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FRIDAY, DEC. 23, 1874.
TWO Spli-ndid Cliromos, one Superi
or Weekly Paper and one Monthly
Paper for the small sum of S2.S0. "o
family so poar bnt it can aflor THEM.
Subscribe at once.
We under-stand that Mrs. Tcppiug,
daughter of Mrs. B. Anisdcn, of tlas
city, is on a temporary visit to her moth
er, having recently arrived from Colorado.
Birchard Library.
Thi3 institution will be closed on
Christmas and Xew Year days, the rules
of the association being that it sliall
observe such holidays as are recognized
by our banks.
Birchard Monument.
The magnificent aJid costly ornament
to the memory of the late Sardis Bireh
ard, Esq., ia now in place in Oakwood
Cemetery and presents a very imposing
appearance, being a lasting testimony
also to the credit of our respected citi
zens, ilessrs. Purdy & Gust, to whom
its erection was entrusted.
Commissioner's Meeting.
The Last meeting of the county Com
miasioners, tins year, took place on Sat
urday, when there was a full attendance.
Beyond the ordinary routine of busi
ness the only matter of interest that
transpired was the inlots at Gibsonburg,
where recent plating has somewhat com
plicated matters.
"Birdcage" Anniversary.
It was just twelve months, on the 20th,
since our city's "wooden bird-cage,"
alias, lock-up, was . first inaugerated,
since when it has accommodated, in all,
over 450 birds, but the precise per cent
age of escapes from it is hardly come
atable probably in the neighborhood
of three per cent. Since an upper story
has been added to it, we are informed
"it is very inviting to the weary."
New Delivery Wagon.
We have seen, during the past week,
a very fine delivery wagon, built by Mr.
J. Fend, of the East side, for the en
terprising firm of Young k Schoedlor,
which is now receiving decorations at
the hands of Mr. Henry Ochs, at his
workshop on Front Street Henry is
an excellent tradesman, and when the
job leaves his hands we may expect
something that will stand looking at.
Administrator's Sale.
On Tuesday, at the Court House, the
Hon. H. Everett, solicitor for the estate,
sold by ai-.ction at the request of Peter
S. Miller, administrator of the estate
of Philip Miller, deceased, seventy
seven acre3 of ground, more or less, in
Scott Township, two miles south of
KollersviHe. Jacob Game, farmer, of
said township, was the purchaser for
A Monster Mail.
"Trcmer's Extract of Malt," manu
factured by Buckland & Son, of this
city, i3 ia a fair way forbecomingpopu
lar. On Saturday last the latter firm
mailed 10,000 circulars to the faculty
and others of New York State 3,000 of
which, alone, went to Xew York City.
The boys at the post office have not
since invited Buckland & Son to "come
It Ought to be Done.
Recently, we referred to a very danger
ous step at our depot, leading from the
platform to the sidewalk, on the street,
where there is no light near. Mr. Hale
assures us they will lose no time in fix
ing a light there if our "city fathers"
will only carry out a suggestion they
have long since discussed and approved
that of placing a lamp immediately at
the corner of the side walk leading
round from Croghan street, after the
track is crossed, going on to the depot
There would then be something like
protection to the public, these dark
nights, and we should hear of less cases
of unpleasantness occurring. Will the
members of our City Council consider
this matter at their next meeting, that
we may have our darkness a little more
lightened these short evenings.
Serious Collision on the Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern Railroad.
An accident, which though of a seri
ous character might have proved far
worse, and evidences gross carelessness
somewhere, happened on Monday morn
ing last, about one mile east of Elmore.
No. 23, through freight, left Cleveland
as usual, at 7 o'clock P. M., in two sec
tions. Both arrived at Fremont safely,
the first section leaving here on time, at
250 A. M., but the second section was
thirty minutes late. By the time the
trains cume in collision.only some twelve
miles 1-jkI been run by them from Fre
mour, and one had either gained thirty
minutes or the other lost it The engine
of the second section ran through the
caboose of the other train and smashed
three cars. Conductor Keitinger had
several ribs broken and a brakeman was
also badly hurt, while the engineer and
stoker were also considerably contused
and cut The engine, singular to say,
had every bit of brass work and outside
fittings cleared away, except the smoke
stack, which stood uninjured. The
track was for several hours completely
blocked with debris, and No. 10, in the
morning from Toledo, was detained over
half an hour m consequence. There is
Ijttie doubt a rigid investigatioa, will be
made to assertain who was in fault anil
some one will stand off a while in consequence.
