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S'SFSS?? Editor
A. O. WILCOX. ("a"0
FRIDAY, ..... HI ARCH 22, 1867.
"., Election ilrtt Monday in ApriL
- For Mayor,
. For City Marshal,
For City Solicitor,
:. WAall OKFICK."
" - Ftr Word
Tnulmf L.ATT BRl'SH, D.BKTT8.
iaimiwJOaK TAYLOR. '
: Second VTarrf.
Trmteu-W. I. KELLET, J.D.tiBIFFIN.
' nird - llVrvf. '
The City Ticket.
In our local columns we publish full
proceedings of the Union 'VVard Meet
ings and the City Convention . which
noBiiDated candidates for the office to
be filled at the coming election. It is
a noteworthy fact, and "a happy omen
or the success of onr ticket, that entire
harmony and unanimity prevailed in
those meetings as well as among the
Union voters of the city. The ticket at
the head. of our columns was selected
after a general and careful canvass, and
is oomposed of men in whose hands the
interest of the city wiil be well served.
The nominees for both City and Ward
offices are old citizen!1, well known and
esteemed in the. community.
"With proper effort on' the part of
the Union voters with a continuance
of the same zeal, and earnestness, and
harmony which have marked the can
vass so far, the entire Union Ticket can '
and will be triumphantly elected on the
first Monday in ' Apr! We need to
work for the whole ticket, steadily
Mid in concert, and we shall succeed.
The Spring Election.
We reprint .. from the Cleveland
Leader of Monday last the following
article, giving an extract or two from a
xecret eircvlar lately issued by. the cop
perhead State Sentral Committee, and
invite for .it the attentive pursual of our
"ATery ' large number of township
and municipal elections take . place in
thisJ3tie on the fint Monday 4n April
next. Tho importance of these elec
tion,' in regard not only to the intrinsic
value of. the offices to be filled, but to
their influence inthe political . cam
paigns of the summer and autumn, is
fully appreciated by the -Democratic
jarty, if not by our own. Tho 'Demo
cratic State Central Committee' have
issifed a secret circular to the faithful
of Ohio, of which the" following is the
opening paragraph :'
"It is of 4be first importance that the
Democratic . party should polK on tlie first
3Iouday ia April, as larga a vote as possible.
Tbe larger Uiia rote, the more productive of
fcood it will bs. If we ,caa secure larger
majorities ia those cities and towns in which
we hid majortiea last fall, and if we can re
duce the majorities of Ihe Republicans in
those cities and towns in which they had
majorities at the same time, it will give in
spiration to our friundi all over the (State
an inspiration that will prompt - such rigor.
ii3 action as to render our success at the
election in October probable. This consid
eration of itself should excite stirring efforts
at the April election on the part of Demo
crats." . . ..;
And this the concluding paragraph :
"We respeclfullyajdt you to communicate
with your committeemen," your clubs, if you
tare one. and with (he tctive Democrats
throughout your county, and prevail upon
them to see that good township, town and
city tickets are put in nomination, and sup
ported with all the vigor and strength pos
ible. You will also oblige us by commu
nicating to us the result of the election in
the respective townships, giving the com
. parative gain or lo on. the election of last
falL Allow os to remind you that with a
iew to success in the spring elections yon
will be greatly aided by activity in organiz
ing clubs, a heretofore reccoimended by
the Executive Committee.-" . ,-.
We hope that the Republican Union
organization is not above taking a leeson
from its opponents. Important aa these
. elections' always are, they, are doubly
important at the present.juncture of af
fairs! The Republican, party has, by
its recent action in Congress, declared
in favor of Equal Suffrage This is a
great," a noble advance, and the people
should demonstrate that they will sua
tain it.. The Democrats are already
bernnnine to make this the issue as far
as they can, and should the election re
suit in Democratic success or Demo
cratic gains it . will be received as a
popular repudiation of Equal- buttrage.
A question of principle, therefore, and
not mereiv 01 owce wra uuiwuunnug,
is involved in this result; and this fact
should draw forth not only the votes
but the earnest and persistent labors of
a class of men who usually refuse to
meddle- in "ward polities." Every
real friend of human rights should feel
fcimself personally appealed to, to enter
iDto this election with as much earnest
ness and vigor as if the Presidency de
pended on it. Work, and that ouly, will
ensure us success. '. The Democrats are
now organizing ward dubs in advance
of the nominations and if they are to
be defeated we can not afford to be less
active and energetic than they.
The New Senator from Maryland.
The Maryland Legislature has filled
the vacancy occasioned by the resigna
tion of Governor Swann, Senator elect,
ly the choice of Phillip Francis Thomas,
an ex-Governor, ex-Congressman, ex
Judge, and a life-long Democrat of the'
deepest dyer He was Conrmiesionerof
Patents under Preident Buchanan and
when Howell Cobb resigned his office as
Secretary of the i .treasury, inatposiuon
svas civeo to Thomas who held it for a
short time nd then retired to private
life. - -
He was a member of the present lower
bouse of the Maryland. Legislature and
wasl chairman of the committee of ways
. mi -. ' .
and means. Krancis i nomas, uic.r-
w r the aaiae family, isteo ex-Cover-
rr nd a member of the Fortieth. Cob-
greas ftoin Marylarkl, .but, unlike -the
A New Postmaster in Fremont.
Citpt. H skev W. 3BrcsLASD,a soldier
and a Republican of the straighten
sect, has been appointed and confirmed
as Postmaster of Fremont, yice II.',
n e - V ' H
. otiuatu. return eu.
"Ever and ever as round we run, ever
the right comes uppermost,- aotever is
justice done." Mr.-Fn;oMO isone of
those Republicans .who ."swung
around the circle" with A. Johnson,
and for awhile laid the Haltering unction
to his soul that his " holt" on the post
office was' secure: biit the "RjCdfT went
for him," andFhe"gave'itap7,,i
We trust he will now . return to his
original place in the ranks, and hereafter
"keep step to the music of the Union."
He got switched off on the wrong track,
and had a collision, but there's time
enough to repair damages.
- Capt Bcckland will, take jwssession
of the office as soon as his comtuitsion
arrives.- He received the dispatch in
forming him of . his appointment last
Wednesday forenoon.
Important Railroad Arangement.
A contract has been made between
the officers of the Cincinnati, Hamilton
t Dayton and Ciucinati, Dayton and
Estern Rail Road Companies, whereby
is granted to the latter a perpetual
"basement" of the road-bed track,
structures and fixtures of the former
except the Depot grounds at Cincinnati.
In addition to the right of running its
own trains over the track, tho Com
pany are authorized perpetually, to man
the trains of any other road with which
they now or "may hcrrafter "connect.'
The price anunally paid for these privi
leges is $130,000, and the proportion of
expenses arid repairs. For running the
trains of any other road over the track
$10, 000,'addition.il is to be paid an
unally the rental not to exceed 0150,000
in any case This-new. arangement
will go iuto effect directly, upon the rat
ification of the contract with the stock
holders in May." This arragement is
regarded by railroad men as the most
important that has been effected in Ohio
for some time, and it wilfproe of a
great advantage to both , .companies.
The War of Races.
The "war of races" which the De
mocracy ha$ foretold would begin when
ever the "nitrarers" of the South were ad
mitted to the ballot-box ought by good
rights to begin now. But the present
signs of the times seem to indicate that
instead of preparing for th e slaughter,
the leaden of the Democratic party,
north aud "south, are .considering how
they can best get control .of, or at least
divide and neutral'a the negro vote.
