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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 17, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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Ilcaktu uit. omo;
IrTlUUHDW. UEC, 17.1874
Oaaod after Sunday" 1. . ""til "
law Bonce, train will tun follow; Noe. I.
t, I, tod will rua dully: Ko. daily except
sturoay; Mo. t daily except Monday:.
No S
lliont.: , Cm K. Lim.Kl. fc.L.ka
rWmn..l I Ott.m I 'pm '! "P"
UhMiwutu- - . I !'(' 0
3 Mm
ftukland fur
. I "W
I 47 "
UO "
U 09
ID "
t 23 "
SI '
3 AS '
11 '
4 -a "
4 7 "
4 4 "
to "
SI Hlrtill!! -
fecAardre ......... 2 HI "
Vinto ... 47 '
gtlMkj 2 ST "
).... B-.iruae--. 3 07 11
frrltaIMtjUr . t 23 " 1
si "
BtAuuiiBi . Nu. 2 No. 4
No. .
Ft l.ino.
ParktTsbJrg -'-iu
Rope Furnace... II "
fcUim....-...-." "
fuitoo 11 M
Banvfen ... H '
Miihhiad ur...l -"J H
OUilliooih.-.- I "
.tuwinnall . ( 00 "
12 DO in
1 Slpm U 4:1
f IK
ii a
l 14 "
t J "
I 40
7 oo "
it, I'lSIt
11 10"
U 19
12 si "
1 M "
6 25 "
Wo. I will not stop balween Cinelnoatian
toys! in I. will amp et all elation, east x.--Clinlon
Valley. Partner's, Harper's, Byer .
Moonvilts. lughsm'e nd Kib'i. No 3 wil
too ol Loveland, Cliiillonn. Allien an
iMpra only. No. 5 "ill l-P, at Cymnnii..
villa. Bond Hill, Norwood, Onkley. Madison
villa, Madiera. Iceland, Greenfield, thill
ootha, Uaindsn, Athene and Helure. No. I
will atop U all atatiuna except king a. Ing
ham'- Monnvll'e. Bvr' M,rr.,.r'. K.r...er
andOllaton Valler. No. 4 elopat Relpre,
C H. V. Junction, Hnmden, Cnlllicothe
a id Lnyeland only. No 6 will atop at H.l
iii a. Atheo. Hamdea, :hilncolhw. tiiwnflel.l
aad Lowland. AcromuiudaUou train will
make all the atop.
TION. The AAC. Aocom. going easl.leaveaChll
Ucolha.at 10 16 a m.; Kaj.vi le. I l Hi'"
Uml KiirCfiKI M; Hamdpn, 11 111; MAr
thur, 11 4; Vinton. II .H4; Anku am
11 44, depart, 11 4i at Ailifti". 13 43 p. m
Tralna on In. PKKrsMOUTH BKANI'I
will laata llarndi n at 4 10 a. m and 1 34 ri m .
trrinna; al HorUmnuihot II 10 a. m. and t V
p.m. Hemming i rin will Irave I'oraiiiouil'
t ( oo a. m and 1 40 p. m., nrrniD at Hant
aan at II 10 a. in. and t 40 p. m.
Trmna no-n,l at Lelnnd for all pointa oi
lha l.itilo Miami Kailmnil. ml at Ilia Indian
apnlia and Cincinnati Kailioad Junolinn fn
all pointa Wait; al ihfn-, wiih Ihc C 'luni
(ruaand Hocking VitMav Ruilroail.at Pnrkerx
burl witk lb Bultimora A hi Kailmail.
Ofnaral "npfrinian'loni.
Wilkesrille, HiuaJea & Middlepor
1WII.L run a hack from Wilkr-avillaln Ham
dan on Mnndava. WadnaMlaya aud KridHy.
ratuniini oo th aama daya.
1 will alao run a return linrlc to Middlepnr
oa Tuvadaya, Thurtdaya and t iurl. ra
luroinft no tlia aama laya. lUUN I.KVIi
T WlLtj run s hwk from Wilkraxll l
J.Hmden and ralurn rvary 1'iir.dny, 'I hur,
way, and Saturday for lha ao'oiiimoilHliui
f aawanifara. ia((inn i-loaa connwtion wil
lha mail Iraioa on lha M. A C. K. B. I wil.
alao irry nprrm pai'kana ahippad lo
;om pointa by lha Adania Kxriw (Ju.
8u far ait beard from, the fol
lowing salary-grabbers havt
been elected to Congress by
the Democrats: John II. Cn Id
Well. Thomas Swann, Nathaniel
1'. Banks, Erastus Wells, Fer
nau lo Wuuii, Sdiurel J. lUn
dall arrl John Huncock.
A poctinq bride, on her first
tea vnge, writes home: 'The
motion of a screw eteajner if
like ridinz a gigantic camel
that has the heart disease, and
ou don't miss a sinle throb.
1 know nothing to compare
with it lor boredom."
Georqe y. Wares, now in
command ol her majesty's ship
Challenger, lias been selected
to ciiu ni iiiil the expedition to
le lilted out by Ureat Britain
fir explorations in the Arctic
(Jikls, as you value your
1;tp, don't get up and get
breaHst in the mumines A
young lady attempted it one
d i. last week, and was burned
to death. Show this to your
Tub Barboursville Charley
Boss wa. another rhap alto
gether, lie escaped from an
adjacent poor house, rather
thin rhiia lelphia, which wait
the only point of resemblance
between lheu.
