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A. E. HALS LET, Editor.
ITI:Yl....-.APa..L 9, ISS9.
' The return com in -ry scatWinly,
, bow bat little difference in the po-
ition of forces, from what thejwere
liutt f&IL Id tome places there are mar
- ted gains for oar friends, while Itf others
. Jikt Democracy have made slight gains.
Everywhere the disposition of voters to
, act- independently of party lines, has
manifested itself to a greater extent than
.. eTer before. Eren in the rapks of the
Democracy, the strict party drill to
which they have been subject, has not
aSced to keep the roters in the ranks,
ftod no more palpable evidence of this
fact exists, than was manifested in this
eity, on Monday last, where, with a de-
.'. cided Democratic majority, we have,
rerthelees, succeeded in electing our
Mayor, by a majority of 39, and on
Marshal by a majority of 147, because
; tbty were more acceptable . to them
' than the candidates presented by their
. Own party. . We bail this as the' prom
ise of a better day. If the party in the
majority will not put np their best men,
they most expect defeat, and the peo
ple will honor themselves by defeating
them. ' " :
Toledo. The Republicans have car
ried their ticket, except Commissioner.
The majority for Mayor is 420, a gain
tt 271 since last spring. They have
carried six of the eight wards, and elect
ed seven of the eight Oonncilmen a
gain of two since last spring.
" CtivHjurD. Split tickets prevailed
to such an extent that -the Democratic
, candidate for Mayor was elected by oy
er 3,000. r The Council stands as here
tofore, 17 Republicans to 13 Democrats'
.-Columbus. The "Citizons Ticket,"
put sp by the Republicans and better
Democrats of Columbus, made a gallant
tun, though they were in the end beat
en, reducing the Democratic majority
from 1,800 to 450, and making again
in the city council.
-. CurcuiBiTr. The returns in the city
bow the election of John Torrence, Re
publican, by a majority of 1,900. Last
fpring, the Republican .majority was but
49 gain of 1,251. fplit ticket de
feated the Republican candidates for
Treasurer, Attorney for the Police Court
and Commissioner, The persons elect
d were Republicans. Cincinnati is
eound.. , .
The Entire Republican State Ticket
The Entire Republican State Ticket Elected--Gain of Two Republican
One year ago, English, the Deuio
eretrc candidate for Governor of Con
necticut, was elected by a majority of
,! 5. At the election cn Monday last
"iewall, the Republican candidate .was
elected by a majority of 811. - Notwith-.
" Btaading-ihe desperate efforts made by
" Democracy, to carfylte State, they
have been disastrously beateiv -Not on
Jy bare we elected the whole State tick
et, but Dixon, th. renegade, kas been
defeated. In bis place e hare JuEus
Lb Strong. Stephen Wlwsllogg, has
also been "elected ia the Second District
i -which, makes a positive gain of two Re-;
publican Congressmen. . '
The Senate stands 14 Republican to
7 Democrats, with about 20 Republican
. majority in the House. - , ,.
' Thus we have another endorsement
. of the administration of President Grant
Set down Connecticut, henceforth, a
Republican. The Democratic roosters
crows no more in the land of wooden
The election in Rhode Island took
j!ace on. Wednesday last, and resulted
ia the election of Padelford, Republican
candidate for Governor, by a majority
04,000. The Senate will stand 27
Republicans, to 6 Democrats. J The
House stands 61 Republicans to 11 De
A Triumph.
We point to the result, on Monday
last, in this city, as a triumph, sot so
much of our party, ; but of the. .good
sense of the people. Our foreign fol-low-citizens
deserve credit for the , in:
dependence they have manifested in
breaking away from party lines, or the
purpose of subserving the welfare and
good character of our city.' All honor
to them."- " ' 'Z': !
"Last txak when our Irish Jellow-cit-txana
abowed their independence by
voting for and 'electing Marshal Keefe,
the Democracy declared that bo Irish:
men need apply to them for office again.
Last year Keefe was elected by eight
majority. This year he Is elected by
14? majority. Their threat was a little
like the "relentless .hand" with which
all foreigners were threatened by the
Masmgtr a few weeks ago, if they
darti to accept a nomination on the
Republic ticket or . vote it Tbey
lave had the independence to vote for'
their preference, and "will do it again."
If is baid that AL Tyler's defeat, on
Monday last, "shelves" him,..and that
be will not be a sandidate for Auditor.
"Farewell, a long farewell to all my
greatness." - ; " :
.Quirt. Was the "relentless band"
responsible for the election, on Monday
last, and the marked defeat of the Dem
ocratic candidate for Mayor f
anbsw Price, one of the murderers of
Ixnris Eakteaberg, near Ironton, Ohio, in
October last, was banged at Ironton, on the
2d inst- HaJgenierg was a Jwarf who kept
a little grocery and did; some cobbling.
.Price and We eon federate, Speer (who was
coavicted of murder in the second degree, and
.isirnrl to imprisonment for' Jile in tbe
Pautaadiary,) eoseeivtd the idea that lb'
4wrf bad aaoney. They visited bis groc-ry
em the night in question, drank bis whiskey
at kts eakee and aausages, then got him U
... .t um boot soles. While be w
kneeling. In tbe set of cutting. Price struct
kirn ea the bead with a hatchet and repeated
Hie blew twice, Spear finished tbe work b
cur! his throat. Tbey obtained but verj
Tittle booty, were soon after capture d, con
vieted. seat need, and one of them has auf-
Ared the fullest penslty of tbe law. TJ
A Triumph. NEWS ITEMS.
Thos. H. Foulds bis been appointed fot-
duUt at Cincinnati.
A DBKADrvL rumor floats in Paris that Ibe
the Empress is til of small-pox. - f,
Hon. James M, Ashley, -aa'jecei td tb
appointment of povernor of Mobtaoa.-,
The Louisrsaoa sugar crop thi aeasva
established at 150'OUO to 300,000 bogheads.
The wife of Eon. J. M. Ahj, of Toledo,
bat been elected President of the Woman'
Suffrage Association, of Toledo.
The Kn Klux Legislature of Kentucky,
baa refuaed by a large majority to paa
bill encouraging emigration to that State.
The old High School building, comer of
Columbus Avenue and Adams at, Sandusky
city; waa destroyed by fir, on the 30th ull.'
The Ohio Houae of Representatives, on
the 2d int, refused, by a strictly party vote,
to ratify the fifteenth Constitutional amend
Ellen Pilkiogton has recovered $3,500
from a Cleveland street railway company
for irijarips sustained through the care
lessness of a driver. " !
The grand jury of Ashland oonnty, Ohio,
returned one bond red and two' bills of
indictment agsiust the liquor sellert of that
eonnty, during the past week.' '
The Senate passed on Saturday the bill ex
tending the time allowed for the construction
of a Railroad from Like St Croix (in the
Mies'ssippi) to Bayfield on Lake Superior,
Oa the 19th., a Mr. Shoaff, residing near
Fort Wayne, was murdered in a closet, in
her own bouse, by a robber whom sbe bad
discovered in the bouse.' Wo clue to the
The Democratic Legislature, if it fails to
enact laws desirable by the the people, does
not hesitate to continue its sessions, and
draw pay from the State Treasury. . Do
nothings, go home.
'' Twenty of Brigbam Young's wires are on
the war path. Tb,e reached Council Bluffs,
Iowa, last week en route for Washington.
They have no doubt some design on the
-Congressmen there assembled. ' ,
The Senate of the United States of Colum
bia baa refused ia approve the Treaty recent
ly concluded between the United States and
the Columbian Government for tho opening
of a Csnal acro'8 the Isthmus.
The New York Times' says it is a scan-
delous (act tbst when ex President Johnson
left the White Eonse he carried off all the
official records, so .that there' waa not even
the form of an appointment left. .Motives
which .prom ted such action are onrevealed.
