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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 17, 1874, Image 2

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, ; ,UcA K III UK, 01110,
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Til U USD AY, DEC, 17.1874.
' ' Th Vie ton Record Bewfpnper and
' job office M tuT sale tta bargain to
cash tujer. ' Applj to or address
r JOHN T. ItAPKIt, MoAtthnrj 0.
- ..:!""".' 1 ' i'
, .Mookliqut mechanics is the
.latest for burglars.
Vim thousand acres of land!1"'
have Jatben turehmel
Kansas, by an agent for a colo-
ny of the-DisciDlesol Christ."
to go Irotn Illinois.
Tw men having in their
t possession, about f 2000 worth of
railroad tickets, supposed to
hare been stolen, were arrested
at St Louis Saturday.
t : 1
Tax strike on the Chesa
peake & Ohio railroad is end-
ed. On Wednesday the em
v ployees were paid ome $12,
000 at Duntington. Work is
agalu going on smoothly and
amicably. i
' ' A. LAW went into forca a
' Germany October lstprubibitirig
ministors from solemnising
( rnarriages7 Ths law regards
marriage as a civil contract to
, be acknowledged before msgis
A mad dog, running on the
street at Traverse City, Michl
' gan, December 14lh, severely
' bit John Cook, James Russell?,
Miss Eliza iliggins, and Mary
Zimmerman, several dogs and
cattle.. The brute was pursued
by hundreds, and, after great
excitement, was killed in the
planing mill of Hannah Lay &
An anvovmous letter, under
stood to enmanate from the
.Premier of Italy. Signor
Minghetti, refuting Bishop Da
panloup's charges against the
Italian Government, Is published
in Paris and Florence. It denies
that the. Pope is a prisoner, and
declares the Government of
Victor Emmanuel will faithfully
maintain the Pupal guarantees.
' Tiiky. are having a terrible
ciudale again ar. Vicksburg,
Louisiana. .The cause of it is
because a negro was elected
sheriff, which the prood Cau
i-asian of the White League
t mid not submit to. Riot and
l loodshed has been the order
of the limes. U. S. troops
have been called for, and a
perfect panJemonium seems to
exut in that quarter. No need
of Civil Rights Bill, eb?.
What is the world coming to
when even our idols heroes and
historical idols are being Con
stantly reduced to the level of
common mortals? Even the late
lamented Washington has come
in for a share of this disenchant
ing process. A fire occurred
the other day in Alexandria,
Virginia, which destroyed an old
jank shop, .containing a large
I'olleetion of,' Old papers, Relio
hunters overhauling the scattered
docu nenu found several valuable
autographs of Washington, and
among o ther things some reoeipt
ed bills in whieh he was charged
with such iU'm as "seven packs
f cards" "four barrels of
porter," "ten gallonY of rum,"
eto. !
-eaaaaa. saesjBawaAasewalvBTA
"Thi report of the Comnnsf.
ionera to prepare Itfmuctiona
to postmasters, concerning the
prepayment of ne-'P"peT. an
periodical postage, a.fter Jino.
ary 1, sustains the recocameii'd
ations of Third Assistant Post
master Ueneral Barber, as' to
the plan for cayrrying out the
law in the most convenient and
simple' manner, instead ' 01
placing stamps on the eparate
periodicals or papers, or on
packages containing them, ac
cording to weight. .-..')..;'
The forma, aa already print
ed, show the correot account
with the publishers, and after
printed matters is weighed ibe
requisite amount of stamps il
passed fa the iorm of , receipt
giyeo to the publisher or. hit
agent, at the time, of mailing,
fjiV credit and receive Iwvjnft ,
eorrespondlng number.
For the Vinton Record.
Proposed Narrow Gauge
M Aema, nasnington, ana
ini0bllIl the'oi, course.with an
uncertainly a) to Pomeroy or
T.ll l! i- .
