle will prove a better guarantee of iU
merits than a length? advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, white
Swellings, Uleors, Erysm !iw, Swelled
Keck, Goitre, Scrofulous liillummations,
Indolent Inflamuiatious, Mercurial affec
tions, Old Sores, Eruption of tbo Skiu,
Sore Eyes, etc In these, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, "Walkru's Yin
Boar Bitters have fhown their great cur
ative powers iu tbe most obstiuute aud
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseasos
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints aud Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters aud
Miners, as they advanco in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, tuko a dose of Walker's
Vinkoar Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Khenm, Blotches, Snow, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuuoies, King-
worms, bcaiu-neau, bore &yes, erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloradons of the
Skin, Humors and Diseases of tbe Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dug up aud carried out of the system iu a
abort time by the use of these bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in tbe system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed and re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no autbelminitics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or the turn of life, these Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible. " -
Cleanse the Yitiated Blood
whenever yon find its impurities bursting
through tbe skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when you find it ob
structed and sluggish in tbe veins; cleause
it when it is foul ; your feelings will tell
yon when. . Keep the blood pu.e, and tbe
health of tbe system will follow.
R. II. McDON LO k CO.,
Draggbts ft Gen. Agta., San Franoitco, Califor
nia, It oor. ofWaihington nnd Charlton StaN.T.
Sold by ail DruggUU and Dealer.
Diamonds. Watches audFanov Goods.
WOULD repeethilly nay to the citiaen of
Vinton Co that he ha enlarged hia atock
vins one of the larv.at in ihHit ,.
Laines ha increaaed arery year up 10 the
prevent limo and we lel thankful to the imh
lie for paat for. and are determined to keep
B Urge atock ol every thiaf u.unl'y found in
B Srat-e,a Jewelry otor. and will keep the
lineal (took of gold and aolid iler, Mo the
beat Plated Uood , a low an any honae in tbe
We keep all Ihe different brand of Ameri
can Wairhea Howard. United Htatee, Klgin.
Waltham and Springfield Manufacture, both
in (old sad filler caare. Alo a Urge line ol
GOLD .111 FOE I tD WAffi,
From M lo 1300.00, alto allrer from til to
SUM. W have a Teiy avhabla lull Jeweled
Bilfer Watch from flttottv.
A full line of all g.wd in our Itti. or made
to order by experienced workmen Repair
umwiIi receire prompt attention
riea-o arop in ana . fie tronNe tn
bow good.
llarnras, Suddles,
Ilrldlt-s, II all era,
. . Hhlps, tpurs. Truce
Chains, - Hamei, and all
Other Articles of Saddleiy.
My tnejidaand In pnone Bnera:iy areiufiU
.11 call and f xauiiHe iny atock and ni
ea. I nin Iiv food hono.t ork, uae Ihe
n alurk.auu nil at th very loweu price.
(ndntanufucturiiia; dou to order, and all
VVorlrJ ParrtiteiJ as Represented.
Foreign : and American
Watch Materials,
Watch Makers'
i Tools, Etc.
Old Watch Case aad oldGoM andXlWer
Dick's Encycloprcia of Practioal Hk
eairr 4Nv I'koi-imdei.. Conmning..,'.'2 rn--ticnl
receipt, written in a plain and popular
mni'iier, aud illiHirtvil iih explxnntor)
woodcuts. Heme a comprelienaiv hook
r ference tor the merchant, nmnufucturer, i.r
tin, amateur and ImuKCkeeper, inelmlinii
medicine, pharmacy nnd doiiifatK ecinomv
The acope of thi work iaennrely dinVreni
from any other book 01 Ihe kind. BM"e.
beiora conipleio and alnwat indwpennbl.
brok of reli rence for the ihourand nn.i one
receipt nud artiolea nreded in every li..u-.
hold, farm, (p'rilen, etc., it include clear and
eaeily understood direction for the applica
linn of nmnv of ih? art Uaimlly a.'qillreilonl
by long eiherien, e, aud ro mveaied f te. h
niuhuliilea, or ihe tevliniralilie. ol term uw
bo lully explained ru lo brum Ihe entire uh
wi within the comprehension ofauir ero
nl ordinary intelliKom.e. 1'roiniinenl aiiio,u
ihe immense maa of. aubievla treated of in
the book ma the PiIIowiiik:
The rt ol Dyeinii, Hard Bolt and Toilei
Soups, Tunning. luelilUlinn, Imitation l.ii
nor, Winca, tTor.liiiU and Hitler, oi.iei.
