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The Fremont weekly journal. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1867-1877, January 11, 1867, Image 4

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New Dry Goods Store !
mm goods.: Hew eooos t
Hermbn, Smith & Wilson, .....
H A VINO msdekrr prorations for the biiine of thspree-nt Season, we "take pleasure In Inforrninr
out MMM that we are ready to exhibit th following lines of Goode? at the LOWEST market
rncu - , .
DO.WrC, BRITISH and COyTl.fEHTJL. Ernbrsrinr plin and fancy moha'r fshiiev: COIICRdS
of all qulithn; uleead and black ALPACCAS; TARTA.V CHECKS in variety of rlntli: ALEXANDRIA
ali qalat; all abaci-, of FRE.VCHani ENGLISH MERI.VOSs SOLID BLOCK CHECKS in dilfcr
eot fabric, and aa ssdlees variety of DRESS GOODS thatwa will not undertake to coiiir.erate.
We nak a speciality embracing all the aeveltiee of the season.
la foil aaaortmaat, eentlsting In (art of Jacoaets, Cambriea, JNalntooks, Hair Cords, Brilliantes, Mulis,
Bwtesee, Bishop Lawna, Victoria Law Da, Ac.
Out Stock is Ixtenaire ail Complete.
make tbU a leading branth of oar Trade, alwaya selling them at the smallest possible sdvnes on Kfi
York cost, largalwes of new Prints. Sheetings, Denims, stripes, cheeks,aottoa Flannel, Ticking, JtcAc
Consisting of Woolen, Marino and Cotton Hosiery, sll makes aad vises, for Gentlemen, Ladier, Hirsts ad
Children's wear. slid Gloves the two beat and Boat popu'ar make, Alexander's and Danton't tbe beat In
the world, aim fleecy lined Kids, ueecy lined lleriao and Wool Wore in bvge suppl; .
Coneltting in part of Shirting Flannela, Opens Minora
Saliabm y Flannels, Ladlea Cloths, fta, fte.
209 Paris; bought since the groat decline, from the recent auction sil-s.
AlsofulUioeeof the followine roods b-ught at the resent pmic sales in New Tori: Silki, CMke, Coiei
aaera, fsUrets'crie, Laces, Balmorals. Hoof fkirle. Linen Goode, Draperies, teltele. Ribbon; Triaminge,
Buttons, Zrfyr Gmm, Crash, small Horn, ecVar entire atoek ;of Fall and Winter Voods l MiW, a
fact wa woold bare you remeuibr, aa we hau not a dollar, worth of Old Goods on band. Thus not only
giving oar eastomora the beceht ol the lowest prices; tut senior them New and Fre.b ttcoda. We hare
aim a uiie assortment of Carpets. , , tIEKiriO.V, S-.TII Tl V WU.M.
Fremont, Ohio, Ootober , lsmi. T1. . 7 ,
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Paper, Stationery,
Wall Paper, Window Curtains, fcc.,
DESIRES to call the attention of the citizens of Sandusky am J adjoining Comi"
ties, to his Large and Complete Stock of Goods, and Lis arrangements
lor supplying the wants of all Unpeople, for the year 1867, in any of those arti
cles found in a well ordered Drug and Book Stork. Do you want any PAT
ENT MEDICINES, LINIUENTS, BALSAMS, Plasters, Extracts, Pills, Pain
Killers, Eye Waters, fcc,
Call at McCULLOCH'S.
DhiVS, uurns, lmctures, Essences,
Do Ton Want any Klud of
ERFDMERY. HAIR OILa Hair Pomades. Hair and Whiskers' Dve, Col-
n-rnfis. Toilt W'stf-T. Iar Water.
-jH " f 1 1 j ' '
Lip Salve, Shaving Cream, ShaviDg Soaps, or other Soaps, you will certainly
find all of the best
By calling at . McCULLOCH'S.
, McCULLOCirS is the place to find it.
DO you want a tip top PORTMONIE or POCKET BOOIC, warranted to hold
Money if you don't take it out. Go to McCULLOCH'S.
BO YOU WANT A HOOK OF AN V KIND, Historical, biograph
icaLTheological, Medical, Serious or Funny ; or School Books of any kind ;
Do you want a very nice PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, you will always find
just the one to suit. STEEL PENS, SLATES, .INKS, tc, cords of them al
ways Can be found and for every pric, at McCULLOCMS.
ARE tou ahout to Paint your House! Be sure to call on 51'("UlLOCH
before you buy your PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, PUTTY, &C,
and you will surely buy of him. . And don't forget to look at those Beautiful,
New, WALL lAPiJR.S, which would make your house look like a Palace,
for a very small sum of money with the BORDERS and CURTAINS to match.
DO you want a COAL OIL LAMP! (and who would burn candles these
darsf) You will always find a Large Assortment, all Styles and Prices.
COAL OIL always ou hand at McCULLOCHS.
Choice . Wines
As near-jiure as it is possible to obtain
and MEDICINAL purposes only, can be
v You will always find an endless variety of
With every description of Plain and Fancy ENVELOPES tomatch.
Fancy Goods, Reticules, Ladies' Bags, fc Portfolios, Ilair, Cloth,
NaiL Paint, and Shoe Brushes, Feather Dusters, Ac, 4c &c. .
Jt is conceded bjr all, tbut
McCulloch's Family Medicines!
Are unequalled for curing alldiseasea for which they are recommended.
"""THE BALSAM OF HOARHOUND, for Coughs and Cold.
THE BONE AND NERVE LINAMENT, for Pains and Strains.
DIARRHEA MEDICINES, for Diarrhea and Summer Bowel Complaints.
McCULLOCH'S PILLS, the best in use.
The Medicines are all Warranted, try them and you will le
No. 3, Buckland Block. , FREMONT, OHIO.
F R Em O W
Clothing, Clothing, Clothing
(One Door A'ortli of National Bank,)
Piece Goods, Cloths, Cassimers, Hats & Caps,
Gents Furnishig Goods, Trunks and Valises.
' Done to order, and a mauner unsurpassed elsewhere.
B'rkmokt, Mayl8, 1S66. 20yl, .
Flanoela Bob Kotb, Plain and Twilled Flannes
Oils, Chemicals, &c,
; Go to McCULLOCH'S.
Tooth Powders. IInlkerclii-f Extracts.
and IAiuors,
them, always on hand for MEDICAL
found at McCULLOCH'S.
T, OH I O.
The Olant! The Largest!! The Bestir!
OV the of January, 1837, the &ieK(vf sMrt
rmn, hiving attained the cce of !'l .veer,, wil!
Mine out in anew drees, Rrrally heeatlfcd. end e
lorged to nearly doaUe its present site. IW a aum-
lean tije combined Issoes of all the papera of Ha J
Ei.a potiisiiea 10 tLiB eoantry and iLnnipe. The
sreatnumber of Kocravioffs of Dew Uachinesiracll
appears in evfrr btne, with tbe Otlieial List of all
the Patents isnned from the (Totted States Patent Of
fice, ha. for atone; time rendeied the work Import-
ant to Farmers. jlehanioa.and lnTootera
This increase tn aboat donltle its present size vill
eoaale the 1'ablishers to extend the ranee of subjects
Id eeerr department nf aeienee. ttfaloeas, and In
terest, so the work will be adapted to aeary class of
rea-lers. anp indirpensable to tlie mechanic, msna-fsctnr-r.
and inrentor, ss heretofore. Price 3 a
yearof b ranit'era.iunk'n'r a to I time of ore BCo
pares sud several hundred enaravii'irs
KmiTlo r. "Jis Xaiw. ruOMahers.
