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The Fremont weekly journal. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1867-1877, June 19, 1868, Image 2

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THE 'Jo if RN XC
- - t-
I'm Judys of Supreme Court TO. WHITE. ' 1 '
For Beeretary of Btato-L R. SHERWOOD.
l ot BCemeer Board rut-lie Werks-i A. KORRIS.
Forflerk'of Bupntae Court-SOUKX? FOOS.
Gentlemen of the Republican Party
in Sandusky County, go to work eC-
feet your township organisations ap
p& ht Uffre wide awaW tots oir your
committees, canrasa every voter, rotes
may be secured now which will be lost
if w rUiaw nnr mniotm. nnf,'1 it,.
Fall montha, ; Individual effort now,
neighbor talking with neighbor, will be
more effective than all the excitement
ami hurly-bVly of, political meetings
torea .montna &ence. .... Let na Have
thorough -organization throughoat the
cdunty. Let ns have' regular meetings
and the' proceedings of these meetings
bj forwarded to the Journal for, publi
cation that the County may know what
each township is doing, u- - '
Organize, gentlemen, and pur word
for li, a long pull, a strong pull and a
paU altogether for. XSsakt, Colfax and
Victort will exhibit the most gratifying
resnlu when the election returns come
in p'ext Fafl. " ! .' '. ' "
, In the" Board, of Trade 'Rooms
Toledo our. Fremont friends, who go to
that" city, may see the map of the route
of "the proposed Railroad to the 'cdal
beds of Eastern Ohio. The jine" as jt
is. drawn, ruis from Toledo o WoocU
ville and thence to Fremont, Leaving
thej ;C . fe -1 T. Road the ronte
runt south-east, making! an air line to
Akron pr Seville. It strikes the Cleve
land fc ' Columbus Road between Wel
lington and Kew London. The coal
beds iare about Seville. " It is the short
est and moet practical route,' and meets
with more favor than any .other among
the business men of Toledo. ' But they
think more money can be raised oa tha
Northern or Southern route than on the
Central, and this fallacious impression
has a great influence against us.
The advantages of this Road to the
intarelte of Fremont .'and' Sandusky
county can hardly te estimated in dol
Iare and cents. . ' For one thing, we can
get coal cheaper than they get it in
Cleveland. ..The connection will, make
Fremont a competing point for through
business, giving us the tame advantages
as Toledo. With cheap coal and the
right kind of enterprise we can become
a manufacturing city , of some import
- a rice. .There are strong inducements
held out by other points to divert the
Road 'from" this route, and unless the
business and mbnied men 7of Fremont
take hold of the matter .with -the earn
est ; iatentiota of accomplishing some
thing- worthy of themselves and the
city? we shall lose the golden opportu
Bity now offered and become a village
w;th a city charter, exorbitant taxes,
empty. store rooms and grass grown
Wreets:' Plain talkbut true If we
let the road, go around ns, Tour trade
wiH.be diverted, and Fremont w'fli, be
asecondjlilan. j , ".; , 1S 7:
Now, what have we got to do Co se
cure this Road f - The' leading men of
Toledo expect Fremont to raise from
f 50,0Cr$ t( 175,000., They say we can
secure the Road with that amount of
money. On the other Toutes the new
Company is assured of from 200,000
to tSOO.OOO,' Jin this case ft' isn't the
longest pole that knocks the moat per
simmons. If. we raise two-thirds as
much on this route ' we B're eflre of the
Road.- '.. ,'--.
. 17 i ui. . .
uTcrjr timoa buuuiu do interested in
this enterprise,' and be willing to pay
five per cent, on histaxable property
and money in order to secure the Road.
. The moment it is secured - beyond
doubt, every loot of land in Sandusky
county will be increased in value 25
per cent, On. the other hand, if the
Road is built and. Mows the Northern
or Southern route, land in this county
will depreciate. So it is not only a
matter of pride but of dollars and cents
to every citizen in the county. ... ., ..,
The plan - proposed by the leading
men of Toledo, is to have public meet
ings and induce the people to assent to
the voluoUry contribution of a tax of
five per cent, on their real and personal
property. Without advocating or re
jecting the plan, we can say ft is Dem
ocratic, for all would contribute equally
in proportion to their means.., . , ...
Another, thing: With this -Road
'through Fremont, we are safe in assert
ing, that the Lake iSrie, & Louisville
, Road would be extended at least to
: Lima and possibly to Louisville, there
' by making a large section of country
tributary to this ''point;1' Th wpild
. make Fremont a . business center a
thriving, enterprising, manufacturing
town. It would -call capital here to
start ' mnufaetorieai ' Labormg' men
would have pfenty work, mechanics
would be busy, and pur marts of trade
. would be full of life and, vigor. r i!C. '
'. '' t r r ,tKl )
Now is the time to work-r-in the ex
citement of an active political campaign
passion : and pariy prejudice will close
the ears of Democrats to words of sob-
em eea and reason. The firsVduty of a
Ttmil.lirn nnw in ta muv.il hinaelf
' with a Grant and Colfax Club, and his
aaflnnA dutv (11 lei 0mTrii srenr onnor-
tunny 01 presenung so nis ierppcrauc
neighbor the principles spvn which the
Republican party will fight io the pres
ent campaign.'-1' "Z " ' "fj '' ; 1
Organize now in every ' township,
and if need be, in every school District,
a Grant and Colfax Club.. .Every Re
publican in the eonniy owes it to his
party,' and to the principles' which he
pro&sees to accept, to connect himself
with eucb aa oranation. ' ; f , !
