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;r.e. on Miiu Street, opp. Court House.
i.VVl. C,
. EAS.ica nf proame, by freemen onfail-jo !
Jitacuii of hop tj a wailing worli !
Si.;;im$j abov is the starry tl.ruag, . ...
A. Hit in the murky- clouds of wruii-
Clou.'th jhall roll from tb'.-'.r bi-aios of lijjht.
Till -t'tic whale rouud duice is blue and bright.
'.If any ir.a attempts to haul down the Araeri
an Flag, shoot him uu the si'uU" Juum A. Dix.
Abraham Lincoln.
Aiidrew Jdhnson.
: . FOR .coxoress;
Union State Ticket.
r OF-'-siTBSME Jvn'JK Long Trm(
: - : - LUTHER DAY,
' : Of Portage Couuty.
. ' rorn tears' tfrm,
1)1 Clarke County. .
Of Ashtabula County.
- ' ' Of Hamilton County.
, . W. 1'. RICHARDSON,
' ' Of Monroe County.
Of Fulton County.
board of prtiLtc works Full Term.
Of AuglaizS County.
. ; - Of Coshocton Couuty.
- - Presidential Electors at Largo.
'JOHN V. Dl.iilN, of Drown Couuty,
JOIIX A. DIN Oil AM, ef Harrison Co.
Some of our subscribers have not yet
paid their subscription money for this
year. All such must conic forward soon
and settle up. No gentleman can defire
to have the paper sent to Lira fur nothing.
' The news to-uav (Monday) is
w r
ttxeiting. .
From Petersburg tlicrc is nothing
special. ' No new movements are go
ing be. Lee lias been rc-enforcing
Early in the Shenandoah. Valley.
Atlanta was vigorously Bhclled on
the 9th.' Hood has been re-enforced,
and will continue to make a desper
ate stand, but Sherman will capture
the city in the end.
Our news from Mobile' is good,
though that city "13 riot yet in our pos
sesion. ,
Primary Election in Greene County,
Saturday, August 20th, 1864.
To the Union Voters of Greene
At meeting of the Union Central Commit
tee on Wcdncsdfty, the 27Ui of July, it was
voted that the Union voters of Greene Coun-.
ty bo requested to meet at the usual places
of holding elections in their several town
ships and prccinct3, on Saturday, August
20th, and between the lionrs of 9 A.M. .nnd
G V. M.. by ballot, proceed to indicate their
choice for the following eounty officers:
Sheriff, Auditor, Vrosecuting Attorney,
Surveyor, Coroner, Comniissonor, and Infir
mary Director.
That the following persons be requested to
act as judges of eleotion, and that they select
some competent person to act as clerk on the
occasion : -
Xcnia, Jas. A. Scott, IS. Baker.
Cedarville. A. M. Kcid, Jas. A. Dunlap.
Ross. J. H. Brothorton, Jno. Chalmers.
Silvcrcrcck. Robt. Brown, J. C. Johnson.
Jefferson. T. I. Iiauhey, A. E. Jones.
Cxsarscrcck. Jno. Smith, Eli Walker.
New Jasper. J. G. Clemens, Robt. Hyslop.
Spring Valley. M. Daughcrty, Moses Wal
ton. Sugarcreck. F. Brcwsier, A. Liggett.
XiinmcrmausviUc. Dr. Uiggins, A. Zim
merman. ...
Alpha. n. II. HyUnd, J. V. B. John.
FiiiilickL Jacob Bennett, J. A. Burrows.
Oaborn. E. C. lcNabb, D. L Martin.
Byron. M. Euuis, Joseph Folkc.
Ycllo-w Springs. Jeff. Ecid, J. K. Knox.
(Tifton. B. Elliot, B. Lewis.
That the persons offering to vote, shall
pledge their honor that they will vote the Un
inn Litkot national. State, and county at the
coming eteeiious. iiiui uuu ui mu juukia
oaohtownshinandfrecinct be requested to
bring in the poll books, duly certified, and
directed to the Union County Central Com-
initio,-, nn lnmlr.r Ka O'M nf AuflTUbt. ftnj
that the said committee, in the presence ef
judges, proceed, t 2 V. M. of said 1 day
to open and count raid votes so returned, anvl
then undtliero declare the persons for the sov-j
offices named Laving the highest number
of votes, to be the candidates cf the Union
party of Greene eounty, at the coming clc-c-
lion. - '
That to enable the voters of ILis county, ia
in the -eckcTiou of candidate;), tlicrc be an
election in said regiment for s:.id o.licers, on
convenient, or if t!: ere arc movcraenis that
make a different day ueccesaiy, that the Cd.
and LieuL-Cobnel of the rcrimcnt fii sucli
time as is nrooer. That CoL Swvcnsan, and
time as is proper. That t,oi. btcvenaan, ana
Lieut.-tl. Wilsou bo the judges of cloetion
in said regiment, and if any comp-iaics'tio at
that time on detachel service, that the two
bichest ofTicsrHiu bucU coaipanics act as
Hill -;!). Tlint ll.n ui..,l .,n ., 1 Ar
, , ,J ' , , ',, , .
itieir returns tu A. Tin, It tlm l-'nirrmii m
" Union Central Committee, an 1 that said
''clll, ,;cJ 8,la11 1? C0,,t,C!i w
uan ti.m the towuships of the county.
County. A. TRADER,
County. A. TRADER, W. T. BASCOM,
R. S. FINLEY, Central Com. Greene Co., O.
R. S. FINLEY, Central Com. Greene Co., O. Xenia, July 28, 1864.
For County Auditor.