The New York World, the organ of
Copperheadism East, after advising the
South to accept the situation tinder the
Reconstruction act, savs : -
"In the interior of the South the n
frroes will-be brought into contact only
with Conservative influence, ana mm
teMDbranf 'inability to read render's thein
imj)ervivus to Radical appeals through, tlie
yr.' . J is" a conriihoit rT i'lniyn
which otifffit to be improved while it last?.
If the South will promptly accept -the
situation, take the L-elm of thenero
vote and steer it, the Radicals wijl have
to paddle their own canoe without black
assistance. ' - ' -
. The following appointment of depart
mental comm'ahdeis'hasi'eeh made by
the President: 1st District, fetate of
Virginia, Brevet Major : General Scho--field,
with headquarters at Richmond ;
2d District, North and South Carolina,
Major Genera" Sickles, headquarters at
Columbia; 31 District, Georgia, Florida
and Alabama, General G..H. Thomas,
headquarters at Montgomery ;.4lh Dis
trict, Mississippi aud Arkansas, Urevet
Major General .Ord, headquarters at
Vicksburg ; 5th District," Louisiana and
Texas, Major Geueral Sheridan,' head
quarters at New Orleans.
: Probably no Convention" was ever
held that nominated' a tickx-t , which
pleased every member of the. Jfarty,
But when the success of the Union or
ganization is desired above and beyond
all personal considerations,, individual
objections and private prejudices are
laid aside. In some caes this is difficult
to do; and the more difficult it is, the
more clearly'does it show 'a magnani-
mous spirit ana a temper iuai win iinauy
conquer all opposition. ,
At no time within the past ten years,
in the month of March, has the wheat
crop given such decided promise of
abundant harvest as at the present time.
Country exchanges are all of the eame
opinion on this subject. ' ' .
The Franking Privilege.
Le Blond, the Copperhead ex-Congressman
from Mercer county, was one
of the strongest advocates of the aboli
tion of the franking privilege He was
during the last days of his term engaged
in franking 'ottory circulars for some
swindling concern in Washington. O,
consistency I
Surratt's trial is rrobably deferred to
The Empress Carlotta, wife of Maximilian
is entirely restored to health.
There is some pfospect that Jenny Lind
will again visit this country. ' .
Robert Lincoln, Eq., oii of the late Pres
ident, has opened a law oilioe in Chicago.
' ltisturi is said to have made forty thou
Hand dollars by twelve representations given
at Xew Orleans.
General Sbofield has issued an order prj-
hibiting the whipping ' of suy person for
crime, in Virginia.
The gossiping Washington letters of the
New York Tribune- are written by Mrs.
Lucia Gilbert Calhoun. .
A rumor prevails in London that Sir Bul
werLylton is Boon to be maivK-d again, in
spite of his advanced, years. ... .....
Rev.. Henry -Ward Peecher.aud family
have joined Captain Dunjcan's. excursion
to the Holy Land to sail from New York in
June next. i -'.',
Dr. Jayne, of "Expaclorant'! notoriety, left
two millions of property. His widow is said
to be about marrying a wealthy young man
of New Jersey.
Mr. McDouga,- of California, who lia fig
ured so conspicuously in.the United States
Senate during the past six years, gives place
to a obr man.. - -.. . -
The Senate lia-i onnfiiuied the noruination-
of Henry Barnard, of Connecticut, '"e Com
miaaioner of the new Department of Kduca-
("It in said that Maximilian will expose
the rchenics of Napoleon against the United
state. -; y. ' :i
tTWednefdavoriaat week waa the eolaes
day of the seamn in St. Paul, Minn. The
mercury wai 35 below aero.
J'The Board - of Organization of the
State Agricultural Society have fixed the
Slate Fair at Dayton on the l.'rtb, 16tb, 17th,
and 18th, of October. -
t"A slave in Brazil has carved a statue
Cupid for which he has won tho national
medal for the best work of sculpture and re
ceived his liberty."" " '
3T A Chicago citerer ha put cooking
ranges into the sleeping cars that run out of
that city, so that passengers may have a
warm breakfast without leaving the cars,
A fire broke out in Warren, Trum
bull County, at 3 o'clock, A. M., Monday
destroying the Learn cabinet manufactory
occupied by Truesdell A Townsend. Loss
20,01)0. The fire was the work of an incen
diary. EST A dispatch from Memphii states that
Friar's Point, Miss., the river is six inches
higher than ever before known. The flood
extends back to the hills, a distance of thirty
mill: . The people are very much dis
heartened. IS The impeachment and removal of
Smythe, the New York Collector, is fore
shadowed from Washington. It is alao inti
mated that these corruptions will furnish a
new and effective weapon against a still
higher efficer.'
fDiptheria in an epidemic and milig
nant form has appeared in the Deaf and Dumb
Asylum at Columbuo. None of the cases
had proved fatal out measure were being
taken to disperse the pupils and temporarily
clone the iusUtutiou.
U"The Lifayetls (Ind.) Conritr say s
is reported that a diamond of immense
value waa found in Tippecanoe River, near
Monticello, on Monday. The value of the
precious stone wa first estimated at $250,
000. Subsequent investigation reduced it to
$25,01)0, and a later and more scientific ob.
servalion places the figures at $16,300." '
Jg-The Athens, O., MtSHngetBnjn that a
veritable catamount was' shot in that conn
try a few days ago. 'It was about four feet
long and twenty -two inches high, and mouse
colored. It waa brought to bay by dogs J
two balls" were pot through it. Some of
leaps are said to have been not less than
feet. The animal has been seen in the
neighborhood at intervals for twelve years.
3General Schofield has issued an order
assuming command of Virginia. He cays
officers under the existing provisional
government will continue to exercise their
respective fuuetions until theirsnccessors are
elected. He says it is desireable that the
mili ary power be exercised as modtrate'y aa
possible, and requires of all concerned an
obedience to law aud impartial administra
tion( of justice.
3fA murderous riot between aoldiers
and citizens, occurred in Carlisle, Penn., on
Fridiy eveuing. Two-soldiers being set up
on iu town by two citizens they retreated to
garrison aud returned with about fifty
comrades who opened fire immediately upon
the citizens' standing near the court house.
They returned the fire and a general riot en
kued. A number of citizens were wounded
some fatally and two soldiers were hurt
&St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in
New York and Brooklyn with an unusual
display. . Fire thousand men paraded, head
ed by the 119th Reg't.' Forty-four bands of
music were in the procession. Everything
parsed off pleasantly with the exception of a
riot in the afternoon, which wa promptly
suppressed by the police and the Irish lead
ers. A later dispach gives details of the
riot,whichrese from a fierce attack made by
aomc of the procession upon a truckman who
imped,ed.t'ieir passage. The police in pro
tecting the truckman , were assailed by the
Irish, and reinforcements arriving the melee
became general. Weapons of all descrip
tions were nsed, aud a large number were in
jured. Seventeen policemen were wound
ed. ... .- , .. .;
How the South Should Look
at it.