,, Tue Gallipolu Journal says
the death of a gentleman in
England has left to the three
r children of Mr. Jules Blanc ol
that county, ly his first wife,
$90,000, or $30,000 each.
J. C. Was lt.ii, being the
hnppy owner of tbree raCf
horses and a s ilonn, will be
compelled to decline engage
ments as lecturer this winter.
Very sad.
Tukbk is 'evidently very
brilliant future before Westo.i,
but the general opinion in t h at
lie won't begin to realize it
much until somebody taws oft
hia legs.
"Tkaht, tramp, tramp, the
boys are marching." See the
t station Loose slates in seigb-
boring towns. There's lots ol
them, and more on the way.
. .. THimaa who has not ny
r thing to boast ol but his illus
trions ancestors is like a potato
plant oh s only good b.louging
' t ft him Is under round.
Dr. J. Walker's California
Vinegar Bitters nro n purely Veg
etable preparation, niarto cblelly from
the uativo herbs found on tho lower
ranges of the Sierra Nevada moun
tains of California, tho medicinal
properties of wuieli nro extracted
therefrom without the uso of Alcohol.
Tho question is almost daily asked,
" What is tho causo of tho impar
allelod succeat of Visegar Bit
TEitsi" Our answer is, that they
romovo the causo of discivsc, and
tho patient rocovcrs his hcnlth. Th7
&ro tlia groat blood purifier niid a
lifo-givinf? minciplo, a perfuct Heno
vatur and luviguratir of tho system.
Xovor boforo iu tlio history of tbo world
has a lucdicino Leon compnundud pos
sessing the rouiarkublo (imlitios of Vix
EOAR IUttebs in hciiliug tho sick of
evory disevso man is hoir to. They are
a gentle l'urpuive as well m a Tonic,
relieving CiHijrcstiim or Iullnuiiiiution of
tho Liver aud Viacerul Orguus, iu lliliuus
The properties of pu. Walk
er's ViNBUABllrrrKitsuro Aperiout, Uiiv
pboretie, Canuiuativs, "ntritiotn, Lrtiv
tive, Diurette.SedfttlVH, Coiiotar-Irritant,,
Snrtrifif. '-' nt-R:i"i"
Grateful Thousands proclaim
VrNEGAR Bitters the most wonder
fal Invigorant that ever sustained
tho sinking system.
No l'ersou cuu take these Bit
ters according to directions, nnd re
main long unwell, provided their
bones are not Jastvoyed by mineral
poison or other m .aus, aad vital or
gans wasted beyoud repair.
Bilious, ileniittent, nnd In
termittent Fevers, which are so
prevalent in the valleys of our great
rivers throughout the United States,
especially those of the Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tenuesseo,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Fed, Colo
rado, Brazos, Bio Grande, Pearl,
Alabama,' Mobilo, Savannah, llo
tnoko, James, and many othors,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, nnd remarka
bly so during seasons of unusual
heat nr.d dryness, are invariably ac
companied by extensive derange
men s of the stomach and liver, nnd
other abdominal viscera. .In thoir
treatment, n, purgative, exerting a
powerful influence upon tbeso vari
ous organs, is essentially nccossary.
There is no cathartic for tho purpose
equal to Da. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as they will speedily remove
the dark-colored viscid matter with which
the bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the seeretious of the liver,
nnd generally restoring the healthy func
tions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
Vixfoar Bitters. No epidemic can
take hold of a system thus lure-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache, l'aiu in the Shoulders. Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain in tberegiouol'thuKidueys,
and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the oil'spriugsof Dyspepsia. One bot
tle will prove a better guarautoe of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Whito
Swelling, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled
Neck, Goitre, Scrofulous JuOuminntions,
Indolent Inflammations, Moicniul direc
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. Iu tbeso, as in all other
constitutional Diseases, Walker's Vin
Boa R B ittbrs have shown their great cur
ative powers in tho most obstiuato and
intractable cases.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys aud Bladdor,
these Hitters have no equal. Such Dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters and
Miners, as they advance iu life, are sub
ject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a dose of Walker's
YrtEOAB Bitters occasionally.
For Skin. Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Sal t-Hhenin, Blotches, poU, Pim
ples, Pustulos, Boils, Carbuncles, King
worms, Scald-head, Soro Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the
6kin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literally
dng up and carried out of tbo system in a
short time by the use of these Bitters. .
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the system of so many thou
sands, are etTectually destroyed and ro-.
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no antbelminitics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
ForFemaleConiplaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, or the turn of life, the.se Ton
io Bitters display so decided an influence
that improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the Yitiated Blood
whenever you find its impurities bursting
through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse it when yon find it ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse
it when it is foul ; your feelings will teil
Ion when. Keep the blood pu.e, aud the
ealth of the system will follow. ;
R. II. UtDOM (IjD Sb CO..
Dra'glaU k Gen. Agu., 8an Franoiaco. Calif
nla. oar. of Waahin-ton and Charlton Sn,N.T,
d by all Drugglata aad Dealer.
C P. OUFttU,
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
tTTOULU ra.pavituiir aay to lha elllaaaa of
. v into to inai he haa rnlnrrcl hiaaiork
""tiof oar of tha largiat la lha 8iate Our
laiaaaa haa incrrancd orry year up lo tha
preat time and wa ll thankful to '.ha pnn
lie for past feiora. and are doiarminad lo koap
a larna atock ol atar, thing noal'y rbaad in
a Brat-e.aaa Jrwelry More, and will katp the
Intel etock of gold and enhd ilfrr, rUo the
braUMated Uoode, aa low as any houae in the
We keep all lha different brand, of Amen
eaa Watohee Howard, United Htatea, Ehin.