: owe you nothing, and shall giveyou DOth
K.iid jn R. 'e shall not elect you to office
though you bo qualified. You may cx
cral j pgpt to mnc ycur ' living as I est you
r ,, ' .
As Ictwctn two caud'ulatci. fr oEcc,
one a hca!t!i j u..m suJ the ctbir a (liiabki
Utiioa s 'liit-T, qual Ecatkms being consid
ered t-ejual, the latter is entitled to, and
.'l.-m'il tp -ive. the support tf all natriotic
lnn "IVc da -abU;l4'Ivc that a ccntrarv
opinion can be entertained by any really
earnest Union man. Let us take the case
in band, and in considering it for a mo
tiieiit, we will Lave no reference to rcr-ona
i r p irtiz id xojm derations. TLc ijucstiop,
in oar opinion, is one of right aud justice
between our citizens at homa and the so'..
dicra who have thn! Jonj stood a liwing
wall LetiTCea us ar.d anl the red waves of
war. . .
ilr. W.X.-M. ILkcr, the present Au
ditor of this county, is a canlistate for re
election. Against mm as a" man, we uave
nothing whatever to say. That be is a per
fect gentleman we would not fora moment
d'.-ny. Nor fjr an instant will we deny-lis
qualifications for the position. That he
is an efficient Auditor is known and gen
erally admitted, but Mr. Baker is, appar.
ently, a licaltliy ,-roLiusi man, and has not,
to our knowledge, ever been ia the army;
while his competitor, Mr. Andrew S. Fm-.
zicr, i a jKrnuinciitfy diuihhd and lis
chirtjcd L'uion svldirr,anl is in crcry way
eminently qualified to discharge well and
f.iithfully the d ;ties of Auditor of Greene
coua'y. The dissemination of these plain
facts, without any. personal solicitation,
elect ionccring or wire pulling whatever,"
should be sufficient to elect Mr. Frazier.
Mr. Frazier entered the service as a vol
unteer ia Captain Nesbit'g company, of the
o-l'h Ohio Volunteers belter : known
as the Piatt Z-juavcs on the 23th day
of July, 18G1, and went into camp near
Butavia, Ohio, on the same day. On the
2nddiy of September, be-was elected 2nd
Lieutenant of lis Company, which indi
cated the estimation in which he was then
held by his brother soldiers. . The . regi
ment left camp for Western Virginia on
the lGth of September 18G1, and from
that time till the 5th of September 18G2;
Mr. Frazier was with his regiment, in all
its long marches, and its many fights with
t!.e enemy.' At this time ho was reported
rick and was ordered to remain at the
Hospital in Fajetteville. - Oa the 10th of
the same month, this post was attacked by
the enemy in superior force, and, though
the surgeon advised him not to go into the
fight, yet Mr. Frazier, with the same patri
otism which prompted him to enlist in the
beginning, shouldered his musket and went
into the contest with all his might- and
strength, and remained there until he was
very severely wounded in the thigh, after
which he was carried off the field, and was
finally brought lioiu", where he remained,
confined to Lis bed, ft r seven months ! As
soon as he became, able to travel he re
turned to his regiment, but being entirely
incapable of performing military duty, he
was honorably discharged, and is disabled
for life by the wouud.
Tuis is merely a plain statement of the
f.icts as we Lave learned thorn. It needs
no coloring.
A word as to Mr. Frazb r's qualifica
tions : He is well educated, and it is the
concurrent testimony of all with whom
we have conversed on the subject, that be
is in every way qualified for the position.
In past djrkdays, when calls for volun
teers were pressing; when young men were
urged to come up and enlist under the
insulted banner of our imperilled country;
when the tread or the araied leigons of
rebellion was heard on our very border,
and the air was thick with rumor and fear,
and men looked on with "bated breath,"
the people oft times repea'ed in what high
estimation they would hold the 'brave sol
dier,' and how, when the "cruel war"
should end, they would receive him at
homo with all the overflowing honor of a
grateful people.. An opportunity is now
presence 1 for our people to show whether
those words were from the heart. If they
were, then the people will elect the disabled
soldier to office; if they were not, then in
deed "are Republics ungiatcful" then
indeed ere the people, and in this case
the people of Greene county,
unworthy, totally unworthy, of the brave
soldiers who have gono out from : their
homes, with their lives in the balance,' to
conquer or die in tlx cause of God and
our country. And it is not merely a' ques
tion of right concerning this one man it
is a question of right between the people
at home and the brave men who are yet in
the front line, where
The very air is blood and death. ;" . . .
and where they yet declare a willingness to
"fight it out," though it should take twice
"three years longer," and twice "five bun
dred. thousand more " to sink the Confed
eracy so low in the waters of oblivion and
infamy that not a bubble shall rise again
in all the hereafter, to mar the smooth
surface of happy peace, Shall we say to
these men, with Grant, and with Sher
"Fight on. It's your duty, but you must
not expect any honor or reward for your
i Tin. i
sacrifices.. W hen you comcbome-woun
ded and disabled though it may be WO
. d H j j . W
j Shall we speak thus to thj bravo men at
Q frjnt.? Q fojhid!
I One word more: Mr. Fraz'cr is not the
representative of any party, nor the can
' didatc of any party or clique, except the
TJnlon party. Our old differences hero,
,. , , , ,
this year, appear healed, and WC are
j "i i
; glad of it. Mr. T.
. mirsJ,.. " T
WJ3 oursii.., 4
Mr. Jsarnc., on what last year
nppcari to have no com-
pctitor for the office of Sheriff; and Mr.