.The southern politicians are casting about
for Borne meaus of preventing the enforce
ment of the reconstruction bill. Some scold
the President for not dfeating the bill by
retaining it till tho thirty-ninth Congress
bad expired, which is unreasonable enough,
for the same bill in substance could have been
parsed by the present Congress. Others go
so far as to abuse the President for patting
the act iu force, declaring it his duty to resist
and obstruct it by every means in his power
which only shows how little knowledge they
have of the powers and duties of the Presi
deut under, the Constitution. Another class
are seeking legal meaus of obstruction to the
bill.. Admitting that there is a chance that
the supreme caurt will decide some provis
ions of the Sherman bill unconstitutional,
what will the people of the South gain by it?
I reconstruction under this bill is defeated,
what bet'.ei can they hope for is the future?
The most sagacious arpeng them must see
that there can b; no permanent settlement
until equal suffrage is conceded. It is con
lemptible for States to demand this of the
South while refusing the suffrage to their
own colored citizens, but nevertheless it ia
insisted upon, and the popular demand at lha
North for this condition cf settlement is con?
tinually strengthening. In fact it is the sole
condition about which there is an approach
to unanimity among our people. Those who
dsmand the disfranchisement of former rebels
confiscation, and other retributive measures,
are comparatively few, and the danger that
of these measures will prevail lies solely
the rejection by the South of the one es
sential condition of re-uuion, equal suffrage.
This being the true position of the ques
tion at the present moment, the South should
make haste to reconstruct and reanme its
place in the Union. Indeed if Congress
passes a supplementary reconstruction bill,
it is nearly certain to d , the ten States
will be reconstructed, whether the present
voters co-operate or not. The excluded
States cannot be admitted to Congress till
body is satisfied with the political con
dition of the South, and if there were any
prospect of a change of opinion in the North
on this aubject, as there is not, it would not
make itself felt in Congress for the next two
yearn. Practically, therefore, the whoU
matter , is' fixed beyond hope of change.
Clearly the South must reconstruct with
equal suffrage, and resume its place in the
Union; then. if it still thinks it has wrongs
to complain of, it will have th esame oppor
tunities with the other States to seek redress,
But by' that time it will have beeome used to
equal suffrage, and like it, and will be glad
to forget the errors of the past its own and
those it now attributes to the North. The
rebellion was anomalous; so were some of the
means used to suppress it; so is the situation
in which it has left the country; and if the
means of final settlement are also anomalous,
the sooner the work is done, and the normal
action of the government restored, the better
for all sections and all citizens,
Tha saw Sapplannntarv Rcconatnction bill Bar
ing pmti Uia two Hobm efCOBgima, auj bow be
eonidrd t lw, the majoritiM bring mM to otw
com any Exreatirt rcto, If MCMaarr. It picvMea
for a rglitrtton of all onto eitbeni who eaa take a
prescribed oath, th holding of an eieotioa for dle
(Va to a einrentisD, wi th pririlege at the same time
to. vote agaioat holding aar conrentioa whatever, th
araemb'age of ueh convention within tiity dr the
formation of a State CoaititaUoa, it ssbmi'sioa to
the people, andaixo, if adopted br the at, to OosgrMe,
and, H approved by the latter, for the admimios forth
with of TOch State to iti repreeraiation In Cosgrev,
the leading idea throughout the bill twin; thit In atl
the ftp oeouaary to carry thwe two lawe into effect,
.tilt InitietiT ahail be taken by the military anthort
,T a'on, whirl! appoint boarda of regiitratloa and.
les of vltction.flMtsnattfl every prticutar of tim :
and place, end rc'iio fie ole eireatire power antfl
From the PortClinton Vuionr
The revival of religion commenced last
week at the M. E.' Church, ol Wis town, is
at 11 progressing. .Tbare seems to be a unioa
of feeling between the churches here, and
ministers of different denominations work to
gether for the eonvertion of sinners Kev.
Strnble, of the U. B. Chnrcb, having united
his efforts with those of Kevs. Joucs, Disney
and Kineham. The meetings have been at
tended with some auccesa, and much interest
has been awakened.... At one time in the
past week, indications were favorable for an
earlv ooeuinr of navigation, and experienced
sailors prophecied a speedy appearance of
open water and 'Mowing seas, but a cnange
has eonie o'er the spirit of their dreams, and
they now admit that it is difficult to speak of
uncertain tbings witn any aegree oi certain
ty. We believe the scow Coaster has the
honor of having made the first trip of the
season, she having started np the river, from
this port on the 11th, for a load. The first
movement of a vessel from here, last seaaon,
was on the aDth of Match. The ice is still
massed heavily in Portage Bay.
; Sesat. March 11. A bill wa reported
authorizing a Telegraph Company, of New
York, to makewundioga and lay a cable, on
the American coast, to cannect with France;
also another bill to subsidize a New York and
Bremen steamship company, by guarantee
ing their bonds to the amount of $3,500,000,
contracting also with tbem for the carrying
of the foreign mails. It was proposed to
amend the rules so aa to prohibit the intro
duction of liquor into the Capital or upon the
public grounds, providing a suitable penalty
for any violation of this prohibition. The
supplementary Reconstruction bill was then
taken up, and the residue of the session was
occupied in tho discussion of amendments
offered by Mr. Drake, the first of which, pro
viding that the people of those States should
be at liberty to vote (gainst Conventions,
b w.ll mm tnr 1 hm. waa rpieetod. ' Teas 17.
Tiaya 27, while a second, to req nire the use of
tne closed oauoi ana promomng i ' aqau
donment at any future time was still udner
consideration when executive business closed
the day. In the house, a brief sitting was
marked by no transactions of particular im
portance. Sisatk, March la. A bill was introduced
providing for the appointment of a Superin
tendent of Postal affairs for the Pacific btates,
to act a a Deputy Postmaster General for
that region, I he discussion oi tne supple
mentary Reconstruction bill was resumed,
and various amendments were offered, but
disagreed to. The debate took a w ide range,
indicating great diversity of views as to de
tail, and much tenacity ot opinion, the
measure wa still pendii g at adjournment.
uoisr, Marco l. tne House ordered aa
inquiry into the management of affairs in
the Ordinance Bureau. Another resolution,
.offered by General Logan, proposing to ven
tilate toe charges of unserviceable; brought
recently ' against the monster Parrott and
Rodman guns, waa laid on the table, but
the temper evinced by its friends was such
a to warrant the belief that the question will
revive again. The residue of the day was
occupied in dis:uMi upon resolutions of
fered by Mecsrs. flurlburd and ocbeocx, to
renew and extend the investigatiooa into the
official management of the New York Cus
tom House. . Mr. Hurlburd supported his
resolution in remarks and statements which
fully vindicated the necessity of the propos
ed iuquiry, commenting in very plain lan
guage upon the extraordinary revelations
already made, of official and personal mis
conduct on the part of more than one high
officer, and suggesting forcibly the suspic
ion that the worst ins not yet been plainly
told. Both resolutions were adopted.
S icy at k, March Hi. The proposed inves
tigation of the Band and Note Bureaux of
the Treasury having already been referred,
by each House, to separate committees, a res
olution was reported to the Senate for the
reference of the whole matter to the Joint
Committee on Retrenchment. The investi
gation is also desired by the Secretary, who
thinks it the . proper way to set at rest cur
rent rumors. . The Senate proceded to con,
aider the Reconstruction bill. A large num
ber of amendments were offered and mostly
rejected. At a late hour the bill was taken
out of Committee of the whole, when it was
amended by the adoption of a proposition to
allow the registered voters to cast their bal
lots agaipst as well as for a convention, by
requiring the constitution, when framed and
submitted to a popular vote, to be ratified'
by a majority at an election where at least
one-half of the registered votes should be
polled, and by the substitution of a modified
form of oath, and at last, the bill was passed
by a vote of 38 to 2, fteverdy' Johnson vo
ting aye and only two'lJeniocraU twiog
present to represent the opposition. The
Senate then, at 11:50 P. M, adjourned. The
House did not ait on Saturday.