Hrewinjt, Herufmi'rv,Klaormy Eeeencee, etc.
i oemeiica, Hnir liyea and Wathea, Pomade,
mid I'crltime.l oil, Tooih Hnwdera. etc, Hy
r it Alcohol and Alcnholinetry, Peiioleun.
nnd Kerneene. Itlexching and Cleaning, Vin
enr, fain-e, Cnt.llp and Pickela, Receipt.
.r the (iurilen. To Pemoe lHin,Spnui,el.
Pyrntecliiiy nnd Kx let vei, Cement, eic .
Walerprunting. Artificial, Kern, Ink an.i
Writing Klui.iK, Aniline lclnr. Paint an
PigmenK, I aiming and Paper-hanging, Ka'
iiminennd Wnitewaah, Varniihing and Po
ilrnu, l.ubricft ora, J:ipnnn!ng and Lacquer
irg.Hoot and Hnrnea Ilia-king. I'lioiogiapht
Melnl-. and Alloya, liilding, Hilvering. etc
Klecirolyping, KlertrcpUting. etc., Pi.lcn
Vtedieines, Medical Keceipt". Weight am
Meaure. 6uT pe, rc.Jal octavo, cloth
Price Sl.nn mar
MOn A F1TZ0EKALI , Tullnther, V
Worth and Beauty.
Dating control of the magniflcent 5il chrnmo,
Yo bemite, we are able lo otter coinhin
.lint, of literary and ariu-tic wor. ofgeuuin.
worth, mid at price unprecedented
'Una tlnecopy of a piece of Nature' gran I
eat work, la not prcenlcd in the uual Inn
ited nyle, iu dinien.iona, 14x20, making i
picture nl very devirahle ixe in it -elf.
griioed hy it- pretence.
Hut a lew copir of thi beautiful ' hrom.-
win aiioweu io go to I tie retail More, aim
Itioxe win tie op hi their
Actual Retail Price, S0.00.
wnirh il oide-eu in connei-iion with our Mag
uzine, both will be furn'ehed lor
As ft premium the pit ture nmy be ohUined
y -rumiig Hf'iuun IWI HID pill)
una nt. nnn tifillHl AiU'h. nl liv kHihen'rhiiiij ki
the MflKitsme two yenr in ttdvuiice, at one
UUIini pi niii-'iiii. nu'iirsn)
ft. ...... . L a.-
8. E. BH i TES, PubliMitr.
N. imUCKEK & CO.
no. 110 THIRD ST.,
Odd Fel.ows Block.
J'wifijiAer' q
And other
Standard Religious Works,
CI",VlnR fnU "ted in tit eoun
vHes ouiiea. janl
- .! - ' . ' .
Formerly ot Bamdn. -
ANNOUNCES to hi friend, ta Vinton and
edjo.ninccouatie thai he baa bought Mi
Hotel rormerly Kept by Chu. Smitl
: Three door weat ef MadiaoB.M
He ha refitted it throhgbowt, ana I prepared
o entertain Ihe tuvabBg pubft St reBonble
r'1. . Jul
0,6 '
1. e- -1
Lb v iir '
Nonh-taitrorDer of Alain and Jeeotrti
i. MclRTUCR.OBIO ' 1 ' '
GEO. 'YV. BEUNTON,' Proprletoi
Uanufacture . '
Carriages, jiviuk- Sxrttm, ek.
u, waoa m all iikvi or Wabob woaa
don vo order tbort ooticw. .
Painting and Trimming'
el :l kind execute in lb leate.l and moil
artiane tle.
Kb.PAIKI.NH ol all kind In rorlio will bt
promptly and naatl, done.
a. w ora uone aunt eaiaDiianmcnt I war.
autrd to I eubaiantial. but up aolid and x
gu'edin the mo.t workicaelik manner, not
a i exoelled in any re.pect b oy other a
wUiahmtntm tbtcoiotrf.