No. S7 Psrl How, Kew York.
lBtpntt. Mrsx k Co PubHheia of the Scen
tijic JmtriCM,ict ss sgentsfor procuring patents in
erertr emtntry Advice free. Twenty years' experi
ence. Pamphlets nf information how to obtain pat
ents fet free by mail. Terms chesp. patents strong,'
Umeqai-r. .' Address. si I NN ft CO..
No 37 Park K-jw, New York. .
A 110XTFILY Journal devoted to tlie iotr rests of
AdTsrtissrs. frlc $1 tryar. in advanos.
Address, GEO. P. ROWKLL At CO., PuWishsrs.
BostoD, Mass.
I'orih niot Popnlnr nd bi-st rvlllugSub
cripliou Uook fuMtahed!
tt?vl Stt (bmriognix housr), and therefor
caii afford to Mil books cuemper and pay agnt
more liberal coiumiitiion thao anj oLher company.
Out booki do not patia th rough tbe hands of Gen
eral Agents (as nearly all other sutHcript.on works
d ). thereJore we are enabled to giro our canrswers
tbe extra percent, which is usually allowed to (Jen
em. Af enu. Experienced cauTaeitera will fee the
advantage, of dealinf cirectly with the publisher.
Our Mrieeenibraoestbe most popular works on all
surjcUtof importance, and is aelling rapidly, both
North and South.
Old agents, and all othecr, who want the beet pay
log sgenciea, wilt please send for circulars ana tee
our terms, and compare them and the character of
oor works with those of other publisher.
Address, X4T1.0UL PL'BLLSUINO CO Cincin
caU, Ohio Chicago, 111 fit. Lonia, Mo Philadel
phia, Pa Boston, Mass,, or Richmond, Ye- . , , .
.' f jear, The i'outk'B M$lut and Pla?mme to
wuj uuo isiiu hi w ka. ui gciiiug up m cieo.
Send your addr.u to ns, and sptcimen numbers
; win me nteaary airncttons will be forwarded.
If The 'aystoeisthe best Mgine for young
1 'oiks, full ut good Stories, History, Tales of TraT
I el. Dialogues. Jtc. Published monthlv Bpanti-
V fully embellished. Prise punle in January. $1,60
year, ivovpies iur 911.. Aoareas, .
W1LUAM GUILD k CO., Boston, Hast,
rvHR Amusing Muter of ikg GVealesl Rmtcml in
J Mew York m begun in tbe January number of
Yankee Aot to f," with 47 comic cuts. Price 15
cents. So d by all newsmen.
A IMi) etiological View, of rtarrlage,
coistaimuc nearly i0d paffB, and 130 fine viate en-
gTwvinjriol the Anatomy of tbe human Organs In a
state oi tfea'ihsod Disease, with a Treatise on Early
Krrurs.its le'ilorable Coniequences upon the Mind
aod Body, with the Authors PJan of Treatment tbe
only ratioual and auccdfuiful mode of Care, aaebown
by the report ol dues treated. A truUUaladvitietto
themarried, and those contemplating marriage, who
entertain doubts of their physical condition. Sent
free of 4. oeuirelo any address on receit oi 24 cent in
ttucfii or poiai currency, by addressing vr$ LA
UKUiA, Ao.di Jiaiaen LAce, Aiosuf,n. 1, ibeau'
thor mav T cooFulted upon any of the diseases no
on which hUbook treat Medicine seut toaaypart
of the world -
WA N TF O A u A e n t One r baxce in every
Town worthy tueattention of an aciive busi
bra man, to take theexelnsiTe airfncy for tbe sale
STKira, applied to the Hides, bottom, t p, aod centre
of doorit and windows u every derctiption- The aale
of the articia ia beyond anthia;Ter effred befare
toan agent, and one wbicn ttom flu to J2o per day
ran be made. A nv person wishing to b -tter their oc
cupation shou'd FPad for an A rent's Circular. - The
nn.t wno apntj secuie a rargaiB. itrini for mould
ing, can. j. iv. HKAUSiKiiKr,
7 Washington Street, Boston, Mcas.
Washes Well! Wears Well!
TI1F.-E gond",haHDg the above trade mark on the
BV,x and Card, are warranted to measure six full
jan's in each piece, and to WEAK aad WASfi as well
a aaf" mde br h-nd.
Tmk CEsriJsK Mauto Kcfflks. fctill minnfscrured
by the oriUi' u?eiiturs and pa'entees, on supeno1
coach io rv.lra thebs ciiterLilf. and under care
ful puparr:eion, h:.T? withetftod the tss of fly years'
cod tnt Ur4. EtrinKr invmnblr ati(fac'ion.
Mnnuf'ctunM by Tin Magio RrrFts ComfaXY,
woLuaraD'rasTe!, iew ioik. ai M'.nuuc:urs
of Rujflc Fluting irowB. iJomt-maae Rujgtet.
Hammonton Fruit Lands.
THE het opportunity to necuie a hme; mi!d and
h-a!thy cumate; Mil suitab'e for all rropn; the
btst Fruit Land in the Union; best of markets be
ine New YtMi and I'btK-jelphia; from fOOtoiOO
per acr-chaird from puuill in,, it; a large population
aireacy locaiea; cunoreua are jpiumg; gova socieir;
perfectly b a thy; soft water; all advantages Lands
for cale in aud around the famous Hatrmouton Fruit
aettlem nt, 0 mibs from ftiilade'phia. A large tract
is now drided'icto Kaims to puit the acTaal settler.
Price for 20 acres and upwards from $20 to $30 per
acre. Five and ten acre lota foraale Terms liberal;
title perfect. For fa 11 information address Btrxis ft
Joxeh. Hammonlon, Kew Jersey. All letters an.
sire red.
Dr. Wadkworik'i Dry Up ffor the Ca
THE DRY UP acts qn:cklr and surrly. A single
bottle of itia nsually sufficient to effect a Perma
ueotCure. H e r(comcend to errry one who has
th C1rrh, either ia its incipient stages or in its
worwt form, to trr the Remedy at once, and you will
farexcred us ia its praises. Price $1 per bottle
send etamptor pnsTnphier. rreaie dt ire propri
etor. H. H. BL'KRINUTON, DrniTEWt. Providence, R
I. AIfo b Moiih Dwjer, Chicago; Farrann, Shely
k Cu Deiroit, and ny aruggisia generally.
oiiRUinpiioii, Scrofola, Rhenmvtipm. ki. He
t'tllll 11 H (vciiuiau iiicuitiuni tuu inter
Oil.-Our Oil has stood tne test of 0 yea re, and tbous-
U is warranted pure. HEGH14AN Jt C0.t Chemsts
and Druggists, N w York.
i) Cfc'NTK? :iTeU5 dollars. Uegrman'a
U) Bcnziue. Instantly mum ; Paint and Grease
3pole, and cleans driore, silks, tfilijoos, 4ic , equal to
I radanie JumclN lUammarlal Balm
1J and I'.aenl Ureaa t la rat or. lo
develop the form physiologically. Depot 363 Caoal
St(eot,N.Y. Seed fur circular. Bold by druggists.
Afft-ntR wanteo.
