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The Democratic Advocate.
western md. coliege
unusually large audiences
Orators and Elocutionists Contest for
Tune is the month of brides, ban
jos and baccalaureates. It is the
E season for essays, recitations
reunions, banquets, diplomas and
manv other things incident to the
Sose of the college year. Weighty
problems are tackled, discussed and
Slved to the entire satisfaction of
Graduates and applauding relatives
and friends. While these efforts may
no immediate effect in producing
Seat reforms or changing present
methods of government, they show
That the students have made good use
o heir time in devoting it to the
....ay of important questions, and
have thus laid the basis for future
usefulness. They also indicate the
extent to which the reasoning facul- ]
ties have been developed by the col-,
e course, and whether or not atten- |
on has been paid to the construc
tive ability and to the cultivation of
a forceful and pleasing delivery-;
Those who have accomplished these,
things have a perfect right to get all
the pleasure possible out of the cele
bration of their achievements. In this
thev should be assisted by the college
officials and by relatives and friends ,
and the commencement season should
be just what it is—a period of mirth
and hilaritv and rejoicing over duty
well done. To the graduates of
Western Maryland College the Ad
vocate wishes commanding and pros
perous careers, and a restful vacation |
to those who are to return in the!
fall. .
We give below a brief account ot
the exercises in the order in which
they took place.
The Preparatory School.
In all great battles the commander
in-chief opens up with his new re
cruits and holds in reserve his season-
T-d veterans for the final onslaught,
so in this case the pupils of the pre
paratory school were first sent to the
firing line. This preliminary skirmish
took place Friday evening, and at
tracted a large audience. The con
testants acquitted themselves in a very
creditable manner. There -was no ap
pearance of stage fright, no lapse of
memory, the essays showed careful
prepartion. while the recitations were
humorous and acted as an offset to the
heavier parts. The complete program
was as follows;
Chorus;—Geisha Dance Marzo.
The Norman Conquest Original.
Katie Lindsay Frizzell, Germantown. Md.
The Opportunities of the American Boy-Original.
Daniel Langhorne Coulboume, Walker’s Ford, Va.
Piano Duet:— (a) Minuet. L.,.JL~.
(b) Romance Tours.
Miss Hammond and Miss Haddaway.
The Conquerors MacLaughlin.
Charles Dixon Linthicum, Church CreekJMd.
Mary Queen of Scotts Original.
Nellie Horn Mitchell. Baltimore, Md.
Vocal Solo;—The Two Grenadiers-- Schumann.
Mr. Clark.
The Judgment Day - Phelps.
Ethel Fry Sweigart, Bruceville,!|Md.
Child Labor Original.
Alfred Pfistch, Jr.. Baltimore, Md.
Piano Solo Titania, Fantasie de Con cert-Wely.
Miss Frizzell.
The One-Legged Goose. Smith.
Ada Racie Hurlock, Kennedy ville. Md.
The American Philanthropist- Original.
William Harrington Clark, La Plata,fcMd.
Spanish Song . Marzo.
The Mexican of the Southwest Original.
Franklin Charles Thomas, Buckeysto\vn._Md.
Dr. Lewis presented the certificates
of graduation from the preparatory
school and admission to the Freshman
class of the college. Before doing so,
he delivered a brief address on the
advantages of culture. While the ma
terial things of life nre necessary, he
said, they should not neglect the
cultivation of its refining influences.
Take care of the roses, and the cab
bages will look out for themselves.”
Those receiving certificates were as
Edgar Skinner Browning, William
Harrington Clark, Daniel Langhorne
Coulbourn. Charles Dixon Linthicum,
Haul Markel, Alfred Pfitsch, John
Samuel Pickett, Reuel Roberts, Fran
cis Earle Shriner, Franklin Charles
Thomas, Vernon Stevens Wilkinson,
Katie Lindsay Frizzell,Florence Green,
-Mildred Haddaway, Camsadel Ham
mond. Ada Racie Hurlock, Nellie Horn
■Mitchell .Helen Bonday Ringrose, Ethel
fry Sweigart.
Those receiving honorable mention
We J e Miss Katie Frizzell, of the upper
sub-freshman class, Roscoe Lane
Douglas and Miss Henrietta Roop,
°f the lower sub-freshman class.
Class Day.
Saturday is given over to class af
lams; class day by the graduates, class
reunions, class yells given with lusty
Jjgor, class parades, and finally the
-'i , Blan effigy-burning and fire works
mi the day with jollity and make the
>ght gay. At 2 o’clock in the after
oon, the seniors in cap and gown
arched between two rows of white
gowned young ladies, bearing a daisy
nam. through the walks of the cam
jus to a stage gaily decorated with
anting in class and college colors and
mierous college pennants. Before a
ie audience, seated on the grassy
s“’ they gave a program full of
<ege humor, with touches here and
the pathos of the closing days
nrf o ege S areers - There was a class
a critical introduction, history, I
ami cy ’ a bestowal of gifts, last will
finer te f, tament and a farewell. At the !
p _ Se the class, followed by the audi
ab6 W . ent to the Alumni Hall, where
cif* 6 # l. fu l st ained-glass window, the
eut or the class of 1908 to alma mater,
the o uaveiled - This is the fourth in;
trivi, les of wind ows representing the I
Ouadrivlum of the middle
.an£ symbolizes music. This win- i
rnl . 18 beautiful in design and rich in t
the ri ng ' Ir ’ Short, president of
tirm Clas . s > made a speech of presenta- j
cen+t nd Presi dent Lewis replied, ac-;
oMcmf 1116 Sift. As the class'
of U * retur ed to College the classes
SBt 1909, 1910 and 1911 were
thp oP . alon g the walks and saluted
chppr ei V ors with their yell and three!
8 for 19 °8- I
p ’ m - fhe president en- I
a ttle faculty and students at!
