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JBSimiiiLiiijtMit’iij. ■■■■
New chandeliers are being installed
in the college chapel which will im
prove very much the appearance of
th’e room.
President Murphy and Professor
Kinsey conducted a week's end Bible
Institute in the Roaring Spring
church, Pennsylvania. They report a
very large attendance and attentative
Grading the campus around the
new building is nearing completion.
Mr. William Besson and the Mt. Oli
vet Fruit Company are doing most of
the work. This will add very material
ly to the beauty of the already large
The annual inter-society debate wilt
take piace on Friday night. April 16,
in the Auditorium between the Emer
sonian and Hiawathlan Literary so
cieties. The question for debate is,
Resolve, That the principle of th- i
closed shoo should be established in
American Industry. The question will
he affirmed by the Hiawathlan Socie
ty. the speakers of which will be Vr. I
Jos. Hittenhouse, Mr. Jos. Whi'acro :
and Mr. Norman Warner. The Bluer- I
sonlun Society will deny the quesilob i
by the following representatives; I
Mr. Ollle Jones, Mr. Lester Judv and t
Our Discovery =
Your Asset
Ponce De Leon, Hendrik Hudson, Edison and
M arcom, each labored with the ideal oi public
good as. his incentive for discovery.
With that same intense desire to render public
service., we, too, have labored diligently in our
laboratories for years to discover a formula and
to create a process by which we could make an
Ice Cream that would svirpass in purity and nu
trition any Ice Cream ever made.
Our efforts have hecn completely rewarded and we offer you
today and everyday through you* dealer, an lee Cream
which, after once trying, you will always demand~~~nn Ice Cream
produced hy the totally new method that challenges the proof
of the “just as good kind.
We do NOT use gelatin, gums, staren, fillers, imita
tion flavors or foreign substitutes for cream—
.f. We DO use pure cream,pure cane
JDLli' sugar and genuine flavors in “The Velvet
Kind 99 of our creation .
1 his process and formula of our own creation (patents applied
for to protect our process), fortified hy our standard of ingredi
ents, gives to us tne exclusive privilege of serving you the most
„ nutritious, pure Ice Cream ever made. It excels in charm and
purity even that good old-fashioned kind your Mother made.
The New
* * Cream of Ice Creams 99
Stiff AX 'OSM
Chapin-Sacks Corporation
Buckeystown, Md.
Mr. John 1.. Palmer, Jr. At present
the Hiawathlan Society holds the
pennant and a desperate effort w'll
be made to ’etain it. The debate will
be interesting and closely contested
Sa.nrday afternoon a very interest
l.-.g end closely contested game -if
baseball took place on the college
athletic Held between the Blue Ridge
Preps, and New Windsor town team
which resulted in a 15 to 9 victory
for Blue Ridge.
The carpenters are finishing the
new house for Mr. Clarence Bollinger
on Sweet Air Hill.
Mrs. Jane Miller, of Baltimore, is
visiting here.
Mrs. George spent a week
visiting her daughters at Baltimore.
Misses Elizabeth and Ethel Fisher
and Mr. Morris, of Baltimore, visited
Sir. and Mrs. Harry Brllhart Sunday.
Mrs. H. K. Miller and daughter, j
Rva, spent Saturday at Baltimore.
Mrs. Alvorta Warner and daughter,'
Mildred and Marie, of Baltimore, vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. John Rinehart Sat
nrday night.
Mrs. Irvin Wyand is suffering with
a sore eye.
t j Charles Oilier, Jr„ spent a week
j : recently at Philadelphia, Pa., Trenton
1 and Jersey City, N. J.
i Miss Elizabeth Oraf. of Baltimore,
1 visited Mr. and Mrs. John Rinehart
> j We experienced another cold wave
! the first of the week,
i Mrs. Wm. Cleaver, of Baltimore,
'j spent last week with Mrs, Henry l
Fretor, Jr.
Health of the community fairly
j good.