Waltham aad Springfield Manufacturea, both
in (told aad ailrer eaaee. Alao a large line ol
, -et ...... I
from 2S lo I300JW, alao eller from lis to
1160. Wehaiea Tai reliable lull Jeweled
Silver Watch from II 4 to lac
A full line of all goode in oar Use, or raadt
te ordr hy expenanred workman. Sapair.
laawili raeeive prompt atiealiUB - -
Plaaa drop la aa aee aa. K tronWe to
beweedt. " tifa
Sewing Machine.
Tlielirratesl P'rodiiclion
the World liver Knew.
OUH fllaim Tor the superiority of
the Eliits Howe Machines 6a n dot
er Is disputed.; This most enviable
reputation has been obtained by its own
merits. W do not claim that we offer
our machines for the fewest dollars, or
on the longest line of credit thai eau be
otnined by buying other olasa of nia
'bines. Cut we do claim we have' the
r .
: We nro wanting agents to sell our
Machines in Vinton and Ilocking
ountics, for which we propose to pay
liberal commission; furnish tbree or
wore wagons if an agent will uso and
,iush them for the business. We in
'end operating on an end re new basis
;"nr this reason we want good, live men
0 run the thing. ' The reputation ot
he Ijowe is well known throughout
Vinton and Hocking counties as well as
iver the entire world. - You will find
ne at tlie I1ULI5EKT HDUSE," Mo
VltTHUR. 0., any time ' this month,
ready to administer to your wants. ,
- W. C. McLAUGHLiN,1 v
' Special Agent. ,
IDscillS7l . . , .31
Dice's Encyclofkhia op Practical Rr
eaivra aai Pam (ai. Coniainingk.lS pra.
in-nl rrefiptf. an lion in a p.'aln and '0nlr
iiiiu ner, and illiiKtratrd ilh rxplnnatnry
.innd-eills. HpinK a romprt-heii.ive hook nf
r lert-m-e tor tl.e inen-hanr, manufscturrr, ar
nsn, amateur and husekpeier, inrluding
-ndicine, ih;irniary ami dnmalu' economy
I'he aeopw of this work ia entirely ditV-riii
roni any oilier hook oi lha kiail. baslnr.
Hsinea complete anil alnnat iiiilinpenaibla
i. ok of referenca for IIih Ihnuaand ami one
receipla and arfltiea needed m arery houii
Imld.liirm, garden, etc.. It Includes i lear nnd
'UKily iui'l4frlooil direi'tions for lh applira
linn of nuinv ofihe art Usually aiquirrd unit
tiy long exierieni e, and so iliveaied uf te. li
nichiiluies, orihe tei-hnii'nliliea ol terms used
so lully explained aa to bnug the entire suh
i aitliin the coHiprehrnsiun ofanjr person
of ordinary inlelliient'a.l'romlinenl among
the immense inus of anhiecla Irraled of in
the honk are the Pillowing:
The Art ol Dyeing, Hard 8olt and Toitit
Soups, 'running, iMsnllsiinn, Imiintion Liq
uors, Winra. OorilMls snd Hitter. Oilier,
Hrewing, Herufmery.KlaxirinL Essence", Hi'.,
oi-nienc, Hsir I'yea and Wn.lies, Pmnndrs
md I'ertunied ml-, 'I'noih Powders, etc., Sr.
Mips, Ab ohiil and Slcnholmelry, Pelioieinn
ind Kerosene. Hleai-lmig nnd Closning, Vin
ar, Snm-eg, Cnfuiia and I'ickels, Keceipia
lor the Uiirden, To V emote Mni,fcpota,eti ,
Pyrolechny and Ki lesives. Cements, eic ,
A'Hlerpronrlng. ArliHcisl, Gems, luka ami
iVriting Kluiiia, Aniline Cclnra, Painle and
Pigment. I aintingand Pnpar-hanging, Ka1
online nnd WMtewnsh, Vamiahing and Pol--h
ng, Llihrina ore, Jupnnning and Lacquer
rg, Hoot and Harness H's-king, Photogiaphv,
lelals and Alloy, (iilding. Kilvering. etc .
Klectroryping, Klectropluting. etc., Pi.tent
lediciuea, Uladicnt Ilecciptv, Weights and
Mensiirea; 67 pags, rcysl octavo, c!mh.
'riceli.nii i.mar
D1UU A FITZGERALI'.Publnthers, N.Y.
Worth and Beauty.
Having control of the magnificent 31I chro
no, Yi Semite, we are able to otter comhin
tint, of lilernry and arin-tic wor.i ot genuine
Jlnrih. and nt prices lni ie edenlsd
This flue copy of a piece of Nature'a grand-
'si work, la not presented in Hie usual I
led style, it dimension, 14x20, making a
,11-iur.. m miv riHHirnlile .ixe in ilell.
.ir ed li il- reaeuue.
Hut a tew copies or this beautiful hromo
ill ' nllowed to go to the retail slorea, aad
ihose wil ls nb si their
Actanl Retail Price, S8.0O.
wnich il oiiie iii in connection with oar Ung
line, both will be lurn'i-hed lor
At I premihiii the ini tme may be obtained
y seiiiung us two aubio riptinns for the Msg
tine at one doilni each, or hy subscrbing !
ne Msgstine lo lesrs id advance, at oue
ndlar per annum Address,
- Newbuigh.N Y.
8. E.8H1 TEH, Publisher. 4w pt
r 01
a i
! f
A P.
e- - .
