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, , . -rr T7 '1 VI
Vol. I.
-- --. ' ." ." " ' v' - ..." ' . j . -1 ". .. , '- -2
' ' ' 1 "' "' " ' ' ' ' : '' '' "
issc-ai Eyerr tc espat MORStje r
ten : TWO B0LLAK3 per jear, in Jtic
Orrici: Efr Eaildijig, oppoU tin Court
Ewh, Uia MrMt, Xeiii. Ohio.
' On. raare, ne imortina
Oae-feartii column on yeu
. . 50
' . .. . . oi
. . J2i 00
. - . 45 00
80 00
AltiMti f traaiiet character, must be
paid for in adruce.
f otfs'f Mirriagef asi Deaths, free. '
Sol - i tjaj PypartiaeDt.fca nti jsr
Bmirjeu Card, fire iollan per year.
lGi.Lj Paine, D. D. L.,
Offlre ob touth iide M:iin itreet, over
-u Stor. Off bura from 8 A. M. to
.'rm 1 P. M. to S P. M. Xcuia, Oliio.
c. b. aires.
J. a. SEXT05.
Gatch &, Sexton,
nlttm'" jCunaelIors at hntr. Office ia
Ciltfoit Street! , west of tbe Court House, Xenia,
t)hio. .
CKi Hawes,
Attornej' at Law.
CnrOi; Second floor, Birr Wrl ne. op
Jsita Court House, Main Street, Xenia, O.,
"ft. s. finley, m. d.,
kM-th" P'liTnioian. Office iui refidenee, eat
v-t it '' - i
fhjtici.n an4 Frf;-o-tf.. tfSc-a Cnd rc:i;1eac. !
."t.Seiiid street, Xeniu, Oiiio. 1
Prol.esional calls promptly answered. i
Aiianty at Law, and authorized Air?i?t bicthe C'1
W.tioa of I'oufinTis. ini M other knid uf Military
tlaime ain the I nitt'd Slates. Offk-e o7pr
Hoore A Andrew s clothing more, Main street,
r: mo5i.
Simons 6c McElroy,
j "
iatl vs aTid Counteilois ot Law, Palton, Ford
tHinoty, IlUnols.' '
W.'will eire prompt attention to all our profes
A.oal enfitwl. At', to the payment of tai, and
tb. parcias. lad saio rf Hfal E.-iate.
We bur. for sale raluablie tr-scts of lands in th'S
r a :jci'B-.ui'tp. r
t.U iiaicti lx coi-y-r nprsB. . , ,
n i
aaftmrt if Ilag Carpet. ' AH erders pwnit.lly
It.ad.d to.tnd all work warranted to give entisfac
ton. Cash paid for oarpet ragi. Sefoud K.reet,
ppotie yae Hcusa, Xui:i, J. . 21-ly.
l ichols. Jo- i-Aea.
Nichols i Sc- Elavil, . -..t
Ifhoinmie and-retail driers in Furnifhinj 6ooh,
nd Ready Made Clothinj. Opp'ite the Court
Cause, Xcnia, thiul Vl-y,
Chamberlain & Son,
-Hr17TK)ti'tfc eboes, iat cap Ae. Xe. 13
ieinarerXe, Ol.io. - --r ll-ly.
,;: Y.H. Wilson, .
Wbol.tala and retail dealer in Groceries." Main
net, opposite tha Kwiaj House, Xenia, O. lS-ly.
John Sane,
jfoorin-o.ttir. 'ffcfV of .TTkfn.fi rt ft fo
rd.r- il.nd'int; done in .hort notice. All work
warrant. Cm! d-or east or Bcal'i shop, Main
r..t, X.rria, 0. . .. : . l'J
tary Stable. H.rses, busies and parriose? a
i u.i..inn on ham!. Omnibus line ritn-
inR rejiiiarlj Kj all iraiii..
X.nia; a.""
-,-. .. .... ,
Hivling Houe stable,
I'j ly.
.'-T r : " - ' ' i ' ;
' Sellars & Cook,
JIone camenterj and j.iners. Ready at all ;mes
iis oric in their line, with di:iUh, at .
rmterand in good style, buop, west Second sir t,
X.nia,0. 11,-1 J
V : '"' ' ' - WITH " -
K 5 TSo. 3 J8 Third St. . Dayton, O.
' hb 05LT 'cestrallt-located iiocf
'l' V" tee crrr."
Tne patronage of the traveling public is s.flioilea
Hod no eflurta nr .xpense will be par;d to mak. al
oar goes u comfortable.
no5f " . Proprietor.'