Mrs. Reas Shipley spent last Wed
nesday wllh her daughter, Mrs. Payn
ter, in Eldersburg.
Don't forget the apron soda! at the 1
on Tuesday evening.
Preaching at Brandenburg Sunday
| The weather for some time has
I been like spring, but has changed to
j winter again, freezing some of the 1
fruit which has come forth so soon. '
Folks of tjjja community are still
keeping on plowing. i
Mr. sml Mrs. Kmmn Ts>atherrann i
visited at the home of the former's I
{parents of tills place on Sunday.
Mr. am) Mrs. Walter Bowera and
family, of near Black’s ’School house,
■pent Sunday visiting Mr. N. I. Want/
land family, of this place.
Mr. Waiter Morelock mo/ed lam
1 week to the farm vacated hy Harvey
Want*,' near this place.
Mr. Walter Snyder was taken to
| the Gettysburg Hospital last week
suffering from appendicitis.
Mrs. ThonAs Koonl* was taken to
ilhe Frederick Hospital with a'cuni
i plication of diseases.
i Tlie Ladies’ Aid of Trinity Lutheran i
'church met at the home of Mrs. (let).
.Bengal. The members and visitors
began to arrive at I o'clock. The,
meeting opened by singing, scripture
rending and prayer. Minutes read and
approved, roll called and dues collect
ed. which amounted to },'> fin, Reading
by Mrs, John Schafer. ’’When Mn is
Hick." Reading hy Mrs. Viola Miller, i
’’When I’a la Sick.” The meeting
closed hy singing ’’Till We Meet.”
Then Mrs. Mengnl and assistants
served all kinds of rake and lemon
ade. At a late hour all returned home
after spending a verv enjoyable even
ing Next meeting will be held at Mrs.
John Schafer’s. Rlrd Mill.
, Miss Matilda Crawford, of Blue
• Ridge Summit spent the past week
with Mr. and Mrs. H. Clay Kby.
The play “A Kentucky Belle” given
by the Wesley people at Smallwood,
last week was a grand success. The
hall was filled and the people of that
vicinity certainly showed their ap- I
, predation, ns the Wesley folks were
'strangers to them. The writer in be- |
half of said people wishes to thank |
• the Smallwood people for a full i
( Mr. Theodore Kauffman, of West- j
minster, Mrs. Kslher K. Brown and
.laughter, Eleanor, of Silver Run i
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
| W. Ruchman. .’
Mr. Charles Hankard, of Westmins
ter. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
T. W. Ruchman. * *
Mr. Beniamin Stone and son, of
Baltimore spent the week’s end with
i Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Houck.
Mr*. J. E. Snyder, who was 111 the
I ptfst week, is now convalescent.
Mr. Roger L. Zenl* and family
upent the past Sunday with his par
ents at Thnrmnnt. Md,
Mr. and Mrs. K J. Hoffman and
son. Luther. Thomas and Francis
Ruchman spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph W. Hoffman, of Hoff
The Wesley Sunday School will
give every one a chance to get his or
her name in the cornerstone. The
children have bank. If they succeed
In getting a dollar or anyone puls a
dollar in their hanks their names go
,in the corner stone. The Sunday
school is going to have a birthday
I social May 7. and everyone is request
■ ed to put a penny In his envelope for
I each year of his or her age, or If they
i do not care to tell their age or want
I their name in the cornerstone, they
jean just put In one dollar.
Mrs. John C. Tull and daughter,
Harriot, of Baltimore, are guests of
thetr mother, Mrs, (’arrie Leppo.
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Shaffer, of Bal
timore. spent Saturday and Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. (Irani Leister.
Master John and Charley Patterson,
of Sparrows Point, arc spending
sometime with Mr. and Mrs. C. K.
K1 Reread.
The net proceeds of the Ladies
Aid Social was about |9O.
A Birthday Surprise.