..ISO.' 110 THIRD fcT.,
Odd Fehotfs' Block,
Publithert of,
And otner
Scandard Eeligiotu Works,
CaavaaainK Agent waotef, la'avery eoun
in the Uoitad Stole. FVi. j,n
- i i ' ? '.j
' Pormerlef BanadajLlT"
AHNOBNCiS to bl frrenda i VfnfoB and
a-IJoimngcounaea (haibohaa bought th.
Hotel rormerly- Kept fcjCias. Smith
Three doorV weal f Mtdwon, oa
' ' M c'A'KTiri TJ K
Norlh-aaat corner of Main and Jacxaoa atreeu
W. BltUKTON, Troprietoi
Carriagety nityaiet. nxt,rt$$u, tu
tue, waeoie la an nave or waeoa woaa
dona to order ea abort notice. . . !
it I
' Painting and Trimming ;
ol ail kinda executed id lha Beateal aid moil
arttstiu stria.
BbPAlKINO of all kind In my hot wUI be
promptly and neatl done.
V Work dona al'lhi. eaiabllahmcnt la war.
anted to he euhaiant al. but un solid and axe-
euedin lha most workioanhlte manner, not
o ne exoeiien in any respect bv any other ea-
,auii.iiiiiouiy baeooiniry
..-J 1 .Manufacturer of v-:m i
t j
Oftilaaat, moat fefthiooabla aod elegnnl alyley,
' , . ''.
Second St., Near Mulberry,
: I make It a point to no all my work of the
best material, and aland second lo none in
quiililj of finish or durability. I employ no
interior workmen, there are no nppiemice
boys about my establishment, and I can not
tail lo pleate any person aho wants the best
turnout made in the country. I refer with
pride 10 my custnmera throughout Fouii.ern
Ohio aa 10 the character of wotk coming
Iniin my factory, and guarantee all my cua
temera perleut aatisl ictioa. .1
All kinds of Turnouts finished and
ready for sale,' or made to Order.
Call aud examine my Stock-
Rcpali lug-, Repainting CIc.
Will receive prompt aiteatloa.
I have constantly a atock of
Carriages, Buggies and Expresses,
ln with me for aale, repaired and almost aa
good aa new,eouie of them
u,ul 1S73 .
Awaananar thi
American Institute,
Embroidering and Plating Machines
"1: 1 ingenious and will meet the wants ol
evarv mation in lha Isnd.''
Exhibition of 1878. .
John E. Gavil, Hw. Sm'y; p A. Rarnard,
Preaj bamuel 1. 'iilman, Corresponding
New York. Novsml erifo, If 72
Thia simple and Ing-mot a machine ta a
tiseful aa the sewing nischine, n.vl IsfsNt be
coming popular with lailiea, m the place 01
e xp. n-ive ntedle work, its work being much
Inure hsn.leonie, requiring much lees time
and not one-ten ill sit n.e expense. No la'
dy's toilet i complete wiilioui it A machine
with ilhtetraledi-irciilai and lull Inatrtii tior.s
sent on receipt ol IS or Aiiishi d 111 silver plate
for il 75.
Address, The MrKee'llIariiifactnrlBg Co.,
3uu broauway. Sew i,tk.
Two American Magazines.
The excellence of Amesicnn Magniinpa haa
become to well recngnited abroad, that one
of the leading i ngliaa patfaswyb l.lnn
Weekly Hegi.ier, in a recent issue, thus
apesks of ecnlwer's Monlhlyt ;
H'e r amttnintd la own Iknl Si'SIBSEH'S
M' NTHLY curria o$tktvriutnimMaU mr $hU
ling iao.fi, wri'iila jut im&u tKn qf Wtulrittimn nail
turielyq ooutr!,. It it timpl) a aWrrW iliiing.'
ssorrA Nothing e m be avr eAarNiiM f'.aw tin rsts.
full or, and rigor; Iht light aad W arc wwa
njffd with a Inln artflic poKW Out 0 Maui ad
tus( original artiWes wa 'tnllg do Pol vkI
lo ckooa ua 6nr,ar utA uad KKrllrnt."
Rol mill is ii irue thst fcrihm r'a Monthly
excels the K' gheh Mageiinea, but it la 'I hi
Bm of Ik American moniklm. .
In the xient, anety and artistic excel
lence of its illu-trsiinn of American lh mes.
it has n ver been eten approached, muc h
less excell !d 1 1 has a larger page and git es
a greater variety in us i-nu'enu than any oth
er of Hie hwn.lsr.l Amera-aa MmnMiea
In literary chrncter. and in the brilliancy
and al.iliij ol iu Editorial epartmenis,it eu
oya an equnl pre-eminence.
ltaunndiictora ab.reW with Ihedeflnile aim
of makingUiWmaouiM in ikt umid.nl which
they have neer lor a n, on. un , n eight, and
they point with pride and pleasure-10 Ihe
M y and June ninnhen , tecenily issued, and
ask for them a candid examination an,i.n.r.
lilt comparison of their merits with those nf
oiner marsxinea; and I nej renew their plege
in ihepuMic, loatriv for still higher excel
lence in the future.
A considerable demand haa recently arisen
in bnglnud Tor Ht Nirhm, rcnlnei'; New
Msg. aniefor HoyssfaS Gitla, i ne publisher
deaimig lo -ecure an edition of three thou,
sand or flrst bou..d volume (when completed,)
with hi Imprint. '
The success in Ih country olSt. Ni, hoe
haa been even more remarkable than that ol
r-crbner"a Monthly. It. I- pronounced ro le
a tdualltptrKtmutauMfor ckililrm,' end. aa is
the esse win, nil the he.'- Iirerilur lor chil
dren, il hss been t nnd to nosneaa surpassing
intcrert roe grown up r-aoera. a well.