' A TTBSfi to bat pnrh intime, "dd.T is l.m
uTV gTout.' V-iu eau g.t a Il;d"nm tlm. will enr
Joual V-i'I'loN -
rm3E USDEE-SINED, hating entered into1
artcsrAaip !o the butuerin tasinfs, propose Ij
carry on
I; Ol
. At the'olJ itani of John Aoilubl,
i - ZXSIA, OHIO... J v-
We are prepared to furnish, at all hours, the best of
' '' at living ibices.
The bet fBalitr of
Etc., lItc.
Altrara on hand, and fur aale at the leneit eukct
JT. B. Farmers having FAT CATTLE to dls-
P" f. find a sal. for them by ealIinS
. "
Xonia, January 25, IS61. 'BolOtf
Farmers' and Citizens'
Dinins SALQOH.
.Id Eirr Builuing, cpp. Court;H3use. ;
ill kinds of,
Vl"a?' Tj ,e.. V
A Certain Remedy.
1 EVERYBODY is beinz cured of this Stressing
A disease br the use of
Dr. Strickland's Pile Remedy.
Road what a Fiiflrer snyp :
Mr. J. P Hiuiarde. 16 Second street, Cincinnati,
Ohio, anvs he has been adreivdiulsufftrerwith Piles
tor a lon time, and has tried nearly everything.
and could obtain nn relief. He used about ooe
j fourth of a pot of Dr. Htrii-Vland's Pile Ointment,
and it made a complete cure, lie adrines every
one wiio is sufFt-riug to try it.
PuM bv nil DriisT!,'i.ts. 50 cent, per prt. Mana
' fictnrod at Xu. 0 La?t Fourth street, Cincinnati, 0.
Afk for
strickla-rcl" Pile llemedy
Corner Broadway and Second Street.
SETfi TV. ES3TVX, Editor.
Tneclav. Oct, 18, 18G4.
The only Correct Biographies of
Gen. G. B. M Clellan.
Br SJtrnWJro B atmo5T. Esq.,
Tc.ns, qs.;.i,:J by GaTFCB Gseeleit 1
the.TnJiune. . ' '
Grxi'R al McCiErtAN rred aimn' '
the tywnU' aal o;mreso'rs of raa'clfad
de .rive 1 of all iW enuobling ia. i
Cu '-nc-M n-Lith uuallv Furround the
American voutli fwta the' crtd!e to the
grave, has during lib brkd wUry career
and his still briefer civil life, disappoin
ted n it ou!y Vji lVieiid-. but degraied
; himself.'
: . At tbe age of ten yeirs ho was arrested
by the -uayor olcsowhegan tr digging
under the Corporation pound andeitisct
ing therefrom several purkets. ;
if ' ,
- At fifwen yejrshe was espollel from
the Stjuahtown Militia ty the -ctdonel,
whi was an aide-deca::.p to the Governor
of Pe.irHlvania, for '.aj.propriatitig to
hifEseif a gold medal whisU belonged tj a
poor fia'boJtiiian. .
At tweaiy he was forced by the
strength of public opiui'in to fly to the
Canada", where he endeavored to intro
duce Epalc; in'o the drill of the Enlih
j troops; but making a lamentable failure,
j he star ed, wi'.b Angustits Sala and Sir
j John Frauklin, tj search of fresh and pis-
tui.v s new. i
j "
j At twenty -two he returned t j the-TJa-
: ited States just in tiine to leave it, with I
a predatory bind of merce aries, for -Mex- :
I ici, where the g-ncrat, as he termed him- '
self -was, with, hi eutire army of ninety-
one- niiliions-of men and mules, ignomiiii '
onsly put to flight by a corporal's guard !
! 01 Mexicant. So sffiighted was the re- i
duubtab'e Little Mic that he imagined:
1 the buzzing of the nwquetoes to be the i
roar of mnketry assailing his rearguard. I
lie dug a hole, and thui see4ireJ for j
himself a ba nf supplits. lien he j
charged up m the foe; he was twenty-five
mile? away. eatiug breakfast wiih Santa
. ' ':(: ' '
. . . . :
He was the author of the
Cit to
of ludep.en-knee.'i'Jid .was the
M:sna Charta to the 'Km
and ' exhibited 'it throug
in eouuccti?u with a horned
phant. .....
- lis i?ippnrcd abiut- th's time for
fevefal "years pr-'hahiy engaged in the
agricultural task uf digging p-.tatees for
Being ordered to leave this eounfry,
he'waiidersd uff to the Crimea, white he
accepted . ti e responsible a 'id hon-rable
Jiusition of sutler's clerk,- when, pMvi. g
.competent, and utti-ily incapable of e cu
adfTT'-g three mid tw.) together," bo was
ui cnarged auJ Ui-ummeu, out oi tlie
can p."
In. rovengc he wr te a diagucs's of the
Crimena War, in w'rich be endeavored
in his feeble way to disturb our N ip, Esq,
Nob -ijJy.: b 'Uht the b )ck, . however.