On April !lth, a birthday surprise
was given at the home of Mr. and
Mrs I. I) Troxell, near Detour, in
honor of Mr. Troxells birthday. A
very pleasant evening was spent in
games and music furnished by the
organ and vlclrola. Delightful re
freshments were served. Those pres
ent were. Mr. and Mrs. L. I) Troxell
and son, Mr and Mrs. Herbert Angell
son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Willie
Troxell. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Troxell,
Mr and Mrs Leslie Kox and dough
fer. Mrs Mary Troxell, Mrs Ella
Kox, Mrs. Clarence Hern. Mr. and
Mrs Ceorge Wants and son. Mr. and
Mrs. H. H lloyer. Misses Lottie Trox
<•ll. Myrlle Kyler. Irma Kox, Emily
Boyer; Messrs Russell. Calvin and
Carl Troxell. Mortis Fox. Mahlon
Barton. Hlenn Miller and Ueglnnld
- —■♦■—i ■ '
Leaps (>, Wiles.
When people, a score of years ago,
wauled to commit suicide, they
would leap from n second or third
story window, and their object was ac
complished. Ilecenlly Lieut. Arthur
<> Hamilton leaped from sh aero
plane a distance of (V miles in the
air. and by means of n parachute,
worked perfectly, he landed safely j
eight miles from Champaign. Illinois,
from which place he had made (he
No Time
To Waste j
When a horse goes
down, quick action
alone may save it.
A long distance tele
phone message Will
bring help—skilled help
in the shortest time.
There are many
emergencies in which
the long distance serv
ice will prove inval
uable—a money-saver,
a time-saver, even a life
Use your long dis
tance service. The cost
is trivial compared with
its advantages.
Reasonable rates and
prompt, accurate serv
ice make it as useful as
your local service.
See your telephone
directory for explana
tion of long distance
calls. _
Manager, M
< f*
Chesapeake &
' -A-* A, •
—-I I
I i
- -
' JARSY (Percheron)
No. 88442.
■ Look to your Interest, as the time
has come when you gll will he sony
that you hud not started sooner as the
right kind of horses are getting
scarce, and the price of horses must
g<o up So make up your mind and,
breed to the right, kind. When they
grow <ip that they are worth while
mi: lug and In doing so look at tne
Imported Percheron Stallion of
Pilose si:,-I 11. of Meadow Branch
Will stand at ow iters stable on Taney,
town Bond. - miles from W'eslmlns.
ter. marls
f •
Black Prince
A Handsome Percheron Stallion
This fine Stallion will make the
I Season 1921, at the stable of the own
er. on the Hook Hood, near West
minster. every day except Hiytduy.
Black Prince Is 5 years old. weighs
I Coo pounds and is a handsome Black;
Is 17 hands high. All who wish to
breed from a fine Percheron boree are
Invited to look him over.
Terms and Conditions I pen Which
Stallion Will Serve
Ten Dollars to Insure a mare In
foal. Any person not breeding an In
sured mare regularly or parting with
in Insured mare before she Is known
to hr In fpal, will positively lie held
for full amount of Insurance money.
The owner of an insured mere sell
ing or exchanging same, the Insurance
money will he due at the time of sale
or exchange, and collection of either
seller or buyer at the option of owner
of horse All possible care of mares
bred to the above horse, but neither
owner nor groom will he responsible
(nr accidents or escapes.
My Jack will stand at my place
(Clover HUD Every luy This Season.
If you have a good mare It will pay
you to breed her. as you know mule
colls are high, while horse colts are
(heap TWRMB: fIO.OO for £Olt to
W . 11. BO Ml.
riinniv Westminster, Mi-1 IS.
Tuesdays and Saturdays
Hours: 10-12 a. m. 1-4 p. m.
17 Park Ave. Westmlnater, Md.
C. A P. Phone 108-M, sept 10
Arcd. Building, SYKESVILLE, MD
W.S.Arbaugh & Son
House and
tail Main Strati, Wasiminalar, Md.
1 net 22-Uff

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