Ed. Record: Mucli si iris be-
in iiii'le by the Dayton pco
pie and oilier intermediate
points about a narrow gaue
, railroad (o the coal fields. Day-
ton & southeastern ; Narrow
Gauge It. R. il ls dubbed!. Its
otijoct is cheap fuel. The route
generally mentioned is, begin
nui jc at Dayton, striking ibe
coal fields at Jackson, and tak-
2 v tit .
w"'P" wrmiaui on
the river. The object of this
article is to mark out another
and better route, and to briefly
show the . comparative ad
vantages of each. Taking Pom
eroy as the most promising
point on the river, aud its im
mense manulactures of salt ful
ly warrants the statement: let
it and Dayton be considered as
the terminal points. By con
suiting the map, a right line
drawn from tb.ise points will
pass about, ten miles south of
Cilcieville, touching Adelph
and will enter the coal fields at
the north western portion of
Vinton county, where a re
markably superior vein of coal
the Stokely vein, see An
drews'report is found, giving
a general thickness of 4 feet.
This line passes in a diagonal
direction through therein ire
coal field, touching McArlhur,
and giving coal and iron to the
road all along the route lo
Pomeroy. . This much for a di
rect line. But direct lines are
hardly possible in a mineral
region. Turn to the map again
Draw a line Irom Davton to
Circleville ria. Xenia and
Washington 0 II. and thence
to Pomeroy. The same breadth
of coal and 'ron is obtained by
this route. It is a lar smaller
divergence from a direct line
to Pomeroy than the other,
reaching copI by a much short
er line, and as the writer is pre
pared to demonstrate by actual
view open up endless quanti
ties of the best quality ol these
staple minerals. Again, as to
this route: it has ben carelul
ly yiewed from Circleville to
the river by a most skillful en
gineer, who has pronounced il
as excellent ana easy of con
Let the minerals of this
route be briefly noticed:
. As above stated tb9 Stokely
vein is the first coal that is met
with in its course. A few
miles east of this brings. two
other veins. One of which is
called Elk Fork Coal, (see An
drews' report) Ibis is by actual
analysis found to be the equiv
alent ot the Briar Hill ronl.
It is found in parts of Richlan 1.
Jackson and Swan township?,
and underlying the whole 'o
Elk. Its physical characteristics
are peculiar to the Jackson
shaft coal, having no clay or
shale parlinps. At McArlhur
it is found a few feet below
the surface. But two other
veins put in an appearance in
the vicinity oi McArlhur. The
one is known as the Newlun
vein, (I believe Prof. An
drews spehks of it by this
name ) This coal is a very su
perior kind of splint coal with
a general thickness of 5 feet
It is university. in demand for
cooking purposes, giving off a
white, ash with no cinder or
clinker. , The cooks are nover
bothered with' soot in its use.
The "Great Vein" is the other-
here having the local name of
limestone vein. It' underlies
.Brown, Madison, Vinton, and
part of Elk township with a va
rying thickness of from 5 to 6lt.
(See P.-of. T. 8 Hunt's Geolng.
icai Report.) Prof, flun't speaks
of - measuring- this vein In
section 29 in Brown township,
where it gave the depth of
nearly 7 feet. This report was
made last summer and put out
under the auspices of the Bos
ton' Institute "ol i Technology.
He locates the "Great Vein as
above ttated. - - -
But at tcirom '
J. Ore in great veins is to he
found all over. the eount-r.'.Tho
Jewell vein in Uif flw'tiweiUrn
portnn, ofteu as thick as i leet
and the Dunkle vein first dis
covered and mined in Swan
township , in the aumoier of
1873, generally the same thick
ness as its maximum. This is
lour mU a nail to five mis
north of McArlhur. j'Then (be
celebrated' limestone vein-just
one half mile east of McArlhur-Norlh-ast
on the widow Dun
kle's farm it i found of the
great thickness of 7 teet. , This
is, however, an unusual depth
tnat y.em being. geneially only
an average of 2 to 2f feet. This
is a hasty sketch of the miner
als of this route. The other
route finds its first coal at Jack-
sou p. H. a . 2J to 3 feet vein
in the hill and the shaft .vein
which often varies Irom 18 in
ches to 4 feet, and as to Its iron
melting, qualities, iar,equally
coqvetUsb. Jackson county ,till
the extreme east limit is reach
id, gives v but two, or, three
small block veins) varying irom
3 to 8 inches. .The. limestone
vein is found on jts eaaterq side.