. ' i Maufoturer of
Of laleat, nul (uhionaH aad elep.nl alyle,
Second t, Near Mulberry,
I make it t notnt to do all mv work of the
bet material, and lnd eecond to none in
Duality of flniih or durability. I employ no
inferior workmen, there are no appiemiee
hoy ahoul my e Ublmhment. and I vn not
n it to pie-. any perano a ho want the beat
turnout made in the country. I re fee with
pride lo n,y customer thrnuahout roiili,eni
Hliio a lo Ihe oharacier of wotk coming
inim my uu-lor?, and (uaranlea all my cua
turner perleut MUahcliua.
All alnds of Turnouts finitbed and
ready for sale, or made to Order.
Call and examine my Stock.
Repairing, Repainting Etc.
, Will receive piompt attention.
I bare constantly (lock or
Carriages, Baggies and Expresses,
left with ma for le, repaired and lmot
gnou aa new, lomt of them
I0,ul 11173
American Institute,
Embroidering and Fluting Machines
"It I ingenioue and will mevitha wan! of
every mation in ihe land.'1
Exhibition or 1879.
loho E. Gavit, Rec Hec'y; F A. Barnard,
i rc j bauiuel U. Tilinao, Correhponding
New Tork. Noveini-er tfO, K7J
rhi (Iniple and ing uioi a machine in ae
mefiilaa the eewing machine, a.id i-ft be
coming popular with ladiea, in Ilia place oi
expensive ntedle work, He work lie inn much
more haniKonie, requiring niu. h lee time
lid oot i.ne-lenlh pait li e expenee. n la
y'a toilet ie complete without it machine
ith illi.etrnted cin lilur an.l lull innru. tior..
-em ..n receipt ol 11 or lliilrhed lu ilver plate
or 175.
tddre, The IMcKee Illanafaetnrlng Co.,
3i niimuway. New lurk.
Two American Magazines.
The excellence of Afnericnn Megaalne ha
'if come io well recngiiiaed abroad, thut one
of the lending Fngli.h pap, re, Ihe London
Weekly Kegialer, in a recent isvue, thu
peakeof crihner' Munihlv:
"H'e r coaavaiaea' to owa that ' RIB SEW 8
M' 1 II L I mrria vt Uiemm a&n all imrihil
li moMp wrialt Jar brillfHC) o UlulnUna mil
mrwy aj amjewi. 11 u limply a wonderful tkiUiny.'
a loiirg cm or MOT caara.Mff ! thi eu.
full .or.w aud tioer; Uu liakl ami ,fcio art aunt
a fed wiM a bn, artulic poucr Out J If ml and
liemfg eriuiiMl erucfef. 'iy do aot hww wAic
it imon tu bat,Jur aadtaa llrmtMlrmt.
Hut onlv i it true that Mcrit.n. r e Monthly
"el the K' glieh Mignainea, but It la Ikt
not at im A mtr tern movklm.
In the extent, variety and arti.tic excel
lence of it- illtiMraliou of American Ihemea.
it ha n ver been even approached, mu. h
lee e Joel! id It ha a larger pge and giien
a ai'.er vnrieiv in iw. enireuiM innnany oin
cr of the Hianlard American Momhlie
Iu literary character, and in ihe hnlliancv
and al.iliiy out Editorial i.epnri nieni,lt en-
nya an equal preeminence
lt conductor p.rt-.i wnh the definite aim
of milking it &r ltt mngixia ia A world nl which
Ihev have nrter Im n.oiiieui I. aieigril, and
n.ey point witu pride and lo.nre lo the
,ii y a no .nine nuinnerr, leeeniiy leaued, and
aa lor mem a cnn.nu examination nd acara
lul coinpiiriann nl their nierite with thoae of
oilier matrotlnea; and they renew their pledge
iu 'iiepu.iiiu, to einv lor llll nigner excel
lenue in Ihe liitura.
A considerable demand ha rvx-enlly arisen
in England tor w Na-ho'a, M-ril.iier'e New
Uagcime for Hoy and fllila, . ne puhliaher
deairing to aecure an edition of three thou,
and nl Hrat bou..d volume (when completed,)
with hi imprint.
The eucceaa in th countrv nISl. Nh hola
haa been even more remarkable than that ol
ecrbner'a Monthlv. Il la pronounced lo Pe
ypirtcimfatiorckUdrm,' en.l.a i
Hie oaae wiln all llie he' liier.itura lor chil
dren, it ha been f -nnd to poaaeea orpi.ing
imrreei tor grown-up rner. a well.