Christmas Night Amusement.
It will be observed on reference to ad
vertisement, in another column, there is
to be a most instructive and highly in
teresting entertainment, this (Friday)
evening, by a company of talented artists
conspicuous among whom is Professor
Jacobs and Toney Leon two stars, ac
cording to press notices, of no ordinary
magnitude. The programme consists of
Professor Jacob's beautiful "Pictures
DeLuna," fountain prismatic display
and a number of magnificent pictures
from every jart of the world.. Beside
this there will be a screaming farce
songs dances, and a very amusing pan
tonine entitled "a trip to the moon."
An efficient orchestra is to be in attend
ance, and not! ling is being left undone
to render it a perfect success. Christ
mas day being a leisurable one most
people will have a chance to contribute
their presence, and by so doing will as
suredly be well pleased with what they
see and hear. The Professor will ex
hibit the brilliant calcium light publicly,
in front of the hall, before the entertain
ment the remarkable effect of which is
truly astonishing.
Common Pleas Court.
List of Grand and Petit Jurors drawn
for the Jan. term, 1875 of the Sandusky
County, Common Pleas Court
1. Thad. Ball, Sandusky.
2. William Jacobs, Sandusky.
Daniel Overmier, Jackson.
P.. E. Betts, Green Creek.-' ' '
H. A. Winters, Townsend.
George Storey, Townsend.
Harvey Langerman, Woodville. ;
John E. Dean Madison.
John P. Elderkin, sen., Sandusky.
Charles-E. Fry, Bice.
L. L, lYuinan," Woodville.
Frederick Baker, Washington.
James Cleveland, Green Creek.
14. Cyrus Haff, Eilev.
David Hawk, Green Creek.'.
B. S. Eathbun, Green Creek.
C. W. White, Townsend. .'' ;
3. nemen B. Smith, Sandusky.
4 Truman Grover, Green Creek.
5. Eii Beeves, Madison ; '
6. Jesse S. Van .Ness, Sandusky-
7. Andrew Kline,' Bice.
8. George Held, Sandusky. .
9. Charles Heiserman, Washington.
10. George Dana, Green Creek.
11. Henry Vogt, Eiley. i
12. Merlin Babcock, York.
B. C. WINTER, Clerk.
They Await You.
It will naturally be asked, who? We
refer to the excellent firm of Stacssiyeb
& Co., the farmers' and citizens' choice
grocers and provision merchants, of
Front street. And what is more they do
not only await you with frieni'Jy greet
ing at this festive season, bat a line of
goods well calculated to make you su
premely happy at home during the holi
days. Their teas, coffees and, in fact,
entire line of groceries can not be sur
passed even in the largest cities, while
their provisions, crockery, wood and
willow ware are matchless in the city.
As to specialities for the season, they
have abundance, and all selected, from
a turkey, mince meat and fruits to the
most insignificant candy, with the ut
most care, their great aim being to keep
nothing but what is genuine and worthy
of their large trade. Those who pur
chase with cash naturally look for the
best and the cheapest they ought to
have it and we pledge ourselves if such
will call on Stausjtter & Co. they will
not only secure their "heart's desire"
but discover a headquarters to trade
which they will not readily forsake.
Buckland's Store Besieged with Splendid
Goods and Admiring
Old "Father Christmas" now lias come,
Hring forth your music treat the drum;
Old "Santa" as in years before
lias chosen Buckland's noted store
And from it favors doth dispense
Vnequal'd in magnificence.
And now "Father Qiristmas". with
his frosted beard and fur tree laden with
endless tokens of regard has put in an
appearance now that old Santa Claus is
once more preparing to indulge his mys
terious visitations and freaks for the
gratification of the young we again find
one and all on the tip toe of expectation
wondering what their luck will be.