Some Scoundrels entered tbe Union
Church at Fayetteville'; Pai, 'on the night,
of the 27 lb nlu, broke all the lamps but one,
spjlled the oil over the floor, trampled tbe
bible under foot, and otherwise desecrated
tbe bouse. . . ' v -
Senator Authoay baa been elected Pres
ident of the Senate pro fern. la 'case Of the
death of Grant or Oolfax, be would lecome
the Acting Vice President, and woald hold
the same position which Mr. Wade has held
during tbe last two years. ' -I ; ! -
J. D. Bourne, Esq , proprietor f the
Island Eoise, at Kelley's Islmd,' id to
open a large Hotel at Sandusky' City, by
the middle of May, it is to be called tbe Lake
House. Tbe property on tbe carder of
Wayne and Water streets, has been. yur.
chased -for the purpose, sod large 'addition
as to be'made. ' -' 1 1 "''
The Stale of Iowa, Radical tbronirb and
through, is not only out of debt, bat btt-
$629 000 cssb. in band,' over and above pil
obligations. No State is improving n mate.
rial wealth more Tapidy, or building "more
School bouses and 'churches', or establishing
more libraries, and none takes'more newspa
pers; ' allowing to Radical Knle," as a Berks
eonrrty Democrat would fsaf. '-"
At tbe annual meeting of stock holders of
tie P. Ft W. A 0 Eail- Koad, beid at
FiUsburgV on K i7tli inst., the following
Board of Directors were chosen tor (he pres
ent year: uaorge W, .Cass, president; and
Springer Ear bs ugh, of PitUburg; J. Edgar
Thompson., Philadelphia;, Jno. L. Dawson,
of New Geneva, Pa.; J, F. D. Lacier, Louis
E. Meyer and :Samuel J,, Tildon, of New
York; rimy Eoagland and Jesse L. Wil
liams, of fort Wayne, Jod.; Kent Jarvia,
Massillon; K. fi. Springer, of .Cincinnati;
J ohn Sherman, cf Jlontfield, and W. B.
Ogden," of Chicago. , The. gross-earnings, of
the main line during tbe y ear amounted J-o
$8,041,181. ; The expenses of the main line
during" the last year. were $5,002,110.. :Tbe
number of passengers,. tcar(i4 dur.B5 ,the
year, 1 431,606. . ,
At last we begin to see encouraging eigne
of a red ecu jb in the. number, of aaelws
officers. -The other dajr lie PoelmasteN
General foucd some' that be could dupease
with, and .the SecretajJ of the Treasury, J
began to disisiss the women clerkjswbe were
not needed. . .Now ,Oov, Beutwell proposes
to cut off tbe whole flock of Special Agents
of tbe Treasury In their prime; and the
Senate orders the dismissal of nimetyitkrtt
extra men and boys who bave beeat: paid to
wait upon that body, and are sound to be
without auylbiug to dv As a matter of
curiosity, we should like to know just how
many waiters the Senate . does need.-.
Ninety-three strikes us aa about double tbe
whole number that ever eught to' have been
.been employed..; If these are merely the
supernumeraries bow many are still thought
necessary i
[Correspondence Fremont Journal.]
Columbus, Ohio, Saturdsy April t', 1869. i
Daa Jol'skal ; Many 'interesting "and
important events have transpired, since my
last coffimnnicatiott. Nearly all of these
have found their way into the papers, for the
methods , organised by the press, to ebteib
new j, are so complete and comprehensive that
it seems as if nothing escapes notice. ' u . '
The pafct week embraces some important
legislative propositions which; it any be of
interest to notice. . .., V j
'. The House has rejected the 15th amend-
nient to tbe U,.S. coustituUpn, and it ia bow
pendiDg in the Senate'where it will doubtleea
receive the same treatments , -. '
A propaeilion to amend. the coustitutioa of
4his state, so as to allow counties, townships,
Cities end Villages, to' vote for, and subscribe
money to aid iu the construction of Railways,
passed tbe Senate,. and Will probably pass
the House. . ; ..;: :
Aiipther poposiLvon to amend the oensti
lulion of tbe state, is pending ia the Senate,
with a prospect of -success. This is nothing
more nor less than a radical change in our
system ot courts, 1st. It proposes to abolish
the Probate Courts. 2d. To establish a Com
mon Pleas court by electing one judge, in
each county, whose jurisdiction sfetl! em
brace all that the court eommott pleas in
cludes, with the powers snd duties ef tbe
Probate Court added thereto $L It relieves
the Supreme Judge from ettendiog District
Courts, and leaves them free to attsad con
tinually to their duties at the state capital as
a Supreme Court. 4th. It proposes to organ
ize distinct District Courts, with appellate
jurisdiction in all eases originating in the
Common Pleag.Court. Thisdistineteourtis
to be organized by dividing the state into
fifteen judicial districts, in. each of 'which
one district' judge shall beeltc'.ed, holding
his office fot ve years. . Any three district
judgef may hold court, in any part of tbe
state, snd at luast two sessions shall Te beld
eae;. year, in each couuty . This system will
entirely aboli-b the odious feature in onr
present Judicial sys em, which permits tbe.
mine Judre to sit in two distinct courts, snd
' adjudicai the same ease, en appeal or Error."-'
'' ' "'
' If tbWpropOkitioo had been made earlier
in tbe session It would no doubt bave re
ceived the 3 i&s of each branch of tbe as
sembly, necessary to place it before (be peo
ple this fall. But six months noljce. moat be
given in each county and I fear the time is
too short to perpijtjit this yes,' SKttwt,
[Correspondence Fremont Journal.]
WASHINGTON, D. O., April 3, 1869.
i Schoyler Oolftx has been1 a remarkably
suroettfal Mn.r' Eis slar bts steadily risen
and btightqprd atil it has reached almost
the very ssnith of tbe political heavenc, and
seemed almost of first magnitude, when, lot
a some newspaper men and others, friends
of MrJobnD.Defrees,late Government Prin
ter, see it--it tumbles down, a begrimed sol
phut-Towed stick! What is tbe matter T
Why, Mr. Dafreea, the long and warm friend,
and assiduous and influential supporter of
Mr. Colfax, oaa been removed from tbe
Government Printing Office by the Seoate,
while Schuyler Colfax waa its President
Ee could and should bave prevented il; that,
of course, is the assumption; and now that
be did not prevent it, these friends of Mr.
Defrees alwaya knew that Mr. Colfax was
selfish, was not to be trustee in bis friend
ship longer than il served bis own advance
ment, Ac. Mr.' Colfax expresses his regret
.'All very fine," they reply, "but you are the
Vice-President, snd President of the body
tbst ousted him!" This is the form of
reasoning of the French Etng's mistress who
was removed from hie court, and who re
plied to bis tears st tbe leave taking: " Eal
you weep; but you are King I " But Mr.
Defrees' friends sre not half so reasonable.
Humiliating as tbe confession must be to
Mr. Colfax, he is in truth obliged to make it
a&d it eonstitmtos of itself a perfect defence
theice-rresident is tbe most powerless
snd unindoentis high office in the country.
More than that, the Vice-President is not a
Senator, end is ne more entitled to be con
sulted on the subjects of a Senate caucus
tea a any other eetside respectable gentle
man. And the fact ia that he was not con
sulted, snd did not know that Mr. Defrees'
removal was thought of, any more than Mr.
Defrees, until tbe voting commenced. And
tbe teeipei displayed by intelligent friends
of Mr. Defreee, nea whose business it is to
be familiar with tbe precise pennyweight of
Infiatnoe each office carries With it, is sston
iahing aad amusing by it very absurdity.