ClUAlTrD HAVDSaud Face, Sore Lips, fcc cured
j at once by the use of Jiegewan11 Campbor
Ice wiih lilycerlue, ketps the hands sort to the
coldest weather. &v U.at you get the Genuine. Sold
Dy oruggisiB.
riAUK in on 1 lorf eel Iron Tonic
I ileaenian'a Kerratcd tlixir ot Bark.
A plaMmt cordial coHaining tbe actual principles
of CalUayu Bark and Pyrophosphate of Iran. Sold
by Druggists.
- froui If 5 Cents The best tra erer otfer-
tO edto Ageuts on a New Patented A t tide Sure
lusellineTeryraoiiiy. A sample, with lull partirn.
lars sent free by mai for 25 een g.that retails easily
tor8 AddreFsU. W. JACKSON. & CO., No. 11
Soutl Street, isaitimere, sta.
r..)U PER MONTH and Expenses paid Male or
vVsVv Female Agonic, to introunce a new and use
iui iuveniin,of a'o u'.e utility in ere' aoueehold.
Agfnls prt-ferrineto work on Commission can earn
root to 9 aw per oay. roriuupanicuiars, en
close sump, aud addrecs W- 0 WiiOX t CO.,
Clereland, Ohio.
OA rER DAY. Agents Wanted, Male and
qj.LA jema.e, laa Aew, l'gut, rieasant, for
uiaaeut and Uouoi-able bur?intB For particulars,
call on oraJdro A. V- UO w ma 4k UO.,
lib Kasaau Si.,New York.
Tlread Iflixdiff and Kneadlua Ma.
XJ CliiUta- For Families, tioteis, Keatsuants
aud hakcrg. Dy the aatce action the Bread is mixed
aud kneaei tfccroui'bly and qjickly, wi'hont the
hands touching the Hour. They insure great earing
of lab r. perfect cleauliueM, ceruinty of good bread,
and ar cheap, fcxdunire State, Couaty, and Town
Rights for sale, aflordiog a r&ie cbance for great
gains, witi smalt capital. Agents wanted very-
wbere. Apply perbonaiiy or uy iciwrio w. run
BUSii, AgBiit, vvngress street, tsoaton, a as
Seed for cirufW.
And Cabinet Organs,
WhVe'ale aad retail. The beti lnttrument$ made
wanarjtni fur sii years. Nsir 7 octave Pianos for
$275 and upwards. 8.cood-bacd Pianos at barraina,
pnecs from 00 to Lioeral discount to Teaeh-
481 Broaiw.y, ftew York.
iluUAL'E WATi.K'S Si CO., Manufactarara.
Bradlcj's Baplcz Elliptic or Doable
pprius ?sLiris
Will not Send or Break like the singls springs.
They are loth Durable, Economical, and .Stylish, and
will preserre their perfect and graceful ahsps where
other mirts ae thrown aside as useless.
Wcsta. Bradley JtCarTjOTChsmbernS.,
New york.
The ttoaal t ileanly, Mealth, Jt Fortaue !
Over 4000 Tilings Worth Knowiug.
Information of priceless valul to STerybody. Sent
postpaid tor 50 cents; 4 copies f 1,00. Address 'I
IO!f Bcok AsociATlos,,SyracnstNew York.
Latest stt lrs Jet Knbher Long Chains, length of the
chain 4 feet, J100.
Latest style Jet Rubbw Bresst Pin. 50 cents.
Latest stvle Jet Rubber Kar Ries, 60 cents.
Gfi.' late.t stvle Jet Rubber Text Chain, W cent.
rs" Al! articlea sent brmail Free, on reeeirt of
the sbove pri s. Manofsctured by PHILIP HII.L,
No. vl MarketStreet, Philar-elphia
n r
Is t sav of warninc and IbStruction for yonnc men
Also Diseases and Abuses which permanently Pros
trate the Vital Powers, srith sure means ef relief.
Sent Fre of Ch", In sealed letter enrelopea
Address, Or. J. SKILL! N HOCQHTON, Howard A
eUtiaa, Phttadrlelp h.i. f.
The Fremont Journal.
The Fremont Journal. THE OLD STORY.
. .
I vas woman, and I'd a heart, '
'.; Aud I raverj of bre tntol -constancy,-
Aq4 I mw Ihe tirif 'toy eyelids rtarl ' " 'r
M,.mMn a.Ithe worM to rue."5-1 .
He Tjhiwpered l.Vr when tlerr)ng-time flew,
UD ine TRirgieo pRing in wnrcn men mi.j,
And aronnd mll birm he Arew;
His eyes'irereon lire that ny.
"' r- - .- . ' .1 r- - T;
We parted;' yftl but! cluhR to him
"And I put up'hry Hps lo be kissed again ;
ButthehniRhingeyesof the heav'n grew dim,
And were swollen black witu rain.
They came to me when my love was gone,
And "id he was poor and toiled for bread;
They (sliced rrf ynin and tears alone. "
Ana my heart was duu tsieaa. ' -
And then they laid their bribe at ray feet-
'Xwas the ssme old tale thai is often told
They plsy'd on the strings of my heart's con-
, ,And datzled my eyes with gold.
I sold myself to loveless thing,
And 1 walked to the allaranct tnere I nea;
For my heart was away with the primrose
spring,' ; .
. And I by-my husband's side.
And now you aslt me what of the lie?
I've paid full dear for my. girlish greed ;
Twere better, I think, for woman to die ,
Than lo live the life I lead.
I am alone, hut still I ran sing.
Ana pray nir ine mm oi winter s ram.
For tbe f cent of the primrose crown of spring
1 1 in ucTd iuiu t-VJ lira naiu.
' "
The Independent Tbe independent
which is uuquettiooably the final religious
paper in the country! begins a new volume
with the moot flattering prospeeta. ' We can
nni recommend it too strongly to the sttentit n
of those of our readers who want a first class
family newspaper. It" lakes advanced
ground on all questions of the day, and ad
vocates its theories with a vigor and spirit
which makes it a power in the political as
Well as the religious world. . . i
The Galaxy for 1867. AVith the Jan
uary number the Galaxy is enlarged sixteen
pages and printed on uew type. The story
of "Tristan," commenced in this number will
be concluded in the number of February 1st
In the number fur February 15th, will be
com Dituoed the uew serial novel, "Waiting
fur tbe. Verdict," by .Rebecca Hardin? Davis,
Author of 'Life in the lion Hill," "Ma-garet
Howth," itc. Illustrations by W. J. Uenne-
sy. Bef.ire the end of the year another novel
by a celebratedauthor may be expected.
