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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 10, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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MoAKlll UK, 0111 O--
On and artei tQditv W v ..l.tfa"?). nalil'U...
ther aolie. train will run as lllu: Kg. I.
t, I, ud will ma daily; r'o. S 'liiyv:j' .,
Saturday; diuy opa ilouduj :d
No. I Mo. 3 No. S
CT'iuni.J. caV.ni ..ipi l kh.
ChtilMoth. ....... I lop.n nj a An
fcchUod Fur-.. 1 o
I 47
Hun ilra . t i '
MoAltllJt ...v 3d '
VioMmM....w I 47 "
taleakl 1 IT
Hem Furoac..,' w l7
rarkstaOuri f 11 '
laj '
It ( "
10 -
9 3 "
I 31 V ,
II 3 "
4 II
4 S7
4 ii '
ilstioo. No. 1 So
No. S.
. t -, - r. -I Fl tl.n.
rirxefataf 4 ...... Wain
B'i KuruM.- 11 s "
Elm.... U I "
fioloa...U 67
McAsthus 12 "7pm
Unfa-ten ...li IT
"irhlsrd rur...li fi "
liwl K, .cu.f:
II no in
I Jiiim
9 it
t (H i
X 1U "
S .t
11 M
1. Han
li 10 "
I j 1
.14" S 40 j" I r I'M "
No. 1 dl not hod betwee Cincinnati n
I.evaliiM. will atop tt illotxtion ! xo?p.
Liintun Vslle. Farmer's. Huron', Byr .
Monarille . Ingham's nd King'.. Mo 3 will
Hip il Lovaland, Chilliooihe, Alheoa an"
BHprw only. No. ft will imp ! L'ummin
wtHe. bond Hill, Norwood, 4 1..U l-jr. Madisnn
viIIb. Mnd.ara. Loveisod, Greenneld, Chilli-
eothe, llsmden, Athena and Bolnre. .No. 2
will slop at nil statiuu except Hunt's. Ing
hain'a Monovllle, Uyer'a Hiitpcc' Farmer -and
Cliaton Villa. No. 4 willaioeateteipre
V. H. V, JuniiB Uni'lMi.,thilln'th
aid Loraland onlj. tin 0 will "'"P nl "'
pia. Allien'. Hanulfn. Cliiiiicoili-,Cliirnilf M
and Lol.tnd. Aci'oiivuhkIhIiuu irU) will
mica a4 the itop. , la :
atuew cnn.MooVai C0WHIiA-
the A"i (ntccoin. fitfTimifTiTA
Ik'Otha, nt 10 16 a m.; H)ri le. 10 12; Hi. h
tui'l Fiiraacf, 10 M: ktanvlrii, II li; MtVr-
(hur.ll kh VaiU,
11 4':adi.u.vl. II fi U P -"' '
Tr- .an Hie r".)K fSMOU Til
will Hiiia'VwntM lua. m aid I 4b p m t
arriTinK l furunwiilhai II ilU a. ud mi 5 3-
p. m. KBamin(rlii will luna lnr mnnih
all 00 a. m aud t 4 p. m nrriviun at 11am
dn at II no a. in. and 3 4u p. ni.
Triiiiiteo ,no"lnt l.orrlnnd for nil point on
the l.itrtA Miami Ruilrond, wl x the lndian
apolia and Cioi'lua.iti Uailiu:id Jmiation n
all poinU Wfl; ot Athena, ill thwColiini
bda and H'WkinK VaUay RuilKiHii, at Parkera
turc lihin Kmlmail.
w. w. rsvMiihv,
' lltnaml Siiix-rlnlf ndenL
Wilkesville, Eamdan & Middlepor.
I WILL rua ahack Iron) WiLkfsTillelo Ham
don on Mondana. Wdneliti and KriUnji,
rata'Dinf on tha aama dava. ' i
I will alao run a return Uvk (n Middleporl
on TueadHjra. Thoradaya anil aturdme . Ve
lurnins on the auiue Uaya. lOUN LKVIS
ftaunlwitf . r . , . M ,
I WILL run a hvk Irom . Wilkenvill lu
llamdea and return every 1 ue-dT, 1 hiir
day, and H.ilnr.InT for the aiconimoilalinn
r paaaenKera. rankina; clnae ceniwiiim will
lha mail iraine oit th M. A C iK U I wilt
a 14 aarry ' exprraa tt'kiigK ahitnei l or
aVpa peiite tf lo Adam Kxprean Uwi 1 1
! : t '.( H -.l!B.
. At Lancaster, Ohio, Mre. Jo
sepbiae William has db-umea
a verdict of $50, under the
Adair law,' against John Keller
a saloon keeper, who sold liq
quor to jofepine's husband.
Some oi the students at Eastern
cdlteges dan boaj'd lLmielvea
or thirty-live cerifs f)Vr ' Veek,
but these don't eel liko -'ttar-
II A L a.itilliieDiJgi keep the
jieople of New Mexico in barr.'.
IGhe touitfOoea UiCmjif good
on y.uu young mnu? Innocent
childilie wished to I make an
exhibition of her nev'overskirl.
lV!t 'dittShrfl'tarn' fi'er back
Tu, AKlermen ot KansaBUi'y
are irreverently spoken of by
a lofil journal as tfie" gentle-
nianriih red wyes' and nose.
AfLL 'ip!in, a coal stove
and a newspaper are not bad
things lo tit lip.wi'hJ t i
The wdrld'i nfeadry thW.
ai win soqo turrecrvou
I L IT 11
don't aiTrertifo
Whin is ittoiieydamp? Vh"fj
it js'd in tCe" mbrnihg "and
mist at night.
Nbvh wait lor any thing
tarn up, but go and, turn it
Skisskb keeps a hotel in
Cttca4li )i good naiae! to
kep a hotel with. !."'
S-Tow id the dep'l
of nfn'e
i ochts; fell al Cleveland tialnr
AVasr 'cannot' expeet half a
lo f when he loafs all of the
Boas county. ha, alle, pois
oner. - u.;.iu i : -
AtHKNs jail has .In
deiers'm if. ' . '
three ; mur
Jackson is to have a colored
Lyceum, ,
THpmas Casebolt is in jail at
Gallip'Q charged with incest.