Fishikg. The Perrysburg -Journal taya
the fishing season has been fully . inaugu
rated along the Mauroee river, .
Tha Sandusky Kajisttr says: The fisher
men of this vicinity are now ready to resume
operations. ' Their boats, poles and nets are
ready Jor toe sprtng biistness. Coopers hare
been engaged all winter making kegs and
barrels, and a large supply is ready for the
packers. The packing houses have all been
Put in order; and nothing is now 'wanting
oui ine exit or me ice irom uie oay io com
mence operations.
The Connecticut Canvass. Mahlox
Chanck, Esq., hits been speaking at the fol
lowing poiuta in Connectcut during the can
vass, under the au.pices of the State Cen
tral Committee:
Bridgeport, Friday, March 8, Fairfield
County, Saturday, March, 9. Fairfield
County, Monday, March Jl. New Haven
Tuesday, March 12. Meriden Wednesday
March 13. .Ri vert on, Thursday, March 11.
Litcbneld County, f nday March Will
imantic, Saturday, Ma-ch lti. New London,
Monday. March 18. Mystic, Tuesday, Mar-
ch 19. Wallingford, Wednesday, March 20.
Derby, Thursday, .March 21.
Firfv Bixtb-Dats. Upon the 4th inst.,
A. W. Fairbanks, Kq., the senior of the
Cleveland Herald firm-of Fairbanks, Bene
dict fc Co., was fifty years old, and made
that the occasion of inviting the Herald em
ployes, over seventy in number, to a supper
at his residence. The occasion: waa. Df the
pleasantest character, but its interest and
importance were greatly heightened by the
presentation to Mr. Fairbanks, of a rich and
elegant service of silver and a silver wine set,
as a birth-day gift from the Herald employes.
Such a testimonial from such a source is as
high an honor aud graceful a compliment as
a man can receive, ana we snow oi no man
more worthy of both. - During the evening
the company were delighted with a serenade
by Newcomb'a Minstrels Bras Baud, and ao
this anniversary aiscmblage pleasantly con
eluded its meeting. . The Herald concern is
happily organised, with its generous "firm
and its devoted employes. "
Appropriation for Mouumenta. The
bill of Mr. Lawer providing for the erection
of JounmeuU on the grounds of the Cap
itol at Columbus,, has became a law. It
reads as follows: .
Baolcal, bv the General Assembly ot the
Sitite of Ohio, That the governor, secretary of
slate and superintendent ot the state House
of Ohio, ex-officio, be and they are constitu
ted and appointed, a commission to contract
for and procure, to bo placed in the grounds
of this capital, a marble statue ol me late
President William Henry Harrison, and a
marble statue of the late Major General
Jamea B. McPberson. The said statues
shall be suitable works of art. of life size
and imitations of their subjects, re-pec
tively, as near as can be attained by art.
Jiisvictd That for the purpose of carrying
this resolution into effect, the sum of 23,000
dollars be, and the same is appropriated ont
of any moneys in the treasury not o.herwise
appropriated, which shall be paid from the
treasury on the requistion ot the said com
frsednan'i Commission. The Clevo
land Freedman's Commission harp issued a
circular to tba pastors and churches of North
ern Ohio, asking aid in the prosecution of the
work of the Bureau, The following extract
from the report will give a general idea of
the proposed plan of operations:
The Commission has recently come into
full and cordial co-operation with the Amer
ican Missionary Society. It is seeking the
asme enda aa that tried and honored society.
Snt it is left f.-ee to prosecute its labors in
ita own methods. -
By the terms of agreement with the Asso
ciation, the Commission will henceforth oc
cupy Northern Ohio as its field of collection.
Hithrrto our chinches and communities bare
given to different treasuries. But the Com
mission now assumes the work of tlie Asso
ciation on this field, and invites liberal con
tributions from all who appreciate the be
nevolent and Christian enterprise in which
it is engaged.
Three hundred and si$ty dollars will sup
port a teacher for one year. It is suggested
that societies, auxiliary to the Commission,
be established ia every church or communi
ty, each socioty so far as possible to take the
support of a teacher. That teacher approved
by the Commission, will report to such so
ciety, in addition to the regular reports to tbe
Commission. Thus greater interest will be
imparted U their efforts and more good will
Foreign News, by the Cable.
Mabcb l.".--ThR. Fenian movement has
subsided. There has been a great fall of
snow in Ireland, a ad thia probibly haa served
as a wet blanket to the spirit of adventure.
The police still continue to arrest a few stray
fugitives, who are cheered by the populace
on their way lo the police barracks. Pla-i
cards are posted in the streets of Clonmel for
bidding the people to pay rent.
. Mabch.I8. The report of apprehensions
felt in England that Sunday, St Patrick's
day, would be observed by a general insur
rection in Ireland was groundless, no out
break having Bny where occurred.
The departure of the last French troops
from Mexico, on the 10th instant, is officially
announced at Paris.
Inundation of Mound City
Caiko, March .'). Great suffering exists
at Mound City, in consequence of the inun
dation of that town. The citizens of Cairo
to-day sent np a boat with provisions and
1,500 in money for the sufferrrs, which was
joyfully received. Tbe trains on the Illinois
Central itailroad run through water about a
foot deep, for a distance of three hundred
yards, at the Mound City Junction, but the
levees are still firm.
Henry Ward Beecher appears in a card ex
plaining how it is that his sermons continue
to appear in the Independent, a paper with
which he has no further connection. It
seems a small surplus had accumulated in
the office, which he did not think he had the
right to control.
Mr. J. D. B. DeBow. editor of DeBow's
Review, denies that he is dead, as re-
Krtcd. It vas his brother Franklin
Bow, that died. Mr. J. 1). B. DeB. bad
the pleasure of reading his obituary notices,
some of which, occasioned by his Secesh pro
clivities, must have been very gratifying.
Mr. Gladstone is now verging toward his
sixtieth year. Tbe lines of his face show
great intellectual energy. His cheeks are
crow-footed beyond hi years, but tbe fore-
bead is smooth, broad and high. The eye
is dark, quick, and deeply seated. Mr. Glad
stone is of middle hight and of a slight fig
ure, which conveys anything but an idea of
strength or of robust health.- The legs are
badly shaped and weak too 'weak, almrst,
to support the body. This is a defect which
is not seen when Mr. Gladstone stands before
the table of the House of Commons. .
The New Haven Conn., Journal and
Courier has a complimentary report of Mr.
Chance's speech at Muaie Halln that City at
the close of the addres of Governor Haw ley
closed by say ing:"Jir.Ubnnee spoke tor near
ly an hour during which time he treated
with real Western eloquence and logic, the
questions of tho day. His remarks were
full oftelling pointagainst the democracy and
were frequently greetea with great ap
plause. He closed with an eloquent appeal to
those present to do thoir whole duty ' in
the approaching election."
Mayor's 5 Proclamation !