Parents, lovers and friends what
amount of happiness have you concluded
to shed o'er the paths of those you so
fondly prize? Everything awaits your
decision. II you have not yet thought
then think quickly. To the bountiful
store of the "mysterious favorite" this
year located at Buckla?d's Drug Store
at once repair, make good choice, and
thus consumate that noble act of doing
as you would be done by. Here you
will find elegance and neatness combined
ingenuity and simplicity alike applied
to instructing the youthful mind while
gratifying the fancy and a variety of
tasty display to equally produce ecstatic
bliss in young or old, be they great or
simple. From those large and neatly
constructed objects'" recreation in
buggy rigs, rocking horses and other
mechanical toys to more elegant and
instructive games glass, china, rubber,
or wood ornaments even to the minia
ture doll, Filiate, trumpet ot.danping
monkey alj" are' )xexe arranged by 'the
thousand. . . Many., of. the presents,
equally designed for service as produc-
ing effect, such as inkstands, cigar hold
ers, match stands, writing and dressing
cases, ladies' work boxes, elaborate toi
let articles, albums, leather goods, &c,
surpass anything we have met with, and
need only to be seen to command ready
sale. Though it is only a week since
an elaborate and extensive stock was
opened out and mind, every article
bran new this season the store has be a
incessantly besieged with admiring spec
tators and as a result, sales have be
come so lively that a rapid diminution
of goods has already set in. Those who
have not already made choice should lose
no time in doing so by first calling on
Buckland & Son. The stock is marked
exceedingly low and what they liave not
got you will find extremely hard to find
Customers. The Prince of---Brilliant and
Costly Array of Everything in Silver
-ware, Jewelry. &c.
When allusion is constantly made to a
magnificent display of -'holiday goods,"
at a season like the present, one's indig
nation, on the first impression, is
designed for the entertainment of the
young. Jbut it must not be overlooked,
that comprehended within the meaning
of those, two little words "holiday
-I ! " 1 -1 i 11
gooas a-inore wine ami mviringtneme
is suggested whicn may include a com
bination equally attractive to, andcovet-
tea oy, tnose oi more marareaj ears ana
. i .1 - i. . i -i
refined taste. In view of these facts,
and the propriety, of combining useful -
neis witu mas wmcn is ejegani ana
treasvrable, the extensive and popular
house of H. T. Cook'& Co.. Summit
of watches, " clocks, jewelry, silver and
plated ware, &c, for such as desire that
intrinsic "value shall acedmpany "flieir
tenderest wishes to- those -most liijrhly
This old and reliable firm, ever;
foremost in the extent and value of their
stock., niav fairlv be said to be eveii
ahead, this season, of anything hitherio
attempted this side of Xew York. In a
Street, Toledo,. -Law -this
more thnuample provision iu -the -xltif
greatly enlarged and exquisitely
store, tney will be found surrounded!
with such attractions as are but seldom
met with. Let the eye wander where
it may, on every hand beauty and bril
liancy reign supreme, as
Presents for parents, children or wife,
Presents for any the dearest in life
Presents for charming eaeh feeling snblimc,
Presents for Curiatmae or Isew oar time.
In silver . ware, quadruple or tripple
plate, nothing is wanting from the mas
sive set worth hundreds of dollars to
most trifling article, while in
latest designs ia. jewelry vrvthuig rich
, . t . . i : i
and fascinating; is arranged in the end-
less cases. -Nor have golden' headed
canes Bohemian and aparian ornaments,
bronze and general fancy goods been
ovprlooke Indeed tberh in wnr.1
everything, and those of our readers:
wnonave tne opponunity, Dut lau
indulge the sight, will miss a treat but
rarely equalled in their daily experience.
What gentleman does not desire to
a merry Christmas and what'nel.
gentleman will enjoy his Christmas holi-1elltIy.but
,- ,. , , . .
days smokmg bad cigars. Go to Purvis,
State Street, and secure the best weed,
best make and bottom prices. He keeps
the finest and best in the ctty.
