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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, December 24, 1874, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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hicTu T U U IC , Oil 1 0,
T'linmnA Y, lEC 21, 1874.
! Or. an I ft i Sun'kiy ft 't "". mini fur
(Iter aouno. trams will run as Mlu: Nua. I.
J, t, and will run dsilv; Ko. S daily except
aaiurda); M. 4 daily oxuepl MouJuj :.,
No. I
Ha. 1
No a
si i. Kx.
II lpin
i (Hi i in
: '
4 11"
4 ai
4 W "
4 37 "
4 44 "
0 W "
. Stallone.
fUohland Pur
Cm. Ki.
..... ixijin
, t Wp.o
.... a w -....
i '
.... "
.-. S 47 "
.im i t.
4 f'p'n
( i 'I
a ihj
it i "
V3 "
3I "
II 5
kuM Furnace... J at "
PaikMabnra "
oiso vyicst.
Mntiaon: N- '1 '!'" 1
Fit l.ina. In" Kx
No. c
Cm. Ex
fark'nu'jrg 2jio W 00 hi
Hoi. Kurueen... II I fil nn
2I.ki U " " .
11 41 '
11 :i '
VI mum
14 Hi '
U It "
12 H "
I :u "
6 t: "
IIUWB.ihm.. - - ,
Mntmviilla Ul'.pnl 1 111
IlamnXi la " "
MuhlBi-J rur...U i "
Obllhoit I 4 "
l ,.11 0 UO
x ns
s 4" '
7 "
o I tr.lt not atop between Cincinnati n.l
I. .'.yp hi I. will io hI .ill m.ihon. i !- x- il
t'hnt.ni Valley. Kurnv-rV. Harper
stno HI .nvelaml. i:hillto..tlie, Athena and
II, ,.r ..nly. No. 5 will -t P,
Bond Hill. Norwood, iinkhv, ''n
vill.i, Mud.era, I...velnd. Hreenlield. Uiilli
rothe. Ihnndcn, Alhiii mid He hire.
Wl Himi nt nil stntiun. exeepl King a. rK-.
mm- M-wnville, Svcr'a n,ir,ifrb ruiini-r-rud
Clialon V.ll. No. 4 w.ll .lop.l Keipro,
! II. V. Juwlion. llHin.Irn, ClilllicMli
id Lnvln.l only. No 0 will Mop M II. -lii,
Allien. Hmiidm. Illiiili.-nlh.., C.rr-rnlle.d
,'nrl lx)rfnd. Acoommodtiou irsins will
in ikn ml Iho xtopi. '
Th A C. Acoom. (?nlna hikLIpivm Oliil-
ljriU...i.tin "'iV'''' v.J2:MK,,'11;'
lin.l Knm;.HliW; Hnmden. H l'-'; M Ar
thur.' II 4; Vuitnn. II SI; . II--WI.. "rnvn,
11 4ii.dvD.irt. U 4-i; l Allien". 11 4 i p. m.
Trun. niV llio IMKIMOU Til HiUn.'H
will lonv llamd. nnMi 10 m nd 2 3.. n.m..
nrrivinem I'orNiuniHh ' II 1"- n'' 5
. in. Iloturninairninx will Ir.ive P.ir niionih
all ih) a. m mid I 4' i. ni.,nrrivinK Hhui-,
Un nt II no . m. nndrt l. in. ,
Trinf0nt"-lt l.nvrlnuil fur nil pmntu on
l.illlo Mmrni nwlrond, ind t ilir- Indmn
unolmxnd tliniilmmli Builiowl I Jgn.-lion for
nil niiiiH Vti hi Athens wiih ihe C"Unn-:
biix onrl H.x'km VnMoy Knilroml.nt Prem-;
A ihin lliiilrniid.
burg with the Biillimor
W V AH ''I'm
fir-m-nil Sin-eriniendrnl.
Wilkfl3Tille, Hamden & Middlepor.
I Wl IX run n hnck Irom Wilkr-snllr-Jo llnm
J den on Monduvx. Wednesd.ijx :nd rndnj",
rtnniing on ih nm dny. .......,
I will iilno run return Um-W to Middlepnrt
n TuMdny. Thur.dnjn mid ' ","r,11""
turnnijion the xaius .ly. iOH.il Ltv is
wilkesyille"and hamden
TWlLti run n lok from Willtesille to
lnmiln iind return every Tuendny, llinrn
,T, nd Sutur.lny ti.r Hie ximnimocliitniii
of uHMengerx. imikinK doo cnnne-'Mon witi:
t mini tniiiix'onilie M. AC. K. B. I will
nlo wrrv expreux piirknex shipped to or
rJm point, by Ilia Ad YsAc'Mn.l'.ER
Wuax is the largest room in
tbe world? The room for ini
Snails are to be taxed in
Paris, which will make them
go Blill more slowly.
..Ton elephant is said lo be
dying out; so jou'd better g
aud Bee it at once.
A client i3 never certain
about a lawyer, and generally
lakes him on trial.
,1'luck and patience are a
strong firm iu transacting the
daily Liuinei.8 of life.
The proper salutrtion when
you meet a writing master ie,
"Uow do you fl uish?'
Time will only hang up his
6cvihhen he i9 no mower.
'JilE Beaulilul Blue Danube"
is a muddy, yellow fraud.
JtiXAii was a stranger among
whales, and they took him iu.
Bad debts owing grudges.
To secure a result, lock it
A fact is worth a thousand
FianruT. iu axe-idents A
chopping sea.
A iuou note One of a thou,
sand dollars.
To Mr. Pewer, of Virginia,
all things are pewer.
' Consistent to the last: Tom
Collins has died in a cell.
Before taking liberties with
a strange dog, observe bis tail
and wait for the wag on.
A Minnesota man makes tbe
winter seem short by giving
bis note payable in the spring
Gov. Peck, ot Vermont, Is
bachelor. Marrying wouid
make half a bushel of him.
Mercy Conbolatios Smith,
Fort Wayne's handsomest girl
Mercy will no doubt be a con
solation to seme fellow.
Morkkts never grow older
in expression. A young mon
key; looks exactly like his
grandpapa melted op and born
over again.