In short, .this, route gives no
coal till you roach Jackson C
H. If from this point, Pomeroy
is the terminus, there it cuts di
rectly across the mineral bell;
if Gallipoljs, t finds the coals
und ores along its route, too far
. .' - i "i .i' j
below llie surface to be raised
with profit. To the people of
Dayton, Springfield Washing
ton, 0: H., Xenia, and Circle
ville, we say", come and see
Your. agents will return saying,
Tea, veri!y the half was not
told." "
Ai to the admirable building
stone of Vinton county, more
Telegrams reoe. red at Green
wich Observatory 1 from India
announce that the observations
of the transit of Venus have
been successful. ' Over 100
photographs were taken.
Observations of the trarsit of
Venus were taken at Cairo nd
Suez. The photographic obser
vations at Thebes were perfectly
successful. At Shanghai the
weather was overcast, nod I Ly
sun obscured.
The observation of the transit
ot Venus, at Nagasaki, Japun,
have been completely success
ful. '
While the Rev. Abernathyj
of Uamden, was at Allensville,
for the purpose of holding 9
protracted meeting, last Moo
day he heard a young man us
ing some' very piofane and
abusive language. The minis
ter very kindly rsked him ft
delist, when, the 1'ndividu1 .
whose name is Arganbrighv
swore he could whip any d n
Methodist minister that walked
nt the same time striking ar
Mr. Abernathy three times be
fore he could get out of the
way, when Mr. Abernathy
hauled off and knocked him
down. ' Young Argaobright
was arrested on Tuesday morn
ing, fined five dollars and cost
und put under bonds of $1 00
to keep the peace! Phillip
Arganbright was under the in
fluence of liquor at the time!
The citizens were rather ' in
dignant at the cowardly act
and approved of the. minister's
course. '' " " ' " ' '"" '
'Mi. Joskpu Bcbit, our enter
P'iring hardware merchant has
purchased the property on the
north east corner ot Main and
Jackson streets, now occupied
by George W. BruntOn ;at a
carriage shop.' This . will .be
good news to a number of .our
business men, at the property
haf long'.been considered un
safe on account of its liability
io catch fire from a defective
Sue in the blacksmith shop.
Mr. Huhn inieuds. to recon
struct it immediately tor, a
a hardware and house furnish
iug store, ,
, Jt you wish to get a fine
present for the holida;t,go and
examine J, S. Upbo't stock, ai
he bat a splendid assortment
and will telMowBe. is offer
ing good bargain. ' in" order to
f sdote" Hoti t efore iemoVia r
Death of a Pioneer.
fclra,. Alary White dii'd yes
terday (Wednesday) a He moon
of xlropsy1 of the-heart. Mrsf
White Wa loin in RVdin
IVnnkylvania, March 27, 1799;
he removed ,ith her parents
to Adelphia, Roas county, when
she was one year of age. 6he
has been a member of the
Methodist Episcopal ' Church
ever since1 she ha's .been.in Mc
Arlhur, which is 'over forty
years. She was married abdu
fifty-years ago' to Is'aac'Whlte
She leaves three daughters and
two sons living.1' ' Lifavette,
her oldest son, was the first
Clerk of the Court of Vinton
county. She is a sister to Mrs,
Patterson of this place, "and
Mrs, J. K; Will, now of Hum-
boldt, Kansas, iintii lately of
McArlhur. ' Her funeral takes
place to-day at 3 o'clock.
Another Burglary.
.resideuce ot Mrs. K L.
Baird was entered last Sutidav
evening, while she i was gone to
cnurcti. llie doors were not
lockid. When Mrs. Baird re
turned arid Wanted to enter thei
house, she ' found ' there was
sbmetbirig holding the door:
she pushed with all her might
but could not' get i't 'open.
Thinking it was a prank of
some ol the children, she said
"Boys must I go and rouse the
neighborVjust aboui tliai time
she saw a man climbinir'over
the fence who ' akedaddled as
fast as bis legs could carry him.
The door how opened and Mrs
Baird entered, struck a light
and made an examination of
the house, and found that the
je velry belonging to Ida, her
da ighler had been lakeii,wonh
about twenty five dollars. 1
Mr, Billinqhubst , gave his
Sciopticon Exiiibiiion lust Mod,
day evening. The exhibition
was satisfactory with the ex
ception ol the conduct of some
,ow-bred boys ; who showed
their indecency; and stupidity
by, boisierousness, . disorder,
profanity and obscenity ; mak.
ng so mu.ch noise that Mr. Bil-
linhurst could not be heard.