Christmas is now at hand so is Pas
coe, our city artist, over Garvin's store,
with facilities nnsurnassed fornrodiieinir
the most attractive likenesses for Christ-
mas presentation. Call and see
secure your picture, and we guaraetee a
success far exceeding your expectations,
in another column that there are fifty
choice lots in Brown's addition, Toledo,
just placed in the market. Those with)
means to invest will find this property,
.... ,. -i i , 1
without exception, more valuable and
certain of vieldine a larse return, than
any other property in Toledo. Terms!
of sale remarkablv easv don't fail to
mV rl, BmAWH, '
A Merry Christmas is wished by
Messrs. Door & Son to their many cus-
touiers, and all of whom they will be
pleased to see when in the city. They
never were better prepared to give uni-l
satisfaction with either strong
boots, overshoes or fashionable holiday1
,. , . , , . , , ,,
slippers. Their stock is wonderfully re-.
plete at popular prices.
Should vou desire a thoroucrhlv com-
look out for old banta Claus on the
street, in front of his headquarters,
Thomas Grund & Lang's drug store,
For a splendid line of goods, no house
in the citv beats them, and thev will give
absolute value every time,
give them a calL
ne sure you
Ladies visiting Fremont during the
holidays should not fail to call at Miss
Thompson's FasMormble MUlinery Store,
T , , , m ... r.
Deal s block. They will there discover
a beautiful display of everything new
and charming for the season, at prices
that defy competition, as she is anxious
, , . , iii -i
close out her present stock, prior to
making spring purchases.
m ' m
Among the novel attractions submitted
at tlus season, in the way of presents,
probably the most beautiful and interest
ing is a choice assortment of articles in
various rare woods, just received from
the Holy Land, and now on offer at
Brown, Eager & Co's., Summit Street,
Toledo. They are beautiful in design,'
precious for their rarity and withal very
morerft-iaprioe. s
FABMZES-rwhen in Fremont this,
Christmas, be sure you call at Thomp
son & Co's hardware store, opposite the
banks, on Froiit Street, and -inspect the
wonder of the season the world famed
"Fashion" cook stove.' It ia the most
complete best finished and really cheap
est of its kind in the market. . Thomp
son & Co will gladly show and explain it
to you, and want a stove whenever you
may, you will rejoice having acquainted
yourself with it.
Business Change.
We have been credibly informed
that Messers Hern and Scoville have
purchased the premesis of late occupied
by Mr. Sergent, Commission merchant,
Croghan street, in view of securing bet
ter facilities for the conduct and exten
sion of their business, and will probably
remove thereto about the 1st of January.
Gentlemon, we congratulate you in the
midst of your prosperity.
Fatal Railway Accident.
We have this week to chronicle a fatal
accident which occurred on the L.E. & L. 1
Ky. , near Findlay on Tuesday last. . John
Kinsey, a brakeman on No 5 freight,
was passing over the top of a freight
car, when his foot slipped and he fell
; between the cars and was fearfully mang
led. He was an active and industrious
Jouu anu
was highly esteemed
He resided with his
parents at Kansas, to which place his
body was taken.
The Market.
t 7(T8e.-Butter i rr-WnH t 25e.
Farmers are still slow to bring in the
grain; and market prices seem to offer
th but littie better encouraeenient
flv.m ,.f -rr-i,OI1t rm01-,10 nf i m
0at3 -2c . Com the ear 5-a and'
shell! 62e. v There, was no .market for
i,ni wjjm1i KnenTcinw of eithW mi ' Sdt-
-t i, i.4. :i
IlilULV III 1WIMM1H.V HUM.- IIII. tit 1 I iilTi Jl
aU(1 beU?r qaaiitie3 .find
- - the market, : prices really
must and ought to come down. Eggs
Uice wertli S20a. Tdrkevs -are fotchinirisuecilic
a J. A W chickens 5c. ffides
lt i pi-. t-T Kru7Kn' v '
; L '..
THE HARBORS OF LAKE ERIE. Statement of the Chief Engineer of the
Army in Regard to Them.