Square op yon account be
far 18TK
Dr. J. Walker's Califuruia
Vinegar Bitters are n purely Ye
etablo preparation, mailoruk'tly fr.cn
t!io nativo herbs fium-l nu tho lower
raiien of the ierni Nevada- rnuiu
tnii)3 of California, tho medicinal
prnpertioj f v.hicli aro extrai-ted
therefrom witli:ut the use of Alcohol.
The- question ii utmost daily asked,
" wiin t. ii t!io Vnnso of tho unnar-
allcled cuccess of Vis'eiJ.vu lirr- J-
teiw f" Our answer i-, that they
ruiuovo tho cause of disease, anil
tlio patk-ut weovt'H hk bcultb. 1'koy
aro tho , great olooJ mirifier mid a
lif(-Kivinj( principle, a perfeet Keno
viilor ami Invitfi'rator t.f tlio Ryutoin.
Xevor licfuro in tlio lii.-tory of tho wurld
hiH a jiK'ilieino benn idinpmimleil piis
sossinj? tliu remnrkalilo qualities of Vik
EQAIt IIIITEHH ill healing tho Kick of
ororr ilisen-io mtin i hoir to. They are
a pe'ntlo ruritutivo ai well oh a Touie,
relievinc ConiTestion or lnllaiimiution of
tho Liver and Visceral Org;iu, iu Btliuus
Tho properties of Dr. Walk
er's VlXKUAil HlTTiiKnn.ro Aperient, Dia
phoretic, CiiriiiinativM, Xntriticm-i, Laxit
tive, Diuretie.SodiVtivii.Cimiilor-lrritaiit,
Sudorific, j't"?"';e", (I'll Wi-U'lioni.
Grateful Thousands proclaim
VrxEOAn Bitteus the most wonder
ful Invigorant that ever suataiued
tho sinking systoin.
No Person can tdko these Bit
ters according to directions, find re
main long unwell, provided their
Itrt.tia n vrt .f . sc t .Tivail lliw minnrol
poison or other uiwans, and vital or-
ivfina wnted linvinwl rnnnir.
Bilious, ilcmittent, and In-1
termittent 1 cvers, which aro so
Drevalent in tho valleys of our great
rivers throughout tho United States,
especially tlioso of tho Mississippi,
Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee,
Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colo
rado, Brazos, Kio Grando, Pearl,
Alabama, Mobilo, Savannah, Ko
nolio, James, and many others,
with their vast tributaries, through
out our entire country during tho
Summer and Autumn, and remarka
bly so dining seasons of unusual
heat ar.d dryness, aro invariably ac
companied by extciuivo dcraugo
nicn'.s of tho stomach and liver, nnd
other abdominal viscera.' In their
treatment, a purgativo, exerting a
powerful inlluonco upon theso vari
ous organs, is essentially nccessapr.
Thcro is no cathartic for tho purposo
equal to Dr. J. Walker's Vinegar
Bitters, as thoy will speedily rcmoro
tho dark -colored viscid matter with which
tho bowoU are loaded, at tho eamo time
8timulatiup tho sceretinus of tlio liver,
and generally restoring tho healthy l'unc
tioun of tho digestive organs.
Fortify tho body against dis
ease by purifying all its fluids with
ViXKOAtt liiri'ERb. iio epidemio can
take bold of a system thus fore-anncd. -
DyspepsLi or Indigestion, Hond-
ache, l'uia in the Slioulders. Couphs,
Tightness of tho Chest, Dizzincis, Bour
Eructations ot tho btonmcii, uaa lasio
in tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tion of tho Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, I'uin in tho region of the Kidneys,
ami a hundred other painful symptoms,
aro tho offsprings of Dyspep-sin. One bot
tle will provo a better guarantee of its
merits than a lengthy advertisement.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
towellings, Ulcers, Erysipe as, Swtlled
eck, Uuitro, bcrotuious inuuinniiuions,
Indolent Inlhuiimntious, Murcurial nffeo
tions, Old Sores, Eruptions of tho Skin,
Sore Eyes, etc. In these, os in all other
constitutional Diseases, "Walkku's Vis-
Eoar DiTTKits bavo ebowii their great cur
ative powers iu tho moat obstiuate and
iutraetublo cat'es.
For Iurlaiiiiiiatory and chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Kemit-
tnnr. nml Interniitteiit Fevers. Diseases
of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
theso Bitters nave no equal, ftucu dis
eases are caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases. Persons
engaged in Paints aud ilinerals, such ns
Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-boatorsond
Miners, as they advance in life, are sub
ject to paralysis of tho Bowels. To guard
against this, take a doso of Walker's
V iriEQAR Bitters occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,
Tetter, Salt-Kheum.Blotches, Spots, Pim
ples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, King
wonns, Scald-head, Sore Eyes, Erysipe
las, Itch, Scurfs, Discolurations of tho
Skin, Humors aud Diseases of the Skin of
whatever name or nature, are literully
dug up and carried out of the system in a
short time by tho use of theso Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
larking in the system of so many thou
sands, are effectually destroyed aud re
moved. No system of medicine, no ver
mifuges, no anthelmintics will free the
system from worms like these Bitters.
ForFemaleComplaints, in young
or old, married or single, at the dawn of
womanhood, orthe turn of life, theso Ton
ic Bitters display so decided aa influence
that improvement is oon perceptible.
Honnsn fhft Vitiated Blood
whenever yonfiud its impurities bursting
inruugu luu bmu iu rimyics, uiuiiuvu
or Sores; cleanse it when you Una it ob
trnntpil nnd xlucsish in the veins: cleanse
it when it is foul; your feelings will tell
yon wnen. &eep tne uioou pu.e, auu uie
health orthe system win toiiow.
R. II. Mr DON II.O & CO.,
Srnftglst! A. Gen. Agtx., San Frnncisco. Califor
nia, i cor. of Washington and Charlton St.,N.I,
Hold by all UrugglaU and Dealers.
Diamonds. Watches and Fancy Goods.
nTOULU reppettullr aay 10 the cltlxene
1 WintoniO IIMI lie IIPP rillirjr.j ninaim-a
-1 Aing one of the larg. at in the State, out
b-iSineaa has inereaaed prery year up lo the
preaaot time and we leel thankful to the pith
lie for past favora.and are determined to keep
a large atoek ot every Ihing Ufoal'y found in
m irp-wiiw-b r "rii j uwisi " "... - - ....
finest atock of gold and aolid silver, Uo the
Deal flaieu uooua, aa low ma muj nuusv iu ,uv
w eat
We keep nil tho different branda of Amen
can Wacohea Howard. United Stales, r.Uin.