I heiiiflueni e ol ihe periodicals nf the day
can searcely he esnnisterl. es)ecill) upon
ibe nsing getter lion, fnreais sod tuscheji.
csn not atlord to be indifferent to this itiln.
ence, orcsrele-a in relniinn to Ihe chamcier
01 the literature furnished In the childten
outside 11I their school lesaona. Id Ft NVh
0 aa Del only are hi'tory. natural philosophy,
literature, line ana, and man-ilacttirea pre
sented man etlrnefte way In louasrsadeia.
hut Ihe -hiHren re stimulated lo seek in'or
mation fni llienaelvia . ,1
The publishers, will send to tiny aridrsw
apecimen Lumber of t. Nil hoias. potage
preprnn on leteiol often rem, ihe latremst
01 paperami priming. Ihe niagnnne are
sold by all flr.t 1 Ihh bookaellers aud news.
ueaiers, everywhere.
HCRIBNEN'8 MOM ALT, tl a year; 3Scjt D0
ST. NICHOLAS, - - . 3 ' 260. .
8GBIBKEB & C0..654 Iroad w'j.H.I
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
.Nursery Stock! Fruit&riower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
00 aerea; T2d year, IS grenaouee.
Apple, l.oou I jr.. V; I j. J4j ij. Hft.v.M
I ealaloguea, SO eenta. , Sljaixai
$72.00 EACH WETX .
A fonts wanted everyahere-1 Buaiaeaa atrleU
ly Irgitiaiaie. I-artieulara free. Addreaa J
WOhm.StUuia.No , UeepUv
. Fai:MBks sb mid not fail rt ex
amine the patent farm gati for
which Oeerge W. Bronton, Mo
Arthur, is the agent in this and
Jackson connty. It is the best
and cheapest gate erer designed
lor a farm, costing fifty per. cent,
less than he old fashioned gate,
and is more d?aHe, for it Cn
pot sag. Examine H waeaV jo,
rt ia MoArtiur.
t4 Creaaa la C4a. To I. frtoe, ton
Cuniaih a Ihe rssa, Hareandle, by
Kuhe; Tha Hreak ol iay. Reverie, by
i Arditl; La ballerina, Polka by Liehaer;
W nes the Swallows bom. ward fly. by
Oeateo; Kapeglerlea, Oaprie by gg
hsrd t pie-ee f. r Vk)
"tWH E A Pir.
1 t'oniaina tie lelloa ag Biuaa;; 'Me.
Xounisin Vlreem. Caprice, by 8. Smith)
Count o I .Usiop, by Jaeil,v tirsai
osa, Romance, by Tlialberg-, I'ancing 1
Iavea. Int., by Mallei. May Breiie. '
lnt , by l.nge piece for 50c.
l"cJ.'--.:iviu s ics
tontain. Uie lollowing n uaic- 1 Oo.
fhsnt do - Bivouc,' TranscrlptioB, by
. Ketterer; Thine Own, Mejodia, by
' lnge. ftseea ft.r ' 50o.
nbine ihe iol..wing musu-, price, , , Sua.
Two song by Hate, two by bnks, ena
by Mai a oo.l. a Hact'd Qua-lHta by '
Thomas, a Kourhand Piece a Quick. '
step, an easy March, and a beautiful
f aclasis, by Kink el. 1 pieces for Sno.
.Vtu,',P 0 S T P A I DinL"'!1.
contain the following music, price, 30c.
Two new song by Have, on by Pratt,
one hy Stewart, a trio lot female voices,
hy Aht: a hacred Quartette by Iwnka,
two Polkas, a pretty WaHi, and Mao b.
U peaces for ,' 1 11 ' i . . 30c.
A-MreaaJ I.. P KTKH8, P. U. Box. M2.
l" Hrnariway, New York, opposite Melrop
olliUm Uoit-I.
Teas J Teas ! !
., .. . ..iv. . ,
P. 6. Itoi, 128C. 1 KewYork
ROBERT WELLS. Preslilenl. 1
Blnek. 40. 50. 60. best 70 cts. per lb
Green ami Black 40. 50. 60. best 70c Is
' i ., J A. PA M. .,
Uncoloml, 60. 70.8a 90. best $1.00.
Green. 60. 70. 80. 90. best $1.10 per lb.
Oreen, 80. 60, 70. 80. 00. 1 00 best $115
Green, $110 best $130 pi r lb.
I- nfjlitsh MrnnlcffiNt
Black. 60. 70. 80. 90, bt-st $1.00 per lb
N It, We hsie a speetslity' of Harden
Hiowth YOUNB HV8 N and IMI'K.RIAL.al
II til, nnd iHil.nNi., Kxlra vhoiiV). ll:iJ.
our Tens jus put up in one pound pack.
age. with the kind nn I price printed on eneli
A U E9i Tt YYAM Kl lo g. t up luhn In
red our leas 1.1 lan,il,r, hutels, bonfiling
houses ami others. In a riling lor terms '.t
sending ordeia, he psrlisulnr Ic addresa Die
President of Ihe I'ouipiny, thus:
RimKIlT WEi tl. '
No. l Ves.y ft.. New York
We are crmretlrd 10 riqtieet his, as other
psrnes have imitnled oui bmi nsme.