When a Vice-President has been inducted
into bis chair, and the business of the Senate,
incident to the organisation of the new Con
gress, is concluded, be becomes a mere pre
siding officer, a fixture, a figure bead desti
tute of patronaga, vote and voice; and hence
ia stripped of whatever power and influence
he may bave posr'oasid especially ifs popu
1st man1 aa a private eitixen,' . ' . t
Senator Samnerbas introduced anamend-
btent ihto tbeHonse act to amend tbe Judi
cial Syrten of tlie'tJ sited States, providing
thst if, at 65, or after having served 12 years,
any J udge of an U. 8. Court wiahee to retire
from the, bench on account of inability to
perform hia duties, be aball be allowed to
retire on hia full salary for the remainder of
hia life.; This is not quite so bad as in
KngUod, for example, where a Chancellor
saddled on to the people for the remainder
of aia life, even if ae have not served 12
montha. - '. 1 '
Exactly as anticipated would be tbe case,
by my Virginia informants, Gen. Stoneman
has bee a removed from the command of the
First Military District, and Governor Wells
falls' beck Into hia plsee of Governor, from
wkieh Stoneman had removed him. "The
General's abuse of bis power in removing
Governor Wellsj seems to bave been the im.
mediate occasion of his own speedily -following
removal; yet il ls pretty . clear that bis
conduct prior to that, could not have been
everaatisnictory-to the President. Brevet
Brigadier General Granger, Lieut. Colonel
the 16 Infantry, baa been ordered to take
God.' Stoneman'S place; . but as Colonel
Granger's Regiment baa been ordered o
MiasUsippi for duty, it is probably that this
appointment la but temporary. Stoneman,
Trio" fs General by brevet Only, hat been or
dered to join the 2fst Regiment, of which be
Colonel,' bound for California. '
The House Committee on. Roads sad
Canals Wedoesdsy resumed the considera
tion of the unfinished .business of the Com
mittee of the last Congress in relation to the
construction of bridgesover navigable rivers,
and, particularly with reference to the Balti
more and Ohio railroad bridges across the
Ohio at Bellsir and Parkeiaburg. There
was a foJLmeeticg: of. the Committee. Mr.
John W. tiarrei?, president, snd Mr. .Ran
dolph,. Engineer of the i Baltimore and Ohio
railroad, were present, representing the in
terests of their road, while the commercial
interests of the river were represented by
Hoa, James S. Negley, Representative from
the Pittsburg district. ' The, Committee ar
rived at no determination upon, the subject,
but wiU best? further argumenta at a future
meeting i '., - ;'
Hon, John Allison of Pennsylvania , is op.
pointed, Register of the Treasury, and B. F
Wsggeoaaller is appointed Assessor for the
14th District of Pennsylvania.
As slavery was 'abolished in this country
by undesigned and unforeseen means,' bo
manly speaking; so, while all the designs of
former pro-slavery politicians and filibusters
have come to naagbt, Cuba is still- destined
by naantioipated means to become a posses
sion of the Great American Republic.' Who
dreamed of Cuba' falling into our arms by
reason of a revolution in Spain and the ex
pulsion of her monarch, and the' thus fug
rested several; from her of her most valued
posvaesionst Tet Ibis is 'ua'eiling itself as
a near incident in the great pver-ruled march
of events. I am led to this reflection just
this minute by recurrence to .the action of
the House' Committee on Foreign Affairs
Thursday, in agreeing to report a resolution
of sympathy with tbe people pf Cuba now
striving for its independence, aed piedgfsg
to the President the constitutional support of
Congress' whenever he may deem it ex
pedient to recognize Js independence; and
by a petition, presented at the sa?e time in
the Senate by Seestor uniner, from Jose
W. Casanova, a citizen of the United (States,
asking protection for himself snd his brother,
also an American citiien, against tbe perse
eution of tb Cuban authorities. The Casa
novas have liberated their slaves and are the
proprietors of a Republican newspaper;
hence the bostilil'y towards them of the
authorities. ' , ,. :
; Ibe taw Pleas of tbe Howard University,
consisting of 16 colored .stadenta, snd, the
same evening fife pupils, VA, of the general
school, termed, I believe, tbe Preparatory
School, gave exhibitions, severally, of their
attainments, with a good deal of oth er mat
tor throws in for the entertainment of tbe
audieoee and be gratification of the am
bition of pupils and teavhers , as is usual in
such eases. AH acquitted themselves very
creditably.1.' ':
The Ses-etaries of several Departments are
aiming to reduce their forces considerably.
They think many more bave crowded in
than are needed, and more than they have
appropriations for, and they want to get
dowa to a minimum working force before
beginning to ' think of making vacancies
for applicants."
Tarn sorry to bare occasion to say that
Secretary Rawlins is in very poor health. .
J. E.
A Numerous Progeny. An old reai
dent ia' Westpa township, Wood county,
Ohio, and soldier in the war of IK13 named
Samoal Dewese can boast pf eighteen child
ren'. "'He If hale and hearty for one of hjs
years, bis hair being slightly tinged with
tbe frosts of 76 Winters. He can do more
work than many ean of younger years. On
the lsst anniversary of his birth, he labored
all day in Wr. Friths harness shop in Wes
ton which U no unusual thing for bin to do,
tyo94 Comtt QtntiKtl' .
Skmca Coustt, O. The Satdusky river
was higher, at.Tiftin, on the 27 th than it wrs
ever knowube before.' , Perry, River snd
Water streets, were under water. The da in
of Reuben Keller, near Tiffin was consider
ably damaged, and several bridges on Silver
Creek were washed away ... .Velocipede ex
hibitions continue iu Tiffin ....Mrs. Jans
Jacobs, of Fostoria, died suddenly on the
night of the 29th ult. She was aged 74
years. She settled there iu 1834.
Hrjaos Coustt, O. Samuel H. Young
formerly editor of the Shslby Chronicle, died
recently, of consumption, at his home, in
New Haven. He was a son of DoWbiog H.
Young, well known in tbishricinity.
Richland County, O. During the past
week tbey bave bad a Velocipede School in
Mansfield Dr. Geo. F. Mitchell died sud
denly, in Mansfield on the evening of the
3lst ult. He dropped dead in the yard.
Cause of death, heart disease. ...The South
west corner of the moulding room of Ault
man A Taylor's Foundry, st Mansfield was
swept away by the flood, on the 27th.
Mkdina County, O. A little girl named
Deming of Medina has Succeeded in spelling
one hundred and twenty-two words out of
the letters which compose the word 'Oyster "
....The blacksmith shop of P. Holben, two
miles from Medina, waS burned on the 1st
inst. Several wagons sod farming' imple
ments were burned with it. . Los $300....
Daniel Aggale, of Medina, died suddenly,
of heart disease, on tbe 221 ult.
Laes Coustt, O. Mrs. Fanny Baker,
living in Painesville, fell from tbe second
story of her residence, to the ground, on the
evening of the 25th ult., injnring her to
such an extent that she died soon after....
No change will be made in the Painesville
Postoffice, for the present.'.. .A horse' be
longing to Mr. Hszeltine, of Kirtlanj, fell
down and choired to death, a few nights ago.
He bad been fastened with a rcpe around his
neck. . t '
CaAwroao County, O. The Baptist Par
sonage at Auburn Center,. waa destroyed by
fire on tbe 29th nlt..l.During the flood in
the Sandusky river, near Bucyrus, John
and Daniel Songer were driving to town,
when they missed the road,, and upset the
wagon, in tbe stream. . John came near
drowning, but was saved by bis brother,
who also saved the horses. The wagon bow
ever, floated off. Portions of it were found
scattered along the bank for several, miles,
after the flood subsided.,... Libeity town
ship is threatened by the grasshoppers. The
Journal reports large numbers already there
.i.-The Journal has been victimized by k
traveling theatrical company, styled " Greg
ory's New York Theater Company." .