Waltham and HpringSeld Manufncturea, both
in gold and ailver eaea. AUo a large line ol
KrnmfSolo 1300.00, aleo ailver from 112 In
I19U. Wh have a veiy reliable lull Jeweled
till ver Watch from lto2i.
A full line of a.11 gnode in our line, or mad
lo order by eipenrnred workmen.. Repair
uwwili receive prompt aUentu n f
PlenM drop m aM u. JN trouble to
ke eei. -----
f A jrlts WahMI
Sewing P1achine.
TlielSrcalcst Production
'llic World Kvcr Jtncw.
- i
OUR clrims for the niperiorrty of
the Elias Howe Machines caif nv
er be disputed,. This most enviable
reputation has been obtuined hy its own
merits. We do not claim that we offer
our machines for the fewest dollars, or
on. H'W longesf lino of credit that ca. be
i.btnincd by luying other class ol ma
hines. But wo do claim we have the
Ve are wantirrg agents to sell otr
Machines in Vinton and Hocking
ounlies, for which we propose to pay
t.lihrrul commission; furnish throe or
more wagons if an agent will use and
misli them for the Lusinesa. We 1n
end opcrating'on an entire new basis
"nr this reason we want good, live men
o run the thing. The rputain ot
he Howe i well, known throughout
Vinton nnd Hocking connticsns well ns
ver tho entire world. ou will find
e nt the HUL15EHT IHU'SB,' Mc
VUTIlL'lt, O., nny time this month,
ready to administer to your wai.ts.'
w. c. Mclaughlin,
Special Agent.
08Cp(l7t 31
Dick's Entci.i pbpia if Pra.ctiom.Kk-
,-miTH ni. l'uoni.r. ri.niniiiiniji.Sii prni-.
lu'iil, rrcit. written in a p.'Hin anil u.n;ir
niiu'iir.', mid illn-tlntecl w Kit exliinitlory
"nnil-iMiiB. Ilpiritf a i-omr-heiiif lionk f
r Icri'iii'r lor ti e meri'liniii, nu. nut let u rr. nr
a 1 it Himifeur nml hniiKrkrpiMir, incliiflinx
niHlicine, I'liiirinncy anil Imni-xiii' pennnmy
l tipi.eoiv of thin work ia t'ltiirply ilnt.-roni
nun any oih'-r hook oi Hip knni. Hpi"p
.pinirii pomt-l-to anil fllno t iinli-ipui.il.p
v ok of rpus'e'n-p for lh thoni'iiiiS mii.i hup
rcppili and ailiulpp npfilpil in pvprt hwin.
Iinlii . thriii. K-iril.'ii. .Mi., it initlniloM .-h'Hr ntul
ii-ily tni'lui -tin..! il;i(N-tion lor Ih 8'iic-a
Imn oriimnv "I 'll" art" iimiiiII v a. quiinl only
y luna pxiieripoc-e. and n HlvrKiHil of to. h
ii ii-hti I j t ih-, nr the lerhiiii'iil.lipii nt tprinK ltp.l
.u fully p.xihiuifd n lo lirniit Hip Ptilirp Mill
.is within tin i'Oiiiirplipn-inii ofioii" por!"ii
nf Oriltmiry tntPlliurn.'p. rrmniiiipnt mooiiii
'hp'iinmciise mii-s nf xnliiema irputdl or in
ho linnK ii re I hp 1'illnw inu:
The Art ol liypiiiu, Hani Soil anil Tuil. I
Sn-ii, 'I'linutnu, 1'ii.lilliitior,, linilntion I ii-no.-i
Wi!if. Unr.lhiN iind Hilinr" .li'lcr,
hrrtriit. 1'iTiifniPr.T.KIiiv.iritlL- E-ai'ni.pti-.,
o'-iiii'ii(4, Hmr hyenionl Wh-Ih-h, Pnniniteii
.-ii. I I'piliiiopil ml-', TimiiIi l'.iwilpr. no , Sy.
rii-. linhiil mnl Alrnhiilineliy, I'l'liol. inn
mil Kprnsi'iio. HIpmi-Iiihk unit Cl'-Hning, Vm
jar. nia-pj. t'liiiiiif anil llcki'lr. Itpcpi.in
,r tin" iinM. n. To ppinoveftli'iiio.ciiiitn.i.tn
''vrntechny mnl Kx piivpn. tVini'nl, etc,
Vii(priro"iins. Artilli'inl, (!'ni, luku nmi
'Vritlnt! Klui'ia, Anilina (it.lorn, I'ninla anil
I'lmneni. I mntintf nnrl Pappr-lmnutnit, Ku'
nininp unit WrttcuiiHti, VnrnisMntf mimI Oo!.
-Ii nu. l.igtirii'K ma, .hipnnnniK ninl l.ni-r unr
rv.Hont nnrl Hurnpmi h'x'kinii. Photi)(iiiihv,
loinl- mnl Alloy, mlilintr, Hltprin. 'te
',pi-trniyiiio;, Klpctri plutitifi. pic. I'a.teiii
Ipilu-inr. Mp'Iii-iiI KtH'ri.tr, Wrijjhla nml
Ipiinrp. 6n7 m:;pi, rcytil octavo, rtnih.
'rirp i" nil i timr
I'lUh FITZOEhAM , ullni-hrr-, N. V.
Worth and Beauty.
Ilnvini control ofthp nmitninppnt chro
no, Vn Sptniti, e urp alile to ottera coitihiu
lint, of liit-niiy ami nrn-tii' wr . nleninnp
vnrth.nnfl at irii'pn uni'ioi pnpiilpil
Tin" llnpcopy of ii pipop of ntiiiVa urn nil
-t w.irk,li not pri-i-Piitpd in Hip iihiihI Inn-
'pit hiylp, it- ilinipnuon-, 14x20, nn-king
ii-tllrp of ply rli'iil'iilii. le IIHI-PII.
mi -I'd hv It- nreaeui'p.