Nobody ever read it, and .consequently it
was never published. -
13y one of those strange i hosyncraeies
that sometimes obtain control t'f a feeble
and d'sfranght tr'iin, he b?gan to imaginj
bimelf a grcai general, and was so ear-
nest in the mtiittr that, upon the out
' break-nf the present rebellion tin ad
I ministration. actually a1) . far .forget itself
that -f' r - the joke of it, Abe gave -him
couim .nd of- the army. After an inter-virw-with
Jeff Davis, Geueral MeCiellan
leisurely embarked bis army f .r the j
Peninsula, where ha arrived after having i
Ti-t four'fhbus md ihenDy "ao' aV.-it-k" of j
the measles, and seven thousand by cut- j
ting their teeth.- . .-. , ...
With tbe history of that campaigT the
public is familiar.
While the Battle of Jalvern Hill wa
in progress he wp.t thirty-nine .miles off,
seated in a gunboat at the c dg of a
eanebrake, drinking t inglcfoot juice and
playiupennypoks witli a one-armed fiag
nfcht'ef the' Sc'fl'thrn Confmleraey;
At. flip H.-itt'e of Fair O.'iks lip nr.'f
t-l.n p..nifl ,iort:il bo nnnoii- iint-!l fill, !
weeks after, when be was found by a re
bable rcfug-e' fishing ift the Pistnal
Swamp, wi'h a pinhook, for Sjft crabs.
During the Battle of Gaines Mill he de
clared himself under the influence of an
.rmistice and returned to; Washington
for a change of b:tse.
" He is in favor of peace on earth and
giod will to Jeff Davis.
He is opposed to Artcmus YvTard
and '
He lives in New Jersey.
lie cannot read and
He did not capture Atlanta.
He is at present negotiating wiih Max
imilian aud Jax Maretrek for a division
of his country, using Jeff Davis as a go
between. . 1 "
Treasiin, lurks within our borders.
Beware of Mac , - -
May be dig for ever.
. .YoRksiiikeA lad from the country en
tered a public bouse where a geiitiemau was
making a breakfast of e.crjrs. Afier eyeing-)
tho crontXeman a few moments, bo asked.
'Plesne, air, wouiJ you please to gi' .mca,l
pitch of salt ?'' . ''Cortainly, my laJ," lie J
answered, "but what can You wish of a pineli 1
of salt?'' 'Why. ii.r," Faid tlie lad, "I
thought you mayhap nncht!k mc to have!
nn eg'. : btruck nh the boys ingenious
.ouo 01 o.ij.jMj ,MK mmwu, inn (cell I leuiun
handed him ec?, nn asking, "where do you '
come from, my .-lad?. "Lra, Y orksliire,
zur- I
Kx-Govevnor lteuben Wood died at ( lcvc- '
land, after a short illness. 01: lli 1st of
.,-ioln r. - ' "
Gen. G. B. M Clellan. Why McClellan was Superceded.
superior office, tit constitutional Lead
cf 'the a'r Department. Secretary Sta:i-
ton, in refusing or neglecting lO-obey his
orerJ, or ' make' repwts to- him, and"
SD'';'S his wntenipr for the. depart-
mei-t by reporting oirert'y to the Presi-
; Bcao lie TTa?-iaubordiaate la" his;
r nGir, the con-stitutional Com-
muLiler-iu-(Jlii'.f. PreiJent Iiincola, in
:.' .
ce'eetin orrefusinsr to obey his peremp
tory orJtr to cnainseoce active operatious
tith the Army of the Putomae on the 22
of February, 1S'J2, and also ia writing
aL-resieiittal letter titae Presi lent while
Olicominitnlip'' that ar,nv, m.kin5:
cuargos ag:uast liiin ot willal musroan
afrcmenf. '. : . .
ni'can lift wae incifcrvr,.'tiiiiA tn rVii
ucub' luu , iLHV1"'J ule " ar eparimeni
1U ignora. ee w- a:i oj operauons
in entire ignoravce ot all c:s
IJecausd he 1 -ft seven months of the.
most valuable tima in the hisiory of the
war irr mere prcp-irations, which at the
end of the time a-ked for he al'e-.'od to
be incomplete, and bxause even their he
was nnalI or uoi!ling to move ttatil
f ireed to do "so by peremptory order, fil
' tliough 'other 'generals in the west and
sou:h west moved promptly and gained
victories. '
Because he systematically es.isorerated
the rebel strength' slating them at 200.
000, when the rbel ofiicial accounts prove
them to h ive had no more than 50,000;
and this a'h'ged to rest trpon information
deriv-.d from s;i-. Bc?arse To like
manner he magnified tin ir defences, mak
ing the quaker guns and skeleton f.r.-e at
Muiisou's Hill a formidable battrry back
ed ly aa eaminaus strength.-- And s-j'at
Yorktown. was. in t a uinnth in' besieginfr
with 1"0,000 men a place defended by
only S,000. :..'.