A Grant and Colfax Club should be
jrgaoized in every township, with, jper -
asps, a sub-club in every scbooTdistrict
aaps, a tub-club in every
The purpose is, to citculatp Repubfican
documents among all voters, to register
au voters, to get up political meetings
where questions in issue shall be tem
.t. . . .... .
perately, discussed, Ac - .In, this way
onJy can we have. a thorough organiza
tion throughout the county. Perhaps
it may be well enough to have a brief
constitution setting forth the objects the
Clubman m view, whicVthe members
shall sign.'" Of course every Republican
will join it. - A perfect register of vot
era will thus be obtained. Have
President, Secretary and Treasurer. A
central Club should be organized here!,
and keep open communication with the
several township Clubs. We have no
holiday campaign before usJ There is
hard work, to, be done, but it can be
done easier and better by thorough or
ganization than at hap-hazard. , We
hops our friends in the different town
ahips will take hold of this matter at
once, and keep the ball rolling till No
if" -'Sir
The following from the N. Y. font
shows that the attempted diversion of
the N. Y. Democrats in favor of Chabx
is a failure: "Im world, wnicn, as
it remarks, 'did not object, to a parley'
with the Chief-Justice, this morning an
nounces, with nourish of trumpets, the
end of the truce, and "S decision against
Mr. Cbask. It has evidently received
its, instructions from the . managers' of
thai , section of the . Democratic party
whose organ it is;, and. these have de
termined to cast overboard Mr. Cbisb,
and not' only him, but his political
principles.. From the comments of
the World we get an interesting glimpse
of the Fourth of Jury platform of the
Democratic party, which seems likely
to read: ,, f Venerea, all men are born
free and equal aad are entitled to cer
tain' inalienable rights, therefore re
solved, that impartial suffrage is an out
rage, an atrocious blunder, to be stren
uously resisted and indignantly , de
"The Democratic managers, according
to the World, were not unwilling to
parley with Mr. Cbasb ; but they have
concluded not to have any political fel
lowship with him. 1S0 much the -'bet-
ter, perhaps, for Mr - Chhss; certainly,
so much the worse for the Democratic-
leaden, ' whose sole chance of success
lay in hearty repentance of their sins."
The Fremont Journal says that "Mc-
Clellan held on to his position as Major
General, to the day of election. - It is
not so. McClellan resigned his position
about the time he wrote his letter ac
cepting the. Presidential nomination,
and the Journal knows .iiJJin A.d-
verUetr. .. , , -- ,.
McClxlus did not reiign as afore
said, although he had been suspended
from command for some time previous
to the nomination... He continued to
draw full Major-General's psy, in the
most able 'and vigorous manner, up to
the Very day of the election,' when he
sent in his resignation and it reached
the . Department the day after. f Phil
Shxrida5 was then promoted to the va
cancy. ' -' -
W. B.j Sloak, publisher of the fort
Clinton, Ottawa County Union, Re
publican, offers his office for sale, or will
temove it to any locality tor county of
fering sufficient patronage to support it
A live printer could make a good thing
publishing the Union at Port Clinton.
It is related for a fact that a wedded conple
reside in New Brittain, Conn., who, daring
forty-two - years, have never experienced
twenty.foar hours' reparation, until last
week, whea of them was away from home
four or five eonaeeative dtys.
j !., a. a. ab baa returned to Uassa-
chaietts from California with six pairs of
California -quail, which he inteDds letting
loose in the woods. These birds are much
larger and finer every way than oar' quail,
are very hardy, and fast breeders.
A wsT-WBATHKa joke from New Hmp-
shire : ' Robert Batchelder of Ssliabnrr, has
flock of twenty-eight aheep, which daring
the winter were housed in a place where
their woo! became filled with hay seed;
Tbej have been oat to pasture for several
weeks past,' and the excessive wet weather
has caused the seed to apToot, and they are
now bearing about with them a crop cf grass
two i inches in length. " "' T' ' '
SoMrrsiKo should be done to enlighten
tha republican mind as to the comparative
value of the words woman " and " lady."
It would seem aa though tie word " lady "
was Mbeleived to give a peculiar dignity to
the individual, aince in the advertisements
f tha daily journals are constantly found
cards from"young ladies" who desire places
as. cooks, .chambermaids, waiters, and in
other domestic positions. There never was
more foolish sad anti-republican error than
this. , "Woman" is the fuller, freer, nobler
title, ,The claas diatioction supposed to be
Indicated by the term "lady," has, in this
country, no other signification than one of
courtesy, and is wholly dependent upon the
personal conduct and character of the iodi-
iduaL, A aerrint may, in this sense, be a
jady; just as her mistress may, in the same
aeose, be no lady, ,, .
A LiTTia from Portland, to the Boston
Journal says;. "Our buildings and streets
are fifty years ahead of what they would
aye been bat for the fire. We have rebuilt
our school houses, among the largest and beat
in, the world; our City Hall, of which every
body within the boundaries of New England
has heard so much, and enlarged the hall
itself by the addition, of galleries to a capac
ity of nearly three thousand seats. . .We have
put op blocks of stores, large public build
ings, banking houses, churches and maneions,
which will be regarded as befitting a wealthy
population of at least one hundred thousand."
ScavYLKX Coliaz comes of good revula-
Uosary stock., His grandfather, (.ten end
William CoUax, was the commanding officer
of General Washington's life guards. His
grandmother was Heister Schuyler, a eousia
of General Philip chsjler. .1 .L-'v "
.A Roman Catholic priest in Frankfort
refused to testify before a Grand Jury as to
persons he, saw in a murderous mob, on the
ground that he( waa a priest, and such
testimony would , injure him with his con
gregation. ..The Court held that as the in
formation was not obtained in the confession
al, .but from his own observation as a citizen,
be must answer , as a citizen, the cause of
justice snd order being of more importance
than the' good opinion of his congregation.
The priest still refused and was sent to
Col. Crowell's Operations—
SHREVEPORT, LA., May 11, 1868
S. A. "
Dear Brother 1 am alone to-night and
will write you a line just to pqt in time
will talk crops first; Well, I have corn as
high as my shoulder, in silk and tassel ;
pumpkin vines a rod long. To-day finished
planting sweet potato sprouts. Have had to
eat lettuce, peas, radishes, snap beans, new
potatoes and onions too long to talk about.
My cucumber, water snd mush melons are
in bloom, oats in headn-Ail of this I have,
on less thsn one, acre 0 ground, J havq a
small gray pony that is sowMbutimproves
with proper persuasion. I plow him and in
fact do everything with, him. Planters are
as a general thing, getting on fine with their
work. . Cotton is looking well.corn first rate
Almost every one is planting more corn than
usual. The old style was one-fourth or at
most pne-third corn; now at least half of the
crop . is .corn. r Our river is now bank full
and still rising, We had a partial overflow
4 weeks since as much water now will set
thing back bad. to late to plant over. There
is no sickness in the land now.