We have a few words to say
about, this. :Ii is a discrace to
pur town that an assemblage ol
Indies and gentlemen can not
assemble at any poblio plac
without being' annoyed bv the
conduct of rude boys. There
Is a law lor boys as well a men
and it ii about tjme it was be
ing enforced in McArlhur,'" If
parents will nnri train their
boys so that they may hehave
half way decpnt in .Wietv.it
becomes the dutv of the mtidie
ipal auHiorities to take them in
chorge and deal with them ac
cording to law. The names of
ihe boys who engaged in thi
hameful 'conduct' are known
md will he 'published if if 'ever
recurs. We do! not any that all
he bovB 1 who were there mis
behaved for some behaved like
men; hut the others could not
fuve been outdone by sAvaces.
We hope in the futur that niir
preserve frdr1 and in1 re :a'e
uuly boy In the calafw ci'. If
we can not keep order in o ir
plac, let ns vacate the "Incor
porated Vi! lai e ot McArlhur.'
i; A Dubuuqner lows, msn
ofTer-i to prar fn $3 dar.
1 1 ' ' '
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County.
C. F.DuWpiaiotiff, ;
8. 8. Price; et al, Defendant. ' !
iir: riXToit ctvcwmr cotTRt "tit
PCR81TANT to the command of an order of
Hale leaned from the ''ourt of Onmmnn
Pleaa of Vinton County, and In ma directed aa
fcheriA f eai4 county. I wilt offer for aale at
thadnnr ol the Court Hooae, in the town of
MeAnhurtVintou v'ouotyibHoa ) ; i'.
katwday, theMh Da of January, 1875,
at the hour b 1 AVIock P. M. or amid da the
following deeonbed lande and tenemeata, to
wit: uuala ia Ua aouoty afVintaa and Haata
oi'ilhio, and ia the townnhip of Harrison and
bounded aod Keacribexl aa foUowa, ia ihe
ioulh-eaet auarler al the nth'eait quarter
ol aeclioa thiHT'fire. (Set lowaehip nlaev )
range nineteen (I) in lha diatricl of kta,la
abjeet to ealaal flbillwjelbe 'Hvo. eioepl
almil 9i aerea more or let heretofore .old
by Manual Picken to Weablngtot, Tha,-er,
beinKie the eouih eat eorne of eaid lot of
land abora dean bed and heaiwted.tiy- the
hiRhwtr and Ihe eaat and eolith Ii ne, or parte
thereof pf aaid 0 acre lot eaaa of-aaid raait
Apiraieed at ona hundred aad three dot
bra, iui) and mtut brioa twetbirda r tbaA
mm. ' '
To ha aold aa the property ef 8. B. Plrtee at
al lowtiaty aa order of aafe, taauad rrofti the
Court of Oomraoa Pleat la (kror of 0. F. ixjfua.
Tli larjffit, ninut ttiterttuir,
f iin-rprmmsf aim VHiuiiiue
Farmer' Fa per Publisiiei.
4adtho Terms.
Smfe iutwcpptioa,' SInM, poaMg paid.
la etua at l"or ovar, poaUga paid, II. an
I Wa ant(na4 gta aryhM', nl ailrr
vtrjr libaral par. ta? all ibo will work for ua
ata-Hand for Hpeelmt n rApiM. U. i
AodreW OHIO FAB.TIKU, ClaTelaad.O.
firm mmd Hw-ood hund. tf Kiil tlliwa Jn
Mill a, kU i Ufftnci u aroa IbhI
r.rou. r for r1 laCiif or "onnt'jr, during
Ibara Kurd I'irnaaMdfW Hoilriny, hj HoR.
AOB WAfKRH M'N, l Hn.tdwuy, lh,n
ai bvlbra oltn-Mt' in K Vortc Atnl
vanidn imU Wa'rra' Nw (rata Fluno.und
Cnst-crto raaor.. Illinlioled riluu,
Mailed. Orrat irduceinanla lo the tradea.
A Urf dicoml ilo I'eaahara,, Miaialen,
Church,, LodKra.Mohooi. tic
EPILEPSY ('It FlTScurad by thr una of
aaaqaanalaVia'aaaBMaaaHHO'U'i cpiiapnc
Kaine.h.i. Trlnl faukaga frea. For ein-u
lara. a? ulanoa of tarrnt, Au.t addraia K08S
UaoS., Rirhmood, lnd,
, 1 i . 1 ' . ... .1:' .