Mxxicax veterans will re
unite .t, tjlovL December 15
' .jt--
Wha" is better than a proin
itlac Jfk toaiif Apin'g Sne"
Tra iKi'Vnipn can not poll
.a shirt off mked man's back.
in j.i r: i l l j j w
Dr;1 J i Wal kefs Calirorula
Vinegar Bitters nro a puroly.Veff
otable preparation, made cbli'tly froin
tho natiro herbs foiln't on tho lowef
rauges of tho Sierra- Nevnd; wouu
taliw ;of Ctifitui-riln," ' tho medicinal
properties of wulcli uro extracted
therefrom without tho uso of Alcohol.
Tho question i3 almost dailyi; askod,
" What i3 tho cause of tho unpar
alleled success of-ViSEOAB. Bit?
teks V 1 Our answer 13, that'tlicy
romovo tho cause of diecaso, and
Uiw patieut tocuver UU bualtb. TUux
aro tho groat hluod imriCyr anil a
lifo-giving prinoiplo, a purred Eouo
vator anil InTijrorntor of t'ao system,
Never beforo In the history of the world
ha a uiodioina boen couiponndcd po
eertsiug tho rouvirkjlilo qualition of VI.s'
bqar Uitteks iu hunting tbo sick of
erory disease r.ia: fceir tu.a.- Jbey are
a pontlo Purpaliro ns welt (w a Tonio,
relieving Conffoxtion or Iuflnininiitiort of
tho Liver and Visceral Organ, ia Bilious
Tho properties of Dr. Walk-
Br's Vixbo.5 HiTnstwnm Apnriont, Dla
pborutie, Carminative, 'iitritiuin, Laxa
. tive, Diuroiio,SudativiiCu4)Uir-Irritaut,
Gratefdl Thonsands proclaim
; Vrs'EGAR Uitters the most wonder
ful Inritforant that ever sustaiuod
tho Biuiciug system.
No 1'ersou can take these Bit
j tei'S according to directions, and re-
uiiuu iuii uiineii, piuvtueu muir
boucs are not uastroyed by mineral
poison or other m ,aus, aud vital or
gans wasted beyond repair. :
' Billons, Remittent; and In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent In the valleys pf our great
rivers turouKliout tho'United States,
especially those of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red,- Colo
rado, Urazos, Rio Grando, Tearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savannah, Ro
inoko, James, and many others,
with thoir vast tributaries, )hnmgU
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat ar.d dryness, nro invariably nc
compauicd by cxtonsivo dcranco
'lncn'a of tbo stomach and liver, and
otnor nodommal viscora. Iu their
treatment, a purgativa, exerting a
Powerful influence unou thesa vari
cos organs, is 'ssentbllv nocessarvj
i nore is no catuurtic for tue purpose
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vineoar
Hitters, as they will speedily remove
the dork-colored viscid matter with which
the buweU are loaded, at the tame time
ttimuiauDg the secretions of the brer,
and generally restoring tho healthy func
tion of tho difrostivo organ". -;
'Fortify tho body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
..i iNhUAa liirfkiu.-Ao einoeuiio -eitB.
tako bold of a systpm thua lure-armed.
liyspepsia or indigestion, iieod-
actio, l'um tu . the Shoulder. Coimbs.
Tightnexa (if the Chest Dizainem; Sour
LruotaUoDS of tbo Stomach, Had Taste
in the Mouth, Uilion.i Attackx, I'ulpita
tiou, wf the Heart, Inflamniatios oh the
Lnngs, Fain in tuo region of tho Kidney h,
and a hundred other .painful vymptoios,
Hire theoffspriiiMof Drneps1a. Ouo bot
tle will provo a better guurantoe of its
Neck, Utiitro, FcniftiUiiiB fnlluiumiUhins.
Iludolmit IiillaiilmiUiiin-t larciiriuj cUPlc-
4:..-- rvt e..K. ir..K&j.. . c .i.Y t-i.:
uvu, uiu cuius, uruiuuus in tuo ohiu,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, as in nil other
constitutional Diseases, "Walkkr'8' Vix
EoABBlTTKasbavoeuown their great ear
otive powers iu tho most obstinato and
iutractable C0ies.
For Inllamniatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseusei
of the llliMid, Liver, Kidneys aud Bladder,
these Bitter have 110 equal. Such Dis
eases are causod by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Pci-sons
engaged iu Paints and Mineral.", such As
Plumbers, Type-eetterx, Gold-beaters and
Aliuers, as they advance in life, aro sub
joct to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
ngaiunt this, take a dose of Walkjsb's
Vinroar Hitters occasionally.-' -
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Kbotim, Blotihes, 8potH, Pim
ples, Pustules, Doilx, Carbuncles, Ring
wurtoa, 3cald-boad,'Sora lyes,- lyipo
)m, Itch, fccurft, Dinoolorations w- the
Skin, liuuiors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever namo or nature, are literally
dug op and carried out of the system iu a
short time by tho us Of these llitters. ' '
Pin, Tape, and other WormS,'
lurking in the system of to many thou
sands, aro eiTectually destroyed and re
moved. Ko system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
system from worms like theso Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, these Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence-
mat improvement U soon perceptible. 1
Cleanse tbo Vitiated Blood
whenever yon find its impurities bursting
through toe skin ia Pimples, Eruptions,
br Sores: cleaive it whan vou find it ob
structed and sluggish ia the reins; cleanse'
n wnen it is loul; your reelings will teil
yon when. Keep the blood pu.v, and the
keaJth of the syKtem will follow. .
Jtrngglui A Gen. Airta., Ran Franciaco. Califor-
Bia, i oor.ol waeliui,tonandJkaxltoaSiaN.Z.
tkU( lr mU UrwualaU Baut Utalcr. .