9 th* , on on his lawn. From 7to I
clasc , c 388 had reunions in various;
lee® J, 000 ® 8 Kaily decorated in col- *
mors, flowers and various color- I
ed lights, and last of all came the fire
works. An immense throng gathered
on the western hill sloe of the cam
pus to witness the demonstration of
the freshmen as, clad in drapery of
white and with flaring lurid torches
and muffled drums, they bore the cas
ket supposed to contain the mortal re
mains of Cicero to the funeral pyre,
and after an outburst of oratory the
torch was applied and the flames lit
up the sea of faces which rose tier
ou tier in amphitheatre style up the
hillside. A beautiful display of fire
works followed, and finally a set
piece, showing the significant ’ll, was
set off and with yell after yell by the
successive classes the day closed.
Baccalaureate Sunday.
A congregation numbering nearly
one thousand persons assembled in
Alumni Hall Sunday morning to hear
the sermon and witness the cere
monies Incident to the baccalaureate
service, which began with the proces
sional. The faculty and the graduat
ing class, in cap and gown, the clergy
men of the city, members of the fac
ulty of Westminster Seminary, Dr. J.
W. Hering, president of the board of
trustees and the students marched
to the platform singing “A Mighty
Fortress Is Our God.” When all had
entered there were about 800 persons
on the stage.
This was followed by an invocation
and the Lord’s prayer by Rev. C. S.
Slagle, of the Reformed Church, after
which the college choir sang “Te Deum
Laudamus.” The commandments, with
responses by the school, were read
bv Rev. J. W. Reese, Ph. D. Rev. P.
H. Miller, D. D., of Grace Lutheran
Church, led the responsive reading
of the Psalter, and the congregation
joined in the Apostles’ creed and the
Gloria. The college choir sang “They
Shall Not Hunger Nor Thirst,” and
announcements were made by Vice-
President McDaniel. Rev. D. L.Green
field. D. D., of the Methodist Protest- ,
ant Church, read the Scripture lesson
from John XIII, 1-20, and the congre
gation joined in singing the hymn
“Jesus Calls Us.”
The sermon was delivered by Rev.
Thos. H. Lewis, president of the col
lege. whose theme was “Christ as the
Model Man,” taken from the text
“Learn of me; for I am meek and
lowly in heart.”
Addressing the members of the grad
uating class directly, Dr. Lewis said:
“I have already pointed out to you
that we may not hope to imitate Jesus
i by copying His outward conduct, but
j only by imitating His spirit. And now
! I wish to add that there is no way for
us to imitate His spirit but by possess
ing it. It is vain for us to go about
the matter from the outside. What
we mean and what the Scripture
means by taking Christ as our model
|is nothing less than having Christ
formed in us, and this can only be
done by the Holy Ghost creating in us
a new nature. The resentment against
this old-fashioned doctrine, so pre
i valent among our youth today, is not
due, as they fondly imagine, to the
great advancement they have made in
the acquisition of truth; but to the
lack of meekness. This vital essential
of the religious temper is despised,
and without the religious temper we
can only talk about religion; we can
never really possess it. Hence so many
really studious persons are running
ito intellectual seed, ‘ever learning and
i never coming to the knowledge of the
truth.’ Rut if you are in earnest about
making Christ your model, you must
j remember that you will never learn
how by talking about it or studying
about it or practicing this and that
virtue. No. It is lifted clear out of
this realm into the supernatural, ‘No
man can say that Jesus is Lord but
by the Holy Ghost.’
| “I beseech you, therefore, to seek
the Holy Ghost and be quickened into
S a new life and be made a new creature
' and obtain new ideas,and ‘when Christ,
Who is your life, shall appear, then
shall ye also appear with Him in
glory.’ ”
The annual sermon before the Col
lege Christian Associations was deliv
ered in the evening by Rev. Dr. Wil
liam H. Dunbar, of St. Mark’s Luther
an Church, Baltimore.
Services were suspended for the day
in the Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist
Episcopal and Methodist Protestant
| churches in compliment to the college
and to enable their members to attend
the services at the college.
Society Reunions,
Monday afternoon each of the four
societies gave receptions to former
members and friends. Interesting
programs were rendered and refresh
ments were served. Reminiscences
by former members of the days when
; they were students were much en
j joyed. There is a drawing power in
j these societies which brings the mem
! bers back year after year, no matter
I how distant nor how widely separat
} ed. These occasions are among the
most enjoyable of the incidents con
nected with the close of the college
Music and Elocution Recitals.
The large number of graduates in
this department made it necessary to
divide this performance, and one re
cital was given Monday morning at
10 and the other in the evening at 8.
Theodore Wesley Darnell, Ocean ville, N. J.
The Two Runaways from Lonesome John Fox
Nora Amelia Stoll. Brooklyn, Md.
“Oh. Robert, Robert !” Aria from Robert Lee
Diable - Meyerbeer
Bessie Amanda Hastings, Laurel, Del.
If Love were All Anthony Hope
Katie Chambers Griffith. Alachua. Fla.
The Cathedral Courtship Kate Douglas Wiggin
Bertha Olivia Soper, Willows, Md.
The Boat Race Oliver Wendell Holmes
Roselle Harris, Henderson, N. C.
Allegro Vivace Sonata Op. 2, No. 2 Beethoven
Rachel Elizabeth Donovan. Laurel. Del.
Fingalshoehle Mendelssohn Heller
Ruby Kathyrn Ahern, Millington, Md.
Ballade in A fiat ; .....Chopin
Marjorie Stuart Vickers, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mansie Wanch’s First and Last Play—.D. M. Moir
Mary Fisher Sylvester. Hillsboro, Md.
The Resurrection Edwin Arnold
Ernest Livingston Ashby, Oakland, Md.
Hamlet. Act 1, Scene 5 Shakespeare
Anna Louise Chaffinch, Easton, Md.
Battle from Sohrab and Rustum—Matthew Arnold
Fannie Benson Merrick, Sudlersville, Md.
What’s the Use? Burgess Johnston
Got to go to School - Anon
Wish’d I was a Girl Anon
Mary Reyner Downes, Denton, Md.