Concentrated Potash,
Of dou tie Uie itreagth or any other
I hsve recently perfected a new method of
parking my Po'nsh or l.ve.a' d am now tmck
in? it only in hull, the conling ol hrh a ill
snnnllx, and does nol inime the sniin. Ilia
Imcked in Isixes cnniaining H nnd 4S nne 'Ii
ball,., and in no oilier wny. Inreitinna In
sngllsh and Cermnn for making hard and
soli sosp with tins I'olssh nn-nmnam eaiu
pacaiig" ll.T. nAlllUTT,
C4 lo 84 UasJiiogtou . V.
In&uxrance Department
Coavsjavs, Fel.runry 19th, '.871.
. . I
HKRF,8 Ihe New Kngl nd Mutual Life
IllHirsn'.e I'OIOIIMIIV Lw-ulwrl ul hn.lnn in
.i-mate 01 .Ma-sii. husi tt., Ins tile I 111 tins
nlfliea saorn t. lem, ni l.y Ihe .nr offl.
i cr thereof, showing its i-omlilion and busi
ness n i hss con iil'ed in all oilier respects,
ilh the Isas ol this -tide, relsit ,g lo tile In
sumnce l oir.panies, nrg:iiiiscd tij net of Ton.
grese, or bv or under the law of soy other
tale ol the United -t ilea.
a.ow, therefore, in pursuance ol law, I,
will 11m f. t hur, h. siiperinlennenlnl Insur
snceol Ihe Male of Ohio, ,ln i.ereby ceriity,
thstasid 1 ompHiiv ,s nulhnriteo 10 Iraiisacl
Pa anprupniilebiiainea of Hie itisurniu-e in
Una ai tnin a-cnrdsnitn wii h law, during the
urrent year I he ciodilinn and miaiuess nf
.u company si uie dule ol IM stntement
( 'eceu l.er.llst, 173,) is ahown aa follows:
Aggregate amount of sdn.it'ed aa
eeis.uitluding ihe aiim ol f i,m,
Ki3 :I4 in premium note nnd
loan, held b ibe company on
policiee in forne, 12,070,110 II
AggreuiiteHniniiiilof lisrshlies, in
rliidingfll.llil.iuo UO far re In
surance reserve II, 328,701 IS
Amount ofjn. ome for the pieced
mgy erincsah J.IS1,87 92
Aniount nf premium no'e of In
com for the preceding year 80S 13 69
Aniount or eipemlintr-i for the
ipieor,li,,Kye.,,r,ncB,,i 1,S07,IUI7 38
Anmuut of premium note expen
ditures lor the preceding yenr. !IS7 Sill IS
(le..) In witness whereof. I have hereun
to aubiu-rile d mv nime, and caused the seal
or my offlce to Is) affixed Ihe.iay and year
above written. WM. UHURCfi.
' ' riuperiiilendent
JosaT. Harxa, agent at MeArthur.O.
wanted in town and country In
sell TE , or gel up club order
for the lr-
gest Tea t.ompany in America. Importers
prices end Inducemeiiie lo eaeols rend for
circular. Address Hll'JKRI WE Lid. II
Veseyst., N. Y P. 0 Bog ls7
Tael'arWura t'aioa, Heary Ward Beecher,
EdiPir. 01 o.-l Vili, last, sayat "Partis a wish
ingiogeior elulai, and al who can get or.
ders for tea, hoiil. write him foi a circular "
Tu Sen York It etiy TWUm atUeit ld,se) a:
"All 'i, ranges' should write Kobt. Hells lor
circui -r " ' . -:
7Avs, orsept SO .saje; "Robt. Wells it
Ihorongoly reliable", , 1 23.. pr
Cottage Color Paints,
I.OO tetl.60 per 'ftalloa.
luOxa ii On.,' - - - - - -joopar gal.
: r: 1 . 1 ::..
Fiai Paooi , - , . - - - , fl.tl per gal.
Works ia all PainU aa Boiled tloaaad.only
60... per gal.
..- :. I : ' ."' ' 1 i
ENHI..BOIL, - - - - - - . ji,tl
Bend for card of eoler and circular.'
Sola Agents,
t xaapnrit ,
Ml !
Pom 9etly ana ' fropaptly
'.7tl VCf .0 V-'i-.j-j', -l.il ,
it this 01 ma.
1 a
IU llC'i
It YoD
v ',t v Wnnta situation. .,,
AVantaservHiit girl,
' Want to sell a plsno, 1
Want to sell a Crirrlrifre, ,
Want to buy orsell a farm. '
Want a boarriliijr place, '
Want to sell town property.
Want to sell )t rocerles or drugs, 1
Want to sell household furniture.
Want to sfll dry goods or carpets.
Want to find customers for anything.
Advertising will gain new customers.
Advertising will keep old customers,
Advertising liberally always pays,
Advertising msfce success easy,
AdvertNInK beRfts confidence, ,
Advertising shows energy,
Advertising 'hows plur-k, '
Advertising means'tiz,
Advi-rlise or "bust,! ,..
Advertise long,
' ; ! Advertise w ell,1
IsTOW. ':
Every merchant manufacturer
or businest man who. has become
prominently rich, hat made hit
fortune by judicious advertising
.Vo exception to this rule can be
cited! Meteart, the Prince of
Merchants, when a poor maj, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to get his stock turned into
moneii so as to meet a note. Ar
guing from this that if il was
good for him in adversity, A-
could make it still belter in pros
ferity, he became a persistent ad
verlher, and thus gained his co
lossal fortune.