Hut a (pw imiiipp of lhi bpitntifiil i hromn
nil 'ip nllnwpil lo go to ilm retml slorex, ami
hoxewil tip noi'1 'it ihi'ir
Actmil Itetull Prit-r, 40.00.
vnich it n.up'p.i in ennnpnliun with our ling
inn), boil) will bp Inrn'.-lii'il lor
As a premiuiu the ini tute limy be oMnin?J
hp 1niiztiie two eirin ttdvHDee, l one
A .1.1
i 1 1 1 1 it r yrt niiiitiiii nu'iirBp
. WUUj's iiOt'8hHl'Ll' MAGAZINK,
eubtllgll, v.
S. K. SH 1 TV, Pubhaher. 4- pi
fp 0
W "aTl.lT. 1
10. 110 THIRD ST.,
Wm . GAET SON, & CO,
Odd FeUws' Block,
Tublinhers of
And otner
Standard Religious Worka,
Cnnvnsaing tgpnta wanted In every touo
m the United 8tatea. , J8nj
Formerly ot Hamden.
NNOTJNt:K8 to hia fjrienda in Vlnlon and
X Va'ljOiDiniicounliea that he baa bought the
Hotel formerly Kept by Ctas. Emith
Three doore west cf Madieon,
poirrsMbuTH, o.
He haa refitted jt throngnont, and ta orerared
10 aoterUin lha UayeUng pubu at xwaaonaU
i 6
, i 1." ,
-f-iMs Awl
oaeeia'qe1 factory.
Sorth-paalrornpr ofllaioapd JacMonttrMtt
,. . . p i ' .. ..
GEO.' V; WiUNTON,- Troprlctoi
' Hanufac'tiirai
Carrlagtt, vuufjtc. . i'xj ek
lo, rooK turn iii xiaux or woai
don to order on short notic. ,
, . ii
Painting and Trimming .
ol all kindi pxn uled id (he neatest and mol
irliatm atvla. '
KLI- IKI.tO ol all kinds In mj line will be
prO'l'I'lly and nextl, dune. "
H.W.irk done at'thia pa'ahliahmcnt I war
atiu-d lo te a.-.lwbinllal, put up aoliil and axe
cu'edin lha moat worku anlikp manner, not
o i exnelled tn any reeirct V' tnf other
tablishmentin IheoomtrY.
., alannfrelerer of
Of latent, moat fnahtonalila and rlegr.nl style,
Second St., Near Mulberry,
ciiillicotiie; o.
I nuika it a point lo no all my work of (he
lipid uiHterinl, and Hand ernud lo notip in
iiialny nt Oiiiili or durability..' I employ no
inferior workmen, there are no apiuenlire
tiova about my er&hliahnenl, ami I enn nnt
tail lo 'lea-e any urann ho wanta the beat
t it i it made in the pminiry. I refer anil
pride lo my cutiniera lhrniilinul ptoiiii.ern
t Hi i o aa to the phartirier of aotk rotning
Irom my fiu'tnrv, and vitaraniea all my uu
turners perlecl aatiatictiiiii.
All kinds of Turnouts finished and
ready for sale, or made to Order.
Call and examine my Stock.
Kt'paliliig, Kepaiutlng etc.
f. ,. Will receive prompt nttuntlon.
'1 have coiiatnntty a atoek of
Carriages, Buggies and Expresses,
Itfl with me lor ante, repaired and almont na
; g'.oii aa iiaw,roni ol inetu 4
Iii.nl HO
AUDrnor Tim
American Institute,
TO J. W. M'cKEE-'
Kt'R ;! ,.
Embroidering and Flntin? Machines
'I. ta luenioua nnd will meet the wanta ol
every luutmn in the Innd.
! Kxhlbitiou of 1872.
.lohn K. bnvit. Hie Heu't: F A. Rarnird.
I'rea ; tinuiiier 1. Tiluiuu, Currpaputiiling
nei; y.
New Vork. Novpml'Pr SO. IrTl
I'll in aimple and ing nmi a nouhuip la na
ilaplul aa flip aeviinu iiuii-hine, a.id . tit-t be-
ei'iuiiut i.i puiHr mill la'liia, in the i.lnee ol
expensive 111 (die work, ila mirk beiiiu iniii'h
Hi" re liiiniiamue. riiiiruig mm Ii li-a tune
and tii't nnp-tenth nail tt.e exnenae. l. in
ily'a tmle.l i eiimpli'tp without it A nienne
mill illi.atrnlpd ein ulHi ami lull inan ii' tiiir.a
aent mi reeeipl ol f t "t fluti-hi d ill ailier plate
inr az ii.
Adureaa, The iifrKee .IfHnufnrturiiiK Co.,
jiu tiinauviiiy- ew iuik
ai:n'is wantI'.d.
Two American Magazines
The exeellpnep of Amprienri Magnxines hna
bpcmne t o well rei-outiized ahrond. that one
of Hip tpiutuiff rnulish I'l'inrs, the Liui'lun
oppifly KpgilPr. 111 a rpeent issue, thua
siip 'ssnl M-rimier a MunihlV'
'He ore ruarfioised to iw S'.MDSKH'I'
Jlf' b'rtll.i currin off the iiriie amhft alt uur shit
hmj ntiiwdity Nriali Jor brtiiti'wy 0 illnntruliouit nnd
r.u-ieu ttt Mirfa. - It uniitpu a tcouiletjiil iiuiIiiiq.
trorlh Ao'in(f ca bs mure elinrtiiitiij f mi fm rHfjt,
tun t'jjoril tuHlrtMr;wi OtjliUmrt thm.t ummum
iirh-d with 11 If Wy urliic liuwer Out ff Un tint umt
tKenlii oriyiml wiidrt He rc.i 10 o i-wim rueA
to raraMf i. brt. Jur etuh iiad lilt me esriWrw.
Mi'i "nil is 11 tup that M-ril.n. r's Monthly
exi-el- Ihe K ghsh Mag:niiea, bill it is 'J lie
Att-ar ot10 Amrriatu MoHlltlit.