Because he sufferel his whole position
before Richm md to oe taben in reverse
by a single cxrps cf the enemy, ordered a
re.reat without any cause whatever, when
he could have repelsad the eaeoij : and
held bis works.
Because by this disastrous retreat he
lost the labors of a wh de campaign,', sa
crificed nnethird of his army, and infused
new life into the rebellion", apparently
with a view to tunw odium on the Ad
niiais'ration fir refusing to send biai Mcc
Djweli's corps, when his army -fras so
larg-ias to be unweildy ia his h ind-i, and
his movements too tardy to be effective.-
Because whencvpr a battle occurred in
wiiicu nis lorccs were engaged, lie was
uniformly away fro;ii the field, and never,
until Atitict im saw the action, or directed
ia any way wh ltotpr beyorr.l thj merest!
original d.re-.-.ti-j:i? for phcing corD, so j
that in case f' disistor- he -was not on :
hau 1 to reuicy it, and his corps couuuan-
iters had to manage tor themselves,
ecuu.-e Le omrri:! two jrroat rrDrfu-
. . - i i
nitiesof ta .ring hichmond, whop J'
;iave ions-rr. witn ease, timt lalfr,
uanio ci i-ajr yaKs, ena aitcr tue vicrra-y-i
HjJalvern linhtiim ind.caMng an. Jn-God
comnetencv to. luinrive aa . a lvantio-s
t . ... 7 . PvJi
which was more signally Cxh.uited ai; er
the vL-tory tit Aniietjm. ' - ;
Brause af er lie had; rou'ed the rbel
army at Malvern Iliil,-. he -crdeied a "dis
asr -us retreat, h aving his weuuded in
the enemy's handi r.n 1 demoraiuing our
army when it had res:ored its prestige. -Be-is2
after Autietani be-rcpreseti'ed
thtitfhts army could not xxoxh fit want
shoes, &.c, wl.cu BurusiJe". tack the
sariie army and in '.red it with the great
est celeri'y, showing, (hit McUlellan
sought to throw upon his army the burdcu
his own' indisposition to fight.
Because lie wuri tent, not jtipin the
crushing cf th's Tel.ellion,' but upon a
it.cal camo niii for .the Presidency.
which distracted his attention, weakened
hismilitaty p-li-'. g ive, aid ad- comfrt
the .enemy, strengthened the" popper
heads, ond antagonized the national Ad
minstration, so. 'hat . instea J' of being tiie
ccurrai-itirchitf in a war nsSiost the
rede's, he w -s merely a cf'perhcad . eau-v
didate for the Presidency.. ;
Because he surroundol himself with
copperheads tr tit orJ, ojiposcd .to the w
ahd ia sympathy with tha enemy,
conducted, his affairs to suit thems
influencing his letter and policy," a?
rendering it impobib'o for. the Ad
ration to carry .out its own veiw "
though responsible1 for manageu."
Beeaiisi le bal tampered '"'"ARSOX.
Sentiment of tile Army of the Pot,
makii'g it a mere personal mfichir
to himself, and willing tr
under no general except of his cl
instead of serving Under the natit, (
and without regard to men; his o TJTr
such course being evidently to
the government from removing r
incompetency or punTsliliVg "air
insolent satedites, like Prrter. j
Because, instead of doing any?
crush the rebellion, his letters and -
showed that his whole mind wav
upoa giving lessens in p'umcaj
upon general policy and civil
President Lincoln, General B
Ilailcck. and in fact all within' hh'
Thus, instead of telling Halleck j '
attack the foe and where, he vi
iuus only that the war be cnduc'-"
basis, and in like' m
orders -to lhiell were wasted in'OR CASH,
stuff, while Grant was gaining ' T ' '
of Fort Donolson in the samDTJCE.
ineiit. though under Hallee
We copy the abovo front CALL."
delphia North American, and
stated thcrcia will be prov-
official documents, many of .
signature of Gen
his officers. 1
The Chica-o riatform, is a
tory ii ru))l.i oraele abroaW
Jtv, ltSneakSOf "tllCprC'e
Union lis' the principal ob
dcclnrntion." it U-lls us, "w
more weight if tho Convent
what course it recommenJed
ciliation nn'l comproniiw f
should . fail in t-n'tcting -.;
ill lUr 1 0'.'-npi lictinn cf
Dayton, O.
Gen. G. B. M Clellan. Why McClellan was Superceded. Wrought Iron Rifled Guns.