Some merchants :ty it is nut worth
while co udvertisc; for no person reads
Advertisements; vet every merchant in
this county will read this advertise
ment, and if he is wise he will prnfli
hy its suggestion, if he lias anything to
nfler w-rtli advertising How much
mure then will those rend tlieni who
are not so largely supplied w th rend
ing matter, are at leisure n the even
ing, and must depend on their paper for
their looal news, the must in portant
item i-f which is where they can 6ml
jiiat what they want when they cmne tu
town to milks their purchases. If yum
stock is so old, rusty, dusty nnd out ol
style that it is worthless, or it' it it run
duwn so that yuu have nothing left that
people would w nt, it is not worth
while for you to advertise But if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to the
times, nnd such as the people want,
dun t hide them, but pulilish to the
world that yuu have them, atd waul
to sell them at a fair price.
An Advertisement published for a sin
gle day dues duty heynnd thttC day
ami it etlect continues in a greater
rutin than umst men imagine. In the
end it will make a man's mime a per
uuiient matter, a piece uf real priper
ty Imilt up in the minrtg nr men unti
it Denoini-s more vamitnie than any
corner lot in his locality. .
If yuu lose a watnh, a dug nr a child,
nr if you desire people nut to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pa
per. knowing- that every one will rem
the advertisement But yuu will ph
along in business year after year, with
nut calculating how much you ore In
ing hy not advertising HRfportei
If thnsfi persons who profess to b
lieve that newspaper adverlispmenir
are not real hy the puhlio wish to lit
oonvineed of their ern.r, just let them
tivc publicity to Somo matter the
would nut care tu divulge to the world .
even in the most nhscure corner of a
country piper, and sen what nntorieM
they would loon "attain. Adverliter
Advkbtisiko is apt to give n that
gentle jug ol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of clothe fur
Hunday, or that wn promised our wife
t new dress ss soon as the hay wng in
Perhaps it would be a good plan for
Madame to nark this paasage and lay
the paper upon her buHliand'i break
last plate. Who will aay that adver
tising will not yet civilise the worldl
V! i . I il
V ht do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to learn
what ia going on. To aee ir there is
anything new, or anything that they
want. To see if the season's style
have oome in. aad to find out who has
them ' To know if any one ia selling
off at reduced rates, or to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy euriosty. Because they
have read all the stnries, marriages,
births, deaths, locals and accidents.
Iteoause .they want to. Bnnanae they
can't help it Ohio Slate Journal,
Thb power of print is well known,
bat not well understood.; A printed
sentence has a wonderful advkdtagt
over one that is written or ' spoken.
Thia ia one of the many reaeona which
gives an importance to advertising. But
advertisers, even those ' of experience,
do not comprehend aa well aa they
might tbe capacity to influence, to per
suads, to convince, which lies in print
ed matter. Spoken words require tbs
graces of elocution and tbe force of
eloquence, yet even tht fade away in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed But there it some,
thing in tha silent language, toe quiet
assertion and the sense of permanence
anoui prtntMi matter which a- ea it a
marvaloua foroe and ioflternea, , Buai
neas men snouia never permit them
selves to loose light of what bat ba
accomplished by a psrseyetier nse of
the printing preassa. Lssarn ta ad vers
ti"a, eod;lbw tke-o. be .dj
where" ot is, ear) yon will bava a
Wwleslge worth kariBf,
' n , ;
T Tr '
I ' .
S' - . S
'In Zaleski
THB Elai Company'"'" aviawUtke
development of the local iBtareat ofialea
ki, to secure iu permanent pioaperity, aad tm
adl to tu populailon aad wealth, ar bow
adenng le ac wl aeUlei, town tola aad Carta
land at lew prieea.. and ea liberal terra.
' Persona desiring la examine the property
and to buy cheap houses, trill, apply St lb
Corrtpany'i office to
R. THOMPSON, Manager,
laleakl, Ohio, May II, 1871. If
- i , , i u i :: ". i
Which u) adapted to "
' All Sewing Machines.- .
: 1 '.:,. li . . .1
NAT1CF particularly lha star p of H . 6
OiKlliRICU. Chicago. Ilia., w.ih Ave patent
stampa. II. 47. 4;4OIHI4 II.
OtBi eaod talesroom 206 Blata at., bH-age,
Ilia. i tSsiiglt
If you are Suffering from any
Broken Down Coajstlttiteoa,
Or require ft Remedy to
Purify an4 Enrich tbe Dlooil,
Ton will find Dr. Crook's Compaandlfcyr
tlpol roae Hoi to joe gm,ter i
It, cure you more apoidlly, and do you
mora R-nod liiau any aud nil oiuer rem.
die coiulilni'd. . That Pnle. Yellwt
h rltly-lonkiiig-Nklii la cliunged In ona
of Iresliuessj a, a lienllh. Thoee I'laeaea1
of the-. Mtalii, Fluiplea, . Pitalwilea,
lllotchcs ami Krnpiluna are ruinoved.
fierofula, ftrrolulona lilaenaea vf the
lyea, White Stwolllnga, I leer. 4114
Siarea or a By kind or Hnnior rapidly
dwindle itnl Ulssiuar under I a Influence.
Vbnl la II T It la nature's own restorer I
A asilab txj-rt of Iron cnmhfncd with the
medlolnnrpMt.e" llesofPok'eiiiWtdlveated
ol U (iisngrce ible qunllties. It will cure
any itlxen ' wlmse real or direct cnuae Is
Bail Uloonl. tthenmiar Ism, l'nloa las
l.imbsj ir Knnr.40natt tnliaa lirukeaa
down by Merctiiinl or other polaona. are
all cured by IU Fur Nyphllla, or Kyplit
lille Hltt,tiiereisnitlilnge.iuol toll. at.