'I he influence of the periodical of the dav
can ecarcely be eMimaleri. eeecilly upon
the rieing generation, Harem and Uwiher
rn noianord lo he inditlerenl to thi mflu.
enca, or carele- in relation to the character
oi the literature, futniehed to the childien
ouieiae oi tneirwhool leaeon. In ft Na-h
o aa not only are hi.tory, natural philonophy,
literature. Hoe an, and mantifacture pre
aented in a a attraepve way tn young reader.
out i ne ,-nn iren are aumniaiea to seek IB or
nation foi Ihemeelvia
The publisher will fend ta an addreaa a
pecimen r.iimker of wt. Nichola, postage
prepain no recen.t often cnu, the trecoai
of paper and priming. The magaaine are
old by all fit.iclan boo heel I em and new.
ueaiera, everywhere.
MJRl BNEK'8 MONTBLT, 4 a year; 3fic4i no
o. p.jnui,Ao, - s 'iba.
8CEIENE & C0..664 Eroad w'j.B.I
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
Vorserr Btock! FruitiFlower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
i00acraa:Z24 yean 13 greenhouse. ' 1
Apple, 1,000 I jr.. Vli; I y: 16: Sv. M6:4y SAO
catalogue, 80 cent. HljulxnW
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agent wanted everyaher. Buaiaea ftrlct-
ly legitimate. Fartieular free. Addreaa J
VORTU, Bt Louia, Mo
Fakmekb bIj mid aot fail tt ex
amine the patent farm gati for
whicn ueoree n. isriRtoa. olo
Artbor, is the agent is thin and
Jackson county li iihe best
and chenpet gate even designed
for a farm, costing fifty per ctnt.
less than ha old fashioniw gtvtev
and is more durable, ; for it can
not sag. Examine it when jou
ft Af A . .. . .
ro ux uicAnnur. , i
Xa CreaajTae Utrewi. No. 4. Pnoa, 60c
ooniaiua i n iD au. Bwran lle,
Huaet Tn Hreatc or 'Nt, Reverie,
Ardiu; La Belknnai Polka by Lichoer
V mi thaSwallowa Htinnw.rd Kir. bv
Oetlen; Eap.egleriM, Caprwa by KU( ' ' '
l hrd pahef..r r . 0e.
i oniaina u a p.iinw mg in unci we,
Mnoaraia atraaen, Capnce, by 8. Smit.1;
Count on tie balnp, by Jacohj; Ureal'
naa, Romano, hy Thalbergt lianeiac
l eave. In.t., br Mattel
May liraeae.
Ineli. h l.anee 4 nieeM fhr . Sfle.
Contain ihe lollowlng niune.- . Oo.
Cbnt d Hlveue,! Tranwrtpllu, by
' Kettererj Thme Own, Melodia, by
Jjioge, piece . . Son.
' pIaiom Ihe lolp.wibg niuaH', price, HOC.
To rong by Neva, iw bv Peak, ona
- I'J Mar.o.l. Pacieri yta-ieit by
Ihome. a Fourtiaad Fieca s Quick
- elep, an ea March, and brautlful
rantaaie, by Kinkel. Ill piece for 80s.
contain th following mnalo, price' SUc.
Two new tonga by Hv,onby Pratt,
- en by flewart, a trio lot female voice,
hy Ahtiitwved Quartette by ltik,
two Polkaa,BpretlyWalit,ands Match, 'i
11 piece for , , 3oo.
AHdreaaJ I,. P FTKK8, P. U Box. Utt.
At t llnntdway , New York, appodla Metrop.
ollitMD Hotel. ' Jr r
Teas,! Teas!!
1 . i ,
P. 0. Box, 1287. ... ,; Sew York
Black, 40. 60. 60. bent 70 eta. . per lb
Green ant) Black 40, 60 . 60, beat 70c t
fjncolored, 00,70.80. 90. best flAO.
Orc-en. 6a 7a 80. 00. best 11.10 per lb.
Green, 60. 60. 70. 80. 90. 1.00 best SI. 16
Green, $110 best $130 per lb.