Among the recommendations and re
port of the Chief Engineer of tlieArtny
concerning the harbors of Lake Erie we
mj the following, which will be of
interest to a large number of our readers :
with the plan of a board of engineer ofS
the the'Cers approved in January, 1873, was
' continued during the year," and a chan
, inel of fifteen feet deep and one hundred
lfeet de (escept for a of hfaf
!a mile, where it is only eighty feet wide)
! ha3 been opened from Toledo to the
ke- Future appropriations will be ap-
P10 Completion of this plau;
The improvement bv dredging of the
approach to Toledo from Lake Erie over!
the snoalsin JUaumee Bay, in accordance I
25,000 will be required for conijleting
'work during the next fiscal year.
j The Cat;lnBand fence referred to in the
;last annual report was built on the north
spit at the mouth of the Portage River
( to prevent its encroaehment on the chan
spend It has answered its purpose excel-
""J possibly need extension
from time to time. o further lmprove-
, ment be effected 8hort of the xten.
!8ive project of a cut through the bar at
the river's mouth and the construction
oi piers to connne tne waters oi tne
river .to the new opening.
A channel fifteen feet in depth and
seventy-five wide has been dredged
j tlUe .
A lurther
Triilen iii(T nnrt lmiiilre fepr. is Ailvisii-
lOo Knf. in nrilAr in ranlpr it Qvpsni1ilA
extensive dredging will be required on
i tue out bar. The appropriation of June
io4, win De expenaeu upon mis;
, 105,000 will be required for continuing
lne wolK aurS next nscai year,
mentioned in the last an-
nual report have been completed, and
the u(m -m cxcelleiJt condition.
Tt rmiv i-emmim in wmir th mora nn.i
dredge a shoal at the base of the west
pier, most 'of which will be done during
i the present year. An appropriation
1 llfl in'll mimnloto
the work at
. harbor.
j blasting and dredging in the channel, so
that ready access is now had to the in
versal terior harbor. The appropriation of
June 23d, 1874, -will be applied to the
: repairs of the older parts of the piers,
f the Compietion of which the sum of
: 3,000 will be required for the next fiscal
jyear. As the commerce of this place is
rapidly growing, the widening of the
During the fiscal year the extention
rf tlio nil wn nnmtilpiiiil nj tjtaII na
mated that $10, 000 will suffice for this
carrying with them large masses of ice,
and has suffered comparatively slight
f- that only above the water
line. Two hundred and twenty lineal
. feet of saperstructure remain to be laid
; to complete the extension of 1873. The
J plan of improvement adopted is to ex-
i tend the Piers to t0?n f,eet j water
and there permanently close the con
to 8truction; otherwise the bar recently
dredged will, in course of time, re-form
and will require annual dredging. With
! The work of pier-extension was
toned during the year
but with some
pr0per timber. During the
i open months of the past winter the
i Work stood the test of severe storms.
the piers thus extended the harbor will
be for many years accessible to the
deepest draught vessels. The dredging
on the bar was satisfactory, resulting in
a depth of fourteen feet of water.
Three hundred and ai3tYhet of pier
were built at .this point during the year,
. - , - . i .' ,. i : . rm.
exhausting the appropriation The ap-
propriation of June-23d, 1874, is, by the
tf-rms of this act j to be expended in pre
serving and 'contisijing work, upon the
pier.. The constriction of a permanent
imrbo5,will require- a large ouMay. II,
hpweveri this harbor ist be established,
it would be more economical to com
plete it in one season, and the officer in
.1 on oafi'mofo tt 49 Art flfW
Lwpf or ' '
The harbor is in good condition,
requiring only minor repairs to piers.
The extension of the piers was con
tinued last season until the appropria
tion was exhausted, leaving to be exe
cuted the building cf 270 feet of super
structure and completion of 300 feet of
the same at west pier, the placing of the
beacon crib, the building of 209 feet at
east pier, and the completion of 91 feet
of its superstructure. A freshet made a
breach at the base of the east pier,
which must be stopped by prolonging
the pier across it. Sheath-piling is
also required to protect the shore end of
the west pier. The pier being com
pleted, the harbor will be an excellent
A channel CO feet wide and 14 feet
deep, low stage, was completed from the
Lake during the fiscal year. It should
be widened to 100 feet to allow vessels
to pass each other freelv. Before this
can be undertaken, in order to keep the
present channel open, it will be neces
sary to stop the influx of sand from the
west. To do this, the west pier must be
extended lakeward to at least 14 feet of
eoniDouud is called Dr.' Pierce's!
