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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 17, 1874, Image 1

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. JOI1N T. RAPElt,
OmOE H, W. Jorn of Vain and
. 8t Oopoaite Court Home.
I 'i lit ill i t i i ' i , ''i '
Dana Buiiaingi-TJp Btainj" ;
t i i COAL ;
!HAVE rexiiM tnyroal took, Mil urn
arrr1 la till nrdrra ftr eol at qiianUtlf.
uii purt-tiai.rrk. I will all " hfHp a.
Ml at (lit aaaia qnatlty mn h nbtainad
lin, , ,flo8T, MNTIRS.
sAvialSTI InT " - ' "
H. W. HORTCN, header,
HAVING latl purehaaed a n Mid hanl
Kim land wagon, aait at iiara4 In
, fura.ah xov MUM o application, lo all
poll. la in Una or adjoining couulira. Adiiraw.
aa atmta. fjunlm
.. O t " .' ' ' I '' . -' I '
,'' ulavs &fvijLb'.ttlijiA in 1
-Uarneta, Saddled, .
urldlea, llallers,
, Whips, -eyum, iruce T
'ChaiasJ himei, and all
' ' Other Ar.iclei of Saddlery. '
tjr lriralaiid tti puoim genera: I v ara infit-'
1 lo rail and xa ia my luck aud un
. 1 mk anou lionet work, uia lha
tlatKkiaad allal Ilia r, lowt.l prima,
. ' 1VJ.-W.. ... J.
and.'ninurctunni( done to order,' and all
Work Warranted at Represented.
r "f'i l. -
Orricr One iloor weal
or Duo WiliA Brua.
. 13 T i V.
.luia. - .
,aor3T' J v'
i i
I i ; ' !fl-
i ' . Olttce iicArtliur. Ohio. :
' Will attend rom .tlj to all buaineaa antriiKtou
lu lux tara. uovll
dfa claypooleT
. . -' :0
ATl'O R1L1' AT LAffi
, i : . i
. WiU iiJmlicel tiViBton anil adjoining roun
lia. Jui.-aeairiuleu U' liu-vurt i ii.iiipi
Ij aliriiilrn lo. ultive ill Cum i lluure.
: , C, F. "CAnTWRifltl'T. Proprietor.
Lively Ht(ibk$ Attached.
. i i.
The House, hiur inn! be-n refiirniHtM...
thr.iulio t. uuma leiin huiI iMiinfurluliI
thaiaoie iiiilial Hh the lif marhei
alturila, anil uo paiua .
mar4 lw ly
-; Una permanently located in ' ' :
. .' . i.
or Ihe praellee of
to wlm h be will ilnvo'e hia entire alien!
uKrl' KiIi lvi' HuiKiiDr up aiairi-. opco
aite Viuion Couuiy Hank. -.
Ua-ivusua .'
'HiBrt. oaiimel W teilvrri, ji.
. lEalablialud Mot 1 , ' .'
1IA.;T & IiT LY Eli 'I ,
aucceasoKaro imvid bmart-1
3 ; Wiaolesalo J Grocers
i'roui'ut Attention given to tlie
1'raiiMler vi f lO IKON anl
, other property from aud to
Ituilroad aud Canal.
" Water SlreelAslwtt Paint and Walnui
' mar II Hw.ai
.... , . . U . . ' ' ..
PntLuataa Wkolualk t f"411 , 1
'iiookacllera, ftatloners. Printers.
. , ' And '.'..? : v ',
, ... . ... aajora Ik
Law, Mbdwal, Thwuxjiob School,
aoU. i ikch.au nous Books,
65 Wul Fourth Street, Cincinnati. '
VUklaloguea furnibei graloHQttaly oa
pi'licatioo ana any book aent by n.ait, poat
aj. paid raoipl ol publiahad pn.
The Sest raod. Cheap et
Cixculaxa "bfent , Free.
uuxlu xuuaAA-,
'Maiiis'ACToai o. ii T'iit.'
;;: .
. . ..... ?
VOL. 25 -NO. 0.
WHOLE NO. 1,288
Bitter Strictures on his late
Pamphlet—An Archbishop
Pamphlet—An Archbishop feels like pulling his Nose.