! Political: On the 17th and 18th of April
there was an election. A new Constitution
was submitted and it was adopted by a re
speotable majority in the State., This par
ish went about 400 democratic (so called)
majority. There was any amount of "skull
dngery " played. .Here we have Parishes and
Wards-r-in- Ohio you have : Counties , and
Townships. . I ran for Justice of the Peace
in this ward four of as were up I beat the
whole lot 187. The Radicals elected me,
had thought, that I was democrat or conser
vative bat when I heard the manner, their
principles were expounded, they were entire
ly too rebel for , me. Plenty of them talk
war, war to the knife. ; I am. not in with any
party ayzirul the United, States- don't think
that a bit popular..- Our, reconstructed folks
are not so meek as they out to be sot near.
Too many of them, are living that should-
have been hong... ''; .. ,
r. You know that the government is estab
lishing National Cemeteries.- One of them
is located at Alexandria, in this State.
party of workmen had been taking up our
killed at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill that
fell during Banks' failure in 1664, : While at
work a lot of chivelry came upon them and
insisted ppon making a corpse of the fore
man and putting him in one of the empty
coffins. He told them- he was not armed
bat be would go to camp and get his pistol
and shoot a while for past-time.: They let
him off, but took' the ekoll of one ef our
men that was in a box, pnt it up on a stump
and shot at it. Whea they quit they had
put thirteen hoUt through it. The working
party quit until a party of soldiers came to
protect them and the remains of our fallen
soldiers. . Mansfield is the county seat of
Desota Parish. Said parish lies just south
of this and Mansfield is bat twenty-five
miles from here.' Some of said chivalrous
party have been srrested and they cry and
beg and say they were drank at the time,
I do not think there' are many such brutes
in this county, hut many will smile st snd
endorse them, few would denounce them
and none, no not one, would interfere and
try to prevent snch sets. ' I would rather be
governed by negroes thsn such brutes.
This country is not half civilized. There
are few law abiding men in it. Yet for the
sake of office some thiags that were in our
ar'my'side with them. ' I would sooner loose
the good leg thsn do so. If it were not for
the military and freed men's bureau, a north
era man would last just as long as a worm
gut in the reach of a hound pup. They
hate all of us. Poor sinners, so many of
them are getting seedy," it does me good to
see them.' They are all Andy Johnson
men and they at the surrender hated him as
the Devil does holy water; but as soon as he
put his traitor side in sight they fell down
snd worshiped the beast. ' '; ' JI '
; ' Yours,: -';'"' '
Yallandigham says he ia no admirer of
General Grant, butadds that ?about the weak
est and most foolish thing the Democratic
press or Democratic orators could do, would
be to depreciate his capacity, or assail him
for incompetency. ' (
, The Pittsburg Gazette wants Hon. E. M.
Stanton sent to the United Slates Senate in
place of Mr, Buckalew, of Pennsylvania. ;
John Morrissey, just arrived at Washing
ton, ex presses-the opinion that the New York
delegates to the National Convention will
vote for Chase. Morrissey himself is-a Pen
dleton man. ,!.
The aames of Darius Cadwell and Jas. A
Garfield are announced as candidates for Con.
pressmen from the nineteenth District." The
Convention will be held at GarretlavUIe,
Portage county',- June 24th, at 11 A. M.
Primary meetings Saturday evening, Jane
20th. A Presidential elector will be selected
by same Convention. .' ' -'
The. New York World is trying to show
that Grant whipped Lee because he had
the most men. He will rout the Democra
tic nominee for the same reason, in Novem
Gen. N. B. Forrest of Port Pillow infamy
is one of the Delegates at Large to the Dem
ocratic National Convention from Tennessee
The expenses ef the Domocratic Legisla
ture,, this year, are $115,000; those of the
Republican Legislature, - last ) year were
f6Q,000. . 1st these figures there is a whole
sermen upon the text of Democratic economy
The Democratic leaders just now are in
the anxious snd hopeful condition of that
historical old maid who' went into the woods
to pray: They want a candidate she wanted
husband. Crooking her aged and stiffning
knees at the foot of a hemlock tree, she
prayed long and earnestly that Heaven would
send her a man. A sleepy owl in the branches
above just then cried oat, Hoo! Hoo! Hoof'
Antbody, good Lord" responded the snxious
virgin. And "Anybody, good Lord!" says
the Democratic party. Tribune.
The reason' why Governor Seymour de
dines to be a presidetial' candidate, is that
he has a hereditary tendency to insanity,
and his physician warns him that the excite
ment of the candidacy would be almost cer
tain to develop the disease. , ..
The Columbus Journal is authorized to ssy
that Mr. Shellabargcr will not be a candi
date for renominatiod. His health will not
permit " ''"' ;': "'j..
Here Too. We copy and cordially
commend "the following - from the Tiffin
(Democratic) Advestiset; .. - u r
A X cisascbj we would be clad to know
why our City Council allow the hoes of
this city V run st large on our streets ?t .If
dinanoe of the city which requires them to
to be kept off -the streets?- If there is such
aa -ordinance, why i it not enforced
Daily we notice these pests we mean the
pigs perambulating our streets, rooting
and wallowing wherever they have a chance.
entering gats that may be left open for a
. J 1 ' . 1 n ,
moment ana aestroying we nowers ana
shrubbery in the yards, and even going so
far as to enter the open doors of houses and
stores. This thing should be stopped and
we hope - onr city "dads" will see to the
matter at oaca. We- intend : to yog their
memories weekly until something is done.
and, if we have time and space next week,
we may write three or four columns on this
subject, so they might a well come down
and get to building their "pounds" at, once.
The President nominated Reverdy John-
sob' as Minister to England, and the Senate
confirmed the appointment without referring
it to a committee.
The action of the Senate is evidence of
his personal popularity in that body. He
was a firm supporter of the war for the
Union, and consequently lbs Maryland
rebels refused to-re-elect him. He also off
ended the Democratic party of tbat glate by'
voting for the Reconstruction bill, .
Discovery of a Letter Purporting to
be Written by Jesus Christ.
