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The Democratic Advocate Company
Entered at the Postofflce. Westminster,
Maryland, Second Class Mutter.
All correspondents with this office should
be addressed to "THE ADVOCATE."
TERMS :—*1.60 per yesr; T 8 cents for
sis months and 40 cents for three mouths
Single copies 3 cents.
E. 0. DIFFENDAL, Manager. ,
March 8, 1922, I’eraonal Proparty. .Stock and
Farming Implement*. Waller Fridingar, on
Theodore Fridlngar’a farm, milea from Weat
minater State Kdad.
The cost of living Is 77.:? per cent
higher today than in ID 13.
The 6.21 a, m. train to Baltimore on
October was delayed an hour by a
freight wreck at. I'nlon Bridge.
Mrs. Walter Blizzard and daughters
spent Friday and Saturday visiting at
the home of Mrs. /Win. Doyle.
Mrs, Lucinda Blizzard, of Bethel
Heights Is visiting relatives In Floht
‘Salem Charge, gt. Benjamin’s
Sunday school 1 p. m. Breaching 2 p.
in. Kev. C. Jeffers.
Mr, and Mrs. William Helm, Penn
sylvania avenue, have returned from
a visit to leiatlVM in New Jersey.
.Mr. ChayU-s Thomson, I’ennsylvnn
la avenue, has accepted a position
with the internal revenue, with head 1
quarters at McGinnis Distillery.
W. M. H. Is sending all lank cars to
the West to* he loaded with oil and
brought East to he used in event of.'
the railroad strike.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison and two
children, of Baltimore, were Sunday
visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew |
Weagly, this city.
Mr. Charles H. Vandcrford. Jr,, of
Baltimore. Is spending some time
with hia mother, Mrs. G. W Frizzell.
Hast Green street.
Night Officer John Fosset was
struck hy an automobile, Saturday
evening and badly bruised He had
part of his clothes lorn from his per
son He Is homa recuperating.
" The Louisville baseball team won
the scries from Baltimore Monday. Ii
seemed that Tlncup, the Louisville
lending hurler, was too ninny tot the
Orioles to crack.
Mall Carrier Sterner was humped
from the pendi hu. is oupU'd in bis bug
gy hy an automobile Wednesday at
tcrnoon J'W* buggy win*#) was ringed
hy the front wheel of the automobile
Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Buffington.
Miss Helen Sler, Miss Jglvn Bussell
and Mrs. B. F. Russell, of Baltimore,
were entertained by Miss Violet M
Turtle, this city, Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Troxell of
Keyavllle, spent a few davs. with Ml
Hurry Dull. Also Mr Arthur Mum
ford, of York. I’a . Is spending n lew
weeks with IBs mother, Mrs. Annie
U. Blauh, and Mr. Harry Dull.
Mr. and Mrs Herman Moore, who
have resided in Scranton, l’ , for sev
eral years, have moved to Baltimore;
to make their home. Mrs Moore Is a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Schwelgaft, West Maui street.
Elite E Day, aged 70 years, wife of
the late Robert O. Day, died Monday
at the home of tier son. Robert Day, at
Sykesvßte. Funeral services at St
Paul's Methodist Episcopal church.
Wednesday. Interment In Springfield
Car! Mays, the New York Yankees
leading pitcher, made a "hit" at York.
Monday, which brought forth *27.fin
from his pocket. He fell into a speed
trap and was arrested hy Constable
Horn. Horn received a speeder from
Mays' fist.
Cplon H. Richmond, one of the old
cst and best known residents of Lib
erty district, died at bis home In Llb
ertytown. Thursday morning at 515
o'clock. aged 84 years. !i months and
13 days, death resulting from heart
Geor;*e K. Gaither, counsel to the
prohibition director of Maryland,
prominent lawver and one-time Re
publican candidate for governor, died
Monday at his home in Catonsvllte
He had been IB about a week with
pneumonia, Mr. Gaither's Illness fol
lowed an - automobile trip with Ed
mund Budnltz, prohibition director.