Arckbishop Buley, of Balll
inore, baa wrilten a short letter
id reply to Ilia statement made
by Mr. Gladstone in'bis late
pamphlet that since the Vail
can Council defined the dog.
iiiu of infallibility tu the Pope
every Catholic is called on to
renounce his menial and moral
r'eedoiu ana place hm? civil
loyally and duty at the mercy
ol another. ; , - ;
The Archlinhop eay, "When
a person tells me that my
religion requires' me to be dis
loyal to my, country , the old
Adam cotnes up in me, and 1
leel more disponed to pull his
Ii08e tban to matter hinj- po
litely. " , - - .
Mhe only things t have to ay
flgainst.Gladafone's declaration
is that it is a lalue and hhame
lull calumny, and I would ap
iial ;wi'h perfect confidence
aa to the truth of. my anseriion
to the . conscience of everv
Catholic over Ihe face of the
artli. It has no foumlailon,
either in the wordd 01 the de
cree, or in any possible logical
deduction lioui those words
The thought, even, that ii
would have any such bearing 1
xm certain never entered into
the Council, The VhIIchii
chi:oi) did not change in on
iota the relations of CithoiicH
'o the civil power nnymi rethan
it chungedjliooe of FroieEtanK
Ii 1 ei t that important mutiei
us connected with the order
civil society where the New
Testament leave ii, and wher
ii r bleSHed L ird left it when
lie toid us to render to Cb h
l ho things that are CsaarV,
nl to (JoJ the ihings that are
Evei ciiice Gladstone com
milled political harikari It
liasolving r.irl'.tnieiit, he lia
lieen a soured and disappoimei
in-n, and there is no being on
this erth more miftclieviou
an 1 dangerous than an old p'd
ith'ian turned out. to grass -Everything
he has done, and
Hind and written since 8lum
hal he is as anxious to ye
hack into l is cage as a pl
hear 18 anxious to gel 'U'
Iiiu, and o lie has taken i
what an oil English . divine
used to rail l,hi- Clieslm
cheese." the "no Foperv'' tr
which '-Li tile Ji.lin' ami old
era h ve ined hetore Iiim, a
is endeavoring to rai.-e I )
whirlwinds in the hope thai i
may blow liim b ck into ilo
treasury bmclies i wiil b
more likely to blow him ou
-tii. By i his piiblicinioii Gi-mI
eione haa paid bu a poor com
pliment to the good dense aid
intelligence ol the Engli-I
peopie, and 1 have my donlil
wheiber they will dance to hi
music. 'II be was situated lik
Bk-uiiirck and could put a sol
,dirraloug side ot eV ry hone")
citizen to make bim danc,
'will he, skill he," then ther
aould be some aense in iht
Gov. Wm. Badly Damaged
LasT a .
liajpeiid to the portrait o:
Gov Wm Allen, which was
painted by direction ,ol, Simon
Cameron,' on one of the four
panels in the Committee Room
ol ' Foreign ' Relations" ln the
Capital at irVasbjngton.i i; A
workman was directed to cut
out a circle in the plaster'itg
over the door ol that commit
iee room, but outside in the
ball , to gi7e place lora piece
of ' Irescoing. ' ' The work man
mistook , and weiii inside and
cut William Allen's lace out ol
the cfrcie ovir the door. The
Governor ' bearing' of ; this de
struction, sent a njodern photo.
lure Q Mr: Allen u b9 ftow
! teen repainted ou Ijie wall
The Law of Building Associations.
The provisions of a boms is
Jhe natural wish of every mar
ried man, and consequently
means hare been devised by
those whose pecuniary resour,
cea are not over-abundant to
secure, by co-operation what,
they onn not do individually.
A lull decision has just been
rendered by Ihe Superior Court
of Cleveland, which may clog
aomewlut the operation ol ihe
numerous. Building Associa.
lions ol Ohio. One F E. UaU
laghi-r, in 1867, offered the
highest premium for a loan
fr. m ihe Foresl .Ciiy' Building
Association of which he was a
member. Uis. premium was
lorly-aine and a hall per cut
lie receied $303 in cash, and
geve the society his note and
tnorigage tor fCOO lleconiiiw
ned hia payments' lo S497 ' He
lie then de aulted. The Abso
ciau'on sued h.m, and recover
ed 5270. Gallagher being, or
dered b) Judge Griswoldol the
Superior Court, to pay Ihe Aa
soclation six dollars a month
luring its existence, exception
were taken, and the case was
carried to the General lerrn.
