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mu null ■mm- ■■■■■ in ii m —■
.—.— umis
Minch 10, to learn of the sudden
'lijath of our esteemed cltlßen, Mr. K.
B. Kelndollar, which occurred at an
early hour at his winter home In Bal
timore. He was In his CSth year, Mr.
Kelndollar has been actively engaged
ill business of .some kind all his life,
‘having begun hid career as a mer
chant In wuat Is luiulliaiiy known as
the old Kelndollar Stand near &,t.)u
'square, which he continued tor. aJb| 3
her of years, resigning to start bu-n
--ness along another Hue. He was
rounder anu President until his der.'.n
of the Kelndollar Oo.; he was also
president of the Birnle Trust Co. dl
* 'rector of the Carroll County Mutual
IFire .Insurance tin., the Carroll Rec
ord Co., the Pennsylvania Millers Kx-
Swt Association, and the Pcnnsylyuti
ili Millers Fire Igsuragce Association;
he was widely hnd favorably known 1
,hvmg traveled exiehsively In busl
*ntsss ißtKrism. About' ten or twelve
Tears ago he was a candidate for the
House of Delegates, and later lot
'.Slate Senate on the Republican tick
'ei, and although carrying a good u-
Jdidty In his hopie county was defeat
ed He Is survived by his widow by a
second marriage, who was Mrs. Ida
K. Stell, ,f Baltimore, and by the to>-
lowinf children by a former marriage;
C. J£. Hoop and Misti Clara
Kelndollar, of Taneytown; Mrs. C.
Mdgar Yount, ,of Tampa, Fla; Mrs.
Oscar B. Thomas, of Baltimore; Kdw.
8., Jr., and David Kelndollar, of Bal
timore. The funeral was held at till
residence here on Sunday afternoon
at 2 o'clock, the sermon being deliv
ered by Rev. Prof. C. F. Kanders, of
Gettysburg College. It was the largest
home funeral ever held In Tanoy
town. Interment In Trinity Lutheran
Cemetery. The floral tributes were
numerous and 'beautiful, attesting to
the high esteem in which he was
held. The 'pallbearers were Messrs.
Oerge W. Albaugh sml (lloyd Lynch,
of Westminster; Edwin H. Sharrelts,
of Keymar; D. J. Mesaun, Geo. A. Ar
nold. and Robert H. McKinney, of
Taneytown. As a tribute of respect
the entrance to the Kelndollar Co. and
the Birnle Trust Co., are draped with
Dr. Lloyd Hasehoar and family, of I
Hagerstown, were recent visitors at l
Mr. and Mrs, D. M. Mehrlng * family.
Mrs. Addle Kerr, of York, spent
Sunday with Miss Kiniui L. Reaver
am. attended the funeral of Mr E E.
Kelndollar. ,
'Mr. .William Knox Is critically 111,
St present writing, suffering with •
cancer of the neck.
Mrs. Frances M. Diffetidal Is still j
contlned to bed. although slightly fm- I
'proved, still cAittaucs very weak. j
Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Bower, of Hun- j
.over, spent Sunday In town.
Mr. James A. Held and family, of j
Hanover, spent ,the week's eitu in j
Col. JE. O. Weant, of Westminster, j
was elected President of the Birnle jl
Trust Co., in place of Mr. E. E. Ueln- j
Mr. George A. Shoemaker and fam- ;
By spent the week's end with friends
in .Hagerstown.
•Mr. Norvllle I*. Shoemaker and fam
ily spent Sunday In New Windsor.
Mrs. Charles Mayers, of Littles- 1
(own, spent Sunday with her Drainer \
and family, Dr. Francis T. Elliot. i
Mrs. George H. Birnle and dai.gh- (
tor. Miss Eleanor, are sacpdlng ten ,
(Cigs at Atlantic City and i’Ulfadel-i
Miss Mae Sanders returned from a
'week’s visit to her father, Charles
Sanders, at BonnenuvHle.