In the extent, tnnely nnd artialip; pjecl
Ipiii'p of it' illn.tralinn of Ameriean Ihi mea,
it has n-verbrn even arprniii'hpd, 11.11. h
lea Pxi'Plld II lifts a Inrger p .L'e and ni.es
a gipnier varipty in ita eon'pnf than nny oth
er of Ihe stHndard xineriinn Monihlipa
In hternry phiirneter. and in the brlllmney
and l'i l ot its Editorial ppaitmeuis,it eu
ova nn enttal pre-pifiinenpp
Ita i:iirdiii't"ra at.rle.l wiih the dpflnitp aim
of makilg it tkUttmitgaiiieilhe Kwr'd. ol whieh
thpy limp uevpr tin a moment H at aighl. and
they point with pride and leaanrp in Hip
M y anil June numlieri , lecenlly issued, and
aak for IhPlu a enndnl exnminRlinn andnenre
ml rninparisnn of their meiita with those of
ottier mHifniinea; and they renew their ppgp
10 'hp pui'lio, to airiv for slill higher exnel
lenee in Ihe future.
A ponsiilenihle demand hm reeentty aiiacn
in Ktmhiid lor ft Nifhn'fta. M-ribnei'i New
Mag. amp for Hnya and t.iila, 1 ne pul.hahpr
desinn to aeeiire an edition of three tho.is
snnil ol rlrst hoti..d volume (alien completed,)
with ht imprint.
Tlie aueceaa iu Ih 1 country nl8l. Nkh"lsa
hna open even more rpmarkable thnn that ol
ecr'bnpr'a M,-.nihl. Ii la prononneed 10 l e
-'aa uedy perfect mugaiiue for ckihlreu," end.n it,
the en will, all the hps" liipruure lor Phil
drpn. a' haa bepn f und lo t-oaaeaa aurpAsaing
iniere-l tor groan up radera. naaell.
I heniRiien. e ol Ihe periodii-nla of' the day
pan H-nieilyhe ef-nmated. ea ecially upon
the rniiig gentrnlinn. I'arrnia and tvaehera
an net atlnrd to be indifleienl to thia mflii
enee, or oarepH in rph.tinn to the chan.eipr
01 ihe lilPiHttirp lllmished to the t-hildien
outaidP of their M'houl lestona. In HI Nieh
o aa net only are history, natural philosophy,
literal ire, tine aria, and maniifneliirpe pre
aentedlnaii atlrael've way lo young rea.lers.
but the ehil Jitn,are stimulated to peek majr
madon foi themaplvta
The publishers will aend lo any afMresa a
appi-men r.iunlier of t. Ni. hulaa, po-inge
prppai.i nn reeeint often enta, ihe lre rol
of pnperaud prlniing. Ihe maitnxineM are
aolil ky all hist i lxsa bookpellaiip and ni Bs
iitaiers, every nere. .
f-CKlHNEH'8 hi'l ALT, fl year; tto.a no
81. IIi;HILAS, - - - S " !!&.. ',
SCEIEKLE 4C0..6E4Ero0dw'j.K.I
Trees! Flowers! Bulbs!
Nanery Stock! Prnit&Flower Plates
Address F. K. PHOENIX.
I - ' .
tra) acrea; Kd ypari 13 greenhouea.
Applet I.11OU 1 jr.. Yih; t j. 3y. HMy f AO
4 cataloguea, IWrenta. 3ljui2m
.; $72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agenfe wanted everywhere Ktiaineaa atrtet
ly legitimate, r-articulara free. A lrtreaa J
W'ikjl U , 8t bouia. Mu 24sepllv
b MEK8 8h uli not fail ri ex
amine the pstent farm gntt for
whieb Otorge W. Branton, Mc
Artbor, is tbe agent in thm and
Jackson county It is the best
anil cheapest gate ever designed
for a farm, coning fifty per cent,
less than he old fashioned gate,
and. is more durable, for it can
not sag. Examine it trhea joa
rf U MoArthoK "
LiOtma'aHCieiM'lMi 4. I rice. Wn
.viiniMina 1, u,r r, ban-ar lle, l.
IKunet-Th. Bieek'or Hay, Kevrie, by
Arriiti; La Hall. nna. Polka hv l.irliner:
. WhentlvaNwallirw.xtniiMward Klv.br 1
(leneo; Kap eglpriea, Cxpn. e by tgg
'hard !iiiim.rii;ii;.' ,
I,aCmiir II r A llde la .
I i nlani, 11 p ng Inline; 60c.
Mountain ttreatn-Capi-H-e, Ii.y8 Pmit.H' :
Count on S etialnn. I.v Jai iil : tin ii
Mra, Roma.KP,. by Thilla-fgi'l'am'if g -
m. him., d siatifi May ureixep.
Inal . bj l.i.nge pteeea lor . -.400,.
I.w t'reinefKB r I fdt la
1 nnmin'tnp loiinwiiiK rMiaio-'. o".
Chant rl(t Hivoue, Tranaprlptiun, by
Ketieteri Thine Own. Melodie, by '
Laniie a iieeea f..r " .
nUnthly MAILED?::
nbina Hm. W'II'.viiiii murir, prtpp, sua.
'Tan aong by Hata, two by lMnka. one
by Matw'no.1. a Karird ti.lplie by
Innmaa.n Knnrhand I'iecn alj'iiek
Hep. an eaav Mutvli and bn.utiful
fanlnaia. by kinkil. Hipieeeafor Sop.
eontama ike (nllowiag muairs'pripp, 30o.
two new aonua ny llaya, hop ny rratt,
the by Stewart, a trio lot feinnla voIppm, '
by AM: a raered Quartette by l anka,
two PoliRPSatitvt.yWal'i.anda Manb.
11 plicea fur 3ne.
A ldie J. I,. P KTKHH,! P. O Box. 6.i
ft! 0 Broadway, New York, opposite Metrop
ollituu rioiel.
Teas,! Teas!!-
" AO. 43 VESEY fSlBEEl, ,,
r, 0. l!ox 'l2 ' New York
ROBERT WELLS, rrenident.
Black. 40. HO. CO. boat 70 cts.. . . per lb
Green mnl Black. 40. 50.' CO, best 70cts
Uncolorwl. CO. 70. -80. 00. best $1.00.
: imph:iu a i. 1
G roe 11. 00., 7(1. 80. 00. best $1.10 per lb.