Gallagher's counsel contended,
among oilier things, that Build
iiip AssociatioiiE have no ruht
to collect more than legal ('n-
erest, even under ine name ol
fines; that they can not dis
count iheir loans, nor charge
interest for premiums paid for
precedence in taking loans It
was also held that the amount
Hi'ttiajly paid by the aseocia
iion to ihe borrower constitute
the loan. The Court reversed
.fude Griswold's decision, and
held that when suit whs
brought acainst Gallagher he
lind oveipaid the association
$179. The decision "was ren
.leied b.v JuiltfH Bnrher, Judges
lones and Griswold concur
log. The assooiation has ta
ken exceptions to the finding,
itdil may be reversed, til ill,
be lact that there is a doubt
is to ihe legality or Ihe rpa
chinery il a very Dopular class
ot organiz itioti8,.ahoul.d rendPr
hose persons careful of what
toey iloj'and the loundi ri ol as-
ciitiimis pir'icuar in their fe-
ction of ra-inbeis. Cincin
nati Gazette
Typos' Tournament.
A printer's touriniiuenl look
p ace at Wa-hingion, Decern
it r 5 with ihe lolloping result:
i'li. re v. ere eight eniries in Ihe
lir"i ' class ; Ijpe, nonpareil;
tine, t iee hour. First prize,
-lid gold composing 6tick,
A'on liy S. N Bi'iinerman, wlm
e 5 070 uia. j Second prize,
.oiid silver tomoocing stick,
mil newspaper aize won hy H
. McLean, who set 4988 emu.
Iiiird pr'Zf, Menamin's Ency
clopedia of Vrinting, won by
W. W AlcCoilum, ii- et 47)
ins Second clans; time, one
oour and thirty nunutes-r-W.
W, Maloney was awarded 'be
I ver. ci mpotiing stick, having
.,ei 2 278 em-; F. A. McGill, the
G rui Vn eilvercomposing stick,
luH sie,r2 250 etris; U. W.
ilariiiian, Uarj el's ,Tyoograph,
'2 187 ems. L- ng primer clais;
lime, 0119 hour and thirty uiin
oles -J. K. McB ide was award
ed the first prize, "solid gold
composing slick, breasl-pin
size, having set 2,128 ems; G.'J.
Uunuicuit, American Encyclo
pedia ol Printing, 2037 ems;
H U. Turlton, . thermometer,
1,988 enis. . Y.i "
The tournament took place
in the National Republican ol
fice. , Decisions were made la
in accordance with rules pre
viously established, and none
were present except lb judg
es, releree, and prool readers.
The tournament closed' with a
graud banquet in the evening.
rVflAT 8 the ipe 9( .talking; 6f
this.wvrld i,brigljVpe88 and on
shine to ' a qj4a 'hat h t iigbt
Four Distinguished Men Predict
a European War.
, Father Uvacinths and Via
tor Qugo have joined Mr. Di?1
raeli and the Fope in prophe
sying Ihe approach of a ire
meiidous war, which shall rage
all over Europe and elsewhere.
Mr. Disraeli predicted (hat the
war wnuid . be ji relrious one,
and lhat it would convulse the
globe. The Pope described the
impending stiurgleas one be
tween the armies of the Arch
anl, Michael an 1 Ihe hosts
of oaian- According , to. the
prognostication ol Father Hy-cinhe,'-lhe'
comlngwar will
be ihree-folcl' and will Include
a fearful conflict bet ween pop
ular rights and the pftwer.of
capital, in Jwhich the comhat
ants wi'l jiear each other.-.to
pieces. . According to the ' va
ticinalion of VirMr FjogO ihe
treat and enevifahle, f nopiin-;
terla to be "between two prin
rlpUa.'re'iuihlif, and empire."
He says that ''we hivf hetor
nn in EqropA-a (. iiies kof
jataatrnphes which eagfnier
each othr, and whiori gvimt be
exhansted;", that "we ran get
a glimpaw of peace nnlv acrn t
a hork of arms;" that he
I ween the presenaand Rha fir
nre there w a fifal lnerno-!.
lirtn;", that the K'nir must ex
patiate their, dime;" and that
the separation of the peonle
will result in federatioVi aid
fraterniiv. He thnt rioe1 his
prophecy ' of the uUnvers.1
Fatherland;" 'Th antiiiion l
i nt: Ihe Unlied' Stated of
Europe. The end wit? he for
the popln tht in to nv. for
OoihaH lo aav for pea "
There mnst snrelv he some
thing in the atmosphere of
Europe hat lea-ln so ! many
prophets to prnpheav tba pu
prnach of war war about re.