Hancock" Cobntt, O. Henry Fulk, of
Marion Township, was drowned on the
morning cf tbe 28 .h ult.; He had attempted
to cross a cut off, formed by the raise in the
gjanchard, on a raft,. Becoming alarmed,
when he got in deep water, he jumped off,
swam to a bridge near by, and attempted to
cling to it till help could reach him. but
chilled and tank. ' His body was recovered.
Aged 23.. ..The bridge across Plaachard
River, st Heck's Milla, was swept away by
the flood. Also, one at John Robinson's, in '
Marion tewoship, and one across Strother's
Ran. ...... r.f
RicblanIi County, O. A -school teacher,
named Williams, who taught a vcbool in jfre '
sooth part of Plymouth township, was tried
before the Probate Court, on the2Gh ult,, on
charge of asssult snd battery; on a young
lady. pupil named Fanny Beelman, sged,16
years. It appeared that bessed a hickory.
withe, which he had warmed, seized Miss
Beelmsn by the hair; drew her over theaeat,
and struck hor over the shoulders snd back
repeatedly; He was found eullty, ad sen
tenced to pay a iine bf ten dollars snd codtij
which latter amounted to about $150. Serv
ed him right,-, the brute.1..: A German' la
borer for Mr. Pstriek McDougal, residing
near Spring Mills, stole $900 from his 'em
ployer, on the 19th inst., and decamped...'.
Mr. Patterson, of Mansfield has sold bis fast
horse ' Rattling Jim," for $1400 . . A Grand
Musical Convention is to be held at. Macs-
fidld, under the auspices of theThilfaarmonic
Society of that place, beginning on the after
noon of April 19th, and continuing until (he
23d. From the ' circulars issued we learn
that Solon Wilder, -of the Boston Conserva-
r u...:. t-- r ii n '.A
Wfj ut iu.ustu, wilt uo xiroCiur Vl ma l01-I" 1
. if . a -p - TV ' i. I
or of OrchfBtra ; tbe Soloists will' be Mrs.
M. H. Smith, of Boston', vfjtid''stands first
among tbe Oratorio singers of the' country,
add Mrs. 0. R. Taft, of Mansfield, as'Sopraao-
Mr. J. M. Wilder, of Near York, and Mr.
John Eaines of Bangor, Maine, Bas'stw. and
Mr. W. H. Ingersoll, of Minsfield, Tenfr.
Mr. E. W. Magenis, of Mansfield, and'illr.
R. E. Heunings, of CleVelatid, Pianists.
Tbe Qermsnia Orchestra, of Cleveland, will
form the nucleus for a large and efficient Or
chestra and a chorus of three hundred v pices
ill be present. Tbe Committee of A rrange-
ments will spare no pains to mate this, the
first of a series of annual festivals, a triu mph
ant success. To this end, : invitations have
been extended to prominent musicians of ibis
and other States.
So far as possible free entertainment wiH
be provided for all persons attending the
Convention. Arrangements are being made
with the Railroads fox half fare tickets,. a'cd
reduced rates of fare will be secured at the
Hotels. . . .. . . ., .... . ..... f
Ticket will be prciiurad .of G.-WjjBfy:
myer, Treasurer ; and assignments to board
Log places made by CI. W, Klock, Secretary.
Persons attending the. Convention are re
quested to brinz the Oratorio and Chorus
Wreath, slid upon arrival report at Philhfr-
monic Hall, to procure tickets anl
their naiues. All communications should
be addressed to J. .M. Jolley. Pesidentor
6. W. Klock, Secretary, Philharmonic So
ciety. . . .The citizens of Plymouth are to
yotefonthe 1:2th inst., upon the, project of
levying a tax of 1000 to build , a new
School House... .A Vclosipede ridr, on tbe
26tb, while going down Main street at a 2j40
pace, went head and shoulders tbroiih,,Qne
pf the large glass in Austin & Gat man '8 dAig
store. The machine went tkrougb an:'J-?r.
Several show 'Vases and other articles went
to smash.
NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS. New Advertisements.
pUBLIC,..SAL!E;"; , .. r:v:.'j ,
The undenigneA will offer at. Public Bale, ai lji
residence ea ir'runt stvee, f remont, 0T n. - -; :
8aliirUuy? Aprjl 3 1, 109,'
at 10 o'clock a. li., tbe following' property, to-wit:
One pair Indian Ponies, 1 milch Cow; 1 spring
Wagon, l steel I'tow, i narrow, l uaitivator. 1
Cuttinff-Box, 1 fanninz Hill, Harnesa, and baddies.
together with a general aworUnent of Household
Furniture, among which ase Bedsteads, Bureaus,
Chairs; Stores, and numerous other articles. Also
a lot of Water Copiers and a lot f Corn Shellera, i
TERMJS: All sums of $10 and nadey, Cmh; over
that sum a credit oi six montli, with approved se
curity, wil. be given. ' xHEO. CLAPP.
lMd i :!,::-:;; . - j; ... r
Vocal & Instrumental
On Wednesday, Eyeninti",
APRIL. 14lb,1969. ' 1
,. '
Assisted by his talentad father, his acconiplished:
Bisters, and ' '. ' '
Whose skill on the Violin is truly wonderful, as aU
who have heard him know.
M I J3 J3 1 1 A B TJ: S H
"Will also assist at the Piano,
The Fremont Concoriia G. C.
"Will render some of iitttf finest Quartettes and
Choruses. Ihe Orchestra wiil aiao assist.
25 eta.
Doors Open at 7 'clock Concert com
. . uienos at T 3-4. 1 li
NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS. New Advertisements. New Advertisements.
IVcw Siiilincry Goods!
;, miss eTbraiiiyi,
(Successor to Miss L. Brahm,)
TAKEd odrasioa to call the attention of the ladies
of Fremont to the fact that she has just re
ceived a New Block of Millinery Goods for the
spring and summer trade, consisting of
Bonnets, Hats, Flowers, Staw
Trimmings, ic,
To which their attention is invited. All work war
ranted to please.
Strf) oil Front Strett, Sonlh of Garrlsau,
J J 4 - s jbt a trnuiviifc,
is in the charge of one thoroughly competent, and
sau wuia wiu ue netAuy ana suuiactoniy made(i
the latest rtyls. ' - 15yl-
r J. P. MOORE,
8BOP Corner Garrison and Water Sts.
' Painting and Trimmin. and nil binisi nrDUM.v
or wwuv ouuiv uwuuj, auu
He has also thy exelusire right to manufacture, in
Sandusky County, the celebratd ExceUior Carriara
Spring Brace a great improvement; and Mason's
without which no Bugyy is perfect. These BraS
axe attwhed to aU Buggies manufactured by him.
I .All ann ova m i m - - -
Great Reduction in
P. C L OSE'S.'i
Kotwithstandinir thevprv immf BianM i
du'w iuiuacu
JF3r wjs. tUU .Setting., at. lite, old Price?
Brown Sugar at 121-2, 14,
and 15 Cents. -. -
White at 17 and 18 Cts.
The best New Orleans Molasses at 1 00 per gallon
per pound, Turkish Prunes at 20c.
Basins at 18c Cholfce New Figs - -:'
" -at 25 cts, and eTery variety . ' i i
. . v '' ef Canned Fruit, New ,
- " J -- '1 1 Hominy, and a prime
lot of White Beans. ,
Perk, Hams, Shoulders & Lard.
The Beat in the Market.
fcy the car load, of every yariety, cheap at wholesale
ana re can.
We sell all the best brands of Saleratus, Pyles' O.