.. , . .
junger, on what last year was "vour
r ' . J
: side," appears to Lave no competitor for
! the office of Prosecuting Attorney. Wc
i ,, ... ,
; arc all one great Lnion rarty, and all
candidate? fur county offices seem willing
; to tubinit their claims to a priinary clee-
j Uoa and abide its rcsDlt.,avd when thw is
; '':e ca'c'i'we cau bn no diffcreaecs. And
! the flUtSii ill nf Amlilnr lei fl,f nnn ho.
tween two will;
s 'f the TTiii'iii Dartv.
a question between a he ilthv tu in and
di::,ll. ! -. I.Tj. r.
One word'm )F,though it is hard'y ne
cessary to say it : We are very desirous of
s'icing Mr. Frazier nominated on next Sat
urday, but if a majority of the Uinion vo
ters Greene; couuty shaJl'decide ia favor
of Mr. Baker, wo shall put his mme at
the beid of our columns, and do whnt
tver wc can by word and deed to see him
triumpSantly elected.
LETTER FROM THE 154th. The Battle at New Creek.
Letter from our own Correspondent.
. New Ckeek,' W..Va-, i
August 10, 18G4. j
Editoe Sentinel : :
I intended to give you a full account of
our fight with McCausland, earlier, but
circumstance over which I bad no control
prevented. -
On the morning of the 4th, McCaus
land and Bra ."y Johnston started from
the wire bridge for this place. About 2
o'clock, the pickets were driven from their
posts ; some, were captured ; ethers took
refuge in the mount-ins (your humble ser
vant being among the latter number) and
.others succeeded in reaching camp before
the reb arrived in shooting distance.
They came up as though they intended
to carry everything with a rush, and as
we have since learned, pointed to our flag
'.floating over Fort Fuller, lastingly declar
ing their intention to take possession of
that article in fifteen minutes. By the
way, that flag still waves.
Notwithstanding the suddenness of the
a'arm, our officers were soon ready for
them. Johnston marched directly up the
New Creek road, and McCausland sent a
portion of his force upon Fort Piano. The
guns in Fort Fuller effectually checked
the progress of Johnston s forces. . I, being
bid on the side of the mountain, and the
rebs being in full view, had an opportuni
ty of witnessing the effect of the shell.
Such scattering, aad sketdadling, should
be seen to be appreciated. Finally a bat
tallionof Jolmics were sent to the moun
tain, on the west side "of the valley, I sup
pose for charging the Fort, but there they
were met by Cap't. Ary with Co. H, of
the 15l:b deployed as skirmishers. They
soon gave that part of the pr gramme up,
finding in the ranks of gallant II, mvc
bnrvcry then they had anticipated. -
McCau.-land's force had. by this time
taken possession of Fort Piano, which by
the way, was used by us, only as a picket
post, and. the rebs, to occupy it, only had
to drive away 4 men. After about two
hours fighting and skirmishing, re-eoforcc-mcnts
from Cumberland arrive 1. 4 com
panies of thelith Va".,and 1 company of
the 6th, arrived just in the nick of time.
As soon as they reported for duty to Col:
Stevenson, 3 companies of the 11th and 1
of thcGth were ordered to charge the enemy
en "Fort Piano, and tbey did it effectually,
driving three times their number- from
the entrenched position, but they were fin
ally compelled . to fall back, part of the
way down the side of tho mountain. Then
tho guns of the Fort were opened upon
the gray coats, and with such terrible ef
fect that they became panic stricken, and
rushed down the opposite side of the moun
tain in perfect confusion.
As to the loss sustained by the rebs,
we are not positively certain, but think
CO killed and 50 wounded a very small
estimate. We also captured, in all, 12 or
15 prisoners. - '
Our loss amounts to 9 killed, 20 woun-'
ded, and 11 missing. Out of that number
the 151th had 1 killed, 2 wounded, and
9 missing. Altogether it was a glorious
victory. Our. force numbered very little
over 1,000, while that of the enemy ex
ceeded 3,500. -,'
Col. Stevenson, Lieut. Col. Wilson, Ma
jor Neil, and every company officer in the
regiment, were, during the engagement,
active and conspicuous.
All are entitled to credifand praise, for
each knew bis duty and did it bravely and
As for the conduct of the men, suffice
it to say, they stood fire like brave men
and brave soldiers. - j
The detachments of the 1 1 tlf and Cth
Virginia infantry, displayed bravery un
equalled. All the artillery engaged was
manned by men whose reputation for skill
ria handling -their guns is unexampled
Co. B bad one captured and one slight
ly wounded. Private David Williams was
captured ,on Fort Piano, and is now, we
thiuk, in Komney a prisoner of war.
Adam S. Smith of Co. B, was slightly
wounded in the abdomen by a piece of tin
from a shell. - As soon, however, as his
wound was dressed he was again at his
post, and remainol on duty untill next
morning. :
Company D reports 4 men missing
Privates Andy . Fisher, Wm. Garloe,
Samuel LTarncrand Serg't. Cosier.
Co. A has 1 man killed, Joseph Bald
win from near Yellow Springs.
. Sir. Baldwin was on picket, and in his
effort to escape, ascended the mountain to
the top, where ho met two rebel scoun
drcls dressed in our uniform. Tbcy halted
him, andenquired where he belonged. Lie
informed tlicm he was a TJuion soldier,
and without "saying anything- mbre both
villians fired. One ball struck him in tho
breast, and one in the anu . His arm was
amputated after ho Was brought into camp,
but on last Monday he died and this morn
ing was buried wi:h tho honors of war,
another sacrifice to this wicked rebellion:
Co. K,-David Stutsman,' missing. Co.