I'fion. repnlilicam'm, and
r'ghts ol hiimnrt' nature.
a European War. Meeting of Jay Cooke & Co.'s
A mfeline of the creditor of
Ttv Cooke & Co. wan he'd at
Philadelphia. Decpmher l,when
the report of the Trustees was
submitted. The Committee
have deemed it proper to re
voke the .order tor a dividend
a'ld distribution to he made
the 51 h of May, $461 915 is all
that is strict ly applicable at
the present stage of the pro
ceedings lor cash dividends.
The precjse amoant of the
claiu.6 HgMinst Ihe estatt can
nit be . definiiely ascertained
until Hie determination ol Ihe
exceptions thai - have been la
ken .to . several of the larger
jlaims. Mr. Bulitt said lhat ii
Ihe cNiins, preferred iigainst
Ihe uidividual members ol the
liriu are . proven, there will
.hardly bo anything I ell for the
creditors of ihe finp. c, :..
Duriug the coi.fereuce be
I ween the Committee and the
creditors, the best of. order pre
vailed. - -
How Heavy Postal Matter is to
be Stamped.
The report -or tbe -Oommis
eioners to prepare instructions
to Postmasters .concerning the
prepnynietii of newspaper and
periodical postage alter Janu
ary 1, sustains the recommend
ations of Third AMlstanl Post
master General Barber, as to
the plan lor carrying, out. the
law in the most convenient and
simple manner, instead of plac
ing stamps on the separate pe
riodicals or papers or of packaj
ges containing them, according
to weight. '
Tbe forms, aa already print,
ed show the current account
wiih the publishers, and alter
printed mailer is weighed the
requisite amount of stamps is
passed in the form of a receipt
given to the publisher or hi
agent, at the time of mailing,
the credit and receipt having "If
corfsjionding number. . , 4
aj"' : i ' "iiaaii i . .'!
Mbs, JKiao VViiliam is report-
- iThe researches tnide by Drr
8 llln, one of the most experi
enced of European d'tif'sts, have
led h:ro re the opinion that com
mnn or senre toothache proceeds
frora esnses but little considered
or understood. In the center ot
every tooth, fie st, there is a
cavity enrrMpondinj In shape to
that of the tooth ise If, and into
this "cavity passes Ihmueh a
minute spertnre ft the end of
each root, a branch of a nerve,
an artery, and a vein; and when,
either bv mechanical Injury or
decay,' this ' cavity become
exposed to the ' air's a'cdon, the
blood thictefia or eoagnlales to
an extent beyond the capacity
of the vein to remnVa In the
na'tnrnl " way' 'inflammation
ensues, and palri comrnences, at
first' slightly more blno-l is
pnmped In at every pulse of the
heart, through the branoh of the
artery, 'an 1 the hard material of
which he ooth ia formed being
unyielding, a pressure is stf tip
on the walls of the cavity and tt
contents ; IrcMing the ' nerve
this pressure is increased at
every pulse with great precision,
causing , intense snd hourly
increasing pun commonly
kniwn as acute 1 toothache.
Another very general but less
painful kind, is that arising from
inflammation of the root and
Dr. McCorroac, of .London,
advances the theory that ; con
sumption, or tubercular disease,
is caused solely by breathing air
that has already been breathed.
Vienna is a healthier city, than
Petersburg, because in the last
named city close stove are in
. a j a
universal use ami iresn.air is
Carefully excluded . rnm . the
rooms. Eating the flesh of
tuberculous creatures will not
produce tubercle in heal hy ani
mals to whnme itie fed. Fait
counteract tha' tendency to con
sumption. Obj-irvation show
that persons 'who in early life
show a tas'e for Tat meat seldom
fall a victim to this disease; and
vice vena, that consumptives
have early shown a repugnance
to such food. It is suggested
that if the appetite lor it is
wanting it should, if poi-si'de (bo
created by tonics aua abundant
czercise iii the open air.