.. to realize the s-ven' miles r ing attained
i ia the private trial male a "fctr we'jk
' agi. These rtrnt are- moulded sjlil
i throughout. The sac -ion. around --the
bore is moulded first and by each sut.se
and qaent heat the -moulds are ex-end.! out-
JTha GovcromeDt lias sent several es
snper! ; perleoeed officers of the armjr to test' the
j A'airs wrongbt iroa' guQ at Bridprfport,'
. rv m. . .
CoDneeticnt The test rcqufressne tbou-
;sand. sliots to le .firtd, from tha same
I pun. Thus far, one hundred shots have
; bea fired.. Tbis 'tesf. shows' tbtt, with
j twenU' pounds ef poc dor and fifreen de
i Rfeej elevation, the "gun tarWs - a shot
fjtiro.iles. .It yet - remains -tn try . the
. i. c .. 1 t i
. inn tuaigoui LW.:nty-itV4 p ip'tas, wnicn
With a crea er elevation nnv bf rvnp
rauuu is roiiipvu u mm
rings; the trst ha a diameter ot ten it).
ches, 'with a hole in ttre center. This
ring is accurately turned to fit inside of a
second, which is .also turned to fit the
third and" outsi !e ring, each'enurse ' being
six inches thick. This furnishes j"ot: only
purty .in tha metal, but.the m-ist. perfect
solidity throughout the en-tie' nrass.. -The
tble at the center permits the impurities
of the metal to be' worked out from the
inner rin.s, while being heated ami ham
mered, while the acales which may accu
mulation the outer rings are permitted
to fall outward as. the. weld extends to
ward the -circumference.
Purity of Speech.
etui tva duu j'.bib uutaiu uiuuu nt'jiv i -
caiijdfgttinj; tbc c;reles of.tbe uk-'house and the
..mbling-saloon, than -of those who
The great excellency of the Chu'stLrr !
religion 13 us power to purity , the heart
fromsin. ' The types and eiuMcBH of the '
cureiii'iuiai gitipptisaiion snaiioweu lOTlli
in every psrt.rcul.tr the idea of rarifv.
i a.-..-. . r- i i . .,
"- a j
i ue grace ot uoa wnicn oriagett. sans-
tion" was manifested to the' world in the ;
person of . the Saviour. . "who cave him- '
t(TL . - . e r- . 1 1 i i r- ,t i !
i. spit tor us that he might redeem us from :
:L';;r2;' ?n
r . r ni.ne,
on earth, his actions, .his precepts, Lis
words, all were marked .by . spotless puri
ty. If Christ ...s formed within us, the f
hope of dory, then, "when .he .shall an-1
pear we shall be like him, f ir we shall see
him as he 'lis." "And every man that
bath tbis h'-pe in him purificth himself
evetras-heispurb." Those who will givet
attention to ue matter will be impressed ,
wna tue . numoer ana clearness ot tue
p-Ssjages , of Scripture' that -.jefe'r to ,ihe
care we shoSld e'xeercise iri regard to.our.
words. There is no duty mare' plaiolv
set forth, or more solemnly enjoined.,.
We are convinced - that there is ani irtg
Christians at the present time toblit'je of
purity of criyersatioo eni .inel bv the
Snrtnr n rpj ThiTT fon nf' nn ? nAnlrrn in
xa a .i,.,a
1 tne i
t0 b3 stjni through tha grace , of
to kp(Tp themielves unsp.tted from
.no wuriu.
p - .
News from Rebel Sources.
" New York, October 12. The Georgia
tleiraphie dispatches, sy orders con--;
scripting-aT'hieri and negroes ' have beea"'
- , s :i.,n.:i ,h. . I.i.
lssuei intnit istate an i j.eune-scc. .
" Th5 SoQfinal says: "When our Lrgis- the
m;e they should devise measures ; tion
for the relief aa.l prelection' of tho peo: j from
pie. The deficiency of transportation is j
thechicf cause of mist of the public dis- ' and
tress. '. Thcf e is an abunnance . of food I Ia
in the' Cen'cd -racy,, but for want of dis-
tribu'tion there is taueh lo:al scarcity ac- i love,
corapained ' by . aormous cfost.' ' If any- ''
thing can be- e to increase tr'ansprtrtar '
tjonhv; na.be..'.jncanS and making,
tuein :i, x.iry snouia at once
beiarere Dan,"
Enabling as 1
. J h:s been
,ieut of Texas. Gen.
Jouri; .fuceieded bj?n'.
ell 'address is received.-
; ' 'ts' of importance.
uaa.i ruiof no
mariict men
. . ttar ot conscrip
.Sunce that the mar-
. ,,!
: ,
July, 12, 1864-nol6
i-8 ;ir P. 31.
Greene County Pro?eived to-day
m . ah, and Gen.