Scherzo - Saint-Saens
Elsie Marguerite Saulsbury, Baltimore, Md.
Liebestraeum in A flat Liszt
Wilsie Anne Adkins, Salisbury, Md.
Rigoletto Verdi-Liszt
Nora Amelia Stoll. Brooklyn, Md.
Pippa Passes Browning
Ellen Morgan Bowling, La Plata, Md.
Her Cuban Tea Pauline Phelps
Ruby Kathyrn Ahern. Millington, Md.
Waltz Song from Romeo and Juliet Gounod
George Frank Thomas, Adamstown, Md.
Cato. Act IV. Sc. 4. Act V, Sc. 4 Addison
Awarding of Certificates of Graduation.
At the conclusion of the recitals
Dr. Lewis made a short address. This
is usually the most popular feature
of the commencement exercises, but
the disagreeable weather kept a
! great many at home.
Elocution Contest.
The contests in elocution for the
Norment prizes between the freshmen
and sophomores took place Tuesday
morning in Alumni Hall. The excell
ent. showing made reflected great
credit upon the training of Miss
Nannie Lease, the able head of the
elocution department. Following is
the program:
Virginia—A Lay of Ancient Rome .Lord Macaulay, i
William Clark Coulboum, Walker’s Ford, Va.
■ How He Saved St. Michaels....M. A, P. Stansbury.
Alvin Dey Stultz, Manasquan, N. J.
1 The Black Horse and His Rider-.-Charles Sheppard. ,
Carl Twigs, Twiggtown, Md.
t Piano Solo Consolation Liszt. \
Miss Kinder.
■ The flight of the Red Horse H. E. Warner.
Anna Marie Crumrine, Melrose, Md.
; The Jnggler of Tonraine Edwin Markham. I
.Dorothy Elderdice, Westminster, Md.
I A Fourth-class Resignation Mariana Tall man,
Isabel McCollum Roop, Westminster, Md.
Vocal Quartet Minuet Mars®.
I Misses Saulsbury, Ahem, Chaffinch and Stoll.
’ The Chariot Race in Alexandria George Ebers. I
Linley William Gerringer, Elon College, N. C. I
One Niche the Highest Elihu Burritt, I
Russell Vinton Lewis, Gaithersburg, Md. j
Knee-deep in June James Whitcomb Riley.,
William Richard Wiley, Jarrettsville, Md.
Piano Solo Finale from Sonata Op. 10. No.
1 Beethoven Miss White, j
Rabbi Ben Levi Longfellow, i
Helen Gertrude Hooper, Easton, Md.
Como Joaquin Miller, i
Vesta Irene Kinder, Williamsport, Md.
The Sermon Louisa M. Alcott.
Cecille Marceline Parks, Parksley, Va.
Alvin Dey Stultz, of Manasquan, N.
J., and Miss Dorothy Elderdice, of j
Westminster, won the freshmen
prizes. William Richard Wiley, of j
Jarrettsville, Md., and Miss Cecille |
Marceline Parks, of Parksley, Va.,
were the fortunate ones among the
sophomores. , „
Alumni Association.
Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock the
Alumni Association held its annual
meeting in the alumni room. A re
port of the endowment fund commit
tee was read, and plans for the in
crease of the fund were discussed.
The class of 1908 were received into
membership, and the beautiful stained
glass window presented to the associ
ation by the class was gratefully ac
Miss M. L. Shriver and Prof. W.
R. McDaniel, the committee appointed
to place a wreath of flowers each
commencement week upon the grave
of the first president of the college.
Rev. James Thomas Ward, reported
that this had been done.
The old corps of officers were re
flected, as follows: President, Hon.
B. F. Crouse, ’73; vice presidents.
'Baltimore— L. Irving Pollett, ’B9;
I Eastern Shore—Milton L. Veasey, ’96;
| Western Shore—Mrs. Florence Wil
son Stoner, '80; New York, Dr. Harry
G. Watson, ’B9; Washington—J. Daw
j son Williams, ’O2; Secretary, Mary
Louise Shriver, ’9O; Treasurer, Prof.
W. R. McDaniel. ’80; Editors. Miss
Jewell Simpson. ’99. Rev. T. R. Wood
ford. ’9B. Following the meeting a
| collation was served in the banquet
room, after which speeches by sev
eral alumni were much enjoyed, and
I the class yells and college yell were
Society Contests.
Alumni Hall was crowded to its
farthest capacity Tuesday evening by
!an audience which gathered to wit
ness the oratorical contest between
i the college societies. The ladies wore
their finest frocks and these alone
were worth going miles to see. This
magnificent hall probably never be
fore held so great an aggregation of
personal beauty and enchanting cos
tumes. Most of those present allied
themselves with one side or the other,
and displayed their partiality with
vigorous applause for their favorite
orators. When the decisions were
announced the same old scenes were
enacted—the girls shrieked and the
boys rushed to the stage, surrounded
the winners, and gave the society yell.
The winners were Browning and Web
ster. An especially pleasing feature
was the singing by the W. M. C. Lyric
Quartette. Following is the program:
Browning Essay -..The True Victor.
Florence Elise Israel. Laurel. Md.
Philomathean Essay "Lest We Forget.”
Eleanors Louisa Mooyer, .Baltimore, Md.
Vocal Solo;—Then weep, oh. Grief-worn Eyes
Aria from Le Cid - Miss Salisbury.
Irving Oration The Future of the Jew.
Albert Buckner Coe, Delta. Pa.
Webster Oratkm -.Onr South American Relations.
Jesse E3i Pritchard. Asheboro, N. C.
Piano Solo: —Fantasie Impromptu Chopin.
Miss Hooper.
Browning Essay- The Fate of the Reformer.
Edith Clift Holt. Elkton, Md.
Philomathean Essay -Pioneers of Civilization.
Bertie Lillian Stoll. Brooklyn, Md.
Vocal Solo r—The Goldbeater Randegger.
Mr. Mikesell.