OS W.-'duesday' night week
before last, five masked men
-opposed lo be ot Ihe Gad's Hill
band, went to a country store
on Ihe Petit Jean River, in
Yell, c'luiity, Arkansas, ami
.hot and killed ihe proprietor
and robbed the store. Ibey
thentrobbed a trading boat ly
ing at the bans: of the river.
The Sheriff gathered a posse
and started in pursuit. Tbe
robbers separated f, two going
toward Little Rock and three
going m another direction,,the
sheriff followed the two coming
in I be direction of Little' Rock
came across them next day, six
teen miles above Little Rock,
when a' fight ensued, in which
the Sheriff was .shot and badly
wounded b.v the robbers. Both
the rubbers were wounded by
be Sheriff a posse, and captur
ed aud brought lo Little Rock
aud lodged in jail. Tbe three
who went, in another direction,
escaped.). i. n : r, .'.
'Ax SalisburN. 0., Nov. 13,
two uegroes entered (be bouse
ol an old man, supposed to
have a large som of money on
band tor the purposeful robbing
him, and when ' be refuse J to
give up ' the money j one negro
fired,1 the shot taking eflact iu
the old man's mouih,bul glanc
ing made Only a' flesh 'wouiid.
Tbe old gentleman's wife a get!
about fifty, attacked t lie negro
Willi' s spade. :tTtti "firsV'blovr
peoetrated the Skull 'and killed
!1'ir-; i!L.:
"' Rise-up-WiiUam .Allen wi
safely delivered of a messsge on
Tueaasj ot wt wt. a . m:'
fmi Eiiroott died suddenly
at his residence, No. 76 Four
teenth street, of apoplexy, aj
couple of weeks ago. A low
hours before his death be was
in his osual health, and spent
the evening previous in social
intercourse with friends. Mr.
Ehrgolt came to Cincinnati
trim Germany twenty-seven
years ago, and was tbe first to
introduce in lhat city the pro
cess of lithographing. In 1856
he established the firm ol Ehr
golt, Forbrlger & Co., their
place ol business being on tbe
corner of Fourth and Main, and
afterward in ihe Carlisle build
iug. Tbe firm wbr subsequent
ly changed to Wertheimer
Forbriger & Co., and at leniiih
became Ibe well known and ex
tensive house of Ehrgott &
Krebbs, The last partnership
was dissolved about six weeks
ago, and Mr. Ehigott bad just
established bimsell in a new
lithographing business in Sine's
new building, on the corner ol
Race & Longworth streets, at
the-time ol his death. lie was
widely known as a business
man, and highly respected tor
Ids personal qualities.
California u able to pro
dnce her own dainties fiir
Christmas A journal of that
Slate says! "In about two
weeks Irom this time the first
of the new crop ol oranges will
be in market. Any citizen
who chootes can have ou his
Christmas table oranges of the
test quality, produced in this
State, figs, dried and green, rai
sins as good as Malagas, and
(he grapes ot which they are
made, prunes, bananas, citron?)
eoft shell almonds, sugar Cane,
and more than twenty varieties
of wine made in this State,
some kinds of which are des
lined to be famous.''
So far five colored raenh ave
been elected to (he nut Con
gress, and they are all of them
new men. Two are from South
Ctrolina, one from Alabama
and cue from Louisiana. One
ol the Suulh Carolinians, Lee is
a Democrat, and was elected
by a Democratic and Republi
can bolting constituency, and
ihVd the novel spectacle of a
colored man representing the
Democracy of thePalmeito
fetate in CongreSa.'
Harrison Aldat, an unmaf
r el man living near London
derry, accidentally shot him
self in the head while out hunt
iug oil Wednesday, a couple of
weeks ago. The ball entered
his brain, killing him instantly.
No oue was with him at the
time of the accident, and it is
supposed the hammer of his gun
caught on a lence Orer which
he had been climbing, discharg
ing the piece and killing bim
A number ol English Bishop
of tbe Roman Catholic Church
have gone to Rome 10 obtain
permission lo pursue .an inde
pendent course in case the
British Government should
seek to restrict the liberty bl
aclion'of the Catholic clergfy.