The San .Francisce Bulletin ef the 11th
of May, says one F. Wilson has applied to
the United States District Court ef CalifoK
nia, for copyright of a letter said to have
been written by Jesus Christ, snd found
sixty-five years after his' ciucifixion, about
eighty miles from Icocium. It is said (he
letter was found under a Btone, on the face
of which waa written, "Blessed is he that
shall turn me over.' "AU people that saw
it prayed to God earnestly, and desired that
he would make known to them the meaning
of this writing,' that they might pot attempt
in vain to turn it over. In the meantime,
easae a little ehild and turned it over with-.
out help, to the admiration of all the people
that stood by ; and under this stone was
found a' letter written by Jesus Unrist,
which was carried to Iconium, and there
published : and in it was written the Com
mandments, signed by the. Angel Gabriel,
ninety-eight years after our Savior's birth,
to which is added Aiog A bar us s letter, ana
our Savior s answer, And also tlis miracles,
and a full description of his person, in
Sentulus's epistle to the Senate of Rome."
Excavations are also said to have brought to
light, in Syria, a Hebrew House, dating from
about the second century before Christ.
Some of the rooms are in good preservation,
and among the books found is a collection
of Hebrew poems, ssid to be unknown to
present Orientals. .....:
We clip the above from the Cleveland
header of a late date, and give below a
copy of the letter alluded to.x The -copy is
furnished as by Mr. D. H. Alt affix,' of
this place, in whose .family it has been
carefully preserved for three or four genera
tions. It' is printed in English type on
coarse paper that may once have been white
bnt ia now laded and rotten. The copy in
the hands of the Californian -mentioned in
the above extract is probably similar to the
one in our possession.' The' history of this
one, as related to as by Mr. Altaffrb, is as
follows: One of the ancestors of Mrs.
taffeb, a hundred years ago or more, was
sn unwilling student or priest in a monastery
at Genoa, Italy; where was also a reluctant
aan. These two, formed an attachment for
each other, escaped from Genoa to England,
and were married, carrying with them the
only eopy of " a letter said to have been
written by oar Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ," which had been sacredly preserved
in the monastery. Religious superstition
invested it with miraculous powers, and it
was preserved as a "charm." It emigrated
to America with the family, and is probably
the only copy in the United States besides
the one in California. The document is as
follows : ' '
- v - sain to havs mi wbittss t '
found eighteen mUesfrom Iconium. twenty-Jive
years after our blessed Saviour' 1
crucifixion, and transmitted from the Eoly
City by a converted Jea, and faithfully
translated from the original Hebrew eopy,
now in the possession of Ladg Cubase's
family, in Mesopotamia.
The letter was found under a stone both
round and large, at the foot of a cross,
eigteen mles from Iconium, near a village
called Mesopotamia. Upon the stone was
written snd engraved, " .Blessed be he that
shall turn me over." All that saw it pray
ed to God earnestly, and desired tbat he
would make known onto them the meaning
of this writing, that they might not in vain
turn it over. In the mean time a little
child about six or seven years of age, turned
it over to the admiration of all present ; and
under the stone wag written the commands
of Jesus Christ in a letter, which was after
wards published by the angel Gabriel, ninety-
eight years after the death of our blessed
Saviour, and carried by a person belonging
to Lady Cobsss, and made public in the city
of Iconium, sic fcc. - m
The Letter of Jesus Christ is. an followeth.
WHOSOEVER worketh on the Sabbath
day shall be cursed. I command you to go
to the church and keep the Lord's day holy,
without doing any manner of work. You
shall not idly spend your time in bed, or
decking yourself with superfluities of costly
appearance and vain dresses, for I have or
dained it a day of rest ; I will have that
day kept holy, that your sins may be
forgiven you. You shall not break my
commandments, but observe and keep them
Write them in your heart, and steadfastly
observe that it is written with my own hand,
and' spoken - with my own .mouth. You
shall not only go unto the church yourself,
but also cause your men servants and maid
servants to do the same, and to observe my
words, sod learn my commandments. You
shall finish your labour every feturday la
the afternoon, by six of the clock, at which
hour the preparation of the Sabbath begins.
I advise you to fast five Fridays in every
year, beginning with Good Friday, and con
tinue the four Fridays immediatelv follow
ing. Yon shall diligently and peaceably
labour in your own respective dwellings,
wherein 11 nam pleased uod to call you.
You shall love one another with brotherly
love, and cause them that are not baptued
to come to the church and receive the
sacrament of baptism, and the Lord's supper.
ana ui 00 maun luemuvrsoi me cnurcn.-- in
so doing, I will give onto yoa a long life and
many Diessings ; your iana snail nourisn,
and your cattle bring forth abundance ; and
will give unto you man a blessing and
comforts in the greatest temptations.
And be mat, aoem to me contrary snail
be unprofitable. I will sIho send a hardness
of heart upon them, until I see them ; but
especially anon the impenitent and un
believers, ne that nam given to the poor
shall not be unprofitable. i Remember. to
keep the holy Sabbath day; for on the
seventh day 1 bave taken to rest myself.
And he that hatb a copy of this letter writ
ten with my own hand, and spoken with my
own mouth, and keepeth it without publish
it to others, shall not prosper : but he that
publisheth it to others, shall be blessed of
1 .1 l v : 1 1 . 1
me, sou uiuugu uia biub uv in oumoer as me
stars of the heavens, and he believe in this
he sha'l be pardoned ; and if he believe not
in this writing and these commandments, 1
will send my own plague upon him, and
consnme both him snd his children, snd his
cattle. And whosoever shall have a copy of
this letter, written wilU my own hand and
spoken with my own mouth, and keep it in
the house, nothing shall hurt then ; nor the
lightning, fire, thunder or pestilence shall
happen to them to do them any harm. '. And
if a woman with ehild and l labour has
copy of this letter about her, and the
family put their trust in me, she shall be
safely delivered of the child. Yoa shall not
have any tidings of me but by the holy
Scriptures until the day of judgment. All
goodness, happiness, and prosperity, shall
be in the house where a copy of this letter
shall be lonnd. Amen.