Pnerlish Brpnkfast
Black. (JO. 70, 80, 90, beat 11.00. per lb
N. B. W hare a enftalilt of Garden
flrowlh YOUNG HY8 N and IMPERIAL, t
II II, and IHH.tiNi., Extra eliotce, II.UO.
iur Teas aie put ui in one round nacka
age, with Ihe kind nn I prloe printed on each
AEXT WANTED to get up club to
veil our lea. lu latilil'ea, hotels, boardiog
honae and other, lu writing to term cr
sending nrdera, be particular to Addrea lb
rreeiueni oi tne i ompiny, inun:
nunavnt wci iv.
No. 41 Vetey el., New York
Wear compelled lo riqueat hie, a other
parnea have imitated oui nun nam.
Pure Concentrated Potash,
Of double thestreisth of any other
I hv recently perfected a new method of
Id-king my Potash or Lte.and am now pack
ing it only in Dalle, the coating ol hu-h will
saponiM, and doe nol injure the eonp. It la
packed in hnxe coniaimng 2t and ts one lb
ImI1, and in no other any. Inrmliona in
Kngllah and f'ermnn for making hard and
volt soap with Ihia I'nlnsh upcomnant eat. 1
pCKsg. . H. T. BABBITT,
04 to 84 YVo.hiug toe bt- IS. V.
Insnxrance Department
CoauNfua, February lath, '.874.
IXHERE'S the New Knglnnrt Muttll Life
11 Insunm-et on pany located at Boston, in
.lie mine oi Ma-eai-nusett, ha niel id thia
otflea ewoin el tcin. nl by the proper offi
cer thereof, showing its condition and hui
nee and ha con plied n all oilier respects
with the law nl tin Mate, relailog to Lite In
all ranee Companies, nrgnniied by act of Con
greaa, or bv or under Ihelnai of aovolhu
-late nl ihe I'nitcl t.itea.
Now, iherelore, in piirnnce ol law. I,
r, in inn r. i.iiun n. aiiperiiilenneiit nl insur
ance ol tlie "le.leof lihiii, iln i creliv lerillv
that said ompnnv . auihnriie.i lo iianeact
Pa aopropnale busineB of tile insureii. e in
una at-te in a cnrdnnce w. h Uw, iu ring thi
current yeiir. I he cwtitnio and niuliieas of
.aid company at the date of i.-n atatemenl
i 'eceo iM r.iii. ia, 3,) is shown aa luilowa:
"ggregat. amniinl of ailn itleii
seis.iuctlldiugihe sum 0lli,'W4. ,
1 8A in iireiiiiinn note and
loans h.-ld liv ihe com puny on
puliciea in force, 12,070,11 81
Aggregate amount. r liabilities, in
cluding til 1IU.619 uu ir re in-
eurauce reserve 1I 3J8.THIH
Aiiioiini of in onie for the pieced
lug y ar in cash ,m,87S ti
a mount in premium nn e or in
come for the prn'editig year SOU ,2 1 3 61
A nount ol expendliure lor the
pieceding year in cash, 1,607,667 38
a mount ui premium noieexpen.
dilure tor the precedinv year, 387.810 1ft
li ".I . In witnea whereof. I have hereon
lo euhacrib- d m name, and caused the ieal
of my ohio-to be affixed thnay and year
uuve wriueo. w Jl. utl u Ki t) .
roan i . mm, agent ai MiMrtliur, u.
TEA AGENT.- wanted in town and eouatry Id
ell TEA, or get up club order, for Ihe lar
gest Tea Company in America. Importers'
prices aod Inducement to naenta. r-vnd for
circular. Address, RnHKRI' WELLS, 43
veaeyxi., . y p. o box 1W7
TsaCAruftoa Into, Hemv Ward Beecher,
editor, ol Uut aatn laat, i . "Parti wnh
ing lo gel ur club, and a who can get or.
dere for lea, should write him for a circular "
Tin A'n York Wttklw Tntmnt. or Hep . 3d, aaya:
an 'i. range' enouid write Kobt. well lor
I'lrcm .r "
1. off epl. 20., j.. Robt. Wall It
morougniy rename." xaapr
Cottage Color Faints,
. tl.OO M II JJOper Gallaa.
9 loon laOii., '
50D per gl
Fibs Paoot - - - - - - ll.tf per gal
Work in ll
60.1. par gal.