Mr. Frank M. Stevens, of Creagenf
town. well known In this city, captur
ed the first premium at the Frederick
Fair on the Dutch Belt herd He also
received the prize on Ayrshire stock
Mr. Stevens is a candidate for Hie
House of Delegates in Frederick
county. He should he* elected as he
Is a most capable man In every way
for the office.
Mrs. Joshua Stewart and son, Hr
ncst Stewart,’ wife and children, Ed
na and Catherine, of near Union
Mills, entertained the following
guests on Monday afternoon: Mr. and
Mrs. Nathaniel E. hippy and grand
daughter. Geneva Lippy, and Mr and
Mrs. Edward Berwager, all from Han
over, Pai
The Chapln-Sacks Corporation
Huckejistown. which lias been con
ducting an ft;e cream business for
some years, has sold out its holdings.
The property. IneiuJing the plant and
fixtures, has been purchased hy the
Walker Hill Daley, Washington, and
hy the 'Nlcodemus Company, Freder
S ,
i Mrs. John Hlltebrtdle, CatTouj
I street, TS dangerously ill at her home.
The amount of gasoline consumed
,In August is put at 503,0011,000 gai-1
|f j lons.
Mollevllle Farm Post No. 160, Vet
ornas of Foreign Wars gave a banquet i
on Wednesday night to It's members
I after a very enthusiastic meeting.
Mr. Wllmer King, of Baltimore.'
spent last Wednesday and .Thursday i
visiting his parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. j
Wesley King, Pennsylvania avenue.
Mr. Chouncey E. Jerome, of Jes
sups, spent two days with his family,
I this week.
| Two of our car owners In this
'| county had their license suspended
I I for not giving the right of way.
|; Dr. T. J, Coonan who spent the past'
i 10 days in Jacksonville, Fla., return
11 ed home Sunday In a very much Im
proved condition. •
! Mr. Jesse Arhaugh, of Baltimore, Is
visiting friends in this county this
week. Mr. Arhaugh formerly lived at
The jury in the suit of Eflwarrt E.
Hlrs against Walter Sparklln in the
Caroline County Court for damages
growing out of an automobile Acci
dent returned a verdict for one-cent >
| damages.
John Stamhaugh, Bond street, who
has been employed by the Wester
Maryland Railroad as a nmintulner of
signals with headquarters at Cum
herlund has severed connection wii
tjio railroad to take up electrical
The Ladles' Aid Society of liar
mony Grove will hold a Hallowe'en
social in the P. ,(l 8. of A Hall, of
Gist, Saturday, October 2k. at S
io'clock. They will have a parcel
; post table, sandwiches and refresh
mcnls of all kinds for sale. Every- '
body invited.

The ladies of Bachman's Church,
• Bachman's Mills, will serve a fried
chicken supper at the chord on Tues
day evening, November 1, or on the
. Ural fair evening following in case ot 1
inclement weather. There will also
’he Ice cream, home made candles,
cakes, soft drinks, etc , on sale Nate's
orchestra will furnish music. •
The Woman’s Foreign Missionary
| Society of the Methodist Protestant
Church met at the home of Mr* ci
roll Alhuugh Wednesday night. Or- ,
lober 19. There was a splendid at
tendance of metflbers and visitors Al
ter an Interesting program of reading -
and music, alt Joined in a pleasant so
del hour.
\fr, and Mrs. David Currens. of.
Church street, entertained at then
home on Sunday Misses Charlotte ami
Mary Currens, Baltimore: Mr, and
Mrs. Harry: Bloom and sons, David, ,
John and Fred, of near I‘iney Creek,
Mr and Mrs. Oliver Hesson and Miss
Esther Bair* of Clear Ihvle: Mr ami
Mrs. John Mngln anil Miss Kllen Cut
rens, this city.
There being numerous complaint*
from different sections of the city in i
regardi- Mi the use f roller skate
and coaster wagons, an order was
passed hy the Mayor and Common
Council to prohibit the use of ru ’n
skates and coaster wagons, on the
pavements of Hie city, and direct ■ <
the bailiff and his assi-tanl* to in
force the order.