E, private Milton Foots, missing. Sorg't.
Jas. Arnctt, and John Watson of Co. C,
and private Goo. Carlylc, of Co. A, wero
taken prisoners, but were recaptured by
Gen. Avcrill's cavalry iu the Blojrcfield
fight, and are .now with us.
On last Monday evening, Gen. Averill,
with his cavalry, came into New Creek,
bringing with them the glorious news of
their victory over McCausland. Tbcy
completely surprised the rebels; killed
about 150, and captured over 400 prison-
cm, which they brought here with them.
Yesterday 200 men, under cLargc cf Cap.
Mill'.T. left with the ir:.;.ucrs fcr Wheel-
ing. Among the prisoners were 35 offi
cers, i
Truly yours,
H. C. E.
Letter from the 154th.
New Ceef.k, W. Va. 1
" August 3d, 1SG1.
Editor Sentinel:
Cumberland is the absorbing topic,
Rumor on rumor Lj iu circulation, respect
ing the state of afTiirs. To give you a
true account of the situation and condition
of the forces about Cumberland, would be
an utter impossibili y, for reports are bo
numerous and so conflicting that we ore at
loss to know what is correct. The gener
al impression this evening seems to be,
the rebs bave retired, to whore, no one
knows. The arrival cf a train of cars,
a few moments ago from "where" confirm
the latter report. The excitement through
this part of Virginia, ever since the ap
proach of the rebels became known, has
been great. . Here at New Creek, all the
government stores have been loaded into
cars for two or three days, ready to be
shipped out of reach of the enemy, and
train after train of Government property
has passed through.
This afternoon some ten. or a dozen con
trabinds came into camp, bringing with
them their masters' horses, saddles, bri
dles itc, which they soon disposed of.
They exhibit the original "Nigger" to
demonstration; for instance, one old dar
key demands fifty dollars for his Lorse
and upon being offered twenty takes
the cash and gives up the horse. Anoth
er upon being asked what price be receiv
ed for bis horse replies "got all dess ere,
don't know how much it is," at the same
time pulling out of bis eoat pocket a
small roll of greenbacks. Whether they
brought any trophies with them or not
I can't say, but of this fact I am positive,
that iodvidual from Co. B, afflicted with
trophy on the brain, was after them with a
sharp stick. The probability is if be can't
get anything else, one of those darkies
will be packed in his knapsack certain as
Trophy on the brain is not the only
complaint prevailing at New Creek. Some
of tho officers are afflicted with "extra du
ty on the brain," which in omo cases I
fear will prove fatal provided no remedy
is administered. -
Iu addition to the above brain diseases,
the most alarming and demoralizing of all
must not escape notice. I refer to horse
on the brain, which seems to prevail chief
ly among officers outside of our regiment.
Our post commandent, who by the way
was at one time a Cincinnati lawyer, has
been suffering terribly with this awful ma
lady, or at least his actions indicate either
horse on the brain, or some other disease
of the brain. At all events, he has had
Uncle Sam's soldiers, horses and artillery
engaged . iu plowing, harrowing and rol
ling the sacred soil of Virginia for a
race-track. . He used the artillery to give
it solidity. Whether or not a race-track
is a military necessity, I can not say, but
I actually think our dear old Uncle is the
victim of misplaced confidence. Last Sat
urday the institution was organized.
Since Sunday last, we have had three
funerals; two soldiers were shot by the
pickets!, one belonging to the 11th Va. In
fantry, and one to the 2nd Mayrland cav
alry. In both casc3 the men killed were
to blame. She third funeral was that of
Mr. B. F. Cheney, a member of Co. K,
154th regiment. Young Cheney formerly
resided near Fairfield, Greene Co., O., and
was a true soldier, and anobleyounrman.
He is the only man we have lost during
our entire service. He died in the Post
According to agroemcnt, our career as
U. S. soldiers closes on the 16th day of
August, which is only 13 days after to-day,
and then wo will sing that favorite song,
so popular with part of our regiment on
momentous occasions.
Xow our hundred days are ofer",
Nobody need apply.
For everything is lovely,
And the goose hangs high.
Truly yours",
H. C. E.
The 7-30 Government Loan.
Our readers will notice in to-day's pa
per, tbe advertisement of tbe 7 30 loan.
In connection with it, we invite attention
to the following article which we take from
the N. Y. Examiner:
Many of the advantages of this loan
are apparent on their face, bu; there are
others that will be best understood after
consideration. Among them there arc:
Its Absolute Security. Nearly all
active credits arc now based on Govern
ment securities. Banks of . issue and
saving banks hold them in large quanti
ties in many cases, more than the en
tire amount of their capitals and they
hold them as the very best and strongest
investment they could possibly make.