Tbe price of the flalaxy will remain as be
fore, $5 -yerivSobflcriptfoTisrTr)ay com
mence with any number desired.""- -
I'Our Boys and Girls." Literature for
the little people is becoming profuse. We
have before ns a handsomely printed, pic
turttqut and sprightly weekly magazine,
with tbe above title, just commenced in the
interest of the young folks. .It hails from
Boston, Lex & Shupasd publishers, Oliver
Oitic editor, price $2 a year in advance. . It
will contain each week twelve large octsvo
pages of tesding matter, and each number
will be richly illustrated. Besides the edi
tor, who has a wide reputation as a story
writer for children, the publishers Lave se
cured the services of a number of cor espon
dents whose contributions will cbarm theju
venilcs. - If the succeeding numbers present
as '.akicg an appearance as the firs, the new
magazine will soon form hosts of friends aod
prove a success,.,. , ....W-
The Herald of Health and Journal of
Physical Culture The New York Tri
bune thus speaks of this monthly:
"The IIkkalu ok Hkalth presents an
agreea"ble and " instructive mifcellanj' of
popular reading, in addition to the luc tl ex
position of Ilygiene, to which it is specially
devoted. ' It aims to accomplish the work
that is usually prglected by the schoojmas
tet. Without maintaining any ultra system
of abstinence, it makes war on a'cohol, to
bacco and unclean social habits which arise
from their use, and earnestly seis forth tbe
importance of pu,ity of mind. The value of
frequent bathing,' regular exercise, whole'
some cooking, and other ordinances of mus'
oular Chrtsliaiiity, is insisted on with apos
tolic zeal, and the best methods of turning
them to practical account are fully explain
ed and illustrated. The arrangement of the
matterevince not a little editorial experience
and skill, insuring a valuable family journal
which deserves : a kindly welcome as an
efficient aid to iho progress of popular edu
cation." .-
If there ia an invalid in the land, a moth
er with a feeble child, or a parent desirous of
rearing -beautiful, healthful children, they
should subscribe. It has recently been en
larged and greatly improved,
Tkbms $2ria Year, 20 Ckkxi eta if lu
ffs. . . '. '
If you . want a uew Wheeler fc Wilson
Sewing Machine worth $55 for nothing, send
a Club of 30 Subscribers and ? 60, and you
will iL Address
Faragut and our Naval Commanders.
A new book with this title is about to be
issued by E. B. Treat t Co., of New York.
We have seen advance sheets of the work
and pronounce the engravings and the gen
eral typography etcliFnU Tb& t8 ?4b
ject will be well handled the public need no
other guarantee than tbe name of tbe author
Hon. J. T. Headley, whose writings are as
familiar as household words, aod who has
richly earned a wide reputation as a graphic
historical writer.
It is a remarkable fact, that of the roultir
tude of books growing out of the late War,
none has yet appeared to record tbe early life
and public services or our Naval Command
era, with their daring exploits and brilliant
achievements during the Rebellion. Their
deeds occupy an important part in pur Ra
tional History, for tbey moved hand in hand
with Grant and Sherman, in bringing the
great Rebellion to a triumphant close. The
Author Las been aided in his work by docu
ments and official matter furnished directly
by the officers of their friends, which places
the authenticity of the work beyond
Tbe book is to be sold only by. subscrip'
tion, aud will be a companion to ''Grant and
Sherman" by the same author. Agents are
wanted to canvtes for subrcribers, to whom
rare inducements will be given.
The Nation The Naium was establish
ed, now more tliau a year ag!, as an essay
towards creating a higher standard of public
discussion and literary criticism than had
been common, especially in the daily press,
and, while maintaining the fundamental prin
ciples of our republicanism, to be depen
dent of parties and sects of whatever natre.
That it has been successful in this undertak
ing, is proved by the abundant testimony of
the press every where, and by the high rank
which it asiuined almost from the start. The
proprietors are now making an effort to ex
tend their influence not only upon the people
at large, but especially upon the young, and
as an aiixilary in loth cases upon those whose
profession is teaching in the Echoolhouce, the
pulpit, at the bar and in the legislature.
They have therefore determined to offer the
following inducements:
One week after the first of July, 1867, they
will pay a premium of 0e Thoi sind DoL'
labs to the person who shall previous to tbat
date, forward the largest number of subscrib
ers exceeding one hundred, provided that
each subscription shall be for a full year, and
that there shall be at least twenty competi
tors. A commission of fifty cts. on account
will be allowed for each subscriber as for
warded, to be retained by the person sending
the names and subscription price, and the
first ten subscribers will entitle the canvas
ser to a copy of the Xaiion for one year.
The Ration i weekly jourcal containing
iiteiary, artistio and scijntifis inullisjnce,
criticisms of booksj pictures, and music, for
eign ; correspondence, and deliberate corn;
rrents on political and social topics of the
day. t . ' ' . - .
Tresis? Five TVlars per annnm, in ad
vance. A specin.eo number sent gratia on
130 Nassau St., N. Y.
A New Book by Mrs Emma D. B.
N . Southworth. T. B. Peterson A Broth
er, Philadelphia, have in press' and will
publish on Saturday, December 15'h, a new
book by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Soothworth,
entitled The Bride of Llewellyn," which'
will, bey ound all doubtprove to bo tbe most
popular and successful work that has ever
been written by her, for she is beyond all
question tbe most powerful femalo writer in
America, if not in the World. No one ever
read a chapter of one of her Work", without
wishing to read the whole booV,. and none
ever read one of her books without admiring
the rare genius of its author, and wishing
that she might soon write another. Her
scenes are life-pictures, lier' Incidents are
founded on facts,1 and her' sentiments are
characterised by a singular purity both of
conception and expression. .Slie has. the rare
faculty of saying what she means, and of say
ing it in such a manner that her meaning
cannot be misinterpreted. In short she pos
sesses in an eminent degree those qualifica
tions which are the peculiar prerogatives of
a good .writer; and while she delights the
reader's imagination with her descriptive
beauty, she applies home truths lo his under
standing with the force of rational conviction.
The "Bride of Llewellyn" will be welcomed
by all such readers especially; and those
who have never read the works of this gated
woman should hot fail to buy and Vcad this
new novel by this gifted American author-
Crosby Opera House. The time set for
the final award of prizes of the Crosby Op
era Honse Art Association is approaching and
those who intend to subscribe must do it soon
or they will be too late. The engravings,
which are distributed to each subscriber, are
by the best artists and engravers, and the
chances of drawing Fome one of the prizes
in addition make this an opportunity for In
vestment not often given. We ad v ise all our
readeis to call at the office cf W. L. Bctmar
and get full par.iculars of the scheme. Tbe
following card explains itself :
"We, the undersigned, a Committee au-
pointed to conduct the awarding of premi
ums to the members .of the Crobby .Opera
House Art Association, have been author
ized by the management to announce Mon
day, January 2lst, as the time when the fi
nal award of all the premiums shall be made,
without further postponement. , , .
In order that 5lr. Urosby may realize the
full benefit of his enterprise and that the
certificates may he held by bona fide- pur
chasers, and not by him, it is necessary that
the remaining certificates should speedily be
disposed of.
Tbe Committee assure all parties interested
that every care will be taken to secure per
fect fairness in awarding the premiums.
W. F. Coolbrogh, President Nalional Un
oin Bank. . ,
Jas. H. Bowen, President Thiid National
J. C. Dore, President Board of Trade.
James 0. Fargo, Managers American Ex
press. .
Jj. 1. Alunn, iUunn & Scott, tlevalor.; s
J. A. Ellis, President 2d National Bunk.
Clinton Briggs, Ewing, Brings t Co.
E. C. Hall, Hall, Kimbark & Co.
Francis A. Hoffman, E. Lieut. Gov.
Amos T Hall, Treasurer O; B. fc tj. K. It.
Agricultural and Practical.
Horse Stables.