K., Gold Medal, None Such, and BeLand's at 12 V
cents. , . - ... . . - . ,
TT JBH3 JBl. 9
Of every description. We cannot b beaten in the
iine.. Wejlo sell setter Tea fcrthe same mont'T
than any of the so-called Tea Comnanips in: the
Unitcjl BLates. Those companies ptwfmnt hnm
bupj, and if any one doubts it they, can be con
vinced by comparing them with our Tea's.
We sell Extracts, Pomades, and Hair Oil cheaper
than any other establishment in the country.
' Wsreceive daily and keen on hand everr varirtv
of Crsckera, always fresh. .v '
We Sell at the lowest Price, he
It j ., .. ;
Best Brand3 . of Flour.
Also, Mackerel, Cod-Fish, Hallibut,. White Fish,
. bcaled ilerring, and aU other kinds of
. iisu u their
- - r '
The best ID town.
" r l i
tke irMt ui
Finest stock of Confectionary !
r- -- " - '
ever kept in Fremont.- (The largest, best and cheap
est Btodt uf Tobacco, Wooden-Ware, of every de
flcrrption; ' Soap's of all kinds. Axel Greajse, fruit
Jars, Baskets, lirrkee's Groond Spices of all kiads,
Chocolato, Cocoaj Mace, Camphor, Indigo, Log&
wood", rjopperas. Blue' Vitrol, Concentrated Lye,
Hops, ana Spices of all kinds, and a thousand other
arfciulea too numerous to mention, that every house-
Kwtr wants, an ui which x win seu at lue lowest
price for, cash. Call snd r -
15U.. P. Close.
Notice is herebr triven to the Assessors of the sev
eral Townships and Wards of Sandusky county, to
meet at the Auditor's Office, on April ith, Jbtii. at
i-ib juuwxa " a kk, Auditor,
rrffMiiYHL V rVfTiVn.TiO. nf Ah Priin.'n- -in ihnTnaiiiitv
. -j tr i. ! -x i . '
nuiauijue, ouite ui new .urn., ia itereoy n&ll'
fied that Thomas W". Cochrane, did, on the 5th daj
of April, A. p. lMo'J, tiie his peUtiop in fce office of
ttiejOoilrf Bf;Oorn).li PJeas, within and for the
coeatriof bWdVly, and Btuto t phio, settinv
foiUi tUa4.oViitf about the 24th-eay May, A. 1.
tBeiid lli.L4ir4 ViCtkliaanevaua diargtag that at
the time of said marriare the said Medora V. Coch
rane had a former husband living to whom she had
been before that .time legally -joined in marxiage,
ia asking that ha may be divorced from the said
iiedora-v . .Cochrane and fur the custody of his
minor children by her, which said petition will be'
for hearing at the next term of said Court. ; 1
l.Wepd ' !- i ' -By J.'R. Bartlett, his Att'y.
Dated this 5th day of April, ISttf.
Western Insurance Company
AgBresate'Assets,$C6 1,54 04
Acditos of State's Office,
Department of Ins., Columbus, Feb. 2, l68,
It is Esbsbt Cebtifusd, That ohsWestern In
suraOoe Company, losated at biiltaio, in the Htate
of New Tork, has complied, in all respect, with
the laws of this Htate relating to such Insurance
Companies, for the current year, and has hied in
this Omce a sworn. Statement, by the proper Om
cers, showing its condition and business, at the
date of such Statement, as follows:
Amount qf actual paid unCapitaI,..-,.430e-,AOO 00
Aaaref-- amount of jvoiibie Assets.. tX4,M 04
Aggregate amount ofLiabilitios (includ
ing ze-insurance 205.6291 26
Amount oflncome for the precedingyoar ii5,o&HJ 25
Am't of Expenditures for the preceding
year,..,...,...,... 502,330 79
I Witkess TVhxeeof, I have hereunto sub
scribed my name and caused the Seal-of my Othce
to be affixed, the day and y&ir above written.
se1 - .-i Jai H. GOIMA, ,
14 Auditor of Stats, t
I, E. AJlsDEN, Agent. .
Life insurance Companyt
Assets, $10,415 299-
t -,
Auditor of Kxaie's Ovrice, j
Department of Ins., Columbus, Jlarch i, 13 I
It is Kebebt Cebtikixd, That the Jtna Life
Insurance Company, located at Hartford, in the
t af Connecticut, has complied, in all res pec t,
with the laws of tills ?StZ lnf- 8UCA
lance Ccannniea, for tha eurvtNfti year, ana ntur
in in is umre a sworn otatemeut, by yae proper ur
hcers.UowiBy condition- and basinets, at the
date of such statement, as follows: t -
Amount of actual paid up Capital... 102t7(9 09
AggTeeate am't of available Assets. .'lyUW 75
' Aieiff Lt" amouit of laabilitiea in f
itgdkaiipg re-iiiiaBoe)...,. ),636,.W2
Amount of Income for the preceding j
year 3,714,366! 04
Amount of Expenditures for tbe pre- I
. ceding year.,. pflQiMfr 42
Ik WiT.vEb Whereof, I have hereunto t
scribed my name, and caused the Seal of my Office.
4 beaihxedj tae da j. and year abave writri, . ;
Vi'J - ' - JAS. K. GODMAX,'-j
seal 1j Auditor of State.
, Hare just recejred a large M-k v;
i ' ... wuf.A8: -FOLLOWS -
Ladles fialtors, - S1.00 t .1,fO
men'.Mheeit, - - $1,50 I
Glen's Kip "lODta, . '- . !:,
DIen's llf Boots, '- - - .. 1,50
We 1U0 keep the cslebraUd Buffalo Work son
atantljf on hand. '
Repairing done in Xeatcsl Style.
, Our Custom Shop does the flnest work at low
yrxues.. oauaiacuon gnaraniea iu vvmry wee. .
t'ltt - DORR SON.
-A, IVJD .
0' Iff i::0
NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS. New Advertisements. New Advertisements. New Advertisements.
Riulway Passengers
assurance"compan Y
Hartford, Conu.
AcniTOB of St ATI's OvrrcK,
IX-paitment of Ins., Columbus, Feb. 25, 1869,
It is Hebebt Cebtified. That the Eailway
Piuwengers Aasuranoe Company, located at Hart-
itru, in me OLaw or uonneccicuc, nas coiopueu, ui
all respects, with the laws of this State relating to
Aceidest Insurance Companies, for the current
Tear, an & him filed in,this a sworn Statement, by
the proper omcers, showing its condition and busi
ness, at tne aate ot such statement, as louows:
Amount of actual paid up Capital $2"4,800 00
Aggregate amount oj avauaoie assets.. 4t,ui7 a
Aggregate amoant of tiabilitief, includ
ing re-insunmce. . , w - 4r,S34 50
Am t oi income ror tne preceoung year.. J7,wu
Amount of Expenditures for the preoed-
ing year.. ..... 215,137 81
In 'WrnticHs whebfof, I have hereunto sub
scribed ray name, and caused the Steal ot my Othce
to oe ainxeu, me uay ana year aDove written. .
l ",-lt Auditor of Stats.
WARD & BTJTMAN7 Agents,.
''' :' ' Ct IBB ' I
United States of America,
Chartered by Special Act of Congreit
APPEOVSD JtTLT 25, 1868.
Paid in Full.
First National Bank Building,
Wlrcre tho general business of the -Company is
tranuctevl, and to liich all (reneral corresDond-
ence should be addressed.
CLARENCE H. CLAHK, Prettdent." '
JAY COOKE, Chiirm&a Xmance and ExccuUts
Committee. -
HENRY D. COOKE, Vice-President:
E3ER80 IV. PEET, Secretary and Actuary.
: ; . ,"1 tnr ' -
j This Company offers the fullowing adrantage:
lfi,iM av National Coniriany chartered bv snecial
act of CongTess, 1868,
It has a paid-up cup it;! of 11,000,000. .