Irving Oration —The Triumph of Civic Righte
ousness Ronalds Taylor, Inwood. N. Y.
Webster Oration Martin Luther at the Diet at
Worms John Samuel Turner, Baltimore, Md.
Selections W. M. C. Lyric Quartet.
Judges on composition Prof. Royal J. Davis,
St. John’s College; Prof. Wm. A. Wilbur. George
Washington! University: Dr. John C. French,
Johns Hopkins University: on delivery—Col. W.
S. Powell, State Board of Education; J. Clarence
Lane, Hagerstown Bar; Hon. J. Enos Ray. Speak
er of House of Delegates.
Commencement Day.
At 9.30 Wednesday morning the
trustees, students, graduates and fac
ulty entered Alumni Hall to the pro
cessional “A Mighty Fortress,” sung
by the choir and accompanied by the
orchestra. The program follows:
Processional “A Mighty Fortress”
Prayer Rev. J. M. Sheridan.
President of the Md. Annual Conference
Orchestra: Overture, Encouragement..-Maynard
Reverence, an Element of Greatness (Salutatory)
Fannie Benson Merrick
Gettysburg in the Light of Today (Salutatory)
George Frank Thomas
Orchestra: Intermezzo. Vilia (Wood Gymph).—
The American Fountain of Youth ............
Nora Amelia Stoll
The Highest Form of Government
Ellen Morgan Bowling
The Modern Benefactor Anna Louise Chaffinch
Orchestra: Excerpts from Martha Flotow
The Passing of War- Theodore Wesley Darnell
The Power that Makes Peace H. Ward Lewis
The Citizen and the Primary Ernest L. Ashby
Orchestra : Meditation - Morrison
The Revelations of Science (Valedictory)—
Mary Letitia Porter
The Temperance Question Today (Valedictory)
Ellery DeWitt Simpson
Note—The Valedictorians are those securing
the highest, and the Salutatorians the next highest
grades in the studies of the Junior and Senior
years. The other speakers have been chosen for
excellence in the composition and delivery of ora
tions and essays during the Junior and Senior
Conferring the Degrees.
The selections by Parson’s Orchestra
of Baltimore were a feature of the pro-
gram. After several speeches the
arrival of the Governor of the State
and his party was announced by the
. strains of “Maryland My Maryland,”
at which the whole audience rose
and greeted His Excellency with pro
longed applause.
When the time came for the be
: stowal of the diplomas President
Lewis introduced Governor Crothers
I who made a much appreciated ad
i dress, and then gave out the diplomas
. with a hand shake and pleasant word
of congratulation for each one. The
list of graduates called by Vice-Presi
dent McDaniel was as follows;
Harry Covington Adkins, Sails- ;
bury, Md.; Ernest Livingston
Ashby. Oakland, Md.; Noland
Elias Easier, Westminster, Md.; Chas. |
Walter Sanderson, Wilmington, Del.;'
| Walter Edwin Short, Georgetown,
• Del.; Charles Edward Walker, New
I London, Md.; Ruby Kathryn Ahern,
(Millington, Md.; Bessie Amanda Hast-i
ings, Laurel, Del.; Mildred Hudson,
i Dover, Del.; Annie Theresa Hutchins,
Barstow, Md.; Clara Gladys Leonard,
Trappe, Md.; Ruth Richardson, Mar
ion Station, Md.; Virginia Lewis Roe,
Cordova, Md.; Elsie Marguerite Sauls
bury, Baltimore, Md.; Lotta Rosalind
Smith, Cambridge, Md.; Bertha Olivia
| Soper, Willows, Md.; Mary Fisher
! Sylvester, Hillsboro, Md.; Nina Grace
I Venables, Salisbury, Md.; Marjorie
I Stuart Vickers, Philadelphia, Pa.;
1 Emily Thomas White, Pocomoke City,
[ Md.
cum lauds.

Hamilton Ward Lewis, Westmin
ster, Md.; Roselle Harris, Henderson,
N. C.; Anna Louise Chaffinch, Easton,
Md.; Rachel Elizabeth Donovan,
Laurel, Del.; Katie Chambers Griffith,
: Alachna, Fla.
Ellery DeWitt Simpson, Westmin
ster, Md.; George Frank Thomas,
Adamstown, Md.; Mary Letitia Porter,
Loretto, Md.; Fannie Benson Merrick,
Sudlersville, Md.; Rose Eleanor Gal
breath, Street, Md.; Heloise Keller,
Buckeystown, Md.; Ellen Morgan :
Bowling, La Plata, Md.; Nora Amelia
Stoll, Brooklyn, Md.
President Lewis then announced the
undergraduate honors;
Junior Class —Gold medal, Arthur
Eugene Rowland. Hagerstown, Md,;
honorable mention, William Albert
Gibson, White Hall, Md.; gold medal,
Stella Nora Cathcart, Moscow, Md.;
honorable mention,Virgie Adams Wil
liams, Federalsburg, Md.; Eleanora
Louisa Mooyer, Baltimroe, Md.; Geor
gia Isabel Donaldson. Hereford, Md.
Sophomore Class —Gold medal, Rob
ert Joshua Gill, Washington, D. C.;
honorable mention, Chauncey Caryl
Day, New Freedom,Pa.; Francis Philo
Phelps, Cambridge. Md.; George Mon
roe Englar, New Windsor, Md. gold
medal, Laura Belie Foard, Forrest
Hill, Md.; honorable mention, Cecille
Marceline Parks, Parksley, Va.;
Mamie Inez Hall, Lillian, Va.; Ethel
Dorothea Welch, Hoyes, Md.; Vesta
S Irene Kimler, Williamsport, Md.
Freshman Class —Gold medal, Kent
j Robert Greenfield, Westminster, Md.;
honorable mention, William Clarke,
Coulbourn, Walker’s Ford, Va.; Ar
thur Maynard Bacon, Westminster,
Md.; gold medal, Dorothy Elderdice,
Westminster,Md.; honorable mention,
Caroline May Townsend, Baltimore,
Md.; Margmerite Louise Stem, West
minster, Md.; Olive Pearl Pennell,
Chestertown, Md.