.Electric lights were used In the
business places uuu In the Reformed
Church ior the llrst on Saturday and
Sunday, but not for street lighting, ns
the equipment has not all arrived to
furnish the town yet, but Is espcitel
. to be completed In tiie near future.
/ Miss Grace Duttera, of Hanover,
spent the week's end with her sister,
Mrs. H. C. Brendle and family
• ’ Mr. Clarence K. Bern, of Taney
town, and Miss Julia 8. Troxoll. of
Graceham, were married at r* - *
formed parsonage. Thurmont. at I p.
m. on Thursday last by the bride's
Ipaator, Rev. P. E. Ile'lmer After Apr'l
'lst they will reside in Taneytown.;
'where (he groom is proprietor of the
vulcanizing station.
At the Lutheran parsonage. Taney
'tpwn, on Thursday last, by the pastor
of the groom. Rev. L. B Hafer, Mr
'a daughter of Mr. and Mrs Luther Co-
Veubaver wore united In marriage.
The groom Is a son of Mrs. Laura
Fair, of Taneytown, and the bride la
a daughter g Mr. and Mrs. Luther Co
(umhaver, near Greenville. They will
'rOsidc In. Taneytown.
. ' Mr. (Solomon Want* and family and
Mrs. Lizzie Zepp and son. Clltlnn,
'spent Sunday with the former's pat
ients, at -Now Oxford.
' Mr. Edward Wuntz and family, of
hear Pleasant Valley, spent Sunday
With Mrs. Jessie Myers
I suppose you were looking for:
Hems last week, but I had erysipelas
hd my eyes were almost swollen
khut. 1 don't wlsb any one to gel It.
t< is a bard disease to get rid of. 'Mr.
■Jacob Myers Is suffering fGU, the
same disease ,
Rev A. G. Wolf will have rvee|
Wvcry night .this week and on Sun- 1
day. (Palm Sunday) Holy Common- .
lon, and on the week following Rev. 1
'jr. W. Relnecke will have service oh
Thursday .and Friday nights and on
’Banter Sunday. Holy Communion, at
10 a. m.
Mrs. Jacob Frock 18 on the sick list,
■ Mr. J. Thomas Myers lost a cow
' Igst Suifduy. She was bloated and died
, before be could get a doctor.
A (Wedding Reception.
i .a wedding reception wad given at|
the home of Mr, and Mra. .fphn H, |
'fttolT, of near New Windsor, on Sun
day, March_l3th, In honor el their
Bon, Earl, and bride, nee Miss Louie ;
r Lambert, only daughter of Mr. and
fc. Arthur P. Lambert, of near New !
• The oridal couple were Uje recipi
ents of many useful presents consist- :
llig o 1 silver ware, linen, aluminum :
■were nud gold coins.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
John Hoff. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hoff,'
■Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lambert, Mr.
hnd Mrs. Bnmilul Hoff, Sr,. Mr. Win,
Ftagfc. Mr. pnd ftlrs. Samuel Hoff, Jr., j
lltr-.ond Mrs. .Yjemia -ttoltgtiUi Mx-j
.land Mrs. Jacob Frock, Mr, and Mrs.
1 jOrayhlll, Mr, and Mrs. F. L. Mathias. I
iMlsses Rutli bitterer, Marianna, He!* :
1 : en and Catherine Frock, Violet aud j
Marion Ijlswk, Roberta and Ruth j
j Brown, Laßue Hoff and Messrs. Wm.
, * II, 1 ■
||| Swi oHwl k
A . >
SUPPOSE “A” to be perfectly
sane. He buy* a car
-• equipped with an M xyz” bat
tery. Suppose it fails after
I * a few months. Query—Why
under die sun should “A” buy
• - ( a second “xyz" battery that
w will probably last only as long
A as the first? Why?—especi
ally when he can buy a new
with thm Philco Hotted Retainer
guaranteed for well, join
those dots and see. It’s the
longest, strongest battery
guarantee ever written, and
besides it’s some battery!