It otf ere low rates of premium, r t .
It furnished l&rtrer imumnrr than othr mm.
panies for the same money. . , r
it is uenmte ana certain in lts turmn -
It is a home company in every locality.
Its policies arewtempt from attachment.
There are no luuieceesaxr restrw-tionii in th
juvery policy u non-mrteitable.
Policies may be tiikcn which nav to th iiiniirprl
their lull amolrnt, and return all the premiums,
that the inKoranee eoats only the interest on the
annual payments.
Policies mar be taken that vill iviv-te flip in.
aured, after a certain number of years, during life;
annual income of one-tenth the amount named
the policy
No extra rate is charged for riskupon the lirea i
females. '
it insures, not pay dividends to policy-holders, i
but at eo low a cost that dividends will ha
oTe. . v - ' .1
Circulars, Paihphlets and full nartkulars eiren ,
application- to the branch Onieaof the Campnny,
w. t
Ueperal Agents for
Ohio & Ccn. & Southern Indiana.
46yl - i - . -
1EL.MBUL,D, .....
Concentrated v Fluid Extract
-, jju r.flara; oi tne
Tiikoat, NoaE, Eves Eyelids, Scalp, and Bkik,
so atafigiffes theapp'eoraricercBoixo the
evil effects ot mercury and removing all taints, the
reiSiufnts. ff Di:v, heredftatf or otherwise,
is taken- by-ACL-rs and CuiLBaEM with perfect
Two Table-Spoonfuls of the Extract of Sarsapa
rilla, added to a pint of .water, is equal to the Lis
bon jiofafriniii sfdane lyjStle ia ajual to a gallon
thavusMitursdpailWor tSlscoctions as
'UiM 'tiyjitfis ui e -
n interesting letter is published in the Medico
Chirurgicai Review, on the subject of the Extract
Sarsaparilla ia certain jiilctuons, by Benjamin
Travers, F. K. S.U. ftjnmgj)i those diseases,
and diaeswes ariain'5' from the excess of mercury, he
states that no remedy is equal to the Extract of
Sarsapartlla; ita power is extraordinary, more so.
than any otliertrufr'FtliS.cqiAiutsd with. Ifri
jsPtlie srecteet -iisei tonic with this invaluable
WixibaMto ttwsjjkMa- applmtole to s state of the
system so sunken, and yet so irritable as renders
other substances of the tonic clss unavailable or
injurious. V T
CCENBilS) r JlffiCT- iFilPAIHLW.
Established upwards of 18 years. PREPARED by
". SM Broadway, N. T.
Complexion follows the use of Helmbold'h Com
jqjiSTiuTED Extract Hahsaparii.la, -'
tt remtvea bla- spots, piinplea and all eruptions
of the skin . . . v
IN THfi bPftlNe MONTHS, the system natur
ally undergoes a change, and Helmbold's Highly
aistant of the greatest value. ' '
Of the -qi&ou' effect of Fhoe Fowders and
Washes. 0 Ail auun r-aeti close- np the pores of
uie sainjna nrrsiieri ume aestroy tne complex
ion. It' you would have a freash, healthy and
youthful appearance, use, Helmboid Extract Sar
asparilla. :- -t ' .
NOT A PEW of the worst disorders that afflict
mankind arise from corruption of the blood. Helm
bold's Extract barbapardla is a remedy of the nt
Ko fftlut. f " ' " -
cleanses and renovates the. blood, instils the vigur
oi neaitninto cue ismjix purges oat, the ha
mors ttmtmalfl,.t!ist fitstitf' - . -
ULANTiTlf vs. OUALXTrT. Helmbold's V.r,
traot Sai-sapariila. k-ilwliss is amsy . Tbuae who
desire a large jotinWy snd lurjegpasi of median
Complexion must purily"ttnd enrich tlie blood,
whienrietin bolrt's 'Coueenarmted Extract of Sarsa
parilla invanabtr does. Ask for Helmbold's.
lake no otner.
SAitiAPAatLUV, ia tile great Ulood Puntter.
Alaubood : fctcw Lost, How Restored
. ..-jtt Juit fublilie4r a new edition of Dr.
ftir, ' 'Ivcrwell'a Celebrated lvuy on the
radical cure T !'- -'-'
bpermutAUfaa-d. or bemiiiual Wmk.
nMi.nvuliiuty beminuoi Losses, Xui potency,
MeuuU 4 l'hjai iaeapacity, llnpedimenta to
Mjz-roge etc.; also, -Conwimption, ipdepsy, and
Fits, induced belt-indulSBcc or sexual extrava
gasJ 'J" - - . : ..v
tffi'rig,' iff a sealed cnTelope, only 6 cents. M. .
Tbe ccuruted autiior, on tiiis admirable esbay,
cltrl dnondtnites from a thirty years' succeaelNl
pracsrac, Miut the ularoiinjr fonseciuences of self-abuse-
may be I'Auicailycurca without thedangerous
usooiinternalm-jdicine oJ3ie application of the
kuilfc; xiutin'ut amodw-uf- cure at once simple,
ceriaui, and cdeHual, by meaus of which every suf
fer, uo Shatter what his condition may be, may
cu-iiimsCif dieaply, privately and radically.
li Lecture should be in the hands of every
yomji iiiii man in the laud. -:
beut, uoder seal, in a ufaUn ravelope, to any ad
dress, poApaid, on receipt W six eents, or two post
stamps. Also, Lr. Culverwoti's "Alarriage liuidc."
price 25 cents. Address the publishers,
- iAo,-J.O. HLLNKftCO., '
27y 11 U7 Bower . New York Post-Offine, fiox.l,H6
AjwomtedA,gent of the
which is well and favorably known in tho large
cities of the eawat. This iano has no superior. I
inviUi the-aaMical talent of Fremont to test its
merits. All those in want of an equal, powerful
and sweet toned Instrument would do well by giv
ing us a caUieore pun-basing elsewhere.
13 I14 CIIOS3, Aueut.
Fvu rcen Trees at the
... , 1?
, , 4 '-A-TSiuout A ursery. The
V.' v? ti"Sj2 best in market. They
,vS:Xifc 9 which priqiares them es
trrvysf i pocially ior -transporta-.4KyJr
if t'on- SsTe yr money
, ' V 4T;F by purchasing Ever
greens at home, instead
' APPLE TRKE9 in great -variety,- will be sold
cheap this spring, as the ground they occupy must
J.DAY, Proprietor,
New Mbtrtt5'cnicnt0. 9i
To the WoBi8 Class: I am now prepared to
furnish all classes with constant employment at
their homes, the whole of the time, or for the spare
mnmixr, n....i ,- ,, , u......
U.UUHI. uuamcK, aw iigut ua proniaDie. r irty
cents to So per evening, is easily earned by persons
uujra auu k j i in earu uomiij as muca
as men Great inducements are offered those
j u dcTote til!ir whole time to the business;
and, that every person who sees this notice, may
send me their address and test the business for
themselves, I make the following unparalleled offer:
To all who are not well satisfied with the business,
I will send il to pay for the trouble of writing me.
Full particulars, directions, Ac, sent free. Sample
sent by mail for 10 cents. Address C. ALL EX,
Augusta, Me.
Secrets of the
Great City.
A Work descriptive of the VIBTCKS, and the
and CKI -ttfcSol New k'ork City.
It contains 35 fins engravings; and is the Spici
est, most Thrilling, Instructive, and cheapest work
of the kind published.
ONLY $2.75 Per COPY.
Agents are meeting with unprecedented success.
One in South Bend, Ind., reports 30 subscribers She
first day. One in Luzerne, Co., Pa., 44 in a day.
One in claginaw, Mich.,b8 in two days, and a great
many others from 100 to 200 per week.