' JOHN BELL, Mayor of theOity of Fremont, O.,
. do hereby notify the qualified elector of Mid
eitT.tbttitloudny, the 1st day of April, 1BH7,
th ay appointed oy iw lor aoiaing ine election
for municipal officers, at whieh time they will aasem
ble at their eerer! place of holding election, u
their reepeetlre wards, and proceed to Tot by ballot
for the following off! ;eri, to-wll:
One Mayor. .
One Marshal. "' '
One Solicitor.
One Assessor for each Ward.
Two Trustees for eacli Ward.
TheConaellof said city have appointed th follow -Ing
places for holding election, to-wit:
lntheKirt Wa-d stClapp'a Building.
IntheSeo'ind Ward at the Euajioe UouMe.
In the Third Ward at th Peninsular Hense.
Given under my haal and seal thit 'Hi day of
March, A D. 1817.
For Sale.
HOTJSR AN D LOT owned by O. C. Woollartt. nitr
ated on Clover Street, on in-lote No. Ml and
6U. Term liberal. Erqaire of W. H. Ardrewaal
the office of the L- K, a: L.K. ft. Co.
Jmnent, March 20, 16712.4.
Grape Vines.
I OKA GRATE VLNES down to eOeenta each. Grape
Vines of ail the beet varieties for ami at th Fre
mont Kojssry . .
Jiiw4. - J. DAY, Proprietor'. ''"
Goqd Chance to Make Money,
DHAGUg'3 Patent Farm Gate, patented Febra
. ary 28th, 1847, is the cheapest and moat dura
ble farm Gate In the country. Not even as much as
a hinge i required. Townabip, County and State
Rights for sale cheap. Agents wanted in every State
in law Union, who will receive 60 percent of all salt!
For particulari address,
D. HAGUE, Patentee.
March IS, 1897. 12wl ' Fremont, Ohio.
Prison, grand, upright and iqnare,
Bigh ct and low both large and amail; ;.
' In tone and finish rich and rare,
. For parlor at or largest hall. ,
Orfwna for church or parlor in, ' '
la walnut, oak and rotewood case .. '
Alt styles and aizia quite profuse, .
Ihe tot tag or th (ohool to (race.
SHEET VUSIO BOOK? both new and rare,
Flutes, Flagiolettes, and Fifra, and Drame,
Violins, String!, Pecs, Bows and Hair,
6a tars, Banjo's, Thimbles for tbnTBbt.
I always keep a nice fresh stock,
At No. i, Buckland's Old Block.
Sale of Real Estate by Order
". of Court. .
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at th door of the
Court Hoax, in theGi'y of Fremont, Ohio, will t
aold to the highest bidder, the following real estate,
as the property of George W. Staler, decee-red, to-wit
The south wist q-iarlerof the southwest quarter of
section number thirteen (18.) township number fire,
(6,) range number (13,) containing forty (49) aores of
land, subject to tbe dower of th widw appraised at
fifteen dollars yearly, and to be pat-i to her durl-f
her life; said real estate subject to said dower aa
praisei at one th -u'tnd dollars.
D. P. HURLBUT, Administrator. '
Fremont, Mirch 16, 1867. ttw.
Ditch Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition has teen
filed with the Clerk of Washington Township.
Sandusky County, Ohio, praying for a ditph to b'dog
as fo'lew: Beginning at or near the southwest cor
ner of the Itnd owned by G. Soriner, being in the
west half of section number three, townehlp fire,
range fourteen, -running thenoe east about eighty
rods, theocea northeast course to tb Cleveland h
Toledo Railroad, crossing said railroad about one
mil northwest of Washington SUtion, thence in a
northeast course to a small creek in the eaa'ein part
of th land formerly owned by Jacob Onermyer, now
deceased; being ia the west half of th southwest
quarter of section number thirty-fire, township sis.
range fourteen. Tba Troa'eea of said township will
met in Heasvills, on Saturday the 13th day of Apri1,
1867, to hear aud determine about said dib-h.
By !!s Fathor and net Friend -March
0, 187. 1JV3.
The Howe Machine Co.'s
''09D BROADWAY New York,
Were aicanltd the highest premium at the
II 'or''j Four i Lottdvn, and six jirsl yremi
urns at tlie N. Y. Stale Fair of JCQ6, and '
Are celebrated for r"olDg tbe best work, using a mlnh
smaller needle for the same thread than any other
machine, and by the introduction of the moat ap
proved machine!, w an now able to supply th very
best machine in th world.
paclaasa t'actery at Brielceport, fonnA
nder the Immediate snpervNion of thaF'
l'realdent el lae -eaipany, b.,.,..-, nun.,
ir the erlglnai Inventor vf the Sewing
: They are adaptel to all kinds of FamUy Sewing,
and to tbe ae of Seametrersea. Dress ktakera, Tatlora,
Manufacturers of bhirts, Collar fkiru. Cloaks,
MantUlaa, Clotbiog. Hals, Caps, Corseta, Bcota,
Sboeii, Barceaa, Saddles, Linen flood., Umb ellaa,
Parasola, eic. They work qnally well upon silk,
linen. wooln acd cotton goods with ailk, cotton or
linen thread. They will seam, quilt, gather, hem,
fell, cord, braid, bind, and perform every epeciia of
sewing, making a beautiful e-.d pel feet stitch, alike
on both shies of tb articles sewed. .
The Slitch imenUd ly MR. HOWE, ifi
made, on thin MactiiiU, is tiiemott popular and
durable and all Sewing Machines are suhjel
to the principul inrtnted by ft 'im.
Send, ibr Circular-
l!'J9 Broadway, Corner Fourth St., '
' ' ;EW YORK.
1 jffy I
Ntio 2l&oerttsmcnt0.
Joseph L Rawson & Co.
' t i - : -
FSariiiii an( Commission
, . pEAIJBUS- in .. '
Coarse Saltp -
- Fine Salt, "; ' ' ' '
Dairy Salt,
Land Plaster,
: , Calcined Plaster,
Water Lime,
c&sO., d&G.
Having purchased the entire property known as
"Fremont Warehouse k Steam
'- i $.-t . .levators' : i : ; ; : .
At the head of navigation on th SaiHusky Firsr,
are prepared tg reteiTe Jtore, aad ship
' ' ; I Ll'flBER, "1 "
Jos" Tj'.' Rawaorf is Manasins An-ent.
Office at the Ware House.
wsox, )
Fremont, Ohio.
Fremont, March 18, JSo7;-vIonl2tf.
Administratrix Sale of Real
Estate. ( r. ;
IN PURSUANCE of an order of the Probate Court,
within anl lor tbe Conntr of flandaakv in the
8tate Of Ohio; made in a certain proceeding held.
wherein Suaa Tot ten aa Administratrix on th es
tate cf William Totten. deceased, was netitioner. and
Olivii Totten and others were defendants, I will, on
the 20th day of April, A D. 1867, at 1 o'clock P. M ,
the door of the Court House in Fremont In said
county, offer for sale to the highest bidder, but at not
less than two.thirds the apprairet va'ueof the same:
lo-lots nomSero-l n'nety-nve, ninety-six and ninety-
seven, vj, vi j m in s-cona warn ot tbe City of
Fremont, in said Sandunt v Couutv. beini the hum.
etead property of said William Totten, now d-erased,
appraised at four thousand dollars, (ii 000 )
l krxs or salk: une-tnira 01 trie purchase money
to be paid on the dav of aal. and the balanc in two
tqial installmenta at nine ((I) and eighteen (18)
monthe.thedeforret payments lo be aecured by mortgage-
on the premise sold and ti bear Interest from
the day of sale. SU3 AN TOTTEN.