Paint a Boiled Lmeed,only
ENGL. K OIL, ....... 75
Bead for card of color and circular.
I Sola Agentsi,
!. i ., . -
Neatly and iroatpt1y
. '
1,01 '" - "LA -
Jii 111
If You
' ' Want a situation,"
Want a servant furl.
Want to fell a piano, (
' Want to sell a carriage,
Wanttobnjrorsellnfarm. " "
Want a .boHrdinx P'ce,
Want to sell town property,
Wntit to sell groceries or drujrs.
Want to sell liouselioid furniture, '
Want to sell dry goods or carpets.
Want to llnd customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers,
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertlslnir liberally. always pays, .
AdvertlsinK nmkes success easy,
Advertising begets confidence,
i wWlvertisliig shows energy,
! AUVVI UOlIlg eU"vo piuun,
Advertising meana'biz,'
Advt-rtfse or 'bust,"
Advertise long,
A1venie w e I I , ;
' Advertise.
Every merchant, manufacturer
or buuiiett man who hat become
prominently rich, hat made his
v . . 1 .... J J j".
jonune oy juaxewut aaverusiiiy
So exception to (hit rule can be
cited! Stewart, ihe Piince of
Merchants, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertising, at a last
resort, to get hit tluck turned into
money to at to meet a note. Ar
guing from tht that if it was
aood for him in adversity, h-
" . . J i .. .... .. . " '
could make it thll belter in pros
pertfy, he became a persistent ad
....a." 1 ill... iJ I
veriiser; una mint yuincu, mt co
lottal fortune, ' ' ' 1 ' :
8time merchants s:iy it is not worth
while to advertise; for nn person rend
advertisements-; yet every merchant In
this county will read tni) advertise
ment, and il he is wise he will pnn
hy its suggestion, il' he lias anything ti
oner w rtn anverusinK now mucn
more then will those read them wh i
are not so largely supplied w th rend-
ing matter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and must depend on their paper fur
their local news, the m..st in portsnt
item t'f wltfch is where' they can find
just what they want whtiii they come t.
town to make their purchases. Iiyoui
stock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd out nl
style thut it is worthless, or il' it if run
down so' that you have nothing lelt that
people' would w nt, it is nut worth
while fur Tou to ndrertise. But if it in
new, fresh and' spu'rkling, up to th.
times, and such its' the people want
dun t hide them, hut PQiilish lo the
world that yuu have then),' and want
to sell thorn at a fair price.
An advertiscmentpublifthed foi a 6m
gle day does duly beyond that dav
and its effect continues in a greatc
ratio than umet men imagine. In thi
end it will niake a man's name a per
tnanent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tlis in in'' of men nnti
it become more valuable tunn nn
corner lot in his locality. .:.
Ir you lose a waich. n dotr r a clill
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, y.iti ruali u your local pa
per, knowing thut every one will rem
the advertisement Hut you will plm!
along in business rear h Iter year, with
nut cah'ulittinL' how muoh you -re Ins
ing by not advertising HRrporter
If those person who profess tn b
lieve that newspaper advertisement.
are not real by ihe public, wish to hr
convinced of their ern.r, just let them
Live puiiiio.ty to .sumn matter thei
would nut care to divulge to the world
even in the most nhsoure corner of h
countrv paper, and sen what nntofien
they would soon attain. Advertiser',
Gattltt '
Advkbtisino is'apt' to give ns thai
ifentle jog nl conscience which tells u
that we want a new suit of clothes for
Sunday, or that we promised our wife
new dress as soon as the hay was in
Perhaps it would be a good, plan for
Madame to nark this passage and lay
the paper npon her husband's break
last plate. Who will ay (hat adver
tising will not yetoiriliie (he worldl
Why do people read advertisements?
To.see whois enterprising, and to learn
what is going on. To see if there is
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see f the season's style
have come in, and to find out who haa
them. To know if any one is selling
nff at reduced rates, or to watch the
ohanoe of as auction. For amtweuient
To satisfy . enriusty. Because they
have read all the stories, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Because they want to. Booause they
can't help it Ohio State JotfrnaL
Thi power of priut ia well known,
but not veil understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advadtajra
over ona that is written or spoken.