KLEE & HOFF, Agents
Repairing, charging and diet Hied water for any battery,
A Philadelphia Diamond Grid Battery to fit any car,
Pigs Is Pins But It Takes Durocs To Make Hoi's i|
The best herd of thoroughbred big type Dtiro. ■ Jersey Hog* (n X
Ilia county and one of the lt in the State, will • found on the !
Herr Farm. You will And all the leading strains of the breed J
represented In our herd. Our m weigh from tbU to CUM pounds '}
and are bred to boars tb.it overage .*<Uu to 100® pouods \\hit |l
u more do you want for big type" Come I>r them <v.-r If ij
i you like them IK-tler than your money, buy one. two or three. t
| We have young unrelated breeding sloth for sals at all Grass.
) Phone* 153 and 6-M Weal minster, Md.
j NOTE Tbs Herr Karra Is located > a mile from Wesimlnuter s O
Baltimore Pika, msrt "ni V
111 . .
Growth i^M
#m | fat
* Six
Weeks 1
Chick development is returded when
grain alone is fed because grain is largely
lacking in bone building and blood funn
ing elements. Your state experiment
station will verify this statement. These
nutrients are abundantly supplied by
Purina Chicken Chowder
which account*, for the double development during
the vital first week* of a chick's life. But don't
take our word for it, buy Purina Chicken Chowder
under an iron-hound guarantee of
Double Development or Money Back
when fed as directed
with Purina Chick
, “To,'“l p,.c„o„ Mp^sbStpurQaS
Purina Feeds are pack VJ CHICK 1 I CHICKEN
ed in Checkerboard |j* |
bag* only. In terms of Ll FE H)J[ . I CHOWDER *
results they arc by far 1[ | iststtMtssaiw J | r I
the cheapest feeds you , j* | fc Ij j j^* jl j
and start your chicks g I Jl, y
The Farm Power Co,
(Successor to W. H. Davis A Co.)
1 John Street - Westminster, Md.
/C. & P. ’Phone 98 M.
jvtg-MjA Rg>i*gntt Htg mid others, w
Employer—John, I wish you woidd
n't whistle at your work,
j Boy—l wasn't working, sir; only
| whistling,—Punch.
•mmaemmemmmmmeeeeemem ■WMMsMMiMMnMMMmM
f -
Says Two and a Half, Million j
Starving Armenians Need [
,L Help at Once.
Ft. Sheridan, Hl.—Mnjor General (
Leonard Wood, commanding the Sixth ,|
Corp* Area, ha* Issued a Lenten sacrl- .
flee appeal for funds to save the Ar- V
menlan* from annihilation hr mnrvn- I
tlon and dlienee, “I feel that bow- t
ever monr and however worthy the •
other appeal*) which are being* mode to t
the (real heart of America the** day* (
may be," he aaya, "thl* cry from the ;
little children cannot remain unan- >
awered.” i c
The Near Kart Relief, ] Madison (
avenue. New York City,* whirl; har. j
been charged hy Congress with the y
Atneriran relief work In the whole E
Near Kart, has formed a special “Len- ' {
ten Sacrldce Ap)*-al Committee," of ;
which Major General Wood la chair- J
man, Charles V. Vickery secretary and C
Cleveland 11. {lodge treasurer, to pot , {
before the American people the dea- j/j
Iterate need of the Chrlrtian |>opnln- >
tlona of the Near E#it, who have auf- G
fered and era JII u (Taring the hnr C
j nor* of r. w .