An Administratrix on th Estate of' the lata Wil
liam Totten, df eeaeed-
Jiareu 2, 1SB7 Kwl. , , .. pf. 25.
Flower & Garden Seeds.
-New Strawberries, Grapes, &c.
Blf. WATiOiVS Old Cofooy Vttnery and 8ec4
a EUblishment, Plymouth. MaVM,ia now mad-
tog oat by mall: prepaid, packed with frest ear ia
fuita perch Bilk, do aa to reach aoy put of the
imon in perieci wisiy, a oomp.et riu nment or tbe
finest Grapes, Stra wbeirif.i. New larn Currant.
Gooseberries, Blackberriefl, Rores, Flowering Plant.
BaltM, LiMe. tke., tke. Fruit tad Ornmeat Treei
aad Shrabs; BTergrvona, Hdr Plant, ftc will be
sent by freight pMd to Boutin. Alao, tbe true Cape
Cod Craobrry,.for cuiti ration in wot latuUor in np
lane and garden, where it produces at the rate of
400 bushel g to the acre; with directions for cultiva
tion. Pricsd Daiuriptire Catalogues will he sent to
any addrees. A'utr it tke best time frfvimnting. The
best way. to itain good Fruit mmd Flovr$t mnd
Scedl tG send direct to the Grower. Send for a
Catalofruav Wholesale Catalogoes to" the trade. A-
w.-wuf " " rial H-l
goiiu aiauivu. XdWaiJ
Dissolution of Co-Partaerehlp.
"VTOTICE la hereby ttven that tbe partnership here
l tofose.-exlstinc between C. at. Wadaworth aad
George JBi Pratt, under the ftrm name of Wadawortb
rratt, in tne crockery ana lilaaaware buainess, Is
this day diasolved by mutual contest. - The kuainees
of the firm will be aettled aad continued by 0. If.
wadawortb at the store in Fabtag aad Heim'a hew
Block, on State Street.
, 0. K. WADSWORTH.--'.-
Fremont, Maroh 9, 1867.-113.
I - : I ' :' .
104 Seneca Street, ClevelaneV Oklav.
Agency Lbv Fremont,
Ma Aibert, H. JIice, Fkqst Street
First class dyeing In all its branch.7 1 call the
especial attention of gentUmen to tho improved
French style of cleaning or redyeing of made up gar
ments. (10m3.)
One Year Layers :
Extra good roots. ' .' ac. ' - WMikx. bthdsed,
Concords, shilling. 10 shilling $6.00.
Delaware?, 2 .42 25
Hartfi.ras, 2 " $2 25
For sate by the subscriber at the above rates. '
March S, 1667. 10m2. Fremont, Ohio.
".A.foung LuJy returning to Ler
country home, afterasojiurn of a few months loth
city, was hardly recgniied by her friends. In place
of a coaree, rustic flashed lace, aue had a soft ruby
complexion of almost marble smoothnea, and instead
of twentr-thno she reallr appeared but eiahteea.
Vam inquiry aa to tbecaus of so greatja change, ah
piaioiy voia mem xnat ene escu tne xireaiMiaii
Balm. and conaidered it an invaluable arquisitioa
to any Lady's toilet. Bj'ila use any Lady or Oenlle
man can improve their personal appearance an hun
dred fold. It is simple in its-combination, as nature
herselt Is simple, yet una jrpiaeed la its rficaoy in
drawing imparities from, also healing, eleanainr and
beautifying thrkin aod complexion.' Qy its direct
action Qn the cuticle it draws from it all Its impuri
ties, kindly hea'ing the same,ana leaving tbe surface
as nature Attended it should be, elear, solt, smooth
and beautiful. Fries M0, ant by Mail or Express,
on receipt ot ah order oy
W.I ULABK 4 CO., Chemis'e,
No 1) West Feyetle St., Syracuae, N. T
Tbe only Americ in Ateutn iqr th sale 01 lb
,rebruvj' 16,301. Til, -.,. , , -.
., Tree to Everybody. , ,
A large -) pp.- circular, giving informatioaef-ihe
gr?at at imporunc lo cne young ot both aexs.
It t&rhes how the homely may beeome beautiful,
thedespised rerpc'.ed, and tbe foreeken loved.
Ko young lady Or gentteurae ahvnld fail to send
their Address,and receive aejpy postpaid, by return
mail. Addreaa P. O. Drawer, 21,
March 1, 186T -rr6. Troy.Jf.T.
t, , SEIiCR'S. ;
- Reaommenoed tor the treatment of DraDerjaia. Indi
cation. Iteneral Debility, and Fever and Ague.and
warranted to cure, invented by Dr. O. C. Skgux. It
ia a vegetable compound of thirteen distinct artic
lee, and is approved aod prescribed by the medical
profession. A phyaician who haa made tt?e of It in
bis practice save- It is harmless, while it Is potent:
nor does it,a is tbe ease ailh many medicine, leave
aanattereu eopstuulton m hie track. ": hold oy ail
druggiats. .
ORRIN SKINNER k CO.. Sole Proprietors,
lOyl.J .- ; ... Springfield, Mass.
Sicillian Hair Renewer
Ball's XmnTAnn Sicili.iax Hair RrSToa ss
Restore Gray Hair to tb original color.
-' rreeeat the hair from falling of.
Hall's Vei;ktable Sicilliax Hair Rt-iseia
Makes the hair soft and g'ossy.
Hall'9 Vxuetakls Sicillian Hair Rsarwsr
I v- -, - Doe a not stam the skin.
Hall's Vsgstablx Sicilliav Hair Rkjibwek
Has proved itaejf tb bert preparslion for tb
hair ever presented to the public
For sale by alldrugglate. " Price f 1.00.
R. P. HALL fc CO., Nanhaa, K. It, Propiietore.
February 2J, IStiT. 7m3.
Dr. Gkorgk O'Diiio, Veterinary Surgeon, has
removed his ofSoe to Oeorge Unrdick's Livery Stabi
Ooios, when a will eoutinue to treat all euraWe
dieeaaes of tbe Horse. He wiil vieit horse when
they are unable to be moved.
Thankful for paat favors aud hoping l.y strict at
tention to business lor ine continuance or ine same.
ft'. ; -"-VteBtnary-8u'goa.
- . ItJJFEBKXt'ESt . a
"at. Hayne, Si Buckland Son?, J. W.
Failing. M. D., D. Petts. E. Dillon Son,
S. Birch" d, Krnst A Yountman, George
Hunlict, Hoot A Mcng, Theodore Clapp.
Jnsiiro Vour Korfri aud lattlo
Hartford Lice Slack Insurance Comp.,
V'TCAPITAI, 1500,000.
TbisCompaay iues Policies on Livestock against
both death or theft, at moderate rates. By insuring
In thia Company yon exchange n uncertainty for a
certainty. Ho man can tell whether hia animal may
n t be stolen, or die through some unforeseen cauun-
itr. UUUKUK o tlAiti.A.1, Ageni,
Fremont, Ohio.