Diamonds, Watches and Fancy Goods,
' CIIJLLCCJ1, 01110
WOTJLU reperttiillr aay Co the elliieo ol
intooCn that he h enlarged hi alork
-''not one of tbe lrrt in the Huta. uur
L .aioeM haa inerraed ererw year up lo the
present lima and wle?l thaakfulto the pnl
liefor pau fat or, and are determined to keep
tare tock ot every thing nro'1 (ooart in
am-adre Jewelry store, aad wtlf keep In
Soeat alock of (tolif and aulid ailter, -Ji-o the
best Plated Wood , aa low an any bouae in the
We keepail lh diSerent braade ef Ameri
e Walrhax How-rd. United Htatea, kliiin
Waltham and Hpriaitleld Manufaeturea, both
aa rM and eilrerea-ea. AUo a large line ol
GOLU 1MIED ltllt
m IM to H 00.00, alee allrtr from lit lo
lllu. . W. he a tei reliable ktfl Jeweled
biKer Witch from liatotaw
A full line of all good in oor line, or made
In order by eiperienred aorkmea. Repair-
IokwiIi recetee prompt attention
rieeao arop la U4
Me IronNe tn
menu tuan a iciigtny auvcrtiHeincnt.
fiiKAl'nl.l !' It l.lu V 111 WL-.k'.
LV VI HUM V llUfj D i'l l Ul It
vtalliiif.' .Ulcere KrriDil!ii. Swelled
bow foods.
Sewing ViMachine.
Thefiroatest Prodnclic-n
the World Ever Knew.
... . ... - .v"---
OUB cU'lmii for tha Aiiperiority of
the klks Howe Mucbinea can Ttnv
er.(-disputed,, rTbis most eavjublr
reputation baa been obtained by its own
iriw- r AVa doflot elaiio that wa oflar
our maihiiiea fur the fewest dollars, or
La die lonseitlina af credit that can br
obtained by buying other class ol uia
ohinee. But we do uluiia we hate the
t We are wanting agefits to nil out
iachines in Vinton and Hacking
ntie for wbioli we propose to p
.liberal cmuDiissiun; furnish three 01
moKe Wagons if 'an aftent will osh and
push them for the lusinma. We. iu.
-end operating on an entire new biisU'
for this icason fie want good, live met'
61 tun tli thing. The reputation ol
lie Howe is wel known throiighou
Vinton and Hocking counriesas well aa
ier the entire world. You will find
ue' af tho HULBEKT HOUSE,1' Mc
v It TUB It, O., any time thi monrli,
ready to administer to your wants.
f:We'C. McLAUGHLN, . i
m. a al a
. r ivi special geni.
'Iick'b Encyci.opbi'Ia of Practical Rk
'Kiri ni. Phdi ii.'r. Coniainingu.lii prae
ical raccipte, written in a p ain ai d "iinl..i
11111 lier, and illiotmted Willi ezplnnalnn
imlM'Ule. Heia a I'omprehenaiTe honk 'if
r Ivreni'e kr (he inen'liani.mnnuliiolurer.ar
'ii 11, amateur and houxekeeper, ini'lmlin
leilicine, f-hjirniai-y and dumeatu econnnit
heaea of Ihi work ii entirely ditt-ren
minlny Other hook 01 the kind. Iten.. ,
enwa cnnii'leie anil nlmmt indopenaiU
ok of reference fur the Ihopaand anil im
I'eiplN and artwlea needed in ererjr him.
mill . rivin. irur4n. ate., il tnvlnde i leur uml
-1 -1 1 iin'lsr-tiinil direetinna for the aiilirn
'inn of nianv ufih" art" uaiiallyaiquirrduni'
y hmg ezperieni-e, and eO'iiteaied uf tn l
iirnnlilieM, or the terlinieali'iea ol lertna Ufe
n Inlly explained aa to bring the entire 111I1
-i't within the i'Oinpreheniun oTanjt erai"
1 erSuiary mtelligrne. I'rdifitineni ainum
he Immon'.B ina-a r auhlect Irealed of n
lie hnok are the I'dlowing:
The Art ol liyeinii, Hard Soil and Toilr
unpa. Tanning, I'lHillKllon, Imilatlou l.ii
iinra, Wlnea, :m l.il und Hitiern, .Jidei.
Ireaing, l'eiurmcry,Kla?iiriHi Bi-aeneea, etc
o-tnei II iti r I 'yes ami Wnilin, Pnnadr
id I'erfliined I Ml"', 'I'nmli I'nwilers, etc., Sy
ii, Ali'ohnl nnd Alcohulmelry, Pelloinin
"d Kernaene. Hlearlnrig nnd CleHning, Vin
jar, Kam ea, Catnipa and Pickets, Ket'eipi
r the (liirilrn. Ti eeinoyetaina.spota.eti'
. trnteehny and Kiileaives. Cemeiila, em
' uterpronHng. Arlmi'iHl, Oema, luka an.
riling Klni'ia, Aniline Colore, Painta niv
(Kinriito, I anitingainl Pflpor-hiinging, K'
inline and WMtewah, Varniaiiii.g nml I'o'
h ng, l.iibriea nra, Japanning nml Lai'qilei
1 x.Hontand llarneai. HI -king, Plioioginplit '
'elnl- and Alloya, Kilding, Hiltering. etu
Inclroiyping, Kleetri pluting, elu., IVIeii
eilii'iit. a, Medii'nl Hwei'l-, Weighlr nn i
liurea. 4oT (fles, rcynl ortavo, t'lntli
ri IVnn i mr
I'lOn t ITZdEhALI . rutlnfhera.
Worth and Beauty.
Daring control of the magnificent jil clirn
10, Yn .Semite, are are aide In ottera vomhni
lint, of lilerary anil ami-tie. Wur.i ol gennint
nh,and nl pneea unpiei eili-nleil '
i'1'hta Huecopy of a pei'e of Nature' granl
I work, la not presented in the umnl Im,
ed nyle, it dimenrioue, 14x1, milking r
'Mure ol tety deairal'le iae in it-elf
:i'ed hy it- presence.
iit alew copie of tills beautiful i hromi'
ill ' allowed logo lo the retail alorea.aml
none will he aold at their
Atlnal Retail Price, S8.00.
nieh il oile-ei invoniieiiiion with our Mug
wi win win ueiurn'neu lor
lag premiuiii the unliii may be obtained
aeiiding two auW riptiona for lliei Mag
; ne at ont-iloil ii eath, r hy aubwrbiug In
le Magaiiiie wo iera in advance, at one
."liar per annum. Addreae,
. Webuigli,.
a. is. Bin 1 t,f, I'ubliaher.i !
lio, ,110 THIRD "hT.i v
Odd Fel.ows Block,-
rubli$her$ 0
And other.