On Thursday, October 27, at 3
o’clock In the afternoon, at the home
of Mrs. .1 i Krb. West Main strew,
there will he a meeting of the Wo
man's Christian Temperance I'nlon
At this meeting reports of the Slate
Convention will lie made and it Is
hoped every lady who helped in any
way to make the convention the great
success It was, will be at this meeting
Americans who find life expepalvt
would secure unbounded relief If they
could collie to Anatolia In the area .
through which the Gfbek army passed
in Us advance on Angora, lambs sell i
for 60 cents each, chicken* for 12
cents, whole cows for |! and eggs foi
half a cent. Everywhere food Is found
In great abundance and at prices such
as America never heard of even he
fore the World War,
> On the Mountain Division of the
Milwaukee Railroad 61 electric loco
motives have supplanted 162 steam
engines at an annual saving of 309,000
tons of eoal and 40,000.0b0 gallons of
Kiel oil. With a maximum grade of
6322 feet, a 3200-ton train is liaub
with comparative mm over the
Rocky, Ritter Root and Cascade
To he run over hy a heavy slate
road truck loaded With stone, weigh
ing in all probability nine tons, Is an
, experience that Marion RldgeljA aged
2d, of hear New Market, will live to .
tell his friends about. The truck was
being hacked, young Uldgely giving
directions while, walking along the
sides of the machine with one
hand on the front fender. He tripped
and fell over an old automobile lire
which some children had been play
ing with as a hoop. The front wheel of j
the huge truck rolled over him.
The many friends of Mr, Sterling
ilGalt. qf Kmmitsjmrg, will regret t i,
. jlearn that he had another attack last
■lSaturday while in Baltimore and is
now at the I'nlon Protestant Infirm-;
ary. Due to the change in weather.
Mr. Gall was taken with a chill and
his physician thought it pdvlsable to
go to tiie Inffmary for a few daya rest,
up. Although Mr. Galt Is in no real
danger from the reports so far re
-1 reived. Mrs. Galt is in Baltimore so
j as to be near her husband.
Republican worker* of Baltimore,
1 were much disturbed when they foun t
- on one of the People’s parly pell
Hons filed with the Supervisors of
Elections the name of James F. Gain
' on. both as a petitioner and as one
' who had collected 82 of the signa
r lures on the petition. Gallion is one
of the Republican Judgea of election
5 in the Thirteenth precinct of the
’ i Eighteenth ward. His own signature,
I as well as the signatures of three
■ other members of his household was
on the petition.
Mias Avi -S(i>aef, this city* Is
j spending several nays visiting In
. Frederick.
I Tlie Parent-Teachers Association
1 held a meeting in the High School
Hast evening which was largely at
, tended. ,'
De Courey W. Thom, president ot
Just Representation League, con
demns the Republicans on their rep
resentation plank.
j My. Joseph U. Wtmert, Cranberry,
sold to Harry Shaffer, butcher, five
porkers that weighed 380,373,361.402
and 408 pounds.
A marriage license was Issued In
| Bllicott City to Harry F. Weldner, Si.
Helena, and Bettle K. Ward, this city,
j Saturday.
Farmers of Buck Neck have hip
ped thus far this season 63,000 bask
ets of tomatoes to Baltimore markets,
netting them about *16,000.
Henry Ford’s railroad will escape
the railroad strike which Is staged to
take place October 30. Other rail
roads say they will continue to run
In spite of the strike.
The Lutheran pastors of Carroll
County have returned from the Mary
land -Synod. They are very anxious
that all Uic members of their congre
gation attend Church next Sunday
morning to hear a special message.
David Bunn, confessed negro ban
dit. who held up and robbed a camp
ing party to Ijikeworth. Texas, last
week, was shot to death when he at-,
tempted to escape from officers who
were bringing him from Dallas to
Fort Worth for trial.