SCOTT'S LIVER PILLS are all Iba 10,
Umuaa tta paopl lika men: aa.
H tOf,,p v hddia. Tarma trt.
J 2 wAddraa gto. Btiawa A Co..
forflaad. Na 1 1
WEKK anarantaarf to mala
nd fnnaia avrntain iheir local-
Coal, HoTUINO to trt it.
Partlrnlara Iraa. P. ( V1CK.
RV t CO., Auauitai M.
Geo. P. Rowell 4 Co1 ;
oondool id agari ilor tha rc rJepliea of aH-
artiaamanla lar Ainerlnaa Niwiapata lha
moiomplla aiWlhmanl ol itiMkiodla
ihe woild Xix thouaand Nitapaa ara
krpt rrnuladr on Ala. Qin lo lnputioo bv
i-utumer. Etarjr Adrertiaeaient la taken
ai I Ilit. horn pnoa u( thn paper, wilhaul any
additional i-harga or rominiaalna. An advar-
jiiwr. in: oeaiinit fun tua Aiu-ocr, la aated
Iroubla and eorreipondrni-e, maklnn on
rontrarl in'iad f( a dniaa, a hundred hr a
IhoiiiMnd A Baab or eighty pHgea. ennt'ain
inalitot Deal iwper,nmi all piiblienliODt
hica ro' ipeclal y ultiMhle to advertlaen,
S'.'.ntTm ln''or",lon about jirn-ee. la aent
loanyaoiiraM uri Ippnctlnn. Par
an at a diktani't iahin lo make oont.acli
for afivariiMtna . fi ttw .am. .
t)ite nr larnloiy ol lha Vn'le.l Htatee.ur any
i' .o imniiniog 01 dnnanm may aenil
a concl.a -.Utement ot hnr thaw ..nt. tn.
gather lih a oupy of the Adrer) balneal
hey daaira inwrtad. ! will re-oura .n nn i
lion fijr return mail wh h will enabl tht-m to
decide whether lo m -ri-a-e or reduee the or
rter.. For iwh informfttion: there la no
rharge. Ordera ara taken for a mnvle paper
a wel aa lor a liat; for a iinula iloliar
readily a, for a larger turn, offlcee (Timca
41 Park Row, N..Y
Iniubuigi PipaaraiNT Ptati or Ohio, I
U lUMcua, Jan. '. 1874.
?? OOMP4NY. located al l-ii.-aun. in lha
Ptala of lllmoiH. h,i riled in tl'ia offl. e a
awor.i ftatenienl, by lha pro; er officer
.nrrmii, unfiwinii im ooriUinoii 1 a I tiU'lnei-".
ann ps coih lia,. m all repei-t. with Ihe
law, of thie B'ale. relatinir lo eire Inaiimm-
Cninpaniea. Incorporated b other Ulalea ol
the Cniled "laies
NOW THEREK'iRr?. In nnr'iianea nt lair. I.
WILLIAM K. C'HIIMCII. Hnnerint., , rl.nt nr
loan ranee ot the -late of Dliln.do herehv cer
tifv that eaid Coinnanv il amhoriie.i . iVin.-
lt apirnp:iaie tmxineea of FIRE IX-
una Mate, inai-enidan'-e with
law Kurmg ihe 'enrreneyear. The nn'Mimn
ami huelneee of ead company nt Ik dnte ol
aiioh alatemenl (Docemher uit. ii,7:i. u
hnwn a, f. lliuva:
Aareftite ainoimt of arailable n.
n . S677.01S 00
Wt'egnteamniini of liabilidet-. ax.
-ept oapitHl,) inuludiDg re-liuur-
"'- ,: .. . 881,718 fS
Net aaaeta. r.vMUKi i
Ain.iuntol actual paid-up capital tiwfltuim
SuiDln, ai-'i ana 11
Amniiut of innoma for the year ia 1
"" . 51117 30 T
Amniinl of expenditure for tlje
IN WII'WRSS W II EH Efl P". I ha... Viereiln.
elthaertheH m . name, ami iaiiMil lha aeal
my office lo be afBxed thn day and year
ahnre written. W. F. OUHItnil,
1deo Pupeiin'endem, J
Watch and Clock Ma
terial, Spectacles, Etc.