It is a fault with most stables that they are
built for uicn rather than for horses. We
wish to point out two common errors into
which not a few builders are liable to fall, in
constructing stables, especially those upon
farms. The first is in having the doors and
upper floors so low as they generally are. On
account of these low doors, fccrses instinct-,
ively learn to fear them; and they shy, rear
or prance whenever led toward them. ' They
are, also, among the most frequent causes of
poll-evil. The horse when passing through
them, is pither surprised by something it sees
outside of the build'iig, or checked by the
vo ce or gesture of tbe person leading him,
when up goes the head and Clash comes the
poll against the beam of tbe doorway. A
violent bruise often results therelrom, and a
deep seated abcess follows. Low hay-floors
also produce the sime trouble. The sudden
elevation of Ihe bead is, in the hone, ex
pressive of very sudden emotion. This ef
fect is noticed when you enter the stable rap
idly or at an unusual boor. : A sudden noise
will also cause the tame upward niotiun of
tbe bead. With low stables an ii jury to the
horse is almost invariably sure to follow.
Again, the easiest position in which the
horse can stand, is when the hind feet are
higher than the fore feet, or when the floor
ing nf the stall slants in exactly the opposite
direction from what it does in most stables.
This is the other-error, in constructing sta
bles, to which we alluded. Horses at liber
ty in a pasture, invariably stand, when at
esse, with their hind feat elevated somewhat,
and it is almost a wonder that builders have
not improved upon ibis fact before, and adap
ted floors to the wants of the hoise. If the
floor slanted toward the forward feet it would
help to. keep tbe fore-feet free, moist, cool
and healthy, whereas they are now generally
hot full of fever, and require washing with
cool soap suds at least once a r'ay, in order
to be kept in a healthy condition. . This is
not all. Where the floor slants back, the
horse not unfrequently attempts to case the
heavy strain upon the flexor tendons of the
hind legs by hanging back upon the halter.
The pressure upon the seat of poll stops nat
ural circulation, and in time it develops it
self into dcepseated abscess. We would like
to see a stable in which the two wc have
pointed out did not rccur. If the builder
was not satisfied with it we are sure the oc
cupant wonld be, and would repay him by
long years nf good service with unstrained
limbs and a healthy system. Farmer.
; -?4aft 7
Experience of Common Sense.
Experience is an astute teacher, but its
lessons are seldom forgotten. It is said that
it has the extraordinary power of being able
to make fools wise. Every farmer should
keep a regular account of his expenditures
and receipts, that he may be i Ule to tell
whether be has gained or lost by the transac
tions of the year. Farmers seldom succeed
as speculators.- The most sagacious and suc
cessful men "go with the times," and tell
their produce when it is ready for market.
Every kind of grain loses nearly one-fourth
il weight by being .kept till spring. Hay
shrinks enormously, wool considerably. It is
better to do all tbe" marketing inHbe fall and
winter, thai there may not be a loss of mon
ey by shrinkage, and a loss of time in the
spring, when every miuute will be precious,
or ought to be so at least. .
A man may derive much benefit from mak
ing good ose of his eyes. He may see what
a fool he hat been in not doing the right way
instead of endeavoring to make inooey and
time by half measures. ' Mill ons of dollars
are lost annually by a defective system of
husbandry the sou being not properly pre
pared for tbe erops. Immense sums are lost
by sowing deterioatcd seed breeding from
inferior animals wintering stock badly al
lowing stagnant water to poison the soil and
damage wheat, corn, potatoes and other seri
als. Overstocking pastures is another source
of loss to the farmer, for the grass being eaten
too closely, the roots are exposed to the sun,
and become so parched as to be unable to pro
duce a good crop.
Husk Matresses.
Our rural friends are very hospitable.
When we vUitthem, tbey treat us during tie
day with the greatest kindness, but they are
often cruel to us at night, and most always
consign us to a feather bed, in the smother
ing depressions of which we pass a s'eepless
night. Tha' a feather bed is a fit thing to
sleep upon, is an idea rapidly disappearing,
we are happy to say, yet in roauy communi
ties feathers still prevail, and they are looked
upon as silk dresses are, in some measure an
index of Ihe wealth or competence of the
owner. It is quite time, this was changed,
and comfort and health consulted, rather than
show. We aay comfort, for no one, after
having slept for a few weeks on a hard bed,
wonld'willingly return to feathers. Curled
hair makes the very best matresn, but is x
pensive; tbe next best thing is corn husks a
cheap material, and accessible to all. -The
inner husks or shucks as they are called in
some places, allowed to curl up a little, are
often used without preparation. A softer bed
is made by slitting the husks in strips, half
an inch or so in width; a fork may be used
to facilitate stripping. The best husk bed we
ever saw was made from husks of green corn,
shredded by drawing through a flax hatchel.
Husk beds should be opened about once in
six months, the husks shaken out from the
fine particles and dust, besprinkled and al
lowed to lay in tbe sun for a while. Treated
in this way, the husks will be almost as good
as new. Wc give this bint that nt husking
time those who would enjoy the luxury of a
husk bed, may take measures to secure the
necessary material .lyrtmKurMf. :
Apples as an Article of Diet.
Lot every housekeeper. lay in a good
SwpiJy'tfnpefi and it will be the most
econouiToat lhf estinen't 1 iii' the whole
range of cnlimtries. A raw mellow sp
ple tiigesfed 'Ju an hour and a half,
while boiled cabbage requires five honrs.
The inost healthy desert that can be
placed on tbe table, is baked apple. ' If
eaten ! frequently at breakfast, with
coarWbread airtl butter; without meat
or flesh ' of 'any kind, it has an admira
ble ;eirect" on the general system ; often
removing1 constipation, ' correcting ac
idities,' and cooling off ferbile conditions
more effectually than the most approv
ed medicines. If ' families could be
induce to sttbstituta apples, sound and
ripe, for pies, cakes and sweetmeats,
with which their children are too fre
quently stuffed, there would be a dimin
ution m the doctor's bills, in a single
year sufficient to lay in a stock of this
delicious fruit for the whole season's use.
"r How to Rblievb Choked Cattljs.
lliave fattened many cattle on pota
toes, and always feed them whole, and
occasionally one -gets choked. I then
put the animal in a yard, where there
are bars, which I let down, so that she
can jump over, but as high as she will
jump.- 1 tuen placed ner aDout two
rods front the bars, with ner bead to
wards them, and with a good whip,
well applied, 1 run her over the bars, on
the opposite side the potato will fly out
of 'her mouth. I have informed my
neighbors of the remedy, many of whom
have tried it, and . in no. case have I
known a failure.-iturcrt AmericafU
Costiveness or habitual Constipation,
From these omctiona arise many of the ail
ings of man. !
: We hear daily, people complain of head
ache, nervous debillity, e'.c, and generally
the cause of tbe complaint can be traced to
their constipated habits. A temedy for the
core of this trouble is what they want. We
recommend Dr. RobackV Sugar Coated pills
as the best remedy we kuow of. They con
tain do mercury, or other mineral poison, and
act like a charm on the liver aod intestines.
Give them a trial. . - 1-w.
- Herrick Allen's Gold Medal Saleratus is
as healthy as tbe puiest flour; will prove a
great saving in l!:at article; is peculiarly
aday ted to benefit weak stomachs and dys
peptic persons; is much more healthy and
economical thau baking powders, and greatly
preferred to soda to use with cream tartar.
Grocer- may say they have as good. They
are mistaken. It is ihe best in the world.
Try it. Mot of the Grace's have it- Have
the Gold Medal or none.- -
The .War is Over!
Gold has Gone Down!