If it were possible to contemplate the
financial failure of tbe Government, no
bank would be any better or safer. Sav
ings Banks already have a largo part of
tneir assets investea in Uovcrnmcnt se
curities. Asa rule they allow but five
per cent interest, andean only pay princi
pal or interest in greenbacks or bills of
atate Banks for every note or bond
held by them due before the resumption
of specie payments is payable in Govern
ment legal tender paper. Banks of issue
and discount can not ask or get anything
better in payment of customers.' notes,
and they prefer it to all other, for they
are compelled to redeem thoir own notes in
that paper as tho circulation medium next
to specie in value. By the issue of this
loan the U. S. Treasury becomes a Sav
inj bank fur tin people. There are none
stronger none more solvent, and not
ouc that pays so liberally for tbo use -of
money. You mny deposit fifty dollars
or fifty thousand. The more you put
in, tho more you will aid and strengthen
tLc Government, and tho moro valuable
will bo tho remaining currency of the
Its Libkiial Interest. Tho general
rato of interest is six per cent., payable
annually. This is seven and three-tenths,
payable scmimniitalfy. If you lend on
mortgage, there must bo a searching of
titles, lawyers' fees, stamp duties and do
lays, mid will finally have returned to
you only tLc same IditJ of money you.
wmiM rwiw from the fiovcrnruint, and
less of it. If yoii invest ia thrs loan, you
have no trouble. Ifficre-ts- no -ationa
Ear.li at band. aiv banker will obtain i
for you wrrbout ebarge, and pay you the
interest e-ffpon at the end of six months
as a mist convenient f rm of remittance
to his city correspondent. If you wi;h
to borrow ninfy cents on the dollar upon
it, you bave the highest security m me
market t do it with. If you wish to sell,
it will bring within a fraction of cost aad
interestat any moment.- It will be very
1 handv to have in the house.
Its Convertibility in to a Six per
Cent. Bond. Here c 'mes an advantage
that must not be lost sight of. At the
expiration of three years a holder of the
7-30 loan has the option of.accepting
payment in full or of funding Lis notes
in a six per cent, gold interest bond, the
principal payable in not les than five nor
more than twenty years from its date as
the Government may elect. For six
months past, these bonds have ranged at
an average premium of about eight per
cent in the New York market, and bave
sold at 109 today (July 23). Before
the war, U. S. six per cent, stocks sold at
a much higher rate and were ouce bought
up by the U. S. Treasury under a special
ct nfCon-rress at a premium of not less
than twenty per cent. There is no doubt
that this option ot convcision is worm at
least two or three per cent, per annum
to the Bubcribers to the loan, thus in
creasing the actual rate of about ten per
eent. Notes of the same class issued three
rear w. re now scllin? at a premium
that fully proves the correctness of this
Its Exemption trom State or
M nwinp at. Taxtation But aside from
all the advantages we have enumerated,
a special Act of Congress exempt all
bonds and Treasury notes from local lax a
fibff. On the average this exemption is
worth about two per cent, per annum,
according to the rate of taxation in various
r.f tho f-nnntrv. Can rrcater induce
ments bo asked for than those we have
enumerated ?
ThA Sceretarv of the Treasury has been
told that he must "luy mvnry. at the
highest rate necessary to command it ;
w Ik. el,rml,l sMl his oblitrations "for
W tbov would brintr." so as to lead
tbo market; bnt the Secretary will do no
such thing- If ShylocK Dougui Donas
at 90 in August, he could demand a
lumwomn nf another ten Per cent, in
September, and twenty in October, until
he would hnally oner w ient omy
in throat nd V-nen the principal. If Gov
ernment Fecuritics are worth anythiug,
. m it
they are richly worth all tneir tace cans
for in gold, and the country is not so
Tur in anirit or in muse, as to submit
to any such sacrifice as Shylock demands.
There is but a limited suppiy 01 money
seeking investment at any time, and the
Government offers to pay liberally for its
use. At the rate of seven and three-tenths
per cent, per annum, to say nothing of
thfl ftnllateral advantaees. it is the strong
est borrower in tbe market, and every
feeling of interest, as well as patriotism
. . .... i -
and duty, should induce ourrcauers to in
vest in its loans.
For the Sentinel.
Clinton W. Strong.
Lines written on the death of Clinton W.
Strong, who fell at the battle of Resaca, Ga.—
Respectfully dedicated to his Mother.
Another brave Hero has fallen:
Another for Freedom and Truih;
How precious the blood that is flowing,
The blood of our bravest youth.
IIow many dear Mothers are watching
For forms tbcy shall see no more ;
- IIow many fond hearts will be broken
Before this Rebellion is o'er.
Oh! they miss you at home dear Clinton,
So long huve they waited for you,
And oft have they lingered at twilight
To welcome their Soldier boy true.
But ob! that deaf form will bo mouldering
Alone in the quiet grave ;
When we watch for our Soldier's returning
To welcome the True and Brave.
The dark eyes that lingered so fondly,
When bidding a last farewell,
Shall only be known in memory
There, there shall they dwell j '
And who shall forget tbe beauty
That played o'er that manly brow;
That face with its kind expression
Is lingering in memory now.
When dying he spoke of his Mother,
And said it would break her heart ;
Poor Boy 'twas a bitter trial .
So far from thy home to depart .
But the best of all Friends was supporting
And bearing him over the stream ;'
How sweet for the dying Soldier,
On the bosom of Jesus to lcai.
Then weep not so ifildly fond' Jftrtaery
Thy b6y will so sweetlv rest,
For we know in his Father's Mansion
lie's numbered among the blest)
'Tis sweet, so sweet to remember,
That now he is free from care;
And far from the din of battle
He's quietly waiting there.
There waiting for friends who lovedhira
While here on this Earthly Shore;
Then seek for the upper Kingdom
Where Clinton has gone before,
For 'twas his request when dying,
To meet in yon Blissful Ileaven ;
IIow sweet Lis last words to remember
What hope and what solace given.
Then quietly rest brave nero!
Away from the battle strife;
No more shall our Nation's trials
O'ershadow thy peaoful life ;
For never shall the noise of Cannon,
Be heard on that far off Shore,
And theory ot'ToArmi' shall arouse thoo
And wake thee from slumber no more.
Jamestown Ohio, July 81st, ISC 1.
Attachment Notice.