Any ex-service man who would like
to have work can do so by getting in
touch with Hie American I .eg ton
Headquarter*. Westminster. Also any
body needing any one to help them
with their work, supply to the Ameri
can Legion
The Clean I p Squad of C 8 Bur
can sent here hy Hie Government to
examine all disabled soldiers was at
the Court House on Tuesday and
Wednesday and examined the soldiers
of this county of the late war who
were under the care of the govern
Miss Catherine Theresa Kckenrode,
daughter of Mr and Mrs. Harry V. Kc
kenrode near Littleslown,, and Maut;
Ice .1 Keener, son of Mr and Mrs
Blrnle J. Feeser. near Taneytown,
were married October 11 at the Cath
olic rectory. Llttlestown, hv Rev.
! other I oMior, of 'ialtinudv.
Mrs Ella Harris, a performer with
Spark's circus, who was injured at
the nlghl Performance in Hanover on
Sept 20 when she fell from the top
of the lent while doing an iron-Jaw
aerial art. has been discharged Inun
the York Hospital Mr*. Harris U*tt
the hospital last week and rejoined
the circus.
An alleged conspiracy hr which
liquor valued at nearly 16,000,pn
was withdrawn from distilleries m
many States through the Issuance of
fraudulent permits was revealed by
hlgb prohibition orticers, vho an
nonneed that warrants bad been l*
• ■led f,.: il.e e Ot l' lovi-c-c of*
lirtaD in tl o,- eof \V t Mc.tVn
nelly Director of Federal ITot.|t*lllu.*
Enforcement in Pennsylvania
Louis Lively, ’the negtw accused id
killing a lltlle girl at East Moores
town. N J . last spi ing.—wa arrested
at Vineland early Wednesday after
shooting a policeman According In
the police, he confessed to killing Ihe
child. A small * rowd surrounded the
Jail after hts arrest became known
but every precaution was taken to
guard the prisoner
More than t.000.0M cars and trucks
insure the publb against serious sin
lerlng from the proposed rail striae,
according to Alfred Reeves, general
manager of Ihe National Automobile
Chamber of Commerce, when inier
uewed concerning Ills wire to ITegt*
dent Harding offering the a*>iUn
of Hie automobile Industry in the pos
sible emergency
H Carl Maxwell, pastor. Frsiui"
Asbury Memorial Service* Oakland
at 11 am.: Salem at 3 p m : Flotn
vide at 8,15 p. m. Song service at 7.30
p. m.
Prayer meeting every Wednesday
night and Epwortli Leggne every
Sunday night at New Oakland. ,
Revival services liegin at SI James'
at Dennlaffa. Mil., on Sunday night.
October 30 Mr. Christy Will he pees
ent on Monday nlghl until the end ot
the revival. •
All mnb adult- of Ihe Freedom
Charge are urged to join Ihe big Sun
day school parade in Westminster at
230 p ro., Sunday. October 30
HI VI \ M U, M nil II IN i HI 111 II
Rev, C G. Leatbennan paator, Octo
ber 22, Class meets in Catechise 1 30
p, m. October 23. Bible school 0 30 a.
m Preaching by the pastor 10.30 u,
m. and 7.30 p, m. Topics tor Hie day.
The Broader Life Withering Alli
Rev. C. G. Lcatherman and Chas.
Hersh attended the Maryland Synod
at Baltimore. C T. Turner, Geo. Lor
ringer. Chas. Hersh and D O. Reed
represented the men's brotherhood at
the Maryland Synod. _
Friday, November U, will he a da/
|of national importance this year. Ow
ilng to the burial of an unknown sol
dier In the Arlington cemetery, the
day will he of a memorial nature
throughout the nation The Presi
dent's proclamation call* for the Ily
mg of Hags at half-stuff from sunrise
until sunset as a tribute to the sol
dier dead.