Have, reduced thePrice
WE ask the Farmers to call and ei
Htning our stock of
Tools and Implements,
which consist in part of
;r Combination Steel Plow,
' Curtis' Iron Beam,
Fostoria Capt Plow,
Corn Plows,
' Shovel Plows, loubl & single
Cnltivatoi-s, . .
Road Scrapers,
Corn Shellers, iron and wood,
. Straw Cutters,
Horse Rakes,
' Horse Forks,
Hoes and Forks,
- Rakes and Scythes,
Grain Cradles,
Scythe Sticks and Stones,
Shovels and Spades,
. Wheelbarrows,
Churns, Tubs, Pails, Brooms,
" Clothes' Wringers,
Spinning Wheels and Reels,
. Sheep Shears & Wool Twine,
Land Plaster,
' Water Lime,
Stucco, &c, &o, &c.
Together with a complete stock of
. Naik
House and Barn Trimmings,
Builders' fc Farmera' Hai-dware,
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware,
i AU of which we slier st
Prices which defy Competition!
Moav cv and Ucapcr
. Cider Milk
. Buckeye Wood Sawing Ma
. Fairbanks' Scales,
Our Tin Shop,
Is in order, and will fill your orders
with despatch.
Fremont, Mav 18, IP 63.
Pise's Cure for Consumption,
YOU HAVE Consumption, try it
If you have a Cough, try it.
If you have Lung or Throat Disease, try it.
If yon have anyoflbe tytnptoiriB of this
dreadful liseH- Jo not fail to try this
remedy. If ildoes you no good your money
will be refunded as feet forth in the circular
which accompanies f-ach bottle.
Sold by DR. J. W. G00DS0NA SON,
Bellevue, Ohio.
Fremont, Ohio.
Lake Erie k Louisville Railroad.
ON and after Tnfsdsr, Ifcw. 20th, 1846, trains will
-ra dsi'.r, (SuDda rs excepted.) ss follows:
Lean Fremont, al.-.. 1 K'olosk, P. M -.
" WtnUrs,... 218 '
Kansas, 2 8.1 m
Amsden, 2.4s .
JacksOBk.. 2 66 M
Bwh Fostorla.......... 114 - ' "
LaTe Foitoria 328
Arasd' 3M ' '
Irrlrs st rtndU, 430 . .
Lmts rindlsy, at 7.31 o'clock A s
Areadti, SOS
A.rrWsst Fostnria, .. 8 30 m
Lmt sostor!a. ...... 8 46
M Jaakaoa. ........ SOS
" Amsdsn,.... ...... 9. IS . ,
Kansas, . 9 2H m
" Winters . S4S .
Arrtvsat frsmont, 10 16 .
Framont, ;Vot isss.
Trains only stoponsignsl. -
Trains laavn Fremont In tha morning. aCsrlhsar
rtral of Trains from Clereland and Toledo, and sr.
rim st Fremont in tbs aftarooonln time to eonnort
with Trains on the Clereland & Toledo Rjll Road both
astand West.
Passengers er this line reach Flndiaj several aosrs
In adrac c of any other ronte.
Bnj Tickets, via Fremont, in Cleveland and Tole
do, at lh Ticket OMoes of the Clevelsnd and Toledo
L. Q. RAWSON. Sns't.
aud Net Kuglaud Cities.
Dnnklrk to New York 460 iVilen,
Buffalo to New York 423 Mile,
Salamanca lo New Yoik 41a Fiuea,
. a.xd is raoa
tW 22 to 27 mitts TUJf SHORTEST
ROUTE. - . -
All trains ran f?irMlw Ihmn.l. v .u
460 ariss,stiMewi dkjt of Vcktt. '
From and after Nov. 19th, 1868. Trains will' leave
in conception wiw ius estorn lines, as follows:
Bj new 1 01 nmeirom union irepots: -
8.00 A. M. tfem York Dm Ezxrcu, from Salamen
en. Uailv, (except sunaavs.j intersects nt Bor
nellsvillewith the 6 30 A. St. Oar Express from
and arrives in Mew York at 10.30 P. K. Buffalo,
7.10 A. Af. Expram Mail, from Dunkirk, Dailv
(except troncays). :-tops at Salamanca 9.40
A. M-, and connects at rJornellsville SLd
with theUorning a 30 A H. Kiprrss Hail from
BnBalo,and arrives in nvm 1 ork st 7.00 A. M.
4.15 P. M. Stto rorkirifklEzprett, from Dunkirk
Daily (except sunders). (Stops at Salamanca
66. P. at., and arrives in New York at 12.30 P.
M- onnecting with Afternoon Trains anj
Steamers for Boston snd New England Cities.
FROM BUFFALO By New LTork time from
Depot Lor. czensoge and eiiclrgao. streets.
6.30 A. M. yet tork Duf Erpren (Snndrivs bx-
cepteaj. Amies in new lortst iu.au Jr. M.
Connects at Orest Bend with tbe Dels ware,
Lackawanoaand Western Railroed tot Pfatla.
delpbia. B4ltimore, Washingt.-n,acdal!p"iJita
8.30 A. M.Earut Moil via Aeon aod Home 1 If
Tllle (UsiiT.exreptsanrlajs). Amres mNew
York at 700. A.M. Connects at Klmirawith
Williamsport A Elmtra Kailroad for Harris
burgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington
ana points soma.
8.30 P. M. Lightning Ezmrut, ganders excepted.
stops for wood and water onir, and arriees in
New York 7.00 A. M. Connectsat Jerser L'itj
with Morning Express Train a' New j-.rsej
Railroad for Baltimore and Washington, and
at New York wt'h Morning Kiprers Train for
if OS ton ana newangianauities.
6.10 P. Af. He York Higkt Eiprtt, Daitf. Con.
neera at uorDeiiaviue wim tneeiAr. M. train
from Dunkirk, aad arrlres ia Nsw York at 12 30
r M. Also oonnectsat Klmira for Harrlsburg,
Philadelphia and Smth.
11.20 P. AT- C'ii Ezpreu, Dailr Except
BnnasTSi. Am res in Mew York at 3 49 P.M.
Connects at Oreat Bend with Delaware, Laeaa
wanna At Western Railroad, and at New York
wltn Alternoon Trainssnd ftteamers for Boa-
ton and New New England eties.
Onlr One Trsin East on stoocar. learinsr Buffs.
lo at 6.1S P. M., and reaching New York at 12.30 P. U.
Boston and New England rasseroers, with their
Baggage, are transienra rec oj ctmrgt in New York.
Sjccompan all night trains on this rail war.