Gireti, 60. CO. 70. 80. CO. 1.00 best 91 15
Giit'ii. SI 10 bt"t$iao ...... jurll).
I Tiprlisli 1 arf'fikffist
Ulnek. 00. 70. SO. 00. bent $1.00 per lb
N.- H.-VVp haio a M'lX'iahly of-t.nrden
Orowlh VillTNll IIVS i.N mid I.M I'F.KI M id
1 tn, and ikiLh.N'., Kxtni i-hon a. Sl.iaJ.
l inr Tens mi pul up in line ."nnd p:irk
agea. uilh the kiiul un I priee pvmted on eneli
A.KM S H A.VTU) to net up 1 luha to
Mnl uur leaa tu liiuutea. hnli'la, bmiriliiig
Infuse and ntltpia. In 1 il'iig lor lerina cr
aenditiK orueia. tie partieuliir tr addiesn lie
rreaidrlit ol the I'oinpinv, iliuai ' 1 'i'
RiiltKlir WKI.IA
' Ko. i'l Vetey M.. ey nrlt
Wenre pcnu'i llrd 10 n quest l(ia, na other
pull u s liap niiitiiied tiin tt 1 ! nmne.
'" B;'1!4. BABBITX'S ''
.-- ... . -. .. ., . ,i
Pure Concentrated Potash,
f ' 'I.-
Ofdoulle tlio at n-Lni Ii ol nnv other
s.iroinixG siiista. e.
I hnve reeenllv perfei-led n new method of
ia. king 111) Hi. lush or Lie in.l ..in now um-k.
tug it only in lill-, the i-iuituig of ..lu ll n ill
Mipnnilt, a.id lines nut injure ihe mmip. It is
I't.eked 111 l.oxea eonininiiig 24 nnd 4h nn,- 'b
lull-. 111, d 111 nu oilier wny. Inrei-t luna in
I'liiillsh and ('eiiiinn for miK-iiij Imrd and
pint snap tilth thia Bntiiah i.i..'iiuitii. pite 1
pacKng" ll.T. Il.tllllITT,"
(14 to 84.tVnaliiiitoii Fit., N. V.
' 2ipni.74
, , Coniaaoa, Februnrj lOtli, iSTl.
fTTl!Fnr:S Ihe New Fngl nd M11H11I Life
T liiaiirnn'M-t'oii.piiny liniiied at Hosion.ln
he ailtito ol Mn-aiii-misplt-, lui tile I in this
nlHi e a eanin si. t. m.-nl bj the proper ofil
eera 1 hereof, showing its eonditmn nnd husi
nesa an 1 I, as eon plied n all niher reapprls.
.villi the law a ol this Mule, relmi ig lo bile In
piir.ini'p roii.pautpa, org'tnised ti) net nf Con
greas, or bv nr under the Intra cf ntiyottiir
Ihip id Ihe I'nited tdea.
W, iherelore, in piirstianee ol law, I,
Will inn I hun h. aiippriiiteuiient ot Inaiir
anee ol IheMpieof lihio, ilo i-ereby eeruiy.
that sHid ompauy .a authnnxed lo irauanel
lis ai'propnnlp liuainpa of Hip hiaurion-e 111
Una at .tP in a -enrdnnee wli h buv. mi ring I he
etirrei.t yeiir. 'I he condition and niisiiipa nf
kind company at the dntp ol aoeh stnteinent
( 'ei'pii.ber .list, l7'l.) ia shown aa foilowa:
AggregnlM ninnioit of adniitied aa-
spia.niLluding ihe auni ol 8-,-'J. ''
0l ;t.' m pieiiiiiiiii notes nnd
loans hi Id hv ihe company un
pulii-ies m foree, 12,r,70,ll!l 81
Airgreuntp)Mioiinl of lli-.hi lilies, Ml-
eluding SI I lol.iiiu 011 for re in-
piirHin e reserve . 1,328,7i0 HI
Amount nf in- oine for the pieped
ingy nriiicHsh 2.481.67S 91
Amount nf premium no'e of in
e..nie far the pre.-e.liNu yn.r fOr.,213 Ii2
A'nount ol expenditure! lor the
pteceding year in eali, 1 ,007,007 38
Amnniit of premium note expen
diturea lor the preceding year. 1187 810 15
'.) In wilneaa whereof, I hnve hereun
to suliMerih. d my n now, and paused the aenl
ofmyoWipto 1-6 alDxed the .-ay and year
alwve written. WM. CIIUKi'll,
JribxT Rxrxa, agent at MnArtlnir, u.
TEA AUENT-- wantpd in limn nnd country lo
sell TK , or gel up eluh ordera. for Ihe Inr
goal Tpa t'oiiipaiiy in America. Importcra
prieea nnd iniliu-pineuia In nei.ta. svnd for
i-ir.-ul,.r. Address. KtlllKKI WH,I,S, 411
VespyM,., N. Y P. 1 1 Hox Iis7
77i CAri.iiia E'aioa. heniy Mnrd HisaphPr,
Editor, nt ll. l 'iith last, snya; "P.-irtits wish
lug lo gp 11 r eluba, and ad who tun get or
ders for tea, should wrilp him foi a eui'iilar "
Tire Heir York Weekly Tribute olf-op" 8-1, sMs:
"All M.rangea' ahuuld ante Ki.bt. Uellaior
fin-in -r " a
ol Sept. 20 . snj.-.- "Hold. Wells M
ihoriiiignly nliaMp." 23.ipr
Cottage Color Faints,
S 1 .00 lo 1 1 .50 per f.'nllon.
; - , , I
'; 1 -.: '- I
'JlOC.tB IR Olt,
60c per gal.
Fun Paooa - - t.SS r gal.
Work in all Hunts aa Boiled Linseed, onty
to... per gal.
ENOKsEOIL, - . .. - r - - 78
lnd for cards ofeelora and eircnlara. '-''''
Bolt Agents.
-: 114 MAIUtPf LXNE.se TORE.
Done .7c3tlj; and Jffoniptly
AT TBie oME.'
. i.
T - r
S" "' s
i E
If Y 0 0 ' - ')
Want n-iHmtloii.
:AVjuij, a servant jrirl.v '
Want to coll n pliino,
Witnt 10 ell 11 can ln;re, '
Want to hoy nrm-ll 11 farm.