WATCH REPAIRING done by expe
rienced workmen Liberal discount to the
Shrader & Betz,
' '! -. I
Keep aotutaolly aa hand and manufacture lo
' ' ...
6f thi best material and wobkxas
. BifiP.
Bepalrlaa Doaa
llaleu l74 ,
- . IT
State of Ohio, Vinton County
: I ' a .- ' ' l: .. Z
John baughertr, PUintifl,
' 'AMliia
JoelG.8wetlnd,eial,efendanU. ,
r.a. r.,r n
.', ww.-.y wwn . ij .vwirivf,
riia , An urder of aale.
.tCRSCANT lo the command ef an Order of
oaie mailed rrom llie Court ot Ui.mmon
Pleas of Vinton Cou nty, snd ia roe directed as
Bhenfrofaaidrouniy, I will oiler for sale at the
door ol Ihe Court House, ia the towD of McAr
lhur, Vinton Count r, Ohio, on
attuday, the 2d't)ar of January,
A. D. 1875,- ,: L'- 1
tbe koar otl o'elook, F. M. or said d, the
following described lands snd lenemenia, to
wits 4n k.t Nos Iwa hundred and erenlt
two, ISTi) two hundred and seventy-three (7'
and two handrad end sevestylour-in ihe v.l
lasja of McArlhur. ihio; also m-lot No two
hundred and -sereety.flva (87) end as much
of Ihe north eide ol in-lol No. (2711) as will
euirespona woh Jbe smith line of the rave
yard, bein about two-lhlrdsor said lot No
two handea.i.and aeieory-sii (76)rie ihesara
more or leae, as it scribed in deed or Thomas
I vis snd wire tq Joel H. Bwetland, rJased
Noveml-er 10, H7J. -
,pprarsed at four hiiuaered aad fifty dellsaj
(SAM) sad must bring iwo-thirds of that euro
.Te baaoldaa Ihe ropeny af, Joel D.rweS
lafed, 4 si, to satisfy aa order ol sale, issued
from theCoartaf Cossmbob Pleas m favor of
AVMliJl f-'.'4liite3a3 k'jLk.tiU
li.j. .j' .bhertt VlDioiiconnty.
aasA 4-CAeseasvH Attanea for phurrtil
D)py Goods
Pulut and Second Streets.
mi , 1 U)'J
Ba rtcelaed al faaA trio a full aeeoftMe it a
' Doineitio Coti'on and Woolen Goods '
'1 1
or all kmdf.
FAMiirf.' Blanket $,' Shatcta,
Jeau. . latuimtrtn, 1 If 'a
sttr proof ' AlolhSr
y .,, Superior Qualitiea of, ,.;
Black Silks Alpaccaa and Mohairs.
1.000 Pieces of Gro Grain Eibbons,
allfilk at 2" f 23 cents per
... Yard.. , , t, I '
.a t- ;'
'-. -1 .
, A new too'i of Carpeting.
Prlcee aa law aa la a ay aiher Btaaket
' Buyera areiarited to XkOiin. ,: ' ' '
! ii.. - R. B. MABT. ,
.1 .t -i' '
. , BEAOEK4 OF TUB, : ., 1
07R GREAT' REDUCTldri ' 1
1010 ,N prices FOR A0''
, . , r
TnE GAZETTE ia the jreat new. paper nt
Ibe ciiun'rjr.kpown and n ad t.y erenlHidy
1'houaandH ol pnii-tiial funieie routribiit'a
to Ha Krii-nliuiKl 'lun;ii. annually.
A a ooniniercial paper It la ettindard ail
thnrit Il gnee all the new, ofthe day
Hote the' following Club Bates i
Single copiea. im lnillnj pnelnve, 11
Cluiia, bei'u 1 and Si'cnpice, iix-1. poat.e'h I Ml
" n " I AA
. " i. .40 ' 1 40
' 6l ' " 1 84
, f ;, . i.TS and o'er,'4. . lil
Terms of the Semi-Weekly for 1875.
ingfeeopiea, inrln.n g poclnge-. ' ' ti
Oiu-a, ii i'n tand looop iol. poet ,eh 9
ClulWoflAaa I-over
S U)
It will he nh-ierved from the lme lhat we
have mHfle a larue rediH-tinn in o.ireluli pri
ce, and alan. thiil poataue, which l hereto
fore len pmd bv Ihe -uli.t'nlier, so cent" per
annum on me weeKit. and t' rentt per an
num un Ihe Hemi-w.ekly, will be prepaid by
lie. i ...