This il one of the many reasons' which
gives si importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well as the
might the capacity to influence, to peiv
suade, to convince, which lies in print-'
ed matter. Spoken words require the
graces of elocution and Ike force of
eloquence, yet even tbec fade away in
In nothingness if not cangbt in their
flight and printed Bnt there is some
thing in tho silent language, the quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
about printed matter whiob gives it a
marvelous foree and infleernoe. Busi
ness pee should never permit them
selves to loose eight of what may br
astoaplihBd by a pemvrrinr s of
tie pmeing presses, i Learn to advert
line, and then the ''bow, when and
will bare
e iv"T I .. t A T" T71
Itowm - lotTakioIXnos
in -i t . I
:.r In
j nii oi no
THE Ealaski Company, wi lb s vtavtolhe
development of th local lateretbfi!e(
ki, to aaeurfJU permanent oioapwruy,
dd to it. Douulaiian aad waaHh. ara aew
otlenog lo acuial-tUeiisAown lt and fan
laudawt lo price.' and on liberal term.
n . . . A . U kM..ri.
a renoai ev.inn iv ecwqie. w1 f'-r-".
nd to buy cheap, houe wUI spplv at th
Comjialir'awmeeilot '..
' R. THOMPSON, Manager.
Ealetk I, Ohio, May I a, 171. ...t
' , , : . . t. ..." it. . t '
' i., . .- ' i. r; : t.- i ',l "''
. i Which ia adapted M '
All Sewing Machines,
NOTTRP! particularly Ihe ftai p of H.O.
OOOIiRICH, Chicago. Ill , wnh Ste patent
tamo. H. C. I.OODRK H.
Otfl.-eand aalearoom soft but u. rhwago,
111. .. , :, .Mng4
'll finlt
If you' aire Suffering from any"
Broken Down Conlitatod
Or requtra a Remedy to
Pniifjr and Enrich tbe Btood,
Tou will find Dr.CHOk,'erapBrlryre
(jprPokKaH.6 to poMnrmi grmttr mi n
4, cure yuu . mora apoitllly. aud do yon
mora good Ihnu any and all oiuer reme
tllea oomblned. Thai Pale, Tel law,
rkly-lovkinffftkln la changed to ona
of Ire.ilineJini d health. Tliono I'laeaaee)
of th Nkln, Flmplea, Paaiwlc.
niatrhe and Eraptioaia are rwmovedi
Hcrolulet. Sirrolnlona Ilea. of the
Kyea, Wbl .o NwcUina;, I leers). Old
riore or any' kind of Hnmor rapidly
dwindle ami uiaappenr nndar li Influence.
M has la II? -It is nature' own restorer I
A aolub H oxydof Imib combined with tha
medicinal prop tleaof Pokaltootdlveated
ot k.11 dlaagreeobla qualities. It will eura
any UlaaPMa.t whoM real or dlrei-t eaue Is
Bud lllooil. ItlienmMiain, 1'alna la
l.imba ir llnnoa, Conatl tntloaia broke
down by Mercurial or ol her polaona, ara
all cured by it. For Syphlll. or Hypbts
lit id taint, there iHnntliliigeuual to At. A
trial will prove it. ejoldb iiV,,
CEORUE W. SI8SON, Meythar, Ohio
THE WKEttLYSDN ia too widely known
lo require ny eitended reoommeadafan;
but Ihe reason which liv already give it
(Ifty thouaand auhacrila-ra, and which wili,
we h"pe. give it many thouaand trior, ara
biieflya Inllowa i .
1 1 Is a Hr. t-nu. n wappr. All Ih aew t
th day will be found in it. condensed when
unimportant, at full length when of moment,
ami a'waya presented, in a clear, intelligible,
and interesting manner. .
Il is Srsl-rate family paper, (nl) oreaLr
laini'ng and instructive rending of every kind,
hut containing nothing that can oflend tne
mt delicate and erupnloti tt. ' '
i It I a ru-t-rai story paper. The beat tale
and romance o' current literature areeara
fully selected and fg'Ny primed ir ! page.
It la a Hr-t-rnl ri iillur il piper. Th
mnatlre-h And inalruotiva article on agri-;-nltiir
l topic regularly -appear id thi-da
nnrtmcnl. . - ';.V.