Bend for circulars with terms, and a full descrip
tion of the work; Address Jouea Brothers i
Vo f Cincinnati, O.; Chicago, 111., or 6t. Louis, Mo,
f lantlftn interior works of a .iir
vcu.l.. character are being circulated.
bee that the books you buy contain 35 fine engrar-
ga, uu. v i. a. a a vupy.
1 tlKSITS WAN I'CU fur ;olrf s.u
X This works abounds in tlirilling sketches,
moral tales, strange occurrences, gems of thought,
strains of eloquences, stirring incidents, rich re
partees and chuisest speciuans of the purest litera
ture. Pleases all, otfends none. Price very low.
Addres Zelgler, .Uctlurdy cV to., C-Jicinnati,
v., uuungu, ,11.
Agesu W arned lor the Lira axd Tuces of
ST. PAUL - - - S3.00
Complete VnakJgvd Edition, as arranged by
Cony beara and ituwtwn, with an introduction bf
Bishop bimpson'. In consequence of the appear
ance of mutilated editions ot this great worJc, we
u,v ueea oump-uea 10 reauce me price or our com
plete edition irom $4.50 to -53. 1. B. Treat Si
Cs-t Pub's, 951 Broadway. N. Y.
AGENTd Wanted in all parts of the country to
canvass for the ,Hst ft'opo.lar HI gazmo
OI lk lay. Bend for Premium List aud circular
without delay. The first volume of OIK. OLD
StI,K9 commenced with March. Great induce
ments for clubbiwc. Specimen Noa. forwarded on
receipt of 16c. Address
R. II AFLEIGH, Publisher,
731 Waluul St., Philadelphia.
Til K OLDEST, most extensive, best appointed
and cheapest practical Business College in the
United States. Patronized by the sons ol Farmers,
Merchants. Bankers, and business men from ererr
section of the Union. 1? or laree illustrated auarto
Circular, containing full information, fac-aixnilea of
rremiuin, "enmandmp, cc, send tnis notice, to
eMUTU S tOWLtk, fricipals,
Oil . Cloth Manafactarer
" r
Greon Oil Cloihes for Window Shade,
To which we invite special attention.
General Agents for the Boston Belting Go's Rubber
Belting, Hose, Steam Packing, &c. Dealers in
Robber Good, Leather Belting, and Lace Leather.
Vgents for Universal Clothes Wringer,
Walker's Adding Machine
WILL add three columns of figures at a time
correctly, about as auick as a u-uod writpr
caa set them down. Leading accountants say it is
the most plactical Adding lUachine ever in use.
AGENTS WANTED. There is moner iu it.
Samples sent to any address for One Dollar. B.
H. WALKER, 20 Broadway, New York. P. O.
Early Hose Potato.
0" " " " " " - i i
sent by mail, post. paid, t.r A f
4 lbs, KAKLY EO.-E, sent by O I O ,
mail, post-paid, S3 00. Bent I
Spring Whent in the world; the I
earliest and - most productive I '
Corn; wonderful yielding Oats V
wniie ana uiacx weighing
45 pounds to the bushel; Spring .
Barley; (iraas Seeds; fowls; gs; Hoira; the Great
Feed (hitter. Nend for the EXPEKOIKNTAL
FARM JOURNAL most valuable magazine is
sued in this country $ 1.50 per year. Subscribe if
you want to make your farm pay. Address
utu. a. ni, thrmbersburg, Pa.
iDtnr vi n r r i Q
mr.uc- tinccLU
S. N. BROWN & CO.,
Ther also make a crime article nf NnnkH m m A
Bobs for l.itiht Carrtaxe and Usiit
Wheels. Send tor Price List, - ' -
1 ft A BAY to agents selling Silvers Patent
V a v Elastic Brooms. orace (rri nl.vH-
diet its succes." CLEGQ - COSS Cortlandt st.N. Y.
0. S. Plane Vo., 650 Broadway, N.Y., 5 Oc, 174.
riMIKTimlte Eiuiwy Wheel Cuts fast, doea
I not glaje, g'lia, heat or smell, and is cheap. For
circulars, address The Tanite Co.,btroudsburg,Pa.
i -.mm -oi .)
- 4 t
Hf tne is-ivicest t runs una a pict taooritta every
where for Delicious Purity and Great SlrenfrA.
'THc True Rich Flavoring Extract of th Fruit.
Or. J. G. Holland, author of "Katnrina." tcu,
BDnnetidld: Thv iri t bnnr.min.rfi in ai i th i nHnlt
- Julia 8ayrr Newport, R. I., the wetl-knowa
dealer In laiuries: I have trebled my sates with them.
1. Miller fc Sons, Saratoga. N. Y-. and others,
larijast driers: Xhpy (rive entiresattsfactiontoall.
Got. Wm. A. BnckioBham, Cl: For a lone
ttme wehave U5jd them and find them vsry fine. '
Grocers and Dmaylrs treble their ales wit
then. J.W.Co.TOJ aN. V,Denrt,71 Maiden Laao.
Ali9 WAMtU.-Agent. make Irom
$10 to f-o per day selling Biaae's Dollar Patent
Ciiuir-sprintrs. 'I hey make a Spnnjr and Kookins
chair oi any common chair, by attaching them to
the rout legs. They lit any chair, cannot get out
of order, and will last a lifetime. Old-tahioned
rockers are dispensed with. For the house and o
tioe they are mauspe usable. Ladies pronounce them
tin equaled lor a sewing oh ir. Il you want an
Agency, call and see sampie, or send tor circular,
wnh terms. fjOO reward upon the ooiiviotioa at
any person infringing upon Bhike's Patent Chaiv
spriug. A. d. BuA.i-i-. box. 34tt, Canton, Ohio.
Vinegar from GiderViae
In ten hours, without using acids or drugs. Fox
terms and otber information, address, i
saub v J-im tuia n utuvs, iromweu, w.
pamphlet for 25c Address Clupsey H Bam, Linr
coin, &b. . .- .
ASK. yonr Dscisr er UrneKlatfor Sweet
tainin. it equals tbitter:Quinuie.; Is aaade only
oy . ci.jiA.ir, ioemisvawtroiu. -. r .
To invest a dollar profitably, send 25c for a
In Packard A Co.'i ' :"
Holiday litribution
or Pianos. Melodoeks, Watches, Jewelbt, ftc,
i-ViLCED AT - - - 730,)00
Every article disposed of on the $1 plan, and not to
be paid for until you know what you are to reveirs.
Certificates and circulars sent on receipt of 26c, or
5 for 1. PACKARD 4 CO., 58 West Fourth st,
Cincinnati, u,
A Valaable MedkatBook."
VCAL information to younff men. contemplatin;
Marriage, sent free on receipt of 2 cents; AU
dies, the CUtiliCAL IXsHTLliS, Clinton
Place, a . .
Agents Wanted.
WE want a responsible rejiidt-nt Asr-Tit in Tery
lara town to sellU. P. i.O .LL & CO.
new . t
imerican Newspaper Directory,
It gives the names of all Newspapci-s, their Joli
tirs, or dUlinctive character, Circulation, and much
other information. -Also, forms a torn plete gazet
teer of all the towns and counties in whieii News
papers are published A handsome octavo volume
of .00 pages, bound in black cloth. -
Largest commisdion paid canvassefs. From 10 to
100 copies cau be disposed of in very irge -town.
Every thorough businc-i man, advertiser, literary
man and puUirfherwiU want a copy.. These men
form a small part ot thecommunity,andbuy quick.