Standard . Eeligiotu Work,
maj "
n tUe Unitwi Bkuei. ; , . , iBl
Formerly ol Hrodea.l '
AeJJIOtJNCas lo hi friend ta Vlatanaad
adjotnina eouatie tail he haa booght the
Hotel Formerly Kepi by Qhaa. Smith
Three door weal cl Madwoa.ea
Ha iaa iattd it i nrM .. t. . . i"
'? j "
i roAtp s , 1 . - '
m-mT- r-ar------ia
Nprtliiaaat cor of efll a in and Jae ksoa etre kt
: MoART BUit, OHIO ""'' 'J
3e6. V. BRL'NTON,' Proprlctot
., ; ., ; .... n -1 "
I -. Manufactiiraa ., j , j ,,
Carriuyei, , untitle,- xprtuu, ia.
uo.WAaoa ana tu i or waeoa wois
dona w order oa ehorlaotice. 1 ' : '
,0 PalntlnrJ and ' Trlmmlhrj ,'
t all kioila eieuuied in lha oeataal and moal
nrliHtm ttvle.
KtPAlKINO ot all kinda la my line will be
promptly and neatl done.
. Work doaa etthia enabllahlncht ia war.
anted to he iihtantial, put up olid and eie
ou'edin lha moot workmanlike maaner, not
o n eieelled in any respect b toy other a
laujianajMutia me socatrT.i .. i,
. .. - i . i : :
Manufactarer of
i : i
. .. .' -AMD- 1
(ritt, moat AuhioDaM aad elegaal style,
Second St., Near Mulberry,
I make it a point to no all ray work of the
heatmnlerial, and aland eeeend to none In
i'ihIiiv id' Biiiili or durUlitj. I emnln n..
mlermr workmeo, there, .are no appieiillee
iva a"ii ni) e'lnnnxnnieni. anu I ean not
'ail lo please any peraon who wanla the beat
turnout made tn the country. I refer with
ride 10 n,y eot-mera throughout eouti.en
'iliio a lo the eharaeier of wntk enmiiig
mm in j im inrr, nnn guarantee ail Bi; cue
toinera perleul aatialicti'in.
All kinds of Turnouts finished and
ready for salt, or made to Order.
Call arid examine my Stock..
iUpalilng, Kepaiutlnp; Elc.
Will receive piompt attentloa.
I hayeeonalantly a stock of
Carriages, Baggies sod Expresses,
I, ft with me for ale, repaired and almost
good a new.rome of ihem
ll'.Ul 1ST3 . , ; . , . .
American Institute, -TO
J, W. McKEE,
Jmbroidering and Tinting Machines
"l:m lugenioii nnd will meet the wnntaot
every malion in llie nd.''
' txblbltiouef 1879.
lohn B. Cavil, K.e Hec'yj F A. Barnard,
. rea; Uauiiiel U. Tilttian, Correepomllng
eu'r. ' i :
New Vork, Notem'erJO, l7
This simple and Ing-nioi b machine ia a.
leeful an the ffwinit mnchine, n.id i-fiini be
iiming popular with ladiea, in the place o
xp.n-ue lit ed)e work, lie work liemu much
nmie liamlantiie. reqiiinng mu' h U-ra unit
ml not nne-leaih cait It.e expenee. No la
y'a toilet I, nun plete wil Itoiit it A m ii-hin.
nh llliirlmieit 'ir. llli.i n.l hill Ineiiui-lini,.
-ent on receipt oi ri ..r flushed in silver plati
tddreee, Tka SIcKee illnnufuctaring fa.,
" niuauaii). new link.
" ! - - -
Two American Magazines.
The eicellenre of American Magnaine haa
hecuinein well recognised sliroml.th.il one
"S 'W1'0 vngUeh para, Ihe L.m.l.n,
weekly Hegn-ler, in a recent Ispue, Ihur
penke of ecnhne.r'a Unnlhly: .
' Ire er couUraiiied It mc that & HIIiSEH'f
M UTIILY earrta J) Onprin apiin all ,mr ihil
liufi mtmlhlf aariidt or linUeiw, if itlialralio$ and
mriW, of CNfeWi. Il u aiaipg a wonderful iaiJim.'
,rnrtk . A'aIhu. " k. . l ,. .
full if for.) hmI n'por; Ikt hfKlnud tkntf era awni
IIIIAj yiUk It iMf. Hrli-li - II . - .
- pvmm . "J ummim UN"
ami) oriyixnl artielet. rnliy a0 not htoia vAiol
in elvoat ua txtt. for aucA aad u( are txetllnl."
fni milv ia it Tue thiil M-rilmi ra Monthlv
ixceN the K gli,h Magniines, bul II la 2 At
(Jew a (A ilaini'aia oilllin,
In the exieat, rahety and artlalio excel
lonceof it- illu-lratinn of American Ihemea
it ha n er been eten approached, inurh
leexillil it haa a larger pcean'fgtiev
4 grenter rariely in ita rou'ento Irian any oth
er ofthe HtAralanl American Monihliea
Iu litcrnry character, and in the hrilliam-t
and aluliiy ol it Kilttnrial nepBi tinentx, it eii
iOTa an eqiml preeminence
llcinfiictiiraHt,rlil Willi the definite sin.
"f making U IkrltMntiipmHtiutht irard.ol which
thev have never for a mnineiii I. at a'ghl. and
I' ey Hiint witn pride snd peaur In Ihi
M ,a Inil .linta niuiilui.1 . .. 1 . - ,
tJ. " " ' , i..urn, an, i
-K lor them a cainlid exniiiinstion mlncHie
" i-i'iiipHrwnu 01 meir in nt. with Ihnae ..'