It is a sad commentary upon ouri
boasted civilization that the women of
our times have degenerated in health
Hurl rlivIrm rmril fhpv oro liri-tiTur a.
x., . -w, ...
race 01 mvaiid pale, nervous, feeble
and back-achy, with only here and 1
L there
a few noble exceptions in the persons of
the robust, buxom ladies 1 cliameteristie
01 tne sex in me uays gone uy. iy a
very large experience, covering a period
of years, and embracing the treatment of
many thousends of cases ot those ail
jmouts peculiar to Women, Dr. Pierce,
the W ond s Dispensary, Buffalo, N.
1'., has perfected, by the combination of
. , t i
certain vegetable extracts, a natural spe
cific, which he dws not extol as a cure
all, put .on widen admirably fulfills a
singleness of purpose, being a most pos
itive and reliable temedy fijr those weak
nesses and complaints that' a!ihet-the'
ivonien of the "present lav. This fiatural
Favorite Prescription. - The following
4are among uiose diseases in, winch tnis
wonderful medicinq Ms worked cures as
if bv magic and with a certainty never
before - attained ky any medicines:
Weak back, nervous and general debili
ty, -falling and -other displacements of
internal organs, resulting irom debility
and lack ot strength in natural support-
internal fever, congestion, inflammation
and ulceration and very many other
chronic diseases incident to women,
proper to mention lyre, m. wincii, as
well as in the cases that have been enu
merated, the Favorite Prescription ef
fects cures the marvel of the world. It
will not do harm in any state or ' condi
tion of the system, and by adopting its
use the invalid lady may avoid that se
verest of ordeals the consulting of a
family physician. Favorite Prescription
is sold by dealers in medicines generally.
.That hydra-headed disorder, with Its pad De-'
preseion of Spirits, Sick Headache, Sour Stomach,
Scalding Kructations, Oppressive Fullness, Los of
Appetite, Wan, Wasted Appearance, and Nervous
Debility, al! indicating imperfect digestion and as
similation of food, anu thereby lack of nutrition, so
necessary to the support of the bodv, can be effect
ually cored by the use of HOOFLAND S GERMAN
BITTERS, the favorite prescription of that emi
nent German physician, Christoph W. Hoofland, of
Langan-Salza, Germany, the efficacy of which won
tor him many marks ot distinction fey the crowned
beads and nnoility of Europe. It tones the stom
ach to healthy action, regulates the bowels, arouses
the torpid liver, promotes natural perspiration, in
vigorates the nerves, and restores all the functions
of Nature to vigorous health. The efficacy of the
remedy is daily acknowled by the happy subjects
of its treatment, who now enjoy robust health.
commended when a brisk purgative is required.
They operate thoroughly, without griping. They
are the best Anti-Bilious Pills extant.
JOHNSTON, HOLLO WAY & CO., Proprietors,
Philadelphia. Sold by ail Droggista. - 11
First National Bank of Fremont,)
Fremont, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1874.
Stockholders of this bank, for the election
Directors, will be held af.ita Banking House on
Tues dr.v, the 12th day of January next, between the
hours ol 10 A. Jl. ana 4 r. m.
sp-2 A. H. MILLER, Cashier,
j-oi.ionatnan stine, grocer, corner ot rain ei.,
are notified that bavins disposed of his bnsinesa,
nil arrounts due to him must be Daid forthwith
said store, where he will be found in attendance
receive the same. 50-1 JONATHAN STISE,
We have commenced re
ducing our stock of
and will continue the sale
until the entire stock is
closed out. - Our stock now
is very large and well as
sorted, and we are selling
goods at very low prices.