Jforgan Sharp,
larp, "J Bcfc
:nndcr, J O
Before Eenj. F. Sbiokley,
P. of l-ilvcrcreek fp.,
aSmnel Alex;
reene tAjunty, tjhiu,
ON the loth day of July, A. D. l'Mi, said Jus
tice issued an order of Attachment in the above
action fur the sum of One Hundred nul six Dollars
and nineteen cents. JOUUAN 6HAR.P.
July JOth, 18G4-3W. -
Conduco L. Osborn's Estato.
Notice ia hereby given that tho undcrsign
ek have been appointed nnd duly qualified
bp the Probate Court of Greene County, ns
Administrators of tho listato of Conduco L.
Osborn, deo'd.
July 5-no33-3t-
Cornelius Stoup'g Estate.
NOTICE ix hereby given iUl the under,
signed has been appointed and duly qualified
by the Probate Court of Grccuo County, Ohio,
as Administrator of tho estato of Cornelius
Stoup, deo'd.
r.oumu' nuwroi'iv
An', o 1S01 :.5l-uooS
U.S. 7-30 LOAN
The Secretary of &e Treasury gives notice fhat
subscriptions will be received for t'uupon Treasury
Notes, payable three years from Aug. ljth, 1S6I,
with serai-annual interest at the raU of serea luitl
three-tenths pr cent. p?r annum, principal and
interest both to be paid in lawful money.
These rrotes will be coavertible at the option of
the hoUar at maturity, into six per eoat. gold
bearing Utndi, payable not less than fir bgt more
than twenty years from thuir date, as the Curcra
ment may eh-et They will be i;ued in denomin
ations of $30, $100, $500, $1,000 and SJ.TCO, anif
all subscriptions must be fur fifty dollars or some
multiple of fifty dollars.
The notes will bo transmitttd to the owners free
of transportation charges as sewn after the reeeipt
of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can
be prepared.
As the notes draw interest from August 1, per
sons making deposit subsequent to that data must
pay the interest accrued from the date of deposit..
Parties depositing twenfy.five thousand dollars
and npwards for these notes at any one time will be
allowed a commission of one quarter of one per eent
which will be paid by the Treasury Department
upon the receipt of a bill forth amount, certified to
by (fce officer with whom the depositwas mad.. A'o
deductions forcommijsions most be made from the
Special Advantages of this Loan.
It is a Aatiosal Savings Bask, ofTering high
er rate of interest than any other, and thi bkst sccu
rrr. Any tarings bank which pays its depositors
in U. S. Notes, considers that it is paying ia the
best circulating medium of the country, and it cas
xot pay in anything better, for iu own assets art
either in government securities or in notes or bonds
payable io gorcrnment paper.
It is equally convenient as a temporary or per
manent investment. The notes ean always be sold
for within a fraction of -their face and accumulated
interest, and are the best security with banks as
collaterals for discounts.
Convertible into a Six per eent. 5-20 Gold Bond.
In addition to the very liberal interost on the
notes for three years, this privilege of conversion
is now worth about three per cent, per annum, for
the current rate fur 5-20 Bonds is not less than
mxr. per cist. PRtuii M, and before the war the
premium on six per cent. V. S. stocks was over
twenty per eent. It will bo seen that the actual
profit on this loan, at the present market rate, is
not less than ten per cent, per annsm.
Iti Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation.
But aside from all the advantages we bavo en
umerated, a special Act of Congress exgvpts all
Ou the average, this exemption is worth about
two per eent per annum, according to the rate of
taxations in various parts of the country.
It is believed that no securities, oner so mat
inducemeuts to leaders as those issued by the gov
ernment. In all other forms of indebtedness, the
faith or ability of private parties, or stock com
panies, or separate eoramnnitioe, only, is pledged
for payment, while the whole property of the
country is held to secure the discharge of all the
obligations of the United States.
Whilo the government offers ths most liberal
terms for its loans, it believes that the very strong
est appeal will be to the loyalty and patriotism of
the people.
Duplicate certificates will be issued for all de-
daposits. The party depositing must "endorse op
en the original certificate the denomination of
notes required, and whether they are to be issued
in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed
it must be left with the offiaer rcceiving ths deposit,
to be forwardod to the Treasury Department.
Subscriptions will ee receiveo by the Treas
urer of tho United States, at Washington, flic sever
al Assistant Treasurers and designated Depositar
ies, and by tbo
ffUST S.lTI0.7Al,B..VK-OtfXESIA.
and by all National Banks which oxo depositaries
of public money, end
throughout tho country will giro further informa
tion and
Probate Court-Petition to sell
Silas Halo, Administrator of the estate of Jos
eph Brewster, deceased, against Francis
Brewster, Kutli Young, John W. Davis, Aa
ron Cox, John W. Brewster, James It. Aus
tin nnd others.
The above named John W. Davis, and Aa
ron Cox, whose residences are unknown to
petitioner, and the above named James P..