There appeared in these our days a man
of great virtue, named Jesus, who ' is also
called Christ, who is yet living amongst us.
and of the Gentiles is accepted for a prophet
of truth ; but his own disciples call him the
Son of God. He raises the dead to life, and
cures all manner 01 diseases, a man of
stat ore somewhat tall and comely, with a
very reverend countenance, such ss the be
holders may both love and fear. His hair is
of a chestnut colour, full ripe, plain to his
ears, whence downwards it is more orient,
curl;ng and waving about His shoulders. In
the midst of his head is a seam or partition
of his hair like the Nazaritea ; his forehead
smooth and very delicate ; his face without
spot or blemish, beautified with a lovely
red 1 his nose and month so formed, as
nothing can be reprehended 1 his beard
thick, in colour like his hair, not very long,
but forked; his look innocent and mature;
eyes gray, clear and quick. ' In reproach
ing he is terrible ; in admonishing, uourteous
and fair spoken, Pleasant in conversation,
mixed with gravity. It cannot be remem
bered that any have seen him laugh, but
many have seen him weep. In proportion
body none to be excelled; his hands white
and delicate to behold. In speaking very
temperate modest and wise. A man for his
singular beauty surpassing the children of
man ' ' '
The " wool season " is now upon us; hut
hardly opened, and prices are not vet fully
settled. The Plymouth (O.) Advertiser of
toe lamsaysi A good many small 'lota
are coming in, and the prices are raging from
to 42c., as per quality."
1 he weather has been so cool thus tar, tbat
but few of our wool growers have as yet
done their shearing. A few clips, only, have
been brought In, and the wool market can
scarcely be said to have opened, prices
ranging at about 40 cents. Akron Beacon.
V. V. Keech ha taken in 3,WU pounds of
the new e'ip at 35ftf -Me. It comes in in fine
condition and sella quick 'for cish. -iSit-
dusky Register.
Says th.i Jackson Cuuen or Thursday:
"The first load of this year's plip of wool
was sold in town ye terday. The price paid
was forty cents per pound.
Cuask's Motto. I would rather be right
and be Piesident, but ! must be Presi
dent, '''
The Ninth District.
We have seen seferal statements to the
effect tbat General Auckland would net be
a candidate for re-tlectida? to Congress.
These we believed-'at the (tatte to be entire
: ly unautaorized.'-ald now Ire learn from the
Sandusky Rcislet Jthat 'General Buckland
10W be a candidate before5! the Convention.
Mr Swigart, of Crawford county, General
Gibson, of Seneca, and Judge Sloane, of
&ric, are also mentioned in connection with
the nominations.-tSfwefond Herald.
In Thursday s issue we stated tbat Gen
Buckland would not be a candidate for re
election in the 3th District. We were so
informed by a citizen of Sandusky county,
wna cugcito ,snow, wiereot ht y spoke,
we learn itua morning that pen. IV name
will be presented to the Convention. Gen
BueuANs has . served aithfully.and well
and has hosts of friends in everv county
the District. Rush- R -Swank and Gen
Nettleton, of the' Register, are candsdates
from Erie, Gen.GiBsox will be presented. by
Seneca, and D W SwioAat by , Crawford.
The convention has a plenty of good mater
ial to select irom.. -lousao Jilade. .
As no call hae yet been made by the District
central uoramutee, we would suggest l ues
day, the 30lhof June as a most suitable
time for holding the conventioa to put in
nominstion a candidate for Congressman for
the 9th District. .What say our brothers of
me preset itffin irwune.- -t
We think, a 'time ought how, to
set without delay. ... We suggest however
that the 30th is too soon.' It will take time
for the Congressional Committee to name
day. Then the conntv committees w
have to call a convention which should have
at least two weeks' notice in the couuty pi
pers, and then a few days must elapse 01
tween the meeting of the County Conven
tions ana me meeting 01 the District nomm
aung convention. - k , , ,, ... .
we are of opinion therefore that the
Congressional Committee should art at once.
and appoint the time for the Convention at
least three weeks after the day on which
Al A. 1 V . . '
uiey tnemseives s,c.Uraioford (Jo. Journal.
CoNoaBssioNAi. CoavjtMTioiu -The Fre
mont Journal says: -
"Whenever the Republican Central Com
mittee get ready to call the District Con
vention to : Bonnaate a candidate for Con
gress. we suggest that they name Clyde
the place of meeting. . It is perhaps the
moat veutrai point in tie District acccssi
ble from every direction by tail, and has
ample accommodations for snch a rather.
ing. The Republican . nennla thnra ra
building a wigwam for campaign purposes,
uu wm ubvb it completed "Within a fort-
nignt. By all means let us bave the Con
vention there. .
We see no objection ' whatever to the
journal s suggestion and presume the Con
vention will be heJT at Clyde. Sandusky
Mr. A.' L. Siwemv publisher of that
favorite children's paper, The Little Corporal,
is full of inventions to surprise and please
his army of young friends and readers'
He is sending them now a lithograph fac
simile of Paul Rev ere's picture, of one hun
dred years sgo, giving a vie of "part of-
toe town- ot .Boston in New England and
British ships of war landing their troops."
In sizs ihe original' picture is 'f0 by 15
inches, besides the margin, snd- there are
ouly'two or three copies of it in 'this
country,, Mr., feewell Jately.jwid fifty -dol
lar for one of these cop:es. ' His facimile is
as nearly like it as colored lithography can
make it. A copy of this colored lithograph,
lPul Revere 'a picture of Osk Hundbso
Ysam Ago," will be sent bv tnailV on a
cng ruuer, m evory one wno will renew
his or lier.hubscnptioo to tho Milile Corporal,
ana. semi one new subset iber, oc to everv
person who will sind two. new subscribers,
at the regular price of one dollar each.' ' Or
the picture will be sold at one dollar per
copy; sent by mail 00 rollciu !rost paid if
uenireu. .Auuress a. Jj. Seweli.Uhicaco. 111.
Fork Plat. Messrs Tictnor A Fields
Boston, have just published in'honk form
the novel rallid ' Fonl ' riav." bv Chaa.
Reade and Dion Boucicault, which has been
reprinted serially from advanced1 sbeetV in
every Saturday. The story combines the
characteristic excellences of both Ihe authors,
Mr. Reade - being undoubtedly the most
uraiuauq . ui .Jiving novelists, . and JUr.
Jtoucicault the most successful of living
dramatists.' The leading elements' of thn
popularity 01 jfout riay are it elaborate
and Ekulully-managed plot, its thronvinv
incidents, its highly dramatic situation!, its
stricking and well defined characters, and
tne vigor ana vivia pictaresqueness of its
my ib. . ine 11m sr rations LV Ull Munrior
lorm an attractive feature of the book.