Plans are already under way In
Westminster for the observance of
Armistice Dry. Tlie organizations of
ex-service men will assemble at the
Park at 3 p, m. where a short mem
orial service will he held. All ex-ser
vice men and various clviliun organi
zation* are being invited to take part
jin a street parade following the mem
1 ortul service. The newly-organized
Westminster Band will furnish music
for Pile parade.
if rsrov MILLR
11 I
' On Sundajr, October 16th. John Be
miller, aged 86 years, tiled from in
i flrmlties t the home of his son. John
! H. Bemllteri Hear Ijnloa Mills. He Ib
survived by four children, Albert J.
Uomlller,.Silver Run; John 11. Betnll- >
, ler, Mrs. Edward N. Bankert ana
. Mrs. Rinehart Wesson. Pnlon Mills..
. Mr. BemlUer was a shoemaker by j,
trade (fnd he followed that calling
from young manhood until advancing
. Year* compelled him to relinquish the'
hammer and wax end. Ue was the
last man li this community who. in I
the days Mt hfs prime, was able to
produce, the raw material, n
1 good substantial pair of homemade
shoes or boots-' Mr. Bemfller was well
• and favorably known In the common
lt> and was a staunch member of the,
Lutheran Church. His funeral took
place on Wednesday morning, act- ‘
vice* at the house at 10 o'clock. In
terment at Silver Run Cemetery. Rev
A. O Wolf, the deceased's pastor, of
i Delated hi
i Miss Relieeca K. Karhart, after i
short Illness of pneumonia, died at
her home In Deen Run Valley, one
mil# from Union Mills, Sunday. aged
76 years Ml#s Karhart lived a quiet
unassuming life and was a model of,
uprightness and Integrity, In her lasi
sickness she w|* cared for by Mr,
Starner and hl wife who lived in the
house with her and helped her to con-'
duct her little farm Miss Karhart was
a daughter of the lale David B Kar
hart. She hf* one hrolher. David J
W Karhart of Deep Run. living, who.
*nd to relate, Is now dangerously 111
i with the same disease that carried off
hi* stater Mrs William A. Bankert.
of Kingsrtale. Pa. la a niece of hers."
and Dr J U. K Karhart. West mins
i ter, and Weldon R , and Misses Mlrand
and Anna Nusbaum. Union Mills, are;
consln*. The remain* of Mias Karhart
In the matter of the Trust Kslate of
Cal he fine Thiele, Charles W Thleic
and Adolphus Thiele.
This I* to give notice that Uu> un
derslgned ha* had n.umwl to nlm
nil the property of Catherine Thiele
Charles W Thiele and Adolphus Thie
le In Trust, for the benefit of their
■ creditors, and all persons who were
creditor* of th said
or any of u,- m on the 17th day of in
loiter, 121. arc" required to file their
talma property authenticated with
the Clerk of the Circuit Court tor
CarroH County on or before the 23rd
day of January 1*2;: they may other
wise tie by law eicluded from the
heps fit of said Trust Kslate
fliven under tit* hand by virtue of
an order at the Circuit Court for Car
roll Cwunly. In Kqoity. this 2th day
of ( clatter. IISI
wn,mam it n hbi’nkh,
h-i Zl-tt Trustee
Trustees' Sale
Of A
Valuable Farm
Hr virtue’of decree of the Circuit
Court for Carrol) County, silting as a
Court of Kqmly, ltearing date Octo
ber ZbUi I*7l. and passed in a nu<-
it said Court depending wherein Wit
lie T KiMittlr and others are plain
tiffs and Russell M, Konnl*. infant, is
dtilendanl. and being No 632 k Equity
on the t£uuUy Ixaket of said Court,
the undersigned, trustees duly ap
iMiinted hy said decree to make salt,
sale, wilt soil, at public sate on Die
premise# on
1921* at one o'clock, p. in. alt that
tract or parcels of tend, situated a,
Pleasant Mill, about tig miles from
New Windsor, In New Windsor Ills
tried, Carroll Count*. In the Slate of
Maryland, containing
37 teres and 38 Souare Par.
of land, more'or lea*, ami being the
same land conveyed unto kiiiton K
Koontt I.'II In deed of 11 purge A Me!
ler and wife, bearing date February
IfII, and recorded .among the I-anti
Records of Carroll ’ County In I*l bed
K. 0. C , No 131. folio etc., and
tin by deed of Kdward K. Cwwitier
and wife/bearing date fun# Ist. V<2n
and recorded as aforesaid in Liber K
O. C , No. 136. rt,iii t:;x etc., and to
by deed of Theodore A A C. 8. Dor
sey gnd wife. bsaving dale Jane Uth.