Iriatl will rv veil, bold by
UEOKI4E V. SISSON, McArthar, Okie
"TiEE- mm
THE WERVTLY'-rjN I too widely known
lo reipnre any exiended recommendat n
but Ihe rea.nns which have sheeny givra II
Sfty thousand subscribers. Mid which Win",
we hope, give it mai.y thotmsads more, af
biiefly aa ndlowa t
It i- a flrt-rale a wspnper. Alt the news at
Ihe dny will be found1 m n. rnntletised when
unimportance! full length when nf moment,
nnu n'wnya pre.ented in a i-lcnr, inlelligible(
and ipteiesting msnner.
Il is a flrsl-rnle family paosf, full of eatsr
lalning and instruct, e reading of every kiuf
bul ceiitnining nothing that caa oHaiid 4na)
most di'limite and acrupulerry Is.le.'
Ills a Krai-rale etory paper. Tkeb'esl lalaa
and romance n' current literature are tare
fully selected and eg-My printed ir Ps pages.
Ilia a rlr-t-rsle arictilluril paper. 'Iba
mnatlre-h and instructive articles nn agrl
culiiir-l lopica rcgulurly apiiear id thia tie-,
It is an Independent political paper, belong
ing to no parly and wcrirg no ccllsr II rights
for principle nnd Ihe elsi ilnn of the best mil
torfflce It especlHlly devoles its energies to
the exposure of Ihs great corruptions thai
now se iUen and disgrace out country, and
threaten to undermine republican institution
aitngwher. , It hna notenr ol knavei, and aak
uo fnvor of their sit-iienrter. '
It reports i ha fiishinns for the ladies and Ihe
market for the men. especially the cattle
market-, tn which ,t pnya partii-ularatteiilinrt
Kinsllv, it i the chenpest psper puMisherl.
line liolliir a csrwill aioureit for any aiib
sciilHr. Ii ia uoi nm-essarv in getupaolnb
m orler to hire THE WrtKLfpl al ibi
rate. . Any one wlib sends a aingje dollar will
get the paper for a jsnr
THE WEEKLY SrN.-Eighl pages,
Hlly an column-. iul) l s jesr. tsoais.
cnoot- -nm rh' rsle
-i as the :iiy stun. It OOt )er. A die.
con, I of 20 pe, i-ent. In duos of lOer aaer.
THE DAILY HI'N.-A h rj. loar arne
neaspsfer ol twent eihl- eoli nine l-a Fy
circii.allon over 180,000. til the news for
St. nis. Hulircrii.tiun .ru . SO nt a month,
or 0 a year 'I clubs ol 10. ,r over, a die
com t of 20 oer -ent.
Addreaa'-TIIK SUN," New York City.
.. - ' n '
lylaTria P'n1!, ''su cssi.ri.'tbe
taVUClOa 'He.aadraMlailu.wt
law la .r..r. lha wmalnlM.ae. """
Tklila as laumilDf war! arias ,,.it J ,,lr
Kr"' ";'" aatrstlsi.. aaS aaatalu ..laaalr
rlaaa. SUM lu.a So. Ui.,,hl la .tig
sadaar, aa4 aailala aaral.Hl; Ibeal tka kJLaJ.
II a.,aulaa lb aaearleaca aad aa.lra al s tkral..
""aialwa Ii .fM..M.. un k..l4 W la iSarri-
lr.?"r.'r,'""r",,"' 'r..iSa.k,..n7e
js. II amliracti araarlbiaf i,k. .1 ,,. ."
amiTairau.ikail. ww,k Isawtat, aaak uIaVta
aalaabiualaaaralbwvaik. IS
S.nlu an, ana Ifraa alpo.,.,.) arnnr Cau. '
S u7". ia. Hr,,ae. lak.klklktlra.
Kotlce to the AfflliTed and Unftrtiatte.
aJKIM '' " ' "rlaa. uunU wka iSrantoa la
CoL'.":"'" "' 'sr 4 r.a.1.. fn.. Dr.
kil,;r.".zJ.,!, "- i- - w
a. , r.t..w,..r ,ki.i... ..a" Jrir..i7.k. ,
liwnrke. Otliee) ftbd ikarhar, w. i
taw- Sut.wl CaM, St, LesU. Ma. 1
' .j .. I s.
Notice to ihe Stockholders of
ithe. Qa Jpolia ,MqArthur
& Cuumbus Ealroad Co.
AI.fi partiea having euhsenbed to Ihe eap
ital stork at the O.. McA. 0. R. R. ere
hereby requi.ed to make payment to iheHee
rstaryofihe Cnmpany.at his office on the
Pnblie8iuare, ta Oiil(polla.Ohio. oi ifrrmre-oonvi-iient,to
l-aniel Will, freald-nlof Ihe
Vinton Uoiinly Hank, al McArthur. t.hio. a
an tnstnllmrnl ol Ave dollars on each share-
'VugIw dim!hiB l" of ,b" "
' WM.HHOBI.R.Per'y
STOCK and Ore Scales a good as new. far
ale at vary low price. Call on
novll . n c. JiiNkm a,i.n..
i- : n i-,
tK.V7l .
' ! an. tiivr l.i.ia-
k V !
' I'-w ' I I "i i ip t nni.7-
neatly a wmm
ufumoW. .1."

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