RISSfcE VS BITHC is the rrax for pain and
weakness in the bsck and lolne; and all thoa
complaints reanlting from derangrment of the kid-
1 r. Mnlri rn I.T.. hOttleB bv
thedreggiata.- TiARRAl.. RWI.K, :Co,
THE proprietor of this establishment offers for sale
this spring a very flue collection of Fruit and
Ornamental Tree, Shrubs, at low prices These
tree have teen grown with great care and cannot
fail to give satisfaction. The Evergreen Trees are es
pecially en. Having been transplanted, sheared and
pruned! they are now exactly right for planting in
yards, lawns, Jtc. There are thousands of tbem on
the graaads from which a ee lection eaa be mad to
suit everybody.
Arrangements have been made with a qa etaea
Propagating Katabliahnjent for furnishing Green
House P rants. Rose Bur-be, ten. Order forxnyttrtng
in thia line eta be filled at Progstor's pricea if lett
early at th Nursery, or seat early through the Poat
Ottos. All orders and communications should be
addressed to J. Day, Fremont, Ohio.
i. DAY, Pkopsiktor
Fremont, March 1J, 1867. nil v-
j t 4 ' If r
We are prepared to loaa.
F L A X 8Eli2J
.For Spring Bowing and contraet to
take the seed at market'price, or make
a special price. '.'
Fremont, February 22, 1867.
Has iuslonened in No. a. Fablnrand Heim'a new
Block, on State 8tr', Fremont. Ohio, a Otat-class
Merchant Tallorinr Batablishment. where be will
constantly keep on hand a good supply of all kinds
of Cloths, for
Mens and Boys' Wear,
Beavers and Chlnefalnta. SneTrvneh. Inslhih and
Osrman Cloths, Doeakina, Caasimeres, Venting., 4c,
nvuiu vartety, ror opriug aen aaosmer ' - .
Whleh will fee mad no to order, in the bent strl
of tho art, and not to be exoelltd asju-h-re. Also, a
good stock of r
Ready-made Clothing
Overcoats, from low-srieed to good Beanr. wen
made. Fta Frock and Sank Coats, Pants aad Vest
In treat vailetv. Also Uenta1 Pnrni.hinv r.uu.
Underehirta. Drawers, Snsnendera. Cravatsl Tlea. I
CnlltH' A.. Mr Jt.
" , fc
I Hla Motta will be, Einphatlcnlly,
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
With Goods purchased sine th lata decBne. be
can offer decided Bargain. H invites an examina
tion of hi Stock by thos wishing to purchase, as
suring them of a chance to save money.
iy All Goods mada to order are warranted
aa lo rix and make, or no aale.
Fremont, March 1, 19W. n.
Persons ; Out of Work! !
- A WILL Aa '
B .
- ' . t ;
Does not require all ttteir Time
Wl'.l Ind thev eaa earn a bndaom iliTioc br
taking aa Agency for tho sale of
. . - ; - r - 7 . r .
A Book tor the Household.
AetlT U or W.mk. ean teenre good territory,
An Kniirtly New Feature in Canvassing.
For rrospeetos and Terms, addTemi
JAMES PORTEU3, Gen l Agent,
XtSM W0.4VBlBLH.iffw
Circular. EUrmxtlv lltuttnttetL with Steel En-
graving, showing the slwle otkt fV0rkt tent Frett on
tne receipt rwcnlf-ftv Lents.)
March 1, 1807 04.
Poland's Magic Bilious Powders
THIS PKKPA RATIO.' m the diacorerj
of Rer. J. W. FoUad, formerly Pas
tor of tho Babtist Church in Guffs town.
N. Hn and a- man darljr -5aJvT(i by 'that
aenoeunanon innucnoat aow tnia-n'
He waa ohlifred to leaf the palpit and
stndr medicine to aare hie own life, and his Magic
Powders are one of the noat wowiorfui diaworerirs of
modern timed. It ia the great Ltver nnd Buttons
Rented which completely throwi in the sb.de ail
other diaooveriea in me'tteinoi'and it -attotda him
much prratrtiemtioo that they reoit th nnanlmourl
approbation of ail woo naTeteaiea id em. xne Jiagtc
Bllioaa Powdera are a positive care tor Lifer Com
plaint in ita moat array-ted form, and an iaunedi
ate corrector of all BiUoua derangementa. excellent
for Htadaeh, Conatipation, Pimples, Blotches, a 3ai
lovSkin. Drowsinras, Dizziness Heart bam. Palpita
tion, and a moat wonderful Core and PicTcnti-A. of
rarer A ftae. (ne aarise an wno are srouoiea wiu
this fearful mal adaj to lwars kp the Powdera on
hand rtaauv Tor immediatt) Bk.i.-Hera are a im
portant partWarf : 1st. Tfaej axa the Greatpeinc1
for all BUlioua Anec- tiona. 2a. lueyareiue omy
koown remedj that will cure Lirer;Complaint 34.
They are the only known remedy that wiU cure Con
stipation. 4th. The Powders are so thorovg h im their
operation that one package wiil be all that tbe major
ity of those uaing them will, require, to effect a euro.
6th. They are a mild aad plaaaant yet tho moat effect
ual cathartic known. 6th. Theyaro tho cheapest
and beat medicine extant, aa they can be sent by mail
to anv oartof the globe for th priva,- 60 cents.
Circulars, containing certificates, iainriuaUoA, fce
tent to any part ot toe world free oi enarge
SOLD B T ALL DRUGGISTS, or br mail on an plica
tion to C- G. ( LARK tfc Co jl-rncrwl A
eatta, hmt uiTen,i,oii. .
Price 60 Cents per Bv. L36,
When by the use of Dr. Join villa's ltxii; joacsvn
be cured per mans at !y, and at triiiiDK rja6 UV.
The astonishing success which haa attended this
inTaiuabie medicine for p by steal aad nervous wak
ness, ireneral debility and prostration, Iom ofmven
lar energy, impotenoy, or any of the consequences af
youthful indiscretion, renders it the most raluable
preparation orerdiaorered. , ' " e ,
It wiir-reraof l eTrotrT sffectloni, appTeralaO,
excitement, incapacity to study or busiueFS, loss of
memory, confusion, thoughts of self-destruction,
fears oi insanity, sc. it win reswore ine appetite, re
new the health of those who hare destroyed it by
sensual excess or aril practices.
Young men, be humbugged bo mora by f Quack
DoctoraT and ignorant practitioner a, but tend with
out delay for the Elixir, and be at once restored to
health and happiness. A perfect cure is guaranteed
in erery instance. Price, $1 00, or four bottles to one
aocrasa, aj.w..- -
One bottle is sufficient to effect a cure in all ordi
narr css-s.
Also, Dr, JoinvUle's Spacile Pills, for the speedy
and permanent core of gonorrhea, gleet. Urethral
diBcharges, grartt,'ttrictare, and all affections of the
kidneye and b'adder. Carta effected in from one to
fire dara. They are prepared from regetable extracts
that are harm lew on the system, a ad never nauseate
the stomach or impregnate the breath. No change of
diet ia necessary while using mem, nor aoea ineir ae
tion in any manner interfeie with basioeas pursuits.
Trice &1 00 per box.
Either of the above me u Honed article will be aent
to any address, closely sealed, and postpaid, by mail
orexpresa, on receipt or price.
Address all orders to -
BERGBB, 8HUTTB, t Co.", Chemists,
No. 6 Kirer iatreot, Troy, N. T
March 1,1867.-91.