Bai-iace checked through and fare always aa low
as oy anj rtuer riouie .
r" Atk lor Ticktlt sio Erie Roi'teoo. which ran
beobtaioed at all Princiral Ticket Cffices in the West
Gen lsnp't. tien'l Past. Ag-nt
years of experience and trial, have
proven to be the be.t remedy extant
lor sll complaints where a tonic and
stimulant are required. They never
mil io strongmen ine wchk, impart
vigor tn the strong, aud in nil respects
restore shattered and broken-down
constitiitioq. Ho remedy wis been
received with as much favor as Ro
sack's Stomach Bitters. In Chicago
VKR 50.0OO bottles uere foI.l l-y ont
dri-hottde in the j-ast var. It iV ici
mitled by otir moM lenrneti pttVMicttttu
TEKS romtiine tlie pni?fties n.' .
gentle Inxati??, nn efficient unti-bilioiij
gent aurl the b?M ttom.'U:I.ic known to
th worid. ROBACK'sS WTTEllS ehould
be u?ed by con I events to strengthen
tbe prostration which ftlwa? follows acute
diB.it. Id the
II.IOL'S ilisincts of the West sud
Sutti there liae, fr a lMr time, heen
miH-ti needed an arlicle of STOMAI.'H
UirrKKS, Khich. if taken in projwr
uiuilities, and at tlie proper time, are
a sure preventive of llilious Kfior,
Keier and Aue, l.iver Oniplsint, 1';
epMn, IndigesUnn, Jaundice. Kidney
Complaint, Snd all diseases of similar
nature; and are better as a preventive
for bilious derangement, tTt4ating
ND treni;Ui?nin2 the rMeni, And irv
inj tone to Utt J.tstiv orp:m!, thrin
mxiy cthr known remedy. Xow th.it
thenar ie over, there will UionHflnds
seeking homes in the South. No per
son who rallies his lifeshould go there
i.hnnt haTirg conslHnUy t hnnd (he
l.fT'J'KKS, iw aalP2it!ird ajiiint epi
ilniN: and maladies nngemlered by mi
tim and polluted WHter. Travelers
nd nil residentt of the rank river-bottom
Ol'NTlKS of the West and South, and
the rnller of the Mississippi ant it
rihut;ines, should proviile llietnsehva
will, the BITTERS. Tbere is proboMy
n one diheae with which mankind are
afflicted which is the source of ho nmny
mltneiits as dyspepsia, or as It is more
common! j called Sour Stomach and
there is no more certain remedy than
K'b)H'k Stomach Bitters. They are
serer knorm o fiul.
IXC CHOIsERA has Alwnya been
miH'h diedcd by Ihe public, and
peo4e hare remrted to all manner
ol" medteines to arrest the process,
but with little siKt-e-s. A sure cure
and prerentire ia to be (bund in the
iie nf Tt. ROHACK'S irCANMNA
MAN KKMKI-IKS. Keep the bowel
oHn with the Pills, snd .nviu'-'nite the
sttui t ln-e m-e o the fror!in'!i
Hrtrprs. or, ii the blfo.l be thin, use the
run her.
I'e II n inTslualjle remedy should be
kept tn every minify. Keep the aystcro
in lull viiror and nothing ia to he feared
fm diseHfe or cholera. THE OLD
KKI.1ABI.H. lo not be deceived by
purchaaing aoy of the qunck nostrums
under the rations namea of Hitlers.
Purchase none other but Dr. RO BACK'S
P'l'OMACI! BITTKRS, which are com
poi.nded of the purest drugs, and in
which ihe i Hie ted can rely.
iScccewon to C W. Rcback,)
,Vo. ns, nn, no mid fast Third Street,
Are Sold by all Druggists and
Dealers in Patent Medicines
Wonderful butTrue. Madsme Rminftont
the world renownrd Astroloistand Aomcambrjlistic!
While in a Clairroyant state, delineates tbe Tery fea-
tnrei of tha pe son yoo are to marry, and or the aid
f ao instrument f iuteose power, known a the lYr
chomo trope, rnarants to prodacr m perfect and life-
likepictare of tha future huhbaod or wife tf the ap
pHoant, wlh date of mrrih(ce, occupaHoo, leatKag
traits of ebaractar, ska. This ia ne imioeition, aa tea-
tamooiali withootnumDercanaihert. By Stat in j piaoa
of birthTKe. (iispoition,eolor of eym aad hiir,Dd
enclosing fifty cents, and stamped envelopeadtlrsiised
to yoarHit. yoa win reoeiT me picture oy return
mail, together with desired intimation. Add renin
confidence, aUDAi Gsrthvu RuciJiOTOjr. P.O. Bo
SfT WsitTroy,N. T. 3J.
i',!t.i(i. Xs. !' . '- ' i, ;.
Dangerous & Loathsome Disease
'. " ' - WHEN IT
Can be Cured !
radicated from the System
Caless cheeked la Its Ibeiplsat stages.
"; fe T-MeJ if 'Diiecliacs are toed.
' '
.' " '
' - . i
Re'leTel in a Few Minutes.
Caused by eH'osive ecretien.
Tsu'ed hj Catarrhal aOee'lons.
- ' .Wfaest lrsAtaftlordoatroyed.
When caused by Catarrhal dlffieoltie. A liar eared
- by inia rcBMiry.
Throat Affections
Are ipo re t-qaeotlT than othewiM eannedbya
thivk, alimr macoaa, falling (mm the hal, enpeciald
ly during the night, ami reuniting Croao Catanb.aa-
Dr. Scclyc's
CAT A ililll
pto yi 9
. The sytrptomn of Catarrh are at first very slight.
Peraona 14 thej have a cold, th.t th-y have fre-
qarnt aitackaaod nrm more senmUYetolne chang
of Umperatara. iathiseondltion the noee mar be
r, or a alltbt diacbage, thin and acrid, afterwards
thick an iiuih-atTe, may eoRue.
Aa the disease beomea chronic, the discharges are
increased in quantity and chaogad in quality; they
are now thick and bearj, aod are hawked or coughed
off. The eeerettons are ofJeaiire, eancing m bad
breath; the aenae of smell is lessened or destroyed:
dea nsa rreqnently takes place
Another common and important symptom of Cat
arrh ia thtt the person is obl'gd to clear hta throat
in the morning of a sllcfc or slimy mucosa, whleh
has fallea from the head doling the nivbt. When
this takes place, the person may be sore thathia dia
aaae ia on ito way to the laoga,and should Iooee no
time in arreating it.
The above are bat a few of the many Catarrhal
symptoms.' Write to oar Laboratory for oar pam
blrletdeaerihlngfallTaUsTmptoaja; it will be sent
it EE to any aid re us. Also directions where to
procure tbe medicine.
We are receiving letters from all part of tho Un
ion, and also anmerons teatimooiala from those mnng
it, bearing the evidence of its infallible mehta.
gjr This remedy conta na ne Bumrl or fiamtm
iugrtditmtt, bat is pnpred from vegetable extracts
exclutiwtiif; therefore U is perfectly kmrmiut even
to the moat tender and delicate child.
Ca er Cassrr Remedy, aud take no
otner. ir not sold oy arargiats in your vieiniry, they
will order it for yoa. Price $2.00 per bottle.
All pereons suffering with any alfMtioo of the
H9d, Throat or Lanes, shoal 4 write at once fnr oar
phamphiet fully describing all, symptom pertaining
iu lav mu itv uiMim,
It will be sent free to aay addrese.
Dr. V. IL SEEL YE d- Co.,
Eo'd bj Wholesale and Retail Druggists.
John ! Park, Clneianatl, Ohio; Fuller, Finch A
Fuller. Chirafo, IU; Rernhsss k Van 8ebaach,Chi
rro,IM; lleaias Barns a; Co, X-w York; D Ransom
ft Co. BnsTalo fit Y: Farraad. ?helev ft Co. Detroit.