The followino; Executors, . '
and Guardians have filed thM.'''
vouchers for settlement with tivted.
the same will be for hearing and'-flry cfl-
tion on the 28lh day of September, Arched
Knttian pshit.L Frecntnr of tha last
of Tobias Bretney deceased. "
Abraham Eyrd, Executor of the last will of
r . ,. J 1
jane luurpny, ureeaicui
E. H. Mnugcr administrator of the estate of
John Boyd, deceased.
Daniel R. Harhine ndministrator of the es
tate of John M. Miller, deceased,
David Medsker Administrator of the estate
of J. H. Berry, deceased.
David Medsker, administrator of the estate
of Daid Lewis decetued.
John II. Cooper, late Guardian cf Mary S.
A. M. Ilouston, Guardian of James E. flat
ter. T. MARSHALL, Trobate Judge.
Sept. 6. 1804.
. Acknowledgment.
RETCRXIXG thanka to my friend and the
juhlio for the liberal patronage bestowed on
me while in business, I would ask a continuance of
the same for my successor, Mr. Lindsey Marshall,
as it is well known he ts a gcntt.man and a mechan
ic, and hoi none bat tho beet of workmen in hii em
ploy. 1 . ,
Any person having any claims against me, ana
thoee indebted to mc, will please cnll and settle im
mediately, at tho store of V. A L. ARNOLD, wh.re
I shall b. happy to meet all my old friends.
Oct. , -ISol-Jt II. K.'CO.NSOR.
' ,
! able
' to
i State
II HI Willi 'l I III
.i :
Some portions of tue-tpeech of tha Pres-
ni-ent tielivereJ &t '.uaon, are nnwortuy
,r i,;,. ., r i i
The Lviichuurh Viruiniatt
the foiluwint:: ;,
and worse temper. His com-t-allusions-:
tb the sreat soldier he disgraced so far
his official actios could 'effect 'that endl
tro indelicate, ill-timtd arid reprehmsi-5
We. They are not in keeping with the'
d:gnified"silence of the man who has no't,'-
so ? a the- pshiic know,"-'. uttered one-'.
word of complaint. It may tw difficult,1
CIT- f;rnbo 1'fiJent'vin!'-kie,& m" 'Vty
of his fellow citizens believe' that Jo!m-',
st.n was incapable of "striking an h.uest
and -manly L! w for Atlanta-." Many
"an honest", aud manya ''manly blow"
did he giveand the 45,000 Yankce3'k:lf
i el er It'trs dc atoilat, ii tlie ' advance- to
Atlanta, would testify. But let thispass.
If we were disp osed to act the .censor
further, we might add that' the term
"seoum'rei, appnea to .uiose-. wuo eaa
misrepresented the .President' offieial ae-
tion, must have follea stTapgely upon the
ears ct large au iieuce ot jajiies tina gen.
tlemen assembled in a chn'reh. to heUie
hihcst civil ditrnitiry in the landdik-onrse
tipn public tobies 'and tha state..' f the
(Country. ' '", .'. .';
. The announcement hy" the President
ithat two-third"'r.f the '-army are 'absent
from the fieldtrie niost erf them wiih-
out leave wilftake fciieeauntry by surprise.
Vt)i&t could nif 'these 'mea 'accdti.plish'i
now 11 tiioy were m tne line ot aury. -
'.'.' --
News from Rebel Sources. The Rebel Ticket.
. . ... .
" " ! ' J.i
fn..v-''i'-ri ' i i
The Detroit AaveH-er relates the f .1-!
.vt- . vi -!,
nM.t ntnn tK-mf.t .F " one of. .the nn-J
. ; . ' . -i . . .. ..
waslieiL wh(in f'liicfirt hud bectme a l:tlla
thick j-fom the tftdCt.s't.f'b'is favorite bev-
... - -
erage, to' pronoante cttre names - ot the
Drmocraric ean-ailiitds.. 'Hurra 'for Mo. J
n'n n) 1WWJ.I mm.n f,r MA'p'lan I
and P'lfB-toa-! . 'o, that aint it, Hurra,
.. v .The i
poor ie. low got lurmer irom me mai K at
Vvery .ftep", fin til healfy save it -an !
dair, exekiminin 01 d-n such a
,;Cd up mesv! Hurrah for Jiff Davis!'.'
v'- ," '.".'.. ' ;
McClellan's Duplicity.
l . . .
The New" YLrV News, cu last" Vv'ednes-
j,.. says:
There are those who" would make the
xraiiy nevjs ret)outoiB iur u.visiuu jq iuc ;
Deniettntic ranks. ',We can briefly- and 1
effectively disprove the. charge ; and,-
responsibility :wlicre it belongs.' J-e t ,
ijfenetal iUcLieuau isserc puouciy aa no ,
Jl .. ... . .... I
medu Ctfitrouof hostilities and a On-
wntion of all the States, aud the Daily
News, and wS bclLre the
e entire Peace
piarty will admit ib it he stands upon
Chicago platform,' aud w;:l give' Liirt
the 1
their ;
earnest support.