, r . . WhiiC a boarilthjf ,)laee, '.
r Wuiir to cell town propoity.
Want to sell jriofei leaor tlrtijri.
Want to cell hoiiaeboltl foniltiirp.
Wuut to -HI tb'j' jroiwU or carpets.
Want to Ibid enstomiir lor anything.
Advertising w ill gain new ciiotomora.
Adverti-lng will keep old customers.
Advertising HhcrJlly ill ways pays.
Advertising mnktM Biiece easy.
Advertising begets eotilldeneo,
AUveitlsIng allows energy',
Ad ver'ising'phfi W8 plufk,
Advertising tnenns'biz,' '
Alverl:se or "bust," '
Atlvertise--- long,
Atl vert ise ; w e II I j
Every mtroliavf.. manufacturer
or buxinens man' who ha became
prominently rich, has math his
fortune by judicious advertUivy
Vo exception to"thi rule can be
cited". " Stewart., ihe I'iiiice' of
Merchants: when a poot-man, was
driven to advertising, as a last
resort, to yet his stuck turned into
mohtti sd as to meet a note. Ar
yuiny from this that if it was
good for him 'in adversity, In
could make tl islill belter m pros
periy, he be.ttanut a persistent, ad
varhser. and thus yarned his co
lussal fortune,. .;
Snine merchants. my it 1.1 nn worth
while ( advertise; fur no person rciols
mi vert isetneiits; vet every inoinlniiit 111
this .county- trill read this iHlvoi ttso
inent, ami if he is wiso ,ho will profit
Ii v its aiingeHtion, it he has anything to
oiler ,W' rtli advertising How. much
nu i'o then 'ill tlioso rend tliein'whn
are tji 't aujnrcely. supplied w th ron'l'
inj' mutter, are at leisure 'n the even
ing, and iiiiis(ileinni) on their paper lor
rheir loenl news, the ni-'Pt 111 portant
ifetii i f which is where they can HnJ
just what they wi;nl when tlioy come to
town to iiiuke their purchases. II yotu
stock is so olil, rusty, dnsiy nnd out nf
style that it is worthless, or if it it run
down so thntyoti have nothing left that
people would v nt, it ia not worth
while for you to advertise l!ut if it is
new. fresh and sparkling, up to the
tunes, nnd such ns tho people want,
ilon t hide tliiitn, but publish - to ihe
world thut you have them, tiLd want
to sell tlicm at a Iu ir price.
An advertisement published for a sin
gle day does dutv beyond that day,
nml its effect continues in a greoter
rutin than most men imagine. In the
enil it will make a man's mime it per
iiunent matter, a piece of real proper
ty built up in tlii in in'1 s nf men until
it becomes more valuable than any
corner hit in his locality. i
If you lose a waitdi, a dojr nra child,
or if you desire people not to trust
your wife, you rush to your local pu
tier, ktinwin' that every one will rem:
die advertisement Hut you will plod
along in business year niter year, with
out ottlctilatini! how much you ore los
inj; by pot advertising it Reporter
If those persons who profess to b
lievo .that newspaper advertisementp
are not real hy the public wish to be
convinced of their error, just let them
Live publicity tu some matter tliev
would not cue lo divulge to the world
even in the most obscure corner of a
country paper, and sen what notoriety:
they would soon attain. Advertiser'
Gazette .
Advertising is apt to give ns that
t'crillejogol conscience which tells us
that we want a new suit of olothes for
Sunday, or that we promised imr wife
a how dress as soon aa- tbe hay was in
Perhaps -it would be a good plnn for
M nd u me to iinrk this passage nnd lay
the paper upon her husband's break
fast plate. Who will say chat adver
tising will notyetcivilizo the world!
nv do people read advertisements?
To see who is enterprising and to lenrn
what is going on. I'o see if there is
pnvthirtst new, or anything that they
want.: To see if the season's styles
have come in, and to Iind nut who has
them To know if any one is sell nip
nQ" ot reduced rates, or .to watch the
chance of an auction. For amusement.
To satisfy citriesty. Ilecause they
have read all tbe sb.ries. inurriitges,
births, deaths, locals and accidents
lioenuse they want to. Because they
can't help it. Ohio StaJt Journal . -
Till power of print Is well known,
but not well understood. A printed
sentence has a wonderful advantage
over one that is written or' epoken.
This is nno of the many reasons which
gives n importance to advertising Hut
advertisers, even those; f experience,
do not comprehend as well as the;
might; the capacity .to influence, to per
siiade. to convince, which lies in priqt-
ud matter: Spoken words reanrre the
grates , of elocution and the force -of
eloquence, yet even thei fade awav in
to nothingness if not caught in their
flight and printed But there if some
thing in the silent lnngnace. the quiet
assertion and tbe sense nf permanence
about printed matter .which gives ita
marvolous force and inflnernce. Bust
naa men nhonlrl navae napmil therea
selves to; loose sight of what nay be
accomplished by a perseverinr oe of.
the printing presses. Learn to savers,
tise.. and then the "how; when and).
where ol It, and you ' will hata a
kiewladgt Vottkr bating.
r. j a -,11
Iri ' Zaldski.
TAB Zaleaki Company. with aviewtotbn
ki, lo aei-ure ita pefnianenl piosperity, ud to
add to) its nopklaifon and weuliji. are' new
ottentMr eo-aaeai al tinsia, towrf Mi. and hrm
land, wl loaL-nnce. and on liberal lermW
. fefaeoa. leaning -to examine the nropeAjf
ana in pity rnaap hoi tea wji a.pv at in
Company', oftii-ea to
R THOMrt)N, Manager.
Zaleaki, Ohio, May II, 1871. U.
Winch taad.ipledto
I 1
."'All Sewing Machines,,
N'lTtrR panleularlv Ihe alai r, of H.O.
'lilDfilllCII. L'Iiipiiko. Ilia , w-ih flte patent
-limps. II. 4.4IODKH1I. '
HH.-e and vale.rooin tXi Hale i., rhieago,
Ills Jaanc-H
piut.fiii-i'iii.-i.,,,,..- ' i iiniiiM
If 70U are Suffering from any
Itrokcu Ioivit Conslitutlon(
Orrequlro a hemedy to
Purify uiitl Kuricli tlioltlood.