Austin of bt. Louis, Missouri, nnd the above
namod John W. Brewster, of the State of In
diana are hereby informed that on the 5th day
of August 18C4, said Administrator filed his
petition in the Probate Court of Greene Coun
ty, Ohio, the object and prayer of which is to.
obtain an order on the 10th day of September,
1S04, tor the sale of the followine real estato
of which the said Joseph Brewster died seixe.d
or so much thereof ns may be necessary to
pay the debts of said decedent, vix : Situate
in the County of Greene, in the State of Ohio,
"being part of the north half of Section nam
ber one, town no. 6, range no. 6
between the Miami rivers, beginning
at a stone north-east corner to said section,
and within the corporate limits of the village
of Bellbrook, running thence with the north
line of said section N 77 8C' W. 91 poles to
a pointon the west bank of Little Sugar creek,
thence S. 1C0 poles, 41 links, to the south line
of said half Sectirn; thence with the south
line of said half section, S. 77 86', East 91
poles to a stone south east corner of stiid fi'a'Tf
section ; thenCe north TOO poles, to th'e begin
ning, containing eighty-six acre's. Also ii
lota numbers five - and six", (Nos. 5 rtn'J 6,) of
McClure's addition to the ton oT B'cHbrooU,
in sail County. -
fj.tTCn Jt StXTON,
Aug' 5-18G i-ii, Atty's for Petitioner
Henry Reiixhart's Estate':
Notice is hereby given that the irn.dcrslg'n'cu'
has .been appointed and duly qhialitieJ by the
Probate Court of Greene County, Ohio,' as
Administratis of the estate of Henry Bein
bart dee d.
Aug. 2. No. 37 St.
Aaron Yoders Estate.
Notice is hereby given that the undersign
ed have been appointed and duly qualified by
the Probate Court of Greene County, O, as
Administrator of the estate of Aaron Yoder
Aug. 2. No.37-3t.
National Bank,
2ceitia.; ohio, ;
Formerly Xenia Branch Bank.
A. TTlvlIntt, rroslcloiit,
. jV. 'Jfi'iiclor, Cae.Iilt'1-,
riTii3CTon s
A. Trader, A, II. CtrtaiAX,
A, IIivling,
This bank is now in operation, and is pr
pared to reoolvo deposits, mko collections,
iliscount acceptable paper, and do all busia
CiS pertaininj to banking.
Banking House, same as formcly occupied
by tho Xcnia Branch Bank, corner Detroit
and Second streets.
A. TRADER, Cashier.
M.S. VamUlirs, P.vi . rutty, etc., of the best
' l'.VHUNa.
f 1
i . 1
j ;
Is norj pen io xho IJsiiin
" 1 uflc .. ...
ne is prepared to take all kinds of Pictureand the finest ever .made in this city. Don't
forect t call and get your Photographs at Jicoby,s Gallery. ;
Persons will do well to call and examine his work before going elsewhere.
Ko. 5 Main Street, U '
Opposite Court House, '
The undersigned, having entered into partnership
Bndr the Srm atint of '
Fleming & Dean.
will continue the
Book, Stationery, and Jewelry
Business at the old staad,
IS". -1 iMain Street,
They will keep constantly on .hand a full stock o
School, '
Theological, and -Miscellaneous
The former patrons of tho house, and gooJ cash
customers, are solicited to give ns a call, and exam
ine our stock, before purchasing elsewhere.
Xenia, Jan. 15, ISCl.-nolO-tf . .
DIARIES for 1864.
General Boiler iri Sew Orleans,
By Parton. Muslin, $2.
By Timothy Titcomb; $1.23. ' '
By Miss Pre3cott; $1.50.
For ale by . . .. (
Harris & Co.
Hout3 for Closifisy Places of
, Tie undersigned Firms agree to close their
houses of business at 7 o'clock in the evening,
(except Saturday )' off antf a.fer Monday,
2?th of June, for tt'e pnrpo'e of allowing
ilerks in1 thejreftiploymerft tipie for recrea
tion and sociulenjoynient.' Tbii arrangement
to' continue uutil the the 1st of. October 1804.
Fleming & Dean,- Chamberlain & Son,
.Nfchols & BlntS, J.'errieHf. rcClure Co.,
Ridendur & Ceall,- yoor' X Andrew,
C. W. Trader; Millen' & Jobe;
Amos Rogers",' F. Harris &. Co.;
P. S. Laumnn, J. Allison & Co.,
W. & L. ArnolJ, A. Thirkield,
Cooper 4 Hutchison, B". W. Bruel,
Geo. C. Canfield, Car'ruthers & Carson.
Xenia, O., June 25th, 1SOJ.
Clerk's- Hitting.
Whereas, on the 20th day of June last,
there was signed and published by the lead
ing business firms of this city a card, agree
ing that "for the purpose of "allowing the
clerks io their employment time for recre
ation sad social intercourse,7' they would
until the 1st of October next close their re
spective places of tusiness at 7 o'clock in
the evening, (Saturday evenines excepted:)
And Whereas, the laborious duties nnd
confinement attendant upon tho proper dis
charge of the duties devolving npon those
engaged in the mercantile trade, arc uch as
to endanger health, aud imperatively demand
guoh cessation as above agreed upon, in order
to recruit the exhausted energies of tho body;
Ami-Wiihreas, th system heretofore pur
sued gaye clerks neither lime for muL.il cul
tivation or social enjoyment; therefore
Rksotkd, That we regard the action of the
different firms of this city, so made and pub.
lished as a binding agreement between them
and the clerks nnd the public; that the same
being voluntary upon their'part, they are in
all good faith and honor duly bound to ob
serve it, and that recognizing its necessity
nud justice to us, we shall nol only respect
fully urge its eluoobservance.but shall act ud
regard it for tho time specified as being iu
full foroe, and govern our action accordingly.
J, F. Pierce, 1). R. Kbrigbt,
Al. E. Shearer, J. X. Penning,
3. E, Hnnnon, W. H. MoWhirk,
Y, Jamison, lavitl Monroe,
F, T. Simmons, C. T. Black,
John Winters, Chas. V. ftitt,
Jim K. Rrown, Jno. W. flihney,
. K, E. Kbrigbt, A. W. Kendriok,
John K. Arnold, H. 1. Stansma.,
Isaac Karch. Ivid .Moore.