They ui ill represent lo the Pope
that they wiah to respect the
laws of England, and can not
blindly accept such regulations
as are imposed on continental
Bishops;.' f ,.- - ,''
TAB-yalue of an adverfise
meal was shown last week
Two weeks ago the publisher ot
the Herald advertised for a girl
to do general housework. ..The
result was, about 37 applica
tion were 'made .for tbe situa
tion." jThetweoity.sevebth ap.
pi Want 84 strapping big
lar,", on iVlaaU iT'rida.y : night-,
—Jackson Herald.
W. F. tUvemeyet4 Mayor or
New Xork City, died in his office
oif uoiiibj aiov ow or apopiezT.
He haa just retttiieii frdca ft Iwoi
Oae square,.. .... ....... 1 iO
Each addltlotAv. .ate clog ... or
Cards, per jtr lo l
Local notice er line, J
Yearlv adrtrtUrmeutt $100 00
column, and at proportionate rat ptt
lessArmce. Parable ia advance.
The Record belug the official
paper of the town, and having tl0
largMt circulation ofauy psfrln tl
county, offer superloi lajueemU
to advertliera.
Tbk Meigs County Telegraph
says a vein of iron ore, 18 inch'
es thick and seven fast nndar
ground, has been discovered on
the farm ot William Sisiooin
Columtia township. Metes
conntj. Like discoveries have;
been male in other quarters
The ore was tested In Middle
port, and found to yield 80 per
cent, of iron. The ore bam
reddish appearance. . '
, , ... i
Tbk Catholic Priests of 'Ira
land areexerliog themselves td
tha closing of public houses oa
Sunday. Public meetings are
being theld throughout ' the)
island Exchange. "
Speed the day; for it Is right.
Remember (lie Sabbtth day to '
keep it holy," has infinite sig
nificance to public morals and!
human happiness. fronton
Democrat . t
Tab great question which the
Democratic prfpers are now"
trying to decide is,".who shall
be the next presidential nomi
nee! We suggest JefjtDaIu
as an available candidate. His
nomination . would go .a great
way toward reconstructing tljo
south sud would soften the as
perities of Republican rulei
over the loyal Confederates.'
Tub publishers of a Pennsyl
yania paper printed an article
delutnatory of the ttoss family,
whose child is missing, and
charging that the repot ted did'
napping was all a sham, intend"
ed to stir lip excitement and
symprlhy for (he Rosses. For
that article, Mr. Ross brought
a libel suU against the publish'
ers, and they were tound guil
ty. '
If the times are hard stop
your paper, but do not shorten
your allowance for whisky or
tobacco. A go id paper in a
family is a great comfort lo the
wile and children, but that U
no reason why you should pro
vide them with a weekly lux
ury at tbe expense of a daily
THi retail grocery depart
ment of the lion's Co operative
mercantile institution of Salt
Lake Oily has been closed and
sold out lo private persons. Tbe
dry goods and produce retail
departments of this institution
were sold not long since, and
passed into private hands.
Tub office oi the Moketia
Mills at Lancaster, was bur
glarized a short time since).
The thieves carried tiff the safe),
which weighed six hundred
pounds. In a hand cart, sod
blowing i. open, secured tbe
munificent sum of one dollar
and seventy cents. ...
Ntt to s rooster In a rain
storm, or a man with his roofh
er In-law on his arm, (he mflst
wretched looking thing in (hp
world is a candidate who hat
just overheard some friend
wanting to bet three to One)
that he won't be elected.
A TorjNd lady and gentle,
man, aged respectively 12 and
li years, were married ac
Fouldtown, Michi, last week.
When last seed, they were
quarreling over ft pound of mix
ed candies', ' and throwing out
vague iutimations about di'
yorce.' ' ' ' ;t:' ":
A Torjsa man bat been tr'.-
rested in New York Jot sleeping:
in a standing posItloc.Ue woold
stand oa tbe street lor font
hours at a stretch with Bis)
eyes- closed and hot move a
musole. it is. hereditary, i His
father was a policeman, c ,: 1
Thai wonderful thing.'a Uvei
ftn'g ttafakua, of ' Hawiii-1
has arrived on our shores H
iblefli 6 Vef' a ' kin gdoni' ,' 'of Ihei
slz and population of twoay
erago cbdotres Of 'Ohio, f San
foabcUco .'where he labdedythft
ot her day, was !'(h!e ffrsl city' to
go wUd oyot. ittt Vtt -v ' OJ

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