Mooee's Like of "Hon, Schl yler CoLfax,
-T. B. Peterson &' Brothersj No. 306 Ches-J
nut fctreet, Philadelphia, bave in press and
will publish in S few days, "The Life of
Jlon. Schuyler Colfax," written by Rev,
A. Y. Moore, of South Bend, Indiana, who
was for twelve years, ss pastor and friend
in. the entire confidence of Mr. Colfax, and
had access to the files of paper published by
Mr. Colfax for -twenty years, and to the
Congressional Globe: knows .11 hm n't
uiaiury auu m wno nave Known him from
boyhood. He begin this biop-ranhv two nr
three yeais ago, so that it is not one of the
uurritu anq epnemeral publications so com
mon in election years. Mr. Moore
tleman of fine talent and culture, and there
is no doubt but that his boigraphy of Mr.
Colfax will be worthy of its distinguished
the following letter from Mr. Colfax, to
jvo. a. 1 . moors win explain itseir:
"Washiwstos, D. 0., May 30, 1868.
"My Dear Mr. Moorei-rr . . '
"As your prediction of a year ago has
been realized, I have no further objection
to yonr publishing any sketch, more or lcsa,
mil, ui my uie, yoa may bave prepared,
jrw weio tr ao4n years a leiiow
townsman of mine, and a valued friend. :
suppose you know as much about my his
tory as the public would care about knowing;
and although mv engrossing duties
leave me no lime to revise the mauuscript,
I have no fear that your work will not be a
raithlul one.
: ' "Yours, very truly, :" ' .
"Rev. A. Y. Moore. South Bend. Indiana.
It will be published in a large duodecimo
volume of five hundred paces, nrintcit from
large type, and on tlw finest and best of
wniie paper, wnn a portrait, on steel, of Mr.
Colfax,, executed by oae of the first artists
in the country, from photographs taken of
Mr rifllfov V-Sikln ,1ia laa. 1. . ,L. 1 1 .
... vu..ha " i vu i ii uu .noli wcci, kilt; WUUie
bound in cloth in the most substantial man
ner. - Price $1.50 a eopy. Canvassers
wanted everywhere. Jarge discounts given
Copies will be sent to aov one. at once, nut
paid, on reeeipt of price, by the Publishers.
New Ioek, June 16. A HeraH Rich
mond special says he is authorized to state
that Chief Justice Chase will accept the
Democratic nohuuatjon on a platform em
bodying universal, suffrage... The Chief
Justice, who is now in Richmond, rccieves
numerous letters, daily, from the Kepubl
cans m the North offering to co-operate with
the Democratic party in case he is the nom
inee, and the platform t of the kind set
forth. Henry A wise and the Chief Justice
visited the Atrican Church in Richmond
together,; on Sunday, and. heard Divine
A man residing in Wood county went to
t r "... .. .......
pnysician ior medicine lor his wile who
was very sick. 'Tho doctor save him
bottle, with directions to "shake well before
using. He returned home, procured the
assistance of two or three neighbors and
gave the poor woman a thorough' shaking,
alter which the medicine was administered
as per directions. We did not learn whether
She recovered.-JJancock Jeffersoniarf, ;
Hon. E. Bi Washburce, of Illinois, has
unanimously received his ninth nomination
to Congress , . ; " ; '
"Rev. A. Y. Moore. South Bend. Indiana. New Advertisements.
"POR SALE, The property belong
consisting of houe and three lots. East Wide, is fnr
- lujim. i.t. urctiie. lonueriv jurs. 1'etrs.l
liale tosetlier ur separate on reasonable terms. "Ap-
nyeor -2f liijitrr fist-Ait-bait..
FOR SALE. A one snd ahalf story
frame dwelling houn tuutc on the north side
Market Street, went of tli R. K:, owned by E.
It. Mitthel: Location dourable; hu-jre lot . Wiil fie
sold cheap and on easy term. CAMFIJSLD 4c Co;
170R SALE. Four and ; one-third
JL acres of land, X of a mile west of the PepotJ
on Crouhan street, frame house 1Sx24 witli a.liHtHal
.A w .1 .. ...1 , . . . 1 . . . . . . I
'and terms eay, .
LAND. Tho nnilerined oners for sale nae
acrs fariu. 20 acres iinmwML tu-w hni,M iuf
comjUeted; land situatt-d in Bull ville township, sec
tion 22, two miles south of Ballville Village, adjoin-
nic uixm oi dunn Reason on me east, will be
wd at a bargain on eav terms of navment. Annlv
S. P, JlEJiti or Cam'field it Co.
Xi. Uonsman nrntinst
osrainst John V. Honsman. Be
fore N. JL Jtemsburjj, J. P- of Jackson townliif,
Hundusky coimty, t). tin the With day of Mar, A
DlWiH, said Justice issued an onler of ' attachment
the r-bovc action for Uie sum of 1jU.
J-i7 ' ' -' JOHJf HOUSJtAN,
"Rev. A. Y. Moore. South Bend. Indiana. New Advertisements. New Advertisements.
at r
S AliEIt
feet Oak Side
Plank. Walk
iuuv sees m m stnesnswi
AAA . , .
I ' r ji . . .
I :
- For Bate Wp!
Will deliver sbovs in any ea
of the City in quantities to suit purchasers,
near tha E: B: Elsvators on the River:
24-26.,-; ; J.E..AMBDEN.
Fremont Mssical Society
The AcKoatMtuiMl 6neutw VSomViv atsnKtiMM
that thej have chartered the splendid
Capt O. W. ORB,
for an Esirsion.tp Sandusky and the rjilands, on
WEDF5Sl)AT,iUNEl24th )8f8.
Tickets for tbe Trip, - . . si OS
Children under 10 yean, frte, 24-24
S. Bermer,
Chu. r. Wsllw.
Lata of B. L. JiDtock& Co.
R F. Banmao, Lata ef -Falunatock. Fortua k Ca
Beymer, Bauman Co.
MAMurACTtasRS of t J.A Z : '
Pure White Lead
- ' ... I' 4SD Ir 0Iti , ., . .... . .
RedLead, Potters' Lead, Zino
Paint and Putty,
Bejmer, Banman & Co.
Orrics k Warihocsk,
Faotort, Coajria or
No. 24 Wood Street,
Bldwell St. St Ohio Ars
OT Tha followins notice of t-aarantee. beariu
onr written signatnre, ia attached toeverjKeg of
BEWARO We will lire Twawtv Dntlnala AaU
for each and every ounce of Ateltersttoa foand la
"Bite ijeaa, (or oar maontaelara,) teanag wkt aame.