' 1920. and recorded as aforesaid In
Kilter K. O C. So m. folio 430 etc .
anil adjoining the properties of Bam
• uol Hoff, Deter Trite and other*.
The property la Improved by n
frame dweying ictoajr o' si* TOM", 1
| a log barn. wagon shed,
chicken boose. MHu. silo and
other outbuild In which arc
; In good condition There Is a you nr
1 orchard on the placet The parcel on
which the (mlWings are located con .
talng 33 acres: and the remaining II
acres and 38 square perches are in
meadow land, and are about three
hundred yards distant from the main
pa real
‘ Terms of gab: (>n(‘-thlrd of the \
• urchaaa money shall be paid by the
purchaser or purchasers to the Trus
tee* on the day of sale, or upoft the'
' ratification thereof by, the Court; amt
the residue shall ba paid In two equal
paymenta. the one to be' paid In one
year and the other in two year* ffm
r the day of sale, with interest, and to
I he secured by the notes of the pur
> chaser or purchasers, with security
to be approved el by the Trustees, or
ail cash at the option of the parebas
• er.
‘ juiks t. homi.
wti.uk t. kbontz.
r Bond & Parke. Solicitors
net It-ta. .
1. * ~
were laid to rest lu the union ceme
tery. Silver Run, on the morning of
tbc'lS Inat. Rev. John 8. Adam, pas- 1
itor of the Reformed Clio rcb, there, of
which the deceased was a member,
had charge of the funeral services.
The state ropd men have gleatly
Improved the appearance of the main
street of our village by making sin
evenly graded shoulder from 10 to 20:
■feet wide from the north-side of the
|cement roadbed to a well made side
| gutter.
' Last Sunday. Rev. John 8. Adam,
pastor of the Reformed Church, Sil
ver Run, preached a aermop at the
Masonic Home, Elisabethtown. Pa. In
his absence, his pulpit Run.
was filled by Rev. Andrew H. Smith,
of the Hoffman Orphanage. On the
trip to Kliznbethtnwn. Mr. Adam was
■ accompanied by Mrs. Adam and Or
and Mrs. O. Lewis Wet gel,
I *t-
Cnmpany H gave a dance In the
Armory last evening which was well
attended and enjoyed. The Armory
was tastefully decorated for the in
—. n i
• Halloween Dance |
js[ ' ; I
different From All Others
& •
Firemen’s Building .
g' • ■ •
• Monday, October 31st 1
• {£
Under Auspices of O ,
Carroll Post No. 31, The American Legion |
o oo o Q ®®♦ao q $oo ®®&&&&®o
.. ... . # t
| Nusbaum & Jordan i
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Kr many of these suits* the prices are $25.00, HARM (OMMIH'I UII.KS 62.9 H, 28.76, ,21 Ml, *.'■,.50, ft
$27 .'At, "More covers’’! comes the cry from almost every ¥
■ i>w I'leara* o„ ... ...... „.. w m and Mother soon finds that there aren’t enough 9
8! i. !i ('iiri ilvi n t tV’t \/ 11 \V 10 * That mgkeu thu interest alfth* more ft
Si THAI liUMIIIII Ml IH" I Nt" t HAT keen. All of these comfortables are titled with white ft
SAml knowing dads good hard sense about values carded cotton, aoft and wanft. Covered with figured ¥
we wcujd Just like to show him'our new line There sllkoltne or satlne and trimmed with borders ot 0
Sure so many besuttful new styles and in such dur- plain material. j| .
able, satisfactory materials as Huedlne. Velour. Ho- H I.