It I an Independent political paper, belong
ing lo no parly and wearing no cellar It flght
for principle anil Hie election of Ihe best aien
in rflic It especially devote it energiea to
'he exposure of the a eat onrruptioue that
now weaken ami disgrace oui country, and
'hreaten 10 undermine republican institution
nitiigciher. It hn nolear ol knave, and aak
no fnvnr of their su."rtera.
It report 'ha faahmna for the Indie and th
market for ihe men. especially the eatllea
ninrkels. to which .1 pays particular attention
' KiiihIIv, it ia the cheapest paper publi tied
'ine dollar a year will si cure II for any sub
ciilier. Il I nol necessary in get upaelilb
n order to have IHE W fcEK tJ.nVK St ti i
rale - Anv "intwho send a sing) 4 dollar wi IV
ijei the paper for year . '
THE WCEBLT SrX.-Elght page,
Htty six column-, ul) ta )ear. . Noon-
.-oitnts from ilia rite. t -
le a the '.ally Sun. tSOOiJcr. A du.
uiii.t or 80 nei cent, to dun or 10 or ovr.
THE UAILT SUN. -A large P ur pane
nenepaper of twem eifht eoli mn l a ly
'"r stion over 120,000. ,l Ihe new lor
S c m.. Hiiliscrit tion i. . SO cents moeth,
r 8 a year To club nl 10 ..r over, dl"
oui t ..I 20 '-er eni.. ,.M. .w
Addreaa "THE SUN," New Tork City.'
l AarlTtliCinawtoei.a
VarrlcA ar th.a ahaiu.
mirrr u fhju, wlui.
l.au..l. i . . . .
I.lail OaMTtrUw a reglaf in praHallaa fsrili.
kwlonaaeTlaelrSl.a,A,. ,"f"
Tblti a m liurtallai nrk I ! koidrej aa alile
M.,..lik auDMpaui ararla(a aa caatalaa al..bli
rl... SOU Ul. ka ltt.,tl,i t.b kapKidwlKk
aaa ktr. an aalUI cartlaaalv abeat lb baaa.
lle.al.lai tb iairlran aa s4,W a I a pbralclaa
kMar.Duiailoa la .,I4..M., aad at.,14 kata U, .ri
val, drtwar r .r.ry auu a taaaala ibmcka.a il. a. ilea
lok. taabraaaa ar,iklD aa Ik aalilaal a ( ika l(a
ratl.a a.T.leaa Ikal la wmh kaawla, aa Back ikal U
l publlabnl I .a. Mkar wk. V - 1 "
Binllaanr an Ifrea.raoi.,.) far 'Mr CfU.'
8U lla" 'i1.'.1""1' B1,,w, 13". "ajsdl rel
Mice to tie Affiles! and Uafortunate.
Ilaraea aprlyla, U Uia aUarU.I asiaakl wk. adrrrtlat la
eablia aira,r lulu, aa; ...ok raaaaaks aara Pv.
Sana tut u.ai.ll.r sk.l joardlMaaall.w kw d.aUc
aklajoar attDdiilo. ..... , JL-.
raaiaa!lalaalar.il kraamaatlktBMBitetlaWait aa,dl
ca I erohaaera at ikla cu.irr and Karapa, a eaa ka eaa.
Mile aaraaaallj ar b7 aaalf. o. ika llaim s..t.il..e I.
ki"' li . '. U N. Klfklk alreaaT
vaiwBi mu twayHia,
- LU
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Gallipolis McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
- .':',; . ' -7
A LLpartie having aubacribed to the cap
Vital aioek ol the G.. McA. A C. R. R. are
hereby requi.ed lo make payment to Ihe Sec
retaryorihe Company, at hie office on tha
Public Ruuare, in OnllirolU, Ohio, oi if more
convenient, 10 I'anlel Will, PrewlBl Of Ih
Vmion County Bank, a MoArthny, Ohio; 6
nn installment nt Ave dollar on each share
o aubacribed, within tea daveef thi data, i
Augu.tlO. 1871. f
6 McA. AC. R.R.CO.
den 0 171.
QTOCK and Ore Scale good aew, tof
Osal at very low price. Call on
oovll H C. JONES itorney.
I ft
I '
- - . ,a' i 'ii - '
.! - : : - -X '
..- a 'i
e f
. V t.- aWB V
i."-i Vi" V ill 1.1 k
Him Vkafih
1 8 f.'w .V
J if,?

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