The Foundation of a Home.
mstrmges of mere animal passioas, rtaka
.-.r e .; ,..,:t.i.. :
inecrcauuu vi u uc .r uuina nupuwi uic m
;outsc; Love is the jjweled founla
latures of this cw Jerusalem, decenlicg
God out of heaven, aud takes as
many bright forms as the amethyst, topas
sapphire of that mysterious vision,
this range of creativ. art, all things are
posdblc to hhn that loveth, but, without
nothing is possible. Mrs. Stowe..
'. '"' " '
' . '
jno home is pass: Die wi:tioct love. Ail j
- . , 1 . 1 ' 1 it 1
business marriages and marriages of eon- I
venienee, an mere culinary marriages ani
!s a o,;.
iri pantaloons, with
body afid two' arms, head -with out
brains, t'aht bots,: a Cane, a white hand
transforred , ,?.-
finTor A nannotto i n Vilrin'T l:dv TTltll
, - 1 .j-.'-. - J -".
Dcauty than sense, more accom-
phshments than learning, more charrtis of
person th .n gfaees-nf mind, moro admir
ers than friends, and more fools than wise
for her attendants. , ,
Pennsylvania Election.
IIarrisbuhg; Oct. 13.' Although not
required by law. tho State here is keeping
regular hook of. it";ord . of "the official
returns of the army, which are entered
counties aud Congressional Distrie.ta
as recelVf J.. A few Commis-sioners
arrived to-day, bringing with them 'the
returns from some p6rtion of SLeridauSs
army, which latter it appears they 'were,
ta reach notwithstauditig the rinuors
the contrary,. The -entire numler cf
votes' thus far opened aud entered ' at the
Department will scarcely reach 400.
... ' .e 3 ' ..t. ' -7 - .
tbesonra scattered tbrongb -various
of the Sta?0. A report of them to-day
, i , . I lr.il. ..... . Tl.
rouiu DS OI lliue uiuiiiuiii, a ue vuui
oners who haye arrived lure-unif rm
iOTtth;rl nioreihan two-thirds of the
they have visited voted the Union
PTruELrniA, Oct. 13. -It is
needed that, there will-be a V
ARN'y 0,1 home vo-o It t
BTI A lie L'pn;r"S.-liii:!l Uin.uuuiu
lv staSd-'ld UnFn to 8- Dcnnerats.
" ' vote ha cntr.meiic'd coming
rayson s 0 Tjnu.,n voto-is ,ugi. .
Vt,"12.r A telegram from
" -Penrieylvania r-'gi-1FALLEN
I FAU2I Deb.-eratie votes..
i ? . .m i .'
I l-u ana innune
Th' fror we Bveopiicg :- both claim
'.'"si '""t received.' !
Chea1?-1"'0--0 I
rafr. andsee 1ini"v-!?';,.'J, r.e;'
Remember the place, f
a.:i. Cflnrl IflUlf.' t". w.
i!n '
. ..;., .K Pr!,! .
. .e
Where Stands.
.iuu1(Jca. xiuoh.-
CT was, ror of McGlellan, Hook
as er made two speeches at the East on
Thursday cvcniDg oue ia 2Tew .York '
city to a Union cluh a ud - another- ia
Urooklyn at-'- tjiii on mass meeting: "
Ladies axd GeStl.mf.::' I need '
not tt,ji -i'f-!;3tIt;n tiitireTyunpre-"1
' Pared f", tSI'cannot and do W
t i. ti .' " -
-Ftf Ji??,
j ; army as tl.ougU the
! ; ,ct?ry 'achl?!C,tl-'t 0ther
armies tlfau the cne winch 'I belong
to the "victory ef Ohio. Cheers!
I hope that I may hear of many more;
and I do not c'oubt that rie.tt Xovem
' ! ber we will see one of 1 hich - this rc
i hellion Las furnished no ' Barallch". I
Among'iliiao?t rt liouTous of
. Kuny a j surd clajias .fcl .ut dv
of it :itse!f.
this i'i iuon. --TCIieers and jtrics..
"Yes j fii ai-eJ'J-. .Iai , no more"
woi-tV- ' i, " Y" Are. nil in . 4he
sarnei. .v-- oi ;rve- teea-.w Wiring
in orre-ra,- i UWij been working
in unoCiet i'our.Vk'torips ire as dear
, jo ihmc. - - -. rff as w ar ? yrj?,
j Cheera. The .Victories of lasrf4f
j ,r8n,!t-- ;,- fii Vnnwl.U ".'-
.i. ,w ' , .
hJ .ed.:;' f&W a3 &
; nee.1 not teil you that I am rejoiced
' to find such an.ifsseiiiblage' here' to-j"-night.