We roarantee strict parity, snd a deiree of Flnentea
aad Whiteness Uaeqaaled by any other brand.
for sals Wholiasl and retell by t
f i
f f f 4
V ' I X
The Best
now Made !
Hi 0
Phcet only $100 00,
The Udlee of Fretnoot and TidnitY in reaiiMtlTe-
j informed thftt
has refitted her rooms la the best manner and has
just received from the Best, a foil and complete
lock of everything in the line of
Bonneis,Hats,Ribboni, & Flowers
weiw selted with the rreeiestr aad all la tha
vetyiutept styles. Bet neat noma are thetatet
ever cpeoel la Fremont and wfrj repay a call whether
yon wish to boy or not. Mrs Brockway is always
reeoy o 14-40
1YJ. New lork the fiaest stock of
-4 'J .
of every description, ever bronnht to this market,
ner iioca ot
Pattern Bonnets & Hats!
ierery fail aad complete. The work dene at airs.
BrightweU'sroomiisof tbe vary latest ityle aoacf
toe ben material and workmanship, and gives univer
sal u unction, work always aoue oa enort notice,
Last Sensation !
Troth stranger tbaa letioo t Whtt I at end
umcauu. . The moet startling and interesting book
cir yuuiiim wTpr lorve xiaaarea pages noeli
uaamwo. Ten Thoneand copies already rold. Seal
o any addreis, poat-peid. oa reeeipt of SI CO, by
. f Box SB33. Chicejo, 111.
iifrHoalOvo 48 sorss
Wheatoa'e Ointment an ree the I th .
Wheaton.s Ointment cares Salt Rheum '".
Wheaton's OintmeatoareB Tetter.
Wheaton's Ointmeutcures Barbers' Iteh.
Wheaton's Ointment cores Old aores. ,
Wheaton's ointment oarei every kind of Humor
Price bOcentia box: bv mail SO cent..
WBSKS ft 1-OrTER' Ho. 170 Wa.bingtou street
Boston, lfasa. .
For saiebv all druggists. SS-yl.. sua.
' -ASD
Speedy Cure
Itt Effects art
Maficat, :
VW son-
i if .
' Fremont, 0 April i9'ei.
First Insta
We are just receiv
J v.
Forhe arjy spring trade, to which we
erally. Nerer before since the
. . ... there been such indue
offered to the public. Please call
examine our stock whetheryou
NI B. We take pleasure in showing
of H. Lesher, No. 4, Buckl
' '-. the Post
March 18th, 1863.'
' 12tf
Fanoy and Staple
- ' ' " ! i. ? k', ' . f
TaTB take sleasaro in announcliia to onr ens
Y V toman that after tea year of successful
business, ws are agaia in tha field wide awake for
trade aad tntead to are all honorable means to ee
auro your favors Mranuiaatry. Being waiting mea,
young aad ambitions, we shall alwars bo oa the
ahrrt. aata ear ataaoet skill ia maklaa aarcbaeea,
aad expect to preeent throaghoat tho oaming seaaoa
a sioca oi mora uaa otftiaaiy preiensiona aaa ot
Unequaled Quality!
oavsag axtenrire anangemeota with large Eastern
MaanXacturen, for the flrst and heat Use of Goods
cs ri 'T ' - r- -- v
w shall bo sble to meet the demsnd aad tastes of
our customers mora fall then heretofore and to
promptly exhibit au
New and Desirable Styles!
aa fast aa tho are produced. As ws aim to baild up
a valuable reputation and have determined to ex
tend oar trade just now rather thaa to make profits,
we enau wi at we
This K oar- motto.' and ws cordially invite oai
friends to increase their trade with ue, and these
wno are not our euatomets we urge to maae witn
us at least one experiment. One of tho firm is al
ways ia New York to take advantage of the;
Give as a nil aad vou shall be raid Ifr veus.
Wm. A. Rice & Bro's.
to give notice that on the 6th day of June, -V
D. a wurraiit in Brinknmtcv wna iHucd aiminst
the estate of James Sherlock, ot Green Oveek, m the
county of Hnndusby, and Utate of Oliio, who hi
been adjudged a baiikrupt on his own petition; that
the payment of any debts and delivery of any prop
erty belonging to aiteh bankrupt, to hira or for hi
n, and the tranafeT of any property by him i for
bidden bv law: that a meeting of the creditors of
said bankrupt to prove their dbts and choose one
or more awtifrnees of his estate will be held at a
Court of Bankruptcy to be holdon nt Norwalk,
uuron eountv, Ubio, ivtore irnmic awver, jwj
Ilfvwter. oo tin; 13th day of July, A. D. latin, at lo
o'clock A. 3L . ,
Deputy U. 8. Marshal aa .e&ener:
Jomt I. CrBE, AtVy fur Tititioner. ii-i
Dry Goods, &c.
li TJ 'S T I ! !
GOOD, 12 1-2 CENTS.
GOOD, 12 1-2 CENTS. 1 i "
ORS, 12 1-2 CENTS.
X-1 el;-; f .- -
IT : .:.r -f t .:t- t
- . j '.'J ...v L ,:
OF ; X868.
ITmanA - At "T k? '' '' . 'Ml :-
- . V V. - - - -..VI -;T.f,. --.
& '.- i? ,r .:-53w .- :,.! .-rjt r
IVED BY .'T-TfI wfc
ingenr first alec li 1t tz:-!'
invite the attention; of ' the nnblic eeh-
"days of anld lantr nw,T basii
enidnta in point of j V-'V r -
-?-K . '.ill.fi
at your earnest ,convenB ia&:'i
wisbl to ' pAmkoi.'.utA'x1,"?'
-5'I , '' ."IT ; j ni r- I' I
our goods. At the well-koawn stand
and's Old Bloik '.oppoaiter j1;
pfl3ce.v ' ';"!.''.-. ' f ' 'v.
--' .... -, . r ,
Boots & Shoes.
is : .t
., . ,;., ,4.- jj i J ri 9 I - a
;T wetj-kaoira eslejs 1ar J
n r 't urn rtl n ' . .......
ii I T
ATK Jot. rtovfvM atttf now oflr ft Ml on of
Most Complete AssdrtmehU!
of goods la their line to be room) ia this city.5 Our
goods wera purchased for the v'.,j, '"'. .'""'
ia time to avoid tho reeeat . advaaes ia the eastera
marketadthey eaaaad will be sold at prices that'
must suit the closest dealer. : We bay ou goods at-
' " .' '
From the Manufacturer
and those who Jstronite us pay no lniermeeiats
- . ... 5 ,-;-Proflts. ,.,.','','.'