Addition may he made tnelnliaal nnr lime
durlnir the year, at the rum price, Ihe euh
eiiitmn enni inning a fnl rearfnm Ihe tine
the ailriinona ahull here deen made.
Hen iMiN Coeiia r-rsr rata.
Btitdjar (erai fa .loeaer.
IOnoTl87 aw
Cheap larma. W page pamphlet free Conn-
ta. j. f .
, A New 6aca;rpiloa Book. . .
The Pecrete, My.teilea and Romance of Pris
on Life in New York, yaihered l,y Charles
Button, Warden of the Tomb..
Liu-jte 8vo.', fhQ pp., Illustrated, $3 50.
Thia i n"t alrictlv aeneallnnnl work, and
is reimminen'led by Ihe l ei,t men aa a mnmi
relormer Koye re'adinn il will not barn to lie
Ihievrn, bill will leirn bnw Ihielea enter,
t he story of .Inlm Mnhnney written by him
Hell ia orlli the price nt the honk. 'I lie liei-l
rellingbook ever puliliehed, no eay nil our
aitenle Exclusive temiory ttnen. Au niteut
wanted in erery town
6w 13 Univerily pim e. N. Y.
"live agentTvted"
county in Ihe "niled Hiitoa end I'Hnaime
Eiilarjted by ihe pnMialier to (HH pauea. Il
rontaina overS.mu houeeliold recipes, and ia
suited to all clneeee and enmlnione of society,
a wond r III honk and a honeehold neceesitr.
Iteellaal aiuht ' Greiiteet inducement ever
ottered In book agent. Hnmi-le icpiee eent
bjmail poet paid lor 12. Exelnire territory
linen, tgenta more tuan double i heir mon
ey. Addreea,iH. CIIASK'S MTK Ir) PKINT
VBhY fiHKAlLY IMPI10VK.1 'n form n
ilieclnwB. and the more eimipb-te shield
I d of the perl subject to wear, hv metal
atea. mnkinii them wear, imn aa loHf. and
do ihe work faeter anil eaeier ihiin anv other
hunker. Made of the sen beM i-all leather,
in loureiaea. nyht and clt handed -amolea
sent prepaid oo receintnf price, HalfOl-ifea
II. V; Full Cloves, i Ml per pair Libera
diM Oiial in quantities -k rour aien-hent
or addre HALL HUtKINO t,LoV K. CO.
Chicaio, III. , ( ;
Villi Mire to every swh.cnber, whether siniila
nrinailub, who pats in sdvanre for '(7ft,
and reimia direct, io i his office, a copy of
"The Keaeue,'. the hsndsumest eliromo ever
oltere I by a puliiher.
Term-IS er annum.; l"oreiriilBr contain
Ing ierm for eliiha, etc., addiesa L. A. OO
UY. Philadeli-hra. I'a. , , ,
Sell Your , Old Barrels.
. ' 1 ' !
OLD HiRKELMBorjGHT Will (rive
SI au to SI 60 rach 1. all o,-d iruo-lm nf oil
birrel, dehvered al the orka- lo bo naid
PI!?!!-.' S'S(l.y'h. """
,uwiii:aiiii an-, win am soci as int- lowest mar-
ket unce,
. , , ... W.J Cri:hB,Proprieliw, !,
Kreedum, Heave.- Co., Pa.
Oa Maakeed,' Wasasnhaas) ' aad ' tkelr
Matoai let. srrlatlsai Lav., ItsLaae,
Fewer, eie.' Aaei.ie are seilini Horn IA ta
H6 copies a day Mend for specimen i-agea
and -terms to auenta aad sea why It sella raei
erthanany other book Addreee N.Tiosat,
Pyai-ieaiao Co Philetdelkia, Fa, Chicago,
111 , or et. Louis, Mo.
iv.'.- y ' Vi' 1 ' i ,mI
ALU and D1VLWXA fi UB,
Vienna l7!l. rarla, lHi,T. now olcr the
riHIT AtrttOHTM BaT ol the BKHT
'ABlBiT 4JHAaH4n the WOs.Lt.
ladadina.new. eiiUs with rsrrit iniirais
menu, aM SKnM wIit.i'asa, a formerU, hut
JfEHTs). ih moei favniile ever offrerf
LKK ' OF rVRCHAHE. to aim" any
upwar!ls' fl0?lrT ',n!,P.' maanejiej or
'"fV? rVfJnss.. ajnd clrruUra, with
nTU psrtieulare, seat (Tea oa request. Ad
0Hlli.aa7 Xora. M Onea Z,h
a . - -
I T 7? Til'-
, I'.Ww ' W trtl U t
And all other article required by pnpiU.jaf
recmedaod ottered at4
,HST i I.