Supplementary courses Piano,
gold medal, Wilsie Anne Adkins, Sal
isbury, Md.; voice, gold medal. Ruby
Kathyrn Ahern. Millington Md.; elo
cution, gold medal, Nora Amelia Stoll,
Brooklyn, Md.
Bates prize—Gold medal awarded
to the member of the graduating class
who in the opinion of the Faculty has
made the best record during his
course as a college man,George Frank
Athletic prize—Gold medal given by
a group of alumni and old students,
known as “The Sons of Rest,’’William
Albert Gibson.
Rev. Charles Edward Forlines, pro
fessor of Historical Theology West
minster Theological Seminary, was
then presented for the degree Doctor
of Divinity, and this degree was also
conferred on Rev. William Ellis Swain,
president of the North Carolina Con
ference of the Methodist Protestant
Professor Jas. W. Reese, faculty
member of the State Intercollegiate
Oratorical Association, bestowed the
gold medal representing the “First
Honors,” won at the Contest at St.
John’s College last April. This was
loudly applauded, especially the an
noucement that this was the
eighth time in ten contests that this
medal has come to Western Maryland.
President Lewis announced that the
Board of Trustees had filled the va
cancy occasioned by the of Rev.
Dr. S. B. Southerland by the election
of Rev. W. S. Phillips, of Salisbury,
Md. Also that a normal course, en
titling the graduates of Western Mary
land to enter the teaching force of
the State without examination would
be inaugurated at the opening of the
next session. Dr. Lewis next spoke
in eulogy of the great part played in
the history of the College by Dr. Her
ing, the last survivior of the charter
members of the board of trustees,
and called attention to the excellent
oil portrait of Dr. Hering which the
College had procured and which dec
orated the stage.
Dr. Hering replied in a most tender
and touching manner.
After the close of the exercises at
the Alumni Hall the entire audience
repaired to the spot where the new
library and administration building
is to be and the Governor took out the
first spadeful of earth.
Banquet to Dr. Hering.
One of the most delightful incidents
of the commencement was this tribute
to Dr. Joshua W. Hering, the only
surviving charter member of Western
Maryland College. The banquet was
held in the board room of Alumni
Hall and lasted from 1 to 5 p. m.,
most of this time being consumed by
the assembled friends of the Doctor
in expressing their great admiration
of his many good qualities.
Among those who paid eloquent
tributes to his worth were Governor
Crothers; Prof.James-W.Reese, toast
master; Dr. T. H. Lewis, president of
Western Maryland College; State
Senator William B. Baker,of Harford;
Judge Herman Stump, of Harford;
Mr. J. Enos Ray, Mr. William G. Bak
er, of Baltimore; Dr. Charles Billing-
slea, Mr. S. R. Harris, of Henderson,
N. C.; Rev. Dr. H. L. Elderdice, Rev.
Dr. T. O. Crouse, of Washington, and
Insurance Commissioner B. F. Crouse.
Others present were:
Faculty—Prof. W. R. McDaniel,
Dr. F. Bonnote, Dr. E. A. Warfield,
Dr. O. E. Tiffany, Prof. I. A. Field,
Dr. C. E. Forlines.
Trustees—E. O. Grimes, P. B.
Myers, Union Bridge; James I. Top
ham, Washington; Frank L. Hering,
Finksburg; Joseph W. Smith, Nathan
H. Baile. New Windsor; Rev. J. E.Ma
loy, Colora, Md.; Dr. J. H. Billingslea,
i Rev. Dr. F. T. Little, Chestertown;
; Rev. A. W. Mather, Greenwood, Del.;
i S. R. Harris, Henderson, N. C.
Guests —Dr. F. T. Keating, W. L.
I Seabrook, Charles O. Clemson, Dr. S.
Simpson, Dr. Joseph T. Hering, Chas.
E. Hering and Frank Z. Miller.
Telegrams and letters of regret
were read from the following; United
[States Senators Isidor Rayner and
John Walter Smith, State Senators
Johnzie E. Beasman and Joseph B.
Seth, Gen. Murray Vandiver, Hon.
Joshua W. Miles, Col. Buchanan
Schley, Hon. Carvil D. Benson, State
Fire Marshal Thos. J. Ewell, Ex-Comp
troller Gordon T. Atkinson, Hon. A. P.
Gorman, Prof. D. W. Hering, Dr.
Harry G. Watson, Samuel Vannort,
Lynn R. Meekins, Daniel Baker.
Visitors to Westminster.
Following are the names of those
who visited Westminster during the
commencement exercises.
Miss Marion Clark, Cecllton, Md.;
Miss S. Edith Morris, St. Inigoes.Md.;
Miss Lorena B. Fleagle, Mayberry,
Md.; Mrs. W. S. Hanks, Oxford, Md.;
Miss Elizabeth Trump, Manchester,
Md.; Miss Virginia D. Melvin, Poco
moke City, Md.; Mr. and Mrs. S. R.
Downes, Denton, Md.; Mr. and Mrs.
K. S. Adkins, Salisbury, Md.; Miss
Mary Graham Lowe, McDaniel, Md.;
Dr. and Mrs. Geo. B.Fundenburg,Pitts
burg, Pa.; Mrs. Jas. E. Shreeve, Elll
cott City, Md.; Miss Susie S. Sparks,
Sudlersville, Md.; Miss Jessie Smiley,
Long Beach, Cal.; Mrs. Frank Sid
! well, Johnsville, Md.; Mr. and Mrs.
W. D. Hudson, Clayton, Del.; Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Venables, Salisbury, Md.;
Mrs. William H. Short, Georgetown,
Del.; Chas. A. Hastings, Laurel, Del.;
Rex'. George E. Bevans, Harper’s
Ferry, W. Va.; Melvin R.' Harkins,
Philadelphia, Pa.; Mrs. Herbert N.