Iilliprh.aifnitn... .nH ll.. . .1. .
m ihe pimiiu, lo ina for ellll hignir excel-
Inn., in lh. ,..i..a ... a
....... ... . ,
A conanleralile demand haa recently arisen
.n hngland lor St Nii-ho'aa. M-nl.ne'i'i New
ting line for Hove and OiiN, i ne publisher
.lesinng tn .ccure an edition of Ihree thou.
Hllll oT Hral hnn. A iliin. r.k. - I . .
with Iim iinorint. . 1 '
. ,., , v , .ni,., i , if, is,. j. am
has been even more remarkable than that
lie .llfv,i.au im Ik a t IU. . 1
-cr-onera n.ininiv. It pronounced lo
. r- ""'J.. MHiim, piHi,,. p
lie iiaee lln hII the In.' literature lor cbil
Iren. il has been f nn l lo ooaaeaa surpaaaing
nierer-t lor grown up raitcrs. sawell.
he infliuo. eol the perionical of the dhv
ejn H .icilybe eM'nmted. eeecisll) upon
ihe riaing gm, rntion. Ha renin snd Uth'i
en not stlord to be indilteienl to this mflii
ence, or earee in relation to the chantrier
oi the lneiMiure rmnixheil (he childien
lllllMOlA tif thvtm u.k....l I.. .. .
..... v, n irfipt,,,.,. ii, r, H'
n as not ..niy are nietory. natural philoaopl
llteralure. Hne ariM .,! Mun..r. - V
. . . - ' n..i.i.irilll"J iiri
aented man auraefre way lo young readei
link ..l.il.l.n l-i , . .
' a.
.... .... . ,,r .iiinuiBiiu to sera IB
iiiniiun en ineoieeiv, s , ,
The pubhrhera will send lo any ar.dreea a
ape-imea number of t. Nicholas, poainge
prepaid on teoeiut rien ceula, ihe bare cost
of pajer nnd priming I he nisgasiae are
old hy sll fir.t Uhs bookellr snd sews,
dealers, everywhere.
CRiSNEh'B MuNTHLV, tl a yesriSgc a aV
81 M0HOLA8, - - - a 26e. ..
SCEIfcNEE & CO.,664 Ef oad w'y.K.1
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
HtuserT BtookirroitWlowerEates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
, . i t : . . ; :
aoo seres; S24 year, la ciwbbon-(s.
A pole, 1.00U l yr.. fat; t j. Ms b 4&.-y S0
leaulogiies, tOeenie. aijuitm
S72.00 EACH WEEK -
Agent! wanted everywhere. Bastneas strlct
y legitiita. Psrtiealsrs free. Address J
WOBtU.BllMlis.Mo . tSeeptly
"Kakmbk8 sh raid not fail f ex
amine the patent farm gau for
which 0 rge ,W, JBrn ton, M d
Artbor, ia the agent in thin anrl
Jackson county. ' It is the, best
anrl cheapest gate erer designed
for a farm, costing fifty per cent,
lea., than ba otil faariinnan sua
loi 'it mora durable, for it can
bo. iafr.:. AxaaMif iiwi j.aoj
it ia MoAxtftor.- " , ,
J-m Oaaaaa aW la OfeaaaJ Wo t lUe,u)
Coni.ii.. i ii ihe sea,, benar He, l.a
Kuiie; The Breakrnt Hay, Heysrie, by
rdiii La. Ballerina, Polka by Uohnert
Waen IheHarallnar Bnmiward Hy.bt-
I otiiaiiie it h tins ng uinaiet 60
i MrHialaiaMresm. Capnee, bv8.1mitki .
Count on II Oalon. b J.i ohv: l.,.d
ossk. Rpmsuoe, by Tbslbergj )'saein
". bt Mallei May brtlies
ln4 , by f.nge s pieces for r. Me.
( oniain- the foliowma n uaie.- 60a
rksnt da Plrouo, 1 ranerrtptltia,' by i
Kelterer; Thin Own, Melodic, hi
w'lia. n pieeee air Ana,
ratm'asj an -S-M..l..l
jnaatklaflMMBN . o o ,
hU.io ihe pillowing muse.-, price, sua.
i m .
m wc soiiga i,y nss, two by llnnka. on
h Wswood. a Hseurt QLa teite by
,lhonw, Kotirhand biec Q iici.
Islep, an easy Marvhv and a twautlrul
rvntasie, oy Klnsel. IM piece for SfW.
vi.wiua ii, miiunnig mipaii, pricf, 3UCi
i wo new ong oy rtsvs, one by Pratt, ,
orui by Mtewart, a trio tor female ynicea,
by Abti a i-anred Quartette by I'snka,
. rwo Polkas, a preNy Wal 'a, and a Hatch:'1
it pieces toy (, We.
"iress i Ii. PITKKS, P. tl Box. B42S.
SIS Hroadwsy.New York, opposite Metrop
ollitaa Hotel. ,j . ... r
Teas,! Teas!!-
A 0.43 VESET S1SEE1,
P. a Box,. 1287. ,, .' New York
KoBERT WFLLS. r'rtaitlenl.
Black. 40. 60, 60. bst fo cU. per Jb
Green aii1 Black 40. 60. GO. best 70cts
Uncolort'il. (HX 70. 80. 00. best $1.00.
Green. 00. 70. 80. 90. best $1.10 per lb.
Green, 60. 60. 70. 80. 80. 1 00 best $115
Green. $1 10 ban $1 30 ner lb.
Black. 60. 70, 80. 00, bent $1.00 per lb
N K. Ws hma s knnulil. r ii...,i..
Urowth lOUNO HYS I.N and IMPKRIAL,at
i nnu im, r.xirn cuoice. II. hi.
tlur 't'e aiepntitp In ,,nc pound pack.
age. with the kind nn I price printed on eaidi
AUKM WAXTCU to gi t up ,-luh to
eell uur tea, lo launl.e.. holnla. I,.,r,
I.ouee and other. In willing lor terma tr
rending orders, be particular lo addles ihe
President ol I lie I'ompmy. ihiiai .