Mich; Weeks ft Potter, Boston, Msss; Freceh Rieh
sris ft Co, Philsdelpbta. Pa: R R Sellers ft Co. I'itts
hargh. Pa; Collina bro's, 8t Loois, Mo; Bamee,
Ward ft Co. New Orleans, l.a; R A Robinson ft Co,
LonisrilleKr; Biglev ft Bro, Msmpbis, Teen; P S
Depuj, Riehmoad, a; Thompssa ft Block, Balti
more, lid; Deiter ft Nellsger, Albany, N T ; Str&ng ft
Armstrony, Clerclaad, Ohio; Was Jehestos, Csboit
ico; wiiaoarswrs m vo. usiitiiis.sj.
iqrQijc Gciflpi,
Home Insurance Co.,
33th btmi-Jnnual Stattment,$h6ujing the con-e
mition oj int company C mm 13
dayef JWy, 1866.
Cask Capital, 2,000, OOO, OO
Asteti, 3,596,923,00
Iiiabilillei, - 130,385,13
A vrv Urae per ess tot tbe assets of ta Compa
ny consist in Boa4 and Mortfageaand United States
This Compsnr by Iu sfflelenl .neers aad inea at
home, aad )U aaetits ab:estd. aas bai:t ss aa errssff.
sation ssesaa' te mono In the Untied Stole tor ttt-
iam.wt and RaLianiLiTT.
All persons se.kinc lnsuraoe. shoaIr rsmsaaser
the Home, ef New York.
uuisi.nr. MAKTiji.rresweaT,
A. F. WlUf ARTH, Vice Frewidefft.
Jobs Hi.'fiaa.tleeretary.
I. B. Waaaacaa. Asst. 8ee'y.
K. W. B. neLEIXAX. AR.nt.
rremonl, aaf. 10. IMS.
iKiji IjfeiicTiie?.
Cr.v-headcd Peonle) bar. their locks re
stored Bj it to the dork, luotronm, tilkeu mto ot
voutb.and are bappjl
1 OC1 tl S reopw, who ijr', Mcavr rm nw,jHn
these unfashionable colors ebaaged to. beautiful
aubora and rsjoicet
People whose heads are oorersd with Vondrof
and Manors, ase It, aad have clean coats aad clear
and healthy aealpsl
Ualdaeadea veieraua save iDsirreroain
ing loeastigbtened, aud the bare spots covered with
a loxariant growth ef Hair, aad daaos for jo, I
Young Soatlemea ase it because It is richly perfu
Young Ladies use it because it kseps their Hair
la placet
Everybody arast and wilt use it, bees ase it is ti
clsaasst and test article lo the market.
For Sal. by DOOLSY ft BROS., wnousis
Agents, Toledo, O.. aad 8.BCCKLANZ ft SONS aad
K. 1LLON SON, Fremont, aad Dragiists gea-
This is tha Cora tbat lay
In tha Aacbbosxa that Ring
jm-f lnis is in. Jinn wno vns Daia aim
T erne.
Wlio now has raven Ineks, they say.
lie used the Cure that lav
A la tha AllSIUHIA that Uner tnaln
This ia tha Maiden, handsome ant
Who married the man oo.ee bald ana
Who now has ravea- locks, they say.
Jji lie used tbo Ambrosia that King
This fa tlie Parson, Tvhrt. by the way:
!at ricd the laaMlen, uandsoma aaW
To the man once bald and my.
But who now lias raven socks, the
Because he need the Cure that lay
In the Ambrosia that King made.
Tliis is the Bell that rinra s
i To srouse the people saa aihl jr.ir
1 1 mo tins Isct, which neredeea Liy
If tfm would not be ootid or yratt,
i Use tho Amb&oua that Kuig Maes-'
L H.TU3B3 & CO., Ppow.rrnps, Pir-sow, KV
vTsmatsd hi cases of Bnenmsrlsm, Maataltja, li ulssa
or Pains.
The Best and Cheapest Horse and Cattle
Medicine In the World!
trod throughout tht Cmilod Slate "nut Can
a das during tkt tail 93 jrar.
Tor tha core of tire varlrma niaaMea to which,
HorNea and Cattle are subject; each aa
Founder, Distemper, Hide Boond, Losa of
Arpetlte.Inwnnl Btrnlns. Yellow Water.
. f istula, Poll Evil, Bcrntcne or
Grease, Manga, Inflammation of tbo
Eysa, and Fat lira e from Hard Labor;
also, Rlienmailam, (oommouly cailed
Btlff eomplaintk which proven mtai to
to many valuable Horaea In tnhi eoontrs
Bat tba largaat aaJa of any Harm aad Cattla Matttctft
ra thfa country. It la compoaad of berba and roota, aod
for nildmM, Mtiaty, certainty and UMroagbaeaa, atudw
ra-rarnBUr at tba bead of tha lift of Hotm urf
CmU Mtdicimea.
1 1 carrlea off all groaa hamora, rerata horaea from
becomiD( atlff or foomUrin pari 11 e tbo blood, loasMntv
tbo akin, aad givee It a amootb and groeny appeorancev,
deanaea tho water aod etreogthene ovary i-rt of tlo
aody. It la also a aalo aod eertala roraedv r eoagho
wd oolda, whleb geaerato ao Bany fetal diaoaaoa.
Tb. Cow reoalres to beSBpelled with an sbnrrdaoeeol
feed not U mak. her tt this Is not eeslraWe, bat to
keep up a regular secretioa of milk, aad all owners ef
sows will ind by giving tbeaa
BZiOAzrs coivDTrzoif rowssBa
twice a week, a burg. Increase In quantity and .naUtw
of milk and cream. It carries off all fever aad tss.
parities of tlis blood. Tlie effsstie sew tbroughoasth
season by a rich and abundant flew ef milk.
The farmer Is keglunlDg to be aware of tb. valuable
propertfea of SloanV Vomui sMeas IWtfw, in pre
meting tbe condition ef bis sbse. and preventing ssaaj
sf th. duwaaes of all tbe dosiestiratsd aalasala.
aTA flfly cent wckag. of Momn'0 Conditio
Powder put into a barrel of swill Is better than two
bushels of corn to fettea a hog, and is a certain pre
ventlv. of Hog Cholera, Blind Staggers, aad ether
(liii.ni. common among hogs.
ISA UTIOy. To protect ourselves and tbe pnbHe
from being Imposed upon by worthless imitations, the.
gen sins will bear tbe Sue nmii signatnn ef tb. Pro.
pri Scots oa th. wrappw.
Ear Sals by Druggists and Merchants every. her.
Bole Proprietors, Cbioago, HL
t. a tawsr MM.
28 yl Fremont.
"NighJ Blowusiac C era sls.
"Night Blaeaaisig f'ereaa.'
" Nifht Blow Bairns; Cereaa.1
"ibt Blaasaiisis OressJ
uNiSht BlMiasisisj Cerewa.1
A most exquisite, delicate, and Fragrant Perfume
luti led from tbe rare and beantiul flower fro.
a men it wee ns i
Manufactured only by
PnALO.Y &. tfOX, New Yark.
R.-c imuirnded for lh treatment of P v spepsta, lorii
rest'on, Oj.ne'al leiiiity. snd Fver and Ague.ao!
war ranted to cue. Invend bv Pr . C. Spurn.
It is aTegaijtble compound of thrto distinctartie
fes, and is spproved s-d prescribe! by tbe Belies!
profeMien. A pbysiciaa who hss made n. of it ia
bis practice ssys It is bsrmless, ekile it ispolent;
nor does it, as Is the case with many medirinrs, leave
a skat tared constitution ia bis track." SoU bv all
0HR1N k C0.,8ols Proprietors,
lOfl-J 8fiU(la)d, Macs. '
'Psaari f
I t
i "
- W"-"'V

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