Veasey, Kingston, N. Y.; Miss Mary
Hamilton Veasey, Kingston, N. Y.;
Dr. Wm. Miles Garrison, Mrs. Theo
dore Kistler, Herbert C. Apsley, Mrs.
D. H. Barclay, Mrs. Harry D. Mitchell,
Mrs. George W. Ringrose, Mrs. Louise
P. Ranft, Mrs. Thomas Chadler, Mrs.
J. F. B. Hyde, George W. Dexter, Rev.
and Mrs. J. W. Kirk, Mrs. Bertha
Saulsbury, Miss Nordhoff, Rev. F. C.
Klein, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mur
ray, Amos F. Hutchins, Rev. William
A. Melvin, Miss Marietta L. Mills, Dr.
F. Webb Griffith, all of Baltypore;
Mrs. Stephen A. Thomas, Adamstown,
Md.; Misses Julia and Genevieve
I Thomas, Adamstown, Md.; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles D. Walker, New London,
Md.; Miss Mollie E. Jones, New Lon
don, Md.; Misses Walker, New Lon
don, Md.; Rev. Frank L. Brown, Hol
listerville, Pa.; Rev. and Mrs. F. T.
Benson, Denton, Md.; Mr. and Mrs.
E. J. Merrick, Sudlersville, Md.;
, Misses Eva and Lillian Merrick, Sud
lersville, Md.; Miss Edna U. Adkins,
Salisbury, Md.; Mrs. F. T. Perry, Bar
, clay, Md.; Miss E. Margaret Mills,
Washington, D. C.; James S. Topham,
I Washington, D. C.; Miss Idella Tred
; way, Fawn Grove, Pa.; Miss Daisy
• j Cline, Louaconing, Md.; Miss Edith
! Dawson, Trappe, Md.; Beatty Griffith,
, I Alachua, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. George
|E. Vickers, Philadelphia, Pa.; Lewis
[ IE. Purdum, Cannon, Del.; Rev. Theo
> j dore Darnell, Oceanville, N. J.; Mr.
;! and Mrs. Martin Smith, Cambridge,
; Md.; W. Lee Dawson,Paris,Kentucky;
: Marvin E. Beall, Comus, Md.; Mr. and
Mrs. C . F. Thomas, Buckeystown,
r Md.;Miss Katherine F, Thomas, Buck
, eystown, Md.; Miss Carrie H.Thomas,
i Buckeystown, Md.; Mrs. J. P. Ahern,
Millington, Md.; Mr. and Mrs. S. R.
■ Harris, Henderson, N. C.; Miss Sara
■ A. Stallings, South Baltimore, Md.;
i Misses Mary and Laura Clark, Cecil
• ton, Md.; Miss Madge L. McCune, Ha
i gerstown, Md.; Miss Elsie Vickers,
, Ellwood, Md.; Miss Blanche Walker,
■ Mt. Washington, Md.; Mrs. E. H. Roe,
; Cordova. Md.; Miss Florence Roe, Cor
dova, Md.; Miss Ethel Stauffer, Walk
• ersville, Md.; Miss Lillian G. Veasey,
i Pocomoke City, Md.; Miss Isabel Vea
> sey, Pocomoke City, Md.; William E.
; Davis, Pocomoke City, Md.; Fernand
. Bonnotte, Sparrows Point, Md.; Miss
i Aurelia Miles, Marion Station, Md.;
Miss Nellie I. Fringer, Taneytown,
i Md.; Mrs. L. C. Frizzell, Germantown,
Md.; Miss Agnes Frizzell German
town, Md.; Miss Mary Allen Griffith,
Prince Frederick, Md.; Miss Mabel
Galbreath, Street, Md.; Harry C.
Dashiell, Princess Anne, Md.; Mr. and
Mrs. Thorndyke Roe, Greenwood,
Del.; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Lewis,
Woodfield, Md.; Mrs. Nannie M .Bowl
ing, La Plata, Md.; Mr. and Mrs.
Thos. H. Wiley, Jarrettsville, Md.;
Miss Abigail English, Belfast, N. Y.;
Rev. and Mrs. Avery Donovan, Laurel,
Del.; Mrs. Thos. L. Hutchins,Barstow,
Md.; Mrs. I. N. King, Barstow, Md.;
Master Roland King, Barstow, Md.;
Miss Effie Hardesty, Barstow, Md.;
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Keller, Buckeys
town, Md.; J. W. Galbreath, Street,
Md.; Master John Galbreath, Street,
Md.; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Stoll,
Brooklyn, Md.; Norman H. Leonard,
Trappe, Md.; Mr. George B. Leonard,
Trappe, Md.; Miss Mamie D. Carr,
Athol ton, Md.; Mr.and Mrs. Warren
Pollitt, Loretto, Md.; Miss Linda
Pollitt, Leretto, Md-; Miss Hastings,
Laurel, Del.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Lynn Fooks, Newark, N. J.; Prof. T.
M. Dickey, Savage, Md.; Rev. Edward
Barber, Savage, Md.; Rev. J. L. Ward,
Cambridge Md.; Wm. G. Baker, Jr.,
Baltimore, Md.; Mrs. Wm. C. Englar,
(nee Miss Trottie Field,) Chicago,
111.; Miss Elsie Stevenson, New
Windsor, Md.; Miss Florence Englar,
New Windsor, Md.; Miss Nettie Hib
bard, New Windsor, Md.; Miss Marie
Baile, New Windsor Md.; Mrs. Edgar
Priddy, Memphis, Tenn.
Miss Sarah Dotterer, Thurmont,
Md.; Miss M. A. Croft, Wilmington,
Del.; Mrs. Wm. M. Clendaniel and
son, Kennedyille, Md.; Mrs. W .S.
Hurlock, Kennedyvllle, Md.; R. D.