. No. l Veaey el New York
We are ccni eMi il 10 ri quart hia, as other
puriies have innteled out him name. ,
Pure Concentrated Potash,
Ofdou tie the atresgih ol any other
I Imve recently perfected a new method of
racking. my Hoiaah or l,re and am now pack
ing it only in hull,-, the conting ol, nUi.h n ill
eiiponfli,'niid doea not liijiire the ,onn. It I
('licked in laixes comniniiig !il and la on 'h
hill'., and in no nihrr way. Inrei'tiona in
uglieh and (Jeinuui for making tmril ami
eolt snap with Una Potnsh ee-omin eaul
pacKiig" II. T. niHIHTT,
04 la 84 Wnahiugtou Si., N. V.
t . i
Insmrance Department
t i ..'
Coaeasi!, Fe'iunry loth, ;87l.
lyHERRAS Ihe Newr Kngl md Mutual Life
IT lii'iiran-M Con. puny locaiednt hoion.in
he dime nl Ma-sn, nnactt-, ih Hie I in tin
iirlii e n swnrn et. leni.-nl by the priiper ntfl.
er thereof, Nhnwim its ndilion mid Imi.i.
nesa sn'l haa con plied in all mlier riapecla.
ilh the law a ol tine Mute, relim uf lo Lite In.
xiirani-e Companies, orgnniicl oi hc uf Cou
gresa, or br or unuer Ihe l.iws i,f snv oiln r
tnie ol ihe I nile.l t.l.".
Now, therefore, in i urMinnre ol law. I,
Will urn T. t bur h- am erinlcii'ieiit m Inaiir
ince ol IheMlHiiif i l,... ., i .,.i,.
iliat xanl onioaiiv .e Hiilhnnten 10' iih..h
I'a aopriiprnite ImeihcH, of nic inaiirmi. e n
una st.'lein rt cord nice wl hnw.n l ring the
current year.. . The cnn lilmn "ml "imneaa nf
.aia coiiipii.r al th iinte nl eicn Miilcinenl
I "'e ; liir.llet.,IS73.) i-rhown as fn.lows:
gregi!." hii oiii.I nl MliMtlcd as
eie.iiiLiiirliiig ihe in,,, ol i,2U,
ail ;i" n I'leii.in n notes and
Insns hM b. ihe coiiipiiuv on
pnlicea in fnrne, ia.i.70,1 IU 8)
vgreyitie enuAinl nf ntn liliea, in-
i liidiiigsn lul.iiiu u for i in
riiniiice reai rve - 1 1 3J8 7 J IB
Au.niint ..f In'oine for the pieced !
fugy arinci-h 2.1X1,67 n
iii'uiini ni jiuiunn no-e or in, ,
tionie for the nrecediiiif veir son oi.i ua
AlioiuM o exueniliiur,. lortlie
ui'ece'liin veor in eH. l rait rjn
Amount of preitiinn mile expert.
uiiurre inrtiie preceding tear: 37 8111 15
(I.. H.I III Vlin... Wk.r.n I I
to auhacrib dm, nim. i m,i,...i .k. ...i
of my oftlceto l affixed tl'eosy nd year
above wrilleti. i WJf. CHURCH.
.. noperintendent.
Joan f. Rani, flgentstlleArtliur.u.-'
I EA Af.ENT.-. wanted in town and country to
sell TE , or get up club orders, for the lar.
gem Tea Company in An.erict lmpnrtera'
prices and inducemeuls lo aget.ts. .-end for
circular. AdtlresN, Ku!IKK I WELL.
Veaey Mi., M. V P. l Box l!IH7
7'ACAruiaa I'aioa, HeniT Ward Beecher,
E.litor, nl 0 :l Join laat. a "Prtl.a w,h.
inglo get up clubs, snd si. who can get or.
der for tea, hoiild wrileliim foi a circular "
" lorg h wtla jy,6 oIKep .,Hya:
All 'Lranuea' shouUl wnle Kout. Uell. kir
eireoHr "
7ove,ofHepl.M..sja; Bobt. Wellai.
Ihoruiigniy rrliaMe " 2a.ipr
Cottage Color Paints,
, I ,O0 1 a I.60 per CSallaa. .
l ' i "... , i . a
yotm is Oil,' '- ' - - - - 60o per go,
Flag Pawoa - - .- - ll.St per gal.
Works ia all PsinU ss Boiled Linseed, only
i 0,v. per gal. .
EiNtHoB OIL, .- ye
Head for earaa of colors and et reals ra.
' Bole Agent.
fiW ,.nl. Jfrmpflvj
.:iyr;Y': "
1 1
.,. I YOU ,.
' Want a situation.
,m . i-. aiitaaervHiitirirl,
Want to aell a piano, ,
Wimt ro sell a ciiribie.
,,. Want to bur oraelln farm, ,
Want a boarding- place,
Want to sell town property,
1 Want to sell rrocertefr ilrujfs.
Wrtnt to pell household furniture.
Want to ell dry irnoiU or cufrmts, ;
Want to lluu cudtomtira tor anytning.
Advert Islnjr will jfiiln new cuftomeM.
Advertl-lntr will keepohl custoinera,
AdvertlKlnjf liberally afwavK pays,
Advertialnjr niakei PiieoeifH eaajrV -Advertising-
bfg-ptft contldenCP,
Ailvrtldliij aliowa enerjry i
Adveitising t)(iw8 pluck, - '
Advertising raeans'biz j
Advertise or "bust,"
Adverting long,"
, Advenise w ell, ,
, isro"w. , :' .