.1 I
&v shoes;!
Mads to order aad repairing doae la tho beat stria
K on short notice ,
, -f Remember the place, near
Corner of Front & State Streets,
Buckland' s New Block. "
Thankful for your patronage during the past six
years, we solicit a continuance ot tho same.
IE moot. April II, 18S - '-
; n
inn i
IS the pises to buy goods just from New York at
low prices. .
I'hlldrea's Sheea at 10 ceata la
Mirnnra' . St v. . ..a,a.I
I.adtee' aaod twekla Bala. -Ladles'
tiattrM. ir.- - :
1,1 t
tldlee Fiae Sera CeagrwM
OoM Mlaaea Klw Beats,
Goaa Be ye Kip Heats,
nien'st'alf Boots, at 4,30
iflrna good French l-alf Boot-,
: SJuatornmade,. -'.a i .i i S,W
irleae' heave heela. , -.v H ii..l ... aa
'Wans'wragane,... ivr . i ' l,i to UOO
We also keen the eelehrared BnSelo Wn.k
stantly on hand. , .ti
Repairiag hn ia Neatest Style.
Oar Custom Shoe does: the Snet 'rk .i'i-
prices. aaMefaottaaaaarantaodiaevaryeaae. .
Laundry Indigo
... BLUEING, t
The beat in ttie: Our 10 cent
Box warranted equal to tavo oa.
of Indigo, which coat 3u oente;
lor Sole by " - -
Formerly of the firm of Laadgraf aad Eraert, baa
jastiwtaraeo irom new iotuwiib a
of Orooarlea, whieh are e rerWafr pries lo ' nit pw
enaserSL at a is new store re
eearly opposite the Poetofflea, 1 door north of Moore's
Orockerytore. j )r'i-l -:,JJ
Look at the following I'rios List of Tea's, CoSee'e
aad Sugar's
good Green Tea $1 00 par tb '
Choice Black Tea. ........ 185 .
BesVJtolorsOapan. . ...; 1 50
Best Imperial ...if 6ffnrn,T
Choice lonng Hjsoa. 1 50
Good Rio.r'.
Prime Bio..
'. r r
.... 5 ctfl pn fb.
, 30
.40 '
Premiorn Browaed
Choice Maracaibo.
Choice Java.......
Sugar hotnt.
...A2 to 2i
aad all other aeoeaaities ia tro lias of Gieeetlas soa
Hr '1lj ns Ileal aad iffind at the loweat rash prions
Mow that yoa have looked over my price Lift, call
eedexamiae my Goods. Satisfaction warranted or
money refcaeed. I am also ready at all Maws to aj i
the highest Cash Moos far .
Butter,' E-iaTd.-Talhrw-,- Dewmx,
' Sraoked Meats, Ac. . ,
Remember the store'aearlr orpoeita tha rSetooM;
aorth of Moore's Crockery Store. ' J
lltf . , ....... BED. J. LAKD9BJJ, - '
Oatae Plkse.Wewt Ka efyrWaa, """
! "' . HIDES, PELTS, DRIED ,; : 1 1
I '.'-I ' . 1 v. ', -.- ' '
FRUIT, Ac, 4c. ' '
I have constantly oa hand
r r -T (:. .: it. "
Family -JGrRoeERiEs!
,VWJich I offer at tha 1 (
Logf.st Nejr .YarlL- CaiiErlcea.
- Salt and Floor always on banaU
Highest prices for all sorts of FUR7
Don't pass by the Wild Cat Sign.
Sewing Machines.
wiaat Tr aioasn raaaicaj jt,jmt
; ' :.'. -t .
Where all the Machines of Kurop aad Amarles vote
. ' la Competitloa;also,at tho '
' ' .-......
HELD 'rSrrPAJSri 867,
Of American aad larapeaa MaaaaMtara
The awards wera mule ia tha following eritf:
1st Waeeler HjIsorCold Otedal
5th Howe Machine Oo....r.Silv Medal
eth Weed 8. Co... Silver Medal
9lh Florence S. M. Co...;. Silver Medal
UUtsrCalleUnt (Singer M.)..SUver Medal
J1 A. H. "Hoire rr. . .:TzrrBTote KedH
Empire. 1L CaHoaarahle Mention
40th Erhrs Howe,- Jr -. .Ou-upeiaters
41st J. A. 4 H. A. Hoose Aids
' ...v.
AU kinds of Double anl Single Thread Chaia
Btitch Mechinrs wera exhibited, bat not noticed fas
the awards.
The London Time a, la a two aad a half eo'lumn ed
itorial, awards the highest merit ofpralee la thee
words: The Wheeler Wfleoa Machine, vlkt Is
tha one best calculated mr hoaaahold work, make
the Lock Stitch by mean of a rotary hook.' The
American Institute, M.Y, reports: -Thie ataeaia
mskee the Lock Stitch, and ranks highest ea as.
eaaat of the elasticity, aermaaeaee, keenly, aad rm
era! deriraUeneae of tho KitchU whea doae, ea
the wide range of its application.' This report ws
la aiaaisaass eila Iks jieeines sry'-il insrrls.
In ell parts of tho United 8tats. BaroM. BHU.I,
America, West Indies, Central aad South Anteriee.
Turkey, India, China aad Japaa.
- If raw A. m. atraekaaay, Aaaat, .
Corner of front Barrieea 8U, rramoat, Or.
The ' Highest Premina
' . I l I f 1. , .! .l'i
Family Sewing Hacbines
. - j Oa ' '
(ft n ' ;
Paris lxposiUon, 'G7
Masachusetls Mechanics' issocl
' ati'oii,' at Lowell, 187 ,-;
American., Institute, 1856-7.
Maklng.as It does, four different stiteheMOd hsv-
mimg . correeponaiug prices with other Ireeiaee
machines which only make one k'nd or stitch, aad de
not have the Revereible Feed, eommenda itself on
th most critical esaminatloa, not only on acaoaat
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J. L. JACKSON, AfeaV "5
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. W. ULKASON, Oen'l Aat
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