The following additional ltesolutons were
litTrM That a vote of thanks be returned
to those Finns who signed the writing of
agreement nnd stand by it.
Second, That the members of this meeting,
and those favoring its object, be foroicl iuto
a pcruiuuftit Association.
The resolution, and amendments passed al
uiojI uu.miuioualv.
Bobacks are. Better.
These Bitters are bo .Sen t. U
I public a a Kedirtn that will rare all
I toe " IDs tttat Baa Is fcelr to," bat tbey
I are hoarst, reliable, remedial aerat,
I as. are a. tffirlcat an. afrreeable ref a-
I later of thi STstcsj. In ail section af
the couatrj, especially 1 the WUoup '
districts of the West an4 South-west, I
here tner have bee a tstroaarta, Ihej
arc recommended by the Physicians at 1
beneficial If taken la proper qsailiUca i
la accordant, with the Iredloas, a a I
preventive and core for Fever aid Agve,
Liver Complaint, Billons Fever, Dispep-
Ma, Indigestion, Jxuidire, DUziiess, 1
Depression ef Spirits, Languor, aid all I
derangements of thedlxcMlTe ranetloas.
For Debilitated Ptrsou they are parti c-
icy arc panic-
Bg ai ap su a
WU I 4Mb I
ntlflcally pre-1
a rare cwsbsV 1
many rrcum meant, giving ap w
aad strength l. the whole kwu I
These Bitten are sdcntlflcally
pared, and arc made af i
notion of Eoors, Hants, Herbs, Barks, I
aad Seeds, which hare been found most I '
effectual by Ions; medical experience, t 1
possess the requisite Ionic proper! lea is I
relieving aad carlaf the above Mm- I
plaints. These Bitters are the poor man's I
friend, sarlBg- him many doctor's bills, 1
as well as Um rich Han't solace and I
: l
comfort; Invigorating the weak and de
bilitated, drtvlag awaj melancholy. Bak
ing a lift of misery one of nnallgycd
enjoyment. These Enters have heel ta-
trodaecd, and arc hclns; used, bet csljr
tn tbe hospitals, bnt among the soldiers,
as an appetizer, tonic, aad regulator ef
(be system tbroagheot the Arm; ef th
ferth, by and with the consent of (he
kibrst government aalherlty. Ia point
cf strength I will guarantee mj in
ters to contain a larger proportion ef
real medlfinal Ingredients and vtrtars
(ban any other Stomafh BUters la th
market ; ar.3 by compart)! with hin
It will tc sua at once, that Ibry sr
sirocrrr. anl spoa trial will he foosd
ere efficient, ihaa all others; thry are I
ap rotable tc Ike tasle, tnvtgtn-aitns; ta
effect, made of good materia!, and ao
artlelo that all my custumtrs porchase
tbe second lime with Kittal satlafadloa. I
let everybody try them, and they will he '
fully convinced of the truth of the above.
Tie Wine Growers of the West have dis
covered that after the f atawba-crape has
i yielded the delleloas wtnego Mshtj prized.
Lib exceedingly One Savored hraady, pos
sessing rare medicinal properties, raa be
extracted by careful dWIltailoa.
Being ever eager tc advaace aj dls-
l co very that leads t. aa Improvement f
the sanitary eeadllrsa f the psMle.C. W. I
Bobaek has constricted large and cosily I
double copper stills, M a pecanar mrnsri, 1
with which he prodiees the catawaa L
aranay, la its greaiem parny, reaiaiBs; r
all those medical anal rues tor waica K l
Is so mneh valued aad reroaaeided by I
physicians. ' Peach, Cherry, Swedish, aad
, .1
j Cognac Brandy, Bearboa aad By. Whls
tky, Bollaad Gin, Aromatic Schiedam
I Schnapps, Cherry Boaare, and all other
I domestic llqion, are BanaTactarrd aad
I distilled by Ike aa. careful aad drltcat.
proccM, and kfpf constantly .a aaad for
Uale, wholesale" Or fit aa? desired enastl-
Ity. Btlll Catawba Wine, warranted pare,
eobackciioice .vises aipa
procured from the scrroiindlng vine-1
yards mid by the hoi, gallon, er rash, j
at the lowest Birtet price. Bobackt
iweet Malaga WIU ts the most exeelleat
article Af the kind to be fonad In the
Wrxtera roaatrV, aad the Fort Wlac a
offers for sale has ao equal.
Office aad HaaoTactory Xos. S. SK SO and ,
SI East Third Street, Cincinnati. O.
CURES Coughs. GoMs S.ire Throat, Asthma
and Uonsuutption. It is ouly necessary for any
oae troubled with these complaints to try ou. bot
tle of
Strickland's Mellifluous Coujli Eal-sara.
to convince them that it is toe best rcp:irticn ever
used. It not only cures tho above 3Vetions nfth.
Throat and Lungs, hut it cores Night Swears and
Spitting Ulood. aud is an .e.!ltnt pinrle for any
kind of tforo Throat, It is pleasant lo take, aud a
safe medicine for infants. Price i cents pcrbotllo
For sale by Druguts generally.
The only oertaia and warranted cure for
Intcrqiiltant hViuiltaut and
For sale by all Druggists.
Scud for a Circular.
. V. V. MAFKAV Agent.
'o. 80 5as$au St. N. V.
X")i:inr.MKI(Y. I'jlmi:. ll.iir Pwsin;-, Fancy
Ijy'J, aU'l Noll -!1. vl lii! kliiU? ;tl .

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