Every merchant, viartufacturer
or business man who hat become
prominently rich. ha mattv hit
fortune by judicium advertising
-Vo exception to (hit rule oan be
cited! Metvurt, the , Piince of
Merchants, when a poor man, wat
driven to advertising, at a' last
resort, to' get hit slock turned into
money to at to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if it wat
good for, him i adversity, h-
could make it still belter in pros
pei ilyl he became a persistent 'ad
vertuer, and (nut gained nit co
Ussal fortune, : '
tSmne mi'reliiinU ty it ia nut worth
while co advert'ge, for no ponton rend
iiilvertinenientH; yet every merchant in
tlds county will rend tliia nilverllae
nient, ami if be ia wise he will pnK
I'V its iin.gistiin, it lie lias anything ti
offer w rth nilveftivin ' How much
nn re then will tbnse reml them w h
are not sti luryely supplied w th rend
ing; mutter, are at leisure !n the even
inn;, nnd uiiiuc depend on thtir paper fur
their local news, the in '8t iu purtnnt
item i f which i where they can 'fin J
just what they want when they emne tn
town to iuiik their purchases. Ifymii
stock is mi old, rusty, dusty nnd nut of
style that it ia worthiest, ur it' it it run
dnwn so tlmt ynu have nothing left thgi
people. would, w.nt, it ia not worth
while fur ymi to advertise. But if it
new. fresh nnd gpurklinj:, up to the
tunes, and audi aa the people want,
don't hide them, but puldish In the
world tlmt you Intve them, acd want
to sell them at a fair price.
An advertisement published for a am
gle tiny due, dutv heynnd tlmt dm.
nnd its effect continue in a greater
rutin tlmn most men iinuVine. In the
end it will imike it man's n iron a per
in iiiHiit mntter, a piece nf real proper
ty built up in thi iniii'1 a uf men lint i
it becomes more valuable t'uih nn
cnriier lot in his incnliiy.
p ynu lose a wnifhvn di orn ehiM
or if yon desire peuplit not to tniM
your wife, y.'il ruslt Ii. ynnr linvil .,;
per. knowing that every one will rem
(he Hdreriisciiieiit Hut vou will n
uloiijf. in business x en r n Iter year, with
nit ualcnlatini how mii.sh ynu rn Ins
mr by out. ndvertiainz it Urnorlei
If those persiina who profess to b ;
ieve that newspaper advertisements
are not rea i by the public wish to he
convinced ur their ern.r, just let them
kivp iiiinucity u sninii mutter thei
would not etre tn divulge to the world
even in the mint obscure corner of a
country paper, and see vfhnt nntnrietv
they would aoon attain. Adeerttier't
Gazette, ; .-, ,, ,.,
Advkbtisino is apt to give na tliat
irentle jngol ounattienee which tella us
that we want a new suit of clothes fur
Sunday, or thut we promised Uur wife
a Row dress as soon as the hay was in
Perbaps it w mid be a good plan for
Madame to nark this passage and lay
the paper upon her husband'a break
last plate. Who will any that ndver
rising will not yet civilise (he world!
Ex. j
bt do people read advertisementaT
To see who ia enterprising and to ieiirn
what is going on. To see ir there is
anything- newr or anything that they
want. s Tu aee if the season's atyles
have come in, and to find out who has
them. ; To know if any one is selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch, the
chance nf an auction. For amusement
To satisfy i 'curinety. , Because they
have read all the atones, mnrriugoa,
births, deaths, locals and accidents
Because they want to.- Because they
an't belp it Ohio State MurnaL
i ( . f
Taa power or print Is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence baa a wonderful advwotaee
over one that ia written or spoken.
This ia one of the many reasons which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertiser, even those of experience,
do not comprehend as well aa they
might the capacity ta influence, to ner
sttada, to ponvinoe, whioh lier in print
od matter; i Spoken worda require the
graces of elocution and the fnree of
eloquence, yet even thee fade awav in
to nothingness if dot caught in their
flight and printed. But there ia aome
thins in the silent language, the auiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
abont printed matter , whioh gives it a
marveions mrce ana innnernoe. . Bust
nesa men should never ner mi k them.
telves to loose sight of what may be
accomplishad ty a persevering. naa of
th printing press. Lrn t adveis
tiae. And then tbe "how, when n4
where" of it, and tou UIIiihi
WrwW irtrrtj, naTinc,. 'i
t6wn i6t1Tanc
'-''in 'ZaiesUi.;:;';;
TRR Baleaki Compaay. with a view Lola
development of ilia iocs! latereaUof Aaiee
ki, lo secure II permanent ueperlly,ad la
add to it populsno and waaltk, are a
ortating to 1teiaaleUIr, tow lot tad term
lada.al low pncea, d aa liberal ear.'
rVraoDa deeinng to examine lh properly
snd tn bay cheap noose jwlH ply al th
(.ompany omce to
K THOwP-ON. llaaaeer.
Ealkl, Ohio, Mar I. 1171. .,. tf,
' -. : . n;l.'' i .;'. ;
. ... . -i ,. i - .In-''
Which I adapted to
, 1 1 . i 1 ' ' a ' .' ; , ; ' ' 1 ' ' '
'All Sewing Machines,",
N'lTIOR particularly Ihe slat f of J. C;
OIHIIIRICU, I'bicHgo. 'Ilia, wih Ave Ptnt
lamp. ' II. I.OODRini.
om' sad aslearooip tot btale t cha ago,
Ilia.' JRaugli
"n 'Mit'.ijf Uj iitV
if you are Suffering from an
Broken Down ConatltatioiiY
, Or require a Remedy to
Tni-ity uud nrioh toe Bloode-
Yon will find Pr.Crook'al'ampemiMlMyr
lip nf I'oi.e ttonl tu fM,.a yrraltr (ster
it, cure you inoie speedily, and do you)
mora good. Hum any and a'l oilier rarae
ilics eoiiiblncd. Thai Pale, Yellow1
ft) ehly.wklne;Kklii Is oliiinged to one
of lie.line a tl health. Ttioae l'laesiea1
of the MlilN, Plinplea, Pasinlea,
Itlotcliea and Krnpiiun are removed.
Scroltilaj, Kcroliilon llaeawe of th
l yea, Wbl (iwelllngs, I lrvn, 4114
Korea or any kind ol lininor rupldlf
0 wiudleiind dlsappenr ander lid Influence.
V lint la Ii T it Is nature' own restorer!