This is no. humhu?. -We
mean just what we say,
which we: will demon
strate to you on our coun
ter. We would sav to all,
give us an earlv call while
the'stdck is full anJ well
assorted We are" also clos
ing, our "books', v.. Allhaving
accounts withus- flease
call and settle. : : , ,
I will sell this week 1000 yards of good Prints
at 7 cents per yard.
Brown and Bleached Muslin lower than the
regular price.
I have a large line of . Black Alpaccas,
PURE MOHAIRS. No lady should miss
them, as
20 Per CexT Cheaper.
. . . ,
lJ n vra met roODlTror ermo nifA KPSI VPI" I Oil k'S
and Walking Jackets,
I intend doing a fair and impartial business
and guarantee satisfaction in all my business
transactions. ; .;; F. EMRICH.
they are fully
. - 1
which 1 am selling .
To Our Numerous
lisais aiCifa!
We would inform von all that we have a r.e lot of
O O O I !
Which consist of a flue assortment of
and many other things too numerous to
200 Strings Sleigh Bellsl
: All Sizes.
AXES, which takes at first
sight. None better.
Also a full stock of general
BnMders' Hardware,
And a large line of
Biacksmitbs' Goods.
Remember our motto of old:
mini mm i imi
A" first-class tup Phatr Bnf gr
aeeond-feand, though quite a rul
as new. It will be sold at a bargain
to anT one for cash. Apply at the
"Domestic" Sewing Machine AgencjOmc,orar
of Froat and ttarritoa iirents. - ,
' , ii
private families. Good
eneral hoaae work In
waves. Apply lmme
diateir at 148 Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio.
.iM.iol "' Oi A. HEX CO.
Store Room on Front tt.
Splendid Fuotozrapa Rooms on Front and State
Hoose and Lot on Blrchard Arenae.
Briek House aud two racant lota on Croghan Si.
Three beautiful Lots on Birchard Avenue.
The most desirable corner on Front street 82,V
feet front, 132 deep.
House and Lot on Court Street.
We "cant most always tell" when a Are is s
to happen and burn our property, and turn ua out
sometimes without an extra shirt, fiat wrxen a
Are does come, the fortunate holders of
- Keeler's Agency Policies .
are sure to get the full value of their insurance ia
few days.
was paid from KEELER'S AGENCY, for the late
Are on the Clapp corner. Always get the best.
The line of companies represented in Keeler's
Aeency cannot be excelled. Vonr attention is to
vited to the list of companies and their ngores:
HOME, New York, $5,212,381
PHCENIX, Hartford, 1,700,000
PHENIX, N. Y., 2,008,947
HOWARD, N. Y., 695,500
HOME, Ohio, . 522.615
ARMENIA, Pa 327,642
Manhattan, N. Y., 900,000
Fire Association, Pa., 2,513,033
ROYAL, Liverpool, 15,000,000
IMPERIAL,London, 15,000,000
A errand total o Forty-three and a half Miliums of
Dollar, pledped for the payment of lusises that may
occur at Uita Agency.
If yon want a Life lnavrance Policy, you can be
accommodated with the Acif Erujktnd Lift, of Bos
ton, which has a surplus of $:2,iuo,inA ami up ward.
If yoa wish to vif ft any part of the Continent of
Europe, or want to brim? any of vonr friends arrow
the water, celi at this Agency and pet your OC'EAX
TICKET, by either of many Steam Ship Lines.
tV Perrons at a distance desiring any informa
tion from this point, can address communications
to this Agency. If the subject does not reqaaa?
much time and attention, a few postage stamjk
enclosed will be a sufficient remuneration. Where
more ti me and labor are required, a reasonable com
pensation will be charged. Resident of Fremont
since 1&40.
Stransers will always find a desk at their service,
and welcome.
'aooia no GNVixona
A Warning to Tresspassers.
ALL persons found hunting, shooting or other
wise trespassing on the premises of the nnder
signed, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the
law. ...
Joseph Gam, - G.T. Snyder,
. Joseph Me2ger( Edwasd Seipie,
' Samuel Boor. Jno. Loveberry,
,- Levi Martin, - John Seipie, .
. Win. Boor, Daniel ktes,
Jacob Xocsc.

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