Whiskers ancl Mustaches ! 1
FORCBD to grow upon the smoothest face in from
three to five weeks by using Dr. Sevigne's Res
taurateur Cs pi 11a ire, the moat wonderful disco vey
in modern science, acting apon tne beard ana natr in
an almoat miraculous manner. It haa been aaed by
the elite of Paris and London with the most natter
ing sucoers. Kamea of all purchasers will be reis
tared, and if entire satisfaotVoa is not given In every
instance, the oomt will be cheerfully refunded.
Price by mail, sealed and poatpaid, $1. Descriptive
circa !ara and testimonials mailed free. Admefs,
BEKGER, SHUTTS at Co., Chemists No. S6 River
a tree t, . i ooie agents lor iti? coneiaiaie
March lf ttfc7. -
Auburn, Golden, Flaxen and "Silken
PRODUCED by Ot ass of Projeaaor Debied Frv
ser Le Cbvnx. One app licaiion warranted to
carl th most straight and stnbborn hair of either
sex into wav; ringlets, or heavj niaseir ciria. Has
been nsed bj the fashionables of f'aria and Londoa,
with th. most gratifying results. Dues no injur to
the hair. Pric by mall, seal and poatpaid. $1 00.
Deacriptiv cireulara mailed free. Address BERG KB,
SHUTT3 ConChemiataNo.Ua5 River Street, Tioj,
. t aow Agents rot in uniteaatarn.
March 1, 1807. 91. .., ,
For Rtmoving Superfluous Hair,
To the ladiesespecUlly, thia invaluable depilatory
recommends itaslfaa beiog an almost indispensable
artiale to female beauty, ia easily applied, does not
barn or injur the skin, but aca directly oa the roots
It is warranted to remove superfluous hair from low
foreheida,orfrom any part, of tba biy, completely,
totally ana radically extirpating tne same leaving ice
skin soft, smooth and natural. Thia ia the only ar
ticle Uat?d by the French, and ia the ouly real effec
tual dt-pllatory in existence. Price 76 cents per pack
age, aent pcxtpaid, to any address, on recjipt of aa
order, by -
BERG Kit, SHUTTS at Cat CVmiaU,
236 River Street, Troy, N. Y.
March 1, 1867. yl.
oiiiipiiji nni irrj. m tjipiMi i wrj. Mrair-
np Uontlomaiaa raat Asarn fmwn C.'l Mi to 10.00 MrdalV
WaaVIVaaj IUMV, altlU .vjiJ vwn
Nc Stock of
Bifetol &
Bypry thing Nice ani Hew.
FANCY SILKS, All Colors. "
.BALMQRAL SKIRTS and HOOP SKIRTP, for Ladies, Misses and Children' '.
Shawls and Cloaks, Broad
Beavers, Fanoy Cloakinga, Casslmeres, Satinets.
Jains, Tweeds, Cottonades,
- "X
- ''. ' Onr sloci of GLOVES and HOSIERY is full iid complete.
GIMPS, VELVET RIBBONS, and a tliousHiid other artKlee too mm
eroua to undertake to mention. . . T ,
LACES:" .-i:; :" f t":
3 j ' . ; GUIPURE,,
:'!! lifill ; i CLUNIE, -Also
a Splendid Stock of T!TVTHTvnTrpTrg
We call especial attention to our Stock ot 1 .
N. 15. Remember onr StjcK 'is' all entirely NEW,' no Old Goods at High
Prices, and we will sell them Cheap for CASH, r (rive ns a ealL examine ear
stock of Goods and jude for yourselves. Remember the place, at the rooms .
laieiy occnpiea Dy i. v. Ausiin, corner oi ewce ana r ronr. streets.
FREMONT CASH STORE. 14-41yl '. '-:.' . '
O r J. Ji'pv,;i;
- - - TTTT HT T.l TTTTin
riixu Jr. uxo, --jt
ItovO ni v splendid cloaks,
laTMiil .u-. t.MI '! SUPERB SHAWLS.
. H
GO '
.' ' -' -.ah .'
sGtOj.Wm.jA.lVVcc's Store tor your
Boots wEtiaci Shoes!
, . And everjthiog else at astonishing low price.
GKOCEIIIES ! The freshest
Fremont, Dec. 14, 1866. ijW .
New Dry Goods Store !
... , . . '-i
. Hermoh, Smith 8c Wilson,
HA VINO madslanre prsparationa for thbiins of thprM-nt Season, w tsk slsasar la laformiia
ont enstonwrsUiatw are ready to sJtibiUb following lina of Gooda, at ti LOWEST saawaal
""- ' - '. ; '. u I
DOMESTIC, BRITISH mni L'O.V77.Vf.VTX Frnhracine plain aad faaey amkair tahries; COBVKGS I I
of all qnalllrss: eolrowl and Wick ALPACCAS; TART A.I CHECKS in variety of cloth; AI.EXAHDH1A
all qnalstiea; all ibad of FRESCB and ENGLISH MERiyOS; SOLID BLOCK CHECKS ia ainr- -ent
rriai sad At endless variety of DRESS UOODS thatw will not aadeitaxa to (aameiat. -rm
We aakaB4ciatity-. embnc'.ng all thf novelties of tne season.
Infnll eeaorlment,eonaitln(rinnart of Jaconets, Cambrics, Nainsooks, Hair Cards, BrtJrlaatra, Kails, -Swisars,
Bishop Lawns, Victoria Lawns, c. --
Our Slock ia Eituair aad Complete. j
r-1 n
We make thia a loading branch of ear Trade, always selling them at th saaallest pHtaible advaas a Kew
York eost, large line of new Prints, Sheetings, Denims, stripes, checks, eottoa Flaaaela, Tickings, Jtf., a.
Cnnaiatinr of Woolen. Merino and Cotton Hcsierv.sll
Children-, er. Kidr.loves the two best and most
the world, also nee? Uaed aito oeecy lined Merino
Consisting in part of Shlrf'ng r lsnnels, Operas Miners sisna'lsKo Roy, Plala and Twilled HannoU
Salisbury Flannela, Ladies Cloths, e., c. i
400Par(.; boughtaioce the grett decline, from the recent anction sales. . . . .
alfornnifneaof tb foilowin znoda l.on;btt thereceot pinle sale la N'r Yrk: Sirs, CM, Ca '
Viera, Lmbrwtdtrici, Lmcet, himmli tkul; J -
Bmttm,7.rpkyr (,.., t.. Itrnm, , Vox entire stork, or r-ail aa bwwmi rs saw, a -
eaft we would have you remember, as we had not a dollars worth of Old Oewd ea hand. Than aaly'
givingaw uetaBira thebriaotof Ah lowsstptueot butlling these Kew aad "reh 6s4e. Wo has '
.lUi tn a..u.lment of Carn'ts. - HEKTION, WITH VlLtrO,
H'.i. llr.nl,.,H.l.-lW.
Diy Goddsl
Cloths, Ladies' Cloths
MS, BLUE AND s- , -
BROWN &C. . .
and cheapest in town,"at : 4
. , V ; ; ,- C"- O
rna'.:eaacd aiae. for Seatlemea, Ladios. II bars asd
p.vpa'sr makes, Alosandar's aod Paatoa's the neat ia
and Wool Uloves in large anppiy.
isa m 0x, Urmpm; rls, snsaww, i rmomg a
i 1

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