A town, can be cauvawiu onedayt
Bend for terras and prospectus. AddreM lSelaon
ChMman, Publishers' Agent, 40 Paik Row, N. Y.
s-"i a
Especially designed for the use of the Medical
Profession and the Family, pwseHsinpr those intrin
sic medicinal proprieties which belong to Old and
Indispensable to Female. Good for Kidney Com
plaints. A delicious Tonic. Put up in cases, con
taining on. dozen bottles each, and sold by sll
drunists, grocers. Sto. A. M. Biningcr Si Co., es
tablished 177a, No. 15 Bearer St., Xew l'oik. 14-H
for Sale in Fremont by BUCELAKD ft SON.
409.00 1,04114 RBTrT. "
UO,0od LOiDs Git A TEL
13-aa - f
EroV & Co.'s Column.
1 V i "
' -'IB-. J'i
. .' . r. .. . s
1 - i 3 L.. . "t .
. - - ,r , .-,T ...
' ' ' ."
-!' . j ", T
i-. i " "
: ..a) .- t v 1-!
Oar, ; castombrs' -'are . so? fiu-
merons and trade so large, that
we do not need to bore orir
friends with. V long advertige
merit. Bat the printers mast
live S3 well-as ; the .rest of ua
so e will say oar, Stock Is the
largest, oar pnees ' the lowest
rew worc to toe wise are suf
ficient. '; - ' :'' '
Exclusi ve -Hard ware Dealers .
- T-TX - www ' - "
, - i ttJdUiNT, O
March 24, 186? 14
. ... .-.-.j . "
. . . - I
-.1 - ': - - t
. - ... f., .,.'1 . . O
f.w t
1 -' Pi
. , r
- T
.'im.: ,
' -si
.-(-: . . ;
1 ...
;r RtaL Estate Igenca-
: -
FOR SALE. One mid a balf atory
frame dwelling house with one acr of around
and quite a number of choice fruit trees, situate on
the west side of road, part of out-lot 43, East Fre
mont. Tins place is ottered for fwo. Term, tuy
or for good pay trine less.
tC8B AND LOT an Sycamore street, for i00.
Xerms easy.
r'O story frame Hons, ft Lot, on Water st, now
renting for 14 per month, olfcred at the rery
low price of 1200. Here is a great bargain.
TWO story tram. House and Lot, a double hous.
rent, to two families, at $16 per mom h; offered
at the exceeding low pnee of $1200. Situat. on
east side of Water street. Who wants a great br-
SVaV n Jk V. - .i.U w., ..
All J 1 u, i-ii iiirc, " " i - v -
... . , k hlu fnr m.-innfMrturintr POI UOS8. Or tO be
cut up into building lota. Orferea for io. Terms
easr. In,iaire of
FOR SALE. A good Tannery all
complete in running order, bos 30 rats; under
drained in the latest style. Living stream of
water running through the building. Building
34x35, two stories high, painted and in good repair.
Bark mill in tbe same building, and the ground
buk drops iato the leeches below and aarea wheel
ing. Three in-lota with the Tannery and ail for
$3,000; $1,500 down and the balance on easy pay
ments. About liS eords of bark will be sold with
the Tannery. Apply to CAMFILD ft CO;.
or W. D. fcfl-EaWOOD.
FOR SALE. Two desirable Out
Lots, 3 X acres each. Fire and a half acres in
choice fruit, 1 acre of Black and Raspberries, 2 acre,
of (i rapes, 3 acres of Apple, Peaches, Pears and
Quince trees. A beautiful site for building. Bid
lots lay on the west side of the Ballville road, about
X mile from the 1'ostomce, are now owned by H.
Leaner, and will be sold for $100 per acre, $1,000
down, balanee in three annual payments.
FOR SALE. Four and one-thial
acres of land, of a mile west of the Depot,
on Croghan streai, frame house 18x24 with sddiuon,
good wail and eunem, plenty of fruit. Price low
and terms easy. CAitl'IiXD ft CO.
LUR UAL .One hundred and
J. fifty acres of Land, in Woodville township,
1 mile south ot the Maumee Western Beserre
Turnpike, on which is a ildl privilege, with (inst
Itiltl run of burrs; Saw Kill new, just built; 2
frame dwelling Koiues; one frame Barn; bearing
Orchard. lAnd earnl. cultivated and in good con-
diwwi -Water power ot all used, good lor eight
montna in tne year, .race, f iur tne wnoie;
$6,ooo down, balance in a yeaia. Tea acres with
iUll and privilege, $6,000.
CALFILD ft CO., at the P. O.
FOR SALE. A farm containing 40
wrm, 2 mde. west of Fremont, on the pike,
90 acre, cleared and under good cultivation, 10 -re .
in timber, uoo bearing fruit trees of various kinds;
log house, frame bm, good weU of water, goo4
spring-house. Price $&5 per acre. $2,000 down,
balance m 1 and years. CA FXrlLD ft CO.
EOR SALE. A two-story frame
Swelling H ohm with two Lets, oa th. E 1
side, owned by airs. J. C. Kridier. Good ceil r,
well and cistern, plenty of fruit, wood-house, b ra
all for $1,300. $1,000 down balance In three annual
payments. UAALFLELD CO.,
FOR SALE One of the finest resi
' dences in the Trty of Fremont. A beautiful
1 i story Gothic Dwelling House, with French win
dsws opening down to the noor and ont on tire ver
anda, with bunds and everything complete. A good
Bars and Vood-house in the rear, with bnek
waiki, in good order. A beautiful lawn fronting
oa Market street, with evergreens, shade trees ana
shrubberv. besides irraoes oi several varieties- Law-
ton BlackDeriics and varieties of choice fruits and
berries of ail kinds. A lot and a half. Price 5,uo0.
Terms easy. Enquire of ' CAMr IK 1.1) ft CO.,
at the Post Omce, or Lewis Canneld at the Hard
ware btore.
FOR SAL15. A one and a half
.. atory-aew frame dwelling House, ou Napo
leon street. Contains S rooms, closets and pantry.
Lot contains one-third of an acre. Price $2,lu0;
half down, balance in three annual payments.
. CA ELELD ft CO.'
F0RSAI. A. two story frame
bouse with one story addition; contains eight
rooms, pantry and closet; good cellar, under the
feottte; - well and' cistern, wood-shed, good bars;
large lot and plenty of fruit on the same. Situated
on north side of Court street, and owned by J.
Steirwal- " Price, $2,400. $oo or $900 down, and
balanee on easy terms. C A FIELD ft CO.
FOR -SALE. U'. '
One hundred and eighteen acres of excellent
land, well timbered, forty' acre improved with
good bearing orchard, log houae and barn. Will ba
eokl at $60 an acre, time payments, or $4i an acre
mostly caah. Located 5 miles south of i rtinont, in
BaUvilie township. Will sell in two pieces, ttO or W.
acres, aa it fronts on two roadd.
CO.--Eiifhty acrea ot Land, in Madison Townshfp,
four miles north-east of KoiiersTiiie, known aa tna
old Dick Farm, fitly acres are unprored, with
good frame bouse, hewed log barn, sixty bearing
apple trees, sixty peach and cherry trees, and threet
hundred sugar trees giving the best suiar camp in
the country. Land in good condition welladapted
for wheat and corn, f rice, &-.000. (l.OoO to 4l,-4rt
down, balance In three to five years; ilere is a ran
nhaaca to buy a rood farm cheao:
y .MH
- . 1-S
CO if
- c-ij
53 0
icoorj's x
' Iverythin? tn the line of GROCERIES mav be
found at the new establishment which I have open
ed in the room lately occupied by D, Altafer, in
Tfler's. Block, Front Street.
.f a - - ' , .. .
Purchasers can be assured of alwavs nsding mr
$rrf 87
FauiVy Groceries!
Fresh, a sat and cheap. I also keep a good stock of
" ' -and hare'Stted up'an
. Where I am prepared to sen-e up OYSTERS,
Pies, Cakes, Cheese, and everything palatable and
food. Call at the new rooms sd.1 trv me.

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