It shows that it is' all right
wn our cause .ajta: our country.
FApplause. Nothing, no reverse.-no
' -lf , - I , P ' , -'--,""
niisiortune can hcfali uswlten our peo-
P,e are animated by the -feelms vh'ich
i.-.,l i,,.t. .:u m -i. i
is evinced here to-nj,hf. , Great ap-
p!se. ; 15 the war.has been prolons-
11 . i ' - a. JJ
en, it nas not Deen -oursireakness. e
have 110 1 pat fortllJlll .XrcsoujaiCi
i-i -,.t.-... v
and emaloved rew.vr 1,.,,-
a,aa2ed tie.-wcrw. - xorth has
x ..t..,.. t i i
Cnsh .t1.3 .r.e
, - nw Sr.l c"CT- a "
u" 1." "7 "a; L"?ce.r.s-J' ; peo-,
plo lUrthescr loyal fctates and -Lam.
jppoiitl-to say.it the' p.eople have bet ii,
lii adva:R:e, of the. authorities, in tLis:
Irebellfjn: Cheers'.' They - will btr
nnti'l -wet reach the cud:,-ahd "tae- emlr
is not ;rclnote. - rGreat.-heerur"l h
am rcjoiccil to ltieet.jhu touiflit,aiiJr
10 meei. TOJi-onue'l .SuCU .auspices.
;ioiiousijiuiigs, j-eacti us
'from all our antics.
dha'work noes
bravely on' there.
"Great applause.'! '
-Liiui mt; iiu moppet iticaus jti tne ar-
HIT". ffir.-rc- t , .-. - tvil! Ml rrlit U. on,t.
- 1 -i rt ;Mi,
TV. vote wclk fleers . More,
ULN ."Ml1 Hiorq loyaity, never atiiraa-,
ted the hearts and fuyads of men moro'
brave. .1 thank ; you most sincerely'
for the kindness ith which' 'you'
have received nie to-night. I. feel that'
I am .unworthy" of it. J Cries-' of:
"iSo! EoJV"nd great cheering."! ,ln
my. humble capacity I have never
tn 1 ml ti,rf.- r,-, r i iiti, I nnl.A..t. '
v ..v ua,j,amucmjuiu.
sneers. J 1 Wisli yott good night- -
Great nnct long-continued cheerinr.l.
If that suits tho McCIellanites, they,
are, welcome to it. '..-.
R. J. Breckinridge on the Niagara
Peace Talk.
tillrf .,ml nt f,. rfr.
uruerai icarney sti.t: "a l Luiip
Kearney, an oi l officer, enter my sol-terMMurptsyh-ifuia...
cm protest ng'iinst tliis or.te'r for
retreat; we ought, instead of rotrYa
Cheap, tin-, follow up the enemy aud take
Iwhmond. And rn full view of vM
"Dr. Pi.,J: Breckinridge "inado "a
spee6h..at Lexington. Ky., onthc l2tlii
inst., during'whirh'lie said: " ' ' ;
vMor'e than this. It.ihnppene'd thab
was atNiagara at die time; it hap? '
pened that 1 saw the gentlemen. there!
who were making" these . terms. ' X
was satisfied they were there for dev-
""''" - j "" " s"-
The talk
of peace was mere hosh. Theydi'dn' .
want to make peace with 'us; fhey:
wanted peace, for their Confederacy
It was that portion of the Democrat-,
ic paHy fighting us in the South, and
the other portion supporting them in
the ' North, ' who were ncgotiating
tcrms' of co-ppcration. The one-alf,
say, are. fighting us-at the South, -and
the other forming conspiracies
and arming their secret sops ,-Jn the
North; and they bf the North send .
Commissioners to the Clifton ' house
in. Canada,' and they of the South.. al-
ready have their commissionei'S there.
They met and agreed upon a common
platform, which is taken to. Chicago
and ratified by the Convention. V'
. . MfjCLtLtXx'i MilitArt Career.
Hooker said: to riot, hesitate to
say that the failure cf the Peninsular
campaign is to bo ' attributed to the
want of "cncrakliip on the part of tho
commander. ' ' - - .
uencrai t.n?ev testihes that after
Fair Oaks r;if
Gen. McClcIlan had
possessed the energetic finalities of a
great General, wo should have taken
Kiclimqnd." , ." ' - :
Wlicni after thf victory :tt Malvern
Hill, McClcllau- was, cn .hoard
tlie gunboat, the -or.lcr "to retreat ta
IT.irrisf.n's Laniiner. wio. rflVivo,?
....... t T." . : -7 J . tiT -ri -11
'tbe've-monsibilitiei of such
a i!
tion, I say' to yo.tr all, sr-'-li
can only be. rryi.mcd -
C'"111 ny De rr
- -
v eowaratcc

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