Among the prominent member* of a
• lencrat Wood'* >'uninil(|eu are tier re Q
•ary of the Treaaury Andrew W Mel- I
bm. M r*. Cor I one Rooecvell Il.>bln-n. 3
•la'er of the |*te president Roosevelt; S
Prr.ldrnl W. 11. Taft, Mary Garden. Q
(’resident John Grier lltbbm of x
l*t ""ct "i, Cnlvcrrtty. Rlahop-Klmt \v ||. 3
ilaln T. Manning of New York. Dr,
Henry van l>k*-, David I tela sen. Mam
net Hamitera Frank A Mntiwry, Mr*.
tWrrle Chapman Can. Mr*, Ibnry Mor
cenlhaa, John fl, Mill-urn of the Amer- “
Van I tor Association, Mis* Klixabelh
j Martmry and Mr* Medill McCormick of
; Chicago
General Weed'* Appeal
Aa Chairman of a Special Committee
cf ropreaentat-va men and women of
the country, charged with placing be
fere the AiMrtaaif people the desperate
nted of two and a half million Ann*,
niana. th# remnant of th* otdaot Chrie
' lian nation, whoso aufforlnga through
it*n eenturiei teem to have brought
them no noaror peace, liberty or e
-cunty, I beg your persons! co opera
tion and Influence to forward an ap
peal for • Lenten Sacrifice Offering to
onablt the Near Cart Relief tc go on
with ila work of mercy.
Over one hundred the Mend little
children who have been kept ally* by
American generosity for the ptrt three
year* are absolutely dependent upon
tha auppert which America give* them
( through th* Near Caat Reliaf.
I feel that however many and hew
aver worthy the other appeal* which
tr* bamg mad* to th* great heart of
America thee* day* may be. thia cry
from tha little children of th* land
where Chriat gava hi* life for man
kind cannot remain unanewered.
Will you Holp te aava thia martyred
j A 4nfrv{
Leonard Rood,
Major Oenersl,
Waehlngton.—President Harding he* •
given hi* hearty endorsement to the J
appeal being matin hy MeJ. Gen. la-on- l
srd Wo-rd on behalf of the Near Koat J
Itellef, I Mndteon Avenue, New York i
City, for g nationwide l/-nien Bacrl- j
flee offering to nave the atarvlng J
Christum* uf the Near Kn*t. *
The President’* letter reads: J
"There ought to he no wasp Hon or j
relaxation uf unr sympathetic Amort- {
can effort* to be of nervine to then* I
stricken |i#ople. One can well believe J
that they will hot survive If we with- f
draw (hg relief which hue heretofore j
been eo generon* from the private *
American puree. It haw seemed to me 2
thut alt we huve done has borne dlvl- I
I dtnda tenfold In the coneeloueneea that •
| we have done nn humane thing for a 8
i people well dcoerrlng our gene roue B
! sympathy. I
"I wish you the very greafert true- gt
I ee* In furthering the great relief jS
movement to which you uru now giving
your attention. - -
■■■ -
Our Ads Brine Business -
\mL “Tires j
J || tubes |
|uO dicaccc WRI FOOO\<2\ \l
Jp< PLEASES /• .vL
\> BOTH YOUNG AND OLD. I &m4inn7zf ] /Qj.
~W " \ J|Tf ll'' l ' g I IT MAKES A DII FEPENCe
VVj \ urmta /MHf W
ummmi >* * um m*> *>>>*>
l ir.-v r m v IJ IT'T r p ettaMtttri MttM Mit. B
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Freedom Tailor its do Middle Hloulc* $1.75 to 12.50 each. Large j j
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'igittycimmtvytftttt ut r t< ecAcacaitaAaomcoccAi
Read The Advocate |
j{j. K. J. E. M;m j
| Dentists
3 79 E. Main Ml* n>stnlnHt*r, Md.
O Mlrous Oxide k Oxygen X Ka; t
l ad; Attendant*.
After you eat—alwatf taklT ‘
i ln>tiitJy roliorw Hurthan. B looted GMI
| F.-te,,. Bun ladiawtlea. food Marine, r*-
pmUhk. uul oil tbawiurßiMfiM wund kv
Shaw Drug Co., - Maia 4 Job Su.
• /

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