A mil ub a oxyd of he n combined with the
medicinal proi e tleaiiCPnkeUuOtttlvle4
01 oil tlii-ngruo' ble qualities. Itwlllcrtir
any nlwa. wlioss leal or direct enuse tt
ll'iil Ulnnil. Hoeaiiinflani, aiia lay
l.uiiha rllonev,'oiiallliillaajabrtthrai
clown ly Mercurial or other poisons, ar
all cured by It. For Nyphllls. or Bypbl
lille Inln I, there la nothing e-iual to iC A
trial Will prove It. bold bf
VEOItd E W. rI.80, AIcArlhar, Okie
THE WEEK LY 0N ia too, hie fv knowa
lo re.inre any extended renommtradnt eni
but Ihe reanna which hve alitady .gitta II
Illy thousand auliacrihera. snil which villi,
e h".e, iilvo it naxuf Ihouaanda more, at
biieHy aa Inllow ! .
Il i a Hrtrnte n w-psper, Alllheaews!
Ihe liny will be found in it. eondenaed when
niiimpnrtani, al full length. when of moment,
nnu ,'wa)a preeniel in a clear, inlrlligibl,
nnd intrieating manner. ' '
Il las flrl-riite fuitiily paper, lull of enter
taining ini'l inatruct ve rending nl every kind,
hut eonisining nothing that can oHend. lad
must ih tlonke pad aerupitloiia tsale. i
11 la a ttrai-rnte aiory paper Hie beat Isle'
ind rimnnee o current literature aryrar'
fully arl. rieil and eg Sly pinned ir i'a pagrt.
Ilia a llr t-rale aia nlluril paper. 'I he
innctira-h nd inalrnctivs articles on sgrl
ulliir I topics. regolarly spi sarin Ihi d'
It ia sn independent poliliesl paper, belong
ing lo no party and wei rirg no rullar It llghl
lor principle and theeleciinn oflhe beatmea
lor flice It eapeiinlly devote lis energies to
he expo-are of I lie gi et oorrupliotie that
now nea'tensiid dlagrnce out country, and
ihreaten lo undermine republican luetituttnna
aitogi'iher. It ana uolear ol knuvei, snd ask
no niTor oiineir au'iporiera.
eiiher. Il is ant neoeaaarv lo set mi aolub-.
m oi ler to have I'll kj W KK L el'N Hhla
raie Any - ne who sends a injle dollar wlB 1
get Ihe paper for a year
THE WEEKLY snV.-Einht pages,.
Hity six coin ii, ii-, n) at a jear. .tin aix
cnirnN 'ruin lh' rule.
-iisi-si. llie ihiIv nun. OO I e ir. A dis
iiti t ol 20 pei cent, tn duos nl 10 or over.
THE lfAII.YM'X.-l hrj lour as
neapsirr nl teni ni'hl eol. mne I'ady
ircii stion over 120,000. .l Ihi news for
i" ni. riiiliacrii Hon i tie. 50 ' in. a month,
ir tU s year 'iucluli o JO-.r ovrr.adia . .
cnn. I I 20 -er eni.
Addreaa "THE 8t'N, New York City.
rmJ Jt II""" aa lh. .bT.. l.,,.l
LiTllClO. aiyauriiaabSmlailiNia.l
. waaaaawa ik.M,.i,,,i,B, iikik
laltil olmrarto. ..rnSlalaanil ,entallai eWlar.
how isprawrta lh.ennikiliu, c. "
Tklal a as ItnaraallD wark . I la. kaailral aal ,Utr
Cia. wltk nui'reua anr.Hna, au4 eaaial. Talaabl
rriail.,ii a.r lin k. rt aiarrlcil.ar caaitanl,!.
; rh? killlltlaa boat Uaiauibtuk. k,i
aad k?. aod ui l.la rl,ulr aoeut Iba Ih
It utaiua Hi. .irrt,Ma and bl.l..i .
hna. rnp.uil,. la aorkl-.H... ami .kaM ka I. Ik. ert! t
arawer at ,iry al, aad lral ikraaibaal ikaa.il r
I pT,laia '
Il amliraria ...r.ihlii. ih. .i.i..i . , ,1. "IT
aratl,.nrai Hi a I la wink l,iai,u Mwk l.l la' V
ateukil.kceisaoe.ibi'e.ark. - ' -
Bent la an; an. (fre. of pnM,) br Pin, Can.
8 t. Vw'u 'i'a' "''""' 18 k.klkuiaul ,
-'otics to the AffllTid and Viifbrtruatt. ; i
"a'ara ae.ljla aa iba iMUrkaa aaaba aba .daerltaa la I
kal.llo rai ,r,,ar aalii( aa; qn.ck naiMl,, aara.a Dr.
nr.. m, aai.a aaabl twaaa at iwmv-wap v
ram,:ialiiilar.cd bj wsi, at Iba a,l nlibrale ainll.
r,f,.,r..ribl,c,.ir, , gm.p., ,,4e,a kata.
lali.d praoa,llr r bj Ball, on ih,dl,u. .nil.o.d a
bl. ..rk.. nnm and parlor,, tit, II g. Klcblb alrM'
b.l..,. g.,ka ud Uaaaat, Hi. Uala" II. - 1 , (T
. i Mil1 Lt" ' 1 1 W J.' X
It reports 'he Kiahiona for the ladies snd lha
mnrketa for ilie men. eepei'isllv the caiilc
inai Uet". to which .1 pya parlicular alteiitma
K i m 1 1 v . it is the cheapext paper published
One dolliir a year willici:re it for any sub
Notice to the Stockholders of
the Gallipolis McArthur
& Columbus Railroad Co.
. ..
ALT, partiea having snbernhed lolhe can
itil -bock ol the t.v McA. C. R R. are
hereby requi ed to make psvmenl lo Ihe-ec-retsry
or Ihe oniiany, at hi nfflee- oh' thei
Publie Square, in OhIIIi oil. Kihia.oi if more S
convenient, lo I'snlel Will, Prealdryjl of -lb I
vinion conniy nana, si Motrthnr, t'hio, of
sn installment ol live dollar on each abare? r
' subscribed, wuhio tea day or thi data, t
Augu.tIO. 1S71.
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STOCK and Ore Scales as good as new, for
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B O. JON K attorney.
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