You will find nr.Crook'sCnmponatlnijriV
up nt I'oke ient to I'M.m imiter mrr
tl, euro you more spivtllly, und do you
more good thnu unv and nil ottier reme
dies combined. That 1'itlei, Yellaw,
h rUl.y-looUlr.ff SI1I11 Is clinnged 10 one
of lieshnessii. d henlth. Thobe lilsenaea)
of the. Mi 1 11, I'hnplca, Pnslnlcn,
lltolcliew und Eruptions are removed.
Kerolulit. Krrolitloint Dlsensea ol the
l yes, W til bwellinss, t lrera, 4I1
horea or any kind of Hnmor rapidly
dwindle nnd dlsnppenr tinder Ha lnflaence.
lint in it 7 It Ih nature own restorer I
A soiuli o ox.vdnf iron contlilned with the
medicinal pro) e tlcsnf poko ltootd I vested
ot all illsngrco 'hlo qunllllos. H will cure
any ulsnts.i wlmse real or illroet en uaa is
It id lllood. Itlieninniii. 1'nlnn In
l.mibs u-Hones '"a' " "tln broken
lo-.i bv Mi-tcur tnl or oilier poisons, nre
all cured by It. For Kyplilllsi, or NyphW
litit liilnt.t lereisnotliluge.iuultoia. A
trial w.li prove it. bold by . ,
(EOltliE Y. M.SKON, .HcArtbur, Otdo
Hanliooa: How Lett; How Restored I
.mat uiiniisneii. a new edt
A'rTst Y nn ' r r t'aWerwell'e
rtiZ-J? JUvlehrnttid litany on the
ASHsI' nuiuid cat-r iwlll.ont ineol
cine) ol rumToK on , or p-emmal Weak,
neaa, Involunliiry Heiuiniii Loasea, iMtioixxcv,
M, ntnl nnd Phtaieiil lueiipni iiy, Inipedni elite
lo Mnrringo. em., also, CoKai'Mi'Tioa, rril.ee
ay.Hiul lils, indiieeilbyt'll-iui.ulgtBH'eorcx-Hal
extrsviigiiin e.
Aat'l'iiee iu a apnled envelope, only C cents.
'I lie cek'bintpd anilinr in th.s aiiinirsble ea
any eleurlv ilenionstralea (ruin IhirlJ yeata.'
in cea-fhl pr ieliee, tl.nl the nlni milig ennae
ipiencpa nt si-H utilise nmy be rn.lieul cured
wi I h .111 1, ihe ilnngerniia ns. nf loleinnl nieills
nine- ur tlir npphi'idlnn of theknile; pnintiiii
nut it mode id i or nt uncpaiuiple.ccrlmn and
etlei Iind, by menna ol a Inch every Hifleipr,
no iiiiiiter irbal hia condi.inn luiiy he, may
e.pre hiiitselfehpjni.lv, privnivli , and ,'iirficg,
tt"i his I.e. Hire should bp in ihe haiiU. lit
every yomh mid every iMiiun the laiid.
spnt', mider aenl. in ii i-liiin pnvelnpe. :o any
aifd.'pas, prmttwiil on rpeeiptol ail cents, or
two pnetsliuna. , - . -
..vlso -fir ' ul vprtvr-U's Marriage Guide,"
price -111 ijpiiIs. '
tddresslhe pllliiishera, k .
127 llnwery, New York, Post uffli-e Hox, 4.I8S
The Best and Cheapest
.'. Ii ONE OF
Circulars Sent Free.
H t.NU KACTORY No. 119 WKhTllUvt.
iJ.li, ay hn
A t4 n ry'! Arrlmtif(vnnlnrtaihsT
JAeirriUgO Msrr.eJ tr Ilm.. .iMit ir
0 mm . l.niarrv o lh bTi..lfnlr
1 Q I iByirr.i iitil rrttiaiiui.tnf
W MSSMWI lllhCSBMIalaTBIe1!!!, Wiih thtT
Tnttst disfriTf rle l-i rre1neltii ami jirtttniiuf fl-iiriDf ,
kowia arrctfrvt lheciiHiliioi,4.
Tliial t srn hiteresUug work o f lr r)nndre4 tnrl aitir
K MM, with mittiToui cnm. Inita. nt couiiiaa Talualtl'a
iforntallttrifiir those who are married. rcoi.umplitiemar
vtans. giill Ilia book thai ought to ken l voder ImbI
Uit key, mnl uni laid fartleialy alsoiit ihe bouae.
IlCuniitiut ttia Xirifnrt tud atlrttt) e I t phralefan
vhnaa rriinatlnn la orld Mf, and shold be in the rj
ai drawer or every male ntd remalrtbrouchauiiNefntlr
glulv. lirnibrarcacvtrTthiuR oo the aultjtct o f the Ken
rati re 'tern thnt la worih knowiuf , atiti Bitch thai 1
ul uliiiabcd In any other work.
Ant lo aiif tine (fr- of eiae) for Flftr Cent,
i.hire-il'r. ItutW Ulsptusary.N. iaK.Xi.ltb itrctw
St. J.uuia, Ho.
ITotico to tie AfUlc ed and Unfortuuatd.
BefOM applf Ini ta tht uotorlnHaifuacbairhe advert lit lq
tiildio imiera.or naiti( aur quack rernvdiea ixruaa Or.
una' tr no msjiier wbaiyourdUtaat la, or bow dauloi
bleyour cudiiltn.
Ir, Huiia occupW nublt honao af tweatr-tt rej
rntiii;i aimteraed .j acite t th most celebrated aitdi-
o1 roreaaoraortlilicouiarr and Kurnpe. and can be con
aiilii d teraooalv r br mail, o ihe diseases meminned i
hiarka. Oiliee and rarlora. No. 12 .V. Kiffath aire
bi-rscu liaracl and C besom, t. Louie, Mo. A
Notice to the Stocholders of
the Gallipolis McArthur
& Coumbus Ralroad Co.
Al.f, parties hnring aiihacnhed to Ihe cap
lt d stock oi the .. MpA. C. R It. are
herpby rpqui ed lo make payment lo ihesec-
reinryonne i nmpany.at hla niree on thw
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