Stine, Washington, D. C.; Gordon Hol
brook, Newark, N. J.; S. H. Stevens,
McKeesport, Pa.; J. Ray Smoot, New
burg, W. Va.; Clayton Owens, New
burg, W. Va.; Miss Ethel Miller, Bal
timore, Md.; Miss Sallie Weaver,
Unlontown, Md.; C. C. Cathcart, Mos-
cow Mills, Md.; Mrs. Rachel Hill and
son, Kennedyville, Md.; William Arch
ibald. Kennedyville, Md.; Miss Mary
Osborne, Baltimore, Md.; Miss Cara
Buffington, New Windsor, Md.; Mr.
and Mrs. Grover G. Lewis, Gaithers
burg, Md.; Mrs. Wm. Bushman,Brook
lyn, Md.; Mrs. Annie E. Grove and
daughter, Greencastle, Pa.
Westminster Department Makes Fine
Showing in All Contests.
The citizens of Westminster should
feel highly elated over the splendid
showing made by the reel team of the
Westminster Fire Department at
Frostburg on Friday, June 12, in the
contests in which they were entered —
hook and ladder and reel—coming out
first in the hook and ladder and third
in the reel races. The hook and lad
der contest was held at 11 o’clock and
attracted several thousand people to
the course, on West Loo street, where
they were to run. The contest was
entered by five teams, who were to
run with hook and ladder truck over
a course of 300 yards, put up a 30-foot
ladder and have one man reach the
top and grasp the top round. The
contest resulted as follows:
Westminster Fire Company, first, 45
2-5 seconds; Independent Juniors, Ha
gerstown, second, 47 2-3; Antietam
Fire Company, Hagerstown, 48 1-3 sec
onds; Good Will Fire Company, Lona
conlng, 51 11-15 seconds;Williamsport,
Volunteer Company, Williamsport, 51
seconds. The Westminster Fire Co.
received $75 and Independent Juniors
The teams comprised from 15 to 18
At 2 o’clock in the afternoon the
hose race took place on the same
course. The teams were composed of
from 15 to 17 men, standing start, each
team to be allowed one trial,the reel to
carry 250 feet of hose, in 50-foot
lengths; distance 200 yards to hydrant,
attach and lay one line of hose 150
feet from hydrant, break coupling and
put on pipe, with at least three full
threads and drop pipe; if the pipe
drops more than 25 feet from the finish
line a penalty of one-quarter second
for each three feet in excess shall be
added to the time. The following
seven teams contested and time as fol
lows :
Independent Juniors, Hagerstown,
first, 38 3-5 seconds; Antietam Hose
Company, Hagerstown, second, 40 sec
onds; Westminster Fire Co., Westmin
ster, third, 40 3-20 seconds; Midland
i Fire Department, Midland, 42 11-12
seconds; Williamsport Fire Co., Wil
liamsport, 44 19-20 seconds; Good Will
Fire Company, Lonaconing, 48 14-lt
seconds; Myersdale Fire Company
Meyersdale, Pa., 48 41-60 seconds
Independent Juniors, Hagerstown,woi
$200; Antietam, Hagerstown, SIOO, anc
Westminster Fire Company SSO.
The Westminster. Fire Companj
made the fastest time of any of th
seven companies entered in the abov<
reel race. They ran the distance, 25(
yards, in 35 1-5 seconds, but lost th(
prize by an accident,which they should
have won in 37 seconds. The West
minster boys were also penalized foi
not putting the nozzle on three full
The streets were lined with specta
tors, to the number of several thou
sand, and the windows, porches, doon
and roofs of residences along th<
course were filled to their utmost ca
pacity. The Midland Fire Company
was given three starts before they rat
the course. The first three were fals<
starts. The time in which they mad
the course w r as quite a surprise t<
most people, but the Westminster Fin
Company came down the line like i
cyclone and ran faster by % secom
than the Midland hoys, but were penal
ized that much for not having mad'
the complete coupling.
The boys expressed themselves a
having a good time and speak well o
the Frostburg firemen and their peopl
saying they had the best time of thei
lives and that the Frostburg peopl
are jolly good people, and wish to visl
their city in the near future. The ree
team arrived in this city Saturda;
morning, feeling a little down hearte<
over the loss of the first prize in th<
reel race, which they should hav<
The Westminster reel team wat
under the management and directior
of Harry K. Shaeffer and J. Gloyc
Diffendal, who deserve a great dea]
of credit for their untiring effort to
ward success.
Following are the members of th
reel and hook and ladder team whc
ran in the races: Robert Billingslea,
Edwin Gehr, William Shaeffer, John
Bennett, Edward Davis, W. Frank
Thomas, Ernest Geiman, Harry Ad
kins, John Doyle, Joseph D. Brooks,
Jr., William Kimmey, Thomas Case,
Robert Ebaugh, William Long, J.
Gloyd Diffenedal, Walter Eckenrode,
John Sanderson.
Mr. Charles V. Wantz was made
chairman of the committee to make
awards for the best decorated resi
dence and buildings.
Masons Visit Freedom.
A number of members of Door to
Virtue Lodge, this city, in carriages
and automobiles, went to Freedom
Saturday the 13th instant to attend
the Masonic Lodge at that place.
They received a cordial welcome and
spent a most enjoyable evening.
After the work of the Lodge was
completed, which was done in a
splendid and impressive manner,
elegant refreshments were served.
Speeches followed by Harry Devries,
W. M., Freedom Lodge; Geo. R. Gehr,
Chas. Foutz, H. P. Gorsuch, John H.
Mitten and other members of Door-to
Virtue Lodge.
Tax Collectors Appointed.
The following tax collectors for
1908 were appointed:
District I—Edwin F. Smith.
District 2—Ezra C. Caylor.
District 3—C. E. Baumgartner.
District 4—John G. Hoffman.
District s—Bayard Dorsey.
District 6 —Jacob Rupp.
District 7—Charles V. Wantz.
District B—lsadore F. Strickler.
District 9—George E. Wright.
District 10 —Wilson E. Crouse.
District 11 —John C. Buckey.
District 12—George P. Buckey.
District 13—Charles E. Smith.
VOL. 43.-NO. 36.
1 Frank Tracy is home from school
for the summer.