Plaint Fancr, d Initial
Taper and Kavelopea I'er
i i
l.tjfnl PiCa nnd I. tanks
of nil X)rrriptioie
' Full supply and '
. JLow IVIcef.. ....
.:. J, 1 - jiJihU.I
Corner' of Hain and Market Straits,
and dealer io all kiod P I
. ' I , ' i ,tl t ,
I : i l a i .1 ; i
..!!::' ' !-.i -.a . f ti h ;..V7
eareliillv rt. ne, and lha smmiest mclurea
eniarued lo any use, aud , . ,
Finished in Oil.
, i .-.':; :;or,- ,'i ;:i.i
i i . ... '
I i . i -ii
0 any other style that may be desired, at the
, ... ti. .;. x v. it
LarAe and Bnely flniaHed FaatoarAta
can bo nmile Irom old anal tailed, ar
scratched pictures. . '
Pictures of all kinds framed tor
I. H -.t,, U
- -..,,.
nA all wnrk mrranlerl to sin sitiffon'
I may IN7;
111 A I W LI It'll lij
FRAMi, IIELLltIA, Agenl,
At his ne place of business,
. Choicer t, Stock j
OF .
Spring and Summer Clothing
IVER hr.uahl lo this market, rmurscme
Aali the liitesl and most hisliioiiaMw al , Ire,
ciii in accor-ianre with Ihe lale.t ta-liiona.
When you wanta nobby ami dou'l fiiil lo esll
on r rauk. He els Clfl end
Makes Garmknts to Ohder
and has a full line of ' '
Gents Underwear
iTrriisn:'Lv?;rl,t,d ,10wn to h'' loW'
LSI FlfllKES, Oivemeae.1 andi,i
warrant saktalauliua . i- , .. .
""T ' i - rRAHIf, HELI.MAM.
Manhood: Sow Lost, Hw Eestored (
Just BiiMi.aen. new edt-
jion . r Dr. C alverwell'e
Cclebraved Essay on Ike
BasUaaBsJs1 MM HAuL.nt
oiftejor rr.sa.tua a,, ore.min.i w..k.
vZ'.IiaS?"' ,',n, Lo""' lPar,
Mental and Physics ln.-.ii. i..2
lo Marriage, etoveiso, O.wavaewi.ja?
'" 'in a aealed envelope, only f cents.
u' "hI"MMi u,Bo, ,h" admirable
ay clearly demonslrales from a Ihirtj y"r,
pn.cu..., ,h IhealermineWs.
2?.k T .k r1,',""'a msy be rs.lic.l y cured
without ihe dsngerons ns, of internal rn,rf,.
iir.,m T1! ' ' "lMpW,eirisiB aad
fHeclual, by meana of which ever) suflerer.
no mailer what kis ewwtiuoa msy be. n.a.
evtrT.5 Sh,'.ti,"e,,,,,, hsadair
XTJi'SJ1 '! f ' the Isnd.
dH IT- l 'n envelope, to any
PCiAln4,i"W,W.,,', '.'M"a eu.da,"
Acblraaetha anUUbare, ; '. (
rlts. CHA8.J O KMNK A CO.,'
Bwry. Wew York, Post Office fioz.A.IH
Central House.
y- 3 V:i i. I r-a O A r J n v
V70BIMAH 4ETJLL0K, Proprietors,
qOIaTJXst BTJS. p.
ihelrfnenU iO-Tialo. countvto pve them a
TheabfWe hmtaa ia 'aowbSBdeotWly frm.
BUhed, eenirall loeet, epnvemeot lo the
depat, aad trVe larile alipp ied with MAnea!
the market dloMU.Jj-Ll AaXJuTlrT!
AdvanleaaasaU Issaai

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