Ilvia. Normandy and lustrous black silk plusheg; Bi.Af K DHKMS HILKH fl.*H YARD. Sg
some with collars of leaver. racoon, fox; some of Ciepe-rte chine, Matin. Mcasallnh and Taffeta, of ft
these coals are pried as low as $14.<0. Other coots ~u rc sin( 36 , nch an(l 40 ljl( . h wt( j thg
at $25.0, $27.50. $32.60. $46.00, $55.00. . J J 0
A Ilfl.ll.HTKl I. PH bt r V lOI.HITUIV OK DM MKN’s I. IN I' NII AND Kb. | IIIKKS 86c .1 t’r lI.OA. D
Plbl b "001, OKKHSbH AT sol.a, fISOA, *lM,7a. A full sire pure linen handkerchief, V 4 Inch ftf
• hems, an eiwllent quality, gt fully 1-3 to Vi the price ¥1
I I Including serges, triedtine and Jersey Cloth In ,lf 1 “, H1 ., y l e,,r ' l . rhl * va,u ® 18 oue of B Pclal from
many pleasing models, n.oslly in navy blue. our I,oli<Uiy ,ln *’
w AT 625.00 . • A good wearing cotton hose that had been sell- ®
Por women who wear extra sixes. S 9 to 51. We big at 29 cents a pair now on sale at 15 cents. jjS
show these ftults in an all wool French serge, neatly ¥
tailored, lined with silk, convertible collars, narrow Bi.U SPRKAOM ftlxi. jg
belts: skirls are cut fulPand comfortable. Other Kx- Full double bed slxe crochet spreads, of good S
trii-Slxe Hulls at $32.80 and $45.00, colors navy, also weight and quality at much less than present mar- ft
black. - . ket value. ¥
NUSBAUM & JORDAN, Westminster, Md. I
Saturday night a community meet-,’
Ing was held eft Eldershurg amhslldcs 1
were shown, ami pinna made to hold i
a Community SJiow a# Elders hur.'
Wednesday, October 26th. Bring In alii
exhibits by 10 a. m. if ponalble. En-j
trie* close at noon. The chairman of •
ihe committee orf grains Is Marlon
Brough; chairman of the committee
on vegetable#, fruits etc., Is Mr. Be
vard; chairman of sewing committee
is Miss Edith Selby; /chairman of
canned goods Is Mrs. Phipps; chair
man of baked goods Is Mrs, Harris; I
and chairman of miscellaneous is
Miss Jones.
Do not wait to be solicited for pro- !
ducts. Take a pride In your own com-I
munity and bring out the best you
have to swell the exhibit. Lunch will '
he served by the Women’s Club.
St. Benjamins Sunday school !) a.
m. Holy Communion 10 a. m Prepar
atory service Saturday at 7.30 p m.
St Matthews, Pleasant Valley— Sun
day school 1 p. m. Divide service 2 p. ,
rn. .1, W, Uelnecke, pastor. | (
Wrestling with a weakened condl-
I lion of Ihe blood Is a desperate strug
gle. Thin, watery blood deprives the
I body ot>energy and causes a played-
I out feeling not unlike utter exhaustion
A man with weak blood has not the
full use of his powers. He lacks de
cision, and vacillates until he lose#
. , 4, -
Some, men, and women too. go fal
tering along for months scarcely rea
lizing that they need Dude's Peptp-
Mangun, the blood-builder. But wh#n
j they have taken It for a while, what
j difference there is In the feelings! The
old-time vigor and the red-blooded hot;
of good health return. The new rich
j blood gets to work, building, fortify
ing, lifting the spirit up to Its norm if
standard. Physicians have prescribed
|Dude's Pepto-Mangan for years as to
I blood-builder. Druggists sell It lb
i liquid and tablet form, Look for thlp
name ‘‘Dude's Pepto-Mangan" on the
| package. Advertisement. y,
I Make your poultry business a succesn
use Success Remedies.
Mfg. by Herbert G. Mathias.
Pork Wanted!
2500 lbs. of Fork wanted each
week, delivered at our meat
Wadding & Mathias
East Main Street,
Westminster, Md.
Wt IMf

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