Miss Sallie F.Roop is at Main-Court
Hotel for the summer.
Mrs. Oscar Black, of Baltimore, was
in this city on Tuesday.
Charles Yingling, of Baltimore,
spent Sunday in this city.
Leo Spurrier spent his vacation
: with his parents on Pennsylvania av.
Miss Blanche E. Cover spent Satur
day night sight seeing in Washington,
D. C.
Charles E. Fink Jr., is home from
Rock Hill College for his summer va
Mrs. James E. Shreeve, of Ellicott
’ City, is visiting friends and relatives
' in this city.
Mrs. Oliver Hesspn spent sev
eral days last week with her parents
I near Silver Run.
Dr. Griffith, of Upper Marlboro, vis
; ited his brother, W. Allen Griffith,
i on Tuesday last.
Miss Florence Crebbs, of Baltimore,
* visited Miss Elizabeth Ebaugh, this
! city, over Sunday.
J. Ezra Yingling, fomerly of this
city, has gone to the Soldiers Home
’ at Hampton Roads.
t Rev. Theodore W. Darnell, Sr., of
. Oceanville, N. J., was in this city sev
. eral days this week.
, Miss Marian Keuley, of Baltimore,
L is visiting Mr. T. W. Mather and
. family, Liberty street.
5 Edgar Slagle was home this week
visiting his parents, Rev. and Mrs.
’ Calvin S. Slagle, Bond street.
4 J. Francis Diffendal, of Boston,
' Mass., is visiting his mother, Mrs. A.
£ Mary Diffendal, Liberty street.
! Miss Grace C. Legg,of Union Bridge,
j is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. James
t Pearre Wantz, West Main street.
> Mrs. H. M. Rider visited friends in
* this city this week. Mrs. Rider will
| sail for Europe on the third of July,
3 Miss Carrie E. Greene, of Carroll
i ton, was a guest of Mrs. Atlee W.
j Wampler several days the past week.
s Miss Willela Hahn, of Hampstead,
? was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
* H. Handley, West Main street, this
g Miss Ada Leister, who has been in
Rockville, Md., for several months,
has returned home for her summer
3 Miss Agnus Reese, of Meadow
Branch, attended the commencement
d exercises of the Woman’s College
•5 last week.
g Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitten, of
n Gettysburg, Pa., were guests of Harry
d and Frank Cassell, West Main street,
last week.
y Miss Harriet Miller, Center street,
e is attending the Dickinson College
e commencement exercises. She will
'0 be gone 10 days.
d Robert, William and Frank Miller, of
Baltimore, were guests of their par
ir ents, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Miller,
[j East Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Baile, of New
L- Windsor, attended the exercises at
i- Alumni Hall, Western Maryland Col
’s lege, on Sunday.
f Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Clark and
' daughter Alice, of Harrisburg, Pa.,
n are guests of Mrs. Nelson Gilbert,
, e West Main street,
le Mrs. Harry Shatter, of Belvedere
-O avenue, and Roy Roller, Roland Park,
’© were guests at James M. Stoner's, this
a city, four days last week.
£ Miss Shirley B. Close, Vassar ’ll,
who has been the guest of Miss Nelle
T. Albaugh, has returned to her home
ls in Los Angeles, California.
af Mr. and Mrs. John Elgin, of Baltl
le more, were guests of Mr. Elgin’s par
ir ents, Mr. and Mrs. JacOo Elgin, Penn—
I® sylvania avenue, this week, yx
el Miss Carrie L. Cover, Cover,Md., who
L y has been in Frederick, is home on her
(( j vacation. She expects to take up her
ie work in the South about August,
e Mrs. Charles Hoffman, sister of Mrs.
B. F. Crouse, and daughter Margaret,
-8 of Baltimore, are guests of Mr. and
n Mrs. B. F. Crouse, West Main street.
Mrs. Thomas P. Mace, of Brunswick,
d Md., after spending a fortnight with
'■ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus
Cover, of Cover, Md., has returned
6 home.
° Colonel and Mrs. Samuel K. Herr,
’ East Main street, announce the mar
, riage of their daughter, Mary Test
_ Buckingham, to Harry McCready Kim
' mey, of Philadelphia, Pa., on Tuesday,
June 30, at 12 m. at Centenary M. E.
■’ Church.
i, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Stewart re
turned Sunday evening from Atlantic
e City, where they spent their honey
a moon, and Monday morning Mr. Stew
- art took charge of the store formerly
owned and run by the W. A. Davis
Messrs. John B. Edwards and Chas.
Kolb, of Westminster, have gone to
> Europe, to be absent a year. To
-3 gether they will travel this summer,
i and in the fall Mr. Edwards will en
-1 ter a university at Athens, Greece,
. and Mr. Kolb one in Germany,
Misses Blanche E. Cover, Cover,
' Md., and Margaret Devilbiss, Wood
ville, Md., graduates of the M. S. N. S.,
1 spent last week in Baltimore attending
’ the Normal School class night, com
’ mencement, and alumni banquet Wed
’ nesday, Thursday and Friday nights.
Miss Nelle T. Albaugh entertained
i Tuesday afternoon in honor of her
guest, Miss Close, of Los Angeles, Cal.
Those present were Misses Shirley B.
Close, Padgett,Nelle Schaeffer,Marion
Cover, Mrs. W. E. Ijams, Test Buck
ingham, Mrs. G. Jackson, Mary Os
borne, Cora Buffington, Madeline Gil
bert, Josephine Mathias, Blanche
Trumbo and Caroline Billingslea.
Misses Marguerite Formwalt, of
Tyrone; Lillian Haines and Hilda
Haines, of Uniontown; Grace Yingling,
of Westminster, and Birdie Rineman,
of Hampstead; Messrs. Daniel Wil
helm, of Cockeysville; Guy Haines and
Earl Haines, of Uniontown; Robert
Eckert, of Taneytown,and Wm.A. Leis
ter, of Baltimore, spent Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Leister,
of Roseville.

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